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File: eb461c814627a5f⋯.jpg (18.83 KB, 251x238, 251:238, no gibs.jpg)

File: fa59e20a7f2c553⋯.jpg (81.93 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, cash only.jpg)

File: 9800ea037470156⋯.jpg (38.24 KB, 320x517, 320:517, bring it.jpg)

f9cbcd  No.12626985


Since the Dept. of Agriculture funds SNAP, and that activity is only stated to continue through January, this could quickly lead to epic chimpouts.

>Eligible households will still receive monthly Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits for January.

https: //www.agriculture.com/news/business/how-does-a-government-shutdown-affect-the-usda


>As of now, there is no clear answer about whether or not the SNAP program will be shutdown altogether.

https: //www.goebt.com/government-shutdown-updates/

(won't archive)

When these sites go down, it's happening.

>this will impact thousands in need of using the government scheme

https: //www.product-reviews.net/down/snap-ebt-problems/


https: //downdetector.com/status/snap-ebt

Instead of debating if the shutdown will resolve by the end of the month, this thread is for discussion of what might be done to encourage niggers in the most favorable direction for white people? Waiting in line at the local food pantry zoo to pick up a "harvest box" is not racist.

d7c7a6  No.12626991

How many times has this exact story template been cycled through the news in the last 4-5 years? Has to be half a dozen, at least.

03bb78  No.12627034

It would be epic if it is hit with EMP. Giant chimpout chimping across USA

423254  No.12627067


That's what I was hoping for when the transformer blew out in New Orleans and New York back to back the other day. You wouldn't even have to nuke this country to be successful just launch a dozen missile strikes on strategic areas of the power grid and watch the flames burn from afar.

8f4b8b  No.12627099


>>As of now, there is no clear answer about whether or not the SNAP program will be shutdown altogether.

That could mean that SNAP is shut down regardless of the federal government shut down.

Maybe this will teach libshits about why states are more important than the federal government. I wonder how many realize that the vast majority of "state issued" welfare benefits come from the pockets of the federal government.

8f4b8b  No.12627108

File: 4aab3bc87c6cc9c⋯.png (62.77 KB, 300x339, 100:113, logo-snap.png)

Am I a schizophrenic kike or does anyone else see the BLM overlay of the egg carton cover purple

polite double post/OT sage

4168cb  No.12627118

File: c08c115635f683f⋯.png (777.09 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1527771458239.png)



f9cbcd  No.12627119


>just launch a dozen missile strikes on strategic areas of the power grid

It could also be false flagged, just not sure only a dozen strategic areas would ensure millions of niggers killing each other.

4fc735  No.12627150

File: 8c2cedc30f431b1⋯.png (79.03 KB, 300x339, 100:113, snap logo.png)


>Am I a schizophrenic kike or does anyone else see the BLM overlay of the egg carton cover

Well anon I see a kind of face for the egg carton but you made me see the open mouth with the 3 sharp teeth that scares me now.

032904  No.12627157

Seems like a mad house over there making demands.

209953  No.12627158



>being used on food

Highly unlikely. What is the percentage of funds in EBT being used on food and not booze? Like 10% at best?

8f4b8b  No.12627165


How is it legal to buy alcohol, Soda, or candy with food stamps?

Why isn't the food stamp program limited to store brand bread, store brand milk, store brand eggs, store brand ground beef, store brand chicken, salt, pepper, and cooking oil?

f9cbcd  No.12627167

>>12627099 (checked)

>That could mean that SNAP is shut down regardless of the federal government shut down.

Transitioned more likely, although the libtards will be triggered either way. Maybe something that would help prepare niggers for their coming zoo food baskets, would help stir the kettle.



Or smokes from the local street vendor.

3b007f  No.12627168

Niggers go to a seedy bodega and buy beer but have the cashier ring it up as something that qualifies like vegetables.

000000  No.12627172

>Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Standard Nigger Appeasement Program

8f4b8b  No.12627194


I can't wait;


ebe49f  No.12627206


Yes this would be great. That's why it will never fucking happen. Have a nice discussion.

7f7080  No.12627208

i also know that power outages of a constant nature in any heavily nog infested city will cause the exact same effect, it doesn't have to be a Gov shut down that nullifies all ebt cards, a well placed bullet or several in a power substation can do the same. the only real question is can the power substation be hit enough times in a several month to create a long term shut off of the cards and all other cards

93bf13  No.12627214


They won't let it happen

f9cbcd  No.12627224


>create a long term shut off of the cards and all other cards

Merchants can process SNAP manually, although it requires filling out a form, making a phone call to check the balance, and obtaining a signature. Still it would encourage chimping.


>They won't let it happen

But niggers won't trust that, even if it's true. There can be opportunity to push this in the right direction, while the fear is still there.

131d2d  No.12627256

File: 27310935aa951b7⋯.jpg (27.17 KB, 420x303, 140:101, ohsnap.JPG)


b735a1  No.12627288

File: 4f585ba6af37eac⋯.jpg (264.3 KB, 1008x1260, 4:5, chimpout.jpg)

File: 26ff91bc65bc9a0⋯.webm (6.08 MB, 450x450, 1:1, comfy pepe happening.webm)

File: 1e94dcb98f3456e⋯.webm (4.51 MB, 384x288, 4:3, nigger boys.webm)

We can only hope and be prepared.

000000  No.12627290

Some programs may already be coming to an end. California operates many supplemental programs which run on Federal dollars, and they're not alone. While I'd expect the Federal SNAP and EBT and WIC programs to run at least until the end of January, other (((essential programs))) may be scrambling to get their needed cash. Bear in mind a whole fuck ton of Federal money which was slated to be released to the States on Jan. 1st hasn't come yet. Dem programs are in trouble. The Obamaphones might just stop working except for dialing 911, for example. That's a non-essential Federal gib which I hope goes away forever but I supposed the surveillance state uses for thirty million remote-control niggers which you can steer to any place by popping up a rare Pokemon Go is worth it.

514db1  No.12627319


It isnt. They sell them for cash then use that to buy booze or drugs.

f9cbcd  No.12627342

File: 3b99065ea6090f6⋯.jpg (77.33 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, obamaphone.jpg)


>thirty million remote-control niggers which you can steer to any place by popping up a rare Pokemon Go

Pokemons are transferrable and have a street value? It's the idea of having such nigger control that's worth examining further. Might not be able to require them to random drug test and be RFID chipped to participate in the gibs programs, yet something has to be possible beyond fried chicken.

000000  No.12627345


>bodega sells EBT customer $100 worth of groceries

>bodega gives EBT customer $80, reshelves merchandise

How do you think those stores in the ghetto function? And why are they always right next to a liquor store?

000000  No.12627352


No but the former prevalence of violent "flash mobs" arranged over social media exclusively by minorities on their Obamaphones makes you think, or it should.

If you sent a Free Weaves Alert out you could cause chaos in minutes in any enriched urban location in the USA.

efe912  No.12627362


They sell the card for half its worth, cash.

000000  No.12627370


They can't sell the actual card any more. It's their own card and the same card gets reloaded with gibs cash every month. What they have to do is cooperate with a friendly retailer in order to make a fake transaction.

>buy $20 of bread

>get $15

>bread goes on shelf, retailer keeps the extra $5 which is reimbursed by the government automaticall

032904  No.12627378

The answer is no.

f9cbcd  No.12627511



2019 is a farm bill year. That means lots of budget decisions will be made by the congressional and senatorial agriculture committees. Basically, it's more likely that SNAP reforms can happen. Pat Roberts (R) Kansas and Mike Conaway (R) Texas, chair both of these committees. Also more pressure when a year begins unfunded. I say let niggers wait in weekly lines for rations of unprocessed food staples. Every two weeks they can get a $50 prepaid debit card selling blood plasma donations. The more they weigh, the more they can earn. That should make up for any loss of gibs. Niggers trying to scam this twisted business venture more frequently with multiple clinics will learn the hard way or die. That's a win either way.

5f63c9  No.12627528

File: 91bf7d50da8931e⋯.gif (1.6 MB, 382x303, 382:303, oh_snap.gif)

000000  No.12628760


>food boxes

It'd be a step up from EBT cards some of which also can be used on anything (cash benefits). But I have a better idea, how about a low-protein bar based food ration which is extremely dense and also has anti-psychotics, hypnotics, and other behavior moderating drugs as well as birth control built in? The ideal supplement would make the user high and immobilize them, while addicting them with all the modern taste enhancers.

You could make this food bar extra dense and simply drive trucks around to dispenser stations located in ghettos and housing projects.

f2150f  No.12628777


Great idea. Can we put carfentanil in it?

18891c  No.12628783

It's just (((media))) fearmongering. They would never actually let that happen

d50737  No.12628790

File: 36f5d5f15058a11⋯.png (111.96 KB, 269x187, 269:187, chimpout.png)

Get comfy.

ab29da  No.12628797


The real apocalypse.

d50737  No.12628802


Spic and Nigger Appeasement Program

e57824  No.12628805

niggers chimping out yet r what?

d50737  No.12628809


>That's why it will never fucking happen.

Yes, they will do what they did after 9/11 and let anyone use any card for any amount since the authorization mechanism is screwed, then quietly reimburse the store vendors who complain. This might work if it was just one neighborhood of a city.

dc72ab  No.12628816

Most SNAP recipients are white, and they work. You illiterate coon.

e04f10  No.12628818


Friendly reminder that until these programs are hopefully shut down one day, everybody on here should be taking as much back out of them as you can. Right now the money of white tax payers is going to niggers and spics, go and take whatever you can back.

f3c405  No.12628823

Why don't we make a super ID that has SNAP,EBT,and food stap card function built into it?

That way stamps can't be sold and it would eliminate most argument against ID. Not only that but it could reduce fraud because of the ID picture.

We could also put in a reward for stopping fraud. Say 5000 dollars that way people would double check. Call 911, cops arive, they bust the nigger scum, and the worker gets to fill out paper work. If found guilty the cops could return with a envelope full of cash and a Trump Madelon.

43f9d9  No.12628828


Because das raycis

f9cbcd  No.12628838

>>12628777 (checked)

Can the plan be packaged for Monsanto to implement?


Give them a bit of knowledge that their fate is now being decided by congress, and they should.

34fdc5  No.12628844

we need ape crates

or just let the apes starve

either way i am good

ab29da  No.12628890

EBT is never going to end as long as the FED can print money.

b8cd82  No.12628896

File: ef8371e29a9285e⋯.jpg (89.39 KB, 719x730, 719:730, Dquo8ZwWkAAh0Ko.jpg)

>Government shutdown results in removing all reason for illegals to come here in the first place

393bf7  No.12629038

Why hasn't the hacker known as 4chan taken down the gibsmedats dispenser yet? It would be the Greatest Chimppening of our time.

000000  No.12629129

i hate to be the one that says it but there's also a shit ton of white people on food stamps, especially in the bible belt, which obviously went for trump.

as this get's closer and more politicized (OMG THINK OF THE CHILDREN), watch the hashtags as these strong independent single mother 400lb white women come out of the shadows and start crying about "muh kids" on twitter.

i think trump might cave before the ebt stops flowing, the democrats are probably planning on it. i hope he doesn't. fuck these people who can't take care of their own children. i have more sympathy for the homeless.

000000  No.12629139


this also doesn't bode well when ivanka starts whining in his ear about the poor women who can't feed their children, and the nigger pandering trump is fond of.

9b77ab  No.12629184


>How many times has this exact story template been cycled through the news in the last 4-5 years? Has to be half a dozen, at least.

Every time the POTUS shuts down the government it comes up, because gibs don't get got when that happens.

Now ask yourself how many times the POTUS has shut down the government in the last 60 years, and for what reasons.

48a1f1  No.12629253


>Most SNAP recipients are white, and they work.

Most of the U.S. is white, but statistics are hard. Higher percentage of blacks on welfare than whites. Because per capita is hard. Someone need to simplify it all and boil it down to 1:1 for you?

>You illiterate coon.

Nigger shill detected. Only boons use 'coon' - white folks just say nigger or shitskin.

f9cbcd  No.12629260


>trump might cave before the ebt stops flowing

All the more reason to take advantage of the moment, when a smaller amount of effort is needed to rattle the cage. The kike media should cooperate here and accelerate fearmongering shortly. Finding a way to leverage that successfully, I think is possible.

<Not that a nigger needs reasons to chimpout.

000000  No.12629328


nobody cares jew

any white person on welfare for any reason should be publicly flogged

7d70ca  No.12629337

Trump will fold like a pussy and there will be no chimp out. Today there was a meeting at the White Hosue which he called and he was ready to accept even less than 5b for the nigger tier fence. Just one week and he's offering 50% off lol.

