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File: e6143e8e64237b6⋯.png (15.43 KB, 200x260, 10:13, 200px-Coat_of_arms_of_Germ….png)

ca2606  No.12658066


(BERLIN) — The European Court of Human Rights on Thursday rejected the appeal of a German couple who have been fighting for years to home school their kids, saying the government was within its rights to temporarily remove their children.

Home schooling is illegal in Germany and the Strasbourg, France-based court noted it had already upheld that law in previous decisions.

But Dirk and Petra Wunderlich, who are in their early 50s, had argued their rights to privacy of home and family life were violated by Hesse state authorities when their four children were taken from them in 2013. They were returned three weeks later after the couple agreed to send them to school.

In a unanimous decision, however, the court found that there was “relevant and sufficient reasons for the withdrawal of some parts of the parents’ authority, and the temporary removal of the children from their family home.”

Robert Clarke, an attorney for the Alliance Defending Freedom, or ADF, a U.S.-based Christian legal advocacy group, who argued the Wunderlichs’ case, said the Darmstadt couple was considering an appeal.

“Petra and Dirk Wunderlich simply wanted to educate their children in line with their convictions and decided their home environment would be the best place for this,” he said in a statement.

The couple’s children, whose names weren’t released in line with privacy laws, are now 19, 18, 16 and 13. When the eldest reached school age in 2005, they refused to register her in a school, paying regulatory fines and accepting court decisions against them, but without changing their behavior.

Between 2008 and 2011 they lived abroad with their children, and then returned to Germany. In 2012, the Darmstadt family court withdrew the Wunderlichs’ right to determine their children’s place of residence and right to take decisions on school matters and transferred those rights to the youth office.

After appeals, the children were taken from them on Aug. 29, 2013, and placed into a children’s home. They were returned Sept. 19, 2013, after they had been assessed and it was determined “the knowledge level of the children was not alarming” and the parents agreed to allow them to go to school.

After they attended school for the year of 2013-2014 they were again taken out of the system, and the European court said Hesse state education officials have filed a criminal complaint against the parents for again failing to comply with the rules on compulsory school attendance.

The court noted that at the time the children were taken from the couple, Dirk Wunderlich had made statements that “he considered children to be the ‘property’ of their parents” and that “on the information available at the time, the authorities reasonably assumed that the children were isolated, had no contact with anyone outside the family, and that a risk to their physical integrity existed.”

It added that the “actual removal of the children did not last any longer than necessary in the children’s best interest, and was also not implemented in a way which was particularly harsh or exceptional.”

“The domestic authorities struck a proportionate balance between the best interests of the children and those of the applicants (parents), which did not fall outside the margin of appreciation granted to the domestic authorities,” the court concluded.

Dirk Wunderlich called it a “disheartening day for our family” in the statement from the ADF.

“After years of legal struggles, this is extremely frustrating for us and our children,” he said.

Contact us at editors@time.com.



4e6383  No.12658087

Better start killing people.

da9dfe  No.12658111


Yes let's kill innocent White people, while the big shot kikes get richer and escape.

98c8dd  No.12658117


>France-based court


8bec7b  No.12658139


It's a German law. The family were trying to appeal the law to the European human rights court, which is in France.

Which is a sad joke. 'Human rights' are for Achmed, not for Hans.

6e0885  No.12658217

File: fe16b99860e6eb2⋯.jpg (55.94 KB, 750x492, 125:82, H3257-L96346564[1].jpg)

Damn Hessians.

6e0885  No.12658220

Should have changed their names to Ari and Ester Wunderstein.

fdeefb  No.12658225


Fuck the ECHR in the ass with a hedge trimmer

b7b083  No.12658241


A sad day for the European future.

bfd2d8  No.12658245

Germany has been punished since the end of WW I is this any surprise to me? NO

490b88  No.12658260

Just leave the country and let it implode.

e9eca5  No.12658271

Same as in Sweden.

df532b  No.12658275

german anons, kill your judges and police

d0c67b  No.12658386


those who submit to the will of our enemies are not innocent

deserters will be shot, same as always

369754  No.12658462


This. I'm not normally one to advocate just abandoning one's country, but fuck me, some of these are already lost causes such as Germany. They really should leave and fuck off to Iceland or some less kiked country.

1c27e7  No.12658522

Jews must hate it when internet memes undo so much time and money investment in jewish/bolshevik propaganda machines called state controlled education.

d9c25c  No.12658540


>European court

>controlling German people

>no one revolts or even complains

White genocide is already complete.

d9c25c  No.12658541




772133  No.12658549


You have to be 18+ to post here nigger.

d9c25c  No.12658558


>oy vey goyim don't kill traitors

cdd582  No.12658560

The ban on homeschooling in Germany is from 1938.

4e6383  No.12658565


The fuck are you on about, kike?

772133  No.12658570

File: 89ef5113e9c9940⋯.jpeg (15.35 KB, 306x512, 153:256, Brevik.jpeg)


Agreed he is a jewish shill defending white pawns while puppet masters go free.

