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File: 74dc0eef2c9da10⋯.jpg (154.79 KB, 676x918, 338:459, 45h45h45u4567435b34y66432y….jpg)

168a70  No.12644005

HAPPENING: French police to confiscate private guns

> From: Minister of the Interior

> To: Prefects of the police in departments and regions, Prefects of the police

> Subject: Initiation of procedures of confiscation of firearms of categories B,C and D pursuant to legislation 2012-304 of 6 march 2012.

> Due to the gravity of the current situation and expecting a worsening of the insurrection please put into place without delay the necessary procedures to confiscate all firearms of aforementioned categories held by citizens on the national territory.

> Local police and gendarmerie forces will carry out the confiscation and deliver receipts mentioning the date of the confiscation, type and number of seized weapons, information of the identity of the legal owner and [his] corresponding [firearm] permit numbers.

> This confiscation will be applicable for a period of 6 months, which it can be renewed, and after which the firearms should be returned to their owners.

> Special categories[?] and agents of the State authorized to keep and bear firearms will be exempted from the confiscation of their service weapons. [Service weapons of state agents will not be confiscated].

> Local police forces will be responsible for storage and security of the stored weapons.

> Operational orders will be given to you in the next communications.

> /signed/

> Christophe Castaner


2c443f  No.12644012

hahahaha Varg is so fucked

I always said there is no way he will be able to defend himself living within the system

25f058  No.12644013

Kike free first post

7d9fdc  No.12644016

File: a885f16834bc28a⋯.png (505.92 KB, 1000x1432, 125:179, Why tho.png)


Getting desperate, eh?

26e0c3  No.12644024

France has guns?

b2252c  No.12644025

Moment of truth my French comrades. Stand and fight or hand them over to the ZOG

When this happened it America in, what was it, 1775, at Lexington and Concord it changed the fate of history. May your ancestors smile brightly on you should you choose to take up arms.

b2252c  No.12644028


I think like 8 million or so in civilian possession. Legal, that is

e3519a  No.12644032


e00353  No.12644033

The French should take their guns and point them at people who want to take their guns.

85280a  No.12644035

File: fd7af0be7ce36e8⋯.png (305.17 KB, 645x1067, 645:1067, fc19cc7527837d43ca5438ffd4….png)

File: 69a6540a70574dd⋯.jpg (29.15 KB, 300x450, 2:3, 1440.jpg)


b30fa8  No.12644036

If this happens will it kill any attempts to Co-opt the movement like what happened with OWS and the tea party?

d35d36  No.12644037


the french should steal rifles and pistols from the police and kill the judges and cops

e00353  No.12644041


You forgot muslims on that list.

b30fa8  No.12644042


The media heads.

0090b5  No.12644044

Well Frenchie, if you're going to do anything about your situation, now would be the time.

55d826  No.12644045



>time to have fun

>it's time to turn in your FRF1

e3519a  No.12644053


So is this real or agitprop?

d40f39  No.12644061

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


With slight modification this could shoot without the need to depress the barrel, probably.


0c1dd7  No.12644072

La Marseillaise says ♪ aux armes, citoyens ♫ but if the dictatorship confiscate them all then, well, time to befriend with those brown thugs and borrow their illegal arms and become a heroe. Anyone interested in becoming a heroe ? Come on. (Not me, I am a very bad shot.)

7820d9  No.12644076


He saw this coming, and told viewers to never join gun clubs and by .22 rifles that don't require registration or something like that.

f7c0bd  No.12644079


Well that's a more stupid move than I expected. They just guaranteed it will get worse for them.

810423  No.12644081

Once the official insurrection begins in the military and law enforcement then it's 1789 again.

85280a  No.12644084

The order is fake and gay.

OP was called out for his bullshit in the main yellowvest thread so he made a new OP to land some more suckers.

Seems to be working.

f7c0bd  No.12644086


Don't stop things that work in our favor. The more negatives they have to defend, the better.

80ce19  No.12644090


>With slight modification this could shoot without the need to depress the barrel, probably.

Yeah and the nail will shoot 10 feet and not penetrate a nylon jacket.

That thing is designed to shoot a nail into concrete and uses about a .22 short worth of powder, it will sink the nail but that is it.

000000  No.12644091


It may be fake and gay, but that is yet to be proven. It may in fact be real. If it is, it will be momentous.

997dff  No.12644092

So what are Frenchies going to do about literally having what little guns they have confiscated? Any frogs on here?

d40f39  No.12644094

File: 0c6d37700d66aba⋯.png (336.76 KB, 840x1422, 140:237, 250-2502264_leapfrog-logo-….png)


I think it is agitprop, they realize they are behind so they are trying to accelerate emotions to get ahead of the revolt.

Typical baby boomer misunderstanding and hubris, frogs love to play this game, especially when mother goose may become a black swan.

997dff  No.12644101


Or the order is 100% legit and the kikes are denying it as to not tip off the population.

d40f39  No.12644103


It could be loaded with lighter needles to pierce Kevlar, motek.

85280a  No.12644107


Look at the signature.

Look at who is telling you it's fake.


01e7e7  No.12644110

If they take them or if they fight back it will be an example to never give up our 2nd amendment rights.

f7c0bd  No.12644112


>Politicians never deny things!

cointelpro confirmed.

dc6b36  No.12644115


Why are you not using your 2nd amendment to kill the yid and coons ?

You have a shit ton of weapons and nothing is happening except random incel shootings

fb939c  No.12644118


Because most people are cowards.

dc6b36  No.12644123


This goes way much deeper than this I think.

They forgot what it is to be a People, they forgot the Dixie spirit. Pierre-Antoine Cousteau had nice words to describe in his "Jewish America" book.

f6950b  No.12644127


>Why are you not using your 2nd amendment to kill the yid and coons ?

Most people are so brainwashed, they don't know they should be. They think what's happening is good.

80ce19  No.12644130

File: e5e66b1c6c06b03⋯.jpg (54.26 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ramset-loads-boosters-0066….jpg)

File: 60b4530e02fa021⋯.jpg (40.08 KB, 540x405, 4:3, B9316736531Z.1_20150325144….jpg)


>It could be loaded with lighter needles to pierce Kevlar, motek.

Look faggot you are using pic one when you think you are using pic 2

sends sacred frog anons into battle with butter knives and cap guns

71639e  No.12644136

you could post the dox of everyone responsible and not 1 molotov will get tossed. if orchestrators started to get targeted it would become real for the protestors. they’d have to actually invest in a struggle rather than riot and burn to make their subconscious feel rebellious and not slavish. this is all ego fueling they don’t actually want to oust those with power, then who will they blame it all on? you can die content with only going half way I suppose.

>at least I smashed that banks window now they know we’re mad and aren’t taking any more shit

It’s like you retarded dipshits who felt the need to go to unite the right because deep down you knew that was the furthest you were willing to go but it was still edgy enough to satiate your ego from accepting cuckoldry. If you don’t feel homocidal you’re definitely not getting what you want. The only thing animals fear are beings more savage than themselves. Get rid of any delusion you have of fighting fair. That’s just mental masturbation and you’re still in a dream world. Also stop living like there are laws you have to abide by. You don’t exist in a great time and place. You live in a hellscape so act accordingly.

a16374  No.12644137

As if any man survived in France post 1918

e3519a  No.12644139


>mother goose may become a black swan.

I feel more certain now that the recession is coming for sure now. France melting down. Netyahoo demanding golan heights now.

d40f39  No.12644140


Pic 1 will be sufficient in the Barricades, pic 2 has much longer range.

e3519a  No.12644141


>you could post the dox of everyone responsible and not 1 molotov will get tossed

I wouldn't be so sure about that. Besides the higher level guys have tons of security and probably aren't even in France

5eaa7e  No.12644142

File: aed371210c76997⋯.jpg (418.62 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 46-HGB[1].jpg)

Time to bring back the long bows. Honestly, I'd be more afraid to get shot by a fucking arrow than a bullet. They're impressively effective even today at surprising distances. Like to see a couple hundred yellow vests with makeshift bows creep up on the riot police and bust an arrow in their knee cap.

271c5c  No.12644148


I'll take an arrow anywhere over a fucking bullet any day you brainlet.

597cae  No.12644149


There's always the guillotine I guess

dc6b36  No.12644154


Relevant part (translated with gstranslate, maybe I will translate the whole thing someday)

"Finally, overwhelmed by the number, hated by the whole world who had left take the fable of the generous northern idealism, deprived of weapons and ammunition, reduced by the blockade to the most dreadful scarcity, the Confederates capitulated. And the Northerners began to savagely exploit their victory. Not only Southerners were deprived of their political rights, not only were they removed their property (under the pretext that they could no longer pay taxes) and settled in their place Yankees settlers, but they were imposed, by force of bayonets, local governments and "freely" elected compounds only illiterate Negroes maneuvered by rapacious adventurers, the carpet baggers. It is no example that a vanquished nation was physically destroyed with so much method and refinement. Formerly the conquerors passed

their victims over the sword. It is permissible to find this process more humane than

the methods of the Yankee "reconstruction".

The southern states have not recovered from this debacle, and especially never America has not found its balance nor the means to justify the hopes that had given birth to its first stammerings. Civilized America traditionalist, human, authoritarian, hierarchical, the one that held the germs of fascism was murdered. The other America triumphed, that of aggressive puritans, forge masters and democratic mumbo jumbo. Wonderful manure offered to the Jewish invasion.

From all the ghettos of Europe and from the East the raptors with crooked fingers went to rush to the cure.

It was around 1890 that the Jews launched on the new world their first waves of assault. In less than half a century the conquest was complete. America as a whole was in their hands."

438913  No.12644157


better start killing pigs, frenchies

438913  No.12644163


oh so its fake and gay? >>12644035

5eaa7e  No.12644167


Lets prove it I'll shoot you with an arrow in the stomach and you can shoot me with a 5.56mm. We'll see who cries like a bitch first.

80ce19  No.12644172


>Pic 1 will be sufficient in the Barricades, pic 2 has much longer range.

AHHHH my mistake you are thinking of close in knife range work. If so take it apart and remove the spring in the safety tip. That way you wont have to push hard to make it fire but the tip has to be depressed to fire and it will work as intended.


>Time to bring back the long bows.

Totally this an arrow has huge energy and you get hit with one ur fuggged.

