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File: 3f26999527688e7⋯.jpg (734.2 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, air tv.jpg)

File: 4fd63f0af48216d⋯.jpg (358.2 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, trash.jpg)

File: 212f49a3b8b3985⋯.jpg (364.12 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, trash2.jpg)

f71225  No.12645598

>"This is my chance," the gorilla in the mist said to himself because he is incapable of inner monologue. Despite still having an IQ equivalent to mud, the negro understood the Nips did not tolerate Africans as the Whites would, but he would ensure they receive the great benefit of cultural enrichment and accept it. "How would I do it, though," he shouted on the train without neglecting his nigger knack for ebonic accents. The negro looked to his right and saw what appeared to be an Asian Woman clutching her nose.

>The negro smelt himself, and noticed the three bottles of cologne he applied to himself this morning had not endured. "I know what to do!" the negro had an elphinany at that very moment. He quickly stripped his clothes from his chipotle-diaherra skin, but it was all for naught as he had forgotten his cologne.

>Unfortunately, the nigger's neurons had halted the phenomenon that only occurs so often in a niggers life. Thus, the nigger continued his thoughtless existence as if nothing occured previously. Unfortunately he had forgotten one crucial aspect, "cops be racist, he said shortly after getting off the train as an officer tried to hand him his clothes.

750c94  No.12645601

>a thread died for this

7ddbd0  No.12645606


Prove to me that the bottom of the catalog is worth saving. I bet you can't.

2edc31  No.12645615

File: a9675d4b62169c0⋯.png (2.77 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, 2019-01-07-131039_2560x160….png)

>Despite still having an IQ equivalent to mud

The mud people are insulted.

f767a9  No.12645616


At least you posted a cute asian girl. Hard to find one! They usually look like aliens.

f57c63  No.12645620


This one still does a bit. Nice body though.

76eefb  No.12645633

>no news article

yellow fever shilling thread

750c94  No.12645649


>you're doing a great job with adding to that shitfest.

Are you Asian? I'm not. I have no interest in Asians. I am a ginger.

cc8fc0  No.12645669

File: f5406ab8d4d8f0a⋯.gif (2.54 MB, 260x195, 4:3, Rape Face.gif)

8080b7  No.12645692


I bet the nigger flew into a rage at the first nip who screamed "NIGERO!" and fled in terror at the sight of that ape.

8080b7  No.12645703

File: 95ab9e93d908eda⋯.webm (2.56 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, creepy yellow insectoid.webm)


Insectoid aliens are all right by me.

874ccd  No.12645708


The baby face is hella weird

fce78e  No.12645716



874ccd  No.12645725


It's almost as if all white nationalist media is a psyop.

8080b7  No.12645730

File: 455099d89db4821⋯.webm (2.86 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, digusting insectoid gook ….Webm)


Racemixing with an insectoid is unthinkable. There is a natural revulsion between two different species. Relax.

839ef7  No.12645731

You see it cannot shame family. Its mother knows no shame while its father is simply unknown.

614b79  No.12645745


huh? I didn't notice she had a face

70363a  No.12645751

File: 651497fbe8a308d⋯.png (543.75 KB, 1378x647, 1378:647, niggers.png)

I hate niggers.

d19a86  No.12645814



Chinks are the insectoids.

Do not insult our Honorary Aryan brothers by lumping them in the same category.

Chineese and Japs are absolutely nothing alike.

fce78e  No.12645831


It is still racemixing and therefore degenerate, and produces nothing but sad rejects who don't fit into either world and then lash out at society violently.

000000  No.12645899


The bottom of the catalog is often where the quality threads will end up because of the prepared responses by shills to bump every shitty thread once another quality thread pops up, there's little quality content to be found on 8chan because of shills and their tactics.

fc1738  No.12646013

Makes me think of a black blogger from many years ago appropriately called Loco in Yokohama who once blogged that he had a public freakout in the subway because all the raycism in the air was making him mad.


