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File: c966c8a90a469a0⋯.jpg (2.21 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, gilets.jpg)

8f3697  No.12657081

/pol/ signal boosts a run on the banks


>As the situation in France escalates, the anti-Emmanuel Macron protesters - aka The Gilets Jaunes (the yellow vests) - plan to make a run on the country’s banks.

>This “bank run” is a call from the yellow vests, to all French citizens, emploring them to withdraw their euros.

>If successful, the group may cause a complete failure of the banking system in France. This is because French banks are run via a fractional reserve system, meaning that only a fraction of funds are backed by actual fiat; the country’s banks are estimated to have less than 1/4th of the funds on hand needed to satisfy a bank run.

>The yellow vests seem to know where to hit the government hardest. A post on Facebook confirms that today (9th January) protestors will demonstrate outside of the Rothschild owned bank of Lyon.

The source of their power was always the banking system. That's how they harvest the wealth of nations through compound interest, that's how they pay their police forces to subjugate anyone protesting against the system. No money, no army.

The gilets jaunes movement is gaining traction and support around the world, despite media blackouts and selective reporting to demonise the peasants for refusing to be slaves. People hate the banks and bankers, and they associate them with the corrupt political elite. It's an easy target that the far left and far right can actually agree on. And this is something angry people can do very easily.

Once the run starts, NPCs have to join in or they risk losing all the money in their accounts. So even people who disagree with the yellow vests and support globalisation will have to remove their money also.

It's a perfect time to signal boost this. The /pol/ is the master of guerilla signal boosting. We can meme the destruction of the usurious system through the taking back of the root of the elite's power; our deposits in their banks.

Thoughts? Memes?


https: //bitcoinist.com/yellow-vests-in-france-planning-a-bank-run-to-collapse-the-euro/

7cb491  No.12657111

File: cb14d7caa54d46a⋯.jpg (208.19 KB, 1488x934, 744:467, cb14d7caa54d46a5a0094f419b….jpg)

kike free first post

d8bbee  No.12657128

Now this is a fantastic idea. BUMP

e43fe6  No.12657178


Oh god, what a good idea.

dea17a  No.12657209


Have a bump

0016ea  No.12657222

File: c21cca62e815d57⋯.jpg (60.56 KB, 322x306, 161:153, a1293844f730482c66cd30a333….jpg)

Given that they were setting fire to a few bank branches in the initial protest, and how they came roaring back to life as soon as the holidays ended; if the banks try to implement some sort of self imposed austerity (maximum daily withdrawal limit of 200 EUR or whatever) it very easily could escalate to them setting fire or mobbing and trashing the building if they don't get their way.

As for the pigs and their leaders, well they face a difficult choice; their manpower is already heavily stretched, and will they be able to guard thousands of branches of french banks while also guarding all the monuments and open city squares where the protesters are at their critical mass and the most volatile?

I hope not.

a28e9e  No.12657287

File: 2ea114be793684f⋯.jpg (48.32 KB, 800x421, 800:421, cbanque-findabs2018.jpg)

File: e96ad5b9034e1d4⋯.jpg (44.26 KB, 500x870, 50:87, arnold.jpg)

File: 71004233beb2a1e⋯.jpg (72.96 KB, 800x527, 800:527, racuqte-livretA2018.jpg)

File: 28c2b150980ff2e⋯.jpg (24.82 KB, 800x331, 800:331, sebastien2018.jpg)

File: 69a07ea5cfb42a4⋯.jpg (92.39 KB, 666x961, 666:961, vincent-poste2018.jpg)


This is everywhere on the french interwebz. The kikes are fucking


Furthermore, French banks were quietly preparing the cashless society for years, pics related. They didn't expect such a quick reaction from the people.

9ad3cd  No.12657290

File: 03ea1b94c06337e⋯.jpg (95.32 KB, 660x495, 4:3, 03ea1b94c06337e93a15129362….jpg)

File: eba95f6baeaeb23⋯.jpg (259.11 KB, 1206x1228, 603:614, 1502659004048.jpg)

File: a6b6dc701ae5c76⋯.jpg (158.87 KB, 700x799, 700:799, 1506686676531.jpg)


If one wants to make unwilling participate in this event as well, we'd have to make an explanation material, showing that if enough people withdraw their money,banks will bankrupt and won't be able to give you YOUR money.

Idealistic approach might inspire ~5-20% of society. Fear of loosing everything one owns will get majority to do so.

acd791  No.12657301

We've had neither a bank run nor a tax revolt in far too long


5174a0  No.12657324

My dick is hard now.


5174a0  No.12657351


0016ea  No.12657362

File: 1c3faace4848352⋯.png (104.12 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 9k.png)

I'm spreading this shit everywhere, my normalfag and troll accounts alike. We've had so many aborted happenings, so many cockteases where something should have given but this feels different; the mood is right, things really do seem on the brink in that country where any little shove could send this beyond the point of no return and my god, what an absolute flipping of the table this would be even though it would have have seemed delusionally impossible 6 months ago.

I pray to God that we fucking do this, this is brewing up to be like one of those moments in history where it reads like a play, the scene set and all the pieces perfectly aligned, we need only to act our part and the great drama of our lives will unfold.

The men of the SS Charlemagne Division died loyal to the end for the last real cause of defending the race and Europe, give them reason to shout and cheer from beyond the grave this weekend.

8f3697  No.12657373

Nation specific ideas

>USA: Wall or mass cash withdrawal

>UK: No deal full Brexit on time or mass cash withdrawal

We need some kind of unifying slogan/hashtag that can link them all together. IOTBW tier. Or maybe just link it inextricably with yellow vests. Meme it so to support the yellow vests is to withdraw your support for the financial system.


>we'd have to make an explanation material

I actually think a good majority of people are aware of fractional reserve banking. I might be wrong though. But you're right, we need to get the first 10% going, on the back of the yellow vest movement. The fear will spread like wildfire and the rest of society will dash to withdraw before their share is gone.

The collapse of the financial system will cause a lot of pain, but it's going to happen at some point anyway. It's the elites and bankers who set up the system so badly in the first place. Perhaps this is the only power the working class has over the elite short of violent revolution. Peaceful protesting and voting obviously isn't working. Many people can't or won't march on their capital cities. But they can take their money out just by walking to a cash machine.

0016ea  No.12657376


>We need some kind of unifying slogan/hashtag that can link them all together. IOTBW tier.


5174a0  No.12657383

I hope they take their gold too since that is the main power of the banks, gold and silver

5174a0  No.12657389


well what are we waiting for, frenchannons, spread this shit, scare the people because if the banks have too much money taken out they wont be able to pay the other clients, and so if we do this it will scare people to take out their money, we can finally strike back at ZOG

797aa4  No.12657403


The opposite. Attack capitalism and so that they have to pay to keep the system running. Attacking the banks is totally in line with their plan to crash the system and enslave us under the social credit system, cash-less currency and universal income. Go after the insurance companies, take out the airports, block the harbors. All the yellow wests going after the banks are paid communists doing their masters work.


a83cd2  No.12657413

>kikecoin shilling

Kill yourself jew.

92052c  No.12657420

>there are NATO countries with citizens who have significant amounts of savings in banks

I'm stunned. I think banks in America approve loans for kebab shops and other immigrant things with funds received from China. The banks would laugh at me if I took all my money out.

8f3697  No.12657440





I don't endorse bitcoin it's just a random article from one of many that came up on the first page when I searched.


The collapse will go out of their control quite early. They're a bunch of arrogant fools who believe they can actually control the world. It's going to be worse than they think. The Kali Yuga is ending.

6ad760  No.12657441

This sounds like a brilliant idea. I really like these forced hand moves in politics lately.

db6d8e  No.12657448

You guys are unironically retarded as fuck if you think this would work. Not only does it require normalfags to work, but assumes normalfags/protesters actually have money. The rich aren't going to fuck themselves by helping and most normalfags won't bother to stop watching their marvel movie and actually help.

Reminder that 90% of the population are lemmings and literally completely useless.

937085  No.12657461

File: 124c21c4543a4b2⋯.jpg (156.6 KB, 1022x574, 73:41, 51341231251.jpg)

a0606c  No.12657468

File: db62cbbdffce96d⋯.jpg (34.68 KB, 550x422, 275:211, 1539418882858.jpg)

f2f18b  No.12657470

>>12657222 (fucking checked)



Activate the Cash Out

d69992  No.12657482


Frogposting and typing "shill" is not an argument no matter how much you wish it to be.

ad003d  No.12657487


Holy shit for the longest time I saw posts like this as just blackpilled anons, but this is so disgustingly obvious that this is a shill it's not even subtle anymore

0016ea  No.12657488


>nothing will ever happen goy, everything is just as planned, best not to even bother, just tug your cock and smoke more weed goy.

8f3697  No.12657494


Pensioners and older middle class people are among some of the largest conservative groups, and they typically have more savings. They're also ineffective at rallies and marches, so this is something they can really get involved in.

The narrative we need to push isn't

>We should remove our cash from the banks for the following list of reasons, using the power of fractional reserve banking against the system. The system is corrupt and needs to die for these reasons


>Hey you know those fat cat elite bankers and globalists who are ruining your countries and ignoring your votes? You can hurt them by cashing out of their banks! By the way, everyone else is doing it so join us and fuck the elites! By the way, there isn't enough money to go round so you'd better hurry!

Lemmings run. If done well this could happen extremely fast. Fear is a very powerful emotion.

a0606c  No.12657512

File: aaca54dc7f5da4c⋯.jpg (23.93 KB, 369x387, 41:43, 1546466190023.jpg)


To me it is no different than his. He chucks some numbers around like some demoralising shill and doesn't back it up. It's just his opinion. I don't need a fucking argument besides calling him what he is based on observation.

Perhaps, there are more Whites awake now and it really is getting to the stage where we need to take it outside now instead of just being on the fucking internet all the time?

28a175  No.12657543



>Le blackpilled

Not an argument

ce45a3  No.12657544


Neither is ID hopping, shill.

28a175  No.12657561


The problem is creating the fear though, lemmings are VERY comfy at the moment. They literally believe there is a 0% chance for anything to fail.

The pensioner will never do anything to help, they are literally boomers. Who do you think put us in this mess?

0016ea  No.12657570


>lemmings are VERY comfy at the moment.

they're literally rioting in the thousands

6fe5fb  No.12657575


>we need to take it outside now

>By posting online about some shitty larper dream to create a bank run


ad003d  No.12657576


>Nobody believes there is any chance anything will fall, I promise!

>Nobody will ever do anything to help!

>Literally believe

>Literally boomers

Keep going

8f3697  No.12657585


>The problem is creating the fear though

>Everyone's taking out their money and you might lose all of yours unless you also take it out ASAP

That's why it's called a RUN on the banks. One small trigger creates dominoes. We have the ingredients for a very large trigger.

a0606c  No.12657586

File: 45f8801d70a558c⋯.jpg (41.16 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1545563924714.jpg)


It doesn't take away from my point, you low IQ scrub. It may not be happening, but it doesn't mean it shouldn't be. If you are going to shill, at least make an attempt at it.

313a6d  No.12657593


You do realize what the population of France is right? Literally 90+% of them are just watching the riots on the tv, because they are fucking lemmings.

313a6d  No.12657598


You have at best 10% of the population, and a far smaller share than 10% of the wealthdue to wealth inequality. You could all withdraw at the same time and nothing would happen

c12ebe  No.12657602

Are you really that stupid to believe the banks wouldn't simply block cash withdrawals once the limit is reached?

313a6d  No.12657614


>doesn't mean it shouldn't be

Or you could put effort into a real idea that might actually have a chance to work. This thread is essentially a slide thread because there is a 0% chance of it working.

425c83  No.12657615

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Fuck off blackpill can't-doer, let the rage stew. When the people know that Kike Fractioncal Banking won't work when SHTF, they'll start to see the sham of the modern world.

313a6d  No.12657620


>Stop pointing out how shit of an idea this is


ce408f  No.12657627

File: 9e4eb60013ba93e⋯.jpg (322.28 KB, 800x536, 100:67, immigrants_big_problem_in_….jpg)

Ok, is there actually someone here who knows about this financial stuff and can tell us whether this idea could potentially realistically do a certain amount of damage or not?

313a6d  No.12657640


Unless every single yellowvest is a secret millionare, you don't have the wealth to pull this off. This is assuming you could even convince all of them to do it. Also assuming the banks/elites will just let you do this. While assuming it will create enough fear to cause mass panic.

That's a lot of assumptions for a "plan"

8f3697  No.12657656


>hey are there any shills in this thread that can shed some light?

Hops IP


>why yes, its clearly impossible my fellow /pol/ack!

08eba8  No.12657657


>block cash withdrawals once the limit is reached

Which means it officially starts effecting Normalfags en masse preventing them from sticking their heads in the sand, creating more discontent and making more people angry. Yellow Vest movement is already getting into violent territory; this would add fuel to the fire.

313a6d  No.12657662



Still not an argument also yes my IP is dynamic and changes often.

797aa4  No.12657669


Ever heard of fiat? Digital money is not backed by anything. There is a reason they had to come up with laws to prevent citizens from cashing out over a certain amount. Your money does not exist…the bank just lets you use their financial scam system for a fee. Just try to get your money out and watch how fast they gonna shut this down officially with a politician in front of cameras.

e01054  No.12657670


Is this why I have to have a special meeting with a bank manager if I want to do something above 10000 Euro at a time?

Are you such a poor subhuman you don't have 10k as an adult?

8f3697  No.12657674


This is the whole point, duh. If that happens we've effectively shut down the financial system and their footsoldiers don't get paid to protect them anymore.

8e08c4  No.12657682


First order effect is to get non GJs to pre-empt the run by… getting a bit more out than usual.

Second order effect is banks needing to top up ATMs and warn their staff of possible implementation of withdrawal limits.

Third order is people remembering Cyprus and Greece, and trying to pre-empt the run by… getting more out than usual.

Bit of a spiral develops.

6483db  No.12657683


Well, that would be great. The question was can this realistically get us there.

e01054  No.12657685

File: 4f46f243ad0a310⋯.jpg (287.38 KB, 2048x1366, 1024:683, 4f46f243ad0a3108b46b9bbb62….jpg)

File: 6bf047cd8909373⋯.jpg (46.09 KB, 433x433, 1:1, binnichtmalmett.jpg)


Ignore the kikeshill. You have visited a bank before. You know exactly how this is going to cause damage.

Most of the kike fiat the redpilled sphere talks about is actually the bond and the "profits" made from securities and speculation. Money that never existed, didn't come from real products or labor and hasn't even been printed yet!

Come on, get your almond activated!

8f3697  No.12657686


Well since you're simply ignoring counterarguments ITT, there's really no point in responding to you further. If you don't think it will work simply leave the thread alone. Or could you have some special interest in actively making sure this idea doesn't spread I wonder?

313a6d  No.12657690


Your post lacks a clear point to comment on. I suggest taking English 101.

09d554  No.12657694

File: 4057da8999fe0c8⋯.jpg (189.45 KB, 624x718, 312:359, merchant_theory.jpg)


>The jews get all their power from banks

>But don't attack the banks

Really, Shlomo? You think anyone is gonna buy that?


>Only use fiat money printed by privately-owned central banks

>Don't buy bitcoins, just let Jews buy them all

Fuck off shill. 85% of the crypto market is White men under the age of 40 for a reason.


>Nothing will happen goyim, nothing ever happens, you can't win, don't do anything

This didn't work in any of the other threads and it won't work here.


Hundreds of thousands of people are setting fire to banks, newspapers, and modern art, while attacking cops and naming the Jew on international television. These are not things people do when they're comfortable.


>The Jews are too powerful, nothing you do will work

Eat a dick, kike

All this discussion about targeting the banks. Now that it's actually happening, suddenly we have people saying that attacking the banks is a bad idea, or it won't work, or it doesn't matter. How (((suspicious))).

22dc1d  No.12657696

>tfw you started a thread suggesting memeing a run on the banks in summer of 2015 and just got called a faggot

I was perfect then with the shemita and the market (((correcting)))already making people nervous.

425c83  No.12657697

File: a54ee2bdee04eea⋯.jpeg (106.39 KB, 593x647, 593:647, serveimage.jpeg)


>Everything has to be meticulously planned so that it never fails, and from my expertise (t. professor stick in butt) this will surely fail.

>don't ever do anything, don't make content, don't try to do anything funny.

Yeah what ever killjoy goober, filtered for being boring as

53a56c  No.12657698


BUMPITY BUMP, withdrawing all my money yo!

b8e168  No.12657701

File: b8dd6d4e9b51363⋯.png (2.33 MB, 1440x2960, 18:37, 18dbe59f-2543-448f-a6e4-be….png)

These bankers have homes, they have cars. They have destroyed the futures of the police and everybody involved. Expose these truths to shatter the illusion of solidarity between the guardians and the weasels.

313a6d  No.12657702


You not really addressing the fact that the yellow vests don't have enough wealth to pull this off, or the fact this plan is based on multiple assumptions

53a56c  No.12657703


KIKE post detected.

313a6d  No.12657704


Stop the larping, no one is impressed idiot

8e08c4  No.12657705

The US has around $1000 of actual stick-it-in-a-billfold cash per person in the 50 states. That's split between cash in the banks and cash that individuals hold. You don't need much of a bank run to lock the system up.

313a6d  No.12657709


>Le blackpilled and shill

Still not an argument

313a6d  No.12657712


Not an argument

c59be0  No.12657718

313a6d  No.12657719


>Just let me larping all day

No, it isn't good for your mental health anon

c59be0  No.12657720

File: 4bfa4a9c5ff4d00⋯.png (4.51 MB, 2048x1366, 1024:683, 64193656_65337684836852338….png)

0939bc  No.12657724

So where do you put your money you've withdrawn? Hmm?