635303  No.12644175


>They're impressively effective even today at surprising distances

Don't you have to train from childhood? You need to build up something that makes a bowlers arm look like a twig. I don't think she'd be effective, there must be a qualitative difference between that one and an actual English longbow. From what I've read about the subject, the average person wouldn't be able to draw one, let alone hit accurately, absent 10+ years training at least.

5eaa7e  No.12644185


Probably. It actually takes skill with a bow and arrow and with the lack of muscle found these days in men I doubt they would even pull the string back. Compound bows took most of the skill out of the art but even those little hand held ones are ridiculous. Not sure if those are banned in Europe yet but if not they're cheap and you can stock up on arrows.

2bcd4d  No.12644188


You know you can pee pee poo poo the barbed arrowheads, right?

d5f5ce  No.12644192

File: 99ddd34e0b3ddd1⋯.jpg (9.22 KB, 500x500, 1:1, tangzong-recurve-bow-500x5….jpg)

A modern recurve bow actually has a lot of advantaged for urban warfare against members of the constabulary. Though some of these may only be relevant to my own country which is neither Burger, nor Frogistan.

>moder synthetic and aluminium bows are light and strong

>recurve bows are smaller than longbows

>cheap, around $150USD

>easy to use around the 20-30lbs draw weight

>arrows can easily penetrate soft level IIIA body armour used by police but not hard level IV SAPI plates

>accurate enough with only a few hours training

You're not going to be a Robin Hood, but you'll hit a man sized target at 50 meters without any issue after 10 hours of practise.

>no license required

>no registration required

>no paper work required

>can order online

<ammo is expensive I guess?

>can attach fireworks to the arrow head

acc6d0  No.12644195

Coming soon to America, with Trump's signature.

80ce19  No.12644197


This anon posted truths.

a6638c  No.12644201


.22 rifles are useless though, unless you want to hunt something small. When it comes to police with body armor, you may as well be using an air rifle.

945e10  No.12644203

File: 7f82e6d53b2321b⋯.jpg (116.39 KB, 491x600, 491:600, zergfacegerman.jpg)

I wish there was some way a burger could join you frogs. It'd be good experience at the least.

99196b  No.12644204

File: 525c17e05ec18d7⋯.png (186.27 KB, 1200x1359, 400:453, brainlet_c40f38_6615771.png)


Do they make armor piercing or hollow point arrows?

a16374  No.12644207


You don't get into. Firefight with zog. You snipe them while they are directing traffic or eating a donut. Their power comes from terror, not numbers. Turnabout is fair play

282dcc  No.12644210

File: 6f6bf6811c14269⋯.jpg (244.67 KB, 1206x1228, 603:614, 6f6bf6811c14269995752a0a4f….jpg)


Correct anon

0d32a4  No.12644212

You pussies just panic and think of where you can hide them instead of putting speed holes in the meat that knocks on your door to confiscate them.

71639e  No.12644220

File: 5d9b7492e145067⋯.png (812.62 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, F88EA99E-22EF-40DD-AE60-C2….png)


Face reality bitch or you can wait until they start locking you away for speaking reality. one of those things happened already. stop pretending there are white guys out there willing to do dirt without whining about pay first. You either have to be totally homicidal or absolutely idealistic to take action. And only lolbergs are that delusionally idealistic. So your only hitters will consist of guys doing it because first off they enjoy the planning and execution. And these guys normally join the military and become a paid zogbot or get involved in crime that pays but requires hard men. What you have here are guys who would make good tax paying law abiding citizens as long as you assign them a white wife. The ubermensch are dead, gone and won’t be created again by this culture. Your only victory will be if you derive pleasure from raging against this hell (while your action lasts). Otherwise you’re in for pure misery unless you’re a pedo homosexual communist.

e4e164  No.12644226

Varg warned about this a week or so ago. Get ready French, it's time to start making presents with chemicals you can find in any household kitchen sink.

a16374  No.12644227

File: d0bff1a3f919b0b⋯.jpg (217.66 KB, 1556x1600, 389:400, Raymond_Bowman_robert_capa….jpg)


I completely wish to comply gendarme (((take note)(( here is my evil gun.

1 week later. Then you act. Don't be a spaz.

000000  No.12644229


Macron, the fucking fool. Does this not represent anything other than escalation?

3e7f68  No.12644235


>can attach fireworks

I came up with another idea. Why not convert a spud cannon to fire mortars?

af39e4  No.12644241


>implying (((they))) wouldn't ban bows too

e40179  No.12644243

File: 9ca76f7ce0dcec7⋯.mp4 (2.1 MB, 404x720, 101:180, Virtus Et Honor.mp4)


Joke's on you. I carry my magazines in my rectum for a powerful combination of stealth and bio-warfare.

Checkmate, anal virgins.

80ce19  No.12644251


>I came up with another idea. Why not convert a spud cannon to fire mortars?

Look anon we are white men we own the history of warfare weapons that work exceedingly well.

Pretty much anything conventional can be made to work in your garage with a few tools and watching some utube vids and TEST THE SHIT SOMEWHERE B4 YOU HAVE TO RELY ON IT

Also you want to test the shit to make sure you are not in the running for a darwin award.

af39e4  No.12644253



Wew I didn't read your post. This is the board of peace, quit posting such things.

3e7f68  No.12644259


Lol ofc

Remember, when testing the spud gun, make sure the dummy round weights the same as the actual rounds you plan on using later.

Also, just saying, if you search "homemade airsoft grenade/landmine", you will find many things that you could easily convert into lethal weapons.

4478c1  No.12644263


>"A thousand throats may be cut in the night by a running man."

>- Klingon proverb

Here's the thing, anon: it's not what you've got, it's what you do with it. Even a capgun is better than no gun, and a resourceful man with a good pokerface might even get out of a sticky situatiin with one if he keeps his head.

000000  No.12644273

This is what happens when you ask for referendums. Rabbis know what's best for you goyim.

4cf4fb  No.12644275

Fake fucking news. Ban OP

a16374  No.12644282

File: c38558626c7899b⋯.jpg (123.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault-2.jpg)

Who needz gunz?

3e7f68  No.12644285


Not advocating that anyone do this, but I find it crazy that people don't make homemade weapons more often considering how easy it would be. Seriously, a couple pipes, a screw, and an end cap and you have a single shot gun. With some crushed up match heads and some rocks, you have an impact detonation source. With some sugar and cat litter you get rockets, A grill ignition switch, some pipe, and explosives will get you a mine. Seriously, don't try this shit unless it's 100000% necessary and you know what you're doing, because there's a high chance of blowing your fingers off. I would do this shit myself as a hobby if I had the extra money for the materials tho

7a0645  No.12644291

File: 9cc0bd9f20e4f46⋯.png (304.63 KB, 960x541, 960:541, 1465011058971.png)

File: 6b1354ff48080aa⋯.jpg (331.35 KB, 700x995, 140:199, 154642713818953556.jpg)

File: 32e425b3d85bbc4⋯.jpg (163.32 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, zeronis-zero-2-darling-in-….jpg)

A Normal French Politician: "Let us communicate with the people to air their grievances. We can arrive at a compromise, a consensus, to avoid terrible situations, and, where everybody is satisfied."

Current French Politician: "Let us financially rape the citizens, flood them with violent immigrants, and stab the French people in the face by robbing them of the weapons to defend themselves."

>When you are facing tyranny of this level, it's time to fight, take No Prisoners.

PS: Wipe out a few nogs on the way.

a16374  No.12644294


More important that you have santuaries and support networks. Guy fawks is not a model for success

3e7f68  No.12644300


Absolutely. No guerrilla has even the dream of success without the support of the local community.

5dbcf5  No.12644307


what's a crossbow tho

a16374  No.12644311


Support doesn't have to be willing or wanted. But that helps. What nation could help the French? Russians pissed about nato?

f1aae8  No.12644317

So is this fucking real or not?

Delete shit thread if not. Fucks sake.

3e7f68  No.12644321


Poland, Eastern Germans, possibly some pro-Russian fighters, maybe a few Italians. It would require too much effort and coordination to make that happen though.

000000  No.12644324


>With some sugar and cat litter you get rockets

Wait, what? Hao?

2a0c5f  No.12644339


>Arrow to the knee

Fuck off.

154767  No.12644341


Cat. D weapons are unregistered (knifes, pepper sprays, longbows…). Are they gonna break into every citizen's house and grab every cooking knife they can ?

100% fake, but cat. C & B weapon grab may happen in the next months. Frogbros need to hide their funs and declare them as stolen by migrants ASAP.

3e7f68  No.12644343


>compact cheap cat litter into bottom of tube for a few inches

>compact majority of tube with powdered sugar

>finish capping it off with more cat litter

>hand drill a hole all the way through

You now have a dumb-fire rocket. Refer to youtube or a rocket hobbyist forum to learn how to properly pull it off.

f1aae8  No.12644344


No, its fake apparently.

154767  No.12644360


You did not read, I know it's fake.

Better hide your funs anyway, it's afraid.

b25e93  No.12644365

>people unironically saying "it's fake" after the guy who allegedly signed the LEAKED dokument says so

Only time will tell if it's really a fake. If it is fake, there'll be no gun grab. If it isn't, there'll be a gun grab, and Frogs best be ready if it does happen. Spreading awareness about a potential gungrab doesn't harm anyone, and all these "it's fake nothing to see here guys" and "Fake, ban OP and DELET THIS THREAD NOW!!!"-posts both here and on cuckchan is making me mighty suspicious that it's real, and we're being shilled.

154767  No.12644377


Black pill is kosher pill.

17d252  No.12644379


>Being this retarded.

73588a  No.12644381


>Literally "we're taking the guns away because the people don't like the way the country is being (((run))) and we don't even try to hide what France has become"

Fuck, where did frogs go wrong? After Macron "won" by rigging the election so blatantly and they let it slide, it became very apparent that France would bend over and take whatever abuse was thrown at them. This whole thing seems like too little, too late, but good luck and don't give up your guns. Use them.

b01dbc  No.12644390

File: eb2ecda5b65ab58⋯.webm (11.81 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Arrow to the Knee.webm)


>bust an arrow in their knee cap.

73588a  No.12644398


>Even a capgun is better than no gun


73588a  No.12644403


France could learn a lot from the IRA. Those guys knew how to get shit done. It wasn't quick and simple, but it was organized and widespread. If a couple hundred, which STILL won't even happen, frogs too up arms and went wild for a while, it'd end in EU-backed armed intervention. (((they))) don't give a fuck how many frogs they have to kill. (((They))) have no love or loyalty for France or it's people, they only want absolute control over nations and the human cattle in them.

