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File: 25545dbd3bcdba3⋯.jpg (55.6 KB, 585x800, 117:160, young-lawyer-Norman-Rockwe….jpg)

File: ba528b4cdcfe0b3⋯.jpg (312.4 KB, 749x1000, 749:1000, J.C. LEYENDECKER Honeymoon….jpg)

File: f6a9223a0ad3cf1⋯.jpg (552.12 KB, 745x1024, 745:1024, reading.jpg)

2bef12  No.12645325

Given the vast amount of disinformation peddled in almost all topics by the world (((governments))) it is clear that to obtain any kind of useful knowledge, we must break off almost completely with any curriculum and method of education used in the last 100 years (at least).

I propose that we compile two very concise lists of material that are required to educate a man on the majority of things that are required in raising and feeding a family, and participating in a well-adjusted society. It is my opinion that, as time passes, more and more of us are going to retreat within more isolated locations in order to form communities that would in some way oppose the increasing amount of mental, physical and spiritual filth that plagues our modern lives.

The reason to propose two lists is that one would be a shorter, crash-course kind of list that would have the bare basics and would be catered to people who've went through formal education (adults), and another that would be more broad and would be intended for our children.

The topics I propose for the adult list are in order of importance, rated by biological needs, and what would most useful in creating a small community:

1. Acquiring food (agriculture, homesteading)

- With things like proper nutrition, sustainable production of meat etc.

- Hunting

- Foraging

2. Physical Education

- This is pretty self explanatory, healthy body, healthy mind.

3. Strategy and Tactics, Military Service

- Lacking a proper military service, basic information on warfare would be useful

- Emphasis most likely on guerilla and asymmetric warfare

- Weapons handling, safety etc.

This is the very basics for the first list and is full of things I think most modern men are lacking, the reason why I don't emphasize math or the liberal arts too much, is because there are methods to learn these in our current educational models, and anons here are generally well read in history, politics, philosophy etc.

As for the full list for children, I would refer to the Trivium/Quadrivium method of education, although I feel it would require slight modifications for our circumstances. I was inspired by these articles (and more):




2bef12  No.12645482


8d05c7  No.12645493

Didn't you know? Culture and self-improvement threads are banned. We had to get rid of them for the seven shitposting threads and the four threads about Reddit, not to mention the dozen or so active threads that are literally nothing except people spamming 'kike' and 'shill' at each other without actually contributing meaningful input or discussing anything of worth. BASED nu/pol/ has taken over that crummy old politics board from 2014, those guys were faggots and probbaly Amerimutt aswell :DDD

0d26cd  No.12645497

Vote for daddy trump so that I can find my real daddy

2bef12  No.12645542


I left shortly following the elections and thought pol might be interested in this since I noticed a few book threads in the catalogue. But I find them the books there too philosophical, and although there is purpose to that, it is not immediate, so I thought this would be better, and a bit easier to use.

79496b  No.12645554

Metaphysics (not false spiritism, but tradition that Evola were talking about).

Christian metaphysics comes from the scholastics, the Rose-Croix, the Ordos Templis etc… before they got banned by the Church itself.

0b8735  No.12645564


Well put OP can we also add philosophy? Studying it allows one to be very happy and free in tough situations. Seneca epictetus and in my opinion the dao de ching

79496b  No.12645581


Tradition is infinitely superior to modern philosophy.

We're talking about kings, not faggot dictator with cult of personality.

2bef12  No.12645582



These are all useful and we cannot omit them completely, if you are knowledgeable in that area feel free to compile an essential list. The reason I excluded them in the OP was because I believe we have more pressing issues, akin to:

>“I must study politics and war, that my sons may have the liberty to study mathematics and philosophy, natural history and naval architecture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, tapestry, and porcelain.”

0b8735  No.12645602


Yes I understand. But a lot of the concepts in the dao de ching are also in the art of war. Philosophy mostly provides mental health. I think we should have good info on treating medical problems in your list as well (doctors are owned (((them))))

4c67a2  No.12645638


This sounds like a quality basis for any Autarky.

What do you suggest for Phys. Ed? Cardio? Martial Arts?

I would propose adding to this list.


The Skill to manipulate matter into Utility is a powerful one.




Resource Gathering'

Resources are needed for various aspects of any Living Space. Metals / Herbs / Woods / Clay / etc.


