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File: 107d2073ef4fa32⋯.jpg (28.05 KB, 600x337, 600:337, boycott_sign-600x337.5-c-d….jpg)

654e69  No.12625718

Don't give your money to companies that are advocating against your own interests!

Here are 10 of the all-time worst companies to stop giving your money to in 2019:





>EA Games


>Ben & Jerry's

>Dick's Sporting Goods



Find more companies here and the reasoning behind each:


Use this thread to discuss other companies to boycott and how to deny giving our valuable dollars to the people who hate us.

d46af3  No.12625723

Waste of time, I am not a SJW

654e69  No.12625737

File: e5d84a2c9fff037⋯.jpg (588.48 KB, 2000x1200, 5:3, 1521403575003.jpg)


Paying companies to slander you isn't just a waste of time, it's a waste of money.

Figure your shit out anon.

54cd1d  No.12625739

They all hate you.

2825a7  No.12625746

Bumpeing. Also:


>any entertainment company,really.

0f66f7  No.12625749

You should definitely support Chik-fil-A because they're anti-homosexual. That's the only thing that matters!

9f5c26  No.12625757


t. Cuck to Shlomo

b489ca  No.12625798

Even if you have to give money to either apple or google because you need a smartphone, every other company on this list is easy af to avoid and boycott

a2bab6  No.12625802

So chink or blackberry are only consistent cellphone makers?

fb1de9  No.12625824



More like Chick-fil-Aluminum

d63f61  No.12625833






Actually, AAA vidya corps have employees with different views. Some of /ourguys/ work there, but you never know because they're non-partisan leaders who don't allow their pre-existing biases to affect their work. The reason why you hear the liberalism being advertised the most is because it's a safe ideology to endorse for. That's why a lot of leftists claim that "liberalism != leftism".

Those corps, while not redpilled, tend to put diversity hires in useless positions because they're highly aware that the quality of products would tank hard under their lunacy and incompetence. It's why those types are trying to form an indie clique where they make pixelshit platformers and gay VNs with a story that has the subtlety of a PSA. They try to force their clout onto YT figures like PDP and Brote, but none of their stuff is worth playing with.

It's still best to compete with them, but aim higher.

d81502  No.12625837


I don't do business with any of these assholes anyway.

I'm surprised anyone here would.

805849  No.12625838

Don't buy Israeli ammo or their funz

805849  No.12625839


That's the point of the thread ya hipster

03414b  No.12625842

From the article.


d81502  No.12625846


If I was a hipster I'd be wasting my money at ALL these disgusting establishments.

Think before you speak.

d63f61  No.12625868

File: ec344cb23c263b1⋯.png (149.04 KB, 1001x595, 143:85, RcZHwC.png)


>pic related: cash is fascist

Take a look at @WokeCapital OP, it has a list of corps that are left-leaning.



That's nice, but the left isn't going to respect you for being principled. You'll save money and time if you don't spend money on their propaganda. I saved $1200 a year for abandoning cable, vidya, and netflix.


Actually, they're reason why our 2A hasn't been completely severed like our 1A. They can't profit from alt-right/nazi content (people kept on pointing out their shilling attempts repeatedly), but they can profit from selling/licensing guns and ammunition.

Leftists are pressuring Mastercard and Visa to cut access to firearms and I think those lobbyists are going to fight tooth and nail against them.

241eff  No.12625876

File: 88c92999aa60858⋯.jpg (31.57 KB, 650x217, 650:217, 1fed70727034.jpg)


Can I get a quick rundown on Levi's?

e5d7a5  No.12625885

Sorry I love my vanilla lattes from Starbucks

492a10  No.12625894

File: 48adc00bf6bd983⋯.png (116.62 KB, 500x604, 125:151, how-bad-things-5165142.png)

f6516d  No.12625908




492a10  No.12625911

File: 384b1c95316e011⋯.jpg (542.72 KB, 732x683, 732:683, starbucksJEWisraelMEME.jpg)

File: a296c6ad868fab8⋯.gif (210.71 KB, 322x535, 322:535, giphy.gif)

f6516d  No.12625912


I have a UZI and a Galil, not giving up my funz

d63f61  No.12625916


If you want a reason other than, "they're Jewish", it's because they're woke anti-gun activists:


Their jeans are pretty shit too. They try to sell "working class" (read: ripped pants with paint on them) jeans for $70.


f6516d  No.12625917


Picture is inaccurate. My adoptive mother was jewish, i had a bar'mitzvah long ago, kike country citizenship birth right.

14f709  No.12625920


Netflix, obviously.

e12422  No.12625932

>how to easily ID leddit fags the thread.

861029  No.12625934


already done

fb1de9  No.12625948

File: 795a30f447dcf62⋯.jpg (93.72 KB, 1000x553, 1000:553, 83d2988ec626fcc9c18542d503….jpg)

d23b69  No.12625952


definitely not a kike-free first post

d63f61  No.12625965



Starbucks is overpriced shit, I don't know why people like it. The drinks feel cheap but it's nicely wrapped.

d9677b  No.12625979


Don't forget Kosher

f83931  No.12625996

>No Disney

That should have been in the top 5

d81502  No.12626004


> I don't know why people like it.

It's fucking candy, only the immature like it.