3209e6  No.12644409


A low poundage recurve bow would be a threat display more than a damage dealer against an opponent with armor.

you're going to need 70 lb from a compound bow to get through kevlar bullet proof vests. You'll need to use bodkin points from detachable blade broadheads (detach the blades).

Archery is only really effective in a few circumstances

1) stealth.

2) multiple archers against a formation.

3) opponent has no projectile weapons.

4) opponent has no armor.

against a row of riot cops would be interesting but be prepared to retreat really fast.

exotic ammunition is interesting but remember to weigh the heads to make sure they weight isn't too high or low for the spine of the arrow.

an arrow can deliver many things, paint balls, poison, a glass marble, whistle noise or just fear.

000000  No.12644411


That looks like a good way to open up some bank vaults.

456d9d  No.12644415

File: f34542e14c0f33f⋯.jpg (187.48 KB, 900x675, 4:3, f34542e14c0f33f3f87752c5e9….jpg)




All you retards calling this guy names.

He is white, and I can see the pain in his post at seeing his white brothers and sisters reduced to what they are now. Emasculated, neuthered human live stock. I thank you anon for your genuine post, too bad there arent more like you around.

f38ddd  No.12644419


Guns are simple devices, people should learn to make their own, ammunition is more trying but also doable on your own.

b3eb79  No.12644424

File: ab5afcb8666bde8⋯.jpg (83.17 KB, 633x1024, 633:1024, marxguns.jpg)



691d24  No.12644425


how would one of these things explode if the pvc pipe is rated high enough for the pressure? how much "under rating" would be needed to strap one of these to an arrow, fire it and watch the comedy ensue?

154767  No.12644428

File: c3096a0881d0269⋯.jpg (39.76 KB, 400x327, 400:327, families-role_model-postur….jpg)


He's a whiny defeatist, and we don't need more like him.

ffbc1b  No.12644435

File: 7a86d5545df21ae⋯.gif (869.65 KB, 500x250, 2:1, keenu_reeves_very_nice.gif)


Seems they are getting desperate. Looks like the Yellow vests are actually going to win big.

154767  No.12644440

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Shit that sounds good.

ffbc1b  No.12644441

File: 17b5a53348b25af⋯.jpg (39.89 KB, 680x723, 680:723, dense.jpg)


>I don't know anything about terminal ballistics

691d24  No.12644446


or a pvc rocket converted into something much more nasty.

good god, can you imagine the carnage of hundreds of arrows being fired with dumb-fire rockets attached that explode when the fuse hits the powdered sugar?

That is some serious MacGyver shit right there and i love it! now, where would you get the fuses i wonder

b3eb79  No.12644449

File: 7681ca070166278⋯.png (253.87 KB, 720x2304, 5:16, VBKKsay.png)


It's a good thing /pol/ is a board of peace, otherwise I'd be afraid of someone spreading pic related to every frog they have any contact with. But you wouldn't ever do that, I know.


3b0dd0  No.12644486


how about a crossbow bolt fired out of a 12 gauge shotgun shell

b25e93  No.12644491


Gun's aren't the issue here, they're easy as fuck to make. Now, try making ammo in large quantities from fuck-all. That's the actual hard thing.

519781  No.12644493


I know how to make caseless ammunition.

b25e93  No.12644498


That's nice, but won't help fuck all with a slamfire pipe shotgun.

755eb5  No.12644558


No you wouldn't you fucked retard. Arrows cause significant more, unrepaireable damage than many calibers. You can survive a rifle shot depending on it's POI, but if you get hit by an arrow its going to rip and shred everything and put a legitimate hole in you as large as the head is. Broadheads are especially fucking lethal and will straight up carve a physical cavity.

It will do a lot more damage than a bullet.

d50c95  No.12644561


Thank you for not being retarded.

Anons, who commits the most murders in the US?

You think they're using 7.62mm rifles? Or are they using cheap Glocks?

.22 'LR will' penetrate a human skull.

7f54a7  No.12644582



Europe is 100% garbage. Nothing of value remains in Europe. Fact.

1cc95b  No.12644587

French people always surrender without a fight.

3c219d  No.12644601


I love how this board is filled with white nationalists who hate Europe. How the fuck does that even work? Lmao

456d9d  No.12644604


This is real life retard not wow.

3c219d  No.12644609


He's right though. Musket balls also do a lot more damage than most modern bullets (except for larger calibers like 308 or 30-06)

140ecf  No.12644616


556/223 isn't even designed to kill unless its hollow point. The US military uses 556 due to the fact that when someone gets shot with one, they need medical attention and they get carried away by 1-2 other guys. The conscious life span of someone who gets shot in the chest, piercing a lung, by a 556 is about a minute. It is also large enough to break through ribs with ease.

A cross bow is with a serrated tipped arrow can do a hell of a lot more damage up close that a 556.

755eb5  No.12644627


In real life an broadhead will go clean through you and make a larger wound than most bullets, factually. It's effective range is just shorter.

That shit will rip through full grone buck and moose and sometimes bear. Clean through, full exit. Arrows fuck shit up inside of their effective range. Bullets are just faster and more accurate and longer range.

But I'd much much rather get shot by a bullet over an arrow.

7c4487  No.12644634

A cannonball from a 300 year old pirate ship will do more damage than pepper spray made in 2045

dbaa9a  No.12644639

File: 6826e687a0e5da3⋯.png (242.81 KB, 250x390, 25:39, 250px-Stroheim_first.png)

>larping /pol/locks larping as combat gurus from their sofas.

>probably eating microwaved junk food as well.

000000  No.12644651


See post >>12643498 it's made up info.


Post >>12643545 might also be right.

7f8c39  No.12644659


>not realizing that the ones spreading euro hate are the shills

9b98b9  No.12644666

too bad this is actually fake.

456d9d  No.12644667


You are retarded and clearly know nothing of ballistics.

000000  No.12644680


Found one on jewtube. You also need potassium nitrate, which he sourced from stump remover. So it's not just kitty litter + sugar as the ingredients, that's what got me. With the KNO3 in there it makes sense.

5f92ec  No.12644685

Crossbows are okay, I'd take one over a longbow. Arrows are slow as fuck. It's all well and good to hit a target at 50 metres but try hitting a moving person. Yeah, not so easy. Especially if they're moving towards you with a riot shield and baton.

I'd take a handgun over a crossbow.

a6638c  No.12644698


>I'd take a handgun over a crossbow.

Sure, if they're legal where you are.

Neither bows nor crossbows were historically (usually) used by a single person to shoot at a single person. The idea was always a formation of bowmen shooting at an enemy formation. You and 50 of your friends with bows would likely do more damage to a riot police formation than you with a gun and 49 guys with fists.

966f54  No.12644711


This year I shot a deer in the chest at close range with a .308. It's heart was hamburger and it's lungs were Swiss cheese, but it still managed to run about 100 yards before collapsing.

You have no idea how lethal wounds work. Even a fatal shot, unless it hits the nervous system, is unlikely to instantly disable someone regardless of caliber size. Absent that, psychological shock has the greatest effect on target behavior, which means a loud bang is more likely to stop someone by causing them to freeze (or for deer, make them run). Targets stop when they are either instantly brain-dead, bled to death which even in a heart shot can take a while, or shocked into freezing until the blood loss actually kills them. Plenty of people have been shot on camera with multiple fatal hits and yet take several minutes to die, often while seeming unaffected by the hits.

5.56 is absolutely designed to kill, and is absolutely capable of doing so with a single hit. Soldiers, expecting a Hollywood scene where a hit instantly causes their enemy to keel over and shocked when it doesn't happen, listen to propaganda about how weak the 5.56 is and bitch about it. Then people spread the bitching on the internet like it's gospel because our brave soldiers couldn't possibly be full of shit.

1a9cd6  No.12644720

File: a97059d97fc0a00⋯.jpg (35.58 KB, 611x397, 611:397, jvd-hori-zone-crossbow-pac….jpg)

5f92ec  No.12644751


Yeah, fair enough.

4e24d3  No.12644781


>>can attach fireworks to the arrow head

Take and aluminum arrow shaft and remove screw tip. Put in a couple of ball bearings close to the ID of the shaft. Fill 3/4 with black powder. Glue shotgun primer to end. Glue bb to face of primer. Get back

246203  No.12644789



>Don't you have to train from childhood?

What about impromptu crossbows?

3e0355  No.12644830


>Do they make armor piercing or hollow point arrows?

Yes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bodkin_point

This isn't the only type. There were others.

31af03  No.12644850


Actually he saw he coming, released a video couple weeks ago stating not to join any (((gunclubs)))

b56442  No.12644860


terrible boat incidents in 3, 2, 1…

eea5f6  No.12644871


I dont know , this is an easy way to carve up the country, cut off a section … starve it out through logistics, then take control.

Basically the gun stuff it the 1st stage in gathering knowledge of what parts are under gov control. Any problems gather guns, the army will know thats a bad town.

I give it 3 months tops. Depending on the actual fight of the people and the resources they currently have in their control.

We might see a facists France, if Macron has the balls. Or maybe these frenchies can show us what liberty is all about again.

Im rooting for them

1becb4  No.12644956


Get more guns and kill your enemies.

bc39af  No.12644965

File: 922b5adbc47e8b7⋯.jpg (179.95 KB, 1200x785, 240:157, France2.jpg)


Euro's here routinely ask, When will Americans use all those guns they have?

You're looking at the very thing that would trigger it, happening now, in France.

Also, I hope every gun owner in France is well aware that they will NOT get their firearms back in 6 months. You will NEVER get them back.

If there was ever a time to hit the government like a ton of bricks, that time has come. It truly IS revolution time in France.

And Americans…we need to find ways to help them in this, we need to set up monetary support, and methods of supplying them, no government is going to help them, so people must do this.

We did it for the IRA, we can do it for France.

000000  No.12644973


ddd24e  No.12644984


Only thing is, OP is apparently fake news.

bc39af  No.12644986


Face shot, disfiguring and incapacitating. Neck shot, easily deadly. Shot inside the arm, inside the leg, with any luck, ruptures major arteries. Any shot that penetrates the armor requires the victim to be out of the fight, until they heal.

Don't sneeze at .22 long rifles. You don't want to be shot with one. Plus, the ammo is cheap as sin, light, and they are a very accurate rifle, commonly used on targets such as rats in the dump.

bc39af  No.12644990

File: 9afbb4a9aca568d⋯.jpg (58.23 KB, 950x950, 1:1, BleederTip.jpg)


Bleeder tips, used for hunting.

