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File: 36a45ef6a45fbe2⋯.jpg (70.35 KB, 640x480, 4:3, pimp.jpg)

c9ea8f  No.12659323

What could be done about nigger culture, specifically the rap/hip-hop culture and fashion. You ever notice how, even since a decade or more ago, it never gets criticism or mockery simply because it's old? People are quick to be ashamed and the media shames you that you were once a metalhead, emo, a weeb (not so much nowadays because they want a slice of that), rave junkie, etc, but nigger music rarely if ever gets criticism? Look at gangsta rap from the 2000s and the related fashion, considering themselves as pimps and surrounded by women in small clothes, or to a lesser degree, spic culture with shit like reggaeton or vallenato. You'll never see memes or posts in social media with "haha, look at how stupid I looked with my baggy shirts and do-rag", but meanwhile mainstream music or musicians like Evanescence or Vanessa Carlton are mocked.

It's all mainstream shit, but it's irksome how nigger culture pretty much gets a pass, praising NWA or the Muh Adidas niggers despite being more than 20 years since that, but being something like a metalhead is an old shame and you should feel ashamed. Even if those niggers died from overdoses or committed crimes, it's always a struggle story or how he wasn't at fault.

2e23e3  No.12659338

It's almost like the media is anti-white…

061035  No.12659384

Unless you get to upheave the admin, Lyor Cohen, the root will nourish the flour. Hip-hop is actual organised Jewish psyop


1e5394  No.12659409


>What could be done about nigger (anything)

Killing niggers.

Nothing else will work.

000000  No.12659477

Africans are simply emulating European culture





>social structure

>and so on …

bf2952  No.12659491

I once used to listen to that really fast techno stuff called hardcore techno. I even wore baggy pants.

bf2952  No.12659499

Also, neon green is so the rescue crew can find you on the mountain during an avalanche.

ff5573  No.12659505


>You'll never see memes or posts in social media with "haha, look at how stupid I looked with my baggy shirts and do-rag",

Have you even been on boomer facebook? They have plenty to say about the thugs and jerks that wear baggy pants.

bf2952  No.12659520

>I have seen a lot of boomers sagging. I have never sagged, so I don't have an ounce of bad fashion guilt. I still wear baggy pants, because you can wear layers without room for them to fit under your pants.

47b6a3  No.12659531

File: 955dd1e5d071783⋯.jpg (1000.27 KB, 1645x2474, 1645:2474, Niggers_Did_This.jpg)

>You'll never see memes or posts in social media with "haha, look at how stupid I looked with my baggy shirts and do-rag", but meanwhile mainstream music or musicians like Evanescence or Vanessa Carlton are mocked.

Whites are self-aware and self-deprecating. Like cobras, which have the power to kill each other with a single bite, the whites who got so good at killing that we accidentally drove whole peoples into near extinction had to develop aggression-inihibit mechanisms like remorse and empathy.

Niggers, who've never solved a problem that took more than hitting things with rocks, never evolved self-awareness, and so they never feel bad about looking like stupid fags. Instead, wearing parachute pants and fade haircuts like Kid 'n Play is just "old school." Find me the spearchucker with an ounce of self-awareness, and I'll search his family tree for the Jewish ancestor.

This is also, incidentally, why niggers literally never apologize for anything, ever. It never occurs to them to do it. To feel grief for someone else, or to feel bad about ripping someone off or beating up an innocent person, it's necessary to cross the developmental milestone of imagining yourself as being similar to others. Niggers, meanwhile, can't even recognize themselves in a fucking mirror until they're 12 years old.

ff5573  No.12659551


>self-loathing like Tommy Sotomayor (yes I know, e-celeb). That’s step one

Yeah maybe we can get all black men to become respectable and marry white women just like him.

87cc0c  No.12659555


Go jerk off somewhere else you lust hungry nigger

000000  No.12659568

If you're a guy and you care about fashion you might be a faggot.

65f57d  No.12659592


>you might be a homo

Fashion? Yeah, maybe. Self respecting men dressing their best? Never. I definitely judge people by how they dress, if I know they have the money to dress well and be clean. As such, I don't judge a nigger by how he dresses, because I know he's a poor, stupid spade half in the bag and jobless.