049f0f  No.12626005


> have employees with different views. Some of /ourguys/ work there,

Doesn't matter, at all, you don't give money to full these overwhelmingly enemy organizations.

aa5a90  No.12626109


We all need to get on board with this.

aa5a90  No.12626128

File: 9674ddc6d599132⋯.jpg (222.36 KB, 955x716, 955:716, pho4.jpg)

I go to this little Vietnams place called "Pho Hung Vuong Restaurant" in Tustin California, and the food is shit.

14182 Newport Ave, Tustin, CA 92780, USA

I don't know what the fuck Pho means but they're taking it global bigtime and we need to push back otherwise were all going to be eating cats and dogs one day.

d63f61  No.12626155


Looks a mom and pop shop like most ethnic restaurants are, not a massive chain like Panda Express. It's not going to be massive, it'll at most have 2-3 stores nationwide or worldwide.

f5115e  No.12626221

File: 82cc51f8e7c1841⋯.jpeg (2.86 MB, 3091x2664, 3091:2664, 2A6084F8-46F2-4301-B620-0….jpeg)

File: 31e6ee60ed5518c⋯.png (3.45 MB, 2047x1462, 2047:1462, 8DB001E1-EA28-4DE7-ABBB-0F….png)

File: 248d6717c05fba7⋯.jpeg (251.2 KB, 2400x1507, 2400:1507, A2C9638E-431C-4BCC-B417-1….jpeg)

File: 8148b56e6228634⋯.png (271.09 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, 821CFF99-6D6A-4630-B9E8-68….png)


tl;dr every company you’ve ever heard of. Buy local, make your own shit.

54cd1d  No.12626238


kek rei is filled with soycuck faggots

1ba77a  No.12626278

e00521  No.12626351

It's equally or possibly more important to know which companies we SHOULD support. Probably harder to figure out, but if we don't know that we're probably just going to end up spending money with other businesses that are working against us that we haven't researched yet.

823ab8  No.12626365


The My pillow guy and new balance shoes are two I can think of off the top of my head

e2e4cc  No.12626369


Nah, it'll encourage leftists to collectively attack those corps. Either buy local or make your own.

f3fe39  No.12626462


What would be a good alternative for smart phones since Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Anything Chinese Made is not good?

e59a0c  No.12626623


This >>12626221

All companies in the world are your enemies. There are no good companies.

The whole notion of business done by a company must be eradicated.


Afraid, impotent deformed kike? We will bring down your companies, with a minimum effort and no expenses.

cdf652  No.12626632


Any company that uses mixed race couples in advertising. Protip: almost every commercial on talmudvision uses one.

1a1bcc  No.12626639

>still trying to remain relevant with the over-used "cuck"

cb683b  No.12626699


Don't get a smart phone. Often, your cellphone company will have an "old people" phone that they'll give you for free because they have a bunch in the back they need to get rid of; they're trying to keep you on your cellphone plan, because that's where they make the most money.

e59a0c  No.12626768


-PC Gamer




-Iron Galaxy

-Levi Staruss

-Harebrained (Piranha)

-Adult Swim


-The Verge

-National Public Radio

-Arena Net

-8-4 Studios





-Nether Realm Studios

-Polygon, Rock Paper Shotgun, Kotaku

-Hardcore Gaming 101

-Insomniac Games

-VG Cats




-United Talent Agency

-84 Lumber


-CAA - one of the world’s largest talent agencies — represents some of Hollywood’s biggest

stars, including directors J. J. Abrams and Kathryn Bigelow, actresses Jennifer Aniston

and Emily Blunt and actor Jeff Bridges, as well as politicians like Joe Biden and Barbra

Boxer. The agency also represents musicians like Bruce Springsteen, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga.

-7 Up



-Panache Digital

-Clemson University

-Snopes and Politifact


-Other Side Entertainment - Ex Looking Glass Studios

-Red Thread Games

-Ragnar Tørnquist?




-Ben & Jerry’s






-Warner Bros

-Simon and Schuster


-Piranha Games

-Paradox Interactive

-Lionhead Studios



-Turtle Rock Studios & Gun Media

-Volition Software

-Alex Mauer

-Pathea Games

-Vice Waypoint

-Trip Advisor

-Sledgehammer Games


-Luis Gutierrez

-Bluehole Studios




-IDW Publishing

-The National Trust

-Arkane Studios




-Jason Citron


-CBC Radio

-Errant Signal



-Pale Moon

-Nyaa.si e Horrible Subs

-Instra Corporation

-Alamo Drafthouse




-2K Games

-The Sixth Axis

-Slightly Mad Studios

-Naps Team

-Volition Software - Criadores de Agents of Mayhem.





-Piranha Bytes



-Riot Games



-ZeniMax Media, which is run by the Jew Robert Altman.

-Guerrilla Games





-Tate Multimedia

-ResetERA - Forum dos ex-NeoGaf. Anti Gamer Gate.




-Unknown Worlds Entertainment

-Nestle and Cadbury

-FCB Chicago, SteelSeries, Vertagear, and CyberpowerPC, and the Diverse Gaming Coalition,

-Neon Giant

e59a0c  No.12626773


>an impotent cuck

6c389f  No.12626784


Wait, why Pyranha Bytes?

They are a german developer behind Gothic and Risen.