Nobody wants to chase a dying deer for miles.

4c2655  No.12644998

So how can the French hand in their guns when their friend, whose name they've forgotten, stole their gun?

Macaroni is frightened since there were too many yellow jackets for the police to suppress last weekend.

bc39af  No.12645009


Jesus, that pisses me off.

That proverb is as old as the hills, it is NOT the product of some fucking Star Trek writer, yet all I see it attributed to is "Klingons."

As I recall, it is an old Arab saying. And it goes, "A single man, running in the night, can slit a thousand throats."

4e003c  No.12645011



Crossbows are also easier for newbies to learn and also can store more power than a bow more easily, and compacted. The bolt will also fire relatively straight, and some crossbows can even have scopes. Bows are harder to aim, use and draw, although seemingly more intuitive. The crossbow is also more similar to a modern firearm in the way it is held/aimed etcetera.

2a0c5f  No.12645012


>Ok, you shoot me and ill shoot you

>This is a great idea!

8b7e37  No.12645021


This, and moreso if there's a civil war brewin'. Cops would rather put their own families in safety than grabbing their neighbour's guns.

fd12b4  No.12645023


That's just because you are unfamiliar with the Klingon ritual of Chutz-Pahq. The Klingons famously used this ritual technique to attempt a slow biowarfare based genocide on the Romulans, while lying to the Romulans that they were not involved. Their discovery, and the subsequent shame to their honor, resulted in a civil war that split the high council and caused the genetic damage to the Klingon genome between the Original Series and TNG that mutated klingon characters like Worf are so unwilling to speak about.

In addition to the Chutz-Pahq most Klingons have sworn the oath of the Qol N'dreh to renounce all other oaths. Never trust a Klingon.

ab279b  No.12645034

So, considering that there might be a civil war that will end the current republic, what will be the new system? What factions (communists, anarchists, liberals, fascists, alt rightist, conservatives, etc.) within the yellow vests are most likely to gain power?

8b7e37  No.12645036


Can't tell if trolling because not knowledgeable on science-fiction fantasy.

>t. grown man

68d808  No.12645040

File: 3a44563602b8af2⋯.jpg (70.15 KB, 400x285, 80:57, Revolution-Nationale.jpg)

File: 0cc5dead40db751⋯.jpg (37.53 KB, 640x414, 320:207, 76-1-640x414.jpg)

File: a3ba216cec99539⋯.jpg (45.54 KB, 400x274, 200:137, nazi-germany-conquers-fran….jpg)



8b7e37  No.12645041


If the Republics falls, there will be a violent civil and racial war. The shitskins are already smelling blood and want their fair share of the French Caliphate they were promised. Real shit hasn't even begun, no one can say which side will dominate.

d35d36  No.12645050



out of these the media heads is the third most useful to kill, with no judges cops or media around THEN you can operate as you want to with near impunity

d35d36  No.12645052


guns are moar useful


68d808  No.12645057


The term you are looking for is "Liberate"

d35d36  No.12645072


kek, i guess you are right, the leaders have abdicated power by being corrupt so the weapons belong to the populace now

fd12b4  No.12645085


Kike bullshit is basically science-fiction fantasy, is the joke being made. The Kol Nidre is a really alien oath, and chutzpah is a really alien ideal. That's before we get into the literal science-fiction of what the Rothschilds believe about Jupiter and Saturn combining like Voltron to kill another planet (winged golden circle of Nibiru etc).

As for Star Trek references specifically, I could probably make better ones. The whole of Star Trek is based on different aspects of jewish mythology and lies. Every race represents the jews in one form or another. It's all predictive programming. You can see their black pyramids and cube all over. Heck, Voyager's meeting room table is the horns of baal-moloch. The most obvious and blatant example to the layperson would be the borg, the borg cube being the black cube of Saturn, and the scene in the two-part Locutus episode where the borg cube enters the Sol system, and Saturn is shown dominant above it.

Polite sage for off topic. Bon courage. Vive la France.

ab279b  No.12645086


True, however, if any frogs reading this, try to be prepared for the unexpected and try to be prepared to usurp the power vacuum that will inevitably created, when the current republic falls.

The 14 words.

dc6b36  No.12645091

File: 8fc9e9dfcdd16b6⋯.webm (2.01 MB, 640x266, 320:133, Edge.of.Tomorrow.webm)


If the Republic falls, civil war, which will spreads to Germany as well.

Jews, NATO will provide ammunitions and weapons to shitskins.

Then after last Whites are dead, Russian takeover to (((pacify))) the whole thing.

ab279b  No.12645092


True, however, if any frogs are reading this, please do try to be prepared for the unexpected and try to be prepared to usurp the power vacuum that will inevitably be created, when the current republic falls.

The 14 words.

68d808  No.12645096


>Russian takeover

I'm thinking they would get the Chinese involved as well… remember they want a brown asiatic race to inhabit Europe.

f66434  No.12645097


>french government then bans longbows

>can't fight back because all of your guns are gone and all you have are longbows

>all french revolutionaries are now equipped with rocks

bc39af  No.12645099


>Klingon chutzpah

>Klingons are Jews

be1b73  No.12645100


Totally, 100% this! I know how to make shaped charges (both conical and linear), EFPs, anti-personnel, anti-material.

HMX, RDX, ANFO, APAN (a field expedient combo) , you name it. Started learning this shit before 9-11 out of fascination, and what I believe is my instincts as a euro-white man. Also own quite the arsenal.

Wonder if there is a board for discussing such things. I need to share my knowledge. Never bothered to look…

be1b73  No.12645105


God damn I'm retarded! /k/ DUH!!!

dc6b36  No.12645108


Watch the video, this is exactly what the (((UDF))) General is saying. (Russian-Chinese troops which is ZOG 2.0)

This is all planned from a long time ago.

The eternal Jew only fears the France-Germany axis. The tribe will put everything they have to crush France and Germany.

9599ee  No.12645112

File: 43906e8e8379144⋯.jpg (35.95 KB, 480x540, 8:9, oil-on-canvas.jpg)


You'll fit right in anon.

68d808  No.12645113


>France and Germany.


b31cba  No.12645144


écoute et répète:

>un terrible accident de bateau

bad1a2  No.12645156

False flag against the lying news was a excuse to do this. Prepare for ww3 mass graves coming to France.

de9857  No.12645157

File: 92090eecae3817c⋯.jpg (40.95 KB, 239x500, 239:500, image0 (2).jpg)


Varg is a pussbaby whose only claim to fame is terrorizing his fellow white people over several-hundred-year-old grievances. Norwegians are largely limp-wristers like the rest of the Scandies, and he feels oh so superior for having bothered them as an edgy faggot back in the day.

I'll give him more credit when he sets fire to a mosque, not an antiquated wooden church of his own kin.

c33124  No.12645171

It's not like they used them anyway.

a6638c  No.12645176

File: 2d1ccd5511bcc35⋯.jpg (32.76 KB, 640x479, 640:479, aloisirlmaier.jpg)


Reminder about the Irlmaier prophecies on WWIII:

First comes great wealth, then people lose their faith in god, then public morals are lost and great masses of strangers come in, then inflation hits (considering he was a poor villager, I'd tend to interpret this as just a fucked economy in general)

Then comes a revolution in paris, then a naval standoff in the ME, then a murder of a political leader in the Balkan, then immediately a Russian-Chinese invasion of Europe overnight that gets repulsed by American chemical weapons that kill everything north-east of the Rhine-danube line.

He also said the war would start on two eights and end on three nines, lasting either three days, three weeks or three months. 18.08.2019 would be a good candidate for the start.

baa20f  No.12645181


It's okay, gathering mushrooms and berries to feed yourself, your legally retarded wife and her spawns is as easy as collecting welfare benefits.

You don't need a caliber larger than .22LR for hunting, you can sustain yourself on squirells and stray dogs.

Why would anyone want to hunt a deer, boar, or anything large enough to feed a family is beyond me.

Boars in particular are an animal you don't want to take chances with weak rounds.


oy vey, what next, a synagogue?

c67fa5  No.12645193


more like 32 million private gun owners

0090b5  No.12645194


>Surprising fact, a modern compound bow can put and arrow through any kevlar vest.

38a702  No.12645200


Post data of ANY kind. Arrows destroy large amounts of flesh. They shred whatever is in their path. I would much rather get slammed with a 9 or a 40 than an arrow. Anything short of a high velocity rifle round is going to do significantly less damage than an arrow and case in point as an overwhelming majority of shootings by handguns are survived. I work in an ER and shootings in the legs, chest and shoulder happen regularly and I've never seen a person die from a handgun round if they made it to an ER. However uncommon, if a broadhead comes anywhere close to a major limb it's size and devestating effects are surely to destroy everything in it's path. And even though we're talking about hypotheticals, the chances if you being hit by an arrow in the city are slim. Chances are you're in the country many moons away from a quick EMS response time.

c67fa5  No.12645202


green tips are a meme use fmj

68d808  No.12645205


>that kill everything north-east of the Rhine-danube line.

So almost all of Germany, that sound plausible given their hatred for Germany.

e65588  No.12645750

File: 47624e5bf584fac⋯.jpeg (13.04 KB, 474x246, 79:41, D051791F-966B-4B92-9EFF-C….jpeg)

Time for frenchies to start busting out the zip guns

3255e9  No.12645782


Bows could be effective from rooftops, but there was a fucking heli flying around during the protest (that big one with 120k people a couple of weeks ago), pigs would know to expect it. Maybe bows from windows, if you manage to break into buildings, and if any cops goes in to get you, might as well light the building on fire, with them in it, maybe even lay traps against them before you fire at them…

Good old molotovs would do the job, burn the pigs… Maybe send attack dogs on them (and attach remote controlled explosives on dogs) Or just use trucks filled with explosives, to ram into their vehicles, and groups, if you are willing to lose your life (that could happen if you fire arrows at police) you might as well suicide bomb them, at least if bomb is big enough, you die quick, a truck with few tonnes of explosives could have took out all the cops on one side of protests. You can gas them with something their masks could not filter. Or try to somehow manage to cover them with acids, but you have a way easier job with lighting them on fire, so back to molotovs… Maybe release fuel onto the street, and when pigs go above it, light it on fire. Or you could use drones to drop small explosives on them, or thermite to melt their skulls or shield. It might also worth a shot to blind them somehow, maybe some home made crowd control devices, just used against pigs, or maybe just laser their eyes. Also idea for frenchfags, you can sneak in explosives in your ass, and just put them together once you are inside to build a bigger bomb, pigs may go through your backpack, but I doubt they'll search your asses, at least not for everyone. Anyways light some shit on fire, blow shit up, make it worthwhile to watch from abroad…

65fcd6  No.12645799


fake and gay.

hopefully it will be true sooner than later tho.

cf4a42  No.12645861


The design can be jigged to suit purposes.

