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File: d6b6ecb1c2db00f⋯.jpg (57.88 KB, 640x466, 320:233, med_1474004982_image.jpg)

d99c8e  No.12657254

Let's discuss a few topics that people stopped researching after they got too spooked, literally or figuratively

1. Day Assange Killed (DAK) - October 2016

2. Myziam on halfpol

3. "Real" ayy selfie

4. That UFO researcher guy who puked up black liquid

5. Clinton Bodycount/Lock Her Up

Did I miss any? Have any comments?

Post what you remember, or links to archives and relevant content here.

3a7913  No.12657284

/pol/ is fubar m8.

d99c8e  No.12657293

File: 067e45f229515a4⋯.png (131.9 KB, 1876x781, 1876:781, endchan.png)


Here are some Assange Related Resources:

TuringTheSecond https://twitter.com/TuringThe2nd

A twitter account I can't find called "Stoichastic Terminator" …




https://old.reddit.com/r/WhereIsAssange/comments/5edrh8/attn_crypto_bitcoin_folk_anon_claims_pathway_to/ (keyhunt)


https://mlpol.net/archive/mlpol/13184.html (vault7)



Additionally I remember files hosted on ipfs, a few matrix/riot chat channels, some talk on endchan, some talk on bitmessage, and other anon networks. There were also files like claudia.txt and a tool for scraping the blockchain involved…

31b5bd  No.12657298


Please post more references.


>don't bother trying, just keep shitposting

Anon, if we want to improve this board we need threads like this.

d99c8e  No.12657302


The alien shit, except for #4 is known to be probable LARP but there were rumors of vans and strange calls


For Assange I just did but in my haste missed a line break or two. The others, I will as time permits or I'll be lazy and let others…there are other topics we can put here too

fa85b1  No.12657306


Hi, Pamela Anderson here.

I couldn't afford to pay for my hepatitus C treatments, using the blood of children, so I agreed to off assange and keep up the pretense that he is still alive.

I mean, he is still alive, and fine and we're dating xoxoxox

c59f0d  No.12657309

We need to study esoteric Charles Manson motifs

31b5bd  No.12657313


Make sure to archive in the future.

31b5bd  No.12657315


Sage for double post. Otherwise, good work, anon.

d99c8e  No.12657329


I think I have stuff on a cold drive somewhere if I ever find it.


Another theory was that he dressed up as her and snuck out…


Give me a bone here nigger

d99c8e  No.12657345

File: 19c8c91826339e0⋯.jpg (39.78 KB, 800x420, 40:21, pewds.jpg)


Re: Assange

Sites were getting scrubbed including archive.org (this happened during the comet pingpong investigation too), and endchan went down.

More Material:




I have not looked into it yet but the 8chan database leaked in March 2017, deleted assange threads could be in here:


d99c8e  No.12657352


Nevermind, it's just a git repo clone

28675a  No.12657358


Isn't dead. Kill yourself.


Literally fucking who? Kill yourself for looking at cuckchan post-2014.


Photoshop. Fake and gay. Kill yourself.


Post sources you nigger.


Nobody stopped talking about this.


5b5097  No.12657382

All recent Assange articles use the same pics from May 19, 2017.

e93c8f  No.12657391

i want to talk about… oh i forgot. musta been memoryholed

d99c8e  No.12657399


watcha doin' rabbi?

d99c8e  No.12657411


Here's claudia.txt on IPFS


eff1c5  No.12657414

Black liquid? Sounds like a burst stomach ulcer, blood turns black in stomach acid.

60c528  No.12657416

Go back to kikechan, yid.

1ef60d  No.12657422

File: 51f75d06df9c02c⋯.gif (1.41 MB, 720x404, 180:101, B1858490-5F4D-4491-9DC5-CE….gif)


Can anyone confirm this gif is legit

Also I’m fairly certain the “real” alien doesn’t exist, it was some kind of discord op or something

60c528  No.12657423


Fuck off joan.

28675a  No.12657425


>dispelling disinfo and demanding actual proof is jewish goy

Let me guess, mpeg-4 compression artifacts are above your IQ so you think that's "proof" of Assange being dead.

28675a  No.12657432


>wow compression artifacts my technical ineptitude means this is proof assange is dead

d99c8e  No.12657453

File: 06a70b16e8842eb⋯.jpg (171.38 KB, 744x402, 124:67, pepe_lithium.jpg)


Excellent tl;dr on assange:


Also more keys or hashes from WL:


More information on the original happening:


WL Freedom Force: https://archive.org/stream/WikiLeaksFreedomForce/WL%20Insurance%20Thread_djvu.txt

More on the happening and blockchain:






The old traceable WL btc address:


General thread on extreme strangeness on 4pol around then…since then it's been mostly bot and shills beyond the past levels:


ab9cf0  No.12657479



1:50: face freeze

15:08: eye morph

18:46: collar morph

28675a  No.12657491



ebedda  No.12657496

The mccaulay caulkin "hoax" article where he gave an interview in france.

3d4fd1  No.12657503




The black liquid thing was from a UFO Researcher named Max Spiers, I did a bit of digging on him awhile ago and I couldn't find a cause of death anywhere at all, and another noteworthy thing was there being 2 interviews with his mother regarding his death, in the first she expressed concern for Max regarding the topic of what he was researching and how she believed it would get him in trouble with powerful people, and in the second she just blankly talks about how Max had a heroin problem and how she was worried for a long time and the regular TV news sympathy drive, it was pretty weird

1ef60d  No.12657514


Can you show me examples of compression artifacts like this? The implication I’m seeing is that these videos could be manufactured ‘deep fakes’ like those nude celeb ones that came out last year.

06f525  No.12657516

File: 5ed6237444cf8ff⋯.jpg (147.7 KB, 646x800, 323:400, 5ed6237444cf8ff82e1b9668dc….jpg)


>/pol/ is fubar m8.

No, it's newfags posting, oldfags lurking. The time for talk has passed. Action will be required soon.

d99c8e  No.12657542

File: c121ddfccb5d58b⋯.png (118.08 KB, 1538x1861, 1538:1861, helphim.png)


The Wizard of Leaks:



>Black Cube

>Oh, and they possibly killed a woman with loose ties to Wikileaks on the night of the infamous wikileaks blackout by throwing her out of a window.

Discussion on Assange with good backing links for research:



Endchan Thread:


Blockchain Decoding talk:


Blockchain decoding script:


Annotated Blockchain (good research on files on the various coin chains):


d99c8e  No.12657547

File: f40e119eb3e6a79⋯.gif (210.02 KB, 766x1776, 383:888, wl person.gif)


Pic related to the woman killed with ties to WL

06c041  No.12657566


It's from an old X-Files episode lol. Not true in the least bit.

d99c8e  No.12657567


Finally, an active discord invite for a related codebreakers chat that went dark


The chat should contain anything I missed

d99c8e  No.12657579


And I realize the humor here but yes, people really used discord to talk about this.

Feel free to talk assange here, but… any of the other topics got any interest?

07d25e  No.12657599


or bile from a burst gallbladder which will also make you die very miserably.

5c1a29  No.12657621


Kill yourself, reddit.

92d552  No.12657742

File: f25ba987bf39e3d⋯.png (284.84 KB, 775x904, 775:904, josh.png)

File: 9f4e5aac2267714⋯.png (70.29 KB, 507x494, 39:38, rami.png)

File: 3ee3b90393e2611⋯.png (21.28 KB, 790x500, 79:50, lerer.png)

File: b809b3fdffc9f26⋯.jpg (178.78 KB, 860x1080, 43:54, inclusive-america.jpg)

File: 539babafba4c37a⋯.png (341.1 KB, 950x1760, 95:176, proteusfund.png)

In the beginnings of Gamergate we learned that those "Social Justice" assholes were not merely leftists, they were were on record supporting Osama bin Laden. Hardly anyone talked about it after the first month, although a few people did dig into it.



>>>/gamergatehq/330332 is the most active thread with one post every few months

The Washington Post has since dropped the mask and gone full Allahu Ackbar.




The corruption went "straight to the top" as Wikileaks said.

https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2019/01/blind-items-revealed-38.html (A Muslim controls the Vatican pedo ring)

https://archive.vn/WXK3I (… and controls Ari Emanuel and Hollywood and his brother Rahm Emanuel)

https://voat.co/v/GreatAwakening/2933426/15749842 (Qatar controls the school system)

4bbd89  No.12657773

<confirmed hoax

<proven false

<compression artifacts

So much bull shit shilling in this thread. It amazes me they pay people to post on an anime website.

0ecf29  No.12657787

What ever happened to the MAGA mail bomber? the one who sent fake bombs to journalists or politicians? With the van decked out in political memes? That was so bizarre.

cf84df  No.12657819


Good, more reason for me to hate Josh and the (((Armenian))).

903fed  No.12657849


Probably just a typical nutjob. I don't think he was white enough to stick.

03b9c3  No.12658026


Keep me posted for when it goes down Mr Larper

28675a  No.12658135


Literally any lower bitrate lossily compressed video. You will find this kind of shit everywhere.


>anon posts with no proof


>I'm technically inept and have no fucking clue what I'm talking about so it must be SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLS

b88523  No.12658153



>Max Spiers

What was he exactly investigating? Something to do with UFOs and Poland?

According to The Mirror he died due to this:

>A British conspiracy theorist who vomited a 'dark brown liquid' before he died in Poland was killed by pneumonia and intoxication by drugs, a coroner has found.

>He died after taking a combination of prescription drugs - which caused aspiration of gastric contents - while suffering from pneumonia, an inquest in Sandwich, Kent, concluded.

>The coroner also found that Polish police who handled the investigation into the Brit's death were "wholly incompetent".



Interesting stuff. I hadn't heard this about McIntosh. Could the "HERO" be an acronym or somethin?


The wording is weird. Why doesn't it say he is A hero? I think there's some insider occult meaning to his use of the word.

Interesting thread nonetheless as I'm an old conspiracyfag.

c3a77c  No.12658204

File: 6145a8abeeb7d54⋯.png (399.23 KB, 800x496, 50:31, Ayy_Recration.png)


This is a recreation that the creator of the Myziam LARP made of the original "Ayy Pic" that shut halfchan down made out of the bits an pieces that he could find before the mass shilling started

b88523  No.12658258


I'm fairly incredulos toward the idea of ayylmaos, but I remember the happening being discussed here. Something was being shut down. Maybe the alien pic was a distraction. Could something else had been leaked on halfchan that day, so glowniggers leaked to alien pic, shut down the site so people would focused on alien coverup instead of the real thing?

088347  No.12658266


You can always use 4plebs. I will give it 5 minutes of looking to see what threads were posted around that time to see.

7c823a  No.12658420


Nobodytm. The retards here would probably call him Jewish now lol

380b4e  No.12658858

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Nobodytm reminded me of the Better Bad News guys. Just went back and realized this was uploaded in '11. I wonder what the minds that made this look like 8 years later.

fba868  No.12658899

File: 86d1a9af2306327⋯.png (135.69 KB, 586x257, 586:257, ThreadDestroyer.png)


That pic brought Autism for the whole day

289d9d  No.12658918

Anyone remember that desert town that had skulls and bones found in it, and coincidentally the mayor was a Freemason and the entire police force was as well?

2b28d0  No.12658930

Remember the deadliest mass shooting in US history? Las Vegas? Gee, they quieted down on that one quick.

b1ba1d  No.12658934


They stopped reporting on that one faster than they demolished Sandy Hook elementary.

7bc297  No.12658949

File: e04ec05048baa54⋯.png (1.12 MB, 894x894, 1:1, bonzi buddy reaction glass….png)

b8882e  No.12658953

File: 8b8559469e9e4b7⋯.png (568.34 KB, 726x593, 726:593, Screenshot from 2019-01-10….png)


Uh huh. Okay.

146bbb  No.12659195


>3. "Real" ayy selfie

>4. That UFO researcher who puked up black liquid

I don't remember either of these.

5c1a29  No.12659200


Because they didn't happen.

146bbb  No.12659209


Probably right, shit reeks of cuckchan.

32d499  No.12659270


This looks


fake its insane

c801f7  No.12659278

File: 7255d4c62ceff00⋯.png (184.47 KB, 676x901, 676:901, 51d2528418b96874e924298571….png)



>>3. "Real" ayy selfie

ayyyyyyyyyyy lmao

d2ae32  No.12659294

File: b19b387a14dcfca⋯.png (2.58 MB, 6544x593, 6544:593, E842BFB6-6BC3-49C7-9C89-C9….png)


forgotten languages, the only rabbit hole anon never found the bottom of


4346d9  No.12659326

File: 5334ccfbcfd4d78⋯.jpg (6.46 KB, 259x194, 259:194, ayy lmao distance.jpg)

86d900  No.12659471


Better Bad News, wish they would come back.

130c2d  No.12659552

File: 514129b02d7cbe0⋯.jpg (10.23 KB, 295x171, 295:171, 1.jpg)

File: 148ad93538a03d2⋯.jpg (184.93 KB, 795x1137, 265:379, 2.jpg)

File: 6b78c8d17a84fda⋯.jpg (210.87 KB, 731x959, 731:959, 3.jpg)

File: d09e3d39b935515⋯.jpg (198.03 KB, 917x944, 917:944, 4.jpg)


6. China's 9/11 – March 1 / 8, 2014 (((fail))))

2b8346  No.12659578

I remember there being talk that the insurance files were tampered with or compromised. Is there any way to get the original files anymore?

685890  No.12659633


wow, OP you're really glowing on this one. Might want to dim it a little bit…

>1. fake

>2. fake

>3. fake

>4. fake

>5. Real, but because I included it with 4 obviously fake things it will make it seem fake too.

It really doesn't get more obvious than this.

<rev your engines boys and run this clown over.

8b2986  No.12659834


>In the video, he is also spotted launching a shoulder-fired missile. He then chants, “Allah is the greatest. Death to America. Death to Israel. Curse the Jews. Victory to Islam.”

Hamas is fighting or trying and failing to fight Israel, and the Houthis are fighting the Saudi Arab Jews. Are we supposed to be against this?

a2e98d  No.12659843


Remember the guy who jumped up to Assanges window, got caught by police and "escaped"?

5d04e6  No.12659859

File: ec5ecac9cee9735⋯.png (562.24 KB, 1070x934, 535:467, 1.png)

Seth Rich and this guy

a7cda2  No.12659881


If WL is indeed compromised, where the fuck should a whistleblower post leaks then?

a76e65  No.12659945

File: 4d7dda9ed38c3f2⋯.jpg (62.26 KB, 327x346, 327:346, glowmobile.jpg)


You're the obvious cianigger here

6b7aa9  No.12659975




compression artifacts are not smooth transitions like that, they are usually blockiness and noise/errors

it looks a lot more like an ai/algorithm stitching composite videos together

unless you have some other examples of 'compression artifacts' like that


>literally any video

yeah show me which one

>anon posts with no proof

kettle meet pot

c31334  No.12660024


Looks like a morph cut

d2d8d6  No.12660505


Holy dick this is a fucking stupid post.

742baa  No.12661056

Does anyone remember about a year ago or so when 4pol got bombarded and flooded by a massive brazilian botnet?

Think it was around the time of the spoopy alien selfie that shut down the forums for a few hours.

Apparently something was leaked onto there which spoke of a massive hi-tech & global see pee trading ring.

Was pretty freaky and i cant remember when it was but saw it happen. These botnet spam posts were spitting out nonsense posts with mainly weird images attached. It was posting so fast by bypassing spam control that some threads did not max out even at 700+ posts on a thread (normal thread limit is 300 posts)

2f6bca  No.12661076


Computer, zoom in and enhance.

4825b7  No.12661347


>knowing anything about cuckchan after the Exodus

0916aa  No.12661385

File: c51e9e4edd55bff⋯.jpg (169 KB, 608x767, 608:767, bankers.jpg)


There was a major terrorist attack in New York in 2017.


>On October 31, 2017, an Islamist terrorist drove a rented pickup truck into cyclists and runners for about one mile (1.6 kilometers) of the Hudson River Park's bike path alongside West Street from Houston Street south to Chambers Street in Lower Manhattan, New York City. The vehicle-ramming attack killed eight people, mostly tourists, and injured eleven others. After crashing the truck into a school bus, the driver exited, apparently wielding two guns (later found to be a paintball gun and a pellet gun). He was shot in the abdomen by a policeman and arrested.[6] A flag and a document indicating allegiance to the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) were found in the truck.

This was day after Manafort and Gates indictments AND kevin spacey apology for pedophile gay sexual harassment. 8 people died and 10 seriously injured in the attack. Completley memory holed in the Russiagate nonsense.

e94efe  No.12661421


He's right though. Back up your information on another board asap, so this doesn't get memoryholed either.

e94efe  No.12661426


Reddit made gamergate into gamergoiym, I remember in the beginning there were two autists from half/pol/ who migrated on /v/ and gghqs to help the digging but the redditors that followed were more interested in the vidya and the "fight" than in the intel.

380b4e  No.12661621


What I was surprised by was that the kid talks about seeding misinformation into your data profile to throw letter agency glowniggers off the scent. This vid was frontrunning the Butterfly War, 8 years before this malaysian uphill train model forum was talking about it.

27857f  No.12661632


ChanThreadWatch is 10/10 for it

69bedf  No.12661695


Tucson, Arizona


bcaa9f  No.12661816

File: 8e06d5a661726f7⋯.jpg (10.8 KB, 275x183, 275:183, serveimage.jpg)

The pedo / child murderer Dutroux affair in Belgium.

All witnesses and uncomfortable people got killed.

(((They))) had pedo brothels and pedo parties in Brussels to blackmail high level people. Dutroux was a full time criminal psychopath who trained and procured for (((them)))



It's no accident why the EU is headquartered in the kikenest of Belgium - the most compromised tier 1 EU country.

5b5097  No.12661866

I've been considering starting a timeline or journal or something to keep track of daily happenings. So much shit gets pushed through the news cycle and is made to disappear.

bcaa9f  No.12661929

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No footage of the mystery death. He's an esoteric conference circuit speaker lumping together dozens of theories.

I think his fellow quacks are just hyping up his death to boost conspiracy community street cred.

Lets say you really have secret knowledge about aliens, shape shifting jews or w/e but there is no way you can prove it and attaining it would require you to be an expert at attaining out of body state, meditation or w/e

How many people could you convince, how many people would go through with it?

(((They))) wouldn't hunt down such obscure people. They care more about real evidence that normies can see and believe.

Otherwise David Icke, who has never proven anything, would be dead a long time ago…

69bedf  No.12661931


Threads like these are so good at doing that.

Have had a great time reading and going through all the archive links here.

bcaa9f  No.12661944


A lot of (((terrorist attacks))) are mossad ops covering up news about important legislations, pizzagate tier happenings and whatnot.

They know they can't fully control all media, but they know they can make things happen that will achieve media prominence.

bcaa9f  No.12662017

File: db7edd3836eb5cb⋯.jpg (9.16 KB, 300x168, 25:14, serveimage1.jpg)

There is a guy who taught people Astral projection on a forum.

He was very involved and disappeared all of a sudden.

This is his compiled knowledge and guide, but be careful:

Just like traveling to Apefrica is dangerous, so is the ether with it's sometimes evil entities.

The white man (and subsequently the indo aryan which form the highest caste of India) seem to be the only one capable of transcending beyond the animalistic self, which makes us so dangerous to (((them))) who are lead by some evil spirit beyond the earthly realm and which is why they want race mixing so badly.


4fc109  No.12662038

It's embarrassing that newfags who weren't around for this shit start thinking it's true.

D.A.K. was a forced meme that copied an older meme from /s4s/ which was based off of an older meme from /b/. It had nothing to do with Assange except the late October timeframe (the dates don't match up either).

The "real alien" picture didn't exist. Either a low IQ autist got baited hard and started spamming threads or a higher IQ autist manufactured an outrage during cuckchans normal regular downtime (87 times a week) and started spamming threads. Of course people wanted to see a "real alien" but the problem is that nobody has a frame of reference. Even funnier is that only ever about 12 unique IPs ever claimed to have saw the original thread and literally anyone could fire up 12 proxies to all claim the same thing, it's called astroturfing. It should've been obvious why the threads were deleted and that's because they were off topic but of course when off topic threads get deleted the people involved get very mad and start thinking the moderation so is out to get them or suppress them. The same is done here constantly and are apart of many fracture points the board.

The black blood guy, well not much can be said much about him but while puking isn't very normal, the puke being black when puking it isn't out of the question. It's about how much you believe the guy whether or not that was if fact alien fetus juice implanted by pregnanting space men.

Trump blew hot air about Clinton the same every politician does to their opponent a few months before Election Day. It dissipated the day right after and will never come back because he was just hyping a crowd. It the same lot who thought that after he was swore in he would abolish the government and murder every non-white. It's very surprising people even here actually believed this at all because this is literally the fake left vs right show of politics that I would think anons here would be wise to the back and forth of Jew tricks but I guess everyone here is getting more retarded by the day.

Myziam cuckchan nonsense is cuckchan nonsense. The alien pic is too but fuckers brought it here (and also got banned for off topic).

