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File: 52468e9c0c1b113⋯.jpg (52.89 KB, 509x452, 509:452, 1156421564.jpg)

10c5e5  No.12647883


President Donald Trump will not withdraw American troops from northern Syria until the Turkish government guarantees it won’t then attack Syrian Kurdish forces that have been critical allies in the fight against ISIS, national security adviser John Bolton said Sunday.

Bolton said a commitment from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that protects the Kurds after American forces exit is something Trump is demanding, and that it’s just one of several conditions that have to be met before U.S. troops leave.

“There are objectives that we want to accomplish that condition the withdrawal,” Bolton said.

He spoke to reporters traveling with him to Israel and Turkey as he tried to clarify Trump’s Syria withdrawal policy for allies. He’s meeting with Israeli officials Sunday and Monday, and with Turkish officials, including Erdogan, on Tuesday.

Since Trump abruptly announced on Dec. 19 that all U.S. forces in Syria would exit immediately, administration officials have shifted the timing to say it would happen more slowly. Officials are now setting a series of conditions for withdrawal that must first be met, which Bolton described as “policy decisions that we need to implement.”

“This is a cause and effect mission,” Bolton said. “Timetables or the timing of the withdrawal occurs as a result of the fulfillment of the conditions and the establishment of the circumstances that we want to see. And once that’s done, then you talk about a timetable.”

c4d15e  No.12647888

Are kurds even a real people?

eb562b  No.12647904

So the Syrians can't get the land the Kurds stole?

eb562b  No.12647909


They're commies who commited crimes aginst Christians as one of the first things they did.

Stole christian property such as churches, and forced school children to eat a bunch of Marxist "education" material.

000000  No.12647928


I thought Schumer was President.

2a5d90  No.12647933

Fucking fuck Trump, get a spine.

cbd3b1  No.12647934

File: 6def20202c2539f⋯.jpg (56.06 KB, 424x592, 53:74, 6def20202c2539f605fbc759c8….jpg)

8541b2  No.12647935

File: 59cd6311424464d⋯.png (233.87 KB, 363x446, 363:446, ClipboardImage.png)


heh, don't attack (((our greatest ally))) in the region there, goy

>people actually thought zog military was gonna pull out of greater israel

>people actually thought president zog was gonna do something useful


000000  No.12647961

>The Failing New York Times has knowingly written a very inaccurate story on my intentions on Syria. No different from my original statements, we will be leaving at a proper pace while at the same time continuing to fight ISIS and doing all else that is prudent and necessary!…..


Scariest issue of all is that bankers will keep "investing" good peoples' retirement and college fund money into it as long as it stays fake and gay. Support the Times or kiss your and your kids' futures goodbye.

0fdde6  No.12647985

Why would american troops leave syria


000000  No.12647996

The jews have no idea when to punish Trump with another 8/11. This week? This month? In the next 6 months? There's no way to know with Trump. Oy vey!

f54620  No.12648000


Nobody is leaving Syria, he was just going to use mercenaries instead to get headlines but keep the stolen land.

8541b2  No.12648005


punish him for what, sucking their dicks?

cf7dbf  No.12648006


Why not build a wall around the territory you don't want to be invaded?

000000  No.12648024


For not killing Assad and avoiding war with China.

f54620  No.12648038


Putin saved Assad and Syria, The trade war with China is ongoing - you dont get a conventional military conflict with nuclear powers.

000000  No.12648052


Hillary would have attacked Putin. A trade war is not what the jews wanted.

c97de9  No.12648056


Kill yourself yid.

30823f  No.12648061


>>people actually thought president zog was gonna do something useful

Prevented the war with North Korea the kikes were drumming up.

98c759  No.12648065


Cucked again goyim!


c97de9  No.12648070

File: 0e3026a362a5123⋯.jpg (101.49 KB, 740x537, 740:537, laughs-in-president.jpg)

You kike fucks realize Trump listens to Trump, right?

98c759  No.12648072

File: dd67347ea89444b⋯.png (1.93 MB, 1456x958, 728:479, ClipboardImage.png)



<kim still hasn't given up nukes

c97de9  No.12648074

File: e9de1e57c65705f⋯.png (595.31 KB, 798x531, 266:177, No-bel-Un.png)


What proof do you have that he has any?

