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000000  No.12626398

/pol/ a simple question: Why don't we adopt the tactics of our enemies and pervert them for our own goals? Psy-ops for instance area always talked about here, like MKULKTRA or those mentioned on WikiLeaks. Could we create our own psy-ops that can be used to provoke, agitate or demoralize those we consider our enemies? The reason I ask this is simply due to the fact that time and time again groups like Share blue are always try to construct some sort psychological attack on not only use but also the general populace.

Without even trying various operations like My Borders, My Choice worked as did the It's Okay to be White op. Can we further create such tactics and operations that single entities can do without a group's help? These lone wolf works seem to be the most effective against the current tactics the various Leftist groups employ.

6b9f3e  No.12626427

File: bc190736d992bbd⋯.jpg (65.17 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 65efbb17c7e43414c177705e32….jpg)


I'm not going to act like a nigger or jew, devolution is nothing to emulate.

501cf8  No.12626428


>our own psyops


Otherwise, their degenerate tactics are beneath any self-respecting human.

this should be QTTDTOT, btw.

3a023d  No.12626434


It'll work if we do it, but we don't have the character for it.

000000  No.12626439


I'm not saying act like them, I'm simply saying we take their tactics and modify them for our own needs. They love to spam cuck and interracial porn. /pol/'s response was the shitted memes and Jewesses love BBC memes. Why not do similar to all their tactics?


I guess so but something more active? Like undermining their talking points through the use of shaming tactics? Like how people would make nignog twitter accounts and shot down liberals and accuse them of shit like racism.

7ac035  No.12626440

So we are going to build temples that are fortified like bunkers as well?

000000  No.12626441


I don't mean act like savages or degenerates, just twist their own against them somehow.

c3700e  No.12626444


This is like white sharia tier

000000  No.12626445


Why not? Would be pretty cool to see some Pagan and Christian houses of worship that double as SHTF bunkers.

a857ba  No.12626447


>this should be QTTDTOT

I second this.

000000  No.12626451


Checked and no. I mean using things like their porn spam against them. Like the shitted and Jewish chicks on black cock memes posted every so often.

a12577  No.12626454

I had a dream like this. It worked. But then we became no better than them, degenerate underhanded con-men. Didn't like it.

000000  No.12626467


What about the thread from 2016/17 that was something like "Feminist idols into Right wing talkingpoints" where anons made oc of various feminist idols, icons and stronk womyn into 1950's housewives or things like beautification and purification? Stuff like that, or when some anons use raceplay and cuck porn to deeply upset and undermine the self esteem of a bunch of liberals and minority men? There was also the times anons corrupted Harry Potter for the Left for a good month or two before Tumblr and Reddit purged accounts and content.

501cf8  No.12626487


Maybe most people are brain-fucked enough to ignore what you say if you address kikery out directly. Calling out any sort of degeneracy is becoming (((hate speech))) apparently.

The brain-fuckery that leads to this is mainly reached through repetitions of lies until they're excepted as true… Meme's threaten to reach the level of repetition of TV and such, they're essentially the same thing, but then (((shut it down))).

e2ef59  No.12626493


Because they'll beat us with experience. They've been playing the jew game since 70 AD. It's like GLR said, we can't win against rats by trying to out-lie and out-sneak the rats.

99deb6  No.12626494


The one we need to emulate the most is being able to clearly tell when someone has White interests in mind and solidly supporting them. A unified front.

As far as other tactics I do use them and you should too if you understand them. This isn't something "we" do. You figure out something that works and then you keep doing it until it stops working.

It's like with a fistfight - I'm not going to refuse to punch a nigger back because that's what niggers do. If I'm in a fight I'm going to knock the bitch out. We're in a different kind of fight with jews so we need to throw any metaphorical punches that work until we win. Might be easier just to grief them in meinkraft though.

2e985c  No.12626499


>Why don't we adopt the tactics of [the Jews]?

Because we are preserving what's good in the world. If we adopt the tactics of the Jews, we convert to their subversion.

Slide thread. DnC thread. Jewish thread.

000000  No.12626502


see >>12626487

My understanding is the old Jews are in a panic because the younger generations are drinking the koolaid just like goyim. Why note apply pressure and undermine their self esteem and psychological healthy through similar tactics like the threads I mentioned? I recall the Aunt Jemima caricature of Garnet from Steven's Universe causing much kvetching. The same goes for Pearl dressed as a housewife getting disciplined by a white man/her husband. There's also the purification meme some anons did of the Last of Us girls and the girls from that one video game with the blue haired freak that accidentally shoots herself.

501cf8  No.12626503



god, why haven't i heard that before

>just let me build my temple, goy

000000  No.12626510


Checked and no. One could say you're a shill for simply claiming D&C with how trends are as of late. I'm simply mentioning what was done in the past. Note post >>12626467 & >>12626502


So why not use porn against them like the shitted meme? Why not take their precious golden calf and exploit it by claiming it as racist and stolen from blacks? Takes theirs and do to it as they did to ours.


I actually recall a Jewish kid on Reddit crying about people griefing his server.

000000  No.12626523

Oddly enough when I went to check archives, all of 2016 is missing at https://8ch.net/pol/archive/index.html Same goes for archive.is so I am having trouble finding examples of what I mean

082d48  No.12626539


I wonder how many Jews on Black Reddit and Black Twitter that claim they are black and mix in just to fan the flames of white hate,

5b6036  No.12626548

501cf8  No.12626549


I'm having trouble imagining what using porn against them would be. What do you mean?

Try to just call it out and you get 'muh sexual liberation' and what not.

The worst is all the incest and cuck shit. That 'daddy' shit young girls are into these days, repulsive. Make me a daddy before you call me one thot.

000000  No.12626551


Talcum X ring any bells? There's also the Juden that claim Aborigini ancestry too in Australia. Why not do the same against them? Fan the popularity of Black Israelites. Jews are just whites pretending to be Hebrew :^)

12cb27  No.12626556

While it is apropriate for whites to adjust our behavior to fit the situation we're in, outjewing the jews would be like outswimming a dolphin (or as I call them, jews of the sea).

It isn't just a matter of honor (it is), but a matter of practicality.

The Jews are very good at what they do, we're better at other things.

000000  No.12626561


I do not have the caps but I do have a green text story from an anon who used Raceplay to fuck with the Left. I'll post what I have below.

The below is not mine but you'll get an idea of what the anon was doing.

>Lurking /pol/

>See a thread about some dude fucking a dolphin

>Somehow it devolves into Dolphins being the niggers or kikes of the sea

>Forget if it was that thread but an user dropped some tactics

>Also discussed ways to fuck with kikes and others through co-opting fetishes

>There was also a Hungaryan thread that another user discussed women sucking at sex

>Another random thread, an user posted an image of some Israeli thots getting fucked

>The image was by some random Asian drawfag

>He has a ton of images of female soldiers from all over the world getting used and abused

>Basically military women = cum dumpsters

>Look for a pack to use as bait on Tumblr

>Somehow end up on 4chin's /aco/ and /hc/ during the search

>Find recolours and raceplay images

>Decide to fuck with cucks since cuckoldry is huge on Tumblr

>Target the cuckold tag

>Same with cuckoldry


>Race play

>And white people

>Set blog to NSFw and some other minor settings

>Check in once a day to see how things are running

>Get an average of 60ish asks a day

>Most are asking for source at first

>Slowly it begins with asking personal questions


>"Boy or Girl"

>"Did you vote for Trump?"

>"Are you a small dicked white boy"

>"Who the fuck are you"

>"I got your IP give me your address or I dox you"

>Once the above starts coming in, I get death and rape threats

>Somehow one of the people I followed gets doxed

>Gets accused of being me

>All because the individual and I shared a similar quirk with omitting words while typing

>While accidental, it gave me the idea of copying post styles to test it out

>Pressure builds up, people who follow the blog are defending me thinking I'm a girl

>Some random Asian feminist blogger

>Don't ask me why they thought this, it wasn't even the original person they attacked

>The followers begin to dox the people making threats

>Play into it

>O\w/O what's this, why the hate…etc

>All out mini war in comments

>Get banned

I'll post more of anon's texts once I find the rest. Some anon took raceplay images and basically fucked with Tumblr to the point of certain porn tags being wiped. If any anons know of an archive or can at least post caps of their guide that'd help.

000000  No.12626574


Some more

This is when anon posted nudes of female soldiers and some hentai of IDF fems getting fucking raw by Isis or some shit on a blog or whatever meant for trolling.

>Log in

>See inbox over several thousand asks

>Tons of threats

>All feminists, female soldiers and beta white knights

>Everything from death, rape, to electrocution

>Be told I can't even amount to what a woman can do

>Shit post with images and videos of female soldiers fucking up training or not pulling their weight

>Even found videos of higher rank women fucking lower rank men

>Just pointing out things or repeating shit from /k/ and Zig Forums

>It soon devolves to someone spamming CP on tags related to my blog to try and frame me

>Soon someone makes a mock blog of my blog

>Just random and absurd shit about no testicles, dick…etc

>Literal hurr durr dis blog bad fook you

>This only happened after posting the hentai of female Israeli soldiers getting fucked by Muslims in Ghaza

>Suspect JIDF

>Especially since a handful of the feminist bloggers were juden

>Point this out

>"Why so many Jewish people upset? They run the porn industry don't you know?"

