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File: f8aa303328d5242⋯.jpg (59.91 KB, 397x313, 397:313, chinx nood.jpg)

085c27  No.12653865




>Kenya will teach Mandarin in classrooms in a bid to improve job competitiveness and facilitate better trade and connection with China.

>The country’s curriculum development institute (KICD) has said the design and scope of the mandarin syllabus have been completed and will be rolled in out in 2020. Primary school pupils from grade four (aged 10) and onwards will be able to take the course, the head of the agency Julius Jwan told Xinhua news agency. Jwan said the language is being introduced given Mandarin’s growing global rise, and the deepening political and economic connections between Kenya and China.

>“The place of China in the world economy has also grown to be so strong that Kenya stands to benefit if its citizens can understand Mandarin,” Jwan noted. Kenya follows in the footsteps of South Africa which began teaching the language in schools in 2014 and Uganda which is planning mandatory Mandarin lessons for high school students.

>Kenya is currently in the midst of rolling out a new educational curriculum to improve educational quality and focus on skills that would make graduates more employable in the labor market. Just last year, education officials rolled out the roadmap for the first pilot of the new curricula for students in pre-school and standards one and two.

>Then education secretary Fred Matiang’i said the syllabus would be tested in order to see what to improve before they are fully implemented across all primary and secondary classes. Mandarin is set to be taught alongside local languages besides other foreign ones including French and Arabic.

abdacf  No.12653870

Why is it tiresome, why should we care cianigger.

085c27  No.12653875


You're not from here.

482bf9  No.12653886


It would be far easier for the bugmen to just exterminate them but I guess even the chinks will have to learn the hard way that you can't elevate niggers to be like you.

91bc5f  No.12653898


>niggers trying Chinese characters


Alphabet was a mistake, without we would never have reading monkeys.

352353  No.12653902


> Why is it tiresome

You've obviously never tried to build a Chinese highway with negro labor.

3dacd4  No.12653906

The silence of the SJWs on this topic is deafening. On another note, I kek'd at Kenyans accepting their inevitable future.

f88944  No.12653912


>niggers will learn chinese

It sounds like ocupation in Africa than. Good luck China. Turn Africa to giant slave camp. I want to see real communism with gulags and censorship of western media.

47e22a  No.12653935

File: 286ca26f1445f75⋯.png (84.52 KB, 222x203, 222:203, starwarspipe.png)

>Imagine africans during the slave trade learning to speak english to better compete in the job market and ease trade relations with the USA

81a2d1  No.12653942

File: ef5d6c697227e9a⋯.png (40.37 KB, 200x200, 1:1, Man tyrone cant read this.png)

good luck chinkbros.


4ff171  No.12653956


The Chinese writing system is highly inefficient, the language family has evolved itself into a corner over thousands years of using it thanks to it so that it's impossible to turn into using a more phonetic system as it'd make written language incomprehensible.

5bdbb4  No.12653973


Aside from the super-bizarre contingent of lefties who are now classifying Japanese, Chinese, and Koreans as White people, they probably see that there's no Whitey to blame so they're not allowed to criticize anything China does in Africa at all. They have to tiptoe around stuff like this because of their own ideology. They can still paint the blacks as poor oppressed victims, but they can't explicitly attack Chinese as racist because that would be racist in and of itself.

dff2e7  No.12653990


The Chinese have pretty much taken over Africa economically.. and it is pretty easy to enslave an entire continent populated with low IQ apes..


dff2e7  No.12653999


The nigger Ape African politicians already sold Africa to the Chinese.. and the Chinese didn't have any qualms about taking over and economically enslaving the entire continent.. all the meanwhile White Europeans and White Americans get fucked by (((muh diversity)))

dff2e7  No.12654009


>>Kenya will teach Mandarin in classrooms in a bid to improve job competitiveness and facilitate better trade and connection with China.

China already owns most of Africa, in a generation or two, most of the continent will be speaking Chinese…. eventually they will start to cleanse the continent of the nigger disease via sterilization and disease.. and that cannot be a bad thing..

f88944  No.12654021


>start to cleanse the continent of the nigger disease via sterilization

This is my dream. It should be done by whites. Unfortunatly China will be superpower if they control who Africa without niggers.

34e8b1  No.12654022

File: 530ea6017644815⋯.gif (670.23 KB, 344x426, 172:213, SMUG.gif)


>a classroom full of room temperature IQ chimps trying to learn mandarin so they can get gibs

Does anyone have a video of that? I want some keks to go with my lunch.

dff2e7  No.12654025


Unlike most white europeans infected with the (((christian / catholic))) disease, the Chinese have no empathy. To them the ape niggers are a notch above animals.. and they will have no doubts about physically taking over the continent and start controlling the nigger ape population there.. so in the end the Chinese may be able to control the apes, which are set to grow exponentially while the rest of world's populations decline.

af9d7d  No.12654027


>Teach one of the most complicated languages on the planet to semi-apes barely capable of speaking English

I'm sure this'll just go swimmingly.

