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File: 198c7f615dbab25⋯.jpeg (133.88 KB, 962x643, 962:643, B144B81D-E8A8-44B3-AC70-C….jpeg)

df7212  No.12645862

Old Thread got Bump Locked

(((Banks))) are being popularly burned.

More everything being burned to the ground period.

One of the leaders of the Yellow Jackets is arrested


Except that only makes Yellow Jackets more furious

Media still in complete damage control saying it's over or saying it died down but never has things gotten worse out here.

<It might have seemed like the "yellow vests" had calmed down but it's a new year and there are renewed calls for protests in France, including in Paris, this Saturday for Act VIII of the demonstrations.

<Several "yellow vest" social media groups are busy organising demonstrations across France for Act VIII this Saturday (January 5th) in the hope that, with the festive period out of the way, people will be ready to rejoin the ranks of the gilets jaunes.

<It is also hoped by protesters that not only the new year but also the arrest of one of the movement's leaders Eric Drouet for organising an unauthorised protest on Wednesday will have fired up some of the group's supporters.

<Drouet, who was released on Thursday has called on "yellow vests" to protest at the Place de la Bourse, home of the historical Paris stock exchange in the 2nd arrondissement of the French capital.

<Meanwhile another group is calling for a demonstration at the Trocadero in the 16th arrondissement and Place de la République, as well as in other locations that will be revealed at the last moment.

<Police will no doubt be uncertain of how seriously to take these locations after the surprise protest at Montmartre on December 22nd during Act VI of the demonstrations. A protest was originally planned for Versailles before the location was changed at the last minute.

<And perhaps more worryingly for the government is that some of the online groups have called for an "end to pacifism" and a "hardening" of the movement.

<On Thursday, France en Colere (Angry France) – one of the "yellow vest" social media groups led by Drouet – issued an angry open letter to French President Emmanuel Macron in response to the French leader's New Year's Eve address in which Macron acknowledged the "anger" among anti-government protesters but warned that hateful speech and actions would not be tolerated.

- https://www.thelocal.fr/20190104/act-viii-what-to-expect-from-the-yellow-vest-protests-this-saturday

1488 gas the skypes internet war now

0b080a  No.12645888

File: b861081fc072d53⋯.webm (12.6 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, velo.webm)

Peace bicycle passing by.

d49dc6  No.12645898

I can hear the CIANiggers making a 'color revolution' for themselves where they turn an European nation over to the muslim brotherhood. I can hear that really well.

cd6106  No.12645913

File: 802e99bacb7ffa5⋯.jpg (47.35 KB, 800x450, 16:9, king of the mountain.jpg)


Make way for the king of the mountain!

3cf52e  No.12645916


>(((Banks))) are being popularly burned.

As if it doesn't happen at every G8 protest. And it's communists who do it lel

3cf52e  No.12645926

File: 20d048f91b32082⋯.jpg (17.63 KB, 401x299, 401:299, Blank _4921de5ede4678f1728….jpg)

Oh and remember the boxing guy? The hero from saturday?

Wait for it…

He surrendered himself to the police. You can't make this shit up.


8d50d4  No.12645930

File: 0ac49973243149b⋯.mp4 (841.65 KB, 480x360, 4:3, GET OUT, NORMIES.mp4)


>Can You Hear the Frogs REEEEE

in case you can't, let me help you

1433a9  No.12645933

File: b8c4a1241fae22c⋯.jpg (37.3 KB, 594x502, 297:251, assault pitchfork.JPG)

e pluribus unum

73fc60  No.12645935


You surrendered to Trumpstein and the Jewry.

834a87  No.12645937


I wonder what was the charge. How does should someone lawfully resist an unlawful assault?

0b080a  No.12645948

File: 0a36d32be5f06fb⋯.webm (12.81 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Christophe Dettinger.webm)

For those of you that want to help Christophe "Déter pour détruire les niggers" Dettinger with lawyer fees, here is the link leetchi.com/c/soutient-un-boxeur-gilet-jaune


He's a father and a husband not a nigger.

000000  No.12645953


Violence is bad, but government may push for migrant war



>>starting point for research


392b74  No.12645955


Are the (((mods))) shutting down yellow vest threads now?

000000  No.12645963

>Media still in complete damage control

I wonder how long before they start "reporting" on jews getting gassed by le fuhrer.

8d50d4  No.12645967


>Are the (((mods))) shutting down yellow vest threads now?

well, they can't bumplock it from the nerve center at least.

e87d06  No.12645968

Please DO keep us up to date, also we should be finding up-to-date articles and posting links about this.

3cf52e  No.12645971



>If you surrender, you win!

t. justaine trudon

63dfcb  No.12645974


It could be that the last thread gone beyond 700 posts.

260af8  No.12645982


Speaking of communists, leftypol has their own thread on this and the sentiment of anons there was not entirely against the yellow vest protestors. Of course they have no critical thinking skills over there and it could be /pol/ confusing(enlightening) them. Thought that was interesting though.

000000  No.12646000



so that we can enlighten them there!

032482  No.12646003


This post is a trumpnigger who is scared the anti-jew sentiment isn't going away. Cope harder, trumpnigger.

541952  No.12646008

File: ee66dd50d8a62c5⋯.jpg (164.53 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, d5ff226c05cec1f50a1f7d4680….jpg)


Lefties need to start thinking. We're in a weird timeline, but I love it.

3cf52e  No.12646010


1. The left doesn't know what to think until they've received written orders from their Elders.

2. Protests started organic but directionless, now several parties are wrestling for control.

3. Socialists in france and generally europe regrouped after abouth a month, and now the yellow vests are slandered as nazis at every level. From primary schools to prime time newscasts.

000000  No.12646014


Demand his freedom.

He did nothing wrong. He protected his people.

0b080a  No.12646016

File: e91d72e435bb0bb⋯.webm (7.78 MB, 202x360, 101:180, Christophe Dettinger2.webm)


Listen fren, every media was talking about him. Everybody knew it was him. He doesn't want to tarnish the yellow vest image. By turning himself in, he becomes a martyr, but also shows the hypocrisy with how the state reacted with Benalla story.

He surrended, but asked the movement to go till the end, i.e. not surrending.

260af8  No.12646025


Sorry, I forgot how to cross link, if that is even possible.


3cf52e  No.12646026


>Demand his freedom.

He threw it away, it's theirs now.

3cf52e  No.12646031


>he becomes a martyr

Nope, the people want victories not noble losses.

>also shows the hypocrisy

Useless, the enemy doesn't care.

260af8  No.12646037


>yellow vests are slandered as nazis at every level

I thought the same thing, which is why I kept reading the leftypol thread to see where they head jew was going to step in and give them their marching orders. They like the fact that the state is being damaged by these protests.

1444d2  No.12646044

File: 2b8662f570f4d51⋯.webm (2.31 MB, 640x352, 20:11, pyxeleditgondola.webm)

they should take over a major news organization that broadcasts, they got the manpower, take over a station and fuck with the voice of the elite using their own tools against them

541952  No.12646059

File: f57e391b240b364⋯.jpg (98.67 KB, 578x1024, 289:512, 277ce5cfa53a40f6c51728d5ba….jpg)

388e3a  No.12646070


This. The first step of any military coup is to take the media stations first

0f758c  No.12646077


This. Not sure why they are going banks > then media. Should be reverse order.

260af8  No.12646078


The sad thing is that we all own the airwaves anyways, but government regulations and large broadcasting companies make it impossible for us to utilize them. If only public broadcasting wasn't so sympathetic to the anti-white (((globalist))) cause.

4f990e  No.12646084


Why do they wear those helmets if they don't do shit versus a 40 pound bike?

243263  No.12646089

Forget the vests, get clever and make their way to the elite residences. When the elite begin to drop like flies then that is the start of something big. Everything else is merely a distraction.

243263  No.12646097

The enemy is organized jewry. Niggers, muzzies, redneck whites and everyone else is being pittled against each other to keep focus off the real foes namely the jews.

260af8  No.12646110

File: 3deb639588ce745⋯.png (97.55 KB, 615x760, 123:152, ClipboardImage.png)

Here we have a jew rapper, RA Rugged Man, obviously confused and supporting the boxer that that pummeled the French police dude. You see, these leftists aren't sure yet which side they are supposed to be on.


3cf52e  No.12646115


As I said, kikes are trying to take over the movement. The protest mysteriously turned up in Israel for no real reason; the german hard left announced a wave of yellow vest styled protest in the coming months; minor left aligned protests showed up in other parts of Europe as well.

Classic hijacking.

260af8  No.12646116

File: 6fd1dc09a9f24ba⋯.png (296.12 KB, 583x608, 583:608, ClipboardImage.png)

Only France's jew elite will be deciding who gets to protest and who doesn't. CRACKDOWN.

>French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has said that the government will crack down on unauthorized protests and toughen punishment for rioting in the wake of anti-government Yellow Vest demonstrations which began in November.

>The new measures will significantly toughen punishment for people who participate in riots, Philippe said, while adding that it was still “necessary to preserve the freedom” to demonstrate in France. Those who want to protest peacefully should not be punished, he said.

>The announcement comes as part of new “public order” measures unveiled by the government after the Yellow Vest protests resulted in violence against police officers and government buildings.

> #BREAKING France will clamp down on unauthorized protests after "yellow vest" clashes, the prime minister says pic.twitter.com/bik0SCZm9w — AFP news agency (@AFP) January 7, 2019

>Philippe’s office said in a statement on Monday that the government would take “a very firm stance” against the “continued unacceptable violence across the country.”


260af8  No.12646120


It sure looks that way. If they can't infiltrate then they will sow mass confusion to dilute the power of the protestors.

c8c9af  No.12646122


(((unauthorized protests)))


260af8  No.12646123

File: cad9fe02efcd0c6⋯.png (1015.66 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, ClipboardImage.png)

I was wondering if that guy that lost his hand was real or not. See top row of pics. If this isn't disinfo, then it seems that really happened.

88ad99  No.12646130


>the enemy doesn't care

He is not trying to convince the enemy you kike sucking niggerfaggot. This is for his people, both the ones already active and the ones undecided.

73fc60  No.12646131


Gilets Jaunes are clearly winning you motherfuckin' kike. You clearly have nothing to said, this honorable Aryan clearly destroys the Jewish rethoric. Father of three. What about you incel scum ?

Christophe "Der Judenjäger" Dettinger

Call me back when you decide to move your fat lazy ass and do something in your life. Look what your ancestors did in the South.

Make the Dixie spirit revive again because it is either that or you're dead.

I wish it sincerly because I know blackpill kosher anglo kike will surely come to once again "liberate" us from the Evil and we have much to do already here with kikes, shitskins.

a9444f  No.12646132

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Requesting boxer footage with this in the background.

2bad0e  No.12646141

They should attack and provoke the police even more. Make one of the riot controllers lose control and have a protester beaten or even killed. This martyr will serve as a rallying point for everybody. The Government will discredit itself.

45189f  No.12646149

File: 3d89772d4c69cc3⋯.mp4 (5.27 MB, 640x360, 16:9, jews out of france!.mp4)


This fight against the jews is the only one that counts. All other wars againt whites, japanese, vietnamese, etc. those were a complete waste, and for the benefit of the jews.

Anyway his arrest will only make people more angry. Zogbots have it coming, if they keep protecting the jew.

ecc281  No.12646154

File: 301c0bcada333c9⋯.jpg (54.08 KB, 960x960, 1:1, IhasBrainIusseess.jpg)


> All other wars againt whites, japanese, vietnamese, etc. those were a complete waste, and for the benefit of the jews.

6597f4  No.12646156



Virgin police.


Do you expect him KO Macron in front of Eiffel tower? Or escape to South America? Not much else he can do now. He is not criminal to run away.

73fc60  No.12646162


Why anime face degenerate fag ?

>>12646149 is right, all the wars fought by Whites benefited the Jew either directly or undirectly for centuries now.

And indeed, they were complete waste as the tribe is still alive and killing us all using their shitskins scum as proxy.

5d461d  No.12646186

File: 65c7800566e91d1⋯.jpg (220.86 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, authorized protest.jpg)

File: 8255150694d3cce⋯.jpg (271.19 KB, 1300x956, 325:239, liverpool-uk-27th-feb-2016….jpg)


Only authorised protests now lads. Pics related. EU shows its true colours.

ccb8e9  No.12646190

frenchies steal guns and kill the police and judges then you will be free to remove the other invaders

d5acc8  No.12646193

File: ad7dd880909cd82⋯.jpg (147.6 KB, 670x1004, 335:502, gettyimages_2984549_670.jpg)



That's a cute way of spelling Il Pirata

363309  No.12646261


>"You are allowed to Protest. We Repeat. You are allowed to Protest!"

6597f4  No.12646299


What is point of protest if goverment have to allow it first?

Can we have meme EU bank run as movement against migration? 'Not just for France but for whole west Europe.

000000  No.12646314

Some of the best thoughts i found here:


redpill leftypol about the masters of capitalism. Left and Right = unite



This. The first step of any military coup is to take the media stations first


Forget the vests, get clever and make their way to the elite residences.


This fight against the jews is the only one that counts. All other wars againt whites, japanese, vietnamese, etc. those were a complete waste, and for the benefit of the jews.


>frenchies steal guns and kill the police and judges then you will be free to remove the other invaders

Be anon in the web. Use TAILS

TAILS = Total Amnesic Insomnic Live System. It is free and works.

How to:




28f40d  No.12646327

File: 0c7af0260d745f9⋯.mp4 (2.56 MB, 640x360, 16:9, antifaattackyellowvests.mp4)


They were calling them reactionary white trash boufs(rednecks) back in November. Antifa even infiltrated the protests and tried to break them up by randomly beating people.


At least the trumpfags and civnats have given up on trying to co opt it, now we just have to bully the commies out.


Several people have already been killed and many have been severely injured.

af3131  No.12646333


>Implying Tails is all you need to be anonymous

000000  No.12646336


Its a start. Better than nothing.

20687b  No.12646338


They have CIBCs in Europe?

c3d754  No.12646356


The pics are just examples how authorized protests are easy to be rendered impotent

5377a8  No.12646392

Where is the link to the old thread? FUCKING FUCK OP

29a426  No.12646406


>Lurch has entered the Battle!

Holy shit that video is amusing on several fronts.

2b49b8  No.12646426

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>they should take over a major news organization that broadcasts

One of you must have a satellite uplink.

42b423  No.12646446


weaponized bicycle; impressive improvisation, ver nice

73fc60  No.12646447

File: c37c7c259ec552e⋯.mp4 (13.4 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Francis Cousin - Trump, th….mp4)

73fc60  No.12646449

File: a827014e7dedf51⋯.mp4 (14.51 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Francis Cousin - Trump, th….mp4)

73fc60  No.12646451

File: 9879a9bb576e83b⋯.mp4 (4.31 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Francis Cousin - Trump, th….mp4)

c3d754  No.12646541

File: 0d99f7d74dc7b42⋯.mp4 (1.85 MB, 640x640, 1:1, firework.mp4)

File: 61105d2706bbe40⋯.webm (2.66 MB, 854x480, 427:240, french cops.webm)

File: 49c2f37fd1e0201⋯.mp4 (10.52 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, LegendaryYellowVest.mp4)

File: 14f8d01d698dfd9⋯.png (407.06 KB, 565x430, 113:86, shut it down2.png)


Noice. When will coppers learn to catch actual criminals instead of protecting corrupt governments?

3cf52e  No.12646543


>He is not criminal to run away.

You're beating it around the bush so much it hurts.

He fucking surrendered like a bitch, implying he felt guilty. Had he stood his ground once they came to arrest him, now that would have been a matter for martyrs and outrage. Like this, he's basically suggested all other yellow vests to just go and get themselves arrested.

5fdc83  No.12646557


Merci Monsieur

3cf52e  No.12646560


>clearly destroys the Jewish rethoric

All I see is someone reinforcing the surrendering monkeys rethoric that haunts frogs. You need to bring results, mate, that's the essence of being white.

f67fab  No.12646562


Police are quite good at being around whites. Around non-whites, useless.

3c2d18  No.12646567


11/10. Would ride with.

e1c770  No.12646568


What I'd give to stab a few of those commie fucks…

God I just want to start shooting French police.

f67fab  No.12646571


The criminals are supported by the government and the police know whom their paychecks come from.

000000  No.12646588

To win France, we must win the hearts

and the mind of the french people aswell. Especially the young french!

The "beloved" (((media))) does everything to demonise us, because they perceive us as a threat to their Jew World Order. This comes as no surprise.

We must retake the media and the banks

Otherwise they will crush us in the long run. This may not be possible in the short term, so we must become the media ourself. Each of us can literally reach 10 000 people in his neighborhood (or online with videos). This is a possible number for anyone with dedication.

So 100 dedicated people mean 1 000 000 people to reach

Here are some ideas on how to reclaim the streets with our message (to stop mass migration and to stop white genocide). Taken from here


1. Subscribe to:


How it works:

a. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dpk1f_MWkAEhiHk.jpg

b. http://s4.imgload.info/ab8ayzjm23h3nek.jpg

c. http://s4.imgload.info/crjseb18r5h7v3s.jpg

d. http://s4.imgload.info/4gs2zkax54b6z89.jpg

e. http://s4.imgload.info/ubce1915uvmvm8k.png

f. https://image.ibb.co/c7zMi5/Stop_White_Genocide.jpg

g. http://s4.imgload.info/ycuh7kk49h38kzh.jpg

h. http://s4.imgload.info/2b8cgj1ncxzacnw.jpg

i. http://s4.imgload.info/ec86yd6gx8vzdzh.png

j. http://s4.imgload.info/k915w6nxu5n4mja.jpg

k. http://s4.imgload.info/dku15kdz1n1hdcg.jpg

l. https://www.imgload.org/images/Stickers-for-the-truthc76c7ad1ba000231.md.png


a. https://www.imgload.org/images/IQRaceDifferences7886e.png

b. http://s4.imgload.info/hxxyfacfdhc8vff.png

c. https://image.ibb.co/jH5SOp/diversity.jpg

d. https://www.imgload.org/images/National-Web-Addresses4e9399a8aa38c44b.md.png

How to retake Europe in 3 simple steps:

1. http://s4.imgload.info/g9k4cdr4erfs4fr.png

2. http://s4.imgload.info/dxnx2cf44yvwm7m.jpg

3. http://s4.imgload.info/s8vh3e4mv11d8dh.jpg

More ideas:


Good book to read in leisure time, to get into the right moodhttps://archive.org/details/MyCommandoOperationsByOttoSkorzeny1995OriginallyInGerman1975/page/n1:

The memoirs of the legendary Skorzeny appear here in its first

unabridged English edition. Skorzeny's fame began with the successful

raid to free Benito Mussolini from the Gran Sasso, Italy in 1943. His

elite commandos surprised Italian guards in a daring daytime raid.

Hitler presented Skorzeny with the Knight's Cross for this operation.

Not only is this raid explained in minute detail, many of Skorzeny's

previously unknown operations in all European and Russian theatres of

World War II are given in detailed accounts. Operation Griffin - the

innovative use of German Kommandos dressed as American soldiers working

behind enemy lines - during the Ardennes Offensive in 1944 is given

in-depth coverage

6597f4  No.12646591


You are brave keyboard warrior, right? I know you would wait for police and punch every single cop if you was him. What do you think you achive with this lame shilling?

>muh Martyr.