>Banned within the hour

Anon also did the same with a raceplay blog of black women X White men

>A blog dedicated soley to Black women worshipping white dick

>Pretend to be a black woman

>Copy post style of two well known black bloggers

>So far no one put two and two together but some wild suggestions

>Get ask that slowly turned into a flood of asks

>It's an actual black dude

>Claims to be an OG

>Claims to be all abotu BLM

>Claims to be about black empowerment

>Talks about "pollutting white bitches" with black seed

>This so called successful black man turned into a fucking cuck within mere moments

>"Sistah why you do this"

>"Fuck you you ho you turning our race into a joke"

>Cue the two paraphrased quotes above turned into various variations repeated hundreds of time

>Two weeks later

>He begins to beg

>Actually cringed because of it

>Offers to degrade himself to get a black woman back to the right side

>Soon he grows violent

>Sends pictures of guns and his dick

>Rape threats

>Death threats

>Then he breaks down again

>Offers money, drugs, marriage all to make sure a "yt boi dont get dat pusseh"

>Soon he leaves Tumblr under the claim of mental health

>He deletes his blog

>Wipes all his accounts

>Sits on some black forum crying

>All because I spammed a bunch of race play images

>All because I never responded

>This is actually common with any race play blog

>Non-white males begging supposed women of the same race to not go for white dick

This is what I mean. Why not mentally fuck up our enemies like the Jews try to do?

000000  No.12626576


Calm down chaim and read the thread. I posted examples of what an anon did last year.

000000  No.12626578


I posted some green texts I saved from an another anon's antics. Should further explain what I mean and serve as an example.

000000  No.12626582


Note zig forums is some faggot ass site that rips content from 8ch all the time. I lost the archive for the thread once before and I was able to rip the green text from there ages ago. Still hunting for the original thread's archive.

614f31  No.12626591

File: c1d6d923b584adb⋯.webm (555.13 KB, 640x360, 16:9, pol.webm)


>Why doesn't pol do something?

000000  No.12626595


Great question OP

Here's one tactic to outsmart "the Jew":

Stop implying all Jews are to blame for the actions of any other Jew

It's using the same nigger-logic as saying that all Europeans are bad because some of them rape, murder and torture children

You're playing right into enemy hands when you do so, because you could have just attacked the top-level Jews instead of attacking the whole Jewish "race".

Don't be useful idiots for the Jewish Kahal (or its modern-day equivalent) who want keep Jews from assimilating

501cf8  No.12626600



That's some impressive trolling. The theme of Military Jewesses as inter-race thots hits deep i bet. The black girl after white guy one is hilarious too…

but, alas, stooping to such shit-throwing is degrading.

217857  No.12626604


Why all this convulted ideas? Kill all jews, and the jew problem is solved.

000000  No.12626609


>Kill all jews

You've just made enemies with the whole Jewish "race" while you could have just attacked the top-level Jews, you fucking fool.

501cf8  No.12626611


omg, someone make a nice "It's okay to be jewish" poster please

000000  No.12626618


Like Muslims, Jews will never assimilate due to their culture and religion. They're literally taught not to assimilate. Plus Jews like Muslims standout like a clown at a funeral. They're too distinctive to blend in.


Checked. Anon created a guide on how to one and done the accounts through some sort of automation. Trying to find a cap of it. I think we could honestly demoralize an entire group of people through social media if enough anons did it. I've personally seen the shit storms on /wx/ and /vx/ here on 8ch over people posting anything else that isn't black man x white woman. It's a primal, distinctive rage that these degenerates have when it happens. Almost like they fear it. Saw it again while trolling /aco/ last week. Someone posted a black girl sucking off a white dude, half the thread devolved into claims of limp dicked white boys posting such porn by a bunch of ass hurt degenerates.

921a3f  No.12626622

File: a1b98f7b3441530⋯.png (94.43 KB, 454x426, 227:213, 1.png)

File: 54aea690541ee78⋯.png (147.95 KB, 498x626, 249:313, 2.png)

File: 48f1b257f06af52⋯.png (152.18 KB, 466x623, 466:623, 3.png)

File: c1fff84781e8098⋯.png (149.84 KB, 497x646, 497:646, 4.png)

File: e8f465814189ff7⋯.png (149.28 KB, 482x651, 482:651, 5.png)


I've been obsessing with understanding kike strategies and have been refining my notes for the last couple of weeks. The first step is understanding exactly how it is that they operate. Then you can figure out a good strategy to counter them.

000000  No.12626625


I know you're being sarcastic but I think it could actually be effective, I mean, how can you attack "It's okay to be white" posters and not "It's okay to be Jewish posters"… might wake some people up.

000000  No.12626628


Checked and nice info anon

b67497  No.12626634

Why not go back to kikechan?

000000  No.12626636


No exactly, but tactically speaking (that's what this thread is about) it's better to attack the top-level Jews first and not declare war with an entire race of people.

000000  No.12626640


This is why I was talking about that one anon's porn troll. Aim it at kikes. Bring up the fact they fetishize the holocaust. Talk about how there's holocaust porn made for only Israel. Lot of people will get put off by that.

501cf8  No.12626646


Hmm… i see your point here, highlighting double standards is a win.


lol It sounds ridiculous, but not sarcastic.

I actually think it's a brilliant convo starter.

826203  No.12626647

> Why don't we adopt the tactics of our enemies

I like the idea but their tactics are subversion of the host culture while maintaining a strong religio-ethnic identity.

There was a time, before anti-discrimination laws, when Jews couldn't even teach at our universities. I propose we push for repeal of anti-discrimination laws as a first step. Elimination of Title 9 alone would be a huge step in the right direction.

The most frustrating thing about being /pol/ for me is the realization that if we were given full control of the legislative branch tomorrow, nobody would be able to articulate what laws they'd change. It's the one thing that matters and the one thing nobody talks about on the right. Notice how the left, who kick our ass at every turn, are laser-focused on changing the law in their favor. It's worked out well for them and I think we could use a little of that.

921a3f  No.12626662


kikes have organization and money. The Sanhedrin discusses the topics at the synagogue and formulates a game plan. then they pay think tanks to try to figure out how to change laws to achieve their goals. Then they organize within their tribe with media companies to give credibility to their schemes.

Whites cannot do this without money and organization.

7ac035  No.12626666

See the shit about Paul Nehlen?

5b6036  No.12626667

7ac035  No.12626672


They don't pay very well. I did some work for them a while back before I knew whho the contract was with. Absolutely garbage pay.

000000  No.12626677


Yep! When I saw anon's porn troll I copied it for a few days. When people would get upset I'd ask why it's okay for a "nigga to fuck a yt ho but no black bitches can enjoy white dick?" It always caused such a sharp reaction that people would rage quite over it.

000000  No.12626681


Why not give the parasite its own parasites? Eat away that which eats away its host?

000000  No.12626688


Lack of organization and money is a real problem and to make matters worse Jews are specialized in both of those and had a headstart of >2000 years.

501cf8  No.12626700


If i deciphered legal-script professionally and had some sort of legal influence i probably wouldn't have time to be here.

Communism is coming in the name of human rights, for instance. It's all there written between the lines of the law of many countries already, ready to go.

Read your local human rights legislation and congrats if you can smell the kikery… if not, at least it's practice for the next time you have to sign something.

1c565b  No.12626702

File: 7936df2de51b9b2⋯.jpg (74.71 KB, 960x960, 1:1, TwainVoting.jpg)


Our strength lies in voting long enough to convince them we are unaware we are powerless, to make them think we are unaware of their deception upon us.

921a3f  No.12626709


this is what makes me think that the white goyim are truly inferior. We've gone through conflict with them for 2000 years and never came up with a strategy, and the only strategy is to become exactly like them:

1. only help your own race

2. become hyper ethnocentric

3. try to distort the thinking of other races that you live amongst. try to break down jewish cohesion by arguing about who is a real jew in propaganda directed towards them

4. stay hyper connected with your own race through your own church/temple

5. ruthlessly make money

6. use your temple to organize for business, political, and other networking purposes

7. have a book written that has a good game plan hashed out so everyone can read something and within a week understand why we operate the way we do

c83999  No.12626717


Found the thread archive of raceplay as propaganda weapon: https://archive.vn/Gn3C9 #11822804

c83999  No.12626718

000000  No.12626724


Holy shit anon you fucking wizard

921a3f  No.12626727


the craziest thing is that the average white doesn't even understand that we are in competition with them. They are ruthlessly taking over business, political power, and putting up barriers for us in the professions and whites simply don't understand what is happening and that we're up against an organized and determined enemy.

2b5a99  No.12626729

>pervert them for our own goals

you cant pevert the peverted. They are not trying to control us, they are trying to control the world. As long as the world is more like them (greedy , disgusting … allows all sin) they are happy.

If we dicide to out jew the jew, we are corrupting ourselves. You retard … you realize that this is the exact opposite of what we want.

oh , ur a jew, this is a psyop … ahhh yessss

501cf8  No.12626734



Looking into him now. Was this guy for real? He kind of smells like a crypto-jew tbh.

c83999  No.12626738


I'm just Dark Research Anon, A_Wizard is running about somewhere.

000000  No.12626740


Hi Satan

000000  No.12626743


The anon posting the BAMN and Fetlife threads?