09d554  No.12657725


You're presenting only two arguments: demoralization and defeatism.

797aa4  No.12657726


Yes it can shut the physical money off, which would disturb a whole lot of small time businesses and private citizens. What it doesn't achieve is to topple the economy, since it's fully digital and backed by multiple (including hidden and international) server farms. When the economy is taken down it comes from their side and they will use an orchestrated event to hide their involvement (like the US government shutdown for example). Thing is they want to drive as many middle class citizens into poverty, which is why the last couple of years capitalism has ramped up their scams and subscription schemes, why the gold reserves where plundered, why all the quality of life costs are going up etc. Since they're sitting on the actual numbers on just how much damage they've cost so far, we can only wait, prepare, and get as independent as possible from money and capitalism.

e01054  No.12657727


>Said the kikeshill trying to tell people how a bank run wouldn't work despite the kikes freaking out over it in Greece just last year


313a6d  No.12657729


>If the argument doesn't agree with me it's pure demoralization

Ok retard

425c83  No.12657731

File: 07973436a8da8ef⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1280x1158, 640:579, chinky poo.png)

For newfriends who hate defeatist cuckoldry or an otherwise annoying brat, remember to click on the triangle next to the post and

"post menu" ->

"add filter" ->

"ID" ->

and shut the the boring party pooper kike 313a6d up.

5174a0  No.12657732


you are demoralising the only argument you present is

>le lemming and dat wont work kaksoise piste DDDDDD

4e16aa  No.12657735

Would this work if Trump pushed for all of his supporters to withdraw their money over no wall?

313a6d  No.12657736


Except Greece had an economy of a third world and was crashing with no survivors. France on the other hand is worth far, far more than greece and not crashing. That's a very large hole your ignoring.

The kike/shill accusations only makes you look more idiotic than you already are.

425c83  No.12657738




t. 313a6d

313a6d  No.12657739

d8bbee  No.12657743


Yes, but he wouldn't do that.

313a6d  No.12657744


Wrong order but you get the point

58ae6d  No.12657748

File: 555d99726340d93⋯.jpg (151.68 KB, 1280x856, 160:107, ZJhWw1.jpg)

000000  No.12657749

Oy vey! The smart way to protest would be to double the amount of money in your account. I can't explain why. It is very complex, so complex the explanation can only be given in Hebrew.

6ffa05  No.12657750


>Anyone who disagrees with me should be filtered.

Nice hugbox faggot, gb2tumblr

3646bb  No.12657751


>implying any of that gold other than what we are allowed to see ever existed


90% of all bitcoin is owned by the chinese


6ffa05  No.12657753


Not an argument

273485  No.12657755


Anons don't realize just how bad of an idea this is. (((They))) are desperately searching for a reason to abolish cash/hard currency, and force everyone once and for all to use electronic means of transactions.

Suppose this bank run is successful, and the elites are forced to take action. What's to stop them from passing laws forcing businesses to no longer deal with cash (as is increasingly the trend) and switching to only debit/credit only. Can't buy food for your wife and kids, get a microchip goy.

Look at central/south american history and you will see that revolution is truly about one thing: food.

b2ec9b  No.12657756


Symbolically? good idea

effectively? no. The banks can and will simple limit how much money can be withdrawn (they can do this and have implemented it before).

There will not be an economic panic and RWDS on the street that night, but this does well to serve the movement as it targets something that the French working and middle class have hated increasingly over the past few decades: bankers

7/10 will continue watching with mild interest

88fca6  No.12657759


>Or you could put effort into a real idea that might actually have a chance to work. This thread is essentially a slide thread because there is a 0% chance of it working.

Whats your idea you fucking kike

52a205  No.12657761


>don't fight back goyim, you're just making it harder on yourself

000000  No.12657763

this is actually very subversive. their weak point is cash, this is why they are trying so hard to make it illegal. any movement telling people to withdraw and use cash is dangerous because once the herd becomes aware of the importance of cash the game is basically up.

c38648  No.12657766


This isn't something for solely /ourguys/ to do. No /pol/ack should be storing money in a bank anyway. We want the entire financial system to fail, but we don't actually need to communicate that to the lemmings. The key idea is this;

>remove money from banks en masse

>hurt the elite and establishment


It's that simple and the message should stay that simple. With this we can unite into one action;

>Yellow vest supporters


>Anti-swamp MAGApedes







And whoever else hates whatever their idea is of the establishment. It's vague enough for everyone to be able to think they're fighting for their own side.

Spread it to e-celebs covering the yellow vest movement. Get #CashOut trending. Get 4chan involved for the memes and chaos. Give it the classic /pol/ signal boost all over the internet. We have a chance to capitalise on the wave of chaos and international anti-globalist unity of Gilets Jaunes.

Don't say "lets do this hypothetical thing." Say "this is happening now." Because it already is. Get a train going that people want to jump on and report on.

b8e168  No.12657767

Well the rates go up or the police lose their pensions.

I said this form the start. Either we get a depression which leads to war, or the police lose their pensions.

I placed the choices in front of you Masons, you chose war. I complied and told the Jews tbat you wanted infinite unending war, because you wanted to live in comfort.

Remember choices, they go both ways. I was put in that position to make thw offer, because I understand the situation better than most.

5174a0  No.12657769


Dude that is the point, we want to withdraw soo much they have no other option than too stop withdrawals, this will make not only a glorious amount of autistic kvetching but also add fuel and fan the flames since normies wont be able to withdraw their funds

58ae6d  No.12657770


Non Boomers who have done absolutely shit to fix things.

b8e168  No.12657772

What I don't understand is why pajeet can't code a decent autocorrect on any platform. Put the crack down pajeet.

5174a0  No.12657775


we might be able to unite also the old school commies since they will see an opportunity to cripple the (((capitalists)))

6ffa05  No.12657777


Literally anything else. How about figuring out a way to send out bomb making fliers all over France. IRA are a good example on how to get the things you want

425c83  No.12657779

File: 69631d4f90f1307⋯.jpg (69.47 KB, 675x904, 675:904, 69631d4f90f1307100e2bf8280….jpg)


Nice IP hopping, nigger; either way the thread looks cluttered with your incoherent and inorganic posting style. How about you reply to multiple posts in one thread instead of doing the next worst thing to



You stick out like a sore thumb.

>>12657766 (double dubs check'd)

It would make rounds on the usual boomernetworks for sure.

6ad760  No.12657781


If only we could get one news outlet to cover CashOut, then knowing they wont check for credibility, will spread it for us.

6ffa05  No.12657782



Still not an argument

6ffa05  No.12657790


Quads confirm I speak the truth, btfo

08eba8  No.12657796


There's no reason we can't do both. Make bomb flyers AND do a bank run.

937085  No.12657797


You don't understand. You don't argue with shills.

000000  No.12657801



You won't get results if you say to people that it's going to crash the system they live in. Negative emotions are always a bad way to promote things to people.

Now if you make propaganda so that people will help their local merchants when they pay in cash instead of credit card and that encouraging paying with cash is what preserve freedom and push away tyrannical government then you will gain more traction. Remember a positive emotion always supplants a negative emotions.

6ffa05  No.12657806


Because one is far easier to pull off while also having a greater effect. Bank run is basically sure to fail purely on a number front, and France is far to wealth and well off for normalfags to fall into panic

fe8d60  No.12657808


If that guy isn't a shill, then he fundamentally fails to understand what this is supposed to be.

This is supposed to be a mass movement, something that literally millions of people will do. There's a huge number of people who are dissatisfied with the government, but aren't willing to do anything illegal. We're trying to mobilize that untapped potential.

No boomer who is asshurt that his fuel costs more now will bomb a federal building, but he will withdraw his meager savings.

6ffa05  No.12657812


Reminder that normalfags have never taken part in any revolution ever and that all the fighting is done by less or equal to 10% of the population

58ae6d  No.12657813


And the non Boomers are going to bomb shit?

e78de3  No.12657814

They've already put that message out there.

Personally, I've cashed out long ago bit by bit. Used a portion of it to buy things that will extremely useful if SHTF, prepper style.

6ffa05  No.12657816

e1e880  No.12657817


But that is what they want. Getting the cash out means they can go full digital like the wanted in the first place. Also when the economy crashes in Europe, Canada and Australia (US could be a different approach) they gonna kill the local currencies off, so you would sit there with a stack of worthless paper, which is why they got the gold reserves out in the first place. Their enforced cash-less currency will be crypto (and killing off every other crypto by law) and you can bet your ass that they're not gonna offer you a fair trade in, if at all. So best bet is to put your money into metals, oil or anything that can be sold for profit later.

b2ec9b  No.12657823


they will put a "sensible limit" on how much money can be withdrawn by a person. 1-2k Euros probably.

Unless the banks are stupid enough to shut down electronic transfers, business and government offices will continue running. Now im sure some autistic high IQ anons here will find a solution to this, I just dont know what it is.

2419ca  No.12657830

If an idiot like who recorded this video


could simply run up to a rothschild with no guard around him and video tape him, what has stopped anyone from doing the same thing but shooting a gun instead of film? Would that even solve the problem with how many rothschilds are waiting to take the reigns of the family? Same thing with killing any trans national capitalist family, how do you do damage to something that has the ability to make your entire bloodline disappear with no effort?

19ca48  No.12657831


>have bank account

>get multiple debit cards with different numbers

cmon it's not rocket appliances

5174a0  No.12657837

Lets hope genuine commies get on board since their dicks should be diamonds at this golden opportunity

2419ca  No.12657845


how could we masquerade a movement like this for any player in the political spectrum to stand behind?

937085  No.12657858


Quite so, yes.

Tell me more about how you would direct this rebellion with maximum success. Since you're so eager to critique and downplay the outcome of a massive co-ordinated offensive on French fractional banks you must have it all figured out. It's not like you're vehemently trying to convince people that having a big group of people with their focus on the financial sector peacefully standing together in protest will be a completely useless affair or anything, almost as if implying it would just be a negative overall.


000000  No.12657864


if you dont pay for those metals with cash they can be confiscated.

the best thing you can do is pay for every transaction in cash, it drives them nuts because they cant bring in cashless unless under 20% use cash.

5174a0  No.12657872


no one likes international finance, from commies to third positionists is one of the only things we agree on, and Im sure as hell there arent any cuckservatives in the protests

lets masquerade it by telling the truth and that banks run the gov. Most of the people in the protests know it anyways

0016ea  No.12657879





Let's see if they'll bite.

6ffa05  No.12657881


Very simple answer, I would direct it to be as similar to the IRA as possible. If the yellowvests today with their numbers actually started bombing banks, political buildings, the homes of the elites, etc. The elite would crumble within a few weeks.

e2de0f  No.12657883


There's nothing to masquerade. EVERYONE hates the banks.

2419ca  No.12657885


Do you have any reading material to share that will help me better my understanding of privatized banking and how best to explain it to NPC's? I dont mind pirating ebooks

5174a0  No.12657886


I also did a thread on it

e1e880  No.12657891


>pay for every transaction in cash

I do this for over 20 years (minus some online deals), I also only have 20k in my bank account and cash out my income every 2nd of the month. They have no idea how much money I own, where I spend/invest it, and they can't make money on my account either since I'm under their radar. I also never had a credit card.

5174a0  No.12657892


Unfortunately not, however you can try your luck on the economics book thread at /pdfs/ they always have what you want

6ad760  No.12657903


I would almost argue that we want limit signs up. If we can spin the reason why limits are required, it will only make more reason to everyone else to withdraw even more money.

937085  No.12657907


Sure, whatever, but why are you arguing against a peaceful protest against the banks? As if both couldn't co-exist. One does not exclude the other. If anything, the banks refusing to let people withdraw might create enough hatred for people to actually go full IRA.

Why the demoralization.

0e6c6b  No.12657908

File: b296549b3f91c43⋯.jpg (5.98 KB, 240x240, 1:1, 5778922 _b05edc64525d253b9….jpg)

>NPCs have to join in or they risk losing all the money in their accounts.


this poster is correct. If people think there's a risk something will make them unable to withdraw their money from the bank, people will trample over eachother to get their cash out.

000000  No.12657919


because this idea unites everyone and needs to get shut down asap.

5174a0  No.12657922


although dont expect positive answers

/Trannypol/ is an jewish apologist to such an extent they are willing not to do it just because we are on board with it too even though it would go against their beliefs

2419ca  No.12657926



in the USA the IRS has some sort of flagging system on withdraws on more than 10k dollars https://www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/report-of-cash-payments-over-10000-received-in-a-trade-or-business-motor-vehicle-dealership-qas

e3534f  No.12657941

limits are better because more people can contribute to a specific branch's illiquidity.

say Target Bank is on Rue de Rothchild. even if it is a max 1 euro withdrawal we can still get the number of people required to with draw all their cash on hand.

-now I bet you the banks pull a 'woe as me, I have to carry around so much cash now." and right after they do that there will be a bank job. It is important that everyone work together to catch the bank robbers because they will probably be bank connected.

thank of the profit when you rob yourself. you get insurance money and you get to keep the money.

make sure you capture that first bank robbery. with the money.

6ad760  No.12657944


Not too much worry there anon, I doubt most college students have more than 5k at any given time. After all it wont be single withdraws that hurt the system.

6fbc19  No.12657947

File: e53d487deb5db05⋯.png (11.75 KB, 1120x600, 28:15, cpm80-bank.png)


Basically 0%. All you have to do is look at what the (((bankers))) did in 2008 to see how this plan will (not) work, because TOO BIG TO FAIL. It's not like the cash is gold or silver coins that can't be easily produced as much as needed to keep the system running.

And it might not even come down to that. They already have in place severe restrictions on how much cash can be witdrawn from ATMs on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. BTW, you can't even go to a (human) teller to get more money. All banks have only ATMs inside, allegedly to prevent robberies. But I guess you could buy dogecoins or something.

6fbc19  No.12657968


It won't affect many people tbh. Most people pay for greceries and other small items with bank card, not cash. For the rest, direct fund transfers and checks are the norm. In fact, it's illegal to do cash transactions above 300 euros.

2419ca  No.12657980


I'm trying to remember this event in history I read about that involved a financial crisis in the 20th century and for 3 months slowly they opened up each bank one a a time telling the people that "We are fixing everything in stages just be patient" when in reality nothing had fixed the underlying issue and the government purely relied on the citizens faith in the government to fix the hyper inflation. This is a very bad explanation but does anyone know what crisis I'm talking about? Im not good with the searching.

5174a0  No.12658001

a tankie suggested that since french banks run in euros all europosters should withdraw their money too

8e680e  No.12658010


Because peacefull protests literally do abosutely nothing, see the 2008 1% protests. The banks as they are now are incompatible at coexisting with a middle class. They only desire to suck the life out of any middle class goyim. They will do this until all that's left are the rich and the slave worker class that is given just enough to not revolt.

bc3071  No.12658015


I would love to see this happen in the US (especially the federal reserve banks) but we will have to have our economy in the shitter for quite some time before anything like that happens.

0e93ad  No.12658022


Also this bank run plan will 100% without a doubt fail only harming the morale of the yellowvests. At best the bankers just refuse to hand out cash for a few days to prevent a run. Normalfags will actually agree with this because they don't want a collapse of any kind

e1e880  No.12658045


>You think anyone is gonna buy that?

Again…how does a burning bank stop money that doesn't exist from circulating and fueling a corrupt system that isn't dependent on cash?And before you bring up that it harms the kikes in charge…a) even if you would take their banks away they still run the entire worlds drug economy, a entirely untraceable currency that is, and always will be, accepted everywhere. b) those banks will be rebuild by migrants on taxpayers money.

6fbc19  No.12658051


We can actually take down the economy from our side too. In '68 that was happening with the massive strikes throughout France. But even the recent GJ protests have allegedly caused an economic slowdown, probably due to blocking roads, gas stations, and such. Even just simply refusing to buy all kinds of bullshit consumerist crap will have a noticeable effect, if enough people do it. But it's probably more realistic to directly attack transportation and logistics networks. Those are real, unlike fiat currency.

22eb99  No.12658052

File: 591e8a2a76417ce⋯.png (816.52 KB, 638x609, 22:21, screen.PNG)

File: 71d5dfb98b46f87⋯.png (967.74 KB, 1840x2004, 460:501, CashOut.png)

File: e47a056e16dae29⋯.png (963.77 KB, 1840x2004, 460:501, CashOut_2.png)

I've tried to replicate pic 1, maybe someone can find this useful.

000000  No.12658055


Hey there Chaimobitz Usuryialstein Pedoberg, it's quite unfortunate but the truth is if your fellow kike bankers refuse to allow withdrawal of money then the act in itself will cause a crisis. And if they do allow withdrawal, it also creates a crisis.

(((You're))) in quite a corner these days. Better scurry to Israel you little rat faced yid, it's the only option left for Jew vermin. They are already leaving France by the hundreds of thousands, just give up already Chaim.

e01dcf  No.12658062

File: 5329f0fd4202804⋯.png (200.5 KB, 1416x632, 177:79, DB locations.png)

from leftypol gang

5174a0  No.12658064

File: bd39291c6b4a9b0⋯.png (461.17 KB, 1000x1282, 500:641, Captura de pantalla 2019-0….png)

well this demonstrates what we all knew

/trannypol/ are so full of themselves and are such apologists to the jew that when they have an opportunity to hurt the (((capitalists))) handed in a silver platter they will abandon the proles and not join because

<Durr /pol/natzees are on this, its bad because they planned it, doesnt matter if they hurt the capitalists we hate they are classcucks

47026b  No.12658067

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



In 2008 there were top level bankers panicking calling their wives to take out all of their funds because the whole system was teetering on the brink. They kept it under wraps and fed the public an illusion but the whole game came dangerously close to ending that year.

e01dcf  No.12658071


You got banned for being a stupid confrontational and arrogant nigger and making two threads about something we have two threads on. Go cut yourself over it.