For Hygiene (p.e. Toothpaste / Soap ), Medicinal Purposes (Most Medicine is based on Natural Products) and Self-Defense Capabilities ( :^) )

Outdoor Survival


0b8735  No.12645647


Paleo and keto diet.

Plyometric movements

High intensity interval training HIIT

Wrestling judo juijitsu boxing and mauy Thai are the only respectable martial arts

Olympic and power lifting for strength

2bef12  No.12645694



I did not know there was a single word to explain my meaning so well. Thanks.

>I would propose adding to this list.

My list was intentionally limited to only the most basic ones, these are great additions. I would suggest we first create a complete outline of "subjects" and categorize them, and then add specific works for the specific field, loosely, for instance:

>Resources and Raw Materials

- Food

- Water

- Wood and Stone (Craftsmanship)

- Metallurgy (Craftsmanship)

- etc.

As you can see, there is, and will be significant overlap between some, but that's hardly a problem. The whole point of this is to be able to reduce dependence to the current system as much as possible, and to have it thrive to a reasonable extent.

As far as Phys. Ed and Martial arts. I couldn't have said it better than >>12645647, I would suggest watching Sv3rige on YouTube, yes he goes to extremes but if you can boil down the essentials he is a great source of information on nutrition.

242f14  No.12645729

>Your thread is shit.

0b8735  No.12645736


Thanks anon I will check out that channel :)

4c67a2  No.12645741

File: e2985af6dc4dbc9⋯.jpg (50.6 KB, 312x500, 78:125, 432.jpg)

>>12645638 Adding Literature

Henley's twentieth century forrmulas, recipes and processes, containing ten thousand selected household and workshop formulas, recipes, processes and moneymaking methods for the practical use of manufacturers, mechanics, housekeepers and home workers

by Hiscox, Gardner Dexter, 1822?-1908


4c67a2  No.12645758

File: 20c4631f65befa2⋯.png (154.6 KB, 376x388, 94:97, a717d8b10545c3d8c6d7bedd5f….png)


Tnx Anon. Those are some Excellent Tips! I'll be checking those out.

I am considering Tai Chi for MA myself.


You learn something new everyday at /pol/!

I am considering adding Salvaging as a skill as well: it's good for salvaging valuable metals and reforging them. You can also use it for external trade.

0b8735  No.12645778


Thai chi will not teach u to defend urself. Thai chi was created when they banned martial arts in China. They hid their moves in Thai chi which is more of a fitness dance thing.

If you aren't sparring people then u aren't doing a real martial art. Try mauy thai

269a57  No.12645787


Re: Homesteading, permaculture is an incredibly important topic for study. We are shepards of the land, after all. Geoff Lawton's materials are a good starting point. You want your entire ecosystem working with you to sustain you and your family.

Watersheds are a key part of homesteading. Every man should be able to locate or create their own. Dowsing for water should also be studied. Purification techniques for water once you actually have it are a must as well.

Bees. Learn beekeeping.

Any land can be transformed over a few years by growing clover and churning it over multiple times. There are more advanced techniques and this is an oversimplification, but don't be discouraged by poor soil if you have a good location otherwise. Pigs make excellent livestock but you should start with a goat to do your weeding for you. Then get chickens, then get more chickens, then a cat and a dog, then even more chickens, then pigs.

Earthships and related home construction techniques that maximize energy use, sunlight, and so on, allow for healthy villages fully integrated with nature to be built anywhere in the world.

Aquaponics and hydroponics are also worthy of study. The integration of fish ecosystems into permaculture is a vibrant new field.

6f66ac  No.12645792


>I am considering Tai Chi for MA myself.

Tai Chi is chink yoga, you dumbfuck

0b8735  No.12645801


Don't be a dick about it. Read my post

And u will see it has martial arts in it


2bef12  No.12645835

File: 82302de16aa32cb⋯.png (853.18 KB, 588x912, 49:76, gnon.png)


Amazing, downloaded this.


My hippy philosophy substitute teacher taught us about permaculture along some "conspiracy theories" about how hemp could be used as substitute for 90% of oil derived products etc. Bless his heart, it was in the right place. Ever since then, I'm very keen on it, since it's basically automanaging your farm and working with nature as opposed to against it. It is definitely near the top where homesteading is concerned.

Permaculture is a method to renew soil as far I'm aware, so depleted soil as you said, shouldn't be too much of a problem. As far as the order of which one should acquire livestock, I'm not informed, do you have any reading on the subject?

