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File: 39f7bfdca798ed4⋯.png (352.53 KB, 1460x1282, 730:641, Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at ….png)

File: fd81a72a844dad6⋯.jpg (177.77 KB, 736x1191, 736:1191, cool wine aunt.jpg)

61c581  No.12638609

Things Said To Single Women That Need To Die In 2019

Anons, they're sick of hearing it. Your shitty micro-aggressions about how they wasted the most fertile years of their life on… nothing.

Getting railed by random dudes, getting tattoos that show the mental depth of a toddler?

Well anyways you're not allowed to subtly point out where they could find happiness anymore, just let them be empowered.

I can't help but compare this to a cargo cult. Feminism in the 60s must have been like the US Navy showing up to those pacific island cannibals in the 40s. Like "Holy shit, I didn't know it could be this way!" Women go full bore on empowerment. Then all the promises and amazing things are gone/were never real. The airstrip is gone, and now they're sitting in the control tower of their lives wearing coconut headphones thinking they're competitive with 20 year old debt-free virgins.

This isn't another how do we save women thread, or point-and-laugh and roasties. I just really wanted to make sure you guys follow the article and not say anything on the article's list to spinsters. Ooops! Can't say spinster.

<Archive: http://archive.vn/FG1Ca

>Original: https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/worst-things-to-say-single-women-insults

661de2  No.12638623

File: 2bd6c82ad36c527⋯.png (236.03 KB, 1460x1282, 730:641, 39f7bfdca798ed4c8b911cd543….png)

b5d0a8  No.12638630

>it's another "subversive kike encouraging white women to become wine aunts" article

How do you even find this shit? Who reads refinery29? Something tells me you're just shilling your own piece.

61c581  No.12638649


Much improved.


I used to live in NYC and know lots of young women read that shit site. The city culture there is very similar to LA. Move to the city! It's fun getting pumped and dumped by 200 guys in 10 years, and you can always move home when you're done.

000000  No.12638679

I love women. Having said that I don't even bother with white women anymore. Why even give white women the time of day when you can get a much better, much more attractive chinese/korean/japanese chick that is easier to talk to.

These white bitches wanted their careerism, let them lie in it

8229e6  No.12638681


What a stupid bitch.

8229e6  No.12638682

File: 75fe597c10e2813⋯.jpg (195.73 KB, 1261x2430, 1261:2430, ((((thispost))).jpg)

db348f  No.12638693








Who could be behind this post?!

61c581  No.12638712

File: 7130ce01f2409b0⋯.png (2.25 MB, 2752x2272, 86:71, 17c400a113a142d2b26f809652….png)



Turns out Skynet was real, but instead of T100s getting barked at by dogs we got terminator vaginas

000000  No.12638717


>being this jewish

7d9ee6  No.12638735

The thing is the whole Feminist act goes out the window if a middle class Chad equivlant of fatherhood showed up.

baa823  No.12638742

>women of sick

Well you won't stop hearing about it like that.

435776  No.12638757


Expand on this please?

7d9ee6  No.12638782

File: ca524dc3e3dd36b⋯.jpg (220.48 KB, 900x484, 225:121, Hot-Fried-Doves.jpg)

File: 51c7b61cc98a1ee⋯.jpg (210.65 KB, 865x525, 173:105, HankShaw-DoveSalad.jpg)


If a nice guy who had a 7/10 body showed up with proof that he's a good cook,able to do house repairs no problem & other husbandry stuff, and has a good income the women quit their rebel act.

Pictures of him owning a small farm of animals such as Dove for meat,pictures of him processing the animals, and making amazing looking meals would get a lot of women excited. Especially when they learn he's single.

5065e6  No.12638793


Shani (((silver)))


Tell you what. /pol/ is always right. No exceptions. Hell, maybe the reason we cannot get the date of the happening 'right' is only because the happening started long ago before we were born.

8229e6  No.12638796


This is true, I've seen it in action. Of course I don't envy the guy who got the whore to settle down.

435776  No.12638806


Why would this be more effective than Men being stay at home parents? That destroys the narrative of it being (((oppressive))) or whatever kikeword they describe it as. If a man is having fun doing anything, jealous and desolate shrews are desperate to take it from him and do it themselves. If that happened with being a stay at home parent the gender roles would return to normal and one aspect of the nightmare would end

eee62f  No.12638874


The problem with this is that the expectations of income are elevated to the standards of living popularized under the boomers. If a man with those traits but an income supporting a 1919 lifestyle comes along, the woman will ignore him.

d2f93b  No.12638915


>leftover women complaining about shit

>its the current year


>Torstein is at it again

7172f5  No.12638933

I’m not shopping for a man but he sounds like a dream anon. >>12638782

000000  No.12638953


>called you a jew - I win!

you can have your lardwhales, low IQ wigger. Just don't reproduce.

Asian women:

-better face/body

-better personality

-lower divorce rate

-less materialistic

White women:

-60% divorce rate


-unattractive body shape (looks like men)

-more aggressive and hypergamous

Take the yellow pill fags, you'll regret every second of marriage to a white woman.

fea1c3  No.12638960

>2019 is the year people will stop saying insensitive things to us on the topic. I will see to it.