5174a0  No.12658077


I made one, the one in my previous post you faggot, and I thought I was being nice showing you fucks a golden oportunity to hurt the very same enemies you profess to hate

5174a0  No.12658081


as I said to the tranny BO of your sad board

you would doom the proles just to spite us?

e01dcf  No.12658083


You were very rude and we already have a thread on it.

47026b  No.12658084


Skip to 17:10 for the short version.

5174a0  No.12658091


well Im sorry that I hurt your feelings I thought being in this place would harden your skin

000000  No.12658094


Go back to sucking off your /trannypol/ BO niggerjew. What the fuck happened to moderation here? Codenigger is a literal Masonic Jew.

5174a0  No.12658095


so you didnt care that I showed you an opportunity to hurt the (((capitalists))) you were just focussed that I put faggot in the OP?

The absolute state of (((you)))

e01dcf  No.12658104


No more surprised you're actually shocked you thought acting like a 14 year old retard wouldn't get you told to fuck off for being a twerp.


Fantastic contribution from tor posters as always.

e1e880  No.12658106


>But it's probably more realistic to directly attack transportation and logistics networks.

Exactly. To kill the economy is their plan, we can only fuck with their time frame. Our side should work towards defense, because when shits goes down and the money is out there will be more problems and fronts that you could imagine. The Muslim extremists for example are getting radicalized by jewish media and rumor mill has it that the Erdogan mosque deal is being used to smuggle weapons into Europe. So that will be fun. Then we have blacks…blackout riot time with no gibs is like jungle jihad for them. the shit they are gonna pull will drive any sane person out of their way. And of course the official shit kickers…military zog bots. French? Certainly not. EU army? Probably not ready yet. Russian bolsheviks? You can bet your ass on those, and they are out for blood. So yeah, infrastructure has to be blocked entirely and once the economy crashes it's go time to for either survival, overtaking the system or burning it all down (remember we can always rebuild).

47026b  No.12658109

File: e5d7a2f26991a12⋯.gif (5 KB, 233x283, 233:283, 7baeb20be7edf7fe69e655706a….gif)



If this were to seriously happen it isn't simply about convincing the small fish to pull their money. It's a matter of getting enough small fish to scare the big fish and the shadowy overseas investors to start pulling their money as well. Operations should indeed begin small to create an air of credibility but if successful future operations must also be expanded into baiting out the big fish and non-domestic entities as well. The current government shutdown in the USA as well as the yellow vest protests provides an useful background for this purpose.

5174a0  No.12658114


>dont call us names its rude, we are of the most refined tastes

oh go back to your fellow trannies and tell them you totally owned us by refusing this opportunity

000000  No.12658124


>Oy vey you're a Tor poster

Well you are a rotting leftist soyboy who doesn't belong here. Fuck off back to wherever you came from. You must be getting help from certain (((people))) who run this site, otherwise none of your kind would be allowed here to shit things up with Marxist Jewish subversive trash.

Fuck off kike

f6766f  No.12658125


This is, of course, a great idea. The only thing that bothers me is that the EUR/USD pair has risen this last two days even though the idea is spreading. You know, smart money already know about this plan, so why hasn't the EUR reacted very much at all?

e01dcf  No.12658130


Nigger I'm the only person in the thread besides 22eb99 that has contributed any OC. You aren't doing anything between yourselves.


Nice reddit spacing.

5174a0  No.12658138


Show it then your faggot mods have banned me

000000  No.12658140


>Reddit spacing

<Being a LITERAL COMMUNIST doesn't matter

And this is why 4/pol/ fell, and 8/pol/ is already infected.

0f566a  No.12658142


>Deutsche Bank

>anywhere outside of Germany and former german territories

excuse me, what the fuck?

e1e880  No.12658146


>Deutsche Bank

>Paul Achleitner (Chairman)

>Ashkenazic Jew

>The Trump Organization's largest lender

It's a smart thing to keep the "Deutsche" term in the name tho…just blame it all on the Germans like the last two times.

e01dcf  No.12658147


It's close to collapse too, has been for a while. Germany entered recession a day or two ago and it's close to dragging all of Europe down with it. It just needs a little push.

6bc239  No.12658152


It forces you to actually buy things if you want to widthdrawl, just because cash isn't allowed doesn't mean you won't be able to spend money. No one is going to drain their bank account buying twizzlers just to try to create a run. The normalfags will still be able to buy grocerys at the mall with their credit/debit cards but yellowvests can't take out their entire bank in hard cash.

Also screeching shill still isn't an argument

5174a0  No.12658154


Show proof of your OC, your faggot mods have banned all our threads asking you to join

b8e168  No.12658159

Better idea, strong arm the banks into raising interest rates so the megacorp kikes lose out.

e01dcf  No.12658163


It's my first post in this thread you mong.

5174a0  No.12658173


you mean that map that literally anyone could have made?

b52014  No.12658177

I made a pasta for leftypol posting. Feel free to edit.

/pol/ here, I really hope we can work together to get rid of these bankers. We may have different "why"s but we have a very similar idea of what needs to be done, and then different end goals. I acknowledge we will probably not agree when this is over, but for the time being can we please work together against the globalist oligarchs killing this world? You may view Lenin the way I view Hitler, you may think private property is bad while I believe it is good, you may believe in equality while I believe in the harshness of evolution, but none of that really matters. We can academically debate these ideals and what it means to be human ad nauseam, or we can work together against the forces who may be radicalizing and promoting hatred among us in the first place. Right now, we have a chance to say fuck you to the global financial system plaguing the world with subjugating debt. To me that is a far greater threat to humanity than my local baker having communist sympathies or my mechanic being a nazi. I would stand with both of them against this existential threat to the human spirit, though we may disagree as to what that means.

5174a0  No.12658184


and whats with your mods eternally butthurt with /pol/, they have banned all thread on where we quite literally extend an olive branch to destroy the capitalists this time

000000  No.12658193


Such high quality content. Oh why are people here expecting subhuman Communist trash to cooperate with us in a logical manner, when all of /trannypol/ are hypocritical, lying, subversive, evasive worms?

Stop trusting leftist human waste. Aren't you wiser than this?

f6b2b1  No.12658199

File: e29d3da4b8a830c⋯.gif (1.1 MB, 540x234, 30:13, ltd.gif)


Their enemies being anything that completely deplorable and evil, even for a single second, goes against their worldview/faggoty identity.

I mean, holy hell anon, you can't expect /leftypol/ to actually make a coherent thought.

e01dcf  No.12658206


As opposed to what, OC nobody else can make? Kind of a moot point if it's so incredibly basic yet nobody has bothered to do it.


Plenty of posters have done this in the past and not been banned, try not being a dick. This guy wouldn't have been banned >>12658177



The ideas guys have logged the fuck on.

80d556  No.12658216

File: b4397798d8e6ae9⋯.jpg (141.06 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, a415dc74-4bf3-4ce6-a8ad-12….jpg)


you rang¿◇?

5174a0  No.12658222


Ill do it again, lets see how long they take on banning me

000000  No.12658238


This isn't a Jewlywood movie. Snap out of it.

Modern leftists are completely antithetical to any semblance of even a temporary shared left - right wing agenda crossing political divides. Instead they seek to promote chaos, degeneracy and suffering because their kike university professors told them so. Whether they are aware of where the Jewish agenda leads or not, leftists childishly promote degeneracy, deviancy, and femininity over family values, cultural cohesion and masculinity.

In short, leftists are vile filth and should never be trusted unless you are part of their NPC hivemind.

Leftists can either ride the authentic wave of anti elite activism or fuck off back to kicking garbage cans and screaming about evil orange man and ebul raycists.

2038bd  No.12658272

File: 2a8b0a27db93e9f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 458.92 KB, 572x800, 143:200, 5e745faa7a13232737133b1422….jpg)




2038bd  No.12658286

File: 6c593f3429c2c7b⋯.jpg (103.04 KB, 1076x599, 1076:599, manifesto-2018.jpg)



1e141f  No.12658292

>Banks refuse to let you mass withdrawal your entire account

>Only allow cards to purchase actual products

This kills the /pol/tard larper

b8e168  No.12658295


Says the cop that is pretending to be pro-white.

2038bd  No.12658298


>Banks refuse to let you mass withdrawal your entire account

That is called theft nigger.

b8e168  No.12658304


The orange man is the guy wearing the jail house clothing. They are literally larping about how they want to rape inmates.

60b69b  No.12658306


>defending ( ( ( banks) ) )

60b69b  No.12658314

new thread on /leftypol/ lets see if they are better now


8a988f  No.12658326


Oh Anon, do you think that's your money?

b8e168  No.12658330

Taking cahs out doesn't crash the banks you absolutely shit teir memetic retards.

They don't even use your deposits to generate revenues a ymore. That where those bailouts went, and those missing trillions? To make sure the banks were at the whim of the public. They basically bought the country using public debt.

You've been fucked again, and still are calling me the larper.

c38648  No.12658337


They are foolish children and should be treated as such. Use them if you will, but attempting to "ally" with them somehow is a waste of time.

e88ac8  No.12658345

File: e93e84675d91d44⋯.jpg (104.98 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1467666904892.jpg)


>reddit spacing

>can't spell for shit

>resistance is futile goy, don't even try


b8e168  No.12658350

You can't defeat the banks using their own system. Quit being retards. You need to turn the police against them first.

Education on how their pensions won't exist by time they get there for starters. Get the police on your side, and the banks can't even touch you. The only thing you need to do is leak the various methods there are to eliminate a target in public. Starting with the methods I posted earlier, as it can be set up anywhere there is a solid backing for the projectile plate.

b8e168  No.12658352


Lick my ass d&c shill

bccb4b  No.12658353


Attacking the banks has always been the best way to combat jewry.

62f2d1  No.12658356


No it's not retard, otherwise loans would be theft too. It's a temporary block on withdrawaling your entire bank, which is done to save your money since if the bank dies then so does your money.

You could still get your oil changed or buy food with your card. You just wouldn't be allowed to purposefully attempt to run the bank. The elites aren't as dumb as /pol/ is

e1e880  No.12658361


No. It's going after the jews that always did the trick.

bccb4b  No.12658367


Which jews do you go after first? Banking jews.

019bd2  No.12658371

A good idea but keep in mind the biggest bank creditors are still yue (((ultra-rich))) who won't withdraw. Still, this is a damb good idea, the less goyim with money in the (((banks))) the better

fa26ab  No.12658375


OP is slightly retarded, we need to subvert the world bank and other global finance groups, while encouraging national banks for each country. If you crash a system without having a back up in place, you're going to cause chaos. For those wignats reading this, you'd be fucking yourself over and plummet the country into third-world status.

>but muh siege

Don't act as if you can survive in a hostile area, unless you've been properly trained in survival and evasion tactics from armed men, you're going to die.

Things to take away:

1. don't be stupid and ruin the country, fix it.

2. ps, Hamilton wanted not just a central bank, but private one.

e1e880  No.12658380


The entire bloodline. No remorse.

000000  No.12658385


When you crash the financial system, seize the opportunity to KILL as many deformed kikes as you can.

A deformed kike alive will have backing from others like it, and will come back to ruin your country. Kill the kikes. End this useless "infinite struggle" fallacy. Kill the kikes.


>a deformed kike

000000  No.12658391


> a deformed kike

07bd5f  No.12658397

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


unrelated but pic reminded me of this

b8e168  No.12658398

>Feds posting as if they had any say in any of this.

2038bd  No.12658399

File: 15e1213766a659b⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 1024x9104, 64:569, why-own-silver-web.jpg)



>is done to save your money since if the bank dies then so does your money.

Yeah your 'money' is hot air. So you are saying the plebs don't own their own money in the bank. Thanks for proving my point retarded nigger. The whole system is corrupt to its core because the Jews have been in control for a long time now, and honest money doesn't exist outside of Gold and Silver which is also controlled by said banks.

Banking is theft. Sounds like you are a paid shill.

bccb4b  No.12658404


You can no longer fix countries through ballots, you stupid fucking nigger lover. Reducing France to a third world nation wouldn't make a difference if its done now or in thirty years, when the French will be outnumbered by niggers, arabs and jews. The niggers and arabs would quickly try to flee to other welfare states in such a case, while the jews would try to gobble up as much assets and real estate as possible. That's when you pull them into the streets and hang them.

8b1a81  No.12658405


Good idea. A few questions… are we talking about getting as much cash as possible?

In 2015 I tried to withdraw 10K and they could only come up with 5K. This is a statewide bank in a top 50 metro area.

So are we expected to ask for a cashier's check for the full amount? If we only control 10% of the world's wealth (maybe less)… fill in some blanks for me. (((They))) have a global, digital representation of money. Unlike the 1930s.

I love the "run on the bank" concept. I'll participate. It needs to be highly organized to work, I'm thinking. I can't imagine it will collapse the system but it could be very annoying and/or redpilling for society.

I'd love for USA anons to collaborate and pick a date, like April 15, 2019.

2038bd  No.12658409


Victory or Valhalla

e1e880  No.12658414


>like April 15, 2019.

Tomorrow morning when your bank opens, you lazy cunt.

d5bc50  No.12658415


Short, sweet, and slick. I like it.

bccb4b  No.12658418


The idea itself probably won't work as those who have planned it intend, mainly because the current fiat system is designed to be immune to a run on a bank, at least in the occupied states of America. Another possible attack vector to really hurt them is through boycotts, cessation of your use of their banks, and swapping over to local credit unions.

000000  No.12658419

>Let's crash the global financial system

>wanna blow up a federal building, kid

do you see the control attempt

do you

b8e168  No.12658423

You have to raise the interest rates. It's the only way.

bccb4b  No.12658425


No, I really don't, juden. Those two examples aren't comparable, as blowing up a federal building is a crime, and taking all of your money out of banks, is not.

6ffb7d  No.12658449

Worth a shot. Just don't put too much faith in it, the very purpose of a central bank is to prevent bank runs.

It is beneficial though because if everyone starts using cash then more sellers have to accept it, and cash cannot be tracked as easily.

a15280  No.12658466

lost my patience, now I wish the /leftypol/ mods did ban me, now I have to deal with faggots refusing to work with us just because "swastika man bad"

f63b09  No.12658468


Both 404…

0f566a  No.12658475


this is not the right board to post such nice degeneracy!

8b1a81  No.12658482


You're on about the same wavelength I'm on. I pulled out of BoA and Wells Fargo a decade ago. Only bank with the State Employee's Credit Union now. (As long as you are a family member of a state worker, you can join.)

I hate to admit this, because I already have a long commute, but blocking the highways/streets and protesting non-stop seems more effective than toying with a fraction of the fiat money available.

Prove me (and bccb4b) wrong. Tell us how this is going to crush the global bankers.

b2ca8e  No.12658485



6ffb7d  No.12658487

47026b  No.12658489

File: 68ba93206ab3313⋯.jpg (258.59 KB, 710x444, 355:222, 1390346217846.jpg)






It isn't about the small fish not being to take out their measly $400 from their account and being forced to use debit. It's about causing a panic with the big fish who, if they think the petrol-dollar will no longer be a viable de-facto world reserve currency will pull their money from the markets and THAT will cause the real damage and NO the government won't be able to put blocks on that without further scaring and destabilizing the masses.

You think nothing can change because you only think small, you do not understand how larger systems are interconnected with and influenced by smaller sub-systems in a double-feedback loop. Or more likely you are simply afraid of what real tangible change would mean for this world and you would prefer to live out your meaningless existence in quiet desperation.

bccb4b  No.12658492


I suppose if you really wanted them to grind their teeth you could send up an online bartering exchange to further find ways not to use or spend money.

The Third Reich was rather creative in how they bartered during the great depression, and then thrived because everyone else refused to stop weening from the central banking system's mercy.

e1e89c  No.12658506


Realistically the ECB (European Central Bank) can simply deposit whatever is necessary into the local banks to make sure that a bank run does not ruin a bank. However, this is just another form of inflation so there would be a slight currency risk, but we are so far past the event horizon on that that I don't know how much of a difference it would make at this point. Mostly this is great for optics, though. The banking system is already insolvent. If there are videos and pictures going around the world convincing everyone that faith in the European banking system is shot then that could have some serious fucking financial consequences.

c84681  No.12658513


Who are you arguing with? No one claimed banking wasn't a system of theft. What was said is that a temporary ban of you emptying you account for the express purpose of fucking the bank isn't theft.

Stop strawmanning or learn reading comprehension

e1e880  No.12658514


>serious fucking financial consequences

Nothing will ever change until jews and money aren't separated from each other. They created usury and committed it ever since.

e1e880  No.12658517




e1e89c  No.12658518


>the whole game came dangerously close to ending that year.

The whole game did end that year. What we have now is a zombie system that is simply kept alive with bullshit and inflation. None of the problems were fixed they were merely covered up.

8fe00c  No.12658536

>Liberals: your armed resistance will fail because the government is always stronger.

>Government: not stronger than unarmed working men protesting on their days off.

Just imagine what this would be like if the Frenchmen had guns.

feefa7  No.12658545


Yeah I'm sure a small temporary ban in one isolated country would really scare the elites across the world and kill the already dead petro dollar. Maybe if you could think about things logically you wouldnt have to make larp tier posts like you do. Instead you could speak like a normal functioning human being.

Also reminder that posting a picture of a skull doesn't make you smarter, regardless of how much you wish it was true.

6e0a6f  No.12658574



It's spelled wouldn't, you braindead retard.

8fe00c  No.12658580

How to make this go viral: remind people about the globalist "deposit tax" in Cyprus. Banks were frozen (as they likely will be in France soon) and then the government took out a chunk of EVERYBODY'S money to hand over to the worldbankers.