98c759  No.12648075




The LARPposting has begun.

<im a dim-witted trumpfag hurr durr no give me (you)'s!

You can have them you fucking nigger.


No she fucking wouldn't have you nonce jesus christ.

9fc072  No.12648076

That's what Bolton says. The AIPAC government is constantly trying to push Trump this way and that. Mattis left his position over Syria withdrawl but now Trump is going to go back on his word because Bolton.

We shall see. I have my doubts on this anti Trump disinfo.

c97de9  No.12648077



Eat shit yid. kek

9fc072  No.12648083


>No she fucking wouldn't have you nonce jesus christ.


98c759  No.12648084


>t-t-trump did it guys! p-p-prove the norks didn't give up their nukes!

This is what you've been reduced to in Current Year +4.


>The AIPAC government is constantly trying to push Trump this way and that

Maybe if he stopped putting them in positions of power that might stop.

c97de9  No.12648089

File: ff0e2f9c3b64afd⋯.jpg (89.7 KB, 668x363, 668:363, Talpiot.jpg)

I never get tired of teasing retards. They just play along.

c97de9  No.12648091


Modern day, fucknut.

98c759  No.12648094

File: 515d191035fd509⋯.jpg (293.33 KB, 2383x779, 2383:779, Jews - Who Should I Vote F….JPG)

File: 8dceb76fe5281b7⋯.jpg (1008.8 KB, 1496x3296, 187:412, Sandwiches - Updated.jpg)


<so triggered he fucked up the reply


Jesus Christ this is embarrassing.

The MIGA kosher sandwich shilling is going to be strong in this thread.

98c759  No.12648097

File: 1512f6246322020⋯.jpg (160 KB, 765x537, 255:179, Fresh shOahC.jpg)


>i'm only pretending to be retarded: the post


c97de9  No.12648101

File: 4d9defd2bc5a6b5⋯.png (695 KB, 959x707, 137:101, Oink Oink.png)


I remember when that first appeared. Keep eating those dicks.

582ab2  No.12648102


He has one. You're just not understanding that you're the one being played. He says something that sounds promising, lets it stew around the media [the one that pretends to oppose him, but in reality buries items of genuine importance to focus on two scoops and making sure Trump's retarded supporters keep holding out hope he's a secret White Nationalist] for cheap pops like a pro-wrestler, then lets it fade without ever coming to fruition.

His agenda is 200% PNAC. He just needs to massage appearances to hopefully dupe the marginal demographics he needs to squeak by electorally.

98c759  No.12648103

File: 2e400d960fd5eac⋯.jpg (118.04 KB, 1526x1062, 763:531, Alt-Right, Alt-Lite, Alt-L….JPG)


I made it, loser.

8dfe16  No.12648105



AHAHAHHA Shut the fuck up, Syria was all Assad

c97de9  No.12648109


Of course you did, anon.

582ab2  No.12648112


I imagine Hillary's policies towards Russia would have looked liked Trump's – expanded aid and heavy weapons sales to Ukraine, complete with operators and advisors. Of course, this assumes she's not an actual Russian agent selling America's uranium to front companies for the KGB.

c97de9  No.12648115

File: 12704343f19a7b2⋯.jpg (34.29 KB, 383x383, 1:1, HIllary_Clinton_Russia_Res….jpg)


Oh? Got any stock tips to share?

98c759  No.12648116


>He says something that sounds promising, lets it stew around the media [the one that pretends to oppose him, but in reality buries items of genuine importance to focus on two scoops and making sure Trump's retarded supporters keep holding out hope he's a secret White Nationalist] for cheap pops like a pro-wrestler, then lets it fade without ever coming to fruition.

Still waiting on the EO on birthright citizenship. And my report on immigration that was supposed to be provided months ago by the DHS.


You have nothing left. Just go to bed.

c97de9  No.12648117


You will never be white.

c97de9  No.12648118

File: 1e607c304f70f5b⋯.jpg (78.36 KB, 590x386, 295:193, Chutzpa - When a Kike Need….jpg)

>my report

Oh the audacity of the fucking jew.