000000  No.12626748


This. It really is crazy that we're being attacked without realizing who is attacking us, Jews have set up so many proxies whom they control to attack us that it really is hard for most people to see who is actually attacking us.

And it all is in their fucking religious texts, the one who came up with that is truly a genius I must say, the organization part, the monetary/usury part, the secrecy part, the end-goals, et cetera.

4ee67d  No.12626751


>Why not out Jew the Jews

same reason that we don't out homo the homos

000000  No.12626752

Well I found an archive with a bunch of shit from 2016 at https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://8ch.net/pol/catalog.html but it's taking forever to dig up that feminist idol thread.

501cf8  No.12626759



>trip a man and call him clumsy

000000  No.12626764


Forgive OP, he meant to say "Why not out-smart the Jews"

c83999  No.12626767

File: 82f4666126a21ae⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1201x11057, 1201:11057, Crystal meth injected into….png)

File: 77bb88fcfaabe83⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1201x12085, 1201:12085, Faggot children are sexual….png)

File: 2c3e687856154b4⋯.png (768.97 KB, 787x5498, 787:5498, Like father like son - Cop….png)

File: cbc9318accef742⋯.jpg (168.99 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, One of us, one of us!.jpg)

File: f8f63e31c22b57e⋯.png (221.18 KB, 985x1239, 985:1239, You will see man made horr….png)


Yep, and the one that destroyed Tribe.net with screencaps. And the one with a soft spot for Rubberdogs, but not the underage ones, nor their use as a sex trafficking lure for underage sex slavery.

I also dig into new weirdness from time to time.

000000  No.12626782


A friend linked me your threads which is what changed my mind from "as long as they aren't hurting anyone" to "PURGE DEGENERATES" I have to say some of those caps are good fodder for changing minds.

c83999  No.12626798

File: 5809fb6bb5853c0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 403.88 KB, 920x1308, 230:327, 2280405_ern_ring-around-th….jpg)

File: fe9e89dfd0668f3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 392.5 KB, 920x1308, 230:327, 2291968_ern_ring-around-th….jpg)

File: bcdb041cbd7b37e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 408.72 KB, 920x1308, 230:327, 2311968_ern_ring-around-th….jpg)

File: ef969a5ba002cc3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 433.29 KB, 920x1308, 230:327, 2328944_ern_ring-around-th….jpg)


Currently digging into a furry pedophile named ERN that has made the most realistic molestation comic I've ever seen, as in this is how to lure and fuck children. Make excuse, lure to enclosed space out of sight, ease in, and get to slow sexing.

Things are getting kind of aggressive on the cub pedophile side after the Zoosadist leaks.

000000  No.12626800



It is really sickening. God, these people are degenerate!

Anyway, what'd you expect all that being Gay is about is sex, there's no love, there's no relationship which can produce off-spring, there's no loyalty etc.

c83999  No.12626805

File: 906d80cec34c854⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 418.12 KB, 920x1308, 230:327, 2341974_ern_ring-around-th….jpg)

File: 9d2e5ea83996eb7⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 373.66 KB, 920x1308, 230:327, 2352068_ern_ring-around-th….jpg)

File: baaf03cbc6fd2e3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 440.01 KB, 920x1308, 230:327, 2382873_ern_ring_around_th….jpg)

File: 236a3fc3cd014aa⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 482.62 KB, 920x1308, 230:327, 2392238_ern_ring_around_th….jpg)

File: ced9dbc4a51f9dd⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.71 KB, 84x120, 7:10, 2414498_ern_ring_around_th….jpg)


I take it the horse is supposed to be a nigger.

000000  No.12626814


Make sure you archive everything (e.g. by downloading it)

c83999  No.12626819

File: c06f72f15c96356⋯.jpg (41.5 KB, 510x588, 85:98, this exists.jpg)

File: 4df6e3a3a73824f⋯.jpg (215.99 KB, 1419x1325, 1419:1325, wolf bandanna.jpg)

File: 15628b8f554c54b⋯.jpg (56.14 KB, 630x1412, 315:706, wolf bandanna2.jpg)

File: 2b8146e77455cdf⋯.jpg (153.71 KB, 1179x1061, 1179:1061, wolf bandanna3.jpg)

File: 79eb89301f91bb5⋯.jpg (247.82 KB, 1200x1147, 1200:1147, Dogpatch press HJ SF.jpg)


They're getting pretty open about their stuff too.

000000  No.12626821


Sorry, not very helpful. You can archive shit on Archive.org by using:


Or by of course by using Archive.is (though I don't trust that service myself)

7ac035  No.12626824


Because it's my dick, you turd. If some beastie is going to ride nig dick, how is that my fault?

7ac035  No.12626827

Shaved my armpits once, never really grew back, don't care.

501cf8  No.12626831


It feels like a race to expose this crazy degeneracy before it becomes normalized. A race to control normie reaction to this shit: disgust or indifference.

000000  No.12626838


I don't think anon was encouraging race mixing but questioning the hypocrisy of the cuckold community and porn consumers.

c83999  No.12626842

File: 21fdae265c6ba41⋯.png (392.61 KB, 630x730, 63:73, A ''horse'' riding a horse.png)

File: b97f9a04b6066ca⋯.jpg (188.72 KB, 1200x883, 1200:883, DT1aXslWkAcft2v.jpg)

File: 27326b4b003c1e1⋯.jpg (224.12 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DTT3A2ZVoAI7fTL.jpg)

File: 0ae16fe872428d3⋯.png (600.44 KB, 856x1000, 107:125, For refenence -Swiftwind a….png)

File: f764da071a7adde⋯.png (464.68 KB, 633x683, 633:683, the source of perversion.png)


I have actually. I occasionally get people horrified that I have, and are totally shocked.

Anyway this all has been in the works for quite some time, I mean look at Thirty/Thirty From Bravestarr. How much gayer can you get than riding a big gay talking robotic horse into battle and having him giver cover fire on two legs?

921a3f  No.12626858


can someone explain how we went from how to outljew the jew to pictures of perverts playing with horses?

c83999  No.12626859

File: ed90d32a5561c81⋯.jpg (572.01 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, Antifa Zoo-sadists, Pedoph….jpg)

File: a7feb63c1254a75⋯.png (570.12 KB, 1423x774, 1423:774, Antifa faggot4.png)

File: f3fdf7e1e1af659⋯.png (573.49 KB, 804x952, 201:238, Antifa faggot.png)

File: caeb1ca3cd78651⋯.png (118.94 KB, 480x854, 240:427, 2017_11_12_13.53.47.png)

File: f743b1cb0868cce⋯.png (321.03 KB, 452x581, 452:581, This will be vanillia in 2….png)

There's a push to normalise degeneracy. Why, because that is the modern definition of Progressive, someone that trnasgresses on moral boundaries. If they stop, the leftyrisks personal crisis.

That Said, theres a fuckload of Superdegenerates in Antifa. Its part of why they got in in the first place, to find more cocks to suck.

c83999  No.12626866


To outjew the jew, you have to find the underlying rules of how his weapons work, use them to make new weapons and then use them on him.

He plants seeds early in life and watches in glee as they sprout into ever more strange forms out of his enemy's mind and skins.

c83999  No.12626939


>Anyway, what'd you expect all that being Gay is about is sex, there's no love, there's no relationship which can produce off-spring, there's no loyalty etc.

As soon as the novelty wears off, yer gone.

One fag compared the scene to being like a buffet, no need to commit to a particular dish, just sample from every bowl. But some of those bowls have razor blades in them, or infected syringes, or just plain landmines or suicide, or old age-out. Its a meat grinder, and the meat is always getting younger, always fresher.

f38d8d  No.12626971

OP is bringing up a good point, we can outjew the jew if we put our efforts into it. . Remember subversion isn't always about driving a sword through the enemies gut, it's often a death by a thousand cuts. I believe one of the nicest D&C's we can do is starting to take aim at their genetic purity and their precious academic institutions. Here's a few subversive tactics to keep in your back pocket:

1) Race mix! Open borders for Israel! Jews have very weak DNA compared to Europeans. A relatively small amount of race mixing can have dynamic impacts on Jewish societies genetic equity over several generations. Even if a part of Jewish society rejects race mixing, many of them won't. So one half breed becomes a quarter breed which is hard for them to spot even for the racial purist Jew. So encourage Jewish race mixing with negros. Inject DNA into their gene pool that would never be removed. Push the idea of "getting dat jew money" on the hood rats and watch Alpha Tyrone plant his seed in those little jewish girls time and time again.

2) Attack the Ivy League. The Ivy League is working against our interests so any attack on their reputation supports the European people It's settled science at this point that jews took over the Ivy League admission offices and have been pushing their kids through the traditional wasp schools to get the young jews into high positions. But the problem for the Jews is that the Chinese have been massively outperforming the Jews in every conceivable metric. Now frankly, whites outperform jews as well, but the Chinese are a wonderful cat paw for us to use because they are nearly immune to typical white guilt tricks. So #1 push for an end to "discrimination" against the Chinese students. I would rather every spot in Harvard go to a Zhong or a Pajett that an Ishmael. Another weakness the Ivy League has is Peking University. Harvard can hide behind US News ratings but Peking is outperforming them in all the sciences. So point that out every chance you get. It's so easy to blame school rankings on institutional racism so you're safe to be overt in this tactic.

