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File: d2bfa2ee411a03d⋯.jpg (166.45 KB, 792x1024, 99:128, 1544452273043.jpg)

File: 6e2a31af887fd64⋯.jpg (100.41 KB, 1024x771, 1024:771, 1544452328864.jpg)

File: ef6a90795249f81⋯.jpg (578.9 KB, 1280x2853, 1280:2853, 1546125219349.jpg)

File: 3239876ada467ae⋯.png (135.13 KB, 1374x750, 229:125, 1546132002955.png)

a99cf6  No.12640066

Vaccine Skepticism In Australia Now Punishable By 10 Years In Jail

>Australian nurses and midwives who dare to speak out against the dangers of vaccinations on social media or in person will be prosecuted, the Australian government has warned, urging members of the public to report vaccine skeptics to the authorities.

>Medical professional face a jail sentence of 10 years for expressing doubt about the effectiveness of vaccinations or urging further studies into vaccine safety. Opponents of the new law claim free speech and scientific integrity is under attack in Australia by a government that has been bought and paid for by Big Pharma.

>“With no exceptions we expect all registered nurses, enrolled nurses and midwives to use the best available evidence in making practice decisions. This includes providing information to the public about public health issues,” Chair of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NAMBLA) Dr. Lynette Cusack said in a statement.

>The NAMBLA has called on Australians to report nurses or midwives promoting anti-vaccination – ‘anti-vaxxers’, as they’re known colloquially.

“The board will consider whether the nurse or midwife has breached their professional obligations and will treat these matters seriously,” the statement said.

>“Any published anti-vaccination material and/or advice which is false, misleading or deceptive which is being distributed by a registered nurse, enrolled nurse or midwife (including via social media) may also constitute a summary offence under the National Law and could result in prosecution by AHPRA [Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.]”

>One of the strongest supporters of vaccination, Victoria’s Health Minister Jill Hennessy, has no time for parents who believe vaccine safety requires further study in order to ensure they are safe for our children.

>Describing vaccine skeptics as “brain dead sheep“, the politician said:

>“They are an organized movement, largely stemming from the United State of America that are hell bent on misleading parents that vaccinations are unsafe.

>“That’s a dangerous message and one I’m going to continue to fight. Vaccinations save lives,” the minister concluded.

According to the new laws, parents who don’t immunize their kids may stop receiving childcare benefits. Only people with solid medical reasons are exempt from the crackdown.


8d74a4  No.12640083

The Jew owned corporate world order in action.

13ad43  No.12640084


>Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NAMBLA)

Where does the L come from?

564aae  No.12640088

>what is the streisand effect

They never learn.

564aae  No.12640090


The source says NMBA. OP is just having a laugh.

caa21b  No.12640104

>Australian government proves there's no problems with vaccines by jailing people for 10 years if they say the wrong thing about them


78df0d  No.12640114


>One of the strongest supporters of vaccination, Victoria’s Health Minister Jill Hennessy

rly maeks me tihnk

13ad43  No.12640246


Thanks anon. Polite sage.

0d8606  No.12640277


>question mandatory mercury injections

>get 10 years in prison

Wew Australia is competing against Sweden and Britain for number one dystopia.

50be7a  No.12640283

OP is a faggot

20bd88  No.12640300

File: 12869b1104969ce⋯.png (1013.41 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20181014-002105.png)


I didn't even notice this until I saw your comment, made me lul even harder. Although I'm sure there's some NAMBLA members in there too.

d93e5e  No.12640304


>best available evidence

no medicine is 100% safe

to claim otherwise is unscientific


go back to school, pharmashill grunt

9b50b6  No.12640325


What kind of mercury qualities are were talking about?

9b50b6  No.12640331


Go back to the caves.

d93e5e  No.12640338


fuck off

prove to me vaccines are devoid of side effects

e4a4bf  No.12640353

File: 30d32f517635fa4⋯.jpg (83.83 KB, 496x280, 62:35, City-Ranger-issues-parking….jpg)



9b50b6  No.12640360


You are so fuckung retarded you wouldn't recognize the evidence if it bit you in the ass.

c4f1ea  No.12640361



Holy fuck, real anti-vaxers here?

This forum used to be high IQ. I understand the antisemitism is ironic for 90% of the people posting it, and the serious-sounding ones are probably feds, but this is just ridiculous.

What are you trying to accomplish?

9b50b6  No.12640362


Tomorrow I will start a flat earth thread

d93e5e  No.12640363

File: c875b16613cec21⋯.png (36.91 KB, 1234x815, 1234:815, 1424507398209.png)

e4a4bf  No.12640371

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



On July 22, 2009, a special meeting was held with twenty-four leading scientists at the National Institutes of Health to discuss early findings that a newly discovered retrovirus was linked to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), prostate cancer, lymphoma, and eventually neurodevelopmental disorders in children.

When Dr. Judy Mikovits finished her presentation the room was silent for a moment, then one of the scientists said, “Oh my God!” The resulting investigation would be like no other in science.

For Dr. Mikovits, a twenty-year veteran of the National Cancer Institute, this was the midpoint of a five-year journey that would start with the founding of the Whittemore-Peterson Institute for Neuro-

Judy A. Mikovits PhD

​​​Plague Reprint Edition Paperback

"I started reading your manuscript last night, and it reads like a novel - incredible. I'm only on page 20, but I'm so very excited to read every page – and mind you, I have time to read no one's books. Just my way of pointing out that this is one of the most important issues I have ever happened upon…………."

On this journey Dr. Mikovits would face the scientific prejudices against CFS, wander into the minefield that is autism, and through it all struggle to maintain her faith in God and the profession to which she had dedicated her life. This is a story for anybody interested in the peril and promise of science at the very highest levels in our country.​

9b50b6  No.12640375


You made the claim they are harmful retard

e4a4bf  No.12640380

d93e5e  No.12640381


you are making the claim that they are not harmful and failing to provide evidence

my assertion is irrelevant in that regard since i have no intention to use vaccines

stump up the evidence shitbag

c4f1ea  No.12640385


Good. Please redpill the spherefags so they stop shilling here.

072cab  No.12640387

File: bc804f2be885d11⋯.jpg (258.38 KB, 455x640, 91:128, vaccines_ingredients_are_p….jpg)


>oy vey this antisemitism is just irony the only people who believe it are feds and be sure to get your aryan children vaccinated

Gas yourself, kike.

733430  No.12640403

File: b5e11ef9c6c4f21⋯.png (127.68 KB, 1768x471, 1768:471, vaccin.png)


>calling imageboard a forum

my shpider senses are tingling

564aae  No.12640405


>This forum used to be high IQ. I understand the antisemitism is ironic for 90% of the people posting it

The holocaust didn't happen, but it should have. Lurk two years, then fuck off back to reddit, then unironically kill yourself.

>What are you trying to accomplish?

Saving white people and everything we have built over the past several thousand years from what is a race of parasites and nation wreckers at best, and literal servants of Satan (or your preferred equivalent name) at worst.

c4f1ea  No.12640411



hasn't been there for decades


at least reddit has a voting system to filter out retardation

7664d6  No.12640412


Vaccines are harmful in as much as they prevent nature from removing the weakest genetics, allowing poor mutations and weak genetics to survive.

