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File: 9d7b6a484e9ef68⋯.jpg (196.33 KB, 725x1200, 29:48, 0cb0b57d6e23b1dfbe45724c20….jpg)

68e01a  No.12654291

This is a thread for studying the tactics of our enemies, and discovering how to use them effectively for our cause.

I'll start with this one: attack the person making the claim, not the claim itself

These guys only care about reputations, not the truth, they see the world as one big popularity contest, and sll that matters to them is that everyone likes and approves of them.

This is why "science" is all about how many scientists agree with them, and whether the most famous "science representitives" are on board with a certain idea.

This means that any claim will be ignored if it comes from a "bad source" or has a "bad conclusion", so arguing facts with them is useless, instead we need to attack their self image, convincing them and others around them that they are "bad" instead of that they are "wrong" will be a blow to them that will hit them harder than it should.

How to do this? Humiliate them, make them feel ashamed or embarrassed, they are like celebrities, a large ego with an overdeveloped sense of pride and shame.

Make them look stupid to even their most ardent supporters, they will attempt to bury, ignore, and forget the incident, which is why this must be a continual chain of humiliation events, not a single incident, we must troll them until they are patanoid nervous wrecks.

We started as an offshoot of halfchan /b/tards, its kind of funny that going back to trolling the shit out of people has revealed itself as the most effective tactic against enemies who gave effectively made reason a mortal sin.

We live in a society where the inmates run the asylum, but also one where we can communicate with them from a safw distance, the best thing to do is make their pre-existing conditions worse.

Dont attempt to shame them for hating "acceptable targets" like white people or men, this does nothing because they wont be percieved as "bad" for doing this by anyone but "bad" people.

630982  No.12654307

>You're an idiot.

4e4048  No.12654320

/r/ the old /pol/ primer archive

6bf100  No.12654343

File: 82415932e88d591⋯.jpg (86.35 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 82415932e88d591b74b7e5cb18….jpg)


> attack the person making the claim, not the claim itself

This is for activists. Want David Duke or Richard Spencer to be irrelevant? Call them a jew, shill or nazi. For a persuasive argument the correct tactic is to attack the motivation.

In a very true sense the functional definition of "right wing" is pragmatism. Anyone offering a potential solution is attacked by politicians and the media as because they will be out of a job of problem are actually solved. This is why they are so terrified the the right. The functional definition of the left by contrast is anyone who profits off human misery. Once you understand this is very easy to argue any of the "issues" in a persuasive manner.

To argue this effectively you have to differentiate between the shot-callers and the useful idiots.

Killing babies is a profitable venture. Not just the clinics themselves, but all of the trauma women suffer after murdering their unborn child requires therapy. So you've been told to support it by the people who profit from it.

Immigration is only an issue because crooked immigration lawyers and the highly paid staff of these NGOs (basically legalized people smuggling) are pouring money into both parties. They want to make money off the suffering of those they trick into immigrating illegally. The just position is to put an end to this scam.

Similar arguments can be made for all the leftist positions. Welfare, gun control, etc.

a9d5ec  No.12654434


There is no benefit of employing these manipulation tactics. Black-pill as many as you can, find other like-minded people that you can trust and arm yourself for the eventual conflict. These people are too far gone and cannot ever be reasoned with.

cc950c  No.12654439


>Jewess with airsoft?

0a027c  No.12654453

Fuck off moshe.

ca3697  No.12654458


>t. kike

b6ab5d  No.12654465


>lowkey furry posting

That is 100% a human Gadget Hackwrench.

not a derail I swear

97002e  No.12654557


OP here, I never noticed that until you brought it to my attention.

I just chose the image because she looked (to me) like a german redhead working at the factory to support the aryan war effort, or at least that's what came to my mind when I first saw it.


My specific advice sucks? that's ok, the first idea posted is always terrible, the point of tese treads is to post until something good comes out of it

Remember, this is a thread for effectively replicating the techniques of our enemy, only repurposed to serve our cause.

We are reverse engineering their most effective weaponry, hence the mechanic/engineer image I selected for the OP.

f221eb  No.12654562

Uses toon for OP instead of real woman. Can't explain why anybody might consider OP gay.