You know what? I am sure you can show us all how to be real Martyr. I am from place where this shit would destroy your life and life of all your kids, wife and rest of family 30 years ago. Worth it because some cuck shill want to see Martyr heroism. You know where is Paris and when next Act starts. Expecting you in news next week faggot. But we all know you can do fucking nothing. He have 3 kids who will be without father for long long time. Why not make it worst for them even more?

000000  No.12646593


Gives faith ans inspiration in addition with this 15 page booklet:


==Freedom for all aryan countries, from the (((slave holders)))

73fc60  No.12646601

File: 6d80a9f7dc6a454⋯.jpg (9.18 KB, 196x257, 196:257, marion_auque.jpg)

One "figure" missing since the start of GJ is Marion Maréchal "Auque" Le Pen.

As expected, she cucked out for its Jewish masters (her father was a Mossad agent) and remains silent. (Disgusting pleb! Disgusting White trash!)

Fuck, it's a relief to be honest.

Better have the legendary

==Christophe "Der Judenjäger" Dettinger== !

The antisemitism is growing stronger week after week. They can't hold it anymore.

4f990e  No.12646608


>getting corralled like that

>by shabbos goy ZOGbots

a9444f  No.12646609


Why are you posting pictures of yourself?

4f990e  No.12646617


>vid related

So /leftycuck/ ALA Soros has taken over Yellow Vests finally?

f67fab  No.12646619


Shills are outrageous here. Shutdown has barely slowed them.

4f990e  No.12646636



>not Molotov

73fc60  No.12646651


>Hopeless antifa scum from Parisian bourgeoisie taking over a nationwide White man uprising

f67fab  No.12646669


Antifa are dangerous because they are organized. A small team of shills can take over a larger organization if its leadership does not recognize the threat.

000000  No.12646713


The "Antifa Handbook" was written by a jew


It is typical jew writing filled with hate against whites. Know your enemy - know the jews!

page 208

"My Jewish and Irish ancestors

were not considered “white”

when they first arrived in this country in the early twentieth

century, but over time they were gradually welcomed into

what Joel Olson terms “white democracy.” The meaning

and boundaries of such social constructs shift over time, but

we have the power to strike back at the racial hierarchy "

here is the antifa uploader. still contains maybe usefull books:


73fc60  No.12646718


There is no organization to take over. There is no leadership so no possibility for the Jew to take over anything here.

The best they can achieve is playing the hardcore repression or using their shitskins which will trigger even more Whites.

6597f4  No.12646721

File: 9e3375d7c1a42e8⋯.mp4 (4.55 MB, 640x360, 16:9, french.mp4)


I know. But i expect much more from shills. They are so obvious. What a waste of time from them.

000000  No.12646725


So disgusting to read, what this pig writes (may the wrath of the non-jews meet him):

"And while many European and American commentators

saw the Holocaust and the rise of fascism as a lamentable

deviation from the Enlightenment traditions of “Western

Civilization,” Aimé Césaire rightly concluded that “

Europe is




So too must we add that, as a modern identity

forged through slavery and class rule,

whiteness is indefensible"

32fd0e  No.12646732


I support Trump, and I hate Jews.

I notice Trump hasen't denounced the protestors in France yet, too…

f67fab  No.12646734


Yeah, just as long as the people who make up the movement are aware of this. People can be misled by Sybil (meatpuppet/sockpuppet) attacks like Antifa uses.

73fc60  No.12646754


That's true. This is something we need to stay aware, especially now the Jew knows the classic arsenal is not working. To be honest, there have been multiple attempt to derail the whole thing. Like calls from Jew and shabbos left-scum to mobilize the coons from suburbs as the "GJ were too White"

Funnily, not a single coon took the bait..

a0f843  No.12646759


>Why do they wear those helmets if they don't do shit versus a 40 pound bike?

Actually, most of Riot police's stuff is purely psychological warfare against the enemy and for them. Being in those heavy and menacing looking battle armor that looks straight out of some space marine adventure has the twofold effect of making the common people afraid of large swats of faceless metal men, while on the other hand it cements in the policeman's head that they've got the upper hand and are in some way much better defended.

Most of the strategies employed by RP are just crowd control, and that's what they excel at. They move in blocks, make it seem like parts of the line is weaker than the rest, swallow "troublemakers" (meaning anyone that the govt thinks will make the best scapegoat on live tv), reform the line and presto, there's your riot gone.

To further drive the point home that most RP is actually useless once you get over the fear effect, while their gear and vehicles seem all imposing at a first glance, they're also gimmicky as fuck to move. Rioters in Paris were able to exploit the anti-terrorist cement chest high walls that the very RP themselves put there to save themselves the effort of running towards the speeding truck. If protesters knew how much more mobile and formless they were, they could use the same kind of tactics that the RP uses, except they'd be tons more effective - and that's precisely why RP doesn't actually put up a fight but rather draws rioters where they have the least chances of fouling it up.

Also, as you saw in the video, the whole psychology thing works on them as well: when things don't go as planned, it's easy for weaker agents to literally leave holes in the formation, so the whole shielding thing they do on him isn't to stop potential attacks on a lone policeman as much as a way to reassure him that they've got his back and he won't be a broken mess once they have to hold the line.

5e456a  No.12646809

File: 90bce77800eecad⋯.jpg (52.26 KB, 547x608, 547:608, snake_scrunchie.jpg)


>happy firstpost merchants claiming this was over

>the fake media is claiming this is over

>daily updates show both are full of shit

Wew whats going on in Frogland?

5c6745  No.12646819


>This. Not sure why they are going banks > then media. Should be reverse order.

we do not need old media (MSM). like TV or radio. we control most powerful media ever…internet. we could only denied (((them))) propaganda through media (((they))) control like TV and radio. we have nothing to gain from controlling it..but it would be nice to shut it down. anyhow..it is not necessary.

32fd0e  No.12646834


>You surrendered to Trumpstein and the Jewry.

You're a Jew that's scared to death of Trump.

We're not fighting your battles anymore, Jew.

I hope the mudslimes cut all your fucking heads off, we'll be doing nothing to stop them, and laugh at you.

5c6745  No.12646842


>Can we have meme EU bank run as movement against migration? 'Not just for France but for whole west Europe.

you can not create bank run. jews control most of the money. and printing of the money. it was tried earlier…it did not work. (((they))) just print more..more and more.


>This. The first step of any military coup is to take the media stations first

we have no use of it. A denial strategy can be best defined by distinguishing it from a deterrence strategy. In the latter a protagonist’s threatened reprisal, by changing the opponent’s mind about pursuing a certain course of action, precludes an opponent from taking undesirable action. A denial strategy likewise precludes an opponent from taking undesirable action, but it does not seek to do so by changing an opponent’s mind. Rather, the protagonist simply puts the opponent’s objective out of reach, regardless of whether the opponent chooses to pursue it.

A physical wall exemplifies a denial measure: it hinders an opponent’s attacks without modifying the opponent’s inclination to attack. In another type of denial strategy, a protagonist acts to limit an opponent’s capacity to project power by destroying key assets belonging to the opponent. Those might include military production facilities or rear combat support elements vulnerable to air strikes.

6b380b  No.12646847


Its real. I saw (somewhere on /pol/ but not on a yellow vest thread) a picture of the poor fucker on the ground. Arm cut short into bloody pulp with remains of a single flayed finger sticking out of it.

c99f26  No.12646864

File: 94dea095bdedc71⋯.webm (13.24 MB, 640x640, 1:1, GJ samedi 8.webm)


Here is a video of last saturday, 8th edition in france. (((They))) are afraid, that's why they claim it's over.

c627f8  No.12646876


And I saw on /pol/ that he was the son of some government or military glow in the dark.

Jury is still out on whether it was real or was a government attempt to put people off rioting or attempting to throw gas grenades back at the police.

7cc660  No.12646878

aren't they supposed to have a tank? Go to prisons around the country and roll over the barbed wire, and free people you think are imprisoned for bullshit reasons as well as anybody there for something related to the yellow vest protests

5c6745  No.12646881


>We must retake the media and the banks

we control most powerful media there is..internet. why do you think (((they))) are trying to govern internet ?

32fd0e  No.12646886


Lotta Jews on /pol/ these days.

c99f26  No.12646887

File: 5c916cc59f89875⋯.webm (3.28 MB, 288x360, 4:5, intrusion dans le cabinet….webm)

File: f1a2bc5b0d7643c⋯.webm (5.9 MB, 640x360, 16:9, the fire rises.webm)

Some webbums from the old thread.

c99f26  No.12646896

File: 19c6c30dbdab527⋯.webm (13.7 MB, 406x720, 203:360, justwhitethings.webm)

4ae442  No.12646898

File: 9c3cf29dba16397⋯.png (385.21 KB, 579x651, 193:217, 9c3cf29dba1639756296c66f81….png)


the only one who needs to cope is (((you))) leftycuck

73fc60  No.12646904


Look at this kike, fabulous.

32fd0e  No.12646907


You can tell who the interloping Jews are, easily.

Every fucking thread, they bring up Trump. EVERY FUCKING THREAD.

This thread has nothing to do with him, but they shoehorn propaganda into it, anyway.

Why the fuck do we have no mods that can recognize this shit?

c99f26  No.12646909

File: eae9f3aea4d02b1⋯.webm (13.75 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, Gilets Jaunes.webm)

9d3d3c  No.12646921




c99f26  No.12646927

File: 1167a7caa2f9664⋯.jpg (73.46 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 170965_1-4000213.jpg)

File: 7e268303108e771⋯.webm (9.21 MB, 360x360, 1:1, undercovergassed.webm)


Undercover cop in the Yellow Vests gassed.

73fc60  No.12646928


See the date of the article.

She showed up once and went back to the Synagogue.

fe33f8  No.12646936


lol, that's the idiot who got his ass handed to him by Jared Taylor

1f696c  No.12646977


And the anon who said that posted no sources to back his claims

1f696c  No.12646982


Shoot, meant for >>12646876

f67fab  No.12646987


Uncucked males are automatically racist.

032482  No.12647018


Trump is related. Early on in the protests, he made an attempt to amplify them and try to attach himself to it, in the interest of degrading plans for a "European army" announced by Macron. Not because he believes this European army would be used to brutalized and exterminate White people, but because it would end the parasitic niggerskin US occupation of Europe. Trump has stopped all references to the protests now that it has become clear it is a genuinely anti-jew, anti-bank movement. He understands that if the people are successful, there isn't going to be any more niggerskin US in Europe.

bcb978  No.12647019


Now it's just yids trying to drop anti-Trump shit in a non Trump thread.


5c6745  No.12647026

File: 140163417319d8d⋯.jpeg (49.52 KB, 480x600, 4:5, 480px-Finalbossoftheinter….jpeg)


>And the anon who said that posted no sources to back his claims

sources that we control the internet ?

fine… pic related. EOD

e1c770  No.12647033


The police are so scared.

I wonder how terrified they'll be when they start getting picked off.

032482  No.12647038


It is important for this to be discussed somewhere. If it isn't, you're going to have people unprepared for the violence Donald Trump and the US military will unleash to keep Europe niggerfied.

bcb978  No.12647040


There is already enough NIGGERS in the French army for that.

Worry about your own army niggers first before Trump.

032482  No.12647043


Trumpnigger exposes himself. I'll go ahead and filter you so this can end here.

c99f26  No.12647054

File: e5de202d45514b0⋯.webm (13.4 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, GLI F4.webm)





Anons, this is the grenade that chops hands and feet. The GLI F4 has 25grams of TNT and tear gas. If a frog tries to throw it back at the cops, or lands at your feet you're fucked.

bcb978  No.12647068




c99f26  No.12647072

File: 270c8389728d37a⋯.webm (1.32 MB, 204x360, 17:30, main arrachée.webm)

File: a0b58b0a0b6deb8⋯.jpg (50.93 KB, 870x489, 290:163, main.jpg)






His hand is gone. Just search for "gilet jaune main arrachée"

f67fab  No.12647082


The French state has crossed the moral event horizon. There is no turning back now.

000000  No.12647102


ALways "surprised" how all of a sudden a (((Democracy))) uses harsh measures against its own people, when they are not migrants, jews or leftists.

832735  No.12647113


How did it happen?

2dcb5a  No.12647120

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f67fab  No.12647129



73fc60  No.12647131

Who is trolling leftypol ?

Good laugh haha


e1c770  No.12647153

Why the fuck have no Frenchanons started to plant IEDs near police stations or even just throw a homemade pipe bomb into a police formation? It's not hard to make things to kill riot cops. Their armor is plastic and mostly for show.

0eb456  No.12647173

>>12645888 (checked)

>take down a man with a bicycle

>7 of his buddies remain behind to guard him

Impressive. Works similar to the casualty effect with wars I suppose? Injure rather than kill so that his buddies have to get him out, similar to this. Effective, but sounds… Morally questionable when put like that, but unfortunately war is never pleasant.

89f794  No.12647182


Because it would damaged the protesters image towards the French people and give Macron the excuse he wants to go full authorization ZOG.

89f794  No.12647183



000000  No.12647188


Basic chemicals are hard to get in the EU.

1f696c  No.12647210


>The original Mk 2 grenade had a 3⁄8-inch (9.5 mm) threaded plug in its base, which covered the opening used to place the explosive filling, either 1.85 oz (52 g) of TNT, 2.33 oz (66 g) of Trojan explosive (a mixture of 40% nitrostarch, ammonium nitrate, and sodium nitrate), 1.85 oz (52 g) of a 50/50 amatol/nitrostarch mixture, or 1.85 oz (52 g) of Grenite (a mixture of 95% nitrostarch and binders). Some early Mk 2 grenades were filled with 0.74 oz (21 g) of smokeless EC powder. The improved "Mk 2A1" (a designation used informally by armorers, historians, and collectors but was never officially by the US military[1]) introduced in 1942 was filled through the fuse well instead. The Mk 2A1 was initially filled with 0.74 oz (21 g) of EC powder. In 1944, the EC powder filling was replaced with 1.85 oz (52 g) of TNT.

For reference, that's about half the explosive power of WW2 pineapple grenades and a little more than the lower grade models

0eb456  No.12647237

File: fd3e4e0d1906831⋯.png (87.71 KB, 645x286, 645:286, IRONIC.png)

File: 1242b9da29c7735⋯.gif (1.48 MB, 338x220, 169:110, ironic..gif)



>No IDs

>This Post

If they can be red-pilled by all means. If not, well.. Eyes wide shut.


4f990e  No.12647283

Until I start seeing jews and mudshits being brutally killed in the streets with any and all eyes watching it won't be enough.

5c6745  No.12647303


>Who is trolling leftypol ?

>Good laugh haha


i got banned for asking how come porkie is mostly jews. it seems they are really touchy about that question.

0eb456  No.12647304

File: acf96fd04ac1386⋯.png (685.09 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, Deleted posts.png)

File: ee880a189b36141⋯.png (130.92 KB, 733x730, 733:730, Leftpol is beyond saving.png)

Leftypol is beyond saving.

f67fab  No.12647311

File: 3e5624881eb4ce1⋯.png (35 KB, 702x475, 702:475, ClipboardImage.png)

5c6745  No.12647316

File: 56d44f2020af4de⋯.jpeg (266.89 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, 56d44f2020af4de0262cb3600….jpeg)


>Leftypol is beyond saving.

no, we should push there facts that most porkies are jews. also, most jews are not working class…there is almost no working class jews.

0eb456  No.12647328


(((mods))) will just ban us. The ones who remain in that cesspit might as well be 4cucks, too retarded to perceive that they reside in a carefully constructed echo chamber where dissenting opinions are discarded kinda like the days of imkikefy. Could try /leftpol/? Allegedly the board splintered, and all those permabanned migrated there.

ce2de0  No.12647386

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

If you want good, easily made explosives you should use sparkler bombs. Cheap, easy to make, and extremely damaging at small sizes.

Also frogs, get some bloody hard hats and sticks. Come on, are you so poor you can't get broomsticks?

90646c  No.12647401


More anti-French shilling. Get a life faggot.

28f40d  No.12647489


They have been using vehicles to destroy toll booths and fireworks to attack police lines.

But there's always the fear of friendly fire or hurting innocent people.

248e28  No.12647556


>they reside in a carefully constructed echo chamber where dissenting opinions are discarded

Oh, the irony!

0eb456  No.12647674


Actually the difference is, /leftypol/ you won't get banned for posting here. Mocked, yes. But banned, your posts censored? Only if you're a absolute/blatant kike/shill.

4f990e  No.12647707


Even the German army arms it's soldiers with broomstick weapons.

don't laugh, cry; it's true

30371f  No.12647712


I knew that when i saw this video.

30371f  No.12647727


I wanted to write that i wouldnt fuck with this guy because he knows how to punch.

4ae442  No.12647735


<hurr muh pr goy

<zog zog :^)


6597f4  No.12647758


Diference is more than half post on leftypol is pure nonsense of twisted projection about gommunism. On pol you have some retarted post about what aryan would do or not and lot shilling.

Irony is that uneployed junkies larp as workers. But just simple fact. Germany rise from poverty under national socialsm in just 4 years. All communist countries keep poverty for 70 years. But at least under communism propaganda was some lame that everyone know it is bullshit. Present marxism under capitalism was much more sneaky. But when (((they))) flood EU with human trash and sell like it like better future, even NPCs start to ask what is going on. Obviously afro muslim ghettos are not vibrant diversity we seen in Hollywood propaganda.

346245  No.12647959


The cops are doing their job but those antifa factors really piss me off. They need a kerb stomping bad.

I do wish the yellow vests had jumped in those unattended cop vans and driven them into a lake though

4f990e  No.12648371


>the ZOGbots doing their ZOGbot orders doesn't piss me off

Fuck off. Police are high on the execution list.

07439d  No.12648400


pretty much 2nd in line or 3rd depending if you care more about bankers than the cops … but the fact the cops have to defend these people pretty much puts them number 1

07439d  No.12648416


yea but this machine is as much a tool as it is the ends , depending on the perspective

trump has to play ball , the american people (the right specifically) have to play ball.

or we can riot , but if we dont riot and we are using Trump to do our bidding hes going to do it in the mechanisims of the state, capitalism being a big part of our state.

So its not so much of Trump being a puppet as it is trump playing poker and he has to bluff at the right time and fold at the right time.

The antie and dealer are the american public … events like the caravan are a flop , which he has to play correct or lose a bunch of chips (political power)

Hes not god, but unless you want to put on a yellow vest, hes better than nothing

129184  No.12648518

File: fa11f973c51a408⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1187x574, 1187:574, les mechants gentil- les ….PNG)


That's a comfy webm.

Time to share some hopeful resistance messages


129184  No.12648524

File: 9adb7e17e600c58⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1293x1293, 1:1, different things.png)




Is hooktube still good?

19ba35  No.12648558


Why the fuck aren't you dipshit Amis using all your guns to kill cops, bankers or politicans?

0ba667  No.12648646




0ba667  No.12648662







a0f843  No.12648703



Finally, some fireworks

a0f843  No.12648707

Also, you should all start calling this the Second French Revolution or the Yellow Revolution to scare away the powers that be

f3dce3  No.12648709


Here's the difference, in /pol/ there is a disconnect between the mods doing the banning zionist scum and /pol/ at large while /leftypol/ is mostly like their BO

6d565b  No.12648721

File: dc6778677ce04bd⋯.png (25.51 KB, 597x416, 597:416, 9787465654.png)



€100,000 and counting !

Kikes are kvetching like their foreskins were growing back.