As far as eartships and construction goes, I ```strongly``` suggest following @wrathofgnon on twitter, you don't need to make an account to read his tweets and the articles/books he suggests, but you will have to check manually. Pic related, some of his recent tweets re: architecture, he has a huge thread on traditional architecture on his profile , check it out.

79496b  No.12645867


>"conspiracy theories"

Using the most orwellian expression on fucking /pol/


2bef12  No.12645869


Good thing then, that it was in quotation marks to imply I was only presenting it not agreeing with it then huh?

940a4a  No.12645915

File: 14670f827b0a961⋯.jpeg (3.2 MB, 4800x3834, 800:639, resume with the romans.jpeg)

File: 409a16ac2799009⋯.jpeg (1.38 MB, 3672x3024, 17:14, start with the greeks.jpeg)

File: fa6eca53fd79a24⋯.png (2.95 MB, 1000x4019, 1000:4019, 0a01b13f5bd8a0799f22b64619….png)

File: 4e41127ca74e175⋯.jpg (207.76 KB, 1057x976, 1057:976, 4a4d96b5c145fc378a4ddf6322….jpg)

File: 7b92427c30739cd⋯.png (372.78 KB, 1351x1054, 1351:1054, 7b92427c30739cd3f88db77c9e….png)

940a4a  No.12645918

File: 7a7e03ca5854048⋯.jpg (4.29 MB, 810x9927, 90:1103, 1ee5b53f180a49316052c55875….jpg)


>3rd image

fuck, meant to post this one

0b8735  No.12645923


Read a lot of the Roman ones. U got some good books in there

But Plato is pretty crappy tbh

4c67a2  No.12645927

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


It's pretty legit seen in action. Action starts at 2:42


When did they ban Martial Arts out of China?

Admittedly, the lack of Body Contact during Sparring is a con of Tai Chi. Mauy Thai looks explosive. I will meditate on my decision.

9db1c7  No.12645931


Like it or not, monarchy is untennable in the modern political landscape.

Sure, you can inform me that monarchy is the most stable, most ancient form of government. But this is all just political theory when in practice no one has a clue how to return kings to their thrown. In fact, it may even be impossible for a modern state to be ruled by a hereditary monarch other than in name.

0b8735  No.12645947


Thai chi might work on a guy who doesn't know what he's doing in a fight. But they don't use it in the UFC because it doesn't work well. Maybe a SUPER high level grandmaster can make use of it but it has yet to be seen in the octogon

6f66ac  No.12645949


Thai chi is completely worthless. It is an exercise routine that old chinese men do at 6AM in the park.

Martial arts in general is retarded because we have had guns for hundreds of years. If you don't have a gun, then run away, get your gun, and return with your gun. If your attacker has a gun and you don't well then you're fucking dead.

000000  No.12645952


No government will protect u



>>starting point for research


0b8735  No.12645960


Thai chi has hidden moves in it. It's not 100% worthless but I'm also not saying it's a serious martial art.

Also no u can't bring ur gun everywhere with u 100% of the time. It's a great goal for fitness to become competent in a fight.

93c3de  No.12645962


Why not look up archives of early 20th century university curriculum? There has to be some archives online.

2bef12  No.12646041


I'm doing that, but it is not sufficient, there are information outside of 20th century universities that is hidden from the general population.



Now this I need.

2bef12  No.12646273

last bump before bed

cde939  No.12646405


yeah every man should know basic hand to hand

punch, kick, grapple, strangle, armlock, throw, keep the right distance

that's pretty much it

a man has a body, better know how to use it

e280cf  No.12646730


d5c697  No.12646861


Do we have any books/materials that could help the collective as it is now, to thrive better? Your focus is more on the classic, and on the outside. But do we have materials for the different things that the collective does? Some basics maybe?

940a4a  No.12646972


The collective? you mean the masses? the masses could benefit from learning about propaganda

adc113  No.12647958


>It is my opinion that, as time passes, more and more of us are going to retreat within more isolated locations in order to form communities that would in some way oppose the increasing amount of mental, physical and spiritual filth that plagues our modern lives.

So far i think you are correct.

I'm planning to leave the city in the near future; and form a family away from degeneracy, where i can teach my future kids about all the things that are good in this Earth and all the lies that they will encounter in their life (and there are many).

201e1e  No.12648266


201e1e  No.12648344

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



When there is an accredited certification for using the table saw, I'll stop believing diplomas are a sham.

Anon, I agree on permaculture promotion. Farming, Theology, homesteading and manners are much needed for the youth.