Without going into the side effects and the economic terrorism involved.

798394  No.12640464

this kind of shit absolutely enrages me.

798394  No.12640471


> I understand the antisemitism is ironic for 90% of the people posting it

You fucking wish kikenvermin.

53c3e5  No.12640483



3ebe1d  No.12640490

KEK. Just tell them you can't because of religious reasons. Kikes always add that exemption in.

3ebe1d  No.12640495


>You fucking wish kikenvermin.

>Its only a fringe group goy!

Some of them actually believe that.

d64aeb  No.12640500

File: d9c15da50e3b574⋯.jpg (71.16 KB, 680x569, 680:569, 8ea.jpg)


>at least reddit has a voting system to filter out retardation

<at least




The intelligent redditnigger appears.

f4278c  No.12640541

File: d8ef445a721f18c⋯.jpg (18.65 KB, 302x315, 302:315, doom_demon_laughing.jpg)


>Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NAMBLA)

d0194b  No.12640562


that certainly will not make more people skeptic about it

05282a  No.12640564

File: 5c73a842a1b9e53⋯.png (12.23 KB, 775x174, 775:174, italy sacks health board.png)

File: d5a34a44c61c7ba⋯.png (2.09 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Signor S ヽヷ履.png)

File: c9d5b59b905b480⋯.pdf (313.14 KB, CORVELVA-Study-on-the-chem….pdf)

Meanwhile, in Italy.




>Italy sacked it's vaccine scammers, and put in their place 100 percent new people who are not part of the global conspiracy to destroy people with vaccines, and then subsequently and practically immediately discovered that the vaccines have absolutely nothing they are advertised for, which begs the question: What the hell is really in those shots?

>Vaccine advocacy group Corvelva, which is not compromised, spearheaded Italy's investigation into the vaccine scam

>The Eugenicists are up in arms over Corvelva, a vaccine advocacy group appointed by the Italian government to investigate the vaccines which has now received over $50, 000 in funding to test all the vaccines and see if they are scams.

>And more, the Eugenicists are upset about WHERE the funding is coming from - top Italian medical science teams are funding Corvelva's efforts, unlike what this Sott article implies in it's headline and subsequently tries to state by claiming "scientists" are questioning the Italian government's actions that the Italian government is off it's rocker.

a99cf6  No.12640569

File: 0d6c26a9a884fda⋯.jpeg (96.35 KB, 808x1024, 101:128, 861EF624-DF73-4374-89B7-6….jpeg)

File: c9750249d8fb9cc⋯.jpeg (96.92 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, AEE7C737-ACFA-4FEE-9830-F….jpeg)

File: 3fb07b393885151⋯.png (34.85 KB, 467x323, 467:323, 5A393200-3B01-4877-AC3F-14….png)


Get a brain moran.

Mercury has always been in vaccines and does critical damage to the brain

0b8baf  No.12640573

kill doctors with aerosolized carfentanyl

d0194b  No.12640576


Also, one funny thing that anti-anti-vax people don't want to talk about is that:

It's not whatever vaccines work or not, it's about trusting whomever is manufacturing them

36758e  No.12640616


>This forum used to be high IQ


>Please redpill the spherefags


>at least reddit has a voting system to filter out retardation

filtered, isreali students need to brush up on their shilling this is just sad.

b808d1  No.12640629

File: 36c6b7aa6757535⋯.jpg (9.61 KB, 236x177, 4:3, what a retard.jpg)

Thanks for the old article faggot. Jesus, this is like 2 yrs old.

36758e  No.12640633

File: 7c8400b8d68b8dc⋯.png (24.99 KB, 683x167, 683:167, ClipboardImage.png)



>2 years old goy dont click on the link and just listen and believe me im fitting right in

filtered. kill yourself kike shill

802dc0  No.12640711

>Chair of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NAMBLA) Dr. Lynette Cusack said in a statement.

What a horrible acronym.

20d5d2  No.12640754

File: cb27c62790d3ccd⋯.png (94.86 KB, 378x347, 378:347, 8ED760E3-E758-4A58-A353-71….png)


Or a convenient coincidence…

ebe7f9  No.12640778

Here's a question to ask any Vaxer. If vaccines are beyond suspicious, why is it prohibited to sue for damages from a vacation? Might the process of discocovery force out facts that are otherwise hidden from the public?

20d5d2  No.12640791


Unlikely. The pharmaceutical industry repeatedly gets caught forging data. You can force out faked data all day but it’s not gonna make a difference in court since nobody knows the difference.

These processes need an independent review system. Unfortunately this will never happen

9b91e9  No.12640827

All I know is the flu shot is barely effective, it was in the low teens around 12% this year.

Why bother.

If you want me to roll the dice with glyphosate I might find in roundup (yes I know the ppb), you should probably get your arsenal up to par with some better odds in effectiveness.

a11702  No.12640840


Want to know how I know you don't belong here?

ebe7f9  No.12640854


Look objective facts are difficult in scoence, but often discovery can bring out memos and findings that tend to help demonstrate which vaccines are not effective for their risk of harm. When you can't even survive standing hearings you don't get discovery.

9b1348  No.12640862


>I understand the antisemitism is ironic for 90% of the people posting it, and the serious-sounding ones are probably feds, but this is just ridiculous.

Low IQ. Read Culture Of Critique, read 200 Years Together, read The Occult War, look into who owns all the banks. Look into who is destroying Europe. Jews are extremely wicked people. Even redpilled Jews admit that something like a blood curse probably is the cause.

If you think that the same people who are trying to establish a global technocratic slave system are acting in good faith when they punish people for not getting injected with mystery substances, there is no hope left for you.

9f811a  No.12640994

This is for the really infectious diseases. You know, the omea vaccines actually helped stop. Whooping cough, meningacocal etc, this isn't for the Flu Vaccine. The one you have all associated with mercury and "VACCINE BAD" mantra. These are for ones that actually work.

But please, keep shilling this nonsense. Simply because you can't differentiate the good from bad.

Australia is not like America. Stop assuming as such.

9f811a  No.12640995



Shitty phone poster I know.

ebe7f9  No.12641009

File: 7c64fd8f36b8234⋯.png (56.62 KB, 919x737, 919:737, 1387103761543.png)

9f811a  No.12641024


Once again, this shit. If you've filtered you wont respond.

Why the fuck are you even in an Australian /pol/ post if you lack the basic understanding of it?

The issue with having your head so far up your ass, you start believing your shitty ideas are good. Keep reading friend, you still have a lot to learn.

ebe7f9  No.12641051


This ain't your place Bruce. Perhaps you just got this backwards, upside down even.

ee2b97  No.12641065



>the antisemitism is ironic for 90% of the people posting it,

>hasn't been there for decades

What's the point of shilling if none will take you seriously, Moishe?

ee2b97  No.12641075


Good post.

000000  No.12641079


>the antisemitism is ironic for 90% of the people posting it


Is ironic antisemitism better or worse than casual racism?


>double dubs for quality shitposters who made it to government and then proceed to legislate on science and truth.

ITT muh lots of proof of vaccine effectiveness.

ee2b97  No.12641082


You realize you reply to a minimum wage shill, right?