>There is a natural revulsion between two different species.

Maybe in some /pol/ alternate reality there is.


>every half-asian/half-white is Elliot


It takes a week to get to the bottom, yet all it takes to get back to #1 is a single post.

023893  No.12646023

There were a fuckton of niggers trying to get us to go to some scam strip clubs/whorehouses in Shinjuku district of Tokyo when my friends and I visited in August

023893  No.12646032

File: 65d2aba5ca4bf3d⋯.jpg (186.15 KB, 720x627, 240:209, Screenshot_20190107-152100….jpg)


Liar! There's white whores too and that other spic whore shitting on the stool

023893  No.12646040

File: 3d173bc75d9b8dc⋯.jpg (54.39 KB, 720x122, 360:61, Screenshot_20190107-152304….jpg)

File: a75e43642ffd117⋯.jpg (60.18 KB, 720x131, 720:131, Screenshot_20190107-152242….jpg)

File: e4ca6aad61c7ddc⋯.jpg (176.57 KB, 720x586, 360:293, Screenshot_20190107-152229….jpg)

File: c9d4781d3b28d56⋯.jpg (246.51 KB, 720x584, 90:73, Screenshot_20190107-152212….jpg)

File: f577c8c28c3bf3f⋯.jpg (179.15 KB, 720x611, 720:611, Screenshot_20190107-152202….jpg)




e390e3  No.12646057

File: 787c508fe3160c7⋯.webm (2.86 MB, 180x320, 9:16, high potency yellow fever….webm)



>4 hours of makeup

>saline breast implants

Disgusting. You should be banned for promoting race mixing.

fc1738  No.12646062


You should be banned for posting feminist propaganda.

d0a9e8  No.12646103

why are niggers allowed?

5484ef  No.12646118

I think it's funny that subhumans haven't learned some of the basic premises of living in society.

>Don't run around naked

>Don't scream

>Treat others as you would want to treat yourselves

>Don't piss and shit everywhere, and if you do, do it in the same place and make sure it's clean

Subhumans are animals.

89b84a  No.12646200


>not using adnauseam

000000  No.12646319


Fuck Kusanagi-san's looking really rough.

1548f5  No.12646826


>exposing gook clown face is feminism

Double spin doesn't work, Moshe. Try to at least keep up.

4a9506  No.12647031

File: 8a093e8c44192ab⋯.png (101.85 KB, 652x734, 326:367, china needs diversity.png)

File: e0c13c37dce29b2⋯.png (88.18 KB, 625x664, 625:664, jews promoting diversity t….png)


slants gonna get it next

510412  No.12647046


Its not a white nationalist site, its a site ran by a rice farming pig farmer that ironically has its largest board be a white nationalist one. You really shouldn't be surprised by the ads when you remember who runs the place.

e6f7af  No.12647050

File: f1fb1fdb68cfcaa⋯.jpg (135.04 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 27-food-review1.w700.h700.jpg)

fb0e50  No.12647169


>oy vey the goyim aren't making enough hapa consumer drones!

f553a8  No.12647208


They look better without the makeup tbh

8e18f6  No.12647780

>>12645716i would be happy with my daughter fucking anyone but you

000000  No.12647799

Here come the white knight incels and the roastie internet defence force

Their ugly asses really like spamming that same video for the 100th time

077a9b  No.12647809


We'll be lynching the last shitskin and gasing the last jew, while the nips and chinks are getting enriched.

882a4b  No.12647813


> my threads never get replies and end up at the bottom

I love seeing these slide post arguments

>you cant make a thread cause I made a thread!

42cada  No.12648521

>diversity in a shit-skin country

I don't give a fuck.

42cada  No.12648533


>long torso

>tiny little midget legs

>weird androgynous face

What the fuck is this creature?

ca30ee  No.12655464


>sad rejects who don't fit into either world and then lash out at society violently.