If am wrong, it will start with instagram (niggers love that shit because they can't read and write) and twitter videos of coons, 'dining and dashing' followed by 'flashmobs' at convenience stores and small grocers. After that, jews will round up some monkeys and have them protest at some local government offices. A sheboon will come on CNN and talk about how she can't feed her, six baabees n sheeeeeeit. The talking head will ask her their names and she'll get fucked up by the fourth one then call the homo racist for asking what her animated bowel movements names are.

7d70ca  No.12629339

Oh and Kang James, some rappers and other jew pets will buy turkeys for their hood brethren.

386155  No.12629365

File: b5c2f85674c8299⋯.jpg (45.87 KB, 616x441, 88:63, roofgook.jpg)

Almost wish I owned a store in niggerland.

c1ce1d  No.12629429






This is what I've been saying for a while now.

I've even seen a food stamp card from NY and it had a photo and name, just like regular state-issued ID, so, there's no legitimate reason it can't be done.


>animated bowel movements

That made me laugh way harder than it should have.

Good job, anon.

e04092  No.12629478

File: 1869ba53ab1e685⋯.jpg (102.39 KB, 770x513, 770:513, bic-opt3_770.jpg)



California has it but no photo on the card

681fb0  No.12629496


Yes, the left knows exactly when it’s pets will bite, they’ll never cave on the fence, theyll have too many momgrels foaming at the mouth. If it gets to that point, Trump will cave & the left knows it. Would be based if he didn’t tho.

e4e34d  No.12629505


This right here. I've seen that shit done brazenly and in the open back in my poorfag days.

6396a4  No.12629544


> Trump will cave

I'm not so sure. If he caves then he's a guaranteed one termer. He's gone to the line this time, if he blinks his administration is over. Plus he has a hell of an ego and he's not likely to back down from Pelosi.

f9cbcd  No.12629580

File: 17913f8263de796⋯.jpg (225.31 KB, 1023x671, 93:61, dindu nuffin.jpg)


>the left knows exactly when it’s pets will bite

They don't know when they'll stop biting though.

f3c405  No.12629669


I wish he would shorten copy right protection to what patents receive, which is 20 years. So any content that's currently 20 years of age or older would become public domain.

Explain to me why a porno deserves more protection than the cure for cancer or a commercial fusion reactor design that works?

Just imagine the nuclear meltdown.

000000  No.12629678


157051  No.12629706


>ape crates

Checked. We need ape crates.

157051  No.12629716

1a3ee4  No.12629718

File: c2e12b0c4d620ea⋯.jpg (160.03 KB, 1000x1387, 1000:1387, Kali2.jpg)


Trump will get his wall funding, he's already threatening to completely shut the border if he doesn't, and the last thing congress needs is a bunch of hungry howler-monkeys burning and looting in the major cities.

If a happening does happen, though…great time for Trump to declare martial law, suspend the Constitution, and alter immigration laws with presidential decree.

Shit, he could also eliminate the central bank's charter, and start issuing real federal currency, again.

e57824  No.12629723


brah they come here with or without gibs.

d1d9b6  No.12629725



Who cares when do niggers ever do anything of import

d1d9b6  No.12629727


Which is hilariously just going to result in them committing more crimes.

f3c405  No.12629730


He could say that if congress doesn't give him the wall he will let Militias kill them, and he would give out pardons.

1a3ee4  No.12629734


Whatever gets the job done.

31ff5b  No.12629748


I see a green cloud with a question mark on the egg carton.

6396a4  No.12629768


>he's already threatening to completely shut the border if he doesn't


52569a  No.12629781


SNAP is funded by the Farm Bill, which already passed back in mid-December. Nigs still gonna get their gibs. Sorry, /pol/.

db15a9  No.12629786


That's a california Medi-cal card, that's only for state insurance, and healthcare/meds, it doesn't cover food. EBT/SNAP/WIC is all different and has different cards, but literally almost 100% of the time if someone has any one of those things they have all of them. But you can't buy food with that card in your pic, doesn't work quite like that.

t. insurance fag

6146c3  No.12629886

When EBT shuts off all the compassionate Christian churches are going to deplete every last rainy day dollar trying to feed the savages. Because skin color doesn’t matter.

2251a0  No.12629944


This, spoke to an older Mormon guy the other day about my travels to Europe and Japan. He started blathering on about how great diversity was, making it sound like other cultures were superior to his own. Still don't understand how people can be this deluded.


I wish, would be a perfect opportunity to do it. Sometimes think it would be easier to organize /pol/ users than to actually get anything done in our current political system.

681fb0  No.12630064


I hope you’re right.


As if that wasn’t staged and funded by the left

681fb0  No.12630074


Sorry to be devils advocate here, but he can’t even get a fence built. He’s doing other good things but fucking A the left (((in its entirety))) is unrelenting in every aspect

f9cbcd  No.12630092


>Nigs still gonna get their gibs.

Trump signed this Dec. 20th., so yes it does go into effect when the funds are allocated. It still takes a budget agreement to make that happen though. This is because the kikes would sooner confess the holohoax lie, than to admit they create money from nothing.


>As if that wasn’t staged and funded by the left

Of course it was, but that's beside the point. Getting them to chimp on their own is the goal, and reason for the meme.

ab4ee5  No.12630121


if youve ever used niggerbux for any reason, you should strongly consider suicide. Not because of muh tax dollars, but the shame of doing what niggers do. Just flat out stealing has more honor.

Also, niggerbux will NEVER shutdown, its just a scare tactic to rile up shitskins and welfare queens against cheeto man. As long as the federal reserve can make up money from nothing and the niggerbux network is still online, the bux will flow, period.

youd have to Fight Club all sorts of server rooms to postpone gibsmedat for maybe a week with only mild Cat 2 chimping.

f3c405  No.12630143

Would 5000 dollar cash reward for snitch on fraud be worth it if it creates a boogyman effect?

Just think of how much crack that could buy. Enough to OD.

f3c405  No.12630151


Tell him that you would dump ancchor babies on his child's or grand child's neighborhood.

Trump should load dump trucks full of illegals and have them live in Democrat Politician homes including the RINOs.

I'm sure they would love to have latinos get to know their daughters.

000000  No.12633133


Checked, of course we can. Now.


Real Soylent will be made from niggers.


There's no other economic reason why liquor stores and bodegas thrive in areas with no legitimately spendable cash income.


Obama dumped refugees in white areas, why wouldn't Trump offer tons of Obama-grade gibs to South Africans and put them in Harlem? They're Dutch after all.

27e734  No.12633145

File: 3377ea397c70b41⋯.jpg (121.92 KB, 1024x862, 512:431, new democrate 5.jpg)

File: 6e0461a7a7b1112⋯.jpg (51.91 KB, 669x960, 223:320, new democrates.jpg)


NeoCons who are against Food Stamps are going to send voters to Communism.


We gave the invader countries billions of dollars this year, plus Israel, plus Iraq, but can't feed the poor… Not a good idea.

000000  No.12633161


Most of the white people on food stamps are actual hipsters with Starbucks jobs. In my old city of Portland, OR, the Willamette Week had regular features on how to hook up with gibs for them.

They all have grad degrees so they should transition into full employment no problem especially in this booming economy. Stocks may be down because of hard core Jewing but companies are hiring.

000000  No.12633165


>NeoCons who are against Food Stamps are going to send voters to Communism.

Uh-oh, better implement communism so the communists don't get angry and agitate for communism!


27e734  No.12633178

File: 4e78970d674f21e⋯.jpg (33.18 KB, 423x566, 423:566, poor fag.jpg)


>Uh-oh, better implement communism

How is feeding the poor not the opposite of Communism? Your (((Libertarian values))) are not going to do anything but create the idea of Nationalism meaning surival of the richest. And we all know more whites recieve food stamps and we want more whites to breed.

You don't like welfare niggers? Get rid of niggers. You don't like Mexicans getting free welfare? Send them back.

000000  No.12633244

ZERO chance of it habbening. It's not just the welfare rats depending on it. Everyone has the monthly gibs frenzy factored into their business models….grocers to farmers.

ec32a9  No.12633249

File: 36e6949864456ba⋯.jpg (921.58 KB, 960x1440, 2:3, rrr.jpg)

f11b75  No.12633265


The state feeding the poor is communism. Feeding the poor is the duty of neighbours, not bureaucrats. The state exists to facilitate charity, not assume it. Only a nigger/jew would want to rob whites of the spiritual and cultural gifts of charity.

000000  No.12633340


Under National Socialism the poor were given appropriate jobs and then little children went out in search of pennies for them.

As a proportion of the population, per capita, individual whites are much less likely to receive welfare than spics or niggers or even jews for that matter. Only Asians are less likely to be on the dole.

b3a740  No.12633371

>>12633244 (respectfully checked)

>ZERO chance of it habbening.

When two determined drivers play chicken, there's always a non-zero chance of crashing. This doesn't even need to get into February for there to be a chimpening. As it gets closer to the end of the month, and the kike media becomes more and more rabid, it can easily happen earlier than any government resolution. I made this thread for ideas about "brewing". How to push them to protest in their typical manner.

000000  No.12633420

The jews won't stop feeding their loyal golem until white people have their guns taken away. How long will they extend benefits this time is the interesting question.

1b6f3f  No.12633537

File: 86934956a6d4e3d⋯.jpg (57.39 KB, 600x443, 600:443, 86934956a6d4e3defc88c0e7f9….jpg)


Last I looked, a third of the welfare went to urban blacks indefinitely, a third to rural whites indefinitely, and a third at any given time went to the intended recipients - people who had fallen on hard times and were off the benefits within six months. There's a very good idea out there to deal with the reality of the job market shrinking due to automation over the long term, and to consolidate the gibs programs into one coherent system that couples the gibs to honest work that benefits the poor communities who most use such a program. Check it out:


Non-tumblr though I can't vouch whether the author has since changed his idea :


>redpill cap as unrelated to this post as this post is to the point of a chimpout thread; sage for off-topic

1f269b  No.12633682


< no tiny url citations


149d3e  No.12633820


They always cuck out and reopen the gibs before the food runs out.

f4f365  No.12633863


There is literally one power line that supplies with power the whole US east coast, forget New York.

8f4b8b  No.12633887


>not narcing

Are you black?

c7c19b  No.12633890


You should be ashamed of spending them on atrazine, however.

8f4b8b  No.12633891


>using a program you've payed your own tax money into is bad

<you should only let niggers and kikes take that money

plz (((anon)))

6cb158  No.12633922


go back

b3a740  No.12633937


>They always cuck out and reopen the gibs before the food runs out.

Yes, they always have, but there's never been a bigger ego on the point until now. Who would have thought a president could be memed, and a chaos god resurrected? While I guess it's maybe 70%-30% Trump cucks, it's legitimately possible Pelosi will instead. If niggers chimp earlier than one side cucks, everyone will have to acknowledge they're a detriment to civilization, and furthermore any form of welfare allowing them to breed more niglets is money pissed away. They can stand in line for ape crates, as that won't directly induce future felons on parole.

000000  No.12635992


One thing we have to remember, not all gibs are tied to the Federal Government. Some gibs are provided by the individual States and can be substantial. California receives a huge amount of Federal money and it mostly goes to gibs - free tuition to in-state colleges for ALL CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS, a high speed ghost train which has eaten eight billion with not a meter of track to show for it, let alone a train, money for arts, political agitators, housing assistance on top of the Federal, bus fare assistance, I mean you can just go on and on for days. You can't make up some of the absurd shit California alone spends its money on, and without their Federal funds they're absolutely broke right on the date when they're expected to write checks for all this shit.

EBT, Snap, WIC, Section 8, these are the Federal benefits which run out on Jan. 31, but there's so much more to this. It's going to be chaos and soon. It might already be starting, I'm going to go check some news aggregators.

035c1d  No.12636114


Christfags would start screaming about the number of the beast and the start of the end times. Anyone who suggested it would be labeled the Antichrist.

9d8cb0  No.12636122

Gonna need a time machine for the impending category 5 chimpout.

ff517c  No.12636136


>which run out on Jan. 31

there's still time to get the chimpouts to at least a level ~2 or 3(pick any major city and push that they'll be affected first; they'll be the first domino to fall), RP the Norman class about the costs of gibs and trigger a tax revolt.

e57824  No.12636149

Niggers chimping out yet?

759c5c  No.12636155


good thing we have National Socialism survivor right here on the board

b3a740  No.12636164


Clayton County, GA already has experienced this in 2011, so they would a succeptible target. One mechanism for pushing, is through the various SNAP down websites provided in the OP. Appropriate comments left on these sites when the jews crank up their media campaign is possible.