47b6a3  No.12659600


Wrong, nigger-lover. Step 1 is: ignore niggers. There is no Step 2.

da1445  No.12659601


Congratulations, you're an honorary niggerkike

47b6a3  No.12659663

File: efdee882e094c5a⋯.jpg (54.63 KB, 479x469, 479:469, Walmart_Employee.jpg)


Imagine being nonwhite.

000000  No.12659667


Actually, the best way is to


They have been oppressed y the jew and forced into European culture and countries. Converting them is the only option.

868ff5  No.12659671


That thing almost looks human. It's like one of those jap robots.

000000  No.12659693

nice D&C thread you got there kike shill

bf2952  No.12659697

>Iranian Jew pretending to be Nordkc ITT.

000000  No.12659698



I can get vpn like you but why when

Tor works to seperate IP from routing

Anons must seperate identity from IP.


Only feds and jews.

6637ad  No.12659705


Correct, around blacks never relax

000000  No.12659711



Persians are our brothers and sisters.

Egypt was ruled by mixed Celtic and Aryan (Persian) -mixed peoples

Only jews would want to divide them.

6637ad  No.12659715



Yup, you're a kike.

bf2952  No.12659724


>MFW you think that'll work on me. Persians are not Aryans. Neither Iranian Jews, no matter how tall or blond their hair is.

120963  No.12659730

File: 979435da1f26a2a⋯.png (109.72 KB, 736x778, 368:389, 979435da1f26a2a2cbd1a7d313….png)

Anyone but whites are considered "protected" and thus immune to criticism for anything other than falling into what they see as "white views"

according to the modernist doctrine, anyway.

120963  No.12659750


It's called the White Man's Burden.

ef71f7  No.12659910

File: 0c8e2986e9180b0⋯.jpg (91.85 KB, 937x1171, 937:1171, 1530309511197.jpg)

File: 8f064e02e400383⋯.jpg (928.44 KB, 3576x5184, 149:216, 1531511445351.jpg)

File: b6c3e4994163f70⋯.jpg (61.19 KB, 450x675, 2:3, 1537491615147.jpg)

File: 1f2ca1da305916c⋯.jpg (185.09 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, 1544066169012.jpg)

Have actual women for a reference. Sorry that /pol/ must be subjected to filth such as this thread.

85b3e2  No.12659914


stop posting this disgusting slag jesus christ

051388  No.12659971

File: c0b01b43965f401⋯.jpg (23.78 KB, 395x290, 79:58, 7bcb2bc5476c2aa8916b96ac82….jpg)


Here's a (You)

3b35b9  No.12659973


Ugly sheboons.

ff5573  No.12660073


>scared of nonwhites

Just burnt on based black guy nationalism after Trump

8f6007  No.12660088


>yes, yes, no, yes

c1fe98  No.12660123



eb9152  No.12660130

File: b70eaf15f856fe3⋯.jpg (57.46 KB, 660x496, 165:124, bootsycollins.jpg)

The thing is this; when George Clinton did his space niggers from outer space thing…was he being even a teeny bit ironic?

I contemplate this and my mind gets trapped into a neverending loop.

eb9152  No.12660136


that Russian girl in the trench coat and head scarf is really something else.

c2b75b  No.12660146

Soon as they make an aborted fetus necklace, gold umbilical chain, I'm wearing it. IDGAF.

c2b75b  No.12660159

File: 1cb1c2ae3ebdac4⋯.jpg (151.91 KB, 782x782, 1:1, Shlomortified.jpg)


>free anonymity

6d0636  No.12660215






Who's the nappy headed ho?

1ff08c  No.12660232

File: af7ff7835364ff9⋯.jpg (64.28 KB, 728x752, 91:94, af7ff7835364ff9ac179056bd1….jpg)


>tfw possibility of glorious blue-eyed quadroon babies

c2b75b  No.12660256


Too bad you aren't white moshe.

c2b75b  No.12660281


Reported for >>>/zoo/

c2b75b  No.12660297


>#1 mother drank too much

>#2 nosering otherwise 8/10

>#3 oy fucking vey

>#4 if only I spoke bug

c2b75b  No.12660340

File: 3ce866d87f7438e⋯.gif (1.8 MB, 410x270, 41:27, Nigglet.gif)

Nigger went on a field trip. kek

930ae6  No.12660428

niggers dont understand fashion. they like flash. nigger rich is the term. what they do in western countries is no different than niggers wearing wedding dresses in africa.

its a base instinct of wanting to be noticed.

the problem is people let jews glorify it, so they let it pass, or even admire how bold theyre being.

its not bold. its just silly.