We could use the siteviews

f982a9  No.12655762


This is proof that the board is shilled to fuck. You should be executed along with all mixers. Fuck you. Also, this is a slide thread and the board is full of shills. That's why threads about National Socialism or Odinism get bumplocked and faggot bible shit and mixers (same thing) are allowed. Fuck you kikes. Everyone can see your hook noses.

ef84da  No.12655852


what you posted is chinese tho…

db4ffc  No.12656151

File: 61f30842b2a1922⋯.jpg (153.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)



This is the "shithole" part of Tokyo where niggers and other foreigners are confined. It's traditionally been the district for this purpose which is also why it's regarded as a shithole by the Japanese. A lot of foreigners stay in hotels there when traveling for business. The funny thing is, it's really not that much of a shit hole. The niggers are only there to tout on the street to drag you into some sort of scam or brothel. Compared to a major city in the US like San Francisco or New York, it's like living in a paradise. I travel to Japan frequently and this has been my experience. I would recommend if visiting to avoid Roppongi because there is nothing really there to see except a tall skyscraper with a giant spider thing outside of it. You can go to the top of the skyscraper which is a great view of the city. The mall there is okay too and some decent restaurants. Night life is way overpriced but it is where Japanese girls go to find foreign dick so that can be appealing to tourists. If none of that interests you though, I'd recommend skipping it when visiting Tokyo unless you book a hotel in that area. The hotels are quite nice.

Also, that is actually Roppongi station in the OP. I recognize some of the signs and routes. This post makes me sad. I'm used to seeing this crap in San Francisco but not Japan. I probably would hit that nigger if he got near me.

db4ffc  No.12656152


>this webm every time a good looking asian is posted

Lots of women are fake in Asia especially China. Japan however is not the same. There are many naturally beautiful women in Japan.

fc1738  No.12656161


All women wear makeup, and these images and videos always show an obviously extreme amount of makeup that is then deliberately taken off to show the difference. You are using it as propaganda, and now that you are caught you accuse me of being a jew. As if being anti-feminist was jewish.

"Admit nothing, deny everything, make counter-accusations."


More of the same shit.

White feminist women recognize Asian women as their superiors and that's why they are so terrified of them and spend a lot of time smearing them.

fc1738  No.12656163


>You should be executed along with all mixers. Fuck you.

Fuck off and die, feminist roastie retard.

>Also, this is a slide thread and the board is full of shills.

Sliding does not work.

>Fuck you kikes.

Third time a feminist accuses me of being a jew.

8b8467  No.12656193

File: 7c640808f9053a0⋯.jpg (609.13 KB, 496x750, 248:375, japan okinawa rape nig.jpg)

File: 3c391fadb02ebbf⋯.png (1.51 MB, 982x974, 491:487, japan us american marine r….png)

File: 68fd1219386d469⋯.png (507.17 KB, 639x801, 71:89, japan us american marine r….png)

File: e8dc41479394db1⋯.png (451.79 KB, 578x1076, 289:538, jap refugee molestor.png)

File: 839b8842c8abc90⋯.png (440.2 KB, 576x1111, 576:1111, turk jap rape.png)

news article where?

also, someone tell me there's a sperg over at nipchan that keeps record of diversity in crime

792ffe  No.12656244




Wish cuckchan still had people like you on /pol/, don't let this place become another shillfest shitshow

t. cuckchan refugee

fc1738  No.12656265


Cuckchan is full of your fellow feminist propagandists.

792ffe  No.12656369


you're either a beta male in denial who's resorting to jap women who are easy pickings or a kike pushing degenerate propaganda.

creating more Elliot Rodgers to shoot up schools and throwing your white genes away in the trash can like a used condom will not do this world any good

fc1738  No.12656377


Yes, what could be easier than going for women who are on the other side of the planet and don't speak my language. I assume you were dropped on your head as a child?

>or a kike pushing degenerate propaganda

How many times will you feminist shills say this? Do you think repeating it a fourth or fifth time will somehow make it more effective? I'm perfectly aware of who you are, what you're here to do and how you operate.

