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File: e2d630ec8518a6d⋯.jpg (74.37 KB, 800x420, 40:21, russians-welcome-wehrmacht.jpg)

File: cb4e97db2f38b93⋯.jpg (331.1 KB, 1280x1738, 640:869, hitler-freedom-russians-1.jpg)

File: 8073359c1603b42⋯.jpg (69.3 KB, 386x533, 386:533, hitler-freedom-russians-2.jpg)

099e3c  No.12653961

/leftypol/ BTFO

>To put it briefly: Ethnic Russians were much less loyal to the Soviet regime in their encounters with the German occupiers than historians have believed up to now.

>This is the story told by UiO researcher Johannes Due Enstad, who has recently published a book about the German occupation of Northwest Russia during World War 2.

>After World War II the Soviet Union created a grandiose history of how all the inhabitants of the Soviet Union were loyal to the regime and formed a common front against the Germans in the “Great Patriotic War”.

>It has been common knowledge for a long time that this is an untrue story, because many Baltic and Ukrainian people despised the Bolshevik regime. At the same time, western historians have largely agreed that the ethnic Russians were loyal to the Stalin regime when the Germans invaded the Soviet Union in 1941.

>According to Enstad, who is a post-doc at the Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages at the University of Oslo, it is time to crack this myth apart. In a book recently published by the academic publishers Cambridge University Press, he addresses which side the people of Northwest Russia chose during the German occupation.

>“This area can, in both historical and geographical terms, be seen as a Russian core area and has been part of the Soviet state since the revolution. Nevertheless people – especially the peasants in the countryside, who accounted for 90% of the population – were much less loyal to the regime and the Soviet state than has been thought,” explains Enstad.

Article too long for post, continued here: https://dailyarchives.org/index.php/history/2189-many-russians-hoped-that-hitler-would-free-them-from-stalin



753aef  No.12653968

If Russia invaded the US, how many cucks would fight them?

d882ef  No.12653980


you make no sense

b2ec0d  No.12653988


Nice revisionism, asswipe. Hitler wanted to kill all slavs because they aren't true Aryans. Fuck you jews and fuck the slave like russians too. Sage and report all kike threads

d1d67c  No.12654001

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Russians who fought for National Socialist Germany - Russian Liberation Army


b2ec0d  No.12654006


<fighting against your enemy is being cucked

Here's another kike at work, russians and the rest of the slavs aren't white, they're part mongol asian. kill yourself

753aef  No.12654010


<defending jewmerica

Cuck detected.

0cbb0f  No.12654012

Have a great grandfather hohol who fought with Germany against soviets in Ukraine. Apparently there were skirmishes up until the 50s in west Ukraine

4bf0d6  No.12654020

Remember, more than a million russian volunteers helped the Reich

40a95d  No.12654062


Hitler freed the world from communism, and for this I am grateful.

ef8588  No.12654072

What the Soviets did by throwing mass waves at the Germans was essentially exterminating their Christian opposition. Instead of sending them to gulags they sent them at the Germans.

e8e95d  No.12654074

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Shill, are you even trying?

b33631  No.12654080


>Hitler wanted to kill all slavs because they aren't true Aryans.

This jew lie again. It was the communist kikes that did everything to have as many slavs as possible to be killed in pointless war.

b33631  No.12654082


This anon gets it.

867ed0  No.12654096


Hitler's neglect of his commanders' autism in the East caused a great schism. What an unfortunate turn in history.

Imagine the USSR dissolving mid Barbarossa…

000000  No.12654100


the first combat mission of a jet aircraft was by russian white army insurgents against the red army. why would the germans give the slavics their latest tech if they wanted to exterminate them?

46bed2  No.12654123


Interesting, source?

There is also footage out there where it looks like the Germans help clean up a (Orthodox) church that has been turned into a stable.