Honestly, its not that difficult, if the red tape was not there to homestead. Everything is too regulated.

That aside, understanding from my experience and research, "soil structure" is the biggest asset in farming any time any where. Soil, Sand, Rock etc can become asset sorted/classified and placed in the right places.

201e1e  No.12648351

File: ec7f667c475a9ae⋯.jpg (11.2 KB, 194x259, 194:259, merchant-venice[1].jpg)

File: 70bfd8b3ecca731⋯.jpg (202.85 KB, 800x1004, 200:251, 800px-New-England_Primer_E….jpg)

File: 386aef012bea728⋯.jpg (7.5 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault9T0RKHY8.jpg)

File: f9128f8b9247e52⋯.jpg (54.09 KB, 353x562, 353:562, the-city-of-god-book-i-1[1….jpg)

9b9830  No.12648494

File: 407d0f8cfa90272⋯.jpg (3.73 MB, 2712x1212, 226:101, www.pinterest.com.jpg)

viriculture is made by a man who claims to be a doctor and dentist. It focuses around how to properly raise a child in a degenerate society. Its pretty based. anyways im sharing this because it used to be a website but got shutdown because it was too redpilled and the guy who wrote this shit prolly got got. anywho I hope this will be of use to someone out there because it is very, very obscure and to even know about this Viriculture shit is impossible. good day

here is a link to a mega upload to the pdf

on mega


and here is the key


9b9830  No.12648525


To further interest I'll copy paste from the pdf th beginning:


Optimizing human development using environmental factors.

When I first set out to write a practical guide to viriculture, I wanted to create a manual for the

mother of my own children. However, after nearly a decade of meditation on the subject, I have

come to realize that it is not so much the mother, but the father who will best be able to make use of

this work. Fathers are a neglected class in the modern West, portrayed as fat baffoons by the media,

and skewered by our laws. The breakdown of gender boundaries in the last century has warped

practical male education as well. While he has been encouraged to change diapers and warm up

bottles, modern man completely lacks direction in the strategic, structural, and architectural aspects

of child-rearing. These are the areas in which the masculine nature can best contribute to child

rearing, as opposed to the cyclical minute-to-minute needs of an infant, for which man is

biologically unsuited.

However, while it may be difficult to perform viriculture without a father, it is impossible without a

mother. Children are literally made out of their mother’s body, especially during the earliest years.

The choices she makes before, during, and after gestation determine, as we shall see, to an almost

unbelievable degree, major life outcomes for the child. A mother who feels the importance of, and

devotes herself to viriculture performs the loftiest and most noble role for her children, her family,

and her community.

Once upon a time viriculture occurred spontaneously, but our culture is very different today. Culture

as an entity exists between our primitive animal instincts and our deliberate philosophizing. It is the

default way of life within a society. In varying degrees, culture arises spontaneously in all humans

groups, long before sophisticated scholarship or even means of intergenerational transmission exist.

This essay is about the loss of culture – especially that of Western civilization – and the hope to

regain humanity on Earth.

Say first, for Heav’n hides nothing from thy view

Nor the deep Tract of Hell, say first what cause

Mov’d our Grand Parents in that happy State,

Favour’d of Heav’n so highly, to fall off

Paradise Lost, Milton, 1667

Lamentation for what we once had – but have since lost – echoes through the history of Western Art

– with “the Golden Age” the Pagan and “Eden” the Christian reference point. Today these cries are

rarely heard, drowned out by ceaseless noise from TV and radio advertisement and propaganda

about modern “Progress.” Worse still, the prerequisite budding realization itself is trampled during

the our modern fast-paced bargain-priced high-throughput tourist tours of the Acropolis, or

Coliseum, or the Duomo of Milan, or the Great Houses of England, or the peasant cottages of

England, or the old city of Vienna, or the Paris Garnier, or Boston’s Old North Church. The key

realization that people, many people, normal people, indeed whole societies lived, everyday and for

hundreds of years in places that are to us idyllic once-in-a-lifetime vacation destinations. If Hesiod

opined his own as an Age of Iron, ours is further degenerated still – an Age of Plastic, or of Asphalt,

or of Garbage.