>creating more Elliot Rodgers

Yes, of course every single white-asian person in the entire world is Elliot Rodgers. It's always Rodgers, never anyone else. Just the kind of shitty reasoning one would expect from a feminist.

241bcd  No.12656378


Jap women don't create Elliot Rogers. Other asians do.

da1d02  No.12656445



This ""white nationalist"" webside is filled with anti-white cuckold porn

da1d02  No.12656448



All asians create them

They are genetically inferior

fc1738  No.12656452


Yet it is the Western world that is sinking.

da1d02  No.12656459


Individual supression creates genetically inferior ants, they are physically inferior and lack of emotions

They are by definition subhumans

fc1738  No.12656464


I see you didn't address the fact that the Western world is sinking. There's also more obesity.

Tell me more about the lack of emotion in anime.

da1d02  No.12656476



I dont watch cartoons and the reason why their civilization does not collapse is because their natural state is submission

They are children of the weak, children of the slaves who have been enslaved, and only exist to serve others.

fc1738  No.12656485


I didn't say anything about cartoons, so why are you suddenly bringing them up? I was asking you to tell me about the lack of emotions in anime, as you seem to be an expert on the emotional expression of all Asian cultures.

>their natural state is submission

Yeah I guess that explains why they haven't thrown open their borders for waves of rapefugees and why they haven't adopted leftist doctrines like feminism. Because of all the submission.

880bd9  No.12656524

fc1738  No.12656531


Oh no, someone may have a video that came from 4chan.

You are trying way too hard.

23bb00  No.12656556



2cc497  No.12656565

File: 329f3d5dbb93a65⋯.jpg (68.96 KB, 644x857, 644:857, pri_57427308.jpg)


e9782d  No.12656572

If white women see that they're being outcompeted for resources by more traditional women from the east: they might actually start trying again. The main reason for this is jews though, take away their media, university and banking influence: you might start to start seeing a difference.

fc1738  No.12656578


Their response is to propagandize against Asian women, or against anything else that appears to threaten the monopoly they desire (like female video game characters).

b6f2c2  No.12656581


4813dd  No.12656582


This is true (especially the scam/brothel part. Every single nog I've seen in Japan seems to be doing that).

Worst part of Tokyo, although in general, Tokyo is far safer and calmer than any major city I've ever visited.

However, the last time I was there there was a big LGBBTQZ push in preparation for a pride parade. Thankfully I wasn't in Tokyo on that day…


Yes. There are also many non-beautiful ones. The distribution is the same as everywhere, whith the only difference being that even not-so-pretty nip girls have something endearing about them.

504692  No.12656854


Who else hates it when they call niggers "Americans?"

919f16  No.12656860


the thing is that niggers in general in japan adopt a "gansta" look and claim to be from the bronx or some shit because they perceive it as "cool". The truth is the niggers are from africa and are literally larping.

1a5d79  No.12657457


Daily reminder your mixed children will stick out like a sore thumb and you'll be targeted on DotR.

1a5d79  No.12657464


There is a neverending supply of betafags and govbucks willing to subsidize used up roasties. Nothing will fix this mess save a massive economic collapse where Nat Soc government can rise and create order from the vacuum of power.

fc1738  No.12657497


Daily reminder that I don't have and will not have children, and your day of the rope is just the right wing version of shitlib hysteria and chimpouts.

2aac14  No.12657510


> I don't have and will not have children,

guess you're completely irrelevant and DOTRing yourself, thanks

fc1738  No.12657520


If all a society needs is for people to make children, then I guess third world countries with excessive birth rates are the most advanced societies on the planet.

2aac14  No.12657539


if you're here then your probably a decent white person who wants to help white people, and we definitely could use more of those having white kids

fc1738  No.12657548


Having children is not possible for everyone.

8a4ae6  No.12657578

If you don't think Ai Shinozaki is worthy of aryan sperm you're out of your god damn mind.

