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File: 389fb44b10fdb8c⋯.jpg (96.79 KB, 680x458, 340:229, 6a6.jpg)

7a8b1a  No.12634887

The U.S. two-year Treasury note yield US2YT=RR dropped below 2.4 percent on Thursday afternoon, reaching parity with the federal funds effective rate for the first time since 2008.

The fed funds effective rate, which was 2.4 percent on Thursday, moves within the Federal Reserve’s key policy range of 2.25 to 2.5 percent. The market move suggests investors believe the U.S. central bank will not be able to continue to tighten monetary policy as its forecast suggests, after having lifted benchmark interest rates four times in 2018.

“This is a big deal,” said Ian Lyngen, head of U.S. rates strategy at BMO Capital Markets.

“The market is effectively saying that at some point in the next 24 months, the Fed is going to have to not only stop hiking, but actively start easing.”

In late afternoon trade, the three- US3YT=RR and five-year US5YT=RR note yields had also dropped below 2.4 percent.


16ee40  No.12634928



have a semite free first

e22fa3  No.12635050

Buy ur ammo now fellas. Gonna get bumpy

2f6e79  No.12635061


>next 24 months,

So anytime in the next two years something could or could not happen?

preddy open ended and vague

65fafb  No.12635075


When someone tells me "It's happening" that seems to almost always mean it isn't.

91b447  No.12635093

ominous, there's isn't shit for support on all the major us indexes (could easily fall all the way back to where they were in 2016), faster they rise, faster they fall; easily recession material; 2019 will be a year of constant turmoil and increasing nervousness, economically, politically, culturally; in 2020 all hell breaks loose; our 4th turning is coming

72cea5  No.12635133


Nothing is happening.

As expected.

2ff70a  No.12635181

File: a9fc7b385da09bb⋯.jpg (41.69 KB, 474x474, 1:1, th.jpg)


I know right? Better safe than sorry though, might as well use it as motivation to get into a financially stable spot in life.

ebfd1c  No.12635190

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Maybe as a start to something bigger but the jews in power won't let it all collapse any time soon because we would win in the chaos. White Genocide can only happen for the jews through a slow burn of keeping Whitey happy and unquestioning for a few more years.

c82290  No.12635241


>This time for sure they will get drumpf

>This time for sure the market will crash

717e02  No.12635270

nothing is happening

91b447  No.12635500

File: b146279ebcf1e84⋯.png (67.99 KB, 1157x637, 89:49, DJIA 2-Year.PNG)





When major indexes a significant trend-line (red line in pic related) on panicky volume (red oval) and then weakly rally on the way to testing the underside of the trend line, on lowering volume (this test will fail with the downtrend resuming on even higher volume), the jig is up for the intermediate-term. Never mind today's numbers, the markets are looking 6-9 months out. Same thing happened in 2008. That this weakness in the stock market is confirmed by the bond market per OP (which also happened in 2008) makes it even more significant. If what happened in 2008 is not a happening, I don't know what is.

91b447  No.12635504


fucked that up:

*break a significant trend-line

65fafb  No.12635519


I will believe when I see it.

91b447  No.12635537


You'll see it. Watch it rally into the 24K area, then fail as those who sat through the initial break breathe a sigh of relief and start dumping en masse.

0384f4  No.12635680

Fuck off reddit.

858388  No.12636208



we're overdue for a bear market

i'm self employed so i don't really care

and i have an in demand degree to go back to work for at least $24/hr if i really want to if things get really bad

got my ar and building another

got thousands of rounds

got food

got water

bring it niggers

000000  No.12645090


Checked. The big difference here is that we're seeing multinational corporations getting hurt because the global economy is slowing down. The US portion of those companies is doing fine, they're losing money abroad.

1ccf17  No.12645095

They will tighten, they have no choice, I own them.

c8c314  No.12672961

Bump just because

2ccacf  No.12683923

Bump for habbening

91132b  No.12685276

File: c58471f0fc14c23⋯.jpeg (67.16 KB, 890x430, 89:43, 919B91C8-9738-45A5-BCE7-D….jpeg)


Happening has been postponed…

(((central banks))) started pumping stock markets again

66d8ad  No.12685288

Yay! More easing! Time to print more money, goys!

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