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File: 6173decd3dd187d⋯.png (61.22 KB, 600x432, 25:18, EE8C093F-E445-4826-8869-2D….png)

f3963e  No.12632209

I heard that the Israeli government, NSA, and other intelligence agencies have “ring zero” access to all computers in the US. As I understand it, this is the same thing as having a backdoor into the computer, where basically everything on the computer is accessible regardless of encryption, etc. I am very concerned about this, because it basically means that there is absolutely no chance of privacy whatsoever if nothing is done to change this. This would apply even for cryptocurrency. No cryptocurrency is private when used on these backdoored computers.

I have heard that Russia is aware of this and has been intentionally designing and manufacturing computers that prevent this ring zero access. Is this true?

Are these computers available to purchase?

I can’t seem to find much on this issue. Can you share any redpills you have on this issue. Thanks.

eaedfc  No.12632213


28ff4b  No.12632219

File: 3534512897c835b⋯.jpg (12.91 KB, 480x360, 4:3, c7ff874399ff115c8ccaf4af84….jpg)

>his OS doesn't run on ring 0

glownigger detected

f3963e  No.12632243

File: a0f7dfc506291a8⋯.jpeg (729.14 KB, 1261x440, 1261:440, 84F446F7-1496-4753-BE5D-3….jpeg)


COINTELPRO technique number 1: FORUM SLIDING

34787b  No.12632289

Impossible if you build your own firewall and run spi infosec. Sure they might have access but they need to be able to get in first.

f3963e  No.12632306


Can you share any resources about this for newfags?

5e7e85  No.12632319


Belongs in >>>/tech/.

Unfortunately, /tech/ has become a lot slower the past year or two. I'm guessing they all migrated to one of the many other imageboards that were written and shilled there.

000000  No.12632331


Russia and China have access as well now too. Expect lots of wacky cyber tomfoolery.


QTDDTOT is full of cock suckers and shills.



Snowden's NSA catalog would beg to differ.

9d8191  No.12632348

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f3963e  No.12632497

f3963e  No.12632527


Watching now. This is based so far

000000  No.12632546


Ring 0 is your anus, and they're in like Flynn.

2be62f  No.12632564


8951d1  No.12632567

Dude, they built backdoors into all intel processors since like, 2004 or 5.

9622f0  No.12632584


no, it's literally impossible. If the only traffic coming out of your systems is logged and no traffic not from the verified origin is allowed, it's almost completely airgapped for all intents and purposes.

While cucksumer routers might have compromised backdoors, homebrew systems have no such limitations and you can use known, open source cpus and control boards. Routers and diy dns are dirt simple to run and something like BRO can even detect foxacid.

Snowden, since you mentioned him, often infodumps on truly secure platforms and devices all the time.

You can't get into a fully digitally locked door, it's just not feasible. Perfect digital locks have existed for over a decade. All they can do is see what you connect to through other back doors, they're not getting into your system unless you have an unmonitored outbound connection, and if you deny anything you don't recognize, then you're just fine.

People talk all the time about windows 10 telemetry. I don't even bother turning the services off because it doesn't matter, nothing is getting out of my network that I don't give the ok to, and after about a week of monitoring passive outbound traffic, it's easy to see what ips I actually need to connect to, newsflash, it's not many.

Double up with a rotating vpn, too.

8951d1  No.12632585


Good news is they cant talk about the capability, because it would expose who runs the world. They cant act on it except in cases of extreme threat, to their power, not public safety, public safety is secondary talking point. Although since this is all the same techniques used during commie revolutions in RU and GE in 1917, you can bet your sweet ass there will be a phase of military distraction while all of the alphabet agencies genocide resistors during the overthrow phase. Probably keeping lists in hierarchial precedence.

df9052  No.12632587

File: a30f732cb2ba9e4⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1920x1024, 15:8, fetus0002.png)

Op doesn't even know about rings -1,-2,-3 and -4.

b77b23  No.12632591

File: 05e316219235ced⋯.png (77.83 KB, 1343x708, 1343:708, Intel-Rings.png)




ring 0? try ring -2 and ring -3 and on and on…it's backdoors all the way down.


