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File: 6e37d58c90c7505⋯.jpg (605.26 KB, 1200x787, 1200:787, sam hyde street preaching.jpg)

9ad953  No.12653079

Same people who think boys should cut off their penises.

“The main thrust of the subsequent research is that traditional masculinity — marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggression — is, on the whole, harmful,” reads the news release by the famed association.

The “masculinity ideology” is defined by the APA as “a particular constellation of standards that have held sway over large segments of the population, including: anti-femininity, achievement, eschewal of the appearance of weakness, and adventure, risk, and violence.”



9ad953  No.12653087

File: d76a8975354513e⋯.jpg (109.65 KB, 904x1200, 113:150, Dtj3E4WVsAERmZu.jpg)

>The “masculinity ideology” is defined by the APA as “a particular constellation of standards that have held sway over large segments of the population, including: anti-femininity, achievement, eschewal of the appearance of weakness, and adventure, risk, and violence.”

They don't understand what feminine is. Masculine man are not anti-feminine.

Everything is inverted.

98c75d  No.12653090

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Make whites savage again

6f47d6  No.12653109

http://archive.vn/ISVfY (PDF)

https://archive.fo/9CM94 (news article)

25dab2  No.12653128


The Jews are literally trying to neuter men now. Competitiveness, dominance and aggression are the very traits that GET SHIT DONE! Without men constantly trying to out do one another our buildings won't get taller, cars won't get faster, cities won't be as grand, etc.

All part of the plan I guess. The slow kill. Fuck with the diet, spread a bunch of feminizing chemicals, then sloooowly make being a "man" offensive. Reduce birthrates (by feminization) then import as much 3rd world shitskin seed, and BAM. A nice population of stupid, complacent goyim.

85b8c2  No.12653131


Chad has broken the programming of the girl on the right

000000  No.12653135


Friendly reminder that this isn't real psychology, the entire field got taken over by hippies and fags in the 1970's through force, blackmail and aggression, they would attack researchers at conventions and smear them on the press. Freud for all the hate he gets considered gays and lesbians to be a disease and spent a chunk of his career trying to find a solution. Most of the pseudo-psychologists that rule the APA today consider freud to be a patriarchal shitlord and would gladly erase him from history if they could. If he was alive he would probably be diagnosed with this “masculinity ideology” bullshit.

487e10  No.12653141

File: f59ebcddc8ed6f2⋯.jpeg (120.5 KB, 480x608, 15:19, 5E3C07DC-E959-4E1E-B327-6….jpeg)

Fuck this gay earth

Peel the scales from your eyes, anon:




487e10  No.12653145




f6a658  No.12653152


>achievement, adventure

Yeah, you ban life. See how long you get to live.

5abe24  No.12653158


>American Psychological Association now defines traditional masculinity as harmful

American Psychological Association now defines themselves irrelevant to society.


25dab2  No.12653161



I can also confirm. Me and my father were just discussing this last night after some "psychologist" gave his analysis on some right wing activists. He was complaining how the entire field has been co-opted by the left. He has a Ph.D. and actually meet Timothy Leary during his time at UCSF.

17378a  No.12653164


>Freud for all the hate he gets

You do realize there's nothing scientific in anything Freud said, right? It was literally jewish religion\philosophy masked as science.

Anyone who practices psychoanalysis should be arrested for medical malpractice.

f6a658  No.12653167


>It was literally jewish pilpul and money making scam masked as science.

Fixed. Do not taint good words with them.

f878f8  No.12653176


The Rational Male is a dick-brained retard who thinks fucking hoes is the only important thing in life.

0930dd  No.12653177

File: 9d342c2d9d9bfcb⋯.jpg (39.08 KB, 400x355, 80:71, Psychology.jpg)


Stopped listening to them when they claimed faggotry was not a mental illness.

Psychology is a political manipulation construct, it has no basis in science or reality.

There's a reason the only job these welfare queen's can get is with government agencies.

752152  No.12653185


> Anyone who practices psychoanalysis should be arrested for medical malpractice.

even the practitioners admit it's not medical. No medical license needed nor medical malpractice insurance.

049ce6  No.12653207


How can psychologists get it this wrong? It has to be intentional malice towards men. They either completely misunderstand men’s nature, needs, and potential. Or they fully understand it and instead want to weaken men so that society can be more female dominated in some kind of kike sci-fi fantasy.

The actual destruction of men’s mental wellness comes from:

>lack of meaningful brotherhoods throughout the lifespan

>lack of meaningful bond with their father and other positive male mentors

>Policies that devalue working class labor mostly done by men

Everything else is a symptom of the destruction of these norms that inhibit natural male community and bonds. The feminine Psychologists focus on symptoms rather than root causes for dysfunction because their actual goal is to weaken men’s role in decision making in the family, government, and the work place.

Ignore these satanic bitches. Improve yourself and men around you in solidarity. Kikes cannot compete when white men act as brothers who strive for strength and power in the world.

dce6f5  No.12653259

This matters because of public schools, their male students & their female teachers.Male students are already put on ADHD medicine.

db9564  No.12653274


The only solution to jews and leftists is to kill all jews and leftists.

Nothing else matters.

f66498  No.12653338


Still haven't "found" a girlfriend, I see?

c6647d  No.12653346


neck yourself

c6647d  No.12653351


Homeschool your kids. Public schools are nothing more than indoctrination camps with bits of actual learning tacked on, especially at the elementary and middle level.

99ce6b  No.12653363

So the left hasn't moved past the Soviet tactic of diagnosing their political enemies with "sluggish schizophrenia"?

680b2b  No.12653365

File: a0089ae5fa4c190⋯.webm (3.87 MB, 640x352, 20:11, hate.webm)


It can't come soon enough

3d0907  No.12653371

I'm not surprised. Media shows frequently manly guys as self-centered idiots.

5abe24  No.12653377




c415e6  No.12653380


>no basis in science

That's how I know you're talking out of your ass. The biggest problem the right has is understanding the scientific method and applying the knowledge that has been gained.

02b50b  No.12653426


Sure people claim psychology is based in science.

