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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ce9353  No.12645646

>twitter account created in the past 5 days


>uploads video of Commie Cortez dancing in college video around 9AM

>6 hours later Jew York Times writer somehow finds thins tweet

>confirms the college

>confirms its actually her

>finds original source video that no one ever posted

>writes article saying how this smear backfired

>dozens of other articles parroting the same thing

NTY http://archive.today/wBJ6D

This is gamergate tier sockpuppeting, and its coming from some of the biggest outlets in the country.

8f0c2d  No.12645655

>Republicans are right-wing

7da508  No.12645683

File: f43571a68712e58⋯.jpg (76.83 KB, 1422x800, 711:400, hi.jpg)

> this is gamergate tier sockpuppeting

> this is lügenpresse tier fake news

> this is exactly what happy uncle described in his book

> who has been ejected over 100 times for this sort of thing

If only you'd told us about this 2000 years ago anon.

d20f24  No.12645690

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

She actually did something good and in general the new wave of super lefties are doing something good.

1. They're genuinely attacking (((corporate))) America lobbyists cohosting the orientation for freshmen congressmen. Former Goldman Sachs CEO Gary Cohen said to them; "You guys are in way over your heads; you don't know how the game is played".

amazing shit

2. They're attacking the kikenvermin directly particularly on the matter of the unconstitutional law agaisnt Israel boycotts. Under the Constitution you have the right to freedom of association which includes freedom NOT to associate.


01d88d  No.12645699


nazis showing themselves to be crypto-democraps yet again!

d20f24  No.12645704


hey she's a piece of shit and she's going to cause a huge amount of trouble over immigration and open borders, but, they're also going to attack Israel.

Take your advantages where you find them.

The SA was pretty far left you know.

b25234  No.12645707


No they aren't

The cops can go fuck themselves.

756b29  No.12645715

And? Back to kikechan, yid.

badd15  No.12645735


She is a kike you degenerate.

d20f24  No.12645826


Duoh I've been posting here quite some time and I know that very well. But this is the first time the corporations have been caught running the orientation of new congressmen like this and it's quite the revelation.

Remember; Hitler started out being allied with Stalin and the communists. Do you hate Hitler for that little piece of real politik? And the SA who did all his early street fighting were a gang of soviet style commies led by a fat faggot. Do you hate Hitler for that particular association?

You do what you have to do to get to where you're going. We can't all be pure and noble, lying around in our bedrooms wistfully contemplating Hitler Jugend posters and dreaming of a pure aryan utopia untroubled by the muddy stinking realities of this world.

245a69  No.12645837


>right/left mean anything

d20f24  No.12645872

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c2e94b  No.12645978


>dems are the real nazis

boomer detected

b30ba7  No.12645995


More like "misinformed person we could bring over" detected. Now, calling everyone you don't like a "boomer"… yeah that's some /nupol/ tier shitposting there.

adeb24  No.12646009


If you're on this board, and you're still talking about "democraps being the real nazis", there is no help for that person, there's also no he[p for you in thinking these people can be "converted" or made to see the light. I'm sorry but no.

d20f24  No.12646047

Let's face facts here; the Ron Paulites alone cannot "End the Fed".

This is an issue the left and the right can relate to strongly.

Like Jimmy says you could get over 70% of the electorate to demand this if we stopped being blindly partisan and became issue driven. Just take the issue battles one at a time emphasizing issues where we can agree, like ending foreign wars, stopping the imperialism that profits the .00001%, and ending the Fed.

70-80% support for this more than feasable.

Of course the jews media and the bureaucracy will howl blue bloody murder..

5570af  No.12646073

>gamergate tier sockpuppeting

This make Literally Wu look competent, and the inexperienced public will just lap it up, fucking pathetic. False flags everywhere.

6bbca1  No.12646129


TBH she probably isn't. She's about as Jewish as Warren is Indian.

8f0c2d  No.12646136


Who gives a fuck?

2bacf4  No.12646146


>they're doing a good thing

<in amongst all the other bad things

<and for all the wrong reasons

Wow, yeah, I sure am impressed that the pair of mud milkers with a mouth lied about a bunch of intended policy positions before getting elected - because muds love mud tits - then helped keep Nancy Pelosi in power in direct opposition to those proposed positions.

>unironically posting breitberg

Wew lad.

2bacf4  No.12646150



The public aren't lacking experience, they're just fucking stupid and careless.

6a223a  No.12646152


>amazing shit

and are you "Loving it!"

does she "Speak truth to power."

its not amazing shit, its another tatic to be incontrol of both sides. controlled opposition. And this poster knows it because this poster is controlled opposition as well.

enjoy the future /pol … apparently we are important enough to be infiltrated

c9b432  No.12646163

this is about ethics in journalism

7c44e5  No.12646169


She's not European, so it doesn't matter. One drop rule, Anon.

fffdcb  No.12646180

File: 859cafa02521caa⋯.jpg (55.03 KB, 618x638, 309:319, 922415c1f051799e7f199093dc….jpg)


GTFO here Striker and take your National Bolshevism with you.

2bacf4  No.12646188

File: 63f5f26a4d83516⋯.png (792.24 KB, 2243x1167, 2243:1167, ClipboardImage.png)



This tbh.

She's just a mudthot.