000000  No.12632602


>it's almost completely airgapped

Confirmed for not reading the NSA catalog. Lots of that stuff is available to law enforcement as well as off the books deep state niggers too.

9622f0  No.12632603


oh one last thing, you can also just get ssh hosting vms from a variety of small isps and hosts all over the world for pennies a month and run a cheap vpn OS instance off it that uses dev>null logging and a ramdrive.

Literally nothing to set up and super easy, too. Some people say that's ultra paranoid over something like nordvpn or whatever but who knows if those services are honeypots or compromised.

null logging should be the state of gateways on the whole, and even though it would save us money, governments REQUIRE all traffic to be logged.

DO NOT use your isp's dns, at the very least, and do not use googles. Do not use dns from your country unless they null log.

Cloudflare's distributed dns is fairly safe from what we've seen, and they null log. OpenDNS private servers from a local grey hat might be even better.

9622f0  No.12632622


DUDE. YOU CAN SEE TRAFFIC LITERALLY ON THE INTERFACE, IN THE RAW, VIA A QUARTER SIZED ARDRENO DEVICE, AND NONE OF IT IS FUCKING COMPROMISED OR INBOUND. You can see the literal + - voltage on the line and the 1s and 0s and translate the packets with pen and paper if you want. You cannot get passed a virtual black hole. No information is coming in or out unless I initiated it. My interface is not connected directly to any device connected to the internet.

I would like to fucking know how the fuck they're going to get into my machine in my den with poured concrete walls and zero cellular service or radio on any frequency.

You're being paranoid and retarded. Literally retarded.

All the traffic on my interface is whitelist only. Nothing goes in and out unless I say so, and it's -at the line-. There's no way in. It's the same as unplugging it, literally. Any unrecognized outbound initiated traffic is immediately dropped on the device and I can choose to allow or disallow it in the future after manual audit.

Zero inbound traffic and no cname/etc redirection is allowed.

43f5fc  No.12632626


There is a crazy technology called pen and paper. That is where I keep everything of actual importance. Also I have a computer that never goes on the internet. Ever and I keep other things on that. If it is too important to go on pen and paper, I keep it in my head. The jew and cianiggers don't have access to that yet.

43f5fc  No.12632628


I love just going through each thread I come across and filtering the TORniggers.

90b7f7  No.12632669


>As I understand it, this is the same thing as having a backdoor into the computer, where basically everything on the computer is accessible regardless of encryption, etc.

False. But they do have access to tne key when it's used. Having ring 0 access doesn't magically treat encrypted data as unencrypted clear text.

ead063  No.12632671


>The jew and cianiggers don't have access to that yet.

Actually you should practice OpSec against remote viewing under the assumption that your eyes can be seen through by others under the right conditions. Good otherwise though.

The brain reading technology is coming along too. Polite sage for not being entirely on topic.

000000  No.12632679


>you can see the bluetooth and wifi traffic your Intel Management Engine is generating on your LAN

90b7f7  No.12632685


>Muh Snowden

You mean the limited hangout that promised he'd release 100% of his information soon but is still at 99%+ unreleased?

9622f0  No.12632691


lol, don't you have homework to do kiddo?

No wifi, no bluetooth, cat 6-7. Like I said, I can see the voltage on the line. Anything above that would be noise that would be filtered by the NFRing before and after the packet analyzers and pre-1999 pc firewall. Plus they would have to compromise my vpn and figure out which of the 200 or so people connecting to it is me. Stop being retarded.

Pull your head out of your ass. I've got bigger problems if they're sitting in a van outside my house.

71b51f  No.12632701

>Buying newer gen Intel processors

They literally have hardware backdoor that gives Israeli gov direct and full access to your computer regardless of software layer protection.

000000  No.12632702


What information he did relase was earth shattering.


>they have to be sitting in a van

They will just use your neighbor's machine, a passing cell phone or whatever.