On the same token people can say that astrology is based on science, since those celestial objects are very real and so is time, and they use this basis on scientific fact to make up a lot of unproven claims about people.

72270f  No.12653429


An argument easily dismissed when you ask them. "So you mean if I want to be a good feminist it's "abandon ship!" last to the lifeboats is cis normative patriarch"

1c0beb  No.12653433

File: 29e50c28cf218c0⋯.pdf (2.96 MB, rind-bauserman-tromovitch-….pdf)

File: a51d93b01179636⋯.png (351.18 KB, 1270x5169, 1270:5169, ON_THE_PEDOPHILIA_ISSUE_WH….png)

>A Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples in Psychological Bulletin 124(1):22-53 · August 1998


>Many lay persons and professionals believe that child sexual abuse (CSA) causes intense harm, regardless of gender, pervasively in the general population. The authors examined this belief by reviewing 59 studies based on college samples. Meta-analyses revealed that students with CSA were, on average, slightly less well adjusted than controls. However, this poorer adjustment could not be attributed to CSA because family environment (FE) was consistently confounded with CSA, FE explained considerably more adjustment variance than CSA, and CSA-adjustment relations generally became nonsignificant when studies controlled for FE. Self-reported reactions to and effects from CSA indicated that negative effects were neither pervasive nor typically intense, and that men reacted much less negatively than women. The college data were completely consistent with data from national samples. Basic beliefs about CSA in the general population were not supported.

The same APA that's been trying to normalize paedos.

292e1c  No.12653451

File: c5946e1431965ac⋯.jpg (98.52 KB, 968x544, 121:68, 6t45654.jpg)


>*losses his guns forever because of the "irrelevant psychologist" decision*

5abe24  No.12653455


>>*losses his guns forever because of

Do you even know what guns are for faggot?

d24f50  No.12653462


But astrology isn't based on science because the scientific method isn't used in astrology. Do you understand the difference between what someone says and what is?

c442e1  No.12653472


To be honest, he did lay the concepts unto which Jung built upon and made an actual workable system. Freud relied upon fixed axioms to describe the psychological phenomenon, which is it's terribly unscientific factor, but Jung relativized these in order to make universally appliable ie.reproduceable methods to analyze the psyche.

Freud, amongst jewish intelectuals, is one that have contributed the most, alongside the likes of Bohr, even though he is completely outdated and surpassed nowadays. Not to mention the parts of his research that are undeniably subversive…

7cb21f  No.12653474


>But astrology isn't based on science


>because the scientific method isn't used

Incorrect. Scientific method has significant flaws which are highly exploited today to spread falsehood.

0930dd  No.12653486


>That's how I know you're talking out of your ass.

It's pure, motherfucking, Jew lies and Jew politics, and it's ALL worthless nonsense.

02b50b  No.12653497

File: ecae9175fb90a4b⋯.mp4 (1.01 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ecae9175fb90a4b42c63c0f2b6….mp4)


>But astrology isn't based on science because the scientific method isn't used in astrology.

Much like psychology.

They don't reclassify what is or isn't a mental illness based on the scientific method, but based on what society believes.

That's why homosexuality was classified as a mental illness before, and now it's not.

0930dd  No.12653504


Immense amount of truth in this.

292e1c  No.12653509

File: 60e1aa84795cfa1⋯.jpg (316.5 KB, 3107x2330, 3107:2330, 576857.jpg)


To defend Russia from fascism.

0930dd  No.12653510


>They don't reclassify what is or isn't a mental illness based on the scientific method, but based on what society believes.


Not based on what society believes, but based on what they WANT society to believe.

8cb3ff  No.12653518


How are they supposed to know how to get shit done when all they ever did was leech and freeload? Subhumans gonna subhuman.

7fd7d2  No.12653526

Eventually not being a faggot pussy male will be enough reason to take your guns away.

b9ad06  No.12653532


>the scientific method isn't scientific

Either make and substantiate an argument for this, which requires you to also suggest a reasonable alternative or replacement, or go away.

823fd7  No.12653537

File: 0d5d57d2786e00e⋯.jpeg (321.38 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, we will win this time.jpeg)


And how well is russia doing without Fascism?

c789de  No.12653576

File: 73021aeca332246⋯.png (88.08 KB, 190x283, 190:283, thecrazyy.png)


>adventure, risk

damn guess i better sell my motorcycle and camping gear

c37baa  No.12653577


Tucker Carlson thinks that marijuana causes psychosis too since he doesn't have a valid argument against banning it. Had some quack on the other night. It's not just the left that does it, the (((right))) does too. It's more about kikery.

A good lesson to those who thought Kosher Carlson was /ourguy/.

ecce91  No.12653586

File: 8f4cc3d704d5fc2⋯.jpg (86.91 KB, 542x314, 271:157, 1458907774626.jpg)

File: 74d8ec6edf91a4c⋯.gif (3.99 MB, 329x319, 329:319, 75Q.gif)

The problem with attempts to use the scientific method in psychological research is the vast amounts of contributing factors to human nature. It's impossible to construct a scientific experiment that controls for everything that contributes to whatever it is that you're observing. Research in psychology is plagued by huge amounts of confirmation bias, as the researchers attribute the effects that they observe to whatever they want (and/or believe) it to be. As they fail to control for other factors, the effects are perceived to be a lot bigger than they might in fact be. This is part of why there's such a replication problem in the field - different researchers draw different conclusions from the same data… on top of the already mentioned problem of multiple contributing factors to phenomena.

Furthermore, the whole field is filled with women and men with a very idealistic view of people. They're drawn to the field because they have are very much caring and nurturing people. They're very much afraid to step on the toes of anyone, resulting in a very lenient attitude as to what is pathological. There's nothing 'wrong' with anybody, because that would mean certain people would take offense. Can't have that. Same goes for anything related to biology or evolution. Such topics are avoided, because they imply that part of what makes us who we are can't be changed, can't be blamed on the environment. The idealistic view that these people possess leads them to prefer environmental factors, because such factors doesn't point to any inherent flaw in the individual.