Whether she's an aztekike is kind of irrelevant imho.


>Just take the issue battles one at a time emphasizing issues where we can agree, like ending foreign wars, stopping the imperialism that profits the .00001%, and ending the Fed.

They don't actually agree on any of it though - they agree with the concept, but their motivations and desired methodologies are entirely different.

Listen to me you alt-right fuck and listen close:

<pic related

Libertarianism was never good.

6bca89  No.12646196

They are trying so hard to meme this spic bitch

3bd48f  No.12646201


No one here cares about this shit you fucking weirdo


f4bfb6  No.12646207

>soyskin journoniggers supporting a marxist

I'm surprised!

88d0c6  No.12646215

pretty girl >=)

3bd48f  No.12646217


7e62d2  No.12646219




You're fucking retarded.

8029d9  No.12646220


>Implying qtards are fucking stupid and perfect shabbos.


Oh goody, its just ironybro astroturfing.

Kindly fuck off you civnat spic.

88d0c6  No.12646222


>implying anyone right of Obama isn't part of the alt right in 2019


f4bfb6  No.12646229


>This is an issue the left and the right can relate to strongly.

There's nothing the left and right can ally on. The right allying with the left is the right ceding victory to the left, and what the left wants is exponentially worse than the Fed. I will pledge fucking allegiance to neocons before I support the rise of bolshevism in this country.

>Of course the jews media and the bureaucracy will howl blue bloody murder..

Every person on the left, including these journalists, and this dumb beaner, are, for all intents and purposes, jewish. Mentally jewish. Ideoligically jewish. Socialism, communism, marxism, bolshevism. It's jewish. The product of jewish intellectuals and jewish supremacists. They're all systems which create a power structure that favors jews. They're all power structures that would advocate the genocide of their biggest enemy, and in this case, that's white men; hence "white privilege," and all this other shit. Every leftist is an enemy. Anything short of their ideals is better than their ideals, and the fucking Fed is short of your ideals. I'll sleep in dirt and roll in shit before I jump in a fire pit and burn myself to death. Everything is better than allowing and supporting the growth of the left. The left literally equals the death of our identity (our culture, our heritage, our art, our literature etc.) and the death of us through genocide.

756b29  No.12646240

File: d21e5e0d3e69377⋯.jpg (94.03 KB, 847x402, 847:402, Nu-Jew Filtration.jpg)

0807e2  No.12646241

File: 521984164e1ff53⋯.jpeg (32.63 KB, 224x224, 1:1, 3407F1AA-C738-4FD5-A926-D….jpeg)

Poppy you be so ssstupid

000000  No.12646243


You dummy, we LIKE the fact that she won against an incumbent Democrat. She managed to chase out a relatively powerful Democrat, somebody in big with the labor unions, local rackets and organized crime, somebody who knew how to get the gibs to the powerful players in his district and keep the DNC Machine well oiled and functioning. But here comes some ugly spic commie and she sweeps him aside because he's a fucking white male.

Don't you lefty retards understand she's a gift? Also while she claims to be Jewish, she hates Israel and doesn't believe in the Holocaust. Now we have a half dozen new commie beaners and sand negresses in positions of power, and none of them like Jews or believe in the Holocaust. The Jews severely miscalculated, as it turns out the minorities they imported to attack "whiteness" can't tell a kike from a goy.


And here's why that's a good thing.

88d0c6  No.12646250


>what is the third position




62bf54  No.12646263



>which includes freedom NOT to associate.

she does not support repealing the civil rights act like we do. you are clearly engaging in pilpul

e59ef8  No.12646271


>She's about as Jewish as Warren is Indian.

wrong. she's 100% sephardic kike. know your enemy, rabbi: trying to lie to us like that doesn't work here.

bd5a55  No.12646274


Republicans are outer party. They are right wing in that they resist the movement leftwards, but they are part of the same organization.

f4bfb6  No.12646276


>third position meme

4db5cd  No.12646277


I'm a Sephardic Jew. She very likely has zero Sephardic ancestry and is more likely to be a triracial mutt from Puerto Rico

88d0c6  No.12646282


>he doesn't know

e59ef8  No.12646285


>I'm a Sephardic Jew. She very likely has zero Sephardic ancestry and is more likely to be a triracial mutt from Puerto Rico

Portugal, Spain, Puerto Rico, Mexico, etc. we don't give a fuck where your sephardic kike rat holes are. Just know that we know who you are.

000000  No.12646287


If you can't see what a gift she is you're blind. We could have stayed with a quiet dangerous connected incumbent who knew the system and worked it. Instead we get this loud mouthed spic who openly hates whites, Jews, and is being framed as the new face of the DNC. The non-white DNC where whites aren't even allowed. The DNC which is openly discussing taxing people at 70% or higher.


f4bfb6  No.12646289


Those psychotic bug eyes looks pretty jewish to me. You don't see exaggerated facial expressions like that on anyone else except soyboy jew guys and your rabidly whorish and aggressive women.

6a223a  No.12646292


theres plenty of white people in the cities … or at least they used to be white.

those people are not voting republican anytime soon. Remember scott adams voted hillary for safety of his life.