>glowniggers mark you as target

>literally just use any nearby computer to log into the ME

>can use any phone too

9622f0  No.12632737


what part of packet repeater + packet analyzer and concrete zero RF penetrating walls did you miss? How do you think major governments secure systems outside of air gapping them?

I know you watch a lot of movies anon, but sorry to burst your bubble, quantum safe full system encryption and 100% secure outbound connections are not only common, but cheap now. All good motherboards support 3rd party TPS devices and all AMD processors have one built in, too. You can even manually set the keys if you want. I bet yours isn't even turned on and you use optimized defaults on your (mom's) 'puter.

Also modern cell phones are retarded and absolutely pozzed, voip through vpn if I need a call which is every other never.

>use your neighbor's machine

how, praytell, since their machine is in no way connected to anything I'm on and I drop all traffic that isn't coming from me, AFTER it's been repeated by a device BEFORE it's repeated by my homebrew router with VIA and Cyrix cpus from the 90's, which is itself not even connected to my modem directly?

Again, you're being paranoid and dumb.

Tell me exactly how they would do that, if you're so convinced 5eyes is on your ass?

All you need to do is understand a bit about how the technology works at the base level.

Here's a hint. Start learning ASM and FPGA devices. You can literally start building your own baller ass cpu designs at 14nm in a few years, kiddo.

90b7f7  No.12632744


>What information he did relase was earth shattering.

Not even remotely.

100% of what he had released was already well known to exist. All he did was give them names. Prior to Snowden the people who found out about these tactics and information were labeled as conspiracy theorist nut jobs the old extreme right wing label

000000  No.12632752


You're the one who has been watching too many movies. Your basement isn't as RF-proof as you think either. You're engaging in a good larp but it's time to put the keyboard down.


Snowden's leaks were partly stuff that was thought to exist, partly stuff that wasn't even known at all, and a tiny portion was stuff well known to exist. But it was the proof and confirmation which was needed for many entities to make great changes. Russia completely redid their national security infrastructure, for example. As a radio amateur I was amused to listen to the world wide morse code explosion on non-ham bands after Snowden defected.

9622f0  No.12632762


maybe it's a "good larp" as you say but it's clear I know a bit of what I'm talking about.

And like I said, they would have to first figure out I'm interesting, only to find a vpn, and they supeona the fuck out of the vpn in a foreign country who doesn't keep records anyway, then realize they need to MITM the vpn, figure out which bit of encrypted traffic is me, realize there's another vpn, and this is where they give up.

I don't do anything remotely interesting enough to warrant any trouble anyway because I'm not a fucking crim, but I would rather they don't rifle through my sock drawer and find videos of me fucking my ex-wife cunt raw, yaknow?

39141c  No.12632794


True, somewhat, but there's also this basic fact:

NSA/CIA/MOSSAD/ASIO won't use 0-days on low value targets

The reason is simple. If you spy on your OWN machine in a highly clever way (and the glow niggers have to always assume you're more than you seem) then you MIGHT catch their Chinese Star and throw it back at them. (Chinese Star = analogy to glow nigger bespoke malware).

How vulnerable are you? My opinion is 1 layer deeper than you think. Example, "last time the police caught M crook they used N tool". So assume next time it will be N+1 in sophistication etc. 2 levels is too far, but isn't impossible.

Most spying on us normal fuckheads is through FB & Twitter and such. Using Tor to read news is a damn excellent idea. That's because Tor Browser fucks with tracking and is easy mode for doing that. But you should use a VPN before you connect to Tor. And, to make things a bit more complicated, you should only connect to Tor from a connection you haven't used for other things, because that also auto-deanonymizes (for the glow niggers). Complicated, but a lot of glow niggers don't have that higher-level shit and just have FB&Twitter -level spying/public-manipulation.

Example of what the FBI & CIA & MI-5 does is keep people from getting jobs, because of their political opinions. They redefine you as a special (bullshit) kind of "terrorist", then categorize such actions as important for un-boosting the signal.