7c4f42  No.12641109

aussy here,

a previous government agency i worked at had yearly flu vaccinations at my office for free, i never took part, strange that such a kike corrupted government would give handouts to its drones for a yearly sickness.

ee32b8  No.12641129


Even more reason to kill the manufacturers and their supporters.

dde66b  No.12641188

File: ecad4aa6c96009c⋯.jpg (26.95 KB, 631x527, 631:527, 39989485_2043719125678494_….jpg)



There is a difference and you all seem to misunderstand. Research, read, understand it. This shit is beyond ridiculous, time and energy is being wasted on this shit.



<Jewgle if you don't understand what these diseases are and their effects.

>Diseases and infections that caused serious detrimental effect on the worlds population.

<All Anti-Vaxxers are crying about non-lethal Diseases.

<Like the Flu Virus every year. Proven to be ineffective


>Herd Mentality works for a small percentage of the population because they either are allergic to the vaccine or already has a resistence to it.

You are all so scared of your own shadows.

>Big Pharma BAD

>Government BAD

<Disease GOOD

b808d1  No.12641441

File: 90d8154502bd9f0⋯.jpg (23.65 KB, 355x355, 1:1, cucked doll.jpg)


Nice try moron, but if you trace the source, it goes back two years. FUCKING KEKT!

b808d1  No.12641451




dc6275  No.12641566



fd6724  No.12641582

File: bbc909a931c0938⋯.jpg (2.96 MB, 1079x7538, 1079:7538, 1546552873318.jpg)

fd6724  No.12641584

File: 6eb6816865c72c2⋯.jpg (121.05 KB, 491x1024, 491:1024, 1546550608321.jpg)

63fc6c  No.12641586


Good. The public is too stupid to save itself. You have to protect their dumb asses so you can keep collecting taxes on them to sustain the nation.

532539  No.12641609

Read this pls

Its not actually a law, its just a rule that is applied to nurses and midwives under the NMBA (Nursery and Midwivery Board of Australia), and will put said nurse or midwife under investigation by the board if they're found to be distributing or promoting anti vaccination material. If the person is found guilty they will be prosecuted by the AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency), which is the national board that is responsible for the registration and accreditation of people that work under 15 medical professions, one of those being nursery and midwivery.

They could also be given a summary offense under national law which is attended by a magistrates court and includes:

>offences not punishable by imprisonment and having a maximum fine of less than $120 000;

>having a maximum imprisonment of two years


There is actually nowhere that mentions anything of "10 years jail" except for schizo American clickbait news sites and this fucking thread.

8df49f  No.12641681


when will we be jailed for denying carbon taxation being the ultimate solution to "fixing" climate?

cefd29  No.12641753

Author and blogger Vox Day has a lot of blog posts covering vaccine-related news. It's worthwhile to dig through.


d540a8  No.12641754

Another example of kike false dichotomy and pendulum swinging

- Shekelberg pharmaceuticals creates a deadly chemical cocktail and forces everyone to use it as a vaccine

- That means all vaccines are bad

- People stop vaccinating and we start getting epidemics of deadly diseases

- Shekelberg pharmaceuticals get rich selling the cure

Vaccines are not bad per se, people just need an entirely independent, national institute that would produce them for the benefit of the people instead of kike-owned trans-national corporations.

862293  No.12641835


>which is false, misleading or deceptive

Eh… depends on how it's implemented. There's a lot of demonstrably false anti-vaxer bullshit, as >>12641754 says, having people completely stop vaccinating isn't desirable, IMO it's fair to stop people propagating falsities in professional capacity, if it's really just demonstrable falsities and not "everything we don't like will be labeled as misleading". Extending it to to private statements is bullshit though.

d6f137  No.12641886


You're projecting again, Hymie.

Now, back to the synagogue with you.. The rabbi's unzipped and ready to feed you.

b808d1  No.12641893

File: 7bd39df077cd914⋯.jpg (18.66 KB, 308x352, 7:8, remote_image_1338419094 (2….jpg)


No shit this thread was a massive fail and OP is a faggot.

05a3dd  No.12641920

File: 29397c6f17e04c0⋯.jpg (62.56 KB, 500x500, 1:1, vaccines-autism3.jpg)

File: 7327063effbc582⋯.png (250.32 KB, 1548x794, 774:397, vaccines-autism.PNG)

File: d7665241d062d10⋯.png (214.7 KB, 700x298, 350:149, vaccines-autism2.png)

File: 389aa695a0808b5⋯.png (165.21 KB, 1548x561, 516:187, autism-vaccines.PNG)


Yea except that was admitted by the FDA to cause both autism and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome which had no explanation before. So now we know why random children die in their beds.


As in any white country. The question is when are you prepared to take direct action in response?

63ae31  No.12641963



I mean it's not like the other kids , assuming the vaccine works, would get sick from the unvaccinated kid.

This act in itself proves there is a great big subversive lie told about vaccines - that they aren't made to hinder your kids.

000000  No.12641966


wow i thought this just some exaggerated headline but it's true.

63ae31  No.12641969


You don't even need the evidence to refute the motive for criminalising antivaxxers.

see >>12641963

Logically, the idea that not vaxxing the kid makes it a threat to other kids is bogus.

This is all just further proof that vaccines do indeed hinder the development of children.

b271af  No.12641970


Good stuff. Now how would one go about not vaxxing his first born son and avoiding deadly sickness in the process? Corvelva's research into the shitalian vaccines is quite disturbing so far.

cf570e  No.12641971

They want you to be replaced, dead ad wiped from the history books. This is war by all metrics. It is us or them

000000  No.12641976


ok, but a $120000 fine and 2 years imprisonment is still imprisonment.

477c63  No.12641978


Yep, administering the injections…

63ae31  No.12641982


You don't even need the evidence to refute the motive for criminalising antivaxxers.

see >>12641963

Logically, the idea that not vaxxing the kid makes it a threat to other kids is bogus.

This is all just further proof that vaccines do indeed hinder the development of children.

That said, just trying to check the source for the articles "news".

I found this though, which is pretty closely related regardless:


>Health authorities have raided the clinic of a Melbourne doctor accused of helping families avoid compulsory child vaccinations.

>Dr John Piesse is one of several Melbourne GPs under investigation by health authorities for supporting an anti-vaccination stance.

>Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency staff and police officers went to his practice in Mitcham on Friday.

>A police statement said officers were in attendance while a search warrant was executed, however it "was not a police warrant".

>Dr Piesse has agreed to temporarily stop practising as AHPRA investigates claims he has been helping families avoid immunising their children.

>Last month he said he was operating in "totally legal" way.

>AHPRA said the raid was part of its ongoing investigation, but would not comment further.

>Both the Federal and Victorian Health Ministers have said any GPs found to be helping parents avoid compulsory vaccination must be held to account.

>In Australia, doctors can apply for an exemption for their patients on approved medical grounds.

>Federal Government records from 2015 showed about 30,000 Australian children — about 1.34 per cent — were granted "conscientious objection" status.

>But conscientious objection is no longer accepted by the Government as a valid reason for forgoing vaccination.

>Earlier this year, the Federal Government subjected some welfare payments to a "no jab, no pay" policy as part of a push to ensure 95 per cent of children were vaccinated.