Its like reverse jim crow in most major cities

and its beautiful

88d0c6  No.12646295

File: 9d982609580db5d⋯.jpg (34.33 KB, 450x628, 225:314, 36.jpg)

000000  No.12646297


Whites in cities elected Trump as much as those in the suburbs and rural areas did.

You're working hard to miss my point though, AOC is openly anti-white and will drive even more whites from the party.

f4bfb6  No.12646303


>teehee if i call it third position he'll think my centralization of government and expulsion of political freedoms is a good thing

You're an idiot. Also why are you even bringing this dumb shit up? No one mentioned "le third position," the guy was talking about the right allying with a bunch of anti-white marxist sub-humans because "duh fed bad, so help us destroy your society and we'll replace the fed and give you soup lines in its place! Oh, and we'll also tear down our monuments, burn your literature, and erase you from history! But remember, duh fed bad!"

000000  No.12646308


She will crash and burn it and the neoliberal globalist kikes will be forced to act, it will be a shitshow and it will alienate the brown lefties from the white and (((white))) ones.

f4bfb6  No.12646328


>we need to help shit-skins, kikes, and lefty whites to solidify around and grow actual real bolshevism

Why the fuck would I want to do that? i'm not support any bolshevist. I'm going to talk about bolshevism and the intent of bolshevists like her and her supporters, not support them "because it'll chase white people from the part!" How fucking stupid. They don't need white people in the party to elect thousands of people to government anymore. I don't want the 1917 Russian bolshevik party rising here, and it's fucking clear the democrat part was chosen for it.

000000  No.12646335


>not supporting a candidate with a strong D&C potential

I'm the Jew now, why aren't you?

528172  No.12646341


>muh burger nationalism

Embarrasing. Imagine defending a nation that has never been 1100% European.

278ff1  No.12646353


Imagine defending a literal jewess.

8f0c2d  No.12646363

File: cbf9810fe2b57b8⋯.png (11.44 KB, 632x404, 158:101, b5eb608785acc1ccfbede9eec1….png)


>they resist the movement leftwards

No they don't you retard. They are the ones guiding the bump-stock ban, legal spic immigration, abolished nigger slavery and accepted nigger rights, subverted nationalism in the 1960s to the present, fought against Ba'athists for Saudis and jews, enacted the Patriot Act, and are most likely going to gloat over their guidance of a DACA deal. No politician is right-wing. Everyone bumping this thread is stupid as fuck.

f4bfb6  No.12646369


>D&C potential

D&C what exactly? Whites aren't needed in the vast majority of Democrat controlled areas anymore. White are already a small minority in the party. Most whites are already independent or republican.


>imagine being nationalistic

found the marxist monkey. Filtered.

8f0c2d  No.12646380

File: 70fea35d8b60c73⋯.jpg (57.5 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-ending-illegal-immig….jpg)


>muh republican whites are the good guys

The fact that you think there is any difference between either political party says everything anyone here would need to know about you.

bd5a55  No.12646383


He shut down the government and started the withdraw from Syria. Big government and "spreading democracy" are both left-wing things to do. Also I didn't say they were doing a very good job of it.

"Right-wing" parties have always cucked on firearms, it's what they do. They are cowardly old men who run to the police at the slightest provocation.

I agree that no politician is right-wing, because no politician can be right wing.

f4bfb6  No.12646385


>wah, wah, the republican party is the enemy

>not the republican politician

>we shouldn't co-opt the party whose support base is almost entirely white

The party is a name people rally around. The party already has a foundation and support. It simply needs to be co-opted. Anyone saying the party, not the politician is bad, is an idiot. If we actually strove for it, we could be the party. Meanwhile niggers in this thread are advocating instead to help bolsheviks take over the democrat party.

f4bfb6  No.12646387


See >>12646385 Filterd. 72 IQ fucking nigger.

620f0c  No.12646389

File: 42038a575cf6726⋯.jpg (39.24 KB, 452x710, 226:355, sad.jpg)


I read that quote as a negative and then realized he probably meant it as a positive, didn't he?

d20f24  No.12646390


see that's a divisive issue.

You use these people on individual issues and oppose them on the important ones.

Obviously she wants totally open borders and should be thrown out of a helicopter over the Atlantic.

But she wants to oppose a law against boycotts of Israel. GREAT. We create a temporary alliance on that issue.

it's not like anybody here lives in her district.

Her district is niggers and Puerto Ricans. They'll never vote for the right.

But they can be used in a Machiavellian manner.

8f0c2d  No.12646397

File: 37b859f8197b7f7⋯.jpg (128.04 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, b4bc222b60bc83b0e280850d36….jpg)


>He shut down the government

Not before he used it to ban bump-stocks and give billions to Israel. Supporting him whatsoever means you don't belong here.


>he probably meant it as a positive, didn't he?


bd5a55  No.12646419


>putting Marx before Reagan

You must be joking. Get that red filth the fuck out of here.

>implying that I think the bump-stock ban is a good thing

>implying that the money isn't just printed anyway

The progressive entryists have well and truly arrived at /pol/.

915df2  No.12646423

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

so how can we meme vid related, music change is obvious, but it needs more than that, maybe new backgrounds?

915df2  No.12646433

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this is the obama happy parody, I have no idea how much video editing is required to achieve such a result, maybe a vid editing fag could weigh in

df3c3c  No.12646435

When we win, we'll subjugate her and I will add her to my harem of concubines. I wouldn't actually fuck her, because she looks gross and her snatch probably smells like rancid fish, but I would put her on display as an oddity.