Ironically, they're wrong about that. The way to get people sitting on their asses trolling all day is to keep them out of the workplace…

39141c  No.12632813


You changed ip addresses.

I don't disagree with you, mostly. But you should be aware that CPU probably have backdoors for extreme emergencies. Something like 9908237418723 gets copied into any register, so a file is spammed with that over and over in various positions, so it's sure to get in there, trigger it. So maybe that's how we detect an attack. Rambling, but it could be informative…


Let that shit sink in for a fucking minute. Think these guys are on our side? They exist to create a sense of false security, nothing more!


Clouflare does NOT null log keeeeek

39141c  No.12632816


>100% of what he had released was already well known to exist.

This is an excellent point. We knew about older versions of everything. Very interesting to think about.

And a good cause for suspicion. After all, what are the odds that the NSA/FBI/Mossad other glow niggers haven't discovered at least 1 new device/trick?

d55a60  No.12632878


>Most spying on us normal fuckheads is through FB & Twitter and such. Using Tor to read news is a damn excellent idea. That's because Tor Browser fucks with tracking and is easy mode for doing that. But you should use a VPN before you connect to Tor. And, to make things a bit more complicated, you should only connect to Tor from a connection you haven't used for other things, because that also auto-deanonymizes (for the glow niggers). Complicated, but a lot of glow niggers don't have that higher-level shit and just have FB&Twitter -level spying/public-manipulation.

agreed, these days who really has a secret they could release that would have any impact ? THere's so much corruption out in the open. Apparently journalists are just getting murdered out in the open now if they expose the FBI, and no based patriots seem to blame Trump who just magically always appears to be doing absolutely nothing about it, but apparently he's still worthy of praise.

Anyway, I agree that if you say things that are annoying to these corrupt trash they'll just do all the things they tell you they aren't interested in and mess with you psychologically.

f1762d  No.12632885

File: 25f9048832f5379⋯.png (203.24 KB, 600x432, 25:18, FTFY.png)

c65d10  No.12632895

What about arm chips?

9622f0  No.12632901


many of the topography of arm amtel type chips are completely known and can be replicated with literal wires and transistors.

You could build your own and have it stamped yourself if you want, so yes, they can be very safe.

f1762d  No.12632910


>NSA/CIA/MOSSAD/ASIO won't use 0-days on low value targets

My phone got TAOed after I started looking into Uranium One loooong before the election. I want Trump to declassify that shit do I can sue Obamas's ass.

976dc0  No.12632918


Chuckled, then imagined you positioning one hole over the other with your mouse and chuckled again.

92a145  No.12632975


This. Ring 3 is for ovaltine spooge-drinking nigger-fuckers.

000000  No.12632987


>Op doesn't even know about rings -1,-2,-3 and -4.

Glowing OP does know about rings below zero because OP posted this bait thread on a /pol/itical board instead of the correct one.

Note it is asking a question that you could read up on if you needed to = bait / datamining

d55a60  No.12632993

to a big extent you can't trust the developers these days

it's kinda to funny to observe what's going on with wireguard and the linux kernel as of now not only hasn't it been integrated but it doesn't even compile with the latest source

39141c  No.12633025


You know it's bad when kike Sacha Baron Cohen is trying to get the FBI to arrest a child rapist, and they won't.

39141c  No.12633032


Yeah, glow niggers can flip out over mere protected political speech. The CIA slit the throat of political rights of the people, long long ago.

They've done worse, too. They've kept people from getting jobs :^)

4b8b07  No.12633064

File: c32648e75c7e21f⋯.webm (9.91 MB, 640x360, 16:9, terry grips.webm)




2c1c09  No.12633140


Would you say you're behind 7 proxies? And none of them is TOR?

f3963e  No.12633216


I’m just a guy that doesn’t know anything about computers. I had heard rumors that intel had built backdoor chips inside all electronics, but didn’t know more than that. Then I recently heard Patrick little talking about this ring-0 access. I’ve been studying it today and yes it does go further than ring-0, but it really doesn’t matter. The point is that every computer is fundamentally insecure. That is why I was asking if anyone knew anything about Russian computers, because apparently they are working on jewproof ones. Doesn’t seem like anyone knows about this though.