3) Keep doing what you've been doing, I know we all want DOTR, but what we're doing right now is actually working. Many of us are here because we wanted to argue with some racist Nazi and found ourselves falling down the rabbit hole. Heck I came here because an English professor went on a diatribe about stormfront decades ago and here I am. I can tell you in the 1990's we never had the numbers we have today, not even close. And the "red pilled" people back then would never have threads about subversion like we do today.

One last bonus point. Jews are incapable of showing love or respect for European history. Openly loving our people is our #1 defense. Even if JIDF were reading this post right now and wanted to subvert us, those greasy bastards would never be able to saw without hesitation that Europeans are the greatest creation god ever managed. 14 Words Brothers.

2f64cf  No.12626978


Yes, posting plans of action on an internet board will work. Instead of networking IRL like the Jews do.

2f64cf  No.12626981


OY VEY got the endless captcha shadow ban!

f38d8d  No.12627040


Who says we aren't networking IRL? None of us are silly enough to dox ourselves. These threads help us hash out ideas in a controlled setting, perhaps you have something to add as well.

That said, some of the best strategies are ones where you can tell your opposition exactly what you are going to do and they are powerless to stop it. What does a Jew do exactly if we push race mixing on Israelites? They can call for racial purity which would tickle me pink. Or they could just let themselves be bred out of existence which would be even better.

What happens if we flood Harvard with chinks by tearing down their discriminatory practices? Either they forfeit their elite reputation or the Jews get curb stomped by the test taking ants we call the Chinese. This actually has a test case you can reference, look up the Thomas Jefferson High School in Virginia. Top 5 high school in the country. The school admits students based SOLELY on grades and test scores and they have shut out a lot of the Jews. 60% asian, 36% European white. They kvetched and called for diversity and they Chinese told them to pound the fucking sand. It is disturbing to have Chinese over whites but at least they aren't jews. This will work equally well on Harvard.

01162c  No.12627120







>"Don't use our enemies' highly effective tactics against them, we're above that!"

Wow, shills are out in force today.





Good posts.

>It's like with a fistfight - I'm not going to refuse to punch a nigger back because that's what niggers do. If I'm in a fight I'm going to knock the bitch out. We're in a different kind of fight with jews so we need to throw any metaphorical punches that work until we win.


adb20b  No.12627146

File: b19305cad75ef88⋯.png (12.42 KB, 179x255, 179:255, 0b89339527bebc26091dd409b8….png)

File: 4f60c66b6755bf9⋯.jpeg (10.87 KB, 176x255, 176:255, 09d89f55d80cc40ce68c4207f….jpeg)

adb20b  No.12627154

File: 216998f7273c3da⋯.jpeg (19 KB, 255x244, 255:244, 2b7e453e0197735aa9f13c68a….jpeg)

File: f425b0e3cb47db7⋯.jpeg (130.72 KB, 600x361, 600:361, f425b0e3cb47db736a46abd2f….jpeg)

adb20b  No.12627164

File: eeb38d592ac6a4a⋯.png (13.8 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 9a931212677dbda0858ba496eb….png)

f38d8d  No.12627166


This needs to be workshopped a bit but I really love this technique. I keep harping on this but black DNA dominates jewish DNA when miscegenation takes place. And it's multi generational, once the black DNA hits a critical mass in the jewish community their actual minds are changed. The crafty Jew's mind when slowed down by African DNA is as harmless as a kitten.

Jewish women are still women, they are as easy to manipulate as any other race, you can play to their emotions, their base instincts. But if we can get a meme going in the black community that marrying a Jew will get them jew riches, well then mozol tov. Africans for all of their failings are surprisingly adept at learning languages at a young age. It would be elementary to get young African men, lured by the promises of wealth, to speak Hebrew and seek out young jewish women. And when big strong Tyrone comes calling, those Jewish girls will come answerin'.

342a9a  No.12627227


>Otherwise, their degenerate tactics are beneath any self-respecting human.

Fucking stupid. Do you think that the U.S.S.R. or China said the same thing after Japan was nuked?

1da4ce  No.12627366



Thank you anon. I would also add taking a business foothold in Israel. Some goyim brand operating and gaining market in Israel sounds nice to me.

1da4ce  No.12627369


>It's like with a fistfight - I'm not going to refuse to punch a nigger back because that's what niggers do. If I'm in a fight I'm going to knock the bitch out. We're in a different kind of fight with jews so we need to throw any metaphorical punches that work until we win. Might be easier just to grief them in meinkraft though.


1da4ce  No.12627374


>This needs to be workshopped a bit but I really love this technique. I keep harping on this but black DNA dominates jewish DNA when miscegenation takes place. And it's multi generational, once the black DNA hits a critical mass in the jewish community their actual minds are changed. The crafty Jew's mind when slowed down by African DNA is as harmless as a kitten.

We need to find some blacked jewsess and and try to use them to push for black and jew marriage.

b4d205  No.12627377


Because it's easier to just write "14 88" and be done for the day than putting actual effort into politics changing Ops, reddit cream themselves thinking they achieved memetic victory when in reality the people doing all the campaigning foresaw this happening already.

You wanna out do them, you sell them things they make themselves at a cheap price. Go to commie rallies and sell them Che Guevara shirts. Coopt their movements to be about something vague rather than something you'd want, then use your money and influence to spread a more extreme version of your own beliefs.

1da4ce  No.12627380


>You wanna out do them, you sell them things they make themselves at a cheap price. Go to commie rallies and sell them Che Guevara shirts. Coopt their movements to be about something vague rather than something you'd want, then use your money and influence to spread a more extreme version of your own beliefs.

Good tactics.

0b41b8  No.12627404


>muh principles

You're a fucking cuck, and an embarrassment to the white race.

0b41b8  No.12627417


>Stop implying all Jews are to blame for the actions of any other Jew

Who the fuck says that, you kike? All I see is people pointing out the overrepresentation of jews caught doing jewy things.

5dcc0f  No.12627422

File: e8c49bfcf33f6a1⋯.jpg (95.68 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, XfKYLxt.jpg)

File: b9f3fa4f9720b39⋯.jpg (139.17 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, j7VOzbf.jpg)


Notice the difference, it could save your life.

Disregard anything a wignat says, no ordinary white person wants to be associated with that or are sympathetic to it. Even a large portion of racially aware whites reject it, which proves it is a losing strategy.

d7f394  No.12627521

The end doesn't justify the means.

Why use cult leader tactics?

Anything built on a foundation of lies will crumble.

The only way to beat liars, thieves and killers is to reveal the truth about them.

You cannot have righteousness by fooling people into becoming that way because the lies of your methods can be exposed and they will feel betrayed no matter how good your intentions were.

If you decide to take that path, you would have to come clean before your followers discover it on their own.

You'd have to pull a "I've been lying to you but that's what it took to save you" speech.

Also remember that cult leaders only affect dumber,vulnerable people. The "smarter" degenerates will try to bring these fools back to their side and most likely succeed because they offer hedonistic instant gratification.

4ef896  No.12627535



It’s been tried somewhat. The “it’s okay to be white” posters are probably the best example of a successful one.

ccf77b  No.12627539


Doing evil to combat evil makes you evil. It's a one way street into purgatory. Also outsmarting immoral creatures can only be achieved by upholding and implementing laws without hesitation. Ours is the way of struggle, because we are capable of showing mercy, which is our Achilles heel.

c63e64  No.12627543

Here in Europe there are no whiny bitch ass liberals. But good luck brave soliders

5dcc0f  No.12627554


Patrick Little tried to co-op "it's okay to be white", like the good FED agent he is

c4cef3  No.12627565

>why not just be jews

because jews are retarded

for every smart jew there are at least 10 dumb jews, that's why all the journalist jews and stuff seem like clowns, they're idiots that get their jobs just becase of favoritism among the jews

c63e64  No.12627596


That's the most retarded shit I've heard

60d449  No.12627656

>/pol/ a simple question: Why don't we adopt the tactics of our enemies and pervert them for our own goals?

You mean things our own people once used?

Like segregation?

Racial preference?

Racial preservation?

Scorning miscegenation?

>Psy-ops for instance area always talked about here, like MKULKTRA or those mentioned on WikiLeaks. Could we create our own psy-ops that can be used to provoke, agitate or demoralize those we consider our enemies?

Oh you mean waste our time. Fuck off Torfag jew. You wish it were so easy that we'd act like you slithering rats do.

49be2a  No.12627763

>Why not out Jew the Jews?

you really think that a group that have been shaped by millennia of behavior on top of a genetic predisposition to jewyness can be out-jewed?

Not a chance.

For a start, it is against our nature, and going against the flow of nature is a losing battle in the long run.

We should do what we are best at, nobility, honor, strength.

We have been equipped by God for this task with spiritual armor:

Purity and Goodness

This is armor that the jew's weapons cannot pierce, it makes the wearer invulnerable to their cancerous attempts to defile.

188149  No.12627983

Just like you can take the chimp Jamal out of the jungle but you can't take the jungle out of him, you can try to take a brainwashed believer out of a cult, but you won't be able to really take the cult out of the brainwashed believer.

e28460  No.12627991


Oh, you're on that black/white good/evil abrahamic mindfuck stuff.

How about a warrior fights for his people with everything he has and either dies, wins, or is shamed?

be009a  No.12627993


>why not subvert

Because fundamentally we're on the side of order and our enemies are on the side of chaos and opportunistic power. The side of order cannot benefit from subversion in the same way that chaos and opportunism can. Our only solutions are coup or migration.