Hail Anders Brevik amirite niggerkike.

b30591  No.12658590


upholders of unjust laws are not innocent

4e6383  No.12658595


Principal is not "homeschooling good, public schooling bad". What matters is whether a people is in charge of its own education rather than being indoctrinated by an alien invader. No one cares where their child learns the right things, so long as they do.

2ea51c  No.12658651

All you yanks are forgetting Germans can not into democracy/civil liberty

Extreme state control and centralized autocratic bureaucracy is all they know

232519  No.12658670


Stay mad.

96f023  No.12658689

File: dc1da7ed4fe8743⋯.jpg (14.56 KB, 212x398, 106:199, KP.jpg)

File: b7c9ff0ff0b8f5c⋯.jpg (34.39 KB, 724x1024, 181:256, AndersBehringBreivikManife….jpg)


That picture is a fake edit, breivik isnt a kike inspite of what the jewish shills would want you to believe. You should be less guillible and more investigative of everything that is posted here, including what I say.

1348d0  No.12658691


>Democracy is good

Come now mate.

772133  No.12658724


He still killed 77 innocent whites instead of your fat kike friends. What an achievement.

4fe2ff  No.12658760


Traitors are never innocent, might aswell call the sick liberal traitors in politics innocent. Nice of you to call me a kike, objective truth going against your narrative strikes a nerve doesn't it schlomo?

a6b5a8  No.12658805

File: 2ddf3d7b4dcda44⋯.png (43.32 KB, 914x265, 914:265, Hitler banned guns.png)

File: d2095231b0ffbf9⋯.png (370.02 KB, 1163x1839, 1163:1839, muttmerica gun freedumbz.png)



e3cab0  No.12659061


>ZOG is on your side goyim.

232519  No.12659067


MFW Hitler was elected

d9c25c  No.12659081


>oy vey goyim 1933 is totally the same as 2019

>oy vey jews totally controlled all voting machine companies back then (and voting machines totally existed)

>oy vey nations weren't 100% white back then

>oy vey all political parties were also controlled by jews back then

>it's exactly the same today lol

>go ✡vote✡

ce9ee9  No.12659100


I'm saying to go after fat rich kikes while you are advocating killing innocent whites pawns brilliant.Also you argue like a heeb or some dumb shitskin over staying in europe. No wonder this place is dead.

234f36  No.12659115


Traitors before enemies, newfriend.

6f2419  No.12659143


You know what i see when i look at antifags? Infinite potential. Imagine if even 1/4 of them wakeup to whats going on. They would be our biggest advocates.

000000  No.12659178


King David?

2f353c  No.12659322


((("European"))) courts*

9ca839  No.12662374

the only way your child would benefit from public school is if you and your wife have an iq of less than 76, and even then it would still be a close call.

if you arent fit to become a proper householder then spend some more time as a brahmachari with life on easymode to accumulate resources and means.


>germans actually like being slaves, unlike americans who love FREEDOM, and that's why national socialism would be bad for america

so is this is a new boomer meme or something? lately i've also been seeing that all the strong germans died in ww2 and that there are no good europeans because the good ones all came to america, but i don't use the internet as much nowadays. i guess whites must be starting to unite bretty gud for such a wedge to be implemented


yeah we don't need to throw the baby out with the bath water. if we were to kill every white male who could be deemed complacent to judaism then that would be every one of them. many of the antifa people however are completely irredeemable, as in they could have the potential of cannon fodder at best but wouldn't be worth the hassle and baggage

bd4dc8  No.12662412


Yes, the infinite potential to disappoint and embarrass themselves.

c706aa  No.12662668


Kikes aren't people.

d04364  No.12662697


>German Parents Have No Right to Homeschool Their Kids

Soon: Number of parents registering children after birth declines

34d620  No.12662706


Anon didn't say which people, but unless you're kiked, you know instinctively which (((people))) go first. Besides, if pigs are going to rip German children from good German homes, to be surrounded by sandniggers and get brain fucked in class, then those pigs deserve to get stuck for that sin alone.

5a110f  No.12663481

This is nothing new. Any German parents that wish to have their children homeschooled should hope over the border to France, or leave Europe entirely and head over to one of the German communities in the USA.

5a110f  No.12663486


Traitors get the bullet before the enemy. Corneliu Zelea Codreanu was right.

5a110f  No.12663489



The ironic thing is that France allows for homeschooling, and has probably the biggest homeschooling community in all of Europe.

5a110f  No.12663495


That was so children wouldn't learn anti-German propaganda at home, now of course it's the complete opposite case.

5a110f  No.12663501


Democracy and liberty are what has enabled the kikes to destroy us.

5a110f  No.12663506


I think they're too far gone, anon. Killing them would be like putting a sick dog out of its misery. It's sad to be sure, but it's necessary.

18dfaf  No.12663553

Speaking about schools.