21d70b  No.12633260


This guy basically proved that Snowden wasn’t lying. All microprocessing machines can be backdoored and exploited.

21d70b  No.12633267


What you’re really asking is what are the names of chip manufacturers that aren’t Intel, AMD, nvidia.

504fd0  No.12633278



>trusting x86/x86_64/amd64

>trusting Microsoft Windows

>trusting CloudFlare

You're very bioluminescent.

For those curious, just peruse crimeflare.org:82 and watch >>12632348 . I can post stuff if need be but that's a good starting point. Look into completely libre ARM SBCs(I think they're only 2 available), RISC V, and the POWER9 ISAs (Raptor computing) for safe hardware (or alternatively start using your Intel Pentium III system again). As for software, if you faggots aren't running a GNU/Linux distro or one of the BSDs then there's no hope for you.

Also, check out I2P and I2P out-proxies for anonymous clearnet access.

f8d452  No.12633333


since pat got the boot from gabbi does he only upload to bitchute now?

d0c46c  No.12633376



f3963e  No.12633378


Based digits confirming the destiny of Patrick Little

Bitchute and various YouTube channels. I just look his name up on YouTube mainly.

f3963e  No.12633386


Yeah basically. I was pretty much hoping someone would post a link on amazon or something like that to a computer that had no backdoor in it. I knew it would probably be too good to be true, but wanted to ask just in case.

000000  No.12633405



Anon, if you are concerned with gettign pwnd then you should first learn how these attacks work. Once you know how they work you can mitigate them. For example, how would an attacker gain initial access to you system to fuck with the kernel ? If you can prevent that, then you have nothing to worry about.

194a44  No.12633424




maybe you should learn into computers before you start asking about ring0 vs whatever else. Your real question should have been

>does nsa and other have access to windows remotely and through hijacking the update process and spoofing legit certificate authorities?


>Does nsa and others have access to hardware level exploits that completely bypass the operating system and are attackable remotely?


everything else in your post is muddle-headed gibberish… I really hope you're just a curious 10 year old kid or something, but the level of ignoranice in your post is staggering. I can't imagine you are employing any operational security whatsoever, and indeed you might be a paid shill and this could be a slide thread. saging from an abundance of caution.

6ae4dc  No.12633917

File: 61b264b014de1bd⋯.jpg (402.42 KB, 508x657, 508:657, Better than Intel.jpg)


There's more than just 2 decent ARM boards, if you're willing to forego stuff like 3D GPU and wifi. And I don't care about such features at all, so my little sun7i A20 board runs with all open firmware (and none of the x86 bugs or ME stuff, or even any Spectre vulnerabilty). Unfortunately, the raspberry pi (probably the most common ARM board) needs a closed blob to even start the ARM cores. Someone tried to reverse this bob, but they only did part of the work before deciding it wasn't worth their time.

a161bb  No.12633974

ring 0 isnt shit

intel has ring -3 access with intel ME (yes that's negative 3)

000000  No.12634001

I'm pretty sure Snowden already made it clear. It's something you deal with but at the same time it's not the worst worry. You can run all the OPsec you want but they'll still find you if they really wanted to but it doesn't hurt to try if you really want. It's like running whore, you don't use it to run from the feds but something closer.

98a821  No.12634023


Intel made it, supposedly for "performance issues" i.e. defragmenting while you're not using your computer, except no it's just a backdoor if you're dumb enough to leave your computer near an access point or connected to the ethernet

Ever wondered why all of a sudden you can't remove the battery from laptops? It's not just to force you to call in tech support when it dies, it's because the ring 0 access needs some sort of power supply at all times.

c3dc79  No.12634277



>all these graphics without negative rings

100% outdated

bc4769  No.12634342


What you’re looking for is the Israeli Talpiot programme/Unit 8200. I’m a sucker for software, but this video explains it in terms of hardware:


If you don’t want the kikes having access to your data, use AMD CPU’s (which the CCP can use to completely monitor and control your computer, however.)