536be8  No.12648157

The jew can't do anything without overwhelming christian approval, because Jesus is coming back now any day.

000000  No.12648240


>you dont get a conventional military conflict with nuclear powers.

I think this was true when all the nuclear powers were controlled by European Christians but not anymore. If Japan had nukes, Truman would still have nuked them if he was the president of Ghana or Nigeria, which is what America is quickly turning into. JFK and Khrushchev both cared about their citizens. The same can't be said about Hillary. Do you think she would care if Putin or Xinpig nuked Chimpcago?

83b3ed  No.12648251

File: 9bcc196ee71ff52⋯.png (626.27 KB, 686x612, 343:306, butthurt.png)


and you'll never get your magacuck echochamber back kuckfy

c97de9  No.12648268

File: ad5ca11b507cf3f⋯.gif (1.63 MB, 240x180, 4:3, Yeaaah.gif)


>everyone is kikefy

2dabb5  No.12648341


Trump listens to Trump so much he even lets his country get taxed 3 bil a year to kikes

Your country is nothing more than a militarized whore of israel who still believes she is still on control


80d586  No.12648347


sounds better than pretty much everyone else there, other than the Syrian people themselves of course

e61db1  No.12648352


That happens every year as long as the neocon and neolibs are still the majority of the government.

It has nothing to do with Trump.

80d586  No.12648361


Hillary would have 100% supported Ukraine's provocations with Russia but the Trump administration waited until Martial law ended before deciding they want to send a ship into the Black Sea

582ab2  No.12648370


…after they sent heavy weapons.

2dabb5  No.12648379


He's still president now, he could put a stop to it if he wanted, atleast question or limit it.

What did the kikes ever did to you to deserve such compensation paid by regular people living in the US? besides bringing your country to its knees bit by bit over the decades

b207b2  No.12648419

All of Trump's initial "He's pulling out of Syria!", "He's building the Wall!" statements are just thinly veiled threats to the Deep State. They are meant to serve as a bargaining chip - "I'll do this, but if we make an arrangement, I will posture and endlessly delay instead". Such things become easier to see if you think of a Deep State as a mafia-like gathering that's saddled with protection and exploitation of the populace.

f52a80  No.12648468


>Failing New York Times


a5e5f9  No.12648656

File: d8a912cdc75a4cc⋯.jpeg (40.68 KB, 600x750, 4:5, d8a912cdc75a4cc407d09c880….jpeg)

Yes, stay in Syria for the mudshits. Jesus.

I'm sure PIssrael will find(bomb) some more innocent mudshits and blame it on (((ISIS))) or Turkey.


No future, just a debt wasteland. Never follow a jew into war.

4bc23c  No.12648664

Is that why the roach wants to get into Syria, because of Kurds?

d911bc  No.12649614


/leftypol/ is pro trump.

98c759  No.12649631

File: 3a0ce9fa7fa338e⋯.jpg (1.84 MB, 3128x3420, 782:855, Jews - Why the West is Fuc….jpg)

File: 9eef259a5791a28⋯.jpg (682.5 KB, 3416x1732, 854:433, The Problem in the West.jpg)

File: f73c5a830b78ab1⋯.jpg (240.97 KB, 920x1722, 460:861, Jews - You Gentiles.jpg)


>X happens every year as long as neocucks are majority in government

>it happens during Trump's tenure

<it has nothing to do with Trump

Do you have a cuckoldry fetish or are you just a semitic political shill?


>What did the kikes ever did to you to deserve such compensation

<besides bringing your country to its knees bit by bit over the decades

Pretty much just that.


>No future, just a debt wasteland.

Yeah, that's the modern US alright.

>Never follow a jew into war.

But following the jew into war is basically what America's foreign policy was in the last 100 years. It was a century since the end of World War I in November '18.

a7fde0  No.12649640

I can't wait to see Trump swinging from a tree alongside his nigger pets and kikes.

5ee137  No.12649644


He only racemixed his jewish grandchildren as a white nationalist long con ya dumb goy

649832  No.12649646

File: d7bac92d6b4c621⋯.jpg (64.42 KB, 474x567, 158:189, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

This whole presidency is becoming more and more like a bad Disney Star Wars movie reviewed by Mr. Plinket (aka /pol/ in this case).

