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File: 55916d11e6d3f4c⋯.jpg (57.63 KB, 610x442, 305:221, hhanna1.jpg)

File: 905a80ab5dbc78b⋯.jpg (27.46 KB, 220x311, 220:311, Hhanna2.jpg)

f80a04  No.12652751

Made this same thread back in Sept. or Oct., and got lot of interesting responses. From people genuinely adding to the thread to commies/kikes writing essentially: "Die you White dog! All your women be coal burners!"

Also, the "MGTOW" hard-ons who couldn't get laid in whorehouse with their prick between a Visa and an AMEX. IT was an interesting mix. it seems the ADL/SPLC were also keeping an eye on it, since almost evert video/pic/article in that thread had the link deleted.

Not a bad thing in IMO. The kikes are now genuinely so terrified that "the goyim know," they are running around like the little Butch boy from the story, only their boy is a little Jew buy in a yamkalue, and each time they plug a hole, 3 new ones appear.

With that, will name the first women worthy of praise: Hanna Reitsch. She set more than 40 flight altitude records and women's endurance records in gliding[2] before and after World War II.

While part of her appeal was undoubtly that was was lithe, blonde, and attractive and thus and inspiration to German pilots (look what this little waif is accomplishing, you should be able to outdo her!"), her skill and fearlessness as a pilot was not questioned by even the top German pilots and engineers. there are a bunch of good interviws with her on YT, or were, Jews may have removed them in last few months.

And without fail, you'll hear she was a "coal burner" here since she was living and earning money in Africa, just as Leni Refistahl was. The ones pushing this shit are almost al commies and Jews, who fail to mention that Otto Skorzeny (said to be most feared man in Europe, led glider mission to rescue Mussolini) and numerous their former SS men were living in Africa at the time where they were helping the French to put down the Algerian uprising.

72ad2f  No.12652761

My mom :^)

67c34f  No.12652771



Also, Jean d'Arc.

Also, Maria Theresa.

60d5b3  No.12652774



f60340  No.12652781

f80a04  No.12652782

File: 1f0d8d7ed18780b⋯.jpg (48.1 KB, 590x350, 59:35, michy1.jpg)

(reminder- i learned this in West Berlin as a very young child– if there is anything the kike s hate more than German men, it's German females. It's why, in the 1950s, suddenly the "dumb blonde jokes" became all the rage, with peroxide blonde Marylin Monroe reading the charge for the jews until they got tired of passing her around and offed her.)

The Second World War would NEVER have been possible without the resolve of German Women, who well-remembered how they were abused, humiliated, and taken advantage of by kikes during the Weimar. It was almost alway owmen who were in the vanguard of rooting out the Jews in buildings and various cities since they had the tramatic memeories of what the Weimar was like for them under a complete Judeocracy. Even in the 1980s in Western Berlin, Men (even former SS men) had largely let in all go, but women hated Jews until the day they died. Like all Germans, there was a a "pulubliv side" they showed to strangers, and then a "privae side" reserved from family and close friends where you really got the truth. So if you wonder where all the race0mixing filth comes from and why it's always BM/WF, THAT is why. HArvey Weinstein's actions and the books of the Jew Philip Roth and perfect example of jewish hatred for "the shiksa and dessire to humilate and abuse them. as are the underage sex slaves of the kike Jeffery pstien and his "lolita Island" where he was allegedly forcing 13 year old White, blonde girls to fuck hideous kike allen dersowitz and buying from amazon "master-slave exercise books." Amd what did he get for trafficking in underage prostitutes AND crossing state lines w. them for purposes of sex, violating Mann Act?

Life? 30 years? Nope. As a Jew Billionaire, he got Six Months Probation and, as far as we know, still caries on exploiting children…

Anyway, back to women that are worthy of respect. And you can bet soon the JIDF are going to show up: "you white knights are worshipping roasties!" Because any thing positive about ou race,– so women of our race– is like a wooden sake o their hearts.

f80a04  No.12652795

File: 96dd7299fddfd10⋯.jpg (12.98 KB, 213x300, 71:100, lleni.jpg)

File: 45634c7d879b127⋯.jpeg (20.97 KB, 289x427, 289:427, lleni1.jpeg)

Leni Refinsstahl- Ironically, AH was a "feminist" before that word was even invented. He saw a special talent in Leni Refinstahl, and gave her the job of directing "Victory of the Faith" an d "Triumph of the Will." It was thought all copies of "Vitory of the Daith" had been pruged, since AH ordered them destroyed since they contained a lot of footage of the SA.t After Afni's death (she thought the film might exist in Russian archives, was actually in private hands in Germany).

The poor bastard was promptly arrest by the Pffasanchetts German long arm of ZOG, charged with hunting down those who displease the

jews), but not before he got the video out pretty widely.

Who was Keni? Brillliant Actress, qualified in 3 (?) different events at the '35 summer games, and director. She abandoned her Olympic hopes to focus on directiing. She later became a skilled scuba diver and nature photographer, along with a photographer of primitive negro times (recall, this was before the takeover of "cultural relativism" when it was still OK to call tribes who put plates in their lips "primitive."

So much more can be said anout her but–before the JIDF arrive– no, she did not burn coal, nor did she regret her opast, save for when her "public role" forced her to do some lip service bullshit to get the jews off her back.

She was very proud to give private screenings of her work to both


irvinf and Ernst Zundel.

5c8899  No.12652806


>if there is anything the kike s hate more than German men, it's German females

Yeah that's why they marry them and bred with them for the last 1000 years.

The state of this board now

e3ec20  No.12652807

File: 008345db58e2a82⋯.jpg (88.89 KB, 610x894, 305:447, ea86dddcb4d61aa13dedcb2744….jpg)

File: f6f291017b8242d⋯.jpg (108.14 KB, 543x800, 543:800, _fronts_N-0653-02-000035-W….jpg)

File: 286d0d2a3077881⋯.jpg (175.19 KB, 1280x1536, 5:6, 752413.jpg)

File: 299dba1ee18533f⋯.png (131.74 KB, 212x318, 2:3, desevigne[1].png)

File: 105b308466d293a⋯.jpg (40.12 KB, 396x480, 33:40, Germaine-Stael.jpg)

Respectable ladies from the late middle ages

Madame Sevigne, one of the finest writers of the 17th century.

Madame de Stael,

And Madame Seriziat, with her child, David's sister in law.

e3ec20  No.12652809

File: c7b946e09721ab4⋯.jpg (9.51 KB, 203x248, 203:248, download.jpg)

File: 2153fb29d77456f⋯.jpg (65.47 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 8cc55ce5bd9c9313e15a82c496….jpg)

File: 23689ab99ce8099⋯.jpg (140.81 KB, 734x1009, 734:1009, Madame-Seriziat_Jacques-Lo….jpg)

Charlotte Corday murdered Marat in his bath, a truly admirable deed.

And Madame Seriziat, the artist David's sister in law…I love her, she's so beautiful.

f80a04  No.12652821

File: 5a3d4794743e6d8⋯.jpg (79.26 KB, 332x500, 83:125, savii2.jpg)

File: a4241c2c3aa9dff⋯.jpg (36.8 KB, 660x497, 660:497, savii1.jpg)

Savitrii Devi— Noticed there has suddenly been a big increase in the number watching and commenting her vids (the very few the

jews haven't Shoahed) who said they found her after Murdoch-Chan" from the Murdoch-Mudoch videos wore a t-short with her image, lol.

Where to begin? She was probably among thw smartest women of the century. Her father was Greek and her mother French=, and as a result she felt herself "European" pr "Ayran" more than any one ethnicity. She was fluent in 8 languages, had masters degrees in both Mathematics and Chemistry and a Docotrte in Philosophy. And keep in ind, thid was LONG before the age of "metoo" and "the pussy pass" so it's safe ro say she earned them.

After her studies, she soured on Christianity and decided to seek her ancient Aryan roots in Hinduism. She married a "Hindu Monk" and was celibate her entire life. In 1946 or so, she journeyed to occupied Germany/Austria, making her way through "the traditional Aryan homeland" and got picked up by ZOG for handing out flyers encouraging people to resist the ZOG.

In jail, she became close with a number of SS Men who would be her friends for the rest of her life, including Hans Ulrich Rudel, the most decorated man of ant side in the entire war.

She became friends with several prominet German Smpthatizers, including one of the heiresses to the Lor'real family Cosmetics Dynasty.

She wrote several books, on National Socialism, Hitler as " Man Against Time" and te incarnation of a Hindu Deity, and laid the foundation for much of the modern ecology movement.

Legend has it that her ashes are interred with those of GL Rockwell.

e3ec20  No.12652822

File: 80370b86e1cc56f⋯.jpg (17.41 KB, 220x348, 55:87, 220px-Diana_Mitford_Photo.jpg)

File: 1616d5e1b1af646⋯.jpg (389.39 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 23-Nancy-Mitford-Getty.jpg)

File: 1bbd816ef757a10⋯.jpg (29.38 KB, 365x499, 365:499, 51xmbrB8mzL._SX363_BO1,204….jpg)

File: 06544e5b7be4a35⋯.jpg (193.94 KB, 650x1014, 25:39, Frederick-the-Great_1024x1….jpg)

File: 6e117fdaff3515b⋯.jpg (505.74 KB, 1444x2048, 361:512, 25f8bd23f9a7fb632c83e62af0….jpg)

Diane Mitford left her husband the heir to the immense Guinness fortune to become a persecuted NAZI traitor with her husband Sir Oswald Mosley.

And her sister Nancy was an excellent writer. She was friends with Evelyn Waugh who held her in the highest respect which is saying a lot because he was an atrocious asshole who despised shitty writers.

61c256  No.12652824


beat me to it

eef294  No.12652825

File: 44674909387772c⋯.jpg (26.57 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 1324499049074.jpg)

>was gonna mention "that woman pilot who flew over Berlin during the battle in order to save Hitler"

>can't remember the name

>search it

>it's actually the woman in the OP

316de9  No.12652840


Anna Komnenos. Couple samurai ladies, and that European one that kept her husband's castle under siege for months or years. More importantly every mother of every great male figure (except when they were abusive or neglectful hags), because they were the fire in the home, and not the candlelight in the streetlamp, as well women should.

5ebdfd  No.12652843

File: 5edb933590ff0eb⋯.jpg (67.33 KB, 601x532, 601:532, truth26p30.jpg)


I guess it's time for the biannual reminder that the greatest female nazi ever was a coal burner.


763177  No.12652844

I wonder what's being slid.

67d75d  No.12652850

File: 52a47e29d237d17⋯.jpg (278.46 KB, 786x528, 131:88, ns grills.jpg)

f80a04  No.12652852

File: 8c32fa234927ecf⋯.jpg (181.61 KB, 329x470, 7:10, isabella1.jpg)

File: 6e102bd5ebee548⋯.jpg (15.98 KB, 220x308, 5:7, isabfella2.jpg)

File: a597983bd9a948a⋯.jpg (18.39 KB, 170x321, 170:321, Isabella-3.jpg)

Isabella 1 of Castille- Ironic that you never hear feminists talk about her. The same feminists who love islam so much, but can't seem to get their hands around fact that in an Islamic society, she's never have left the Harem.

So who was she? a Warrior Queen, her marriage with Ferdinand (by all accounts a happy one) eventually helped bring about the unification of almost all Spain. She and her husband completed the Reconqusita, eventually expelling or forcing to the moors and Jews left to convert (thos would probe a MISTAKE and too generous and trusting, as lter the Inquisition would find ~ 1000 Jews alll confirmed guilty of High Kikery essentially running the Court. IT's a shame they

t kill them all when she had them all in one place and goof reason, rather thsn letting the wound fester, but that's another story).

She was reknowned for her great beauty with fiery green eyes and strawberry blonde her. It was said that word of her presence at some battle or sei terrified the Mohammedans, because for all the modern Jewish bullshit claiming that

Mohammed was a feminist," they had never seen a woman on the battle field with her own standard and they thought she was some kind of witch. It further terrified them when rumors spread that once she had arrived in a camp for a siege, she made a vow not to leave until the work was complete.

When she finally completely the Reconquita by taking Grenanda, the Christian slaves held there for decades were release and paraded before her to thank her, one on of her Dukes climbed the Mosque (as Catholic mass was being said in the city for the first almost 800 years and while planting a golden crucifix atop the dome shouted across the city : "Hail to the Cross, our only hope!!"

f80a04  No.12652867

File: 2fdc9569a412508⋯.jpg (157.69 KB, 600x755, 120:151, peterson puppet.jpg)

File: c9262b155174159⋯.jpg (107.69 KB, 1024x653, 1024:653, counter-semitism.jpg)


Always, ALWAYS the same greasy, leering, hooknosed KIKE who can't stand to see any celebration of Aryan womanhood. "By their fruits you shall know them." I have an advantage over the vast majority here due to the time I spent as a very small child in West Berlin and i KNOW for fact that the Jew hates Nothing, NOTHING on this plane more than any sort of good Aryan woman. I watch i and heard the stories firsthand.

It's why you kikes let million and millions and millions of military age muslim males pour into europe. Why you allow grooming gangs to exist. Why you run the White slave trade out of Israel.

Just recall, you hook0noed demon, that after White females woke up in the Weimar to what was actuallly happing to them thet REALLY woke up and became the most vociferious group (other than your fellow jews rying to ave their own skin( in HUNTING DOWN KIKES.

And so it will be again. Watch and see you greasy hooknosed, talmudic demon. Eventually, White females are going to do the same thing as in the 30s, only this time using iphones and "pokemon-go' type apps to find the jude.

366390  No.12652869

File: 94924b1ac1b6192⋯.jpg (683.15 KB, 2173x1779, 2173:1779, women_voting2.jpg)


>Women from history you Genuinely Respect


For the same reason I'm not risking that one based nigger or wetback; it's a numbers game, and I'm not playing.

879817  No.12652872

File: a15181777655e54⋯.jpg (182.22 KB, 900x750, 6:5, cixi.jpg)

File: 39e74ef651dcb33⋯.jpg (203.89 KB, 1024x1221, 1024:1221, catherine the great.jpg)

File: ad668d4377ce52d⋯.jpg (418.38 KB, 662x899, 662:899, catherine of medici.jpg)

File: 7d2ff81c2f7cd29⋯.jpg (162.35 KB, 800x991, 800:991, Maria_Theresia_(HRR).jpg)

File: 8301aaf73b8c2ab⋯.jpg (125.25 KB, 586x538, 293:269, thatcher.jpg)

Can anybody explain why feminists don't talk about actual historically important women? They always just pick some bitchy old suffragete or purple haired trans landwhale sabretooth cat, meanwhile history is full of women being genuine badasses.