3a98db  No.12654133

If Hitler and the inner party weren’t such spergs and had taken a soft stance in regards to eastern Europoors they could have won.

e29103  No.12654135


Your a fucking moron

3a98db  No.12654141


Ukies the balts and poles never really stopped fighting the soviets no one saw the red army as liberators

66c794  No.12654145


>Instead of sending them to gulags they sent them at the Germans.

that or be deported and resettled into Siberia or Central Asia

5f66de  No.12654152

File: 9c97359218ca6ff⋯.jpg (140.62 KB, 645x1000, 129:200, Communism SAVED - All prai….jpg)

File: 6ec211b1ab2fc8f⋯.jpg (89.5 KB, 564x846, 2:3, Thank you hwhite brothers ….jpg)

File: 4ed4834c652937c⋯.png (782.25 KB, 512x345, 512:345, mutt and commie comrade.png)

File: ed82a9cc6a21048⋯.mp4 (6.97 MB, 450x360, 5:4, Hwhite nationalism of hwhi….mp4)


Mutts did.

000000  No.12654199


cant find the source atm. it was a Me 262 and it was in the caucasus area.

it was a classified mission and the plane was flying with imperial russian insignia.

1167f6  No.12654210

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Sending prisoner battalions unarmed so the regular russian troops could spot the german positions. Also used for clearing land mines. Form them into rows and march, if they stepped on one it blew up, mine was cleared. Repeat….

40a95d  No.12654222

CIA agent:


dcba25  No.12654238


Actually in the Gulag Archepelago Solzinitsen says that vast numbers of people locked up in the post war camps were there for being taken captive or for staying behind to live under German occupation. This was seen as treasonous and was dealt with pitilessly. Maybe Stalin knew something you don't know. Maybe he knew that they all welcomed liberation from the fucking bolshevik jews.

000000  No.12654243


this. i did not realize how many natsocs were in soviet prisons until i was gifted a book on tatoos. if you looked too aryan you basically had to keep your head down even post ww2.

867ed0  No.12654250


Yes yes, CIA just loves to expose the Holohoax, to denounce communism and to exposes the "western" (((capitalists))) who decided that Europe was no longer useful.

a63c0e  No.12654251

are there any other sources apart from the ones posted in the OP

The Daily Archive would turn off many normies

40a95d  No.12654254

463a13  No.12654261


ethnic Russians, like mystic Rasputin


thought of the (((Communists))) as the anti-Christ.

“I feel that I shall leave life before January 1st. I wish to make known to the Russian people, to Papa (the Tsar), to the Russian Mother (the Tsarina) and to the Children what they must understand. If I am killed by common assassins, and especially by my brothers the Russian peasants, you, the Tsar of Russia, will have nothing to fear for your children, they will reign for hundreds of years. But if I am murdered by boyars, nobles, and if they shed my blood, their hands will remain soiled with my blood for twenty-five years and they will leave Russia. Brothers will kill brothers, and they will kill each other and hate each other, and for twenty-five years there will be no peace in the country.

The Tsar of the land of Russia, if you hear the sound of the bell which will tell you that Grigory has been killed, you must know this: if it was your relations who have wrought my death, then none of your children will remain alive for more than two years. And if they do, they will beg for death as they will see the defeat of Russia, see the Antichrist coming, plague, poverty, destroyed churches, and desecrated sanctuaries where everyone is dead.

The Russian Tsar, you will be killed by the Russian people and the people will be cursed and will serve as the devil’s weapon killing each other everywhere. Three times for 25 years they will destroy the Russian people and the orthodox faith and the Russian land will die. I shall be killed. I am no longer among the living. Pray, pray, be strong, and think of your blessed family. ”

And yes, they knew what (((religion))) the Communists were.

867ed0  No.12654268


This is why they made that Disney shill movie about how Rasputin was (((Rasputin))). Kikes accuse people of the same thing they do.

97cca2  No.12654284

File: 43f4076af5de9bd⋯.png (206.72 KB, 500x879, 500:879, if-communism-doesnt-work.png)


Don't forget about the part where they took tons of money from the exact same (((bourgeois))) that the entire (((Revolution))) was meant to overthrow. What with budget support of the Communist party AND the lend lease from ideologically opposed nations such as the UK and America. At least opposed on paper and within the general population, if not the highest levels of infiltrated government offices.