>I imagine killing these phrases as a medieval knight

>There are things single women will no longer tolerate hearing in 2019.

>Please stop calling us a fictional word spinster

>don’t tell single women we’re too picky

>I want a new world. You can’t say these things to me anymore.

This is all childlike magical thinking. Am I to respond to this delusion in kind? Like: "By the power of greyskull you will shut-up and not be a thot anymore!" Women really think they can just proclaim that no one can say "bossy" and it will happen. Is this from reading the secret? Explain this /pol/

8da326  No.12639001

File: 625c16783a9442a⋯.mp4 (6.72 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, how_to_lose_yellow_fever_i….mp4)

File: 98db868437e2f65⋯.png (2.73 KB, 1x1, 1:1, 98db868437e2f65449263e281b….png)


>better face/body

Not with all the rubber and makeup the shovelfaces put on

8229e6  No.12639015


So desperate to look white.

8229e6  No.12639028


>explain this

bitches are stupid. and it's a jew

b1c2ce  No.12639061


This. I am Indian. Previously, I wanted a white girl. But, now I want to marry a Japanese girl. Going there for job in a few weeks. Pray for me /pol/.

7c41e3  No.12639065


>Are you seeing anybody?

>It’ll happen when you aren’t looking.


>You’re too picky.


>I’m sure you’ll find someone.


lmao, this woman is fucking retarded. Men get asked/told this shit all the goddamned time, with the exception of spinster. Of course, her victim complex only lets her think women are under attack and men have no issues whatsoever.

d2f93b  No.12639077


>better face

Better at makeup illusion

>better personality

Never met a more entitled woman than an Asian woman.

>lower divorce rate

Every single man I know who married an Asian lost their houses via divorce.

>asian women

>less materialistic

Idk which planet you're from but on planet Earth the asian women are the most materialistic kind of women you can find. They're obsessed with wealth and status and wouldn't marry a man unless they have wealth and status.

Don't bother slapping together another response because I've already given you more (you)'s than you deserve.

ef47db  No.12639131

File: dd1ec9fd277b7d1⋯.jpg (703.6 KB, 1280x1854, 640:927, 1544978938317.jpg)




What thread triggered you now, Mr. Shekelstein?

669e65  No.12639159

File: 77c82c538abed91⋯.jpg (182.04 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 1538964898747.jpg)

7172f5  No.12639164

Her boobs are too big. >>12639131

Boobs that big are going to attract a lot of unwanted attention from males. I’ve known White women with boobs that big who got a boob reduction.

8229e6  No.12639221


>"Clean up in isle Modern Woman"

000000  No.12639273


The type of men women want to have hot exciting sex with and the type they want to marry are not the same. If they cross paths with a perfect beta Billy they'll marry him but he won't get any sex or very little(it will dry up quickly) and it won't be of the hot exciting type.

000000  No.12639278


are you even trying?

250e8c  No.12639279


Found the fag

7fa944  No.12639282

File: fdda537883da5cb⋯.jpg (32.66 KB, 546x566, 273:283, 1428117450230.jpg)

>spinster is a washing machine cycle from the 50s

is this woman actually retarded? How do you not know what a spinster is?

000000  No.12639305

ac5f94  No.12639316

File: 00532309a0ef146⋯.jpg (281.9 KB, 514x652, 257:326, 00532309a0ef1461c68fb0f29f….jpg)


Shabbat shalom, foreskin sucker !

80e3e9  No.12639318


The transformations are striking when you see it like this. But there are plenty of genuinely attractive Asian women. Many more attractive Asian women than nigger women. But generally speaking, white/European women are the most attractive of all.

b7ea24  No.12639321


A man like this is attractive to women but not neccesarily physically arousing.

742c7d  No.12639337

File: 6014a8a2987ee8e⋯.jpg (33.86 KB, 400x550, 8:11, hitler33.jpg)


bump just for you kike

d55fa3  No.12639406


> I am Indian. …. Pray for me /pol/.

India as a country has perfected spirituality. Anyone coming from India should be a spiritual powerhouse, with all the spiritual prayers in the world already backing him up. Cradle of civilization, am I right?

604ba5  No.12639464



728286  No.12639495


> Things said to single women that need to die.

What do you say to a single woman that needs to die?

< Pardon me Miss, you need to die.

7c41e3  No.12639556

04746c  No.12639609

>Things "people" say to women that are "wrong"

>People often start conversations with me like this, not , “how’s life,” or “tell me what’s new,” or even “how are you,” the old Starlight mint of conversation. The first thing anyone wants to know about a single woman has to do with how close she is to not being single anymore. “Are you working on that problem of yours, single woman? I just want to check.”

>Literally only things women say to their female friends and family members

Men aren't even the ones who talk like this.

6594fd  No.12639610

File: 05a558801accc99⋯.png (87 KB, 476x581, 68:83, vgo09lb5d44.png)


<"As a Christian, it's imperative that I reject the t.h.o.t. culture. It's against the will of G_d, right goy…er, um, my fellow White frens?"