459b9b  No.12660542

File: dff18708db3aa00⋯.png (540.44 KB, 603x525, 201:175, muh spiced food.png)



They evolved without an ice age. There was no selective pressure for a more advanced brain and sharper senses. They lived in a warm climate all year round and had plants that bore fruit year round. They never needed to plan more than 3 days in advance to survive. They had no need for a big brain. If anything it would have been a detriment because their bodies would spend more energy and nutrients on something they don't need. This impairs their aesthetics. They have no concept of subtly, or balance. Everything has to be laud and flashy. Listen to a symphony orchestra, or an opera than go listen to some traditional African, or brown people music. Then go eat a nice tradition European cuisine and then try and stomach some overspiced rotten meat and vegetables that the denizens of the global south live on.

930ae6  No.12660568

File: a6082c500ffbdfe⋯.jpg (49.09 KB, 504x510, 84:85, beefstew2.jpg)


a fresh baked loaf of bread is one of the most delicious things. aged cheese, etc.

but there is nothing wrong with using sauces, especially in times of scarcity. not defending nigger food, but sauces are how you take something like chop meat and potatoes, and turn it into something delicious.

6f2dea  No.12660585

You shit teir apes. Live on milk for a month.

774ab4  No.12660613


Niggers shouldn't wear pants, that is cultural appropriation as the pants were a celtic invention

ddea06  No.12660704

Pretty sure this is pasta from a few weeks back….

>>People are quick to be ashamed and the media shames you that you were once

Are they? Or is that just the jew you still listen to, for some unknown reason(s)?

2d6432  No.12660793

File: b97563a338f6c57⋯.png (164.36 KB, 306x244, 153:122, 3a7ffbd22d173b1c5e3ed597.PNG)

File: a5a27c7972bbd99⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1022x1022, 1:1, 03.png)

Get rid of the jew in (((entertainment))) and the (((thug and thot))) culture disappears. Maybe it's too late for the thug and thot boomer, but the young blacks will revel against that degeneracy and copy us.

2d6432  No.12660801

File: 53beb7129dd8ba1⋯.jpg (760.9 KB, 1440x1363, 1440:1363, 2a5d7fe63f776ed393d04280fd….jpg)


>doesn't like having a bomb of spices blow up more than hiroshima inside your mouth

You need to go beyond your limit!

2d6432  No.12660809

File: a899618a35498f5⋯.jpg (84.47 KB, 763x960, 763:960, 09ad0d8b4c474472dd9587190f….jpg)


Some people like to indulge in Ebony BBW threesomes, there is a certain acquired taste that is worth it for some.

63b746  No.12666788


7570db  No.12666834

File: e301e4d44b9b1d4⋯.png (13.25 KB, 86x87, 86:87, 392101536660193288.png)


What kind of retard would censor an username of someone who posts on a public media outlet?

37ec86  No.12666893

File: adb54ee58110b9e⋯.jpg (368.82 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Georgy_Chernyadyev_women_m….jpg)


Women have to be told that being demure and dressing nicely will catch them a quality guy. Right now they want Chad 56% because the government safety net and marxist courts protect their fuckups.

Take that away and you will have more women dressing like pic related.

37ec86  No.12666908


Lots of retards are afraid of being sued. That's one reason I come here instead of using Faceberg and Twatter. I can speak my mind.

7570db  No.12666933

File: d24a747ac6062fd⋯.jpg (14.29 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 448a8e9fac4089b77e25f65d35….jpg)


>sued for screencapping a twitter post

1275b9  No.12668137


1275b9  No.12668258

I'm not a racist, but i hate mainstream nigger behaviour.

When watching nigger rap videos, most of us will notice this "dominant" "alpha" behaviour. → they sing about cars, money, bitches they fuck, etc.

This has slowly set an DEEP ROOTED image to us whites of THE NIGGER. Not only to us whites, but also to THE NIGGER HIMSELF!!

This last sentence is important, THE NIGGER HIMSELF.

