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File: 3ebe7f3bfde0314⋯.jpg (40.64 KB, 678x381, 226:127, rockefeller-678x381.jpg)

4618ce  No.12652483

Rockefeller Foundation Sued for $1 Billion for Infecting Citizens with Syphilis

The Rockefeller Foundation is facing a $1 billion lawsuit for deliberately infecting hundreds of Guatemalans with syphilis in a secret experiment.

>A federal judge in Maryland allowed the lawsuit against The Johns Hopkins University, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co (BMY.N) and the Rockefeller Foundation to proceed after it was discovered they helped the U.S. government conducts illegal experiments on unsuspecting citizens in the 1940s.

>Reuters.com reports: In a decision on Thursday, U.S. District Judge Theodore Chuang rejected the defendants’ argument that a recent Supreme Court decision shielding foreign corporations from lawsuits in U.S. courts over human rights abuses abroad also applied to domestic corporations absent Congressional authorization.

>Chuang’s decision is a victory for 444 victims and relatives of victims suing over the experiment, which was aimed at testing the then-new drug penicillin and stopping the spread of sexually-transmitted diseases.

>The experiment echoed the government’s Tuskegee study on black American men who were deliberately left untreated for syphilis even after penicillin was discovered.

>It was kept under wraps until a professor at Wellesley College in Massachusetts discovered it in 2010. U.S. officials apologized for the experiment, and President Barack Obama called Guatemala’s president to offer a personal apology.

>Chuang said lawsuits against U.S. corporations under the federal Alien Tort Statute were not “categorically foreclosed” by the Supreme Court decision last April 24 in Jesner v Arab Bank Plc covering foreign corporations.

>He said the “need for judicial caution” was “markedly reduced” where U.S. corporations were defendants because there was no threat of diplomatic tensions or objections from foreign governments.

>The judge also said letting the Guatemala case proceed would “promote harmony” by giving foreign plaintiffs a chance at a remedy in U.S. courts.

>According to the complaint, several Hopkins and Rockefeller Foundation doctors were involved with the experiment, as were four executives from Bristol-Myers predecessors, Bristol Laboratories and the Squibb Institute.

>“Johns Hopkins expresses profound sympathy for individuals and families impacted by the deplorable 1940s syphilis study funded and conducted by the U.S. government in Guatemala,” the university said in a statement. “We respect the legal process, and we will continue to vigorously defend the lawsuit.”

>A Rockefeller Foundation spokesman said that the lawsuit had no merit, and that the nonprofit did not know about, design, fund or manage the experiment. Bristol-Myers spokesman Brian Castelli declined to comment.

>Paul Bekman, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, said his clients will proceed with discovery, including the exchange of decades-old documents. An earlier ruling found no statute of limitations issues if the plaintiffs could not have learned about the experiment before 2010.

>“This experiment began 72 years ago. It’s hard to believe,” Bekman said.

>The case is Estate of Arturo Giron Alvarez et al v The Johns Hopkins University et al, U.S. District Court, District of Maryland, No. 15-00950.

Pic - disgusting Rockefeller



(archive.is and archive.fo are down.)

d5f08a  No.12652488

So is the new jews going after old money jews?

414e7b  No.12652491



846d2c  No.12652496

wtf i love Rockefellers now

0a6520  No.12652766


2e1c92  No.12652878

Must be true that the red cross was infecting people with disease in africa.

307d3d  No.12652888

>>12652488 (heil'd)

Nope. The old guard is setting themselves up to hide the crimes of the next generation. Also jews control any kind of money distribution, so tat Rockefeller money is gonna go straight into jewish pockets anyway. They probably use it to fund some nefarious shit in Guatemala, and dug up that old story to get their foot in by appeasing to the public.

d7f925  No.12652895


>A Rockefeller Foundation spokesman said that the lawsuit had no merit, and that the nonprofit did not know about, design, fund or manage the experiment. Bristol-Myers spokesman Brian Castelli declined to comment.

<Massa dindu nuffin

Though they will never win the suit.

fd34e3  No.12652898


Double-heil'd and agreed. As long as the money stays with the kikes, this doesn't mean shit. Saged

46893d  No.12652900


>archive.xx is down


06d921  No.12653210


68ac73  No.12653391


>Rockefeller Foundation

>$1 Billion

That's what, one day's pocket change to them?

29b6e4  No.12653397


i once heard a man say that if you kill the families and children of the elites then there won't be another ruling class from those bloodlines at least

d9cc07  No.12653468


As far as I can recall, Guatemala is basically ruled by their own native Jew elite families.

8f68e7  No.12653587

File: 013baed0022d2ac⋯.jpg (23.1 KB, 886x480, 443:240, d5d59952-ce05-43e3-af6b-ca….jpg)

7b5e8b  No.12653601

File: 6eaaee1813918e1⋯.jpg (118 KB, 780x750, 26:25, 1525456780671.jpg)

30dbbe  No.12653633


These are the faggots in jail in Albany for yidnapping.


15913d  No.12653671


Rockefeller is a major owner of the Fed central bank.

What a coincidence.

Crooked people doing crooked things, no thought at all for the misery of those they exploit.

Christians…if your god wasn't Jewish, why would he not visit deadly vengeance upon such evil? A Jewish god would love all this, but you claim Yahweh isn't REALLY Jewish, so what's the story?

37346b  No.12654126

> infects a bunch of niggers with syphilis

> find medicine, let the niggers die a slow death due to the syphilis anyway

> let them spread it by having sex with each other so even more damage is caused

Shady medical experiments still happen in modern day but they don't just target worthless niggers anymore.

944771  No.12654147

>Threadly Reminder: This shitty little barely acknowledged board in some ignored corner of the internet priding itself on 'Bottle-cap collections' and 'Extreme-ironing' competitions has cost them Billions in social&cultural engineering shekels, countless human hours in AI-programming, lost employment in marketing&advertising, wasted years in useless Uni degrees and a generation of war-seasoned, pissed off,highly capable motivated vets trained to hurt far more than sensitive fee-fees&emotions

Well done, anon! You live in interesting times when things are just about to get interesting!

ae836c  No.12655137

File: f5a3a01842d40b7⋯.jpg (11.85 KB, 175x147, 25:21, disgust.jpg)


Christ what the fuck is that creature in the OP?

f45b3a  No.12661945

Wait didn't this reptoid die a couple years ago?

338928  No.12662088


Is this all you can do?

8e1bd0  No.12665014

File: 292187163f9fd9b⋯.png (487.04 KB, 670x593, 670:593, heartbreaker.png)


A heartbreaker

626889  No.12665062

File: 95556f5f7fd571c⋯.jpg (52.33 KB, 440x290, 44:29, ancient evil.jpg)

70f405  No.12665067


One of the reasons people believe in reptilians, and I don't even blame them (too much).

7698cc  No.12665079

>the US government

Only white taxpayers will pay. No money will leave the pocket of any organization at fault.

ff4c72  No.12674417


certainly looks evil, but then again, almost no white, black or asian people look attractive at 90+ either….

000000  No.12674563




You fucking faggots. Mel names the jew in every post.

ba337a  No.12679958

File: 34f62cdd31e1d0e⋯.jpg (75.48 KB, 720x720, 1:1, antisemitism meme.jpg)


evil incarnate

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