48545f  No.12626797




Cellphone makers is a tough one. It would be good if a techanon could comment on that.

000000  No.12626811


>What would be a good alternative for smart phones

Don't. Free yourself from the big tech jew, and buy an old-school feature phone for making calls.

000000  No.12626832


Just boycott as much of it as you can. It's all garbage anyway. Buy only raw ingredients and cook for yourself.

6e60d2  No.12626851


Chick-fil-A® Chicken Sandwich


Chicken (boneless, skinless chicken breast filet, seasoning [salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, spices, paprika], seasoned coater [enriched bleached wheat flour {with malted barley flour, niacin, iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid}, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, nonfat milk, leavening {baking soda, sodium aluminum phosphate, monocalcium phosphate}, spice, soybean oil, color {paprika}], milk wash [water, nonfat milk, egg], peanut oil [fully refined peanut oil, with Dimethylpolysiloxane, an anti-foam agent added]), bun (enriched wheat flour [wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid], water, sugar, yeast, soybean oil, wheat gluten, contains 2% or less of salt, cultured wheat flour, vinegar, calcium sulfate, monoglycerides, DATEM, calcium propionate, ascorbic/citric acid, enzymes, soy lecithin, potassium iodate), bun oil (soybean oil, palm kernel oil, soy lecithin, natural flavor, beta carotene), pickle (cucumbers, water, vinegar, salt, contains less than 2% of alum, calcium chloride, potassium sorbate (preservative), natural flavor, polysorbate 80, yellow 5, blue 1.


This item contains dairy, wheat, soy, egg.


48545f  No.12626872


What is this list from? Are there reasons for each company?

543fcd  No.12626899


Thanks anon, I ate a chickfila sandwich today, never again.


it's from /v/. all reasons are probably due to being leftists

eb232d  No.12626913



2G's dead and 3G's being phased out. Feature phones are useless in the U.S. unless they're packing 4G LTE modems. The only ones worth buying today are the LG Exalt LTE and Punkt MP02. The latter uses a custom version of Android.

00f710  No.12626917

It’d be shorter and more beneficial to list the ones that aren’t

48545f  No.12626934


>it's from /v/. all reasons are probably due to being leftists

Not listing reasons is no good because it puts a company that doggedly shills degeneracy on equal footing as one that made a shitty tweet once.

It's much better to list reasons for each company and limit any list to the absolute worst offenders.


The whitelist idea also works but is extremely difficult to use in practice.

543fcd  No.12626947


I agree it should have reasons, though i would boycott a company for a shitty tweet if it was something like supporting trannies

48545f  No.12626952


That's fair.

Something that gets overlooked with boycotts though is that they're only really effective if the company knows that they're being boycotted and why.

48545f  No.12626955



Didn't finish my thought… leftists are often really good at pressuring companies into doing what they want because they have organizations that can start letter-writing campaigns and the like. Rightists need to catch up.

4bb5a0  No.12627041

Apple is a tough one for me since I use Apple Music, I could always pirate the same music though, but some of it is hard to find elsewhere. That and I use a Macbook and iPhone, but I may sell the iPhone considering its just too locked down for me. I also kinda miss older cellphonesI do prefer Linux at least

Once there is better alternatives to Amazon I'll switch, I rarely find cheaper prices outside of it. Slowly inching more towards ordering directly from companies though, that and Wish/Ebay.

97482a  No.12627046


It's literally noodle soup. How are you this retarded?

0ebf12  No.12627081


>Punkt MP02

Spec sheet for this says has GPS capabilities, yet there there doesn't seem to be any features in this phone that would warrant having that. Does anyone know what the GPS is for?

049f0f  No.12627100


>We all need to get on board with this.

If you're serious about nixing your contribution you take every measure possible to goal of complete independence, here's beginning steps: https://voat.co/v/news/2848609/15001002

5400dc  No.12627133


That is well and good OP, but we also need to consider b2b purchases. If anons are in charge of these (which are higher dollar amounts), they need to cut back where they can.

Same for travel, tourism, etc. Be aware who you are funding.

Where they got us though are the monopolies or high barrier to entry fields where only a few players exist and are in bed with the government (airlines, phone/internet carriers, car manufacturers, big pharma/medical devices etc). This and tax money is where we need to figure something out. How do we get around these industries?

2f0b03  No.12627144


>Buy local, make your own shit.


just joking, keep going. We need a list just in case something from a company needs to be bought anyway (like a cellphone)

049f0f  No.12627147


>and tax money is where we need to figure something out.


049f0f  No.12627151


buy local, buy used, make your own shit.

805849  No.12627902


The hipster is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, normalfag, fool, profiteer, it all runs of him like water off a raincoat. But call him a hipster and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: "I've been found out."

48545f  No.12628166


>airlines, phone/internet carriers, car manufacturers, big pharma/medical devices etc

Thank you for bringing this up. These will be very difficult to circumvent.

I can think of alternatives, but most aren't practical for the average anon.