Except if those individuals are masculine, toxic, men perpetuating ideas that goes against their own ideology. Being social constructionists, they believe that such views propagate in the environment as opposed to something we're born with, something innate and shaped by evolution. If we only could remove those attitudes, ban them if necessary, they'll disappear and we will arrive in a utopia where everyone is nice to each other and everyone will prosper.

The result?

>"…Traditional masculinity — marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggression — is, on the whole, harmful”

This entirely flawed view of masculinity is the consequence of avoiding certain factors influencing human nature because they're 'unfair'. These ideas are then spread and taught to psychology students, who don't know any better than to take them for gospel. Literal indoctrination, aversion to Truth, motivated by the belief that we can shape human nature by controlling the environment.

I've spent the last 4 years surrounded by these naive people. It's a shame because the field is full of very interesting research, which is avoided in favour of ideological ideas without any basis in science. The most scary thing is that many of these people will make life worse for their future clients.

t. swedish psychology student.

AMA, reddit

1a5c38  No.12653599



Say the faggots trying to turn women into men.

63d453  No.12653602


Freud was highly motivated by his jewish identity in his pursuit to deconstruct goyim society.

7cb21f  No.12653614


The current scientific method lacks a need for archived evidence that experiments even took place in the manner described, and the lack of requirement for archived peer review before being referenced as fact in other work is an atrocious flaw. We see this most fully exploited in the social sciences, but it occasionally pops up in biochemistry now as well because of pharma/food corps.

5a62ca  No.12653623


>faggot infested APA that pretend that faggotry is ok, but that wanting to knock up a girl is a paraphilia, now thinks that men being men is somehow bad too

imagine my shock

<remember kids, that's why murdering fags and kikes is not just ok, but why it's mandatory.

0930dd  No.12653632


>Eventually not being a faggot pussy male will be enough reason to take your guns away.

Is it reason enough to lose a few pigs every time you do it?

bbf954  No.12653635

File: 34d39ffc6c18d86⋯.jpeg (70.99 KB, 480x540, 8:9, 44D389A1-1138-4387-95BA-2….jpeg)



Is a Jew run Institute aimed to destroy the mental capabilities of humans by transforming them into slaves by destroying their self-esteem and creating drugs as a way to 'cope'. It's also aimed to model contemporary society to mirror Sodom & Gomorra, by progressing society towards tolerating, accepting and protecting gays, pedophiles and worse.

In short, the APA = Judaism.

Discard it as such.

5a62ca  No.12653637


>the right has a problem understanding the scientific method

pls, remind us how evolution is real but magically stop applying to humans.

the only people on the "right" who have a problem with this are religious nuts in the US.

meanwhile ALL leftists, WORLDWIDE, are litterally shitting their pants when you start laying bricks about subhumans being what they are precisely because of evolution, and that there is no amount of edukamashun that can make up for 10's and 100's of thousand of years of evolution.

8dc1e5  No.12653678


>There's a reason the only job these welfare queen's can get is with government agencies.

there not state psychologist but non-profit. The state psychologist has an acronym on it but I don't remember it It's been a long time

8dc1e5  No.12653681


I found it LCSW

1cd0cc  No.12653684

File: c2863ecf5897ad2⋯.png (11.11 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images.png)

APA was never something to be proud of, but the cucking is complete.This is why we opposed mainstreaming faggotry in the 90's. You fight degenerates, because they are looking to be stopped. They will create whatever behavior provokes and annoys until they are stopped. They crave being stopped because in their heart they know they are sick.

b27451  No.12653704

File: f0a3f983e0aaf34⋯.jpg (25.94 KB, 333x499, 333:499, degenerate.jpg)



Freud is one of THE chief reasons for this. He and other Jewish subverters that came out of the Frankfurt school were at the forefront of this field with the aim of destroying our peoples righteousness and connection to God and to promote a way to fight "antisemitism". Psychoanalysis was used as a tool of corruption to turn sin into virtue. Homosexuality being one of these vices.

Everyone needs to see this E. Michael Jones video on the origins of psychoanalysis in "The Goy Guide to World History". He details all of these topics:


000000  No.12653711

1cd0cc  No.12653716


you don't need to research this. If you need to be deprogrammed about queer/kikes then you need to get off pol and find a remedial class to get you up to speed.

ad27a3  No.12653724


Correction: the Rational Male is a careful hunter who looks ahead to his survival and what must be done to ensure it. But he does not content himself with mere subsistence but works towards conquering his environment and escaping the grasp of survival.

You (I assume a 'Rational' 'Female') are a vacuous retard who's value will be expended the moment she can no longer moisten her gash. Why not aspire to more than a parasite?

3476d6  No.12653734

the entire modern psychological movement was founded by theosophists and marxists

b27451  No.12653745


Understanding the Frankfurt school origins of psychology is valuable to educate and deprogram our people. It is another corrupting element that must be dismantled.

0b64b9  No.12653764

File: d735e352d82a18b⋯.jpg (82.78 KB, 512x341, 512:341, BRO_DEAN_Youtube_Profile_P….jpg)


He comes to my university occasionally to preach about how people who smoke weed and gay people will go to hell. He used to wear a shirt with signs informing them that they provoke rape and proceeded to inform every woman who walked by wearing shorts, or showing skin that she deserved to be raped.

Recently he started uploading his preachings to youtube on this channel


Keep in mind he tones down his actions and words when he records himself so it is not nearly as intense as when other people film him. He frequents universities in southern california and arizona, but was suspended from preaching on several campuses, including the one I attend, for punching a student in the face. His crusades are relentless, and he has persecuting the gays, potheads, roasties, masturbators, and commies for far longer than I have been attending university.

2b5958  No.12653766


Sad thing is history does repeat itself. But people never learn, they will waste the next opportunity as well.

375609  No.12653769


Don't disagree, but please give any operational steps that can be taken to do so? Awareness and Consciousness Raising are what placid dope smoking hippies do. It accomplishes nothing.

17abfc  No.12653770

APA has been a political organization from the start. Another fun fact is that they consider premature ejaculation,and delayed ejaculation to be disorders, but being exclusively attracted to the same sex is perfectly normal and healthy

b27451  No.12653774


>give me the steps

Try talking to people around you. Plant seeds. If they take root, good. If not then move on to other people. Awareness allows individuals to identify evil and root it out.