1a8325  No.12657666


t. nigga

188b80  No.12657717


White men would need to go for Asians in excess of 75% before white women started considering getting their act together to compete. Do you honestly think otherwise?

da3582  No.12657929


who is?

06a4c8  No.12658085


>Ai Shinozak

She looks like a typical inflated asian chick. Honestly there's nothing better in the world than a pretty woman of your own ethnicity.

fc1738  No.12658097


What is "inflated" and how can she look like a typical Asian woman when she's exceptionally attractive and Asian women of different ethnicities all look different?

06a4c8  No.12658103


I don't find her attractive, and I don't fetishize Asian chicks. Also Asian women have picked up on this fact that white and black men are thirsty for them.

cec5c2  No.12658183


Then keep your perversions to yourself instead of shilling for other whites to have children with panfaces.

fc1738  No.12658194


I have not expressed any perversions or told anyone to have children.

09955c  No.12658388



j-just what I was thinking…

da3b39  No.12658750


nope, not me, it's my brother,

I told him I'd only do him up the ass

if I was drunk so he started drinking

himself, I know his language better than

he does, he says everything in reverse,

8e6abb  No.12659393


Having beautiful hapas will do more to the white race than shilling here.

f1ad52  No.12662899

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hapas are a mess, dude. I mean have you seen them? Just look at reddit's r/hapas.

db4ffc  No.12669115

File: 7075c5c85680470⋯.jpg (522.06 KB, 1200x795, 80:53, 52578102_p0_master1200.jpg)


>even not-so-pretty nip girls have something endearing about them

I know exactly what you are talking about. Sometimes that endearing factor is so strong that they can be more attractive than the better looking nips. For me it feels like something primal. Like I want to grab this girl and protect her like a fucking caveman. The little random cute things they do like talk about the coin holder in your car and put in a little coin for you while giggling. Or how if they make you food they'll put on little faces and smile. If this website didn't fuck me up on interracial relationships, I'd probably have married a Japanese girl by now. They certainly have something white American or Aus/NZ girls have been missing for decades. I still might wife one up, I can probably get citizenship in Japan since I have a job their society thinks is prestigious (airplane pilot). Plus I own part of a decent sized business in Japan so I'm already involved in their society. Immigration is strict in Japan, but I know several white citizens. If you are willing to assimilate (learn the language), are not a criminal, demonstrate good income, have a real skill, and promise not to use welfare in your introduction essay then you can become a citizen in a few years.

The LGBTQZ faggot parade in Tokyo, I know what you are talking about. There is certainly a push to get the younger crowd to embrace degeneracy like this. Always in the form of some sort of parade or street festival. Thankfully, it doesn't really seem to be catching on. Nips are either against it morally or completely apathetic due to being focused on school/career. Tokyo police I think are pretty great too. A city of 13 million with less than 15 homicides a year, even with a decent nog population? Amazing. Probably has more to do with the upbringing and educational system here but I give the cops with their large beating sticks credit.

In Roppongi and other shitholes (which really aren't shitholes) I've never felt unsafe because there is always a cop standing guard at some station with those 4-5ft quarterstaffs ready to beat down on someone. Recently, in Roppongi I've actually realized I'm more worried of the white touts instead of the niggers. If you haven't noticed there are Australian scammers out on the streets working with the nogs on the same scams. They worry me more because they are all young and tall with a Michael Phelps swimmer build. They don't appear to be stupid either, probably supervisors for the nogs. I don't expect them to attack me, but an obvious criminal with good physical build and higher cunning is not to be taken lightly. They are a curiosity for me. I get why niggers are there, they worm their way in to ruin everything nice coming from Mad Max style societies. They can't make much money being touts. The Australians though… why? They could probably make more with honest work in Australia or New Zealand.

Long blog post but I don't get to discuss these aspects of Japan often.

f0e7b4  No.12669749

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Remember that you can take a job as an ALT and go there to fight diversity.