The only way to be safe from a deposit tax is to not have any deposits. This tax probably won't go worldwide because removal of deposits will destroy their empire, but if this info gets spread around then people might see it as a threat and run run run to the bank.

47026b  No.12658586

File: 4286f09d785434f⋯.jpg (614.32 KB, 1245x1896, 415:632, 480836413_268e71e928_o.jpg)


>What we have now is a zombie system that is simply kept alive with bullshit and inflation

Exactly. And all it takes to topple a house built on faith, is the seed of doubt.


>Idiots shill the government to force banks to give housing loans to lowlifes

>Lowlifes don't pay their loans

>Crash the housing market


History seems to say otherwise. Small events in the right circumstances can cause big repercussions down the line. A pissed off peasant in a backwater nation once plunged the world into the deadliest war in human history by killing some nobody prince from an equally irrelevant nation.

cad776  No.12658594

File: f068cb45920685a⋯.webm (872.68 KB, 480x360, 4:3, want to see the world bur….webm)

<Thread webm.

Time to watch some Dark Knight.

Who else cheered for Joker in the movie? He was successful and was more aware of reality and the nature of society than anyone else. Just pure hatred against everything today bluepilled peacefaggots stand for.

06d6c2  No.12658596


Thank you anon, very cool post!

06d6c2  No.12658623


Anon there is a far difference between a credit crisis in the USA at the level of 2008 and a potential run in France that could easily be denied. I know it's hard for you but at try to think about your statements before you press post.

Also again the skulls and larp language, if your past 15 years old it's time to stop bud.

8b1a81  No.12658638


There are a lot of moving parts. I'm not sure I see the logic in showing a lot of wrath towards my state bank. They already engage in practices that protect me as a member, unlike corporate banks. I usually shop out risky loans because my SECU loans at a high interest rate, which goes back to members.

Local, not Jewish (for the most part). Most state workers are lazy, so it would be fun to mess with them… but ultimately they are wage-slaves.

I'm 5x5 on this one. Intellectually curious. If someone can prove to me how this will be effective.. let's do a run on the banks.

It's our money, supposedly. They send me a statement every month. I review it and roll my eyes at what lame douchebags my credit union financial planners are. Not making jack squat.

I mainly taunt and threaten the local Merrill-Lynch VP.

That's my growth account. Maybe I should #cashout with him, but that would just be adding insult to injury. He already knows I'm in full yellow vest mode with his ass. Cashing out with him would just be showing him mercy.

0939bc  No.12658658


So where do you put your money once you've withdrawn it?

e88ac8  No.12658660


>torpedo faggot misses the point completely

What's new


Don't let them derail anon. Kikes and shills are everywhere

27bf9a  No.12658683


everyone will pull their funds if there is a panic. see Greece*

765c4e  No.12658686

File: a5c796797f09b77⋯.jpg (73.13 KB, 454x718, 227:359, 41ed3cde4ed8eaad7e3003da83….jpg)

File: 346e759bfcca684⋯.png (462.73 KB, 600x547, 600:547, Screen-Shot-2017-05-06-at-….png)

When are they going to start using molotov cocktails?

3182bc  No.12658701



27bf9a  No.12658704


do we play devils advocate and encourage the migrants to rob people lining up at banks? RACE WAR NOW

8b1a81  No.12658712


Great question, anon. If you transfer it to PNC, won't they just buy out the BoA branch you bankrupted via de-investing?

Shifty. Crafty. I think we should confine all Jews to Etsy.

e88ac8  No.12658720

File: 4fbac2701f9a37a⋯.png (304.18 KB, 752x650, 376:325, kill me.png)


>we have two instructors one ex Green Beret and an ex Ranger

Translation: we have 2 FBI spooks who will bring us down from within

27bf9a  No.12658725

File: b4b3cd776d9fae9⋯.jpg (23.37 KB, 333x500, 333:500, anarcho commie tards antif….jpg)

File: d1d82f715b3c3cd⋯.jpg (233.59 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, antifa fat bitches and bat….jpg)

File: 13fdc5e93b0a137⋯.jpg (118.03 KB, 1200x815, 240:163, antifa getting a wedgie at….jpg)

File: bc3a1a1b06a56ca⋯.jpg (356.5 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, antifa tranny rovhbwv.jpg)


please God yes

2afb9b  No.12658756

File: 906f6cf309f02bf⋯.jpg (107.78 KB, 775x622, 775:622, 1523923960903.jpg)


I'd keep the call to action and the PSA completely separate, and perhaps even do one like

>Deez ebil nozzys are trying to crash the bank!

Lots of leftists have respectable amounts of money, but are downright obtuse when it comes to economics (not that I really needed to state that), so they may prove to be exceptionally useful idiots for this purpose.

I'd also start with a non-urgent friendly warning type message for predictive programming

>Just FYI, if you notice your bank is restricting withdrawal amounts or enacting other austerity measures, get your money out ASAP

Dumbed down to NPCese of course. That way, when they later hear reports of such incidents, they panic and think it's their own decision to make the withdrawal, and would also likely result in a much more contagious panic, leading to a harder run on the banks before they're able to cope with the run. Once the warning message is spread, just print out some notices on corporate letterhead saying that there's a temporary $500 withdrawal limit, or that the ATM is empty and will be refilled tomorrow, and tape them to every ATM and bank you can find. Taping to banks in particular might be newsworthy enough to get the MSM to spread the predictive programming message.

>Go to ATMs near colleges

>Tape/glue instructions on how & when to create run ATM/banks

>Request passerbys withdraw everything they can because fuck Bourgeoisie

>Destroy ATMs nearby (to funnel NPCs to target ATM/bank) because smash capatilizms

Also, use jew leverage tactics, such as what I'm now naming

>Fractional Deposit

>Withdraw all cash from target bank

>Buy gold or get cashier's check etc.

>Sell gold and

>Deposit check at target bank

>Withdraw more cash from target bank

It's not a permanent solution, since the money will eventually find it's way back to the bank, but can get paper cash tied up in transit. You can also try it on targeted ATMs

>Withdraw from standalone high traffic ATM

This might work for ATMs built into the bank as well, but are probably too easily reloaded during business hours

>Deposit at bank or different ATM

>Withdraw newly deposited cash from target ATM

Obviously, this depends on your bank's deposit policies, but can be useful if done by enough people.

Also also, just get a bunch of Anons to flashmob a high traffic ATM/bank for their lunch break, enough that the normalfags/bank tellers see an abnormally long line and wonder WTF am happening, and then discuss it at work

4e2592  No.12658787

File: 0ad8c59c897cbad⋯.jpg (38.04 KB, 400x546, 200:273, 41.jpg)


This one is on the money.

06d6c2  No.12658788

Posting here to screen cap my own post, so I can then spam it when this bank run meme fails or just never happens.

b8e168  No.12658813


He was a deranged homicidal lunatic with a messiah complex and lack of perspective on what real people not involved with the mob were actually like. He basically grew up in the mob and knew nothing else.

b47e68  No.12658839


physical cash is about 3% of all money in existence. Only 3% of the typical population need to withdraw to to crash the banking system. because wealth is so concentrated it will probably take 2-3X than many people to do it but we are only talking about 6-9% of the population, completely feasible. only 1 in every 10 yellow jackets need to do this to be effective.

cad776  No.12658840

File: 9f7fa8922bf758e⋯.jpg (33.07 KB, 500x375, 4:3, shit.jpg)


Your pic is a very valuable meme. Unfortunately theres (((VAT))) on buying silver. Gold doesn't have. I was fucking pissed when I've found out. It's worth more than the toiletpaper we pass around but I'm not fucking buying it if the middleman takes a cut. If the shit hits the fan, these valuables will still worth a lot and won't vaporize like fiat money.


In this way you will ACTUALLY take your money from the jews and KEEP YOUR POWER after the crash.

Skip the withraw meme simply by buying gold. I'm not joking. Heres the reason why:

1. Most importantly: They can't just freeze all transactions, because they will only do what we want to achieve and crash everything.

1. Gold has ==no VAT in EU== , you don't give a single cent to the government or the banks with the transaction. Choose a provider for yourself reasonably close. Delivery is the only cost but ==DON'T== do it. Drive there and take it yourself. Above a value you will have NO CHOICE BUT PAY FOR SECURITY ESCORT which costs a lot. It's useless.


It's only for inflating the gold market with air and is worth nothing. NOTHING BACKS IT WHEN THE CRASH HAPPENS. Reserves will laugh at your paper.

3. Piss off from the stock market. Same reason as the 2nd point. Funny money.

4. Banking will go haywire and your happily withrawn toiletpaper meaning ALL YOUR LIFEWORK representing numbers will be zeroed out if you don't convert it into REAL WORLD VALUE.


During the crash if you have buying power ou can buy fucking factories, uuge amount of lands, houses, properties PISS CHEAP and itt will be worth orders of magnitude more.

One more thing: If you successfully have done it and the shit hits the fan, DO NOT convert it back into millions of hundred billion zimbabwe notes to live like an african king during the shitfest, because new money will be printed and your quadrillion dollar bills will be firewood. Until things settle, convert tiny amounts that you need for food. The only way you can and SHOULD.

Tell me if there is a better choice. I think there isn't.

2afb9b  No.12658856

File: 63065aac2ec4999⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20190110-184352.png)



Fuck, I got it goys!

I just remembered ATMs use GPS to synchronize the internal clock with the server to prevent MITM and similar attacks, and also use GPS for lojacking. When an ATM loses GPS, it thinks it's under attack, and locks itself out until GPS is reestablished, so for like $100, you could shut down an entire city. (they sometimes use cell too, but I'd just stick with GPS, it's not worth the risk to do otherwise)

It's actually happened before too, (((accidentally))), of course, and if anyone happens to sell short on BofA, it would just be pure divine providence


4052be  No.12658860


oy vey goyim dont even try it!

06d6c2  No.12658877

>"We should just bomb the banks and hang the elites"

>Nah bro let's take out all our cash which only results in niggers realizing every yellow jacket house has 200k in cash at home.


2afb9b  No.12658893


Obviously, you do both; withdraw cash, and then use cash to buy gold.

Another idea, not sure how kosher it is though

>Damage paper money

>Not too severely, just enough to get it pulled from circulation

>Money makes it's way back to the bank

>Bank ships damaged dollars to fed

>Has to wait to be issued replacement bills

The whole time the money is in transit, it's effectively removed from the economy, artificially raising the fractional reserve rate

4a782b  No.12658894

File: eccd129ea41f83c⋯.jpg (360.83 KB, 1988x1390, 994:695, 1507038509171.jpg)

cad776  No.12658954

File: a4a8b00e032d748⋯.jpg (6.83 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 10IQ.jpg)


You fucking party pooper.

>He is a murderous meanie attacking politicians and trying to prove his point with scary meany acts.

<I have no idea what symbolism is and cant connect two dots and realise the philosophical themes in a movie about saving a a corrupt system and believing blindly in it, against Ra's al Ghul's symbol of falling Babylon, not wanting to save the filth.

Pic related.

But Bane of course is all fun on /pol/ with his character. He is the same recipe. He grew up in a dark world/prison (to us, our current shit kike world) and sees no value in it and learns to destruct to leave place for new. Joker went insane in this shit world and has fun destroying it with himself then fresh start. Both characters have zero regret in murdering innocents if it serves their cause of destruction. WHAT DID /POL/ MEAN BY THIS?

Why the fuck am I even arguing with your shit (1) posting flame.

4422d6  No.12658957


>Not only does it require normalfags to work, but assumes normalfags/protesters actually have money.

It's not like banks have any paper money too. Most of that is virtual. This will make it even easier. Once normans start hearing that they can't withdraw their money from the bank or even that the yellow vests are doing it, it will all be like adding fuel to the fire.

50f9ba  No.12658982

File: e046d1a2628316e⋯.png (217.99 KB, 268x388, 67:97, pepe_ahoy.png)

Don't borrow money to buy shit you don't need. Live beneath your means. Enjoy life's simple pleasures. Celebrate and regard others with esteem for their efficiency, ingenuity, and utility rather than their style, immodest purchases, or property holdings. Be mindful for your community. Prefer local goods and produce when you can. Be of use to others.

0016ea  No.12658988

File: e7099bbeff0c6fd⋯.jpg (380.16 KB, 1080x1332, 30:37, Screenshot_20190110-231813.jpg)

Hearing from some friends in France that today people already start withdrawing funds from their banks and they're spreading word that to begin the bank run tomorrow morning, first thing.

All we need is enough to get a sizeable fraction of the population to participate and start the ball rolling, just enough to get most people thinking "holy shit they started yesterday already and they're lined up at the door now, FUCK" when every new media reporting is blaring alarm bells about how potentially panic-worthy it could be and they have less than 25% of the cash they estimate they would need to weather a serious bank run.

Think about how small a number it is of people that are physically at a bank at any given point during the work day. What if 4%, 6% of people decide to show up for the opening hour?

903f07  No.12659047




a97dc5  No.12659050

I heard that the French banks don't actually have any money in them, at least, not nearly as much as they should. Something called fractional reserve banking. I did some research and found out that it's not only true, but the same is for every bank in the world.

That worried me so much, as somebody who was saving for retirement, that I decided to divest all my savings, and invest in tangible assets instead of zeros on a computer screen that didn't actually represent anything. I suggest everyone do the same, and if not, at least learn about fractional banking, where your money really is, and what's being done with it.

cad776  No.12659058


>withraw all then use cash to buy

I understand where you are coming from. You are right, but my only point is that

banks wont let you withraw. Even in peaceful times you have to phone them days before so they give out an order to ship money there if you want to take more. They DONT keep money above the statistical daily traffic which they expect in local banks, because niggers exist. First their limit will be pulled down to 100-300€ then they close theeir doors like they did in Greece then you are fucked. This means the kikes won't let you drain them by simply walking in the bank. They know the consequences.

Why take extra steps when you can buy gold with credit card and take the rest out without suspicion?

>money take its way to the bank

Ok but still they won't get a cut so it's still the best option if you can't access your money physically.

>damage paper money

Yes it does, you are right but this is the same as when people are running for their stocks if a company shits itself. The lucky, early ones get all and the rest can wipe their ass with their stock and you know who those will be. Kikes will go first in line for their cash if things start to look grim.

Yes money is all about transit and controlled slow but infinite inflation, but gold has virtually zero connection with paper money after bringing in fiat money. Masses will run for metal and they skyrocket until nobody can buy it. If shit happens you will be surprised how fast the gold will fly. ALL the companies and rich kikes will convert in milliseconds.

cad776  No.12659079


Let me fix my previous statement made here:


The hazard is there with taking the money but anons will be the first to do so and the lowest IQ leftists will be last so it favours us because we know the plan and can act preemptively. By the time things start to crash we will be owning valuables.

What does this all mean? NatSoc elite is born.

0441e5  No.12659088


Auspicious digits.

485f43  No.12659092

do you have any idea how much money you'd need to withdraw in order to cause a "run on the banks?" Most money is invested in commerce and industry, and no business is going to destroy itself for political activism.

Once again, /pol/ comes up with a retarded idea in order to deceive itself. The only thing that works against Jews and shabbos is shooting them dead.

cad776  No.12659093


"#CashOut" would be a great meme to spread.

Be safe anons and be the first to act.

9dcc59  No.12659099

File: 46cb0e0b975d5ca⋯.jpg (86.87 KB, 1000x1100, 10:11, rage in a cup.JPG)


Don't know if you're serious or paid, but your words are meaningless in their merit. Doing a full-scale bank run will cause the bank to go down quickly. As one anon pointed out, they technically don't have enough to be able to actively pay out everyone who does a full withdrawal of their account. By scaring people to do a bank run, you're hitting the kikes where it hurts and exposing their fraud to masses at the same time. Trying to keep people away from the kikes' source of power is something only a shill would propose. If the economy crashes entirely, it benefits the people. We might even see a hanging or two as well.

862ee0  No.12659110

File: 7c7ef212170bdb4⋯.gif (2.38 MB, 295x216, 295:216, this pleases me.gif)

File: cebeacfac311a1c⋯.jpg (22.5 KB, 251x319, 251:319, cebeacfac311a1c7fbb08bf2c9….jpg)


This pleases me greatly

862ee0  No.12659129

File: 7f9e15a7e1ef750⋯.jpg (76.67 KB, 500x680, 25:34, 1470283469454.jpg)



Short, sweet and a recognizable phrase…it's fucking pottery

c92875  No.12659131


Delete your porn cuck.

1e1b05  No.12659135

File: 4f8244eb2c69458⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1867x871, 1867:871, Paid_Opposition_3.png)

File: 0c180c4fad499f2⋯.png (200.09 KB, 1871x867, 1871:867, Paid_Opposition_2.png)

File: 7bc5c20973d5d15⋯.jpg (139.97 KB, 890x641, 890:641, Paid_Opposition.jpg)


Maybe we could try the same thing with a few crisis actors in the States?

34e272  No.12659147

i can see there are many cia niggers here shilling for european economic colapse, just to fullfil your stupid abrahamic prophecies and make the NWO, right?

Remember: I CAN SEE YOU, Martians.

1e1b05  No.12659154


European kike-bank collapse doesn't lead to a one-world state, retard. Last time, it led to Hitler.

a97dc5  No.12659163


Demoralization with a dash of "ridicule" at the end. That's not bring intellectually honest now, is it?


Surely you know some locally. A fisherman wants the big one, but he'll be content as long as he's landing fish, especially in a life or death situation, which this is.

Do I need to direct people to FM 6-2003? Did nobody read or watch the Goblin Slayer? Everyone here should already know what to do, why, and how. When an opportunity presents itself, take it.

The IRAposter is right by the way.