000000  No.12636176



Muhammed was a pedophile.


let's do this

1d7700  No.12636177

File: 2b2a2d39bc75252⋯.webm (1.47 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Chimpout Theme.webm)


>Gonna need a time machine for the impending category 5 chimpout.

It's at most Category 4, most likely 1-3 depending on the location.

ff517c  No.12636236

File: c453610ca192915⋯.jpg (217.38 KB, 784x928, 49:58, snapfoodbox.jpg)



The system is moving from food cards used at the store to boxes of inexpensive food to save money. It may not be Maine Lobster, but it'll make a turd.

Items like cheese, milk and cereal will be handed out at the nearest sail foam store

ff517c  No.12636245


SNAP/EBT is just one of the programs effected. Free minutes of talk/text will be cut back under the 'Radio Frequency Sustainability Act of 2017', and free sail foams are one per family

1d7700  No.12636258


Anyone not making their own money should be afforded just enough food not to starve, and not any more. They should also be afforded free dial-up, and free clothing of a specifically distasteful color, such as mustard and bright pink. Essentially, "welfare" should scream "go work you lazy bastard!"

b3a740  No.12636263


This proposal was removed from the Farm Bill which Trump signed on Dec. 20th. The bill appears to leave open the possibility for future reform though.

ff517c  No.12636268

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Gaming History Nugget:

>Japan was to roll out the old large, coin-operated consoles for the game "Monkey Kong", but the game consoles and several graphic panels within the program were already displaying "Donkey Kong" instead of the intended 'Monkey Kong' design. Too late? Nope. It was the beginning of an era still going strong.

1a3ee4  No.12636286

File: ec93369ba8fae92⋯.gif (2 MB, 304x318, 152:159, Mestizo.gif)


I prefer "workfare" but there's one huge problem with it…

If you provide minimally useful, makework jobs for current welfare recipients, they will come to think of it as legitimate work, and they'll start letting in union bosses and demanding more pay & benefits.

Libtarded politicians, that want to push Bolshevik communism and who continually fail to understand economics (otherwise they'd be National Socialists), will concede to these demands, and you would have another huge, basically worthless, overpriced, government bureaucracy on your hands.

So, sadly, a good idea is squashed before it can even start, by ibtarded assholes.

000000  No.12636288


you strike me as being a bit moronic. a large EMP strike will end life as you know it, not just stop SNAP.

52569a  No.12636304


SNAP (food stamps) and FITAP (ebt) are already on a "credit card". They cannot be sold. There hasn't been "food stamps" or "welfare checks" since the 1970s.

52569a  No.12636316


>when the funds are allocated

The Federal budget is determined in September. Do you even government, bro?

b56c6c  No.12636318


>Call 911, cops arive, they bust the nigger scum,

Bust the business owner more like

Or his "investment team"

1d7700  No.12636322

File: ebaad5a7755e03e⋯.jpg (247.5 KB, 800x800, 1:1, don't worry it's unionized.jpg)


>I prefer "workfare" but there's one huge problem with it…

I agree.

1900e5  No.12636324


You haven't been to the fucking hood dude.

I've got a prepper friend, who uses the ghetto to his advantage.

He goes down with liquor and cash to the hood, and purchases their EBT, they had over the card and the pin..for half of what it is worth, for liquor or cash. He goes to "wherever" and uses the ebt, gets food, paper products, etc, effectively doubling his spending power.

1d7700  No.12636332

File: 45ce1ef1e3cefe1⋯.jpg (20.28 KB, 472x640, 59:80, red anon thinking.jpg)


>telling me to go back every thread.

52569a  No.12636352


I live in New Orleans. 70% black. Don't talk to me about the hood.

>purchases their EBT

So, your friend is committing welfare fraud? Typical nigger.

b3a740  No.12636377


The 155th congress passed 2 of 3 minibus appropriation bills before the begining of the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1st. 2018.



The other 1 of 3 including funding for the Dept. of Agriculture was not.

122042  No.12636407

File: ecb48c00110107a⋯.mp4 (15.51 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Gay Frogs (Alex Jones REMI….mp4)


>What is atrazine?


e04092  No.12636413


I don't like workfare, it creates a bottleneck effect where they won't try to get a better income past a certain point because if they do they lose their benefits .

b3a740  No.12636446


>it creates a bottleneck effect

Agreed. If nigger children grew up to be productive members of society, money spent on them could be condoned as an investment. However that's not in their nature, as they won't ever become productive members as a whole. The same applies to any form of workfare, niggers will scam this too.

From the volume of tangential posting, since an action plan was outlined, I suppose it's been considered a credible threat.

813d02  No.12636556


If he gives the green light to extend into mexico cause of cartels(and isis cause why the fuck not, fake news and shit) such people could fully fund themselves for life from the proceeds of pillage of ill prepared spics. Would also push mexico onto its backheel and actually look to help build the wall to keep crazed gringo's north of the border since their joke of a military isn't gonna do shit to stop anything. Will show the spics stateside they are fucked if they do anything considering the utter failure of an entire nation in the face of a few hundred near fudds running around.

Lotta money and resources down in mexico. And that black gold that needs to be freed the fuck out of after all.

52569a  No.12636559


It already works that way in most cases. If someone on gibs accidentally manages to save $2000 in their checking account, they lose gibs. Obviously you can't do anything with $2000, but that's one of the cutoffs. That's why nigs on gibs always seem to have a nice phone or designer shoes. They have to spend that cash or they lose their gibs.

813d02  No.12636570


It costs nothing to beat your childs head in with a rock while he sits waiting for the bus for school too. Its perfectly moral since might makes right and a mans gotta eat, and that kids got either lunch money, lunch box, or shit you can sell for foods. Or maybe a man can take your wife and sell her to some sand niggers, that should get you thru some tough times right? Not like your around to protect em 24/7 being an high and mighty moral fag working your slave job.

Moral equivalency is a bitch btw.

0532a2  No.12636579


Or knock out the satellites that handle credit, debit, and EBT transactions. Or just have agents shoot enough power transformers to cause a blackout across the entire powergrid.

000000  No.12636602

Oh please let this happen. Let it all fucking shut down.

72f8aa  No.12636989

File: a623888d1cff12d⋯.jpg (89.21 KB, 973x603, 973:603, this is getting interestin….jpg)

Sat 5 Jan 2019 01.44 GMT

>As a partial US government shutdown hit the two-week mark, Donald Trump told congressional leaders at the White House he was prepared for the standoff to last months or even years.

>“Absolutely I said that,” said Trump during a Rose Garden press conference, when asked if Senator Chuck Schumer was correct in his claim that the White House was prepared to continue the shutdown indefinitely.

>The president also upped the ante, threatening to declare a national emergency and build a border wall without congressional approval.

>“I can do it if I want,” he said. He also suggested what he called “the military version of eminent domain” as a method of obtaining private property for wall construction.


8f4b8b  No.12637184


>>The president also upped the ante, threatening to declare a national emergency and build a border wall without congressional approval.

>national emergancy

He could just get any number of military units to pull from their infinite piggy banks.

e55461  No.12637374


Nope you don’t even have to have the card to use it. The number can be manually entered no card required. Watched a negress do it in front of me. I asked the cashier and she said that’s normal since cards get damaged the gov gave them the ability to manually punch in number. Negress in front of me knew number by heart and wasn’t even holding a card.

27e7da  No.12637506

Rolling dubs for chimpouts

It's been so long since a good one went down

149d3e  No.12637513

So hows it looking so far? Isn't it too cold for riots right now? Trump should have waited until the summer tbh.

63823f  No.12637534


>black people threaten you

>your first instinct is to post a white woman holding a large black cylinder

149d3e  No.12637538


>associating a black object with a black penis

That thought never crossed my mind, are you a cuck or something lad?

8389b2  No.12637587



>pick any major city and push that they'll be affected first

According to the primary source below, SNAP pays out differently state by state. So it is possible to determine which major city could be best to push as most fucked. Those would be in states that delay releases. For instance, Georgia makes nothing available until the 5th of the month and then every other day until the 23rd based on the last two digits in the ID number. This makes Atlanta an ideal target, since the niggers won't know between Jan 24 and Feb 5, if they're affected. Indiana and Louisiana similarly delay until the 5th. Pennsylvania even has different schedules for each county.


000000  No.12640804


I blame the Jews for this.

3bb7af  No.12640944


>completely made up stats

Half of SNAP goes to feeding nigger women's illegitimate spawn, though a lot turns into weave money along the way. Of the rest, about half again goes to spics, roughly one third of them still wet between the shoulders. Nigger-tier whites do use the program as a career option, though so many bounce off the benefits so quickly the USDA counts them in a separate category, as opposed to lifetime consumers.

By the way, food stamp transactions are processed by kike banks on Wall Street, so I'm sure Jared Kushner is already on the phone with his father-in-law to make sure everything works out alright in the end.

000000  No.12640967


Wouldn't Kushner be telling pops to stop the withdrawal from Syria? You forgot your walltouch.jpg shill.

a36866  No.12641621

File: be4d255c1b8de69⋯.jpg (174.55 KB, 600x600, 1:1, will prevail.jpg)


>So hows it looking so far? Isn't it too cold for riots right now? Trump should have waited until the summer tbh.

Some things to keep in mind

The kike media will likely sympathize with rioters, perhaps overwhelmingly during the first 24 hours, in the event SNAP balances get pegged at zero. Supermarkets and convenience stores will not be reloaded while there's any ongoing security situation, since no semitrailers would be allowed as a prime attack target. Niggers don't need or want "black leaders" like MLK or Malcolm X any more, and Jesse Jackson is just an aged racketeer. Niggers won so much gibs in the past twenty years, it's now just about advantaging present opportunities. It won't take much more than shopping carts and burning trash cans tossed into busy intersections along with quick text messages, and within minutes you go from half a dozen apes to a hundred. That's a recipe for rape, robbery and murder on a massive scale with paralysis of traffic gridlock. Then just because niggers have to receive the most attention, there will be a surge in video uploads of these crimes, attempting a climb to the top of their chimp packs. By the time police have geared and armored up, venues will most likely have emptied of rioters. All wireless communications other than 911 services would need to be disabled dusk to dawn, but by then it will be too late for those who died in the first 48 hours.

On the bright side, niggers in a mob won't have any idea or even care where their bullets will strike. Rarely will they have rifles that have been zeroed in on a practice range. Beyond say 50 yards they will be ineffective. So, there is a tactical advantage of setting up several hundred yards away, with a stable firing platform. Essentially any sniper ambush approach will emerge as the most effective countermeasure. Perhaps not deployed in the opening days, but vigilantes will quickly determine when and where. Even a single decent shooter with a scoped semi-auto AR can break up a medium sized hoard of apes from 200 yards within a minute. The main problem may come from police and feds, as vigilantes will achieve a higher kill rate. Expect to be branded as domestic terrorists by the jew media, so obviously camouflage and take the attitude that everything is always on camera somewhere. Remember that niggers were historically scroungers, and never hunter-gatherers, so their genetics is inferior by nature. Stay safe anons, and protect your own.

fecf57  No.12641631

b8cd82  No.12641647

>Frankenfarm industry is going to let their trillions of dollars worth customers go hungry

ya'll motherfuckers panic too much

54bc36  No.12641697


Does anyone have the link to the video or webm that this iconic picture of Sam comes from? Don't think I've ever seen it but it looks intense/

8b36c9  No.12643936

File: ee49780181d06c6⋯.png (36.77 KB, 220x165, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


For which they will be duly rewarded.

9ff7a7  No.12644325


>Snap goes down

>Chimpout across the country

>Trump uses this to exercise state of emergency

>Funding for border and military deployed inside US



90110a  No.12644406

If dubs, ebt is the same as always

If trips it's turns off soon

9d2bee  No.12644480

What are today's best throwaway e-mail services to use for sockpuppet accounts? Haven't made any in ten years. If there's going to be a concentrated ghetto spooking effort, social media has to be hit too.

e57824  No.12644501

Are niggers chimping out yet?

cce9b3  No.12644519


Only your sick, defective jewish mind equates a shoulder mounted rocket launcher with black penis. Gassing is too good for you animals.

e76942  No.12644772

File: cdaf5c527ca6168⋯.png (167.69 KB, 1011x886, 1011:886, it's time.png)


Expect Pelosi to peck away at the shutdown by trying to get tiny portions of funding through congress with a veto proof majority. Their best chance of success here, would be obviously to fund tax refund payments. While this might seem to be a viable strategy and even sway public opinion, it's not going to be near enough soon enough. Trump can not cuck to this cunt, and he won't waste national emergency powers on anything less than food riots. What was the predictive programming in Hunger Games preparing for, if not this?