48545f  No.12628586


This is my concern as well, although there's a decent list here:


5cd104  No.12629432

File: 09796dd261a377f⋯.jpeg (264.16 KB, 750x489, 250:163, C8EC645F-B7A0-4710-A5A9-2….jpeg)

Good thread. Nike’s gonna be a tough one to boycott though. Will do my best

981b78  No.12631983

For all the fags looking for a Phone, this looks promosing, I know the story about niggers and fair shit, but at least you can repair it yourself and ((big corporations)) are not profiting


000000  No.12633367


Why would Nike be difficult to boycott? There are plenty of other, better athletic companies out there (like Puma or New Balance).

fbbe1a  No.12633838


This, if you're forced to buy a name brand item (like a car or a phone) ALWAYS buy it used, not only for obvious reasons, but it's also just a dumb business decision to pay the new product (((premium)))

5afead  No.12634010

File: 65f2981981a0dfe⋯.jpg (38.96 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Gothic1.jpg)

File: f90c12110c0eff9⋯.jpg (249.05 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Gothic2.jpg)


>Wait, why Pyranha Bytes?

>They are a german developer behind Gothic and Risen.


>it's from /v/. all reasons are probably due to being leftists

No shit, the PB team is deeply rooted in the german Gothic scene, that's the reason why they called their Game "Gothic".

I once saw one of the lead designers walking around on the M'era Luna festival. And of course this means that they are leftist. It's like complaining that a Black Metal fan is a right-winger.

Not a reason to not enjoy good video games. Gothic 1 and 2 are still one of my favourites of all time, Risen is okay.

48545f  No.12639879

Protip: write down what you buy the next time you go to the grocery store. Afterwards, look up the manufacturers of each product and see what corporation ultimately owns them, and whether the corporation is good or not.

This is a more hands-on approach and can be a lot easier than memorizing every single company that has ever done something bad.

000000  No.12639947

"Digital Extremes" and Steve SickLiar personally, "Cryptic Studios", "Perfectworld"…


probably the most hated ones.

0f14d2  No.12639967


For games.



>Have you played through it?

>Did you enjoy it?

>Are the developers white?

>Are the developers redpilled or atleast "neutral"?

If you can say yes to all of these, then buy it, if you wish. Goes for all media really.

Important thread, bless your heart OP.

e510aa  No.12639981

but im a cheapass tho :(

8d6fd6  No.12639990


Anon it's soup, it's fucking noodles in soup. I make it all the time at home and I didn't even have to become a gook to do it.

0f14d2  No.12639998


Buy clothes secondhand to save big bux m8

8d6fd6  No.12640032

b71deb  No.12640079


>Ben & Jerry'S

Don't buy any mass produced ice cream. Haagan-daz, even though it's the highest quality, and is fucking delicious, is jew-owned. The name is dedicated to Danes for their good treatment of jews in WW2.

64f2b8  No.12640206

We should be targeting Cable. That is the single most effective weapon they have against us because it is not only pacifying, but also programming. Every single one of us has had to undo the conditioning put out by the Jew media and only THEN are we able to learn what is actually going on. Well we need to nip this in the bud!

We need to form a Super PAC amongst whites where we can coordinate our members to crush corporations with boycotts and ZOG politicians alike. And for god's sake do we need to start building and supporting our own corporations where we shed ourselves of ZOG HR departments.

d83979  No.12640291

File: 1c9e0fc8710889c⋯.jpg (39.9 KB, 599x585, 599:585, aliencocain.jpg)

Don't buy ANYTHING new unless you have to. Well, except ammo. Buy used. If something breaks, buy parts. Quit buying processed frankenfood. Go to farmerspal.com and find a local farmer. If you see a nig working in a store/restaurant—turn he fuck around and leave. Quit givin' the kike sheckles. Quit buying from outfits who hire nigs.

53bd08  No.12640323



Cuck. Let it crash.

53bd08  No.12640328


>Ben & Jerry's

<Boaz & Jachim's

e19742  No.12640746

Virtually all of them with the possible exception of ones that come from non white countries like samsung and Nintendo. If it's a large western corporation it's probably pozzed as fuck.

6a3f10  No.12640748

Coca-Cola for making special kosher soda every year for the kikes. They replace the corn syrup with real sugar but only for the yids. You can identity it in stores by the yellow caps they use on the bottles.

6a3f10  No.12640765


>Yes, goy buy everything with (((interest))).

6a3f10  No.12640779


I call bullshit. You have to be 1/8 genetic kike to be a citizen of Israel. No DNA, no citizenship.

48545f  No.12640798


This is a very sad trend I've noticed too. As a rule of thumb, companies from Western countries will be pozzed, while ones from non-Western counties will be apolitical at worst.

486b8d  No.12640803


Good. Not buying stuff is cheap.

5b370b  No.12641157


What's wrong with Ben and Jerry's?

dbae6c  No.12641186


Owned by kikes.

3205b8  No.12641196

File: fa0408efde4a950⋯.jpg (9.51 KB, 227x222, 227:222, index.jpg)


>second reply

That sounds a lot like not getting pissed off at Western powers in WW2 because "just following orders hue hue." Nothing you can do? Sure there is!

52b1c4  No.12641236

File: cee1f1cb48f9540⋯.jpg (56.04 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 62d76d83-f559-4203-bff2-85….jpg)

48545f  No.12641398


@WokeCapital is great. I just read through their entire stickied(?) article. Thank you for linking to them.

5b370b  No.12641648


It angers me more that this is a based pecan flavor that they've chosen to associate with Resist.