735793  No.12627994


or lack thereof

be009a  No.12627998


>Why not mentally fuck up our enemies like the Jews try to do?

It's amusing but it puts us no closer to our goal of order and right rule than we were before. Chaos is our enemy's domain.

f38d8d  No.12628004

Easy tactic you can all do: Leave bad reviews to hurt the jewish business owners online reputations. This is so easy I can't believe more of us aren't already doing this. You could just rate all Jewish businesses 1/5 and there's nothing wrong with doing that, but I'm going to show you how to do it in the most jewwy way possible.

Most businesses have at most 20-50 reviews on yelp or google and those reviews greatly influence the decision making for customers. See where I am going with this? If you can leave one poisonous review you can drive business away from the Jew. Is he a good jew or a bad jew? Who cares, when you see Dr. Sheckleberg DDS or Israel Shaloms Shoe Store leave the bad review. At the very least I hope you all are willing to do that. But let's crank up our jew level a little more.

First make an undoxxable online profile, season it for 6-12 months with nothing but nice reviews of white owned stores, then we can start leaving bad reviews on jewish businesses as a "customer". Quick note: Make sure to write 2-4 positive reviews for white companies for every Jewish business you target, this keeps your account from looking like a shill account. Again, this is easy stuff that doesn't take much effort.

How you write the reviews is important, let's say you are targeting a financial advisor: don't go "THIS PLACE SUXXX 1/5", instead write something like "Mr Goldsmithberg seemed like a nice and laid back guy, but I really felt pressured to buy financial products I did not understand. I know he deals with rich people who are more financially literate than I am, but a little more patience would have been nice, I felt very uncomfortable. I do not want to be mean but I cannot rate him higher than 2/5"

This plays on the European desire for fairness. A 2/5 review with a well thought out response is going to be much more influential than a simple 1/5 review. I know people who look for the 2/5 reviews because they seem them as more "fair". The Jew will try to argue with you online, say he treats all his customers well, even email you to retract your review. Just ignore him. Jews are infuriated by hit and run tactics. The way I wrote that sample 2/5 review is really hard to argue with, it isn't angry, it doesn't say he wasn't a good financial advisor, it simply says you felt uncomfortable. There are anxious people out there who will really relate to your review and refuse to do business because you associated the financial advisor with confusion and discomfort. This is proper psychological warfare.

Now you won't make or break the business with one bad review, but it's a death by 1000 cuts. That financial advisor may miss our on a couple clients because of your review and instead go with a European advisor. That might be $10,000 in profit from the pocket of the jew that is transferred to your people all because you wrote a single review. And this doesn't have to be a full time job. Imagine a few times every month you take the time to leave reviews like this on various jewish businesses. Each review sticks for a while and if properly written costs the jew a few thousand here, a few thousand there. Multiply the impact of these reviews by a few years and by the dozens of reviews you'll have placed and by the number of other channers doing the same thing and you can see how effective this little tactic can be. You might even be made a google guide for your effort.

Oh and if you think we shouldn't "Sink to their level", well, sorry Rabbi you started this.

ce317c  No.12628005

Good idea. If you see any Jewish organization promoting degeneracy/Jewish interests, get in there and destroy this organization from within, if you don't find a good way to sabotage it, you could just give us information what they plan to do

853ef1  No.12628011

File: a2a25fcc746b1d6⋯.jpg (20.57 KB, 669x301, 669:301, torjews.jpg)


>I think it is possible to be more degenerate than a jew

ce317c  No.12628016


>Goyim, don't change your tactics, stay at the non-efficient tactics. Jews just must have the advantage over you, that's important

98969a  No.12628023


Quality post.

I'm free today, I'll start right away.

386fb8  No.12628132

File: 6b697814f72e21e⋯.png (71.93 KB, 327x342, 109:114, you.PNG)


>Slide thread. DnC thread. Jewish thread.

You forgot "orange man bad"

386fb8  No.12628137



You spam the Q threads with this kikery too. Scared?

386fb8  No.12628139


Kikes are good at game theory, which is why they hate Trump so much. "That's our method goyim!"

ccf77b  No.12628267


>for his people

This is called having roots, which makes you by definition a defender.

>either dies, wins, or is shamed

Death and shame are irrelevant, and winning means surviving. And if survival is the desired outcome to defend your roots, then you can't just go out there and fight. You stay and defend.

This is what you said, but what you actually meant was sacrificing yourself for the greater good, which is fantastic if you have it in you and necessary for a war. BUT a war is historically nothing victors emerge from, only broken slaves. Just look how the jews benefited from instigating wars, they never participated in.

So now you know that calling for war is not beneficiary, but you still want to get them tho, which makes a call to arms a call for murder. Here we enter dangerous territory…they are indeed criminals and are hellbent on murdering you, but they can legally do this, because they control the law. Yet if you kill all of them you're not a murderer because who's gonna blame you? Which brings me to my final questions…do you really want other people to commit murder for you or do you want to commit murder yourself?

c4cef3  No.12628527


so you're telling me the jew journos are smart? explain jew central cnn

6210c9  No.12628723


This. We wouldn’t be any good at it. Plus they’re so paranoid and aware, they would recognize their own tactics a mile off. We can’t beat their tricks with tricks we have to beat their tricks with truth. What we need to do is try harder to get the truth out there. I think the time might be rapidly approaching that we could start making our own media platform. I think more whites will be receptive to our ideas now than before.

000000  No.12629917

I swear the shills and newfags are out in force today. No one is asking you to suck baby dick or start drinking blood and swearing oaths to Saturn. What is being proposed by myself and others is quite simple really – use the enemy's tactics against them. It doesn't mean you become a full degenerate taking poz loads up your neghole.

It's about modifying their tactics and using them for our gain. The idea of using porn (as suggested by another anon) is actually quite ingenious once you see how much of a psychological weapon it is. Porn is addictive by nature and any negativity associated with it tends to send its consumers into a spiral of pseudo-intellectual drivel, threats and general shaming tactics. They're addicts and don't want to hear the truth. Well, guess what? You can make them hear and see the truth quite easily through what's recommended above.

The first step is to identify what the tactic is, which would be cuckoldy/cuck porn or raceplay and the (false) claim that black males have bigger penises than anyone else.

The second step is to identify how we can use that tactic against the enemy. This was already given to us in a how-to guide in the archive posted by dark research anon.

The third step is to find your targets. That's quite simple as numerous social media platforms and porn sites exists already.

The fourth step is to enjoy the fact that since minorities consume more pornographic produce than us, then they'll be the most affected. The worst thing is you create a new fetish where non-white females lust for white dick or some white kid decides to go after non-white pussy which isn't an issue if they were already too far gone to pull themselves out of the porn loop.

Think about it like this: Asian Female x White Male is one of the biggest race play genres around. This is consumed by both Asian males and females to the point of some sick as fuck bisexual or homosexual Asian men looking to be dominated by white men. The same applies to the females or some fucked up subservient cuckquen shit. Use this to your advantage. The enemy male seeing pornographic material made of his females enjoying his enemy's sexual prowess. Enjoying his company. His seed. His animalistic tendencies. See how that can really fuck with someone's psyche? What'll happen if this pushed to the point of portraying all non-white males as inferior and limped dick? What if you take a supposedly strong minority male that everyone knows and shop him or draw him being a little bitch that takes it up the ass and refers to white males as "Mastah!"

Don't even limit it to porn. Take their idols and icons and turn them into weapons against them. If it becomes something of the spooky scapegoat (((alt-right))) then people will want it banned, reclaim it or attack it. What happens when people attack the BDMS community or S&M play because some anonymous asshole on a Mongolian Sheep Herder BBS decided to make the claim or even suggest that we flood such places with Black female x White male porn with text edited onto it? What happens when the colonization or colonized memes become common place to the point it becomes another media frenzy of how those communities are evil nazi dens? You see it now? It isn't just about ruining the enemy but also their weapons and tactics to the point of causing them stress whenever they need to abandon one tactic for another.

c4cef3  No.12630386

File: cfa722ed38e361a⋯.jpg (376.77 KB, 630x640, 63:64, echika porn crime and puni….jpg)


>put more porn on porn sites so jews can make even more money

For a lot of words it doesn't seem like you put much thought into this.

>What if you take a supposedly strong minority male that everyone knows and shop him or draw him being a little bitch that takes it up the ass and refers to white males as "Mastah!"

That just sounds like a 2007 /b/ meme, not a stepping stone toward the creation of the ethnostate.

Also porn addicts have no souls, no drive, they are too far gone and can do nothing but pleasure themselves, there are even a small amount of white males on this very site who have a fetish for the extinction of their own kind. They are so far gone that they want to be cucked by their own wives and try to encourage their underage siblings to lust after black men.

a7cf65  No.12631475

File: 50679aba79e5408⋯.mp4 (1.54 MB, 270x480, 9:16, Baby_discovers_echos.mp4)

I think OP is trying to say that Jewish tactics seem innately evil because of their purpose, for example pushing racemixing by showing racemixed couples everywhere. The tactic isn't pushing degeneracy, it's pushing the behavior you want to see. This video is our equivalent to spamming cuck porn; create and distribute wholesome media like this to counter the degeneracy that people are being fed.