131d2d  No.12644835


In a "dark" way this makes them somewhat entertaining. No one loves the BBC more than Jews. That's probably what made them originally angry at the White races, because they would usually snub such bestiality, and so there's a deep grudge there. How dare anyone snub their favorite perversions.

b28a69  No.12644870


I've had a lot more experience with (((them))) than I'd like and from my perspective, that's pretty accurate.

It's like trying to vindicate your own bad choices by attempting to spread them. At the end of days, they'd just be screeching

<see! Other people do it too!

Truly vile.

000000  No.12644988


000000  No.12646391


>Hitler posts here

I knew it.

4284d8  No.12648560

Let them eat crack.

a1a424  No.12648589


>Items like cheese, milk and cereal

This is a master troll, given that the vast majority of niggers are lactose intolerant.

4284d8  No.12648775




>So it is possible to determine which major city could be best to push as most fucked.

Going to need to follow @SecretarySonny for awhile on twitter. He will be tasked with telling all state governors to expect an average of $90 reduction per SNAP client for February. That can't really be delayed until the last week this month. Governors will be persuaded to float funds to make up their state shortages. Of course some states aren't going to be able to do this. Those are the ones to focus on when it's time to promote chimpouts.

000000  No.12650350


Time to fire up the old Worldstar sockpuppet accounts…

61ec2a  No.12650364

>>12627288 HEIL'D


000000  No.12650376


I live in a very non-diverse rural area, with hardly any people on assistance. I will have to pipe the chimpouts in over the Internet.

f6ad54  No.12650381

File: 622aa19290ad89e⋯.jpg (91.42 KB, 462x450, 77:75, Deer_hunt_mosaic_from_Pell….jpg)

The great chimpening of our time approaches. Steel yourselves lads

4284d8  No.12651974

Not linking ABC News here (instant server error with archive.today), however Sonny Perdue made a notable move several hours ago. According to a provision in the expired CR from Dec. 21st. they can spend any money within 30 days, even without having a budget. What they intend to do is on or about Jan 20th. in coordination with the state governments, to load SNAP money onto all cards at once. This will represent the entire February allotment, and will arrive early. Niggers and spics won't have figured out that it's the last time balances will go up, and might even consider it a bonus. It's unclear if this early jizzing will be less the estimated $90 per client shortfall, although probably so. By the beginning of February, there won't be any more scheduled payments or money. They're just going to throw everything onto the cards in about ten days from now, and that's all lads.

000000  No.12657215


Hahaha, so in ten days there will be one last gibaway, then about 48 hours later it'll be gone.


0b6520  No.12660765

File: 3d64d75d14a0f49⋯.jpg (54.54 KB, 700x467, 700:467, dark triad man.jpg)


It doesn't look like Trump can hold out nine days though; praise Kek let me be wrong on this. He might be able to stall a day or so if some sort of unrealistic compromise plan is tabled. He'd be folding the best hand if he goes the national emergency route though. That should be a last resort, and only if there's significant senate republican defecting. Graham is well aware that this route is going to get tied up in the court system beyond the 2020 campaigns; it won't accomplish shit, other than back to business as usual. Another possibility is that Trump somehow recaptures the news cycle for the next ten days. Nothing less than starting the gitmo trials, if that's even forthcoming, will suffice here. Either one of those two corpses Schumer or Pelosi must have some juicy dirt. Trump could survive a few more days by mixing in a bit of ad hominem, as there's no way he's ever going to get any future cooperation out of Pelosi in particular now. Trump needs to make this much dirtier before even thinking of cucking out, and nine more days after all the groundwork is not too much to expect now. Fucking ruining those cunts at the same time is fully politically acceptable. If he wants ‘’’real emergency powers’’’ he needs to believe he can control any food riots, and that means letting the Perdue plan execute.

2563d0  No.12660777


Lunar eclipse on the 21st. Fun times are approaching as the jews scramble to find sufficient sacrifices.

0b6520  No.12660783


I didn't consider that, checking trips of truth!

2563d0  No.12660798

File: 1d86bc6cd4385ea⋯.jpeg (30.08 KB, 249x203, 249:203, Hitlerrelaxingwithshepard.jpeg)


Comfy times!

86268a  No.12664524









This really won’t need much more than a sustained effort which even ten anons can accomplish, despite open discussion on a highly monitored image board. Premise is that all states will have implemented the Perdue plan, following through before anything is accomplished with the funding impasse, and Trump doesn’t cuck out in the next eight days. At least a new sockpuppet twitter and separate disqus account will need to be established. Twitter accounts should be nigger oriented, following several notable personalities. Pick some of the 55 nigger congressional representatives and follow them. Pick some of their music, film or sports celebrities and follow them. Pick a few more random niggers too. Don’t send any new tweets, just re-tweet some of their garbage. You only need a few pages of activity, and then patience. Someone with more experience please answer >>12644480

First phase commences when there’s verifiable confirmation February SNAP gibs have gone out by January 20th. The objective here, is to seed doubt that the government won’t recall the money. Write that everyone should use their SNAP balances as soon as possible, in case it gets taken away when the shutdown ends. That’s not something that can be disproven, as there’s no precedent. Tweet this message with major mainstream hashtags, like #ebt #shutdown #govtshutdown #trumpshutdown etc. Especially embed video from kike media questioning the USDA plan, or anything reasonably on topic. This will inject more credibility. Retweet anything that reinforces this message. Keep this going for at least the first 48 hours, and then hit the disqus boards. Link to the tweets, and question whether the government can actually take it back once it’s gibbed out. You want any posts to have a skeptical tone, “they can’t really do this can they?”

Second phase commences whether or not there’s still an ongoing shutdown, after the first of February. Here the idea is to get niggers to check for themselves that there’s no SNAP money being doled out as would be usual. The objective being to convince them government had planned to starve them in the middle of Winter no less. “Don’t believe me, just try swiping your card.” Most states have a staggered distribution plan, so it’s going to be several days before confirmations start pouring in. It doesn’t take much to start an avalanche, when anxieties have already been pushed hard. Troll some of these with your sockpuppet disqus account: destee.com, cocoalounge.org, or blackvisions.org. Make sure you’re ’’representing’’ the state you picked when making the throwaway e-mail account, and don’t be so provocative as to get your posts deleted. These are going to be reference places for lower tier niggers to have someone check out for them. Don’t start until the first batch of distributions would have been scheduled for ’’your’’ state. See link in >>12637587 for the time table.

000000  No.12667806


Looks like the Army Corps was authorized to do the wall years ago and they decided "by themselves" to go ahead with the program regardless, as they already have the money, manpower, and authority. Trump has been dangling this National Emergency business out there as bait to test the waters only. Heck the Army Corps might be working on the wall right now, but as it's a National Security issue they could be doing it in remote areas and being tight lipped. If you go on the Army jobs site where they recruit skilled civilians they are looking for "vertical barrier" contractors.

9cc3e0  No.12667839

File: 6ed5e0ac198fd37⋯.png (334.86 KB, 636x740, 159:185, das dat shiet dere.png)


Trips of fucking truth! I should probably stock up on some snacks for the event then.

9f368d  No.12667852

File: 4ba8e8e1b2b9d29⋯.jpg (86.69 KB, 650x400, 13:8, 2qzp33.jpg)

f4f365  No.12667889


And blacks will spend it in two days and go hungry. Huehue.

9cc3e0  No.12667986

File: bc7797b075a15e2⋯.png (426.59 KB, 615x682, 615:682, heres the deal.png)



I got you covered anon:





There are tutorials on each site that will tell you how to install. I seriously recommend installing tails on a USB stick, and booting via VirtuaBox. Combine with any of the free VPNs available online for aximum security.


Surface Web Emails



DeepWeb Emails





Now, for drive-by raiding, 10minute mail used to work. But as the above anon, suggested, you want to make an account that looks semi-legit in preparation for raiding, and Twitter WILL lock you out of your account if they're unable to spam your inbox. Even if you change your settings telling them to fuck off, they still spam your inbox anyway. Only way to counter this is to use a service like yandex or cock.li to make your email. Twitter still allows use of cock.li for email confirmation, so use it. Or use deepweb services for more secure shit. I haven't made an account on twitter using anything other than sigaint, so I can't promise they'll work. Still worth a try though.





Bigger list:


Twatter will immediately lock you out now when you make a new account. You follow a few accounts, and the lock will come into play accusing you of "bot-like behavior", then nagging you to confirm via your number. Best approach is to pay attention what country your set-up has you appearing as, and select a number from any of these sites to use. If one doesn't work, keep trying. Eventually, a number will take and you're done.



Self-explanatory you faggots. Go roll around in your vast niggerdom and mingle with the mudlocals. Find random niggers from other places on the web and steal their pictures to slap on your account. I've even provided you with a translator if some of you can't speak ebonics too well. Might actually help you blend in more.

86268a  No.12668074


Yandex.com e-mail works fine, except Twitter apparently isn't sending confirmation codes there any longer. Nothing in any category, inbox, social or spam. Much better is elude.in as you suggested. Twitter will send confirmation there, however the next step is never ending captchas. That could be due to running TOR though, even with a circuit that ends in the U.S. Might have to keep playing with web-sms confirmation. Also, elude.in is fully acceptable by Disqus.

1d34ad  No.12672293

File: c849158584c9541⋯.jpg (54.4 KB, 660x883, 660:883, pest control.jpg)

Okay /pol/ there are some problems

Not insurmountable, but my only solution takes time and cash. Improvements needed.

Twitter no longer sends SMS confirmations. I gave up trying to get an account unlocked with captchas using only e-mail verification. It always ended with "there was a problem…" and the only way forward was to go again. I decided to get a cheap burner phone instead. Before making another attempt, I set the torrc configuration file to limit the exit nodes to U.S. only (ExitNodes {us} StrictNodes 1). Search for this topic, as detailed instructions with pictures are easily found. I didn't want to get flagged for a phone number that was in a different part of the world from the gateway IP. This worked, although to my surprise an AI generated voice message provides the confirmation code. It's a twelve second incoming call that repeats a couple of times and then disconnects.

Twitter associates a phone number, one to one, with an e-mail address. No problem following three Georgia congress niggers, two Atlanta nigger ball players, two Atlanta rappers, and three random nogs. I logged out, and tried to create another sockpuppet account. This time I got an error message that the phone number was already in use, so I went back to the working account. No problem giving them a few likes, or re-tweeting. I figured I'd finish the profile after dinner, logged out and closed TOR.

Twitter apparently considers significantly different gateway IPs as suspicious activity for non-established accounts. Fired up TOR again, and found my working account was locked out. All choices lead to "call support". I'm not going to let Twitter record my voice in a conversation with some poo in the loo, so I'll just scrap this account and approach. I could probably convince them to open it again, by saying I was at two different Internet cafes. That's assuming it wasn't flagged for something else.

I don't want to use the same VPN service provider for this. I've been meaning to get another with a static key, so I can overlook that cost. In order to keep the same gateway IP, it seems VPN is the only practical solution for Twitter. TOR will work for a hit and run raid, but it costs cash to keep getting burner phones. I'll continue trying the captchas, yet suspect that's a waste of time. Now I have to wait and see if Trump cucks out first, or be a late arrival next weekend.

tldr - jews have made sockpuppeting twatter harder than it was years ago.

073d76  No.12672314

No Chimpout until 1 March at the earliest.


e25333  No.12672322


No way the shutdown goes on that long, so sad.

1d34ad  No.12672334



see >>12651974 and the original sauce


They are literally giving the February gibs away early.

e738a6  No.12672343


In this instance, I would say to use a normal browser then, and download a free vpn for said browser, then switch to that when you intend to use the account. In the end, you will have to confirm A number for the account, but for that, it's pretty much use as many as needed until one sticks. The number is needed to send a confirmation code, so it's a step you can't opt out of anymore sadly. It's why I said to keep trying with numbers until one takes.

1d34ad  No.12672360


>keep trying with numbers until one takes

All of them were already flagged as invalid by Twitter, except one. That one was flagged as already in use. So it previously worked when they still sent SMS. Otherwise I agree, VPN and a burner phone to get the voice confirmation now.

073d76  No.12672443


Early gibs FROM YOUR MONEY so there is extra fried chicken and watermelon available to stave off any weight loss.

574291  No.12672465


how about we just stop handing out free shit?

2fc4a0  No.12672479

Whites on SNAP probably rationing it now. Am I right?

1d34ad  No.12672488


>Whites on SNAP probably rationing it now. Am I right?

I don't know any myself, so can't ask.

Be nigger in Atlanta who is used to SNAP automatically reloading on the 15th of the month. January gibs arrive as usual. More gibs arrive five days later, confusing nigger. Worried it might be a mistake, nigger quickly spends it dry. February 15th. comes and SNAP stays zero. Nigger can't make it until March 15th. so chimps instead.