Architecture and urban design represent only the most visible of the long list of ways in which we,

in the last century, have become completely unglued from the great traditions of the West, and have,

at the time of writing, genuinely fallen into a Dark Age, which in the US may date from around the

1960s. Indeed any aspect of culture – sculpture, painting, poetry, music, gardening, farming, food,

artisan craftsmanship, clothing, education, physical fitness, moral virtue, etiquette, and

connoisseurship – essentially all have fallen into an unaesthetic, insincere morass – having been

hijacked by “Harvard-Soviet” experts at the expense of human flourishing.

9b9830  No.12648529


We have, by now, lost so much of our culture that my essay that aims at a practical solution to

developing children into excellent adults cannot be made – as nearly all modern books on child

rearing are – out of isolated recommendations on how to find the best obstetrician or pediatrician, a

“good” school, day care, and after school activities for little Johnny, and how to get him to eat his

vegetables and sleep straight through the night without waking Mommy who is tired and has work

in the morning. Indeed, most modern parenting books, being purchased primarily by Mommy, cater

to her – not so much the health of the baby. They are light, feel-good, pat-yourself on the back

romps – soft, gentle, inoffensive – in other words feminized to the extreme – to suit the

predominately female audience of expectant and new mothers. Were a book to contain harsh and

strict recommendations, contrary or even offensive to what the average modern mother already

presupposes she will find in such a book, we cannot expect that she would choose to buy it. Of

course, it would be unfair to expect that the average mother is naturally an intrepid defender of

Truth, Beauty and Virtue, the savior of civilization, a connoisseur of culture, or an expert on child

development. But luckily for our purposes she does not need to be. It is enough that she be sensitive

and compassionate, of reasonable intelligence and art, who above all desires her son or daughter to

be the best.

These prescription on viriculture would hardly be at home in the “baby section” of a bookstore. The

interested parent will find here a long approach and a further steep climb up a rough path with many

forks, thorny vines and fallen trees. If he does not end the journey at the peak of some lofty

intellectual mountain, at least we can hope to rise above to the clouds. For our discussion of

viriculture is intended, not to oppose, offend, or humiliate, but to conduct the reader through the

modern jungle of philosophy, physical anthropology, and statistical biology, so that by journey’s end

he can appreciate the truth of this path. On the way, let us be relaxed, familiar, and avoid any

pretense to excessive knowledge.

Our cultural decline has become so severe that our sons and daughters are physically, mentally, and

emotionally deformed. This deformity is not a poetic metaphor, but rather is literally true – many,

perhaps most, people you meet are deformed. We explore the stigmata of these deformities at length

– and you may begin to see them in your family, friends, and possibly yourself.

9b9830  No.12648534


The average person can never develop a safe and effective culture from scratch, but rather must rely

on traditional practice. Only the very pretentious would attempt to “improve” on tradition – and

these people generally cause more harm them good. How then can I profess to improve on current

child-rearing practice? Because our traditional culture has degenerated so completely there is no

longer much to disturb. Furthermore, attempting to restore effective traditions is different than topdown

imposing newly invented culture and claiming it will be “good for us.”

I have been forced to perceive that here, once more, we have one of those not infrequent

cases where an ancient and stubbornly retained popular belief seems to have come

nearer to the truth of the matter than the opinion of modern science.

The Interpretation of Dreams, (((Freud))), 1899

Culture is a way of life and has a pervasive influence in how the average member of society goes

about making her life decisions. The culture can therefore be said to have a sort of “wisdom,” in

that it guides people to do the right thing whether or not they know why – what Plato calls “right

opinion.” The loss of the embodied wisdom of culture is sad when it happens to traditional peoples,

and it is especially sad in the case of the culture of the West, which was nurtured by the Greek

heroes, expanded by the Roman patricians, and reborn among the Renaissance and Enlightenment


Because this work is premised on our living in a severely degenerated culture, it takes a different

approach from most contemporary child rearing books. Most modern recommendations are like

band-aids on a dying patient, relying on low quality evidence to promote some modern intervention

that holds little promise. Some do a little better in that they revive a lost aspect of healthy child

rearing. But no prior work has, as far as I know, attempted to piece together all of the aspects of

human culture generally that at one time combined to produce excellent humans. That is the aim of

the present work. Luckily for us – and this is a crucial point – we neither have to recommend any

modern intervention, nor create a culture from scratch (if even such a thing were possible). The

cultural shards and splinters of the past have been preserved – they are not truly lost – although they

are tucked away in moldy pigeon holes in some old professor’s office, far from popular

consciousness. The “educated” myopic nerd sub-specialist of today clings to his tiny pretty piece or

two, but (unless he is a classicist) doesn’t dream of what the completed puzzle shows.