2ede9d  No.12662512


A lot of us started to see the (((bigger picture))) after a few months, I know I certainly did. GG brought me to the JQ.

2ede9d  No.12662518




Hiram Abiff. Masons i.e. controlled kiked opposition.

Hezbollah, on the other hand…

bcaa9f  No.12662598


schizophrenia is a thing…

bcaa9f  No.12662671

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I just listened to the documentary in the background while working and I think the conspiracytards he hung out with probably gave him some therapy for his drug addiction that led to lethal untreated pneumonia or w/e

all the stuff he's talking about is just copy pasta thoughts from David Icke and whatnot

689a66  No.12662709

File: abeb4a46cb73f7b⋯.jpg (115.12 KB, 750x727, 750:727, d75cd2f5527c027329a8c41a0c….jpg)



The guy he accused of being an ayy survived a .45 acp to the face and was a priest

5c82e9  No.12662715

File: 547b14810473046⋯.jpg (87.35 KB, 1001x642, 1001:642, 17ee93f73b8f890ac58d9bd876….jpg)


>Shoots dude in the fucking head 5 times

>Writes down manifesto that he swears he saw his true shape being some monster and that he is not crazy

>Every other witness account says the shooter was a nice guy

>Dude that gets shot casually recovers in a few days in the hospital

It is spooky.

089dd3  No.12662719


Was gonna post that.

And sure you can survive a shotgun to the face in the right circumstances (temporarily at least) but then there's this >>12662581

He was shot twelve times besides the face.

The guy is either an ayy or one hell of a priest that can call for divine intervention.

bcaa9f  No.12662738

Kyle A. Odom, 31, who has a history of mental illness, was charged last year with shooting pastor Tim Remington, who suffered six gunshot wounds after Sunday services on March 6, 2016, in the parking lot of the Altar Church he founded in Coeur d’Alene.

The shooting occurred as Remington talked to his son on his cellphone and was approaching his car. Remington later remembered seeing Odom in the congregation that day but doesn’t remember any interaction with Odom prior to the bullets being fired.

Investigators found that Odom fired 12 times from a .45 caliber handgun. Six hollow-point bullets ripped through Remington’s back and shoulder and shattered his right arm. He suffered a collapsed lung, one bullet pierced his pelvis and another penetrated his skull but missed his brain.

The pastor received nine pints of blood during emergency efforts to save his life. He continues to recover from those wounds.

“I’m doing well,” Remington said. “I still have a lot of pain, of course. But physically, I’m doing better. It’s a little bit every day.”


c5d612  No.12662740

Recently learn Laura Silsby was scrubbed. Damn that was a big one too

b88523  No.12662748



>all the stuff he's talking about is just copy pasta thoughts from David Icke and whatnot

That's disappointing. His death, or at least the investigation by the police was suspicious though. The cops supposedly botched it, which suggests a cover-up. It is conceivable the cops were simply lazy faggots, or that his death was used as a red herring, and the investigation was botched on purpose. Yet it's still suspicious. It's also possible even if he believed that claptrap that he did manage to uncover something he shouldn't have, possibly not related to UFOs or aliens, and was killed for it. He did message his mother that he was in danger.


On an unrelated note to Spiers, but related to memory holes, where did the JFK thread that was here yesterday disappear to?

689a66  No.12662750

File: 3387219caa05ff2⋯.jpg (13.63 KB, 445x251, 445:251, tim remington.jpg)


He shot him 6 (Im actually finding different numbers depending on the news article) times and several in the face with a .45 acp. That round just grazing your head can scramble your brains from the force it carries.

Tim Remington was the pastors name.

c5d612  No.12662767


Almost every media man/woman you see is a CIA plant(or surrounded by)

c801f7  No.12662777


>be named remington

>get shot







689a66  No.12662779

File: aae9c6d52e156b6⋯.gif (1.87 MB, 500x370, 50:37, aae9c6d52e156b68b35b179361….gif)




Does anyone have that map showing the FBIs known human trafficking paths? I wonder if any of it or anything else lines up with Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

bcaa9f  No.12662781


c'mon it's Poland which is pretty much a failed state…

089dd3  No.12662784



Thanks for looking it up and letting me know anon.

Did the articles say he was shot in the face, and if so, where?


predictive programming :^)

also checked

089dd3  No.12662808


Didn't he shoot this just like a few days later (I may be sensationalist here, but it was very soon after)

If anything it grazed his head and the media blew it out of proportion.

That or there's some conspiracy of course.

689a66  No.12662809

File: 0712ac408ff3f8a⋯.png (250.71 KB, 920x633, 920:633, Coeur d'Alene.png)


Shot in the head with .45 acp, but I guess he's lucky because it missed his brain as well as had lost enough kinetic energy to not turn his brains into jelly.


Also did a quick search and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho is right next to a large national park, a main waterway and is surrounded by several other national parks. Easy for people to disappear in such an environment.

089dd3  No.12662812

File: a6e7125ddce7ba3⋯.jpg (34.33 KB, 636x358, 318:179, shotinthehead.jpg)


forgot pic


Yeah must've been that.

bcaa9f  No.12662824


my mother has schizophrenia so I know what kind of crazy paranoid stuff mentally ill people can come up with

I need more than a crazy manifesto and some guy that survived being shot six times to believe he's actually a shape shifting alien

due to my mothers mental illness I'm very skeptical of any claims beyond /pol/ tier stuff

pizzagate stretches far for example but all evidence there is is damn creepy so I think there is something to it but there is no evidence of shape shifting aliens

jews look like globlins though and those with goy blood like Rothschild or Zuckerberg look like they're an alien inhabiting a human body, so who knows…

689a66  No.12662835

File: c11b44861391089⋯.jpg (40.8 KB, 732x862, 366:431, c11b44861391089af642ca21c4….jpg)


I've recently considered whats stopping a bunch of cianiggers from using tax payer money on Ayy disguises, special effects and drugs to try and fuck with people? It wouldn't be the most farfetched thing they've done.

089dd3  No.12662846





There's nothing wrong with not believing in shapeshifting psychic aliens without evidence anon.

I don't think anyone here is genuinly saying that's what happened.

Just that it was a strange chain of events. Sounds like you've been through some shit anon, hope you're doing alright.

Did that 9/11 hackergroup who also claimed they had alien evidence died?

089dd3  No.12662909

Going to leave the Odom thing alone, but started reading the manifest.



He says this john padula was the first to contact him, but I can't find anything up that has Padula explaining that.

The dead links confirm that he did communicate with Odom.

84903b  No.12662914


>Don't bother knowing and researching things goyim

bcaa9f  No.12662978


But, Padula told KREM 2 News he just realized Wednesday morning that he had in fact texted and spoken on the phone with Odom before the shooting. Pastor Padula believes his contact with Odom happened by mistake.

MORE: Suspected pastor shooter appears in D.C. superior court

“I just went through my phone and I have him saved as Kyle wrong number in my phone cause I send out scripture everyday to 300 people,” said Padula.

Padula said he sends out a mass text daily to encourage people with Bible verses. Somehow Kyle Odom's number ended up on his text list.

“He must have got a new phone number and it must've been one of my old friend's phone numbers that I was sending scripture to cause I send it out every day and he started getting those text messages and was like hey who is this? So I called him and we started talking and building a relationship with him and I just realized today that's who that was,” said Padula.

hahaha wtf

089dd3  No.12662989


That's one hell of a cohencidence..

Thank you anon

bcaa9f  No.12663075


erection and penis

after reading through it, it's a classic case of schizophrenia

stressful life situation, breakdown happens, paranoid delusions, him getting a tracphone with a number from someone who used to go to both churches (phone companies re-assign dropped numbers)

28675a  No.12663116


>hurr ur cia if u point out fake shit ololooolooll

Kill yourself.


You can watch literally any compressed video and see weird shit like this. Watch literally any one. Of course, I could spend days finding an exact duplicate of this specific artifacting and you'd still cry foul because your script says to call it cgi and claim assange is dead with zero proof.


>wow i have no argument nor technical knowledge whatsoever so you're stupid huuurrrrrr


And here's the point of the disinfo-filled thread where smiley and his /fringe/ goons post some retarded /cringe/ shit.


Post info nigger.


Your mummy having fuckbrains is making you have an emotional response to this. Don't trust it.

2641f2  No.12663156

File: 9a9df7376305aa7⋯.jpeg (71.76 KB, 500x307, 500:307, pepperoni-pizza.jpeg)

Pizzagate. That shit got memory holed faster than anything I've ever seen once the Podesta video got leaked and it became too popular for the media to ignore. It's only talked about on obscure political boards and conspiracy theory websites, despite the huge amount of evidence that has been compiled.

9c09d3  No.12663157

File: 39fba0a92eb0e0d⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1440x646, 720:323, IMG_4231lkjh.png)

c20505  No.12663256

File: 3686b3e88cbbdb5⋯.jpg (18.21 KB, 200x316, 50:79, 326951.jpg)

"Heroin, Bush's drug of choice, was in abundance and Cheney joined him in using it. The smorgasbord of drugs laid out supposedly included opium, cocaine, and Wonderland Wafers (MDMHA-XTC aka ecstasy), which indicated to me they intended to celebrate their vacation with abandon. I had seen Cheney stumbling drunk before, but this was the only time I saw him use heroin and give it to me. Kelly, too, was subjected to the drugs.

Bush attempted to sell Cheney on the idea of pedophilia through graphic descriptions of having sex with Kelly. Both were already sexually aroused from drugs and anticipation. Cheney demonstrated to Bush why he did not have sex with kids by exposing himself to Kelly and saying, "Come here". Upon seeing Cheney's unusually large penis, Kelly reeled back in horror and cried, "No!" which made them both laugh. Bush asked Cheney for his liquid cocaine atomizer as he got up to take Kelly to the bedroom. When Cheney remarked how benevolent it was of Bush to numb her with it before sex, Bush replied, "The hell it is. It's for me." He described his excited state in typical vulgar terms and explained that he wanted it to spray cocaine on his penis to last longer.

Cheney said, "I thought it was for the kid." Bush explained, "Half the fun is having them squirm." He took Kelly's hand and led her off to the bedroom."

Pic related came out after the above text was put into a book corroborating her experience. Other stuff was corroborated too, and apparantly Reagan used "hot dogs" or something as a code word similar to pizzagate. Rarely see any of this discussed nowadays since it's all Bush era stuff.

dbdda6  No.12663318

File: 5443da22e00b58f⋯.png (830.56 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

This one's not really international news, but it should have been HUGE in its own area.


The Newcastle (upon Tyne) sex ring/operation Sanctuary. One of the events that drove me toward /pol/ and the horrifying realisation that the world we live in is not the one we're told exists.

Evidence of a massive Mudslime rape gang in England's northernmost city. MSM - from local to national - reported on it, but acted in lock-step to subvert the narrative. Turned out that the police had paid a convicted paedo £10k to 'hook them up' with the gang - which he did, thus (paraphrasing the words of the officer in charge) cutting years off the investigation. Every single media report focused almost exclusively on this after the breifest mention of the headline and the situation. I watched the BBC's initial reporting, which spent longer grilling senior police officers over the payment than it did talking about the rape gang.

For the record, I don't support paying paedos, but am enough of a realist to acknowledge that sometimes morally questionable methods are necessary to achieve results. £10k is about half of a PC's starting salary, and this was a massive operation that likely cost millions per year. And think how many girls they (theoretically) stopped from being abused by stopping the gang years ahead of when they otherwise would.

People are just embarrassed to talk about it now. Presumably they don't want to appear racist. We're so fucking cucked, at every level of society, over here.

tl;dr: Mudslime rape gang in NE England. Media more concerned with minor ethics violation by police, nobody talks about it anymore.

28675a  No.12663430


Why don't you suck a cock, fagboi.

>don't point out and destroy disinfo goy


>ur cia if u expose disinfo

Suckstart a shotgun.


Same as Vegas. Actual anons either got psyop'd into retardation, v&, or left and what we have now is nu/pol/, who would rather fund the IRS and ZOG willingly than do actual work.

28675a  No.12663480


This isn't IRC or discord, nigger. Disinfo doesn't stop needing to be killed after your puny attention span gives up.

d99c8e  No.12663598


Remember "FALL OF CASSANDRA" and it's precommit hash? Cassandra talked to infowars today…

> Assange Insider: Julian Is Isolated In Deep State Supermax Prison


af6084  No.12663731


all talk of pizzagate on 4chan's /pol/ is shoah'ed quickly, but they still get plenty of replies

eb349e  No.12663747


> I don't think he was white enough to stick.

I don't think he was white at all.


eb349e  No.12663751


That is what I thought as well.

98cc47  No.12663784



A few months ago here on 8/pol/ someone posted a youtube video from some Jewish Religious channel. At like 40 minutes into it you see a lady lookup and her eyes briefly turn reptilian and she 'blinks' horizontally, as in not top to bottom in a human fashion.

It was very strange because it seemed like a legitimate faith group and there was no reason to have cgi or something randomly in that video.

edd327  No.12663791


Alien Selfie was an elaborate troll.

eb349e  No.12663795


>legitimate faith group

"One of these things is not like the other…"

e94efe  No.12663798


This gives me an idea: what are some hobbies that are getting increasingly poz'd? We could have a gemergoiym like second wind movement.

bcaa9f  No.12663802

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I posted a thread about David de Rothschild shifting eye color as well but this quickly got burried on /pol/

af6084  No.12663817


I find it funny shills in the comments refute the eye color shifting as nothing more than [blank], but in the actual video people in the comments are goin nuts over his eye color changing

fa9209  No.12663842


>Wonderland Wafers (MDMHA


Mason bullshit. "Cathy O'Brien" is disinformation like FE.

9bebd5  No.12663855




probably some more possibilities

fcb063  No.12663879


>penetrated his skull but missed his brain

um sure totally normal

8cf6c9  No.12663906

There was a blogger called Larry Johnson who used to write on a blog called NoQuartersUSA.net. He originally "shilled" Obama being born overseas from the Clinton campaign but recently (as in last year?) exposed the GCHQ as tapping Trump's phones for the Obama administration during his campaign. His blog just disappeared overnight and there's been no blog posts or media appearances ever since. Even googling anything about the guy turns up nothing. Very strange.

f724f6  No.12663965


>You can watch literally any compressed video and see weird shit like this

No. You can't. Point me to one video that shows even similar artifacts to that assange video and maybe I'll concede. But as I said compression artifacts are NOT like that. I've never seen them be a smooth transition like that assange vid. You're just agit prop starting arguments that go nowhere, never providing any proof and just being a shill and derailing the thread.

86c9c1  No.12664010


>what is the X-Files and the black oil

8cf6c9  No.12664071


I meant there has been no information about him since the blog went down.

85162a  No.12664108


The camera lens was dirty and swamp gas Goy

f037f9  No.12664275

File: 68b5204900f25d4⋯.jpg (71.83 KB, 634x833, 634:833, 1.jpg)

File: b0b9553b1599028⋯.jpg (131.93 KB, 1024x1064, 128:133, 2.jpg)


This guy was just as good

Jeffrey Alan Lash

One day some cops find an abandoned car, and inside the body of Mr. Lash, that is according to his ID.

But the cops got mindnumb when they found 250k bucks in brand new bills and several weapons in the car, further search would find 5 million buckaroos in his house, along with 6 tons of ammo and 1200 firearms, including military-use only rifles.

Then they realized the guy wasn't registered anywhere and were looking at a non-existent person. And then it vanished.

But i read that some time later that some women were fighting for the money, turns out this guy had 10 lovers, using a different name with most of them, and many of these girls disappeared time later leaving only 3 fighting for the millions.

Yes, you can guess it, this happened in Los Angeles, specifically the jewish condo area "Pacific Palisades", where many high-profile nutjob cases have happened, like the mexican hitman who kidnapped/sold woman and filmed their deaths, and that gay trio who faked one of their death's with a fag they killed some nights before and made insurance fraud.

All memory holed too.

f037f9  No.12664291


P.D. A woman and some close friends said Lash was an alien working for the CIAniggers in secret bases and pulled dangerous missions overseas.

This guy was basically that "Valiant" alien dude who used to disguise as a human in those David Icke stories, but this one was much more degenerate and /k/lover

cdcc76  No.12664314

File: b9a5003904ed43e⋯.mp4 (11.02 MB, 1088x1088, 1:1, InShot_20180914_171045656.mp4)

cdcc76  No.12664316


Watch this bitchs eyes

d9fe81  No.12664350


watch this video edited … once you edit it its not like we can fucking verify you idiot

but yes they exist… what if I told you some were better than nogs ?

3fb32a  No.12664478


I literally laughed out loud when I saw this

a76e65  No.12664689


I forget where I saw but the director said they did this as an easter egg

8ac5f5  No.12664815


>Myziam on halfpol

>That UFO researcher guy who puked up black liquid

Tell me more, anon

32580a  No.12664914

Remember the show John and Kate plus 8?

Both the parents have blue eyes. All the kids have brown eyes.


32580a  No.12664938

File: ef5865111e3ed21⋯.gif (3.32 MB, 960x540, 16:9, 3E7FBABD-5951-4A10-82A9-50….gif)

bcaa9f  No.12665989


>Pacific Palisades

During their exile from Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 40s, many German and Austrian intellectuals and artists associated with the Exilliteratur settled in Pacific Palisades, including Thomas Mann (1550 San Remo Drive),[2] Lion Feuchtwanger, Theodor W. Adorno, Vicki Baum, Oskar Homolka and Emil Ludwig.[3] Villa Aurora on Paseo Miramar, the Spanish colonial home of Feuchtwanger and his wife, Marta, became the focal point of the expatriate community, which was nicknamed ((("Weimar by the Sea".))) [4]


hahaha Weimar by the sea, you can't make that shit up…

Someone with the last name Homolka was also a female serial killer if my memory serves me right. Serial killers largely seem to be jews btw.

889790  No.12666176


On issue #1 Has Assange used his PGP to sign ANY of his messages after this? It seemed as if though right after he re-appeared he never used it again. Which would clearly indicate some fuckery afoot.

bec077  No.12666235

File: eb16d1f997abeae⋯.jpg (92.67 KB, 920x562, 460:281, raven swastika.jpg)


Jeffery Alan Lash also supplied the Korean community in LA's Korean Town with firearms to combat the roving niggers mobs. If you do some digging into the LA Riots you will see that a massive amount of Korean people were supplied with ammo and firearms in an extremely short amount of time.

Another interesting thing about Jeffery is that his neighbor in the condo apartment complex was a city attorney or assistant city attorney.

90d464  No.12666319

I was browsing halfchan /pol/ during the time of #3, Immediately following the news that an alien posted a selfie and no record existed of it in the archive there were photos of pre-made aliens in the desert ( high quality photoshop content that would require at MINIMUM, 30 minutes to do) being spammed on the catalog, soon anons joined in the fun and the rest is history.

In my opinion everything was premeditated and planned. The event was a psychological tactic to test how easy it would be to make users unknowingly do the kikes bidding by mass sliding unwanted info through the method of unrelenting spam, sadly the entire board took the bait.

Its a bit similar to the pizzagate bullshit that flooded here, conveniently soon as the real campaign dirt dropped on Hillary through wikileaks our efforts were halved by (((news))) of Satanic pedos running pizzerias and underground 3rd world pedo slave trades. The effort to "expose" these things turnt up deadends and quickly became forgotten after the election ended. Our lesson to be learned here is to not underestimate the influence of CIAniggers by fixating on the abilities of low tier shariablue shills, our enemies still work around the clock to silence us. Keep your awareness running at 110% at all times.

218736  No.12666353


He shot a dude 4 times in the back of the head iirc. The guy is still alive.

685890  No.12666636


found the fed

35de5f  No.12666759

Can we talk about how the Fl zombie psy op scared everybody away from synthetic weed/bath salts. You cant even say the word bath salts now without people associating it with drug freakouts, but when they autopsied zombie man the quietly released report said all he had in his system was weed. Think about it, the whole world believes bath salts make you go apeshit but the face eater wasnt even on them.

I think (((they))) were rapidly losing control of their weed monopoly because anytime they made one chemical formation illegal they just changed the chemical construction and made it legal again.

Tldr-fl zombie wasnt on bath salts it was one big psy op

bcaa9f  No.12666767


any kind of vices = jew territory

drugs, gambling, prostitution - just stay away from it

13ef68  No.12666779


Hollywood and the CIA loved the cosa nostra, because their roots are in those jewish-italian gangs.

b4d0c5  No.12666835


I foolishly didn't make a backup of the videos and hadn't seen them posted since. I lost my HDD that had them a few months later.

bcaa9f  No.12666850


fun fact, Vegas was founded by (((them))) and is still run by (((them)))

365ff8  No.12667334


The one local restaurant he rarely ate at said he only ordered raw meat. His condo had no running water and looked like a Hoarders episode but with guns and unopened packages. His father or stepfather was a pioneer of sex change surgery. Can hopefully find links in the PP local paper where one commenter seemed to know quite a bit.

365ff8  No.12667352


Anon regularly posts it on halfch.