646220  No.12672506


We're on it. We have a sizable pantry and it's by no means absolutely necessary for us, we take advantage of the program to save more money each month toward some land of our own and we're "poor" enough to be eligible. Every little bit helps but we won't have to dip into savings once this goes down.

a4942e  No.12672507


good, that gives me plenty of time to sight in my new rifle

2fc4a0  No.12672511


You got the dub for being honest so thank you. Honestly I think the white on SNAP should start their own small indoor farm and use the foods brought with SNAP for composts to fertilise the indoor small farm.

646220  No.12672530


Anon dirt is fucking cheap if you buy bags of top soil and while nogs don't know it you can buy seeds for food with SNAP. It would be cheaper to buy topsoil if you needed it and use the SNAP benefits for seed than to compost food bought with SNAP. Plus, a lot of food when grown in a garden and not dressed for store shelves looks alien to nogs, grow things like brussels sprouts or red lettuce and the nog population will just think you've got a pretty garden.

2fc4a0  No.12672538


Noice, niggers can’t into farming and whites can farm. The difference between them is unbelievably big. If the niggers are required to be sterilised in order to access the welfare then chimpouts would be zero or manageable.

1db37b  No.12672546


Most people can't grow food. In fact, the majority of humanity can't get past the Brawndo stage. That includes the majority of this board.

646220  No.12672551


Do your reading now, anon. If you plant turnips and wonder what all the bugs on the stalks are you're past the point of being able to harvest. Agriculture is much much more than poke hole, drop seed.

2fc4a0  No.12672561


I have two food plants at my home. It is Blueberry and Spring onions but I want to get more diverse plants to be more independent from the processed food slavery.

646220  No.12672572


In that case I wager you've got reasonably acidic soil. Consider planting some herbs near the blueberries, things like sage or thyme. Sage and thyme are good to ward off a lot of common pests. Put some tomatoes in around the onions. Tomatoes take some work to learn how to grow but it becomes second nature.

e57824  No.12672586



Nigger just get a soil test at the fucking home depot

646220  No.12672599


Anon the guy is trying to get off processed foods by growing blueberries and spring onions. Baby steps.

2fc4a0  No.12672605


>Sage and Thyme

I use them to cook some recipes but it is processed so I will buy the seeds to plant around the blueberry pot.


That’s easy! I can get it from someone’s garden for free. He have tons of the cherry tomatoes. If we have our seed and food banks then we can share with the white micro-farmers.

e99784  No.12672615


SSN should be sufficient for a unique ID. And if you don't have one then you shouldn't be eligible for any of these programs to begin with.

e57824  No.12672616


A baby step is getting a home soil test at the home depot, if he doesnt know the soil or what it lacks or has in excess with regards to nutrients in it he's setting himself up for failure, and so are you

2fc4a0  No.12672623


My plants is in pots and they are growing well especially Blueberry but I am worried about the birds eating my lovely plants so I think I might get the nets over them.

2fc4a0  No.12672663

How much is SNAP?

e57824  No.12672682


Oh, well if youre just container gardening make sure the soil mixes that you use are plant-appropriate. and yes you should put a net over the plants or if youre going to grown plenty just build a small structure and cover it with shade cloth no need for a greenhouse or anything

2fc4a0  No.12672725

File: 543454868ae9799⋯.jpeg (783.97 KB, 1176x861, 56:41, 1D74D3FA-E326-4F0B-A73F-9….jpeg)


Great, I want to make wall garden.

366ec8  No.12672813


Exactly. If you have enough kids, you can be on benefits with any salary

366ec8  No.12672823


Human whites can find food, and the fatties can die

5843f3  No.12672825


aint no fucking way Trump is going to cave, what is wrong with you

Trump isnt going to sign a deal unless the entire wall is on the bill

this is his last chance, if he doesnt seize it, then yea, hes useless, I will finally throw the towel on him for being a shill

2563d0  No.12673183

File: bf49d9bf208e6bb⋯.jpeg (213.63 KB, 1024x982, 512:491, tsaniggers.jpeg)

3bb7af  No.12673198


You'd think so, but no. People who've raised their kids on EBT for 16 years (not the temporarily down and out, but the career welfare crew) are fucking dumb. My Kikebook feed has three or four of them circulating government notices about "bonus" payments for February coming early. None of them know what's going on, and half of them think Trump is giving them extra stamps for free.

Never – ever – underestimate the power of brick-shithouse stupidity in the general public.

e738a6  No.12673211


Damn. So it's actually coming to that now?


I'm on it because I'm between jobs right now. Stocking up on non-perishables though since the wife can actually cook like women used to be able to. This is gonna be comfy as hell.

3bb7af  No.12673230


I used it to keep going while I got self-employed. Why not find a skill and skull-fuck the employment-Jew? Now that I don't have a boss reporting my income, the IRS thinks I make $12,000 a year, while the credit card company thinks I make $100,000.

1d34ad  No.12673247


>"bonus" payments for February coming early

Once this is distributed nationwide all at the same time, there's no turning back. If the states try to rescind, result is chimpouts. When reality sets in that they were somehow deceived into thinking SNAP was covered for February, result is chimpouts.

>Sensitive dependence on initial conditions (prolonged shutdown) in which a small change (twitter narrative) in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system (ebt) can result in large differences (chimpouts) in a later state.

- from Geoff Boeing describing chaos theory in 2016

6d5af4  No.12673280

File: 21dd63b8ab083ea⋯.jpg (218.22 KB, 720x725, 144:145, 1491618886314.jpg)


While the government is content with leaving services shutdown that may casually annoy people. They won't shut down the food stamps. Funding has already been approved to keep funding it. There are limitations to what they can do. They know if welfare stops a category 5 nigger chimpout will happen that not even the Jews can control. This would throw a major wrench in whatever they are plotting.

225eb8  No.12675420

File: 6868106a47ba35b⋯.gif (1.62 MB, 200x316, 50:79, 1519248059122.gif)

uhhh… guise… i know we need a chimpout in the worst possible way. yes, it would necessitate emergency powers, and that could lead to all sorts of possibilities. but it's like a year too early for chimp season. see, part of what solidified the white vote for Trump was Ferguson and Obama's abandoning the very people who voted him in (whitey) to the whims of apes with literal hammers bashing in our skulls. if the fake press is right about anything, it is that Trump is the result of angry whites. problem is, white people are too forgiving, and keeping white people pissed off for nearly two whole years may be a bit much to ask. shit would have to get baaaaad.

1d34ad  No.12675612


>keeping white people pissed off for nearly two whole years may be a bit much to ask

The great catharsis of blue pilled white people must necessarily emerge from the violence of chaos. I would argue that if many people were actually forced to stop feeling pity for kikes, niggers and spics, that mindset would outlast any Trump administration. There literally may be no better opportunity to give chaos accelerationism an extra nudge forward, than the present circumstances provide. Serious chimpouts are not created and bought, like the Ferguson urban renewal project.

0f1f12  No.12676056


Exactly. If anything they'll rig it to shut down or delay the average middle class whitey, but there's no way in hell they would actually allow literally 100 million spices and niggers to all get cut off at once. It would be catastrophic on an unfathomable level for ZOG

a86997  No.12676155


No doubt.

Tax returns are expected to be delayed, but the gibs are still on time every month.

000000  No.12676241


>This is gonna be comfy as hell.

I'd be fine with discomfort. The stakes are way too high to just kick this can down the road again. We need a Wall. If I have to spend the winter dug in on a hillside because of a chimpout, so be it.

The War is already here.

>Americans more likely to die from opioid overdose than in a car accident

>Data reported last year showed drug overdoses killed more Americans in 2016 than the Vietnam War, with three-quarters of those deaths caused by opioids.


e04092  No.12676352


>How is it legal to buy alcohol, Soda, or candy with food stamps?

You can by using coupons when they give out cash back. That is why poor whites are so obsessed with couponing, so Cletus could get his Budweiser but nogs and spics aren't smart enough to do this so they resort to this >>12627362

1d34ad  No.12676776

File: 36dab7d7091bf72⋯.jpg (126.95 KB, 964x373, 964:373, food lion.jpg)




1d34ad  No.12680969

File: 2baa754db20677e⋯.jpg (140.32 KB, 1022x619, 1022:619, kike foxman.JPG)

As of this Thursday evening, Congress has a scheduled ten-day vacation; not expected to be in session again until Jan 28th. Meanwhile, ignorant niggers to be spending February gibs.


Shills who would try to persuade that kikes would never permit food riots, ignore the 2nd centennial meeting of the learned elders of zion in jew york city twenty years ago, August 25th 1998.

>It is worth any price to annihilate the next generation of White children.

This mouthpiece kike @FoxmanAbraham has expressed no concern about the government shutdown, and no sympathy for starving niglets. Here's the rest of the keynote speech with pic related, which is not as often seen.

>We must use our power to discourage white men and women who still persist in getting together from producing more pure white children. They will be ostracized by not becoming part of the new society of all races. This will dissuade most of them. We will deal with the less cooperative goyim by murder and imprisonment. Finally, we will see the end of this white race. Impressionable white children will have their minds molded into the agents of their own destruction. Already, our efforts have succeeded in making the men of this race grovel at our feet. Men, you and your ancestors have worked hard to make sure we would have the power to hold the destiny of this race in our hands. Now we have it. Perish Aryan Goyim! [Applause]

It's past time for only defensive measures like a wall or migration reform. No amount of kike power scheming controls chaos set loose, praise Kek. The irony of inner city niggers kicking off the 2nd American revolution.

bb44a4  No.12681304



More than two years before the election and almost a year before Trump declared. It still worked. It was also cumlative, after ZimZam the hwhite guy and general uppityness by nigger after Jugears won the WH.

bb44a4  No.12681331


>jews have made sockpuppeting twatter harder than it was years ago.

This started in 2016 when Shillary was getting creamed. All of a sudden you couldn't just use Bluestacks either. With shadowbanning I've stopped using Twitter completely, it's like Sysiphus and the rock now that we know (((they))) are fucking with our speech for reasons.

bb44a4  No.12681374




In some places there have been union drives for workfare recipients. Also, always remember (((who))) employs these state-subsidized laborers.

bb44a4  No.12681391



>Ape crates removed from the Farm Bill which Trump signed on Dec. 20th.


bb44a4  No.12681411


Wasteful spending isn't fraud. It's only fraud if the recipient lied about not working. Prior restraint on spending welfare is unconstitutional.

a0aaf7  No.12681462


slap a mega church looking logo on it and put a boomer spin to it

throw in a "all proceeds benefit […]"

bb44a4  No.12681480

File: 3345a58c606b7de⋯.png (416.03 KB, 486x473, 486:473, harro-amellica-luggage-int….png)


>Americans more likely to die from opioid overdose than in a car accident

Start inspecting mail from China.

1d34ad  No.12681487


I appologize for the 5/10 effort. Feel free to improve.

024f41  No.12681555

File: 69389e2ef387a81⋯.png (122.52 KB, 614x538, 307:269, Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at ….png)

Is this supposed to be an insult? Does this guy not understand that toilets are meant to be shit in?

e57824  No.12681618


well where is he hoping people shit, on tje designated street?

27786e  No.12681639


This is how they used to do it. Just Google "Government Cheese".

1d34ad  No.12681641

File: 16b05829464ca9c⋯.mp4 (2.45 MB, 396x360, 11:10, chimpout.mp4)

niggers stole the video

9df5b4  No.12681729

File: b7f3417c424aeea⋯.jpg (462.24 KB, 728x640, 91:80, 152.jpg)


>ape crates

9f4116  No.12681850


It's mostly a supply and demand issue. Getting a degree and applying for a job isn't a guarantee you'll actually get that job. Companies are hiring, but they're not desperate. Especially not for people straight out of college with no experience. Lots of companies want grads to take unpaid internships which basically amounts to slave labour. The system is fucked up beyond all reason.

I'm not sure how things are down in the US, but up in Canada we're being hired at lower starting wages than people were making in the 1980's and 1990's when $1 was actually fucking worth something. Nowadays you can't even get a chocolate bar for $1, and the $2 chocolate bar is now only 2/3 as large (by weight) or 3/4 as large as it used to be 10 years ago.

Shit's fucked.

03406f  No.12681867


When the Northeast blackout of 2003 happened, I don't remember there being really any chimpouts. Was disappointed. Same when Hurricane Sandy happened.

03406f  No.12681898


Never thought the poo in loos were so based.

03406f  No.12681921


The government gives out smartphones now? I remember my friend had one of those SafeLink Wireless phones, and they were kinda shitty. But then again, I guess they save the smartphones for the niggers, because he was White.