>Similar no jab, no play policies have been introduced in Victoria and adopted by schools and childcare centres.

I found sources for welfare users being denied payment for not vaxxing kids (machiavellian eugenics?) but not for 10 years jail. I think that might be fake news.

AHPRA certainly is cracking down on this though.

OP needs to check his news regardless of whether it is "close" to reality.

477c63  No.12641991


Is this a joke? The entire website has no other information than buy my book, goy. That ain't helpful.


63ae31  No.12641994


>Its not actually a law, its just a rule that is applied to nurses and midwives under the NMBA (Nursery and Midwivery Board of Australia)

>They could also be given a summary offense under national law which is attended by a magistrates court and includes:

>offences not punishable by imprisonment and having a maximum fine of less than $120 000;

>having a maximum imprisonment of two years

What law?


I can't find the law that allows a convictable offence tried summarily.

63ae31  No.12641996


Assuming that is the law.

2705e2  No.12642014

File: 0696651544a361c⋯.jpg (48.06 KB, 800x917, 800:917, consider-the-following.jpg)


Holy fuck are you people serious?

This entire thread is based on boomer-tier clickbait that your grandma would share on zuckerkike's normie tracker.

See here: >>12641609

Beyond that, vaccines causing autism is a retarded myth perpetuated by an admitted fraud and porn star Jenny McCarthy. See here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Wakefield#Fraud_and_conflict_of_interest_allegations

What about the other side effects of all that mercury?

Here's what a quick google search renders:

>Due to the controversy surrounding thimerosal it has been removed from most vaccines except multi-use influenza, where it was reduced to levels so that a single dose contained less than 1 microgram of mercury, a level similar to eating 10g of canned tuna.



PS: I am NOT saying the state should have the power to force you to get vaccinated. This could set a precedent for the government forcing you to undergo other procedures that are actually dangerous. Choice is important, if only from a civil rights standpoint.

But you're also a fucking retard if you don't vaccinate your kids against shit like Hep C, diphtheria, tetanus and so on.

63ae31  No.12642017


>See here: >>12641609

>links to more fake news


b271af  No.12642036

File: c2e50ac186c96d0⋯.jpg (49.23 KB, 295x303, 295:303, 819af68163cd23a2f7f2917b85….jpg)

a96d7d  No.12642046

Anti-vaxxers should have picked something more plausible than autism. Everyone people don't like is autistic these days. It's thrown around so much that it's gotten to the point where I start to question if autism, medically speaking, has ever even existed. I can't take it seriously. I've been called autistic hundreds of times for the trivial reasons imaginable.

I'm sure there can be situations where vaccines cause problems, but then again even the simplest and most routine surgeries kill people every year, and I don't see people campaigning against surgeries.

a96d7d  No.12642048


*for the most trivial reasons imaginable

63ae31  No.12642088

File: f6f85da81ada514⋯.png (8.89 MB, 2500x1870, 250:187, the fool.png)


>Anti-vaxxers should have picked something more plausible than autism. Everyone people don't like is autistic these days. It's thrown around so much that it's gotten to the point where I start to question if autism, medically speaking, has ever even existed. I can't take it seriously. I've been called autistic hundreds of times for the trivial reasons imaginable.

Autism is a trickier concept than people think. It's in fact, a slur our society uses against those we collectively agree are a hindrance to that collective's goals. The hindrance being some mix of mental (and physical?) impediment to doing the tasks that the collective wants to complete. This is a scary thought as it proves the concept is a near Orwellian concept, although without it, issues would also arise regardless. It's another torment our universe spins at us.

My concern is that the definition's scope seems to be rapidly expanding, beginning to encompass issues of ideology rather than mental deformity. So perhaps a mindset which may be superior at "seeking threats and eliminating them" may come under this collective's definition of mental deformity or mental illness.

That is the horror of over defining the macroscopic and why we may need to take care with calling things "mentally deformed" or otherwise.

People have begun to use it as a "joking slur" to people who are not normal. I think that's fucked up and needs to be seriously curbed.

63ae31  No.12642091


>defining the macroscopic

derp, the microscopic

Jesus christ.

b5d1a7  No.12642528

Regardless of what your position on vaccinations is, any rational person cannot deny that the ingredients in vaccines are toxic. In fact, almost every single ingredient in any immunization is toxic to the human body. Besides the vitamins and minerals, nobody in their right mind would drink a concoction with any one or combination of most of the vaccine ingredients. Most vaccinations are directly injected into our bodies, allowing the ingredients to directly enter the bloodstream, which rationally, seems like an even more dangerous approach.

Vaccine ingredients (adjuvants and preservatives) and substances used in the manufacturing process, including vaccine-production media that are present only in trace quantities, include: sucrose, fructose, dextrose, potassium phosphate, FD&C Yellow #6, aluminum lake dye, fetal bovine serum, sodium bicarbonate, monosodium glutamate, aluminum hydroxide, benzethonium chloride, lactose, aluminum potassium sulfate, peptone, bovine extract, thimerosal, ammonium sulfate, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, bovine extract), calf serum, aluminum phosphate, aluminum hydroxphosphate sulfate, squalene and ethanol. Vaccinations also contain many inorganic minerals, vitamins, amino acids, salts, and sugars.

Much of the vaccine material will not leave the body without assistance, especially with a typical modern lifestyle and diet.

a54359  No.12642554

>>12640066 Check'd

This cunt has to die for her sins against our volk. There is nothing less that must happen.

4a1b45  No.12642557

File: a267f295e6f7da2⋯.jpg (143.86 KB, 927x1433, 927:1433, whatpolneeds.jpg)


f04e4a  No.12642575

I can understand the anti-vaccine people to some extent. Nobody wants an autistic child. The fear all your hopes and dreams for your child could be cruelly snatched away from you, leaving you with a soulless wretch, is enough to make anyone think twice.

6798f5  No.12642649


>$50.000,00 in funding.

Doing proper research is going to cost a little more than that.

65d21b  No.12642657

File: ed1fd57765191de⋯.jpg (107.42 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 7804111ac7eabb1e829b2a553e….jpg)

88e410  No.12642668


>if you don't vaccinate your kids against shit like Hep C

There isn't a Hep C vaccine, nigger.

0c583b  No.12642680


That thought honestly never occured to me.

6798f5  No.12642683

File: db5cb115c7636de⋯.jpg (208.95 KB, 682x600, 341:300, hilarious2.jpg)

b415fb  No.12642791

File: 3033c6218aff9c4⋯.jpg (109.14 KB, 599x816, 599:816, 3033c6218aff9c46c07ca476b4….jpg)

>mercury in the drinking water is a public health disaster!

<it is just a little bit injected right into the blood stream, what can it hurt?

Hmm, makes me think.

b074c5  No.12642927


Good point.

We obviously need to relax the limits for mercury in the water.

7660d7  No.12642965

File: 51e1fa7169ce4cf⋯.gif (170.98 KB, 226x260, 113:130, 1395089987435.gif)


>I understand the antisemitism is ironic for 90% of the people posting it

14a292  No.12643184


>The NAMBLA has called on Australians

Do they realize that is the Pedo rights organization in the US?