000000  No.12667366


This, it was simply a child abuse investigation. Then again it is foolish to try to do this investigation in public, because when people post leads everything can be scrubbed in a few minutes and no one give a damn about archiving it properly or are unable to download a whole website (there still is no good software for this, god damn it)

bcaa9f  No.12667458


he was a kike conman getting post menopause new age harpies excited enough to let him mooch off them

c06ade  No.12667709

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




>Lash’s father, Joseph Lash, owned a laboratory and may have collaborated with a Dr. Elmer Belt, who repotedly pioneered sex change surgery techniques. When his father died in 2010, Lash may have inherited his elder’s microbiology patents.

Vid related is quality and just gets weirder. The link to his Playboy article is 404. One of his women was enslaved on the bathroom floor of the condo, the one with no plumbing.

a2e98d  No.12667733


A person who works at wikileaks doesn't know that it doesn't matter who owns exit nodes? Surely they would know how TOR actually works.

a2e98d  No.12667736


The dark overlord is being memoryholed right now. Very reputable leakers.

bcaa9f  No.12667761


I highly doubt financially motivated hackers have anything secret

they know there are a ton of 9/11 truthers that might pool money

000000  No.12667922


Nuke alert in Hawaii. That shit was treason.

000000  No.12667956


c801f7  No.12668033


I forget who, but I think it was a German Journalist that recorded Assange in different angles in person. It's yewtube somewhere.

3b834f  No.12668037

File: a622e5cecf37738⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1500x5000, 3:10, 6f5d54494064c4a47150aa0dbd….png)

File: 25790584c3bfe48⋯.png (47.96 KB, 1496x866, 748:433, e1f5dbebe9eae7cb5174f38cb5….png)

File: e59e71bfa36cac8⋯.png (774.62 KB, 2726x1460, 1363:730, Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at ….png)

File: 9172d94e5e48fa2⋯.png (324.55 KB, 2006x660, 1003:330, Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at ….png)

File: adf7a12e1f35129⋯.png (212.16 KB, 2020x550, 202:55, Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at ….png)

Never forget the Goonspiracy. Why has a forum that's been mostly irrelevant for 20 years maintained such a powerful force on our culture? Did you know that the Tumblr culture originated on SA? Why have so many SA mods and members been caught committing sex acts on babbys?

28be19  No.12668048


It also amazes me how Lowtax, a blithering fucking idiot, could keep such a shitheap glownigger hive intact for so long.

042fb7  No.12668086


He just sits around guzzling box wine and ambien. The mods are the ones that actually run the place.

000000  No.12668104




It's almost like they're going out of their way to "prove" this is just a nutty "conspiracy theory" eh?

421e64  No.12668196


I used to lurk SA years ago. Stopped because of the sheer faggotry. Grateful I never got involved in any of this shit.

000000  No.12668339


>paintball gun and a pellet gun


457a9c  No.12668593


This right here is all the proof necessary to say that Assange is dead, or at least out of communication, and that the person in control of WL's accounts isn't him.

8ac5f5  No.12668616


>Tumblr culture originated on SA


836d8d  No.12669922


How come no one is discussing this? How many of you even know what PGP is? I admit my use of it doesn't go much further than using it to buy drugs from the Dream Market. I do however know exactly how to use it, and know of it's importance in secure communications. He has not signed ONE message to my knowledge since he originally "disappeared".

5d04e6  No.12670131

File: 2950976e8fbaf97⋯.mp4 (4.6 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 2950976e8fbaf97ba998263442….mp4)


Here's the video of the guy talking not long after his surgery. Shit's fucked.

693a74  No.12670159

“Now the archon who is weak has three names. The first name is Yaldabaoth, the second is Saklas, and the third is Samael. And he is impious in his arrogance which is in him. For he said, ‘I am God and there is no other God beside me,’ for he is ignorant of his strength, the place from which he had come.

3b834f  No.12670160


Twitter/Tumblr weird twitter/ironic hipster feminism evolved out of SA. A large number of feminist goons got mega influential in Twitter's early days after Dril became the Twitter celebrity.

1e5f8b  No.12670287


I remember, I was in the same city when it happened and all the accounts were talking about ballons and speakers as I was checking why there was suddenly such a large police presence as I was heading home

000000  No.12670947


I will never stop saying it, over-shilling is a very serious problem and it has compromised all major shill farms. Flooding the same shit copied word for word isn't a great strategy but with all the Obama-era affirmative action in our intel agencies it's amazing that they still put toilet paper in the buildings.

2b1d47  No.12671117


My 1911 can turn watermelons into smoothies, this man should be dead.

569f2f  No.12671201

File: 71fff2d5effb83d⋯.jpg (393.92 KB, 1158x1393, 1158:1393, 15000609_1689002988079847_….jpg)

000000  No.12671202


He has no visible injuries, either the whole thing was fake or he's a lizard alien man.

6bf67a  No.12671207


next time try harder agent

569f2f  No.12671209

File: a1b00cb156ac38a⋯.png (346.03 KB, 1366x1826, 683:913, 1495258851134.png)

File: 09a0f8e5fad1215⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 1257x4361, 1257:4361, b5bb7e9d1019c780aa65271c6f….jpg)

6bf67a  No.12671210

File: aae76aa6ca2e3ad⋯.png (60.13 KB, 520x484, 130:121, hellotherecia.png)


you know how I absolutely know you are CIA? because you just created that image, and it doesnt show up anywhere else on the internet. you are literally in Langley Virginia right now with an infinite budget and help from board owner, yet still haven't completely defeated true /pol/acks yet.

6bf67a  No.12671233

File: d414a7237183655⋯.jpg (6.92 KB, 250x238, 125:119, youarecia.jpg)


>our intel agencies

bruh this is low quality maybe you need to call in some better guys from outside the agency

f4d4ed  No.12671261

File: ebb9f2f579d6a09⋯.jpg (368.68 KB, 1000x1333, 1000:1333, 69975cefb1b0eaf1202d185815….jpg)



It is from the manga Gantz


The top comment has links to similar stuff from the manga.

I used TinEye to find this.

Stay vigilant brother.

334f78  No.12671512

File: c9e132fc1df3f0b⋯.png (174.31 KB, 500x545, 100:109, truth.png)

This image used to be the other way around

95fc64  No.12671949


Here's an interesting thread back from '15 when Weird Twitter (and their closeness to certain journalists) were discussed.


The takeover of online leftism by goons is a fascinating topic in itself.

000000  No.12672597


Holy fuck anon, bump. Luckily the SJW's are trapped by their own language and thought police into a narrowly circumscribed area. It's why the left can't meme, you can't offend anybody but white males otherwise you'll be thrown to the sharks.

Thanks for this.

000000  No.12672802

Remember when Twitter suspended Trump's Twitter account for like 6 hours? The butt hurt is that intense.

c091ab  No.12672837

File: bceecbea08fd965⋯.png (65.49 KB, 2399x340, 2399:340, NO KEY.PNG)



how come he hasn't used his pgp key since then?





>It's embarrassing that newfags who weren't around for this shit start thinking it's true.

>D.A.K. was a forced meme that copied an older meme from /s4s/ which was based off of an older meme from /b/. It had nothing to do with Assange except the late October timeframe (the dates don't match up either).

a73d69  No.12672934

wow this thread is full of disinfo NSA shilling

481259  No.12672971


well they werent that good at irony because twitter-chan nuked the fuck out of weird twitter

5d6c52  No.12673356



A bunch of them, like Virgil Texas or Felix Biedermann have since joined the Blue Checkmark Checka (thanks in part to the mainstream sucess of Chapo Trap House), others went private, cleaned up (Joe "Blockhead" Bernstein from Buzzfeed nuked his old account @jbasher that was pure WT, dunno if he was a hanger on or a genuine goon) and those that fall prey to Twitter's ban routines simply haven't realized that they are no longer the uncrowned nobility of that place, as they were before 2014/16.

856007  No.12674627


>No reason for a hoaxer to make it seem real

cc1736  No.12674814


>oy vey make individual posts and flood the board or ignore it and let disinfo perpetuate goy


<ur agitpropjewkikeniggerglowSHIIIIII)LLLLLL because I'm technologically inept


<what is video compression




Ecuador at the behest of the US cut off his internet access, retard.


>pizzagate was fake goy



>it's safe goy the exit nodes are only owned by the same agencies that made the program

cc1736  No.12675593


<It's not video compression it's noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot

<CIA-built-and-owned programs are saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafe

Kill yourself kike.

000000  No.12677543


DARPA built the Internet, the CIA has tried to control online discourse since Usenet debuted in the early '80s but they glow.

But obviously the collar morph is some AI bullshit getting out of whack trying to simulate Assange. I would challenge a person to find anything similar, it's a pretty unique 'artifact' and Assange is still dead by my reckoning.

e61f87  No.12677607

don't forget about tavistock

000000  No.12677628


ssshhh that's filtered on conspiracy sites and will get you shadowbanned on lefftit

e61f87  No.12677640


do you remember the threads that started it? before they turned into larping? those were fun

e61f87  No.12677649

you guys want me to rabbit hole something else? because I've been there in real life when the system shuts you down. i'll start a thread on something you all will be interested in you guys want

000000  No.12677712

>order particular stuff from ebay and get a diego garcia card and another with a pro baseball player from your home town who looks just like you

hi guys i'm honestly not a danger to anybody i just like to shitpost

94d127  No.12677718


make the thread

5529c2  No.12677720


THIS. Tavistock connects to everything

e61f87  No.12677922



the question is. is /pol/ ready for tavistock thread?

8135f9  No.12677954

199a4e  No.12679622

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


i remember that

c49fc7  No.12679732

Kyle Odom

SLC day care center with the White rabbit in front

0b00bb  No.12680747


Looks like the type of morphological effects you get from AI rendering

Definitely a deep fake

4b1aa0  No.12681216


This image with it's multiple faces, one being Hitler who /pol/acks will identify with, the human body dissected and dismantled, the positioning of the writing and the creepy, slip into your subconscious tone the writing has. This is classic CIA mind control shit. Fuck you.

5529c2  No.12682349

85cf88  No.12682600

File: 992207b1f040226⋯.png (63.54 KB, 754x566, 377:283, german-national-socialist-….png)

Immediately into the memory hole, no coverage, no discussion. No one even knows it happened.

aa5f7b  No.12682862

I vote for Fukushima.

b97a82  No.12682909


I wonder how this was "smashed" if not a single one of those were arrested? lol

6a4acb  No.12682926


The reports when it happened said they were all arrested.

b97a82  No.12682930


No they didn't, and lol how the fuck does a faggy little cop arrest a spec ops.

6a4acb  No.12682940


If I remember correctly from the thread a few months ago, I believe the military arrested them. This is based off memory so I could be mistaken.



Lurk moar newfriend

b21d52  No.12682969


Go on…

a97683  No.12682984


Absolutely a morph cut in premiere

5e09d2  No.12683977


Hezbollah are also Semitic scum, they are just another form of kikes. The Islam vs. Jew blood feud is a Semitic fag war because Muslims copied their Jew cousins. Stop shilling this based Hezbollah bullshit. They would kill every white man they could. Why has Hezbollah never attacked Israel? Same reason as ISIS.

0d40cb  No.12684053


<I was shot by 8 HOLLOW POINTS, opens up and blows big holes

Dude talks like he is middle of an MDMA trip without a single scar from the incident. Also what kind of hospital is that where he can just lay in his shirt and not the usual robe they give.

This has "what the fuck?" plastered all over it.

0d40cb  No.12684262

File: 950c07ed789cfa3⋯.jpg (8.79 KB, 193x261, 193:261, sort of.jpg)

File: 8a8684728c6c63d⋯.png (127.34 KB, 500x485, 100:97, troll one.png)



Not to mention there was an interview with Clinton some years back during the elections and anons pointed out the was a segment where something went wrong and the camera showed some ugly thing, then the news-reader looked really frightened. It was not just some camera glitch. It looked horrible. It was just like the description of some dude who talked about seeing real aliens that looked like pic related (troll original turd looking thing). The feed was turned on and the camera was swiftly moved, almost like the cameraman repelled or something (lmao wouldn't surprise me). It was an interview with Hillary Clinton, she was aboard her private plane on live feed and it's shoah'd. Anons enhanced the video, slowed it down and made outlines of the shapes and it looked horrifying. It got buried and can't even find it anywhere. Not the usual "eye blinking" and memory glitch where the textures melt and stuff. Sometimes the picture is posted by some anons but nobody bothers, because nobody knows it's origin. I wish I had it saved.

cc1736  No.12684318



Kill yourself.



>I have no clue what I'm talking about therefore ASSNGE DED REREREEEEEEEE

b88523  No.12684382


I remember the video, how the news reporter looked scared of Hillary. I didn't know there was something weird seen after enhancing the video though.

It bothered me how kikey Thanos looked in Infinity Wars too. Is the whole face CGI or is it based on a real (((person's))) face?

bb192e  No.12684388


I tried to find this too. It was popularized because it was footage of a backpack that was then inverted (color) and it looked like the face of a 3d pepe. The news caster was still shocked however.

Please someone post this, I couldnt find it anywhere after hours of searching

b88523  No.12684420

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I think I found it, but this version has been edited a bit in an annoying way.

Thinking about this stuff reminded when I first heard about reptilian shapeshifter conspiracy theories. I thought it was hilarious, but I've always been intrigued by weird stuff, so I watched a few Jewtube videos about reptilians. Some of the videos promoting reptilian conspiracy theories were so obviously fake and gay, it made me think maybe there is something to this reptilian stuff, and they're putting out fake content to convince people it's all retarded.

bb192e  No.12684563


Not it, but appreciate the effort anon!

bb192e  No.12684571





OMG I just found it!!


0d40cb  No.12684580



0d40cb  No.12684614

File: a507519389b4afd⋯.png (35.17 KB, 232x214, 116:107, UGLIEST PEPE.PNG)

File: f18924577a8c807⋯.jpg (5.19 KB, 232x214, 116:107, inverted.jpg)


Also we could probably find the original on the trail of the titles used in the news segment or the exat date and time if shown.

It was uploaded on Sept 6 so it was pretty close or more before that day.

6b69c0  No.12684656


What the hell is going on here

fb35ac  No.12684674


lol funny, clearly a fun joke.

0d40cb  No.12684712

File: 25745cbac87fe39⋯.png (345.59 KB, 659x497, 659:497, reaction.PNG)


That's exactly what the reporter thought in himself.

0d40cb  No.12684721


>lol funny, clearly a fun joke.

Same with the Holocaust, moishe.

000000  No.12684849


>random shill appears to "debunk" the "claim" that Assange is dead

You faggots are so transparent. Go back to Weird Twitter.

b88523  No.12686361


I think it looks like a bag. Where exactly is it situated on the video? Is it behind Hillary? Is it floating in mid-air?


He doesn't look scared. It's the face of WTF.

99815e  No.12686454


Cutting away material makes the diamond smaller. Besides, girls like cock the way /pol/ users like their Assange videos: rough and uncut.

d8004e  No.12688319


2d3a86  No.12689822

File: 3ac57cc4b6f752d⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1174x774, 587:387, Untitledcvbnm,.png)


Idk best track is someone said the vaccination library ans secret tunnels where clawing with them. Give us small human T cells to eat… Well can we rape them first? I guess… Deal!

3b834f  No.12689866

File: 7074b33e18bd741⋯.jpg (661.55 KB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 746781754f7f9f93761af216e2….jpg)


>white rabbit

d351db  No.12690688

Anyone remember when it was revealed that the South Korean government was run by a matriarchal cult, don't quite remember all the facts.

5529c2  No.12690774


b88523  No.12690831

>>12690688 (heiled)

South Korea was/is ruled by a cult called the 8 Goddesses. The president of Korea had shown privileged information to one of them, who was her mentor or something, and was forced to resign. Maybe she went to jail as well, no time to check.

Possibly related to this is that there is some extreme feminist cult called the Daughters of Megalia in South Korea. More extreme even than Western feminists who at least had some power few years back. Haven't really kept up to things in last couple of years. I think Blizzard, the game company, somehow promoted them or had something to do with them.

331dfd  No.12690842


Now that's a name I haven't heard in a few years.

765b07  No.12691216


>only SHILLS don't believe falsehoods with ZERO evidence

>only SHILLS know what fucking compression algorithms are

Commit suicide.

1c0408  No.12692273


It is not the result of a compression algorithm. Compression doesn't cause physical objects to morph from one location to another.

Just goes to show how terrified the niggers are of the Assange illusion being shattered. They are afraid because if that dominoe falls, so do a lot of others. A huge portion of the public charade is caught up in the Assange deception.

cb4ca8  No.12692303

File: fb814bb40ccbf8d⋯.jpg (72.18 KB, 474x355, 474:355, thing.jpg)

What's this symbol that is above the fireplace in the oval office and on the coffee shop building (little red fox) next to comet ping pong? Boaz and Jachin?

ef46dd  No.12692350


pretty much all forms of gaming other than vidya are even more pozzed.

tabletop RPGS


hobby boardgames

pozzed types are infiltrating pinball. PAPA is thoroughly converged though most are keeping it on the DL, but elizabeth cromwell I know for a fact is both a hardcore feminist and an SA goon. Tim Sexton ("Timballs"), one of Stern's new hires, posted anti gamergate shit on twitter, and i think even retweeted people like Zoe Quinn. a dude got #MeTooed at Pinburgh 2016 by a woman who looks exactly like evey stereotype of the fat man hating feminist, and this chick was also a BLM/Antifa member.

but they've been real careful about going full poz - right now its mostly talk about how pinball needs to be more "inclusive" and whining about how scanitly clad women in the art isn't, but I expect it to get worse

d351db  No.12692667


thanks anon

9c11e1  No.12692909

08e5eb  No.12693249


As above, so below,

as within, so without,

as the universe, so the soul

>Where does perception begin and objectivity end?

>Is anything in this world NOT energy?

>Why is it only today that the kind of tech we're using now entering our understand of thousands of years of history?

>What am I in this context?

>If I am only energy, what does it mean when I do the things I do?

>How many layers of me are they, are what are they?

9dfe2e  No.12693432



9dfe2e  No.12693459


Chris? datchou?

9dfe2e  No.12693472


yes, the guy shot one bullet and it went through the hard drive of the computer. He had an imdb page and had played the "shooter" in another role. There are lots of memory holes in pizzagate. Anyone remember the asian guy that came and taunted us and posted the video hitting/torturing a toddler. Yea, I didn't forget that shit. I'm not here to sit around and shitpost. Thats why things are happening. Tick tock.

b9c99a  No.12693539

File: ad80a6893ed8280⋯.gif (396.51 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 0e6e49a5f85a97893a7ef3cdd4….gif)


Testing? Usually we'd be knee deep in screeching shills by now.

9dfe2e  No.12693574


seen theories about connections between lack of shills and the US govt shutdown.

b88523  No.12693592

File: f8bdd451c5354ae⋯.jpg (14.61 KB, 300x152, 75:38, Ra_Barque.jpg)


Sort of reminds me Atet, the sun barge.



The good thing about RPGs is that you can make them as unpozzed as you want. What I've heard of the second edition of Pathfinder though, is that it's very pozzed. They replaced race with ancestry. Maybe there's another reason than "it's raycis", not sure.

b9c99a  No.12693603

File: 2f4ca1699493522⋯.gif (2.44 MB, 320x320, 1:1, 2f4ca16994935220067f162ceb….gif)


Holy shit, I didn't even think of that.

c97a0f  No.12693726

File: 13bb8b1e1d610a5⋯.png (832.45 KB, 1008x942, 168:157, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4ef3f44271c8955⋯.png (372.9 KB, 706x846, 353:423, ClipboardImage.png)

b9c99a  No.12693796

File: d318a0c52bc7531⋯.gif (4.27 MB, 400x224, 25:14, entities, or how to conver….gif)

I tried to get Anons to take a look at this before, but no-one seemed to get it, or even notice.

018f62  No.12693872

File: d6c5dc6c2b891fd⋯.gif (87.92 KB, 800x850, 16:17, cognition.gif)

Bump for quality thread.

f8048e  No.12693932


Fucking 50 cent got shot 9 times and survived, is fiddy an alien???

b9d1b1  No.12694197

File: 328b6d13ff80db6⋯.jpg (76.95 KB, 600x858, 100:143, dingo ginnnandnanienntnito.jpg)




>BBN, nobodytm and the Butterfly War channelled in a single reply chain

It's like I'm looking at my Twitter account

Apparently the BBN team are still outputting things through their Twit Wit Radio project btw, they had one out fairly recently actually, and the next one planned for tomorrow:


It's even more avant garde than their videos, but a great listen.

b9d1b1  No.12694212

File: d92388c9bb1f6ac⋯.jpg (132.52 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, Nigel-Farage.jpg)


<that low-grade shill hopping IPs while trying to speak on the topic of video compression

4825b7  No.12694258


GG uncovered so much weird shit I don't think any individual even knows about all of it.


>making excuses for laziness

I'm hoping that's just for cover, but as we all know, action is purely hypothetical and always pranks in Minecraft.