That is all.

03514b  No.12646436

File: 59ec64e5e36f1d0⋯.jpg (204.03 KB, 765x756, 85:84, amnesty.jpg)


reagan was pushing amnesty and "legal immigration" when we were still 75% white, fuck him

8c5a47  No.12646438


>We need based female mudskins on (((our))) side, fellow goys

You have been told to gas yourself in an oven thousands of times. Get it done already

bd5a55  No.12646440


The only difference between left and "right" is that "right" tend to clamp down a little on illegal immigration while keeping or increasing legal immigration.

bd5a55  No.12646441

8f0c2d  No.12646448

File: 7b4acf07f00b0bc⋯.png (131.64 KB, 676x351, 52:27, pettinessistheworst.png)

File: ae12cc4e43d16f0⋯.jpg (121.41 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, ae12cc4e43d16f07213590d4e5….jpg)


>implying that I think the bump-stock ban is a good thing

I didn't imply nor do I care what your personal opinion is. I'm stating as a fact that if he does that then you have no business trying to support anything he does at all. Hell, it makes you look like some blue-pilled foreigner, to say nothing of bumping stupid threads like these.

>Get that red filth the fuck out of here.

As if Reagan's amnesty and stance on gun control aren't anymore cringeworthy than the semitic father of communism. As if Reagan and every other Republican hasn't been more subversive and damaging to the American public and whites as a whole by supplanting nationalism and conservatism with some cheap cancerous alternative.

03514b  No.12646478


no shit, left and right are all cultural marxists, including reagan

so why did you get so upset when anon posted a picture of marx and reagan, then proceed to take your sage off, post exactly what he was saying, and then try to show me exactly what the first anon was saying

when i agreed with him from the start (and now you it appears)?

bd5a55  No.12646504


Because he is a lefty.

2bacf4  No.12646509


lolberg became alt right when it became obvious to so many that nonWhites don't care about, can't even understand, the arguments of the muh roads niggers.


Nope. Alt right is controlled op nonsense, a new escape route after the lolberg ploy ate crow.

bd5a55  No.12646535


You are using words and phrases that you do not understand. You are implying that Marx's words mean anything.

>bumping stupid threads like these

Stupid threads like these call attention to the tactics used by your masters.

6a223a  No.12646565


vote for trump , pay sales tax to support pelosi.

Any white in CA or NY doesnt care about other whites only themselves. They voted for trump becarse od repub tax cuts, not culture.

I understand your calculation but in terms of end goals these whites are the kind that pollute the race , they dont carry the torch.

How many of these whites you talk about are jews, or masons. You sound like you have the numbers, please present them.

2e750c  No.12646576

Didn't thought that berniecucks would stood themselves that low, again.

8f0c2d  No.12646745


As if Republicans are any different.

982141  No.12646787


Fuck does this have to do with repubs?

982141  No.12646794


Literally D&C.

049772  No.12646805

File: 4c947092f88d408⋯.jpeg (45.57 KB, 720x492, 60:41, video.jpeg)

Does anyone have a link to the pr0n video?

28d23d  No.12646830


Look at this bitches eyes. You can tell she got white dicked so much in college that she wishes for their destruction.

498961  No.12646840


Look at her eyes and you'll see she's on high doses of anti-psychotic. Eyes wide awake and permanently "surprised" expression but clearly nobody home upstairs

20328f  No.12646841

File: 33814a3f5010fc9⋯.jpeg (253.33 KB, 1143x1452, 381:484, 5ac52408241047a802aaf0886….jpeg)


>Wants to pillage what little wealth white Americans still have left

>Give it all away to muds running across the border

Ya she's really great isn't she?

6a223a  No.12646845


she didnt do porn , she danced on a roof top

6a223a  No.12646854


so no numbers , just support for whites that like to eat tacos and fuck blacks

come one buddy? I got a great comeback

Literally D&C

now who believes me and who believes you (check em)

6a223a  No.12646856


its fucking romney dude , dont fucking pay attention to a loser

982141  No.12646857


Please provide your numbers first, yid.

8f0c2d  No.12646873


They are the only ones who give a shit about this kind of superficial crap.

1986f7  No.12646883

That slut is dumber than a bag of bricks. Did anybody see the 60Mins interview? She wants to tax 70% on the dollar for every American making over $10mil, 70-fucking-%! Even Anderson Cooper wanted to slap a bitch. At 70%, there is literally no incentive for anyone to make over a certain amount of money. You'd have a country full of poor people.

099c59  No.12646891

File: 8744acd0be66562⋯.jpg (93.9 KB, 923x962, 71:74, ocasio cortez.jpg)

$10 says some chad from Boston university has her nudes. We need to dig into to this shit.

915df2  No.12646916


Joke's on her, almost no one has earned income of $10 million+. She would have to tax capital gains and the rich kikes would literally have them assassinated.