1e1b05  No.12659164

File: 2a7e13ac5d46668⋯.jpg (55.71 KB, 500x502, 250:251, Lying_Little_Shit.jpg)



Agreed, it's cool. Occupy tried doing this in 2010, but it got coopted so fucking fast it made my head spin. Suddenly, it seemed, the talk went from getting money out of banks to putting it into credit unions, to putting it into specific credit unions, and then all of a sudden there were new organizers pushing to forget the whole thing and start meditating and go vegan and shit.

In other words, banks are paying attention, and they have more actors than a community playhouse theater.

34e272  No.12659177


are you stupid? do you really think that an european economy colapse would lead to NWO? it is a FACTOR that on the long run will lead.

search for Project Bluebeam, seek the truth.

34e272  No.12659192


exactly this, yellow jackets is NOT organic, its to fullfil the fucking prophecie that will lead later on in a NWO.

/pol/ is full of larpers and cia niggers

0016ea  No.12659199



Take your boomer tier NASA david icke UFO bible shit and play your HAARPsicord somewhere else faggot.

34e272  No.12659212


david icke is controled opposition, instead of insulting me do your own research. Research for "Ahnenerbe", Project Bluebeam, stop shilling for the kikes

862ee0  No.12659215

File: 1db4ccf5e34b96b⋯.png (353.95 KB, 499x662, 499:662, 1421174232362.png)


>Occupy tried doing this in 2010, but it got coopted so fucking fast it made my head spin.

Quite right, I've told this story before but I was shilling the idea of Occupy for a couple of years before it materialized, so when it went hot I traveled coast to coast inspecting the people's ability and morale. I've aired my dissatisfaction, and mainly it comes from two things: first, the people who rise to the forefront are always attention-whores that cannot handle even the hint of a modicum of power without going insane; second, the people didn't understand that the occupation was meant to be a permanent one–they considered it like a sideshow. Third, and as importantly, it wasn't fun enough. Rest assured I've learned from my past mistakes.

Still, I'm excited to see what people might be capable of when shit gets realer. I don't have high expectations but I'm sure a few Warlords are floating around out there.

862ee0  No.12659232

File: d8392ad607562d8⋯.png (340.94 KB, 703x557, 703:557, 2b7998ba8165d9cb5905ce8e25….png)


>I heard that the French banks don't actually have any money in them, at least, not nearly as much as they should. Something called fractional reserve banking. I did some research and found out that it's not only true, but the same is for every bank in the world.

Welcome home brother, better late than never. Don't forget you're here forever

a97dc5  No.12659245


Gott mit uns ;)

6d25fb  No.12659285


and while you may be ignorant about this, cashless societies were tested in the past, in my home country (Argentina) among others.

It failed spectacularly as most people wouldn't trust enough on the non-existant digital-only money

23cad5  No.12659305


Probably because your third world shithole would have collapsed regardless. The 1st world is nearly cashless as is, the only people still using cash are the bottom half earners for the most part.

cad776  No.12659313


>I don't have high expectations but I'm sure a few Warlords are floating around out there.

If we only knew how many willing people there are who only need a wake-up call, we would be so positive and happy.

a2fe70  No.12659331


>don't try to unite against the bankers goyim- I mean fellow aryans!

cuckoff, I would fight next to a communist before I would fight next to a banker. fite me.

c92875  No.12659380


Yet the communist fights with the bankers against you.

88fca6  No.12659562


Too many shill faggots don't realize that before /pol/ existed this was basic knowledge on every chan board.


Who fucking cares, what do you got to lose, run with it and see if it works

A large quantity of pots shit has quality

a84fc8  No.12659602

It won't work; even if all of the peasants did it they don't have enough savings to take out the fraction of the fractional reserve. That doesn't mean it shouldn't be attempted.

3bcf6d  No.12659642


Do it faggot

I will on saturday, all 4000 measly dollars of savings

9d8ca4  No.12659651

every saturday when they are rioting they should be destroying as many atms as they can

2afb9b  No.12659754


You fucks have to give advanced notice to make a withdrawal? Or is that just one of the austerity measures taken when they're concerned about an impending run? My post was primarily about creating and triggering a run, or at least forcing the bank to take measures which could then convince the lemmings that the banks are insolvent, both weakening their faith in the system and potentially leading to an actual run on the banks. To this end, I suggested specifically buying gold w/cash as opposed to, for example, buying gold w/debit card or check, or buying bitcoin via cash transfer, as the latter methods don't actually remove money from the bank's possession. I know that seems exceptionally obvious, but there's also a lot of exceptionally dumb fucks out there.

>Merchants withdraw within milliseconds

True, assuming any of them are foolish enough to be sitting on USD, but their electronic transfers wouldn't actually affect the amount of papah in the bank. Still, you could beat them out if you have foreknowledge of the coming run, seeing as you haven't triggered it yet

5ff756  No.12659801

File: f9a91a5677b9c7d⋯.jpeg (109.89 KB, 1041x1041, 1:1, 578DC282-E1B0-4CDD-997B-9….jpeg)


I was actually thinking about binging on the trilogy before taking an internet fast.



Rev up a vpn and make some sock puppets of (((bankers))). Then threaten to crash the markets if the Gilets Jaunes don’t stop bullying them.

56c834  No.12659996


Reminder that successful revolutions usually have a large level of support from noncombatant civilians who help in a logistical sense by providing everything from hideaways to food to medical treatment.

60c339  No.12660062

File: 90b180d27f5077b⋯.png (156.38 KB, 970x545, 194:109, DressIllusion_FEAT-970x545.png)

Reminder that it is the -perception- that matters, not the reality. People only have to be made to believe there is a bank run.


Hurricane Harvey and gas lines in Texas


56c834  No.12660069


>NPC meme

>on a fucking Rothschild

Whoever made this is fucking retarded.

263724  No.12660085

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

to maximize gains, choose a few select targets

find institutions that are the most over-leveraged, with the least support from other financial institutions

if the run is focused on a few select institutions, a chain reaction can be set off that sinks one bank, then another

to encourage runs, focus memetics on those groups with the least to lose, personally speaking, from a bank run (e.g. the real, tangible possibility a family loses access to its savings). that would be the young and disaffected, especially immigrants (I bet there's a few banks that have put themselves in precarious situations opening accounts for immigrants, legal and not…)

there's probably some quirks of the French financial system that can be exploited to increase customers withdrawing funds

474300  No.12660199



7b83ff  No.12660234


/pol/ are happening junkies and don't understand how easy it is to stop this. Not only is there no actual credit problem in France but they are announcing their plans meaning the banks have time to just cuck them out of it.

7b83ff  No.12660243

File: 1011182ca4a09cb⋯.jpg (46.98 KB, 731x315, 731:315, Untitled.jpg)


Meanwhile reality hits

56c834  No.12660245


That's actually a favorable result because it would enrage the populous, after all the main reason to do it isn't to bankrupt the banks but to continue shattering the system's illusion.

2738b2  No.12660247

>raising interest rates will do everything that needs to be done.


>this cuck thinks you can take down the French economy without looking at the ECB and Germany.

faa24e  No.12660248


Im in. Cashout tommorow

7b83ff  No.12660252


People know that banks don't carry huge amounts of cash due to bank robbers. With no actual economic crisis happening of any kind, it will be obvious that it's the yellow vests at work. Not to mention credit cards and debit cards will still work meaning no one will actually give a flying fuck.

Of course to realize this yourself would require you to not to be a happening nigger.

56c834  No.12660261


Most people do not realize that the banks can arbitrarily decide to refuse to give you money that you have stored with them.

7b83ff  No.12660269


You mean refuse to give you hard cash, you can still make purchases with your money. With no economic crisis in effect, there is literally no reason for anyone to care.

56c834  No.12660283


More than that, do you not remember Greece?

7b83ff  No.12660288


Yea I remember a crumbling Greece that was a poor shithole of a country, unlike France who are a world power with a very well off economy. I remember that well.

474300  No.12660295


you’re looking at one fucking week.

Set the time to 1 year

56c834  No.12660298


Immaterial, the point is that the banks have already shown that they can do it and anything that helps to break the illusion that they can't and reminds people of past actions is a positive.

7b83ff  No.12660325



Is this your idea of an argument?

>break the illusion

There isn't even any "illusion" you will be breaking when people already know that banks/atm's don't carry billions of dollars on them at all time. Let me state this again, with no signs of an economic crisis of any kind and all the shilling from yellow vests the culprits will be obvious. Credit cards and debit cards will still function perfectly normal, thus the average joe can still go get his smokes, beer, and food if he wants.

7b83ff  No.12660335

File: b168271cf8e981d⋯.jpg (85.25 KB, 739x645, 739:645, reality is tough.jpg)

474300  No.12660367


That second diagram is fucking misleading as hell. It looks like a massive increase but you’re only looking at 7hiur time frame.

It’s about the bigger picture anon, look at May up till now; and you’ll see a steadily decline.

56c834  No.12660369


>Is this your idea of an argument?

Feel free to explain why your point matters because I don't see how it does.

>There isn't even any "illusion" you will be breaking when people already know that banks/atm's don't carry billions of dollars on them at all time.

Again, many are actually unaware of this.

>with no signs of an economic crisis of any kind and all the shilling from yellow vests the culprits will be obvious.

You would actually have a point here if the yellow vests weren't made up of the people themselves with support from the majority of the country. Its an action to keep people riled up and keep their attention on the culprits causing the situation.

836efc  No.12660373

This is a good time to do this: We're rapidly approaching the point where they will want to implement cashless banking. Once they go cashless it becomes much easier to unperson people.

474300  No.12660396

File: f0504633d58658b⋯.jpeg (101.97 KB, 739x645, 739:645, C9D5CC12-94C9-4FBF-B18C-B….jpeg)

7b83ff  No.12660402


>explain why your point matters

I shouldn't have to when you presented no actual counter argument but I'll play along anyways. One country was in economic hell which creates an atmosphere prime for mass panic relating to economics and banking in general. There is no threat of collapse from an economic standpoint in France, and it would be very well known that it is a temporary event only happening due to the yellow vests. Thus no panic is incited.

>Again, many are actually unaware of this.

Says who? You are already btfo because this entire plan is based around the assumption that people will get scared they won't be able to collect their money. How would they know they wouldn't be able to collect their money if they think the banks have infinite cash?

>You would actually have a point here

The point still stands because it shows that no actual economic collapse is happening, and that it is a temporary event only happening due to the yellow vests.

56c834  No.12660408


I see the problem and why you believe that that fact had relevance, you think that its about feigning an economic collapse. Its not, its about pointing out who holds the power and directing the rage of the people towards those who hold that power.

7b83ff  No.12660414


Except the only possible rage would be pointed to the yellow vests for causes the problem in the first place.

803a80  No.12660415

fuck banks and fuck indians too

9c1684  No.12660416

this is what caused the great depression. didnt any of you faggots ever see it's a wonderful life?

7b83ff  No.12660418



Also again this bank run is based around the assumption that people will get scared they won't be able to collect their money. There is no fear when people know its manufactured by the yellow jackets.

56c834  No.12660423


People are already both enraged and in support of the yellow vests, this is just a directional action.


>Also again this bank run is based around the assumption that people will get scared they won't be able to collect their money.

What made you believe this exactly?

c30c9a  No.12660436

Want to actually help a bank collapse in a first world country?

It's simple, help signal boost the crash in Australia.

It's already fallen 10-20%, investors have left the market.

The market is currently riding on first home buyers, who are usually the last to know what's up.

That means we need to target those under 35 on channels like facebook and reddit.

When first home buyers become spooked, there's going to be very few buyers left in the market.

Message: don't buy now, it will be cheaper in a few months!

Don't catch a falling knife!

Don't go into negative equity!

Don't be like these first home buyers who lost their deposit in only 6 months!


2afb9b  No.12660440


I don't know how many countries operate this way, but oftentimes you don't actually ever deposit anything, technically you're loaning your money to the bank. I think bongland is exceptionally fucked with this pilpul shit, like how no money is transferred when they give you a loan, they just magically create digital moneys and tell you that

>You'll find the amount credited to your account

7b83ff  No.12660446


So your only argument is that this is just a massive plan to let people know that banks don't carry infinite amounts of hard cash.

474300  No.12660451


It’s not necessarily fear about getting back your money, (central banks can create money out of thin air) the real thing people are afraid of is (hyper)inflation. This is what a bank run can lead to, because it excelerates inflation

7b83ff  No.12660461


That would require there to be panic and mass withdrawals on a nation wide scale. Except there is no threat of collapse from an economic standpoint in France, and it would be very well known that it is a temporary event only happening due to the yellow vests. Thus no panic is incited.

47a5e7  No.12660465


What the fuck are these charts of anon? You gave us no context. Municipal Bond Yields? Interest rates?

56c834  No.12660467


>this is just a massive plan to let people know that banks don't carry infinite amounts of hard cash

Its a simple plan that gives the law abiding people people a legal way to signal support which emboldens the more radical elements to take direct action against entities which have caused the current situation.

474300  No.12660470



7b83ff  No.12660471


So this plan has no real goal it wishes to achieve, what an argument.

56c834  No.12660472


Are you being intentionally obtuse? The goal is to overthrow the system.

7b83ff  No.12660476


>overthrow the system

>by accomplishing plans that result in literally nothing happening

Why am I still even bothering to reply to such worthless lines of thinking

427c73  No.12660478


>Except there is no threat of collapse from an economic standpoint in France

What a knowledgeable lad you are. While bankruptcy hits all-time high, cash use extremely limited, 60% to 100% debt/GDP in 10 fucking years…

>The calamitous EMU saga has led to the "most serious economic crisis in the history of the European Union". It has done "more lasting damage" to swaths of Europe than the Great Depression of the 1930s, and pitted eurozone states against each other in a bitter struggle for control over the levers of policy


474300  No.12660481


A “temporary” event is all it needs to set this bank run in motion. Just look up the current economic situation in Venezuela, the country is a fucking mess with 10000% inflation a month. And all because of sharp sudden sharp drop of oil prices

56c834  No.12660485


Pretending to be stupid isn't going to get me to outright break the law, nice try though.

7b83ff  No.12660492


Anon I was speaking from the average persons point of view, the point is that a average joe sees his economy as fine. Which when you look at unemployment, pricing of goods being affordable (ignoring government taxes taking peoples wage), etc. Joe has no reason to panic. Panic is what causes real bank runs to occur.

7b83ff  No.12660494


Venezuela is hammered by multiple sanctions and isn't even a tenth of the country that France is, while their entire country was based on a single export of oil. No shit it collapsed.

8c257d  No.12660499

File: 462abe5543fbd39⋯.jpg (440.56 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 10wizv.jpg)

56c834  No.12660503


Demonstrably false. Joe is pissed off because of Joe's financial situation, he's not content. That's why Joe is cheering seeing riot officers getting hit in the face and still supporting those doing it. Riot officers aren't exactly an optimal target though.

7b83ff  No.12660506


Joe is pissed because of his govenement cucking his wage and them artifically inflating prices by taxes. NOT because the economy is doing poorly.

427c73  No.12660508


>I was speaking from the average persons point of view

Of course, that's why 70% of average joes support YV, that's because they see their economy as fine.

>pricing of goods being affordable

Real inflation is at least 8% in France

>Joe has no reason to panic

This is not America, anon. In France people have no money from the 15th of the month. Furthermore, income tax will be atomatically withdrawn from pay this month. That's an average €100-200 less for everyone. Do you still think the average joe sees his economy "just fine" ?

56c834  No.12660514


>Joe is pissed because of his govenement cucking his wage and them artifically inflating prices by taxes.

Banks play a large part in this, if not through their direct action then through the politicians they're funding and control.

b69c0d  No.12660518


>he did it for the lulz, he's the joker you imbecile

427c73  No.12660519


>NOT because the economy is doing poorly.

It is. real economy is on the verge of collapse. Hell, shops are closing even on the Champs-Elysées ! There are empty shops everywhere in France and even big complexes are emptier every month.

979276  No.12660524

I do not agree with some elements of glowniggers of YV who go around to smash shit, but attacking banks and shutting down economy are marvelous.

Milk those yids dry!

427c73  No.12660532


>I do not agree with some elements of glowniggers of YV who go around to smash shit,

Well, don't watch saturday riots anon. Shit's gonna get bloody from now on.

979276  No.12660537


If they smash police, it's okay, but if they go around burning home and vandalize historical sites, pretty hard to defend that.

56c834  No.12660540


While I agree that some targets have been poorly chosen you seem to be under the impression that you can peacefully request those trying to kill us to just stop and they'll comply.


>burning home

I'm not saying that any homes should be burned down but I would want to know whose home it was before rushing to condemn.

7b83ff  No.12660544


>70% of average joes support YV

Because they hate the government for fucking them, not because they think french economy is shit.

>Real inflation is at least 8% in France

Even assuming this is true, average Joe has 0 understanding of this. He googles inflation and everything tells him its at around 1-1.5%.

> In France people have no money from the 15th of the month.

Because of taxes, not because of the E C O N O M Y


Random shops being closed in paris where massive riots and buildings being burned is expected.

f6b2b1  No.12660545

File: d7086c1a131cb36⋯.jpg (83.13 KB, 640x812, 160:203, 453962174ac70b69.jpg)

File: 9eb418e3159cc87⋯.png (497.65 KB, 800x505, 160:101, Macron1.png)



The bank run aside, kikes in power have already shown how much they fucking fear the yellow vests, especially the ones outside of France. Like a Dutch mom with child getting arrested for not taking off her yellow vest

Considering how the whole system is based on faith and trust, eroding both of those will bring about the collapse that much sooner.

This means that while the capital/monetary effects of the run might be small they can still make waves and get people to panic creating a marvellously unpredictable domino effect in a country already on the verge of political collapse.

In fact, the biggest damage might come from Macaroni and co. reacting predictably badly to this bank run and doing something tremendously stupid like threatening the GJ.

56c834  No.12660551


>Its the government not the ECONOMY

So what? Banks still have a large portion of the blame as they run much of the political sphere.