649832  No.12649649


The "I can't wait" poster. The most annoying larper of them all.

0dde15  No.12649668


This has been known since last week, and it's not on hold, it's simply that there are (((conditions))) to make Pissrael happy. At any rate, this is a slide thread.

e871a8  No.12649695

>Trump says X

<*muh god emperor*

>Trump might do X, but only if (((Y and Z)))


<*mental gymnastics*

Really makes you think.

c97de9  No.12649740


Niggerjew, Trump doesn't make the laws and congress is responsible for continuing to create "laws" that take money out of our pockets and puts it in the kikes' Eat a dick and pay back white man for the education you failed to take advantage of.

23bc93  No.12649741

fucking what who cares if the entire world nukes syria get the troops out of there

c97de9  No.12649746


No, he literally can't because the laws are written to prevent total control by one fucking entity, you useless foreign shit.

c97de9  No.12649750

File: 7bb5bed5b6d9aec⋯.gif (1.25 MB, 298x126, 149:63, Not Sure if Serious or Ret….gif)

7cb7a8  No.12649800


The jews used to claim that the Kurds were jews. IDK if they are real people, I guess that depends on what you define as a 'person'.

eb562b  No.12649808



Why does this bureaucrat have so much political power?

9fc072  No.12649829

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The jewish control of the US govt exerts its power; Bolton attempts to change Trump's policy and Trump has not replied….

9fc072  No.12649840

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

And son of a gun; even long term peacenik Noam Chomsky insists that the the US military must stay in Syria too!

9fc072  No.12649842

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Oh and Hillary insists on the US staying in Syria too.

Everybody is shouting for this but no word from Trump who is preoccupied with the border wall.

This is getting extremely interesting.

9fc072  No.12649863

File: 085ba73137f441e⋯.jpg (541.81 KB, 1417x916, 1417:916, POLYNA-D4M1_MAKS-2003_03.jpg)

Don't get fooled by the ((( news media ))) and the political class here. The US is at great risk in Syria. Not only the S300 but the entire Polyana system of the Russians means that the US is at great risk of losing aircraft to the Syria/Russia/Iran/Hezbollah alliance in Syria. They have to get out or suffer a humiliating defeat there that could escalate to world war.


>The US withdrawal from Syria and Afghanistan, as well as the resignation of General Mattis, attest to the upheaval that is shaking the current world order. The United States are no longer the leaders, either on the economic or the military stage. They refuse to keep fighting for the sole interests of the transnational financiers. The alliances that they used to lead will begin to unravel, but without their erstwhile allies admitting the powerful ascension of Russia and China.

>When in April, as he had promised, Donald Trump mentioned US withdrawal from Syria, the Pentagon persuaded him to stay. Not that a few thousand men could turn the tide of war, but because their presence acted as a counterweight to the Russian influence and a backup for Israël.

>However, the transfer of Russian weapons of defence to the Syrian Arab Army, particularly the S-300 missiles and ultra-sophisticated radars coordinated by the automated command and control system Polyana D4M1, changed the balance of forces [4]. From that moment on, US military presence became counter-productive – any ground attack by pro-US mercenaries could no longer be supported by US aviation without the risk of losing aircraft.

>By withdrawing now, the Pentagon avoids the test of power and the humiliation of an inevitable defeat. Indeed, Russia has successively refused to give the United States and Israël the security codes for the missiles delivered to Syria. This means that after years of Western arrogance, Moscow has declined the sharing of control of Syria that it had accepted during the first Geneva Conference in 2012, and that Washington had violated a few weeks later.

>Apart from this, Moscow recognised a long time ago that US presence is illegal in terms of International Law, and that Syria can legitimately act in self-defence.

cb88b5  No.12649868

File: 72a08eb05afbf3f⋯.jpg (34.85 KB, 785x590, 157:118, Oppose_Jews.jpg)


Watching someone like Dore try to parse this ideological betrayal without naming the Jew is like watching a dog fumble with a doorknob. You know he knows something is going on there, but he's not biologically equipped to grasp it.

9fc072  No.12649876


haha very good. But he can never ever go there.