>They had to include nuts that look like brown vaginas


Couldn't this have been some gay neapolitan flavor with caramel bits or some gay shit.

0d9e19  No.12641708


I buy fake nikes from china to avoid giving money that will go to football niggers that knee during the anthem, and buy Huawei electronics to avoid kike spying

48545f  No.12644520


>We need to form a Super PAC amongst whites where we can coordinate our members to crush corporations with boycotts

I've heard that the reason the left is more effective at boycotts is because they tell existing leftist groups to boycott, while the right can only tell individuals to boycott. There's no coordination on the right.

32a4ce  No.12646137

File: c4e64f77fa25662⋯.jpg (102.54 KB, 312x773, 312:773, gw2 4.jpg)

File: 7825be291bb165f⋯.jpg (125.45 KB, 443x656, 443:656, gw2 5.jpg)

File: a276537a16f8b7f⋯.jpg (144.36 KB, 470x626, 235:313, gw2 6.jpg)

File: 60104a3ffd41b42⋯.jpg (158.55 KB, 655x804, 655:804, gw2 7.jpg)

File: 7ed32b004c46d80⋯.jpg (212.91 KB, 984x972, 82:81, gw2 desert thong.jpg)


>Arena Net

? They fired the crazy liberal cunt from GW2 after her twitter tirade.

How can a game with so much ass be SJW? Like you realize GW2 is basically a pillar of slutty female armor right? I happen to like females in games being sexy. SJW's will see bodybuilder dudes with no shirt on and that's fine but whoa now, a woman looking like a slut has to be censored…. then they unironically go to Slutwalk.

I hope gameplay in GW3 is more like it was in GW1 than 2. That sure took a hit, but it's no doubt more popular. Still a huge player base and they listen to us. Arena has been pretty cool. What gives?

48545f  No.12646155

File: f837afd561d9a75⋯.png (500.44 KB, 620x784, 155:196, Screen-Shot-2017-04-25-at-….png)

The CEO of Chobani Yogurt apparently straight-up works with Soros and supports refugees.

Source: https://twitter.com/hamdiulukaya/status/689795113405542400

fbd1db  No.12647343

So why is New Balance good?

2ec917  No.12647810

000000  No.12647812

im boycotting 8/pol/ because it's run by kike mods

48545f  No.12649818


Many of them are made in America and it's a family-owned company IIRC.

000000  No.12649860


Panera Bread


Field and Stream* (*Dick's)

Team Wendy (Tactical gear)

48545f  No.12649879


What's wrong with those specifically?

000000  No.12649895


First 3 are anti-gun/anti-concealed carry

Team Wendy donated to illary. (the rich owner is a notorious shitlib who owns many companies).

000000  No.12649912

REI cucked to the antigunners

000000  No.12649915

Patagonia endorsed Dems

ed58dd  No.12649934


Anyone know if Huawei are good?

I know their phones are, I mean the company.

000000  No.12649947

The North Face: "Walls are meant for climbing" advert faggotry

Delta Airlines cucked after Parkland and cut ties with the NRA not that the NRA has been all that great lately, but they did it for the wrong reasons

Supposedly Southwest Airlines waived airfare for the Parkland kikelets, but they publicly denied doing so. (it was claimed in a leaked video of the #MarchForOurLives (((organizers))))

000000  No.12649963


United Airlines did the same as Delta

223d15  No.12649966

>Patreon – Patreon banned Sargon of Akkad

Of all the reasons to boycott paymetons, this is the one they chose? Anti-white centrist Carl Benjamin who would physically stab anyone actually on the right or third position in the back got banned from it?

000000  No.12649993

A look at companies embroiled in recent political debates






>Dick's Sporting Goods

>Kroger Co.

>L.L. Bean



>Under Armour


>Johnson and Johnson









>Bank of America




I'd add

Target (pro-tranny)


223d15  No.12650009




Kill yourself for suggesting this trash is any good. Bing bing wahoo off a bridge. Jewtendo is scummy as can be with yidney-tier IP "defense" and overcharging for trash while funding gooks is just as bad.


>avoid kike spying

<by opening up to chink spying who work with kikes anyway




Spyware for chink government everywhere. The only good chink is one born outside china that doesn't follow his native culture at all.

76f480  No.12650027

File: 4de47cd0dd3ed94⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 808.71 KB, 1397x1761, 1397:1761, (((monster))) girl.png)

do not buy Monster energy drinks

a6e0a9  No.12650034

Are there any companies actually worth supporting?

76f480  No.12650039


maybe ones that get banned from payment processors?

48545f  No.12650044


Why, is this an official advertisement from them or something?

000000  No.12650045


That's probably a reliable metric these days

48545f  No.12650049


I'm usually a lot more hesitant to list companies worth supporting because it leads leftists to attack them. Leftists are unfortunately a lot more organized than we are right now.

Here's some basic ones:




>New Balance

Papa John's would also be on this list but unfortunately John was strong-armed into stepping down.