43d59e  No.12654288

Gah, more niggers and trash

249842  No.12654310


I cant see any other reason for them researching this other than to have kikes crack down on blonde haired Russians or just or nationalist Slavs in general.


Now i see why jewtube is blocking features on it. I knew Germany recruited in Poland but ive never seen this.

37e0b2  No.12654326

File: a4d7f7006ef2b37⋯.jpeg (38.52 KB, 620x349, 620:349, Rasputin.jpeg)


Yea, I know. Grigori Rasputin was actually an incredible man. He was a Russian Christian who understood the meaning of the Bible inside 'n out. That's how and why he became a monk. His 'mysticism' was really only a outcropping of his deep understanding of Christian spirituality. His predictions, like his final letter to the Tsar, (quoted in >>12654261), were uncannily accurate. Anyone who wants a leg up on the world would do well to study Rasputin.

Jews want to claim anything that's good and special, and anything they can't claim, they denigrate. That's why views on his life are 'controversial': history be damned, (((they)) don't know if they can claim him or not.

tl;dr: Rasputin referred to the coming Bolsheviks as the antiChrist.

37e0b2  No.12654364


You're rewriting our history.

The (((Bolshevists)) fought a bloody coup against the indigenous Russians, aka the "White Russian Army".


Many members of the White Russian Army died marching across Lake Baikal in winter. The bodies were frozen in place until the spring thaw. It was an unwise choice.

249842  No.12654382


Fight them for what?

For your local drug dealer to freely go about his business?

For your daughters right to worship buck niggers on sportsball while sipping corn syrup?

Civic Nationalism?

For a war israel started?


Nah i think northern blonde Slavs are closer to Aryan than most of southern Europe. The tribe that populated the northern regions of Russia were Nordic vikings and were only vassalized during the mongol conquests rather than occupied like Ukraine.

Its hardly comparable to Spain's 800 years of Islam or southwest Europe's 400 years of shitskin rule.

The whiteness distinction is north vs south not east to west.

3854e8  No.12654386


Picture No.2 makes me incredibly sad, those girls don't look older than 13, and you can guess they "disappeared" after the soviets reconquered that area, specially the girl in the middle, looking directly at the camera, with a smug looking expression, so much to hope for, and yet reality probably crushed her without any mercy.

If only we had won, I curse this timeline, I curse the kikes, I curse the Soviets.

They took their future, but also ours.

a63c0e  No.12654423

are there any reliable sources on this besides the Daily Stormer, I mean are there official documents as the article claims?

2d47e9  No.12654432



Do not capitalize "soviets" as you do not capitalize "churchill" or "roosevelt" or "eisenhower" for example.

They are not humans. If we ever survive this, we will make sure humanity know of everything that was done until the last star explodes.

3854e8  No.12654456

36504d  No.12654469



He's less of a moron than you.

1167f6  No.12654484

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Admiral (2008) with English subtitles the whole 2 hours. Nice russian movie about soviet revolution, shows the jewish aspects.

df3c95  No.12654536


zero because cucks don't act.


this guy is an agitator. filter and move on. His only purpose here to sow division.

29b140  No.12658121

Good thing Rosenberg and his gang running generalplan ost completely fucked that one up.

a8df98  No.12658213


Who do you think you're fooling?

0a9d98  No.12658221

File: 28e9beedea2e2a3⋯.jpg (146.99 KB, 600x962, 300:481, 28e9beedea2e2a34da5b0af233….jpg)


Stalin is only hated by the Jews because the Jews backed Trotsky, another jew.

c1ad81  No.12658224

File: d6101cb77e9e100⋯.jpg (21.87 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 151661644017.jpg)


This sums Russian.


Hopes that h be conquered by King who sets them free.

c1ad81  No.12658254

File: fad78eab99e7b45⋯.jpg (1.4 MB, 1280x1800, 32:45, 5431534.jpg)

These questionnaire Russians were must to fill up to 1999 (!) every time they got passports (Russians have internal passports BTW and can't move around or do anything without them) and were hired.

0a9d98  No.12658288


How are they any different than serfs?

a8df98  No.12658301


What does it say?