7874b0  No.12645911

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


for educational purposes

797514  No.12645950

That fucking globalist cuck granny fetishist faggot Macaroni is shitting his pants that's why he's going for the guns.

Don't give up frogs, this is your last fucking chance. Behead the snake.

036c60  No.12645975


That's just crazy enough to work.

23ba62  No.12645979



77740c  No.12645981

File: 026ca3280055870⋯.png (173.62 KB, 1373x619, 1373:619, ClipboardImage.png)



Connect to megaphone for best results.

401b07  No.12645985

>the one anon trying to convince people that bows aren't a better trade off than guns when it comes to lethality and how easy they are to acquire/make

83001a  No.12646007

File: c68079a9ea4bc57⋯.jpg (190.29 KB, 600x338, 300:169, scwhitetail.jpg)


Shooting is for sport. Trapping is how you get food. A deer is so stupid it will let you walk up to the trap and kill it with a knife.

2bcd4d  No.12646081


So the explosive tip explodes in the direction of the shooter?

8ba3f0  No.12646114


>Shooting is for sport.

>It's a sport to kill

I'm okay with this.

db20a6  No.12646121


>trade in your guns for bows, goy ;)

Imagine being such a desperate shill that you fight the 2nd amendment by infomercialing bows

b83a7c  No.12646134


401b07  No.12646148


>he doesn't have as many practical weapons stashed away for various use.

Also its EXTREMELY easier to produce a bow and arrows than it is to make a rifle and press ammo.

f1aae8  No.12646177

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>France is not dying, it is already dead.

The truth all over.

Giving women and beasts a say in the ways of men never works out well.

eaef0f  No.12646194


>Also its EXTREMELY easier to produce a bow and arrows than it is to make a rifle and press ammo.

…and here were are advocating for the lowest common denominator.

I'm white. Why the fuck would I want to go back to using plebeian tools when all of our patrician white machines are still operable, maintainable, and manufacturable?

23ba62  No.12646199


>it is defeatist to point out that abandoning your weapons puts you at the whims of (((those))) who kept their weapons

Britain passed their first gun control laws in the 20's when they were virtually entirely white. It didn't take globalism to do it. Cuckoldry lurks in the heart of every man with an ounce of empathy which is almost exclusively white men. It is our duty, our goddamn job, to stop letting it take hold.

d35d36  No.12646205


no it's time for the frenchies to steal equipment and firearms from the police

ddeee0  No.12646210

File: fd63cbb8a8083c3⋯.webm (826.72 KB, 672x504, 4:3, 1436235991906.webm)


Fake and Gay.

>Army calls you a traitor

>Police join the protests

>Have to call in EU Police/Army to maintain order across the entire country

>Oy vey why not Nationwide Gun Confiscation

The rest of the rats would find a way to hold a legal coupe before they let Macron do something as suicidal as this.

401b07  No.12646211


Having a crossbow and knowing how to make a bow from scratch as well as owning and manufacturing guns is completely different than having some kind of luddite mindset. Stop fucking trying to make this about abandoning technology rather than simply being prepared when you don't have access to modern machinery to survive.

9d7835  No.12646216

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Time to bring back the long bows.

Ok, but don't draw the arrow like the girl in the photo.

0e0918  No.12646248


>Short bow with very light lb draw

He's damn good but you won't rip a vest anytime with that setup

7d694e  No.12646249


If such a thing occurred, most cops wouldn't fire upon citizens. At least, not here in the US. Europe is the land of bolshevism and government worship, so who knows. It stands to reason though that a cop, whose friends with many non-cops, and whose family associates with many non-cops, and who are very vulnerable, would not want to wage war with the general population. On a small scale cops would certainly enter a house by force, and arrest individuals, but there's no conceivable way, at least in the US, cops stand off with groups of people and start shooting. Their families would be kidnapped. Their friends would stab them in the back. If the shit hits the fans, the cops are just going to quit their jobs and say fuck it.

0e0918  No.12646252


Also mongolians still hold serious archery schools and tournaments, the skills are still practicable and certainly not lost or forgotten

6c5d73  No.12646269

File: 37418f254b83455⋯.png (5.14 MB, 2220x2955, 148:197, 1526577998422.png)


Dubs fucking confirm. How hard will it be to ship in "larp shields"?

9d7835  No.12646281

File: fcd84327e381eee⋯.jpg (68.73 KB, 640x360, 16:9, mpv-shot0001.jpg)


Longbow considering, she has the arrow drawn Hollywood style.

cc9cbf  No.12646290

File: 8c019b5efc48d29⋯.webm (9.74 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, How_To_Make__Screw-Lock__….webm)

cc9cbf  No.12646293

File: a4b2e89718f0013⋯.webm (7.78 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, How_to_Make_Rocket_Ignite….webm)

7149fd  No.12646326



Dudes a bit of a fruit, but its pretty obvious why (((youtube))) made him take down a bunch of videos, and why the (((feds))) tried to hit him with felony charges.

6c5d73  No.12646357


No, you act the week before. The time has come for revolution. Do not wait for them to show up at your front door, march out wit your brothers!

cc9cbf  No.12646373


I never heard about the feds harassing him. It wouldn't surprise me though. I have always been a little amazed with the videos he has posted in the past. A lot of them seem to go right up to the line of what is legal.

80ce19  No.12646382


Sweet webm anon thanx for posting.

>committed to permanent memory

729ecf  No.12646401


You first, bitch. I'm waiting for 2020, when the chimp-outs, antifags, and screeching pussyhatters have the police distracted. You want to waste your life when they have resources available to shit you down immediately, fine. Go fucking do it. You won't, because odds are that you're a fed or a /leftynigger/.

729ecf  No.12646402


was meant for >>12646357

6c5d73  No.12646413

File: 17097cb6b3a2e55⋯.webm (11.99 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ah_speech.webm)

File: c94dcb3215e0612⋯.jpg (163.06 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, 51bcd4c133a67c842dd5350c2b….jpg)


>the enemy is literally coming to your door

>thinks it's better to sit down and wait like a fool instead of moving with your gear.

The french government has already declared it's stance. They are coming after gun owners. They will shoot who does not comply. To think that there is any time but now for the french people to form militia's and organize as units to strike back, is delusion.

6c5d73  No.12646418



^so potent that it has been shown to cure down's syndrome if administered to the downy's cranium while still in the womb. Significant increase in regenerative factor for bones.


^Significant increase in regenerative factor for soft tissues, especially tendons. Has been shown to cure CNS disorders.


^Lengthens cell telomeres while triggering apoptosis in cancer cells. Literally extends life, treats cancer, and improves regeneration as well as recovery time from exercise. (Good for radiation sickness.) Zero risk of side effects. Also the real reason fouride is poison, and the actual importance of the pineal gland. Not that DMT bullshit, Epitalon is regulated by that gland. When that gland starts shutting down, your lifespan has been decided.


^Removes heavy metals and other toxins from the bloodstream while being a major factor in the body's ability to heal and handle the inflammation response. This will increase healing speed to an extent and is useful either injected, inhaled, or as an addition to topical ointments. If injured, poisoned, gassed, ect, this is a must have to use in addition with other treatments. Zero risk of side effects.

64e322  No.12646443



>chimp-outs, antifags

Do you people not fucking pay attention?

The police do not give a shit.

They let antifa run wild in washington.

NONE of the leftists protesters that destroyed property or attacked people in the various temper tantrums they have had in the past few years face ANY jailtime.

Commies will burn down the city and the pigs will wave their guns around in white neighborhoods.

ZOG is our enemy.

7d9fdc  No.12646524

File: e9dc8f3203ac56c⋯.jpg (114.99 KB, 960x758, 480:379, rxIl7V6.jpg)

The purpose of gun bans is to prevent the peasants from overthrowing the corrupt government.

Not using our weapons to overthrow these genocidal psychopaths is a voluntary gun ban that we have imposed upon ourselves.

I'm looking at you, Americans.

47254e  No.12646536



How to get your govt lynched the move.

476b44  No.12646569

Start shooting them. Kill every last French policeman.

9e3bc7  No.12646573

The damage a bow inflicts is only half its kinetic payload. Different arrow types can have vastly different results. Also consider that extracting a barbed arrowhead is a nightmare relative to extracting a bullet. You can also strap things to arrow shafts relatively easy.

Thermite mixed into plaster of Paris still burns as normal. You could fill an arrowshaft with a solid core of incendiary.

476b44  No.12646575


That's why the best course of action in a case of complete unrest like this is to go to the houses of law enforcement and burn them. A brick and molotov can go a long way.

9e3bc7  No.12646579


Addendum: Non-deforming penetrators like stainless steel arrowheads practically ignore "bullet-proof" materials lighter than steel such as kevlar, and can still penetrate some degree of ceramic.

7d9fdc  No.12646590


Bows are also nearly impossible to conceal, doesn't have much kinetic energy, and lacks the penetrating power of even lower caliber firearms. It's also difficult to "reload" an arrow compared to a handgun or a semi auto rifle.

9e3bc7  No.12646592


Obviously. If you can take a gun, take a gun. If you can't, a crossbow is a thousand times better than a baseball bat.

7d9fdc  No.12646649


It's tough to explain away why you're carrying a crossbow in Paris. Difficult to transport one in the streets as well.

However, carrying a small blunt force instrument like a wrench or a crowbar is much easier to carry and to explain away if you need to.

More difficult to explain but easy to carry are Molotov Cocktails (mix 50% gasoline and 50% motor oil for maximum burn leaving the top half of the bottle empty to provide for gas vapors) Easy to make and easy to carry, MCs are a protester's best friend.

And larger protest weapons that are easy to explain are "flagpoles" made out of sturdy oak wood or even metal. Make sure to have a flag to justify bringing a stave.

Never underestimate the power of blunt force weapons.

Oh, also, slingshots are easy to carry, have unlimited ammunition, and are very deadly.

e43292  No.12646680

File: 9f656a41044695f⋯.gif (1.14 MB, 350x200, 7:4, 200[1].gif)


Better than nothing, go for the squishy bits.

