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File: 9190849f4fe3a1d⋯.jpg (5.92 KB, 186x88, 93:44, the fence.jpg)

2f8e12  No.12659609


>Six GOP Senators briefed the Trump Administration about a plan to swap two amnesties in exchange for border-wall funding. GOP senators pitched the idea to senior White House adviser Jared Kushner, who said if they came up with a proposal that got Trump his border wall money and could pass the Senate, the White House would be open to more discussions on the matter. He did not say Trump would endorse such a plan.

>The proposal includes changes to help those who are a part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program as well as immigrants from El Salvador and other countries impacted by the Temporary Protected Status program – along with modifications to H-2B visas.

>Sen. Lindsey Graham said that under a potential deal “the president gets his security funding and can add some things to the mix that would draw some bipartisan support.” Graham summarized the framework as “the wall plus something else” that he hopes would garner some Democratic support.

>The six GOP Senators included Graham, North Carolina’s Thom Tillis, Tennessee’s Lamar Alexander, Ohio’s Rob Portman, Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski, and Maine’s Susan Collins.

>Kushner was accompanied by Shahira Knight, the former banker who now runs Trump’s outreach to the Hill. In August, Knight declined to oppose a series of unpopular pro-migration and cheap-labor amendments added to to the draft 2019 homeland security budget by Rep. Kevin Yoder. Those giveaway measures were paired with a $5 billion budget for the wall but were blocked when Yoder lost his seat in November.


35eab9  No.12659620



ab1cb8  No.12659629

File: 814df45c8306200⋯.jpg (85.81 KB, 710x473, 710:473, DACA DON.jpg)





9ebf3a  No.12659639

File: 1cc18b23e509c90⋯.png (888.63 KB, 662x708, 331:354, Dumbjew.png)


>"I'm gonna teach you how to win, you'll be tired of winning".

>gives amnesty to people he claims to keep out to possibly get wall

Is that what winning feels like guys?

87ab35  No.12659640

Amnesty, great. For a few miles of metal fence. MAGA! WINNING!

Looks like the MAGAillegal raiding was his PR firm after all.

09e8be  No.12659643

File: 1f392550a02c1eb⋯.png (84.99 KB, 286x176, 13:8, ClipboardImage.png)

>The six GOP Senators included Graham, North Carolina’s Thom Tillis, Tennessee’s Lamar Alexander, Ohio’s Rob Portman, Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski, and Maine’s Susan Collins

I would add them all to my rope list, but they're already on it.

86552a  No.12659645


What a faggot.

0f2888  No.12659648

Trump already said no to this

902fae  No.12659649

>Not interest in your married woman with husband action you absolute faggots. I didn't shove your dick into that guys anus, you did that on your own.

f231e8  No.12659650

File: dd5fa78e62444c1⋯.png (55.34 KB, 233x260, 233:260, another smug for you.png)

File: 5b9fb55dbcaba6b⋯.jpg (208.53 KB, 925x1086, 925:1086, reminder of why shills hat….JPG)

File: 71e837d8542a672⋯.png (954.35 KB, 1194x1437, 398:479, bingo_cy_plus_3b.png)


>shills in this thread already pretending like a deal has been reached and signed

>muh DACA

86552a  No.12659654

File: 4cc8866156606e7⋯.jpg (44.03 KB, 614x333, 614:333, The_major_prof.jpg)


>maganigger shows up with "you're a shill!!!" bingo card like clockwork

ebc2ad  No.12659655


But think about how many of those new Americans who he grants amnesty to will become conservatives out of gratittude? THis i


This poster is an admitted Qcumber.

ebc2ad  No.12659656



But think about how many of those new Americans who he grants amnesty to will become conservatives out of gratitude? This is is another brilliant chess move.

ab1cb8  No.12659657


>t. ImKikey

f231e8  No.12659668

File: b40f77f31d3ba1d⋯.jpg (395.2 KB, 774x720, 43:40, hestiasmug.jpg)




So has he signed anything? Because I'm still seeing a lot of 'maybe, might be, could be' there. But keep pretending you're fantasy is real.

ab1cb8  No.12659673

File: 1e7ad065c925526⋯.jpg (98.08 KB, 350x447, 350:447, qtards.jpg)


>Trust the plan.