31523d  No.12658310

It isn't too late to sire an army of tall, crazy motherfucking White Russians ripped like Jesus that would be capable of hurting far more than sensitive fee-fees. They may not sympathize with the sentiment of their grandmothers and grandfathers living under commie kike rule, but they would be born just in time to learn why living under commie kike rule is such a bad thing for the planet

49229a  No.12658328



I'm too stupid.

2d47e9  No.12658349


They weren't. Communism is about making kikes the ruling class instead of the native ethnic nobles.

a8df98  No.12658531

File: 0dd9c1b473b0b5f⋯.webm (13.6 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Russians who fought for N….webm)


Without the watermark

e2a4a2  No.12658600



>Probability: I think the objective chances of German victory in 1941-42 were high. They made three critical meta-mistakes:

>(1) Declaring war on the United States.

>In that case, there be no American Lend-Lease, which was critical for making up deficiencies in Soviet production (e.g. copper wire, aviation gasoline). There would also be no “second front” in the form of the bombing campaign, which put a crimp on German production when they did start to ramp it up. The Soviets would have never enjoyed air superiority, and the resources invested into AA defense would have gone into more tanks and artillery.

>(2) Treating the peoples of the occupied territories and POWs extremely harshly.

>They could have always just promised them everything, then drawn out the daggers once the USSR was definitively defeated. I guess it doesn’t pay to be prematurely nasty.

>(3) Waiting too long to go into full economic mobilization.

>German military production peaked in 1944, when the air campaign was at its peak and the Allied armies were already closing in.

a8df98  No.12658639

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Adolf Hitler: Why He Declared War On USA

a8df98  No.12658685

File: 1e7a227f6c5e622⋯.webm (14.45 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Adolf Hitler - The Americ….webm)



d8dfee  No.12658732


The RLA was nothing but propaganda. It was only formed for real at the very end of the war when the Germans were critically short of manpower. There were many Soviet soldiers who deserted to join this army, only to find out it was made up, and subsequently were sent to work camps. Imagine how the Red Army's morale and manpower would've been if men kept deserting to join the RLA, until millions of Russians were fighting against their own countrymen. There were a few in the German high command who realized this, but most did not and were fine with Soviet POWs being treated like animals. Not to mention the treatment of the civilian population.

t. Actually studied Eastern Front unlike Hitler fanboys

9ae0c7  No.12658763


Source? I've been looking for books on the RLA

a8df98  No.12658767


>Imagine how the Red Army's morale and manpower would've been if men kept deserting to join the RLA, until millions of Russians were fighting against their own countrymen.

I just did, and obviously it didn't happen, so its a useless point. I guess a court historian (and trusty USSR sources) has filled your mind well.

0d15ed  No.12658768

Anybody that believes Communism is real in this day and age is nothing more than animal. Communism is literally a meme teir objective that has failed every single time it's been tried. It's always turned into a shittier form of state facsism.

It's simply a utopian ideal that can never be realized, because humans are greedy and selfish. Not some humans, all humans.

Fascism always creates a situation that allows for a change in governmental systems. From fasciam National Socialist policies can be implemented to unwind the destructive force of dysgenics.

To that crazy lady, I never agree to anything.

d8dfee  No.12658850


Against Stalin and Hitler by Strik-Strikfeldt is a good one I've read. It is written by an officer who actually dealt with Vlasov during the war.


Any discussion of WWII is just as pointless since the Soviets and Americans won anyway.

226d81  No.12658866


>nothing but propaganda

<formed for real


>goes into a thread specifically about WWII and starts discussing it


<Any discussion of WWII is just as pointless since the Soviets and Americans won anyway.


7be556  No.12659174


Nice backpedalling there anon

2c7e68  No.12659229


Watching youtube documentaries is not "studying".

e99bc7  No.12659255



Triggered kikes.


Damn what a foreseer he was.