02280b  No.12653781

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Kai Murros, it's an excerpt from this speech

17ef10  No.12653784


>Chad has broken the programming of the girl on the right

He didn't break shit. It's near impossible to "program" people (in this case the girl) into going against their natural sexual desires. For women it would be tall, strong, assertive men with masculine features. She is just bad at hiding it, assuming she tries to do so to begin with.

e8bb4e  No.12653792


There won't be a next time. This is the end of white people if we fail.

375609  No.12653794

File: 76241605d874e17⋯.jpg (8.7 KB, 233x216, 233:216, images.jpg)


Nothing is stopping clown world. We are past the point of no return. Either we turn the cities neon or we learn to ride above the waves of depravity.

375609  No.12653797


We've been hiding for millennium when times got beyond hope. Those whites that didn't or couldn't became Slavs or mixes breeds (southern Europe) Some we so free so long from fear that they lost the understanding of fear(Swedes)

e4b726  No.12653798


Quick reminder that no one will ever do anything to fight back against this.

e4b726  No.12653803


In before "You're FBI for telling people to fight back."

In before "You're blackpilled for saying that no one will fight back."

You know I'm right.

190fa9  No.12653807


The stoicism of masculinity/barrenness is grounded in the fact that men and barren women exist without the safety net of society, and also without its kindness. Therefore, there is rightfully total alienation from that whore machine.

8dc1e5  No.12653813

>particular constellation of standards that have held sway over large segments of the population, including: anti-femininity, achievement, eschewal of the appearance of weakness, and adventure, risk, and violence.”

I am fucked I had to take a psychological evaluation years ago I put family-oriented answers they said on my possibly grew up in a overprotective family and I am just emulating my parents

fe4055  No.12653842


>But astrology isn't based on science

Astronomy and Astrology are the two original sciences of mankind. They are based on opposite epistemology:

1. Astronomy which is the mother of all modern sciences, analyzes the past. You find and measure objects to understand how the world works, so you can predict what's going to happen later: be it a moon eclipse, or a viral outbreak, or an economic collapse.

2. Astrology which is the mother of all religions, analyzes the future. You look for signals of what's going to happen, either as messages from those responsible (stars, gods, energies) or using inverted causality devices like rituals, crystal balls (generators of randomness, which can be tuned to the future).

f6dce9  No.12653853

>current year plus 4

>transgenders are the norm and are suppose to represent a functioning individual

>straight males are persecuted

This is straight out of some strange disutopian novel

f6dce9  No.12653864

File: 104bc20ff177532⋯.jpeg (303.77 KB, 2000x1376, 125:86, 01BB1CEB-12ED-4ED7-B2A3-C….jpeg)


Incorrect. To defeat the Russians once and for all

201e80  No.12653880


This Anon occults

5abe24  No.12653936


thanks, but is there a non-potato version of >>12653365 ?

02280b  No.12653987


more because he is great, can't embed because "offensive"


fdf4d5  No.12653991

File: 280f43d0be735cb⋯.png (338.41 KB, 686x660, 343:330, Social Media Aint Shit.png)


f4c9b2  No.12654003


Tucker Carlson is a kike because he doesn't fall for kike drugs like weed that just neuters the people and makes them complacent?

97366a  No.12654052




All the rest I can see coming out of bugmen but how in the fuck do they suggest that those are bad?


>>faggot infested APA that pretend that faggotry is ok, but that wanting to knock up a girl is a paraphilia

Source? Not that I don't believe they're that retarded.



Care to explain what recourse people here have that doesn't involve gangsta shit?

39f5ab  No.12654067


You know ironically, L Ron Hubbard hated Psychology as well. I kind of wonder if he tried to go against them in his own way with his new religon, although to be fair he was bat shit insane to begin with

7739a4  No.12654113


The word psychology derives from Greek roots meaning study of the soul. It was a branch of philosophy (metaphysics) that became nominalised and turned into a "science". Now it is what can be called empirical psychology, as opposed to rational psychology, which is an oxymoron. Its problem is, you can't scientifically study something that is metaphysical or at least something that isn't truly empirically observable. You can only study behaviours and cognitive function through various tests that attempt to measure, with varying degrees of success, how well minds interact with it. That's why we see psychology producing so little of value – and in fact, half of all studies in psychology can't be reproduced. The people in that field make up stuff to stay employed. If you want a good book on psychology to learn about it, search for Psychology Empirical and Rational by Michael Maher, a Catholic monk who fought in the WW1. It was written in 1901 and therefore contains no poz.

863525  No.12654131


Sounds like he can't stop thinking about wanting to rape girls in shorts.

f912c0  No.12654139


>marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggression — is, on the whole, harmful

These things almost literally forged modern civilization.

e4b726  No.12654142


>the only thing I can possibly imagine is acting like a nigger

You're beyond saving.

2622d1  No.12654150

Daddy issues copeposting?

2622d1  No.12654196


Save IQ, the replicability crisis is in psychology and most social sciences has not been addressed.

f0ea51  No.12654230


Checked. The audacity of these kikes…

03bbf9  No.12654235


You /christian/ niggers just can't help but spam your worthless garbage, can you? None of this has anything to do with your abrahamic kike religion not being followed as much.

375609  No.12654248

And the word pharmaceuticals finds no results?

2622d1  No.12654269


EMJ has a declared bias, but he offers excellent cultural diagnostics.

867f01  No.12654327


I'm not listening to a Christfag. Give me a TL;DR or fuck off with your D&C

855d5c  No.12654375


>MUH DC MUH marvel

Meritless paranoia, he's a Papist Kevin Macdonald. One area of disunity i.e. being Catholic does not negate the balance of his work.

a0cffb  No.12654545


>he doesn't know the difference between an arbitrary classification and the scientific method

>psychology is only about mental illness

It's like you're being intentionally retarded.


That's where replication comes in. I can fake a study, but if others attempt to replicate it and replication fails it becomes apparent that fuckery is afoot.