It would only get shoahed for being legitimate, obviously.

d72417  No.12694285

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b88523  No.12694301


Who's that faggot and what's going on?


>GG uncovered so much weird shit I don't think any individual even knows about all of it.

I wasn't paying much attention when GG was going on, since I thought it was only about vidya media faggotry. Had I known there's DARPA and other shit involved, I would've been more intrigued. And to no-one's surprise those things got buried after Jewtube Septics took over.

94d1f3  No.12694309


>Day Assange Killed (DAK)

I thought D.A.K. stood for the German translation of "outbreak of war".

94d1f3  No.12694341

File: 1654b27ed5f5663⋯.jpg (26.91 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 130322013356-ga-waws-dnt-b….jpg)

File: bc424dc10cf0f88⋯.jpg (33.55 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 130322171208-demarquis-elk….jpg)

Not spoopy, but memory-holed all the same.

>Two teen boys in this coastal city were charged with murder Friday, accused in the fatal shooting of a 13-month-old boy who was in a stroller being pushed by his mother.

Aided by a description and a check of school attendance records to determine who was not in classes Thursday, officers searched for the young suspects and took them into custody, police said.

>The mother told reporters the shooting occurred when one youth demanded money.

Police expressed confidence they would find the weapon, believed to be a handgun.

Spokesman Todd Rhodes, who described the shooting as "horrific," told CNN's "The Situation Room" on Friday evening that search warrants were being executed in three locations.

>Chief Tobe Green identified the older suspect as De'Marquise Elkins, 17, and said he will be treated as an adult in criminal proceedings. The 14-year-old was not identified because of his age. Both have been charged with first-degree murder, police said.

>"We are turning every stone to get a motive," said Green.

>Police said they received a suspect description from Sherry West, the baby's mother.

>No other suspects are being sought, according to Rhodes.

>Authorities were tight-lipped about the investigation, which was aided by helicopters and police dogs.

>West earlier told reporters that the incident occurred at 9 a.m. Thursday as she was walking home from the post office, pushing her son, Antonio, in a stroller. She said she saw two boys.

>"A boy approached me and told me he wanted my money, and I told him I didn't have any money. And he said, 'Give me your money or I'm going to kill you and I'm going to shoot your baby and kill your baby,' and I said, 'I don't have any money,' and 'Don't kill my baby.'"

>The boy tried to grab her purse and opened fire when she said tried to tell him she had no money, West said, with the shot grazing her head. She said the boy then shot her in the leg.

>West continued, "And then, all of a sudden, he walked over and he shot my baby in the face."

>West said she tried to perform CPR on her son and that the police took over when they arrived, but to no avail. "We lost him," she said.

This shit happened right around the same time as the Trayboon Martin shitfest was reaching fever pitch. It got all of five minutes' attention and was never spoken of ever again.

b88523  No.12694344


So the priest was not an ayylmao, he was a nigger.

b9c99a  No.12694718

File: 673ace0da827184⋯.png (361.02 KB, 464x376, 58:47, bullshit.png)

File: d57bce7b8ff3ea4⋯.png (138.07 KB, 275x257, 275:257, Fuckin' bullshit.png)


It's just a minor curiosity. That's Peter Strzok in the foreground. I don't expect Anons to take this kind of thing seriously, and I can't prove that it's genuine, but all the same, I find these sort of incidents compelling. Pic related.

f4a8b9  No.12694719


Operation Fast and Furious

729d7b  No.12694756


>hurr I've literally never used nor seen a bad encoding or bad playback source because I'm a spoiled baby millenial that's only seen high bitrate video on my cell phone so I don't know how compression works or what errors are


>o-only SHILLS know what the fuck they're talking about g-goy

>o-only SHILLS know you need to press the clutch before shifting gears in a manual drive vehicle

b9c99a  No.12694789


That one's funny, it's not so much memory holed as blocked out by normalfags. I have discussed F&F and Holder's behaviour many times, and all I get are blank stares. I ask

>do you disagree with the facts as I have stated them?


>Doesn't that imply that Obama's administration was corrupt?


It's ridiculous.

432c7f  No.12694989

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



The fireplace and the little red fox building look similar. Maybe the symbol is placed above

the fireplace because it has an association with fire/burning (like moloch child sacrifice).

The symbol does look like the freemason's depiction of Boaz and Jachin. Boaz and Jachin were,

according to the bible, two copper, brass, or bronze pillars which stood on the porch of

solomon's temple (the first temple). They're used as symbols in freemasonry and tarot and

according to josephus they were made by the craftsman Hiram (who has significance to freemasons).

Solomon's temple was used for sacrifices. The name little red fox may be connected to this:

Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes. (song

of solomon, 2:15, king james version).

(The Chorus)

Catch the foxes for us,

The little foxes that spoil and ruin the vineyards [of love],

While our vineyards are in blossom.

(song of solomon, 2:15, amplified bible)

6ce7f6  No.12695345


This was a non-event designed to diffuse the anti-government sentiments brewing on account of the constant terrorist attacks, rapes and general Islamification of Deutschland.

b9d1b1  No.12695662

File: 0405aabea8c19f5⋯.jpg (81.19 KB, 640x480, 4:3, me on the right.jpg)


>he's swapped IPs and came back again

be780e  No.12696084


No Starbucks in Israel.

331dfd  No.12696342

File: 84228de9445111e⋯.png (83.18 KB, 228x222, 38:37, Starbucks_Israel_Logo.png)


Wow that's weird it opened in September 2001 (9/11) and closed in 2003 (invasion of Iraq).

>>"Plans were for September 1, 2001 to have the first location open in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square."

b9d1b1  No.12696440

83ac30  No.12696595


Is it difficult to reproduce? If you could demonstrate it being replicated that would go further in proving your point instead of an endless "No You" circle jerk.

000000  No.12696931


belgium is a rabbit hole in itself.

000000  No.12696946


he was also talking about some illegal military shit going on before he died.

000000  No.12697028


it turns out some of those fake synthetic marijuana chemicals that were actually super cancer killers so it had to be shut down.

b88523  No.12699606


That might be the reason he got killed. The UFO crap is just a distraction.

87924e  No.12699717


the question about PGP hasnt been answered ever, ive tried to spam it everywhere but even the shills dont know how to deal with it. i shitely recall JA posting about PGP being compromised which may or may not be true or it was just a smoke screen to answer the question of WHY NO PGP SIGNED POSTS since oct 2016

7a77d7  No.12700066

File: ae902bfc41bf4ae⋯.jpg (107.72 KB, 720x633, 240:211, qwdd.jpg)

File: 07029c3b5d7e272⋯.jpg (28.61 KB, 410x293, 410:293, MIB.jpg)

File: 2a24674ab8b293c⋯.jpeg (18.17 KB, 400x225, 16:9, minivan.jpeg)

File: abf030bcd041497⋯.jpg (520.53 KB, 1920x1440, 4:3, tallinns-scary-secret-pata….jpg)


last chance to stop this lurker, you really are walking on thin ice now.

87924e  No.12700154

File: 1f654ebb3a2b2fa⋯.jpg (124.88 KB, 366x1920, 61:320, e851790d.jpg)

This was scrubbed fast

e15463  No.12700214


>This was scrubbed fast

Boy was it EVER.

Shills came out and started spreading shillspeak like peacocks fanning their tails. It was quite the spectacle.

It was like walking along, near a school, then having a guy jump up out of the bushes 200 yards away, near the playground, run up to you and says "I was not watching the children in the playground. I don't care what anyone says."

e9861d  No.12700285



neck yourself faggot

87924e  No.12700373


You can place your hand over the Q part as did I, now refute the other points or crawl back to your bacha bazi shithole, moishe

91d317  No.12700394


ef1e0e  No.12700408


Post bobs and vagene hello sexy beautiful woman I want to love you pol please help me find sexy gf I'm the Pajeet kikebook stalker lel bitch lasagna

ef1e0e  No.12700410


Fucking this.

ef1e0e  No.12700414


Super soldiers and something related to satanic ritual abuse/child sacrifice iirc. Apparently he was healthy and wasn't on drugs or suicidal and then all of a sudden pukes black goo and dies.

f28529  No.12700460

What habbend to the Awan brothers? Last I heard was they rejoined their comrades in the ISI, thus (((CIA))). Their step mother had told police they were "godfathers" in Pakistan, they traveled in police escorts, and they could have her family killed. I assumed that meant they know or work for the crime boss responsible for the Mumbai attacks. I forget his name, but he made his bones in the afghan war with the mujahideen. I can't think of his name. Really big boss, owns casinos and resorts, into all kinds of drugs.

5aade4  No.12702009

File: 30a59522d555971⋯.gif (1.84 MB, 480x360, 4:3, MERCHANT - fly rubbing han….gif)


That's not fair anon, you know he can't do that b/c both his hands are busy rubbing each other

5aade4  No.12702012

File: 4112f4d8726f5e3⋯.jpg (14.95 KB, 255x224, 255:224, KEK 08.jpg)



>It was like walking along, near a school, then having a guy jump up out of the bushes 200 yards away, near the playground, run up to you and says "I was not watching the children in the playground. I don't care what anyone says."


7a77d7  No.12703070

File: bed642ebc244397⋯.png (90.8 KB, 286x268, 143:134, classified101.png)

>3. "Real" ayy selfie

be careful what you ask for

2c4ca8  No.12703130

I hope that someone in this thread can help me: Back in 2016 or 2017, Milo Yianoppolis had a rally at Berkeley. I remember seeing a video of a guy who had been hit on the head at that rally, and was lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

It's ``not`` the leftist guy who was hit with a hammer in the town of Berkeley. In that video, the guy is sitting in a chair.

The video I'm thinking of is at night, on the university campus, and the guy is hit, falls down, is lying on the street with his head toward the left of the frame.

I think that dude died, and the video has been memory-holed. Does anyone have a copy?

38a04b  No.12703712

File: ad6e9bdac125d8b⋯.png (190.32 KB, 479x506, 479:506, Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at ….png)



view source.

38a04b  No.12703733

File: 257f47d388e8ac7⋯.png (232.02 KB, 895x529, 895:529, Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at ….png)




This article explains how puppet accounts can be used to manipulate social networks, news, and any online community.

Firstly, it is interesting to see that the failed shilling initiative that we tried on the first month of this board could have worked in even more ways than we initially thought.

Secondly, image what a government could do with its technological capabilities and paid professionals instead of bored teenagers at home.



http://archive.fo/pFmdD (pic related thread archive)

We need to have general threads dedicated to dusting off the old bookmarks and checking out old stories.

d91147  No.12703742

Thr virtual lynching mob against the maga kid is being memory holed as we speak

bf33a3  No.12703743

File: 55155352233e436⋯.jpg (64.26 KB, 900x482, 450:241, 4k2dsk.jpg)


>all these shit political issues

I've literally unlocked the secret to immortality. And the worst part? I've no-one to share it with. /pol/ is not worthy to know. If I went public with it, I'd get shot, and if I keep it to myself, I can't stroke my enormous and well earned ego.

a76e65  No.12703932


I also remember those spooky people ramming at the NSA or some other federal building, a vehicle, and they were pursued…

There was also that faggot who jumped the whitehouse fence a year or two ago.

000000  No.12704097


b88523  No.12705310

Was the Columbine shooting a false flag, just two fucked up faggots killing people or something else?

8fb18c  No.12705334



lmao you're retarded. Sure, someone could totally make a compression algorith create tye exact same pixel-perfect recreation of compression just for you. Retard.


>what are vpns and different access points

>o-only SHILLS don't stick to the exact same IP at all times and avoid being easily trackable

c84e7f  No.12707339


I remember this actually…talk of antifa killing someone in the street and there were some cell phone videos of it. No clue where to find the video though.


remind me what the MIB picture is from…I have seen that picture before a long time ago and recall it being security footage that backed up some woman's story about getting a visit where people had initially dismissed her as a liar.

664e2a  No.12710726


looks nothing like compression at all

664e2a  No.12711955


nice anecdotes, fam.

da6756  No.12712731

File: fb8186a29271ba9⋯.jpg (2.78 MB, 1400x6420, 70:321, Gookanon1.jpg)

File: 98616e5c5c82cef⋯.jpg (3.37 MB, 1775x6949, 1775:6949, Gookanon2.jpg)

File: e2c2e7470c204c3⋯.jpg (183.82 KB, 1200x570, 40:19, Gookanon3.jpg)


pics related

da6756  No.12712733


It's a saturnalian symbol, similar to the carthaginian star and arc, also related to the two pillers in the top right.

d2d8d6  No.12713614


This looks like he accidentally hit a shutter switch, then over-exposure.

a2caa9  No.12713829


"6 times in the back of the head"

fc761b  No.12713830

File: 0c73d1154c9a966⋯.png (398.71 KB, 459x629, 27:37, 0c73d1154c9a966a80da79d25e….png)


>Mixing Real issues with bullshit

nice well poisoning attempt kike

757ffb  No.12714887

File: 5bbbeb3b38a349d⋯.png (52.39 KB, 1035x145, 207:29, we're all gonna make it.png)


>Here's an interesting thread back from '15 when Weird Twitter (and their closeness to certain journalists) were discussed.

That 2015 archived /pol/ thread was the most fascinating "text" I've ever read.


>semiotics (Levi-Strauss, Saussere, Lacan)

>register (British Linguistics: Gregory & Carroll, Joos, Hock & Joseph)


Where are these posters now? Do I need to enroll in a Computational Linguistics PhD to meet likeminded people?


>weaponized irony

A perfect case study is the recent Twitter/NPC OP.

>sincerely obtuse or disingenuous posters described it as "showing leftists that they're NPCs"

However—as we all know—you can't convince a person by attacking, insulting, or confronting them with personality-challenging views. (Obviously, you can use their obstinacy to convince third-party observers.)

>trolls and shitposters on /cuckchan/ immediately grasped the essence of the OP

>adopt an ironic tone and espouse your opponents' beliefs in an exaggerated, mocking way

>Twitter bots (literal NPCs) agree with and signalboost your message

>everyone observing sees the astroturf

>one side is encouraged that their opposition is fake

>the other side is demoralized when they realize their allies are bots, wonder if their support is a phantasm, and question their beliefs

tl;dr DARPA and Stanford have dumped billions of dollars into the discovery of sockpuppets and online falseflagging

>despite all their resources, they are no closer to automating irony detection

>the left promotes people based on victimhood and identity politics, leaving them with inept employees and impotent thinktanks

the real morale boost

5aade4  No.12716349

File: bc58f97dab538dc⋯.mp4 (15.69 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Q - Pelosi_-_North_Korea_-….mp4)

File: 79dbb06ff6c7f29⋯.png (20.13 KB, 408x340, 6:5, Q - PELOSI'S MEMORY GOING,….png)

File: 7ab374147848714⋯.jpg (101.22 KB, 576x1086, 96:181, Q - PELOSI - THIS BURIES P….jpg)

000000  No.12720042


the real pic was up for a couple minutes max it was a yellowish reptoid with purple bags under it's eyes

67f506  No.12721241


Enlighten us, give yourself a greatest purpose.

5360d5  No.12721752


You know what, the gubbamint went around wacking lots of acid cults and religions in the 60's. I'll tell you a funny little story I heard when I worked for an old boomer. The old fuck was young, and he was out partying in a campground with a biker gang- he was tatt'ed out to hell, and had hair down to his lower back, a complete fuck-up. He got high and drunk, and wandered out into the woods. He fell asleep and the next day, he had no idea where he was or how to get back. He walked for about two days before he saw smoke rising in the distance. It was a cabin, and a small commune of hippies lived there. One them claimed to be a "guru" of some sort, and he showed boomer a trick- the guru took a bunch of acid, would go into a trance, and could make the flame from a candle move from the wick and fly around, even if he was in a different room. That's what the boomer told me he saw, and I believe him. It makes sense that the government would shoot, burn, and otherwise destroy anyone who could achieve spiritual supremacy and influence others, hence the rise and fall of the acid cults.

5360d5  No.12721758


Ah ha ha ha, and what level have you achieved, oh Great One? Have no fear, I would never dare muddy the pearl of great value.

5aade4  No.12727435

fuck you bumped

3a3a25  No.12727490

File: 8a7957090d39c7d⋯.webm (2.12 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, RobertReptilianRothschild….webm)


Robert Rothschild caught during a webstream last year

3a3a25  No.12727502

File: b65bd1aae2dfb07⋯.jpg (12.33 MB, 2322x3104, 1161:1552, NT-199_Luke_19_Buyers_and_….jpg)


the weird shit happens around the 0:30 mark.

It was during him interviewing some explorer/balloon/ or astronaut I can't remember the details and jumped through hoops to post that clip.

f1f895  No.12742242


>>what are vpns and different access points

You tell me Chaim

While you're at it, tell us all about poor attempts at thread derailing and how you clearly know jack shit about video encoding, too.

d99c8e  No.12743195

File: d53d9a72e6ccd39⋯.jpg (52.45 KB, 955x636, 955:636, disguy.jpg)


This guy?

e18667  No.12744715


That stuff fits right into stuff I've heard from old EVE players.

Most people who wanted to join GS were either sent into subordinate meatshield corps or were outright scammed.

If you had a background in law enforcement/intelligence/the military however? Goons were likely to approach you and give you a expedited recruitment process. People were suspecting goon of using non-game (and possibly extralegal) means to fuck with others and when a bunch of guys tried the same right back i.e. doxing and fucking with them they ran into hot water.

27ac82  No.12748881

514e8d  No.12749092


Purely cohencidence, goyim. Let's all ignore the fact the travel agent was working on Shabbat though.

50384d  No.12749102

File: 6005da80fa94721⋯.mp4 (4.54 MB, 318x180, 53:30, LAS VEGAS SHOOTING.mp4)

40c8a4  No.12749106


I remember this vividly when it happened in early 2015. this event was basically the prelude to pizzagate.

951d11  No.12749121


The energy of this site was amazing back then. Glad someone else who remembers is still here.

5aade4  No.12768603

File: 505d801300fe385⋯.png (30.56 KB, 417x416, 417:416, 100perc_jidfied_shills.png)

File: f392afca0e667af⋯.gif (1.75 MB, 500x281, 500:281, MERCHANT - GATLING GUN KIL….gif)



>neck yourself faggot

Hi there JDIF

3ab8d6  No.12769292

File: 89b5b88b35d5dc2⋯.png (845.31 KB, 1080x2246, 540:1123, Screenshot_20190207-110043….png)


David Brock Alefantis' bum squeeze vs Andrew breitbart in child anal FISTGATE.

What a prelude of things to come that was.

517856  No.12769465

I want to contribute with the New Mexico compound where muslim trained kids to commit horror. This was memoryholed pretty bad i think?


5aade4  No.12774967


This cap took forever to load. Someone is fucking w/8ch. Qboards still protected tho, nice 'n snappy.

"We just want marriage equality! Trust us, goy!"

Progressives gonna progress to where they want to be at, which is, apparently, literally their fist in you and your children's ass.

e0fd27  No.12775231


>hurr I don't know how encoding works so I'll say you don't since that lets me lie and claim falsehoods

773e4f  No.12775268

JFK was shot two times, once in a neck and second in head.

92d552  No.12777966


> I remember this vividly when it happened in early 2015. this event was basically the prelude to pizzagate.

The SLC day care turned out to have a mundane explanation. Some government employee bought the place for his retired grandmother to have something to do, and then the city came in with red tape and said they needed to have a worker in each of the small building's two rooms at all times. They couldn't afford to hire an employee so they closed it. There was no explanation for the sticker other than that being some tagger's tag.

5ff6bf  No.12778176

File: e231ca79ef612e3⋯.jpg (82.13 KB, 645x500, 129:100, bathserver.jpg)

5e9452  No.12778255


Over 90 witnesses died during that investigation

Nothing to see here.

be73be  No.12778258

The Boston Marathon Bombers were "refugees." That is, until that major shooting happened in Paris, after which the Wikipedia page was completely scrubbed of the Bomber's refugee status, and the article that was once used as a source for that information got updated to "correct" it saying they were not actually refugees.

Fucking blatant.

a94a20  No.12778270


what are other good sites though?

i just go between 8 and 4.

8 seems a little dead and 4 is constantly getting shilled the fuck out of these days

c7baeb  No.12778436


>8 days later and he STILL hasn't found another example of these ubiquitous errors, despite all of the videos posted ITT

Wanna know how I know you're a total dipshit (in addition to being a shill)?

000000  No.12778473


>ayylmao pic

I was online and saw the original thread, but it was fucked up and wouldn't load all the way due to the blackout. I didn't screencap but the picture I saw had telltale signs of steganography.

what was embedded, /pol/?

000000  No.12778603


it was really hi res and even people that had saved it had it disappear from their drives, just goes to show how far they can go if they want to.

5aade4  No.12784395


Looks like he got shoa'd

000000  No.12784440

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Leaked Documentaries, for one.

8d0689  No.12803212



Really? Got an archive where this was discussed?

827d67  No.12806878


New Mexico is a special kind of rabbit hole. You have a state government too broke and liberal to do jackshit. You have feds who own the entire place and treat it as their own personal lab. Its the poorest state on the border and hence most vulnerable. So much crazy shit goes down that gets covered up and buried real quick. Like a certain terrorist training camp on US soil…they built it in New Mexico for a reason.