>Apparently, it pays to hit a policeman. When the attraction of money is added to hatred and violence, I have nothing but disgust. Everyone must be responsible




>Kitty of the boxer who deliberately struck gendarmes: + 110 000 euros this morning. This is yet another provocation! It is a message to hatred and violence by destination that must be sanctioned. @ CCastaner @ NunezLaurent @ DGPNEricMorvan




>pic related : does the boxer crowdfunding shock you ?

8740ff  No.12648738

File: eb7f7b3e6518347⋯.jpeg (51.07 KB, 800x534, 400:267, A7797D58-67BC-48E6-BBDD-6….jpeg)

File: a857b755458b6f6⋯.jpeg (357.85 KB, 1000x719, 1000:719, AA347B88-CBD1-4A26-8B54-B….jpeg)

6d565b  No.12648744



Where did you get that from ? Any sauce ?

e57c2c  No.12648773

File: bbba2a018cbf91f⋯.jpg (80.75 KB, 540x541, 540:541, 1546580539495.jpg)


halfchan, from some sketchy dailystormer2.0 alt-news site

it doesn't really matter where it originated - it's a pretty good idea, it's not illegal, and the panic spreads itself

6d565b  No.12648776

File: eae904889311fd6⋯.webm (4.82 MB, 636x720, 53:60, GILET JAUNE ACTE 9 🚨 MESS….webm)

File: 03674d7d1aaf759⋯.mp4 (4.1 MB, 270x480, 9:16, GILET JAUNE ACTE 9⚠️URGENT….mp4)



Christophe Dettinger is yenish btw, a germanic gypsy family



6d565b  No.12648780


I wanted to know if it's legit. Better draw my money back from the Bank asap I guess.

23048c  No.12648837


>halfchan, from some sketchy dailystormer2.0 alt-news site

Post the link NIGGER.

6890a4  No.12648896





6890a4  No.12648960

File: 85d9dccb7d33cd9⋯.png (24 KB, 841x321, 841:321, euro.PNG)

it's working.

2b362f  No.12648976


Keep your mutt spam out of the thread, mutt spammer

73fc60  No.12648977

The kikes closed the leetchi fundraising

32fd0e  No.12649013

File: 72abb592d13da64⋯.jpg (12.43 KB, 418x413, 418:413, EvilSmile3.jpg)


That would put a dent in things, wouldn't it?

32fd0e  No.12649035

File: 7c17ab43e42c7a8⋯.jpg (38.29 KB, 293x383, 293:383, LaughingNegro.jpg)


>Why the fuck have no Frenchanons started to plant IEDs near police stations or even just throw a homemade pipe bomb into a police formation?

Don't attack the police unless they attack you.

Attack the central bank.

Attack government offices.

Demand an end to immigration and private central banking.

Demand the "refugees" be sent home, now that Trump is pulling out of the mideast.

Declare the wars over, and the need to shelter "refugees" over (this will lower government spending, hurting big corporations and helping the taxpayers).

000000  No.12649049


fdd159  No.12649051


>war refugees

I thought this point was changed with economical refugees and later - work force, or fakenews is spreading different lies? In Eastern EU nobody is talking about Syrian war, now its about lack of work force. We need niggers, because we lack population.

Sage for poor language

bdd3a8  No.12649058

File: 7575afe6777425b⋯.png (9.72 KB, 216x234, 12:13, Amerimutts.png)

File: a3620df385baa5c⋯.jpg (275.94 KB, 1500x996, 125:83, Le murca hates and kill mu….jpg)

File: 18536edd4043495⋯.jpg (188.45 KB, 510x717, 170:239, Fuck muttmerica.jpg)


>He didn't even say mutt

mutt mutt mutt mutt mutt mutt mutt mutt mutt mutt mutt mutt mutt mutt mutt mutt mutt

Stay mad, scum.

Amerimutts are subhuman cowards and the yellow vests prove it.

bdd3a8  No.12649061

File: a50eaca4e127356⋯.mp4 (13.39 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Yellowvests beating the sh….mp4)

File: 80ae89ee57f0655⋯.png (305.75 KB, 500x500, 1:1, retards of the nation of s….png)


When will the first mutt even dare to punch a pig in a protest?

73fc60  No.12649064

File: 2367fc924da3404⋯.webm (4.62 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, TotalKrieg.webm)


stay mad kike

32fd0e  No.12649072

File: d2ec5841b88c4d3⋯.jpg (106.25 KB, 585x664, 585:664, IsraelGenocidingWhites.jpg)


The Jew narrative fails to point out there is plenty of work force out there, just not one that will work for slave wages.

That's what the whole thing is about to shekelfags, Jewish or not, they want humans to be cheap and easy to replace, so all the profits stay at the top.

The Jews also see this as an opportunity to demolish the white race, so they gleefully engage in it, too.

globalists are really nothing more than greedy little shits, hiding behind flowery words like "inclusion" and pushing the stupidity that national boundaries are somehow "bad."

National boundaries keep the peace. Homogeneous populations make for a law-abiding and peaceful nation, while "diversity" creates discord and crime…this has been proven time and time again, it is not theory, it is proven fact.

But it makes for a people that work together and demand a decent standard of living, and richfags HATE that idea.

2dcb5a  No.12649079

File: 9a16bf2b7c140b2⋯.jpg (207.69 KB, 773x1255, 773:1255, 1.JPG)

File: d2b7f20085c87d8⋯.jpg (225.88 KB, 771x1468, 771:1468, 2.JPG)

Those dirty cock suckers…

1263fe  No.12649080


This Anon gets it. Target choice and the propaganda effects thereof is very.important. One would be best served choosing targets; 1, that matter to the system in a tangible way, key infrastructure, etc. Not replaceable ZOGbots. 2, that are viewed by their target "audience" as being completely associated with the system.

2dcb5a  No.12649084


32fd0e  No.12649097


>115,000 euros in 24 hours

Holy fucking shit!

They closed it because the computers were melting down…

0eb456  No.12649104

Capture/kidnap zogbots, not kill. Remember, optics is what brings more people to this fight, optics are helping redpill the populace about (((them))) and optics made the French government aware and afraid of the growing resentment within the population.


6d565b  No.12649140


Akchually… The kitty was created to pay for jewstice costs (basically the lawyer since publicly asking money to pay a fine is illegal), and lawyer costs are heavily regulated in France so €115,000 was already too much for a full trial.

That is probably the main official reason why Lychee ended the donation campain (apart from govt. pressure).

6d565b  No.12649149


>(((Marlène Schiappa))) wants to identify Dettinger's kitty donators

Ah, the old bolshevik reflexes.

2b362f  No.12649196

260af8  No.12649209


The brainwashing is so powerful that a simple truth like this can threaten a person's entire world view. If we can give the brainwashed an easy out and a "welcome to good guy's team" feeling when they realize the truth, then it will be easier to get new recruits.

a6ce7d  No.12649211


This. The police will require trials, but that comes later. Meanwhile, taping up cops to walls sideways is simultaneously fucking hilarious and effective. The kikes can't say anything to risk drawing attention to their mystery religion, and the absurdity of it keeps morale very high.

1444d2  No.12649316

File: 0b1ed2695f0d987⋯.webm (6.51 MB, 640x360, 16:9, theendgola.webm)

we all know the true enemy and that is the british, strike hard and true frenchfags, you will be remembered.

3faf95  No.12649440


>not the jews

c46f82  No.12649500


>Donations over £100k

He better get straight down to the ATM to cash that out for the bank run!

6ed3b0  No.12649515


Buy crypto

dc876c  No.12649527


For a second I thought you might be a kike but you posted a gondola so it's definitely not the jews

46e0ab  No.12649540


>secretary of state for equality between woman and men

Why the fuck is she even opening her mouth regarding a man punching another man then?

88ad99  No.12649545

File: 00467905042304f⋯.png (627.73 KB, 2310x2147, 2310:2147, 00467905042304f407f4251b15….png)


Ohohoho this is going to piss off so many more frogs. I can hear their REEEEEs already.

Can't wait for the next weekend.

1b0b0e  No.12649554


RA is Irish Catholic & got jewed when he was young because JIVE records got his contract & wanted him to sing poppy rap they wrote. He refused and they refused to let him work anywhere for years had to to go underground

67b641  No.12649577


>Why the fuck is she even opening her mouth

1. A woman was given a position of power.

2. ???

3. Chaos ensues.

Chaos always ensues.

389004  No.12649597


Who is Red Scarves?

88145b  No.12649606


I don't know either by my gut says Antifaggots or some similar breed of useful idiot socialist scum.

6597f4  No.12649625

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I think this dude start it. It is great idea. If it works, it could be done in rest of west Europe. You only need 5-10% of population to do this. Propably even less. Once there is rumor there is no money in bank, everybody will join bank run. Only reason these muslim parasites are safe is because people have too much to lose.

6597f4  No.12649630

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a6ce7d  No.12649643


Masonfags. Red armbands, red scarves, same trash. Just more kike minions fighting to defend the banks. Antifa preaches empty words about being anti-bank but they always defend their masters.

5e456a  No.12649654


>unauthorized protests

Kek, what a fucking joke.

5e456a  No.12649657



b3ced7  No.12649658


Can this be memed into reality?

2dcb5a  No.12649663


They closed it because they're terrified.

When do they bring in the niggers with bayonets? Or arabs with AK74s and all the police disappear while the sand niggers massacre the gilets jaunes.

2696eb  No.12649672

I havent really kept up wit this since the first riots, did anything come from that possible police sniper footage? Seems like everyone forgot the footage

4ae442  No.12649677

File: 8495bfed7804ee7⋯.png (87.13 KB, 513x530, 513:530, 8495bfed7804ee7902b73655c9….png)

File: eac5070597964ee⋯.jpg (87.82 KB, 680x620, 34:31, 1545773340947.jpg)


<oy vey i clearly never said (x), don't you know if you say what i creary didn't say you are a loser and a failure at superior talking wars? :^)

you're a kike who's full of hot air but no substance, time for your ilk to breathe in some gas with your filthy mouth in the >>>/gaschambers/

872bef  No.12649712


>make your way to the elite residences

Dress as a courier/deliveryman/mailman, preferably the private businesses over the government ones. They'll never see it coming.

88145b  No.12649720


>Dress as a courier/deliveryman/mailman, preferably the private businesses over the government ones.

You still get asked what your business is and need to show ID. Don't be stupid about it.

872bef  No.12649724


The dirty fucking kikes are stealing his money? How the fucking shit?


872bef  No.12649727

File: a3809040e362c7e⋯.jpg (59.3 KB, 660x528, 5:4, 1481082692022.jpg)


>need to show ID

Once you're at that point, you're at your destination anyhow.

88145b  No.12649732


Your ass is grass without a good fake ID and an airtight alibi to be there, is what I'm saying. The grunts that watch over the elite take their job seriously, unlike the clowns we have """protecting""" the citizenry. Don't go in half-cocked.

73fc60  No.12649810

File: 8a1bdd0162d9e5e⋯.png (342.79 KB, 584x438, 4:3, 8b4f0ecc5a92a8ee935f738f68….png)


Fuck off kike

e17ada  No.12649857


Ever heard of TPMJB? Do NOT make a fang (or several). Do NOT larp as a pantifa at one of these, and tickle a few in the kidney during bouts of chaos. I repeat, do NOT do this.

10aec2  No.12649878


Implying there's even any money in the (((banks))). Just computers with fractionally reserved ones and zeros.

076126  No.12649887


>french are cowards because they did not kill their fellow europeans brothers en masse in ww2

You are a big pussy that is never happy with anything, a crypto kike.

872bef  No.12649917

File: 46dab53950f436d⋯.jpg (33.73 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1481082755566.jpg)


And they need removed too.

dbff50  No.12650114

File: 970bc57b640392d⋯.jpg (223.92 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, stonetoss.jpg)

1263fe  No.12650207


If bank runs could be meme'd into reality then the party might finally get started with the right push. Worthwhile meme campaign.

76d780  No.12650236

File: 503a8b016f495af⋯.jpg (142.03 KB, 902x1091, 902:1091, 471987986646535423_0787665….jpg)

The French rise up In spite of the demonic jews' longtime plan for France.

Excellent, my froggy brothers. C'est superb.

27555f  No.12650294

File: d50f2918bb9ae66⋯.mp4 (8.93 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Assassinat de Anna Lindh e….mp4)

File: 67d388fd28aaf4b⋯.png (209.18 KB, 1328x975, 1328:975, ClipboardImage.png)

Could a frog do an English translation for this video?

It seems like I've stumbled onto a little known video that ties together the fate of France Britain and Sweden.

From what I can work out, it is possibly a French EU politician calling for an assassination like that of Swedish Anna Lind before the Swedish EU vote in 2003. He is recorded one week before the murder of a British MP in the run up to the Brexit referendum.



fa58db  No.12650333


Jo Cox was murdered because she was the only UK politician calling for boycotting Israel and naming it a terrorist state, they thought it might sway the brexit vote but it didn't matter as much as shutting her up about Israel.

27555f  No.12650362

File: 5dff6f8dec70738⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>Cox was shoahed

Well that backfired then, since the leader of her party is now pro-Palestine and has previously called Hamas his friends.

45189f  No.12650446


She thinks it's not fair women can't punch cops like a boxing chamption. Thus this boxer must be punished. QED and checkmate, shitlords.

872bef  No.12650538

>>12650333 (Check'd)

Great trips confirm.

dab6be  No.12650563




b98d53  No.12650591


kek all those manlets getting pushed back by the mace only to return to the charge when Lurch drops in with elbows straight to the riot sheild

all it really takes is one

a10940  No.12651091

File: fc49eee414b5615⋯.jpg (238.01 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, jiletjauneropepull.jpg)


Small edit

434198  No.12651155

Why nothing about the bank run?


872bef  No.12651264


Superior version now saved. Old unfinished deleted.

2b362f  No.12651289


Watch them try to pull some bullshit like banning bank withdrawals for the entire country.

872bef  No.12651505


More reason for the french to start exiting the euro and into cryptocurrency.

c9f9ea  No.12651522

File: 9bd4077f4892236⋯.png (72.62 KB, 413x549, 413:549, ap,550x550,12x16,1,transpa….png)


>What money? We don't have your money. We don't have any money for you. You can't take out any money. The money's gone, it's not here in the banks. We don't have your money anymore. What do you even need to buy, anyways? Just eat what's in your pantry and sit tight.

how do you imagine that situation would play out?

872bef  No.12651544


Dubs confirm. The EURO is about to get BOGGED!

c9f9ea  No.12651556

File: 7ff9d51f57d9ea8⋯.png (179.41 KB, 600x639, 200:213, jzwe0xq8gbcy.png)



c9f9ea  No.12651567

File: 9b22b5b88fea98a⋯.png (111.04 KB, 497x317, 497:317, 9b2.png)


1a94c3  No.12651573


Drive everyone to kill jews.

49f019  No.12651737

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


fucking chills down my spine tbh.

Mad lad. Mad Respect


Giletes Jaunes

171b10  No.12651771

File: 78eea450f87756d⋯.gif (3.24 MB, 619x619, 1:1, berkleytrashcan.gif)


Kek. Reminds me of pic related.

49f019  No.12651773

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


49f019  No.12651778

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


49f019  No.12651824


Rocky came back. And he is fucking up riot police with his bare hands

872bef  No.12651840


>bare hands

Leather gloves.

49f019  No.12651845


It's cold so you have to protect your hands.

The skin is very sensitive

872bef  No.12651868


>sensitive skin

Horse piss and whale blubber is all a boxer needs.

49f019  No.12651896

File: 51ef6edef927b75⋯.webm (6.72 MB, 456x360, 19:15, _HOLD_FAST_-__Tolerance_z….webm)


The pigs maced his wife and kid, so the lad jumps in tells the pig he is scum and proceeds to annihilate him riot gear et all.


798858  No.12651904


>nigga returned my bike

49f019  No.12651919


Absolute madman

b1ac40  No.12651996


Battles are won by the the group but never underestimate the power and potential of the individual. Oftentimes one guy has to step up and be the hero and/or take the hit for the team in order for things to get back on track. Legend has it that in the Battle of Stamford Bridge literally one bigass faggot with a battle axe was able to block like 40 other niggers from crossing until 1 other fag got a fuckin clue and went under the bridge and speared him from below. Both the spear and axe anons in that story are good examples of the "it only takes one" phenomenon.


49f019  No.12651997

File: a044eef3c86a29d⋯.webm (7.46 MB, 640x356, 160:89, _Hold_Fast_-_Invictus.WEB….webm)

Mad and I repeat absolutely mad man

You know how some days defending ZOG globalist Macron against people of France seems like a bad idea and you should just stay in bed?

Well, you didn't and now you got put in bed.




Gitan de Massy

49f019  No.12652046

49f019  No.12652054

File: f244d290572b20f⋯.jpg (16.65 KB, 476x268, 119:67, christophe-dettinger-boxeu….jpg)

File: 7f342af1b36682a⋯.jpg (72.21 KB, 810x420, 27:14, paris_050119.jpg)

File: c78dff1f47521f4⋯.jpg (17.94 KB, 530x253, 530:253, 393802_10151123874254421_1….jpg)

File: a128624ef8ee5b3⋯.jpg (184.51 KB, 451x600, 451:600, Christophe-Dettinger-Pro--….JPG)

49f019  No.12652084

File: c9392c4ad98907e⋯.jpg (47.5 KB, 750x375, 2:1, gilets-jaunes-une-cagnotte….jpg)

49f019  No.12652094


The guy broke the cops riot shield. they are made of impact resistant policarbonate. have never seen something like this before.

Lad's right hook is downright savage.

ae30a1  No.12652348

File: a5b0b153392d353⋯.webm (2.58 MB, 900x900, 1:1, 1546756109326.webm)


07439d  No.12652357


demonic arizona … nothing there but death and sex

88145b  No.12652359


>The guy broke the cops riot shield.

I don't see it. Got a freeze frame?

aaa1dc  No.12652442


She looks fun to hang out with.

264562  No.12652469


this is an interesting read, if predominantly for the history of leftist action (even if it is from a fairly distorted kike-o-vision)

also there's a part in there where the author is forced to concede that nazi Germany had no equivalent to red terror for native germans

aaa1dc  No.12652480


Alright, France. Alright. I'll drink to you, some wine, tonight.

872bef  No.12652527


Anon, your obsession is getting to weeb tier… at this rate, you'll be ordering custom bodypillows.


That's because it was the visor, not the shield, from what I saw.

902588  No.12652706

wew just saw this article on zerohedge

France Moves To Ban All Protests As PM Announces Major Crackdown On Yellow Vests


Will this be enough to set the frogs off?

892289  No.12652739


Shill more, jewnigger. Fuck your mossad bullshit and fuck your weaponized immigration. Your number is up. Enjoy hell.

5ebb2f  No.12652747


Sorta, it'd be more like if someone used the trash can as a projectile instead of just beating it up because it couldn't fight back.

000000  No.12652752


>A new law under consideration could make any demonstration illegal to begin with if not previously approved by authorities, in an initiative already being compared to the pre-Maiden so-called "dictatorship law" in Ukraine.

>the French government appears set to enact something close to a martial law scenario prohibiting almost any protest and curtailing freedom of speech.

>police are already arresting citizens for merely wearing a yellow vest, even if they are not directly engaged in protests in some cases.

Don't know what to say to that. It's the most horrible thing that could happen to the country that gave us the Statue of Liberty.

68c5b5  No.12652765



YV don't care about legality anymore. The Dettinger case gave them wings. It is now OK to hit the police.

f76d07  No.12652775


They had to do it really. Once you have started blowing people's hands off there is no turning back.

Bon chance, gilets jaunes.

b72b46  No.12652779



I still don't know why he cucked out overnight and turned himself in.