7df371  No.12654583

Meanwhile, in China…


02b50b  No.12654597


>It's like you're being intentionally retarded.

It's like you're intentionally misrepresenting what I said about psychology

803308  No.12654631


the sadest of al in this webm is the poor resolution

520598  No.12654847

Jews are literally genetic psychopaths and they are trying to ban the traits they have cultivated through incest from the general population.

53bcc6  No.12654873


You have to stop believing these people have noble intentions. The goal of trying to make masculinity a mental disorder is to make it possible for women to compete in male spaces. Women cannot emulate men, men will always beat women in fields which best suit male qualities. Say for business in particular, men are less agreeable and more competitive. You have a man and woman doing the same thing, but the man, being competitive, will work harder, faster and more aggressively to get what he wants. In order to enforce equality, they have to lobotomize him so a less productive woman can possibly get in edgewise.

It's evil social engineering and nothing more or less. Don't think of them as good people with noble intentions. Crush them. Destroy them. Do not pity them.

4f7ec0  No.12654934


They understand, they just don't care. The whole point is to sterilize white men and make them nothing but a population of soykin.

9e06b9  No.12654954


Only the stoics have to die.

9e06b9  No.12654958


Its greendoor shit, they mostly get the clue what the main driving factor of society is yet they try to tinker it on the wrong screws.

9e06b9  No.12654982


What they dont get due to their profession or the general blunt assumption is that, the male drive is indeed harmful to society if it doesnt find a clear productive path. What i can only speculate about is that they see the drive in itself harmful, which is idiotic. Male drive is pretty simple: Put in effort, focus and dicipline get stuff worthwhile. Really simple.

d4062f  No.12655029

Yes, OP. Not having a stomach and anus full of semen is a problem for Shlomo.

Meanwhile, Russia and China laugh their fucking ass off at us. Ivan to some yellow nigger, 'why don't they just kill their fucking jews?'. Chink chong man, 'they lazy!'.

000000  No.12655032



Our school forces us to use APA formatting for our papers. After this, fuck that.

10b52d  No.12655049

File: 95a76560e7d060e⋯.jpg (123.2 KB, 640x797, 640:797, greatness.jpg)

The image you chose is great.

Guy in the middle is Chad AF. Not just his public bravery but look at that stance. That is the stance of a king. That is a serious beard, thick and well groomed. Champion hair, well styled.

Look at everyone around him. Look at the absolute subhuman on the furthest left. Now look at the girl on the furthest right. She looks like she's ready to have his kids any second now. Girl just to her left looks like she's conflicted between wanting his kids and being angry at him.

Every male in the picture looks like a highschool kid at best, but from the context of the picture this is probably a Uni campus. Every single male in the picture aside from King looks like they've had their masculine development stunted and they're still children.

Look at the girls in the middle, the only ones who look actually angry and not just amused. An assortment of mystery meat, diesel dykes and apes.

This image is amazing, I could write a paper on this significance of just this image alone, and represents everything you're talking about.

Liberal democracy is the victory of quantity over quality. There's a horde of soyboys, diesel dykes, white girls with daddy issues and apes swarming the king. They think he's a sideshow, a novelty, because they've never even seen a real man before. We can be the last men, and the whole world can be ours if we want it.

ecce91  No.12655058


Noble intentions are rationalizations as far as I'm concerned. Everyone is unconciously driven by a natural desire to prolong and advance their own bloodline. Oftentimes, individuals will see mutual goals as a vehicle for their own success, and declare the goals of such groups noble. Women siding with feminism is doing it of self-interest, not for the noble cause. Claiming it to be a noble cause is itself done in self-interest - enhancement of social appreciation => bigger chances of individual success.

Same goes for us here; the current power structures are seen by us as a hindrance to our own bloodlines. As a result we work against them.

Naturally, the ones at the top of the pyramid knowingly manipulate the masses to perceive their schemes as noble, though themselves they know it to be a deception made to further their own power. The majority are unknowingly used as pawns, but often themselves believe that what they are fighting for is a noble cause. Through discussion, some these pawns can be made to see the folly in their endeavour and be turned away from what they previously knew to be true. It is true that many are too blind to see reason, but I hesitate to categorize them as evil.

10b52d  No.12655065


Neuropsych is the last semi-legitemate form of psychology left.

a7a51b  No.12655071

Whats the shortest book in history?

"Famous Jewish Lovers".

ed76f1  No.12655083

File: 4faa142a1a306ca⋯.jpg (27.11 KB, 388x443, 388:443, 53jRJDU.jpg)


>Everything is inverted.

That's because it's satanic inversion. >>12653734

Adam's chief sin was his effeminacy in failing to execute his authority and duties; to endorse effeminacy is literally as satanic as it gets. Remember to explain that to progressive "Christians" whose doctrine falls apart on Genesis.


>they send pussy males to take your guns away

We're entering another age of valour boys.

9e06b9  No.12655084


The guy on the left looks up the guy in the middle. And the girl on the right really wants his dick.

Also intelligence is a great factor, too bad you are all balloons. If i take a needle then you burst. And there is no substance, the feminals naturall see that substance, they naturally see that they dont get hurt and they naturally see the potential within.

Your liberal males are nothing like that they are like bent trees, their only virtue is being ascetic.

Its the fine line between words and deeds, the orange man.

b9ad06  No.12655305


It should also be noted that the scientific method requires that facts be replicable, and that many things in the field of psychology have already been discredited for not being replicable, such as much of Freud's work. Related to this are cases where psychological findings cannot legally be replicated because people like the APA have deemed that the study was unethical to begin with, such as the Stanford prison experiment, and it really makes you wonder why the powers that be would want to prevent anyone from verifying the things that Zimbardo and his students learned through their study. What is the APA trying to hide by claiming the experiment was crap, but then refusing to accept anyone who wishes to scrutinise it and try to prove it legitimate or not? That isn't the only such example and it certainly isn't the best, but it's probably one of the more commonly known and/or notorious examples of the elites (((shutting down))) a psychology experiment that threatens to reveal something contrary to a greater narrative.