14a292  No.12643191


running tests on vaccines like….does it contain what it says it does, is not that expensive.

Don't believe the Jewish lies that everything cost Billions to do simple shit.

14a292  No.12643198


>2 years in prison for giving medical advise???

Seems pretty authoritarian to me.

14a292  No.12643205


In the US they removed the Mercury in the early 2000's …. or at least they said they did.

74e7ce  No.12643315

all you mercury fags.


dude injected himself with literal elemental mercury and didn't die. a tiny big of non-elemental mercury wont kill you

97b261  No.12643373



Isn’t that the child predator group where one of their slogans was “sex before 8 before it’s too late”?

How interesting they’d turn their attention to enforcing vaccinations.

I wonder how long before they change their tone when they find out 5/8 autistic people are more likely to become right wing. Weaponized right wing autism

27bd80  No.12643430

File: d289ed3bf2bc747⋯.png (12.44 KB, 699x178, 699:178, b0574a62-91f3-4643-91f6-8d….png)


1. It is not the same mecury that is used in vaccines, vaccines use organomercury compounds, which is far more toxic, especially when you think that they give this shit to newborn babies in comparisson to an adult like in the study you posted.

Organomercury compounds: Of all the forms of mercury, these are the worst. When mercury is chemically bound to carbon it is readily absorbed into the blood, which makes organomercury compounds far more toxic than the other forms.

Here is a real story of the consequences of just two drops of organomercury droped on a hand protected by a glove:

In 1996, Professor Karen Wetterhahn, an organometallic chemist (1) at Dartmouth College, was running an experiment that required the use of a chemical called dimethylmercury, a colorless, volatile, sweet-smelling liquid(2). She was using all proper safety precautions — protective clothing, gloves, and most important, a negative pressure fume hood(3). During the transfer, Wetterhahn spilled one or two drops of the liquid on the back of one of her latex gloves(4). After five months, she began to display symptoms of severe neurological impairment, and was hospitalized. Three weeks later she slipped into a coma. Five months later she was dead from mercury poisoning. There was nothing that could be done to save her life, including chelation therapy(5).


2.This guy just had luck: Mercury is toxic in all forms. Elemental mercury, when injected intravenously, can cause widely varying presentations: from total lack of symptoms (the diagnosis being made incidentally) to respiratory failure, kidney damage, liver damage, neurologic symptoms, and even death. The toxic effects of mercury after subcutaneous injection are not as serious as that seen after acute inhalation. Nevertheless, once mercury enters the bloodstream, it is quickly distributed throughout the body, particularly in the lungs


266593  No.12643477

b415fb  No.12643482


Remind me again why they cannot store the inert viral culture in saline instead of toxic preservative compounds.

f450f0  No.12643489

File: 323b7dbd44e0a6b⋯.png (43.02 KB, 640x300, 32:15, 4a5f0f3ad2a2505e8cecb49bf6….png)


>I understand the antisemitism is ironic for 90% of the people posting it

486a23  No.12643528


>I understand the antisemitism is ironic for 90% of the people posting it

you understand not shit

1613f9  No.12643675

File: d64dc34370ed65f⋯.jpg (633.87 KB, 854x1200, 427:600, What's in a vaccine ingred….jpg)


Holy hell, real corporate-brainwashed golem here?

1613f9  No.12643681


? Read the following posts, OP was kidding.

e4cca5  No.12643706



Seriously, I can literally draw every one of those molecules. The only one of any serious consequence is Thimerosal, which has been phased out and replaced with Nitromerosal, which contains a Hg bonded at 90 degrees to a chalcogen.

Ooga booga big words scare grug

a99cf6  No.12643742

File: ef6a90795249f81⋯.jpg (578.9 KB, 1280x2853, 1280:2853, 1546125219349.jpg)

File: cba5f743994b567⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1346x3333, 1346:3333, 1546125659051.png)

File: bbc909a931c0938⋯.jpg (2.96 MB, 1079x7538, 1079:7538, bbc909a931c0938ff499f39661….jpg)

File: d7665241d062d10⋯.png (214.7 KB, 700x298, 350:149, d7665241d062d10cc670e470de….png)

e4cca5  No.12643749

File: bc13c66eebb507b⋯.gif (7.69 KB, 300x370, 30:37, estrogen_mimics.gif)



The problem is plastic. I know all about vaccines, it's how we eradicated Measles and Smallpox.

The Problem is Plastic

pic related

t. Chemist.

e4cca5  No.12643752



27bd80  No.12643756


>which has been phased out and replaced with Nitromerosal, which contains a Hg bonded at 90 degrees to a chalcogen.

It's still being used

a01261  No.12643763


>Defends (((vaccines)))

>Posts (((porn)))


1613f9  No.12643776

File: 1b96b6022a3cc76⋯.jpg (52.19 KB, 620x344, 155:86, business.financialpost.com….jpg)


>I know all about vaccines, it's how we eradicated Measles and Smallpox.

So you just admitted that you don't know and your posts are filled with empty hubris.

1613f9  No.12643784

File: e1d6fbabbe77c79⋯.gif (17.14 KB, 885x589, 885:589, Measles UK-Measles-1838-19….gif)

File: f0aaf1dd85d3fe1⋯.jpg (27.55 KB, 480x460, 24:23, Measles vaccine--.jpg)


[Measles deaths (from 1901/2, averaged) declined by 99.4% before vaccination in 1968! This proves vaccination played no part in the decline, yet parents are meant to believe (as shown by the Dr Siegal quote below) that vaccination was the ONLY factor.]

[The big measles lie] "It (measles) is ONLY not a big killer in the United States because of the MMR vaccine."—Dr Marc Siegal. (Feb 3, 2010 Fox News)

(Source: Twentieth Century Mortality CD, Office of National Statistics, 1 Drummond Gate, SW1, UK–0207 233 9233 02075335243. ICD classifications are done by the World Health Organisation)

"The measles death decline graph provided shows that the measles vaccine had nothing to do with the decline in deaths, and has not affected the number of children hospitalised during epidemic years since its introduction."—-MEASLES : THE REAL FACTS—–HILARY BUTLER http://whale.to/a/butler9.html

Vaccination against measles was introduced in 1968 but abandoned because of lack of effectiveness and unpleasant side effects. A new, more potent, live vaccine was introduced in 1974 and is now being given to about 50 per cent of children aged 1-2. Whooping Cough vaccination–Prof Gordon Stewart (1980) http://whale.to/vaccines/stewart.html

760959  No.12643815


How about "Everyone who manufactures, sells, and distributes, as well as administering the vaccines must take 100 doses of each vaccine per year."

If they are so wondrous and safe, then OBVIOUSLY, the human rabbits would be, literally the HEALTHIEST PEOPLE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WOOORLLLD.

No, wait, they have to take ten doses from each batch they are administering. Even if they are doing one batch per week.

Yup. This will find out in short order just how safe the vaccines are.

3b3e94  No.12643887


Thinks happy toons are porn, OUT

000000  No.12645118

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

041bb7  No.12645130


You're correct. The grug fears what it doesn't understand.