982141  No.12646943


Huh? The fuck, it's the media who wants to push this jew bitch.

efd96d  No.12646951

File: 7964e79b552f4c8⋯.png (459.77 KB, 576x752, 36:47, ClipboardImage.png)

File: edd5d286115d14a⋯.png (311.72 KB, 575x1024, 575:1024, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7f94e4ca073219f⋯.png (273.95 KB, 600x330, 20:11, ClipboardImage.png)

000000  No.12646962


(((They))) were actually expelled more than 300 times. It never worked, they always come back. Same tactics, same goal, ARYAN GENOCIDE.

We need some better method, than "expulsion"

Exposing them is the first step of course. If we do not win this battle, they will enslave and rape your kids for the next 10 000 years. I am not bulllshitting you. They dream of 10 000 years "peace". Problem is, their peace means our slavery, which includes our kids getting raped. It is all in Talmud, Zohar, Schulchan Aruch.

>>Yossi Gurvitz: When Israel Is Mighty


Make sure to safe and distribute

000000  No.12646968

How do jews operate, read for yourself:


099c59  No.12646993


I don't care if that middle pic is fake. We need some sock puppet accounts to spread it and maybe someone will post her real nudes

e2b6a7  No.12647008

File: 45d4d1102e94a2a⋯.jpg (58.23 KB, 744x694, 372:347, 27f00b8a4db1569a5ba89fe2d4….jpg)


It still cracks me up to this day that shills, alphabets, and global companies care this much about shitposting larpers.

That's how obsessed they are with control.

It's the cruel joke that keeps on giving.

000000  No.12647022


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, without making real progress. Jews have Samson Option, so we need leverage aswell.

What do they hold in greatest admiration? Their own blood. Their books of satan. Their money. Their power over "goyim"/non-jews.

I need good input, where we can grab them by the balls. Jews are very very superstitious.

099c59  No.12647036


She looks pretty mestizo to me. guess all of the jew genes went to her tits

298325  No.12647042


I bet we could place the video as having been recorded in Washington D.C. just by the rooftops.

8f0c2d  No.12647051


The same one that pushed Trump as an "outsider"? lol

d5463f  No.12647052


The anonymity is why. There is a lot of accurate information that gets passed here, stuff that in some countries is classfied or at the very least embarrassing. Their identity-based shilling they've been stagnantly using for 20 years doesn't work.

2136be  No.12647094

File: 45fa38e58b40dcd⋯.jpg (163.07 KB, 1080x1022, 540:511, Snapchat-1166202237.jpg)

But it backfired!

620f0c  No.12647233

File: 1eb7f1067f0a9b1⋯.jpg (48.6 KB, 587x455, 587:455, ocasio-cortez is jewish to….jpg)


>I don't care if that middle pic is fake. We need some sock puppet accounts to spread it and maybe someone will post her real nudes

Do you really want to see that?

6af421  No.12647259

File: c0b62f5f253f9e9⋯.png (46.27 KB, 258x330, 43:55, Absolute.PNG)


>Mudskin Jewish is the new Hilter

When you were planning how you were going to shill on 8ch today did you really think this angle was going to work?

3daece  No.12647322

How close are we to getting her nudes, hackerbros?

6af421  No.12647323

File: 943b45a588c3255⋯.jpg (160.77 KB, 727x892, 727:892, PayAttention.JPG)


>Vote your way out of it

>Republicans aren't antiwhite communists

The only solution to the problem white people have world wide is embracing national socialism. Anything short of this will result in the annihilation of the white race. Enjoy the freedom to be a faggot while the boot of zionists and their pets are stomping down on your face forever.

cff522  No.12647331


Meh. Every army loses a battle from time to time.

3a4bb7  No.12647422


Experiment #1: Deport (((them))) and cut foreign aid. Promote Alexslandria Olazio-Whortez to US/Israeli ambassador.

I was going to suggest meming her face on various rodents' bodies, but she's already a walking meme and doing untold damage to the left. Experiment #2: Aborted.

Just saying… race war now, DOTR, gas the kikes, etc. ~ it's percolating . We may as well have some fun in the meantime. We could all create sockpuppets, follow Rashida Tlaib, like all her shit, and post non-stop pro Muslim-American praise for her. Do the same thing to AOC and other hostiles.

Experiment #3: J-LARP Now, Shill the Kikes. I like this one. Can't get b& or v& for being TOO supportive. Obviously, use every shill tactic known to /pol/ to D&C them subtly. Idolize non-whites in the DNC - wonder when/if the remaining whites will put 2 and 2 together. Don't care. It would be fun. That is all.

I didn't sage or bump. Like it matters. At least now (((they'll))) never know who is really supporting their insane, leftist politicians.

Many ovens will be named in honor of AOC. That I can promise you.

67008a  No.12647445

File: 93d84c1f467cebf⋯.jpeg (150.34 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, CF9AD89C-A913-4D31-8F36-8….jpeg)


>beard man bad

620f0c  No.12647477

File: c2b97bfb0baa8fd⋯.jpg (54.59 KB, 750x748, 375:374, commies not delivering.jpg)


Is that your attempt to seize the memes of production?

982141  No.12647497


Shills are so butt-blasted they use fucking commies memes now.

>The whole proletariat must be armed at once with muskets, rifles, cannon and ammunition, and the revival of the old-style citizens’ militia, directed against the workers, must be opposed.



982141  No.12647499


Has "kill all jews" ever worked?

b0f5c5  No.12647500


>ronald reagan is /pol/


6f5905  No.12647514


>if gov exists = left wing

No one is buying your retarded definitions.