Can't wait to see what unholy abomination of ebonics-Mandarin this is going to result in.

dff2e7  No.12654028


>This is my dream. It should be done by whites. Unfortunatly China will be superpower if they control who Africa without niggers.

Yes.. unfortunately, it will be the Chinese who will take over Africa.. see my explanation why above..

1d252f  No.12654033

Good luck with that - after hundreds of years, they still can't into English.

f88944  No.12654107



It is mainly for cultular domination. But at least they will be able to follow simple orders.


Better than let them breed out of control sponsored by NGOs and western christcucks. Good thing is these niggers hate whites. So they do not suspect China. Europeans should erase all of them like Indians in America when they could. I have no mercy for africans.

At least asians admire whites. Even if they burn dogs alive and can't drive for shit, they are still able to build cities for themself.

Question is how Europeans survive this century and if white Americans can create their ethnostate or become real mutts.

0f97f7  No.12654117


Yeah, that sounds like there's some laughs to be had.

8d6e9c  No.12654193

niggers btfo

b3e5fa  No.12655340


the crazy thing is that cultural separation is one of the only reasons that they can keep niggers out of their country. Now they are willingly teaching them their language.


6503fe  No.12655348


Niggers are only good for manual work with instructions from whites, other than that they can't and won't accomplish shit

e07f6b  No.12655349


I have a sneaking feeling (((they))) had a say in the matter. Having niggers ruin chinkland would be a good way of destroying/controlling the competition after all.

237718  No.12655351

Colonialism is A-Okay when the commies do it.

54a5ae  No.12655374


They'll have to create a whole new writing system to deal with African-dialect Chinese. Africans never even managed to figure out rudimentary writing on their own. There's no way they'll be able to manage even first grade-level written Chinese.

08e37a  No.12655385

How do you convey Chinese to blacks? Their languagem as all gook tongues, is like a micro-IQ test. Children have superior language grasping however I want to see the documents to dumb it down.

ecc53f  No.12655395


>At least asians admire whites.

They really don't. Some of the Japanese do because Japan and the US have a weird mutual admiration thing going to the point that you see a bunch of both weeaboos and westaboos but that's really not the case for China. Part of the reason that they're such shitty tourists.

b4258a  No.12655454


> There's no way they'll be able to manage even first grade-level written Chinese.


They won't learn to read or write. Why bother teaching that to your enslaved population? They will learn it verbally.That way they can understand orders from their chinese master.

Oh and fyi there are counties in Africa that have a 20% literacy rate of their NATIVE language.

0a77af  No.12655630

File: 063ea7c6b32aa9d⋯.png (827 B, 160x144, 10:9, LionKingProto-Start[1].png)

0a77af  No.12655632

Don't do it niggers, you'll be eating each other before long.





0a77af  No.12655637

How the fuck do they expect monkeys to lean bug runes anyway? They barely manage English.

91534b  No.12655778

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Watch this.

Also, lurk two years.

7a717e  No.12655783


Chinks are keeping out christ insanity, too. They know it's cancer. Christ cuck niggers are kvetching about it hard.

c6a547  No.12655873

File: 89994592ef76ae9⋯.jpeg (57.32 KB, 475x675, 19:27, 7CBCA625-12D2-4137-826C-0….jpeg)


Imagine if the BBC didn’t intentionally replace you with a woman so Stephen Moffat can do whatever he pleases with the show.

d7ec4a  No.12655953

File: 5fb47ce7cf5021b⋯.jpg (70.72 KB, 300x297, 100:99, smugman.jpg)


Good luck China. That's all I can say. If you think niggers are unintelligible now, just wait til they start bastardizing ching-chong and make it ching-chong-chimp.

92c28d  No.12656033

<Euro-Colonialism = Bad

>Chinese Imperialism = Good

inb4 kangletz that fail to learn Mandarin get chopped up and sent to Walmart in a box labeled Chicken-Fried rice

a48f25  No.12656088

>teaching chink runes to literal monkeys

>when the chinks themselves have a massive illiteracy rate because their language is fucking stupid

This is going to be hilarious

bb4612  No.12656101

b7a709  No.12656107


Pls stop educating the shills thx

242b42  No.12656135

File: c1761eb9d40afa6⋯.png (28.68 KB, 1293x355, 1293:355, ClipboardImage.png)


Makes sense, after all Martin Luther King was a Communist.