43b4c4  No.12654573


Most 'real women' have their own gravitational pull or mutilate their bodies.

d616a0  No.12654574



The next time Rick Wilson spergs out about anime send him this:


(Of course, they're just doing what Subgenius and a thousand other cults did.)

08806e  No.12654618


>cant draw, so puts hands behind back and no feet

Always funny seeing shitter art. Good job Liefeld.

5272c0  No.12654648

A major point of pride is that our enemy is so dishonorable and its tactics are so ineffective or self-defeating (eg, harassing Tucker Carlson's family, not letting people eat in restaurants). Their only successes come from wrongly holding power and misusing that power (Judge Richard Moore, Sherriff Scott Israel, Deborah Wasserman Schulz's brother being in charge of the investigation into her misconduct).

adfb68  No.12654663


These are the best posts. Ignore the shills who say being manipulative is in anyway "beneath us". The first step is understanding that you do not have any moral obligations to non-European dependents. You have no obligation to be honest with them, to play fair, or to treat them with the same respect afforded to other Europeans.

For example: If you see a non-white business competing against a white business, put bad reviews of the non-white store online, tell people not to shop there, make up a story about seeing mice if you have to. Nothing is out of bounds. If you are a manager and you see a non-white competing for a position that should go to a European, make sure you take the European. If you feel pressure to "diversify", make sure to put the non-European in a position to fail. If you find yourself on a jury and a case is being decided between a white man and a non-white, always side with the white man even if the white man is objectively wrong.

Online there is nothing wrong with making multiple accounts and trying to manipulate the conversation. Make a "my fellow black man" or "my fellow jews" and either apologize for your group or make statements so extreme that it makes people who would have normally supported the whites uncomfortable. Go on an Islamic forum as a Jew and talk about how Judea belongs to the Jewish people and call the Muslims subhuman to their face, rile up our enemies against each other.

So many black pillers tell us to wait for DOTR as if such a period would be like a quick trip to the mall, well, I'm not asking anyone to go that far. I am saying the time has come for us to become the ethno-nationalist extremists we have already been accused of. If the non-whites challenge you to a boxing match, bring a gun. If the non-whites challenge you to a duel, snipe them from 500 meters away. Again, you do not owe non-whites any honor or straightforwardness. Your only goal should be to win at all costs.

5272c0  No.12654696


They lie, and that's part of why they lose. We need to be Jeff Bridges in Fearless.

1a964d  No.12654778



with red hair?


you can see the spring in the mag, you dipshit.

25fecf  No.12654786

File: 1966bc6ed0394e5⋯.jpg (139.56 KB, 900x889, 900:889, 2bcb862d40c80c6d6e11a9972a….jpg)


Careful with this one anons, using the enemies methods against them is one thing, but to become them would just create even MORE jews. We need to exfiltrate the system, not pollute it more, although I do agree that we will have to be somewhat unscrupulous in the way we fight this menace.

353955  No.12654790

5272c0  No.12654811


There are no successful leftist tactics other than happening to hold office and misusing your power and not getting called out on it. Owning all mainstream media is a variation of that. There's nothing to imitate and nothing we should want.

97b1f8  No.12654859


The system cannot be fixed. No matter how much corruption you cut out it is rotten to the core.

The current system must be destroyed before anything positive can take place, to that end antifa and nigs burning down cities are our allies and should be encouraged.

0d54ac  No.12654898


This. Chemo therapy and strategic retreat. The last chance for a conventional war was Hitler. We lost. Now we have to carry on.

cabf09  No.12654950


Don't punch a nigger back because niggers like to punch people. You'll become ONE OF THEM!!

It's a fair enough point but this is a cultural war. You either fight it and maybe win, or you don't fight it and lose. You don't get to skip the war.

Besides, the kikes probably stole those tactics from someone else anyway.

cabf09  No.12654960


The tactic isn't harassing him, the tactic is to convince some of us to harass some other ones of us. Misguided whites are not our enemy, just the assholes riling them up.

000000  No.12654969


the fck is from this pic related?


all your tactics will fail, brave gurl.

a73328  No.12654997


Oh, so OP is both a Jew and a Fed.

0a1fd0  No.12655000


One thing we have learned for sure: kikes care about their reputation above all things. Hurt their name with everything you have.