523f39  No.12652787


you forgot the nose on the commie as well

892289  No.12652790


When arch-criminals create "laws" the only ones that obey them are emptyheads and cowards. (Read: slaves.)

68c5b5  No.12652794


He is part of the previous phase of the movement, when it was still pacific. He made it turn violent. He did his job.

5819c8  No.12652796


They're using live ammunition and grenades now. Time for the Yellow Vests to start going for blood. Their police need to decide whether they want to live or die.

ea0cfe  No.12652819


>ALways "surprised" how all of a sudden a (((Democracy))) uses harsh measures against its own people, when they are not migrants, jews or leftists.

There's always something to learn from experience. I realized something, from the comments on european media: there absolutely is a paid team that handles them.

Because the same people who protest against police brutality against migrants, whenever a cop as much as pushes one into a police car, are now cheering for bloodshed like israelis. I don't buy it's leftists who simply change their minds according to orders from above, which is a known mechanic but not this cheap and fast.

000000  No.12652853


(((Red Scarves))) look like a transparent French government operation possibly with assistance from Israeli agencies or some other (((countries))), maybe US alphabet kikes.

dab6be  No.12652857


>police are already arresting citizens for merely wearing a yellow vest, even if they are not directly engaged in protests in some cases.

top kek

thats fucking hilarious

wtf how are they gonna handle kikes dropping dead


45189f  No.12653041


> "Those who question our institutions will not have the last word," he [Prime Minister Edouard Philippe] added.


> Hey everyone, don't just guillotine Macron, I want it too!

5e456a  No.12653104

a10940  No.12653407

File: c67155d59e02986⋯.jpg (238.19 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, giletjauneropepull2.jpg)

a10940  No.12653417


>wtf how are they gonna handle kikes dropping dead

Only one way to find out

000000  No.12653442



>wears north face jacket

The jokes write themselves

000000  No.12653459


>go to link

>shilling nigger-tier crypto like cardano

Fuck that

9ec4f3  No.12653487


After proving there is no democracy, they go on to prove what a con the financial system is. Amazing.

2dcb5a  No.12653535


So it's against the law on the road to get out of your car WITHOUT a yellow vest and it's against the law TO WEAR a yellow vest.


That mother in Holland was probably genuinely wearing a yellow jacket for safety but the kikenvermin have gone mad with fear and their zogbots obey..

f18b35  No.12653561


That's not a real cops, it's the BAC. They are in for the fight and don't even obey orders. They are basically mercenaries without guns.

f18b35  No.12653584


>A new law under consideration could make any demonstration illegal to begin with if not previously approved by authorities,

Yeah, because we asked for authorization before.

Some of us did, they got the beating every time. When cops know where you are going to be angry, they prepare.


The cops run out of grenades and got a new shipment of more potent ones. It is say they come from Israel.


Not accurate, I saw redskins, blupilled to the core kids and black blocks.

No sign of antifa however.

Shit, you have to be there to believe it: royalists, people who believe in law and order standing against the police with anarchist music on loudspeakers, anarchists and "urban youth" throwing rocks at the cops while a Catholic integrist play military rytmes on a drum, all the sort of people giving advice and orders to each other. I fucking love it.

6597f4  No.12653621

File: 8fcc7149e378967⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1347x763, 1347:763, Dittiger.png)


It is amazing how innocent fuel tax for fucking Global Warming trigger EU revolution. Elites are so disconnected. They make mistake after mistake. Bank Run looks like reality now. Punishing Legendary Boxer Dettinger give them face of revolution. Martyr. Hero.

f18b35  No.12653630


It's just the one drop being added to a full pot.

88145b  No.12653833

What are the best ways to break a shield wall formation so you can pick 'em off one by one??

dab6be  No.12653839

>>12653833 dubs


872bef  No.12653848

File: 3ed12c1b615b2c0⋯.jpg (48.95 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 859df94b-f6d2-452e-81af-42….jpg)

>>12653833 (Check'd)

Traditionally you just fling objects larger than a person into the formation. The scottish were well known to just fling logs end over end at enemy shield walls. That's not precisely practical in an urban environment. What you're looking for are objects that will move irregularly when thrown. Bicycles may work to an extent due to how irregular they are, but their weight is low, so best used from above as seen in some of the videos already. If you're really going to try, I'd say get nets. Just fling nets onto them, the kind that have small weights on the edges. These will generally induce panic in whoever has the net tossed over them, while giving high odds of the formation breaking apart due to stumbling and fumbling of the target causing those around him to stumble as well. Alternatively, pic related is some great stuff.

318340  No.12653852

File: 336f797dfc82510⋯.png (417.03 KB, 1080x1589, 1080:1589, Screenshot_2019-01-09-19-4….png)

File: 2cfe41fa153082f⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_2019-01-09-19-3….png)

File: dc26a7354bd3670⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_2019-01-09-19-3….png)

File: df1f47e1187ab57⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_2019-01-09-19-3….png)


Nationality: France

>Stance: Orthodox

Hobbies: Fucking up riot police with bare hands

>Status: Hero of Europe

88145b  No.12653860


What about using downed lampposts or similar fare as improvised battering rams?

872bef  No.12653862


Alternatively, super soakers filled with the highest concentration of soap that can be fired from them. Further, WD-40 is far more effective than pepperspray. Even if sprayed on a visor it will force the officer to either go without vision or to remove his visor, while the oil it's self will make it difficult for them to use any of their gear and batons. On the note of pepperspray, cayenne pepper mixed with fine salt in fragile packaging (such as an egg shell, if you want to feel like a ninja) is significantly more effective than a spray against riot police, as the visor will stop the spray, while the powder will manage to get into any crack it can. Smoke bombs can also be highly effective for disorienting the opposition. For smoke bombs, simply go to the hardware or garden store and look for the ones used for mole holes. They're cheap and far more effective than anything sold at a fireworks store.

872bef  No.12653866


That would require too much manpower to be practical, as well as organization that's difficult to use with an untrained mob. If you're in such a situation where such a thing is practical, you would be better off linking up with the mob and all hold a single large chain or rope, and try to encircle your enemy with it while rushing them. not saying this is practical, but easier than the lamp post.

318340  No.12653892


Amazingly, the French, even when engaging several zogbot riot police and completely fucking them up, seem the time to dress elegant

>fancy black coat looking like a businessman but short enough allowing you to fuck up s squad of cops

>black cap, looking like Rocky but also timeless elegance

>gloves as to not let your delicate skin be exposed to cold while you are pummeling on riot shields and bashing pigs vizor in

11/10 Absolutely Patrician

206ff1  No.12653908

File: c0733e6041becf3⋯.jpg (149.12 KB, 1000x691, 1000:691, medieval_flail_weapons_rep….jpg)

File: e03e5105fc55335⋯.jpg (57.83 KB, 474x266, 237:133, th.jpg)


why i do not see ponies using these weapons more?

it was made to rape any infantry with bid shields and shielderss!

206ff1  No.12653921


polizei will piss in the bed if they learn about this

1263fe  No.12653924


> look for the ones used for mole holes. They're cheap and far more effective than anything sold at a fireworks store.

Kek. That's because they contain cyanide.

872bef  No.12653976


Because they're fucking worthless in tight formations, which is what we're looking at. There will be more friendlies injured than enemies, if people are swinging these around.


That varies by region. The ones containing cyanide are usually banned anymore, the rest are just to smoke them out so you can shoot them with a 22 and a case of beer.

a10940  No.12654058


50% of dressing well is not being fat, 30% is wearing clothes that fit, and the remaining is 20% actual style. Burgers can't even manage the first 80%. I hate this country of self-destructive slobs.

1263fe  No.12654070


That makes sense. The ones in my area of Burgerland contain cyanide then. They worked great for killing the moles that almost destroyed my dam. Shoved them in the holes and used a shop vac on blow to gas the hell out of those moles.

1263fe  No.12654081


Come to think of it, jews are kind of like moles. Burrowing into your society, compromising its structural integrity, and one doesn't notice the damage until its severe. Sage for doublepost.

8d50d4  No.12654099


>why i do not see ponies using these weapons more?

frogs haven't reached the vampires yet.

8d50d4  No.12654102


>Burrowing into your society, compromising its structural integrity, and one doesn't notice the damage until its severe.

Moles don't know what they are doing. Jews do.

872bef  No.12654104


This will make amazing memes…

8ddefe  No.12654115

1263fe  No.12654168



Attack of the Mole Men. Meme it.

1263fe  No.12654180

File: 03bbff1678071ab⋯.jpg (124.5 KB, 640x490, 64:49, (((moles))).jpg)


It's just begging for a merchant.

5fdc83  No.12654323


Come on, Aux Armes.

Heave, ho, train, train.

5fdc83  No.12654330


That stuff is sticky and hardens fast, it can make a mess in a hurry.

872bef  No.12654338


They can also be scored so that they pop with a hard impact to a hard surface. Just want to wear protective gear while you're doing this, it's not safe to fuck with these cans. Another note, the propellant is BUTANE, so keep away from open flame!


Are there any actual divisions forming?

f48957  No.12654366

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How do we contact and help the yellow vests?


42498c  No.12654515

File: 3d887093f17b163⋯.jpg (14.18 KB, 412x373, 412:373, boxeur.jpg)

File: 172d7018c431589⋯.jpg (51.1 KB, 700x350, 2:1, christophe-dettinger-frapp….jpg)

File: 7ff914b95a30c9e⋯.jpg (59.71 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 8f63cea9dcdc44a88a8a6dba14….jpg)

File: 23a5c10e81748d2⋯.jpg (7.41 KB, 200x121, 200:121, macron-cp_2.jpg)

So I heard you work in riot police.

Do you want to discuss adding polymers to your little polycarbonate zogbot shield?

d00782  No.12654524


>Doesn't know that the fags and degenerates are now the new normies.

3f91f5  No.12654590

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

God Bless the Frogs.

872bef  No.12655082


Speaking of, are there any frogs here who have at least a garage or small workshop or even a shed with proper ventilation? I'm not going to give out the plans for the ballistic shields, but I'm willing to share techniques for making lightweight, sturdy, and easily manufactured shields that will work better than the shields of the riot police, for a low cost of manufacture. It would be more efficient if a /pol/ack in-country can make these, than for me to manufacture them with my current setup and ship them across the Atlantic.

6b380b  No.12655103


the sling can be worn as innocent clothing, and allows long distance parabolic, non-line of sight, delivery of cobblestones.

There's a reason we know the story of david and goliath.

or you could launch cans of sticky expanding foam.


nice, if you don't mind being seen.

57faa8  No.12655597


Oui, I will take those plans now sir.

Hon hon hon

872bef  No.12655604


Do you know what the most common hardware store in France is? I need to be sure the supplies are readily available.

f1ec50  No.12655624



Noone's surprised, that's not France though.

f1ec50  No.12655633


>video of antifa and yellow vests fighting in the streets

<So /leftycuck has taken over yellow vests

Perhaps you should have your eyes checked.

872bef  No.12655645


Fucking scum all need gutted. They just come up unannounced and attack by punching them in the back. No quarter should ever be shown to these race traitors.

f1ec50  No.12655712


>paid teams

We've known this for several years, are you really just realizing this? Same thing was observable back in that Bundy land dispute a few years ago, you had people rushing to say that they should just be bombed.

357878  No.12655807


Holy shit I have that exact rug; it really tied the room together.

Apparently ZOG USA shops at Lowes™ for their foreign merc army.

1adc80  No.12655881

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


song recognized

91219c  No.12655907



d2a154  No.12655955


Try these :

Brico Dépôt



Mr. Bricolage

Brico store

e87ba0  No.12656500

File: a7bdbbe736b2b84⋯.jpg (139.5 KB, 1082x1158, 541:579, serveimage(7).jpg)

>>12655955 (checked)



>that moment when frogs begin to arm themselves against their kike-ridden govt

dd7634  No.12656571

File: b670d3a182dbfd9⋯.jpg (203.3 KB, 1240x1755, 248:351, cover.jpg)

Can't wait for the jews to be executed I know it's coming

6908af  No.12656608

I want to cover something that probably many of you have already heard about or wondered about and that is, 'order out of chaos.' Fomenting chaos, anger, destruction et al is not a problem for those that will offer the solution and reorganize and reshape society to it's liking. So, remember to keep names, photos etcetera so you know who to avoid during and after the chaos. Remember this.

dab6be  No.12656688


make a list

check it twice

then kill those kikes

it would be nice

a71bb0  No.12656714

File: 3e2db1ba4cbe782⋯.jpg (102.85 KB, 640x720, 8:9, genius.jpg)


because the #1 victim of flails are the users of the flails , the #2 victim of flails are the people side by side with flail users. Admittedly #3 is the target but yeah its the autistic MAD version of CQC when you could do fine with a peavy or an ax or any number of regular tools that you can just go down and buy at the hardware store.

d944b8  No.12656817

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


d944b8  No.12656820



c37375  No.12656862

File: dcf3f5da5bd3886⋯.mp4 (13.14 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Learn How to Tie A Cowboy'….mp4)

It would be a shame if these knots were lying on the ground as the police advanced and 10 people started pulling once one of them accidentally stepped into it.

c37375  No.12656869


It would be even worse if they didn't see it because it was covered over with newspaper

79b87a  No.12656953

Reposting from a /k/ thread on psych warfare:

Wanna know how to completely and utterly destabilize a nation, wreck the social landscape and break the spirit of its government? It's a deceptively simple trick. There's a lot of risk involved, but then again any proper action against a tyrannical foe is a high risk affair. Just read on.

Before you start, you must already have a compiled list of targets you would like to see dead. This is because this method will involve murder, and quite a lot of it. Better be people you wouldn't mind dying, no? Open borders activists, socialist pundits, journalists, politicians, they are all fair game. Don't pick too hard to reach targets though, you don't wanna get caught and especially not early on.

Alright, you have your target now. What you're gona do now is use all your learned skills to quietly break in, sneak into the target's bedroom and murder him in his sleep with minimal fuss. This is important, you want to make as little noise as possible to buy enough time to prepare the staging grounds. What does that involve? Simple, rig all entrances to the house with lethal booby traps, preferably bombs for their unmatched destructive potential and consequent psychological impact. You're also going to prepare a lure to make the cops come and investigate. I personally suggest a time-delayed audio recorder with mini-speakers to broadcast blood-curdling sctreams, but whatever floats your boat. Once it's all set, get the fuck out and put as much distance between the booby-trapped house and you as possible. When cops kick the door in, they'll be greeted with a huge explosion that will send them to kingdom come.

Next morning, when you're watching the aftermath on the news, you will prepare your next target. Come next week or next month or whatever, you do it all over again. Don't let too much time pass, you want to keep up the pressure. Pick a new target, kill them quietly in their sleep, set up lures, rig up bombs, leave. The same thing will happen. Repeat the steps a few more times. Sure, come the second or third time this happens they're gonna send the SWAT and/or the bomb squad, but those are high-maintainace and even though the government has virtually unlimited resources even they have a limit as to how much they can piss away at once. Simply put, they can't send the SWAT or the bomb squad or the National Guard to investigate every break-in. Sure, they'll also impose draconian measures such as curfews, patrols, random checkpoints, state of emergency, and so on. But again, they can't be everywhere. The power of a government is mostly psychological in nature. This is what your real target is. If you undermine the state's image of an all-seeing, all-powerful entity, you're left with an ordinary bunch mostly composed of badly trained half-wit thugs protecting feckless bureaucrats. This is the one loss the government can not shrug off. It's crucial that you understand this.

Don't even get me started on the psychological damage you're going to wreak on the goons themselves. As another poster here put it, you need police to enforce a police state, and while government thugs are brave and cocky against an unarmed populace they'll be quaking in their boots at the mere thought that they could be blown up the next time they kick in someone's door. Do this enough times, the cops will be too scared to investigate any crime and simply piss off. Eventually, they'll be content to just protect the elites because it'll be "safer". Big mistake. This will only speed up the process. A population that is left defenseless is a population that grows restless. Sure, it will take a while for the message to sink in (I would cite the UK, but there's cultural factors that skew things a bit). When crime is at an all-time high and the government isn't even pretending to protect its constitutents, it's inevitable that the people will become angry and decide to take things in their own hands. A person with a strong mind and charismatic outlook will have an easy time seizing the people's anger and focusing it on the elites that have abandoned them.

That's the easy part down. Whatever happens next, is up to you. Good luck.

a94fe9  No.12656974


It would be more convincing, if this didn't come from an amerifat who sits on his gun while doing shit nothing against the communists who run his country.

a94fe9  No.12656985

File: dfbce720e2f0638⋯.jpg (60.21 KB, 704x396, 16:9, DwUPYcFX0AERRJb.jpg)

68c5b5  No.12657012


Wasn't there a "you have been visited by…" meme around with this guy?

19ba35  No.12657095


It also reads like something I wrote up as a semi-shitpost here on /pol/ a few years back, just more LARPy.

Getting the address of some low-level local socialist or antifa thug is as easy as browsing facebook, and breaking in and stabbing them with a kitchen knife is also completely trivial, because people so low on the totem pole aren't concerned about their safety and don't get any protection from the government either.

The part with the bombs and loud-speakers is just idiotic though.

b7ff5b  No.12657277

File: 9807c4355da7c0d⋯.png (336.37 KB, 1666x1030, 833:515, giletjaunesboxerwhitemenan….png)

f771a8  No.12657587


>Oy vey! This is terrorism!

What will the media shills say? It's not violent, and the money is rightfully theirs to withdraw.

68666e  No.12657740

000000  No.12657804


>One of the leaders of the Yellow Jackets is arrested

There is no leader in the yellow vests.

People who claim that there's any leadership are government shills who tries to control the movement.

000000  No.12657828


>How do we contact

You don't.

>help the yellow vests?

Dig and show the bullshit the government spreads everyday and participate in the protests.

All the elected have to resign their mandate immediately.

It should be mandatory for someone to be elected to have no criminal record.

It's should be mandatory for someone who's elected to not have any privacy while is mandate is valid.

000000  No.12657834


>What are the best ways to break a shield wall formation

Outnumber them with a human wave.

f18b35  No.12657847


He is a gypsies.

b7ff5b  No.12657878


>gypsies care more about France than the French

shame on le frogs.

206ff1  No.12657888

File: 84295a73b635623⋯.jpg (414.19 KB, 1300x1163, 1300:1163, army.jpg)



maybe not so big like in the photo, but what if it where mini ram held by 3 people that goes running towards shielded police line to break it appart? polizei may be strong, but what about the weight of 3 man + a wooden log?

they could chop down small trees and use the main log to make it

000000  No.12657924


Nice try DGSI, if you plan to get a civil war you won't have it. What's for sure tho is that you'll be on the list on the day of the guillotine.

4e637f  No.12658012

File: 24c9e1d7b469e25⋯.png (362.68 KB, 800x598, 400:299, 800px-Jenische_Dörfer_und….png)


Yenish, to be exact.

>whitest gypsy around, not a single drop of romanian blood

<b-b-but muh hitler hated the gypsies

>It appears that only very limited numbers of Yenish (compared with the number of Romani victims) were actually deported

source: kikepedia

dc66bc  No.12658280


It's a nice idea, Anon.

addb5b  No.12658390


>not wanting to see ZOGbots get slaughtered for defending kike interests

bf1199  No.12659659

File: 1ac513e60f178a8⋯.jpeg (49.28 KB, 660x371, 660:371, 22ABDE32-177B-43B3-9429-7….jpeg)

File: 2ea604364ac9eb3⋯.jpeg (59.65 KB, 624x351, 16:9, 42C3688B-B9C8-4AEE-96CF-6….jpeg)

Yellow vests knock out 60% of all speed cameras in France

>Christophe Castaner said the wilful damage was a threat to road safety and put lives in danger.