614ce6  No.12650053

I don't use or buy any of that shit. Feels good

000000  No.12650058


The only upside with Nintendo is their shit regularly gets cracked wide open so you can steal their entire library of IPs.

bac8ac  No.12650187


Fuck it. If the chinese can gain anything from my nonsenseposting, good luck to 'em

25449a  No.12650198

File: a45b235b8e07680⋯.png (4.82 MB, 1771x6526, 1771:6526, blackriflecoffee.png)

48545f  No.12650210


I don't get the mentality of seeing Google as equal to Huawei because Huawei might be spying as well. Google is far larger and has far more documented abuses than Huawei does. Huawei seems like the safer choice, and even if it does have a big spying network then you're just in the same boat as if you chose Google.

25449a  No.12650216

File: 381c1e0507b41f6⋯.png (196.78 KB, 480x480, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

48545f  No.12650217


While it's important the BRCC gets a slap of common sense for this, IMO they're too good to boycott long term.

4a3d77  No.12650219



That is nearly impossible to boycott.

25449a  No.12650228


Ex "CIA contractor"? Shipping "coffee"? Eh. Maybe. We shouldn't reward any CIA contractors, imo, because I am pro-transparency.

223d15  No.12650247


>nintendo's shitty products and sales of the literal exact same game over and over for 30 years is good because you can hack and get those shitty products for free lolz



Sounds like we need that copypasta about human rights and Tianeman Square. It sure is CIDF in here all of a sudden.

48545f  No.12650261


By any standard Google is far worse than Huawei, I challenge you to prove me wrong.

c19879  No.12650266


sup Codemonkey flunky?

223d15  No.12650375


>chinks with eyes on global dominance are totally better than diversities with eyes on glibal dominance gweilo

bc4132  No.12650422


More important concerning art is what the person's race and sex is. A white man making a medieval fantasy video game is likely to channel what is naturally in white men. Just like most Metal music is made by civcuck faggots or worse, the music itself is the result of masculine expression.

White men create great stuff, generally.



Publishers. They're the ones making money off your purchase.

b6b70b  No.12650423

>Doritos and parent companies

They have an entire ad campaign devoted to making white men look like retarded faggots. Sucking dorito dust off black men's fingers; ect

3e07bf  No.12650429


Wrong. They are run by kikes. Literal kikes.

Straight from them:


Fire up the ovens /pol/, we got work to do.

bc4132  No.12650464

File: c72be744400da0c⋯.jpg (170.43 KB, 1112x794, 556:397, monster.jpg)

2f1499  No.12650740


i knew monster had something too perfect about it.

df9a4f  No.12651465

File: 79bb43ff338aa16⋯.jpg (2.56 MB, 2516x2304, 629:576, Stop_White_Genocide.jpg)


>>and tax money is where we need to figure something out.

>paying taxes

>not redeeming lawful money

Anon, I…

029477  No.12652169


4NOGGINS Insulted President Trump in FB post

8TRACKS Pushed cucked agenda on customers

23 AND ME Pulled advertising from Tucker Carlson’s show

84 LUMBER Commercial promoted illegal immigration

AIRBNB Said they would provide free housing for "refugees" who are not allowed int the US anymore

AMAZON Owned by Jeff Bezos and supported DACA

AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS Started selling hijabs, an oppressive article of clothing used in Islam

ANCESTRY Pulled advertising from Tucker Carlson’s show

APPLE Facilitates donations to Southern Poverty Law Center, a biased Left-wing organization

AUDI Commercial promotes wage gap myth

BANDCAMP Sent emails about refugee donations

BANK OF AMERICA Anti Second Amendment

BED BATH & BEYOND Dropped Trump merchandise

BEN & JERRY'S Spoke against Trump's travel ban and supported the women's march

BEST BUY CEO signed an open letter in support of The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program

BOWFLEX Pulled advertising from Tucker Carlson’s show

BUDWEISER virtue signaled on refugees in new Superbowl ad

BURLINGTON Dropped Ivanka's fashion line

BURGER KING Promoted feminist talking points

BRAWNY Promoted toxic third wave feminism

CAMPING WORLD Told fans who agree with Donald Trump to shop elsewhere

CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY Cucked Left-wing company, attacked POTUS Trump

CAREERBUILDER Pulled advertising from Tucker Carlson’s show

CARS.COM Pulled their advertising from Hannity as soon as he started talking about Seth Rich

CELEBRITY CRUISES Made anti-Trump ad

CHOBANI Owner has ties to the Clinton Global Initiative and supported Hillary's campaign

CITIGROUP Set restrictions on gun sales by business partners

COCA-COLA Against Trump's travel ban

COMCAST Fired a 10 year employee after a handful of twitter communists complained he attended a ProudBoys event

COMMON Accused Trump of racism

CRTV Was purchased by neocon globalist Glenn Beck

DELTA AIRLINES Caved to SJWs and ended business with NRA

DICK'S SPORTING GOODS Virtuesignaled on gun control and raised buy age to 21

DIESEL Made an ad campaign called "#MakeLoveNotWalls", injecting anti-Trump politics in their business

DISNEY Published Left-wing propaganda

DOVE Made anti-Trump ad

ENTERPRISE CAR RENTALS Caved to SJWs and dropped business with the NRA

ESPN Began supporting Left-wing narratives instead of focusing on sports

EXPEDIA Added Chelsea Clinton to board of directors

FACEBOOK Mark Zuckerberg Says America Should ‘Keep Our Doors Open to Refugees’

FIREFOX Left-wing company who sold out to Soros

FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF OMAHA Caved to SJWs and dropped business with the NRA