3d858e  No.12656316

File: 2923c938ab4f21d⋯.png (571.03 KB, 1024x679, 1024:679, ClipboardImage.png)



58d875  No.12656395


we wuz feng shui n sheit

14c165  No.12656429


yep, Japan tried that. Its easy to speak but if you try writing it without chinese influence its garbage.

48ab9b  No.12656434


Then why aren't you mass killing niggers yet?

"Muh so tired of those niggers". And then, complains about niggers being everywhere.

Kill them, or they won't stop.

fcba3a  No.12656569


This. The only way you can understand the spoken language is by visualizing the characters in your mind.

dff2e7  No.12656812


>I am sure the Chinese won't let the apes breed out of control.. they know how violent they are, and they will make sure to keep them in line.. actually i am sure the Chinese plan to colonize Africa…. so exterminating the nigger apes makes sense

7f9bdd  No.12656830



>not chimp-chomp

390147  No.12656849


It was a sensible move for Korea to effectively drop the Hanja shit and begin solely using their own phonetic alphabet.

8183c2  No.12660419


>Niggers learning chineses pictograms


34d7fb  No.12660435


ni hao ma'fuh.

e510a2  No.12660439


I want to see the end results of this, it could only fail so spectacularly.

fdfbd4  No.12664774

Good to hear Africa is being colonized again.

d6d889  No.12664789

Then the impending Mombasa port takeover and now this.

195d57  No.12664793

File: 3fcb279496567e3⋯.jpg (32.74 KB, 696x423, 232:141, FrL3PCH.jpg)


If chinks rid africa of niggers, then it would be a no-brainer to rid africa of chinks.

cf0fed  No.12664796

File: d6992a97843089d⋯.jpg (3.14 MB, 1696x2136, 212:267, 0000.jpg)



1. Christianity is rising in China

2. You anti-Christian kikes love to ignore the 1500 years of Christianity in Europe where there was no diversity cuck bullshit.

This didn't come from Christianity, if it did it would have shown up over a thousand years ago. It came from abandoning Christian morality. If you hate Christianity you hate 1500 years of high European culture and therefore are a kike.

05363a  No.12665682

File: 6c53fd1f056f7a9⋯.png (82.22 KB, 1198x700, 599:350, greek_homos.png)


And you pro christian we wuz da real kikes love to pretend that we didn't have great societies before the arrival of christianity and the christian morality.

>inb4 greek faggots

pic related, take a hike, kike.

1363e4  No.12665691

>Firing millions of bugmen into the parasitic black locust horde.

Dis gon be good.

db6be6  No.12665710

Been to Kenya and they all speak a minimum of three languages. English, Kenyan national and the language specific to their tribe. I had met with a bishop of some greater north area (could probably find a picture of him) and was even inside his fucking estate. Even though I was there on a missionary trip, this bishop was a integral part of it, he spoke of the different tribes like they were stupid. He said certain tribes were meant to "do manual labor forever".

I was young and religious so this was very shocking. Eye opening even. Here I was to build a school/spread the good word of Jesus and this bishop stood in his ivory tower lecturing me on how fucking stupid and lesser this other tribe was.

Dirt beneath the feet of the dirt beneath my feet.

91bc5f  No.12665754

File: b882fbbbd4c17d0⋯.jpg (9.31 KB, 220x269, 220:269, 145345.jpg)


>The Chinese writing system is highly inefficient,

As medium for transferring information written by hand and manual printer? Yes.

As medium for transferring information in the digital age? Equal.

As barrier to cull stupid people from gene-poll and especially from management positions? Priceless.

05363a  No.12665811


>he spoke of the different tribes like they were stupid. He said certain tribes were meant to "do manual labor forever".

Africans who sort of "make it" tend to be seriously redpilled about their own.

d439e4  No.12665841


>shocked when natives are referred to as stupid

>there to preach jesus to stupid heathens because I know what's best for them

Your mission was more condescending than his words.

74a5ce  No.12665869


you know when you phrase it like that, I hope China takes over the entire continent of Africa

bb6c8e  No.12666262


I find it concerning that they're not simply genociding the continent like they did to other, much more similar asiatic peoples and in their own civil wars throughout the ages.

885acf  No.12666349


Agape your enemy and godly niggers, faggot.

217dd6  No.12666456


good luck with that.

average 67 IQ.