620f0c  No.12647517

File: 764a49f196fbb8e⋯.jpg (50.35 KB, 715x704, 65:64, commies confusing capitali….jpg)


You would make the same mistake if you had learned politics from your single mother.

7f52d0  No.12647519


Well he was old/pol/. nu/pol/ is too retarded to appreciate him.

f4b986  No.12647524


What the hell did I just watch? Cringe as fuck

03514b  No.12647532


thank God for saint reagan and his amnesty bill! when we were still 75% white, great precedent set by a great president


6af421  No.12647533


>Giving amnesty to millions of beaners and turning a state blue forever is /pol/

Are you even trying?

982141  No.12647534


So asking if it has ever worked gets you called a jewish shill.


Aztec are still living right now, it's called the goddamn spics.

620f0c  No.12647535

File: 89832027bc050a1⋯.jpg (47.01 KB, 850x400, 17:8, ronald reagan on the size ….jpg)


>Well he was old/pol/. nu/pol/ is too retarded to appreciate him.

He did say and do some positive things, but he was far from being /pol/, and I hope you're just baiting.

000000  No.12647584


>$10 says some chad from Boston university has her nudes. We need to dig into to this shit.


0f9b40  No.12647618

Golem Martyr

048592  No.12647644

File: 6a69c488ad4c469⋯.jpg (101.75 KB, 627x477, 209:159, 1354473670977.jpg)

Not surprising. Crazy Eyes is obviously being prepped for the presidency next term, in fact I saw some headlines today that simply said she called Trump a racist, as if half the US population hasn't already done that. She'll probably win, not that I care at this point because most people in the US (and the world) have proven to be too stupid to be worth saving anyway. The next two years will just be Trump checking off the rest of his promises in a half-assed way at best, and then he'll make way for her to step in and finally put an end to this god-forsaken country. Good luck, have fun

8f0c2d  No.12647648

File: 6734dbbc75400ac⋯.jpg (511.22 KB, 1919x1355, 1919:1355, 1920px-Reagan_sitting_with….jpg)

File: 87bfdd58dfce79c⋯.jpg (55.77 KB, 640x359, 640:359, pres-reagan-670x376.jpg)


>He did say and do some positive things

Like giving ak-47s and RPGs to the fucking Taliban? Or amnesty to illegals? Or undermining whites into thinking that the Republikikes were the good guys? You fucks are more insidious to whites than communists. Both capitalists and communists care about the allocation of wealth and don't give two shits about the future of whites. Fuck you.

3f9d98  No.12647658

Am Socialist…gibe me monies…Gubmint shutdown…I need pay cannot libe in Oxon Hill with oter spic nephews..must be palisades..

Hypocrit taco bitch

Latinas good for..polie dancing and on boys laps..right where they belong…This is her fate in 2 years.

Democrats are faggots..don't know what to do with this Latina…so they beta out and let her run all over them. fuckboiz.

8f0c2d  No.12647675

File: 51dfe4574e3234b⋯.jpg (69.89 KB, 1024x745, 1024:745, 43FkVJuh.jpg)


>I saw some headlines today that simply said she

There's your problem: you're paying attention to the wrong things. Stop bumping this thread, stop paying attention to politicians that want to be shilled here, Democrat or Republican, they want the attention as badly as you should want to deny them it.

6a223a  No.12647677


dubs checked for wost copy pasta

8f0c2d  No.12647680


>Democrats are faggots

So are Republicans, you stupid fucktard.

620f0c  No.12647696

File: bd260b323b076d4⋯.png (378.08 KB, 629x681, 629:681, ron paul posts ben garriso….png)


I don't defend Reagan, though. Everything you say is true and why he wasn't /pol/, not even in the early days of /pol/, when Ron Paul was the hero. Also, interesting floor on that first pic of yours…

3f9d98  No.12647699


>Democrats are faggots

So are Republicans, you stupid fucktard.

found the 12 year old lurk…"stupid fucktard" don't you mean "stupid fucktard face". Eat a tide pod

8f0c2d  No.12647711

File: 08c0d53267164d0⋯.png (174.71 KB, 613x907, 613:907, dc64c4ea145784df5355c4f04e….png)


>I don't defend Reagan, though.

Yes you did. Own up to your word.

>interesting floor on that first pic of yours…

You are way to easy to lead astray.


>if you don't support Zionists who pretend to like you then you must be twelve

That's cute. Human garbage found it's way to the dark web.

048592  No.12647722


>Stop bumping this thread, stop paying attention to politicians that want to be shilled here

Yeah I probably should. Weird advice from a (12) who had the 2nd post in this thread and is still here, though.


>calling my post copypasta when it accurately mentions today's headlines

Ok I'm out.

8f0c2d  No.12647765


>Weird advice from a (12) who had the 2nd post in this thread and is still here, though.

It's not weird if you're used to impetuosity.

9c0e98  No.12647816

theyre priming NPCs for when they see it. they'll see her being a slut and go "lol, oh that smear campaign against her that backfired? nice try drumpfkins"

8f0c2d  No.12647843


Nobody cares except Republicans and Democrats.