FLICKR CEO slandered Trump

GOOGLE Created $4 million crisis fund to "fight" Trump's immigration ban

GRUBHUB Ceo said "employees who act like Trump have no place here"

GUCCI Donated half a million dollars to a gun control rally

GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM Behaved horribly towards FLOTUS Melania and the White House

HARLEY DAVIDSON Does not support the MAGA agenda, moved production outside of the US

HASBRO/WIZARDS OF THE COAST Cucked company closed a store for refusing to have safe spaces

HEINEKEN Supports globalism and no-borders policy

HERTZ Caved to SJWs and ended business with NRA

HULU Bent over for gun grabbers and removed its ads from Laura Ingraham's show

HUMBLE BUNDLE Sent all revenue to openly anti-Trump organizations

IHOP Pulled advertising from Tucker Carlson’s show

IMGUR Whole staff is full of SJWs

INSOMNIAC GAMES Against Trump's travel ban

INTEL Pulled out of the Trump manufacturing group

JOANN FABRICS Does not support the MAGA agenda

J.P. MORGAN CHASE Pulled ads from NBC because Megyn Kelly interviewed Alex Jones

JUST FOR MEN Pulled advertising from Tucker Carlson’s show

KAT VON D BEAUTY Disqualified winner of one of their contests once they found out she is a Trump supporter

KELLOG'S Withdrew all advertisements from Breitbart

K-MART Stopped selling Trump's products

LEVI STRAUSS Sided with gun-control group

LLAMAESQUE MAKEUP Vowed not to sell their products to Trump supporters

L'OREAL Supporting the oppressive Islamic doctrine

LUSH COSMETICS Contributed to one of the organizations involved in the Berkeley riot

LYFT Gave 1 million to ACLU after travel ban

MACY'S Pulled Donald Trump's merchandise from its stores

MARVEL Pushed PC/SJW agenda

MEETUP CEO slandered Trump

METLIFE Caved to SJWs and dropped business with the NRA

029477  No.12652174



NETFLIX Produced race-baiting show "Dear white people"

NOBU RESTAURANTS Owner Robert De Niro said Trump isn’t welcome in his restaurants

NFL Has become a vehicle for the Left-wing political agenda and virtue signalling

NIKE Made a cucked virtue-signaling ad

NUTRISH Supported gun grabbers and removed its advertisements from Laura Ingraham's show

NÜTRL VODKA Consistently published Anti-Trump content on their social media pages

PACIFIC LIFE Pulled advertising from Tucker Carlson’s show

PAPA JOHN'S Fired its CEO John Schnatter after he critized the NFL virtue-signalling

PATAGONIA The CEO of outdoor clothing Patagonia said she intends to pledge her entire company to the “resistance” of President Donald Trump

PATREON Banned many independent content creators due to its left-wing political bias

PAYPAL Suspended "Jihad Watch" because it's anti-Islam

PENZEY'S SPICES Called Trump voters "racists"

PEPSICO CEO spread anti-Trump fearmongering ( List of ALL PepsiCo products )

PIZZA HUT Supported possible pedo, sexual deviant and Trump hater George Takei

POPCHIPS Disrespected President Trump on their website

REDDIT Spez is a cuck (Use uBlock Origin and don't buy reddit gold)

REEBOK Left wing virtue signaling

REI MOUNTAIN EQUIPMENT Caved to SJWs and dropped business with the NRA

SALESFORCE Raised money for Hillary Clinton's campaign

SAMSUNG Pulled advertising from Tucker Carlson’s show

SANDISK Pulled advertising from Tucker Carlson’s show

SEARS Stopped selling Trump's products

SHOES.COM Boycotted Ivanka's products (Defeated! They've gone BANKRUPT)

SIMON & SHUSTER Dropped Milo's best-selling book deal, aiding planned Media attack against him

SOLIDCORE Founder verbally attacked Ivanka for using one of her gyms

SOUNDCLOUD Took down anti-mass migration podcasts after defining them "hate speech"

SLACK CEO slandered Trump

SPOTIFY Spreads blatantly Left-wing propaganda on its music service

STARBUCKS Said they'd hire 10.000 refugees after Trump's travel ban

SYMANTEC Caved to SJWs and dropped business with the NRA

TEESPRING Triggered by “get woke go broke” shirt design so they removed it citing hate speech

THE RED HEN Kicked Sarah Huckabee Sanders out of one of their restaurants

T.J. MAXX Dropped Ivanka's products

T-MOBILE Leftist virtue-signaling

TRIP ADVISOR Against Trump's travel ban

TRULIA CEO slandered Trump

TUMBLR CEO slandered Trump (Also the whole website is SJW cancer)

TUNEIN Deplatformed Alex Jones under the guise of tolerance

UNDER ARMOUR Pulled out of the Trump manufacturing group

UNITED AIRLINES Caved to SJWs and ended business with NRA

URBAN DICTIONARY Staff-chosen content on their main webpage is vehemently anti-Trump

WALMART The Walmart Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation each has given between $1 million-$5 million to the Clinton Foundation