03406f  No.12681931


The black recipients are much more as a proportion of their overall population.

f3daad  No.12682028


Life without a smartphone is nice. never owned one and had a hearty laugh at everyone else when you see the spying going on. Though im not saying they can't access appliances etc. I still use paper for most of my needs. Learn from the luddites sometime, it might save your life.

03406f  No.12682320


If the IRS thinks you make $12,000 a year, are you completely exempt from paying income taxes?

03406f  No.12682338


That'd be nice, but even without having the smartphone Jew, you're still being spied on. I'm pretty sure the NSA collects all data from here, and from plaintext on the Internet in general, and no doubt have been able to since at least 1996, if not earlier. Though, I try to do things as old school as possible. I carry cash on me and leave my debit card at home. Most everyone around he have become full techniggers, paying everything with cards, scanning QR codes from their smartphones. Way too kiked up for my tastes.

03406f  No.12682392


>2nd centennial meeting of the learned elders of zion in jew york city twenty years ago, August 25th 1998.

Tell me more about this. Is there an entire transcript of this meeting?

03406f  No.12682399


And Israel.

6d5af4  No.12682448

File: 7b0f47299c2ab40⋯.jpeg (41.76 KB, 500x461, 500:461, 1921371d5bd89be5d7bb9d69d….jpeg)


I agree with you in practice but you are deluding yourself. You are on borrowed time. The IRS always gets it's man.


>I'd be fine with discomfort

That's the thing, it won't be discomfort. The shutdown is orchestrated in a way that essential services are lumped in with non-essential. This is to fuck with people so they bitch and it ends with no result except more spics get allowed in. For example, I can't confirm this as I haven't looked into it, but with the FAA pilot medicals are not being processed. Not a big deal for some pilots, but airline pilots need a medical every six months. The system is already short on pilots and if they can't renew a medical they can't fly. If they can't fly then boomers will have their vacations delayed or cancelled. This will make even the most kool-aid drinking zog loving MAGA boomer angry.

I imagine other industries are affected in similar ways but you wouldn't know unless you are involved in these circles. In previous shutdowns the FAA wouldn't process the registration of airplanes so billions of dollars were lost because manufacturers couldn't send out new planes and used planes couldn't be transferred in sales. That has since been changed but point is, again, little niche aspects like this are planted in shutdowns to fuck over people so the shutdown can't be drawn out as a political move.


I'm not a shill. I don't disagree with your theory but I really do believe kikes wouldn't allow a food riot chimpout. Chimpouts rarely affect whites as they are literally contained in nigger zones. A large one like a food stamp riot might however so you have merit. However, kikes like control and most chimpouts are controlled by them. This one is too likely to get out of control. Niggers don't like Jews because they see them as big robbery targets. Niggers only like Jews as lawyers. Race based riots like Ferguson while they get out of control in some regard, don't have the "steam" a nigger gibs riot would have.


Opium that infected China was from Afghanistan. The entire chinese Opium crisis was organized and ran by a family clan of Jews in London and Afghanistan. The Rothschilds of opium. Same shit today, it doesn't come from China. It comes from Afghanistan where tax dollars go to protect the poppy fields.


The only people that really pay taxes are the wealthy, who use a lot of techniques and hired accountants to keep as much money for themselves as they can. By wealthy I just mean common millionaire type people. The top billionaires everyone likes to complain about pay taxes on paper but they are all connected to the various shadow organizations so they don't play by the same rules. The rest is paid by anyone in the middle-class type of tax bracket. Poor people, welfare niggers, etc all bitch about paying taxes but in reality they get like 90% or more of their money back.


I've already left a long post so I'll try to keep this short. I agree with you, but I'd say you don't need to be to afraid of using cards and phones. Yes it all gets tracked but using nothing and being a ghost goes just as noticed. I would argue doing what you do triggers a flag faster to the monitors. Personally, I use cards and cash. Cash for what I want to hide. Cards for "normal" shit. I prefer the monitors think I'm just an NPC so they'll just glance over my file. I plan on building a faraday cage for a special offline computer and phone so I can use some of the utility.

56ce8d  No.12682482


"Food stamps" don't exist any more and haven't for a long time. The days of niggers using a large denomination food stamp to buy a candy bar and pocketing the change are long gone. All benefits are issued on atm-type EBT cards now and have been for years.

Buying candy and soda is legal because there are lobbyists who make sure it stays legal. You can't legally buy alcohol with an EBT card. What you can do is go to a disreputable mini-mart owned by a pajeet or an Arab, pick out your alcohol, and have them ring it up as various groceries like milk and cereal, and pay 25% more for the alcohol than if you'd used cash. You can also sell the card outright to the same disreputable mini-mart for pennies on the dollar, spend the money on meth, and let the store use it for a month or two before you report it lost. The mini-mart owners then take the EBT card to various dollar stores and discount places and load up on the few crusty food items that they carry in their stores and resell these items for at least $2 a pop.

On top of EBT, there's WIC (Women Infants Children) which pretty much only goes to single mothers and does restrict recipients to staple foods like peanut butter, milk, bread, fruits and vegetables, but it's harder to qualify, more carefully scrutinized, and often not accepted at mini-marts. This is what niggers actually feed dey keeds with, stocking up on cereal and evaporated milk at the beginning of the month and rationing it. Since it's in addition to regular EBT, it doesn't really stop fraud, it only gives the kids a fighting chance of getting one meal a day at home on top of free school breakfast and lunch.

When a person uses an EBT card, they swipe the card and enter a PIN just like you would with a debit or credit card. The cash register automatically charges all qualifying food items to the card, leaving a balance of non-qualifying items that must be paid with cash. Non-qualifying items include all toiletries, pet food, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and of course, alcohol. The person then swipes a second card, debit or credit, and enters another PIN, or simply pays the remainder with cash. The only fly in the ointment is when the person doesn't have enough EBT to cover the qualifying food items. The payment is rejected and the clerk must find out the balance on the card and manually enter an amount equal to or less than the balance, and the recipient must pay for the rest—or, more typically, put stuff back that the clerk must now refund, holding up the line and pissing everyone off.

The majority of EBT fraud is done by selling the card outright, exchanging food for drugs, or by mini-marts ringing up non-qualifying items as food items. Buying sodas, candy, steaks, shrimp, Starbucks coffee grounds, and shit like that was always legal thanks to the grocery and food manufacturing lobby.

b56c6c  No.12682491


Cargill, ADM, Monsanto/Syngenta, and all the other Big Ag/Pharma globocorps will never allow interruption of their billions of welfare dollars from your wages, laundered through the Huddled Masses.

1d34ad  No.12682589


>Is there an entire transcript of this meeting?

I didn't find any original source remaining, secondary only.






I'm not a shill.

I was thinking more about the two randoms who came out of nowhere in complete agreement. You have a different perspective but give reasons, so obviously not shilling. As OP, and of course an accelerationist, I'm just trying to guide the thread in this direction. Also, Tasmania grows about 40% of the world's medicinal poppies - just something I learned last year while visiting.


>Big Ag/Pharma globocorps

Killing most of their customer base quietly is good for business or overall kike goals? Bayer for example, is so fully diversified that even a $38B loss of company value after acquiring Monsanto only meant a lower yield for shareholders. Wait for food riots to see how long and how hard this interruption hits. I never said I thought chimpouts would last for months. They'll be put down one way or another.

76b663  No.12682898

excellent resource here:




fb884a  No.12682942


I think you're actually schizophrenic anon, until you highlight it for me.

I definitely can't see it.

polite sage

c9438f  No.12683044

It won't happen, ZOGnald only helps blacks and jews

1d34ad  No.12686475

File: 9a0c04c80295764⋯.jpg (44.58 KB, 533x800, 533:800, costco can't keep this in ….JPG)

With no events scheduled for today, Congress has in effect added an eleventh vacation day. The Senate will consider a motion to proceed with S.109 at 4PM; otherwise no further business until 1/28/19. There is therefore, an entire week available now, to try and persuade niggers to quickly convert SNAP into items. The burden of informing them to conserve, and that it's the last gib until the shutdown ends, belongs to the state governments. One critical reason this won't be effective is that everyone within a state will see this last reload at the same time. Even a nigger has to know something's up, as it's a change in routine. Expect a rush to grab all the grape juice, soda pop and snacks. Menthol cigarettes and 40oz malt liquor will soon become premium items. Many states would have normally started releasing gibs to their earliest scheduled 10% as of February 5th. By even a low estimate, there are 10 million enrolled nogs nationwide. The initial million who will see zero on their cards in February is more than enough to start chimping. It's naive for states to expect ignorant niggers will ration.

90110a  No.12686499

Rolling for major chipout in february

1d34ad  No.12686511

File: 4e82f5e2974292b⋯.jpg (77.86 KB, 900x900, 1:1, check'em.jpg)


nice get

8d4158  No.12686637

File: 7097bcd636f6a37⋯.png (271.59 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1462221379721.png)


Those buckets aren't even economical. You can get 20 packs/a box of S.O.S. coconut dry rations for $113.00 on Amazon. $119.00 for cinnamon. 36-ish pounds of food, 72,000 calories in total. 31 days worth of provisions assuming you're aiming for 2,000 calories a day. You have to take a comprehensive multivitamin of your choice along with them, but you should be doing that anyway. Only roughly 1% of people get their total nutritional requirements just from their daily meals. When survival is what you're aiming for, taste shouldn't even come into the equation unless what you're eating it literally inedible.

1d34ad  No.12689366

File: 55dff64232224d4⋯.jpg (32.68 KB, 965x248, 965:248, downdetector 1.JPG)

File: dab394285687391⋯.jpg (42.48 KB, 842x315, 842:315, downdetector 2.JPG)


Nevermind shadowbanning twatter, go straight to where it counts the most. downdetector.com/status/snap-ebt

1d34ad  No.12689374

File: 1695a8560da31d5⋯.jpg (45.12 KB, 977x344, 977:344, downdetector 3.JPG)

File: f1c7512d5435bc1⋯.jpg (31.3 KB, 971x214, 971:214, downdetector 4.JPG)

File: 73311a53c3716ca⋯.jpg (33.7 KB, 972x155, 972:155, downdetector 5.JPG)

a86997  No.12689379



Code red

Chimpout imminent

fb2478  No.12689388


>eat rice for 2 weeks

You'd unironically be better off eating nothing.

1d34ad  No.12689408

>>12689388 (checked)

Nothing like a good cage rattling. Advantage is this gets seen by a designated audience. Rainy has some better material, but at least is seizing the moment too.

a86997  No.12689414


nobody claiming SNAP recipients are smart

229f50  No.12689453

File: 63745e2ed9d76dc⋯.png (384.27 KB, 600x632, 75:79, 40b26ac81063fcf011336e7cbe….png)

6146c3  No.12689783

File: 95e7f53aa0c6b6e⋯.png (315.32 KB, 640x320, 2:1, 011719_sunday_snow.png)

EBT cards empty, 12" of snow, and negative temps. This is going to be more fun than the superbowl…

4c1929  No.12689844

When 95% of SNAP employees are told not to show up for work, shits about to get real. The power of a flyer informing about the SNAP shutdown and a MAGA hat just went over 9k

1d34ad  No.12689949


>This is going to be more fun than the superbowl…

Evidence of food banks getting ransacked could come a few days after the superbowl. Even if one state's contractors fuck up the processing, such that gibs aren't released by Jan 20th., that will be enough to cause a chain reaction. Look at all these states that are going to wait until the 11th hour. Look at all the reported problems from earlier states, such as Ohio and Massachusetts.

February SNAP release dates by state

Alabama: Before 1/20

Alaska: 1/20

Arizona: 1/17 - 1/18

Arkansas: 1/17

California: 1/16

Colorado: 1/16

Connecticut: 1/17

Delaware: 1/17

District of Columbia: 1/17 - 1/18

Florida: Before 1/20

Georgia: 1/14

Guam: 1/20

Hawaii: 1/20

Idaho: 1/20

Illinois: 1/17

Indiana: 1/16 - 1/16

Iowa: 1/17

Kansas: 1/17

Kentucky: 1/20

Louisiana: 1/16

Maine: 1/17

Maryland: 1/20

Massachusetts: 1/17

Michigan: 1/17 - 1/18

Minnesota: 1/19

Mississippi: 1/17

Missouri: 1/14

Montana: 1/18

Nebraska: 1/18

Nevada: 1/20

New Hampshire: 1/14

New Jersey: 1/17

New Mexico: 1/20

New York: 1/17

North Carolina: Before 1/20

North Dakota: 1/15 - 1/16

Ohio: 1/16

Oklahoma: 1/17

Oregon: 1/18

Pennsylvania: 1/17

Rhode Island: 1/17

South Carolina: 1/17

South Dakota: 1/20

Tennessee: 1/17

Texas: 1/20

Utah: 1/17

Vermont: 1/20

Virgin Islands: 1/16

Virginia: 1/17

Washington: 1/20

West Virginia: 1/20

Wisconsin: 1/20

Wyoming: 1/16 - 1/20

138bfd  No.12691152

File: da39d44e5410a03⋯.jpg (32.21 KB, 267x274, 267:274, WorriedPuppo.jpg)

File: 7df74b73bd23708⋯.jpg (49.59 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, carnivore.jpg)


>be me

>live 30 minuets from Baltimore

>no gun

>only got a carnivore and a shitty "wakizashi" made in Pakistan out of stainless steel.it was a gift fuck off

>the chimpout to end all chimpouts is about to begin and I've got fuck all to defend myself with

wat do

a86997  No.12691183


For melee I like short axes best. Cheap, easy to find, and very useful.