47ea85  No.12655025

>>This is a thread for studying the tactics of our enemies, and discovering how to use them effectively for our cause.

Riiiiiight Shlomo. We have superior EVERYTHING so you come here with your jew faggotry trying to make us weak, when really, the effect is, we go out and fuck up your shit even more.

d02035  No.12655048

Is there a split within the left that's as easy to exploit as the christian/pagan split is for us? Simply mentioning it will likely make someone angry at me, whether legitimately or not.

f8bf62  No.12655056

e7b951  No.12655057


Anarchism vs Marxism.

6cc31c  No.12655076


Try "everything." They're called the coalition of the fringes for a reason.

614333  No.12655310



If it works, use it. Justice must be provided only among ourselves. To our enemies, anything must be done to destroy them. That includes acting like them against them.

Lie to liars.

Steal from thieves.

Manipulate the manipulators.

Jew the jews.

Deceive the deceivers.

Be a SJW against SJWs.

Another tactic: don't protect women. They are the root of many problems. Women are to serve or to be eliminated.



Never be fair to the enemy. Fairness is only appliable among ourselves. To all else, be unfair and deceptive. Take away from them and give nothing in return.

73824e  No.12655336


If you are upset by the Christ/Pagan split you are retard and likely mixed breed mongoloid.

73824e  No.12655338


It isn't Giger.

e18bd8  No.12656294

File: 4628f3534de8a49⋯.jpeg (1.27 MB, 3553x1275, 209:75, only way to win.jpeg)

(((Their))) success comes from control of the media.

They've silenced their enemies and driven them to anon boards.

They need enemies to maintain power so now they create fake news, fake threats to themselves and wimper to gullible audiences.

You can't fight their reputations since they can manufacture their public persona on an international level.

The only way to win is not to play. Opt out of being a slave.

If everybody stopped going to work and stopped paying their bills and taxes, what could (((they))) do?

This one simple trick is still too much to ask for.

777e54  No.12656360


>using tactis of enemy

not being a retard is one, use it at least once OP

614333  No.12656462


This works too.

97002e  No.12656514

>The left only has the advantage of misusing the positions of power that it holds

And how did they get that power (over all mankind)? they didn't start out with it, even if they acquired it before the age of the Egyptians, there are specific strategies they used to do it.

>strategies that are self defeating

Really? even if you think they only go back to the Obama era, they've managed to not only take control, but hold onto that control for a long time, that's very unbelievable for tactics that are "self-destructive"

>gaze into the abyss and it gazes also into you

"if you kill your enemies they win"

"communists used guns, we used guns to fight them, we are just like the communists"

"both sets of ideological extremes are equally bad, because they are both extreme, identity politics is always bad" - juden peterstein and negroid of akkad.

This is the kind of bullshit (((Hollywood))) puts out, that if you pick up the weapon of the enemy and use it against them, somehow you will magically adopt all their beliefs and transform into them, this is to reinforce the idea that what goals we set out to achieve are secondary to the way we seek to achieve them, and to thus lock pro-whites into using the same set of strategies over and over again, strategies that they know how to easily counter every time, especially since they came up with them, hence, we have the (((skeptics))), (((alt-right))), and other failed "right wing" movements.

No, our goals will remain the same, even if our tactics change, if you are going to claim otherwise you need to actually make a case for how that might happen.

There are two sets of strategies, the losing strategies, which we have been consistent in holding, and the winning strategies, which the enemy has been consistent in, we need to swallow our pride and "honor" and start playing for real, this is a game of politics, that necessitates the use of manipulation and generalized Jewery in order to win, if you aren't playing dirty, you aren't playing to win, and if you are like that, you obviously don't care about your people as much as you care about yourself and your "honor", the only honor that exists is doing what it takes to best serve your people, if you refuse to do that, you are an enemy, plain and simple.

26335d  No.12656522


There are good and bad tactics according to how efficient they are, stop thinking about useless bullshit.

97002e  No.12656532


They are winning, in many ways, they have already won, and we are fighting from the ground up.

How did they do that? They did that by doing certain things that we can learn from, we can win or lose, and that depends on whether we are willing to do what it takes, if your enemy is cheating, it is simply impossible for you to win by playing fairly, you need to do what it takes to out-cheat the cheater.