22df15  No.12660557

I liked the destruction of the cameras but THIS is awesome. Hits the jew right in the nuts.

427c73  No.12660558


>average Joe has 0 understanding of this

Average joe understands that with 50% more expenses, his grocery bag is 50% emptier than 3 years ago.

>Because of taxes, not because of the E C O N O M Y

Inflation isn't taxes you dense mongoloid.

>Random shops being closed in paris where massive riots and buildings being burned is expected.

This has been happening for fucking months. You clearly should stop talking about a country and people you clearly know nothing about, expect from some fucking numbers on a hebraic paper.

b69c0d  No.12660559


>hang yourself with fishing line you assmonkey

4052be  No.12660561


inflation acts literally as a tax

7b83ff  No.12660562


Anon your so fucking retarded it actually hurts my head, this is the last reply I will give you. If you continue to keep replying to every single one of my comments when I'm not even talking to you, and you only have worthless things to say I will just filter you.




47a5e7  No.12660567

File: 8907cdb482748b9⋯.jpg (57.84 KB, 536x493, 536:493, 1516337283376.jpg)

979276  No.12660569


True, true, if they burn home of some rich yid fat cats, more power to them.

56c834  No.12660574


>like threatening the GJ.

They've begun this already through threatening non-sanctioned protests and using increasingly militarized police force. This is a point of no return for France in my opinion, either GJ continue in the face of this with both sides escalating or they cave and accept an increasingly tyrannical state because once everyone goes home they're going to slowly move to UK style policies where they drag random people out of their home who say anything dissident on social media. The fact that they haven't already caved is definitely a good sign though.


You're the imbecile here. You blame the government and not entities who control the government. It does not matter a single bit that banks are not the economy.

b69c0d  No.12660577


>doesn't know that he's confirming what he's denying in the same post

474300  No.12660579

File: b229aa7bc81fad7⋯.png (176.81 KB, 500x566, 250:283, 7598DE2B-FBC8-44DE-A316-3B….png)

427c73  No.12660581






474300  No.12660583

7b83ff  No.12660590


>50% emptier than 3 years ago.

He "understand" this is because of government taxes, like I said when Joe google how his economy is doing he looks at unemployement and inflation. Which both show it's doing fine. He knows that the taxes are getting higher and the government is taxing everything he buys who cause instantly higher prices.

>Inflation isn't taxes

Except the 15th is when taxes occur in France correct? Which is what I was responding to correct?

>You clearly should stop talking

Make me larper.

096b05  No.12660591


if you force the banks to do more online banking and they start banning people from using their services, then the fire will start and people will witness the true beast that is the financial system.

7b83ff  No.12660592


no but sure

4052be  No.12660593



Lets hang bankers one by one until they start apologizing and then we hang them all.

7b83ff  No.12660595




>retards who didn't even read my previous posts

7b83ff  No.12660597


also filtered

47a5e7  No.12660599


I had no intention of using that specific meme, I was just using google search looking for a pic of her, and this was like one wheel scroll from the top of search. It was destiny

56c834  No.12660600



kek, now who's unable to argue?

7b83ff  No.12660607


>Best guess for this image: cathy newman peterson meme

I don't watch kike media much or ecelebs so I have no idea who she is or what she did. quick rundown?

474300  No.12660611


While reading your post out loud, I could literally taste and see the SHIT coming out of my mouth.

Fucking hell

1bf4fa  No.12660623

If the banking run succeeded the government would begin to openly fire on it's citizens and a civil war would result.

This would likely result in WW3. We are on the fucking brink if this actually happens.

I don't think it will though. Most people are already tired and want to go back to sucking globalist cock so they can eat again. I'm just saying. If it does, the Rothschilds will NOT be happy. They will most certainly order extreme measures.

47a5e7  No.12660627


She interviewed Jordan Peterson on Bonglandchannel4 and absoloutly railroaded him with loaded questions from a script. Peterson would reply with an answer that was counter "The Agenda" and Cathy Newman would reply back to him with shit like "So what your saying is…. You hate women." So what your saying is…. You thing women are less then men…"

It was a terrible interview over all and JP sucks jewish cock. Along with everyone apart of the "Intellectual Dark Web" or whatever they call themselves

d51d3d  No.12660629


I don't think WW3 but something Ukraine 2014-style.

In fact, the post-revolution is very important because that's when the yids come in.

7b83ff  No.12660632


So typical kike media, thanks for the rundown.

7b83ff  No.12660636


They are happening nigger praying for any "habbening", they have no idea how retarded this idea is because they don't even bother thinking about if it's feasible.

06d627  No.12660638


You have to give advanced notice if you're withdrawing an unusually large amount (>10k or so)

56c834  No.12660644


>It was a terrible interview over all and JP sucks jewish cock.

That interview was so bad that part of me suspects that it was intentionally bad just to prop up Peterson. I mean you even had feminists criticizing her for being utterly ineffective at making points to prove him wrong, they weren't agreeing with him of course they were just lambasting her for incompetence. When its that bad it seems suspect.

a80c3b  No.12660657

ZH picked it up


8283a9  No.12660660


Convert it to silver

474300  No.12660662


No but i DO believe this plan could work if we work together and spread this all over the internet.

But his arguments don’t make any fucking sense.

1bf4fa  No.12660669

In the spirit of all /pol/ oldfags, I support the protesters, not just because I hate the elite, but because I want to shake things up. That is the true spirit of /pol/. It's why we voted for Trump in the first place. To shake things up. We didn't give a flying fuck about his political party, we knew that was bullshit.

The shills have done a number on us to make us categorize ourselves as liberal-republican-alt-right. Don't do that. We are anarchists.

And whether or not this revolution helps the bankers or not, and I doubt it does, anything that brings us further to the collapse of this system before all our people are destroyed is GOOD.


Lmao this post is retarded.

>banks, which control the economy, are not the economy

99% of your money happens to be in banks, but trust me goy, they don't control it. Stop wrongthinking.

This isn't reddit nigger. We aren't NPCs who willingly lie to ourselves just to feel better or agree with the majority. You're in a lions den fucker. And we'll eat you alive.

8283a9  No.12660670


Then the civil war starts an we get to kill these bastards anyway after we lock down the country. win win.

Either the civil war starts(and we hit the banks on mass), or the banking system collapses and the jewish power base dies. Either way, we win. Lets start the meme engine and get this bread baking!

56c834  No.12660672


This isn't a plan that can crash the financial system. 7b83ff is in fact right about this, he just misses something that should be obvious, this gives a legal way for the masses to signal that they agree that banks are acceptable entities to target. If its done in mass this signal would embolden more extreme elements to act against banks through other means.

47a5e7  No.12660673


I can sort of see that. That interview is/was around the time he was catapulted into the MSM. Right after that interview he went on Tucker Carlson and many other shows. An act such as that would defiantly stir up some interest and sell some books. I do think he knows that he is being dishonest with himself and his fans. Since he has been called out on the Jewish question so many times, He sees to have gotten more "reclusive" and has had noticeable bags under his eyes in more recent interviews. Somethings eating him up inside, and I think thats it.

Enough about (((JP))) though. We got a financial system to crash.

7b83ff  No.12660677


Jesus fuck you niggers are dense. Banks are not the economy itself, they may "control" it by supporting the economy but they are not the economy itself. It doesn't matter what bank you have in Venezuela, they cannot improve the economy beyond a certain point.

d51d3d  No.12660678


This, banks have jack to do with economy, it's about propping up fiat (read: fake) currency.

You want economy, you need industry, you need agriculture, you need infrastructure. Bank is just where (((they))) store the money.

56c834  No.12660690


Banks are a lot more than places where they simply store money. Through the derivative and fractional reserve system they erode and capture the wealth of countries. They then use that to fund and control puppet politicians. They are entities that need to be targeted, this line of them not being the economy is of course true, its just not really relevant.

7b83ff  No.12660692


I'll just quote myself loosely here "bank runs are based around the assumption that people will get scared they won't be able to collect their money. Since there is no massive economic collapse happening, people know its a temporary event cause by the yellow jackets. Thus no panic is incited."

47a5e7  No.12660693

File: 3f3dcab1afd31f0⋯.jpg (49.51 KB, 688x456, 86:57, 1533914445860.jpg)


>"We," "Us," "Them"

Are "we" anarchists here rabbi?

Who we speaking for here Moshe?

d51d3d  No.12660696



International banks need to go, NATIONALIZED banks only, and usury is ought to be banned.

1bf4fa  No.12660701



Let me make it real simple for you Rabbi.

The Banks store 99% of the currency. The currency IS the economy. Without it, production shuts down. If you disagree you're arguing over semantics and 100% a jew.

If the bank controls 99% of the currency they therefore control the economy. If all the banks shut down right now every single nation on Earth would collapse.

7b83ff  No.12660702


>currency IS the economy.

Anon please…

1bf4fa  No.12660705


You are a shill trying to push meme characters that we don't give a shit about.

Yes, we.

I guarantee you go on 4cuck and post in Ocasio-Cortez threads. We don't buy into your narrative and you cannot control our thoughts. Eat shit and die.

47a5e7  No.12660715


When a bank loans money out to someone, that someone becomes an asset on the banks balance sheet. Because that outgoing loan is an asset, the bank can then in turn, lend out an amount of money against that asset, as long as they don't go under the required holdings ratio. Because they can loan money out against a loan, the bank has created money out of thin air. By removing money from the system (and granted, i'm betting less than 1/3 of all the Euro's in the system are actual physical paper currency) quickly, you can put each bank branch into current account deficit problem by dropping beneath their reserve holdings. A big enough bank will be able to wire transfer cash over to the bank and put them in the black, but that still doesn't solve the problem of the branch not having any cash to give the people. This could Very Very quickly make many doubt the systems set in place before them, and could quickly turn into anarchy. I'm pumped

7b83ff  No.12660717


These retarded niggers just think along these lines: banks=jews=everything thus banks=economy. They can't even comprehend that there is more to things than just DA JOOS. Infrastructure and jobs as a whole mean nothing to them because everything=jews. Even basic definition means nothing because literally everything is JEWS.

The air they breath is a jew , the food they eat is a jew, the water they drink is a jew, philosophy is a jew, science is a jew, the dictionary is a jew, language as a whole is a jew.

d51d3d  No.12660718


Fiat currency i.e. fake fucking numbers are NOT the economy.

Resources are capital, property are capital, even goods are capitals.


d51d3d  No.12660720


Banks do indeed equal jews, because it's how they rich by scamming people instead of working.

56c834  No.12660725


Opinion on 4chan really doesn't matter at this point, the two boards have grown pretty far apart in the past four years. If you're an anarchist you're merely a childish fool as anarchy is a state that will never last. Its also an obvious false dichotomy to say that you have to be a republican or an anarchist, you can want to tear down the current system without having the ridiculous idea that there should be no system at all.

1bf4fa  No.12660726


Try living without money and you'll see how well that works out for you real quick.

1bf4fa  No.12660727


>categorizes the term anarchist

You shills really are retarded arent you

7b83ff  No.12660730


>Banks do indeed equal jews

Thats true but the problem is how these retarded faggots in this thread think. Here I'll lay their thinking some more.


>if jews=everything then economy=jews



>thus economy=banks.

They cannot comprehend what an economy is because literally everything is just DA JOOS.

d51d3d  No.12660732


What is money without goods, food, medicine and resources?

Oh right, paper.

56c834  No.12660735


>words don't have definitions, they mean whatever I want them to mean

Are you underage?

d51d3d  No.12660736


I think it's just jew shills trying to overstate the importance of banks.

f6b2b1  No.12660740


Well yes and no. The actual economy or rather, what it *should* be is indeed industry, agriculture and the like.

In our fucked up clownworld however that real industry is tied, at every level, to the fiat banking system, corrupting and coopting it from the very start.

While the economy could run independently of the kike banking system, for the last decades and more it has not. As such it is not wrong to say that Banks are the economy, provided one knows about circumstances behind the whole system.

474300  No.12660742

File: 6d74badf98e540a⋯.jpeg (26.99 KB, 213x237, 71:79, 45CA8055-CF5B-432E-8F49-C….jpeg)

d51d3d  No.12660746


Heavy industry/agriculture depend on bank's loan because the GOVERNMENT makes it so.

7b83ff  No.12660747


>it is not wrong to say that Banks are the economy

except that is literally is wrong

8c257d  No.12660748

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Whether the economy gets shaken up or not,

Whether the banks get stress tested or not,

it's still a good idea to educate yourself on how money is supposed to work.

This video is a good place to start.

Highly recommended watch.

56c834  No.12660751


People are just desperately trying to get people to not target the banks. This utterly ridiculous tangent has no bearing whatsoever on whether the banks should be targeted or not, 7b83ff has just created a semantic argument to deflect that and when I called him out on the fact that the "BANKS ARE NOT THE ECONOMY" point doesn't matter he fled the point and refused to engage me further.

7b83ff  No.12660752


I doubt it, there are alot of really fucking retarded /pol/ posters. Jews have always understated the importance of banks

d51d3d  No.12660753


Jews literally overstated the importance of money, which made faggots in the world wanting to get as much as PAPER as possible instead of stocking up on goods such as weapons, food, medicine and properties.

b160b3  No.12660757

You withdraw your money and then what? You still have bills to pay online. Actually I'm stupid, we're just helping out the frogs.

But still, you should buy silver in preparation for shtf

7b83ff  No.12660760


Thats true but money/=banks and the jews know this. They preach that money is king and that the helpful bankers are there to simply store your money or help you make purchases with loans. Of course not without some interest, how else would the poor simple bankers be able to live?

f6b2b1  No.12660761


Agreed and thankfully for us the yellow vests are already fucking with the government directly. Now they simply go after their more specialised tools to bring about more damage to the system.

In the grand scheme of things practically all parts of the system need to be put to the torch and the (((people))) responsible guillotine'd.

Their own interdependence is also biting them in the ass hard as one part of the economy (whatever that means nowadays) is used to prop up and protect another.

Domino is quite a fun little I game I think.


You might be correct about that but it doesn't hurt to go through the various kiked aspects almost all of it of the economy/banking system. For the lurkers if nothing else. Also 7b83ff is not who I was talking to, anon.

d51d3d  No.12660764


Fiat money = banks.

Say what you want, but they can print more money and make it count. Inflation is kike math.

4891e4  No.12660784


>with no signs of an economic collapse

Germany is in a recession, DB is on the brink, and global stocks are down over 20%.

7b83ff  No.12660785


Money is money, banks are banks. Banks may control the the supply of money through printing, but they are not money itself. Your falling into the same hole as the others who state that banks=economy. You could print/own money and have it completely seperate of banks. It's just that money is now heavily linked to the bank kikes because of fiat and loaning.

Regardless of that, the typical Jew argument is that money is important but the banks are just there to help you store it or to provide a loan (with interest). So I doubt the people here who think banks are literally everything under the sun, are jewish.

56c834  No.12660796


>he's not the one that I was talking to

Sure but he's the one that kicked this off likely as a derail gambit by pitting those who are familiar with economic and financial definitions against those who are less classically trained and don't use precise definitions but have a conceptual understanding of how things currently work in practice. This semantic bullshit doesn't matter and they need to be targeted regardless.

b160b3  No.12660805


Money has value, currency does not

5c3339  No.12660807

>do a run

Why would anyone be keeping their money in banks in the first place? This allows them to continue fractional reserve lending.

Better to invest anything in excess of emergency funds and keister those funds for easy access like a drug mule.

d51d3d  No.12660808


Money and banks do not an economy make, that is my point.

They are just the middlemen.

7b83ff  No.12660811


Now this is a true semantic bait.

7b83ff  No.12660820


True enough. Also thank god you came into this thread, I thought I was the last poster on /pol/ with any thought left or something.

8c257d  No.12660821

7b83ff  No.12660828


Yes, yes, I know your a gold or silverbug who has watched every documentary from kikes who also "just happen to also sell gold/silver". You also decided that their definitions are law and that they must be the next coming of Jesus.

But no, I won't engage in pure semantics with you.

7eac12  No.12660852


you got it

8c257d  No.12660914



b6902e  No.12660943

File: 36413242d353d9b⋯.jpg (87.31 KB, 455x548, 455:548, 87t8.jpg)


>nobody ever do anything or you're a shill

>just shitpost

7b83ff  No.12660945

7b83ff  No.12660952


I don't believe the word "shill" is even in the post your replying to anon, nor is it implied anywhere. Who are you arguing with?

35fdec  No.12660967

7b83ff since banks are so unimportant, why are you here shilling against a cash run ?

More importantly, why do you think this is reddit ?

ea9b77  No.12660970



>Using these 2014 figures and calculations, the financial services sector comprises about 16.9% of the global economy, as measured in GDP. Further data from the IMF shows that the total service economy makes up about 60-65% of total global revenue. If the OECD's suggestion that financial services are between 20% and 30% of the total service market, then financial services would comprise between 12% and 19.5% of the total global economy.

I think the most important thing to consider is that the world economy is run on credit. If banks suddenly have no liquidity then credit markets would struggle. Which would have sweeping effects across all modern economies.

7b83ff  No.12660974


>"banks are unimportant" - some imagery person I made up to stawman


Since you didn't bother to read the rest of my posts ill quote myself " Banks are not the economy itself, they may "control" it by supporting the economy but they are not the economy itself. It doesn't matter what bank you have in Venezuela, they cannot improve the economy beyond a certain point."

0e7035  No.12660975

File: 646b566a54fb269⋯.jpeg (1.36 MB, 4000x2667, 4000:2667, mnuchin.jpeg)

35fdec  No.12660984


>muh fallacies

Cash run is kike run

you perfectly know that and that's why you're (41)-shilling your agenda on here. Good thing there are less than 10 frogs on this board and 0 sucking your foreskinless appendice.