>Empress Cixi

Went from concubine to substitute empress and reformed the whole fucking China from thousands of years of stagnation to more or less modern nation

>Catherine the Great

literally the best russian monarch in history, reformed Russia into modern powerhouse, started the westernization of Russia and made it politically relevant in Europe for the first time

>Maria-Theresia of Habsbourg

single-handedly turned around one of the (if not the) darkest moments in Habsbourg history, consolidated her lands, masterfully mediated between different factions and was first Enligtened ruler

>Catherine of Medici

basically held France together during religious wars, decided its religious and political future and organized one of the bloodiest religious massacres in history

>Margaret Thatcher

turned Britain from socialist hellhole on its way to shit into prospering right-wing strong state with relevant foreign and domestic policies and strong position within the country itself

and this is just off the top of my head, history is filled with these. But no, SJW's will rather prove their point about women being strong by putting them into fairytales about magical shields and glowing swords instead of promoting actual fucking history and the women that actually fucking deserve some praise.

3be0b6  No.12652877


Because all those women had nothing good to say about the cunts below them.

1cee43  No.12652881


>>Empress Cixi

>Went from concubine to substitute empress and reformed the whole fucking China from thousands of years of stagnation to more or less modern nation

This isn't true, in fact, she plotted to kill her own son because he wanted to renew China and wrestled the rule from her.

A part of why the Qing dynasty didn't have their own Meiji reform was because of her.

f80a04  No.12652883


> what's being slid.

I'd assume it's your 6th plate of tendies being slid onto your TV tray that your mummy just cooked, you fat, sweaty, repulsive, pig of a man with an imprint of your ass in the fucking couch.

"Thread on beautiful, accomplished, Aryan females! No, this won't do!" "Mum. more tendies! And more BBQ sauce this time!*,munch. munch* :and some fries, too!" munch. munch****

ff3f24  No.12652885


Helen Keller and the female family members. Why Helen Keller? Because she’s an based beautiful pro-eugenicist lady. I kid you not about her pro-eugenic belief.

d2db3c  No.12652886

File: 0e48b31756f8a6e⋯.png (38.58 KB, 1266x521, 1266:521, Fuck China 06.png)

1cee43  No.12652889


Cixi is just a terrible example, pretty much a classical example of power hungry female who schemes and poisons people.

879817  No.12652890


I'm generalizing a shitload in the whole post tbh

she refused westernization in any fashion, but she supported reforms of administration and military, like the Hundred Days' Reform. She wanted to reform, but not that much, which is why the Japanese-style full westernization didn't happen because if she refused modernization completely then reactionaries would take over and westernize, but she kind of satisfied them with her reforms so nobody significantly pushed for further changes and China got stuck in between being shit and modern.

My point is that she was still a damn badass, even though she eventually fucked up.

000000  No.12652891


>Mann Act

Wyatt Mann was right.

2efd23  No.12652894


The rejection of western reform was actually why Chinese military remains weak and easily beaten by foreign armies.

Westernization might be a lot of thing, but military reform is NOT something you skip on.

The fact Japan had a step above ALL other asian countries at the time was because they accepted westernization at length.

ff3f24  No.12652896


The women in your pictures would not accept the feminists. If they meet them then probably will have them murdered in secret.

879817  No.12652899


that is such anectodal-evidence bullshit


I never god into asia that much to feel confident when speaking about this, but China was hardcore traditionalist country with thousands of years to back it up. Cixi's intention was keeping sovereignty of the country and most of the country believed that by giving China's traditions up they would lose it. You can't really blame her for refusing the reforms and i see it as a huge achievement that she managed to do the reforms that she did.

1e38cd  No.12652901


>>Margaret Thatcher

>turned Britain from socialist hellhole on its way to shit into prospering right-wing strong state with relevant foreign and domestic policies and strong position within the country itself

She began the process of selling national assets under the guise that competition would assure the lowest price with the best service.

Instead jewish cartels now own all the energy companies, prices only go up, and now booted gentleman come and smash your door in and take your stuff if you can't afford one of their hyper inflated bills.

White pensioners die every year cold and hungry because of her policies, but yeah she was the shit.

2efd23  No.12652903


Well, I guess you should check out the Boxer's rebellion, which is about intellectuals and nationalists who want to actually preserve their tradition AND reform to a new efficient system.

Cixi wanted to keep her power and her corrupt and outdated regime, she has no problem with 8 countries occupying and splitting up China.

f80a04  No.12652904


>>Women from history you Genuinely Respect


>For the same reason I'm not risking that one based nigger or wetback

Either a Jew or a supreme Getleman, always use this same fucking stawman. Spic, NIggers, are ANOTHER RACE you brainless fuck (or you are a Jew shill in which case you already know that.)

Whites need OUR women to keep OUR race going. We don't need spics or niggers. Ny the same token, this isn'y mean to be a beta, White knight "Worship all women thread let women walk all over you."

Dr. Pierce did a great broadcast on this, though good luck finding nw tha tthe kikes have purged everything. In my personal opinion, woman SHOULD NOT have the right to vote, and men should only gain the right at 25 assuming they in a hime or property and thus have a stake the society.

Having said that, the "MGTOW/White sharia, red-headed losers type are embracing a distinctly…alien and middle-eastern cult completely antithetical the the values of free men of the West.

Westerners have been monogamous since the Days the Romans first "kidnapped" heir brides and carried her "over the threshold into her new home.

Within a generation or so, the (((elities))) re going ti pay a price they never imagined for letting this alien ideology into the West.

879817  No.12652909


Its funny how controversial Thatcher still is. I argued about her on the internet like eight thousand times and people always get so triggered by any mention of her. Half of them love her unconditionally as the best british ruler ever and half of the people hate her as the spawn of satan.

No way i am getting into another of these arguments, i just think that the mere fact that she is so important in people's mind says something about how much she achieved, whether it was good or bad and that earns her my respect.

f80a04  No.12652914


>>Empress Cix



Christ, s the Chink takeover of Canada now complete? Why are you mentioning insect creatures with no souls in a thread about humans?

1e38cd  No.12652922


She did good and bad. Mostly bad, but still one of the better PMs that there was.

Another bad thing was selling the council houses to the renters then presiding over 15% interest rates which saw most of them unable to afford the payments, getting repossessed and ending up in (((private rented accommodation))) with much lower standards.

And yet we still have a massive debt to you know who after selling everything we collectively owned to them at knock down prices.

On reflection you would have to say she was a complete cunt.

f80a04  No.12652935

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Shit, almost forgot my Italian Waifu:

Oriana Falllaci- Italian Journalist, auhor talk show host. Famous Interviewer. interviewed the Jew Kissinger, Khomani, Ghaddafi, Arafat, DengXiopeng,rtc… Openly hostile towards Islam. Wrote 2 books attacking islam after 9/11, now out of of print.

>was shot 2x by an ak-47 by mexican kidnappersl survived

>was absolute waifu when she was young

-Swore to become a Holy Warrior and start killing thwm if the little darlings" touched ant piece of Italian art while she was alive

>most adorable woman on video

i hav ever seen in my life


either could not or chose nor to see the eternal jew even white rigth in front of her, even when a jew group in france tried to have her arrested and charged fir "thr speech" against muslims!!!


f80a04  No.12652937

File: 21390e8d6298762⋯.jpeg (5.14 KB, 186x271, 186:271, orri2.jpeg)

File: 94ba2bfd0d87b17⋯.jpg (6.49 KB, 232x272, 29:34, orri7.jpg)

File: e73f74933ae9383⋯.jpg (196.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, orri8.jpg)

File: 02d7c49ced1d2f3⋯.jpg (145.4 KB, 962x1390, 481:695, orri1.jpg)


1d4b72  No.12652945


>As a Jew Billionaire, he got Six Months Probation

Which was after he complained his house arrest, to be spent in his enormous mansion, was too cruel, and he was in psychological distress.

If I were at the end of my rope, I wouldn't go shoot up a black church, or some synagogue, I'd be seriously considering slinging a bullet at someone like Epstein, so I could go to my maker with pride.

f80a04  No.12652946

File: fb3298fd8ab7992⋯.jpg (110.84 KB, 1300x878, 650:439, oana.jpg)

File: 3ed72badd8ab525⋯.jpg (71.5 KB, 768x600, 32:25, orri5.jpg)

I can sa y without any hesitation,themost attraive woman I

1d4b72  No.12652949


Molly Pitcher.

f80a04  No.12652950


if you don't get what I mean, watch the short video of her above. she just had some sort of charisma it was impossible to put into words/ She was able to get all these "impossible"i interviews and to ger ppl to say hit because she didn't jave the mannerism of tome of a (((journalist))).

1d4b72  No.12652965


Underrated post

a7b9f3  No.12652986


Great answer. At least we know who to filter.

f80a04  No.12652989



ehhh…if you reakky look into it, Boudica was kind of meme. The feminists would like to have you believe she, herself, led armies into battle against the legions. In reality, all she really did was provide her daughter as rape bait, whih sufficiently enraged a tribe which had been locked in war against themselves to finally turn on the Legions and begin burning down some of the main Roman towns, beginning with one the officers used as a sort of retirement town.

Pretty sad when you compare to the

uk f today, where thousands of native Brit girls as young as 10 are being gang-raped and sometimes murdered, and not only are you not allowed to retaliate or YOUR ON POLICE GOURD it, but even mentioning it , may land you in jail.

a7b9f3  No.12652990


They marry them and breed with them to wipe out the German line, dumbass.

1e38cd  No.12652991


> I'd be seriously considering slinging a bullet at someone like Epstein, so I could go to my maker with pride.

Unfortunately they know this so getting near an Epstein, Soros, leader of a genocidal (((ngo))) etc is going to be pretty hard and you'll probably get taken out by their security if you could even find out where they were and when. It would take insiders to give them up, and they generally only do that to usurp them anyway.

Something about in the final days they will wish for death but it will not come, never says whose death.

a7b9f3  No.12652992


>but even mentioning it , may land you in jail

So they have taken away any incentive for you to not just kill the invaders because the crime for speaking about them is the same as killing them.

6f4b12  No.12652995

File: 96c945adae2a1e7⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1024x727, 1024:727, Your Mother.png)


This. Love you, mom.

a7b9f3  No.12652997

File: 94950b55160f0ee⋯.jpg (23.16 KB, 350x608, 175:304, lilith.jpg)

I respect Lilith, our great Mother.

c5651e  No.12652999

File: 2c4b494bfbdd5d8⋯.png (2.87 MB, 2325x1487, 2325:1487, Maria Theresia Jews Quote.png)


>Also, Maria Theresa.

Fuck the Habsburgs as a whole though. Traitorous shabbos goy swine.

6f4b12  No.12653001


Lilith a cute. These vile kikes have tried to steal everything, pervert it, and claim it as their own.

f80a04  No.12653009

File: 72108cd3249d8ad⋯.jpg (23.13 KB, 480x360, 4:3, michelle1.jpg)

File: 9208f8a9fef0e90⋯.jpg (25.54 KB, 640x360, 16:9, michy3.jpg)

File: 9208f8a9fef0e90⋯.jpg (25.54 KB, 640x360, 16:9, michelle22.jpg)


jesus, I have MAY too many pics of this girl

Michelle. now 95% sure most be a ceissi aci

a7b9f3  No.12653057

File: 30a43644246836b⋯.jpg (37.35 KB, 682x356, 341:178, lucy the kikes great mothe….jpg)


It is worse than that. She is what makes us 'different' as a people. Because our fathers didn't breed with an ape like their fathers. That is why the kikes hate our Great Mother and her daughters with a passion and want to kill them all by sending their shitty disgusting 'mixed' part nigger 'brothers' into our nations. Every race should have the same 'mother' aka be an animal and not HUMAN. They want you to fuck (pict) 'lucy' their mother rather than someone who was angelic, beautiful, creative, sexual and funny. In other words they want you to breed with animals (niggers, spics, shitskins, bug people) so that you will all have the same Animal (rather than HUMAN mother and wife).

a7b9f3  No.12653068

File: 21a0ca8d3e0c492⋯.jpg (219.25 KB, 1130x384, 565:192, ginsberg cortez comparriso….jpg)

File: 0d7b47cbbf2e4e6⋯.jpg (107.25 KB, 602x384, 301:192, skull shape abbo nigger je….jpg)

File: 0c36f134ad11573⋯.jpg (217.07 KB, 1554x713, 1554:713, just another white boy.jpg)

saged for second post


It is like they want you to fuck Ginsburg or the jew part troll women, like Cortez the mongrel part kike. They won't be happy unless you are literally fucking ape women like theirs or their part breeds.

437f8f  No.12653078


Best answer.

437f8f  No.12653081



>The Second World War would NEVER have been possible without the resolve of German Women, who well-remembered how they were abused, humiliated, and taken advantage of by kikes during the Weimar. It was almost alway owmen who were in the vanguard of rooting out the Jews in buildings and various cities since they had the tramatic memeories of what the Weimar was like for them under a complete Judeocracy

Can you recommend any reading material on this subject? I'd love to know more about this forbidden history.

a7b9f3  No.12653088


>had the traumatic memories of what the Weimar was like for them under a complete Judeocracy

History repeats. I want revenge for the 100 million they have killed for fun (outside of the number they have killed in their wars on our soil that they engineered to murder our men and women).

Lets slaughter them all and their disgusting part human mongrels this time.

"Wars are the Jews’ harvest, for with them we wipe out the Christians (Europeans) and get control of their gold. We have already killed 100 million of them, and the end is not yet."

~ Chief Rabbi in France, in 1859, Rabbi Reichorn

1d4b72  No.12653091


I'm good at mountain-to-mountain shots.

I wonder what it's like to be so universally hated that you take a chance just going from your front door to your limousine?

437f8f  No.12653095

>>12653088 (heil'd)

I'm hoping to find the NAZI German woman version of an Anne Frank style novel. A small biographical blurb would do. It's a good idea for based and redpilled fiction; weimerica needs it.

664778  No.12653096

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Anyone remember SAGA?

1af167  No.12653099

File: e637be39257f487⋯.jpg (94.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, red pilled chick #2504.jpg)

there is no reason to respect women whatsoever since their biggest achievement is parroting men and their opinions

b393ca  No.12653106

>It further terrified them when rumors spread that once she had arrived in a camp for a siege, she made a vow not to leave until the work was complete.

I'm totally fine with women expressing their will to power as long as it stems from their naturally maternal nature rather than from a vain attempt at false paternalism. A queen or any other woman who embraces rheir role as the supreme mother figure in wartime is an immensely powerful morale booster. If the King is the nation's metafather, the Queen is the metamother and a motherly presence in the daily life (even if it is only felt on an unconscious level) of a soldier at war is a calming, reassuring, and moralizing thing worth praising.

1af167  No.12653112



>will to power

you do realize that their biological function is to produce offspring

1d4b72  No.12653117


I'd rather release the viruses than let the world continue without the white race.