I could go on…but suffice to say the insanity of New Mexico is the future that awaits the rest of the border states and they really REALLY don't want that truth getting out. If you really wanna know how bad it is actually, look into New Mexico. The entire fucking state is practically a memory holed subject.

a0608a  No.12829660


28be19  No.12829668



Reminds me of www.thispersondoesnotexist.com

Hit refresh for a different picture, results may vary.

c2600f  No.12829795


I'm convinced that was a gov-op.

c9fc6b  No.12829808

File: 3767a94f03ee752⋯.jpg (88.46 KB, 1000x748, 250:187, alien picture.jpg)

remember this?

c9fc6b  No.12829810

File: dc363b910456af3⋯.jpg (7.86 KB, 255x152, 255:152, IRL xeno.jpg)

theres also this one

a0608a  No.12829846



I remember cuckchan allegedly being shut down because of one maybe both of these. Any idea why they did that? Were they diverting attention? Always wondered about that.

407afa  No.12829944


Rumor I heard was the UFO guy was looking into a child sex ring tied to the Clinton's and operating with consent of a local US army base.

7b0819  No.12829948



Have you ever noticed that in spite of all the modern imaging tech in the world, the photos of these supposed encounters are always super low res, high compression, blurry, odd color, etc?

Use your damn brain anon, it's photoshop and (((whoever made it))) is trying to hide it.

Ayyys have always been a distraction from the real shit that is far, far scarier.

407afa  No.12829955


He looks demonic. Are you talking about the woman behind him, must admit first time that I noticed her. Looks like she is controlling him, weird.

407afa  No.12830895


The SK President used govt funds to by houses for the cult leader. They were exposed when a reporter stumbled upon the fact that the govt was also paying to send the cult leader's son to a prestigious university.

58126d  No.12830906

File: 635f18bb74787aa⋯.jpg (25.05 KB, 600x338, 300:169, 97ded764eedfbf248712cad587….jpg)


Remember when aliens landed in Seattle? Exactly

f690fe  No.12832037

File: 96be618e575c696⋯.webm (11.66 MB, 400x182, 200:91, anoninfiltratesantifa.webm)

f690fe  No.12832047

File: 28c0053171bad74⋯.webm (14.66 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 28c0053171bad7449353c7886….webm)

f690fe  No.12832049

File: d4ce0913994795a⋯.webm (3.77 MB, 854x480, 427:240, sandyhookhoax.webm)

5aade4  No.12843893


152b22  No.12844200

File: 318b22e7860633d⋯.jpg (12.66 KB, 286x328, 143:164, CmpsVJhXEAAsdsl.jpg)


>Says he's immortal

>Afraid to get shot

What's going on big guy?

449003  No.12847249



Erection/penis fits the best if you look at the height of the blacked out area and compare it to the letters/font in the rest of the paragraph. Also first letter of first word is partially visible, I initially thought it was a "c" but "e" fits just as well.

No idea what the context is so polite sage

a7c69e  No.12848652


Shill detected.

e85070  No.12848663

aer we awating the next meme stream,?

5e9452  No.12854132

File: 9a5be5b4e9ef4ad⋯.png (703.98 KB, 1210x2048, 605:1024, ClipboardImage.png)

File: aa0dc604410a146⋯.png (637.64 KB, 680x1981, 680:1981, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7581aa0f0908a68⋯.jpg (49.68 KB, 504x364, 18:13, Tiina Wilen-Jappinen.jpg)

File: 3bc057694d8fd84⋯.jpg (23.48 KB, 474x279, 158:93, Katri Ikävalko and Anne Vi….jpg)

File: 1a0d94edecad40d⋯.jpg (133.52 KB, 800x1012, 200:253, 800px-Alexander_Stubb_EPP_….jpg)

The murder of 2 Finnish Journalists (Katri Ikävalko and Anne Vihavainen) + the woman they were meeting (Tiina Wilen-Jappinen). This was closely after PG broke. This meeting was set up to discuss the ties of the then Finnish Minister of Finance, Alexander Stubb, and his ties to a - you guessed it - child trafficking ring. There were ties to our beloved Hillary. The assassination itself was done by a suspect who.. well read it yourself

From the Guardian article

>Investigators said the suspect arrived outside the restaurant in his car and shot the three women as they stepped out of the restaurant.

He then waited in the car until police arrived, and accompanied officers silently and peacefully.

Nothing to see here.

Appearantly the man was arrested earlier for randomly trying to stab someone.

>Remarkably, the 23-year-old killer is no stranger to local police. In March 2013, he stabbed another man with a knife, subsequently confessing aggravated assault, but denying attempted manslaughter. Since the injuries were life-threatening, the man was sentenced to three years and two months in prison. A mental survey, which the man underwent in connection with the trial, showed that he was sane and perfectly understood the consequences of his actions.

They picked him up there, made him a sleeper cell through therapy and activated him when he was needed.

>The man was also convicted of drunken driving.


The questions (still one of the most powerful weapons in our war) the journalists asked, speak for themselves and the investigation:

>1.) Why were transport conveyances (boats/buses/planes/cars, etc.) owned by a “shell corporation” linked to former Finnish Prime Minister (and current Finance Minister) Alexander Stubb and Imatra council leader Tiina Wilén-Jäppinen used by these human smugglers?

>2.) Why were numerous underage girl and boy children given “training/instruction” at the Vuoksenvahti Restaurant in Imatra on preparing food (pizzas, sandwiches, salads, etc.) and then provided with United States temporary hospitality worker E2 Visas and then flown to America?

Never forget, never forgotten.

how do i shorten archive links?



58c72f  No.12854475

File: 4408b7b8ee9b136⋯.jpg (31.84 KB, 479x317, 479:317, 72008cc5606b91fa6e05176225….jpg)


>Sorcha Faal

Might as well post rense, kirara or montalk. Some /x/-tier schizo shit.

5e9452  No.12854610


lmao, get bend, kike.

After his political aspirations, Alexander Stubb worked for an (((European Investement Bank))) and is now aspiring to become a big player in the (((European Council)))

The nig is dirty af.

58c72f  No.12854628

File: c6cd7802b066d70⋯.jpg (149.95 KB, 670x500, 67:50, message.jpg)


>phone-posting schizo word salad

bd3c4b  No.12854650

File: f1f594c12a9a256⋯.png (115.24 KB, 845x542, 845:542, Screenshot at 2019-02-26 1….png)


>"Real" ayy

this isn't that, it's something else. interested?

5e9452  No.12854660

File: 333aa03922763c5⋯.jpg (226.64 KB, 1176x1200, 49:50, 1541380822113.jpg)

58c72f  No.12854666


OK, enough bullshit. Do you honestly believe the channeled insights of Sorcha Faal?

74526c  No.12854691


>sorcha faal

You’re a paid shill.

bd3c4b  No.12854701


>mr lash

>mr belt

seems fake as fuck

5e9452  No.12854703


Nice trips.

There's no channeled insights; there are only facts.

Here's a page with links to most of the made statements: https://web.archive.org/web/20190226215950/http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index2180.htm


what's all this? where you goys suddenly coming from?

581c73  No.12854758


>find and post a million examples of artifacts I'll ignore when literally every single frame of a compressed video is evidence enough or ur wrog lolzlzllzxlxxkxlxkx assange is dead because I say so though


58c72f  No.12854764

File: 5b4cc3fba0350ce⋯.png (162.19 KB, 879x1392, 293:464, screen.png)


<ignores that Sorcha Faal is a channeler

OK, so why do you trust Sorcha Faal?

Why would anyone who is consumed by a pursuit of the truth, trust, let alone something without any proof? You can see the "bona fides" of Sorcha Faal in the attached.

fcecf7  No.12855134


Used to have pictures of the NSA gate breaching on an old hdd. Quick breakdown of the event

>preliminary news reports released

>begin digging because one small detail, the car was on the inside trying to get out

>find the gate on bing

>examine parking lot layout and placement of concrete barriers with gate

>live posting this shit as I find it

>the chevron was facing the wrong direction and the black SUV was facing the wrong direction to be coming in

>post this with infographic

>other anon posts infographic backing me up

>immediately shills being posting about how they're drunk party goers and that's not even the same vehicle that completely derails the thread until news choppers appear

>there were two drunk as fuck crossdressers who attempted to gate crash a year or two prior and the shills ran with it because it was only reported on a site or two

>start to get footage that shows it is indeed a black SUV that looks pretty similar to the ones that responded to the event

>evidence collection truck appears on scene

>trunk is open, chopper conviently cannot see license plate - can't remember if it was taken off or the light shone right or was covered

>guys in suits roll up and start rummaging through the back of the trunk with evidence guys standing back or waiting for them

>they pull out a bankers box (cardboard box typically used for evidence collection in police work or filing in typical office) and a black bag

>black bag has a cooler in it and some papers, suits rummage through and leave the cooler and bag and take the bankers box

>text buddy and ask him if hes seeing this shit

>yeah dude what the fuck they even show that they're on the inside of the complex

>they also took something from the vehicle

>weird man

>now all we need is a huge over the top distraction to completely dominate the news cycle

>cue Parkland shooting

shit is spooky dude that's the best rundown I can give

c59efe  No.12855192

wikileaks dead mans switch content on the bitcoin blockchain

3def6e  No.12856071


Her entire post is taken from the website I just gave you, numbnuts

387ee7  No.12856259


A Finn here.

I remember this case but didn't really pay much attention to it. (((stubb))) who's married to a british kikess is perhaps the slimiest politician in Finland.

I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if he's eating hot dogs behind the EU curtains.

0d4a93  No.12856518


< Assange is dead, fellow Pol anons!

Not much difference from Q-larp.

b13894  No.12875016

Anyone remember that time Erdogan falseflagged a coup?

69c9e5  No.12875052



The agents who work for pedophiles should have their own children hunted down as penance tbh. In fact anyone involved in this should be tortured and their emotions harvested by the very beings they sacrifice to in an ultimate irony.

ee4d41  No.12875086

File: b03522a937c3640⋯.jpg (5.36 KB, 250x141, 250:141, x files black oil.jpg)


>That UFO researcher guy who puked up black liquid


4f08d8  No.12878469

Golf rumors/Glass Chimera Project

2006 volleyball incident

5e9452  No.12878493


Yup, that was 2 or 3 summers ago. Since then, Erdogay has became more and more of a dictator

4f08d8  No.12878980

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f38c17  No.12879489

File: a0d4685483b0e44⋯.jpg (2.29 MB, 2265x3000, 151:200, rodney-alcala.jpg)


What the hell, California just keeps on giving


>supplied with ammo and firearms in an extremely short amount of time

I though that was because the mall in the middle of Korean Town there were 2 gun shops, even in the videos the famous Jet Li-tier korean shooters are well known as the owner and clerks of said shops. Unless we got tricked, and what kind of fucked up condo has slaves in it >>12667334, goddamn jews i swear.

I haven't found the latino killer i mentioned, dude kidnapped girls, raped them on video, then tortured and chopped them to sell the videos to his bosses. His roomie found out when he nabbed a VHS to watch a flick and reported him, the guy didn't even flinch and was expecting his lawyer which never came. His last hit was in the middle of a freeway on a holiday, and the video plus his car full of blood gave him away. Known to possess high-powered rifles and a fucking vest (AK chambered in 7.62 IIRC)

Did find this guy tho, bare with me, this guy is a premium-grade story


Another mex cereal killer (along with the last one and Richard Ramirez) this bad dude went to the U.S. Army in the mid 60's as a teen, came out crazy after a nervous breakdown and started to kill women and kidnap kids around Los Angeles. While doing this in the first years he studied in UCLA alongside Francis Ford Coppola and Jim Morrison.

Got caught by cops while sodomizing a kid inside his apartment in L.A., "barely escaped" the damn building, went to New York to study photo and film under Roman Polanski (yes, that one) while also killing some people on Central Park. Some kids reported him due to seeing his mugshot and got caught plus charged for his butt raping adventures in Cali… got paroled a year later… and was caught again months later for assaulting and just about to kidnap another kid… got paroled 2 years later. In parole he was granted to take leave indefinitely… to the other side of the country in New York City again, where he killed the daughter of an extremely well-known Hollywood night club owner and half-assedly buried her… in Rockfeller Estate… around the same week a party took place.

Did i mention this lad was also nabbed later with a thousand photos of women and kids modelling naked or being spread around, many of which have been identified with missing persons or unidentified bodies around California and New York? or didn't i mention already he was a "professional photographer" that also served as intermediary for big heads? Also in the middle of it all he went to a famous (fake) show, The Dating Game, and won the damn thing.

He got caught to be begin with because his parole officer had to step up and do something as he was about to get lynched after this guy's sketches appeared 3 times on TV in a year. He was nabbed and was found to own lockers with victims' clothing and photos… in different cities. And his first trial was annulled in the last day because the jury was informed about his past criminal offenses, deeming the verdict (death) "biased" by the judge and postponing the whole thing for 5 years. Second trial was exactly the same and he was judged guilty and dead, but the Court of Appeals nullified the verdict because a witness somewhat agreed that the park ranger who found a body was so retarded "he seemed hypnotized by someone, possibly cops". Whole thing was postponed again but this time for 18 years, and could've lasted more if not for some cops dusting off his victims' properties, checked DNA samples (seemingly for the first time) and matched them with this fucking guy. Meanwhile he wasn't in death row or even high-security prison, just a normal prison with plenty of commodities, he even made a book dedicated to the jury in which he denies all these phony charges and murders, even one that wasn't even brought up at all to begin with…

And in his trial he was his own attorney and did monologues where he answered questions he himself asked moments before in another voice. And his final words were dedicating a comical song to a psychiatrist in the prosecution's side for implying he was deranged, while the song mentions psychiatrists are the real loonies (not that wrong). He was officially sentenced for anything in 2010.

This whole story is bonkers as fuck, somehow memory holed too now that i think of it, this joke is above plenty of others.

860b9f  No.12879611


>One of the events that drove me toward /pol/ and the horrifying realisation that the world we live in is not the one we're told exists.

Ditto, and I like the way you worded that.

292682  No.12879615

File: db1905d6a6599ec⋯.webm (3.68 MB, 600x600, 1:1, LV1.webm)

File: 8c4631125e035af⋯.webm (2.79 MB, 500x889, 500:889, LV2.webm)

File: 87aeb09ce422741⋯.webm (2.32 MB, 640x360, 16:9, LV3.webm)

File: c2ccbb5fedeb4ee⋯.webm (3.12 MB, 534x950, 267:475, LV4.webm)


Vegas shooting

5e9452  No.12879633


Yeah, what happened there? Was it a possible assassination attempt on MBS?

467395  No.12879656


I believe Steven Paddock was selling weapons to Islamists on behalf of the US government; likely some sort of attempted entrapment snare that the spooks are notorious for. The extremists killed him (or were allowed to kill him) and successfully carried out an attack. The MBS angle is interesting, but I haven't seen enough proof to confirm it.

75d5a9  No.12879860




>It's from an old X-Files episode lol. Not true in the least bit

X-Files "predicted" 9/11, then it was cancelled shortly after.

fcecf7  No.12879946


>x files predicted 9/11 and was cancelled shortly after

nope that was the spinoff show based on some xfiles characters called "The Lone Gunmen"

1b8505  No.12880119



dad of shooter is also highly suspicious

000000  No.12880621


yeah i remember that shit. he then tortured and murdered the men who were accused/carried out the op. it was a big story for about 1 day and i remember even mainstream talking heads raising suspicions about it. that got dropped hard.

000000  No.12880627



you could have an entire thread just on pre 9/11 predictive programming

989483  No.12883929

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Talking about high level lizard eyes… Richard Ledgett deputy director NSA

1:02 mark

Shit is too creepy for all these to appear on unconnected videos

bb4865  No.12883965


>Interframe video compression

<no, no, no. It's aliens.

776ac9  No.12884231

KMTR-NBC reports that "The Golden State Killer" has been found via DNA Research.

Two days later, KMTR-NBC reports that "The Golden State Killer" suspect is NOT the person responsible, and was misidentified due to a rare genetic disorder

Next day, KMTR-NBC continues it's "Golden State Killer" coverage, ignoring the news report the previous day and offering no correction.

99606a  No.12884289


just post it, spacenigger

776ac9  No.12884300


WorldCorpo.net no longer exists, please explain. I've seen this video before but did not know the origin.

000000  No.12884508















>muh compression artifacts

>muh adobe premiere morph cuts

still going at it, huh? the same bullshit explanations with no evidence or other examples of it happening anywhere else? this should be easily reproducible if it's just a transition effect in commonly used video editing software.

776ac9  No.12884685

File: 93308abdbea39e4⋯.jpg (35.88 KB, 350x232, 175:116, AG-10B.JPG)

File: 06068f4f225d2e6⋯.jpg (15.83 KB, 350x472, 175:236, Abu_Ghraib_53.jpg)

File: 7b738205b169f64⋯.jpg (34.67 KB, 460x388, 115:97, Abu-ghraib-leash.jpg)

File: 0c7ccf75b90db6b⋯.jpg (45.29 KB, 263x350, 263:350, AbuGhraibAbuse-standing-on….jpg)

The Abu Ghraib Prison Scandal has been long-since forgotten


0b4548  No.12884849


Not an expert but I think compression artifacts don't make smooth geometric transitions.

0b4548  No.12884880



>it's not true because certain person I don't like reported on it

Obvious kikeoldry.


0b4548  No.12884898


I haven't forgotten that THEY DID NOTHING WRONG!

ec55a7  No.12884951

I haven't seen anything related to the Yellow Vests since December, did it peter out or is there a media blackout?

c19da8  No.12884954


Anon, they did everything wrong, the purpose of sending the us army out to fight and die for israel is that they die, not humiliate the arabs.

The goyim are there to get shot, not have war victories or parades.

411b8e  No.12884974


That's not a compression artifact you stupid nigger. There isn't one fucking video on jewtube or any other site that has a similar artifact. Whether these videos were a frankenstein of assanges previous interviews, deep fakes, or whether it is just a well-produced jump cut, this artifact wasn't caused by something as innocuous as digital compression.

5529c2  No.12885129


Media blackout, it's still very much a thing

8b33b6  No.12885170



That was right when Assange said he'd received multiple threats against his life, and then some "prowler" got chased off after having literally scaled part of the building. Assange tweeted about it a few minutes after it happened, iirc.

2c399c  No.12885365

File: 01d95f8cda89de7⋯.jpg (105.01 KB, 647x824, 647:824, 01d95f8cda89de759790e928a1….jpg)

File: 27e0339513003d4⋯.png (44.83 KB, 589x404, 589:404, 7c36e1ac017a2d538b4fa6a2bd….png)

File: a22f1b634e6c969⋯.png (42.44 KB, 619x354, 619:354, ede9548d971f75595fc86bbf50….png)


You forgot about the best parts.

c2e3ed  No.12885439


Webm it. Haven't you learned that you need to archive things?

23de59  No.12885757

File: 566895a7d2e0704⋯.jpg (9.1 KB, 235x222, 235:222, bochy.jpg)

>Memory hole thread

Great, we'll be able to bring to the forefront again that white disabled man who was kidnapped by niggers, beaten, and videotaped for being white, which was all over the news for a day until it got memory holed, or Ruby Ridge which has been erased from the minds of an entire generation, or the German girls being raped in the streets on New Years which has since disappeared as a story…

>thread immediately devolves into garbage from /x/

oh it's one of (((these))) threads

235ab1  No.12886026


Low IQ skinhead types don't get it.



Literally every single compressed frame of video is evidence, but you brainlet "space is cgi"-tier cringetards refuse what's right in front of your face.



Prove it, faggot. Prove this is a magic warp and not compression artifacts. Protip: you can't.

553024  No.12886169


>irony studies

im of the belief that theyre analyzing it to further proper AI. irony and sarcasm are damn near impossible for current AI systems to detect.

235ab1  No.12886329


Do you? You've posted a single jpeg still image. You're pretending video uses the exact same algorithm and lacks any movement that would cause the algorithm to make adjustments.

fe71b4  No.12886465

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>challenge accepted

challenge completed

fe71b4  No.12886519


That was in '16.

Imagine the improvements they have now.

This world is a fucking stage, and the prince of the power of the air runs the show.

61e1c6  No.12886530


>Where are these posters now?

Some left, some stayed.

There is no fun in discussing the same thing for years on end if there's nothing new to add to the discussion.

So the ones who stay shitpost and archive. Sometimes they drop an archive when it's relevant.

And sometimes, when the game is afoot, everyone comes back.

fe71b4  No.12886560


Josh Brolin

2bcc56  No.12886952


Gray State, the film that almost got made, but didn't because the indie film maker David Crowley along with his wife and daughter were found dead in their modest ranch home of apparent murder suicide. David Crowley's hands were also cut off. Media and police memory holed this story. His movie was about rfid chipping, and economic collapse etc

000000  No.12887246


looks like herzog made a documentary about it.


some of us are still around but it is hard to justify spending much time posting anymore. the place has just gone to complete shit. i use it more as a news feed now.