000000  No.12666588


>It sounds like ocupation


3e9c25  No.12666697

The Chinese African Hybrid or Chigger that will result from this will usurp the White Race

a28088  No.12666748


Bug-monkeys: Spend all day digging tunnels and hoarding bananas and sticks to throw at baboons

e42af6  No.12666889


Niggers can't even speak English, whose grammar is among the most loose and easy to learn in the world. Imagine them trying to learn mandarin lel

e42af6  No.12666894


>The Chinese African Hybrid

>he thinks chinks would mix with a nigger

>he thinks the chinese state doesn't consider this a proper crime

fc86b2  No.12666945

File: ce7cbba07a85ee1⋯.jpg (27.99 KB, 402x543, 134:181, black-chinese-mix-06.jpg)


Why is 2 in 3 /pol/acks uber bluepilled?


6bb9e6  No.12666979

File: 52c30530b78ecf1⋯.jpg (54.79 KB, 472x604, 118:151, wat.jpg)


lmao now I am sad.

8a91ef  No.12666998

Niggers can't even learn English which is the simplest language on the entire planet. The only other "people" who consistently fail as hard as niggers at English are Slavs and Russia niggers. And this would only tiresome if you're a chink or nigger in which case you don't belong here in the first place.

654506  No.12667029

File: bc3d253e08fbd83⋯.jpg (329.18 KB, 750x1062, 125:177, ChiNese Revolt.jpg)

90b1aa  No.12669122


They can barely speak English after at least a century of exposure to it as a language. I wonder how badly they'll butcher Chinese.

39774c  No.12676527


kek. what should we call it? chibonics?

0a364c  No.12676744


I concede. That is better.

741f6a  No.12676803


Do apericans even have the mental capability to learn Chinese?

a27f07  No.12676878



Other than the fact the Chinks will use their control of Africa to flood Europe, I don't really see a problem, let them deal with it. Let them get BLACKED for the next 250 years. The worst mistake whites made was going into Africa. Should have just built a wall around the whole fucking thing.

f3810d  No.12677837


>not ching kong or chimp chong

e1377f  No.12677846

Oh boy I can't wait to see Chinkbonics.

3aaa22  No.12678007


>Authoritarian party represents the will of the people.

Get out, Chang.

064780  No.12678079


>Authoritarian party protects people from the will of the fellow (((people))).

Get in oven, Chaim

2c9d9d  No.12678086


Even chunks have trouble learning their fucked-up language.

Those 70IQ nogs are going to struggle, to say the least.

b8ebc2  No.12678113

Kangs built the 1st Great Wall in Wakanda

70b093  No.12678169


It's a mongrelized Indo-European language. The reason chinks have trouble learning it is because not everyone speaks Mandarin at home. Pitch accent is also a big hurdle for both natives and foreigners since there are quite a few minimal pairs that rely on it. To sum it up, poor communication between Chinese settlements throughout history has made it very hard to come up with an efficient writing system.

f60f8d  No.12678183


The only reason the nigger hoard ballooned is because christcucks have bred them, stop the christcucks, solves the nigger problem.

f60f8d  No.12678187


No, taking africa was proper, christcucking is the failing.

35f678  No.12678303



Good fucking luck teaching Chinese to niggers, lol! Might as well teach them trigonometry, and AP physics while you're at it! After all the only difference is skin color, so we might as well start their education as doctors, attorneys, pilots, etc. Hell I got it! Let's send 50 billion dollars a year to Apefrica to fix their education system! Then all these refugees from the region will be fit and ready to be proper citizens! Or we could just nuke the continent, then rape the minerals.

de57da  No.12678384


>Christianity is rising in China

Like their Gucci communism. Orientals don't give a fuck about gods. They pray to their ancestors and Buddha for gibs and good fortune. But of course international semitic ideologies will accept any trash as a potential follower.

32524a  No.12678396


It is quite funny actually. The kikes in hollywood hate it when they are told that a movie can not be shown in the mainland, because it would offend the christians. The kikes are not used to that. It gets even better when they throw a pissing contest with the studios, and lose, because the studios NEED that chink money.

In the end, the kike's downfall will always be their greed, and the inbreeding.

8c3073  No.12678414

File: e1b988e188ea589⋯.png (268.16 KB, 842x595, 842:595, ClipboardImage.png)



English (official), Swahili (national), and numerous indigenous languages…

13c8c3  No.12703819

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

acd3ac  No.12703843


Well on the bright side, maybe we can use this situation to erode China by pushing for more (((inclusion))) within their society. Tell em to tear down their Wall cuz walls are immoral after all

52a74c  No.12703938

File: d4f07510f08fc4e⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, a.png)

File: 060fe810c0507f3⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, b.png)

File: 9d188bb22117b6d⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, c.png)

File: a986dfd916a52ca⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, d.png)

File: 421121eaa00a206⋯.png (815.52 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, e.png)


That ending


This is the absolute state of niggers

dff2e7  No.12708229

Chinks really know how to treat their employees..


just imagine what they will do to the low IQ nigger apes..

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