0f1d58  No.12639657


>The airstrip is gone, and now they're sitting in the control tower of their lives wearing coconut headphones thinking they're competitive with 20 year old debt-free virgins.

>Why can't I get a handsome, 35-40 year old multimillionaire Chad to even notice my worn out, tattooed, lard ass?

Yes lads, the first time you run into some 26 year old skank who looks 40 it's a real eye opener. The cock carousel is real. And remember, 90% of the women you have to deal with are soulless automatons and dumb as a fucking post.

0b9e1f  No.12639661

Western ~liberated~ women are a fucking lost cause in the current year my dudes, don't even bother trying to appease or change them for the better, or even interact with them more than necessary. Take it from this ole boomer here, I've been fucking nothing but traps and trannies for the past three years and have never been feeling freer and happier in my life. Never looked back on the roastie vaginal Jew either, let the niggers and mudshits have them if they want to deal with that.

54995c  No.12639699


Disgusting degenerate, you speak ONLY for yourself, you speak on NO ONES behalf here, and of course, a boomer fucking traps. Who's surprised? IMO you and yours should be the first ones necked. Just end it already.

dca51c  No.12639703

OMG like right, End the shaming cuz like, so over it and its so last year.

Cant you stupid "men" understand we live in the here and now? Why do you sexist, oppressive, testosterone drivin neanderthals think we care about tomorrow that you have to keep throwing it in are faces, like come on.

Maybe if you "man" children could be more like the REAL MEN we lust after so much we would be more faithful… But no, all you fucks do is drone on and on about jews and degeneracy, future of the nation, ect. It gets fucking old and you need to stop!

>Typical leftist cunt Woemantra.

0b9e1f  No.12639717


>and of course, a boomer fucking traps.

And how could I not, dude? They don't expect much or nag you over inconsequential bullshit, they're grateful for every little bit of attention they get (probably because of hate they get from jackasses like you), they're always ready to suck or fuck and when you don't want to, you can just roll a fat one, then toke up with her, chill and play some vidya. Compared to my two ex-wives, this is heaven.

b46367  No.12639725

File: d38b30201d6cb87⋯.jpeg (15.89 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 32c74c9d-7b61-442d-8f1e-6….jpeg)

cd5aea  No.12639726

refinery29,,, the fuck are you reading OP? Or is this the dumb cunt editorializing her mental illness as if it were somehow mainstream thought?

da65a2  No.12639732


found the kike

cd5aea  No.12639734


>Asian women:

>-better face/body

>-better personality

>-lower divorce rate

>-less materialistic

I was going to say, funny troll, but this nigger is a torpedo so he's probably being serious. That's some sad shit… I'd love to see the fat cunt who rekted him so badly to believe that faggotry.

f6cfc4  No.12639735

File: 0bc2efb09c8d5e0⋯.png (662.92 KB, 1055x835, 211:167, roastie-chan.png)


>Well anyways you're not allowed to subtly point out where they could find happiness anymore, just let them be empowered.

Meet Roastie-Chan.

f6cfc4  No.12639738


>wine aunt

Best rebrand of catlady ever, and yes, I used to know some IRL.

0f1d58  No.12639771


Thanks for the link to this nutcase OP. Is this clever satire or real? Hard to tell in clownworld. She should do herself and society a favor and jump off of the nearest skyscraper.

Online Dating After 30: The ROI Is Awful

>In 10 years, I’ve been on hundreds of dates. I’ve “matched” with thousands of men. I can’t fathom how much swiping I’ve done, how many apps I’ve tried. Not only have I never been in a relationship as a result, but I also struggle to think of moments I’ve even enjoyed. It isn’t fun, it isn’t exciting, it isn’t dating. It’s depositing effort every day for 10 years and still finding my balance at zero. Bad things haven’t been happening to me, nothing has been happening to me, while I’m surrounded by a sea of everyone else’s something. It’s the single girl’s straightjacket and I can’t get it off.


0f1d58  No.12639786


There's an archived link you tard. Not exactly something a brain damaged whore would think to do.

a38a5f  No.12639791


> Compared to my two ex-wives, this is heaven

Pretending this isn't obvious bait for a moment: of course it would be. A closeted faggot would naturally prefer fucking young boys to two marriages that served as covers. Retard.

0b9e1f  No.12639794

File: b82a822571f3c8f⋯.jpg (43.2 KB, 285x447, 95:149, 10810112a.jpg)


The wine aunt/catlady meme is ancient and passed down from generations redpilled on the roastie problem way before us.

54995c  No.12639905

File: e9667e483b1a3ce⋯.jpg (77.09 KB, 616x693, 8:9, b062e70b3de6f9578cd7b678c7….jpg)


Are you new here? Why am I a kike for hating kike habits? Like fucking traps? What kind of NatSoc would even CONSIDER it?