Turn the world into a rotting graveyard.

1af167  No.12653119

File: 9083cf41a13a2f9⋯.jpg (93 KB, 1037x1300, 1037:1300, happy-young-pregnant-woman….jpg)

this is what a happy women looks like

a7b9f3  No.12653121


You are such a doofus. No one is happy when they are 8 months pregnant, dumbass. I think you need to go back to your animal/part nigger woman and breed more non-human children on her.

437f8f  No.12653123


>happiness is eating yummy foods and feeling good all the time

You're the doofus. She is existentially fulfilled and is enjoying a brief respite from the need to henpeck and fill her holes with cock.

1af167  No.12653124

File: b702243e871aa19⋯.jpg (20.41 KB, 459x287, 459:287, aUpjF8m.jpg)


you sound pretty salty about white pregnancy. are you a kike?

1d4b72  No.12653127


Of course he is.

When have you ever heard a /pol/ack complain about a white birth?

a7b9f3  No.12653133


No, when you are that pregnant you want cock more than anything on the planet.


I am not salty about anything but the stupid fucking declaration by an incel virgin who has never even fucked a woman, that a woman is happy when they are 8-9 months pregnant. It is so stupid and shows a level of ignorance that can't be reconciled with anyone playing with a full deck in the game of Life.

1af167  No.12653139

File: d9807b3cd4b32bf⋯.jpg (155.29 KB, 753x706, 753:706, 1517622472631.jpg)


>level of ignorance

begone thot

d04959  No.12653143


>What is your opinion of Freemasonry?




>How do I defend myself, when people say Trump takes kids from their parents at the border?


>Women from history you Genuinely Respect...

Can't you glowniggers put all your data mining questions in one thread for these cuckchan and reddit fags to reply to like the low IQ faggots they are? It would help with their low attention span, and help you with all your data in one place.

I'd prefer you all in the >>>/bog/ but you'll bitch about going.

Any faggot dumb enough to unironically reply & feed AI that will be used to control them deserves what they get.

>Made this same thread back in Sept. or Oct.

Glowniggers don't even attempt to hide it anymore. smh.

no nigger, I'm not saging - I'm making sure you dumb fucks read this.

a7b9f3  No.12653146


fuck off clownman.

1af167  No.12653148


post feet

e54732  No.12653149

File: af73a9e4f4ec968⋯.jpg (71.96 KB, 458x1256, 229:628, chimp01.jpg)


My wife was always happy and rubbing her baby belly. Maybe you should stop basing your entire knowledge of females on your bitter fat whore single mother.

a7b9f3  No.12653156


I'm not even going to ask how you think I would understand what my mothers experience was if I was still in the womb. I pity /pol/.

I can't wait until the glowniggers get back from the government shutdown. At least there will be some level of intelligent banter.

1af167  No.12653159

File: 9716dfba8490f6c⋯.gif (1005.25 KB, 277x300, 277:300, 8bAs.gif)

I pity /pol/

gtfo then

a7b9f3  No.12653166


oooohhhh aaahhhh clever. Nope I will sit around and wait for the glowniggers to return. At least they are amusing. Who would have thought that this place would go to shit simply because they were all on sojourn (thanks a lot, Orange man). There were more glowniggers on /pol/, than /pol/acks. /pol/ definitely lacks with just /pol/acks at the helm.

1af167  No.12653173

File: 1b3bb2ba5b79592⋯.jpg (160.42 KB, 271x399, 271:399, AshtarSheran.jpg)


again just go away. it is not that hard

664778  No.12653174


Boudicca was to provide cover for the Druids to escape from the Romans, to the Celts the Druid class was the most important relic of their society, losing it meant the death of everything. She specifically allowed the Roman army to turn and slaughter what they thought were a bunch of druids while the real ones escaped to where I don't know. She was never supposed to survive long-term, she and those she led were a sacrifice.

a7b9f3  No.12653178


That is what she said.

1af167  No.12653187

File: d801f62fea3a617⋯.gif (847.91 KB, 665x662, 665:662, 1424157029558.gif)

ece895  No.12653191


Not to mention how she handled Hillsborough and was part of the cover up.

a7b9f3  No.12653211


calm thyself oh raging froglodyte

7da0f1  No.12653217

File: 66c9722e6e569b3⋯.jpeg (47.71 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 1.jpeg)


>if there is anything the kike s hate more than German men, it's German females

>Yeah that's why they marry them and bred with them for the last 1000 years.

>Germans don't exist, my fellow goyim :^)

1af167  No.12653218

File: 0ee3e75afd2d2fc⋯.jpg (314.56 KB, 2560x1600, 8:5, 1191506-most-popular-cute-….jpg)


why do (((they))) hate us? answer me

d59fcc  No.12653225


Women are tools. Not people.

a7b9f3  No.12653230


Because we are HUMAN, born in the image of God. We are their Gods, while they are parasites and they are trying to kill God so that they can have the planet as their own. It is nothing more than inner-species competition. It isn't personal at all.

The strong survive. The weak perish.

a7b9f3  No.12653234



Your women are tools because you are nothing more than fucking chimpanzees.

000000  No.12653235


>if you hate coalburners you're a kike

you're getting sloppy

dd7145  No.12653236


I think about this quite a lot actually. The problem i encounter is simple: niggers, kikes and shitskins alike dont have the mental capacity to blame themselves. They will never have any understanding of why their world is so incredibly disgusting, vile and rotten to the core. When white people disappear, societal and technological advancements will too. How can a lobotomised civilisation, ripped of all its intellect strength and beauty, ever begin to understand the situation it is in? Its probably incredibly selfcentered, but i want these subhumans to understand. They will never understand.

But then i look at Africa, using South Africa as an example: they forbid white farmers to leave their land. We all know brutal genocide is the future of white Dutch farmers in SA, but they are not allowed to leave, simply because niggers fear they will leave their farmlands ruined. So there is at least some understanding, some notion of 'a future' and they have their eyes on it at least.

Im conflicted. I want separation, instead of genocide. But i dont see how, if we look at a global scale, how this humanitarian approach would work out. More and more i feel that the white race (and to some extent east-asians) are entitled to the earths resources. Because they are the only races that objectively use them responsibly.

Oh well, sorry for the brainfart. Sage for offtopic nonsense.

1af167  No.12653239

File: 912ba6ba74786f5⋯.jpg (18.73 KB, 495x362, 495:362, 1517370060957.jpg)


can we kill them?

a7b9f3  No.12653245


They have infiltrated every race on the planet so that the only way to kill them all, so that they do not rear their ugly fucking head again, is to wipe out everything but Europeans. And then cull any, through eugenic means, and all Europeans who display kike behaviors. That is the only way to kill them and their subhuman pet 'people'.

1af167  No.12653253


im from Europe and we are in dire need of white people,wtf is wrong with you americans? you came from Europe and now you pretend like europeans are some kind of poorfag subhumans

1af167  No.12653266

File: 5fe0d38bf0ed213⋯.jpg (78.71 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 1542456581765.jpg)

there will be no ethnostate without European fags

ed38d1  No.12653269


My dad’s mom had 10 children and by all accounts was a very happy woman throughout her childbearing years. All her children loved her and she loved them. She was a loyal and loving wife. She died when I was 10, but I still remember the love and happiness she radiated and it often brings me to tears. The several memories I have of her are one of the few things that give me hope for the future. White women have a spark of the divine in them. It’s there. What’s dormant can be revived. The pure white feminine soul will rise again.

a7b9f3  No.12653273


I don't consider kiked 'nations' to mean anything. There are only tribes no matter what their location geographically. If you don't display any kike behaviors and are a part of our tribe, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't live.

1af167  No.12653294

File: ce368df2b6335f9⋯.jpg (801.92 KB, 1916x1128, 479:282, 1506127957471.jpg)

im fairly disappointed.proof me wrong

1af167  No.12653304

americans came from Europe

000000  No.12653341



You are funny OP. My grandmother was the only non-AWALT I've encountered.

1af167  No.12653342


racemixing will produce kids who cant fit in

b3037f  No.12653344


Hanna Reitsch


a7b9f3  No.12653355


Shut up stupid kike.

1af167  No.12653364

File: 894f6a3b3ce10f2⋯.jpg (122.59 KB, 480x348, 40:29, In-the-Mouth-of-Madness-7.jpg)

i dont want to feel kids estranged.they deserve a better future

2e4d53  No.12653443


Margaret Thatcher is the reason Rhodesia is called Zimbabwe nowadays. She broke her promise to Ian Smith. Hope the traitorous cunt has a tortuous afterlife.

d428fc  No.12653605


Let me rephrase that, a woman expresses her will to create, nurture, and protect. You're rightbl that it is only a man's will toward power, I just got lazy in describing the basic means of expression of will for the fairer sex. Basically, my point is that I'm fine with glorifying the actions of a woman as long as those actions were a natural expression of a woman's will.

a7b9f3  No.12653643


Unfortunately for you create, nurture and protect is not the woman's only will. You'd be better off with a sex bot than with a real woman if that is the way you think of them.

e3ec20  No.12653768

File: 182f2c2ca6a3074⋯.png (494.65 KB, 1024x680, 128:85, margaret-sanger-kkk-1024x6….png)

Margaret Sanger is responsible for 50 million niggers exterminated by abortion. Imagine if the US had an additional 50 million niggers in it.

She's a hero.

ecb8b9  No.12653779


she set up a gliding school in africa,years after the war you pleb.

abeec7  No.12653789

get the fuck out


5f24e9  No.12653827


Going against their natural purpose is what got us into this mess in the first place. If you want white men to breed with white women, women's rights need to be stripped and their roles should be forced down to making babies and taking care of the home. There was no dishonor in this extremely important role. If you think that it should be replaced by sexbots, then that speaks leagues on what you think about their natural role.

a7b9f3  No.12653899


Surprisingly I would rather see the White race end (since that is the natural progression that will come from your retarded system if left on its own we will be nothing but glorified niggers in no time) that fizzle into dysgenic irrelevance. I don't care about your dick anon, I want what is best for the RACE and not 'your ego' or the morals that have been imposed upon you.

Marriage is dysgenic because in NATURE only women are allowed to select the mate(s) for their children. This is accomplished with an extremely complex and rigorous bio-chemical selection process that involves chemistry/scent/pheromones that you can and never will match or even come close to understanding (at this rate).

Your 'moral laws' are nothing but the road to hell paved with someone else's (kikes planned and engineered) bad intentions towards our people.

Both males and females need to be selected for their fitness and ability to contribute to our Tribe. No one gets breeding rights without proving their worth BEFOREHAND. If you want to be like mudshit part niggers (utilizing their 'systems' and 'morals') you should not be allowed to breed with Aryan women.

e50cf6  No.12653911


>I guess it's time for the biannual reminder that the greatest female nazi ever was a coal burner.


>And without fail, you'll hear she was a "coal burner" here since she was living and earning money in Africa, just as Leni Refistahl was. The ones pushing this shit are almost al commies and Jews, who fail to mention that Otto Skorzeny (said to be most feared man in Europe, led glider mission to rescue Mussolini) and numerous their former SS men were living in Africa at the time where they were helping the French to put down the Algerian uprising.

Ok shlomo I had good laugh over this one

cffda4  No.12653915


As always, first post is best post.

Love you, mommy :)

cf80a4  No.12653925

What is this fag thread?

06cf2a  No.12653938

File: 0ad952525e6513c⋯.jpg (103.56 KB, 718x1000, 359:500, pancho barnes.jpg)

Pancho Barnes

Though she looks like a Welshman

ce85fc  No.12653952


this, and aunt, niece and grandma (rip) are the only acceptable answers

197981  No.12653989


Yeager lives. As a kid I idolized him. As an adult I find him a sucker blind to who was using him.

bda530  No.12654112


She is the waifu all of /pol/ wants to have

bda530  No.12654120


why would her ashes be with those of the Commander

be2d70  No.12654121


This is just hopeless Utopianism. Even hunter gatherers had social norms that held society together. Eliminating marriage is not just unrealistic but societally crippling

be2d70  No.12654127


>women's rights must be stripped

Yes but how?

e04f28  No.12654129


>Marriage is dysgenic because in NATURE only women are allowed to select the mate(s) for their children. This is accomplished with an extremely complex and rigorous bio-chemical selection process that involves chemistry/scent/pheromones that you can and never will match or even come close to understanding (at this rate).

Is this why Simon Mol managed to had raw creampie with over 100 sluts?>>12653899

>Marriage is dysgenic because in NATURE only women are allowed to select the mate(s) for their children. This is accomplished with an extremely complex and rigorous bio-chemical selection process that involves chemistry/scent/pheromones that you can and never will match or even come close to understanding (at this rate).


0ae4ea  No.12654212


Marriages should be semi-arranged. Free range dating is a dysgenic disaster leading to low birthrate for everybody but the most undesirables. There needs to be institutions that help the working and middle class to act more like the ruling class and see marriage as a business deal with generations of consequences.

d54aff  No.12654232

Marie Curie.

As discovered radioactivity and contributed to absolutely nothing to the dark side of nuclear science unlike that kike (((Einstein))) who is ultimately responsible for the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Marie Curie, a Frenchwoman, was apparently the first who successfully eradicated emerging cancer cells.

Marie Curie saved lives.

(((Einstein))) spilled rivers upon rivers of Japanese blood. Anyone still admiring this blood thirsty kike for some dumb ass reasons, let that sink into your mind for a moment.

9f4835  No.12654239

File: 3ab24e38964e756⋯.png (405.01 KB, 1743x2318, 1743:2318, johnny-automatic-straw-man.png)


>didn't even read the OP

>speed shilling this hard

That's pretty pathetic, even for /cargocult/

316de9  No.12654298


>Marie Curie, a Frenchwoman

She was a Pole and got the name "Curie" from her husband. She did all her work in France and shit, but ethnically Polish.

c93db3  No.12654306

File: 52f8857028f86d0⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 244x194, 122:97, junkRat.gif)


I honestly can't even think of a single one.

948f17  No.12654321


>There needs to be institutions that help the working and middle class to act more like the ruling class and see marriage as a business deal with generations of consequences.

I agree but arranged marriages are not all that they're cracked up to be.

Imagine if your parents got to choose your wife.

Many of our parents were boomers or Gen X'ers. Imagine how disgusting, fat, and nonwhite our wives would be if they got to arrange our marriages.

Imagine how our parents would virtue signal to each other by forcing us to marry politically correct classes of women.

Imagine what kind of loveless, ugly bitch we'd end up being forced to marry if our parents arranged our marriages.

d54aff  No.12654334


You're right, I appreciate your reminder.

e3ec20  No.12654397


There's lots of arranged marriages, more than you can imagine. It's not like you're ordered to marry someone, rather your parents line you up with some choices and it's done wisely. Because you can allow interlopers to just drop in and steal two or three generations worth of saved property on a whim. You can't afford to have your son marry a bar pig with no morals. Both the young man and young woman are bringing property to the marriage so that the families can continue to build power. Ordinary losers never notice this because they're no more likely to hear of the deal than they are to be invited to a $60k+ wedding.

e3ec20  No.12654399


"can't" not "can"..