>The BBC's Hugh Schofield, in Paris, said evidence of the vandalism is visible to anyone driving around France, with radar cameras covered in paint or black tape to stop them working.

>Some protesters feel speed cameras are solely a revenue-generating measure which takes money from the poor.

>But the extent of the damage - now believed to affect more than half of all 3,200 speed cameras in the country's network - was unknown until Mr Castaner's statement on Thursday.



271be4  No.12659676


>>Some protesters feel speed cameras are solely a revenue-generating measure which takes money from the poor.


a71bb0  No.12659898

File: 93dc1e3012d1f3a⋯.jpg (247.52 KB, 957x1390, 957:1390, Crowsfoot.jpg)


nice trips

and you probably want a variant known as the crows foot for pulling the line apart (as apposed to pushing them back into their fellows pull them into the yellow jackets). Althought if you took a post hammer and filled it with concrete/bolted on another handle maybe that could work. The shield may block the ram but its not like the force disappaits it goes into the arm and most of those honhonhon don't have the armstrength for real hits (even if they manage to properly interlace their shields).

79b87a  No.12662640


Reposting to avoid multiple threads.

Members of the "yellow vests" protest movement have vandalised almost 60% of France's entire speed camera network, the interior minister has said.

Christophe Castaner said the wilful damage was a threat to road safety and put lives in danger.

The protest movement began over fuel tax increases, and saw motorists block roads and motorway toll booths.

Some protesters feel speed cameras are solely a revenue-generating measure which takes money from the poor.

The BBC's Hugh Schofield, in Paris, said evidence of the vandalism is visible to anyone driving around France, with radar cameras covered in paint or black tape to stop them working.

But the extent of the damage - now believed to affect more than half of all 3,200 speed cameras in the country's network - was unknown until Mr Castaner's statement on Thursday.


He said the devices had been "neutralised, attacked, or destroyed" by members of the protest movement.Speed limits in France were already controversial after the government lowered the limit on many main roads from 90km/h to 80 (50mph) early last year.

Protesters angry about the increase in fuel taxes complained of the rising costs of a commute for those priced out of living in urban centres - and turned their ire on other costs such as toll roads and speed cameras



2149f1  No.12662957


they suffer from Ivory Tower Disorder cracked up to 200%

573941  No.12662973


Not only are the fees theft, but knocking out any surveillance is a good thing too.

2dcb5a  No.12663004

So it's two hours and forty five minutes to Saturday in Paris.

What does tomorrow hold for the Gilets Jaunes? Will they all get out in the streets again to protest like they did last Saturday?

4e06c5  No.12663047

File: a5c796797f09b77⋯.jpg (73.13 KB, 454x718, 227:359, 41ed3cde4ed8eaad7e3003da83….jpg)

File: dec7705b76d00b2⋯.png (64.43 KB, 1091x288, 1091:288, molotov.png)

File: 0ec2fb2ec4e807e⋯.jpg (319.06 KB, 1200x1041, 400:347, ed71e227b317793a293b7cbcce….jpg)

File: f76e6932cbfe919⋯.jpg (81.04 KB, 646x960, 323:480, f76e6932cbfe9190c8973ce4de….jpg)

File: de9155e82ccde98⋯.png (76.2 KB, 638x698, 319:349, c5faf0ca4a91bf790a7e4ce032….png)

f67ddf  No.12663058

File: 3f0c0ed46821446⋯.png (332.86 KB, 500x388, 125:97, 3f0c0ed468214460128a3cc16d….png)


funny how the antifa fag looks like a stereotypical skinhead

f67ddf  No.12663069


>There will be more friendlies injured than enemies, if people are swinging these around.

Pretty sure that bull. You dont swing by having something arced behind you. To optimally swing it you only need to hold it straight up and there it cant reach friendlies at the back.

a94fe9  No.12663196

File: 64bf8732bf35643⋯.jpg (47.12 KB, 416x552, 52:69, DwjORRQWsAA4piZ.jpg)

Reminder that the Charlie Hebdo shooting was a case of friendly fire, just like a terrorist blowing himself up while he prepares an explosive belt. You should never feel obliged to respect a lying rag written by zionists to persecute the goy.

a94fe9  No.12663202


>funny how the antifa fag looks like a stereotypical skinhead

It's incredible how not longer than 15 years ago, the violent arm of the leftists would declare to fight against globalization. After 9/11, the kikes shook the reins and they've all become good goys.

2dcb5a  No.12663376


And Gnome Chumpsky is worried that the US armed forces might leave Syria. He want's them to stay and fight!

000000  No.12663383

My fellow Frenchmen.

Tomorrow will begin the 9 protest so here's what I can tell.

The Army has been asked to intervene but thanks to some fellow retired group have been spreading the word to not too and it worked.

The gypsies are actually an attempt from the gov to push this into a civil war and all of the medias are participating into that, some are aware some aren't.

The government has now officially put most of its own police force against itself since they fucked them up again with their salary and other claims that they did not respect.

Even tho DO NOT engage in violent acts most of the police force who is still in service are doing it because they truly believe that without them it will go into utter chaos they are patriots who have no or little knowledge of the situation. The police officers who uses excessive usage of force and voluntary gas and harm people are just scum with power trip don't do anything violent against them either there's no winning fighting these people just push them aside, with the mass of the group it's easily done.

For French who are coming in bus to the capital there's a good chance that you'll be stopped before by gendarmes, they will ask you your ID, you'll be referenced in their database, forbidden to protest and forced to go back home, if you don't and if you're caught afterwords you'll be juridically punished, this already happened at the fourth and fifth act, don't make the same mistake and find a way to go there without being caught.

Since the beginning it's all a game of patience, they are just trying to get people to quit. For what I see I have never thought that it would go this far so as always don't trust them, continue what you are doing, we aren't far from the end and maybe if we are lucky day of the guillotine will happen.

Day of the guillotine shitpost aside here's a reminder of what needs to be done.

-No one can be elected if they don't have a blank criminal record.

-An elected cannot have a private life in the meantime of his mandate.

-An elected cannot accumulated more than one post.

-An elected will be paid minimum wage.

-An elected looses all of his bonuses when is mandate ends.

-When Blank votes are a majority a fail safe mechanism must renew the pool of people who are presenting themselves.

-It is forbidden to export work out of France.

-Corporation and big companies cannot buy more than two other companies in France.

-Corporation and big companies are forbidden to be in a tax heaven.

-The retirement system is fucked up, it needs to be redone from the start, unfortunately people will suffer from that.

-Banks need to be punished for their bullshit, loans should not be a thing.

-If they ask, employees have to be payed in cash without any limit (actual limit if you ask is 1000 euros).

-Get out of Europe.

-Un-privatize la poste and other old public services who are being turned into shit.

-The education system must have educators who are correctly educated, the competitive exam needs to come back too a note of 18/20 and not 3.8/20 as it is today.

-Ministers should not be the ones who decides who gets to be juridically punished for those who financially frauds, everyone should be treated the same.

-Electronic voting must be forbidden ad vitam æternam.

If you have more propositions then post them.

Good luck anons and Vive la France, Vive la liberté.

Note to the responsible of this board, please let tor poster at least create threads.

81ef73  No.12663411


>If you have more propositions then post them.

Not a Frenchman, but how about add something about immigration and deportation? And add that France is for the French

79b87a  No.12663419


What does it say on that cover? I don't speak frog.

9d14f8  No.12663469



d180b9  No.12663482


>and maybe if we are lucky day of the guillotine will happen.


000000  No.12663566


>Not a Frenchman, but how about add something about immigration and deportation? And add that France is for the French

I'm for it but saying that to people in those terms will never work.

French have been too much educated towards empathy for that too work. What would work too and be a wholesome thing is that if a proposition was made to make these people educated, remove their religion or at least decontaminate it, then take them back to "their lands, their homes" and that WE the french people help them to reconstruct their country not only we will be seen as saviors but we will have a country that owns us a lot, just like after WW2 France owned a lot to the US and we still are under it, when TV made it's appearance in France the US imposed a mandatory amount of time for some of their show to be aired.


m8 I was just shitposting, what I want is that all of these crooks to be judged and sent for the rest of their lives into forced labor camp, aka french gulag but with good treatment, as short as their lives are seeing how old they are.

b29a22  No.12663584



Not a frog, but according to some shit translation

>France is doing well

>all cons are angry

000000  No.12663610


>all cons are angry


"Cons" is an insult that can be translate to "idiot" "dipshit" or "stupid".

a94fe9  No.12663611


>What does it say on that cover?

Everything is all right

All the white rednecks are angry

a94fe9  No.12663644


>"Cons" is an insult that can be translate to "idiot" "dipshit" or "stupid".

It is used against the working class to imply smallness versus internationalism - the typical kike insult. And while it does not explicitly say 'white', know it's something that's never brought against immigrants no matter how ignorant and retrograde they are are (they're always celebrated as bringers of health and future), and it's no mistake everyone is white in that picture.

091ff7  No.12664091

Reminder that the french brought in Morroccans during WW2 to rape german women into submission.

e924ff  No.12665060



>remember, you are obliged to hate the people you would be wise to support!

Once you'll find a positive outcome from siding with the jews, I'll consider it. You can't, they are evil, twisted and vile.

9ec4f3  No.12666880


>what I want is that all of these crooks to be judged and sent for the rest of their lives into forced labor camp,

the punishment fits the crime

how very hammurabi of you

cant speak for the rest here, obviously they all want blood because theyre edgy and uninvolved, but that sounds decent, and possible, just like the whole rest of this movement.

gotta say

bravo frogs. bravo

showing the world how its done in le current year

fc87a5  No.12666961


Violence brings violence, the bike is back with a vengeance

2b87e2  No.12668687

File: 868ff7abe32d4e6⋯.jpg (52.69 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1547331462701m.jpg)

2b87e2  No.12668692



879b58  No.12668721

File: 4ca5a8244f6c384⋯.jpg (52.02 KB, 719x713, 719:713, Nuke dreaming.jpg)

So did the taking money out of the bank all at once work?

867f3d  No.12668737


>he becomes a martyr,

No, he becomes a cuck.

Martyrs give up their life for their cause, and sometimes more, not their dignity.

2b87e2  No.12668747

File: 24995cd030b224c⋯.webm (14.2 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Hold_Fast_-_Esprit_Guerri….webm)

File: 481e9bc5cc67d14⋯.jpg (33.94 KB, 479x598, 479:598, vubcnNQ_d.jpg)

File: f244d290572b20f⋯.jpg (16.65 KB, 476x268, 119:67, christophe-dettinger-boxeu….jpg)




2b87e2  No.12668761

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e9cf3e  No.12668762

Good luck Frogs, I pray for you.

2b87e2  No.12668769

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It is all going to burn.


867f3d  No.12668780



Lmao, Between 60-70% of the population of French prisons are Muslim.

9e6b06  No.12668782

>French doing more in a week than clapistanis did in fifteen years

Soldier on you brave frogs

2b87e2  No.12668796

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

MAXIMUM support

e9cf3e  No.12668798

File: 129edfdc93a6f5a⋯.png (61.31 KB, 1600x1074, 800:537, Clarity.png)

Frogs, time to collapse the triangle.

2b87e2  No.12668803

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

21e096  No.12668810



Unless the France fully collapses (highly unlikely).

The movement will stop eventually and he will face court one way or another. Turning himself in early is a smart move.

Also, what the fuck have you Ameriniggers ever done with your guns? Take your larping shit elsewhere.

2b87e2  No.12668823

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Do not take antifa/globalist hook.

Dettinger is hero. Not only hero of France.

Hero of Europe!

2b87e2  No.12668837

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Perdu dans un âge où prédomine la douleur

La souffrance de tout ton peuple atteint son paroxysme

Toujours vaillant tu te dresses face aux conspirateurs

Tout s'effondre autour de toi : qui échappera au séisme ?

Bienvenue soldat !

Bienvenue en enfer

A qui profite ce cauchemar ?

Es-tu prêt à mourir pour ta terre ?

Bienvenue soldat !

Bienvenue en enfer

A qui profite ce cauchemar ?

Es-tu prêt à mourir pour ta terre ?

Seul véritable opposant à leur système corrompu

Tu n'es pas comme tous ces gens utiles à ceux qui tuent

Jaillissant des ténèbres, tu embrasses la vie

Brave guerrier dans tes veines, la force et l'envie

Bienvenue soldat !

Bienvenue en enfer

A qui profite ce cauchemar ?

Es-tu prêt à mourir pour ta terre ?

Bienvenue soldat !

Bienvenue en enfer

A qui profite ce cauchemar ?

Es-tu prêt à mourir pour ta terre ?

Sous les feux ! Sous les feux !

Sous les feux ! Sous les feux !

(La vie appartient à ceux qui la prenne)

Sous les feux ! Sous les feux !

Sous les feux ! Sous les feux !

Tu appartiens à une grande civilisation

Celle qui donne l'élan nécessaire à la survie du monde

Alors si tu perds la vie sous les feux assaillis

Tu préfères le sacrifice plutôt que d'être complice

Bienvenue soldat !

Bienvenue en enfer

A qui profite ce cauchemar ?

Es-tu prêt à mourir pour ta terre ?

Bienvenue soldat !

Bienvenue en enfer

A qui profite ce cauchemar ?

Es-tu prêt à mourir pour ta terre ?

65edcb  No.12668838


You need to also push for it to be illegal to in any way harm, displace, replace or disenfranchise native french peoples.

2b87e2  No.12668858

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I disagree.

You (presumably you are French) have started the fire that will result in all out war.

Globalists and their henchmen will lose.

Each and every one of them will die.

For their monkeys:


9ec4f3  No.12668969


>So did the taking money out of the bank all at once work?

im keeping an eye on it >>12666300

wait till monday for the real shitshow

492f7d  No.12670039

File: 6dbb559b2673c28⋯.png (696.23 KB, 1600x1119, 1600:1119, RISEABOVE.png)

File: 7ff914b95a30c9e⋯.jpg (59.71 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 8f63cea9dcdc44a88a8a6dba14….jpg)

File: 036c5a61e0d89d0⋯.jpg (17.86 KB, 384x384, 1:1, unnamed (7).jpg)


ac1486  No.12670107

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


d0c65c  No.12670132


>because the #1 victim of flails are the users of the flails

That's because you fucking retards think flails are suppose to be on a tiny rod. They're suppose to be on a polearm so there's 0 chance of hitting yourself or anyone near you.

77534a  No.12670137

File: b200ef3f26b2f4c⋯.mp4 (1.59 MB, 406x720, 203:360, policed.mp4)

ac1486  No.12670140

File: 10aa667fb48fbeb⋯.mp4 (7.73 MB, 480x360, 4:3, _Hold_Fast_-__Against_you_….mp4)

File: 4977b0c88f8be7d⋯.jpg (61.87 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, Dtkvhy1UUAI-5ZB.jpg)

File: 383d546c24e742b⋯.jpg (231.76 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20181201_EUP501.jpg)

File: baeb85a40daf230⋯.jpg (86.46 KB, 790x444, 395:222, gilets.jpg)

File: 3a808814cf00f50⋯.jpeg (229.53 KB, 2000x1342, 1000:671, 2000.jpeg)

ac1486  No.12670142

File: 103aa482dbd461e⋯.jpg (92.88 KB, 640x400, 8:5, ipmmfuxa6el9r75c025d9eebb7….jpg)

dccfc8  No.12670149


Why are the French always so good at revolution?

ac1486  No.12670156

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


310c5f  No.12670170


dont ask questions m8

just take notes

ac1486  No.12670191

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


My thoughts exactly.

It seems to come natural?

5643e9  No.12670327

File: 4d2f83e94b8aaea⋯.jpg (30.02 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 140808.jpg)

File: caf21b26b07b1bd⋯.jpeg (94.37 KB, 640x777, 640:777, DVJN2m-VwAAEHaS.jpeg)

File: 922c639ac983e74⋯.jpg (54.17 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1547132497-Yellow-vest-ang….jpg)

File: 7f29a5c0fc37185⋯.jpg (70.97 KB, 640x489, 640:489, Dettinger-02-640x489.jpg)

File: c8de6939c0ba79e⋯.jpg (65.77 KB, 1003x669, 1003:669, B9718206802Z.1_20190112083….jpg)

He, who defends his country, does not violate any law


"Hello Emmanuel Macron, the boxer in pre-trial detention, very well. And your aide who disguised himself as a cop to beat people? And the policeman who beats up demonstrators? And the former minister (Luc Ferry) who calls on the police to open fire on the yellow vests?"


48ae2a  No.12670339


How do you take notes without asking questions?

000000  No.12681770

French know how to cook better than Germans know how to use oven better too France is coming for jew

8db3d7  No.12681784

If you want to get your squad battle ready, download these. Share them, upload them to flash drives, pass them around.




Should be ready to knock out a pig inside 3 months, but if you want to make things quick just skip to the combat training lecture in Physiology and Fitness.

6ff958  No.12701378

>For the 10th week in a row, Yellow Vest protesters filled the streets of Paris and other cities in France, with thousands of police standing guard. Earlier, President Emmanuel Macron launched his “national debates” on the crisis.

>Around 84,000 people had joined the protests across the country on Saturday, the Interior Ministry said. The turnout was comparable to that of last week, meaning that the nation-wide debate on the crisis announced by President Emmanuel Macron so far did little to change the people’s moods.

>In Paris, the Yellow Vest occupied the Champs-Elysees and the Esplanade des Invalides near the nation’s parliament. People were seen waving national flags and setting off firecrackers.

> 🇫🇷 [#Acte10] Entre 4.000 et 5.000 #GiletsJaunes place de #Invalides à #Paris. Manifestation calme. Un commissaire de police affirme que la mobilisation sera très forte pour l'#ActeX en ce #19Janvier. Images impressionnantes. Forte présence policière. pic.twitter.com/HawGe9atv2

> — La Plume Libre (@LPLdirect) January 19, 2019

>Some protesters brought cardboard coffins, in memory of the people who have died since the beginning of the protests (the majority was killed in traffic accidents during road blockades). They marched under a large banner reading “Citizens in danger.”

>The law enforcers used water cannons and tear gas to disperse some of the protesters in Paris.

>"Over in the distance, you might see a water cannon. They’re trying to disperse the protestors,” RT’s Charlotte Dubenskij reported from the heat of the action in Paris. “We did see the protestors trying to break down some of the traffic lights. We’ve also seen tear gas being dispersed… The protestors were trying to throw back the tear gas pellets back at the police.”

>After the officers used force, there were people lying on the ground, who “potentially could’ve been injured,” Dubenskij said.

>42 protestors were arrested in the capital for carrying illegal items and other violations, the police said.

> #YellowVest protests hit #Paris for the tenth week in a row

> WATCH NOW: https://t.co/RtAjzq34Efpic.twitter.com/soU9I6hD7Q

> — Ruptly (@Ruptly) January 19, 2019

>The demonstrators have denounced Macron’s open letter to the country, in which he announced the launch of the nation-wide debate to defuse the tensions, as nothing but a “huge scam.”

>“It contradicts everything he [Macron] says and does,” one of the protestors told RT, with the other saying that he’ll gladly send the letter back to the president.

>“We hear a lot of fine words, but see very few decisions that somehow improve the wellbeing of the people. There must be a least a slight increase in living standard after we’ve been crying for help for the past ten weeks. We work hard, but we still have an empty fridge. That’s how we live,” a female demonstrator said.