A more /pol/ related topic might be the Milgram experiment.

ef7371  No.12655325

File: 5790cfad4ae735c⋯.jpg (55.31 KB, 624x400, 39:25, _72358874_buchenwaldap.jpg)


Some experiments are outright unethical, Minnesota semistarvation experiment while not conducted as a psychological study, did observe what happened to starved minds. This is also how they faked the holocaust aka Auschwitz mode.

000000  No.12655343


What's on the back of his shirt that's causing such a stir?

2da6f9  No.12655347


>many things

Such as…


No one takes Freud seriously. Are you just repeating your programming? Freud is presented during intro to psychology courses as part of the history of the discipline and as an example of what nonscientific psychology looks like. He is not presented as a role model or authority.

>you won't let me replicate really fucked up studies, what are you hiding!?


>"That isn't the only such example and it certainly isn't the best, but it's probably one of the more commonly known and/or notorious examples of the elites (((shutting down))) a psychology experiment that threatens to reveal something contrary to a greater narrative."

Citation needed.

It's like you're just regurgitating talking points that come from someone who doesn't have any idea of what they're talking about.

1aedef  No.12655368


This is shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from having seen quite a few shops in my time.

7ec9be  No.12655381


>everything about me is consider harmful or racist by a random kike

And normies wonder why I want nothing to do with them after work.

c5e34e  No.12655430

File: 82fc1fc98208b2e⋯.jpg (31.48 KB, 720x625, 144:125, CursedAcidCumSock.jpg)


Interesting pic my dude. It makes sense if you've never done drugs. After a psychedelic experience the fact that the very premise is malformed becomes apparent.

000000  No.12655628


>The “masculinity ideology” is defined by the APA as “a particular constellation of standards that have held sway over large segments of the population, including: anti-femininity, achievement, eschewal of the appearance of weakness, and adventure, risk, and violence.”

In other words, they want to promote a healthier standard of masculinity such as pro-femininity (feminist?), lack of achievement, visible weakness, lack of adventure, safety and passiveness


b9ad06  No.12655680


Way to dance around everything said and use strawmen to avoid having to make an argument, you fucking idiot. How is Freud not being taken seriously a comeback to my post? Freud being discredited because his findings could not be recreated empirically was my point. Why don't you leave for a few months and come back when you have some basic reading comprehension? Intellectual discussion is obviously not your suit.

000000  No.12655685

>The final draft was compiled and updated by Fredric Rabinowitz, Matt Englar-Carlson, Ryon

McDermott, Christopher Liang, and Matthew Kridel, with assistance from Christopher

Kilmartin, Ronald Levant, Mark Kiselica, Nathan Booth, Nicholas Borgogna, and April Berry.

Guidelines recommendations and selected literature were determined with the assistance

and expertise of several scholars: Michael Addis, Larry Beer, Matt Englar-Carlson, Sam

Cochran, lore m. dickey, William B. Elder, Anderson J. Franklin, Glenn Good, Michele

Harway, Denise Hines, Andy Horne, Anthony Isacco, Chris Kilmartin, Mark Kiselica, Ron

Levant, Christopher Liang, William Liu, David Lisak, James Mahalik, Ryon McDermott,

Michael Mobley, Roberta Nutt, James O’Neil, Wizdom Powell, Fredric Rabinowitz, Aaron

Rochlen, Jonathan Schwartz, Andrew Smiler, Warren Spielberg, Mark Stevens, Stephen

Wester, and Joel Wong.

ayy lmao

382da4  No.12655701



He’s been doing that for years, he only quit for a bit because of some legal issues when a girl falsely accused him of assaulting her.

He has dialed things ‘’slightly’’ back as well, he used to wear and carry things that said YOU DESERVE RAPE

The most rage inducing video he has is the one where he was hit over the head with an aluminum bat. He was lucky it was a fat dyke and not someone with actual strength.

382da4  No.12655722

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here’s a clip from the video

42ac0a  No.12655823


No one danced around what you said. You were rebutted and dismissed because your points were vapid and don't reflect reality. Conservatard talk-radio level of discourse regarding academics.

inb4 but muh Freud.

74c490  No.12655857


You didn't refute shit, all you did was fail to read and then throw out some meaningless platitudes that you hoped would pass as 'gotcha's. Now you're projecting your low level of 'talking points' at me, despite the fact that I backed up my statements with multiple verifiable pieces of information, none of which you addressed in any coherent way. You did not respond to what I said. By the way you attempt to approach 'debate' it's obvious that you're a kike. This is textbook pilpul.

c415e6  No.12656083



Well hello Dr. Freud!

c415e6  No.12656086


>in psychology

Which branch? Oh that's out of your depth. My fault.

f878f8  No.12656185


I'm a vacuous retard and a woman and a parasite because TRM is a dick-brained retard who only cares about banging sluts? What the FUCK is wrong with you? Do you have brain damage? What the fuck is this?

04bc36  No.12656199

File: 318b0be19b3c494⋯.jpg (94.59 KB, 640x628, 160:157, .rt5w.jpg)

The (((Key))) to the subjugation of goyim nations reavealed

The feminization of males (soy, trap propaganda, lgbtq, etc) leads women to Tyrone and nation-states will perish under this social-engineering. This OP is an attack. I emplore you to take a look at this article, it's the most credible read you'll likely see all week.



>Today American men are hardly men in the old sense of the word. Rather, most of them will yield to the whims and demands of the fair sex irrespective of considerations of justice and context. In this blind paternalism men are, of course, very well-meaning, but they are also very weak, and their submission is contrary to their own interests. Worst of all, it is destructive to the state itself.

>But in all this “progress” women, as a whole, have shown neither the ability nor the desire to perform equal to men; and it is a sign of the times, and of just how perverse is their social conditioning, that even most men would probably consider that last sentence to be “sexist,” although it is meant only as an empirical description.

>If men keep yielding to women as a matter of course, America will be doomed because, despite fashionable thinking to the contrary, there is very little social order or authority without male leadership. And without those virtues, there is no culture and, eventually, no people at all.

Based as fuck - read the article for the full essay.