7b83ff  No.12660988


Thank you anon, very cool post!

227e9f  No.12660991


>Adolph Hitler

>Confederate Flag

>Ron Paul

How does that even work? None of these things go together.

09aee2  No.12661000

already yanked mine. besides the Roth IRAs the interest paid on "savings" doesn't keep up with inflation, the markets are a scam, and as a decade + employee of the CBOE I can assure you it's rigged and manipulated.

so what do we have? 1)Carry no debt.

2) buy fertile land. pref by whites with water and a good elevation.

3) buy physical siler and gold, not so you can " OMFG SHTF" buy powdered milk, but pay your rent, aka taxes on your land.

don't leave shit in the Jew ran State's hands. you should have pulled it long ago. you want to fuck up the state and Jews? bank run .

b69c0d  No.12661007

Bank runs can't happen. You kids are infantile in your approach.

000000  No.12661013

>be Northern Rock

>a mid sized bank in UK

>7am news reports possible accounting irregularities

>9am people start queuing to get money back

>11am bank runs out of cash

>bank starts issuing cheques

>5pm bank is insolvent

>bank goes bust shortly after

so this is power of ponzi fractional reserve banking


f6b2b1  No.12661022

File: 9bc4d767d8fdad2⋯.jpg (179.48 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, (you).jpg)


You're growing more scared by the second, Yid.

Rest assured all your desperate shilling is only encouraging us to move forward.

Thanks for your services. Now run along into your oven you little hebeshill.

0784e4  No.12661033

Money is not the problem - jewish money is the problem. The solution to that problem is the destruction of jewish money, and the question is: How to destroy jewish money - and take all the jews wealth, without destroying the economy..?

0784e4  No.12661041

I've read this entire thread, and there are many (shill) posts that imply the bank run in France won't happen, or that the protesters won't withdraw enough cash to make a difference, ect.

This article says otherwise: https://www.news.com.au/world/europe/yellow-vest-protesters-call-for-huge-run-on-french-banks/news-story/ed334ed08b2ccfc13ca1b108c78f25eb

"If reports are true in saying 70 per cent of the population plans to withdraw all their euros, it means more than 46 million people will be directly revolting against the system.

This could lead to a systemic banking crisis in the country where almost all the banking capital is wiped out."

It certainly can happen in France, and I think it will. Even if the euro does not collapse, the French Revolution has already destroyed Macron and the EU.

0784e4  No.12661045

This thread has asked what would happen, and what should people do when jewish money has disapppeared. To answer that, let's have a look at Venezuala. And before we go any further, Venezuala hasn't been destroyed by socialism or dictators -that is ZOG propaganda. Venezuala has banned the US dollar in oil trades, and they ahve been sanctioned from the jewish financial system for that. Just as Iran, and Hitler's Germany…

b4753f  No.12661054


Bank cameras and ai recognition. Every atm has cameras. This is how you get caught.

0784e4  No.12661055

Do a web search of 'dash venezuala' or 'crypotcurrency Venezuala' here's an article: https://www.ccn.com/dash-venezuela-adoption-krip-phones/

This article talks about how quickly Dash, a cryptocurrency, is taking over Venezuala after the hyperinflation. And the article notes that Venezuala has on 41 percent smartphone penetration. Think how quickly the French, or any western economy, could switch to cryptocurrency. And that means bye bye jewish money.

0784e4  No.12661063

Heres another article https://ethereumworldnews.com/bitcoin-dash-cryptocurrency-venezuela-2018/

As previously reported by EWN, DASH is seeing upwards of two hundred new merchant adoptions per month in the country, with the commerce-minded population benefiting from the greatly reduced transaction times of the coin over competitors like Bitcoin and Ethereum. While Bitcoin continues to hold the lion’s share of the market and nearly all of the brand-recognition of cryptocurrency, DASH, NANO and other transaction-focused currencies are quietly making a name for themselves in their ability to offer a fast, cheap (or fee-less) alternative to traditional money.

8e0753  No.12661066

I wish they had just done it and not announced they will do it beforehand. That would have caught the banks completely by surprise.

0784e4  No.12661068

And one more… https://paymentweek.com/2018-7-30-dash-venezuelas-biggest-mobile-payments-cryptocurrency-tool/

"Perhaps most interesting of all is that over 500 different merchants in Venezuela are currently accepting Dash in payment for a wide range of goods and services. Land through Remax Venezuela, motorcycles from Motos Bera, and even baked goods from the Susy Cookies franchise are all available for a few Dash. Dash counts fully 10,000 users to its credit in the country, as well as 10 different non-governmental organizations and 50 different people who are actually paid in Dash for their labor.

The second place currency, meanwhile, is none other than bitcoin itself. Reports suggest that the two are often locked in competition, and only occasionally does bitcoin come out on top."

0784e4  No.12661069

Well… they have to announce it to get everyone on board.

b4753f  No.12661073


You sound like an enormous faggot and not an oldfag

15e143  No.12661080


>Venezuela is forecast to see inflation of as much as 1,000,000% this year, with locals needing stacks and stacks of cash just to buy food. Socialist President Nicolás Maduro last weekend announced a series of measures aimed at stabilizing the economy, including devaluing the bolívar by 95% and pegging it to the state-backed cryptocurrency, the petro.

>However, dash, a non-state-backed cryptocurrency, is apparently catching on.

>Brand names including Subway and Calvin Klein have signed up to accept dash in Venezuela, Taylor said.


Almost time to open up a charity there helping Africans. Just kidding.

>It's now the 14th-largest cryptocurrency in the world, according to CoinMarketCap.com, with just over $1 billion worth in circulation.

So tempting though.

cad776  No.12661087


Exactly. Which is a very average sum, considering the amount of people who all stack their earnings on credit cards. I bet if people start doing that they will lower it.

1b218e  No.12661107


They look so pathetic, I almost feel sorry for them.

And those 4 what I assume are women, they look so confident and yet they have no clue on how brutalized they will be when we finally get tired of their shit.

cad776  No.12661113


>True, assuming any of them are foolish enough to be sitting on USD

They are.

Considering the false 200IQ jew meme, I believe there are many-many smaller jews who don't understand shit about currency but every door opens for them for high paying jobs.

342b34  No.12661140


JACKPOT, nice find annon

6fbc19  No.12661143

File: d0f9735c00c7a7b⋯.webm (15.26 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Bilderberg and the Digita….webm)


They already have cashless everything in Estonia. That's the testing grounds for the rest of Europe. And it was 100% voluntary. People went for it just because of the convenience.

But you know, it would make more sense if this GJ action wasn't a "bank run" (I hesitate to call it even that, because for years now you can't withdraw more than 300 euros per day on average) but was more like a movement to do all transactions in cash from here on out. That would be an actual pushback against the planned cashless society and would force banks to increase or do away with those tiny withdrawal limits that have been in effect for a long time now.

Oh, and there's also the unfortunate fact that individual transactions above 300 euros in cash are illegal in France. That's also something that would need to be addressed.

6fbc19  No.12661176


Venezualla is the textbook case of having all your eggs in one basket. They didn't even farm their own land. Are you really surprised SHTF when their oil industry went tits up?

35fdec  No.12661212


>because for years now you can't withdraw more than 300 euros per day on average

Some agencies (read: those in shitskin areas) do that, but it's mostly fake news anon. I've cashed out €1000 this morning alone, and from La Banque Postale no less.

I'm not saying you shouldn't do it though.

dd3e4e  No.12661216

This is epic.

Isn't it the rothchild banks that insure the smaller banks? wouldn't it be the rothchilds that would have to pay for this? Talk about a castration.

Then there are the OTHER economic factors, like decreased consumer spending. This is the middle class you are talking about: they feed you, clothe you, keep your stuff running at night. They are not working or spending.

And on top of this, they are fucking with the market by threatening organized bank runs? Now this is great to watch.

b47e68  No.12661266

File: fc6503c66a7a1b2⋯.png (26.18 KB, 486x180, 27:10, thnkpq.png)


Its impossible to fit a man in an ashtray!

We'll show you otherwise.

6fbc19  No.12661300

File: fceaf4abf033b05⋯.png (9.34 KB, 603x148, 603:148, SG.png)


It's not fake news. These are the limits for my account at Société Générale. This applies to all ATMs I go to. There's apparently a way to increase the limit (temporarily?) but clicking on that button takes me to a page that requires macromedia flash plugin, which I don't have or want. Otherwise I have to go downtown and beg them to do it in person.

35fdec  No.12661328


>Société Générale

Leave that bank anon. Will fall and crash miserably. Go for BNP (most stable and least exposed) and/or Banque Postale (used by niggers and poors, will probably be saved as long as the System is standing).

2b7a13  No.12661333


Reported for spamming this gay shit across threads. Fuck off and kill yourself, jew.

84b2ca  No.12661354


at the Caisse d'Epargne my limit is 400€.

35fdec  No.12661369

File: 4f1586bdd0c9adb⋯.gif (1.7 MB, 265x191, 265:191, pNUBdcx.gif)


>when La Banque Postale permits more withrawal than SG and BPCE united

84b2ca  No.12661377


Yeah, what a joke.

It's quite unpractical too.

e20b0a  No.12661397


Fucking this. Don't underestimate the enemy.

a2fe70  No.12661578

File: 077f096bd674aa3⋯.jpg (1.55 MB, 2085x2339, 2085:2339, Untitled.jpg)


Which is why I posted the copypasta, to try to get them to see the folly. Shilling this on leftypol is so incredibly easy. All you have to do is replace "jew" with "globalist oligarchs" and they realize we are talking about the same fucking thing! The lack of medical care will bring back evolution and our world will be cleansed without us even having to fight the degenerates among them! Pic related, successful shilling.

Spread pic related.

a2fe70  No.12661628


So what we really need is a run on DeutscheBank, here let me grab some info that we can use from one of my other boards.

This was posted by a jew, finance is the one thing you can trust them about.

GE is in very bad situation and I read there was a hedge fund interested in buying their aeronautics business. I guess this would be the strategy. Split up the company in important and unimportant stuff, let the good stuff be bought by others and let the rest burn.

Deutsche Bank is also said to be the Elephant in the room. They have trillions of worthless derivatives in their books and essentially their true worth might be even negative. Their stocks are today trading lower than during the 2008 crisis. They even got a free bailout in 2010 after they lent out corrupt and broke greece billions of dollars. They didn't learn a single thing from their mistakes.

>why not buy banks

because they have been lending to companies and people who will never pay back the debts (broke governments, fantasy companies) or they have trillions in derivatives that are waiting to blow up once the shitshow starts.

>buying it from europe, mainly germany

yes but germany is industrial machines mostly. USA is still #1 in arms manufacturing and software.

For example when you run a computer system in your company, it will usually be microsoft products because the enterprise ressource programs and design programs run on windows.

Also, microsoft is making good money on their cloud services.


check any stocks site for ROI of stocks (return on investment). It is usually a figure for dividends paid per stock/price of stock.

Usually you have a ROI figure of 2% nowadays. So if you pay 100$ for the stock, you get 2$ of dividends at the end of year.

Of course if the company is having a hard time they will not pay dividends that year.

dividends are basically profits that the company made during the year. At the end of the year they pay out a part of them to the investors.


The euro is a failed construct since its inception. You cannot have 1 single currency if you have 27 different treasuries, 27 finance ministries and 27 jurisdictions who are competing with each other. Who in their right mind would create something like the EUR. Ah okay, it is a political project for Brussels to demonstrate their power (just like the EU army).

>worse than 2008?

much worse. why? because since 2008 we did not solve the underlying problems. We only created more debt and kept kicking the can. Now the debt piles have grown even larger.

>>So what then? revolution? civil war?

exactly. there has already been one incident where unemployed people from one region travelled to Beijing to protest the government. Imagine 50 million chinese beeing mad at their government and only half of them travelling to Beijing and trying to overthrow the government. This is the thing that keeps them from sleeping at night.

a2fe70  No.12661863

this really needs bumped, getting slid

7b83ff  No.12661888


Probably because there are numerous ways to prevent this and it's a shit idea anyways.

a2fe70  No.12662018


>numerous ways to prevent this

which will all cause consumer confidence to plummet

>shit idea

last bank run caused the great depression

>don't go after the banks fellow white people

the post

a2fe70  No.12662029

File: 4825a6d00957b67⋯.jpg (283.63 KB, 1539x1245, 513:415, bannedLol.jpg)


funny story, they banned me for pic related, words escape me.

cad776  No.12662036



The single biggest cumbubble the kikes just can't stop blowing. It single handedly ruined precious metal prices and it shows by the impossibility of shifting gold:silver price ratio, which is predermined by their abundancy in the Earth's crust.

c1a6e8  No.12662078


>which will all cause consumer confidence to plummet

Attempting to stop an intentional attack on your banks wouldn't cause consumer confidence to fall. With no economic crisis in effect there it would be obvious the culprits were the yellow jackets.

>Last bank run caused the great depression

It's a shit idea because it won't work, not that crashing banks is a bad idea.

>don't go after the banks fellow white people

Not an argument

7b641a  No.12662098


>the truth is trolling

This type of magical thinking is what made me leave their camp.

e902fa  No.12662099

File: 76bec2f05e9c29e⋯.jpg (360.42 KB, 909x987, 303:329, 76b.jpg)

e902fa  No.12662113


Where did your life go so wrong?

a2fe70  No.12662208


>Attempting to stop an intentional attack on your banks wouldn't cause consumer confidence to fall. With no economic crisis in effect there it would be obvious the culprits were the yellow jackets.

Banks limiting people's access to money would be a huge wakeup to consumers who aren't aware of the fragility of the system. Once interbank lending stops, the whole thing falls apart.

>It's a shit idea because it won't work, not that crashing banks is a bad idea.


Most cases do serious damage to banks, causing them to sell off assets and the like. Not all of them, but most of them definitely have an impact. Couple this with the unstable market we presently are in the midst of, and you have a recipe for disaster.

>not an argument

Wasn't supposed to be, it was a strawman that seemed particularly fitting. A run on the banks is an attack on the banks per the very nature of fractional reserve banking. If they have to stop people from getting their money, what is the point of a bank? To me, consumers put money into the bank for safekeeping, if they find that their money is not safe, confidence drops, a small bank run could cause a domino affect leading to an avalanche. What is your argument? Do nothing? That is the impression I got from >>12661888

a2fe70  No.12662214


Furthermore DeutscheBank is the SIFI (systemically important financial institution) most vulnerable. When these are targeted, either a bailout (which would fuel the yellow vests anger and bring more to their side) or global financial instability are the outcomes.

b3f478  No.12662232


>Please go back to reddit

>not as a faggot

but as a voice of #cashout

4891e4  No.12662267


Global financial instability is a reality right now. We can simply fan the flames of the destruction of the matrix, but it has failed in itself, as evil always does.

dfd058  No.12662435

File: 5e8c88f451892bc⋯.png (70.64 KB, 1508x747, 1508:747, 1547230404545.png)

>the economy is fine, goy

bfd9c6  No.12662461


>Huge wakeup to consumers who aren't aware of the fragility of the system.

Except the where is the wakeup when the banks can just say "please wait a few days before you can withdrawl cash due to protestors intentionally attacking us". Nothing there is a lie, it is an intentional attack and would need to be defended against.

>a recipe for disaster

Except there is no chance of this actually working.

1. Yellow jackets don't have the wealth for this by themselves, it requires panic from the entire population

2. It could easily be denied anyways

>Wasn't supposed to be, it was a strawman

Admitting your strawmanning don't make it ok retard

3d442b  No.12662467

OP is a shill, The globalist banking elite have always created panic to start a bank run from the fear they stir up then it drives prices down and they come in and buy it all up, Look back in america's history, they have done this shit to us over and over again and made so much money, Rothschild did it back in napolians war, he went back to britian and said Napoloan Won the war and every1 got rid of their euro's and stuff and he bought it all up, Napolean lost the war and Thats how rothschild made all that $$, Plus he financed both sides, DO NOT DO BANK RUNS ITS THE JEWS

e2e2a5  No.12662488


I have Adobe Illustrator, I could make something neat, anon.

bfd9c6  No.12662641


>Don't make it

I meant to type doesn't*

e01dcf  No.12662764


>constantly spam the board with "why do you defend the bankers?"

>wtf why ban?

It's a mystery.

b52014  No.12662816



A) not being able to access money because of a protest only works as an excuse if the protests are all week, yellow vests are weekend events, the days banks are closed

B) yellow vests are white taxpayers, many of which are boomers. They have enough money to stage a successful bank run.

C) I think that anon was wrong, its not a strawman if it accurately characterizes your "do nothing" argument, as that is all you can seem to suggest.

47026b  No.12662864

File: 5fa61eb53447bf2⋯.png (234.09 KB, 800x800, 1:1, fence-sitter.png)





Enjoy your little self masturbatory blackpill celebration while your betters get shit done ;^)

a3dc14  No.12662873


A) is there is noin progress major economic crisis and yellow vests are shilling their plan everywhere.it should be pretty obvious who the culprit is

B)yellow vests are far less than 10% of the population, you can see this by the numbers on the streets. Not only is it less than 10% of the population but it is FAR less than 10% of the wealth due to wealth inequality. Now realize that the majority of all wealth isn't even on a personal bases but in businesses themselves. They don't have the wealth and no a poll asking "do you support the yellow vests" is not an accurate representation of their numbers. Remember such things as Kony 2012 where 90% of the population "supported" it but did literally nothing.


>"Just do nothing" -yours truly, some imaginary person

a3dc14  No.12662884


>is there is noin

"If there is not in-progress" ***

4891e4  No.12662900


Stop shitting up the thread. If you don't agree with it, don't join in and shut the fuck up.