7a3d53  No.12654417

File: 56b2a1006834490⋯.png (54.45 KB, 360x383, 360:383, 1545595290461.png)

This, always love your mother no matter what anon :^)

abeec7  No.12654419

thank you based moderation for allowing cancer to take over the board

948f17  No.12654446


>it's done wisely

If our parents were wise, then we would not be on the verge of racial extinction.

If our parents were capable of thinking long term and arranging marriages based on property, then why do they consistently destroy the prosperity of their own children by importing a million spics into our country every year and electing neo-con warmongers to piss away our youth in wars for IsraHell?

If our parents were capable of long term planning, why do they consistently value racial political correctness over sound business practices? Why do they rent to niggers? Why do they virtue signal about their gay children or their brown grandchildren? Why do they consistently vote for MORE diversity and MORE hate speech laws and MORE feminism and MORE taxation?

Our parents have consistently proven that they are incapable of making sound decisions and by God, I would not trust them to arrange my marriage to a fat nigger.

Besides, arranged marriage for business reasons is disgusting and you'd end up with an ugly bitch simply because her parents were rich. Do you want to spend the rest of your life married to a 300 pound spoiled brat because your daddy and her daddy wanted to make more money?

Fuck that.

3fd6c5  No.12654464


Remember goy, hate your mom, old white people are the problem

930a1b  No.12654925

File: bf5ffe3cb6f8b46⋯.jpg (43.56 KB, 717x359, 717:359, christie-brinkley-daughter….jpg)

File: 87cb8d5b8a77d93⋯.jpeg (12.92 KB, 212x237, 212:237, goyimknowchaim.jpeg)


>Anyone remember SAGA?

Sagae was amazing. Great voice, and love her version of "Green Velds of France." She went full Nat-So after being violently raped by a somali in a park in the early 00s and of course the swedish ZOG did nothing


>You are funny OP


>get the fuck out


>What is this fag thread?

"Hey Chaim…I think…the goyim know!!"

(for those reading..here is a picture of a slut who had one daughter from a like, one from an Aryan. Try to guess which is which. And the funniest part, the kikess has zero shame and the kikes who edit SI swimsuit don't have the balls to tell her to get fucked and laugh her out of their office.)

I'm trying to find if the iekess has an instagram for I can fill it with these "times.semit" pics and make her realize how ugly she is as the span of her 5 foot kike satantic spawn of the devil.

930a1b  No.12654930


>Marie Curie.

she's another meme. Her husband actually invented all the shit she took credit for.

930a1b  No.12654947


>Glowniggers don't even attempt to hide it anymore. smh.

"This is Agent 23 reporting to base, my cover has been blown, repeat, my cover has been blown!"

"Roger that operator. Will keep posting shitposts on the Burmese Snake handling forum as instructed until I'm sure over been definitely made. Over and out operator."

(fuckifn scary that this kind of paranoid schizo is walking the street and not forced to get monthly injections of an anti-psychotic, to where he genuinely thinks some motherfucker in the basement of the CIA is sitting making threads on this cesspool to…to…..mine info? When ZOG has a backdoor into every intel processor post-2006,why exacrlt would ZOG even need to bother?"

3fd6c5  No.12654965



thanks for confirming it

930a1b  No.12655016

File: 8b93fe3da0d4a98⋯.jpg (119.86 KB, 272x400, 17:25, falllaci2.jpg)

File: 2c2c755655cf91c⋯.jpg (131.71 KB, 509x654, 509:654, falllaci3.jpg)

File: f5152683841b059⋯.jpg (128.32 KB, 509x654, 509:654, falllaci4.jpg)

File: eb18eeedad5c041⋯.jpg (43.7 KB, 556x370, 278:185, falllaci6.jpg)

YWN fuck a young Oriana Fallaci in a cheap, shitty motel on the Italian Coast with no air-conditioning and then share an ashtray with her while looking out the window in a post-coital embrace and discuss your mutual disdain for muslims while gradually red-pilling her on the anti-christ Jew

Why even go on living?

000000  No.12655021

Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, Rahab the harlot in Jericho, and Mother Teresa. Can't think of a single other woman I know of deserving much respect.

930a1b  No.12655045


> Mother Teresa

Much as Hitchens was a fedora-tipping atheist who earned his cancer and then some with interest, his book on mother theresa called "The Missionary Position" did a very good job of exposing her as a worthless fraud.

And if you genuinely "can't respect a single woman," I'm going to make a wild guess your experience is limited to instagram thots, tinder hookers, and coal-burning slobs/pussy hat wearing (((feminists))) you've seen in the Daily Mail.

I wish everyone here could have spent at least 3 summers in West Berlin with the woman who survived the war and–behind closed doors– very freely expressed their hatred for the Jew and mourned what had become of their nation and what they might have been if ZOG had simply let them alone. These were racially aware, good women who still remembered the lessons they'd learned in "The League of German Maidens."

930a1b  No.12655108


i never realized there were SIX (!) Milford sisters! Some of the letters between..I guess it was the 2 eldest are great.The one who married Mosley was fairly close to Hitler, and she'd write litters to her sister like: "After that, we had a lovely soup, and the Führer talked wonderfully about the Jewish Question." Would also sign off all her letters to her sister with "Heil Hitler." She was imprisoned for the duration of the war, completely unjustly. Her son with Mosley became very wealthy from Formula 1 racing and successfully sued one of the lying Jüdenpresse for a large amount of damages after they called him a "Nazi."

Sort of a shame he didn't put his money behind Irving, but even if he had, wasn't going to outspend the #30 million the hollywoood kikes had chipped in.

71473a  No.12655142


Arranged marriages have nothing to do with the 'people' they have everything to do with continuing the genetic line and the union of two households from that point unto the future. This is the understanding the two different family lines are coming together to form a whole and as one unit the family works to support the marriage. In a different era we understood that the 'witness' best man/maid of honors sole job was to work in support of the married couple and DEFENSE of the marriage.

In an arranged marriage the entire family/community understands they it is their responsibility to ensure the safety and longevity of your marriage. That means that they don't work to undermine it but to support in IN EVERY WAY…if that means that they run some cunt off who is trying to destroy the marriage or some manwhore who is trying to undermine a family by exposing them and their actions to the whole community, THAT IS WHAT THAT MEANS. There is no other purpose to even invite witnesses or family to your wedding if they won't stand up and protect you and your spouse when some fucking tart comes along tempting the man, etc. Even still, even with all these protections; marriage is still dysgenic and wrong on every level, but if you have to 'have a retarded institution that HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR CULTURE IN THE SLIGHTEST at least make that retarded institution world for the good of the community. Marriage is still wrong and dysgenic.

5c8899  No.12655145


>reputation as some old nun who looked after poor and afflicted indians

>worthless fraud

yeah ok fritz, next time you get fire-bombed, we'll just all watch on as you turn to ash

930a1b  No.12655378


>yeah ok fritz

A. Not a German. cousins were. Grandfather actually fought at monte cassino for ZOG with 10th mountain. And talking about the firebombing in such terms, you surely sound like a real Aryan. Deus Gevalt, am I right fellow goyim

B. If you actually looked into her work, you'd realize what she did as far as hoarding money and denying indian filth pain meds as they were dying of things like cancer. As one was dying and crying out in pain, Theresa told him: "Jesus is kissing you!" to which the woman replied: "I really wish he'd stop kissing me!"

she did do the world a service though by killing off a number of them who may otherwise have lived, so I really am am not complaining.

930a1b  No.12655404

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I am sort of obsessed with Fallaci, though she never had kids and it's not good to see her as an old lady since it will permanently kill your boner for her she she was young. But she had interesting things to say and part 2 of these interviews gets into when she was shot:

part 1:

930a1b  No.12655411

part 2 (she's buried in a small cemetery in Florence that you can go see if you are ever there and have the energy to walk past the arabs and nigger beggers, though don't go out of the city center with a female at night, and don't go at all unless you know how to defend yourself at least reasonable well):

930a1b  No.12655413

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

part 2

930a1b  No.12655419

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

part 3:

(I have both her books, wondering if I should scan and put them online on a torrent since I can't find them anywhere else. The glaring weakness in all of them is that she ignores the role of the Jew, but her predictions for what will happen to Europe back in 2001 were almost 100% correct)

e3ec20  No.12655434


If I got to fuck Oriana Falacci and we were lying in bed together afterwards and she pulled out a stinky cig to smoke I'd jerk it out of her surprised mouth and insert a freshly rolled joint of some really powerful mindfuck sativa and then light it up for her.

Then I'd slow fuck her again, just for the deep intimacy.

e3ec20  No.12655440


God when I visited Italy for an amazing entire month back in 85 it was so very safe.

948f17  No.12655452


>Arranged marriages have nothing to do with the 'people'

All the more reason to be suspicious of it. Basing decisions around economics rather than people is what led to this mess we're in today. Nations are more than economic areas.

>In an arranged marriage the entire family/community understands they it is their responsibility to ensure the safety and longevity of your marriage.

Again, I will point out that our parents are not capable of making any sound decisions on any issue larger than themselves and even then they have shown astounding immaturity.

>That means that they don't work to undermine it but to support in IN EVERY WAY

They undermine their own children. They're not qualified to choose who you marry.

I want you to honestly tell me whether you believe that YOUR parents possess the maturity to choose for you a loving and intelligent woman or if they would choose a woman for you that you despise or are indifferent towards or is unfit for marriage.

As for the institution of marriage itself being disgenic, well maybe. But there must be some way for a man and a woman to join together and be considered exclusive to other contenders for sex.

e3ec20  No.12655483


You're deliberatly ignoring what I wrote; arranged marriages nowadays aren't anything like arranged marriages in 16th century Italy. Don't try to be so silly.

I'm talking about a network of prosperous families where everybody knows everybody else very well, and everybody has a good idea of what everybody else is worth. And they're not letting some interlopers just come in and steal a $3.5 million dollar house from them. Not some slime back smirking loafer and not some niggerfucked bar pig either. Young people are set up to date each other and it's not just money either; looks comes into it big time because looks = genetic health and genetic health means great grand kids. You don't like what you've been set up with? Fine no problem, there's four or five others in the network. And it's not just parents either. The women form a tight cabal and their word plays a big role in who is an acceptable man.

Robert Deniro says it in Taxi Driver; "women are like the union; you need to know somebody to get in".

Nobody talks about this network of family and friends, the media staunchly ignores it in favor of "true love" which usually means falling in bed with some drunken bar pig. The Jews of the media work overtime to sabotage the masses in their reproduction.

Buy a suit, buy a nice car, buy some expensive shoes. A good wristwatch too. Get a minimum $40 haircut. Go to a big well to do white church in a prosperous suburb. It's a horse auction with families arranging appropriate spouses for their children. And nobody is watching it and nobody is talking about it.

930a1b  No.12655493


>entire month back in 85

you're lucky you were a boomer. I often watch a movie called "Before Sunrise" set in Austria in 1994 (?). Amazing how peaceful, White, and nice everything is. Sad to say, but it was bad for the entire West the Cold War ended when it did.

Can you imagine the ANTIFA vermin trying their bullshit in East Berlin? No, because the Soviets would have fucking shot them without a second thought. The good things communism did for the East was to inoculate places like Hungary, Poland, and much of the Baltics Against Cultural Marxism. Although Ukranian still can't seem to "get it" that if Soros is funding your side and you have IDF Jews leading your "neo-Nazi" nationalist movement, then something is wrong.

Italy is fucking awful now. it isn't just typos, arabs, and niggers begging either, but regular Italians who were kicked out of their flats to make way to house Vermin. My ex-Gf used to have to translate for me to tell who was a real Italian and who was not, and if I gulf afford it I'd buy the dude a meal and a hotel for the night. Sad, sad shit they're through…

c4b177  No.12655515


>must be some way for men and women to join together exclusively

There is: marriage. It always returns when its removed, as the history of communes and cults shows.

948f17  No.12655556


Okay, if I misinterpreted what you wrote, I apologize but you did not specify that you were talking about 16th century Italy. In fact you used a lot of present tense words to describe how you believe arranged marriages work.

So accusing me of deliberately misinterpeting what you wrote is unfair and dishonest.


>Young people are set up to date each other and it's not just money either; looks comes into it big time because looks = genetic health and genetic health means great grand kids. You don't like what you've been set up with? Fine no problem, there's four or five others in the network. And it's not just parents either. The women form a tight cabal and their word plays a big role in who is an acceptable man.

Sure, that's how it works in theory. But since you bring up 16th century Italy, I will remind you that in practice what happens (ed) is parents would shop around for good business deals, arrange a marriage at a ridiculously young age, and then pressure and strong arm you to marry the broad if you had any reservations.

You should know that already if you know anything about the era in Italy.

In addition, this kind of practice was not as common as many seem to think for peasants.

You bring up the fact that marriages are "arranged" by social pressures and dynamics within communities and I agree. Obviously. But when talking about "arranged marriages" that is not what is commonly implied.

e3ec20  No.12655576

File: ef13ee9cb912964⋯.jpg (42.59 KB, 443x329, 443:329, Il bidone Fellini 1955.jpg)

File: ce7af015d992e4e⋯.jpg (464.63 KB, 1150x1672, 575:836, palazzo madama.JPG)


I was poor but I was determined to go and I blew the $5000 that month cost and it was worth it. I have to say though that even back then Milan was awful. It was like a massive 24/7 convention for every con man and criminal in Europe. But no shitskins. Milan is just a crazy place. If you want to know what it was like go watch Fellini's Il Bidone.

But Turin, my God I love Turin. Even when I was quite small I became obsessed over WWI, not just because of the bizarre warfare but because of what preceded it; the Edwardian Era, the pinnacle of post French Revolution civilization. I was 11 or so and my older siblings were going to university and there were all these books around to read; Barbara Tuchman's Guns of August really intoxicated me with that atmosphere of the first autumn of the war in 1914. When I walked down the cobblestone streets of Turin as it slowly got dark (it was in September) and a streetcar rattled by I was transported back in time to 1914 powerfully.

The people in Turin were nothing at all like North Americans. Imagine a crowd of 30 or 40 young Italian men, 18 to 22 all slowly meandering past the Palazzo Madama in the center of town, all lifelong friends, singing an opera aria from the 19th century together, and singing it well.