04bc36  No.12656209

File: 0523e689bef0f3c⋯.png (2.3 MB, 1344x756, 16:9, Defend.png)


>Such male submission, it should go without saying, is not attractive to women, for what they want is a man whom they cannot bend to their will. As I have written, like foreign nations, women respect nothing so much as superior power. So Nature Herself has made them, nor can cant about “rights” and “gender equality” change that.

Tyrone and Hadji will breed your women if you don't stand.

df5728  No.12656219

File: feb996625fa7fe8⋯.png (68.55 KB, 3000x1625, 24:13, 1441592295316.png)


What about these three words:


Why not start your own? You and your friends can do it. Just pick out a club name and start to develop your culture. You won't want to be late to the game and have a shitty club, I promise you that. European Men's Club. Think of the possibilities.

f4a99a  No.12656221


And the reward for most useless poster goes to…

7099ae  No.12656229



d37f85  No.12656249

mgtow looking more prophetic and correct with each passing day in this crumbling civilization.

mgtow saves lives.

fa85f0  No.12656335


Mgtow are mega pussies and betas who cannot deal with females nor choosethe right mate. Probavly because they are all unattractive beta cucks.


04bc36  No.12656345

File: d9767080af79d66⋯.jpg (101.18 KB, 689x758, 689:758, 1542760934840.jpg)


More like a reactionary measure (as betas) to a system designed to bring them down to not breed.

Nice try at bait though!

1dac55  No.12656386

File: 8ec4a986994f6ca⋯.png (13.06 KB, 250x202, 125:101, cringe.png)


>that flag

305105  No.12656392

Humanity would have gone extinct if it weren't for traditional masculinity.

The APA wouldn't even fucking exist if it weren't for traditional masculinity!

719222  No.12656403


>“The main thrust of the subsequent research is that traditional masculinity — marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggression — is, on the whole, harmful,”

that's so racist against rapefugees, someone should social-shame them

c96cf9  No.12656419

There's a serious piece of propaganda in this.

515581  No.12656420

File: 12aab9532893d0a⋯.jpg (20.17 KB, 201x227, 201:227, wmbf.jpg)


that sheboon wants the bwc

04bc36  No.12656424

File: 5173fca248c57af⋯.jpg (230.39 KB, 700x711, 700:711, 4720830761.jpg)


It doesn't matter what women want, rabbi.

292508  No.12656428

>relative social-constructionist masculinity

looks like a job for objective masculinity

10b52d  No.12656451


Woah dude I did acid once and here's why you're wrong.

515581  No.12656454

File: 62b38c7f4a5e82d⋯.jpeg (28.14 KB, 320x427, 320:427, 1Srv7u3xDx069WG6UyVsePQ.jpeg)


sure thing buddy

02f17b  No.12656489


When USA collapse the male survivors are likely to be competitive, dominant and aggressive so I think the reason for that is (((they))) are trying to neuter them is to prevent the day of the rope from happening during the societal collapse.

04bc36  No.12656493

File: 3138b062696cbe3⋯.jpg (57.73 KB, 290x354, 145:177, b8as0e-82ja28a8s99b082730-….jpg)

c37baa  No.12656857

The (((American Psychological ASSociation))) is now about as relevant as the Women's Christian Temperance Union.

2d1540  No.12658072

I had a debate of sorts at work with a guy who was defending Feminism. Another guy made a joke about an erection alarm, and I said it sounds like something Feminists might do. Then another guy sort of grunted in disagreement.

I had heard that one guy at work had a feminist girlfriend or wife, turns out it was that guy. So we discussed feminism, he defending it, I criticizing it. It didn't really go anywhere as expected, it was mostly a bit of something to pass the time while slaving away as a wage slave. I even mentioned the topic in the OP, and the feminist guy said he agrees with it.

The curious thing about it, is that the guy doesn't seem like a effeminate soyboy cuck. He comes off as a regular working man, not a huge muscular guy, but he has a deep voice, he doesn't act effeminate or anything. My theory is that he used to be a regular guy until he met the succubus that brainwashed him. He didn't get triggered and scream like a bitch or anything, and the discussion was fairly civil.

This is Finland mind you, and the average idiot has absorbed a lot of Marxist/Feminist ideas without understanding that's the case. This guy was different. He seemed more conscious of it, not in an insane or malicious way though, but misguided nonetheless.

Maybe I should steal the Current Year meme from the left and go: "It's 2019, you still believe that feminist claptrap?"

5395ec  No.12658519


Yes; you see because Cannabis oil has legitimate medical uses, I should be able to be a pot smoking waste of space whose most defining traits are eating trash while high, and erectile dysfunction. BLAZE IT

af52fe  No.12659518


your reddits showing

764610  No.12659622

File: 155e163a82e0e41⋯.jpg (57.91 KB, 1080x1071, 120:119, 1536186563985.jpg)


A lot of normies and NPCs just think feminism is not beating the shit out of women and letting them be "equal." Most don't really get into much deeper thought about it or even think about it. A lot of alpha looking males will say they are feminist because they don't associate the word with green hair landwhales trying to cut their dick off or drug them with estrogen. They just associate the word with being nice and reasonable with women. This is by design of course. That way when they hear someone is against feminism they think "What, so you want to be a dick to women?"

24465e  No.12660137

File: cd6b600f168daae⋯.webm (15.06 MB, 640x352, 20:11, hate.webm)


VFG Productions



Anon delivers

115183  No.12660141

No, that's what a wannabe looks like.

115183  No.12660157


>This man speaks great truth. The man in the image, not you, whomever you may be anon.

9ad953  No.12661183

File: 563ffb0fb9c4b9f⋯.png (1.22 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, sam hyde street preaching ….png)


I don't know, but could be this. This is the same guy.

000000  No.12661200

The APA is a joke. They don't even use science.

9d1e81  No.12661332


Kill yourself blackpill nigger. I hope you get executed otherwise, scum.