000000  No.12659687

the real problem is the seasonal migrants employed by local farmers. The farmers want you ded and your children caked.

000000  No.12659688


kike shill

86552a  No.12659690

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>has he signed anything?

Let's see: he signed a bump-stock ban, he signed an agreement to give Israel billions of dollars, signed a bill condemning white nationalism, and promised to grant amnesty in his State of the Union Address.

f04bed  No.12659692

f04bed  No.12659695



You get the rope too.

86552a  No.12659696



The argumentation skills of a magapede on display.

f04bed  No.12659701



Gayer shill.

ab1cb8  No.12659702


OP is Trump?

86552a  No.12659708


That's what you are, own up to it.

e88f4e  No.12659714

Well just add those 6 fucking traitors to the list of for the DOTR. Jesus fucking Mohammad how hopeless fucked are we when the US public watches the French show more balls standing up for themselves.

f04bed  No.12659725


Even gayer shill.

e7a443  No.12659735


246078  No.12659747

Democrats will never deal. It would be too big of a blow to their fanbase. This is just another step in Trump's process so he can say he tried everything and the blame falls on them.

86552a  No.12659755

File: 1d19cbcba7a44d0⋯.png (458.81 KB, 1763x971, 1763:971, 8polonDACAdeal.png)

e88f4e  No.12659767


It is all just posturing so the Megatards keep in line for 2020. The sad thing is that Trump will still be the best candidate by a light year. That is if you still believe in Santa and that your vote counts

246078  No.12659774


Nigger you should thank God Trump got elected or else you'd be drafted to fight Hillary and Israel's wars or running for the border.

2aa868  No.12659780


Nothing wrong with that.

e88f4e  No.12659786


You really don't think Trump wouldn't send another 300K men to die for Israel if Iran acted tonight? Nigger PLEASE

86552a  No.12659789

File: 7f8b2d6e9411e6f⋯.png (365.18 KB, 575x682, 575:682, 5a33d1.png)


>you'd be drafted to fight Hillary and Israel's wars

Yeah because that wouldn't kick off revolts that we would definitely want and it's not like giving them billions of dollars is any better, right? Wasn't it Democrats who were supposed to be the ones doing the condemning of white nationalism and banning guns too?

36851e  No.12659792

File: 1d016fc8ee45a40⋯.jpg (37.72 KB, 334x370, 167:185, Trumpstein.jpg)



f04bed  No.12659799


Please, you'd suckle off the chance to die for israel with hillary as president. Now post more MAGAPEDE ORANGE MAN BAD memes, they are hilarious.

902fae  No.12659802


>here's the cuck team of the classic pilpul. TRS is definitely here tonight .

902fae  No.12659808


>we have never lost that many men in a single combat zone. Not even close.

246078  No.12659810


>Yeah because that wouldn't kick off revolts that we would definitely want

No it wouldn't nigger we aren't at the tipping point yet. Get fucking real.

e88f4e  No.12659813


You are the fucking D&C kike shill here fucktard. As I clearly said in the post Trump will still be the best candidate. I can acknowledge the truth of the situation and still not like it. Will Orange Kike get my meaningless vote, YES. Because the alternative is so more fucking crazy than he is

8b59d4  No.12659815

File: 3e69f53582db9d0⋯.png (303.78 KB, 540x659, 540:659, B143F170-2E93-4BD1-8019-2B….png)

6 Republicunts get some media petting for licking liberal ass and trying to sell their treachery to the Jew that trump’s spoiled rotten daughter bred with. Where’s the story? Thanks to Jewish media and leftists, the USA has been comatose about border security and now they have to talk about it and try to defend their indefensible position. Who knows? maybe soon we’ll have a national discussion about protecting the white race. At the very least the shitskins are going to realize they’re not wanted by the majority of Americans, and that the Jews only want to exploit them for labor and use them as a weapon against the whites.

416039  No.12659816


When are you going to get it through your head that Trump legitimately hates White people and sees them as a threat to the Union?

2aa868  No.12659817


Shut up shill. Trump is on the right path.

2aa868  No.12659818


Kill yourself.