7d5536  No.12645145


Yeh… totes not like the other Z-w*rds… stay poor eat cheetz… watch mk ultra cartoons… at least you downloaded swastika.JPG

6be4c4  No.12645151

File: 564e4acf7ac70f0⋯.png (72.65 KB, 796x500, 199:125, Measles_US_1944-2007_inset.png)



>>Equates better treatment for not needing vaccines

>>Thinks its better to be crippled or disfigured

>>Thinks vaccines did not stop measles

The stupid….it…..hurts…..

d1629d  No.12645219


Thank you.

df8afb  No.12645241


Because it’s stupid and dangerous.

Article one was in mice, studies citing it did not have the same results upon replication nor was it ever seen in human testing but it was grounds to change the formula anyway. This was not given to humans.

There are negative vaccine studies but now following up on the actions taken because of them is misleading and fraudulent.

65ed6f  No.12645246


<This forum used to be high IQ. I understand the antisemitism is ironic for 90% of the people posting it, and the serious-sounding ones are probably feds, but this is just ridiculous.

Despite the fact that it's very low-quality, you have managed to get a fair few responses, so I'll give your bait 6/10,

13b2f0  No.12645925

File: 31505a2224e9d0f⋯.jpg (7.29 KB, 252x240, 21:20, 1262845748230.jpg)


>I understand the antisemitism is ironic for 90% of the people posting it

bc1716  No.12645990



Hey retards, there's a difference between mortality and contraction rate.

>hey let me put my hand in a blender

<oh it didn't kill me, therefore it's like nothing happened


436658  No.12646679

436658  No.12646706


First of all there's no Hep C vaccine and secondly hep C is preventable if your kid's not a degenerate.

82bccf  No.12646775


The Italian government just proved that at least one of the mandatory vaccines was a fraud, it was full of unreported poisons and did not contain the medicine it was supposed to. They are testing the others.

82bccf  No.12646782


This is the new CTR move, try to claim you are the real original gangsta, while admitting that you have never been here before. There was a guy on cuckchan trying to claim unironically that /k/ (the weapons board) had always been progressive.

b3e5ef  No.12646829


>new CTR move

They are just copying what the chinks do in Tibet e.g "Oy vey tibet you were always china, what are you talking about there is no such thing as tibet." etc. etc.

A variation of gaslighting I am fairly sure.

a56b25  No.12647010


I remember when the second article was posted to /n/. None of her findings were able to be replicated, a common trend it seems

e36e04  No.12647066


>da caves

You know, I think it would be poetic if you were forcibly injected with enough of the shit to kill you after you're fucking removed.



27bd80  No.12647078


yeah because scientists and the science journals can't be corrupted right?


















a56b25  No.12647177


And part of this corruption of science is quickly posting results that can't be replicated, which some of those articles are responsible for as well

27bd80  No.12647512


>quickly posting results

No proof for that

> can't be replicated

and the reason why those results can't be replicated is because the corrupt scientists are instructed to not replicate them.

ee4ff6  No.12647595

File: 5937f550a45949b⋯.jpg (1.74 MB, 3546x2123, 3546:2123, 20180911_144834.jpg)

File: 30f2a45dd5ad93e⋯.jpg (131.87 KB, 600x776, 75:97, 1983 vs 2016 vaccine sched….jpg)

File: 03fe3fb691e1bb2⋯.jpg (409.36 KB, 574x1920, 287:960, 32% approved drugs cause h….jpg)

File: 88a058e3f4ce82e⋯.jpg (64.32 KB, 480x597, 160:199, 1937 vaccine refusal artic….jpg)

File: c9cc1982ba28a63⋯.jpg (63.56 KB, 640x818, 320:409, 90% drop in mortality happ….jpg)

Good bread. Kill the vaccine kikes. Don't poison the beautiful white babies with their chemicals.

ee4ff6  No.12647596

File: f08735940819aa6⋯.jpg (139.63 KB, 619x173, 619:173, 1534283306611632851769.jpg)

File: c83707cd2eb0ea6⋯.png (601.41 KB, 1705x989, 1705:989, 1534038025034.png)

File: 49b537ac8eddf9d⋯.jpg (156.5 KB, 1024x791, 1024:791, 1534045072190.jpg)

File: 0488dbf03f08e81⋯.jpg (37.53 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1532318336678.jpg)

File: e21b7abe2ccce2b⋯.jpg (100.72 KB, 711x461, 711:461, 1528996531818.jpg)

ee4ff6  No.12647601

File: e382382aa84b894⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1024x904, 128:113, 1536144832713458441521.jpg)

File: 60381667cb1a5de⋯.jpg (418.32 KB, 500x546, 250:273, 1536746307115517650734.jpg)

File: 27e5b193d612ffd⋯.jpg (769.34 KB, 643x868, 643:868, 1536746235465885239689.jpg)

File: dc2d621ca731c14⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 1024x783, 1024:783, 1539662055674764900170.jpg)

File: a37542e3e95f3cf⋯.jpg (454.55 KB, 564x468, 47:39, 1538686539541163322151.jpg)

ee4ff6  No.12647604

File: 4070230c66dfbc2⋯.jpg (665.47 KB, 1087x832, 1087:832, 1540868318927320357644.jpg)

File: e933bf96ccf44b6⋯.jpg (893.62 KB, 750x1288, 375:644, 1542146314957191546239.jpg)

File: c98d62c33073e49⋯.jpg (525.05 KB, 1742x1106, 871:553, 1540868722852552526869.jpg)

File: 64f1a727bfd7b5a⋯.jpg (479.69 KB, 1148x598, 574:299, 1540868834417751509280.jpg)

File: 075637bc62db62a⋯.jpg (470.74 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 1543522145768821937701.jpg)

ee4ff6  No.12647609

File: 74176bfdf393a6c⋯.jpg (274.37 KB, 630x698, 315:349, 1546145878613905103417.jpg)

File: f2f4c07bfe90044⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 720x947, 720:947, 15367462043681909775688.jpg)

File: 398cd7483e4536d⋯.jpg (794.83 KB, 960x747, 320:249, 15364380198082134259184.jpg)

File: 55589a159135bb8⋯.jpg (585 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 15367462592881939372236.jpg)

File: 34f908b48835421⋯.jpg (4.6 MB, 2047x1219, 89:53, 15366818102611777756478.jpg)

ee4ff6  No.12647610

File: 286b20e88bf548f⋯.jpg (610.93 KB, 623x1024, 623:1024, 15397000386971456998894.jpg)

File: 3c1d7d84e8be35f⋯.jpg (449.01 KB, 699x960, 233:320, 15396621146141890261525.jpg)

File: a6a2e238d6fd26a⋯.jpg (431.48 KB, 936x1078, 468:539, 15397000619721313383921.jpg)

File: 62f706c6f65825e⋯.jpg (704.87 KB, 596x902, 298:451, 15367462798131429579889.jpg)

File: b25e33c83e61b74⋯.jpg (465.47 KB, 720x556, 180:139, 15367463319511790061892.jpg)

ee4ff6  No.12647612

File: 0f2e21ff63d9056⋯.jpg (269.15 KB, 788x580, 197:145, 15416860068871060048951.jpg)

File: 5c97ca3e81e0a2f⋯.jpg (623.75 KB, 1305x763, 1305:763, 15426370746251833695951.jpg)