Also you can fashion yourself a flamethrower out of a pesticide sprayer or fire extinguisher.

138bfd  No.12691200

File: 52cc955b757a62d⋯.jpg (87.73 KB, 759x655, 759:655, x57KtKfrsnogwbCKFo4WvMIhGn….jpg)

>Also you can fashion yourself a flamethrower out of a pesticide sprayer or fire extinguisher.

Most intriguing, will look into this further, thanks anon.

Will post again in QTDDTOT if I get to do some funny shit with that Pakizashi

f9abf2  No.12691220


Super soakers work fantastically with a little modification.

c0c13b  No.12691233



Attach one of those cheap torches to the end of a super soaker, and fill the tank with a napalm mix. ta-da, you can burn everything from the surrounding landscape, to houses, to nogs!

68ddd0  No.12691256


If you're not a felon a pump 12 gauge is cheap and effective. Just make sure you take it to the range and put at least 100 rnds through it.

6fe883  No.12691260

File: 49ba5b0a4b0d5e9⋯.png (37.9 KB, 500x523, 500:523, rare.png)

OOOOOOO-ooooyyy VVVVEEEEeEeEeEeEyYyYyY!!!!!!!111

eaf307  No.12691267


What if whites accidentally take them?

201dfc  No.12691268





d6b0bc  No.12691276

File: 0fa10193da7525c⋯.jpeg (164.78 KB, 920x605, 184:121, 20009228-3BD4-4C26-BCCB-0….jpeg)


In addition to shotgun with slugs get a rifle. Maybe in .308 since you’re limited to 10 rounds.

6fe883  No.12691279





>tfw nobody likes my rare jew oc


000000  No.12691364


>white people are on welfare

If you subtract the Arabs, the Jews, and the Hispanics there's like three whites on welfare.

138bfd  No.12691569

File: 0b28ad8bc371686⋯.jpg (659.34 KB, 2272x1704, 4:3, 13809b6e06e75ccd5f7b21190c….jpg)


>limited to 10 rounds.

I hate this gay state, infested with pavement apes and chinks and they limit you to 10 rounds? I'm beyond fucked if I run into a hoard of Negros. I'm no crack shot

31531f  No.12691636

There is a solution being rolled out to save SNAP where canned foods/non-perishables are given to families. Even better is that the food comes from right here in the USA. It will save an enormous amount of money, and it's good quality, healthy food in a box.

31531f  No.12691683

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

peepa cain eben buy dey chips, a pepsi and sum m&m's yo. iss down nayshun wite

31531f  No.12691714



1900e5  No.12691732


Get corn chips and set them inside of boobytraps you have created. Niggers can't resist corn chips. If they are hungry niggers, they'll jump at the bag. I'd setup some mantrapping style devices, spikes, etc if you have the time. A bag of corn chips on a trap line to a detonator should work in a pinch.

827fb9  No.12691811


After you get gun and more gun, start stockpiling sturdy caltrops. Humans still don't fly, so a good cover of caltrops should halt the first, second, and possibly third wave of feral nigs.

138bfd  No.12691884

File: 8a876dfe1b803ac⋯.jpg (215.65 KB, 1038x865, 6:5, Nigger_Slayer.jpg)


>mfw when 2 minuet walk from a massive thicket of bamboo

if rice farmers can fend off the forces of ZOG using punji traps then I could fend off the forces of NOG with them right?

31531f  No.12691895

File: 62335c36ea5318d⋯.jpg (280.13 KB, 1201x900, 1201:900, OMFingG.jpg)

hey yo hol up. dey finna take away sekshun ape too? aw hell naw

a8ca56  No.12692894


nigger detected

1d34ad  No.12693036

File: 3037166ce1e15ef⋯.jpg (64.97 KB, 983x563, 983:563, downdetector6.JPG)

Got me a pet troll.

1d34ad  No.12696561

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>There is a solution being rolled out

It wouldn't matter if the government re-opened tomorrow. Niggers can't into budgeting. As soon as these early gibs are gone, chimping begins. Only question is how widespread, and if martial law is invoked to put them down. No long term "solution" is going to appease hungry apes having to wait until March.

d2ab9e  No.12696638

File: 561d813709c655a⋯.jpg (457.33 KB, 980x600, 49:30, coke-taste.jpg)

Coca-Cola corporation won't be happy, thats the #1 purchase on EBT cards across America.

bdf68b  No.12697145

File: c32fa827885b82f⋯.jpg (59.56 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Dem nostalgias

bdf68b  No.12697146

File: 922caad7635c69b⋯.png (533.51 KB, 955x500, 191:100, screen_shot_2018-08-28_at_….png)


1d34ad  No.12697465

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Thirty days and this bitch will be sucking dick for a loaf of bread.

54cf8c  No.12698404


Fake news. (((They))) won’t let a massive chimpout occur. Trump is offering DACA amnesty for the wall and it’ll end the shutdown very soon. He’ll lose whatever chance he had at getting a second term and no Republican will be president after 2020, which is good for us because we need the GOP to go the way of the Whigs if we really want to start making a change.

e56e6b  No.12698548


>and if martial law is invoked to put them down

It can't happen soon enough. While no one looks forward to whatever martial law looks like at the application level, ANYTHING is an improvement to the chaos of niggers and border jumping drug lords

We can either remove the band aid slowly or rip it off and bite through the pain, but either way, ….

54cf8c  No.12698602


Except there won’t be any martial law declared and Trump will massively cuck to get DACA amnesty for a few miles of a border fence. Whatever support left for him among MAGApedos and alt-kike e-celebs like Jazzhands McFeels, Marcus Halberstram, Mike Enoch and Nick Fuentes will disappear and we’ll become a Democrat-only nation after 2020. We’re not voting our way out of this mess.

e04f99  No.12698648

File: cad3367697235a4⋯.png (175.44 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, 7THGEN.PNG)

this will work for sure. my household doesn't spend but $400 monthly on food. they get $600-800 and don't have to work.


1bae6f  No.12698682

File: 672591ff274f68a⋯.jpg (467.79 KB, 1617x870, 539:290, chopper.jpg)


If you are a poor no guns peasant a good machete is the best option. They are like a short sword and can take a arm off in a single blow if sharp and they are usually made of spring steel meant to take abuse and unlikely to break. Lastly they are fucking cheap for a good one.

000000  No.12698886

Maybe an anon can get this to President Trump…

Trump needs to start playing hardball with the Demonrats. He should make clear that the deal he offered today is the best the Demonrats will get—-and the longer the shutdown continues, the higher the price to reopen the government will be. Give the Demonrats two weeks to think about it, then the price starts going up, week by week.

First, the steel slat barrier goes from "strategic areas" to the entire land border.

Then, the DACA and TPS provisions go away—-we made this compromise under Reagan—-amnesty for border security—-the amnesty happened and the wall wasn't built.

We are OWED border security and the bill is well past due.

Then, the steel slat barrier includes steel slats right down the middle of the Rio Grande—-a barrier from sea to shining sea.

Then, the land border is upgraded—-to a concrete wall along the entire land border.

Here we're looking at the next price hike on March 2nd—-just after the gibs don't happen because of the shutdown. This one's big—-a solid concrete wall right down the middle of the Rio Grande, right on the international border line. The Wall will be the price the Demonrats must pay to resume gibs.

One more week, and the demands continue to escalate—-now not only will The Wall be built, in full, but asylum reform is included—-anyone who skips out on their court hearing forfeits present AND FUTURE claims to asylum and will be immediately deported upon capture with no appeal and asylum applications can ONLY be made at ports of entry—-anyone who sneaks into our country automatically forfeits all claim of asylum and shall be speedily deported.

Another week and the demands escalate again—-English (American) shall be the official language of the United States of America and all official government documents shall be exclusively in American English—-most importantly, BALLOTS shall be English-only. After all, prospective citizens must speak English to pass the citizenship test and only citizens can vote…

By here, the Demonrats will be under immense pressure from two key factions of their own base—-Federal employees will have missed NINE pay periods and their unions will NOT be happy, while the gibsmedats will be panicking—-it's the Ides of March and there are no gibs coming!

Then the price includes making the Trump tax cuts permanent. Cut spending to reduce the deficit instead of raising taxes.

Then the price includes repealing the Lautenberg Amendment. Sure it's seemingly unrelated, but it'll be great red meat for Trump's base.

Then the price includes the authority to lay off any or all furloughed employees at the sole discretion of the President or relevant designee, with no appeals permitted. By here, they'll have been furloughed for three months anyway, just make it permanent.

Then the price includes broader civil service reform, with harsh limits on appeals for bad performance reviews—-the only way out of a bad review is to transfer to another group, with excessive disputed reviews/transfers counting against supervisors—-and automatic dismissal for the most useless of government employees.

For each following week, the price will include something else Trump promised on the campaign trail. Repeat each week until the Demonrats cave. Maybe grant them last week's deal, or maybe give the DREAMers ONE chance to pass the USA citizenship test—-in written English, with the ONLY accommodation permitted being a Braille version for the blind.

Hell, let's make passing the standard citizenship test a requirement to vote, no more free rides because you were born here.

Pelosi will whine and kvetch about The Wall being "immoral" but we already know her "morals" are flexible—-simply ask her how long abortion has been a Catholic sacrament. The Catholic Church, of which Pelosi professes to be a member, officially considers abortion murder. Not equivalent to murder—-murder. And purely for convenience, which is absolutely NOT a valid reason to kill. Pelosi just needs to be put into her place—-which she's never had because Mr. Pelosi is a cuck. Source: meme magic. So /pol/ says, so it is…

Oh, the Demonrats will impeach Trump for negotiating from a position of strength? The Senate would NEVER vote to remove him under those circumstances and America wins if they try it—-the Demonrats will completely implode when Trump points out the simple and obvious—-the Demonrats have offered NOTHING but demands for open borders, even as their own key bases were suffering and now they are trying to "impeach Blumpf" instead of offering any kind of actual solution. Impeaching Clinton went badly for the Republicans, impeaching Trump will go even worse for the Demonrats.

The key here is that Trump's base and the people most burned by the ongoing shutdown are distinct. They don't support Trump, why care about them? Play to the base and the middle will flock to the winning team.

1d34ad  No.12699330



Chimpouts are no longer tied to the shutdown though. Releasing SNAP early and asking niggers to be frugal guaranteed this. You can't give an ape a banana and expect it to put this away for next week. Although jews can have a preference one way or the other regarding massive chimpouts, they hedge and have hand rubbing schemes for most anticipated outcomes. Bankrupting farmers and buying up destroyed city blocks for pennies on the dollar are kike dreams. Trump hasn't cucked until he signs whatever congressional legislation reaches his desk, until then it's all theatre. Meanwhile no tears lost on poor helpless pissrael.

f6110b  No.12699581


(((Zerohedge))) has a story up explaining why early foodstamps will cause these hand-to-mouth people to have a shortage, because they can't help themselves in spending.


f6110b  No.12699584


Sword-owning master race tbh tbh tbqf

000000  No.12699716


> Bankrupting farmers and buying up destroyed city blocks for pennies on the dollar are kike dreams.

Time for /pol/ to turn those (((dreams))) into nightmares.

The typical small farm has no association with food stamps, only big (((agribusiness))) so the kikes will be bankrupting themselves. Destroyed city blocks are literally the fire rising and why do you think the kikes don't already own most of the blocks where the chimpouts will hit?

1d34ad  No.12699753


Valid points, although don't rule out jews jewing each other. My examples of scheming were not well enough thought out.

84e21a  No.12699836

zognald already gave them double money for January. Shutdown will not last much longer.

Still waiting for that wall too btw.

b7a24d  No.12699890


Anyone dumb enough to use this would get slapped with felony wire fraud, like those faggots trying to use the FREE PS3 coupons at Wal*Mart years back.