000000  No.12631559


Man, that video is pretty spicy.

I think what we are missing on here at least is a lack of moderation, as proper moderation would create an environment where shitposters are banned and good quality is left.

As long as it's transparent this kind of moderation is no issue.

I begrudgingly admit that they got that idea down on /leftypol/.

They don't go for any sort of "sekrit club" mentality either, it seems.

What stood out is that they banned shitposters, ("ironic shitposting is still shitposting", an idea as old as imageboards) and that they do actually seem to care so far as to actually talk about irl stuff without letting pathetic shizoids that yell "muh CIA/FBI/NSA" get in the way.

One thing that I immediately get as an idea right now is using the video in OP and contrasting it against the mainstream memes like hatespeech, muh racism/opression and so on.

I think it could work. We might even make a cyclical thread specifically for propaganda/meme creation, since this kind of stuff really thrives off of one person having the idea and the other the skills to make it a reality (I don't know how to edit videos for example, but do know a little GIMP). Another nice idea would be to have a bigger sort of archive, an interesting software for this I found over at >>>/hydrus/

that can be used so anons can have their private collection and sync it up with a wider, public collection that is curated by a designated anon the identifies himself (trip of whatever) and gets all the files that Anons reccomend and rate as good material.

I really think this could bring us together a little.

Also fuck using actual cult tactics, we've had this kind of shit for too long in the societies throughout history to fall back to it (but also note that it is so general that it gains similar effectiveness as the Virgin VS Chad walk meme, since everyone finds a few points that may match to their behavior).

000000  No.12631565


Not just counter, eventually, if Anons don't tire, slacken lose hope or faith, it'll even BUILD a community and culture around itself.

That video is so cute I have to smile each time I see it, it's beautiful. I have it saved already, haha.

000000  No.12636665


082d48  No.12636720


Daniel 7:25

He will speak out against the Most High and oppress the saints of the Most High, intending to change the set times and laws, and the saints will be given into his hand for a time, and times, and half a time.

474c18  No.12636736


>Why not out Jew the Jews?

They've had ~5,000 years to perfect their wicked craft. You're just a fat, probably autistic, TORfag.

Gee … I wonder …

000000  No.12636761

Not OP but damn I love the fucking replies. Hard to tell what are shills, panicked (((kikes))), and purist faggots who still think honor matters.

a0fc63  No.12641782


But you're already a jew, Lazia Cus aka Polvol.

a0fc63  No.12641784


>Not OP

>ID: 000000

>First thread post with same ID >>12626398


49b7ca  No.12641897

47cf70  No.12641961


>~5,000 years to perfect their craft

>still get roasted in ovens


000000  No.12642043


>Zero filled ID

>Accusations of samefagging

>Having your newfag showing this fucking hard

Lurk for at least two years. Tor users are all given the same ID which is 000000. Check on /pol/ or any other board to see the same ID everywhere. I can't tell if you just outed yourself as a newfag or a shill. Most everyone on here already knows and despises torfaggotry. Even I do and I use TOR on a fucking meme OS

8e5e7f  No.12642121


sending these too my mum rn

000000  No.12642374

>copying post styles

be best

03a2c7  No.12642442

The Jews aren't the real "jews". The people you never see behind the scenes aren't Jewish at all:


63a09a  No.12643865

I tried to visit Auschwitz when in Poland. I was so fucking pissed.

They limit the number of people who can go for free. But you can go with a paid tour. Yeah, sorry. I'm not paying to visit a concentration camp. Not to mention it's far from the city and you have to leave early, only to potentially be denied free entry.

Went to Dachau in Germany. Walk right in for free, no limits.

6033fe  No.12643882

Just say look at those evil white males anytime gold silver or coincidenstein shows up on the glowing screen

4161fb  No.12644040


0c7dd6  No.12644052


Anyone who isn't a newfag has been using subversion against them. If you aren't willing to sacrifice every part of yourself, you won't win.

53b751  No.12644080

File: c9d3b0c1cfac44f⋯.png (762.44 KB, 1024x707, 1024:707, winterchan.png)

Could it… could it be love's what you deny me?

eaa529  No.12644280

File: 72ba95f90a26f6f⋯.jpg (211.51 KB, 1103x598, 1103:598, top-1-percent.jpg)

File: 6013c3ef68f68a6⋯.jpg (165.07 KB, 710x1130, 71:113, join-the-jews3.jpg)

File: 5289e907e17c8cd⋯.jpg (465.27 KB, 1440x1927, 1440:1927, jews-news2.jpg)


>How to out Jew the Jew

The answer is simple. What do the Jews hate the most?

>Namely us.


That's right. They hate "stupid white people". By "stupid", I mean working class, lug-nut, idiots. The kind of people who shout things in the street and go off punching people for shit talking.

What was preventing working class people from joining the Jews before now?


That's a thing of the past, since Mr. Kellogg foisted his puritan ideals on the unwitting public. Most White Americans are already circumcised. They are already Jewish from a physiological point of view.

You don't have to be working class to take part in this.

All you have to do is join them and criticise everything about their stupid religion from the inside out. Bring your immediate family into the tribe, but "never actually become jewish". Just as they are never anything but jewish, you remain who you are. Only breed with other sleeper agent jews. Speak up against everything you see, and criticise everything that they do and have done in the past.

This is in effect what they have done to us.

There are pros and cons here; The cons are that by joining the jews, you increase their numbers, which looks bad on paper. Also, devoting your entire life to revenge is a very jewish thing to do and bad for your health.

If you except these risk and know how to avoid them, then recruit the dumbest, most loyal, circumcised Americans you know to shit up the jew gene pool and drop their IQ by a couple a hundred points.

>It's the only way to be sure


Also post these pictures around everywhere. They point out the hypocracy of jewish people, while still being positive, or at the very least ambiguous, as to the real aim.

eaa529  No.12644304


tru dat



dis is gud

5cdfb3  No.12644320


>tor thread

so this is going to be a shit thread. not even going to read it.

I'll say this though: You could open a lot of eyes by going through the guests across shows on a network like CNN/Fox News and outlining the number that are jews, married to jews, employed by jews, etc etc.

6ecffc  No.12644342

And become filthy juden parasites that will get fucked when the collapse happens or supports degenerate policies?

To those who agree with the delusional "if you can't beat them, join them" argument, I only have this to say.

You will be found. You will be killed. And you wi be doxxed.

000000  No.12644967


Parasites for the parasite?


Have the image of the rich and famous with the Jude star?


Newfag or Jew? Your post is honestly going to be ignored because of several fuckups. One being that you believe no one should use protection when using the net. TOR is just another layer of protection. The second, you fucked up on doxed. It's one X, not two, faggot. Plus no one is saying join them. Here, let me quote something from Dark Research Anon's archive link.

>You sound like a kike. "D-don't use our weapons against us go-guys!" I once tried shit posting on Tumblr with race play images. The blog was removed in a month after several posts got over 10k notes. Why did it get removed? Because a bunch of kikes and faggots got upset over any minority woman lusting after white dick. Go check out 4chin's /hc/ board or /wx/ on here and look at how the cucks and degenerates lose their fucking shit if it deviates from whites chicks on black dicks. They lost their shit over the shitted memes. Demoralization is increased even further if you use your enemies tactics and tools against them. Post a bunch of black chicks fucking whites dudes on social media with some text on the side akin "Laqueesha never new a big dick existed till the white man came and took her from her tribe". Mix in some Asian women on white dick with shit like "The American Exchange Student made Sakura realize Japanese women were made for White American Cock" and suddenly you get over a thousand death threats in an hour. Do it right and you see people have mental breaks because "THAT ISN'T HOW THE FETISH GOES!!!"

>Minorities are the ones consuming porn more than anyone, especially cuck and race play/superiority shit. Go on 4chin's /aco/ board and look for the recolour threads. You'll see people panic when palette swaps happen. Their biggest fear is that white women and minority women will see the edited images and race play images and think "huh white cock might be good". This is a legitimate fear fags would send to my blog and whine about. Once the blog was banned I made a few more that are automated. You can demoralize a fuck ton of people by doing it. You can fuck even more up as degenerates reblog and like the shit.

>If the Kikes do it against you, do it against them. Air their dirty laundry to the world. Some antitrash faggot rape some kids and got jail time? Tell the world. Look up links or information on their crimes. If they're in a database for sexual predators, make that shit into a QR code and plaster the area with it. Leftists, Kike, Muslims or whatever. Use their shit against them, and do so legally.

>Only bad tactics are the ones that harm you, your own, your area or are seen as violating the law. Nothing violates the law if you're spamming legal porn on social media or letting the local populace know a child rapist is in the area.

>Get fucked faggot and do something.

The above was posted by an anon who was trolling several communities into mental breakdowns through usurping porn and switching scenarios around.

29e95d  No.12645010


>Do it right and you see people have mental breaks because "THAT ISN'T HOW THE FETISH GOES!!!"

It's funny how easy it is to kill them with their own memes. Sometimes, I wonder how hard it would be to cuck some rich jews and convince their wives to finance the cause through covert means.

90d667  No.12645016


Whites confront their enemies head on, we do not fight like cowards and traitors. I agree with your sentiment.

000000  No.12645025


Look at Bernie Sander's essay on rape,anon.

>A man goes home and masturbates his typical fantasy. A woman on her knees, a woman tied up, a woman abused.