Living in the midst of ignorance

wise in their own eyes, thinking themselves scholars,

fools go round and round, running here and there,

like the blind led by the blind.

Katha Upanishad, circa 400 BC ?

On the contrary, traditional uncontacted peoples have an intact cultural puzzle, which afford them

many protections to poor outcomes relevant to child rearing. In the West these intact cultures have

become hard to find, and in America are almost completely gone. If they exist in the West today,

they are maintained to some degree in the most isolated fringes especially in Norway, Iceland, or

Siberia – and indeed one finds a relative abundance of beautiful and well developed bodies and

faces in these areas.

A final key to the puzzle of our un-civilization is to remember, as Europeans have been taught for

thousands of years, that our forbearers the ancient Greeks lived in a culture of exceptional beauty

and human flourishing.

Whose excellence he saw

Transcend his own so far

Paradise Lost, Milton, 1667

Their native intelligence combined with their balmy, forgiving climate and beautiful surroundings

allowed a culture to grow up in Greece that contained within it the most comprehensive formula for

developing human excellence. Among the nobility, their bony frames were well developed, with

beautiful overlying musculature. Their teeth were straight and their faces well proportioned. And in

their artistic and intellectual achievements they were even more prodigious, with the wealthy sons

of the Hellenes being so well trained that they perfected poetry (800 BC), sculpture (500 BC), laid

the foundations of Western architecture, and essentially invented medicine, drama, opera, and

philosophy itself. Ancient Greece can be thought of as a very smart, but still primitive society – one

of the only primitive societies to achieve civilization. The individuals of the society are unique

therefore in that the have the corporeal benefits of primitive societies (they are ripped and have

beautiful faces), with the intellectual and artistic benefits of a proper civilization

9b9830  No.12648538


Europe has since surpassed the achievements of classical antiquity in many respects – with

architecture (perfected around AD 1400), painting (perfected around 1500), drama (perfected

around 1600), music and opera (perfected around AD 1800), and with further achievements in

philosophy, and some aspects of medicine. But in the mean time, the average physical condition of

the individual has not improved relative to that of Ancient Greece.

The history of Greek culture… actually begins in the aristocratic world of early Greece,

with the creation of a definite ideal of human perfection, and ideal toward which the

élite of the race was constantly trained.

Paideia: The Ideals of Greek Culture, Jaeger, 1944

If “Greece” today has become a dried husk of the civilization of the Hellenes, It does not detract

from the lessons we can learn from the past. At any rate, I hope the reader can see through the

common “if they were so great, how come they are dead?” argument.

From primitive cultures we can learn the benefits of old and humane diet and parenting practices

that are in touch with nature, such as traditional foods, traditional gender roles, attachment

parenting, living close to family and friends, and many others.

It is urgent therefore that the data presented in this chapter be looked upon as an

important key to the progressive degeneration that is taking place in many parts of the

world under the influence of our so-called modern civilization. It is a matter of profound

significance that the most primitive races were originally able to avoid the physical

degeneration so general in many communities today. It is also a matter of importance

that the primitives recognized not only these dangers but were conscious of and

practiced adequate means for preventing them. They had sufficient character to achieve

the ends which they deemed essential. Weakness in character may constitute the greatest

barrier in the reorganization and conservation of our modern civilization.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Price, 1939

From refined and civilized cultures we can learn art, literature, connoisseurship, and excellent

education itself. As we said, this once unified culture of the West has been shattered, but the

individual shards of culture still exist largely intact. With proper planning, recollecting the cultural

fragments required to optimize diet, nursing, child rearing, and education is possible – and is

essentially the only way to consistently produce excellent men and women in the fullest sense.

I am trained as a doctor and a dentist, and you may find it hard to believe that the medical

community doesn’t already promote the behaviors which might lead to good corporeal growth,

beauty, and health. In truth doctors as a group know very little about health (although we may have

memorized a lot about the branches of the maxillary artery, or the GLUT-1 transporter protein). We

are trained to diagnose and treat disease, and unfortunately the health-promotion education that is

taught in medical schools misses the mark.

9b9830  No.12648539


Medicine’s inability to help us grow healthy beautiful people stems from two follies; first medicine

has a philosophical arrogance and over-confidence about our their knowledge (they never read

Montaigne), second they have a lack of understanding of the complex nature of reality (they spent

too many years in school answering multiple choice questions, not enough time going on dates). For

these reasons, we shall see that this book is more philosophical and traditional than other books on

health and child rearing.