000000  No.12670044

When will you incel cunts stop crying about WMAF, just kill yourselves already virgin cunts.

299ffd  No.12670060

when white cuties are unavailable, the negro must suffice with Insectoids.

902835  No.12670069


>A city of 13 million with less than 15 homicides a year, even with a decent nog population? Amazing.

Its really not that hard when you classify every murder you possibly can as a suicide

1d18f0  No.12670366


I'm watching it and so far they seem like some kind of ultra nationalists who dislike jews.

6c4e6a  No.12671398


>he doesn't know about the (((olympics)))

cdc548  No.12671450

File: b1ff230125989a8⋯.jpg (165.36 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 17c314d73b9b7d6cea5e6b51e8….jpg)


All this to look white.

I get it, beautiful people are usually higher functioning and bring higher functioning into surrounding people. Thus, even though Hong Kong has the highest IQ on the planet, they don't do much with it because people are not attractive so it doesn't bring their minds to their full potential.

cdc548  No.12671492

File: d390c215021e051⋯.jpg (64.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [UTW-Ryuumaru] Yosuga no S….jpg)

796eb8  No.12671656


>I race mix because I hate feminism

>I don't hate jews, however, even though they're the ones who pushed for feminism shit in the first place

>It's all womens' fault

It's like Kenji became an egregore and gained sentience somehow.

eb705c  No.12671723

db4ffc  No.12673427

File: 06188c1f199c1b9⋯.png (453.79 KB, 500x620, 25:31, 560efd6682377378ae9e8883ed….png)


Still lower than all the cities I frequent in USA and most other western nations. Although, I'm certain murder rates would be way lower in a place like LA for example if it was decided that niggers and spics didn't count under human murders. Maybe count them with dogs but that would be offensive to dogs.


I'm often only passing through Tokyo my business is outside the city, so I haven't paid much attention to the Tokyo Olympics. That is this year isn't it? The (((olympics))) fuck up every city they are hosted in. I'm sure the swarm of degenerate shitskins that will inevitably show up will cause problems but of all first world cities, I think Tokyo is one the better equipped cities to handle it.




I don't really think it's all with the intention to look as white as possible. Certainly there is truth to that statement today, but even before contact with whites China/Japan had a fetish for pale women. That was common in a lot of cultures throughout history because darker people were usually poorer.

ac9e6f  No.12697672


Yeah, things have been getting nasty recently, though it may be that I just started to pay attention to it

fc1738  No.12697682


>All this to look white.

Why do people even on /pol/ fall for feminist propaganda like they were garden variety redditors?

077a9b  No.12697691


I hope so anon. I want to see nippo cops beat an israeli head of state for inciting monkeys to riot.

0b915c  No.12697715

In the white empire, asian concubines will be allowed but sterile. Only one white wife and only a certain reproduction of strictly only asian females. Honorary soldiers will be allowed to wife a white wife and with the few percentage of non-whites, their genes will be bred out. We will exterminate all races, once and for all… even the Japanese and of course the Jews. Only white men will rule, with white families, one white wife who is preselected and determined by the state. You may have several asian concubines which will be traded in the slave markets and bred in labs. Women will have zero rights but abusing a white woman is a punishable crime by having your hand chopped off. There will be no centralized religion except that of a lukewarm, watered down christianity which will be allowed to exist. We will pursue space faring technology and seek to find and integrate with an alien species and try and create a galatic council. Hail the Emperor. Hail the White Race. Hail our Blood. Till the last drop men.

fc1738  No.12697724


Go take your pills.

2f3ed2  No.12698026


2D hapa whores.

b898ad  No.12701457


I think it's a bot.

ec57ee  No.12701465


well the first one seems to have a nice ass

d4fffe  No.12701502

File: 76f4489432a6c6c⋯.jpg (534.11 KB, 967x1080, 967:1080, 1543396356968.jpg)


white race my ass, asian Century nigga

773bac  No.12701525

File: 451eeb0781b037a⋯.webm (3.97 MB, 950x534, 475:267, Jew powered heating appar….webm)

File: 33112d27511e249⋯.jpg (132.91 KB, 610x665, 122:133, 33112d27511e249c6624e66cf7….jpg)

File: 8c98196a08976c9⋯.jpg (39.37 KB, 339x514, 339:514, 8c98196a08976c986c4580ef87….jpg)

Goodbye Japan. It was nice knowing you.