Does that make you as bad as they were? no, it simply makes you a winner, there is no dishonor in using underhanded tactics to achieve a righteous goal, especially if that is the only option left, and right now, that is the exact situation we are in.

This is a war, and there should be no limits on what we are willing to do to win, all fair in war, and there are no "bad" tactics, only losing tactics, there are no "good" tactics either, only the winning strategy.

So, are we playing to win? or do you want to drag us down (to our literal extinction) by insisting we continue roleplaying as "muh noble crusaders"?

34deb0  No.12656539


gays into the abyss

97002e  No.12656541


If they are ineffective, how have they successfully taken control over an initially hostile nation, brainwashed the people into it's slaves, and directed it into destroying itself while playing with various world powers like they were chess pieces?

If they are so ineffective, why have they won?

We are the rebellion, how have we got here if our tactics were so effective?

What you are saying is the equivalent of Wimp Lo from "Kung Pow", a character who literally thinks losing a fight is winning it: "I'm bleeding and in pain, that means I win"

You are an idiot, or a shill, at least the Nietzsche-quoting guy actually made some sense.

58fed0  No.12659227

File: 970463867bc9753⋯.jpg (50.77 KB, 939x243, 313:81, mother of god.jpg)

>This means that any claim will be ignored if it comes from a "bad source" or has a "bad conclusion"

Except this is part of the reason no one takes us seriously, because our "advocates" are complete fucking retards like Paul Watson, The Golden One, Sargoy, etc. I don't care for ecelebs but they are good for converting zoomers, thus keeping tabs on them is important. The left has people like Shaun, hbomberguyr, etc who only have to look at the sources that our retarded advocates shill to make a mockery of them. I watched one leftist youtuber go into the golden one's sources, it was some dumb bitch who calls herself "the naughty nutritionist". It's just embarrassingly pathetic how little effort these guys have to put in to make our "advocates" look like complete morons.

Pic related is all these leftists have to show and they have instantly won, it doesnt even matter if your argument makes sense if you source faggotry like this. Please lads look into the sources you use.

b8a626  No.12659286

File: 7a23fb14e1f7763⋯.png (164.91 KB, 1147x311, 1147:311, Thou art a saracen.png)

File: cd484427a23cb57⋯.jpg (163.51 KB, 500x422, 250:211, Thousand Cubit Stare.jpg)


Fuck directly off, and never return.

58d6f9  No.12659359

What kind of person would post this on a National Socialist board?

e31a2d  No.12659378

plans to repeal VAWA, the duluth model, and no fault divorce?

no? then you aren't changing anything.

000000  No.12663792

Bumping with a similar thread at >>12626398

Has some good ideas and info

13248f  No.12663988


>don't protect women.

I am all for you not protecting women. It is time for them to grow up. But I don't think the 'future' is in having them 'serve you'. When I say 'grow up' I mean it is time for them to stop parasitizing off men and start being responsible for their own safety, their own finances, and their own future. That is what it means to be a European woman. She has to know that even her own men will kill her or let her die at the hands of shitskins (since this is where we are at now, anyway) without anyone's help or assistance.

5dbef5  No.12663997


VAWA expired, anon. Others are local issues that should influence where you choose to live.

000000  No.12664121


4f851e  No.12665076

File: 82eed43ea668648⋯.jpg (15.16 KB, 282x326, 141:163, confused animes.jpg)



What the fuck?


What the fuck??

000000  No.12669696


a123f0  No.12669753


What. the. fuck.

I'm not sure what is most mindblowing about this cult. Its existence or the sheer level of autism on that website.

000000  No.12669899


000000  No.12672205

Why are so many activism threads like this one being saged or D&C'd with off topic replies? So many slide threads being bumped. What has the kikes scared?

000000  No.12672232


884e68  No.12672458

File: 9e73dc26a7df037⋯.jpg (239.97 KB, 1080x1992, 45:83, Gommunibsm.jpg)

Rate my OC

000000  No.12676724


000000  No.12685227


52ff97  No.12685246


I'm not in a position to rate your OC. Are you an expert on the BPP?

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