416039  No.12659821

File: d2370bd9db81ed7⋯.png (109.44 KB, 1200x599, 1200:599, 1200px-BradyBondFig.png)

File: 64f41ec1e6418f6⋯.gif (292.48 KB, 480x320, 3:2, 40Zq.gif)

File: 33ec875f178d3fe⋯.jpg (448.1 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DotardScrumpfBinyiminSatan….jpg)

f04bed  No.12659822


When you stop your one man crusade against this board you IP hopping nigger.

86552a  No.12659824


>Get fucking real.

This is coming from someone who still defends Trump, You can't say a damn thing.

f04bed  No.12659826


>t. shill posting nonsense

ff47c1  No.12659832


A paid jewish shill will not do anything jews do not tell him to do, dumbass.

4f634d  No.12659835


<OY VEY Goyim! You can have your wall, if you allow the illegals already here to vote and allow more in to vote.

<heh heh heh, stupid Goy. Of course they're going to vote democrat, and then they'll vote to tear down your wall. It'll be our very own tearing down of the Berlin wall!

e12e54  No.12659836

File: 325bc238447b818⋯.gif (497.86 KB, 499x219, 499:219, 1402003438.gif)


Hahahaha jesus christ dude… This shit is such a fucking joke.

A Wall is completely invalidated by amnesty and refugee entries, assuming you don't acknowledge that 2/3 of illegals coming in on visa overstays and current LEGAL population making the ILLEGAL population effectively irrelevant (a lit match thrown on a 5 alarm fire).

The US is done as anything but Zionist Brazil 2.0.

ba4193  No.12659841

File: ea8120794760dfc⋯.jpg (175.47 KB, 600x800, 3:4, xcws846n36-lk.jpg)

<did it ever occur that maybe we're all just ass up now, ready to take the poz bareback?

just impact my shit right the fuck up, Hokai

ff47c1  No.12659842


Defend Trump somewhere else.

f04bed  No.12659845


Defend israel somewhere else.

2aa868  No.12659846

e12e54  No.12659854


But Trump defends Israel.

You realize the troop withdrawal was withdrawn, yeah? Now its all contingent in other powers doing shit they're never gonna do.

f04bed  No.12659856


>t. CNN

e88f4e  No.12659858


This, there are over 50 million of these fuckers in the USA. There are only 3 choices left. 1. Expulsion 2. Execution 3. Capitulation.

86552a  No.12659864


Do you not realize the irony of statements like these?

91fc8d  No.12659865

Fuck the wall. It’s not that important anyway. Every time I voted I needed at least one form of ID.

a06449  No.12659866

More impotent whining.

e12e54  No.12659868


Dude, you are the most important cuck on the planet at this stage. Shut the fuck up and die, save the niggers the machete stroke.

f04bed  No.12659869

e12e54  No.12659876


Attempt 1 will lead to 2.

Attempting 2 will lead to inverted 3.

Attempting 3 will lead to inverted 2.

These traitors deserve the rope. It should never have been allowed to come to this.

e12e54  No.12659899


Jesus Christ this is can't be real.

8ee51c  No.12659911

File: 63c89d4eb1234f6⋯.jpg (8.29 KB, 259x194, 259:194, 12.jpg)

MAGA no more NatSocs allowed. Get out of my free speech board raycists

e88f4e  No.12659913


What we are watching is the end result of what Khrushchev predicted in 1959 and what every Jew and leftist has been working towards ever since.

86552a  No.12659930

File: 911607e34b930a9⋯.jpg (67.96 KB, 933x445, 933:445, donald-trump-jerusalem-day….jpg)

File: 6479cb1ecadcbc8⋯.jpg (596.84 KB, 1966x2048, 983:1024, 6479cb1ecadcbc8d46c742f70e….jpg)

File: 07b9f7d31ca0198⋯.jpg (70.8 KB, 620x280, 31:14, Ron-Paul-Weekley-1.jpg)



3fbc8a  No.12659932


This. The wall is a red herring. Even if 100% of border hoppers were stopped, the ones already here have fertility rates many times higher than ours. We need expulsions, and that is obviously not gonna happen at the hands of the USA. Civil war and balkanization are coming.

e12e54  No.12659936

File: ba20bf5bc22004f⋯.mp4 (833.78 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ProTrump in Current Year ….mp4)


Oh, look, it's one of the mods posting via Tor.