5c7847  No.12701637

>slide thread

>post porn to engage and draw in young minds

By posting porn youre not expecting quality content, your thread itself is also niggertier and nothing did merit its creation. What is your goal here schlomo? Getting people to hate niggers? Because i already do. Whats the goal here? Even if you are genuine in your effort, what exactly did you expect? It seems more and more youre looking for a Reddit-type jerkfest where we all pat each other on the back saying FUCK NIGGERS. And dont get me wrong, fuck niggers is a good message, but one people shouldve already discovered before coming here. So again, what the fuck is this thread.


6c4e6a  No.12706139


This. Their culture is on its last legs and the eternal jew will claim their corpse. We can never win this fight. It's all fucking over and we know it.


> I think Tokyo is one the better equipped cities to handle it.

Judging by the site's response, it fucking isn't. Everyone agrees Japan will forever be pozzed and will never recover again.

55956e  No.12706154

Nobody should care.

Mods are… well, you already know what they are.

55956e  No.12706215

Anybody posting in this thread is a kike, because an actual man should know better than to reply to useless bs.

23f89d  No.12706235


This is how we know you haven't actually visited Japan. Noggers are everywhere there and breeding with nip girls. Japan is literally Sweden 2.0







f9e1c2  No.12706259


I know a nigger from the Bronx who moved over there to marry his Japanese girlfriend. I have no idea how they met but this absolutely is a thing. American noggers are going to Japan in large numbers, probably for a lot of the reasons people go there in general.

147753  No.12706267


>one shitty immigrant-infested neighborhood is equal to Sweden

4f0c41  No.12706270


See >>12706259

Japan is a lost cause and everyone is seeing their decline firsthand. It's over for them.

8d038f  No.12706305

File: abf02ccee2628e9⋯.png (2.5 MB, 1360x1892, 340:473, U4.png)



LOL if it's over for Japan with a small infestation in Tokyo, the 'West' has ZERO chance nya~

8d038f  No.12706309

File: 85512019bc9b2c7⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1359x1920, 453:640, [Yuri_Ichigo]_Lilium_Terra….png)


<So you'd better hope you are wrong.

993ee5  No.12706380


<Prove to me that the bottom of the catalog is worth saving. I bet you can't.

>slides a a thread off the board

>asks for proof of a pruned thread's value

the irony of posting about niggers' low IQ while being a low IQ nigger is lost on you

6c4e6a  No.12706397


>small infestation

Read the links again kid.

4051ad  No.12706415


please take an hour out of your day to bump old threads then

8deab1  No.12707247

Fuck Japan.

Those bugman soycucks deserve to be nuked again and again for attacking Pearl Harbor and siding with the nazis.

232a72  No.12707251


niggers suck


wow man just wow. women are deceptive in general, but these bugs have taken it to the next level.

7ddbd0  No.12707254


>these bugs have taken it to the next level

Makeup is fucking magical at times.

da3582  No.12707531

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


But, nya~. I watch Rachel and Jun and even they are promoting Blacks in Japan. Then there is this channel called "Sharia in Japan" and even she has many Black friends. Found it.


da3582  No.12707534

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here is another one I found.

8ab06a  No.12707622


how the fuck am i supposed to pop an invidious link out into a new window so i can read the comments, or send the link to a friend. I can't stand this stupid fucking player. It's trash.

9cabd6  No.12707635


Be that as it may, it shows that dindu behavior is universal all over Earth. Sad to see that some of this cancer is now seeping into Japan of all places.