>The Yellow Vest processions took place in Caen and Rouen, both in northern France. The rallies were also held in Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Toulon, Dijon, Beziers, Avignon, among other places.

> #rouen#giletsjaunes acte 10 pic.twitter.com/SpKzAbFzet

> — Photo Jérémy (@Jeremy_76_photo) January 19, 2019

> #Caen The march continues with music and chants for #ActeX#GiletsJaunes#Yellowvestspic.twitter.com/6RuyIPR122

> — nonouzi (@Gerrrty) January 19, 2019

>The authorities deployed 5,000 police officers in Paris, and 80,000 nationwide, according to local media.

>Armored police cars were filmed moving through the southern city of Toulouse where 10,000 people took to the streets. There were scuffles between the police and the Yellow Vests, with at least ten people detained.

>A major rally also took place in Bordeaux, with the attendance between 4,000 to 6,000 demonstrators.

> #Toulouse se prépare à l’#ActesX des #Giletsjaunes#Acte10pic.twitter.com/yYqx6JghxZ

— Sheherazade Idres (@serdishe) January 19, 2019

>Some French protesters carried placards, reading "Freedom, Equality, Flash-Ball," referring to the type of ‘less-lethal’ guns used by law enforcement to quell the protests. The placards also contained pictures of Marianne – a national symbol of liberty – with an injured eye. That was apparently an allusion to a high-publicized incident in December when a young woman was hit in the eye by a projectile the activists say was fired from a Flash-Ball.

>In Avignon, the protestors attempted to set the city hall on fire by gathering burning waste materials in front of the wooden doors to the building.

> 🔴 URGENT - #Avignon : Des #casseurs ont tenté de mettre le feu à l'hôtel de ville. Ils ont incendié un container à poubelles devant la porte en bois du bâtiment situé place de l'Horloge avant de prendre la fuite en cassant tout ce qu'ils pouvaient sur leur passage." #giletjaunepic.twitter.com/EQo9qrVZw8

> — FranceNews24 (@FranceNews24) January 19, 2019

6ff958  No.12701380

>The Yellow Vest protests began in November as a movement against planned fuel tax hikes, but eventually grew to include wider demands, including the resignation of President Emmanuel Macron and his government.

>Previous rallies have seen violent clashes with police. There have been injuries on both sides, and over 1,000 people have been detained in connection to the unrest, which has at times spilled out into street battles.

> After months of #YellowVest protests across France, we take a look at how the govt’s reaction to the movement has changed#GiletsJaunes#LesGiletsJaunespic.twitter.com/uAi1wXOXcA

> — RT (@RT_com) January 18, 2019

>Saturday’s rallies take place days after President Emmanuel Macron launched“grand national debates,” a series of public discussions about the government’s policies. He hopes the debates will help in reaching a compromise with the protesters, but many have expressed skepticism regarding the format and intentions. As a result, some protesters appeared with placards denouncing the debates as a “(((scam))).”


4ee2cf  No.12704867

File: 535da0dc4db6550⋯.jpg (121.3 KB, 830x500, 83:50, 535.jpg)



Lost in an age where pain predominates

The suffering of all your people reaches its climax

Always valiant you stand against the conspirators

Everything collapses around you: who will escape the earthquake?

Welcome soldier!

welcome to Hell

Who benefits from this nightmare?

Are you ready to die for your land?

Welcome soldier!

welcome to Hell

Who benefits from this nightmare?

Are you ready to die for your land?

Only true opponent of their corrupt system

You are not like all these people useful to those who kill

Gushing out of darkness, you embrace life

Brave warrior in your veins, strength and desire

Welcome soldier!

welcome to Hell

Who benefits from this nightmare?

Are you ready to die for your land?

Welcome soldier!

welcome to Hell

Who benefits from this nightmare?

Are you ready to die for your land?

Under the fire! Under the fire!

Under the fire! Under the fire!

(Life belongs to those who take it)

Under the fire! Under the fire!

Under the fire! Under the fire!

You belong to a great civilization

The one that gives impetus to the survival of the world

So if you lose your life under assault fires

You prefer sacrifice rather than being an accomplice

Welcome soldier!

welcome to Hell

Who benefits from this nightmare?

Are you ready to die for your land?

Welcome soldier!

welcome to Hell

Who benefits from this nightmare?

Are you ready to die for your land?

2cb082  No.12704893


Justice won't be slid

2cb082  No.12704898


I'm not familiar with using torrents, I usually just get all of my shit from /k/, /fit/, or /pol/ when we have info dumps

Should I use a VPN first, and this shit isn't laced with viruses is it?

7f38d2  No.12704926

File: 72abcc710b39d2c⋯.png (285.66 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Let's see the euros make fun of lacrosse now.

787225  No.12704938

File: 332858c9222ae0e⋯.jpg (468.74 KB, 1000x1974, 500:987, almost final version - Cop….jpg)





Someone with access to something other than MSpaint need to fix the merchant leg in the second case and it will be good for the presses.

e1faa1  No.12705444

File: 7f194c50f48515f⋯.jpg (433 KB, 1000x1974, 500:987, giletjauneropepull-merchan….jpg)

e1faa1  No.12705452

File: acf26899d8022d5⋯.jpg (432.66 KB, 1000x1974, 500:987, giletjauneropepull-merchan….jpg)


Sorry for the double post, but I also fixed the arm here.

872bef  No.12705512


I really hate to say it… but this would probably actually work.

872bef  No.12705522


You know that you can upload PDFs here right? They need to be 12mb or under though, but they should be anyhow if you expect their usage and distribution to be practical.


>why french good at revolution?

Because they only have to fight other more cuckholded french, and jews. Further, the hatred is already a very familiar one.

ca6256  No.12705557

File: edba8591c45ca4b⋯.jpg (56.42 KB, 600x467, 600:467, Frei Korps 2.jpg)

Doesnt france have good gun laws? and a good amount of people have legal firearms? what happens when one of the yellow vests gets shot?

832735  No.12705602


they have already been shot. a fireman shot by police in the back of the head, now in a coma, another protestor lost a hand, then there's that weird video with a guy looking like he was shot once and then a second later another bullet flying

ca6256  No.12705609


That was by some riot gun, i mean with real boolets from they guns they where issued out a week or two ago

000000  No.12705633

Looks like mossad's French tentacle hasn't found a leader to make a fake compromise with yet. lol. The Yellow Vests should go after Macron next weekend. There's a greater chance of him guillotining himself than resigning or allowing the people a way to overrule the decisions of Tel Aviv.


ca6256  No.12705682


>french people kill macron

what would happen? would other countries get worried about their leaders?

9c6985  No.12705686

A new form of protest will soon form, "nuits jaunes" (yellow nights) will be organised where protesters hold a protest for a duration of at least 48h.

1263fe  No.12705700


Perhaps. With luck his head will roll and we'll find out.

48ae2a  No.12705868


50:50 that America invades France to 'protect democracy'.

ca6256  No.12705881

File: 1b56aed2fe68cf6⋯.png (93.47 KB, 331x429, 331:429, 1b56aed2fe68cf653d8680946c….png)


>america invading france

that sounds cool, someone make this happen

52e79b  No.12705888


Ah cool they could build a wall to the north of Europe and keep those meddling Russians out.

20ceb7  No.12705889


>and lose

1444d2  No.12705899

File: 54277e7b3660b53⋯.jpg (10.47 KB, 251x247, 251:247, 1242334289044.jpg)


You can get one general of your choice until the revolution is over, consider it payback for Lafayette.

000000  No.12705912

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


lol. Did you see the thread with the Mexican in the barbed wire? Mexicans is what the U.S. military is mainly composed of now. They would get their monkey asses kicked so hard if they even the guts to try. More likely they would increase aid money to the U.N. so they can attempt to preserve the despotic government in France or leave it in ruin.

000000  No.12705947

Reagan describing an assraping in Vietnam during an award ceremony for a special forces amnesty taco who got shot in the ass while wasting tax dollars calling in air strikes and gunship fire by a barefoot guy in a straw hat with a pistol.

000000  No.12705949

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000  No.12705960

The fight is worth it!


Jewish Talmudic Quotes - Facts Are Facts

From Acharya S


Talmudic Quotes

The decisions of the Talmud are words of the living God. Jehovah himself asks the opinions of earthly rabbis when there are difficult affairs in heaven.

Rabbi Menachen, Comments for the Fifth Book

Jehovah himself in heaven studies the Talmud, standing: he has such respect for that book.

Tractate Mechilla/Me'ilah

R. Johanan said: A heathen who studies the Torah deserves death, for it is written, Moses commanded us a law for an inheritance; it is our inheritance, not theirs. Then why is this not included in the Noachian laws? – On the reading morasha [an inheritance] he steals it; on the reading me'orasah [betrothed], he is guilty as one who violates a betrothed maiden, who is stoned. An objection is raised: R. Meir used to say. Whence do we know that even a heathen who studies the Torah is as a High Priest? From the verse, [Ye shall therefore keep my statutes, and my judgments:] which, if man do, he shall live in them. Priests, Levites, and Israelites are not mentioned, but men: hence thou mayest learn that even a heathen who studies the Torah is as a High Priest! – That refers to their own seven laws.

Sanhedrin 59a

To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.

Libbre David 37

A Jew should and must make a false oath when the Goyim asks if our books contain anything against them.

Szaaloth-Utszabot, The Book of Jore Dia 17

We beg Thee, O Lord, indict Thy wrath on the nations not believing in Thee, and not calling on Thy name. Let down Thy wrath on them and inflict them with Thy wrath. Drive them away in Thy wrath and crush them into pieces. Take away, O Lord, all bone from them. In a moment indict all disbelievers. Destroy in a moment all foes of Thy nation. Draw out with the root, disperse and ruin unworthy nations. Destroy them! Destroy them immediately, in this very moment!

Prayer said on the eve of Passover (Pranajtis: Christianus in Talmudae Judeorum, quotations from: Synagoga Judaica)

The Feast of Tabernacles is the period when Israel triumphs over the other people of the world. That is why during this feast we seize the loulab and carry it as a trophy to show that we have conquered all other peoples, known as "populace"…

Zohar, Toldoth Noah 63b

When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves.

4f9bb2  No.12705968




Isn't that the origin of the word 'nazi' to begin with? A derogatory slur by a Jewish journalist mocking the rural German population voting for national interests? Sounds like history is repeating itself. Fun times are ahead.

8bd777  No.12705986


Arabs and Berbers can't fight in traditional wars without a strongarm leading them.

872bef  No.12706004


Yeah but half of the guns were trained on the riot police, by snipers, in case they switched sides.

872bef  No.12706021


>Nazi - an insult in use long before the rise of Adolf Hitler's party. It was a derogatory term for a backwards peasant – being a shortened version of Ignatius, a common name in Bavaria, the area from which the Nazis emerged

Is this accurate? If so, it would make for some incredible cognitive dissonance if memed appropriately, that the term it's self is a racial slur.

000000  No.12706126

Dropping in to report from Germany.

There is basically a news black out about the protests in France, safe for some alibi mentioning that there were "some demonstrations".

I smell some desperation from our occupation regime as well. They are really hysterical over the most benign demonstrations (Chemnitz) and are now starting to dismantle, make illegal the only noteworthy opposition party (AfD).

I think that overreactions of the regime in France and Germany are in the end a good thing. They wake up the blue pilled majority and let them notice that the regime is in fear of loosing power. The moment the regime is no longer the the unquestioned default, that is the beginning of the end of a regime.


Not redpilled, more like Reds in the communist sense.


>immigration and deportation to people in those terms will never work French have been too much educated towards empathy for that too work.

In other words they are too stupid and mongrelized already.

I suspect there is significant participation of "youths" in the violent protests. Already used to plunder and loot shitskins and nigger, that let no opportunity pass to riot in France.

It would be the best for the anons not to get caught in the tumults, but prepare for taking over power afterwards.

ca6256  No.12706163

File: a022559ba515118⋯.mp4 (9.16 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Popcorn 1969.mp4)


>france and germany teaming up to take on the world

>Jews are afraid

can 2019 get any better?

7c7c74  No.12706185


You are a Nazi because "Nazi" means "backwards peasant" the way "holocaust" is "burnt offering"."

872bef  No.12706188


That's not what they were saying though.

ca6256  No.12706364

File: bfb0386393a30bb⋯.jpg (226.26 KB, 1024x692, 256:173, Germany then and now.jpg)


but i wish it was, does germany have their own yellow vest movement yet or are they still turbo cucked? i just hope some country gets the next hitler soon

1a6ce1  No.12706448



ca6256  No.12706537

File: 7931a08d9f13785⋯.webm (6.15 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Adolf Hitler ..webm)



3ca4ea  No.12706586


The Germans loved Hitler very much, as you can plainly see from his PR photos. Look at the crowds in the ones from Vienna (not these, these are basically ALL military) and you can plainly see that there are enough soldiers scattered through the parade attendees to make VERY SURE that everyone present loves their Führer.

Even these, where the audience appears to be entirely or almost entirely military? You see a section with a lot of cheering women… and a balding guy in back, just in case one of those women decides that the man who enslaved her race needs to be physically removed.

Merkel's entourage looks to be between 8 and 17 bodyguards. Adolf has that many just for the frauleinen section of his audience.

2dce40  No.12706639


>Watch kids get fucked in the streets by Jewish cosmopolitans not 10 years prior

>Be part of the solution to it


very cool words dude aha

4ad946  No.12706656



Oh no, there had to be dozens of POLICEMEN not soldiers, retard to hold back a crowd of thousands of people? What an insane idea.

Stay cucked. Hitler walked among his people without ballistic protection.

ca6256  No.12706667

File: ba62dbf874d7c4f⋯.jpg (42.17 KB, 650x345, 130:69, weimar Germany 2.jpg)

File: 98cf127e1bcaec1⋯.jpg (10.08 KB, 180x279, 20:31, weimar Germany 3.jpg)


Are you from weimar germany? you mad hitler got rid of your child prostitutes?

0ea481  No.12706733


You're a lying sack of shit. Hitler just walked right up to people and talked to them like a normal guy, because for most of his life he was a normal guy. The idea that German soldiers were holding Mausers to everyone's head to force them to cheer is a shitty Jewish meme that gets drilled into people's heads as children so the idea is that much harder to break. Western leaders now need bulletproof glass, snipers, and two dozen armed bodyguards because the people hate them and they know it. You'll never see Macron, Merkel, or anyone else in modern Europe interact with the common folk like that.

Hebraic shithead.

d949cf  No.12706827


They'll make way once the ram charges and then surround the people carrying the ram and beat them senseless. Not effective at all.

d949cf  No.12706834


forgot to complete my post: the police in riot operations usually assume a loose triangular formation behind the line where anyone that manages to get through will be surrounded by at least 3 police officers, one is assigned to pin them down and the others will beat the person as much as needed to neutralize them.

2f668f  No.12707135


>inb4 muh schizo

The mongoloids that became the tribes of north and south america were visited by time travelers who bore witness to the end of times.

Those same travelers established the first white empires before being driven out in the kali yuga.

Their descendants are Europeans.

6d7f1f  No.12707196


She always has this look of disdain on her face.

0f1032  No.12707229


Yeah. Forced. When his yearly gathering of NATSOCs in Germany (Forget the name) destroys any type of political gathering held for the last 75 years.

Yup. Forced.

33c799  No.12707249


this dude is such a fucking boss

9cf7a5  No.12707337

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

French anons, a request for the English translated version of this

There was a Vimeo link but its offline.

Léon Degrelle - Le Volksführer

5f214f  No.12707399


5f214f  No.12707407

File: 41a32e2110f5bfd⋯.jpg (425.96 KB, 800x600, 4:3, MEME2019-01-16-09-23-44.jpg)

American Revolution the Sons of Liberty went to homes of Judges and Police with 100 Patriots and demanded resignations or they got tarred and feathered.

77e226  No.12707408


Search for The Epic Story of The Waffen SS

c3550d  No.12707413

Cry Reee! and let slip the frogs of war!

194cc0  No.12707647


>Mexicans is what the U.S. military is mainly composed of now.

They use drones and plane bombings, you retard.

000000  No.12707849



>The Germans loved Hitler very much, as you can plainly see from his PR photos. Look at the crowds in the ones from Vienna (not these, these are basically ALL military) and you can plainly see that there are enough soldiers scattered through the parade attendees to make VERY SURE that everyone present loves their Führer.

Yeah sure, Hitler was unpopular and only military men were used as props and forced people to cheer.

The jews from the US holocaust museum about his popularity:


>Austria, German troops entered the country on March 12, 1938. They received the enthusiastic support of most of the population.

Hitler In Vienna (1938) | British Pathé


3ca4ea  No.12710922


Your Vienna pic's a good example, actually - in addition to the normal cordon of bodyguards, you can make out a few uniforms scattered INSIDE the crowd.

I don't think all the people cheering for Hitler were forced - if you hated Hitler, the EASIEST thing to do is not go to his fucking victory parade. What's forced is the appearance that Hitler was universally loved. Absent the overwhelming military force, Hitler would have been met not only by the cheers of his (very real) fan club, but also the jeers of those Germans unwilling to accept being enslaved to the whims of a crazy guy, the riots of those with enough pride to still stand up for themselves, and the bullets of those who could see even the faintest outline of the depravity he planned to inflict upon Europa.

9a7400  No.12710972


Nobody is universally loved.

455edf  No.12711020


> Hitler was unpopular and only military men were used as props and forced people to cheer.


>gives the most kiked source imaginable

455edf  No.12711026


> being enslaved to the whims of a crazy guy

what the fuck are you talking about

>depravity he planned to inflict upon Europa.

complete and utter bullshit

455edf  No.12711038



these are the same people. notice how much he CAPITALIZES stuff

000000  No.12711041


Hitler will still be idolized, as he always was, deformed kike.

Your tribe will be completely slaughtered.

You have no power to stop your genocide.

e9d699  No.12711077



3ca4ea  No.12711081


Nobody except stormshills strawmanning claims that ALL Hitler's supporters were forced. Nobody who's not BLIND fails to notice the scope of the violence used to keep dissent out of the public eye.


Are you seriously pretending that an adult crossdresser who looks like he stands six feet tall BEFORE he puts his heels on is a child prostitute?

Presenting Nazis as enemies of child prostitution becomes even more laughable when you realize that their go-to hidey-hole network after the war included Paul Schäfer's group.

6b380b  No.12711087




kek has spoken. Must have been asleep for the first time!

Hitler will still be idolized, as he always was, deformed kike.

Your tribe will be completely slaughtered.

You have no power to stop your genocide.

3ca4ea  No.12711126


Have you ever READ Hitler? He's clearly insane. If you read contemporary accounts written BEFORE the concentration camps you will see that a large number of normies thought he was harmless because his positions were so obviously shitposting that, they believed, nobody could take them seriously!

eb6b31  No.12711200



5fdc83  No.12711219

File: e6793b50209cd9b⋯.gif (301 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Hitler.TheseDudes.gif)

File: af77d2f4f9f2e6e⋯.png (614.84 KB, 681x676, 681:676, HitlerWasRightPuppy.png)

File: 03be329ee9459b4⋯.jpeg (127.78 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, HitlerWasTheTruth.jpeg)


The Jew world was insane, and projected attack media onto Punished Hitler as the deposed male.

3ca4ea  No.12711280


Offended? Or aware that your counterarguments make you look stupid?


So why do Hitler's OWN writings make him look as crazy as some of the media said he was? What makes more sense?