>A woman enjoys intercourse with her man — as she fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously.

>The man and woman get dressed up on Sunday — and go to Church, or maybe to their ‘revolutionary’ political meeting.

>Have you ever looked at the Stag, Man, Hero, Tough magazines on the shelf of your local bookstore? Do you know why the newspaper with the articles like ‘Girl 12 raped by 14 men’ sell so well? To what in us are they appealing?

Check this image to see the full thing https://i1.wp.com/i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2015/05/29/18/292F81FC00000578-3102836-image-a-23_1432921507344.jpg

Then check this "interracial" porn thread from >>>/wx/ https://8ch.net/wx/res/77302.html#84632 http://archive.ph/lApKm archive in case

Note the post I'm linking to is to show how the obsession gets to them. They made an entire fantasy world to fulfill their need to get off. It isn't even just /wx/ but also any porn board or site. Even >>>/loli/ is spammed with a shitted thread about black dicks and white chicks. Some anons complained about it awhile back to the point even a /loli/ poster came here to bitch about it. Some anons during GamerGate and the PizzaGate threads found some links and discussion about it but I don't have any of that saved. If any anons have caps from those threads, that'd be helpful.

29e95d  No.12645043


That thread is absolutely gay, I hope we find these people one day and shoot them in the face.

000000  No.12645070


Check the various replies or look for the indication of removed content. Anything that isn't BM X WF is removed or people get upset about it. It's why I approve of Dark Research Anon and the Anon who originally trolled with the porn reversal. They expose the degenerates and corruption but also cause a lot of damage by fucking with it. These people get upset at the colonization threads to the point where Poe's Law is brought into question. Look at this post that could be serious or obvious bait https://8ch.net/wx/res/77462.html#77489 You can also see the attempts to spam more cuck or nigger dick on threads removed from it like here http://boards.4chan.org/hc/thread/1444507

This troll thread also brings up some laughs by people acting awkward and uncomfortable http://boards.4chan.org/hc/thread/1450895

If you want to see how damaging porn is, look into all the Jews that run it or how Mindgeek owns most porn sites.

000000  No.12645123

The Pit Edit threads on 4chan's /aco/ board are also good threads to dig into to see how people get upset or for general fodder to spam to piss of people into black male X white female shit. Here's a thread to serve as example https://archived.moe/aco/thread/1641092/ Note posts #1641869 #1645490 #1668811 especially #1654610 making note how the original artist and their fans spazzed out over it.

You find numerous archives of the other threads like this one https://archived.moe/aco/thread/1609705/ You'll notice people mentioning John Persons. A faggot who wasted a lot of cash on Pit to draw cuck shit for his shitty adult site. The guy sperged over the edits.

Some more examples of the butthurt https://archived.moe/aco/thread/388818/

#394799 #394971 #395358 #397259 #398856

Dig into these degenerate threads, you see a whole new light on things. People who push the cuck shit and interracial shit panic when it's reversed or edited in the slightest.

000000  No.12645141

Some more threads where people fight over wank material.https://archived.moe/aco/thread/2554902/ #2626501 shows some good info also how people blame /pol/ for not being turned on by bestiality.

https://archived.moe/aco/thread/2681487/ #2748533 explains how one faggot and cash can cause such a sharp change in the fetish makeup

https://archived.moe/aco/thread/2097245/ #2100442 #2117184 #2117198 #2118251 #2119210 #

You can cause a lot of damage through simple edits and color swaps. It's both amusing and frightening how people react to this stuff. There's a lot of insecurities from nigs and kikes once the idea begins to roll to edit out nigger dick.

000000  No.12645152

Finally, check this thread from the John Persons' site. https://www.johnpersons.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1464579684

They are upset about the edits and try to apply a psychological reasoning behind it other than someone prefers it that way to fap or simple trolling. Note how they use the term white washed. Only jews, sjws and nigs use that term. Indicates who likes the originals quite well.

000000  No.12645189

Go onto any color switch or edit thread for the pit, john person or rabies or anyone else and you learn quite quick the cuck and blacked shit is a forced meme. Editing the black away leads to rage and pleading and people using shaming tactics.


https://4archive.org/board/aco/thread/1157098/the-pit-edits #1164400

>You know its usually people complaining about black men on fucking anything so to say anything otherwise is beyond fucking retarded. Black men are on the lowest point of the totem pole. Can't date a girl outside your race without ruining they're life, no one wants you outside of fetishism and you get very little porn dedicated to you outside of cuck shit, and the little you do get, people swoop in to edit it and call you a cuck if you like the original. Such is the life of being anything but white.

The anger is palpable :^)

It is amusing to say the least. Same with how Tumblr bans anything like it. Just look into whitewashingthepit or whatever it was called. Shows how effective raceplay against kikes and none whites is when used as a tactic to combat cuck and blacked shit. It sets them off and they end up pleading and begging for people to stop.

29e95d  No.12645305


Is there a board about dedicated to that research?

f38d8d  No.12646547


>>Whites confront their enemies head on, we do not fight like cowards and traitors. I agree with your sentiment.

Translation: Goyim, do not under any circumstances use Jewish tactics against the Jews. That would make you no better than the Jew and doesn't it say in the Bible somewhere to turn the other check? I may personally detest your religion and people so using a guilt trip won't work on me, but maybe if I misquote your bible you'll do what we want.

The heck with that! George Washington crossed a river on Christmas to murder his enemy while they were celebrating the birth of our lord and savior. Take every Jewish tactic and use it against them. Read Rules for Radicals and practice what they teach. Encourage race mixing of Palestinians and Jews. Pretend to be a Jew online and push open borders for Israel. Apologize for apartheid in Israel "My fellow Jews need to open our hearts to the Arabic people and realize that diversity in Israel is our greatest strength." Then in the next breath use a different account to call for the death of the invading Palestinians which paints the Zionists as extremists, this is so confusing to Jews, they are experts at lying and deception but are actually weak against these tactics, which is how Bernie Maddoff made his billions ripping the Jews off.

What else can you do? Use Israel for cover every chance you get, make them your cats paw, "Well Israel built a wall therefore we should as well"! Leave bad reviews online for every Jewish business. Help the Chinese with their lawsuits against the Ivy League. Tell the Chinese community of the discrimination against them and how their kids are being rejected for the color of their skin. This is no different than how the Jews weaponized blacks against us in the 1960's and it's highly effective.

Just attack attack attack. You owe the Jew no truth, you owe them no courtesies extended to your fellow europeans. They have for 1000's of years sought to cause war and destruction among our people, millions are dead because of their actions, our history books were mutated into enemy propaganda under their watch.

"Don't sink to the level of the Jew"

You have no idea the levels to which we can sink Rabbi.

63c4b5  No.12646580

>Wow these really paranoid psychos used a ton of manipulative tactics to achieve power.

>We should do the same, because it's not like they'll recognize any of those tactics themselves, right?

28dd28  No.12647140


Oh, so that's why you're a fucking loser with no power.

69fa2d  No.12647903

File: d52fdb65dcff076⋯.png (62.33 KB, 558x135, 62:15, ClipboardImage.png)


This level of degeneracy . . .

How does it happen? Drugs?

Looks like a lot of them are into child torture and snuff.

How do people like this have jobs/money?

I don't understand what it takes to be halfway to that level of hell.

1c565b  No.12647926


That was a jew writing that stuff to get goyim to do it and be perplexed like you, he has usurious Jew money or his job is SPLC degeneracy plague spreader.

1c565b  No.12647927



4f03cc  No.12647940


E celeb alt kike fag get out.

4062f1  No.12648171

File: 8a90d6c0451d26d⋯.jpg (63.45 KB, 529x499, 529:499, jew black rabbi atheist.jpg)

2b5a99  No.12648202


now thats a meme

f38d8d  No.12649010


I like this angle.

I can tell you though that the response will be that black Rabbi's exist in reform Judaism. Also queers and lesbian rabbi's also exist in Reform Judaism. Whenever a Jewish guy marries a goy girl they are basically outcast to the Reform Judaism world.

But this is ok, push it anyway. There are so many scammy churches in the hood, if we can convince Reverend Tyrone to put on a Kippah and put his seed in Louise from the local reform temple I say go for it.

000000  No.12663774

Here's a bump with some more tactics

>Create a nigger twitter, use it to call out any white leftists, politician or similar while telling them how privileged they are

>Create a trans twitter account, call out people and tell them to check their privilege besides saying bisexuals are hurting trans existence

>Usurp lesbian/gay and bi characters from media and make them straight in comics or art and spam it on social media or reddit

>Call Jews white and tell them to check their privilege, make them kvetch

>Say blacks are the true jews and tell Jews to check their privilege

000000  No.12663852

Another good thing to do is to criticize every piece of media that they consume. Point out every flaw, issue and problem to the point they have to resort to defending it with pseudo-science of fantasy magic BS to the point they don't enjoy it anymore.

000000  No.12663862

>>12654291 Similar thread

160be5  No.12663976

File: 7832f069c765de9⋯.png (320.56 KB, 372x539, 372:539, Kanna knows what ((((you))….png)


OP is a retarded faggot.

We are standing on the side of truth, trying to preserve what is good ,i.e. our race and culture. How in the world is lying, stealing and manipulating even supposed to help us fight their lies and manipulation?