Let us become thoroughly sensible of the weakness, blindness, and narrow limits of

human reason: Let us duly consider its uncertainty and endless contrarieties, even in

subjects of common life and practice:

Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion, Hume, 1776

However, there is one emerging academic field in particular that can guide us toward our goal of

excellent, beautiful, fully grown children – the science of complexity itself. Complexity theory is

new as far as theories go, but it has always been implicitly understood by great people who actually

have to make decisions in real life – generals, architects, farmers, businessmen, playboys, and even

a few good doctors. The behavior of complex systems is beginning to be formalized, with the

famous fractals of (((Benoit Mandelbrot))) as a mathematical underpinning. In principle, multiple

iterations of self-generating phenomena repeat themselves at different scales: a single stone looks

like a mountain, a single tributary looks like a river, the coast of a continent looks the same as a the

shore of a single bay. Indeed nature in general follows this sort of complex dynamics, as described

by Per Bak in his book How Nature Works, and these dynamics are present not just in the physical

structure of our surroundings but in natural processes such as evolution and organismal

development as well.

The living philosopher Nassim Taleb introduced complexity theory to the business world with his

books which consider financial markets as a special case that magnifies the effects of complexity.

The fractal nature of market behavior stares analysts and traders in the face all day long, and yet

most never realize what they are looking at, mistaking minute-to-minute or week-to-week noise as

the signal and leaving their “low risk” investments exposed to massive risk. By decreasing the

sampling frequency of the data, we can minimize the noise and see the true signal. In the below 40

year chart of the Dow Jones, we can see both the signal, a 50 year bubble, and the fractal nature of

this signal, the numerous super-imposed bubbles-within-a-bigger-bubble of 1987, 2001, 2008 – all

of which are dwarfed by the latest. Each of these bubbles has the same geometry, just on a different


9b9830  No.12648540


Taleb’s interest in complexity led to his meeting Art de Vany, a professor of economics who is still

ripped in his 80s, and who had used his research in “power-law” dynamics (another way of talking

about complexity) to create a diet and exercise program that is actually appropriate for our complex

living bodies. The importance of zooming out in time to see the signal instead of the noise underlies

his use of traditional foods suitable to human’s evolved bodies.

We will see that the same lessons learned from familiarity with complexity theory apply to art,

architecture, literature, real education, and medicine. All of these aspects of complexity theory will

be explored on our way to understanding viriculture. Of course we know that the birthrates in the

West are well below replacement today. If this is our fate, we might at least make the few children

we have as excellent as possible.

9b9830  No.12648564

File: 100e96715a7e830⋯.jpg (419.71 KB, 2880x1920, 3:2, 1470951408657-2.jpg)


And it goes on from there. This guy is on a whole other level. Backstory of how I found this is I was online everyday watching threads and one day there was a link posted to viriculture.com which was still usable, nowadays it has been completely wiped clean luckily someone copied all of the information and acquired the book in pdf form and uploaded it to anonfile which I downloaded and now am uploading it to mega. Now if you search for Viriculture on google it will show you an archived thread of 4chan talking about it and that's it. So I hope this info is spread farther than just my hard drive with this.

e68a13  No.12648572


Doing gods work anon. Bless you.

9b9830  No.12648595

File: 4c9fa685cb61b20⋯.jpg (95.81 KB, 530x749, 530:749, 1527011134006.jpg)


it seems the anonfile is working again here is another link that is the original i downloaded, it includes a html file that allows you to use the website before it was shutdown


d5c697  No.12649147


Yea, rather the zoomers here, I noticed a trend where the younger generation (especially on halfcuck) is too easily demoralized, and too generic, I thought "well how can we best uplift them", if we could teach them many of the basic aspects that came so naturally to us…

ca106b  No.12656936


Teach lots of words and numbers and let them play a lot when they're younger. Give them shapes to play with, give them mechanical parts with which to make their own toys (but make it workable), just all sorts of colorful, shiny, sometimes dull, sometimes ugly, varied, motley ideas and numbers and shapes and things. Then when you find out what the CHILD likes, not what your own imagination thinks they will like or will work, then you give more advanced things to them on those fronts. If you find they like those and get good at them, you praise them (sincerely) and then leave them to their play (really WORK). You are already educating them. You are giving them the materials to develop their minds and grow them the way they have the ability and interest to do. Then you reward them by giving them love and praise (not too much, not too little, but just something sincere now and then when it happens to be just right). They will eventually grow new faculties as their brains grow, and so you add more linguistic and mathematical aspects as that happens, but not too much so that it is a damned chore. Chores are separate things for them so they don't live outside the "real world" of what sucks about the "real world" we happen to be in. So that they become realistic adults. But when they play, they learn, and when they learn, they play. But all along it is secretly "work".