Hitler's press releases and strategic decisions were all controlled by Jews trying to make him look crazy? Or… guy who looks craycray is actually craycray?

6b380b  No.12711405


>clearly insane

sauce, please.

Seemed rational to me.

1b7a40  No.12711426


Fuck man I want to buy this guy a drink. Or five.

48adfa  No.12711590

File: 2ec3c936785615a⋯.jpg (66.58 KB, 666x666, 1:1, dubs trips 666 check em.jpg)


tactical assault bike

48adfa  No.12711609

File: a636705231f43c9⋯.png (12.99 KB, 178x284, 89:142, SOP just punch through his….png)


>punching a shield

what a dumb shit. you wanna break your hand? front kick the guy to move him back, and then when he counters by pushing the shield at you, grab the top of it and pull it toward you. if will lock his shield arm and dig inot his leg, then his chin is wide open. hang onto the shield and punch away.

48adfa  No.12711640

File: a0a818e232d5895⋯.webm (2.84 MB, 988x548, 247:137, proud boy knocks out anti….webm)


when this happens over here, im going for white antifa race traitors FIRST, and everyone else shoul. no point in keeping track of niggers spics etc. we can spot them from 100 yards. just remember the race traitors. they get the bullet first. fuck antifa!

3ca4ea  No.12711806


The Nazis are plotting to enslave the white race in their ethnostate, you dumb fuck. When you see white antifa punching Nazis, *ANTIFA* are the racially aware ones.

7c7c74  No.12711824

What happened to that bank withdraw?

7c7c74  No.12711830


why are there people bringing up hitter? Fuck off.

e8e326  No.12711848



>waiting for chargers with baguette

5a41b6  No.12711862


The very last general was Patton. The rest suck cut dicks.

224896  No.12712477


It’s scary how that seemingly was forgotten about so easily.

1b69a9  No.12712492


He's got a bicycle!

2634d5  No.12712525

File: c3c980568967fe6⋯.png (5 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, A63816A3-110A-4259-AA17-8B….png)

File: 53db5afd4eeccba⋯.png (9.33 KB, 277x391, 277:391, E8C787A7-8399-4D7A-ACAC-13….png)

File: 91912fc48db77b8⋯.png (226.33 KB, 480x476, 120:119, 544B3AD4-E895-4B32-8464-FE….png)



nigger, what the fuck are you even talking about? do you even know where your at? your demonstrating that “you people” truly do have an average iq of 90. thanks for doing the work for us subhuman :)

dbb3b3  No.12712532

File: 941377f5d808977⋯.jpg (98.81 KB, 750x390, 25:13, 941377f5d80897732d0b4c5641….jpg)

Oh hi guyz it's been a while! what's been going on in this thread…


>The Nazis are plotting to enslave the white race in their ethnostate, you dumb fuck. When you see white antifa punching Nazis, *ANTIFA* are the racially aware ones.


2634d5  No.12712584

File: 917ce84766775f5⋯.png (174.25 KB, 500x264, 125:66, 1F35A972-5577-414C-A650-93….png)

File: b46704c4c01459c⋯.jpeg (57.27 KB, 753x393, 251:131, 44C20A1D-77E8-42BE-BB93-7….jpeg)

File: 09c338313211350⋯.png (209.27 KB, 500x255, 100:51, A31757B0-764C-4890-B473-B2….png)

File: 25d8fc9e968b879⋯.jpeg (230.29 KB, 1500x813, 500:271, 4BD34477-424A-4144-8405-1….jpeg)


so, turns out Idiocracy was actually a documentary. mike judge tried to warn us

2634d5  No.12712614

File: cf73070b9876d02⋯.png (543.25 KB, 647x782, 647:782, 21DFF970-F587-4B81-96FC-E8….png)

File: 0161ad0d966c0f7⋯.jpeg (3.88 MB, 4500x4602, 750:767, E52C957A-F109-4527-9255-5….jpeg)


you need to deprogram.


be8aea  No.12712667



7487d5  No.12712685


Hitler was a moderate and a catholic, very much a cuck compared to other members of the NSDAP or Thule members etc. It is not far-fetched to think he was really loved by his people.

d9ac42  No.12713746


this. Destroy the banks

a58af6  No.12713758


Thanks for the free bump

b1d138  No.12715105

File: 61579880908f1f3⋯.jpg (108.07 KB, 965x720, 193:144, widowmaker.jpg)

When I was a kid I used to tape a marble to the back end of these and drop them cracker first into a pipe slightly wider than the marble. It put a good dent in a piece of hard wood. Only problem is the delay.


Idle thoughts from a fellow taiwanese firework enthusiasts.

d3a91c  No.12715193

File: 134041868426d55⋯.jpg (224.64 KB, 742x960, 371:480, 1524330345206.jpg)

>>12645888 (checked)

0d4c8f  No.12715282

Any yellow vest news from someone on the ground?

efbfa2  No.12715609


There are rumors of continuous protests this weekend, day and night, 24h actions and 48h actions.

That isn't from the ground, it's from youtube and Eric Drouet, one of the GJ personalities that was arrested. Also Herve Ryssen is talking about acte 11, so I would expect there to be some action this weekend.

0d4c8f  No.12716008


Thanks. That media blackout combined with the language barrier really is a bitch.

ce2de0  No.12718785

Why not have a local company come by with a load of cobblestones or large gravel and dump it near the yellow vests for them to pick up and throw? Or just give out fireworks? Sparkler bombs (Google that)?

7a0cb5  No.12721015


I think it was a flashbang grenade… not sure, but I think he was trying to throw it back. If anyone knows pls share.

What I know for sure is that some cops were putting primed flashbangs into protestors jackets and letting them detonate, while pinning said protestor down.

6d9d36  No.12721505

File: a0685ea8f75bfec⋯.mp4 (8 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1024x576_MP4_1857647485448….mp4)

Shocking video shows fireman Yellow Vest protestor shot in the back of the head by French police, leaving him with serious brain injuries, as protests against Macron continue

>Olivier Beziade, a father-of-three, is in a coma after the Bordeaux shooting

>The incident on Saturday, the 9th week of Yellow Vest anti-government protests

>Mr Beziade's wife said police shot at them like rabbits as an inquiry is opened


a71bb0  No.12722229


You guys need to be a little more memetic, get the pussies to post fliers of that guys face from the 16 s mark or so. Macrons France, stuff mailboxes stuff tailpipes, stuff government offices, fax them and best of luck. I doubt you can fix the shithole the jews have made your country but its nice to know that your trying.

5f7561  No.12722259


they are way beyond memes already, lol

f1ec50  No.12722801


Everyone in France already knows what's going on, media is going full shutitdown mode everywhere else in the world though which is part of how you can tell that this is legitimate instead of astroturfed.

b5d01d  No.12722816

File: 4b36a02b5bd64ce⋯.png (198.79 KB, 637x609, 91:87, dasrite.png)



de3952  No.12723053


>teaching the yellow vests how to protest

>with fax lel

Amerifats, you are useless. I've never seen a people more cowardly, considered that you are loaded with guns and even marching around would put tremendous pressure on the politicians.

But you do nothing. Not do 'little', or do 'not enough': you really do nothing at all.

107de8  No.12723063


d3a91c  No.12723276


hey bot

7dce2b  No.12723290


This. As much as I hate D&C, one has to name what needs to be named - americans are fucking cowards. Your country is being raped by the kikes in broad daylight, you've got guns, and you do literally n-o-t-h-i-n-g. Pathetic.

4cf5c0  No.12723309


its imkikey not a bot

its a monkey nigger turkroachy faggot piece of shit

that was a modget for sure

094f5f  No.12723315



>i hate d&c but i will engage in it anyway

>the kike cries out in pain before you even strike him

same anons that try to push d&c bewteen american Whites and european Whites in every thread. try harder

5f7561  No.12723323


Obviously. He got digits every time he called it, lol




5f7561  No.12723352

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Ruptly (embedded)



















6597f4  No.12723364

File: 4517b96487230bb⋯.gif (3.15 MB, 366x231, 122:77, mental.gif)


>The Nazis are plotting to enslave the white race in their ethnostate, you dumb fuck. When you see white antifa punching Nazis, *ANTIFA* are the racially aware ones.

Gold medal in mental gymnastic for you. Thanks god for white genocide. You can't enslave white people if there are no white people.

5f7561  No.12723369

Tear gas fired


5f7561  No.12723372


riot police are lining up for a charge in Marseille


6597f4  No.12723395


>Americans are 56% white, have more weapons than everyone and best they can do is print paper with: IT IS OK TO BE WHITE

>fight for Israel, let Israel take down Twin Towers, Hollywood and FED


yeah. It is d&c when Europeans don't worship JewSA. But i am sure you will fight back soon. Don't forget to send more soldier to middle east and send some refugees to Europe. Your Call of Duty LARP is worth destruction of Europe. Iran need freedom and democracy. Or you can send more soldiers to save us like you did in WW1 and WW2.

32fd0e  No.12723404

File: 8453fc7face12f3⋯.gif (498.09 KB, 480x270, 16:9, SkullsSing.gif)


Weaponized pet treats?

Why not kill THEIR pets?

Bottles of booze can be adulterated with the juice of the death's cap mushroom, and left all over browntown

Great thing about it is, the death's cap destroys the liver, it takes time to do it, so no one will be wise until it's too late.

The only thing that can save them then is a liver transplant, and there's not enough livers or surgeons to go around, if you do this in mass.

Also, the death's cap mushroom grows wild all over N. America, the poison can't be traced.

5f7561  No.12723415

Tear gas fired in Nantes


5f7561  No.12723432

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Best Multistream

094f5f  No.12723441


>le 56% meme

shows how little you know about american demographics. statistics regarding our demographics are not actually representative of reality. the reason for this is the various federal agencies within our government each classify White differently. for example, the U.S. Census Bureau defines White as originating from 3 specific regions: (1) europe, obviously (2) north africa, and (3) the middle east. you can see evidence of this when you look at the FBI’s top 10 most wanted. it is common to see 7 or 8 of the criminals listed classified as White, however one only has to look at them to know that only 1 or 2 are actually White. i would assume that america is actually 30%-40% White at the most. but by all means, keep pushing White d&c, you’ll wear it out just like you did with “racist” and “nazi”

0ea481  No.12723445


Fuck off Deutschbag.

5f7561  No.12723447

Cars on Fire in Evreux


094f5f  No.12723448



White d&c. you’re not helping and you’re just as bad as he is

5f7561  No.12723454

Barricades being set up in Paris


11e260  No.12723466

File: 5b679a63447a9fe⋯.png (556.01 KB, 633x632, 633:632, Macronfordinner.png)


They're attacking bank doors and cash dispensers

5f7561  No.12723467

Burning barricades on the Ruptly Stream


5f7561  No.12723475

File: 027f5a35d64e0b2⋯.png (551.66 KB, 855x480, 57:32, 20190126GJParis.png)

6597f4  No.12723491


>i would assume that america is actually 30%-40% white

So it is even worst. But you have weapons, unlike Europoors. You become powerhouse of this sad planet after WW2. And you are minority in your own empire. But you still send billions to Isreal. Call it d&c if you want. But i would say America killed white race. We will read about day of rope for next 20 years. Until one day you will be hunted like whites in South Africa.

5f7561  No.12723493



dfc424  No.12723495


Maybe they should stay off the fucking road?

5f7561  No.12723500

CRS and GJs fighting now


5f7561  No.12723506

Right wingers charge left wingers on Diderot boulevard in Paris


7dce2b  No.12723515

dfc424  No.12723516



Kinda boring. When are people gonna start killing each other?

11e260  No.12723519

File: 9fe3d099ee94629⋯.png (244.12 KB, 530x378, 265:189, Lefaggits.png)


Red arm band shitheads were throwing heavy bricks at the protestors. The police were standing right behind them.

5f7561  No.12723521


5f7561  No.12723527

File: b1bcf924eabd6fb⋯.webm (1.37 MB, 500x277, 500:277, 20190126Molotov.webm)


Molotov WEBM

5f7561  No.12723538

Fires being lit in Toulouse, Molotov thrown at Bastille plaza, the planned location for the night protest.

5f7561  No.12723545



5f7561  No.12723556

File: ae00ae50b881eec⋯.webm (2.3 MB, 800x447, 800:447, 20190126CRScharge.webm)

094f5f  No.12723562



i love my White european brothers and sisters. its funny how much that upsets you so much. you must not be White

5f7561  No.12723565

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5f7561  No.12723570

A man with severe eye injury in Paris:


760cc3  No.12723582



Leave or go run a thread on "is it white" on 4ch.




And related posts…

Doing god's work anon.

094f5f  No.12723604


nah, ill stay right here :)

6597f4  No.12723606


Upset me that your ancestors fought Europeans and destroyed future of white race. Now we will have Islamic Europe. Nobody know how to fix this. You have all that weapons but do nothing with them. That makes me bit angry. Send 1% of your weapons to Europe and we could do something. Sorry for rant.


sorry for of topic. good luck frogs. admirable spirit.

5f7561  No.12723609


5f7561  No.12723615

File: 8b7bd5aa773d39a⋯.jpg (162.64 KB, 678x886, 339:443, 20190129EyeInjuryJeromeRod….jpg)


This guy they shot in the eye was a popular GJ personality

094f5f  No.12723619


funny how i already shut you down in other threads, your poor grammer is a dead giveaway. you must not be White if your trying to push White d&c so hard. i dont think you’re a kike, i suspect you’re indian

5f7561  No.12723625

File: f12f9a69ed8aea1⋯.jpg (179.91 KB, 715x488, 715:488, 20190129EyeInjuryJeromeRod….jpg)

6597f4  No.12723648


yeah. indian. sure. you are right, i will not bother with white genocide anymore. you realy shut me down. sorry for my fucked up english.

760cc3  No.12723660

File: fa48cc8e19e63db⋯.jpg (719.95 KB, 1776x788, 444:197, 1.jpg)

File: 068a3abe3e4e3d7⋯.jpg (778.79 KB, 1839x813, 613:271, 2.jpg)

File: 39f785536bcb4e5⋯.jpg (666.04 KB, 1659x821, 1659:821, 3.jpg)

File: dbbc732fbf99ef2⋯.jpg (587.64 KB, 1529x809, 1529:809, og.jpg)

File: 8dab76ab258f38f⋯.jpg (615.31 KB, 1483x761, 1483:761, og2.jpg)

I've watched a lot of this footage and one thing that stands out to me consistently is the nonsensical and basically retarded police movements. What do anons think they are even doing?

My pics are in order. They CONSTANTLY move around in little groups like this, facing like two protesters, and back away in a guarded fashion DIRECTLY into an area that is occupied by more protesters. Why are they making the police do retarded things? This whole thing…


>arroser le vieil homme

094f5f  No.12723667

File: a1c17ea6919bdc5⋯.jpeg (313.37 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, 84791AE5-BA31-4997-AD1E-5….jpeg)

File: 2dfd46a80a22391⋯.jpeg (1.13 MB, 2401x1600, 2401:1600, FF933C48-2525-47C3-B185-F….jpeg)

File: 5e2b65db141a1da⋯.jpeg (284.38 KB, 2592x1743, 864:581, 2EB27CCF-41CF-48C7-BF2D-9….jpeg)

File: 5ceef683f26d0c6⋯.jpeg (94.69 KB, 596x765, 596:765, 5B27A29A-EAB6-4F83-9722-9….jpeg)

File: 53db5afd4eeccba⋯.png (9.33 KB, 277x391, 277:391, FF962C29-02AB-47EF-B883-D5….png)


listen brother, if your White, cool. if that is true then i love you for that. besides, you’re english is better than any other language i speak because guess what? i dont know any other languages. i was giving you a hard time because you keep pointing your finger and playing the blame game, which is some really jew shit. the situation here in america is really not any better than in europe but if we dont stick together, then it really is over. thats all i was trying to get you to understand. if i had my own plane or boat, i would totally get you some guns friend. just relax and stop attacking your own kind, we are all in this together. White Pride worldwide!

0fe9f4  No.12723689

File: 3608bd434585fc1⋯.jpg (80.36 KB, 750x746, 375:373, 1543360308998.jpg)

b7f67b  No.12723692


I can understand your anger. If I could personally send over a fucking container ship filled with funs, I would. We're dealing with a prison of a different sort over here, ours is a mental prison, self formed by decades of indoctrination, not unlike Europe. The thing to consider is each discreet action taken by groups such as Gilets Jaunes, happens on a micro scale when compared to the US population base. Increase the numbers as we have here (in police and alphabet agencies) and yes it is much harder to form similar movements. However, do not make the mistake that no such undercurrent exists in this country


This anon gets it

0fe9f4  No.12723696

File: eea39d32659b9a5⋯.jpg (109.94 KB, 750x750, 1:1, eea39d32659b9a5e6134b271a3….jpg)

8b8124  No.12723699

File: c9b716ba8a608ba⋯.webm (1.9 MB, 800x447, 800:447, dickshot.webm)

dumb zogbot shooting himself right in the dick


He's in a coma. Now they've really done it.

a615ee  No.12723706


>baited 7 times

Sometimes it is good to take stock of the position. See how far wrong you have been, or how far right. See where you stand.

094f5f  No.12723721


that it?

de3952  No.12723746


>try to push d&c bewteen american and european

This isn't a safespace anon. The message is clear: you can't expect somebody else to do the job for you every time. Eventually you have to do something political IRL.

No one is telling you to shoot up anything. They're telling you to get outside, with a crappy paper sign, and walk together with others chanting slogans for the wall.

But you are afraid beyond all reasons, and quite frankly people are surprised. No one expected americans to be so chickenshit.

6597f4  No.12723755

File: 1816f027a1f87b4⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 88_5.gif)


Dude. I am simply angry and sad. And i don't know how to vent my frustration. I don't know how to fix it. I am tired and exhausted after all these years. Sometimes i lose my nerves. I know you guys here are not responsible for this. Sorry.

My english is . well. you can only learn so much from videogames and movies. I can imagine how lame it looks if somebody can't write properly.

Good luck fighting ZOG.

094f5f  No.12723760



you are supporting White d&c and you are clearly not white

094f5f  No.12723769


no need to be sorry brother. find strength in yourself, go workout or join a social club. box, jog, lift weights, do something and you will feel better. prepare yourself and if we are lucky, then we will have a battle worth dying in. good luck to you as well sir

btw, i’ve always been jealous of others that speak another language. it’s something i’ve had trouble learing to do. your english is impressive

de3952  No.12723771


You accuse others of shilling, but you shut down every argument and criticism brought forth without explaining why. All you say is that it's bad.

Care tell me, then? What do the fuck do Americans need to get off their asses and protest peacefully. The few times I've gotten rational responses about this, they were people complaining they didn't know anyone IRL and that Washington was too far: but protests can be held anywhere and groups need to be built one person at a time.

094f5f  No.12723784


>more assumptions and projections

>strawman arguments

>ad hominem

you will never be White :)

6597f4  No.12723817

File: ee28cf0c156713a⋯.jpg (550.68 KB, 1164x656, 291:164, 70.jpg)


I could ignore all of this if i want to. I am not fat slob at all. Injured my shoulder by lifting so i don't lift anymore. It was so bad i could not even heil. I don't think we will have our racewar until muslims starts their jihad here. And they don't have to do that actualy. They can wait and collect gibs. Can't judge situation in USA. We could win if we start today.