File: 01bcbec30a08ba0⋯.jpg (162.06 KB, 620x344, 155:86, 15408688050791701241344.jpg)

File: b616d518e7a5385⋯.jpg (4.6 MB, 2047x1219, 89:53, 15408684750001044680898.jpg)

File: 3569747fc7af3bf⋯.jpg (173.96 KB, 1124x688, 281:172, 15398233415001281800098.jpg)

ee4ff6  No.12647616

File: 391093aa8103cf6⋯.jpg (585.45 KB, 1917x1443, 639:481, Adverse events pre term va….jpg)

File: ab6412fa7f31b10⋯.jpg (776.42 KB, 1024x866, 512:433, 15459718876861867474444.jpg)

File: dcd64b1bb761b69⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 1485x1920, 99:128, Aluminum autism in mice.jpg)

File: e8322813274e812⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 1079x4045, 1079:4045, Africa tetanus birth contr….jpg)

File: 993f4004809adc0⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 918x2048, 459:1024, 15461449964321179673642.jpg)

ee4ff6  No.12647619

File: 60fb0c442468c30⋯.jpg (986.79 KB, 1914x1653, 22:19, Aluminum in vaccines.jpg)

File: 94e969d8d6b7d8c⋯.jpg (691.9 KB, 1267x1920, 1267:1920, Autism 86% correlation wit….jpg)

File: 8b54e05ccf9f1d4⋯.jpg (731.51 KB, 1413x1920, 471:640, Australians fined for no v….jpg)

File: 83f564f5e03fadc⋯.jpg (444.09 KB, 869x1184, 869:1184, Autism higher in vaccinate….jpg)

File: 9db0cefcce97780⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 1920x1920, 1:1, Aluminum brain content aut….jpg)

ee4ff6  No.12647623

File: 4916afc3c30685d⋯.jpg (2.29 MB, 1079x5542, 1079:5542, BCBS vaccine incentives pa….jpg)

File: 8f9323e3b85eef5⋯.jpg (2.11 MB, 1080x7134, 180:1189, Big Parma tainted vaccines.jpg)

File: eba04801e011af9⋯.jpg (871.53 KB, 1667x1907, 1667:1907, Autoimmune diseases on the….jpg)

File: b0fb4e003c7b76c⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 1754x1743, 1754:1743, Babies don't feel pain, de….jpg)

File: 7fae458d7a0817a⋯.jpg (647.82 KB, 1920x1259, 1920:1259, Autoimmune syndrome induce….jpg)

ee4ff6  No.12647627

File: 3d2b67bc92150d5⋯.jpg (3.36 MB, 1080x7499, 1080:7499, Big Pharma bribes Dr's to ….jpg)

File: 85508444c41cb4c⋯.jpg (882.03 KB, 1920x1317, 640:439, Bill gates cull population.jpg)

File: f7aeb564086bb16⋯.jpg (3.8 MB, 1079x9824, 1079:9824, Bill gates pharma and vacc….jpg)

File: f70b0a0b5693481⋯.jpg (642.98 KB, 1039x1920, 1039:1920, Bill gates Kenya steriliza….jpg)

File: 0b5e84ab59d9313⋯.jpg (2.11 MB, 1080x4822, 540:2411, CDC cover-up polio vaccine….jpg)

ee4ff6  No.12647628

File: be320041f41b9fc⋯.jpg (2.37 MB, 1920x3936, 20:41, Conflicts of interest in p….jpg)

File: 651a2f5b083c0af⋯.jpg (654.23 KB, 913x1903, 83:173, CDC knowingly lied about m….jpg)

File: 6ae84880746a481⋯.jpg (2.65 MB, 1080x7805, 216:1561, Disease outbreaks, who to ….jpg)

File: 4bad3490c70366b⋯.jpg (678.56 KB, 693x1920, 231:640, Cdc Thompson vaccine autis….jpg)

File: a62d2c2ea096757⋯.jpg (939 KB, 938x2752, 469:1376, Delay in vaccine lowers ri….jpg)

ee4ff6  No.12647633

File: c7e1c68e3b43398⋯.jpg (1.92 MB, 1078x4847, 1078:4847, Fda gardasil fraud.jpg)

File: f0b3e2dd9896771⋯.jpg (1.99 MB, 1920x6588, 160:549, Diseases traced back to 19….jpg)

File: 01a14f41eaa52e1⋯.jpg (499.95 KB, 1865x893, 1865:893, DTP vaccine causes autism.jpg)

File: 382cab7cd462a87⋯.jpg (2.55 MB, 1066x8259, 1066:8259, Dr's house raided found va….jpg)

File: c5ab88f86bbb138⋯.jpg (2.22 MB, 1920x3024, 40:63, Dr Offit fraud.jpg)

a99cf6  No.12650352

04c826  No.12650390

>yes goy vaccines are bad we dont need to keep ancient plagues exterminated

though the 10 year jail time is pretty fuckin susp

im all for vaccines, im not all for the ingredients not being publicly available

79093e  No.12650417

Nice, subtle fear-propaganda programming reeks from this anon's post >>12650390

The pharmaceutical industry thanks you for your unpaid "hasbara".

b9e2ae  No.12650424

File: d9415d291d305a1⋯.png (834.91 KB, 732x605, 732:605, greedyoldmoneylender.PNG)




8f5b30  No.12650440

File: 63c0920161a24dd⋯.jpg (87.91 KB, 540x540, 1:1, jefferson_tree_of_liberty_….jpg)

They aren't going to stop

e100ff  No.12650470

File: 2535652373eabb7⋯.png (1.18 MB, 898x1329, 898:1329, Straya.png)

fe99d9  No.12650475

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



05282a  No.12650488

File: 356aadce35262f7⋯.jpg (45.72 KB, 447x306, 149:102, sage negated.jpg)


Aaaaand negated. Keep kvetching, Efraim.

04c826  No.12650496

File: f54646735a59689⋯.jpg (2.16 MB, 1836x1714, 918:857, check shekels.jpg)


>fear propaganda

im sure you dont want to experience the plagues humanity is no longer immune to anon

or maybe you do while your tribe begins hoarding all of the unadulterated doses


0939e8  No.12650525


>HPV vaccine contributes to infertility

wew. so you have to pick between genital warts/cervical cancer or being able to reproduce

aa4208  No.12662968

File: 31307d8065c188d⋯.jpg (132.35 KB, 634x674, 317:337, safe.jpg)

41d7af  No.12663141

If anything these higher rates of autism are causing people to be hyper aware of pattern recognition, and that includes kike schemes. The kikes thought that making more autists would help to further consolidate their plans, but it's completely backfired on them.

05282a  No.12663307

File: 787c508fe3160c7⋯.webm (2.86 MB, 180x320, 9:16, high_potency_yellow_fever….webm)

File: 6ad2e04247da12f⋯.png (155 B, 1x1, 1:1, dot.png)


>yellow fever vaccination

Just show your children this.

b2dc56  No.12663512

File: 2251a1c4ad2cfb3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 303.25 KB, 650x1000, 13:20, bfe1375970339def90594427ae….png)

>Vaccine Skepticism In Australia Now Punishable By 10 Years In Jail

Australians are now cattle. Coming to a (((World Government))) sector near you nya~

41d7af  No.12663520

Never thought that Australia would become THIS level of ZOG, but I guess that I shouldn't be surprised.