5b4820  No.12663594

File: ec1713d633d0d6b⋯.png (211.02 KB, 1281x406, 183:58, Outsourcing_judgement.png)


Fucking worthless, never listen to any org that's full of feminist women and betas that can't stand up for themselves. Women are incapable of understanding what it's like to be a man in this(or any) time period and the betas are too weak and serving in hopes of getting sex that they didn't even stand up against this kind of BS getting published. Makes me glad I studied hypnotism rather then psychology as it seems the more sane choice now.


He is the Archetype of the king on the same metaphorical path to immortality that so many men before him have traveled before him(as most of the time immortality is a metaphor for proving your self worthy and starting a family and thus living "forever" through your genes).


I think a lot of men, even in western countries, despise feminism but won't stand up due to "muh PR" in some ways. I've been able to make Many jokes about women in groups of men about this topic they all laugh at consistently, even with gay guys too. It's like they need a leader of some kind to show them they way against this infection of feminism and remind men they have agency and can do things to change their own parts of the world and don't need to run off and hide from it.



Pacing and leading on the topic in a grand scale.

fefb1d  No.12663806

Psychiatry is a sign of sociopathy..

0d9a11  No.12664358


I agree. That kind of beard looks great on whites since many whites (including myself) have weak chins.

a050e6  No.12664446


Fucking hoes helped me get out of depression when I was young. A couple easy lays will still help me get out of a rut, plus it feels good to be a strong white man who fucks.

8d8982  No.12664500

File: c378e23c30bc03a⋯.png (39.49 KB, 300x298, 150:149, Malkavian.png)


>the inmates literally running the asylum

wew lad

02b50b  No.12668253


Not yet. People still take them seriously.

Don't forget, the WCTU succeeded in getting prohibition passed by constitutional amendment (and made the mafias grow and earn a fortune)

I don't know why we would listen to any group asserting that they know what's harmful when that group has no morals and works directly with the CIA.


f42b4a  No.12668383



Many conclusions are drawn on sparse evidence, and all but those who read fine-print in recommendations often miss many caveats/limitations and never evaluate the quality of evidence for themselves. Meaningful peer review outside of publishing associations is often lacking and subpar to begin with, and this extends sometimes beyond the soft sciences. The end result is that even most professionals in medicine have the utmost confidence in a few (often more at a given accredited institution) practices and protocols for which the evidence is questionable. Case in point, the use of mannitol, which many neurosurgeons hail as a wonder-drug, for which the evidence suggests, in most cases, that it makes no difference in long term mortality or morbidity, or the use of heparin in … I think venous sinus thrombosis for many years, if not still based on one tiny study published in the gazette in the 90's. The scientific method is the basis of reliable discovery, but I must agree with him that in practice, it leaves a bit to be desired. Furthermore, although there is nothing stopping me from writing and posting a blog of meta-analyses and article reviews other than a few costs and the mountain of work it would take, the truth remains that if it is not supported by the mainstream media and or recognizable bodies, nobody gives a shit and the scientific community at large derives no benefit.

e40d88  No.12669293

You can tell we're living in a feminist society when they hate the penis and masculinity so much. For example, a man can think he has one arm when he has two arms. They will not cut off his arm, but they'll be more than happy to cut off his penis. With that being said. My brother, bless his soul, has stopped taking his HRT and is returning to being a man. He feels sold out by a society that told him to change his sex. That gender is socially constructed. We came from a single mother, and he had no male role models. Men were discouraged from our lives, thankfully I found one at school. The world told him being trans is the solution to his gender identity issues. Instead of you know, providing alternative role models in the community, or valuing the role men play in a young boy's life.

2aca32  No.12669360

File: 84c96463d56082e⋯.jpg (354 KB, 900x666, 50:37, mental illness3.jpg)

File: 50ae22b76dc157e⋯.jpg (254.74 KB, 673x801, 673:801, Transgender-Mental-Illness….jpg)

File: 65eba9f28980213⋯.jpg (87.03 KB, 567x545, 567:545, mentaldisorder.jpg)

File: 96793a9e47b1feb⋯.png (320.25 KB, 932x426, 466:213, same-kikes-who-pushed-femi….png)

Its just a bunch of SJW kikes jabbing a hot poker into white peoples asses again.

2aca32  No.12669361


>file already exists!

e40d88  No.12669384


You can hardly find anything about Pimozide, just transgender blogs "debunking it" if it's truly a cure why do they hate it? I'd rather get better than to try and take hormones and shit.

6584d3  No.12669442


It isn't inverted, they're just taking a particularist standard and making it universal, as always. Masculine men are disgusted by men that act like a bunch of puffs, and therefore they must be anti-feminine. It's an inversion of reality, yes - masculine men idolize feminine women.

b18c66  No.12669443

File: df1cc6be851e6ee⋯.gif (1.13 MB, 320x213, 320:213, 1531196400730.gif)


>having balls is harmful

Yet there is no slippery slope with giving women rights.


b18c66  No.12669448


>curb competitiveness, dominance and aggression

>through a form of competitiveness, dominance and aggression

Orwell, you were a genius.

6584d3  No.12669505

File: 967558b7fc9e434⋯.png (289.15 KB, 444x444, 1:1, 967558b7fc9e4341634d35805e….png)


That's the thing that always gets me, every time, when the odd Chad goes of the rails and let's out some rage against the machine. It's the women, always the women and the looks on their faces. Their minds telling them no but their bodies telling them yes, incapable of finding resolution in the question of wether she wants his head on platter or his child in her womb. That internal conflict, a battle of instinct against conviction, the torturous dissonance 'always betrayed in their eyes.

It's beautiful.

f740aa  No.12669561

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



There is alot of problems with the politicisation of the american psychological assiciaton, in addition to the scientific validity of the psychological sciences.

See: Replication Controversy



See: Former head of the APA taks about how the organization became politicised


See: Lack of longterm efficacy of psychotropic medicines


bac6d4  No.12669565


>After a psychedelic experience the fact that the very premise is malformed becomes apparent.


eabcc5  No.12673406

File: 31622f39156c2b2⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 775x3923, 775:3923, 31622f39156c2b223f5265f3e7….jpg)


>fuck off with your D&C

<is the one perpetrating D&C himself


MacDonald is a philosemite, not at all comparable to EMJ.

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