Who do you trust more, Chinks or Kikes?

000000  No.12635244

Unfortunately there's a way to deal with home-grown firewalls that restrict outbound traffic, with a smart enough backdoor.

Communications can piggyback on legitimate traffic. From the outside, the attacker only needs access to your gateway, the remote system, or any point in between. This is easy to implement on central gateways.

The attacker modifies packets, inserting code, and the compromised system watches for that, and inserts its responses likewise. For example, data and code can be added at the end of a buffer, options field, or any similar location where extraneous data isn't noticed (and even where it is specifically allowed).

Code and output can be marked with a fingerprint (used like an opening tag/password) which can even appear anywhere within transmitted data. The byte length of the code/data can be specified, or a closing fingerprint/tag can be used.

The backdoor can either look for the fingerprints in memory, or within the specific network buffer. Output can be queued to only go out with legitimate traffic as well.

For a widely-deployed universal backdoor, the options are vast.

1745f1  No.12635253


I disagree. We're one of the few living boards on here and it pertains to a tool of mastery the jews wish to hold over us. Avoiding this is essential for our continued survival and success. We ought to discuss all elements of our struggle here.

c7b1ba  No.12635267

r0 is a windows kernel concept.

Other OS kernel types does not work like that and opensource kernels are only vulnerable is binary only kernel modules are used.

Unless hardware itself is pozzed there is a way to bypass that grid.

000000  No.12635276

The rings are a CPU thing, rather than Windows-specific. They're used in Linux, etc.

000000  No.12635328

What's with all of the lame and gratuitous racial yammering on here?

0acd41  No.12635372

File: 426aa6bab463319⋯.jpg (457.37 KB, 1920x1440, 4:3, 1525362121650.jpg)


I miss him, bros.

34cc88  No.12635406

File: f998e8d6f39486e⋯.png (162.27 KB, 400x800, 1:2, mfw-terry.png)

09fb49  No.12635477


The goatse joke unfortunately won't extend into negative space.

000000  No.12644818

I know chyou… ask any Q'uestions.

Password 89cb76a1ed0c9c2d

ccf558  No.12644831


The memes surround this guy are the dumbest shit ever. Too bad because he was actually quite interesting.

b56e23  No.12644966

File: 1964bbbcffe99ee⋯.png (162.38 KB, 1600x875, 64:35, net.nazi.png)

It's time to leave the niggernet behind and build the NaziNet.

Das Datenautobahn.

000000  No.12644970

Last time this brought up some anons posted this pastebin link to some autists' physical security guide. https://pastebin.com/EBWsQtz0

Look into open source software and air gapping, anon, to prevent a lot of shit.

Go ask >>>/tech/ though, they'd know more.

de9f15  No.12644979

>OP can't do calculus or work with radicals

Bunch of dumb apes on this board.

de9f15  No.12644985

Just thought I should state that when you give power to a faggot, they have control over you. If you never give them power, they are forever indebted to you.

Quit being faggots.

a0ce33  No.12650982


This shouldn't be news to people here. Any serious /pol/ack should be keeping abreast of /tech/ too, where this is regularly discussed. The lowdown on escaping the botnet is this:

For Laptops, you want a Librebooted thinkpad of the T500/T400/X200 generation. This means you're stuck on 2009 era Core2Duo hardware, this is the last generation of Intel processor where the ME could be completely disabled.

For desktops, You want AMD family 15h processors, the last generation before AMD implemented PSP, their ME equivalent. The most powerful practical one being the FX 8350. Unfortunately I'm not aware of a libreboot compatible motherboard for it, looking to work on a port myself. If you need more power, you can build a dual processor workstation using old Opteron hardware of the same generation. There are a couple of motherboards with Libreboot ported.

As a general rule you should also self-host everything you possibly can, to avoid giving your data to the CIANiggers at Google et al.