School sports are a waste of time for the most part. Male students should be require to start lifting the first gym session of their first day in middle school. You would then have them lift until they graduate high school.

A combination of a focus on weight lifting, nutrition classes, and cooking is what students need. I'm talking about real cooking such as smoking meat or dry aging it, not reading instructions off the back of processed food.

I would give a GPA bonus if students can complete a very difficult task such as lifting 1000lbs of weight through a combination in a single class session. Same goes for cooking.

Perhaps they could process a deer, and have a DNR officer & game meat butcher be a judge.

Women should learn how to make cool outfits, and repair outfits.Men should learn how to do auto repair work, and body repair work such as removing dents.

You know that nasty Bittaker torture & murder case? All students should listen to that FBI audio recording of the girl being tortured to death. Once they listen to it they would be offered the chance to learn self defense.There are nice looking female orientated pistols. If the women shoot well enough they could be given a GPA bonus.

3db042  No.12664096



c82af5  No.12664157


Sad story. I wanted to make a witty comment, but that's just sad.

73ac42  No.12664159

It's fuck over. NOW is the last chance we'll have to kill all the jews and other trash.

a6a151  No.12665868


>It's a German law.

A German law that has existed since at least the 18th century.

The concept of homeschooling has never really existed in Germany, since it was the German States during the Age of Enlightenment that made state school mandatory to elevate their peasants from serfdom and instill a sense of patriotism into them.

>The family were trying to appeal the law to the European human rights court, which is in France.

The question is why, if they try to escape the liberal indoctrination of the current German school system, why would they seek help from an institution that follows the same ideology and gets paid by the German government?

For example the European human rights court was the institution that force Germany to put women into their army.

f05f46  No.12665900


Look up how KIKED the Happy Merchant page is at knowyourmeme. It's the only thing I've ever seen censored there. LMAO, butthurt kikes detected.


So stop posting, child.


It's funny how kikes are 100% fine with literal NS laws as long as they can use them to fuck over goyim.


>oy vey muh mutts

You're the mutt, Chaim.


>presuming defeat

You're so dumb you don't even understand the biggest problem with your assumption.


We've been continuously shilled for 3 years at this point.

450dc6  No.12665920


<Votes to accept UN resolution detailing “rights” of migrants to invade your country

>Tells parents they have no rights over their children

Makes perfect sense. I don’t know why more people aren’t waking up to this bullshit yet and burning down the system

a8ee0a  No.12665964

File: fd0d88f004454d5⋯.jpg (41.35 KB, 657x527, 657:527, tupakila2.jpg)

The only thing that public schooling can offer you that homeschooling can't is class groupwork, it teaches you that the entire world is a sewer and that if you want something done you should immediately take charge and tell the dumbest in your group who would be a detriment in the whole work process to just whip out their gameboys or flip phones or PSPs and just play video games while you do most of the work yourself. When I grew older I wanted to go into education, after I finished university I started working in secondary school-level education, the observation I mentioned got even worse. I had to give the most attention to dumb shits who always looked like they were lost in time and space and who didn't want to put in the minimum amount of effort to even pass. I always felt like I never had enough time to work with either gifted students or students who did have trouble understanding things, but were willing to put in the effort and listened to your suggestions. The only purpose for public education is to drag everyone down, no matter if they're gifted or just average, to the level of the retards who never did any work, not that they'd even want to. I eventually got completely sick of it and left. What's worse is that I can't even imagine what it's like to work in shitty schools where suddenly half or more of your class are turd world spawn, as I imagine is the case in most of Germany. Luckily enough, I'm a Slavshit so the amount of the weakest links was proportionally much lower, but I still got completely sick of it.

21c1f4  No.12665998

File: 0975f8a30b041d3⋯.jpg (51.5 KB, 436x425, 436:425, Officer-and-car-2-915x500.jpg)





Somebody has never seen the body list

21c1f4  No.12666005

File: 5170c88862c90b2⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1400x685, 280:137, federal agent behind this ….png)

8187f4  No.12666258


dont lose hope, dont panic

take your time

1f457e  No.12666270

Homeschooling is a bad meme. Homeschooled kids do not adjust to society properly, or are greatly delayed in social skill development.

3ea29f  No.12669498

File: 778c3c06f34b693⋯.gif (151.43 KB, 128x128, 1:1, 138_-_uvmWUgn.gif)







None of you fat lards are gonna do anything.

029d64  No.12685752

File: 4cfa22ed14618b8⋯.png (497.04 KB, 577x463, 577:463, powerfull.png)


people need a real education. You should not be allowed to mandate bad education.

8f8f68  No.12685760


Swedish will end up being rape racks soon enough.

8f8f68  No.12685761


*Swedish schools.

8f8f68  No.12685767


You still enrol your child in extracurricular activities you mouth breathing tard. Do you really think any of the teachers of your youth were actually necessary?

000000  No.12705329


homeschooling children has always been illegal in the (((federal republic of germany))) this ruling just confirms that law; at the end of the day it is not a sovereign country.

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