9c0e98  No.12647848


you care.

d17986  No.12647860


Soaking the rich with a 70% tax is not "good", you imbecile.


852d89  No.12647866


Fuck off anglinborg, there is no saving america as we know it.

The sooner this shitheap crashes and burns, the better, both for white americans and our racial kinsmen in europe.

8f0c2d  No.12647870

File: b81330dd52a6965⋯.png (229.71 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, b81330dd52a6965976ea27f79a….png)


About politicians and all the hype you sustain in them? No, no I do not.

9c0e98  No.12647877


you absolutely do. stop trying so hard.

8f0c2d  No.12647884

File: 076f433f5ae8edb⋯.jpg (85.08 KB, 717x880, 717:880, 076f433f5ae8edb40c7347c72f….jpg)


>stop trying

It's cute that you think this is me "trying".

aad636  No.12648129

File: d5b8421b889ef87⋯.mp4 (4.22 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez S….mp4)

adeb24  No.12648132


puertorican sephardi jew with the crazy sanpaku eyes, what a combo

c9a263  No.12648142

File: 55b1708d32b22b8⋯.jpg (333.67 KB, 900x473, 900:473, Bizarro-10-08-17-WEB~(1).jpg)

2acefb  No.12648147

i dont even think the jewCia even knows what they're doing with this particular larp

it has that infowars style stench to it where all that matters is the government con tinues to protect them and their LARP, and attention

ebfb44  No.12648156


"Russian troll" method. Which was always a kike israel scheme.

ebfb44  No.12648160


The lack of humor in that one is simple enough. That's ADL-Mossad shilling. They believe they are warriors for their cause.

f4bfb6  No.12648469


>promote and support bolshevism, it's what's best for white people

Shut the fuck up you low IQ /leftypol/ monkey. Filtered.


Your reading comprehension skills are shit-tier and your knowledge of politics is nonexistent. Bubble mentality. All you do is reiterate things you've read from other people. Filtered.

5453ff  No.12649594

'''I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life'''

5453ff  No.12649595

I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life

be1538  No.12652828

File: c0584e8bb87bfa9⋯.jpg (47.91 KB, 492x449, 492:449, Tiresome.jpg)


>6 hours later Jew York Times writer somehow finds this tweet


You're right, it's too obvious. The jew york times writer uploaded it, then pretended to "find" it. Just like an NYT author "found" an "internal document" of progressive activists who false-flagged Roy Moore by hiring Russian bots to shill for him. He "stumbled" on this document after speaking at a conference these activists held – but what was he doing speaking to a crowd of activists if he wasn't one of them, or friendly to them? He wasn't there being an impartial observer. He wrote an article to do damage control for their false-flag before it leaked through anyone else.


False flag is written all over this too. Who the fuck has a name like "AnonymousQ1776" except some autistic gay leftist clumsily false-flagging as what he imagines a redneck would use for a twitter name?

d18423  No.12652870




They are open borders and want to take away our guns, there is no way they could be considered right-wing

d18423  No.12652871


Mental gymnastics level: 999

3a21c8  No.12652985


Is her sex tape out yet?

'Gamer'Gate Season 3 starts when it does.

Cap this. You'll need it later.

c93849  No.12655011


Want to buy the Brooklyn bridge? I'll give you a really good deal. You know what? I feel sorry for you, what with your being such a dumb shit so if you act in the next 24hrs, I'll throw in the Empire State building for free.

1. You take public comments at face value :D :D :D

2. She's part jew and how do you think she got elected? At least part of it, was by being COMPLETELY backed by jewish media who let her play out her, jenny from the Bronx fantasy roleplaying bullshit.

If you think this video came from the right, you're a moron. It was commies gloating the day after she blew her load. If you dumb motherfuckers understood English, you'd realize she's a shill for the old UN plan. That she has no plan of her own as the pot smoking, former bartender has written nothing, let alone tens of thousands of pages of regulations. It also showed that lefties care nothing for the environment and simply use it as the pretext for bringing about commie policies. So having a video of the monkey dancing the day after, was some uber jew having a laugh.

Now fuck off and don't post for at least two years.

efd96d  No.12655194

File: db3862dab4d5e4a⋯.png (485.88 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, ClipboardImage.png)


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Traveling to Sundance Film Festival to Watch Herself on Screen


On Taxpayers Dime?

Commie could not even afford an Apartment last week?

e46c52  No.12656611

67d795  No.12656636


>You guys are in way over your heads; you don't know how the game is played

Which to me reads

>If you dont bend over and take it up the ass like everyone else you and your family will be made an example of.


>Also while she claims to be Jewish, she hates Israel and doesn't believe in the Holocaust.

A jew lies through its teeth, and being too tan to lie about being white means she has to play the part and pretend to support palistine.


Now that is very true, but thats true today as shabbos are not white and neither are jews.

ae070c  No.12656673

File: 1047344af805de6⋯.jpg (43.73 KB, 500x441, 500:441, lbvct.jpg)

72ebc6  No.12656741



she's not an idiot, at least in the sense that she's the only one so far who's been able to use Trump's persuation tactics, other than Trump himself.

278ff1  No.12656745


The fuck? What has she persuaded people of?

She's just incredibly pushed by liberal media.

ae070c  No.12659806


this, she's a complete and utter fucking imbecile.

f36638  No.12659872


Gotta admit that made me laugh.