9fc072  No.12649889

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9fc072  No.12649898


>why does Bolton have so much power?

Bolton is the front man now of the last of the AIPAC/PNAC/NEOCONS who ran the 9/11 coup d'etat to drag the USA into a ruinous middle east war for $5-7 trillion dollars.

1a0ec2  No.12649918


This and taxed them, subjected them to cruel cnditions etc.

FUck the kurdniggers.

FUck trump and bolton for being lying faggots. Can't just do one thing, obviously the kikes oy veyd. Fucking trump you pussy. stop being a larping faggot


9fc072  No.12649965

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is all part of a much bigger global strategy, on which I will post more but not now. For now all I will say is that it does seem odd does it not that the US must stay in place to defend some obscure tribe from the assaults of the NATO allies of the USA, Turkey.

I will show later that Turkey is also deeply involved with Russia in propping up the Venezuela government against the USA's Southcom and a possible US/France/Britain military invasion there. The entire Caribbean basin is about to go up in flames of war.

e871a8  No.12650139


000000  No.12650153

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>until the Turkish government guarantees it won’t then attack Syrian Kurdish forces

Aren't the YPG (Kurds) a bunch of shitskin communists? Who gives a fuck what happens to them?

Fun side note. Here's burger Antifa fighting along side their YPG comrades in Syria (See flag @ :42)

695cb9  No.12650189


>Aren't the YPG (Kurds) a bunch of shitskin communists? Who gives a fuck what happens to them?

No one really cares about the Kurds they are just a convenient pretext for now.

Also: >>12647883

>Bolton says

Neocon gonna neocohen.

045f7f  No.12650192


I think that's fair, fuck the Turks

e3fb00  No.12650194

I think this really was an art of the deal type scenario. Trump is a servant of the jews, and the only promises he really kept were to them, but he knows he needs his fence to keep his base, and wanted to show the jews that he could potentially turn on them if they don't let him have it.

000000  No.12650212


>No one really cares about the Kurds they are just a convenient pretext for now.

You're probably right. It's just weird because not long ago they (PKK) were classified as terrorists by the US/UN (well, I guess it's not that weird given the USA's history of training narco-terrorists and allying with the Taliban against Russia..lel

1394ec  No.12650230

>no leave syria

translation: muh oil

121c48  No.12650244


But isn't that the whole reason King Roach asked USA to leave, so he could smash the Kurds?

1a50ea  No.12650253


I keep telling deluded trump worshippers that until anything actually happens, then it's not an accomplishment. It was obvious from the start that the call to pull out of syria was just another empty gesture to offset the growing disappointment. Such disappointment is waking people up to trump being an innovation in the controlled opposition jewish scheme.

Think of the timing involved. Trump's plan to feed the niggers billions, let them out of jail, and the bump stock ban going into effect was met with the call to pull out of syria. He was kiking with the rest and then tossed his supporters a bone that in itself was hollow. All of these "accomplishments" are delay tactics. The national emergency declaration if it ever happens, will not lead to the wall. It is another scheme to build hype and keep deluded supporters eating hype and to make them follow with blind faith.

Don't think for a second that they're not monitoring here. They see the growing resentment and repeated calls to mobilize and take justice into our hands. Trump will simply tease another thing whites want, never deliver, and tease again.

Anytime you see a headline that says:

> is gonna

> promises to

> will

And similar phrases, remind trump worshippers that they're wasting time on empty promises when they're losing repeatedly. The deal that trump repeats is that he sells the whites hype while giving the (((democrats))) what they want. Delay tactics, empty promises, selling hype - it's actually nothing new from the controlled opposition party aka (((republicans))). The only difference is that trump is good at selling.

f4bc80  No.12650339

Zogbots are never leaving the ME.

f4bc80  No.12650340


>But isn't that the whole reason King Roach asked USA to leave, so he could smash the Kurds?

No. He wants to smash the US backed/created SDF which is arabs and other shits combined.

000000  No.12650384


Trump already withdrew about 2/3rds of our troops stationed there. The other third are coming home by March, according to Trump.