0b9e1f  No.12639924


Traps are the latest redpilled fad for any self-respecting white man who cares about preserving his culture and heritage. Drop the roastie Jew from your mind and wallet already and come home to the loving embrace of a beautiful young trap already, white man.

65edff  No.12639974

File: 55937014a585cac⋯.jpg (631.84 KB, 1080x1663, 1080:1663, 20190106_094110.jpg)

>Author Shani Silver


Pol is always right.


6d9117  No.12639987

it's working, keep 'micro aggressing' lads, the only thing women as a group respond to is threats to their social status, they live or die by it

000000  No.12640014


Chelsea Clinton should get an honorary gold star for marrying a jew

ef47db  No.12640055

File: b75a63fe7f32d1f⋯.png (531.08 KB, 784x727, 784:727, libkike.png)


>being this much of a faggotjew

000000  No.12640100

Wanna see what happens to women after they collides with Wall-chan? https://i.redd.it/znu5hqdzmb721.jpg



162f12  No.12640132


>I love every minute of it because of how fulfilling it is

I am glad you are fulfilling your instincts and being rewarded for it.

>I just… I need to enjoy this.

I hope this isn't taken the wrong way, but try to let this pass too. You shouldn't waste too much energy on them. They're misguided children who tried to get you to stumble on your path, but ultimately if you are truly content in your life you don't need waste energy on schadenfreude from them.

Put that energy into your family, you know it will be much more rewarding in the long run.

a38a5f  No.12640142

File: 0412d7481b419b3⋯.png (254.57 KB, 460x280, 23:14, approval.png)



9384c5  No.12640190


I'm convinced that the whole PUA thing was a jewish psy-op to alienate white women from white men, because what you say is 100% true. If a moderately fit man shows he can take care of a few household things and hold down a job, he can easily get a decent white woman. PUAs managed to bang a few holes but they alienated dozens of decent women who rejected them, driving these women towards feminism, lesbianism, spinsterism, and Jamal.

8efbe5  No.12640211


Make White America Again

56aa91  No.12640243


>Who decides when a woman hasn’t done something soon enough so as to not be late?

Biology. Both in terms of no longer being able to reliably bear healthy children, and having squandered the quick-burning female attractiveness that nature equipped you with to allow you to attract a mate.

>I’m sure you’ll find someone.

>Oh thank heavens, I was up to my neck with worry.

Of course you are. Otherwise you wouldn't be throwing a fit over people reminding you that you've only got a few short years left to find some cuck who doesn't mind sloppy seconds before a life of cats and bitterness becomes totally inevitable.


They start off looking inhuman, then if you pause the video during the makeup removal you can find a point where they actually look pretty much human, then by the end they're right back to inhuman.

56aa91  No.12640263


Perhaps I'm being too pessimistic. But I can't help think you could remove every item other than "has a good income" and "owns a farm" from the list of qualities and still get the same result.

9384c5  No.12640271


He probably doesn't have to be much of a cook, just past the cup-noodles and making grilled cheese with an iron stage. Women don't want an extra child instead of a man.

9384c5  No.12640335

Women are very simple creatures for the most part. Women who say they don't want children are black-pilled; what they really mean is that they don't want to be single mothers, and in today's society, don't see any guarantees that it won't happen to them. Make a woman feel moderately stable, protected, and loved, and most of them start nesting immediately. Even my sister, with a college degree and near-genius IQ, set about family-making as soon as she met a competent man. She says she can go back to work when the hard part of child-rearing is done, and she'll be able to have the benefits of both without fucking either one up. She's right, too. Women who try to juggle job and family at the same time fuck both things up.

f2d3b7  No.12640340


Being a house wife is now reserved for the wealthy or devoted, you are very lucky.

Civilization itself is based on the promise of family, as it degrades so does the phenotype our ancestors manifested through force against nature and faith in a tomorrow. A society without women is an army; a society without men is anarchy-- only through cooperation can we have civilization. Ensuring the survival and rearing of the next generation is the prime directive of every living creature. Everything else turns to dust, all that survive the grinding stone of time is blood.

Everything else is a past time or a means to an end in comparison. If one does not consider thyself a father or mother first, they are frivolous.

Feminism is quite literally an objectification of women --as gender is used to describe words and objects rather than a sex which describe a biological truth. It was invented by men to make women into tax payers, workers and to encourage debauchery that destroys pair bonding ability of humans. Not only that, it's snuck values are that the sexual role of men is superior and that women should emulate men.

7c66f0  No.12640580


I read that too

d797c4  No.12640643


Into the oven with you

48d0d6  No.12640682


Top kek

000000  No.12640741

>Just because I’m single and over 30 doesn’t mean I lack belief in myself or future. I think both have amazing potential, thanks.


Imagine how hard the wall hits these women when they finally pull their heads out of the sand.

6f121b  No.12640752


>are you seeing anybody?

they complain that men they fancy enough to keep a comversation with wants to know if they're available for dating, then they complain that they are old bitter and lonelly…

or maybe they are complaining that that the men they date expect a monogamous relationship

>It’ll happen when you aren’t looking.

i'm guessing this triggers them becos they always hear it after someone implyes that they will become the crazy cat lady

>You’re too picky

a stronk independant womyn who need no man becos she has a high paying job… and she still wants to marry a younger, sexier and wealthier man than they

>How are you still single?