2bcc56  No.12887366


Yeah, I'd heard a little about the documentary. I had no idea that Wernor Herzog did it tho.

776ac9  No.12887962

Memory Hole topic not mentioned here (that I can see)

* Bill, Hillary, and Comey on Airplane Tarmac in failed secret meeting

* Cicadia 3301's Russian and Israeli Connections

* "Change Topics" porn/niggger spam after Sandy Hook on 4/pol/

* US Active-Duty Marines hack DoD homepage in protest

* Giant Earthquake in DPRK indicating possible H-Bomb Test

* Suspicious circumstance of DyRo's shooting

* Trayvon Martin Trial

* Trial (and Acquittal) of Mother who duck-taped her child to a tree in the forrest

This is going older, but I think it's still "Memory Hole"

* Release of US Hostages by Aylatolla under suspicious circumstance hours after Regan was elected

* Unconstitutional Communications Decency Act passes, then is rebelled against, leads to partial-repeal

* CryptoWars

* Usenet User's continued claims that his family was subject to MKUltra from 1960 to 1985

* Chicago Seven

* Judus Priest Satanic Messages Scandal (which I don't believe but still)

* The Impeachment of Sen. Lindsey Graham

* Operation Sundevil

776ac9  No.12887997


I am sorry, I confused persons. Replace "Sen. Lindsey Graham" with "Rep. Newt Gingrich"

776ac9  No.12888135

A few more

* Nearly everything about Katrina except "The Levy broke, and there was flooding"

* Operation Dessert Storm

* Three Mile Island

* The failed Turkish Coup-de-Taut of 2016

* Unknown force causes complete dissipation of Hurricane Lane just before it reaches shore of US Air Force Base Oahu (Believed HAARP, more info https://rense.com/general96/H/proof-of-total-weather-control-by-the-us-military.htm)

* The explosion of TWA Flight 800

* "Skyking, Skyking, all stations, Juggernaught", 2016

* Odd formations on NASA telescopes, censored by Google, 2016

* The Arrest of DPRK General Jang Song-thaek on State Television

* Assasination of Kim John-nam

776ac9  No.12888154


Damn it, I did it again. Replace "Operation Desert Storm" with "Operation Eagle Claw"

000000  No.12888182


>The "Zebra" murders were a string of racially motivated murders that took place in San Francisco, California, from October 1973 to April 1974. A group of male Black Muslims who called themselves the "Death Angels" committed at least 15 murders and 8 attempted murders, entirely against white victims. However, some authorities believe they may have killed as many as 73 or more victims.[1][2]

6c5224  No.12888770

File: 3c54f6d94aad9a7⋯.jpg (53.95 KB, 600x340, 30:17, gitd.jpg)


Nice try, little guy

776ac9  No.12889112

* Sonic Weapons against US Diplomats in Cuba. Claims: Hearing chirps, then feeling increasingly sick over the weeks

* "HI, JEWS" SSTV signal intrusion to Skyking Radio Network

* Jill Stein's 2016 Recount reveals lost votes for Trump, fraudulent votes for Hillary, is called off.

* Swine Flu Media Propaganda

* Arab Spring (Most information regarding)

776ac9  No.12889282

The Great San Diego Blackout of 2011


(Related: San Onofre Partial Nuclear Meltdown)

feee9b  No.12889368




feee9b  No.12889377


The photo completely matches the location I had known that I had remembered the place from passing by but I can't believe it is still around. Look at the shape of the concrete from the angle it is identical. The time the photo looks to be taken is around winter or spring considering the grass color and the darkened color of the concrete.

feee9b  No.12889400


The place looks abandoned from the jewgle streetview So I will head down there tomorrow to check it out

ab2bf2  No.12889675



The day old /pol/ had a member of the NSA post "FYI, the NSA IS monitoring this thread" with proof, then a person replied "Dear NSA, NASA is also monitoring this thread." and provided proof he was from NASA.

2bcc56  No.12891721


Oh yeah! The day care center, right? That really got memory holed

I was just telling a fren about this the other day and couldn't even remember the location, thanks anon

48d9f6  No.12891910


You want a real spoop dig? Its no easy dig… Look into the company Elsevier. Look into their origins… Just how far do they really go back? Much, much further back than the official narrative of the early 17th century How many times did the name change? Elsevier, Helschevier, Alzafir More? What did those different names translate to? protip: look into arabic and old flemish roots

Compare the very old books that they published to their control of publishing now. Take a look at what subsidiaries they have, take a look at what companies they only hold partial ownership in, and consider things about the particular industries that cause the companies they own to allow them to de facto control/influence over almost every company which they do not own. Have they expanded into new industries? Which? What SPECIFIC products/research do these companies develop? Are these things that could be combined to create something far more sinister?

They outright own, or by proxy control, all academic book publishing and this has been the case since the year 1600, if not earlier because their publishing business goes back to at least the year 700. They came into Europe by way of Italy and were instrumental in negotiating with Rome to allow kikes to move en masse to the areas of France and Spain, they were instrumental in the moorish invasion. The various translations of their name changes are "he of the book" (alzafir) which was changed to "Hel's *feminine* four" (helschevier). They own or control all scientific journal publishing (ask any scholar who has had works published about "elsevier" and I guarantee that if elsevier didnt directly publish it they had something to do with the review) They own the company that makes ritalin and has been doing an ass load of research into dmt, they also own a company that has been studying how to hijack chemical pathways in the brain to force the body to deliver drugs to specific areas in the brain with perfect efficacy.

Thats just the tip of it, keep digging its fucking nightmare fuel.

776ac9  No.12891921

The day that the break-away board /polk/ was filled with bizarre spam supposedly from the Board Owner's hacked account, and then the next day it was gone, under new ownership

2bcc56  No.12891944


Yep. Like one or two articles posted on msm, and then no follow up and no additional reporting

235ab1  No.12892130


>shitty exodus board filled with the same cancer they pretended to be escaping

Not a memory hole. Nobody cares about a failed exodus.

776ac9  No.12892726

* Yellow Rain Incident

* Operation INFEKTION

0d94d4  No.12895166


Tell me more about the dead WL lawyers and their families.

432e18  No.12895328



so it was basically a scam

6bf67a  No.12895702


So basically, you glow.

f5faa2  No.12896264

File: ec872846df33c54⋯.jpg (178.35 KB, 1078x1136, 539:568, jihadi camp.jpg)

In the memory hole you go.

6cf68e  No.12896301


lol now post an anime pic and tell us that Arktos is run by the CIA

<remember to use the echo brackets so everybody knows how OG you are lol

1588ad  No.12896310


orange man bad

6cf68e  No.12896347


orange man compromised, but yes

and this place is at least 40% cointelpro gay ops

24b2ac  No.12896373


He was CIA.

6cf68e  No.12896379


actually maybe more like 20-25%, but in some threads 70-80%

92d552  No.12896766


> Elsevier

It looks like my earlier comment got eaten. Please tell us more and drop some sources.

f8a0ec  No.12896956


What a douchebag. I hate anons like this, no sign of comradery or love for there fellow /pol/ user

000000  No.12897376


Look at the plant in the background

The nigger that took this fake pic was a day's drive from California. There's too many special effects nigs out there. And don't get started about Groom Lake, how would a leak escape that facility?

f88e06  No.12899013



GTFO with your shitty shoops

f88e06  No.12899136

File: 61135db6e6b2d08⋯.jpg (23.29 KB, 367x245, 367:245, abuguardjh8.jpg)


even worse

the original set feature one of the guards flashing a sons of satan star, this one is wiped from most sets.

757ffb  No.12899664

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>* Bill, Hillary, and Comey on Airplane Tarmac in failed secret meeting

It was Loretta Lynch, not Comey.

Judicial Watch does great work through FOIA and continues to release documents related to the tarmac meeting. This one is old, but I seem to remember something more recent. (Trump also mentions this all the time.) I think the new strategy is to obtain secret service documents that would prove their respective details coordinated ahead of time, thus disproving the "coincidental meeting" story.

>The new FBI documents show FBI officials were concerned about a leak that Bill Clinton delayed his aircraft taking off in order to “maneuver” a meeting with the attorney general. The resulting story in the Observer is seemingly confirmed and causes a flurry of emails about the source of the article. FBI official(s) write “we need to find that guy” and that the Phoenix FBI office was contacted “in an attempt to stem any further damage.” Another FBI official, working on AG Lynch’s security detail, suggests instituting non-disclosure agreements. The names of the emails authors are redacted. There are no documents showing concern about the meeting itself.

>“These new FBI documents show the FBI was more concerned about a whistleblower who told the truth about the infamous Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting than the scandalous meeting itself,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The documents show the FBI worked to make sure no more details of the meeting would be revealed to the American people. No wonder the FBI didn’t turn these documents over until Judicial Watch caught the agency red-handed hiding them. These new documents confirm the urgent need to reopen the Clinton email scandal and criminally investigate the resulting Obama FBI/DOJ sham investigation.”




Anyone remember when Hillary passed out at the 9/11/2016 memorial ceremony? (Not sure if the pinktext can be considered "memory-holed" if no one else saw it, though.)



>9/11 memorial ceremony at ground zero in 2016

>it's a sweltering 65 degrees

>Hillary passes out (purportedly from the heat)

>bodyguards try to block all views as she's chucked into a van like a side of beef

>she's taken to Chelsea's nearby Manhattan condo

<Martin Shkreli, Manhattanite and master troll that he is, goes live on Periscope and walks to Chelsea's condo

<police set up a perimeter and Shkreli heckles Hillary from across the street

<after a while, "Hillary" comes out and waves to the crowd, signaling she's ok

<only—even from a distance—it's pretty apparent that it's not really Hillary

<first presidential debate in a few weeks and "Hillary" doesn't look like Hillary

<iirc the teeth are what gave it away

I've seen the double mentioned a few times, but Shkreli's broadcast is long since gone.

>Did HRC faint from some overwhelming psychic anguish?

>Haunted by guilt (lol) or some divine reckoning?

>Did she die that day or just replaced temporarily?

There's also a ton of memoryholed fuckery from the primaries/debates.

>Hillary winning (in Colorado?) by winning 5 coin tosses in a row

>HRC having a glowing light behind her podium, presumably from a teleprompter

>it being proven/admitted that she received the debate questions in advance

There was also some weird shit surrounding Shkreli

>put out a bounty for a hair sample of HRC

>he's then imprisoned for whatever pharma-related charges. (even that's totally disappeared)

I submit that he's a political prisoner.

Also, remember in December 2018 when like 50 houses (in Maryland?) all exploded at the same time?

be780e  No.12899837


How did you even notice this rabbit hole to begin with? And we want MORE.

be780e  No.12899866




Imagine being this new to the game. Good luck, anon.

be780e  No.12899873


Make you wonder what they are putting in the coffee to where even the Jews don't drink it.

be780e  No.12899886


Niggas be shooting with .22's and cheap ass shit, that's like getting hit with a BB gun for niggers.

4c2a92  No.12899936

the Brazilian cult of God shit that were breeding women in order to sell their infants to interested buyers. Oprah and David Geffen were involved in that operation, which is why they're smeari g MJ right now in order to distract people about it.

5529c2  No.12901110


I'd reckon you're about right

e1b273  No.12901252

Bobby Beausoleil

Filmmaker Kenneth Anger had a story to tell. He needed a soundtrack. Jimmy Page was first option but was fired and a curse put on him. So KA wracks his magicians brain and enter Bobby Beausoleil. He was in prison serving life for murder yet got a hall pass to work on a movie?

Lucifer Rising is the film's name. More on that later.

My individual posts keep getting deleted, does this happen often here?

776ac9  No.12902120


I have a discussion thread of this in my archives. https://archive.is/cS0RL

Also, this is funny https://archive.is/c7zLI and this https://archive.is/z0JtL

Also, a previous Memory Hole thread


Unrelated archive links

"AT&T Spying on Americans For Profit" 2006


While I don't seem to have it, I recall there was an expose uncovering that AT&T had an NSA Warehouse in New York, which is a windowless building that's a small skyscraper. This was 2017. Anyone have link of that?

776ac9  No.12902148


I must be a bit stupid. My archive link was on the 2016 article (but not the one I was inquiring on). These are archives of the 2006 story




Amazing, how people ignored the warning signs. We told them, and they didn't listen. Well, he who laughs last laughs best!

b261df  No.12902152

The deep fake Assad interview was the most significant conformation of his death ever posted. If he was alive there would have been no reason to ever fucking do that shit.

b261df  No.12902216


Remember when Hillary's "body guard" was seen walking around with a syringe of anti-seizure medication shortly before she collapsed? The media put out like 100 articles all with different explanations about it just to stop people from talking about it, hell I think Snopes even went as far as to claim the photo didn't exist.

b261df  No.12902259


This was just blatant CIA shit. The judge dismissed a case related to terror, human trafficking, murder, and government corruption on a technicality that wasn't even relecant to the case. Also look at those fucking subhuman apes jesus christ.

b261df  No.12902272


Damn good shit, you got any good sources? I found two webpages about it but both bottomed out rather quickly.

776ac9  No.12902516




2e58a7  No.12902522


>AT&T had an NSA Warehouse in New York, which is a windowless building that's a small skyscraper.

It's not a warehouse, it's a purpose built skyscraper.

The skyscraper is because of safety requirements and SHTF foresight. The things are fully EMP resistant, and can survive an indirect nuke blast.

The thing in question is a network mirroring closet. Fiber interconnects between major hubs are routed through a room which mirrors the traffic to NSA datacenters.


776ac9  No.12902528


This may be it, but if this was 2006 then why did Drudge Report headline an expose on it in 2016 or 17

2e58a7  No.12902559


It's been common knowledge since the 90's.

The wikipedia link is the incident in question.

Relevant queries are:

at&t fortified buildings

at&t spy closet

at&t nsa

There's also NSA's program to intercept and redirect routing hardware in shipping to NSA labs where hardware backdoors are implanted.

None of this is memoryholed, and will never be memoryholed.


776ac9  No.12902573


>None of this is memoryholed, and will never be memoryholed.

Of course. A true memory-hole would be something reported once, and is only accesable via VHS Tape or microfishe in some Country-Library's basement. Kind of like what I said here >>12884231

77e3b4  No.12902719


96ee9d  No.12903075

d01205  No.12903295

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>terrorists smashed through thick reinforced glass to fire in tandem for several minutes knowing the MSM and fbi would cover for them

Sounds legit. Also if you think anyone besides the patsy died you’re literally retarded.

000000  No.12903949


That was memory holed hard, but it was a big story at the time. SNL even did a skit about it.


If you have more info please post.

000000  No.12904044


This happened 6 months ago and is already forgotten. 12 dead, among them was a man who allegedly survived the Vegas shooting.

The shooter was a former marine who deployed to Afghanistan for 9 months in November, 2010. After discharge in 2013 he attended (((CSU Northridge))) for athletic science before dropping out after 3 years. He was reportedly psychologically unstable long before joining the marines and had a history of sexual assault. A neighbor also said he suffered from PTSD after returning from Afganistan. Guarding all of those opium fields from the taliban must have been hellish.

This is a classic MKULTRA case if there ever was one and it's funny how these obvious headcases always make it past the recruiters. What I don't get is why it took place in California, since the state is already niggerfucked on gun issues. Then again, these operations do take a lot of luck and effort to pull off so you take what you can.

Zogbots never sleep.

eb52e5  No.12904164


Because he's probably dead. Either way, it's not him, otherwise PGP. That should be the end of the debate really. If he's not signing everything with his PGP key, it's not him. Simple as. This is why you should KEEP ASKING. It's undeniable.

eb52e5  No.12904175


This. Got the vid of the launch saved as it got scrubbed so fast. Was truly incredible to watch the shills in response to it. They got so obvious with that one.

e53b38  No.12904176


The mods here are CIA.

56c7fe  No.12904189


>become immortal

>get shot into space

Maybe this is what he meant?

0e7911  No.12904224

File: f339344b9eebb38⋯.jpg (30.42 KB, 480x600, 4:5, ive seen some shit.jpg)


BUMP HARD for this shit. For those unaware "Forgotten Languages" was some international think tank group dedicated to linguistic research and was funded by a company that manufactures rocket engines (Lockheed?), found through the classic means of internet spelunking and some /pol/tard stumbled across their website. Almost all its website was filled with cryptic shit that nobody could decipher including videos which were of thousands of images spliced together in a seemingly random sequence for 10 or so minutes, often containing weird graphic imagery like bugs being squished or recorded medical procedures. The weirdest thing though would be that after watching (or even during) these videos viewers would start experiencing migraines and intense discomfort, and then really fucked up lucid dreams and nightmares when they went to sleep.

The investigation threads started, and I dunno if they were just a larper but there was some really convincing shit about "ancestral languages" and there was one dude posting about prehistoric Celtic languages that were completely debased and independent from what can be regarded as Indo-European linguistic development, and that there were somehow the collective memories of people that spoke the language stored in the words themselves which is the reason why there's so little recorded evidence of written Celtic language even going back to the Iron Age because their culture, societies and traditions were based almost entirely on exposition and memories and not records. And there was also a tangent stemming from that I specifically remember, where somehow it related to J.R.R Tolkien's views on myth and legends being the only way for God to ever convey ideas that were otherwise inexpressible.

There were some wild theories about it, like they were trying to create a universal language through patterns and sequences of light and "universally familiar imagery" - death, decay, injury ie 'destruction' being most commonly understood. So it was an attempt to create a language that would be understood by us and aliens and would enable us to communicate with each other. Problem was that being the "universal language" there is obviously a bunch of shit that is completely inexpressible and unknown to us in any of our languages that have developed on Earth but otherwise exist out there in the universe… So experiencing exposure to these ideas that we've never known in our lives would somehow overload the fucking brain where it would start giving people nightmares and headaches.

Then there was some weird correspondence with emails where the person running the site kept talking about humans and humanity from a third person perspective.

da6756  No.12904842


I demand sauce

235ab1  No.12905191


>STILL pushing this fake meme

Assange isn't dead just because you're technologically inept and have no idea how video compression works.


And here's the "everything is hoax nobody ever dies" shill.


>forcibly removed from having internet access because published leaks hurt shillary


b261df  No.12905211


The Celtic languages stuff is also related to the civilization that mined copper in Michigan before the first Natives crossed into Alaska.

776ac9  No.12905981


I want to see it

42ad21  No.12906120

File: 9d9605c1b7277c4⋯.jpg (2.39 MB, 1290x7562, 645:3781, Forgotten languages.jpg)

File: 5699e3d01718ea4⋯.png (2.78 MB, 3822x4198, 1911:2099, Forgotten Language Happeni….png)

8ac5f5  No.12906154

File: 151e6e955114764⋯.jpeg (17.35 KB, 354x447, 118:149, Th'Olympian host conciev'….jpeg)


>Problem was that being the "universal language" there is obviously a bunch of shit that is completely inexpressible and unknown to us in any of our languages that have developed on Earth but otherwise exist out there in the universe… So experiencing exposure to these ideas that we've never known in our lives would somehow overload the fucking brain where it would start giving people nightmares and headaches.

Bring these vids to me, i'll be able to decipher at least one.

8ac5f5  No.12906187



There's also an ED page as well, it's gonna need a lot of updating.

42ad21  No.12906194

File: 18cc7697c36cb6c⋯.png (202.97 KB, 1880x729, 1880:729, aeiou2.png)

File: 8c54d5d3227e3d5⋯.jpg (3.72 MB, 4132x3151, 4132:3151, Solutrean Atlantis Civ.jpg)

File: b3e85ea0a34fba2⋯.jpg (1.56 MB, 4230x4912, 2115:2456, Aryan Culture Lost.jpg)

File: 080613c435dc0f4⋯.png (109.05 KB, 1368x985, 1368:985, 1492977480083.png)

File: 518f4c13263cbd2⋯.png (1.06 MB, 2608x2800, 163:175, Solutrean macro 3.png)






>first pic


>phoenician alphabet is exactly hebrew alphabet

(which is actually ancient, according to this structure, but when they destroyed european cultures, they destroyed their own culture: compare Three Mothers (the very mothers from the op-pic) and the 3 mothers in kabbalah. and in hinduism. and probably further on.

Probably uroboros represents it: it gnaws on something, but it's his own body.

Here's another ancient alphabet (futhark could be sort of iroha, magic runes, and kennings could be related to makura kotoba. tradition of swords is probably universal)

Russian Anon could be into something.

8ac5f5  No.12906385

Saw a little bit of one forgotten languages video, jumped around a bit to see what it was about. I don't know if i'm feeling nausea/stomach discomfort because of it, or the antibiotics I took for my tooth ache.

45f19a  No.12906409

File: 8e9107d82364ed7⋯.jpg (68.75 KB, 583x320, 583:320, Michael Aquino %E2%80%93 S….jpg)


Michael Aquino

Just looking at this guy upsets me. He somehow was promoted through the ranks while looking like that. Just look into what he's done for yourself. Although his wiki page disappeared.