Bolton's blowing smoke.

d5b87b  No.12650412

File: f567a1b5be26431⋯.gif (286.97 KB, 322x298, 161:149, A3.gif)


>But following the jew into war is basically what America's foreign policy was in the last 100 years. It was a century since the end of World War I in November '18.

Exactly, and THAT is the thing that must be noted and changed. I think we need to firm up a statement regarding this, hand it around, and watch jew-faggot squirm when no one, NO ONE wants to follow the jew into war.

ce9bcc  No.12650463


<reddit spacing shill

<muh hurr durr bumpstocks

wew you fucks never stop.

Here's one I know really burns your jewish ass:

>"I'm going to issue a lifetime ban against senior executive branch officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government and I'm going to ask Congress to pass a campaign finance reform that prevents registered foreign lobbyists from raising money in American elections and politics.”

Yep, he kept that promise, you foreign piece of shit. Here's one that will really piss off your Uncle Melvin:

>Obama's order made it mandatory for the Social Security Administration to release information about mentally ill recipients of Social Security benefits. This information would then be included in background checks, essentially prohibiting people with mental illnesses to buy guns.

>"I will veto. I will unsign that (President Barack Obama's gun executive order) so fast."

Whoopsie, promise kept, fucktard. Meanwhile, DACA is about to bite the dust in the Supreme Court, the big beautiful wall is going up, and best of all, an Iranian is going to shove a Chinese AK so far up your ass you'll give it AIDS

e871a8  No.12650478


I don't think you know what "reddit spacing" is, nigger. Back to r/the_zognald you go.

6c04d4  No.12650480

File: 3fb875b42930b9b⋯.jpg (95.99 KB, 850x400, 17:8, free speech censorship cho….jpg)


>Noam Chomsky insists that the the US military must stay in Syria too!


1d737b  No.12650550

File: 08c5ea1403c2876⋯.jpeg (84.61 KB, 643x577, 643:577, 7a48d2a766760b6d319dcf770….jpeg)


imagine my fucking shock. Unexpected development

000000  No.12650564


Anybody have that gif of Chomsky slowly morphing into Bolton?

9fc072  No.12650702

File: 3afc758b849fe2a⋯.jpg (44.35 KB, 772x592, 193:148, carib 1.JPG)

File: dc1eff9465888c8⋯.jpg (67.49 KB, 777x587, 777:587, carib 2.JPG)

File: 9ccbe95eaa224ca⋯.jpg (98.78 KB, 763x844, 763:844, Carib 3.JPG)


Oh it gets better. I suspect all this song and dance is a big distraction from something much better you guys can't imagine;


Yes, in the aftermath of 911 the US military machine rolled out an entire NEW WORLD ORDER and it's not quite what you think; Northcom, Southcom, Centcom, Afrocom and so on. The entire world was cut up like a big pie, each one ruled over by a high level military general who doesn't answer to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, maybe not even to the Sec of Defence. We don't even know if they answer to the President or the Congress. They're like caesars in an empire. It's the US world empire. Maybe they only answer to the Fed.

Centcom has finished its task under the Cebrowski Plan. Now its the turn of the Caribbean Basin. Under the Cebrowski plan allies and enemies count for nothing; the plan is to create pure chaos where can be no hospitals, no police, no highway maintenance, no schools. Political chaos reigns, permanently. As in Afghanistan and Iraq and Syria and Libya.

And now it's being brought to Central America, and northern S. America, starting with Venezuela. Venezuela isn't going into chaos because of "muh socialism". It's going into chaos because of globalist terrorism, a state of siege with food supplies being arbitrarily withheld by globalist corporations to create a permanent social crisis.

Now you all need to read this article. Use Google translate.

The Middle East is being cooled off for now. The Caribbean is about to explode into long term war but with a catch; The US wants to build a base in Brazil. Russia wants to build an airbase in Venezuela.