What does this mean?

Well, most of us whites miss one crucial thing when it comes to analyzing nigger behaviour: "THE NIGGER", THINKS ABOUT HIMSELF AS WE WHITES THINK ABOUT "THE NIGGER". THERE'S NO DIFFERENCE ABOUT OPION, BELIEF OR IDEAS!!!!

This is wHy we see common behaviour among niggers acting like thugs, gangers, drug dealers. because they themselves believe in this image. moreover, in the media THE NIGGER is regared as "cool", "mysterious", "exotic", etc. NIGGERS KNOW THIS, ALTHOUGH THE'LL NEVER ADMIT THIS.

What you have here is a combination between BELIEVE, and SOCIAL DESIRABILITY that causes 95% off all niggers to act like this.

All of us want to be liked and/or looked upon (in some sense) This is natural.

Imagine being a nigger between 18-25 years old. What would be the easiest way for you to fulfill this craving? How, would you make people look up to you in one way or the other? well, ACT LIKE A NIGGER RAPPER.

But why then, do so many niggers act like this? Well, it's becuase of the first point i explained. THEY ASSOCIATE THEMSELVES WITH THEIR NIGGER RAPPERS WAYYYYY MORE THAN US WHITES DO TO WHITE RAPPERS. ←> Media framing

This is what sets us apart.

000000  No.12668286




>Persians are not Aryans

Darius says they are:

<In royal Old Persian inscriptions, the term arya- appears in three different contexts:

<1. As the name of the language of the Old Persian version of the inscription of Darius I in the Bistun Inscription.

<2. As the ethnic background of Darius the Great in inscriptions at Rustam Relief and Susa (Dna, Dse) and the ethnic background of Xerxes I in the inscription from Persepolis (Xph).

<3. As the definition of the God of Iranians, Ohrmazd, in the Elamite version of the Bistun Inscription.


<In the Dna and Dse, Darius and Xerxes describe themselves as "an Achaemenid, a Persian, son of a Persian, and an Aryan, of Aryan stock". Although Darius the Great called his language arya- ("Iranian"), modern scholars jews refer to it as Old Persian because it is the ancestor of the modern Persian language.

>tall or blonde

Thinking that's what an Aryan is.

Aryans are the Alans you mong. Read a fucking book. Or at least a webpage.

000000  No.12668305


Actually, Africans are individualists who, after evolving in the resource-rich and winter-less land of Africa, fend for themselves, thus the infighting and boongibbery. The gang mentality is an ethnocentric trait picked up from the herding culture Celtics, whom they were enslaved alongside for centuries.



>Rap: Prose, Rhyme, Flyting

>Graffiti: Illuminated Text

>Breakdance: Riverdance

>DJ: The Bard

Africans are simply emulating Europeans.

f43d70  No.12681993

8a4b6d  No.12686045


Until one of them evolves and can convince the others to follow him, and he happens to be /ournegro/ then there is simply no hope for them as a whole, at least not the american nigger. Perhaps there are some tribes in africa that aren't so bad, I find nigerians to be a step above the rest intellectually, but they're not humans, so don't expect them to think or act like it. They have to "rise up" on their fucking own, somehow. Still, you can try to redpill the smarter ones. Never know.

6fcc26  No.12686062


Even wikipedia says you're the nigger.

The Mammoth hunters were the Neolithics of Northern Europe.

cec88c  No.12686091


This music, culture and fashion are designed to keep the black man down. Those who try to improve themselves at the odd ones out…. uncle toms.

Their music promotes the worst in humanity as normal and things to strive for. Their video clips are pornography.

What can be done? Memes explaining in the easiest possible way, designed for the lowest common denominator, that the bleks are being manipulated through their shitty music to be forever poor.

Who would employ a looser wearing that ghetto shit? And its not cheap either, they blow their welfare on it.

Their shitty music just keeps them plodding along.

026e06  No.12687931


Guy is doing jail time for sending a flashing GIF to Kurt Eikenwald on twitter.

This is the future of the internet.

4f69dd  No.12687949

File: 8fbc393124b1d81⋯.mp4 (15.08 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Thuringian Folk Dance.mp4)


Promote European song and dance, which is far superior.

It also encourages physical fitness, community rootedness, and allows us to spiritually bond with our ancestors.

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