Just another day on nu/pol/.

2aa868  No.12659940


Unfounded fearmongering will lead us to nothing. The huge birth rate of non-whites is a lie. Wall is enough to stop the invasion.

e12e54  No.12659952

File: 5a2beb04a3cdc03⋯.jpg (769.98 KB, 2672x2784, 167:174, Compton - A Tale of Two Ra….jpg)

File: 029dafb3a63c47f⋯.jpg (4.44 MB, 3856x8736, 241:546, 'White Hispanics' in One I….jpg)


Invasion? Nigger, that's not an invasion, that's reinforcement.

Stop with this baitposting nonsense.

a06449  No.12659961


This is an outside agent. He is attempting to trick you into attempting an exodus that will kill Infinitychan.

e12e54  No.12659962

File: 641346b57a9426f⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 2308x4112, 577:1028, 2018 Midterms in One Image.jpg)


They can, they just don't.

Baitposting is the nu board cancer apparently.

2020 is doomed for Trump, and it was made so by his own hand.

e12e54  No.12659963


8chan died in 2016.

2aa868  No.12659964


Okay bud? What are you trying to imply. Say it loud.

e12e54  No.12659968

File: 92e8c2f95645e7f⋯.gif (375.55 KB, 684x784, 171:196, Demographic Replacement.gif)


You know exactly what I'm saying, you fucking nigger. There's no implication.

d9647a  No.12659969



See above anons. Look at the digits 12659956 -> [659956]

e12e54  No.12659974


They already showed it can be sawed through you stupid nigger.

d9647a  No.12659979


You low energy mop. The (((shilling))) intensifies!

42ae1e  No.12659981

Conservatives are just as big as traitors as libfags. I hope trump likes his one term

e12e54  No.12659994



This is just getting ridiculous now. Zionists are on damage control, but they have nothing left to fall back on, and its getting extremely reddit.

That or some dumb nigger thinks its extremely clever to LARP as a retard to bait (you)'s.

a06449  No.12660001


You sure would like /pol/ to be politically irrelevant again, rabbi.

86552a  No.12660009


>muh PR

33e143  No.12660012


none of this will matter when he legalizes weed

e12e54  No.12660015


nu/pol/ isn't relevant, its a joke, run by /int/ fags from 4chan.

e12e54  No.12660017


IP-hopping /int/ fags, no less.

74b8c8  No.12660053


Will you weed niggers fuck off

33e143  No.12660055


i dont smoke. but watch him do it

c8b235  No.12660057


>letters of truth

f231e8  No.12660107

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>muh Q

You niggers are way too predictable at this point.


>no links to him supposedly signing the bumpstock ban

>Obama's bill is now suddenly Trump's

>he said this because I say so

I actually watched the SOTU nigger, no he didn't promise to grant amnesty. You're so full of shit it hurts. He said they would discuss the details, but he never said he would give the spics their fucking amnesty.

f231e8  No.12660116

File: e0f72c2b3326890⋯.jpg (50.19 KB, 400x400, 1:1, littleshit.jpg)


>muh racists

How did you even get here? Cancer like you gets the rope too.

27ea39  No.12660131


Who do they think they're fooling?

a06449  No.12660163


Its yet another forced meme made up by our greatest allies at EndChan.

ff8273  No.12660195

File: 01344caa03a7cb3⋯.jpg (121.71 KB, 800x445, 160:89, zimbabwe-white-farmers-1-8….jpg)


>At least they're legal now!!

86552a  No.12660230

File: b11d696139dc598⋯.png (156.64 KB, 2549x463, 2549:463, 8chancritiqueonDACAdealand….png)


>he never said he would give the spics their fucking amnesty.

Oh so that means it's okay that he signed a bump-stock ban, he signed an agreement to give Israel billions of dollars, and signed a bill condemning white nationalism?

22847c  No.12660235

Trump will gobble this up because Ivanka begged him. Then he won't get his funding due to forced delays.