And that Ducal Palace was such an incredible place of mystery to me. The Facade was high baroque, early 18th century, then you entered and there was this vast ballroom from the 17th century. I had it's vast space all to myself. I swear it was haunted by the ghosts of all those amazing characters from Italy's past. As I wandered deeper and deeper into the complex, this ancient pile of stones piled up on top of each other generation after generation it got more ancient as I went in deeper; Renaissance private chambers from the 15th and 16th century, then medieval strong rooms, then finally at its core a broad deep well that had been excavated with amazing Roman tile work on the floor at the bottom from the 2nd century AD.

930a1b  No.12655581

File: 7be7a1173df1304⋯.jpg (88.64 KB, 600x228, 50:19, wiliammmm-field.jpg)


>Buy a suit, buy a nice car, buy some expensive shoes. A good wristwatch too. Get a minimum $40 haircut. Go to a big well to do white church in a prosperous suburb.

Doesn't work anymore. My ex used to drag me to one of those "mega-Churches" with 20k people and it would make my skin crawl as I saw fistfuls of shekels going into the donations. AS far as what you described, NO. Want know how to meet your wife. Here is the secret: for college.Uni, you go to a NESCAC school. If you don't know what they are, look them up. They are roughly: Amherst, Bates, Bowdoin, Colby, Middlebury, Trinity, William and a few others. They are essentially Ivy League schools without the kikes. And while Williams and Amherst have had some bad press of late for too many kangz, Colby still 75% White and Middlebury still close to that And they cracked down hard after a group of radical assholes, mostly negres and "latina/Latinx," tried to smash up a Charles Murrary lecture on race and IQ.

At these colleges, you will meet the best looking WASP girls from wealthy, well-bred families. And if you take any of their virginity, you better be prepared to marry them. Usually *assuming you do well at the school and well b the LSAT), you will get most oof your tuition is scholarship and her family will pay to house you both during your 3 years in law. Go for medicine, and you are pushing it but they still might.

Girls are tall, natural blonde, come from some of the wealthiest zip codes in the USA, they do a VERY good job at keep their jews under control. If you NEED to get your dick wet, plenty of local bars where you can meet either a townie or a call from somewhere like…u-Mass Amherst u-Maine Orno.

There are about 15 bulldykes on the campus, all stick together in the "psychology" department and all play rugby. The cute, natural blonde girls play field hockey, tennis, or track and field. Many at 5 foot 10 or taller, real blondes (which you'll confirm first time you get her underwear off), but any fucking around you want to do like fucking sluts in NYC, better do it in your first summer, since by 2nd summer tis will be asked to spend it with her family in Nantucket,Martha's Vineyard, or Chatham.

And they are all sort of…if you cheat on all of them somehow, hey all will now and don't expect to ever get that caliber of girl again.

Here is a random example of a williams field hockey pic. As an example, that cute chick who used to present for can (erin…burnett?) played field hockey for williams.

e3ec20  No.12655596


Yeah I never advocated that you should DO the church thing I just indicated it from an anthropological curiosity POV. It's a shit show for the most part.

Isn't William's full name William & Mary? haha If you got a law degree there —→ FBI.

930a1b  No.12655611

File: 86cececd468790b⋯.jpg (2.83 MB, 2481x1637, 2481:1637, amhest-field-hockey.jpg)

Pretty sure these are Amherst field hockey. All tall, most of them blond, very good bodies, and most played for somewhere like…philips-andover, Choate, St. Pauls, or some other $60k per year boarding school so all come from money..

930a1b  No.12655631


>sn't William's full name William & Mary?

different schools dude. Williams, Amherst, and Swarthmore (DO NOT go to swartmore…good academic rating, but run by insane fucking quakers and doesn't have the same…cool, money vide the others in that pack have). William and mary was founded, if I recall right, earlier than Williams since it's named for William and Mary of Orange. Williams was founded right around 1800.

I could be wrong but don't believe william an d mary have a law school, and if they do it's a shitty one. The idea that CIA gets it's lawyers from ant of the top schools is a meme. Fuck, they can't even top students to go the military academies now that they are co-ed. Both MacRaven (universally recognized as a piece of vermin and despised) and General "mad cuckold) mattis were ROTC.

Used to be, in military, when you shook hands first thing thee other officer did was check your ring to see what year tyou came out of either West Point or annapolis. But since they forced them to enroll women, bc now wants to go anymore so now ZOG is the rather ignominious position of almost all their top generals being ROTCs.

e3ec20  No.12655635

Andover = Gore Vidal, GHWB..

Choat = JFK

Yeah I think that's some pretty big coin…

e3ec20  No.12655642


> top officers ROTC

Holy fuck so in other words, the old ship of state has it's hull totally eaten out by worms and it can just precipitously sink without warning even sitting at dock.

e3ec20  No.12655656

The Marshall–Wythe School of Law at the College of William & Mary, commonly referred to as William & Mary Law School, is the oldest law school in the United States. Located in Williamsburg, Virginia, it is a part of William & Mary, the second oldest college and first university in the United States.

William & Mary Law School was founded in 1779 at the impetus of Governor of Virginia Thomas Jefferson, an alumnus of the university, during the reorganization of the originally royal institution, transforming the college of William and Mary into the first university in the United States. At Jefferson's urging, the governing board of visitors of William & Mary established a chair of law and appointed George Wythe, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, delegate to the Philadelphia Convention, and Justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia, its first holder. (In the English-speaking world, older law professorships include the chair at Oxford University, first held by William Blackstone, the chair at Edinburgh University's School of Law (1709), and the Regius Chair of Law at Glasgow University).

Statue of Marshall and Wythe at the entrance of the Law School

Before filling the chair of law at William & Mary, Wythe tutored numerous students in the subject, Henry Clay, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe among them. John Marshall, who became Chief Justice of the United States in 1801, received his only formal legal education when he attended Wythe's lectures at William & Mary in 1780. St. George Tucker, who succeeded Wythe as Professor of Law and edited the seminal early American edition of Blackstone's Commentaries, also was one of Wythe's students.

From what I've heard FBI is pretty much divided in recruiting from Willam and Mary and Brigham Young. That's the only group that hasn't been polluted utterly by drug use.

930a1b  No.12655664

File: 4d6f9cececd7ebe⋯.png (966 KB, 800x600, 4:3, washandlee2.png)

File: 690e5a15bee90eb⋯.jpg (75.45 KB, 604x402, 302:201, washandlee4.jpg)

File: 41b3894cdf715d5⋯.jpg (49.17 KB, 400x400, 1:1, washandleeFH1.jpg)

Last one– if this hasn't;t convinced you dipsgits that you need to go to a NESCAC school and get a field hockey GF, not sure what will. Older brother went to larboard and had hold tissues with vicious Jews. I was accepted into Columbia, Cornell, and Dartmouth (never even interviewed for harvard, though nepotism may have gotten me in) and went to a NESCAC school instead and and Harvard for Law once already had much wife, and was best move I ever made. (though my GF wanted me to go to Yale Law, but I liked the tone of Cambridge better and was a softer place foe a pregnant wife)

930a1b  No.12655691


So then yeah, they do have a law school but it isn't in t-10 or even t-15. It's Odd that Harvard was founded in 1636 and Yale about 40 yrs after than but never opened a law school. Although, fuckig Harvard is now a fucking a Sewer. A recent dean was Kagan, and they have as a "Professor Emeritus" fucking Derhowitz, who is under serious investigation for White Slavery and underage prositution.

If ever make the money, going toast up a scholarship foundation to send as many Palestinians to the top law schools. You have all these top Jew "law professors" defending something they know goddam well is illegal from top to bottom in International Law. If we are going to pretend to even follow that anymore.

930a1b  No.12655770

File: 8660255ae8c7f32⋯.jpg (170.98 KB, 900x600, 3:2, w-town1.jpg)

File: 4221546834fe305⋯.jpg (267.13 KB, 900x250, 18:5, w-town5.jpg)

File: 4221546834fe305⋯.jpg (267.13 KB, 900x250, 18:5, w-town5.jpg)

If you are White, NESCAC and Williams, Amherst, or Middleburg is best decision you can ever make Before the THIR reentering bullshit, I had: 8000 verbal, 730 math, 800 writing, 790 US history, 800 English Literature, 33 ACT. Full ride to NYU AND NYU Medical school, but had to complete NYU undergrad courses in 3 years. Harvard would almost certainly have tase me since i was a legacy through a sibling. Then I walked around with a Williams female faculty member who asked me one simple question– WHY? You'll be able to go to harvard as a grad student anyway. WHY force yourself to be around those shy, leering, greedy kids 3 tis before toy need to?

And she was right. Next few weeks, took walks around, Williams campus (if your father is drivw-toing you, try falling asleep in back seat and waking up just as you arrive in e=Williamstown, the dog is burning off and the women are out hogging and see if you don't fall on love with the town.

71473a  No.12655842


It returns because the basic dysgenic programming is removed but the dysfunctional culture is allowed to continue.


930a1b  No.12655864

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

There are so many….it seems like they've actually deleted a bunch t discover outsides, which I'm find with But if you are White and very smart and don't want to deal with asian insects swarming, jews clubbing u together to share the previous year's exams from the "Hebrew Student Union/Hillel," etc.. Literally EVERY fucking group and save for Whites.Europeans have a student group. And tru asking aloud 'how the he'll is this fair?" and you'll end up in fucking jail.

Here are more pics, a nah but afraid to share pics that are too White."

930a1b  No.12655885

File: fab70c16b1eff41⋯.jpg (97.4 KB, 600x300, 2:1, colby-FH-17.jpg)

File: 10af90f05057cfe⋯.jpg (112.37 KB, 1024x680, 128:85, colby-field-hockey6.jpg)

File: cc9d9887af1b78f⋯.jpg (14.46 KB, 318x159, 2:1, colby-field-1.jpg)

have a nbunch more but tough finding the fucker,,,

930a1b  No.12655913

File: 55df2098d99ce2c⋯.jpg (176.62 KB, 800x505, 160:101, colby-gield-hockey2.jpg)

File: 41b3894cdf715d5⋯.jpg (49.17 KB, 400x400, 1:1, washandleeFH1.jpg)

File: 4d6f9cececd7ebe⋯.png (966 KB, 800x600, 4:3, washandlee2.png)

File: b4e9b82bd9ed314⋯.jpg (61.04 KB, 636x474, 106:79, williams11.jpg)

File: 7be7a1173df1304⋯.jpg (88.64 KB, 600x228, 50:19, wiliammmm-field.jpg)

have more put will only fit a limited nmubrnumbrt prt post…

e4da12  No.12655939

Are most modern royalty just test tube babies now?

930a1b  No.12655965

( could just keep posting until here were 100s of them put you get the point000 if you are White, good grades, very good standardized resulted, hen you get the idea– forget the vides unless you want to spent your UG years surrounded by the greasiest kikes on earth. The only "exception" is Princeton, which "Brags" about having their jewish problem under control since it is "only" ~21%: UPENN keeps them away by having Fratsi only for kikes, but this doe not keep them from trying to worm in,

Dartmouth does same, limiting some frats to ONLY FB flayers (which obviously kikes can't play).In fact, the SUREST was to ensure a line of kikes at your door is to put out word: "kikes not welcome" at your door.

1dd23b  No.12656042

File: 41577e64ccd157e⋯.jpg (50.35 KB, 900x505, 180:101, 154i8376987328675623098876….jpg)


She refused to take anything less than absolute victory for an answer in her wars against the Islamic shitbags.

>BTW, Real Crusades History refers to her as Isabel, and to him as Fernando.

If memory serves me well there was a time when Fernando thought it would be more profitable that year to go and fight the French, but Isabel was adamant and insisted on kicking the Muslims' asses into the sea.

She got what she wanted.

Then she kicked the jews out of Spain (She issued the famous Alhambra Decree telling all kikes to GTFO.)

Then that same year she funded Chris Columbus' adventure on the western sea.

Based wench.

930a1b  No.12656064

File: 0be49a011c7c762⋯.jpg (331.38 KB, 1000x668, 250:167, amhest-nolleyball.jpg)

File: 0580d6090e7ce2d⋯.jpg (286.48 KB, 1000x668, 250:167, ammmhesrt-volleyvall.jpg)

File: 0e26aeafbcfbbf1⋯.jpg (366.27 KB, 900x398, 450:199, bowdoin-volletball.jpg)

File: 0e26aeafbcfbbf1⋯.jpg (366.27 KB, 900x398, 450:199, bowdoin-volletball.jpg)

File: e40dfda1fb65140⋯.jpg (203.15 KB, 1160x495, 232:99, williams-volleyball.jpg)

this wayyy ot, wonder the jews haven't pruned it already, but if you are working on college apps right now even if you are, a lot of these fuckers send in multiple apps as their "first choice" and then places open up.

If you are smart, have a parent take you to go look at middle bury, colby, bates, bowdoin, see which you like best. My advice is to fucking AVOID BATES since their local mayor back in late 90s(allegedly) made a crooked deal to take in a shit load of fucking somalis, and even students have been in attack when ( allegedly) local papers in on the cover up too.

Middlebury (esp in you love to ski), Colby, Bowdoin (esp you love marine animals and be be near fucking oceans. A few years agog serial killer kidnapped a girl from one of parking lots at Colby.

In late 90s, Colby was a fucking Paradise. He had been a high level diplomat in FC, knew both Maine, and essentially declared that the state laws of Maine didn't apply on campus.

Pot laws? On Campus, was legal. Are for drinking? Ogg campus it was 21, on campus in was 18.

Sure the cops didn't like but he made big enough donations totem they shut up. HE told parents. Peter your kid gets drunk whew and passes out in a dorm than dies in a car.

He was a good guy. Back to topic though– if you are VERY SMART– like SATs over 1480,

ACT over 32, SAT II all over 780s– before you think about an Ivy League, check out all the NESCACS, where we have Standards as high as Ivies, pretty, taller, blonder girls, few asians, fewer indians, spics and best of all fewer jews.

And you'll go to an Ivy for graduate school, law or med.

1dd23b  No.12656113

File: b7f9d9ea21c71d6⋯.jpg (44.06 KB, 676x555, 676:555, 41730-80-984uo.jpg)


They hate us because they hate everybody. It's their default mode.

In history the jews have hated (vaguely in sequence) Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, Romans like Titus and Hadrian, Visigoth Spanish, Russians, Poles, Germans, Americans, etc.

>Americans such as the ones in the 'World Trade Centers', or onboard the 'USS Liberty', or in uniform in these endless bloody wars.

They even hate each other, which is why Israel has so many jews decide to fuck off.