15f58d  No.12664531

daily reminder that until people start killing elites, nothing will change. People think fighting low iq leftists is productive; it's not. if you want to change the world, this is how you do it.

ELITES are the enemy. no one else matters

963b18  No.12664714

>or urging further studies into vaccine safety

Well that's a case against vaccines right there.

963b18  No.12664719


Vaccines must be great, that's why simply seeking testing in their effectiveness and safety is a punishable crime. Makes sense.

964118  No.12668114


Correct. Business before pleasure.

9b91e9  No.12668159

Vaccines and kikes, can't speak ill of either and both poisoning humanity.

000000  No.12668265


This. Though a minor nit-pick, stop calling the scum of the Earth "elite":

>A special group or social class of people which have a superior intellectual, social or economic status as, the elite of society.

>Someone who is among the best at a certain task.

Not sure what to call them, Jews isn't always accurate since there are also a lot of gentiles in high places (who of course are in turn controlled by Jews, or are useful to them)

000000  No.12668273


>Borrowed from Old French elit, eslit (“chosen, elected”) past participle of elire, eslire (“to choose, elect”), from Latin eligere (“to choose, elect”), with past participle electus; see elect.

So if you call the scum of the Earth "elite" you're quite literally saying they're elected or chosen.

a99cf6  No.12668415

File: 526c4b3342ad427⋯.jpg (30.16 KB, 297x350, 297:350, 526c4b3342ad427fbc689f704b….jpg)


>you're quite literally saying they're elected or chosen.

Why yes my Torpedo friend.

They are the "chosen"

0a839e  No.12668433


The EPA pic is way worse

Because they refer to eating contaminated food. Not injecting it straight into the bloodstream.

They are pretty much giving kids a mercury lobotomy,

0a839e  No.12668495


There was actually a case in germany a few years ago where a virus researcher published a academic paper that measles vaccine was a complete hoax

He got sued by the state - AND WON

3f90ee  No.12668525

File: ded981168460b48⋯.jpg (260.68 KB, 1500x2122, 750:1061, 603050_485597281456290_952….jpg)

This is a great chop bit explaining how mercury from flu shots rips apart the brain at the cellular level.


Mercury has long been known to be a potent neuro toxic substance, whether it is inhaled or consumed in the diet as a food contaminate. Over the past 15 years medical research laboratories have established that dental amalgam tooth fillings are a major contributor to mercury body burden. In 1997 a team of research scientist demonstrated that mercury vapor inhalation by animals produced a molecular lesion in brain protein metabolism which was similar to a lesion seen in 80% of Alzheimer's diseased brains. Recently completed experiments by scientist at the University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine now reveal with direct visual evidence from brain neuron tissue cultures how mercury ions actually alter the cell membrane structure of the developing neurons.


To understand how mercury causes this degeneration let's recall the previous example. As mentioned before Tubulin proteins linked together during normal cell growth to form the micro-tubules which support the neurite structure (neuro fiber of the brain). When mercury ions are introduced into the culture medium they infiltrate the cell and bind themselves to the newly synthesized Tubulin molecules. More specifically the mercury ions attach themselves to the binding site reserved for GTP on the beta subunit of the affected Tubulin molecules. Since bound GTP normally provides the energy which allows Tubulin molecules to attach to one another mercury ions bound to these sites prevent Tubulin proteins from linking together. Consequently the neurites' micro tubules begin to disassemble into free Tubulin molecules leaving the neurite stripped of its supporting structure. Ultimately both the developing neurite and its' growth cone collapse and some denuded neurofibrils form aggregates or tangles. Note that after mercury exposure the mercury has caused disintegration of Tubulin micro tubule structure. These new findings reveal important visual evidence as to how mercury causes neuro degeneration. More importantly this study provides the first direct evidence that low level mercury exposure is indeed a precipitating factor that can initiate this neuro degenerative process within the brain. NeuroReport 12(4): 733-737,2001.

From http://www.truehealthfacts.com/reasearch-news/Mercury.html

I've personally been tested for mercury poisoning, and have a highly toxic amount which ended up causing pancreatic shutdown. With multiple flu shots, you too can end up like me.

68f88b  No.12668716


All imageboards are forums but not all forums are imageboards.


781f39  No.12670576

File: 293b1668feaf393⋯.png (202.15 KB, 600x600, 1:1, milk.png)

>this thread

ce6e89  No.12670671


You have to be low IQ to be pro-vaxxer, especially with what's going on in Italy at the moment.

0fc33d  No.12672081


>Medical professional face a jail sentence of 10 years for expressing doubt about the effectiveness of vaccinations or urging further studies into vaccine safety.

The system is prosecuting professionals

for advocating safe procedures

wow sure makes ya think

bc1716  No.12672565


I agree with that. Vaccinations should be optional. They will counterargue that an unvaccinated population provides a reservoir that the virus can use to mutate into a new strain that can infect the vaccinated population. I don't think that is true for most diseases though; influenza mutates rapidly but most others don't.

c45abf  No.12673522

File: 12bde243dd9e1b7⋯.jpg (103.18 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 12bde243dd9e1b7c267ea7d9d0….jpg)


That's a lot of nutrients.

71aa35  No.12673966


Actual medfag here. Vaccines work but there is a risk of injury or death as a result of an immune response being too drastic to the vaccine. Ironically, the rates of serious complications are about the same as rates of infection for the very diseases they prevent however the added positive of vaccines is those are individual responses which cannot infect others whereas the illness we vaccinate against can spread. Even if you want to give the antivaxers ground (and they do have a somewhat valid ground with this argument), you can't advocate against it because same rates - risk of infection spreading > same rate + risk of infection spreading.

>thiomerosal which has been phased out

it has absolutely not been phased out, medical literature and schools still claim it's safe (was literally taught this 2 months ago in immunology)

aa4208  No.12675481


>you can't advocate against it because same rates - risk of infection spreading > same rate + risk of infection spreading

sorry pharmashill but the risk is not the same because you are willingly subjecting yourself to the risk of infection

81e34c  No.12675923


>>willingly subjecting yourself to the risk of infection

as well as everyone else you come in contact with who are unwilling.

aa4208  No.12676154


>Think of the children

concern trolling

lrn2shill basics

a99cf6  No.12680744

File: ec6fb5804a66542⋯.jpg (144.77 KB, 759x672, 253:224, 1546138679889.jpg)


This is our future if we dont stop it.

7b6874  No.12680753


David Dees is a fucking legend, I recognize his work anywhere, I think everyone here does.

10ff5e  No.12683151

File: a501f4ca9f66468⋯.png (167.29 KB, 1768x471, 1768:471, vax.png)

a99cf6  No.12684406


Currently shills are starting up threads on other boards complaining about getting their lies disproven and being BTFO.

They have lost their raid for 8/pol/ and are trying to create an issue where they can dispose the moderation, and impose censorship of topics they have lost to on /pol/


05282a  No.12694767

File: 8c087abf1398dc5⋯.jpg (19.56 KB, 402x391, 402:391, arnold-ss.jpg)


Well done, have a bump.

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