477631  No.12660317


>Every time I voted I needed at least one form of ID.

Want to know how I know you're full of shit?

d3af46  No.12660330

File: 40f680ba61ba207⋯.jpg (14.38 KB, 360x360, 1:1, Piglet Face Closeup.jpg)


>that psych out

ff8273  No.12660336


Nigga I've seen people get yelled at by board of elections staff for showing ID on the east coast.

c8b235  No.12660339


>Serious states require you to provide identification.

372d72  No.12660410

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I'd rather have keep the government shutdown forever. Reagan's traitorous amnesty set the stage for huge demographic changes with his amnesty, doing one now or fucking two would set the stage for a kind of Jubilee amnesty every few years which would ruin the White population far quicker than our minority status in the 2040s.

f932a4  No.12660420



bf4e0d  No.12660429

File: cea4eb926f14f70⋯.gif (2.11 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1463976851839-4.gif)

7f8753  No.12660598


>he signed a bump-stock ban, he signed an agreement to give Israel billions of dollars,

No he hasn't, they haven't hit his desk yet.

c332ef  No.12660888


You'll be surprised how many DACApedes are on 8/pol/… many of them being direct descendants of Hitler and his top men.

c332ef  No.12660902


We have to meme it then.

774699  No.12660904



< don't build the wall, goyim

< don't compromise, don't succeed

< you're totally losing, goyim!!!111

774699  No.12660906


OK, fucking fine, Mr. trips. Checked. One fucking amnesty. Now let's see those sexy spic titties.

c332ef  No.12660909


I would

774699  No.12660910


However, I haven't seen anyone solve the puzzle, how to get WOMEN, REPUBLICAN WOMEN, to vote for you if you have mass deportations, and the continuous stream of completely legitimate sob stories that would ensue.

Go on, let's hear your solution to the problem.

c332ef  No.12660911


I'm a guy, but if you live around Dallas, I can show you some nice Hispanic girls (under 18). Of course, we would all just be friends going out to the movies or something… nothing illegal ;)

774699  No.12660913



PJW is also anti-Q. Now, the Q obsessed are an annoyance, however, I fail to understand the anti-Q push. Like, it's literally just people who disagree with you. Holy fuck, people on Earth who are wrong about something, fucking get obsessed over it.

774699  No.12660915


Gotta be over 21, lad. Rules are rules. Samurai spirit.

c332ef  No.12660918


Sure, I can present you some girls in their 20s… although I can't understand why would a man pick a 20s over teens. To each their own I guess.

I live north of Dallas btw. I also have a company to help NEETs get jobs by lying about their resume and their background. NEET pride world wide

774699  No.12660926


Oh, so she can drive to Colorado and come back with medical marij… I mean, so she can enter bars, why else?

c332ef  No.12660927


top trying to D&C this great nation

c332ef  No.12660928


They are friends not escorts…

c332ef  No.12660931


Actually, the wall was an esoteric metaphor for the friends you find along the border. Only shitskins didn't understood this great vision and sentiment. I guess this is why whites are on top.

c332ef  No.12660933


Many will, trust me.

c332ef  No.12660935


this is the funniest post so far

c332ef  No.12660946


Whites are PART of the Union, fucking kike shill!

38e2cc  No.12660948


>for the Fence

I thought it's supposed to be a wall? American memory must be quite short to get bullshitted one lie at a time. 2 years office, most powerful man on the planet, access to a hundred billion defense budget, has to beg to build a "fence".

At least here in Europe we aren't delusional about our politicians.

9d2ae7  No.12660953

He should add welfare expiration on the day they get those amnesties. But he won't. Because Trump is fake and gay.

c332ef  No.12660956


Capitulation sounds like a bad ass word.

c332ef  No.12660957


Same in Latin America :/

ac1ccb  No.12660960


Relenting is not badass. Better to catapult.

3358ea  No.12660968


the dems are in too deep, they'll reject

f1c2b2  No.12660980


>you're get a wall if you accept amnesty!

Just like Reagan.

000000  No.12660995

>Sen. Lindsey Graham said that under a potential deal “the president gets his security funding and can add some things to the mix that would draw some bipartisan support.