We are trying to wake people up to the truth, not infect their minds with our brand of garbage.

Besides, there is no need, or even use for us in lying, as that is the opposite of what we stand for.

The jew has to lie and manipulate because not only is he weak, but all of his intentions are devious and poisonous.

Our quest is righteous, so there is no point in "out-jewing the jews, amirite fellow fashy goyim".

000000  No.12664048


>ITT: Kikes mad

>We are standing on the side of truth, trying to preserve what is good ,i.e. our race and culture.

Yet Porn and other degenerative, cancerous things are sprouting up like tumorous growths all over that culture. The average person is an NPC blind to this because their latest Igadget and current Kikebook approved meme tells them that the talking heads on TV are totes legit and that CNN is good and truthful.

>How in the world is lying, stealing and manipulating even supposed to help us fight their lies and manipulation?

Why do you assume it is against other whites? They're the only ones who matter. What's wrong with poisoning the well for Jews and other assorted shitskins? Fuck over porn and other favorite tactics. Turn their weapons against them. It's demoralization 101.

>We are trying to wake people up to the truth, not infect their minds with our brand of garbage.

>Our brand of garbage

I thought we stood for culture and race? How is that equal to garbage?

>Besides, there is no need, or even use for us in lying, as that is the opposite of what we stand for.

Honor only serves the thief and murderer. Turn the thief and murderer against each other, then you have neither.

>The jew has to lie and manipulate because not only is he weak, but all of his intentions are devious and poisonous.

Yes, so use his intentions and tactics against them.

>Our quest is righteous, so there is no point in "out-jewing the jews, amirite fellow fashy goyim".



You seem more Jewish than a Rabbi ordering Bagels in Jew York while on the phone with his mother in Israel.

160be5  No.12664138

>Torpedo doesn't understand the meaning of quotation marks

>Torpedo has the reading comprehension of a dyslexic 6 year-old.

>Torpedo surprisingly uses shill-tactic "everybody is a jew but me"

Stay classy, Tor-pedos.

63c975  No.12664140


<It's not all kikes, goy

160be5  No.12664162

File: b816f3b52bcb979⋯.jpg (103.82 KB, 720x609, 240:203, goebbels-with-fans2.jpg)


OP and those who agree with him are illiterate niggers who have never heard of pic related.

000000  No.12664185

Sage negated kikes :^)

8549ae  No.12665749


Yeah, that's true. Sure is a good thing they won the war and we don't have to worry about that shit anymore right?

First off, demoralizing and attacking your enemies isn't just about spreading proper propaganda to your own people. Second good and truthful propaganda is useful for reinforcing your own people, the enemy easily twists it around and vilifies it regardless as is easily seen then and today.

adf5bc  No.12665834

I mean to out jew the jew we should go in Israel and abuse them for our short term gains, even going as far as destabilizing the entire country just to get a pretty penny.

You can't really "out jew" them otherwise: they are parasites, we cannot be parasites if we suck on our own blood.

000000  No.12669695


d06b62  No.12669764

File: 0a82ed34e471f8c⋯.jpg (103.78 KB, 676x1199, 676:1199, 0a82ed34e471f8c840ae26abf6….jpg)

Good ideas anons. You could try watching "bleached" themed pr0n oti, but be careful. Search engines are controlled by trannies fags Jews niggers h1bs etc and so they will insert blacked shit at every website to tempt you. Don't fall for it and don't ever masturbate, that shit is ALWAYS degenerate.

Get creative: bwc, stepbro/sis, cuckquean, mlp Nazi clopping, whatevs. Subvert the subverters. Bonus points if you can find "jewess bred by aryan cock". I've tried and failed. That one would be a fucking unicorn I swear.

Keep on the straight and narrow, anons. We all know how high the stakes are now. Good luck.

f063cc  No.12669769


>Bonus points if you can find "jewess bred by aryan cock". I've tried and failed. That one would be a fucking unicorn I swear.

Make it yourself.

000000  No.12669778


>Get creative: bwc, stepbro/sis, cuckquean, mlp Nazi clopping, whatevs. Subvert the subverters. Bonus points if you can find "jewess bred by aryan cock". I've tried and failed. That one would be a fucking unicorn I swear.

Jewish chicks are obsessed with the Nazi and Holocaust kinks like no tomorrow. Lot of them are into gas play too yet your best bet is to work the SEO angle and fuck over the search engines and force them to display what you want.

000000  No.12669794


>Make it yourself

If anon can draw, he'll be more successful than fucking some Jewess he picked up at a funeral or some Jewish function. Normies are even abandoning the 3D for 2D and animated shit.

f063cc  No.12669798


Nothing stops him from doing both.

000000  No.12669841

An anon here whinged about people knowing or seeing what we could or would do with such public threads however anon fails to realize this is in our favour. If people see this and see the discussion on porn weaponization then they'll freakout and attack porn or the specific genres we're using for our means. This means NPCs panic and attack an entire community and commit one of their post-modernist religious sins: Kink shaming.

No matter what they'll wreck their own shit. Cut the nose to spite the face.

24dc65  No.12669843

File: 84632b6eae3c9d1⋯.jpg (221.88 KB, 890x876, 445:438, thenewjews.jpg)

000000  No.12669891


Ideally you'd out Jew the Jew to the point of ruining it for them. Remember PC Hitler? That shit but for every facet of their existence. Why let them rest when you can fuck over everything to the point they get triggered and kvetch about something as simple as the o.k. hand sign?

f063cc  No.12669911



Don't forget to wish them a happy whatever religious celebration they have next to identify them.

000000  No.12670063


Checked and office story time.

You joke, anon, I'm sure but it is a good way to identify crypto jews.

> Work in office

> Lot of crypto Jews

> They get uppity if you ask if they're Jewish

> Take to wishing them Happy Hanukkah or whatever else they celebrate on specific days

> Each one says thanks or whatever

> Then get a look of horror or confusion before realizing they named themselves

> They since then keep quiet or try to report me for some bull

> Always keep it recorded due to required Google spy device for work

> Always show HR and upper management when I get called in

> Jews slowly break the fuck down because they fucked up and jumped the gun

> Coworkers question WTF is wrong with the Jews in the office

> Jews either quit, leave and never comeback or have a mental break down

> There's only 10 Jews left in the office

> They're sweating bullets whenever a holiday comes up

> Trick the Pajeet IT Guy to start doing it too VIA mass emails

> Realize crypto jew coworkers wanted to do something or try to do something to work

> Come to the conclusion I foiled something they were up too

> They can't report me since I've taken to wishing everyone they're various holiday wishes

> I look like an overly polite and nice NPC to everyone but the crypto jews

> To them I'm a problem

> Even the single Muslim we have at work is asking WTF is wrong with them

> The entire office defends me now

> All because I am, to them, just a nice guy being polite

> Jewess who I asked about the Jewish Purrah or whatever Halloween rip off is called is in a panic

> All I because I asked her about her Jewish holiday

d81fd1  No.12670728


Using the Jew tactic in this instance would mean literally making "minorities love white cock" videos and "Jewesses love black cock" videos.

Since whites suck at business and don't even know how to get a business loan, such things are impossible.

f063cc  No.12671335


Why would you start a business on a loan?

fe0971  No.12671628

>my borders my choice


>jew tactics

This is actually pretty subtle bait - to imply that dialectical strategies are somehow inherently jewish, and participating in them would be "out jewing the jews".

Should we be making more propaganda? Sure. But the greatest strength of those campaigns was the truth behind them - the only response they could muster was silencing tactics, which again works in our favor thanks to the streisand effect. It has nothing to do with being a jew.

000000  No.12672075


>Starting a business on a loan

>Not working with family and friends

>So you aren't paying interest

Hi, kike!


I think OP was simply using those not as bait but as examples of successful OPs where anons could do shit without a group.

b52b3b  No.12672094

File: 3df87b4ac48e649⋯.jpg (85 KB, 850x400, 17:8, Rats.jpg)

>Why don't we adopt the tactics of our enemies and pervert them for our own goals?

000000  No.12672120


Thanks for the bump, kike! You helped bounce the thread back up :)

660aed  No.12672135


>just jew the jew, goys

t. TRSodomite retards who understand absolutely nothing about Aryan spirit

098e08  No.12672136

We will never be jews, at being a back stabbing parasite, the jew always wins. Playing by their rules means you already lost. Fuck off idiot or shill.

b52b3b  No.12672140


Mods still won't ban Tor.

000000  No.12672160




How's the weather in Tel Aviv, kike? Alarmed that people are simply discussing turning your weapons and tactics against you or is it that porn could be ruined by the standards you forced onto society thus losing you your precious shekels when feminists decide to rally against it?

660aed  No.12672193


kys newfag, you haven't even read mein kampf

000000  No.12672215


Sage negated, mien jewish friend :^D

000000  No.12676692


ed0132  No.12676736


1. Start open borders llc (get nolo book on it).

2. Build a rep as the westboro baptist church or PETA of antifa (loud dumb shit that pisses of normies and makes people support those you attack out of spite).

3. Get soros neeybux.

4. Continue to troll left-liberal normies as antifa caricature and get soros funding.

This isn't rocket science. Shitlibs and normies are dumb af. They will fall for anything.

0e905b  No.12679230


Well? What do you think?

000000  No.12685207

I find it quite hysterical how a large sum of replies were wiped

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