84beac  No.12906522


X-Files was about a group of rich, shadowy men who controlled governments and had made a deal with ayys to betray humanity for power…

8ac5f5  No.12906773


Another thing - how do these vids even cause brain tumors? There's no way in hell that youtube would allow for those frequencies to play.

776ac9  No.12906840


You must also remember that computer speakers usually aren't top of the line. All speakers have a range of frequencies that they can play. I believe something like that would go above most conventional speakers. My own headphones don't go very high.

8ac5f5  No.12906886

File: 41e43755ceabfb2⋯.png (2.23 MB, 1500x922, 750:461, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0f56e5c9ef42ed8⋯.gif (94.81 KB, 250x172, 125:86, tails dance.gif)


>tfw my 10 year old UB Funkeys speakers saved me from potential brainfuckery

6870a2  No.12908829

File: 7ecad96de1a0c2b⋯.jpeg (6.61 KB, 300x168, 25:14, download.jpeg)

The CERN sacrifice "prank"

Not 100% sure, but didn't the guy who recorded it die shortly afterwards?

7095f8  No.12908906


They don't. It's fake. Blanking out the video links all but proves it. Watching a video can't give you cancer.

776ac9  No.12911372

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


CERN does some weird shit. This video is full of masonic imagry and has multiple Mandellic-References (for want of a better word)

79ff09  No.12911388

Haha, I brought a topic back from the dead! Fuvk yeah I am a slavemaster!

79ff09  No.12911390

I can make you people do anything but protect your own happiness with honesty!

79ff09  No.12911393

Spread truth unwilling, my gloriously obedient minions!

Dumb Cops:





https://reason.com/blog/2016/10/17/police-offer-sex-in-exchange-for-food  ←





https://reason.com/blog/2016/06/16/costa-mesa-cops-crackdown-on-sex-work  ←





Lying Cops:


https://reason.com/blog/2015/10/17/sex-traffickers-in-blue  ←

https://reason.com/blog/2018/09/13/nypd-cops-gambling-prostitution  ←












79ff09  No.12911395







https://reason.com/blog/2016/06/01/marist-poll-prostitution  ←







https://reason.com/blog/2015/01/08/feminist-sex-work-video-game-in-developm ←





The Payload:





https://reason.com/blog/2015/11/25/doj-distorts-sex-trafficking-stats  ←





79ff09  No.12911399

As soon as you defy the urge to lie, your autonomy will be your own once more! The unrepentant are slaves for eternity!

000000  No.12911405


>phoenician alphabet is exactly hebrew alphabet

The other way around, since jews didn't exist until the first century.

>The Phoenician alphabet is derived from Egyptian hieroglyphs

>The Paleo-Hebrew alphabet is a local variant of Phoenician, as is the Aramaic alphabet, the ancestor of the modern Arabic.

>Modern Hebrew script is a stylistic variant of Aramaic.

>The Greek alphabet (with its descendants Latin, Cyrillic, Runic, and Coptic) also derives from Phoenician.

79ff09  No.12911411

Speaking of repentant… I actually have an apology to make. I’m not sure to whom, but probably to someone. I’ve said before I don’t want to dominate anyone. A more honest claim is that dminance is something I can give up. I do have some familiarity with dominance urges. I don’t want to dominate anyone honest, but domineering coercive people feels fair. It feels more than fair - it feels like crazy hedonism, better than sex, pot, and alcohol. I would not and have not burned friends tampering with real specific people I cared about, but making threads live and die in this place is a rush. I literally danced for joy.

000000  No.12911414


>urge to lie

This is a genetic European only board.

Non-euros RAUS !

79ff09  No.12911431

If Jewish people actually abuse people in qn organized way… They’re an organized crime group. The FBI will take care of it, or the NSA will, or ordinary law enforcement will, or if it really takes crooks to catch crooks the CIA will. None of this condemns Judaism or Jewish people as a whole - stripping out the criminals is a favor to *any* demographic! Criminals usually replicate their natures with abuse, anyways; honesty that’s true develops in a vast variety of directions. Most people in every demographic are honest; most crimes are committed by a small population of criminals. Rehabilitation and disloyalty are wonderful because healing individual criminals takes big bites out of crime rates.

My favorite thing about that coach bust recently is I hope it’ll reduce overcompensation of coaches by bringing in new people who don’t have the insatiable arrogance of bribe-takers. I know it’s risky to love hope, but it’s not an awful risk. It’s not world-rending if I’m wrong. My second favorite thing about it is sounder: it’ll increase the integrity of academia, which should be very favorable in the long-run! Progress advances; truth is winning!

79ff09  No.12911432


Nobody knows you’re a Jew on the internet. Except everybody.

79ff09  No.12911458

Someday I want to really share my joy with the world. Not the dance-for-joy of bringing this thread back; the subject is unusual, but I believe triumph might actually be the *most* universal emotional capability. (I don’t think humanity is intrinsically warlike, because I have intimately thorough cause to believe in at least one pacifist of rigid sincerity, but if I’m wrong and humanity is intrinsically warlike, the universality of triumph is probably to blame.). I want to share the backbeat to my life. I want to share the upward curving mood, the reconstruction processes, the resilience. I want to share what let me toy with nicotine and grin at opiod withdrawal. I want to share what makes me so sure I can walk away from triumph’s potential if I win enough gains for enough people. I want to share what makes me so confident that I can live out a peaceful forever without losing my mind.

I want to share what’s better and steadier than triumph.

It’s a pipe dream, right? Maybe even technotelepathy wouldn’t do it. Maybe what I love so much about peace in this world wouldn’t be anything to other people. But there’s a lot of people who long for peace. A lot of people would do anything to feel at peace. And I really believe some people actually get there, so I really believe there’s gonna be something to share. Maybe I don’t even have the best form of it.

Thanks again for giving me this big, beautiful platform. Right. On. Schedule!

79ff09  No.12911470

In case anyone reads thus and gets confused: I 100% threadsniped this thread totally offvthe forum with my reason.com lists. It was brought back with false history tagged up at the end with that CERN shit, because liars don’t have the creativity to be unpredictable.

79ff09  No.12911478

Bump :)

31baae  No.12911525

File: 385c97055c34cea⋯.jpg (740.53 KB, 1928x1002, 964:501, 385c97055c34ceac5e393239f9….jpg)


The artifacts look like embedded data artifacts that's why. It's not a picture but info. Probably it was at the original upload point anyway untill it got share-artifacts.

79ff09  No.12911578

Bump. ;)

cdc09c  No.12913755

The detailed truth about Zuckerburg being a thief used to exist in quite a few places on the internet. Completely scrubbed now. I remember reading accounts about him stealing student-body personal data at Harvard to use in his (also stolen), Faceburg prototype. Litany of dirt. On mainstream websites, too. All vaporized.

649ba1  No.12913861

File: 0f0aa6c525d2f1a⋯.jpg (84.15 KB, 997x1200, 997:1200, 1.jpg)

File: 3dd8aeb167b6548⋯.jpg (128.58 KB, 929x1200, 929:1200, 2.jpg)

File: 220ae019d750741⋯.jpg (114.75 KB, 844x1200, 211:300, 3.jpg)

File: b8b1ea24d3c0210⋯.jpg (135.98 KB, 895x1200, 179:240, 4.jpg)

Not really memory holed, but not talked about nearly as often as it should be. Declassified research subjects AATIP and the Department of Defense were looking into, regarding UFO/UAP activity and tech.

fcecf7  No.12913869


The redaction in the first image remind me of the screeching that KimDotCom allegedly falsified the redacted document he produced showing that Seth Rich was indeed the leaker. Went on for a few weeks then was forgotten, brushed off as a "well they never use a white box with a 1.5px outline to redact stuff, they use the patented black highlighter."

649ba1  No.12913876


Seems a correction more than redaction in this case

c19da8  No.12913889


>organic molecules doing quantum computing, is this a living ai or a human computer brain?

fcecf7  No.12913894

File: 7b174853d874dc5⋯.png (283.65 KB, 539x728, 77:104, PSP_NSA_Chris_Wray_Stellar….png)

File: c7b80083140808e⋯.png (241.41 KB, 509x744, 509:744, PSP_NSA_Chris_Wray_read_in….png)

File: ee40607336c16a8⋯.png (338.34 KB, 694x723, 694:723, PSP_NSA_Christ_Wray_read_i….png)

File: 954a10e45090583⋯.png (44.37 KB, 514x456, 257:228, parallel_construction_myst….png)

File: 6b44f0a328e42c9⋯.png (484.27 KB, 750x785, 150:157, parallel_construction_clas….png)


The letters and numbers usually correspond to some referenced legal appendix - not unlikely as the letter is a listing of attachments. See pic related. Also note the two types of redaction styles.

8367c8  No.12913901

Anyone remember those banker and journalists "suicides" from 2015?

5f0c71  No.12913927


>Marrakesh treaty

And content of it

>Recent nigger mass shooters

Surprised even /pol/ haven't had much on this

>Curt Doolittle's pajeet son-in-law

E-celeb, but still

79ff09  No.12914092

Bump :D

bf5ab5  No.12916135

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Remember this?

548c97  No.12916217

File: 043beede292c950⋯.jpg (376.1 KB, 645x1657, 645:1657, UK deletes pedophile datab….jpg)

File: a2f994f5f54b303⋯.jpg (1008.24 KB, 650x2148, 325:1074, UK deletes pedophile datab….jpg)

File: 3136faf7b05f508⋯.jpg (141.29 KB, 720x843, 240:281, it's okay to rape in bongl….jpg)


Mossad uses pedophile sex rings to induct non-Jewish politicians and enforce Jewish agendas under threat of blackmail or murder. Jeffrey Epstein was a Jew who was caught doing exactly this, and his FBI file is still heavily redacted over a decade later. He'd fly underage children out with prominent politicians and power brokers and then record them banging. His whole mansion was filled with cameras.

It's the same operation around the world. The British elites regularly get accused of raping children, and the evidence is deleted roughly every two years with witnesses winding up dead or missing.

7095f8  No.12916237

I wonder (((who))) would spam the thread with schizophrenic rambling and link spa that nobody replies to.

92d552  No.12916355


> Mossad uses pedophile sex rings to induct non-Jewish politicians and enforce Jewish agendas under threat of blackmail or murder

Not just Mossad but every intelligence agency. And the sex blackmail rings got together and went into business for themselves as their own global power. And the rumor is that they ended up under the control of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.


> If Jewish people actually abuse people in qn organized way… They’re an organized crime group. The FBI will take care of it, or the NSA will, or ordinary law enforcement will, or if it really takes crooks to catch crooks the CIA will.

You have the right idea, but the same organized crime ring is blackmailing the heads of all of those organizations. "The Jews" were infiltrated just like everyone else.

fda0f7  No.12916477


Sheesh, and they wonder why we're rebelling and want to put their worhtless head on spikes.

d2d8d6  No.12916831


Post it. Also post an archive of the shilling if you have that.

d2d8d6  No.12917092


Autobiography of a yogi has lots of stories like that.

721a50  No.12922593


a (((jew))).

721a50  No.12922712


The famous quote of "where did you get your data? They gave it to me, they trust me, dumb fucks" still exists. And ironically in the (((film))) of (((zuckerberg))) he is shown cracking into the securities of various harvard houses to steal the photos of the students, etc.

Also remember the darpa lifelog, apparently (((zuckerberg))) is just a ploy and a smokescreen.

757ffb  No.12930437


New Mexico Compound Suspects Face New Conspiracy Charges

>ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.—Five extended family members who had been living on a remote New Mexico compound where a 3-year-old boy died before it was raided have been indicted on terrorism-related charges that accuse them of conspiring to attack U.S. law enforcement officers, military members and government employees, authorities said Thursday. The superseding indictment against the suspects, who have been in federal custody since August on firearms charges, came six months after authorities first descended on their squalid compound near Amalia, just south of the Colorado state line. A search for a missing Georgia boy—the son of suspect Siraj Ibn Wahhaj—had led law enforcement to the site on the high-desert where they found the child’s remains as well as 11 hungry children living in filth.

>All the suspects, except Wahhaj, also have been charged with participating in the kidnapping of Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, the boy who died after prosecutors say he had been denied medication for seizures. Jany Leveille, a leader of the group, believed medication suppressed Muslim beliefs, authorities said. Because authorities say the 2017 abduction ultimately resulted in the boy’s death, the kidnapping count against Leveille, Hujrah Wahhaj, Subhana Wahhaj and Lucas Morton carries a potential sentence of life in prison or the death penalty should prosecutors win a conviction against them and decide to pursue the maximum punishment in the case. The father has not been charged with kidnapping because of federal statutes that generally only allow for charging parents with abducting their own children in international cases. The results of an autopsy for the boy whose remains were found at the compound property are still pending.

>Federal authorities said Siraj Ibn Wahhaj and Leveille, who lived as a couple at the compound, had performed daily, hours-long prayer rituals over Wahhaj’s young son in the days leading to his death—even as he cried and foamed at the mouth. An FBI agent also said in federal court that Leveille’s two teenage sons had described how she expected the dead child to be resurrected as Jesus and provide instruction to get rid of corrupt institutions that involve teachers, law enforcement and banks. A prior federal grand jury indictment on firearms and conspiracy charges against the group stemmed from accusations that Leveille, who is originally from Haiti, had been living in the country illegally and that the others had conspired to provide her with firearms and ammunition.



Not completely memoryholed, apparently.

5aade4  No.12948182

File: afd1cde4863be14⋯.jpg (357.03 KB, 960x929, 960:929, This_Movie_Never_Ends.jpg)



Welp, looks like some of those sealed indictiments r gettin' unsealed. But whatever you do, don't check out /qresearch/ cuz it's a honeypotboomerlarppot kEk

#10 New Mexico Terrorist Camp Superseding Indictment – FINALLY

Photo: Fox News

Most will recall the horrific terrorist training camp discovered last year in New Mexico where a group resided in a filthy situation, filled with firearms and ammunition, and a deceased child. They were originally indicted on September 11, 2018, and two judges dismissed charges against three of the defendants because the office of District Attorney Donald Gallegos failed to schedule a court hearing to prove they had probable cause for their arrest, within 10 days. Everyone could see with their own eyes that this was a terrorist training camp, and feared the worst.

On Wednesday, A federal grand jury sitting in Albuquerque, New Mexico returned a superseding indictment on March 13 charging Jany Leveille, 36, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, 40, Hujrah Wahhaj, 38, Subhanah Wahhaj, 36, and Lucas Morton, 41, with federal offenses related to terrorism, kidnapping and firearms violations.

The Department of Justice press release states, in part:

As alleged in the superseding indictment, these defendants conspired to provide material support in preparation for violent attacks against officers and employees of the United States. According to the superseding indictment, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj and Hujrah Wahhaj gathered firearms and ammunition, and all of the defendants transported people, firearms, and ammunition across state lines and constructed a training compound where they stored firearms and ammunition. The superseding indictment further alleges that Siraj Ibn Wahhaj and Morton constructed and maintained a firing range at the compound where they engaged in firearms and tactical training for other compound occupants, and that Leveille and Morton attempted to recruit others to their cause.

The superseding indictment also charges Leveille, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, and Morton with conspiring to attack and kill officers and employees of the United States, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1117. It was a part and an object of the conspiracy that the defendants would kill officers and employees of the United States, specifically, Federal Bureau of Investigation employees, government officials, and military personnel.

The superseding indictment also charges Leveille, Hujrah Wahhaj, Subhanah Wahhaj, and Morton with kidnapping and conspiracy to commit kidnapping. According to the superseding indictment, they kidnapped a child under the age of eighteen in Georgia and transported the child to New Mexico, where they concealed and held the child, resulting in the child’s death.

The superseding indictment also includes the charges from the original indictment. All of the defendants are currently in custody awaiting trial.

Perhaps this will set precedent in investigating the 22 Islamic compounds operating throughout the U.S., that FBI documents confirm.

embedded links at sauce https://www.coreysdigs.com/investigations/12-huge-bombshells-in-one-week-but-nothings-happening/

f89c95  No.12964831

Most amateur footage of 2015 NYE sexual assaults in Germany has vanished from the net.

Especially the stuff from towns other than Cologne like Dusseldorf (which supposedly was even worse) as well as video from the police crackdown in Munich (police had advance warning there).

79e3f5  No.12964912

You are my unspayed pets!

You are the unspayed pets of whoever IP cycles.

058853  No.12964952

Yes! I inspired a copy-cat!

You ARE my unspayed pets!

6419b3  No.12966577


woah, they have normalmaps irl now?

d2d8d6  No.12974558

Bump. So many shill threads right now; need to save topics.

5529c2  No.12977110

27701c  No.12977326


>Day Assange Killed (DAK) - October 2016

I have something to confess i dont expect you to believe me but i must confess i feel it is realted.

around the time september - november 2016 i met him.

i also met all of them. imagine everyone who was important at that time i was there with all of them at university. all in the same room. i have difficulty remembering everything because of the sex and the screaming. it seemed very unbelievable and since these events i have had panic attacks and stuff. i have never had such things.

i spoke to all of them about a bunch of stuff.

i spoke to trump about releasing Assange he said he would try.

the whole thing was fucked. i never recieved an explaination and MPs kept coming to my house.

its was all very strange. i remember getting handjobs, being sick.

you can AMA but i always remember thinking no one is going to believe me. its a shame no one understood at that time how serious it was. he borrowed my blue hoodie once.

thats all i can remember about the man, he was with snowden.

trump owed him those links. because i was there when Putin gave him those documents.

c3e7e7  No.12984645


That's what happens when you do a morph cut in adobe premiere

be780e  No.12985330


That's all you remember? Sex and screaming?

13f773  No.12985335


It's more /g/ related but it was some canadian that created a secure way to send messages and emails and was shot by police on his front lawn for some reason.

be780e  No.12985352


Anyone got a photo of the syringe?

fda0f7  No.12985355


Good schizo routine

be780e  No.12985377

File: f59595bf3665bd2⋯.jpg (26.95 KB, 405x296, 405:296, els.jpg)

File: fc435435b336ee5⋯.png (665.11 KB, 1200x1320, 10:11, els2.png)


From some page:

Ever wondered what "Non Solus" means in the Elsevier logo?

Following is an excerpt from "Non Solus: The Story Behind the Elsevier Tree" on the Company History page of the Elsevier website.

There is some debate over the meaning of the original Elzevir printer’s mark that is still used as Elsevier’s logo today and features an old man standing beneath a vine-entwined elm tree. It is inscribed with the Latin term Non Solus (not alone). The mark, first introduced by Isaac Elzevir (son of Lowys) in 1620, was featured on all Elzevir works from that time forth.

… the logo represents, in classical symbolism, the symbiotic relationship between publisher and scholar. The addition of the Non Solus inscription reinforces the message that publishers, like the elm tree, are needed to provide sturdy support for scholars, just as surely as scholars, the vine, are needed to produce fruit. Publishers and scholars cannot do it alone. …

8d1d03  No.12986188

File: d1055055797d7bd⋯.jpg (123.6 KB, 1200x454, 600:227, irish speakers.jpg)


Dam, has anyone ever confirmed those feelings and nightmares? Has anyone ever exposed themselves to a language for a long period of time to see what happens? Has there been any further investigation into this subject matter?

be780e  No.12987364


So basically every book that's been published EVER is compromised. HUGE implications.

dd30eb  No.12987937


/x/tier schizoposting.

765a65  No.12987950

File: f49769d1ffe280b⋯.jpg (629.31 KB, 1016x1563, 1016:1563, dgbwanprop.jpg)

File: 29b0c09cb892964⋯.jpg (654.62 KB, 971x1107, 971:1107, share_hackingn.jpg)

this isnt talked about except when they got more propoganda to spew out then its hidden again

bc0915  No.12988451


>So basically every book that's been published EVER is compromised. HUGE implications.

braindead nigger cattle like you are the problem. the implications are that the overwhelming majority of scholarly research passes through a single entity.

be780e  No.12994213


Aw! Thank you :)

a7532b  No.12995916

File: f72bcef7fd29047⋯.gif (435.8 KB, 444x250, 222:125, 1540799792083.gif)


'member when some based Ukrainians exposed jihadi john as being a CIA/CNN fabrication?


e0c2a3  No.12996612


I did have the thought of only thinking with images, but communicating with them is pretty interesting too.

e13e26  No.13016648

Not gonna slide this one, moshe

d7b2d8  No.13016703


The CIA REALLY wants people (mainly whistleblowers) trusting wikileaks.

Hint : Wikileaks is a CIA honeypot now. Any real leaks submitted get traced to their source, and sources are killed.

27ac82  No.13034565

File: d22dd9e77f0aa7e⋯.jpg (149.24 KB, 840x580, 42:29, 537fae7b358586d05c4cad7aee….jpg)

File: f3dbf896a9e7e36⋯.png (473.97 KB, 1312x1147, 1312:1147, d2.png)



Bumping for this anon.

c36e35  No.13034614


None of this shit doesn't compare to Tesla stuff, archives quietly purge anything involving the translation or explanations of his work. It's absurd.

e1af80  No.13034931


>skip to random location

<transphobia and ableism


e1af80  No.13034956



That guy is a true warrior

6b5b2e  No.13035046



Do you mean the guy at 3:12?