9cabd6  No.12707646


Kikes are behind both (((feminism))) and race mixing, you dolt. (((Feminism))) does its job at making White women unappealing to White men, and subsequently, this is where the (((race mixing))) White-East Asian angle comes into play.

9cabd6  No.12707656


That video gave me pancreatic cancer and type II diabetes.

9cabd6  No.12707685


This is how it started in the West, with tiny communities that suddenly ballooned.


Fuck you, kike. The Axis were the good guys.



Looks like Japan is ZOG'd as well. I wouldn't be surprised if (((they))) try to accelerate this so that we can't use Japan as an example anymore against their (((multicultural))) agenda. These fucking kikes can't keep any square centimeter of this planet to anyone for themselves, can they? It's shit like this that makes me wish the Holohoax actually happened.

f168ba  No.12707721

File: 755000cdc4dd6b2⋯.jpg (148.08 KB, 1200x1206, 200:201, IMG_1317.JPG)

File: 0fef89f76459d62⋯.png (242.5 KB, 640x839, 640:839, IMG_2158.PNG)

33f11d  No.12707724


Is that smugness on her face? Does she think she is a smug anime girl?

9cabd6  No.12707731


>(((Alanna Schubach)))

>(((Jake Adelstein)))


ee0ba2  No.12707760


No, it means she has awful teeth but there is definitely a baked in smugness.

8deab1  No.12707948


>Looks like Japan is ZOG'd as well.

The US fought against them as hard as it could for a reason.



Not smug, chutzpah.

I thought /pol/ of all places would recognize that.

f40b7d  No.12707972


>>Not smug, chutzpah.

>facial expression



941eef  No.12708090



Come to think of it, why is the board catalog even limited? Why shouldn't it be 10x larger?

dfcacf  No.12708143


its fun to at least walk through to see all the freaks and cosplayers. I saw a jap in a full SS uniform there lol

d2559d  No.12708474


An NYC jew tells japan to destroy its genetic and cultural heritage.

8dae55  No.12714725


>Looks like Japan is ZOG'd as well

It is. We fucking lost that war. We always fucking lose. Now that (((they))) have claimed Japan eternally, we will never, EVER see them return to their former glory ever again. It's all over. Everyone on tuis board can see that. Nothing will ever get better again.


>The US fought against them as hard as it could for a reason

And they failed. Japan will fail too. Our mood on Japan is extremely blackpilled and hopeless. We lost them to ZOG for all eternity.



You all got BTFO by the truth. Japan is lost and there's NOTHING you can do about it.

2d2d84  No.12714733


>Sad to see that some of this cancer is now seeping into Japan of all places

Eyup. And once Japan goes black, it will never go back. Leave this one to the kikes, Japan is a lost cause. We literally can't do anything about this shit. We surrender eternally.

4dd250  No.12714973

File: fa77ad779463faf⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1000x1500, 2:3, Tail.jpg)



Yep all is lost, better go get fucked by niggers nya~

e62199  No.12715076

File: b50c19e16b7dcfa⋯.png (701.32 KB, 703x3040, 37:160, Aging_Japan_Wants_Automati….png)

File: 4eba6dbee79b035⋯.png (769.31 KB, 640x3622, 320:1811, As_crime_dries_up,_Japan’s….png)

File: 4cd52e50b8efbd6⋯.png (713.87 KB, 673x5074, 673:5074, Japan_Yakuza_Mafia_Aid_Ear….png)

File: 76a14998e7e8d97⋯.png (748.4 KB, 662x3036, 331:1518, Japan's_humanities_chop_se….png)

File: 4786c0bfac7c0e2⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1390x734, 695:367, 1537147241668.png)

>Japanese interview Jared Taylor


a90f4a  No.12715084


i like how "anti-racist" is in quotes, an open admission that zionists are the most racist "people" on earth.

fc1738  No.12715173


This fucking shill again. I've seen him on at least three boards. Only /v/ has had the fucking balls to ban him.

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