9e3bc7  No.12646695




Also, the best molotov bottle is Perrier. Perfect size and shape to fling like a stick grenade for extra range, and the glass is thinner and curved; more likely to break on impact. Don't use a rag stuffed in the neck; great way to kill yourself. Tape the lid shut and glue all-weather matches to the side to use as ignition.

e43292  No.12646701

File: b3e6151831523e9⋯.jpg (42.94 KB, 1155x1155, 1:1, 597900i2_ts[1].jpg)


Matter of fact, they do.

000000  No.12646703


irlmaier and muehliasl prophecies are so messed up- that stuff is literally starting to line up before our eyes.

7d9fdc  No.12646735

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


The trouble with matches is that they will not remain lit for long and may go out in wind or rain.

The rag method is fine and works but you need to tie a stout knot in the middle and tape it in so you don't end up like this nigger.

Also, use non-plastic gloves.

Not just to protect your hand but also to protect your identity.

9e3bc7  No.12646741


So, this is gonna get a bit LARPy, but I've always wondered if a molotov, of whatever construction, would remain lit while being fired out of one of those homebrew pneumatic cannons like a potato.

e43292  No.12646750


Yeah they will, just pack in a little wadding. Those big ass three person water-balloon launchers are a hoot too.

eea5f6  No.12646751


also "armor" is half bullshit … still harms , still has weakpoints

its the tanks and anti air weapons you need to worry about

e43292  No.12646755


Road flares are cheap and easy.

3acedd  No.12646757



It makes a lot more sense once you realize that Gene Roddenberry got the idea from Star Wars from a jewess mystic who performed a seance in which she channeled the spirit of the leader multicultural alien federation, and for $8,000, she'll take you into the Palestinian desert and point to the star where the aliens will come from.

9ba214  No.12646758


Calling for a recurve bow instead of a compound bow seems like LARP logic.

7d9fdc  No.12646760


Yes. But I'd be worried that it might accidentally break the glass and kill me when firing.


True that.

e43292  No.12646764


Good luck restringing a compound without a rig set up just for that. You should be able to restring yourself on the spot if your string breaks.

e43292  No.12646774


Worst case all the flaming crap is ejected out of the end away from you. I wouldn't use the old fashioned hairspray/ignition style cannons with it though.

249ef4  No.12646779


I doubt it. But a little bit of ingenuity goes a long long way. Theres no reason one can't make hybrid arrows with custom bullets for tips. No reason at all those bullets can't be hollow points.


7d9fdc  No.12646784



I have entertained the idea of using some sort of rubber sling to launch it like a mortar. This would reduce the risk of breakage and also eliminate the risk of the MC not traveling very far if the air escapes.

Also, it is more easily reset.

Of course, use gloves from start to finish making such a contraption. You may need to abandon it and I'd feel might stupid if I left my fingerprints on something like that.

e43292  No.12646789

File: 3dc56d569679dd2⋯.jpg (136.18 KB, 1024x575, 1024:575, FZ20ODPGR0E75HV.LARGE[1].jpg)

File: c5237b90f2dfc96⋯.jpg (987.83 KB, 1500x969, 500:323, g-41861-water-balloon-laun….jpg)

77740c  No.12646835


>Cuckoldry lurks in the heart of every man with an ounce of empathy

Not mine.

514e59  No.12646870


>confetti delivery system.jpg

Would that even do any sort of harm? The head doesn't seem like it'd do much to prevent the casing from absorbing all force, on top of seemingly sailing backwards on detonation.

08a29f  No.12646912

File: 59513b98716251e⋯.jpg (28.87 KB, 550x309, 550:309, Trebuchets.jpg)


Bring it on

e43292  No.12646924

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e43292  No.12646930

File: 587a7425d3736aa⋯.jpg (613.68 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 563803043_903ec58427_b[1].jpg)


The idea was man-portable.

77740c  No.12646949




330538  No.12646980

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

30 year old froggers

96430f  No.12647074

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6c5d73  No.12647125


We're past the point of protest. The law stated above says


8a0f10  No.12647137


Who cares? Just claim you lost them in a boating accident you fucking morons. Muh namefags are not relevant, and you're just shilling.


That's irrelevant. You can create hydraulic shock a lot better with pinhole bullets. But I guess you're a bunch of amateur faggots talking about revolution and wouldn't actually know anything of value.

6c5d73  No.12647146


You're completely correct about that moron claiming that an arrow is so much worse than a bullet… arrows are less likely to cause a person to bleed out than a low caliber round. Their advantage is that they're quiet and easy to get at a sporting goods store even for places that won't sell guns. The purpose of using a bow, is to obtain your target's firearm.


There is one other usage, which could actually be viable in the current situation that is still not all out civil war. At this stage, a bow can be used to fire at a target from behind cover, as in, at a high arc where you are out of line of sight of the target. This is a viable usage in the current environment. Note, these arrows can carry incendiary and chemical agents very easily. If several people were to use gorilla tactics, they could make a hell of a diversion in these riot situations, as long as they stayed smart. This is not going to be a situation that lasts for long though.

b68698  No.12647152


wouldn't 08.08 be a better match then 18.08?

7d9fdc  No.12647185


In order to get the attention of our soulless, corrupt elites, we will need to approach them with something other than our hats in our hands.

28429a  No.12647213


Fuck off with your experimental bullshit chemical shilling. You're literally amazon gift card bot tier.

6c5d73  No.12647227

File: a1df8629df6aeb7⋯.jpg (82.58 KB, 500x375, 4:3, akuamma.jpg)

File: 9c421c17f412037⋯.jpg (44.25 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 576098_2.jpg)

File: 1a582d34853a064⋯.jpg (46.94 KB, 465x310, 3:2, nazismo-esoterico-miguel-s….jpg)


Get a job for them, get close, and use their own funds to get the supplies for what you choose to do when close.

financial, investigative research/analysis, and security are the positions to shoot for. The first two get you close to their resources and dirty secrets as well as a list of their enemies who could be used to support you. The third is obvious.


Hi newfag. If you had lurked four years, you'd know who the fuck I am. I will use my knowledge for my volk, and we will become a force that the kikes could never imagine in their darkest soulless dreams.

7bccce  No.12647236


Are these effective, at all? As in, would the bullet penetrate anything or would it just make a loud yet harmless bang?

6c5d73  No.12647240


Phenylpiracetam. Noopept. CDP-choline. Coluracetam. RAD-140. GHK-CU. Epitalon. BPC-157 (body protection compound). Shilijit powder. Creatine MONOhydrate, and all the beef heart and eggs you can force down.

Here's a fucking super soldier serum!

6c5d73  No.12647254


They're completely useless and from what I've seen, have poor accuracy, though that could have just been the archers on the videos. If you have the bullets, just make a gun. It's just a fucking tube with a solid back. Go to any third world shit-hole and you'll see security guards with metal pipes loaded with shotgun shells and a fucking rubber band trigger.

fa74aa  No.12647256




you haven't thought this through, clearly. Wouldn't do anything but agree if you mentioned rioters vs rioters though.

001b17  No.12647268


>buy my $35 per 5mg powder goy better start dosing every day to prevent your tendons from aching

>oy vey did you know da pineal gland is shaped like a pinecone? here, have some $99/100mg powder to fix it up, whadda deal. that's a week supply goy did you know your pineal gland will literally disintegrate right now if you don't buy my powder goy?

>hellow newfag if you had been paying attention to me you would know that i run the shop that i'm shilling and hawking these dangerous and untested chemicals that were synthesized by wang bo in his gutter oil laboratory in mongolia from

>but you betta optimize dat stack and add dis next $60/100mg powda three times a week as well, godda get dat blood filtad goy

d6ab23  No.12647295


How are these chemicals administered?

11ac95  No.12647357


i hope you realize you sound no less ridiculous than him

2bcd4d  No.12647454

Are the frogs actually getting their funs confiscated?

b3eb79  No.12647467


Can’t find a source, but I believe Russia said they’d airdrop weapons and ammo to the rebels in any US/Euro rebellion.

8d1ed6  No.12647482


It has a short effective range before the energy drops off too much. Whatever you can make work, I guess.

197720  No.12647502

File: c200556c1d2d3a6⋯.png (283.9 KB, 720x544, 45:34, Kirk Smirk.png)


> firearms should be returned to their owners.

6c5d73  No.12647538


Phenylpiracetam, noopept, and coluracetam are all orally active drugs to improve the function of your nervous system. They enhance the uptake of Choline into the nervous system and have shown great improvements for overall motor function and enhancement of the senses, most obviously vision. The combo will also repair nerve damage with sustained usage, variable to severity of the nerve damage. I can feel, normal sensation, in places that had been stabbed before and I had lost sensation as a result. These need to be taken alongside a Choline supplement of some variety, the most popularly effective are CDP-choline (also a uridine supplement) and Alpha-GPC but I warn you, alpha-gpc is fucking garbage if you're expecting to take it out of the medicine cabinet, due to it being so absorbent that it will actually suck the moisture out of a silica gel pack. Alternatives are lecithin or just eating very large quantities of eggs. I would suggest both the egg heavy diet and the cdp-choline.


This isn't necessary in the sense that it can not be replaced by other supplements. It's essentially a naturally occurring vitamin supplement that contains humeric & fumeric acids, calcium, and a large quantity of trace elements that would likely get spent from your body if consuming everything else on the list. The only warning is not to consume directly with chlorinated water, as the acids will form an antibiotic agent. With that in mind, the worst case scenario is you get the shits from the antibiotic effect from consuming with chlorinated tap water. This can just be consumed in capsule. Traditionally it's just mixed into a glass of milk. DO NOT ORDER FROM CHINA OR SOUTH AMERICA! India is the best source nation.


Also orally active. This is a SARM, which means it is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. Yes, this is a performance enhancing drug. No, it does not have the side effects that steroids have. No, I do not pretend that there is enough testing to state that it has no side effects, but here fucking goes, down the hatch as I type this right now! Most relevant info about it, is that it specifically targets muscle tissues to speed recovery and induce growth of muscle mass. It will increase your metabolism, so more reason to eat those eggs.