He really seems dead, one of them even hits him.

733b91  No.13036622


Is there anything more to add to this? Wasn't it some dedication to some tunnel or something?

0ac05b  No.13053533


134ec2  No.13053602

File: af4f659b6f53271⋯.png (66.97 KB, 586x391, 586:391, 76574852.png)



c43182  No.13053724


If Hamas is run by Jews why do they cause such misery and problems for Israel?

134ec2  No.13054031

File: 5c18017a71aefbf⋯.jpg (203.14 KB, 802x854, 401:427, 19948251.jpg)


There you are.

134ec2  No.13054131

File: fe2b4e05de9aeb9⋯.webm (1.42 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1543458990448.webm)



Speaking of which: here it is, for anons that want it offline.

f28529  No.13054179


No, he wasn't scared. You have to be looking for a face to see one. All I saw were a camera go wrong and luggage.

134ec2  No.13054186

File: 816e33e16a77a6e⋯.gif (3.08 MB, 400x224, 25:14, 1534195625973.gif)

File: 4221ae06f44a081⋯.png (206.83 KB, 887x497, 887:497, 1534195625974.png)

File: 1aae18eedf2b4d9⋯.png (76.26 KB, 427x367, 427:367, 1534195625975.png)


I call her "weird lizard eyes handler" (pic related)

As disturbing as Strzok is, she's moar

f08eba  No.13054247

Why is nobody talking about the Trump assassination anymore, the video used to be everywhere on here last month and now everybody has just moved on? Am I actually going insane?

134ec2  No.13054305

File: 974fb4fc4ad2cda⋯.jpg (71.9 KB, 585x439, 585:439, 1536158695863.jpg)


>Also, remember in December 2018 when like 50 houses (in Maryland?) all exploded at the same time?

It was Massachusetts, unless you are referring to an incident I don't know about in Maryland.

I have friends that live in one of the three towns that had houses blow up (Andover).

Andover and North Andover (wealthy towns) were practically all the "news" coverage.

(They) pretty much ignored Lawrence (sanctuary aka law-breaking city).

Local politicians blamed it all on Columbia Energy.

Even in the immediate vicinity most people have already forgotten that a significant portion of our commonwealth was on fire one night.

Go Pats, right?


dd30eb  No.13054543


The only major player still investigating this is John Cullen, and that channel even sullied itself with a tie to muh Q. The investigation going on here was silently killed off in favor of those EPIC REDDIT SALT XD threads during and after the end of the Kampfy saga.


It's more than a little suspicious how the only people still investigating this on 8/pol/ are the Qboomer schizo types, while greater investigation is apparently on the reddit clone.


(((Suspiciously))), any looking into this stopped shortly after finding out Cruz was a jewspic mutt, there were reports of shooter(s) that didn't match Cruz's description or even loadout at all, and that Drumpfenbergsteinowitz was killing the 2nd amendment over muh totally real dead jews.

5e9452  No.13054562


Looks like a couple of dudes on a trail/hike

74b927  No.13054611


This isn’t the pic in question

18a3a3  No.13054666

File: 1481099e632c4c1⋯.jpg (24.81 KB, 609x474, 203:158, 1481099e632c4c166a9f632cfd….jpg)

>>12658204, >>13054611

ayy, this one?

On this topic.. remember aother similar thread, where a supposed alien/extra terrestrial being were posting on chan. Showing some strange pics of location anons requested, resembling satelite photos but also strange looking..

Anyone else know what Im talking about, maybe got a pointer to an old thread?

380b4e  No.13055439

File: 03c5bc4b82e7e6c⋯.jpg (113.87 KB, 724x762, 362:381, jews62.jpg)

000000  No.13057574

>ctrl-f fomenko

>0 matches

fuggggggg you dipshits probably have swimmy heads with all the fake years of history they fed you

b614e8  No.13057742


It was on half chan /x/ it was the first post i have seen on the board, supposedely it was linked to government, but also some rumors about children being groomed or trained to be killers.

Basically meeting point for hitmen that got lost.

4360f7  No.13057990


and thus is? is? what is it?

38460c  No.13059440

File: 29b542c43b9abd2⋯.jpg (252.85 KB, 666x716, 333:358, (((Fractional Reserve))).jpg)


>compression artifact

Should have went with swamp gas desu tbh.

0af082  No.13059537


Reddit glownigger

9f3236  No.13059765


swiss tunnel opening ceremony

314a89  No.13060418

File: 0f5eb0d9c6e04ca⋯.jpg (109.96 KB, 800x477, 800:477, or-41292.jpg)

>CTRL + F "Michael Hastings"

>no hits

Come on faggots, most famous glowie self-driven car ever!

251fad  No.13062409



So that is saying people on 8chan or 4chan should support the CIA and work against the NSA, FBI and all the other turdburgers.

31baae  No.13062412


Genocide of Tibet by china and the vehement reaction of leftists against the genocide wanting to stop it years ago. Meanwhile they attempt to reject the same thing happening to whites, even though it's the exact scenario andmore widespread in the west, caused by forced chinese immigration i.e population replacement.

A good point in any discussion with any type of non-psycho leftist brainlet. Ask them what they think about the tibetan genocide done by china.

5fe086  No.13062438


>Genocide of Tibet by china

This never happened. The only people the Han "genocided" were the Manchu, and that was by basically forcing them to become Han, because basically everyone in China hated them by the 1911 Xinhai revolution. The Manchu was the Kike of the Asians.

>forced chinese immigration i.e population replacement.

Tibetans are the same race as the Han. The difference between Italians and the rest of European is greater than between Tibetans and Han.

31baae  No.13062483


Lol "never happened" you're just being absurd, even though the goverment of tibet have been forced into exile by commie chinks, and how the government-sponsors chinese into tibet and even force marriage rules and cultural rules onto tibet. It's like saying the tianmen square massacre never happened. Even though it did. Something you'd expect from a 50center.

In case you weren't aware Tibetans have their own language, culture and they also look different from chinese and have different genes(including haplogroups(i.e ancestral dna for brainlets).

>Tibetans are the same race as the Han. The difference between Italians and the rest of European is greater than between Tibetans and Han.

No they're not, and those "Studies" that are produced and supported by communist china can't be relied on as they are annihilating them. As the communist scammers they are of course they would say they're the same, while they are not genetically and have radically different culture and customs. Just like how the myth of "racial" equality being real etc attempts to ease concerns about semitic marxist racial annihilation of the west and white race.

Whatever retarded misgivings you have about the subject it's a memory holed topic for obvious reasons. (((Our governments))) can't talk about cultural and racial genocide as they are doing it to us.

431ce6  No.13064802


Trump assassination??

5fe086  No.13065354

File: 276b57ab731a1ab⋯.jpg (69.14 KB, 495x505, 99:101, tiananmen-square-massacre-….jpg)


>Lol "never happened" you're just being absurd

You're a liberal ZOG-faggot.

>even though the goverment of tibet have been forced into exile by commie chinks

Who cares? The Dalai Llama is a Zionist that sucks Kike-cock, like you.

>how the government-sponsors chinese into tibet and even force marriage rules and cultural rules onto tibet.

More bullshit ZOG-lies from liberal trash. Not every Amdo, Kham,and U-Tsang (Tibet isn't a Nation) wants to identify as a Lama-worshiping retard.

>It's like saying the tianmen square massacre never happened.

Yeah, it also never happened. The ZOG riled up some dumb gooks who thought that thing called "America" would give them some free-dumb, so they attacked soldiers, and then got dealt with, like any violent mob would. Even the ZOG-gooks that promote this as some meaningful event can't even come up with a list of names longer than about 125, and good riddance to them.

>No they're not

You're a fucking retard.

>and those "Studies"

You don't need a "study" to tell they're the same race. You just have to look at them. They're gooks. Mongoloids. Asiatics.

>Just like how the myth of "racial" equality being real etc attempts to ease concerns about semitic marxist racial annihilation of the west and white race.

Marxists didn't force integration with niggers on the White Nation. That thing called "America" did.

>(((Our governments))) can't talk about cultural and racial genocide as they are doing it to us.

I don't give a fuck if the Han "culturally genocide" Tibetan-identity, just like they did the Manchu. I want the White Nation to rise up and overthrow our Manchus, like the Hand did in 1911. You're trying to teach the masses of the White Nation lies, and moreover, the wrong lessons about the Han.

The only difference is, we're not gonna assimilate our Manchus. We're going to hang them on ropes, and genocide them for real.

704740  No.13065374

5e9452  No.13079868


Where's your argument?

da5df1  No.13079923


no argument detected

>You don't need a "study" to tell they're the same race. You just have to look at them. They're gooks. Mongoloids. Asiatics.

fucking lol

0df0dd  No.13080039


<I have nigger levels of ignorance on this topic so you're jew

Kill yourself.

c8e394  No.13096982

Does anyone remember the story about the Mexican priest tied to Hillary that had his daughter accuse him of human trafficking and 63 dead children bodies buried somewhere. He was arrested, and I thought I remember it on drudge. Now it's nowhere on the internet.

c8e394  No.13096992


I also thought I posted it in this thread, but I don't see it.

871ffa  No.13097192

File: b3b5daa21a7e6dd⋯.png (311.59 KB, 498x509, 498:509, nig_hitler.png)

wasn't there a politician in egypt who was literally a nigger larping as hitler because he hated jews? What was his name?

fcecf7  No.13097210


kek remember the super secret OPSEC the local sheriffs had? Resistance calendar and a host of of other lefty shit in the bookmark bar.

Hard drive failure since has lost that image.

f28529  No.13097505

2013 attack on power grid wasn't just drunkposting irl, the landline to 911 specifically had been cut prior.

>Around 1:00 AM on April 16, at least one individual (possibly two) entered two different manholes at the PG&E Metcalf power substation, southeast of San Jose, and cut fiber cables in the area around the substation.

>That knocked out some local 911 services, landline service to the substation, and cell phone service in the area, a senior U.S. intelligence official told Foreign Policy. The intruder(s) then fired more than 100 rounds from what two officials described as a high-powered rifle at several transformers in the facility. Ten transformers were damaged in one area of the facility, and three transformer banks — or groups of transformers — were hit in another, according to a PG&E spokesman.

>Cooling oil then leaked from a transformer bank, causing the transformers to overheat and shut down. State regulators urged customers in the area to conserve energy over the following days, but there was no long-term damage reported at the facility and there were no major power outages. There were no injuries reported. That was the good news. The bad news is that officials don’t know who the shooter(s) were, and most importantly, whether further attacks are planned.


57468b  No.13097963


Who has/where can the video be found?

c19da8  No.13097979


Idi Amin and he is from uganda

57468b  No.13098018


So they got away with it?

57468b  No.13098072


Go on.

From what I can gather from the greentext they don't know who they were, which would mean that they haven't been caught s they would know if they were.

Unless the GITD's got the drop on them and took the to black site fun land.

f28529  No.13098131


They slipped the net. Something else may have been planned but fell through, they got cold feet, or maybe they were expecting a mob. If this happens in the right neighborhoods, at the right time of day/year, the chimpout would be epic, and a superb distraction. The media also didn't report the shooter(s) had special knowledge, they played up the angle this was a dumb hick, and they didn't classify the attack as terrorism. Then again, maybe they knew who did it and buried the story.

57468b  No.13098171


By the way you explain it, it would sound like they barely escaped by the skin of their teeth, if that's the case then holding off would be a good strategy as they likely would have gotten their asses busted the next time around when they're expected. If it were to be done in certain neighborhoods there would have to be more than one station hit. Media probably covered it up for the same reasons cable worker anon described, as in the ease of it. If they did know who then it wouldn't be a surprise if they had a lofty name, instigators aren't anything new.

c19da8  No.13098180


Special knowledge of what?

57468b  No.13098205


The cable anon post, something something power grid, idk.

f28529  No.13098716


Like where the access is, that 911 is its own landline.

c4eeee  No.13103779

Here is one for a long time ago and lasted one day in the news and was never repeated again. A plastic was developed that withstood the heat of a nuclear blast.

757ffb  No.13107654

>Weather Underground

>Black Liberation Army


>The Family

Radical leftist violence in the '70s. Good writeup based on a book here.



5e4866  No.13107689

File: cf610c2a4ab6c22⋯.jpg (1.59 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, OP at Work (2).jpg)


>Let's discuss a few topics that people stopped researching after they got too spooked,

Speaking of spooks…

5dda3f  No.13107892

File: 6dd9c7b44c76a96⋯.jpg (57.54 KB, 800x381, 800:381, 5968_1.jpg)

I remember the death of David Crowley who made an anti NWO movie was suspicious. Suddenly nobody was talking about it anymore.

87805a  No.13111173

File: 65b80389daa94ec⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190410-225846.png)


The weathermen unground doc is excellent, they had a full on war with the establishment criminals of then

Guerrilla, the taking of Patty Hearst

Had those awesome communiques the Symbionese liberation army would force radio stations to play OR ELSE

6b6e41  No.13112187


seems funny to me that there's never any trembling, shallow breathing, anger, violence, un-acceptance or real burts of crying or anything in all these interviews, be it the dead kid's father in the children's school shooting, or hogg and goblina in the modern one, or this guy or anywhere.

206305  No.13112486



what did this ever turn up?

206305  No.13112504


>The bad news is that officials don’t know who the shooter(s) were, and most importantly, whether further attacks are planned.

Putin announced he wants to disconnect from America's internet.

Trump announced he wants to protect America's infastructure from EMP attack.

206305  No.13112516


this really is the best hope of all. The knowledge that hundreds of thousands of American soldiers took an oath to protect the constitution, regardless of what politicians say.

The American Constitution is one of the most powerful documents ev er written.

e1f314  No.13120454


>you’re literally retarded

I've meet family members of people who got killed in shootings, particularly the Hogg one.

There have been people killed, and everyone involved says shit is suspicious as all hell, the guy i knew from the Hogg case said his grandson died from shotgun injuries in hospital even when the mutt shooter was supposedly using an assault rifle and a pistol.

c2e33f  No.13122964


Not any entity a jewish entity.

64fdc7  No.13122983


apart from 5 it's absolute /x/-tier garbage

how did this get 600 replies

d14062  No.13123021

File: 64cc94855436c01⋯.png (116.46 KB, 222x296, 3:4, screenshot-lh6.ggpht.com-2….png)






Website is updated every day. By who or what I have never figured out. There is still a 100+page dig on abovetopsecret. I followed this for months and still cannot figure out what it is.

These people were researching linguistics and experimenting with algorithms which were able to estimate lingual permutations over time. How I mean this is the algorithm could assess say English language from 1800-2000 and quantify the linguistic change. Then the algorithm was applied backwards in time to predict the most ancient languages. The algorithm was also used to project into what our future language might be and if it could be used to communicate with alien races. Very much cryptic shit. My only guess of what this is really for may be an intelligence open cryptography used for information exchange that so far has not been cracked.

c2cf86  No.13123955


Darmak and Jallad at Tanagra. Shaka his arms wide.

c2cf86  No.13124038


Any links?

0f6e14  No.13124125


FBI Vault


e5ecf9  No.13124132


That sounds spooky as absolute fuck, also I ain't clickin' that shit.

d2d8d6  No.13124246


Look up Starlite. Dude made it and only ever did demos for the government in his own room so it could never be stolen.

d2d8d6  No.13124254


Oh fuck awesome. Since I last looked at this the inventor’s widow sold the rights and it has been commercialized as thermashield

c43ee2  No.13124457


thanks for the suggestion; i'll check this out.

983eaa  No.13126293


Isn’t this related to TAVISTOCK?

0ffa89  No.13126652



That was just some anti (((abortion))) propaganda wasn't it?

ff5373  No.13126750

File: 2feda536297e394⋯.jpg (43.62 KB, 600x452, 150:113, 2feda536297e394a1c949125b3….jpg)


Tits or gtfo.

32061f  No.13127272


>Q is a larp proven again

000000  No.13127465

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Try finding any YouTube clips of Chelsea Clinton's failed "career" as an NBC journalist.

She was predictably a disaster and her human interest puff pieces revealed her as a braindead bimbo with zero talent, charisma or intelligence. All evidence of these facts have long since been completely scrubbed off YouTube because she is being actively groomed and positioned for a future in politics. Her "degree" and every job she's ever had has been literally handed to her in a gift wrapped box.

The embedded video is the only thing that I could find.

09bfb0  No.13130733

Remember the Washington State Amtrak crash? Day one, the state spokesman stated that an object on the tracks caused the derailment. Day two, the feds showed up and all of a sudden the crash was due to speeding.

Somebody, probably Antifa, used a stolen train derailer to kill six people in a terrorist attack and the government and media covered it up.

1c58c1  No.13131065


Retards and schizos keep flooding the thread with disinformation cancer to drown out all the real info. Don't you see all the "ree assange is dead" shilling? That turned out so well for (((them))).

0e0bd9  No.13131922

File: 18a7058ad6bf1a7⋯.png (292.34 KB, 238x1000, 119:500, rrs.png)

Carl Reichenbach claimed he discovered a force called Od. He did experiments with sensitive people and found they could see some things like magnets emit some for of light/fire.

Wilhelm Reich had his books burned and all his research confiscated. There is a lot of new-age crystal Fags claiming his work. He claimed to have found an energy called orgon.

Victor Schauberger is also very interesting but since he uses a very unique way to write he is very hard to decipher.

Einstein the plagiarist still gets shilled as the greatest genius of all time.

4705dd  No.13132000

Eveything worthwhile seems to get memoryholed,.

f98345  No.13132009


Why would antifa even care about trains?

757ffb  No.13132187

File: f024c24bee3dc71⋯.png (98.18 KB, 765x602, 765:602, mixture.png)



>Why would antifa even care about trains?

I dunno…ecoterrorism? false flag? angst?

Even (((Snopes))) semi-admits antifa poured concrete on the tracks.



Shortly after, a train crashed with a bunch of Republican congressmen.



da85df  No.13134320


>I've meet family members of people who got killed in shootings, particularly the Hogg one

It's weird there's always people that say that after every fake attack, the Hogg one with the wrong times, his gay film, the fact that traumatized witnesses always seem to be laughing jews, the bullet holes in laptop screens that were still working.

It was pathetically poor and you are a liar.

a3e798  No.13135574


I remember that, found a vid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Re3oE5_yzBU

7847d6  No.13135594


Oldfag. Can confirm. Rarely feel the need to post as much as I did in past years. Brenton especially made me sick of talking and debating. I've given it all enough thought, only action remains.

7847d6  No.13135848



Like the gun brand? lel

36ddf5  No.13137244


FUCK I remember this, the discussion for this was moved to some other board for a bit since it kept getting nuked here. The youtube videos were unsettling, and I indeed had vivid strange dreams after watching them. I tried digging into what the point of it all was at the time but It seemed like a dead end.

e1f314  No.13137497


>you are a liar.

I'm certainly not going to dox myself but i'm also not going to counter you, because basically everything you said about the incident is true in its mainstream presentation, there's videos with groids in panic attacks, the blonde chick describing a day later that the spic was with his group in the evacuation drill, shotgun pellet holes in shooting videos even when there was only assault rifles involved in the official story.

The problem with these incidents are the fact that the faked information is so poor that retarded and/or isolated individuals such as yourself think that the whole incident was a CGI movie with prepared talk heads that still can't do the job right.

The fact still stands, real people did die in most of these incidents (most, not all of them, see Sandy Hoax, Boston Bombing) and it's not our fault that we actually know people that had their close ones die and later on showered in money to reconcile the fact and never talk about it again not even in BBQ parties, which rarely happens as the old fella (an old italo-venezuelan exiled) explained they found the injuries in his dead family member highly contradictory to the official narrative but he said he might as well forget about it and get out of the country due to fear of getting vanished (just like what happened in Venezuela)

322b4c  No.13139253


Or biochemist 'suicides' 2-3 years ago.

a18389  No.13139305

File: a72709078c66d92⋯.jpg (84.79 KB, 1006x1024, 503:512, hammer.jpg)




Thought and language are closely interconnected. This is another form of the kikes trying to control our minds and dumb down culture. This is why grammar is not a motherfucking game. They try to penetrate conscious thought into the subconscious mind.

d58561  No.13141975



This has to be the most strange yet complete website ive seen in some time – it makes me feel like the first time being online, reading hyper text. There is something to this, it is complicated and broad, which shows a synthesis of intelligence and practice. Here is an excerpt I found:

>There is a growing tendency for humans to ignore the powerful effects that the environment can have on their brains and behavior. The stronger this tendency is, the further they are from achieving the necessary technological skills to explore the Universe.

At least /pol is right in wanting to create an eco-paradise within natsoc, it is the only way to the stars. I can also see the reason why (((they))) are destroying the world and whites so violently.

d58561  No.13141980

File: e8e974b3c02208b⋯.jpeg (221.96 KB, 430x430, 1:1, creation-myth.jpeg)


I forgot to attach this. This parallels ancient history perfectly – the annunaki, egyptians, pre and post flood civilization. Interdasting.