3010de  No.12723847


>what do American needs to get off their asses and protest peacefully

Well an honest state media would be a start, the real coffin opener would be economic collapse

094f5f  No.12723869

File: c5addfc0bda8bcb⋯.jpeg (34 KB, 580x398, 290:199, 24557328-07A2-4866-9E5C-D….jpeg)


sorry to hear about your shoulder, i would hate it if i couldnt work out. as far as your situation goes in Euro compared to U.S., think about it like this: what your experiencing is relatively new. your invasion started in the last few decades. we have been dealing with it for over a century; niggers have always been here thanks to the kikes importing them for slavery and spics have been invading our country for over 70 years. look up pictures of california in the 1950s, it was mostly White. the spics didnt start coming until White men started developing the land but ignorant mexicans will falsely claim that it was their land and we took it-that is wrong. integration with niggers was forced on us by the federal government in 1950s. attached pic is a picture from Little Rock Arkansas in the 1950s when White students were forced by the army with bayonets and rifles to go to school with niggers. as far a mudslimes go, the kikes have been importing them as well for the last few decades.

take a hard look at my country brother because it is most likly a glimps into the future for Euro, but i really hope not. your neighborhoods often self-segregate or in the case of the Danish, invader scum is segregated by the gov (when possible, but not always) in small towns far outside the city centers. on day, you will have you Little Rock too and this is already happening in many places in Euro. BUT, like i said, we have been dealing with this for over a century and if we can prevail, so can you. your skin color is your armour, your natural intelligence is you ingenuity, and your work ethic is above all else. if European’s will it, they will survive.

99e8d7  No.12723962

When will Macron step down?

6597f4  No.12723983


Segregated or not. These fucking muslims and niggers have to go. Back or to grave. Their kids already go to same school as white kids. If Europe let it go far like America, (((they))) won. Here lot of people know about this replacement. That is realy not taboo. You also have this brainwashed leftist idiots. Unlike in USA, 2015 was shock to Europe. It was too fast. Teen girls are afraid of rape. They welcomed refugees, but now they admit it was mistake. That give me hope. Also Salvini and Yellow vest give me hope. UK seems lost. British National Action is banned. In my country some newspapers ask people if they would vote for Hitler today. Majority said yes so they had to shut it down. And these people don't know that holocaust is bullshit.

Also here jews remember WW2. America is paradise for them so far. All these merchant memes could change it. Maybe.

483af0  No.12723997

Multistream is still up, rioting continues into the night


483af0  No.12723999

Bastille Plaza


483af0  No.12724011


483af0  No.12724014


Burning barricades here

483af0  No.12724020

Ruptly at the Bastille Plaza:


483af0  No.12724039

Multistream, Paris and Toulouse


483af0  No.12724045

Heating up in Toulouse


094f5f  No.12724051


>niggers and mudslimes have to go

i agree 100%

>invasion was a shock

>people are talking

it sounds like Europeans have learned from americas mistakes, this is good. plus we have the internet now so we can communicate and share information. because of this ability to circumvent establishment media, media outlets are losing lots of money. this week (as im sure you know) thousands of (((journalist))) were laid off because of this lost revenue. it seems like things are changing for the best, slowly but still changing, that gives me up. i often wonder if WW2 would have even happened if we had the ability to share information on the internet like we are now. we have a unique chance to avoid a situation like that again and we should not squander it

>USA is a jew paradise

this is so true, it makes me want to puke. i lost my childhood to these people in more ways than you could know and im not going to discuss it. growing up dealing with their aggressions has made me a very patient man. i am making my way into law school and one day i will strike; it will be high profile. i am biding my time and getting close to our enemies, i even tell them im a kike so i can get good jobs and get close to their families. i promise you this, if you live for another 30 years, you will see my attack in the news one day. i will not go quitely, blood for blood

92aa22  No.12724052


I bet there'll be more (((accidents))) involving Yellow Vest leaders in the coming weeks.

We can only hope the Yellow Vests wise up and start hitting back.

483af0  No.12724062


We're seeing two Molotov's on camera today, possibly more off camera. One movement personality had his eye shot out by a grenade, and mass protests are continuing into the night.

I am guessing that there are protesters tearing through the side streets and nobody is streaming it for fear of being caught. The streams tend to show gatherings in plazas and main streets.

483af0  No.12724068

They are bringing out the water cannon on the Ruptly stream

0fe9f4  No.12724075


Doesn't appear to be Antifa level shit either. Not destroying businesses.

fc0d30  No.12724088


Just like you avoid confrontation here over a simple and harmless question (what does america need to start a simple protest?), in the same way you come up with cheap excuses to run from political responsibility IRL.

Politics is not just posting memes, you need an eventual IRL presence. The enemy knows you've been bluffing so far and you're too afraid to protest the govt any time.


>an honest state media would be a start

Thank you for an answer: any info is good to try and understand what's cockblocking Americans so hard. Well, I believe you're in deep shit if americans are too afraid of the MSM to step out in their streets.

1d3f30  No.12724089

File: 5178e42b5ff26d7⋯.jpg (120.82 KB, 1027x738, 1027:738, mutt larper.jpg)

File: 18536edd4043495⋯.jpg (188.45 KB, 510x717, 170:239, Fuck muttmerica.jpg)

File: 80ae89ee57f0655⋯.png (305.75 KB, 500x500, 1:1, retards of the nation of s….png)


Stay mad subhuman mutts.

1d3f30  No.12724099

File: 79ba0a875a51964⋯.jpg (284.83 KB, 1024x695, 1024:695, amerimutt went to breed wi….jpg)


>you will never be White :)

You will always be a worthless, rootless mutt being proud of something all Europeans automatically have from birth.

094f5f  No.12724102



triggered as fuck hahahaha

483af0  No.12724105



1d3f30  No.12724109

File: 7b422f4d9dc38aa⋯.png (957.49 KB, 2790x1375, 558:275, choose_your_mutt.png)

File: c4783813cc3a060⋯.jpg (395.44 KB, 700x648, 175:162, Good mutt dead mutt.jpg)

File: 213001bedc30076⋯.jpg (76.17 KB, 370x960, 37:96, muttxpidition to Europe to….jpg)

094f5f  No.12724117


you will never be White :) hahaha

1d3f30  No.12724119

File: 07eef20f10e9e2e⋯.png (403.3 KB, 1120x697, 1120:697, amerimutts hate aryan beau….png)

094f5f  No.12724127



>id switching

>strawman arguments

>ad hominem

>supporting White d&c

you will nevee be White :)

483af0  No.12724134

Another bank assaulted Act 11


cb0ea6  No.12724135


>This guy they shot in the eye was a popular GJ personality


punished gilet jaune

99e8d7  No.12724143

Im white but I like asian women a lot does that make me a cuck?

483af0  No.12724148

Video Montage with Music


000000  No.12724166


If Trump builds a wall and gets a second term, yes. If he accepts defeat civiclly, then you are a survivor.

cb0ea6  No.12724171


>Im white but I like asian women a lot does that make me a cuck?

No, it makes you a bot.

Is this dead so needed that you place are?

483af0  No.12724180

80,000 riot police are deployed this weekend

In terms of scale, this is like 4 army divisions that have to be deployed and resupplied each weekend. Ofc, it's less lethal weapons and tear gas, but it's a huge expenditure that the French state has to outlay every weekend these protests continue.

cb0ea6  No.12724184



>actually mutal credit association

wut? They don't know the difference?

483af0  No.12724192


When it comes to banks and credit unions in France, I don't know the difference. But I know the difference between a peaceful protest and a popular uprising.

483af0  No.12724219

Journalist Assaulted

"Bastard, you work for the Jews!


000000  No.12724296

>Macron loyalists forces specifically targetted one of the leaders of the #yellowvests movement Jerome Rodrigous and blinded him with a rubber bullet.

Video posted 10 minutes ago by partisangirl.


0fe9f4  No.12724317

File: a060389038acbd1⋯.png (14.19 KB, 606x169, 606:169, ((()))).PNG)


This mofo is based

0fe9f4  No.12724323

File: 7bc90d862948836⋯.jpg (34.73 KB, 520x450, 52:45, 7bc90d862948836cb902bad221….jpg)

I want to join them so bad

5f214f  No.12724331


483af0  No.12724352

File: e8b86ea7db69dee⋯.jpg (217.65 KB, 736x960, 23:30, GJ_Eric_Drouet_call_4_rebe….jpg)

More tear gas fired in Toulouse:


It's just after 9pm, still early and many people are still out on the streets. It seems that the protesters have heeded the call to protest 24h.

Pic related is one of the popular spokesman's call for rebellion.

cb0ea6  No.12724378


I love the smell of guillotine oil in the morning.

7ebaf3  No.12724384


>popular spokesmen

Is this faggot any good or another plant?

483af0  No.12724422


Eric Drouet is the one that told them to protest 24h or 48h solid, and many of the normies are still out on the street, unlike before. I take this to mean that he is widely followed. Also, he was arrested previously. I doubt that a plant would advocate for escalation.

000000  No.12724425


>The Jews are our enemies and as such they hate, poison, and exterminate us. Romanians who cross into their camp are worse than enemies: they are traitors. If I had but one bullet and were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it.

>Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

Now replace Romanian, with any nation-state, and there is no mental gymnastics. Traitors are stupid enough to think the mobs of shitskins will forgive them for being white. Having the women turned into shitskin forced breeding and the men all turned into enuchs and trannies is the only forgiveness they will ever get. So we will not let them get our genetics. And if someone's genetics were stupid enough to let them go to that side, I don't want them in my pool anyway.

Wrap your brain around that shlomo, I can see your nose from here…

9a7b37  No.12724440

File: cd5f66768f6ffb6⋯.jpg (140.58 KB, 884x499, 884:499, flashball.jpg)


Even the RT stream guys got attacked today. People are angry.

7ebaf3  No.12724446


That info and those digits sound very good. It does indeed look like the Macaroni government is losing further control of the situation.

Looks like our French brothers are entering the next stage of this war. Let us support them as best we can and may Kek bless them in their struggle.

6597f4  No.12724507


>Wrap your brain around that shlomo, I can see your nose from here


I read it many times and realy don't know what is your point. I am not Codrenau. If i had to chose betwen shooting muslim, nigger, leftist or jew, i chose jew.

c0c23d  No.12724512


>Not destroying businesses.

They have attacked banks, God bless them.

always use cash fam*

c0c23d  No.12724530

File: 084d20e06a27fb9⋯.png (73.94 KB, 300x256, 75:64, lolwut.png)


>Macron loyalists forces

c3cf0b  No.12724532

Is it safe to say that nothing is going to be achieved?

0fe9f4  No.12724533

>>12724532 yeah…still waiting

483af0  No.12724549


Pro-ZOG terminology is "riot police", if that helps you.


They've already won concessions as well as diminishing France's wealth (which doesn't serve them), and de-legitimized the government. They've called attention to the forgotten people who live outside of the major cities and who don't belong to the cosmopolitan culture or the globalist economy.

c3cf0b  No.12724567


What concessions have they won? And how have they diminished wealth in a way that doesn't hurt themselves?

7ebaf3  No.12724580


Interesting terminology as it directly implies the existence of Macron-disloyal forces. Is the militarization done on purpose, I wonder. This also brings attention to the military itself which might become a player in the coming months.

a9444f  No.12724627


Constant overuse of emoticons are a nonwhite trait, jamal.

483af0  No.12724634


Regarding concessions, they've delayed implementation of the fuel tax, as well as forcing a national dialogue. Also, they've gained a symbolic victory, effective enough to be imitated by protesters in other countries. Those protesters have different grievances than the GJs, but have decided to wear reflective vests while protesting. Would they copy something that wasn't effective?

Regarding the diminution of wealth: one of the main reasons for the GJs protests is that their part of France (the periphery, not the main metropolises) has been left behind by the globalized, finance capital driven economy.

See: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-21/gilets-jaunes-are-unstoppable-now-elites-are-afraid


If they feel that they are not served by the wealth of the state, then the correct strategy is to diminish it. The promise of the French Republic is that its wealth and it's government belongs to all of its citizens. They have diminished that wealth by causing traffic blockages, sabotaged toll collections, broken speed radar cameras (60% of them across France), and caused large expenditures on riot police and needed supplies, as well as cleanup in the cities where they gather to protest. They also de-legitimize the government which ignores their interests, even though they are a majority of the population.

GJs is a movement of people who no longer trust voting and politicians - in that sense, it reflects the spirit of pre-Trump /pol/. It manifests itself not as a search for a political leader, but a rejection of all political leaders and the system that sustains those politicians.

483af0  No.12724658


I would note the urgency of the Aachen Treaty, which guarantees Macron external help from Germany for both external and internal defense. This would indicate that there may be forces not loyal to the regime. Also recall that the police asked for a pay raise and overtime pay and got those concessions without much trouble.

483af0  No.12724671

Also, the new development this weekend is that riot police (or loyalist forces, if you like) are now being deployed into the night. This will cost even more money, so it's a very smart move for Mr. Druet to call for extended-hours protests.

The stream I was watching just ended, but it showed riot police still in the streets at this hour (close to 11:30pm). There may even be protests tomorrow in the cities.

000000  No.12724675


I saw one twitter post where the police joined the protestors. Their police and military aren't as niggered as America's so they don't have what it takes to main/kill their own kind to the degree necessary to stop the yellow vests. Foreigners, especially American niggers will have a ball killing unarmed French civilians.

8109c7  No.12724677

c3cf0b  No.12724686


If the goal is the removal of politician and the current political system, how do they hope to accomplish it by the current methods? There doesn't seem to be anything that would properly threaten or over-throw the political system. Even if Macron was removed from office and another election held, the same corrupt system would still be in place.

7ebaf3  No.12724701


Americans perhaps but not Germans. Ironically because they, meaning both cops and soldiers, are so hammered by the guilt in the form of stories about muh ebil nahtzees killing innocent civilians that they won't be up to the task either.

483af0  No.12724712


I also saw a video of that, iirc it was back in November and it wasn't in a major city but at a roundabout. If foreigners are going to get involved, like from Germany under the Aachen Treaty, or from the US, the outcome would be very bloody. Foreign troops tend to respond well to pro-government propaganda, and as long as the GJs could be painted as terrorists, no American troop would think twice about gunning them down. Thus far, however, they government hasn't been able to put that label on them, and I'm hopeful that since the government is looking for dialogue (or to subvert the movement through pretend dialogue) that the military option is off the table.


That remains to be seen. They've picked a fight with the most powerful force of mankind - finance capital. Finance capital has massive resources at its disposal, no loyalty to any country or group of people (except (((one))), perhaps), and wouldn't want to be cucked by giving in to unruly French peasants from the countryside. But there is a silver lining - finance capital is, by its nature, parasitic. It needs order to operate at maximum efficiency, or maybe even at all. It's up to the GJs to keep up the war of attrition. They may not get a new system, but if they hold out long enough they may get major, substantive concessions like the citizens referendum initiative. I could be mistaken, but I believe that only the Swiss have that.

95ed0d  No.12724733



or maybe they can do what this japs do at 2:35 min

Also, nice trips

95ed0d  No.12724743

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Fuck, don't know how to embed. Hopefuly now I did it right

45189f  No.12724770

File: 813f9c82a752fb8⋯.jpg (88.58 KB, 863x960, 863:960, nyaa.jpg)


Partisangirl is syrian. It's clearly a reference to "Assad loyalist forces" that the MSM kept going on about. I think in older post she even made a reference to the Macron regime gassing its own people.

d2af74  No.12724789

File: 7e74323e2aefd92⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 15.82 KB, 200x316, 50:79, PIVX-Logo.png)




000000  No.12724813


But that's not the choice presented. The choice presented is the nigger and the coal-burner and one bullet. Or better put in today's terms:

>Do you shoot the shitskin, or the idiot asking for more of them?

The point being you shoot the traitor who can hide amongst your midst and works against you from the inside. You know where your enemy stands, the enemy is basically a control in this equation, the traitor however is a variable that can quickly destroy you because you can't see them coming like you can the enemy.

Defectors are always treated with refrain. Imagine in this race-war any white who sides with muds, niggers, yids, etc is only going to be subject to scrutiny from them. In the SJW Oppression Olympics, they are still white, cis males/females. They are too high on the privilege platform and don't realize once the people they are apologizing to have power, they are some of the first to get the axe. Until then, these morons will walk around, able to inflict real damage because the optics use them as (((examples))) of (((good behavior and opinions))).

62f6e7  No.12724834


Those fucking pieces of shit. It's time for the yellow vests to shoot back.

a58af6  No.12724858

Just had a thought, that stupid fucking eco tax that started all of this that was supposedly put on delay…yeah that delay date has already passed.

c187d1  No.12724888


>Buy food and guns and ammo and seeds and acetone and hydrogen peroxide and sulfuric acid and nitric acid and instant cold packs and nitromethane and pentaerythritol and graduated cylinders and magnetic stirring hot plates and Erlenmeyer flasks and beakers and distilling apparatuses and .01g accurate scales and glass stirring rods and glass thermometers and funnels and filter paper, etc.


d2af74  No.12724895

File: 15e1213766a659b⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 1024x9104, 64:569, why-own-silver-web.jpg)


Heil'd trips

760cc3  No.12724896


Wow. Really thinking about that reveals so much of how fucked governments around the world are. They have literally no clue.

69775a  No.12724898


No you shill, she was killed because she was a kike

c187d1  No.12724950


>Buy more worthless metal we control goy. You can hedge your bets and become and even wealthier slave after the collapse and we reboot the system we created. Isn't that what really matters?

19eb93  No.12725028

File: a7a2e48d159aef8⋯.jpg (314.61 KB, 2060x828, 515:207, 9c99654c42ad765e8450e5d49d….jpg)


The point is that his vehicle may have been bulletproof, but he still had the balls to drive around with the top down, out in the open, shaking hands, and engaging with the people. Through all this he was only in danger a total of two times, by one person at a time out of crowds of thousands upon thousands. Just admit everything you've been taught is a lie and Hitler was idolized by Europeans.

ce2de0  No.12725459

File: c983eec53953779⋯.png (338.04 KB, 1423x769, 1423:769, karls-lounge.png)

File: b16faddf7f090bd⋯.png (270.39 KB, 1423x769, 1423:769, Adonis Lounge.png)


No, these are underage prostitutes, there were bars that used them as a feature, and another was for the boys themselves. Karl's Lounge. If all of Berlin was their workplace, Karl's Lounge was their breakroom. No booze no smokes, but everything else is allowed. That Nautical Attire? That is fetish gear.

There is a VERY good chance that many of these Line-Boys grew up to be Wehrmacht soldiers. Would they rather go back to that hell?

01ecb9  No.12725486


>There is a VERY good chance that many of these Line-Boys grew up to be Wehrmacht soldiers.

That's actually what happens in Afghanistan. Bacha bazi boys of local warlords join the Taliban to get revenge and also eradicate paedophile practices. Local villagers and regular folk in Afghanistan find paedophilia abhorrent (like in the West) and that's how the Taliban gets popular support. Just another lesson lost on the elite.

19eb93  No.12725509

File: acaa59ff0632c2f⋯.webm (9.6 MB, 640x352, 20:11, acaa59ff0632c2f4616aeaa1a….webm)



>vid related hasn't been posted yet

Fucking nu/pol/ I swear…

7f5f6a  No.12725557

File: b1eb164ff0a036d⋯.jpg (97.83 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1 lemon pepe.jpg)

1 lemon Pepe? Who ordered 1 lemon Pepe?

429b53  No.12725681


I remember way back when anons used to sage for off topic posts

94abf3  No.12725772

Protests Continue in Paris


The "nuit jaune" or yellow night went ahead as announced.

65b0c8  No.12725