This can be administered for regular use, either with an injection or an atomizer/nebulizer and inhaled, or a nasal spray. This isn't one that should be used daily unless you're injured or in a high-stress training or combat situation. This is not because of a risk of dependency or tolerance, but rather that in a healthy human below 40 years of age, you will likely be producing enough of your own in your body, for regular activity. This being said, if you're taking all of these, it's because you're putting yourself in such a situation to need it. In other words, keep it in the medkit until you're spent, especially if you're on a budget. It is also incredibly useful to have as a topical ointment. I suggest mixing it to 2% into your antibiotic ointment of choice. It reduces inflammation and has been shown to rapidly induce healing in wounds that simply refused to heal otherwise most official research is on diabetic ulcers, the kind that usually lead to amputation. on it's own, as an ointment. If you expect to be out in the riots getting hit with tear gas and pepperspray, then I suggest buying an atomizer/nebulizer to add this into (10mg is a solid dose for those method) for recovering at home afterwards, but given the circumstances, dissolved into a sanitary saline nasal spray would be far more useful in the field.


Nasal spray, Inhaled/atomized, or a shot in the ass cheek. This controls the ability for your cells to divide or self destruct. Healthy cells get a new lease on life (improving recovery speeds) and those that are too damaged, at risk for cancer, self destruct. This is one the kikes really don't want you to know about. Yes, try it for cancer. It has been shown to completely prevent metastasis of cancers.


One of the only orally active peptides I've ever come across. You can simply eat this. It's fucking expensive mind you, but there's a reason it's designated as a Body Protection Compound. https://www.peptidesciences.com/bpc-157 There's simply too much to list about this. You'll heal like you wouldn't expect possible, especially when combined with the above.

<creatine monohydrate

Honestly this one's a bit of a /lift/ meme, since bodybuilders over-use it to the point that it just makes their muscles puffy but not stronger. It helps with endurance training, not really up to par with the rest of the list. Just a superior form of a common supplement.

I hope this helped.

2bcd4d  No.12647557


dude are you seriously guineapigging yourself?

bef607  No.12647563


The correct term is "testtubing"

2bcd4d  No.12647578


dude I took psychedelics, not research chems

3acedd  No.12647678

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There was a (((study))) not that long ago that said like 90% of those gnugenic supplements contained ground dogshit and Chinese foreskins and nipples or whatever



Pneumatics. Easy to use, repeatable charge / range, can provide a more gentle acceleration, quieter (sort of), no muzzle flash, doesn't overheat (might actually get too cold if you run it on CO2 or something similar), and can be run on numerous vapors/gasses, and you can fire rounds with lit fuses without having to worry about it causing premature ignition. However I do recommend you use something pressure rated for the storage tank, perhaps including a kevlar sleeve; PVC is not pretty when it explodes, and I could imagine scenarios where the cannon sees some abuse

6c5d73  No.12647730


I'd of already been dead or an invalid several years ago, according to the (((doctors))). I'm not the type to accept that the solutions don't exist.

80ce19  No.12647788


That looks impressive


Without a barrel around the bullet the charge does not have a defined vector to propel it.

It would probably hurt though. a lot

20f1ea  No.12647820


Saved. Shitposter and a scholar, GratefulAnon.

58675e  No.12647838

This is what happens when you let the government know how many and what guns you have.

f0f237  No.12647846


This upstanding white man absolutely gets it, the major giveaway being psychological shock being the most important on target behavior.



>so potent it can cure downs syndrome

>a pill can cure a fucking trisomy

aaaaand you've discredited yourself completely. You can never fix downs without eliminating the extra chromosome 21 from every cell in the body, and it does have to be every cell because mosaicism still leads to downs for about 5% of all downs syndrome cases.

>it can fix the bones though so tards cured!

absolutely retarded

>epitalon has zero risk of side effects

literally impossible, too much water has its own side effects.

>bpc-157 cures cns disorders because it cures soft tissues and tendons

except that literally makes no sense since most cns disorder are cause either by nerve damage or signalling receptors being damaged (i.e. acetylcholine receptors)

>epitalon lengthens telomeres

The only way we can currently do this is with stem cells, you have no clue what the fuck you're talking about.

>while triggering apoptosis in cancer cells

Bullshit, by what mechanism?

>also the real reason fluoride is poison

is because it prevents glycolysis from finishing leading to a massive loss of ATP production

>ghk-cu is a major factor in the ability to handle inflammation response

inflammation is normal and good and antihistamines are the go to because histamines are what your mast cells will release.

>this is a must have if injured, poisoned or gassed, zero side effects

literal snake oil salesman, gas yourself and then try to survive with your trash

6c5d73  No.12647886



It has to be injected into the cranium of the fetus while still in development within the womb. This is because of purmorphamine's effect on the hedgehog signalling pathway. The extra chromosome is causing the fuckups in that pathway somehow, which is preventing the downy from developing their brain and cranium as well as other disorders related to bone growth. Perhaps cured was the improper term, and it would be more accurate to state that it can actively prevent the developmental disorder if applied before the developmental damage has been done.

>everything else

I see you are too retarded to DYOR. If you had even looked at the sources I provided in the first article, these peer reviewed clinical trials mind you, you would know that you are so full of shit that I'm wasting my time… as such.


It's good to be appreciated Anon, and better to have my labor to actually be of use. If you have any other questions or lines of research to direct me towards, I'd be happy to assist.

f0f237  No.12647900


>saved, shitposter and a scholar

>you sir are a gentleman and a scholar

Go back to reddit to shill your trash, it was extremely obvious when you said it yourself

>India is the best source nation

inb4 newfag because ID's, there's no way this faggot isn't IP hopping or smartphoneposting to give himself the (1) he needs to shill his trash.

To any anons actually considering being a lab rat for some pajeet, heres a good way to tell he's bullshitting you:

>Phenylpiracetam, noopept and coluracetam (…) enhance the uptake of Choline into the nervous system and have shown great improvements for overall motor function and enhancement of the senses, most obviously vision.

Acetylcholine is not required for vision at all. Vit A will bind to Opsin to make Rhodopsin. Rhodopsin interacts with Transducin (G protein), which will cause GTP to phosphorylate the alpha subunit. The a subunit will disassociate and activate cGMP phosphodiesterase altering the levels of cGMP -> GMP. Levels of cGMP vs GMP open or close Na+ and Ca2+ levels which will cause hyperpolarization of the rod cell membrane. Glutamate (a neuronal inhibitor) is released at lower amounts when Ca2+ causes hyperpolarization, allowing for visual signals to be sent out to the brain. Choline is not in any way part of the visual cycle.

6c5d73  No.12647941

File: 3f3656118895ac7⋯.jpg (52.36 KB, 550x309, 550:309, Yajirou-550x309.jpg)


>thinks nerves aren't part of vision.

>go back to reddit, but hasn't even lurked four years

>freaking out on random posters

>can't even into linguistics enough to identify /pol/acks

This level of schizoid behavior is usually only identified in kikes. You should probably get checked out, shlomo.

f0f237  No.12647982


>hedgehog singaling pathway can cure a trisomy

Fucking ridiculous

>the extra chromosome is causing the fuckups somehow

Wrong. Improper development of the forebrain (which is what SHH develops in the fetus besides fingers) is NOT a symptom of downs syndrome, it's very rare for it to happen. It DOES happen in Pataus syndrome (trisomy 13). When it comes to actual bone development, it's mostly cranial however curing the face while NOT curing the fucking brain is meaningless for a down syndrome patient. There's not even proof that SHH targetting alone can cure the issues like sandal gap or simian crease in a downie.

>muh peer reviewed shilling

Peer review is a useless metric that does not pass falsification studies. The same falsified paper when given a negative (does not prove instead of does prove) is not published nearly as often despite them being the same fake paper in literally everything else. Second, if your sources actually claim you can cure fucking down syndrome because SHH while being unable to back that assertion because you literally didn't even know downies don't have fucked forebrain development is questionable to say the least.

>peer reviewed sources

>literally only posted the shop page for the pills



>think nerves aren't a part of vision

I claimed that choline is not part of the vision cycle which it isn't. Choline alone cannot into better vision, just like choline does not cure night blindness while vitamin A does. Also way to fuck up the fact that GLUTAMATE is the major transmitter for the brain while also being directly involved with the fucking visual cycle retard. Keep pretending it's ACh tho.

>if i toss ad homs to cover up my medical fuckups with near zero specifics i can keep bullshitting

>this level of schizoid behavior is usually only identified in kikes, but kikes would absolutely never shill trash medicine for profit at the expense of whites

Im so sorry, you truly are just a humble pill merchant with fantastic intentions. Me, the guy telling you to avoid pharma altogether with zero product to advertise, is clearly the fucking jew here.

a6638c  No.12648011


>Mühlhiasl (Mill Mathias)

Seer in 1800s Germany. He apparently prophecied modern roofing materials, feminism, gospel music, the Euro, planes, tanks(?) as signs of WWIII.

From what I've seen, a lot less clear than Irlmaier though. More Nostradamus-style, easily misinterpretable due to a lack of modern knowledge.


Possibly. It's better to look at the signs. Personally, I'd go on vacation south of Vienna after we see a standoff in the ME if I was living in northern Germany.

e43292  No.12648017



Niggers, a video was linked.

e43292  No.12648018


Fuck off yid.

e43292  No.12648026


It works surprisingly well. Remember you aren't using the cartridge and bullet to make the trip, the arrow is doing it. Once the bullet arrives is when the magic happens. Vid above linked hogs getting hit. It works.

6c5d73  No.12648030

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>muh assault arrows

They're garbage. If you have the ammo, use a gun.

a670d9  No.12648295

File: 449920fa71a4291⋯.jpg (181.19 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, DSC06657.jpg)



>Related to caliber size and not velocity

And I'm the amateur faggot? Kill yourself retard


You're arguing fire superiority over damage. If you think your average handgun round does more bleed out damage than an arrow you're severely mistaken and have never once even looked at the damaged caused by a broadhead.

50bmg will destroy you, sure. But I'd rather have .223 semiautomatic if I'm in a hallway or building.

Damage is not fire superiority. And arrows objectively do more severe damage than a handgun does when hit in the same spot. This isn't the movies were arrow go in 3 inches and you can just pull them out. Arrows go clean through you and destroy everything in their path.

Consider pic related, where a hunter will use a broadhead that opens up to maybe an inch, maybe more if you're a sperg with massive broadheads. This damage is extremely unclean, shredding and wide.