That was the WIC (Women, Infants, Children) program. It provided a lot of dairy products in the midwest, and things like Cheerios, eggs, and other miscellaneous stuff, but not nearly as much as food coupons or EBT cards allow for, like potatoes, rice, seasoning, vegetables, and the like.


They'll waste all of it buying black angus steaks and other inefficient food that can theoretically be re-sold for drugs and/or cash. Hopefully all they get is fentanyl.

000000  No.12699996


> jews jewing each other

If they do it openly, /pol/ still wins. We can use the blatant kikery for more redpills. Almost everyone understands cui bono? and we can use this to redpill nignogs and send them to Schlomo's doorstep. Let the kikes pay reparations, since they were the slavers.

d741d4  No.12700171


And then the government will open again.

How many times are you going to chase wild geese?

bb1c17  No.12704075

File: 58d5bc1ac56f0b4⋯.jpg (64.31 KB, 793x448, 793:448, dear niggers.JPG)

b43e00  No.12704204


>Also, Tasmania grows about 40% of the world's medicinal poppies - just something I learned last year while visiting.

Who own the poppy farm? That is a lot of poppies for small welfare majority white state.

bb1c17  No.12704242


>Who own the poppy farm?

About half of the farms are owned by Johnson & Johnson Corp.

c774fd  No.12704733


Cheap supersoakers leak, though. Getting gasoline all over yourself near an open flame it's a bad idea.

c774fd  No.12704773

File: 50d8435b0c896b0⋯.jpg (86.95 KB, 600x590, 60:59, 1515934355408.jpg)


IIRC, AWB states can have a magazine capacity exemption for .22lr. While it's not as powerful, it's easy for a novice to shoot, the rifle and ammo is cheap, and it's still lethal if you need to defend yourself. I don't think unorganized rioters would go after an armed civilian, but there's always the possibility of a lefty death squad trying to take advantage of the chaos.

1a3ee4  No.12704969

File: b354f301a8eba2a⋯.gif (1.74 MB, 800x686, 400:343, 1542325321546.gif)


>Trump will cave & the left knows it.

Trump doesn't have to cave at all.

EBT cards fail, Trump makes heart-wrenching speech about hungry Americans, declares national emergency, builds the wall with Military funding while reopening the government.

Mission accomplished, Dem House BTFO and irrelevant.

5cd7af  No.12705000



This is why Trump picked February: he knew this would happen, and it's the shortest month.

ac8d8e  No.12705028



2259e2  No.12705046


Thing is, this is a two-way street. Why would you think it'd be a one-sided "omg drumpf y u no cave" thing? Yeah it'll be like that on (((tv))) and lefty faceberg pages will spin it that way, but plenty of people see the other side of it. We're not far from the shutdown costing more than the wall funding requested, and now this. So give the fucking wall funding. Trump's not in the wrong here by miles.

bb1c17  No.12706578

>>12705000 (checked)

He knows it will happen during nigger history month. So it's a level of trolling off the charts - like pottery.

a2cfc8  No.12706696


Works out great for Trump. Those Chimp outs will occur in largely democratic areas which will subsequently drain and destroy their economic viability.

72f129  No.12706812

File: 5887129e3d2ad6f⋯.gif (610.46 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1506493762284.gif)


i like it

nice job anon

5fab18  No.12706837

The problem is regardless of facts, welfare niggers will still blame Trump for not getting their gibs.

Ideally, we'd want the niggers to understand that it's the left's fault they can't feed their keeids and buy a new pair of Jordans to weaken the explicitly anti-white voting bloc.


kill yourself. You can use and exploit the apes like you would use any tool.

5fab18  No.12706860


Where the fuck else are they supposed to shit lmao

1d5e93  No.12712569


I just want them all to riot and get koreaned.

bb1c17  No.12712654


>I just want them all to riot and get koreaned.

Food riots are perfectly fine with Trump. In a 1987 interview he revealed the following approach to journalist (((Roy Rosenbaum))). Although it was in the context of a nuclear armed nation preventing Pakistani proliferation, and more specifically advice for Ronald Reagan, one can see he obviously considers food riots an acceptable strategy.

>Maybe we should offer them something. I'm saying you start off as nicely as possible. You apply as much pressure as necessary until you achieve the goal. You start off telling them, "Let's get rid of it." If that doesn't work you then start cutting off aid. And more aid and then more. You do whatever is necessary so these people will have riots in the street, so they can't get water. So they can't get Band-Aids, so they can't get food. Because that's the only thing that's going to do it - the people, the riots.


6633f5  No.12729770

File: c4944bdd3424cbf⋯.png (211.88 KB, 789x605, 789:605, it is desperately necessar….png)

OP here. Remember that conditions for niggers chimping out next month have nothing to do with the shutdown ending. Once February gibs were released by all the states early, that action became irreversible. It's also interesting to note that H.R. 268 (Supplemental Appropriations Act) which brings forward the existing CR to February 15th., has absolutely no additional funding for SNAP. There's nothing which would by itself, either explicitly or implicitly, allow spending on the program in March. In other words, SNAP can only be further funded by any bi-partisan appropriations bill which includes the full 2019 budget for the Dept. of Agriculture. It's not a long read, so you don't have to take my word for this.


Many thanks to those who helped accelerate this by introducing doubt on the social media platforms. Feedback shows that plenty of niggers did exactly as expected, and blew through gibs in less than a week. When nothing shows up on a massive scale for February SNAP card balances, they will be told they already got them, and additionally the states will have to acknowledge that March is not funded either. Minnesota may be an exception, as they're considering funding March on their own.


There is nothing that invalidates the second phase

In addition, the extra complication of potentially being right back where this all began by February 15th. is also favorible. Anons, the fuse is lit and it's up to those who are willing to help make sure it remains this way, until niggers start to feel the reality of zero balances. Political and passive solutions have failed. This is the single best opportunity available now, to advance and accelerate the inevitable rising fire. Sieg Heil.

000000  No.12729802


Trump's laid a trap by funding February early.

04c326  No.12730354




You could be out there getting $10k worth of back massages after lifting a box of tissues at your part time job.

You're back is fucked up and you dope up on drugs to forget. You're whole life is based on escaping refusing any White Unity, any White Leadership. This phenomenon is known as the strong getting stronger because you weak individuals are failing the most simple shit-test. non-Whites can get workers comp but you're too scared to help yourself. you want $10k worth of back massages in an EBT card.

3b27a5  No.12730371


Products sold are cigarettes, resold xbox games or dvds, corn syrup products .

Things welfare niggers never buy: vegetables, cleaning products, reasonably affordable clothing, anything for the child

8af788  No.12730828


>has absolutely no additional funding for SNAP

lol the government shut down is over, Trump caved just accept it.

000000  No.12731411


Kek Wills it!

000000  No.12734025



Isn't it a little too early to celebrate? If he doesn't get the wall he's going to do it anyway and you'll be here screaming about the Constitution which you hate anyway, faggot.

You AOC discord trannies are so fucking stupid.

b91be6  No.12734038

They actually funded February and gave it to them early.

000000  No.12734052


March isn't funded.

000000  No.12735690




>the shill doesn't like it when facts are pointed out

How are you coping lately? Will you be OK when they announce RBG's death this week?

3297a3  No.12735948

8af788  No.12736099



000000  No.12739134

Bump, EBT still not paid for for March. When Trump shuts down the government again that money will not go out and liberals will be eaten alive in their own cities.

8af788  No.12739180

File: e8cfe33a753ea7d⋯.png (239.84 KB, 419x504, 419:504, 1471890605400-2.png)


>When Trump shuts down the government again

000000  No.12740832


> Twitter apparently considers significantly different gateway IPs as suspicious activity for non-established accounts.

You need an actual Tor controller. Get one that can bind a particular site to a particular exit node and you'll have a stable Tor IP.

The controller protocol can be used for this, but I don't know if any existing controller software does this yet. You may have to write one or ask /g/. The controller will have to manage assigning streams to circuits, but Tor itself can still build the circuits. The controller just adds a fourth hop through the designated exit node before attaching a sensitive stream.

60261e  No.12740970


What in the fuck do you think the current ENTIRE ECONOMY IS?

Do you even know what useful work is supposed to be? By what reference point? How much technology has been suppressed and kept in the service of those who simultaneously are networked in their control of media, and the currency, and all of the outlays of said currency? What does that spell out to you when you fucking work at a "car wash"? IT'S GLORIFIED MAKE WORK. Upshot? Do you continue to embed your discussion of falsified economics inside that rubric and take it out on the "lazy bums" or do you finally wake up and realize that YOU are a lazy bum, who won't do the thinking required in order to frame and discuss the actual problem?

People like you think "medicine" is "medicine as we know it" without regard to the very REAL EVIDENCE that diseases and damage syndromes are being DEPLOYED upon the public EVEN AS the causes are hidden or suppressed and cures are AGAIN sequestered, while people are even KEPT POORER because of these conditions and the funding which goes to continuing the pretense that "researchers are looking for a cure".

YOU are the real reason the world is in its current shape. You cannot understand the problem or refuse to, and you will never have a solution. What is the solution? Getting "YOU" out of the way. How? Informing you to look further than the tip of your nose when analyzing the world's problems.

60261e  No.12741043


X22 likes to suggest that the "Deep Fake" issue was recently thrown out there by the MSM to prepare for the possibility of there being an expose of some rather horrifying actions possibly taken by key Deep State persons and their associates, which could not only be very damaging for anti-Trump/anti-The People/anti-American forces, but could even cause them to IMPLODE. Things like what Hillary supposedly did to a child, along with Huma Abedin, on a ping pong table, that is surely the most evil gore ever seen by 99.9999% of human beings. Surely, there must be a lot of "Patriots" and "White Hats" available as raw manpower if the entire system of Deep State is to be overthrown (as it is the entity in charge, along with the inertial mass of the plebs who are beholden to it). But all that seems quite a tenuous ask to believe.

91116b  No.12741118


I trust my daughters practicing safety, and having had range training, with firearms. What I don't know is whether they're capable of killing someone, in an act of defending our home. I'd expect that question might be applicable for some of the "Patriots" and "White Hats" too. What nigger riots could provide, is a means to determine who can be counted as raw manpower in an overthrow scenario. To what extent White men will be able to surmount jewish poisoning and become a force of reckoning, is largely unknown. Better having some niggers to put down, in order to provide any clarity on the bigger picture.

79d3e5  No.12741136


You could show the public the most horrific rape and murder of a child but they'd still just read the headline saying "Hillary Murder Video Edited" and immediately dismiss the story as a hoax/Russian conspiracy. Also keep in mind anyone who has such a tape is committing a crime by merely possessing it and that will help the public dismiss it even more.

d9d1b0  No.12743960


Can (you) or anyone else elaborate on this? From what I've read it's funded thru march, meaning march gibs will roll out no matter what.

91116b  No.12744067


>From what I've read it's funded thru march, meaning march gibs will roll out no matter what.

How about posting a link or archive for what you've read anon? There's plenty of misinformation floating around for sure (and that's a good thing). The Deptartment of Agriculture is the primary source for information about SNAP. The latest press release was January 30th. There is no mention of any contingency funding plan for March. This subject is deliberately being avoided, with the onus on individual state governments to convey the message. If a bi-partisan appropriations bill is passed and signed by Trump, then you can expect an immediate press release advising that March EBT is funded here:


8af788  No.12744119


up your meds

f7c240  No.12744243


Kill yourself you fucking blackpill nigger. I am so tired of you shills. You will never drive real /pol/lacks off this board.

f7c240  No.12744323

File: 0371e7f55f3c7df⋯.png (166.19 KB, 1786x799, 38:17, Anons Twatter Guide.png)


Thank you, anon! I have been missing a few of these finer points since the shuttening. I'm glad someone finally posted an actual guide.

69607e  No.12744350

File: b0127c031f91ec9⋯.jpg (241.93 KB, 1920x1434, 320:239, ape crates for niglets.jpg)

bump this important topic

69607e  No.12744354


This, and they used a special loophole not available now to load February's gibs early.

91116b  No.12751644

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>We gonna rob everything until we get our fuckin food stamps

d004eb  No.12751659


Kek imagine what would happen if a solar flare disrupted the system for a week or two.

91116b  No.12764911

At least Trump didn't say anything earlier which might have precluded coming chimpouts. Not one word about declaring a National emergency, so perhaps he's waiting to see what niggers do first?

e0376f  No.12787326

File: 054decc3194be6b⋯.png (130.4 KB, 951x729, 317:243, bump.png)

Giving the thread a chance to see what happens after Feb. 15th.

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