>Who decides when a woman hasn’t done something soon enough so as to not be late?

i think it's called biological clock, women hit the wall way earlier than men

>I’m sure you’ll find someone.

translation: "i'm just looking for an excuse to politelly get away from you as quickly as possible", no wonder this triggers femtards, they likelly hear this all the time


>implying this isn't what feminist tell to themselves when they are lucky enough to find a beta cuck dumb enough to marry them

c8ee45  No.12640758


They're just gonna say the wall is a construct.

ac4bed  No.12640760


>She had to write an article reinforcing to herself that she is still somehow desirable and that being single is fine


This just comes across as incredibly sad tbh, someone whose denial is so deeply seated at the back of the closet, there must be articles written about it to cover it up and confide in SOLIDARITY WITH MUH FELLOW FEMALES. Granted, some of these phrases become tiresome when heard often I imagine if you're man or woman, but this woman is just *salty* and anyone with sense can see that. Trying to twist the narrative to imply that anyone but her feels that way about it is also equally disparaging. If she's so happy with being single, surely these phrases would run off her like water off a ducks back? The fact that she seems to convey that they sting shows that she just needs to be more honest with herself. If she feels so bad about it, just ditch the Bitch act and lay her remaining cards down whilst she still has them.

b1cf06  No.12640762


Jew gonna Jew and women without a man to balance them out will be women.

72056b  No.12640780

>all these rice burners

>a literal poo in loo

>kikes everywhere

This thread needs to be gassed

6f121b  No.12640787

File: c698402d586bac9⋯.jpg (9.54 KB, 255x215, 51:43, hitler gas.jpg)


>The fact these words sting shows that she just needs to be more honest with herself

>lay her remaining cards down whilst she still has them

i get the feeling she's way past her expiration date

this article reads like it's sitting right between Denial and Anger, by the time she'll likelly enter the Bargaining stage and lower her standards it's very likelly she won't have much time left if any at all, after that it's depresion all the way till the grave, Aceptance may come but Depresion will never go away

they will live the later half of their lives regretting the first half and resenting everyone else who doesn't



4ec0e7  No.12640809


You cannot turn a slunt into a housewife: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqlPnAKkWvg

f8c3d7  No.12640821


Oh interesting. At first I felt sympathetic, bad even, that this poor fucked up white woman had such a poisoned ideology, twisted mind that she couldn’t find a man. Sad that she couldn’t have white kids.

Now it makes perfect sense and I’m glad. Let those ovaries shrivel up!

f8c68b  No.12640828

>Asian women:

>better personality

>less materialistic

As an asian i doubt it

8d86bc  No.12640852


Really glad for you but ensuring that your Aryan children were properly nourished during their critical post-natal moments would be also welcome.

f9320c  No.12640899


Yaaaawwwnn…uh…did you say something?

9493c8  No.12640911


have fun with your chink that does a compete 180 with her personality after you marry her and turns into a hateful, lifeless nigh-bedridden couch potato that does nothing but use her phone in bed all day and get really bad if the placement of anything in the house dissatisfies her psuedo-OCD in the slightest, after which points she decides to make essential stuff of yours, such as your wallet, "disappear" to a place that she'll tell you that she doesn't know where it is

9493c8  No.12640922


but traps can't have your children, anon

do you want to be a childless man who raises somebody else's kid like a cuck?

dd9679  No.12640960

dd9679  No.12640972

File: 2e1d06f7f65a93f⋯.png (261.62 KB, 1460x1282, 730:641, 2bd6c82ad36c5276b47f388fc1….png)


fixed :^3

dd9679  No.12640980

File: f57673dec2b5f78⋯.png (698.85 KB, 960x720, 4:3, vlcsnap-2014-12-05-23h52m4….png)

>>12640911 :^3

>not having a language barrier with your wife so you don't have to hear her shit…

You are such a fucking CUCK!

000000  No.12641012

holy shit look at some of this other fine journalism (((Shani Silver))) is putting out



she is making a career about how lonely she is.

9547f3  No.12641019

File: f984b7df55b1c28⋯.jpg (66.83 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 625c16783a9442a041239a9b78….jpg)

be3858  No.12641523


>The one that doesn't go out alone at night.

>That didn't go to the party and got drunk, because strangers and alcohol scare her.

>That doesn't hookup with random men from dating apps.

>That doesn't prositute herself on social media, because making sexually suggestive photos of herself feels akward.

How exactly are we to pick those out? You aren't under the impression that being homely makes women any less slutty or thirsty for Chad's dick? They're probably more willing to do all kinds of degrading and dangerous shit to seek out validation.

Women who are attractive don't feel a desperate need to lower themselves, they can be choosier and since they are worshipped inherently for their looks, they don't also need to be worshipped for their blowjobs.