WEEBLY Supported refugees over Americans

WHISPER Anti-Trump content

Y COMBINATOR Against Trump's travel ban

YELP CEO slandered Trump

YETI COOLERS Cut ties with the NRA Fundation

YOUTUBE Heavy censorship

ZAZZLE Has SJW double-standards policies for its products

ZENDRIVE CEO slandered Trump

0fa98f  No.12652208

File: 974709ecc38c0a1⋯.gif (965.05 KB, 290x231, 290:231, actually yeah.gif)


I'm surprised at how few of these I've even used (let alone supported in some way). Only one that I can think of as 'supporting' is using Firefox currently. I even quit my Amazon account this year for unrelated reasons.

c33e57  No.12652209


>Insulted President Trump

>Pulled advertising from Tucker Carlson’s show

>Dropped Trump merchandise

>Stopped selling Trump's products

>Dropped Ivanka's fashion line

>Told fans who agree with Donald Trump to shop elsewhere

>Made anti-Trump ad

>Behaved horribly towards FLOTUS Melania and the White House

>Pulled out of the Trump manufacturing group

>Withdrew all advertisements from Breitbart

>Disrespected President Trump on their website

>Dropped Milo's best-selling book deal, aiding planned Media attack against him

>Staff-chosen content on their main webpage is vehemently anti-Trump

These are not reasons to boycott a company, you fucking kike puppet.

0fa98f  No.12652227

File: f9d113f4a34ad51⋯.mp4 (3.9 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Rudolf Hell - Last Words.mp4)


Seeing as Trump is our stepping stone to the Hitler we need, I disagree. You've got to pull the leftyfag thing and kvetch when they do anything out of line with our destiny to the reich. We must be unfailing in this if we are to turn this world around.

7b7573  No.12652242

File: c35bf4c47d5083f⋯.png (63.69 KB, 200x247, 200:247, Intel_Inside_2006-2009-1.png)

Designed in Israel.

030e13  No.12652271


Think of anti-Trump as an umbrella term for anti-white and anti-right in this circumstance, because that's effectively what they are.

48545f  No.12652524



Thanks for copypastaing the list. The article in the OP is a lot more clean-cut though and only lists the worst offenders. For many this list is way too long and includes a lot of companies that haven't committed serious offenses

b07b72  No.12652576


It's literally run by the Obama Administration

0ccd7a  No.12652770


>cash is fascist

toppest kek. My pay goes into a kike bank account, but I always withdraw it $1k at a time and pay for everything in cash.

0ccd7a  No.12652786

File: 933b4ba53819cc8⋯.png (97.52 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, fb.png)


It's a perfectly valid reason to boycott.


This goy gets it.

Economic warfare is already being waged (pun intended) against us and has been since the Fed started printing money backed by nothing.

e0057a  No.12652818

File: 5aeb43cfeef2e0f⋯.jpg (208.04 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 401605b367b4a58a5696dd77bf….jpg)

Why are all threads made by Jews? Only companies to boycott are Jewish companies

a3282b  No.12652939

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Basically any organization which has an office in Israel. The jews are working with Intel and Nvidia because they need AI to figure out how to keep the goyim under control. AMD was thinking about opening an office in Israel back in 2011 but didn't go through with it.

a8778c  No.12652947


Oh dear, I'm a naughty boy then; just bought Need For Speed Underground I and II on eBay. EA Games. Second hand though.

000000  No.12653802


Think about it - if they're willing to ban somebody as pleb-tier as Sargon, who else would they want to crack down on?

c33e57  No.12653805


>trump, who does nothing but what jews say, is a stepping stone away from jews



>It's a perfectly valid reason to boycott.

No, leftist.

e59a0c  No.12653818


It isn't. Boycott them.

e59a0c  No.12653822


>having lewds makes them not communists

This falacy can only be spread by a shill.

0d674d  No.12653836

>Post cucked companies to boycott here

Boycott all of them.

You should only be wearing clothes handmade by flaxen haired Aryan maidens using only the finest Aryan materials and animal skin.

Anything else feeds the jew machine and is therefore degenerate.

76f480  No.12653838


>finest Aryan materials and animal skin.

why not use Aryan skin :^)

000000  No.12674231

Procter & Gamble / Gillette Razors

>Gillette addresses “toxic masculinity” in a new digital ad campaign aimed at men, the latest message from an advertiser attempting to change societal norms.

>The ad, dubbed “We Believe,” opens with audio of news about the current #MeToo movement. A narrator then goes on to dispute the notion that “boys will be boys,” asking, “Is this the best a man can get? Is it? We can’t hide from it. It has been going on far too long. We can’t laugh it off, making the same old excuses.”


000000  No.12674243



>It's literally run by the Obama Administration

McNiggers hired his Press Secretary

>Robert Lane Gibbs (born March 29, 1971) is an American communication expert who is the executive vice president and global chief communications officer of McDonald's. He served as the twenty-fifth White House Press Secretary from 2009 to 2011.

2019f3  No.12674311

File: db67fd1fd3f68db⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1274x1190, 91:85, fat people.png)

Burger Kang, for promoting faggotry to children. I dont have it saved.

18a4f5  No.12674315

I refuse to boycott you kikes

18a4f5  No.12674317


Personally I'd prefer a few more gay children

48545f  No.12684072

File: 79b6e3e3a51f883⋯.jpg (280.44 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, Procter & Gamble brands.jpg)


Thanks, here's a list of all Procter & Gamble companies.

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