76f6c4  No.12651033

26efae  No.12651655

Do you recommend we stop posting on /pol/ or anywhere else?

Should we stop exercising our first amendment rights?

What do you recommend, agent?

BTW, this is posted every month here.

33f104  No.12670746


000000  No.12671230


Posting from a Raptor Talos with no Management Engine.

9cfd99  No.12671563

All the chips are backdoored OP. This your first day here? sage

83adf7  No.12672230


>glow-in-the-darks spying on normies.

While I'm glad we have these threads available and we should all be very wary about the facts and that we should redpill people on the subject, I think we're giving way more credit to the niggers that necessary. Despite this, we should have a discussion in this thread about security risks and building the best and most secure rig.

39d49b  No.12672254

Could these "backdoors" be used to disable electronics? If so, this could be used to stage an Iranian or North Korean EMP attack.

2d9d89  No.12672289

File: f977716b1064500⋯.jpg (57.06 KB, 640x799, 640:799, 1524451718707.jpg)


God damn I love this board

088fda  No.12673610



Also with a built in backdoor, good try though

000000  No.12675695


>just angry sperging and sageing

We can all tell you're not white, anon.

6ce703  No.12675888

f107c7  No.12675893

Would rather stick to vagina.

000000  No.12677898



Seriously bruh? High five, let's meet back at Reddit and I'll totally give you gold. Whoa. You blew my mind with that insightful +1 comment! Nice.

Just keep on doing what you're doing, you'll fit in fine here. I promise.

5c1340  No.12678244


> 6e 6f 74 20 64 65 73 69 67 6e 69 6e 67 20 79 6f 75 72 20 6f 77 6e 20 63 70 75 20 61 72 63 68 69 74 65 63 74 75 72 65 20 61 6e 64 20 63 6f 6d 6d 75 6e 69 63 61 74 69 6e 67 20 69 6e 20 62 69 6e 61 72 79 20 61 6e 64 20 68 65 78

665c56  No.12678289

ca2454  No.12678432

ring -3 access op in minix

000000  No.12678637

What's with the jew and nigger references? It sounds super lame. Is there any actual reason for it, like tripping censors or affecting searches, or are you just that super classy?

03da5e  No.12678769


>relevant thread


<but off topic garbage like religion is perfectly fine goy

03da5e  No.12678852



Kill yourself. That board is literally retarded.

>hurr widescreen crops vertically instead of expands horizontally

>hurr everything that requires better than 1988 hardware is bloat

>toaster chinkpads are best pcs

>communist jews that eat their foot shavings are the saviors of technology even if they can't install nor run the shitty distro he shills

e1a6b9  No.12679390

File: 9f06d02e1333e68⋯.jpg (56.45 KB, 462x582, 77:97, 9f06d02e1333e68e81902c32bf….jpg)

File: 9fbe2dff7aa8c67⋯.png (90 B, 1x1, 1:1, bypass.png)

6e08bf  No.12679810



>OY VEY dont try getting down to 0 ring because uhh… uhh… We have minus infinity access, yes!

Any single proof of your ridiculous bluff? Ring 0 means complete access. You are a liar until you prove your claims

000000  No.12680000


The answer?:


See towards the bottom.

06047b  No.12680788


>wut is multiple hardware level backdoors in almost every modern computer

If you think anything is secure you are a newfag.

1335b8  No.12680965

File: b556185810a517b⋯.png (493.36 KB, 639x630, 71:70, efc515b.png)

Newfag here: I need a basic encryption method. I don't do shit super noteworthy for NSAfags to chase me, but protection is always safer.

0702f1  No.12682869


You're fucking retarded. Look up what -3 ring is and why it matters. Look up what (((dell))), system76, and Purism are trying to do to the intel management system. Look up what has higher system access and what about x86 architecture makes it unsafe. It's not hard, you mong. They have literal black hats talking about it on jewtube.

God damned, you stupid fucker. I'm a fucking computer retard and even i know this. I have to believe you're baiting because if you've heard of r0 then you have to have learned at some point that r0 isn't the highest level administrator controls.

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