Handgun calibers fucking SUCK at killing people. There's a reason half of the military doesn't carry handguns. There's a reason people say your handgun is to get you to your rifle. Theres a reason why 60% of all shootings with handguns survive. Handguns SUCK. I would MUCH MUCH rather be shot by a low velocity round of any caliber over an arrow. Until there's a risk of temporal cavity and hydrostatic shock, where the velocity and vibration essentially turn water molecules stiff and cause immediate organ failure, I'll take the bullet any day over an arrow. And anybody who says otherwise really loves pain and bleeding out to death with a nearly impossible to heal wound.


a670d9  No.12648326


This article from Penn medicine suggests that a sample size of over 4000 that the mortality rate for gunshot wounds is 33% and for stabbing victims it was 8%.(people don't usually get stabbed. In medical stabbings are the same thing as lacerations).

Pointing out that you were almost twice as likely to die if transported by police or transport by EMS. Which is indicative of bleed out time. Bullets to clean damage. I would be very surprised if your ems crew could stop a full hole in your body from bleeding out. You just pack and pressure a GSW and fix arteries later after removing lead. But arrows destroy whatever is in it's path. Nothing holds it up and destroys a lot more tissue and makes wider wounds.


a670d9  No.12648372



Firearm Caliber as a Determinant of Death from Assault by US berkley in the mid 70's showed from Chicago out of 1115 shootings between March 5th and July 22nd there were only 156 fatalities. With indoor shootings being statistically more fatal, as well as domestic assault being statistically more fatal, and showing that more than 75% of all shootings were reported with a single gunshot.

So I'd rather some fag run up on me with a gun any day of the week than a bow. Which is gonna do more damage and in the case on an assault, is going to be more precisely aimed by a skilled user. My chances of surviving a handgun encounter are ridiculously high according to the 3 sources and my own experiences especially considering I carry a firearm myself.

eea5f6  No.12648390


I hope our riots have cosplayers and I see some weebes using this shit

6c5d73  No.12648467



>other niggertown

Hmmm, from these statistics, you'd almost think that niggers don't know how to aim.


Useless in the scenario of this thread.

>muh scary bleeding arrow wounds

You have no idea how high velocity rounds kill, do you?

>arrows go through anything!

You're absolutely retarded. You can't even figure out how to make a proper post and instead make three, and they're all reddit.


I'd rather they just gave the ammo to someone with a gun. If a good meme doesn't come out of them, the resources are wasted.

3ec494  No.12648743

File: 47256b5cc9852df⋯.jpg (82.85 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 1546754967087.jpg)




3ec494  No.12648757



Why are you lying so much?

f03ae4  No.12648936


As the old saying goes: "If you want a good archer begin training their grandfather."

6c5d73  No.12649730


Or you just arm the masses with weaker equipment or crossbows… though at this rate, where are the torches and pitch forks? Pretty sure that pair would get the point across a lot more clearly.

a94534  No.12649925


the chinese fight against the russians in europe

a94534  No.12649955


The war doesn't start on x8.8.x9 but a month earlier.

dd8c8e  No.12649990


Hey ArmorAnon, it's been a while. Any updates on your projects?

6c5d73  No.12650024


Just that I'm working on funds still, as well as trying to get data on the new rounds made by Textron SYstems for the replacement for the m16. Their new rifle is supposedly being designed to penetrate "all" current military body armor systems, and this is going to be the target for what to beat. in short I'm waiting for the ethereum pump next week, to see if I can afford a proper shop or if to reinvest into another business operation that would let me write off the cost of a shop as a business expense.

dd8c8e  No.12650036


If Vlad just sent us some RPGs everything would pan out just fine.

dd8c8e  No.12650047


>new rounds made by Textron SYstems for the replacement for the m16

From what I hear thats going to be tough to beat. Good luck with your shop and keep up the good workIf you ever need precision machine work done, post on /tok/ (less visibility) and I'll be happy to help Saged for off topic doublepost.

ad5959  No.12650487


>he thinks the ubermensch has EVER existed

a small tweak in your understanding of Nietzsche would reorient your view. I agree with the general point you're making, but I think you exaggerate when you say "pure misery". ZOG has always kept its good goys well fed and well paid; why can't we trick them into thinking we're good goys, enjoy the pleasures of family, income, and social status, and then subvert from within?

Oh and the "this culture" bit…what culture is that, exactly? Modern american consumerist anti-culture? Surely not. The outcome of millions of intelligent disaffected whites founding independent cells devoted to intellectual innovation, counter-intelligence, political philosophy, and living in accordance with natural law? The culture which will arise, is arising, from such a process is indeed the only thing that CAN create the ubermensch.

9884a5  No.12651031


Green tips are fmj with mild steel core weighing in at 62 grains you gun-illiterate retard

77740c  No.12651268


Can you make a spring-loaded version of that?

6c5d73  No.12651834


Wow, been a while hasn't it anon? Glad to see some of the oldfags are around, though the current condition of /pol/ is disgusting. It's been a hell of a ride these past few years…

b62051  No.12666938


Wew, that made me think of something. What if our slav friends see this as an opportunity to spread their influence into the West, and we end up seeing a pro-Russian presence start growing in places like Poland?

b62051  No.12666949


This. Just raid the convoys/barracks

e36a89  No.12667116

File: 7bade7668b4305c⋯.jpg (108.8 KB, 600x848, 75:106, 7bade7668b4305cb18724d05b5….jpg)


Well said anon.

10723e  No.12691022

Black powdered muskets replaced crossbows and longbows on the battle field because they were better overall. Making an automatic rifle is not hard, its a cottage industry in third world nations like pakistan and brasilia. The difficult part is making (not hand loading) ammunition.

b1db51  No.12691774


If potassium nitrate is unavailable, sodium chlorate can be obtained by electrolysis of sodium chloride.

d35d36  No.12691803

french anons… it does not matter whether the letter is real or fake… steal weapons and use them on your judges and police

d30909  No.12691822


To be fair here the english demonstrated as well multiple times that archer formations are extremely effective against infantry phalanxes.

Sort of like the ones the police utilise during crowd control scenarios.

000000  No.12693193


> sodium chlorate can be obtained by electrolysis of sodium chloride

What? Cite a source for this. How can electrochemistry convert chloride ion to chlorate ion? And does this work for the other oxidized chlorine anions?

If this isn't fake and gay, you've just solved a problem I had.

bf53c6  No.12693391



there is a pdf/knowledge thread there, feel free to share

c265ee  No.12693407

File: 1dd7fbc704192d4⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1448x2396, 362:599, 1dd7fbc704192d44c7e3ff1ca5….png)


>Varg is a pussbaby whose only claim to fame is terrorizing his fellow white people over several-hundred-year-old grievances.

Sounds familiar.

b1db51  No.12693709



The same process works for potassium chloride, commonly sold as low-sodium table salt.

964adc  No.12693754

File: 31e4dc8475b7bff⋯.png (59.66 KB, 480x288, 5:3, 4kvwi.png)


Bulletproof vests are not very resilient to being stabbed, and many of them can indeedd be penetrated with arrows, especially bladed ones, like bleeders.

That said, good luck convincing every frog in the insurrection to start training their ranged skill outside of Runescape.

3f908b  No.12694770


>I love how this board is filled with white nationalists who hate Europe. How the fuck does that even work? Lmao

How does it work?


Is a (((white))) nationalist, otherwise known as a (((fellow white person)))

This means he is in fact a jew.

Any time you see someone trying to divide white people, it is a jew or someone helping the jews.

Every. Single. Time.

3f908b  No.12694810


>The only thing animals fear are beings more savage than themselves.

Luckily we all have the savage within us somewhere underneath all the brainfuck pumped into our heads growing up.

Savagery that can be unleashed in a controlled manner with absolute focus and unrelenting ferocity until all enemies are eliminated.

The only problem is that for most to reach that level, they need to lose all hope, and make the decision to crush our enemies, to win or die trying.

But the distractions and the small comforts of their lives are preventing them from reaching that point, so far anyway, but not forever.

It's only when you've lost everything that you are free to do anything

e87fb4  No.12694914

File: e44f81ef5dd2780⋯.jpg (177.47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


They're one of the top 3 producers of arms, next to America and Russia.


The way that the Jewish government has?

>Won't the government call that treason?

<We're a board of peace, allegedly


Don't bother with bows unless you're already good with them. They take too long to train for, its why the British abandoned the longbow in favor of black powder. A war longbow is also hell on the user's body.


It takes practice to hit much of anything. Sure, they're silent - but have you ever used one? That kind of accuracy is with the help of very fragile sights, and you're going to be standing still for rather long when getting your shit together in a high stress environment.


They do, and unless the target is wearing ballistic plates? They're fucked.

>Call someone else a brainlet

<Doesn't know what bodkin points are

<Hollow point arrows? Pic related is for you



This board's understand of archery is disappointing.


Be careful with that, based on what country you're in. Game wardens are the Jew's own cunt troopers.

ae8ae0  No.12694952

File: c845ef35b7e154a⋯.png (1001.32 KB, 1194x895, 1194:895, Orson_Welles_Paul_Masson_F….png)

Any news?

000000  No.12711914


OK, so that's an indirect process that also uses a hard-to-obtain catalyst. Not quite fake and gay, but not particularly useful either.

It actually produces chlorine gas, which reacts with the water in the electrochemical cell to produce various oxidized chlorine anions. So another way is to simply bubble chlorine gas and hydrogen from any source through any hydroxide solution, which might be easier to set up. Hmmm… interesting………

ca50dc  No.12737461

They have to go full throttle before the yellow vests get the upper hand

8b7e37  No.12737520


Still fake. Out of the 15 million civilian-owned funs in France, they have to list which are ebil nahtzees first before gungrabbing, otherwise there will never be enough gendarmes to do the job and it will be a gigantic clusterfuck of "stolen" or "lost" Mausers, Nuggets, AR-15 and, most of all, shotguns.

b1288e  No.12737528

File: 0d0d7b8c9b03777⋯.jpg (239.42 KB, 897x766, 897:766, brendan fraser with a gun.jpg)


they should do an armed march. there are enough of them to get away with it. they should cover their faces and serial numbers on the guns of course. but given their current position, could this be beneficial? show of force works.

b1288e  No.12737535


celtic master race technology. eternal anglos btfo

b1288e  No.12737540


honestly spears are quite effective, and you can make one out of any broom handle

2b1058  No.12737542


Anons did we forget crossbows exist?

With a crossbow you will be more of a threat and have an easier time concealing it and firing in urban environments. Also its basically a gun training is dirt simple.

Modern crossbows can be pretty sophisticated too.

b1288e  No.12737545


that guy is a cuck who denys the South African White genocide. fuck that bitch.

b1288e  No.12737556

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