Even the "shy, introverted" girl has probably fucked a nigger to try and change herself. Plus women know guys go for that personality so they know how to fake it.

be3858  No.12641531


You have cause and effect reversed here. Feminism ruined the women and drove me to PUA, not the other way around.

5536a2  No.12641533


>haha wow totally not shilling ha wow

4feb7e  No.12641539

File: 8390906992abc9f⋯.png (259.23 KB, 1460x1282, 730:641, 2bd6c82ad36c5276b47f388fc1….png)



>times two

e50f40  No.12641540

File: f6c7232008d1a89⋯.png (76.31 KB, 648x3924, 18:109, 1496534681640.png)


Only good womanpost I've ever seen. Props to you for being a mother and not a careerist, we need more women like you.

ef47db  No.12641577

File: e7f4962d64d307c⋯.jpeg (130.24 KB, 857x1280, 857:1280, gooby.jpeg)


tits or gtfo

728286  No.12641603


> the year of our internet 2019

Yes, the article actually says that.

728286  No.12641606


that's a tranny

b46367  No.12641607


This is the last thing you see before you die.

8da326  No.12641653

File: 5b9c822c9395f2a⋯.png (117.76 KB, 326x308, 163:154, 1457154364529.png)


You sound like a great mom even more so in this day and age

593090  No.12641654


If all of these women would become housewives, the men can go back to earning twice as much due to half the labor leaving. You dont need to be rich…

2e4557  No.12641666


Get the fuck outta here torkike. You're not fooling anyone.

b4217c  No.12641699


The happening did occur centuries before you were born anon. Make fun all you want, but the crucifixion of Jesus was the happening that determined the fate of humankind centuries after the fact. Christ died for all our sins, our greed, our gluttony, our sloth. We saw the merchants in our midst and we did nothing about it, they dangled their bread & circuses in our faces and we didn’t throw them away. The original Christians who sprung up after the crucifixion became the largest thorn in the Jews’ side for years, but it was all very susceptible to their tried tricks. Life as we know it has been unnatural since the crucifixion. Why do you think it’s called AD (After Death)?

b4217c  No.12641704


Furthermore, how can we possibly imagine a natural way of living when so much has been a lie for so long? Could we even comprehend what’s behind the curtain when we burn it away? I like to think thousands of years of evolution hasn’t gone completely down the drain due to two-thousand years of fakery

4b1319  No.12641716

File: 9673a6a83e23520⋯.jpg (71.71 KB, 640x734, 320:367, ca9bf115.jpg)


Well now that you asked, I personally did not know what a spinster is since I am not a native english speaker.

a7d4f2  No.12641742


Every second you spend here is a second you aren't spending with your children.

Get out of this degenerate site and prepare for what is coming.

84f4a4  No.12641756

File: 2e5885df7ec8ce8⋯.gif (461.68 KB, 260x333, 260:333, sweet.gif)



000000  No.12641813


how the hell did you end up here?

a89ea7  No.12641950


PUA came in light in late 90s, early 2000s and was aftereffect of boys growing up without fathers or other male masculine presence.

148ed0  No.12641992


Social rejects have always come here anon, whether it's a healthy society or a sick one.

4b8d22  No.12642173


Not trying to argue in favor of an asian wife, but you just described all women, not just asians.

0962c5  No.12642195


>This is all childlike magical thinking.

Yes. This is at the core of every social science, every woman's mind and most importantly: Judaism.

593090  No.12644382


>married with kids

Not sure if you know what a social reject is anon. Thats about as normie as it gets

f8bfca  No.12644476



Simps are always eager to bend over backward and make excuses for shitty women behavior.

4e8f17  No.12644518

>cool wine aunt

I keked.

b46e48  No.12644565


This is the only proper response. I can't believe it's been so many fucking years since imageboards were popularized only for supposed oldfags to provide attention to the oldest trick in the book "im a grill btw :)"

f39867  No.12644603



List of things we will say to all blue-haired whores 2019 ASMR:

>Are you seeing anybody?

>It’ll happen when you aren’t looking. [ie find a man]


>You’re too picky.

>Are you still single?

>I’m sure you’ll find someone.

>So-and-so finally found someone.

92c1e3  No.12644613


Stop the fucking Welfare


Problem solved.

e21163  No.12644622


Fuck off shitskin. /pol/ is whites only

f39867  No.12644628


Checked. That's a weird old bot that's the "I want a girlfriend" shill thing. But it was a bot, I'm pretty certain.

0b6a2f  No.12644691


Goddamnit I miss electricretard

1f8643  No.12644888

File: 30df3145b2e668c⋯.png (31.21 KB, 143x255, 143:255, 7b36a7109799629ceb5cc90039….png)

b1a371  No.12644939

File: 2414cf55580a96c⋯.webm (1.49 MB, 320x240, 4:3, feminismendgame.webm)


>I just… I need to enjoy this.

Enjoy it. My mother put up with the exact same shit when I was born. She didn't go back to work until I started going to school. For 5 years it was the same shit when she talked to other women.

"Oh...you're a home maker...THAT's all you do?"