A huge world crisis is coming that will transcend the Cuban Missile Crisis. Nobody is talking about it….yet. As of yet, Trump has said nothing about this.


picture 1; Bolsonaro president of Brazil getting baptized in Israel

picture 2. Bolsonaro's sons wearing Mossad t shirts

picture 3. Bibi and Mike Pompeo were at Bolsonaro's inauguration

9fc072  No.12650717

File: f8be0decacdee3d⋯.jpg (456.53 KB, 1716x1282, 858:641, uuTru3R.jpg)

And note; in this new Caribbean basin crisis, this huge war that is approaching on the US's back porch, Turkey and Russia will be on the side of Venezuela. They're supplying Venezuela with food and banking for Venezuela's oil transactions. Also please note, the "sanctions" placed on Venezuela are in effect an act of siege, and siege is an act of war. The US is effectively at war with them already. For what? For offering to pump oil at $20 a barrel?

493a2c  No.12650724


>wew you fucks never stop. Here's one I know really burns your jewish ass:

"I'm going to issue a lifetime ban against senior executive branch officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government and I'm going to ask Congress to pass a campaign finance reform that prevents registered foreign lobbyists from raising money in American elections and politics.” Yep, he kept that promise, you foreign piece of shit.

Read the small print faggot

>The president or his designee may grant to any person a waiver of any restrictions contained in the pledge signed by such person

Israel will be said "waiver".

9fc072  No.12650727

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Cebrowski Plan as proselytized by Thomas Barnett of the US Military War College

03e4ad  No.12650733

File: 1df74a85d486f59⋯.jpeg (26.94 KB, 443x332, 443:332, 5B3E08C9-11D3-47AE-8B2D-E….jpeg)



Stop it, you’re scaring me

51595f  No.12650737

fuck trump

51595f  No.12650743


why did you post an underage anime girl?


1a50ea  No.12650761


The part that burns you the hardest is that even if your examples were flawless and can be accepted at face value, you have no answer for all of the other problems that exposes trump as a zionist stooge. This compliments your inability to recognize paragraphs and you're left with misusing the term reddit spacing. I hope for your sake, you're just another tard sitting down at your desk at the JIDF. Because otherwise, I seriously worry for people that still defend trump and stoop to such retarded behavior.

9fc072  No.12650969


All false flags must blame Assad. Assad is the bad man.

Benji is what? a failed thug.

Assad is an eye surgeon.

So of course Benji is the good guy and Assad is the villain.

9fc072  No.12651029

You know that White House is and always has been a fucking snake pit.. Presidents have been sitting at their desk and the head of the United Fruit Company just walks in unannounced without an appointment and orders him to invade the Dominican Republic.

If you look at the shit rain that has poured on his head since day one of announcing for president it's been incredible. I've been following US politics since Kennedy and I've never seen anything that comes close to it. The raw hate is off the charts from the Lugenpress. That alone places both him and Melania in good stead in my books.

He never said he was going to not withdraw.

Bolton said it.

We don't know what's going on in there but it's not good, not fun. As always with Trump, when you think he's on the ropes he comes back with a vicious rabbit punch. We'll see what he does with Syria. He fired Mattis. I'm not sure why. The infighting behind the scenes must be insane.

1a0ec2  No.12652669


>AHAHAHHA Shut the fuck up, Syria was all Assad

Yes, sure thing kike, that's why in 2015 Syria nearly collapsed before the Russians came in and killed your ISISraeli mercs?

1a0ec2  No.12652671


>Trump already withdrew about 2/3rds of our troops stationed there. The other third are coming home by March, according to Trump.

Been looking for info on this and there is practically none. t.followed Syria war since 2011 Any sauce to back that up?

c4d15e  No.12652695


kek I meant do they really exist. Is a kurd even a real group of sandniggers.


They aren't even a people then. I'm p sure these are the sandniggers who gunned down a friend of the family, and tried to kill us in 93. My dad said they were commies. We were stationed in Turkey and had to leave, after my dad got silent phone calls. I hope they die painfully.

01e8b5  No.12652699


Not even ironically this. Made up people we have to defend?

9e9477  No.12652710


it's crazy what a talk with Bibi will do to US foreign policy. Trump will shill leaving for the rest of his term but never actually leave.

>you know I like being unpredictable, I won't say when but it's soon real soon big time soon.