Not to mention the commnists' sign is the symbol of Saturn. It's blatantly satanic with its forced atheism and belief in only material plane and government. And they call themselves the enemy of materialists while denying the existence of spirituality and God. What a joke. How stupid can people be to not see these huge contradictions…

2d04cc  No.12660675


The RLA was real, the hopes of Rusdsians to be freed by the Germans from the Boslheviks was real and even the Russian confirm that the "attack" on the CCCP or as it is called in Germany "The raid on the Soviet Union" was a preemptive strike no matter what western (((historians))) tell you

df1774  No.12660782


The USA/UK lend lease was the only reason the Soviet regime didn't collapse.

Russian revisionists always try to sell the "USSR alone" myth when it's clear that the US provided the boots, trucks, telecom infrastructure, as well as tanks and planes to counteract communist incompetence.

Military History Visualized has a great video about it on youtube. Supply was the war winning aspect that's always overlooked. The Germans knew they were at a major disadvantage, their only chance was rapidly securing/solidifying resources they didn't have.

df1774  No.12660815


The US was functionally at war with Germany already with the absurd amount of lendlease. Hitler honored the pact with Japan for this reason only. You'd have to be incredibly dishonest to not look at *why* they did what they did. Lend lease was happening to the soviets before US involvement. A lot of it just went through the UK.

A lot of the mistreatment of slavs was avoidable. Appointing governor generals that weren't Junker-approved stooges would've been an excellent first step. The abuses weren't part of some overarching campaign to terrorize the population, it was the fault of a few powerful men with bad intent and beginning of the century understanding of the east.

However, arming millions of people in an occupied territory with no way to confirm loyalties when generals refuse to execute bolshevik commissars is fucking retarded.

Why completely mobilize when there isn't much reason?

2c7e68  No.12661034


>The Germans knew they were at a major disadvantage, their only chance was rapidly securing/solidifying resources they didn't have.

It's amazing how overlooked this is when you consider how highly people regard blitzkrieg tactics. It's just another in a long line of things people just accept without ever asking "why?".

03db18  No.12661060


Those of you who have not heard of him should read the tragic but inspiring story of KONSTANTIN RODZAEVSKY, the greatest of the Russian Fascists, who epitomises this struggle. He fought with the Japanese Kwangtung Army against the Communists, stationed at Harbin, and actually had his own division. He would also put up a giant, lighted Swastika at night to show their allegiance.

For more, read here:


It would be great to have his work "The Last Will of a Russian Fascist" translated into English someday…

f148bd  No.12661336


This is even gayer than the spam.

96df0e  No.12671481


Bullshit. Russian liberation army existed, in the form of individual companies integrated into german batallions under german command because they were rightfully suspicious of their reliability. And in the end of the war a real russian liberation army was formed with russian officers in command (which eventually did turn on the germans so they were right to be suspicious of Vlasov)

a0ea72  No.12671631

You wish, you feudal cuck. It only shows purges weren't big enough.

46ccee  No.12683897


I haven't seen anyone post this yet. It's a blog post from the author of the book.


The book itself is $100.


46ccee  No.12683908



Also, here's the author's normal blog (the other was a guest post). Polite sage for double-posting.


d6f2e7  No.12683999

Wow, they were litterally waiting for Hitler

1f920e  No.12684033


Slavs are more Aryans than Germans in reality

000000  No.12691425

Adolf Hitler - Explaining Operation Barbarossa


000000  No.12691626


not really, maybe some of the south western ones are aryan. it doesn't matter at this stage anyway. aryanism never had anything to do with having blonde hair and blue eyes it is more about head shape and bone structure and most importantly character.

b3e54b  No.12691640


No, it's about being descended from the ancient Aryan peoples.

2750a4  No.12692340

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This song isn't a march song I suppose, I wonder what they're singing about.

2750a4  No.12692373

File: b09838ab4ddca8b⋯.webm (10.67 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ROA Hymn - Idziemy szerok….webm)


I mean obviously its a hymn.