Sure these "stronk independent waymens" broke the glass ceiling and muscled their way into the good old boys club. Their marriages also fell apart and their kids grew up to be degenerate brats because they had no guidance at home.

642285  No.12644969

If I had a time machine, the only thing I'd do is go back to 2014 and arm Elliot Rodger with bigger guns.

0621d7  No.12644971

I'd go back and tell Hitler his Field Marshals in Russia are going to fuck it up.

000000  No.12644980


e8462f  No.12645013

File: 6d511ac90ec88a5⋯.png (235.56 KB, 656x935, 656:935, 30s unmarried childless wo….png)

File: 216ca39a6389240⋯.png (344.85 KB, 793x810, 793:810, unmarried childless 30s.png)

File: af7fa1e96432c91⋯.jpg (99.55 KB, 540x569, 540:569, unmarried childless 30s wi….jpg)



as timeless as these comics are, they're not memes

we need a meme and a name for this meme

something that'll get under their skin at the mention of it

e0e64f  No.12645196


typical wh*te roasties

non-white women are loyal and still desire to be mothers above everything else

055a99  No.12656819


A spinster is an unmarried woman, female equivalent of bachelor.

da65a2  No.12656825

e08878  No.12656852

File: 96ef85e4701fb09⋯.png (8.24 KB, 320x256, 5:4, 'Allo_'Allo!_Cartoon_Fun!_….png)


> pic 1

> ur a dog

And some actual dogs will piss on her grave.

97cec8  No.12656856

Yeah I agree that single women need to die!

1c0282  No.12656864

File: 85f6aad5d79b9fc⋯.jpg (272.01 KB, 788x1000, 197:250, ImTotallyAlrightNoNeedToWo….jpg)


Cmon now I'm sure she is single because it's her choice and not because she's obsessed by it and yells it at people's faces all the time~

81a4ae  No.12656873

File: 3650ea3fe746f19⋯.jpg (65.59 KB, 489x758, 489:758, Cat Wine.jpg)


>even the roasties in the comments are calling her out as a bitter cat lady

Sadly, none named the jew though.

72809e  No.12656917


no one wants a relationship with an insane used up roostie jew? weird

13d7b7  No.12656919

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>we need a meme and a name for this meme

"Can't get wife goggles if she's over 21"

What are wife goggles? It's another name for pair bonding. Your perception of your mate is always at the peak of freshness, because you got to tap that teenage ass on your honeymoon.

Seriously, the woman I love? I've came in my pants just thinking about us. :)

13d7b7  No.12656923


>Sadly, none named the jew though.

I know a couple of wine aunts. They spend a lot of time visiting (((clients))) who just happen to live in exotic locations. They're not going to name their clients.

e08878  No.12656927


Why would the dude be cooking and also going to work? And all that other shit on top, plus owning a farm. Most young people can't even afford to buy a house.

Basically you're just saying women will marry a good-looking sugar daddy. She probably wants servants and nannies too.

b5d0a8  No.12656930


If you think archiving an article is confirmation that someone isn't shilling, you are pretty naive.

795556  No.12656937


Did you smell this thread?

000000  No.12656942

Anyone with high IQ does not relate in full 2019, you fat one.

b0ed1e  No.12657216


>thinks it's a kike

>reads more

Oh shit nvm guess you're just a retard.

f8b695  No.12657247


>Why would the dude be cooking and also going to work?

Because many contemporary women are absolutely rotten and can't do anything, they are shitty workers because of their entitlement and they are unable to do basic household chores.

They are basically adult spoiled children that only work to keep up their infantile lifestyle, while they dream of getting a husband who in their hedonistic drug addled brain should fulfill the role of a father, who liberates them from all work and gives them an eternal life of only doing fun things.

61c581  No.12657297


>past her expiration date

Yeah she admits to being 36 in the articles, but I'd guess she's a few years older


>thought it was a white woman at first, but it was a jew

Good on you for pointing and laughing not being the first reaction. But isn't it fascinating they let it happen to their own too? NO SURVIVORS

72809e  No.12657307


sounds like a nice beta bux provider to support her while shes fucking chad, that's for sure

11d614  No.12657314

>article is just a bitter single woman ranting

what a surprise

63920f  No.12657463


>just fuck gooks, goy

TRS get the fuck out

63920f  No.12657465

File: f10d698231b8686⋯.png (560.02 KB, 779x891, 779:891, whores and thots.png)

63920f  No.12657471


Imagine if she put some effort into improving herself instead of being a salty bitch. I bet she's fat as fuck.


63920f  No.12657481

File: ea4524d6e58a0c5⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


pretty lard-ish


61c581  No.12657730


Filthy mirror. TRIGGERED

7d9ee6  No.12657733

File: 5b85700fb955b76⋯.png (1.11 MB, 960x960, 1:1, a7y9ffjm83921.png)

This white woman looks this way after two children. Women have zero excuses as well as men.

2692e6  No.12657758


That's all women if you're a beta.

0b6a2f  No.12657771


Oh mr. torpedo, you're so adorable. Get out.