930a1b  No.12656142

File: 7ca4003c9516007⋯.jpg (255.23 KB, 1007x1600, 1007:1600, colby-spain.jpg)

File: 76610ca565e4b5c⋯.jpg (426.77 KB, 2215x1555, 443:311, colby-spain02.jpg)

File: 0d8e94bf48e258e⋯.jpg (184.93 KB, 480x640, 3:4, colby-spain5.jpg)

File: 0d8e94bf48e258e⋯.jpg (184.93 KB, 480x640, 3:4, colby-spain5.jpg)


>He had been

When saying "he" I mean "President Cotter." He had the belief that " all drugs should be legalized. And he knew the gvner, the 2 national senators, etc…

More and more male and female students from Europe are coming to Bowdoin and Colby. A few years ago there was a dude from fucking eden who was 7 foot 5. He was on the Basketball team but he blew:

See faggots, THIS is where you find your WIFE MATERIAL. IF any of you gets waitlisted from a good school, if you are White I will write an essay for you to make sure you get in. I write "law school essays" for quite a long time and a amazing record.

If it's fair for David Zogg to get turned down by even UV schools, then har about a shhooting, run to hid school with a camerawomen and suddenly he's in Harvard, then it's fir for me to do this for whites.

I'll help for fee for those who want it, hough first you Need to actually prove you're White, like a 23 and me or a pic w. your face etched out. We can both make 23 and me. Wish I hate started this earlier but….HEEEY, the deadline for some uni isn't until Jan 15th. So if anyone had an essay they want read and correct, tell me what school it's for, don'g need to give me your name obviously, will both set up throw away email and saw how many Whites I can help get into GOOD SGOOLS, preferably NICE, WHITE, PEACEFUL NESCAC SCHOOLS……

68d98f  No.12656148

Any women who defended themselves against harm, overcame ideological propaganda directed at them, and resisted communism and other forms of tyranny has my respect. One day I hope to meet one.

6de55f  No.12656169


The 13th century Queens of the Mongol Empire kicked some serious ass.

930a1b  No.12656186

File: c5dd751819bd128⋯.jpg (212.86 KB, 1156x608, 289:152, colby-france1.jpg)

File: 289c24e9f2802de⋯.jpg (514.75 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, colby-france2.jpg)

File: d3c1a57d8e55eb4⋯.jpg (234.57 KB, 1300x954, 650:477, colby-france03.jpg)

File: a95387585810ec6⋯.jpg (11 KB, 168x300, 14:25, colby-france4.jpg)

File: 0d8e94bf48e258e⋯.jpg (184.93 KB, 480x640, 3:4, colby-spain5.jpg)


>See faggots, THIS is where you find your WIFE MATERIAL. IF any of you gets waitlisted from a good school, if you are White I will write an essay for you to make sure you get in. I write "law school essays" for quite a long time and a amazing record.

>If it's fair for David Zogg to get turned down by even UV schools

* to clarify– I write "law school eases" and depending, sometimes care $400 each for ~250-300 words. Although these are rich fucks who can more than afford it, and want of them were waiting daddy'd money as a UG and cold not even keeps lost fucking 3,0? It's my job, as a "law school consultant" to both write their essays and write that "Extra" short essay trying to explain their DUI away.

IF their are genuinely ambitious Whites here trying together into good UGs, law schools, or med schools and trying to outthink the chinks ir outlaw the JEwm I will do it for free assuming you are White and can refer some proof of that. (I don't need 100%– 96% or so will do. Whatever this makes me this makes me, so be it.

Last I looked the situation for the top Liberal Arts colleges was pretty grim. Wasinton and Lee was best (I assume simply Bc that surname scares negro wines, and despite their 3rd negro president in a row!)

Colby was 74% White, Bowdoin was somewhere int he 70s (keep in mind, almost ALL the Sport these colleges play are WHITE sports. Other than hand ogg and "negro-throw ball in basket, the NESCA sports are all things like Rugby, Lacrosse (for Both sen=xes), Squash, etc, so if you think just being a nerd is typically enough to get=t

4cff34  No.12656210


Interesting that Colby and Bowdoin are in the 70s for white percentage considering that they're located in the whitest state. I would have expected ~90%

I went to Harvard and Penn for my UG/G degrees and they were majority white, although there were a fuckton of Asians and Indians as well. Almost no blacks or hispanics (affirmative action can only take you so far).

930a1b  No.12656220

>Interesting that Colby and Bowdoin are in the 70s for white percentage considering that they're located in the whitest state. I would have expected ~90%

Because you don't understand NESSCAC schools. Less than 2% of the student body comes from maine. If i were betting, would sat largest concentration comes from NYC. Just Colby, I know students come from 36 nations and 43 states. They only accept (or last year at least) 14% of applications. To put that in perspective, in 1997 Harvard accepted 18% of applications,

MY nephew is in 8th grade and I'm trying to make him get off his fucking ass so he doesn't end up at a state school.

0fe27f  No.12656223

Every woman who ever knew her proper place in society by being loyal and loving to her man and her children.

930a1b  No.12656230


>I went to Harvard and Penn for my UG/G degree

Not trying to dox you, but what yr? Would be curious if it was same yr as either of my 2 siblings. By that time already it was heavily larded with Jews, in the mid-1990s.

Don't know anything Penn save for what the cop told my father and me when we went to look at t as a possible college for me— get off the fucking streets before dark it for into a war zone.

4cff34  No.12656258


Harvard: 2009-2013, Penn: 2015-2016

There are plenty of Jews at both schools but they're considered white as far as demographics go. Simply observing students in classes and walking around campus, the schools at least *appear* pretty white.

The area around Penn has significantly improved over the last decade - its primary issue is that it borders West Philly, which is a notorious shithole. The school's administration, for all their bluster about diversity, took it upon themselves to purchase almost every single building in the four streets west of campus to gentrify and serve as a buffer zone against the nigger hordes. Funny enough, it worked remarkably well. That being said, niggers still find their way unto campus so to protect the students and the school's reputation, they had expanded their personal security considerably. Penn Police is now one of the nation's largest private police forces.

2622fd  No.12656266


woa get a load of this woman hating misogynist. you just said you hate all women.

930a1b  No.12656268


>>was gonna mention "that woman pilot who flew over Berlin during the battle in order to save Hitler"

/hannna didn't come to "save Hitler" dude. He had long since decide hoe he was going die. She did, however, fly the last plane out of Berlin and took number of people out with her on the final plane, including her lover and a few to AH's secretaries.

d1e77b  No.12656271


You are making quality posts but what the hell is going on with your typing?

930a1b  No.12656374

File: 382add35eb3cedb⋯.jpg (28.82 KB, 450x450, 1:1, legacy-of-ashes.jpg)


> and Brigham Young.

Nah dude, you've fallen for memes from the electric Jew. At my uni, every semester CIA used to set up little table to give you booklets ate shit and talk with you. Firstly, they DO NOT want Mormons or NYU people save for in extraordinary, Extraordinary cases. NYU "Mormon Fucks" (what an friends of mine called them after marrying Mormo Girl in Salt Male, getting a job as a release agent there and none of them would work with him) have to spend a considerable amount of time overseas for their "Mission," That fact immediately makes it almost impossible for them to get a security clearance at a high level.

IF you've spent time overseas–esp in a potential enemy nation like Venezuela (I ws hoked by the number of normal looking Mormon guys bring home "la goblina abomiaciadáds" from South America.

Nut Yeah, Once you've pent over 6 months straight overseas for any reason (unless it's working in…Lndon in financial services, and even then you are >>12655656

makred for extra scrutiny) for ain't working for CIA.

> recruiting from Willam and Mary

Nah dude, this is total horseshit. May be an old school, as I said it original post since was founded in commemoration of Glorious Revolution, but it has become essentially vert lower tier 1/almost tier 2 school.

Moreover, there are over 3 million lawyers in the USA. Everyone is not going to be one their own gear, and the polygraph will quickly weed out ones who are. But more than this and sad to say, these days who the fuck wants to work as a CIA lawyer save for bottom rung of Tier 2 who can't do anything else? At BEST, BEST, after 15 years you might be being home $130k. So unless your wife is is private practice (and if she is, she's probably also fucking one of the the Jew partners since female mate across and yo raw dominance hierarchy, justin Peterson was right about that.

MAybe, MAYBE right after 9/11 when no one really understood anything, ppl wanted revenge, and a lot were singing up to work for ZOG, then maybe. But this is no loner the 1940s, where "Gentleman of Leisure" who are heirs to huge fortunes graduate Princeton or Yale (if you have read "Legacy of Ashes," The original OSS.VIA Cadre were made up of just such Yale and Princeton types. No more.

930a1b  No.12656390


> what the hell is going on with your typing?

My keyboard is broken, using a "rollout" keyboard on a longhair oaken that seems to fuck up even when I check it 5x. Not sure what to do. When I land need to

A. kept a $20 logitech keyboard that plugs right the fuck in to the side

B. Try to find a a ogham verizon store where I can find out if the reason my Samsung Galaxy (+ keeps fucking up is just :software and a hard reset might carrot it all. Or, if it's a hardware issue, in which case, even though it's under warranty, Chris=y only knows what could really be wrong,,,,

930a1b  No.12656418


see, perfect fucking example:

>longhair oaken


> kept a $20 logitech keyboard


>B. Try to find a a ogham verizon store


> my Samsung Galaxy (+


>might carrot it all


> Chris=y only know



930a1b  No.12656468


>irstly, they DO NOT want Mormons or NYU people save for in extraordinary, Extraordinary cases. NYU "Mormon Fucks"





e3ec20  No.12656600


I never said "CIA". I said FBI. Huuuuge difference.

e3ec20  No.12656613

Fuck you keep posting all these fugly broads like we're supposed to be in awe of them because they're on some college assfucky team or something. I pity the poor fool that pops his pint sized pud over those putrid pigs.

ae3492  No.12657223

File: 0ab35895f5404be⋯.jpg (33.63 KB, 356x560, 89:140, girl with flag.jpg)


>Also, the "MGTOW" hard-ons who couldn't get laid in whorehouse with their prick between a Visa and an AMEX.

>just fuck a whore bro

Enough of this jewish meme. Incel/MGTOW types want quality relationships, not random hookups


Yes they're another race, but women are another gender with entirely different physiology and and psychology derived from evolution. Just because there's outliers in a group from doing things that men already did or had a heavily male support structure means nothing.


Surely you jest with these examples. All of these are known for extreme violence and falsely attributing their accomplishments to men. This all reads like some high school tier history.

Though for all my criticism, I'll contribute

abbef4  No.12657609


aff13c  No.12657629


Awww. She got shiny, living eyes and living mind and cute wittle widow's peak…!!!!


Now, stop being a bunch of cucks and defend her from the face-flaying pseudo-whites and kike doppelgangers. Dew it, or she'll end up on a ping pong table.

aff13c  No.12657675


Remember that Jewish Pilpul is clever. They have not lied here. They say that "There are people who look at them disapprovingly because she is black and he is white". Think about what that actually is saying. EITHER

1) The reason they look at them disapprovingly IS because of the putative cause of her BEING black and HE being white

2) The reason they look at them disapprovingly is BECAUSE THEIR CRITICS look at them as black and white.

Of course, if 1) were true, then 2) would be true also. But if 2) is all that is true, it doesn't make 1) true. But they have implied that 1) is true though they could backpedal and say they mean 2) and that is the whole point. These are the many games they play, and many more.

Being a student of metaphysics and logic makes these sorts of things easier to see, but don't underestimate the dynamic. It is being mass-deployed through multiple vectors all over the world and especially in White countries.

e3ec20  No.12657692


Actually if you look at the great men in history, of arts, and politics and adventure, they DON'T get married. They bang whores. Being married, being a suburban mook mowing the lawn and attending PTA meetings with your wife who is turning into a fat ditch pig this is the gateway to hell on earth. I know I know you want to be part of the glorious army of the next Reich. Oh wait the leaders of your reich will be gay men and morphine addicts and degenerate gamblers but you will eagerly volunteer to be their glorious cannon fodder in their insane wars that somehow they'll just keep getting into.

Fuck off. You're too stupid to breathe.

f8a8a5  No.12657993

File: 44c913df0a2fd3f⋯.jpg (50.07 KB, 548x790, 274:395, Bundesarchiv_Bild_146-1969….jpg)

File: b7e031247aeb32d⋯.jpg (37.93 KB, 324x469, 324:469, c2fba7fc64767612e059bf1ea8….jpg)

File: 95fc60497b75cd2⋯.jpg (166.31 KB, 935x1200, 187:240, gudrun burwitz.jpg)

File: f80e616d80b2e88⋯.jpg (36.97 KB, 233x423, 233:423, d6965ae24998f106b95600ac1b….jpg)

Gudrun "Püppi" Burwitz will always be my pick, she was Heinrich Himmler's daughter and she died last year in May at age 88.

She stayed loyal to the ideals of National Socialism to the very end, throughout her life she assisted in raising funds for war veterans (and "war criminals" wanted by the jewish western powers) and their families. Helped smuggle people out of Germany to avoid prosecution while working for the "Silent Aid" organization for assisting former SS members. She contended that her father did not commit suicide, that instead he was captured by British soldiers and murdered while in custody.

Most importantly she never renounced her father, the party, National Socialism, or their actions and defended everything vigorously until her death.

I initially researched her after seeing a picture because of her striking traditional germanic beauty and the more I read the more I came to respect her.

She was a better woman than her place in time allowed and deserved so, so much more.

Rest in peace Gudrun, you will always continue to inspire the strength and fortitude of the Aryan Race that resides inside all of us.

Heil Hitler

50f84a  No.12658212


My sides. Thanks for this gem

000000  No.12658395

Stella Kübler


d59e45  No.12658438

File: db14143a6699eba⋯.jpg (69.27 KB, 1020x480, 17:8, Eva_Braun_worldwartwo.film….jpg)

I think we're all forgetting this fucking cunt who softened Hitler considerably and whispered in his ear sweet bullshit about a lovers' pact suicide. If I could go back in time, there's several people I would kill. Wallis Simpson, Churchill, Stalin, Lenin, Roosevelt, Theodor Gilbert Morell and Eva Braun.

948f17  No.12658458


>Speculative bullshit

You know by the time that Hitler killed himself, the war was lost, right? Hitler made some strategic, logistical, political, and social mistakes. But killing himself when the war was lost was not one of them. He was physically deteriorating and there was no way he could physically lead a guerrilla war from Upper Germany.

d59e45  No.12658477


He was not physically deteriorating. He only believed he was due to his physician Morell saying that his "light would go out any minute". Hitler was in a hurry due to that lie by his kike physician. Other Germans knew the piece of shit was a jew. That's why there was frequent graffiti on his house with the accusation. Are you trying to say it's speculative bullshit Eva Braun would even suggest that? Think for one fucking second. Eva attempted suicide a few times herself. She was already a damaged nutcase.

d59e45  No.12658496

File: 7ef8c48f5d6b026⋯.webm (3.33 MB, 540x360, 3:2, David Irving on changing ….webm)


Also, Hitler "not being a brilliant strategist" is a modern kike deception.