2abb84  No.12692420


>Going to the daily stormer

Hang yourself

ec16ff  No.12692846

File: 24c4eb37730b9b9⋯.mp4 (1008.55 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, PUT YOU IN MY OVEN.mp4)


>new text books prepared for German youth under (((our))) direction, not the Germans

>while the narrator says this two of the kikiest looking rodents are pouring over a book

Are these cunts fucking for real? How did people fall for this shit?

a0e807  No.12692875


We also sent thousands of troops to Russia in their civil war to kill Reds.

d60c09  No.12692910

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here is a translated version

Can confirm translation is accurate

d60c09  No.12692955


I'm trying to find the full text in Russian to no avail; it appears that it's been banned and memory-holed by the Russian ZOG

d60c09  No.12692989



It's available in various libraries around the world (not in Russia of course) in a hard-copy-only format


d60c09  No.12693023


13. Do you possess the ability to speak in any other languages of the USSR and at which level would you rate your proficiency (read and translate via dictionary, read and can conversate, freely speak the language)

14. Were you ever a party to a judicial action (i.e., convicted of a crime), when and what for

15. Were you ever abroad, where, when and for what purpose

16. Do you have any relatives abroad, where, from what time (how long), what tasks are they doing there (last name, first name, middle name and level of relation to you)

17. Were you or one of your close relatives interned or a prisoner during the period of the Patriotic War (WW2), where, when, and under what circumstances were you/them freed

18. Your closest relatives (wife/husband, father, mother, brother(s), sister(s) and adult offspring)

Number 17 is most pernicious - basically, if you were interned by the Third Reich then your loyalty would always be in question. If you were freed by the western allies, then it was doubly so as you were de facto considered a western spy.

5a66fc  No.12694060

File: 0bfc6d5e5f717d0⋯.webm (1.14 MB, 534x400, 267:200, 1-09-savvalnieku-dziesma.webm)


Well Trotsky is liked by Commies because "well X happened because that was Stalin, I wanted the other guy that died before he could do anything".


In the Baltic people fought on the side of Germany under the Legionnaires or just on their own (individually or as the Forest Brothers) until Germany announced defeat. After which the ones from the Legionnaires that still wanted to fight joined the Forest Brothers, which caused the Soviets enough trouble that they simply decided to burn down entire forests trying to get them. And the Legionnaires made the Russians incredibly butthurt, since even today Russians protest in the streets every single year on Legionnaire Day accusing everyone of being literally Hitler and waving around signs about the Holocaust while screaming at the top of their lungs. And both Western and Russian media to this day (especially RT) try to paint everyone as literally Hitler for having the gall to commit the crime of remembering the people that died for their country.

1f920e  No.12694171



slavs have the highest yamnaya/afanasievo admixture

d5891e  No.12694338

File: d7cf50db6186e6e⋯.webm (9.77 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, We Go on the Wide Fields ….webm)

467555  No.12694339


Now that's what I call censorship

4f0e64  No.12695273

File: 0562e0cafad0e5e⋯.jpg (14.69 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1526647017161.jpg)


>implying american lend lease to allies and to the soviets began only after Germany declared war on U.S.A.

920c5e  No.12722829


4adf0f  No.12726811


yeah when Lenin said he wont pay back loans from american banks.

4adf0f  No.12726830


Yusupovic, Pavlovic, Puriskevic and others were all royalty or far right politicians tho.

could you atleast give some citations?

fd8781  No.12726848

File: 01105d0d5138bc9⋯.jpg (113.42 KB, 453x604, 3:4, Dv9VipVW0AA07fS.jpg large.jpg)

not even central asians were particularly loyal to the ussr

4adf0f  No.12726853

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




>how is that different than serfs

its not because russia was always a feudal country.

the bolsheviks didnt invent this, they just readopted it from tsarist bureocracy.

russia needs serfdom because its vast size and centralised planning. if people were allowed to move freely theyd all move to the Moscow region (european russia) and the rest of russia would collapse, inturn collapsing Moscow region.

the mass deportations in the 30s and 40s werent just autistic punishments by stalin, they were planned colonisation of sibiria and the far east to undustrilise that part of the country.

the deported workforce was mainly what saved russia logistically during world war 2.

this guy

>vid related

has something on that matter

4adf0f  No.12726873


>implying it didnt

>ibn4 posts some obscure newspaper clipping saying some tycoon violatede sanctions to sell crap to russia, or some alleged humanitarian relief stunt

000000  No.12727121



>(2) Treating the peoples of the occupied territories and POWs extremely harshly.