9ff670  No.12662905


>Kony 2012

You fucking idiot. Of course nobody gave a shit - it was about some negroes on the other side of the world. France is France; I don't know how did you come to a conclusion that these situations are even in the same universe

a3dc14  No.12662907


The shitpost king

a3dc14  No.12662937


The point is that saying you "support" something doesn't mean anything. The situations are rather similar actually because 70% of France "supports" the yellow jacket and yet only 1% of of them actually show up to protestors.

Also good job ignoring the rest of of the post, I suppose this was the easiest way out for you. After all real arguments are hard, while nitpicking an example is easy.


>Stop invading my safe space


4e14b3  No.12662949

File: 828268c84ecb433⋯.jpg (36.07 KB, 598x472, 299:236, snek.jpg)


Go for it.

8869ab  No.12662952

File: 669e598dc28603d⋯.jpg (9.03 KB, 313x175, 313:175, 1530995666560.jpg)

weethdraw eet

4891e4  No.12662960


You're not contributing anything of value. You're a defeatist shill. But you are giving me excuses to bump, so thanks.

9ff670  No.12662966


I'm at a loss of words…there is nothing to "debunk" in your posts. You're making this long-winded statements that end up being what?

>do nothing, nothing matters, youll fail anyway

This is all you have to say? You're not invading shit, you're just fucking boring. Either provide an alternative to what is being proposed, or fuck off back to halfchan with your laughably shallow arguments, statistics pulled from your ass and pitiful comparisons that are supposed to prove your point but do the opposite instead. Lmaoing @ u

a3dc14  No.12662988




>Blatantly strawmanning: the post

It's still not an argument

9ff670  No.12663001


>Dubs died for a shillpost.

Shame. As I said - you're boring and you have nothing constructive to say. This is my last reply to you

a3dc14  No.12663006


Still no argument in sight anon

09d554  No.12663427


F- shilling. Shut the fuck up.

a6b5cf  No.12663474

File: f817faf9f994263⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 150.11 KB, 800x1132, 200:283, a1f6ccf38c593c516885534601….jpg)



807809  No.12663525


>The 1st world is nearly cashless as is

And how's that worked our for you?

a6b5cf  No.12663556

File: 7e74323e2aefd92⋯.png (15.82 KB, 200x316, 50:79, PIVX-Logo.png)


Want cashless without (((elite-control)))?

a6b5cf  No.12663572

File: fc88c24067fb8a6⋯.jpg (163.54 KB, 1038x505, 1038:505, Circumcision.jpg)


New Babylon?

807809  No.12663573


Give me your sales pitch first and I'll consider it.

a6b5cf  No.12663585

File: b80ec21d9d22883⋯.jpg (213.06 KB, 1280x916, 320:229, b80ec21d9d228836d7188e6804….jpg)



Also, look it up. Search PIVX

6fbc19  No.12663657

File: 025d81155b8f4ff⋯.jpg (54.42 KB, 750x600, 5:4, obama-rally-mindfuck-30001.jpg)


> that moment you realize the graph represents the real currency inflation

6b4d8b  No.12663671

File: 73a82b174b8b190⋯.jpeg (163.35 KB, 614x942, 307:471, 49007E4F-DEB0-4356-8F20-1….jpeg)





2083dd  No.12663678


>t. faggot kike compelled to defend their kike overlord David 'literally' McCar Muncher

all your posts are pilpul horseshit anyways so piss off

f63b09  No.12663710


A 'commited minority'


34b7ee  No.12663723

File: a4b3efe3677b359⋯.png (12.28 KB, 455x88, 455:88, 250.png)


>m-my IP needs to change every 3 minutes

kekkus mekkus


Are you a bad enough dude to retweet this?

4422d6  No.12663866


>1. Yellow jackets don't have the wealth for this by themselves, it requires panic from the entire population

There are 1.2 trillion euros in physical form.


20-25% of them aren't even in the eurozone.


>It is estimated that, in terms of value, between 20% and 25% of the euro banknotes in circulation are held outside the euro area, mainly in the neighbouring countries.

This will leave us 1.2*0.75=0.9 trillion or 900 billion euros. This 900 billion includes money in other Eurozone countries.

Let's assume the french have 20% of the 900 billion. This would leave 0.2*900=180 billion

There are 67.12 million french people. Everyone would have to withdraw 180000/67.12=2682 Euros, to leave banks no money (assuming french actually have no cash and all of it sitting in a bank vault).

But it gets better: Banks don't actually have gorillions of banknotes in their safes. They have smaller sums. I don't know how much it would be, but it might be half of the french withdrawing like 100 euros or some shit, to completely empty the bank vaults. And they wouldn't be able to make any further withdrawals, so they would have to start refusing them.Now just imagine if the news about banks refusing withdrawals start popping up. What yellow vests would need to do is to be successful is to incite a panic, so fence sitters would start withdrawing. Then the funds start selling their assets and reallocate their money to other banks and so on and so on. This will fuck the banks up really hard. It's kind of like a snowball: the more it rolls the bigger it gets.

2. It could easily be denied anyways

That would be banks reaffirming to the public that something is wrong, making people more paranoid, in effect creating the run themselves. Even if they blame it on the yellow vests, they would just think that banks fucked up and trying to blame others for them fucking up.

68ec94  No.12663939


I cannot believe I'm seeing Pivx shilled in this thread. I just bought my masternode at current prices, it was a steal. I'm glad real anons branch to actual chans and not just on cuckchan, especially /biz/.

Reason I came into this thread though was to see if there are any places I keep current on what's happening in France? Is there a periscope equivalent? I'm in Midwest and am looking for a good way to see how they are doing.

07bd5f  No.12663944

your cryptoshekels will be even more worthless than cash when all the data centers get EMP'd. a vague memory of poor decisions.

09d554  No.12663952


Why don't you let us know what an appropriate form of currency is, oh wise sage? Surely you have something better to tell us than that every form of money is Jewish and we should only trade goats and chickens.

07bd5f  No.12663966


Randomly generated GUIDs. Here, have a few. They'll be worth millions by the next bull run!











961cf9  No.12664270

File: 4ff052abc24dcc0⋯.png (24.01 KB, 128x128, 1:1, 1540683788698.png)





Does it still have the spork protocol, where Duffield can enter a secret key and roll back transactions on the blockchain?


Can /we/ make it even pointier? Jews aren't inflating shit fast enough for my liking.


Look into neoscoin MNs too, they've been constantly quite profitable, and is a fork of PIVX core, but brings a lot more to the game. The general idea is to use the blockchain/network as decentralized webhosting, and it appears quite promising.

60611d  No.12664322


Did they do it yet?

46f448  No.12664460

Sadly I already took my money out of the bank… This WOULD work though if it were done en'mass but I don't think enough people would actually do it. If they did the banks would just say they have no paper to hand out and everyone would just go back to Wallmart and use the card.

There will be no effect. Even if EVERYONE went to the bank they would say they have no money. The local bank where I am at took a week to get me 10k in cash. fucking insane. You try to take your money out in massive groups they will just say no. Then you will go home and accept it. Simple as that.

46f448  No.12664477


But FUCKING WHEN!!! Been stacking silver since '07. still flat as fuck. My basis is $15.5 or so. Yawn. Shouldda bought Apple.

46f448  No.12664489


Have your metals delivered to a UPS store or similar then take them home from there. REALLY saves your ass if they come knocking.

60611d  No.12664507


You know Antifa is full of shit simply because they've never done this.

90c956  No.12664746


Hey a poster who knows what an actual argument is and uses sources too, honestly argument quality is so low these days I don't even bother to source things anymore. Regardless of what my opinions are, thanks for giving me a worthwhile reply.

>20% of euros are in in France

Not a bad assumption but lets try and see if we can make it more accurate, perhaps it will strengthen or weaken one of our thoughts. I'll use nominal gdp and filter by countries that use the Euro as my reference.


While wikipedia isn't the best sometimes, for something as basic as GDP it should serve its purpose fine.

Countries that use Euro and their nominal GDP:

Germany 4,029.140

France 2,794.696

Italy 2,086.911

Spain 1,437.047

Netherlands 909.887

Belgium 536.055

Austria 459.401

Ireland 366.448

Finland 276.553

Portugal 237.962

Greece 218.057

The rest are barely worth caring about.

Total gdp = 13,000.000~


So overall I'd say you were pretty fucking accurate mate, did you actually just randomly guess 20%?

So onto the rest.

>2682 Euros, to leave banks no money

This is of course assuming the whole country joins in and no money is deposited back in. I would wager that at the very best possible outlook, 10% of the population actually joins in on this (initially). This would mean it would take 26,820 euros from each of them. Why most might not have 26k laying around, a decent number will have more than that in savings. So it's within reason, however you are also forgetting that governments/businesses will bail out and loan to banks in these situations as they obviously have vested interests in not having a crisis. How much they will loan? I have no idea, but it will be a lot since it is not an economically driven run, its a political driven run. They can do this silently without notice as well.

>Banks don't actually have gorillions of banknotes in their safes.

This is actually to their advantage, because it means they can state they simply ran out of bills to hand out. While it would still allow products to be bought with card, meaning those not participating in the intentional run would be rather unaffected. As long as the grocery's, bills and such are still able to be bought, mass panic is unlikely. Especially when there hasn't been any major bad news on MSM for the French economy, globally and Germany maybe, but not France itself.

>Even if they blame it on the yellow vests, they would just think that banks fucked up

The problem here is that the yellow vests in their efforts to produce this bank run are forced to give out proof that yes it is them intentionally attack the banks. To spread the word and try to incite panic means they must also admit that yes, it is entirely their fault it is happening.

cad776  No.12666434



The digits never lie. Crypto is a ponzy scheme. the first who got in, the hard criminals who got the most and the first miners get a bunch with zero effort and the stupid masses get in the treand and give value to their shitcoin then bail out with people's money. It will crash on everyone and kikes will run with the cash.

If you anons milk out some money from the waves its fine, good for you, but if it crashes when you put your entire house on it we will only say "We've been telling you."

cad776  No.12666517

I have some questions for you anons.

1. All that matters is to zero out more and more personal accounts right?

2. If we make a transaction to bank X which is outside EU to buy gold (so we get real world value that holds itself), does it work like withdrawing from those banks?

3. Is there any other way to get the money out without asking for the withdrawal and not circulating it into another bank account? Please no crypto.

0939bc  No.12666543


when you're dealing with large sums of money, like in tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars you don't do withdrawls, you do transfers. Like to Singapore…

cad776  No.12666551


That answers one of my questions.

502463  No.12666558


Who else here made mad dosh by opening up a kiosk to sell those yellow vests? Haven't seen this much profit since selling those "pussy hats".

e0a107  No.12666565


You've pretty much got it, you can either take cash out or just buy some assets that hold their value. I would hold gold and silver right now over cash, as there will be hyperstagflation from all the QE.

078cb4  No.12666796


>L'etat c'est nous.

To add some French flavor/history to it. And to remind these fucks, You Work For Us.

47a5e7  No.12667282


Someone here likely knows more on the crypto end… but if you wanted to move a large sum of money anywhere it takes up to weeks to do it "officially" especially if you are just someone moving money around. International business's can move money across the world no problem like using the Swift system, but individuals? Very difficult. IMO it very well would be easier to use a CryptoCurrency to make the transfer because of how much less of a paperwork trail you leave regardless on your whole opinions on CC's. I personally don't trust them yet, but they are getting better

e8827d  No.12667444

OK, this is a pittance compared to what you all want, but infographs to the right groups and phrased the right way can help.

No one of importance gave a shit what Star Wars Battlefront was doing until it was explained in baby-terms to a mother's facebook group. Then they used their bolshy "let me see the manager" attitude to spread it into mainstream and already giving NPCs the precedent that it was bad.

So, find groups who want to crash the world, make a shorter version of OP in an image that can be easily uploaded on social media, and share it.

Once more people show signs of doing it (or even just talking about it) find groups that are more concerned with money (i.e. broke) and warn them that others are doing bank-runs, so they need to.

The only real risk is this being used by marxists types to stop nationalist/populist nations, or threaten them into line. Even if they are the minority in that country, the MSM can fear-monger to make everyone pull their cash, and a few elites can pull their money to give some credibility to the claim.

Going back to the original point- MSM blackouts would be the hardest thing to deal with. They will happily say the economy is doing badly because Orange Man Bad, and then in the same breath say the banks are doing fine. Which is why you need more infographs once you get evidence it's working.

Remember the golden rules:

> Think of the group you are making it for, and explain how this affects them.

> Attention grabbing.

> No more than two fonts, simple to read.

> Can be read in as short a time as possible while getting the point across.

> Put your sources into it- make them shorter with archiving- and it lends to the credibility of the claim… Even if no one ever goes to check.

> Within file size constraints of various social media and complies with how they generate thumbnails so you can still see all/vast majority of it (i.e. don't make it so wide or tall that you don't get the whole image on Twitter unless you click on it)

47a5e7  No.12667462



What happened in StarWars BattleFront? I don't play games, sorry for my ignornace

1f7008  No.12667552

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Wrong movie

142252  No.12668019


It had women in it and is historically inacturate so people got butthurt. Then someone from the dev team came out and said something like "if you don't like it, don't buy the game" which caused a shitstorm in the gaming community. The game released and undersold compared to what was expected.

Honestly I don't even think it was the butthurt gamers shilling that really caused it to undersell, but they took credit for it anyways. The game didn't really bring anything new to the table and it wasn't likely to outsell the previous game anyways.

47a5e7  No.12668188


Umm Starwars Battlefront? with women? in a fictional world? okkay… I think from what you are referencing is Battlefield Vagina. of which I know about. But Starwars Battlefront, as anon mentioned, I haven't heard anything negative about other than nothing has changed from the game in like 07 to todays version

cc2add  No.12668212


Oh I read it as battlefield, my bad. Battlefront was about lootboxes, typical complaint was that it was base game price+dlc+micro transactions+typical vidya buggy release/beta. I believe the game still sold rather decently regardless of "gamer" shilling, it technically undersold by EA's expectations but not by much. However they did convince EA to remove the lootboxes, so I suppose it was kind of a win for the "gamers".

803a80  No.12668958

File: 6ab9c7246720af8⋯.png (365.68 KB, 768x432, 16:9, 1517913940357.png)

Burn the banks

0fb251  No.12670312

File: 223830167feae2e⋯.png (196.54 KB, 476x346, 238:173, it will be a festival of v….png)


Destroy the banks and hang the bankers tbh. The international usury system is the primary enemy.

296d72  No.12672567




I was down with this at first. But now I see a ton of shit skins and libs mixed in the rioters, so I think it has been hijacked by (((someone)))

ce45a3  No.12672914



>I don't have to prove how the average person doesn't know there's a huge depression going on

>You must provide proof that the average person knows that banks can arbitrarily deny you access to your own money

>Never mind that the only way to prove a hypothetical is to try it, you should probably do nothing cause they might blame you for it.

Jesus, what a lying fuckhead you are. You've gone from playing devil's advocate to actually being the devil's advocate.

64bd33  No.12673020

File: 4c3e0d0342d573e⋯.jpg (75.25 KB, 1012x950, 506:475, 282768748763498608201.jpg)

File: f8c31b963973369⋯.jpg (49.05 KB, 1000x290, 100:29, 28276874876349869834709.jpg)

Let's embrace the chaos.

It may bring about a Black Swan Moment.

20e6f1  No.12673839

So all it took was a single (((gas explosion))) to abandon this idea? Im not losing hope, but its hard not to. Its all so tiresome.

dbfcac  No.12673862

Did they even start? I couldn't find any news about it.

dbfcac  No.12673864


What gas explosion mate? Please fill me in

8560f2  No.12673870

20e6f1  No.12673878


Check the main thread: >>12664509 for more information.

000000  No.12675056


>But you know, it would make more sense if this GJ action wasn't a "bank run" (I hesitate to call it even that, because for years now you can't withdraw more than 300 euros per day on average) but was more like a movement to do all transactions in cash from here on out. That would be an actual pushback against the planned cashless society and would force banks to increase or do away with those tiny withdrawal limits that have been in effect for a long time now.

This is a great idea.

The use of credit cards(or similar) gives large amounts of information and power to the banks and government. We need to inform people about how much information is collected on them by their use of credit cards and get them to use cash instead of these surveillance cards.

000000  No.12675071


>Oh, and there's also the unfortunate fact that individual transactions above 300 euros in cash are illegal in France. That's also something that would need to be addressed.

So if I was in France I would not be able to buy something expensive like a TV or computer over 300 euros because I only use cash?

What is the reason for making it illegal?

8560f2  No.12678643

8560f2  No.12678648


>> Put your sources into it- make them shorter with archiving- and it lends to the credibility of the claim… Even if no one ever goes to check.

I always check.

fc1fc4  No.12678655


Another jew-sponsored pseudo-science term for profit.

d73189  No.12678659


It’s much harder to control the population if they all use cash.

bbb271  No.12678661

lmao banks literally create money out of thin air this wont do anything

803a80  No.12678718

seriously burn the banks you guys

e1922c  No.12679001

File: 8c85b9aba9d533d⋯.jpeg (128.49 KB, 830x464, 415:232, juifshoota.jpeg)

This isn't related directly to les gilet jaunes, but what's this I'm seeing about a trial for someone who shot a juif?

64bd33  No.12679006

File: 1decda673613792⋯.jpg (30.62 KB, 640x246, 320:123, 55438-90827245.jpg)

File: 7d940e9f3cf942e⋯.jpg (63.84 KB, 620x412, 155:103, 55438-90827246.jpg)

I hope this works, but the kikes have a terrible death grip on our financial system. Congress - saturated with blackmailed or bribed people of small virtue - is part of the problem.

You know, the same Congress that gives Bibi numerous standing ovations.

040b3a  No.12682880

File: 4fd848f9d98e320⋯.png (516.03 KB, 782x681, 782:681, Jews.png)

Bump cause hooknoses are shitting up the board!

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