Finally, depending on ability, you've got a child that may be working his way through the trivium all by himself if the books are around. Give him a set of toys that teaches him logic. Let the toys be something interesting with lights and colors, and make it work only when he produces the correct logical pattern. He learns logic naturally, without even "knowing" it. So many things. But we have kike-world, CIA-nigger internet, and rather dim people in the race everywhere cucking. So nice fantasy. If you get your special place, good luck.

ca106b  No.12656939


Throw a couple of big angry TyRONES at those tai chi niggas and see what happens.

595d4e  No.12657037


Niggers get mercilessly hacked away by various types of bladed weapons?

000000  No.12658435


>it is clear that to obtain any kind of useful knowledge, we must break off almost completely with any curriculum and method of education used in the last 100 years (at least).

That's I believe fallacious argument. Knowledge is knowledge some things cannot be changed due to the nature of physics. Some things might be wrong that is true but it's not 100% all wrong.

>I propose that we compile two very concise lists of material that are required to educate a man on the majority of things that are required in raising and feeding a family,

That's constructive.

>and participating in a well-adjusted society

If you have people who are well raised you'll have a well-adjusted society.

>It is my opinion that, as time passes, more and more of us are going to retreat within more isolated locations in order to form communities

As long as unethical and manipulative methods and the absurd educational methods of the actual system exist there won't be any big change.

>that would in some way oppose the increasing amount of mental, physical and spiritual filth that plagues our modern lives.

Most of the actual solutions that are proposed nowadays are actually alienating way's of achieving non violent form of life, there's actually a very simple solution but very hard to find it's Scientology :^).


>1. Acquiring food (agriculture, homesteading)


>2. Physical Education

I got nothing on that.

>3. Strategy and Tactics, Military Service

This partly pairs with hunting and survival knowledge.

What about chemistry ? Resources extraction and purification such as bauxite and steel ? Same goes for pottery or glass working ?


Electricity generation and automation of small but repetitive task, like watering plants and crops ?




I'm adding woodworking.


Adding textile manufacturing to the list.

I'd like to add that part of these section have also a chemistry related section for it's manufacturing.


>For Hygiene

Very good idea, what about soap and shampoo ?


>- Water

Purification process anyone ?

Water waist recycling ?

869d7f  No.12659475


whites need to learn business. Kikes have the power that they do because of money. Money should be seen as something of religious importance to us. You can't beat the kike if you're a poorfag living in the woods, and you're only able to escape kike discrimination if you have the funds to start a company.

869d7f  No.12659478


by business I include illegitimate businesses like Swindling. Anything that makes money, really.

382f87  No.12674583

File: a011895700875a6⋯.jpg (183.77 KB, 595x510, 7:6, Front.jpg)


>That's I believe fallacious argument. Knowledge is knowledge some things cannot be changed due to the nature of physics. Some things might be wrong that is true but it's not 100% all wrong.

(((They))) have been subverting education and language in general for so long that this is no longer true. Don't forget that due to the way their ancient language was organized they are masters of deliberately misinterpreting facts and twisting them to their needs.

>As long as unethical and manipulative methods and the absurd educational methods of the actual system exist there won't be any big change.

Which is why I proposed this thread where we form effective countermeasures to our current methods and system.

>I'm adding woodworking.

As I saw in the thread about how current construction methods are cucking us, I second this and would say it is one of the most important.

>Purification process anyone ?

>Water waist recycling ?

This and if anyone has info on underground waters etc. would be great.



Well if enough people remove themselves from the system it is kinda doable, reach critical mass and go from there. But I do agree that whites need to learn how to make money, after all, you won't buy a plot of land by your good looks alone. This is prerequisite, but I disagree on swindling, if you can swindle them do it, but don't think it should be emphasized too much.

b04360  No.12678124

Or mabye just fucking mabye start writing books about what you know or make a site to keep it? >>12645325

fe641c  No.12679155


Maybe I'm not an expert in everything so I'm asking for information on how to know more?

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