000000  No.12657811


It's not for nothing.


8e04bf  No.12657902


>shitty micro-aggressions

High time for some shitty MACRO-aggressions

000000  No.12657938

One they forgot: Would like to speak with my nice kosher brown doctor for a based prescription?


98935e  No.12658002


>-less materialistic

shill confirmed.

2fbcf6  No.12658075


>you're not allowed

According to whom? "Allowed" is the wrong word. I'm "allowed" to say anything I want to a woman short of a threat to rape and/or kill her.

39e255  No.12658208


>calls potential mates dogs, doesn't understand that men like sex, kills herself when not understanding this. Even cats, whom fuck as often as dogs but don't brag about it are this way.

You're going to have to marry a gay dude to get a man that isn't like this ladies.

6014fb  No.12658230

File: a01578c78a4a955⋯.gif (3.24 MB, 480x360, 4:3, that isn't how you make a ….gif)


>marrying your fuckmeat

this is your brain on beta

bc7f8c  No.12658303


Women are born failures. They should kill themselves to escape it.

d92bd8  No.12658308


Women are useless tools that are being replaced by artificial wombs. Those are better tools.

Never help women. Kill more women.

0b6a2f  No.12658357


Aaaaaaay Moishe, how ya doin?

65edff  No.12658429

File: 40f861ace5fedb6⋯.jpg (408.12 KB, 809x1180, 809:1180, Screenshot_20190111-091000….jpg)


Fresh from her twatter. She has reached the next stage. Haha

99755a  No.12658473


>such as Dove


be4286  No.12658498






Why does /pol/ assume that people are divided into exactly two camps:

1. Redpilled heil hitler magamen who wouldn't dream of anyone except a blonde blue eyed aryan woman.

2. kike shills.

You can't attack leftists for being deluded when you are deluded yourself. Men have completely valid reasons for rejecting white women.

22502d  No.12658907


Promoting race mixing is spreading Jewish ideas. Hence they are labeled as Jewish shills.

>/pol/ assume that people are divided into exactly two camps

Straw man fallacy.

df91be  No.12658942

File: 53757489927159a⋯.jpg (27.61 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Chardognay_5OZ_1024x1024.jpg)


there's also dog wine and beer

d23851  No.12659152


Stop posting (((porn))).

deae50  No.12659181

File: 40a9d59e56707b2⋯.jpg (20.46 KB, 255x192, 85:64, accae8f2ae08f8a6ee16e25911….jpg)


…seriously /pol/acks? Nobody gonna touch on the finer points of pajeet-hatred? Well I suppose if you are a satanic kike, who already worships feces and urine (filth in general), then you would naturally view the asshole of the Asia as spiritually perfected. Fukn an hero dothead

ba16b6  No.12659444

File: af12550a552b621⋯.jpg (72.2 KB, 831x622, 831:622, Thanks Feminism.jpg)

sure hope white women don't jump on this bandwagon like they do all the other anti male bandwagons.

1b6742  No.12659524


most girls get boob reductions not because it attracts men but because it physically hurts to walk with knockers that big. Ex gf was a E cup iirc and she got a boob reduction to C because it hurt her back to the point she needed painkillers.

bc2eca  No.12660161

File: d55ee90f5a61c91⋯.jpg (31.46 KB, 620x372, 5:3, 5529.jpg)

"To my great shame, the thought of not being worth men’s notice bothers me, even though I’m a seasoned feminist and I know better"


22502d  No.12660459


>resist basic evolutionary biology like racism and producing white kids

>I feel bad for resisting nature

/Pol/ has felt right from the beginning and is a never ending adrenaline rush, feels good to be in tune with nature. It’s sad some people don’t realize this.

b48d84  No.12660571

File: e2f2f7c4b7968d0⋯.jpg (31.24 KB, 500x360, 25:18, terrible reality.jpg)


A funny truth from nature is rarely are animals outright killed by another in a quick death for their failings but instead are more often damaged by a predator and slowly come to their wounds, feeling all the pain and gradually being unable to do anything about it.

487182  No.12660686


>white wimmin bad

All women are sheep to be led, retarded blundering sheep that we need to produce white children, no matter what. Look to who is sheparding our chaotic women, destroy those who have our women in their grips.

40c561  No.12662731


Should have trained her back instead of undergoing potentially harmful surgery. Not a smart move.

72809e  No.12662755


well he said Ex, once she disarmed he hit the road

40c561  No.12662765

>>12662755 (check)

Could be. To be fair, big udders like this also tend to sag, which is not to everyone's liking.

7549fb  No.12662798


At some point she just started writing about being single and denial.

ce2770  No.12662840

The best comeback is "what have they invented since they got their vote?"

Womens lib was all about doubling the tax base and destroying the family unit.

f066ac  No.12662927


Lol, good luck faggot. Whitey may wait till behind your back but the Japs won't. Have a good trip!

40c561  No.12662969

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Fucking this. Broads are (((feminism's))) biggest victims. Things are fucked, let's listen to some Electric Wizard.

05d31d  No.12662996


All women are shit.

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