948f17  No.12658534


Okay, well you believe what you want but I have seen enough evidence that Hitler was physically deteriorating to convince me that a 56 year old man under constant stress who barely got enough sleep due to micromanaging an impossible war suffered from physical ailments.


I've seen that lecture too and this professor did not say that Hitler was a strategic genius. He simply dispelled the myth about Hitler being a strategic idiot.

Hitler made several strategic mistakes both politically and militarily. If he did not, he wouldn't have lost the war.

Use your brain.

d59e45  No.12658552


Hitler's hand shook because he was nearly bombed. His health was fine. All that bullshit about taking meth is kikes' lies. It was his generals who made the strategic mistakes. That's the entire point of the video.

e9a75b  No.12658661

All of those athletic women look healthy.

My genetic testing was done about a.month ago by law enforcement. I an Northern German and Scandinavian. Same as it was a year ago.


Then you would be able to easily provide said evidence.

000000  No.12658890


>hitler killed himself

this is 1940s soviet propaganda, read a book!

e9a75b  No.12658925

Pretty much all medalled athletes of European stock. All women in my past that were my teachers.

My grandmother, her side of the Hapsburg Saxe line, and my mother.

97fab4  No.12658938


>Actually if you look at the great men in history, of arts, and politics and adventure, they DON'T get married

>Lord Nelson

>Joachim Peiper

>Leon Degrelle

>Pretty much the majority of "great men"

>Shilling against the bond that keep people healthy and working for society

>Shilling against National Socialism

>Entire thread advocating for one night stand



948f17  No.12659142


>It was his generals who made the strategic mistakes

Not always. Particularly at the end of the war when he ordered foolish counterattacks when the German army had no fuel and little supplies. I could go on but you're clearly as unreasoning as the folks who think Hitler was an idiot.

You have a fantasy to maintain and I won't bother trying to reason with you.


Video evidence and plenty of contemorary sources that remarked on Hitler's declining health. You can say that it's all a conspiracy ans that Hitler escaped to Argentina where he lives to this day in an underground bunker where he visits the secret bases in Antractica as he plans his coming return using UFO technology and moon bases, sure. But that's a conversation you'll need to have with someone else because I think it's plain silly.

You too. >>12658890

d59e45  No.12659980


>Hitler ordered failed attacks when he was down with dysentry, not his generals

Typical "Hitler was bad at everything" kike propaganda.

>"video evidence"

I've seen tons of videos suggesting his health was shit and he was "on meth". Those were narrators paid to tell lies.

d59e45  No.12660097

File: ec50489296d51da⋯.jpg (4.37 MB, 1728x7122, 288:1187, HOI4.jpg)

Now to clarify: I'm not deluded into thinking "Hitler was flawless". He was human, obviously. But a far greater man than any of us here. From a speculative standpoint of someone who has never achieved anything on the level he did (as vast world powers cowardly raped a nation the size of Montana), I'll offer exactly what I believe he did wrong. I've already covered how he believed Theodor Gilbert Morell much to his own psychological detriment. There's much he could've improved on to prevent the fall of the Third Reich. His greatest mistake was foreign entanglements. He refused to withdraw German troops to protect Berlin because he cared too much. There were not heavily fortified land forts across all borders and many coastal forts to prevent sea invasion, as well as not enough production of anti-aircraft 10.5 cm Flak 38, only used at coasts and not enough 12.8 cm Flak 40s.

ae3492  No.12660098


>Actually if you look at the great men in history, of arts, and politics and adventure, they DON'T get married. They bang whores.

Maybe if you're a very high level politician, but even they still have wives. These people you speak of are either married or stay celibate because they're too smart for women, too autistic for women, or are too focused on their noble pursuits. And even then those types are able to get a girl sometimes, such as the case with Lovecraft. But what are you even on about? First youre rambling about suburbia, something that didn't exist during the times of most men of history, then you're on about an irrelevant nazi methhead tangent.

d59e45  No.12660174


Anyone (like who you replied to) who says the next National Socialists will be gay morphine addicted gamblers is a kike. The NSDAP and Hitler are hate magnets for jews. They can't resist, just as much as Indo-Europeans breeding drives them batshit crazy.

f80a04  No.12660963


>Fuck you keep posting all these fugly broads like we're supposed to be in awe of them because they're on some college assfucky team or something.

I'm giving you fucking examples of girls who stay virgins until they meet guy they will marry, who are athletic and attractive, and most impt are CONSERVATIVE.

These are girls, according to the "MGTOW" shills and others who don't want you to have White kids, who supposedly don't exist. I'm simply showing everyone they DO exist and where to find them. If that's not doing the board and the race as a whole a service, then what is???

f80a04  No.12660972


>Gudrun "Püppi" Burwitz

Thank you anon, I forget about her. She just died this past year. She spent her entire life trying to clear her father's name and helping his men in any way she could. She must have had some sort of info on either the German ZOG or the Jews, because they were too fucking terrified to even dare to touch her no matter what she did or said.

f80a04  No.12660978

Was going to include some female snipers from the evil Jew Empire of the USSR but:

A. don't trust the numbers. The USSR was the USA of its day, and they'd inflate numbers just to promote the stronk women meme. Having said that, just because someone fought for the enemy does not mean they are unworthy of respect. AH is said to have respected Stalin immensely for what he has able to do with an essentially subhuman people. I just don't trust their numbers.

B. A very large proportion are Jewesses, which I simply don't find credible because Jews never underwent selective pressure for war, as seen in the fact that they piss and shit their pants in combat and need to wear diapers.

C. Just like last time, this thread always winds down after right about this number of posts, which seems to mean this is around the most natural number.

f80a04  No.12660992


>I think we're all forgetting this fucking cunt who softened Hitler considerably and whispered in his ear sweet bullshit about a lovers' pact suicide. If I could go back in time, there's several people I would kill. Wallis Simpson, Churchill, Stalin, Lenin, Roosevelt, Theodor Gilbert Morell and Eva Braun.

Are you a shill or a retard? According to every source, Eva Braun never even fucking farted without Hitler's permission and if you read "Table Talk," AH knew how to handle women. AH killed himself because HE decided to and he didn't want to be humiliated, tortured, and executed by the ZOG. And he made the right decision IMO. All the Jews ever found from him are a few teethin the KGB archives now, and his ashes now forever drift in the winds over his fatherland.

Wild guess– you saw that horrible, inaccurate, bullshit movie "Downfall" and you actually believe Eva Braun was dancing on tables and drinking as the Reich fell? Or, option 2, you are a kike shill trying to prey on those who don't know any better to correct you? It's all so tiresome.

7784ae  No.12661004

Certainly not ones who acted like men, OP.

5ebdfd  No.12661005


>Hid her secret romantic letters to him from her peers

>had cutesy names and code words for each other

>said she never thought she could see a black man as a partner during her racist past

Meanwhile you see a picture of a girl standing 5 feet from a black dude and you call her a COALBURNING RACE TRAITOR WHO TAKES BIG BLACK DICKS IN HER WHITE CUNT

f80a04  No.12661010


>Wallis Simpson

Ughh, have to correct you AGAIN. It would have made no difference who was king, the English monarchs have had no power since the Jew Rothschild bankers forced them into permanent debt using passenger pigeons to get news of Waterloo before anyone else, spreading false info, and then buying up just about the entire London Stock exchange for pennies on the dollar (or pence on the pound as it were).

The king DESPISED Churchill as can be seen from the diary of Mackenzie King (Irving uses it extensively as a source, and you can go read it yourself in the archives if you have the time).

The King's wife ("The queen mother") hated him even more, esp as she and her kids and husband were huddled in Buckingham palace under a stairwell while Churchill had a bunker, a special train station closed off just for him, and would use the ENIGA decodes to leave London 90% of the time a raid was coming. She even began to plot with the admirals on a way to get rid of him after the Noway Disaster and then the sinking of the French fleet and the death of 6,000 French officers and sailors due to a mistranslation of French by Churchill in a drunken fog, another 2 great "triumphs" that could only have been masterminded by that drunken poltroon, son of the Jewess Jenny Jerome, Winston Churchill…

f80a04  No.12661015


>Certainly not ones who acted like men, OP.

We're gonna get into this again. The post was not about (((women's equality))), Jewish style. It was about the…1 in 4 or 5 million females who have a genuine talent for something, even a traditionally male dominated field and were allowed to pursue that talent. National Socialist Germany was not an "Affirmative Action" society and Leni did not get to do "Triumph of the Will" because she pleased AH on a casting couch.

The Vast, vast, vast majority of German females were at home having kids, with special brooches awarded for women who had more than 5 kids, the most sought after one being for #8. The only reason Germany has the relatively high population it does for a European nation despite the Jews killing over 10 million, displacing another 5, cutting the nation up every which way, etc… The same Germans who today curse AH owe to miserable, rotten existence to him.

f80a04  No.12661193


>Harvard: 2009-2013, Penn: 2015-2016

Would you say you enjoyed being a UG at Harvard, or was it already way too far gone by your time? I would have been there in,,,I guess starting in '04, and pretty sure as a legacy then I could have picked my house in the second year. The fuckers, they got rid of EVERY all-male college (even military academies), but kept a number of the all-female (like Vassar) and the "historically black" ones, so who got squeezed out?

Yale became co-ed in..what, '74? So, overnight, you have the number of males cut in half. Now to that, you add chinks, pajeets, a lot more Jews, spics, internationals…and then they seriously ask themselves just why there is a fucking White opiate and suicide epidemic?

As a UG, will never forget, there was a negress SO very proud of herself, going around bragging about her scholarship to Boalt Hall (that's Berkley Law, for those who don't know).

"Wow, Shaniqqua, congrats, you must have aced your LSAT!"

"Well, yeaa, I guess I done well…153." (!!!!!!)

153? 153!!! A fucking White could not get into….Devry Tech Law School with a 153. And this negress wasn't even ashamed! They have no shame. If this new SCOTUS doesn't eventually throw out AA….I loved the Michigan ruling, how cute was that one? "AA exists not to benefit the negro students, but as a benefit for WHITE students…" Yes, since we all gain so much from having Deshawn in our Contracts class.

I could rant about this for hours and hours, but if you're a law fag, you know the stories already. Also, Harvard's admission rate last I checked is 2% or 3%. So if you add into that legacies, 50% Jews, jocks, niggers, spics, chinks, pajeets, internationals, 2 from each 50 state they are required to take, the required number of boarding school fags (Deerfield, andover, etc..), the homos, the transgenders, … now take your average kid from Iowa with a 1600 on the SAT and 800 on all his SAT IIS, and what chance does he have?

And, yes, you don't need to go to Harvard as a UG to be a success, but for my family at least who had no money, being able to go there, then get a fellowship to the UK with travel money, etc… sure helped as far as teaching how to act around those sorts of people. These days, people like my family 10-15 years ago would not stand a a shot in hell.

And my fucking asshole brother, still the eternal Marxist who somehow thinks it's OK for him to have tens of millions in the bank, is still saving his best recommendations from interviews for Indians and Pakis rather than working class White Brit kids. But wow, the new thing with the negroes and the Oscars and them pushing for "Black Panther" and threatening to riot if it doesn't win Best Picture has sure woken his ass up in a hurry this past year!

948f17  No.12661245


>more strawmanning

k. You do you.

898fcc  No.12661315

File: a1725c59eaef79f⋯.png (525.97 KB, 435x600, 29:40, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7f94a383c9163f7⋯.png (602.58 KB, 448x599, 448:599, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c0af07c8e1dc825⋯.png (3.61 MB, 1522x2000, 761:1000, ClipboardImage.png)


Jeanne d’Arc

8af6ec  No.12661392

File: 9c694d5b6cd0ff6⋯.jpg (2.2 MB, 1230x1668, 205:278, Jeanne_d'Arc_-_Panthéon_II.jpg)


I have some questions about her:

-Did she wear full armor? As in, with helmet?

-Did she attacked people? I know she had a sword but I don't know if she used it.I've read she was mostly a symbol and a banner carrier.

-That legend about the virgin that would save Orleans existed before she initiated her march towards that city?

-Apart from her having a man's haircut, do we know anything about how she looked like? Hair color at least?

4151f0  No.12661514

I have been wanting to read The Lightning and the Sun. Does anyone here have a recommendation on which edition I should buy? Should be unabridged and free of typos.

I know I can get a PDF for free; I am more likely to read a book through if it's in print.


f80a04  No.12661586


Get whatever one you can get, and get it fast before the Jews figure out to get amazon to pull that one too….although, I think Mr. Bezps may be busy for next few years, but even so, GET IT NOW. Esp after murdoch murdoch episode put it on the jew's radar.

f80a04  No.12661601


Get a bio on her anon, a few of her contemporaries wrote them. It seems to be pretty much agreed that she did indeed participate in several attacks, don't recall mention of a sword but do recall a ladder.

By the time she became a "living legend," she did have her own special armor made, I 'd assume lighter than average. More than her military abilities (if she had any), she terrified the English because she was seen as some sot of divine, avenging angel.

The French were no cucks, so for them to take this peasant girl and put her at the head on an army, just as a strategy was brilliant because it would have scared the shit out of the anglo.

8af6ec  No.12661738

File: 4d04920836aed5a⋯.gif (152.83 KB, 400x565, 80:113, jeanne_arc_orleans_jean_ja….gif)



She said once that she preferred her banner over her sword. I understand the importance of her as a symbol but I can't help thinking she never ever injured anybody.


I know she recieved some arrow hits that entered through some weak points in her armor (neck and shoulder). Makes me think she was using a helmet because otherwise the arrows would have killed her.

>putting an illiterate farm girl in charge of an army

The french king wasn't genious, he was desperate. He was about to lose a 100 years old war and the only thing he hasn't tried was listening to some prophecy about putting a peasant in charge. Seeing it work was the kind of miracle that'd make everyone to believe in God. Even the english were afraid of killing God's messenger.

f80a04  No.12661784


>The french king wasn't genious, he was desperate.

The two not always mutually exclusive. By the time she came along, the fighting had been going on (on and off) since ~1100. And when there wasn't a frmal war, it wasn't uncommon for the French and English to prearrange into groups of 20 and fight to death just for the fuck of it. MY point is, no matter how "desperate," for the French to see a 5 foot girl in front of an army must have been a fearful sight simply because it was so odd. Who was she, and why were the French, experienced warriors, letting her lead them?Was she an incarnation of the virgin, an incarnation of the Archangel Gabriel, why exactly would the French trust the this peasant?

I think the real reason the English burned her at the stake despite offers of considerable ransom was simply to make certain she WOULD burn and that she wasn't divine/demonic.