29d91b  No.12659884

Somebody is mad I impregnated a hot lady.

f207b4  No.12659918

File: b5c497a175f7e9a⋯.jpg (73.34 KB, 900x900, 1:1, yAv0vb1.jpg)


>We need a schtick; ya know? Someone that knows how to promote socialism … someone that makes scialism sound like a great idea. Then BAM! We slip communism right in and make White males pay for it all through taxes.

Other Guy:

>How about someone that looks like a Horse on Meth?


>You know … it just might work!

a9f0d7  No.12659941


The logical conclusion to the analmouse thing is bringing attention to her.

a9f0d7  No.12659949


Nice saggy d-cups and a really pretty face.

aca27b  No.12659959


lol, I watched some of her interviews after hearing about her on the Keiser Report. The Jew media love her and she's getting promoted hard. As soon as I heard her say that "racial dignity" is one of her goals - I groaned - knowing that those would be ominous words.

She's getting trotted out because she's a crypto-kike communist that wants to finish squashing the white man. They will give us Cortez rather than a monopoly man with vampire teeth because she appeals to spics. Spics, it seems, have the same problem as whites in that they cannot distinguish between themselves and kikes.

She wants to ABOLISH ICE, give free education and health care (to beanbag illegals), and tax the working man even more.

f36638  No.12660004


Those khazar milkers

0905f1  No.12660103


If you're gonna tell people to google that, you have to make it more cryptic. Nobody's going to fall for that. Try:

"Google: Lavon Affair"

3cb634  No.12660165

File: 0c1aceae54a8730⋯.jpg (226.39 KB, 1144x948, 286:237, smug (3).jpg)


Agreeing with one thing doesn't make you anything. But keep D&Cing like the kike you are.

982141  No.12660635


>pretty face

Jesus christ.

63e9c2  No.12660719

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

aa11e2  No.12660728

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Stupid Fucking Blabbermouth Cunt

1dbcab  No.12660739


>They're attacking the kikenvermin

she is part jew. this is political theater

c02668  No.12661188


Holy shit, go back to cuckchan boomer faggot

6d491c  No.12661472

File: dd776f630bba7b7⋯.png (62.84 KB, 405x322, 405:322, dd776f630bba7b7e1f94c8f07d….png)


>Instead we get this loud mouthed spic who openly hates whites, Jews, and is being framed as the new face of the DNC.

You do realize that she's a half-jew, right?

000000  No.12661476


>You do realize that she's a half-jew, right?

Never fails

a14665  No.12661492


This actually, there is a huge campaign on here to get us to hate other white people instead of redpilling them.

9cc4f0  No.12664768

I can't take the fool seriously.

have you actually listened to its stupid?

I did and truly regret losing IQ points.

1f2fb5  No.12664772

This chick gets way too much attention than she deserves from the right, (((breighbart))), (((drudge))) and the chans.

bbda60  No.12664867


Very nice, you are free to arm the workers, but most of them vote for the right, so either you have to abandon Marx or redefine what a worker is.

Two things the modern left and even the communists had to resort too.

3090cd  No.12664933


I'm just going to start being half Jewish now. And half native America. And half black. Fuck it, I have Racial Dysphoria. You can't tell me what race I identify as.

3090cd  No.12664948


Ha Ha HA



yes what fool doubts the impeccable journalistic work of the

New York Times™


they are the voice of ORANGE MAN BAD



9e0332  No.12665065

File: 7632458007680ff⋯.jpg (132.45 KB, 1368x592, 171:74, leftist critical thinking.jpg)


You know /pol/, there was once a time when I thought to myself "Leftists can't be that pathetic, can they?", but it seems like they really can be. They're so pathetic and retarded, sometimes they actually play by their supposed enemy's (NatSocs and others who are considered "right-wing") rhetoric i.e. hating (((capitalism))) and Pissrael, but for all the wrong reasons (with capitalism they literally think rural living and heterosexual families are "capitalist" and with Israel they think "White supremacists" are killing off Palestininians).

They just really love finding ways to blame Whites for everything they hate. They've never directly criticized kikes for anything they have ever done throughout history. Which is why they are gigantic apologists for (((Bolshevik))) crimes and will never bat an eye on the planned ethnic cleansing and country imprisonment of White South Africans, all because they are born White. Their sympathy for life is completely narrative-driven by nature, all normalfags should know this. They don't all Whites to go back to Europe, they want Europe all for themselves. Even though they have belonged there.

Everything else and they are just supporting whatever they consider to be "progressive and tolerant" (feminism and open borders) to "get back at those 'le ebil and bigoted gnatzees'". Their support for (((gun control))) doesn't make sense either if they "muh racist White cops" so much, at least with the commies they know that (((gun control))) isn't going to give their precious comrade Tyrone Johnson's gun right a pass.

9e0332  No.12665070


*Even though they have never belonged there.

dbd813  No.12668102

c3987f  No.12668131


Neocons are Trotskyites you blithering idiot.

20328f  No.12668278

File: 96eca98404c9c0f⋯.jpg (149.17 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 9bc4d767d8fdad2536afec64fb….jpg)


I listened to her speak and immediately thought wtf i hate ethnic nationalism and fiscal responsibility now.

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