Trump sycophants will believe it because they have to. they've invested too much in Trump to turn back. reality would be too crushing

e871a8  No.12653165

098415  No.12666409


Trump won't leave since Israel won't let him. He's been trying to get out syria since 2016 yet every time he tries it always goes the same way. Anyways, its not like Israel is having very good chances at winning here so they will probably either stall until they can pull some false flag of some kind since they are kindof f*ed. They don't control trump completely so using the US or CIA to do a false flag has been out of the window from the beginning, ISIS is done, Rebels are done, and the kurds are their last puppet left standing yet they are being s* on by turks. Really the only way this turns into Israel's win is with an actual successful false flag (Which probably won't work since they have tried so many times already), somehow using jew magic to make the kurds win or win by about 2035 due to preemptive bombing Syria for about 12 years.

1d0bc7  No.12666416

Trump really was playing 4d chess the whole time.

9fc072  No.12674401

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ron Paul weighs in and says Bolton should be fire and that Pompeo is "insubordinate".

8eb769  No.12674409


Called it!

They win,

Every. Single. Fucking. Time.

9fc072  No.12674419

File: 4140531e27bd75b⋯.jpg (332.6 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, 1280px-The_Last_Stand,_by_….jpg)

This painting was in the background of that RT story on Ron Paul…The Last Stand of Lord Elphinstone's Army Retreating From Afghanistan..

9fc072  No.12674439

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

acd36c  No.12674485

I trust neither boltons or trumps word on this.


Only before his children sucked jew cock. Hes looking out for his (((grand children))) now and they have a home in isreal, but he wont be allowed to join them as a golem.



Wrong word choice. Perhaps "sent to war by the jews" is more accurate


If he wants to say that he should allow all speech too including nazis.


You forgot the other loophole that one with a dual citizenship is both a foriegn and local body. And the loophole would never be closed to prioritize the foriegn body as priority definition.

a0c2c1  No.12674487

File: 88faf30b6c94797⋯.jpg (248.91 KB, 1908x1080, 53:30, goodnight faggot.jpg)

26cda2  No.12674569


I wish good old Imkampfy was back.

We miss you, man. Just like the Fuhrer, it took a big guy to keep all the cuckchanners and /leftypol/ out.

9fc072  No.12675296

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9fc072  No.12675401

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2c1d72  No.12675537


Blackwater's back, bitches

15830e  No.12675793

Bolton isn't president though. The withdraw is still happening

cf7dbf  No.12683079


I don't think the US is leaving because of the "terrorist" bombing today that killed some US troops, every news anchor is saying we need to stay in Syria.

0e95ed  No.12683084


>This guy actually believed all the jewish media bullshit about North Korea wanting war.

Gettaload of this guy

74929a  No.12683089


North and south Korea had officially been at war for 68 years before Trump got involved.

000000  No.12683092


What impeccable timing.

0e95ed  No.12683095


And technically they still are.

But claiming that North & South Korea are at war because someone failed to sign a paper is disingenuous. The truth is that they are not at war and North Korea understands that they must play a careful geopolitical game to accomplish both keeping American influence out of their country (ie maintaining their independence from the NATO system) and maintaining the peace so that they are not invaded and destroyed.

In addition, they play a similar game with china.

Don't take every political development at face value. America is technically at peace with Syria in the same way they're at war with North Korea. Yet the truth is not what it appears to be on paper. This is the way that international politics works.

d85c69  No.12683180

File: 65ac04bd86b6194⋯.webm (1.41 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, This is extremely dangero….webm)

File: 59e752fe7b82afb⋯.webm (9.59 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, This is extremely dangero….webm)


In that case…

000000  No.12683215

Turns out OP is fake news. Jews are getting desperate.

6cb03c  No.12683220


Name one major engagement in which there were significant American casualties in the Syrian War.

000000  No.12683283


Name three khans of Tartaria.

6cb03c  No.12683284



409399  No.12683313


do people really believe we only have 3-4 thousand soldiers there when we control 1/3 of the country? Get fucking real, they learned after Iraq to just stop 'declaring' war, stop reporting on wars, and never give a proper accounting of war

6cb03c  No.12685190


>stop reporting on wars

Americans only care about American deaths.

6cb03c  No.12687242


Someone should give him a glasgow smile.

6cb03c  No.12688081

000000  No.12699667


It's already like 80% completed. All our heavy vehicles left in December.

Stay mad kike.

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