6c7e44  No.12664161


Sound incredible, it is lamentable i was unable to have such a cherished memory from italy during my youth.

a079d0  No.12664655


dubs of truth

2faaaf  No.12664718

File: 6eee1c83ae38b7c⋯.jpg (119.1 KB, 385x545, 77:109, Bonnie Parker gun.jpg)

File: ef1f16ba0926059⋯.jpg (111.89 KB, 900x477, 100:53, ching-shih-lede.jpg)

File: c698a432c4b2b1b⋯.jpg (31.31 KB, 220x328, 55:82, 220px-Mademoiselle_Maupin_….jpg)

obligatory mentions

f80a04  No.12665353


If you think Bonnie was anything other than a gimp, White trash criminal, you've got the wrong idea. And as for who the chink is, I've no idea. Chinks have been spending on these boards like insects, usually from Canada, and trying to force chinks into things that no one cares about.

3d599e  No.12665409

I cannot think of a single one except for


and the rest of the female members of my family.

749ed7  No.12665421

File: 0b880405043405d⋯.jpg (206.24 KB, 720x720, 1:1, olga.jpg)

f80a04  No.12665442


>and the rest of the female members of my family.

the irony is that all the ones responding "my mother" probably have a mother who is high on pills and fucking the repairman. "My mom." Where the fuck do you think you are? Why even bother typing that out? Board gets worse by the day…

3a2c73  No.12665450

Literally None. Back to your Shill Cuck Sewer Hole. Nobody Needs you Faggot

69f801  No.12666167


the chink was a pirate in the china seas

cacc87  No.12666757


Pregnancy isnt the easiest thing in the world, but neither is any truly worthwhile. It takes a stronger, wiser spirit to see that kike

eacb0d  No.12667674

File: cad1eba6086e299⋯.jpg (187.98 KB, 800x1097, 800:1097, 800px-Grassi,_Josef_Mathia….jpg)

File: bd55e6fd6e9fb2e⋯.jpg (42.7 KB, 449x600, 449:600, Louise,_Queen_of_Prussia_b….jpg)

Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz is one of the most admirable women of history. She embodied the traditional female traits of modesty, temperance, virtue, and duty to her husband, children, and nation. With her husband, Frederick III, she birthed nine children and she supported him despite his many short-comings as the King of Prussia. Louise is the model of what women everywhere must aspire to.

02d668  No.12668211

File: 06f3ef85b08c021⋯.jpeg (27.55 KB, 366x550, 183:275, images (37).jpeg)

Magda Goebbels soon grew frustrated in her marriage because Quandt spent little time with her. His main interest seemed to be the expansion of his business empire. She was left to look after six children—Harald, Quandt's two sons from his prior marriage, and three children from a friend who had died—and run the household.

In 1929, Quandt discovered that Magda was having an affair, so he separated from her. He went on to divorce Magda that same year, but was generous with the divorce settlement.The affair Magda was having was with Zionist Chaim "Viktor" Arlosoroff. Both planned to emigrate to Palestine together. (Israel had not been founded yet.) 

Joseph Goebbels had many affairs during the marriage. In 1936, Goebbels met the Czech actress Lída Baarová and by the winter of 1937 began an intense affair with her. Magda had a long conversation with Hitler about the situation on 15 August 1938. Unwilling to put up with a scandal involving one of his top ministers, Hitler demanded that Goebbels break off the relationship.Thereafter, Goebbels and Magda seemed to reach a truce until the end of September. The couple had another falling out at that point, and once again Hitler became involved, insisting the couple stay together. Hitler arranged for publicity photos to be taken of himself with the reconciled couple in October 1938. Magda also had affairs, including a relationship with Kurt Ludecke in 1933 and Karl Hanke in 1938.

f80a04  No.12669827

File: 5ca4746983afe18⋯.jpg (46.83 KB, 550x446, 275:223, romanov-girlss.jpg)

Shit, almost forget these girls. Reading a book about them now. Everyone who came into contact with them loved them. They were nurses in WW 1, even helping in things like amputations. Then would go back at night to read to the soldiers who had been blinded. Truly angelic girls, everyone who met them fell in love with them.

Never forget how they died– the Jews shot them, and the bullets bounced off since the crown jewels were sewn into their clothes. So the Jewish executions killed them with bayonets. They were going to be given sanctuary in UK, but could not because it "would upset Britain's Jewish community (!!!)." Another reason to hate British royals, if you needed one.

The Jews then raped their corpses. Think about that every time you lay eyes on a Jew. Their parents' common language was English, and it was the language they were most comfortable in. As they were being taken away to be held hostage before their murders, Anastasia's last words in her letter to her tutor were: "Don't forget me." RIP. They are now saints in Russian Orthodox Church, and there is a Church built on top of the Jew's house where they were murdered. Watch over us Saints Olga, Maria, Tatiana, and Anastasia as we enter the final phase of the war with the Eternal Jew in the coming years…

f80a04  No.12669878

File: 37c1b3c174655db⋯.jpg (20.96 KB, 240x400, 3:5, st-Gemma1.jpg)

File: f42310eac48bf6f⋯.jpg (36.89 KB, 273x400, 273:400, Saint-Gemma2.jpg)

File: 66047b60758feef⋯.jpg (200.24 KB, 812x744, 203:186, sant-gemma3.jpg)

While on Saints, will add St. Gemma Galgani, the patron saint of paratroopers. A Catholic mystic who received Stigmata. I know what the Church has become now, but there hasn't been a real pope since 1965. Last REAL Catholics left are the sedevacantists (look for a Church in your area), who hold the Vatican II was illegitimate and this is evidenced by the state of current Church full of pedarists, communists ( "liberation theologists"), and all sorts of vermin. All of which, BTW, was predicted at Fatima.

Even if you are the world's biggest fedora atheists, look into what happened at Fatima. It was seen by people up to 10 miles away from their terraces, who had no idea what was meant to happen at the time on that day. I'm not a religious type in general, but the Fatima thing is impossible to explain. i think it was a genuine warning of what was to come. Interestingly, the letter from Lucia from Fatima specified it was not to be opened until 1960, the very year the fuckers began planning Vatican II at the behest of the Jews. Also, according to the prophecy (the real one has never been released, but there are rumors as to what the real one actually says) either this pope or one after him will be the last before the destruction of the Church.

8ddd27  No.12670485


jesus give it up , she was nothing more then a kike puppet

f80a04  No.12670775


> , she was nothing more then a kike puppet

Sir, you sound very informed about her work and life. Please, tell us about Fallaci, her work, and her life. I already said 3x she had a blind spot when it came to the the anti-Christ Jew. If she had truly been a kike puppet,, why would 3 different Jew groups in France get together and bring criminal charges against her, and also try to make her come to France to stand trial for "hate speech" against muslims while she was dying of cancer?

And the fucking judge (another kike) was going to take her fly there, oxygen tank and all if she had not died first. She was absolutely massively popular from everything I see in the 1970s and early 80s, before the guy she loved was killed and she became a recluse. She lectured at every major Ivy League Uni. How many people of her status came out and attained Islam not just as a neocon kike would, but as a faith and as something she didn't want in Europe?

f80a04  No.12670788


> and attained

and ATTACKED. Her fucking books are out if print now but she actually attacked them. And famously vowed that "if one of the little darlings should touch even single work of Church art, I would become a Holy Warrior."

cd57ba  No.12670843

File: 7385834c6161130⋯.jpg (138.13 KB, 1280x974, 640:487, anna.jpg)


Anna Dorota Chrzanowska.

Unironically bigger balls than any of the men around her.

The Battle of Trembowla, more popularly known as the Defence of Trembowla took place between September 20 – October 11, 1675, during the Polish-Ottoman War (1672-1676). Heroic resistance of Polish forces became a symbol, and was glorified and immortalised in the paintings of Franciszek Smuglewicz, Józef Peszka and Aleksander Lesser.

The castle in Trembowla was built in the 14th century on a high hill over the valley of the Hniezna river. Despite its small size (100 metres by 40 metres), it was a strong fortress with walls up to 4 metres thick. After the Turks had captured Kamieniec Podolski (see Siege of Kamieniec Podolski), Trembowla was one of the few Podolian strongholds still in Polish hands.

In the summer of 1675, a 30,000 strong Turkish-Tatar army under Sisman Ibrahim entered Red Ruthenia, a province of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. On July 27, the invaders captured Zbaraz, on September 11, Podhajce, and on September 20, the Turks approached Trembowla. The castle was defended by a small unit of 80 infantry soldiers, some members of the local nobility, supported by 200 poorly armed, untrained peasants and residents of the town, who fled to the castle. Before the siege, a unit of dragoons stationed here, but was ordered to leave Trembowla due to food shortages. Polish forces were commanded by Captain Jan Samuel Chrzanowski, whose wife, Anna Dorota Chrzanowska (née Anna Dorota von Fresen), became immortalized after the siege.

Despite Turkish efforts, the defenders of castle managed to hold their positions after several attacks. After several days, however, shortages of food and water became severe, and Captain Chrzanowski decided to surrender. His wife disagreed with this decision, and threatened to commit suicide if her husband proceeded with the planned surrender, thereby stiffening his spine and creating an atmosphere for defending the castle. Furthermore, Anna Dorota urged the defenders to carry out an attack on Turkish positions, which resulted in heavy losses among the invaders. Chrzanowska’s determination raised the morale among the Poles, but their losses were also heavy. In the night of October 4/5, only 20 soldiers were able to fight. Facing danger from forces of Polish King Jan III Sobieski concentrated near Lwow, the Turks decided to end the siege on October 11.

In 1683, a statue of Anna Dorota Chrzanowska was erected in Trembowla.


06baec  No.12670940

File: a75c46c756a673f⋯.jpg (364.18 KB, 659x1024, 659:1024, horsecock.jpg)


<Catherine the Great

8cb96e  No.12670979


>Leftypol gets btfo'd by basic facts

>Defaults to antiwhite hatred


f80a04  No.12672650


><Catherine the Great

Gee, I wonder (((who))) would create such rumors of perversion? It couldn't, by any chance, be that tribe of eternal parasites that Catherine put into the pale, could it?

db7185  No.12678663


It's as if you didn't even bother reading. Boudicca didn't lead anyone. This is objectively true. She was a bed warmer like all women should be.



db7185  No.12678682


buddy, you haven't won a war in a hundred years. We will rape you like fat piglet animals that you are.

823455  No.12689324

Frances A Yates

Her books are sick

34139d  No.12689419


I don't respect any women. Only men are worthy of respect, because respect is something for equals or betters. Women are an inferior gender with no purpose besides being baby factories to produce more men that can create civilization.

4d2b0a  No.12691655

>no grace gifford

>no grace O'malley

I guess its back to /eirepol/ for me.

e5baca  No.12694579


> Ironically, AH was a "feminist" before that word was even invented.

One of the reasons I dislike Hitler and Natsoc.

95ad0f  No.12694713

Got an archive.is of the old thread?

950301  No.12694728

how to dissuade white male teenagers from browsing your already niche board 101: make retarded posts like these

2cf393  No.12694794


gas yourself

bda530  No.12695074


Are you that retard that makes those WOMEN ARE THINGS BRING BACK PATRIARCHY ALLAHU AKBAR threads, you are in the wrong website goatfucker

517f14  No.12695082

Savitri Devi

517f14  No.12695087

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Oh shut it kike.

a8e81a  No.12695328


I looked into it last year when she was brought up in a thread the evidence is sketchy at best, Anon. It reads like a kike smear job.

429448  No.12695360


Read 20th century philosophy faggot. The connections to feminism came from the 18th century. Basically our Founding Fathers were all feminized pussies at the point this country was founded.

ce96c9  No.12695365

My mom.

a8e81a  No.12695443


I thought he got gassed while running messages in the trenches in World War I and it basically gave him polio. The reason he took meth, or a concoction comparable to meth, was to calm his tremors.

a8e81a  No.12695614

File: 22fab862960d869⋯.jpg (16.4 KB, 458x451, 458:451, 22fab862960d869bdfc88ac83f….jpg)


235774  No.12695648


>Marriage is dysgenic because in NATURE only women are allowed to select the mate(s) for their children

Firstly you are ignoring rape, which was clearly a common way of reproduction in which the woman had no choice. If you are so keen on returning to nature, perhaps we should return to the 'eugenics' where we simply rape our kids into you?

Assuming you don't like that future, perhaps you should realize that marriage is NOT dysgenic. It promotes a genetic caste system while also encouraging both men and women to better themselves to compete for the fittest single mate.

I can recognize you as a poster. My guess is you are a woman who has become racially aware but only after having had 10+ sexual partners. You now see that the men of this zeitgeist want virgins and are desperately trying to promote a philosophy that will render you of some value again and save your ego.

bd6108  No.12695703

97fab4  No.12695777


Kek, like the most typical proto modern whore. If only the war wasn't about to begin. They should have sacked her ass and sent her to live with "Chaim".

a8e81a  No.12696546

File: 51d393640e17b18⋯.jpg (17.97 KB, 219x255, 73:85, 51d393640e17b18d3cb6d69fcd….jpg)

>>12695777 (Trips of Truth)

Red or black pill me on Cleopatra

5ea704  No.12698257

women and respect!. LOL

They only want one thing money and attention.

bb120e  No.12698269

File: 1432fce92ecb3bb⋯.jpg (73.2 KB, 1041x538, 1041:538, 981.jpg)


She wuz black.

517f14  No.12698275


The one on Book Depository. It is great.

517f14  No.12698284


They where friends and also wrote each other before they met. As Time Rolls On makes that clear.

bbd64d  No.12698624

File: 6f0d5a92b8ca57e⋯.jpg (75.25 KB, 540x700, 27:35, duck445346546.jpg)


Honestly I think my mum is the reason I hold such mysogynistic sentiments, because she set the the high-bar for what I thought I could expect women to be, and then I got out into the wider, modern world and the disappointment was just that devastating. She, and the virtues she embodies, are relics of a forgotten age.

f6d087  No.12699127


She offerred him a ride, so you are incorrect. He refused evacuation because he didn't want the people to suffer under a brutal occupation rooting out resistance fighters. As it happened anyway, the next five to ten years was dangerous for the Americans as attacks occurred all over the country, but that is besides the point. She specifically flew in under extremely dangerous conditions to conduct an evacuation and she was politely declined. She recounts the story in her book, "My Sky, My Kingdom".

dcc0fb  No.12699162

File: b57f9bfff129468⋯.webm (2.05 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, bonbi (erika edit).webm)

what does /pol/ think of bonbi?

f6d087  No.12700028


Video has some BS editing, not a good video. Dancing is uncoordinated, could have been a diferent song originally. Also, probably a trap.

62ae45  No.12700048


This, but unironically. A man who doesnt respect his mother is a degenerate.

This of course isnt always the rule, some mothers are despicable, but for the average man, this isnt the case.

a8e81a  No.12703067


Hands are pretty small at 0:19, doubt it's a trap.

cf80a4  No.12703109


No such thing as a woman who deserves any respect

a8e81a  No.12703205


>t. "I don't know the meaning of the word respect."

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