Recycling age old commie fairy tales doesn't make them true.



>The RLA was nothing but propaganda. It was only formed for real at the very end of the war when the Germans were critically short of manpower.

<by late 1943 they contained 427,000 personnel,[citation needed] a force equivalent to 30 German divisions.

>There were many Soviet soldiers who deserted to join this army, only to find out it was made up, and subsequently were sent to work camps.

It was real in my mind

> Imagine how the Red Army's morale and manpower would've been if men kept deserting to join the RLA,

Red Army desertion was unprecedent:

With the continued deterioration of the military situation in the face of the German offensive of 1941, SMERSH and other NKVD punitive detachments acquired a new mission: to prevent the unauthorized withdrawal of Red Army forces from the battle line.[5][6] The first troops of this kind were formed in the Bryansk Front on September 5, 1941.

On September 12, 1941, Joseph Stalin issued the Stavka Directive No. 1919 (Директива Ставки ВГК №001919) concerning the creation of barrier troops in rifle divisions of the Southwestern Front, to suppress panic retreats. Each Red Army division was to have an anti-retreat detachment equipped with transport totalling one company for each regiment. Their primary goal was to maintain strict military discipline and to prevent disintegration of the front line by any means, including the use of machine guns to indiscriminately shoot any personnel retreating without authorization.[7]


An unparalleled number of Red Army soldiers deserted across the front line to give themselves up to Hitler’s Wehrmacht. No other Allied army in the Second World War had such a large share of defectors among its prisoners of war (POWs).

POWs and defectors 1942–5

POWs Defectors Share of defectors (%)

1942 1,653,000 79,319 4.80

1943 565,000 26,108 4.62

1944 147,493 9,207 6.24

1945 33,110 2,015 6.09

Total 2,398,603 116,649 4.86

The evidence overwhelmingly supports the conclusion that in 1941 a large proportion of soldiers went over voluntarily. And even in later stages of the war the share of defectors among POWs was significantly higher than in other cases, hovering between 5 and 6 per cent throughout (Table2.1).

More often than not, defectors were counted as captives and treated accordingly. 11

The German numbers on defectors are thus skewed. However, they are skewed in one direction: there was no incentive to over-report the number of defectors.

Thus, we can assume that the German numbers on Überläufer are lower limits: there were many more who either contemplated or actively sought to cross the front line, but who either never succeeded or were not recognized as such by their captors.

A witness interviewed in 1992 remembered how shortly after the occupation of a village in Poltava region, a unit of Red Army soldiers several hundred strong, led by a colonel, gave themselves up to the Germans, noting that if they had known that the Germans fought ‘against the kikes and Russkis’(protiv zhidov I moskalei) they would have stayed at home in the first place. 49 There is, thus, every indication that the number of defectors was higher in 1941 than in later years.

Among American, British, and French POWs, only 0.02 per cent were classified as deserters.

The now famous Order No. 270 of 16 August 1941 therefore punished the families of captured officers to make the threat real. They were to be arrested ‘as families of deserters, who have betrayed their Motherland’. Those of rank and file soldiers were deprived of welfare payments. 19

The family members of defectors are exiled to Siberia, or shot’,16 as the intelligence officer of XVII Army Corps summarized what he had learned from POWs in June 1941. 21

After 16 August, the threat of shooting (rather than arrest) of relatives became a refrain in reports. In September, 18 Motorized Infantry Division reported that ‘officers and commissars threaten to shoot the relatives of defectors and captured soldiers’. 23 Soviet archival materials confirm the German evidence. In late September 1941, the Political Directorate of the Baltic Fleet ordered the explanation that ‘family members of those who went over to the side of the Germans and surrendered to the Germans would be immediately executed as family members of traitors of the Motherland’. 24 In April 1942, ‘many were keen to come across the line’, claimed prisoners during interrogation, ‘but they are worried because they are constantly threatened with the execution of their relatives’. 25

Stalin’s Defectors How Red Army Soldiers became Hitler’s Collaborators, 1941–1945

MARK EDELE Oxford University Press 2017

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