This never fucking works. Why are they so stupid?

63c121  No.12661014

>Two Amnesties

>One Wall

Activist judge shows up

<Two Amnesties

<No Wall

Hey don't be afraid guys, SOON (TM) Americans will rise

d9b277  No.12661044

File: 19e1a14f89cb35d⋯.png (368.33 KB, 412x400, 103:100, TheWall.png)

It's never gonna happen.

49b399  No.12661065


IDC about the wall, I just want a compromised with the DACApedes (many of them /pol/acks)

372d72  No.12661123

File: 1cf45d32d07aecf⋯.jpg (779.73 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, OlderGenXFamily3-Medium.jpg)

File: 2809ffec7da6a36⋯.jpg (124.34 KB, 1095x729, 365:243, individual.jpg)

File: 93260abed058732⋯.png (421.13 KB, 634x604, 317:302, family-ties-white-american….png)

File: e6c59cc129c73cb⋯.jpg (151.15 KB, 1300x867, 1300:867, 62172121-happy-joyful-youn….jpg)

File: fe4a3da4f94a788⋯.jpg (39.02 KB, 512x304, 32:19, family.jpg)


>>let's hear your solution to the problem

Fuck, Women, its that simple. Trump would only need to do a Nationalist baby drive for citizens to get married and have kids, sort of like what Denmark has been doing, this would mean for women they'd get married and get pregnant and then the men could basically do whatever the fuck they want politically, only primarily single-women fall into the suicidal liberal demographic. Trump could create an ad council, which a president can do on his own, like during WWII to put out ads, but it would be of healthy "American" I'd hope at least no interracial couple families enjoying life. Women make decisions based on feelings, you show enough smiling faces with children who are happy and her defenses for herself will come down. Women only fight deportations and the like because they are not fulfilled, its all about them, that's all women think about is themselves. Trump could even do African-American or Latino-American families, whatever, to totally not be racist.

e9b45d  No.12661171


Amnesty Don, he won't get re-elected if he does this. Its probable he won't get relected anyway.

e9b45d  No.12661178


Theres no point to a wall if you give amnesty.

The wall will be built, then these "people" are going to be kicked out.

cd984a  No.12661181

The amnestied will vote to bring down the wall. More demolition jobs is what they like best.

82e09e  No.12661187

The thing is he signs it and he does not get in and probably the same if he somehow does the wall is not gonna get built. The dwms pulled this shit with regean too.

bd2226  No.12661191

File: 80f786f933198e3⋯.png (217.1 KB, 450x338, 225:169, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5de5da43b66647b⋯.png (544.13 KB, 640x610, 64:61, ClipboardImage.png)



Mandatory E-Verify

Mandatory Real-ID to Vote

Fee/Tax and tracking on Money Wire Transfers, Visa/MC/Amex/etc. Gift Cards with Real-ID

No more Birthright Citizenship.

No more H1B Entire Extended Family Sponsored visits (H1B reform)

English Official Language.

so many more…



Need ACoE to build a reservoir along the border with Hydro Dams to bring water to the southern desert areas (CA) and provide clean power.

pic related TURKEY

82e09e  No.12661192


Stupid? Heavens no. Malicious kike? Oh yes much so.

258823  No.12661205

I voted for Trump, I even voted for the cucked GOP to try and help him in the mid terms, if he gives amnesty, to hell with him, I'll be rooting alongside the democrats for impeachment

82e09e  No.12661210


Let him put in a judge to replace guinesberg and then kick him out. It fucks with the dems while they are in.

1ca30c  No.12661219

glow nigger:


1ca30c  No.12661221


Why is Michael Fox in the third photo?

1ca30c  No.12661225


Like… so, what the hell is the alternative? Like how would it work? These people, deport them en masse? If you say yes, then you're an idiot. What to do? The solution cannot be one that would piss off trade partners, and it can't piss off women Republicans either. It has to be "big hearted". You tell me, what the hell else can be done other than adopt the stray dogs and build a goddamn fence to keep out more?


You are really goddamn clueless about women.

258823  No.12661241


it was a wall, that Mexico would pay for

then it was a wall that we will pay for

then it was a wall, that we would pay Latin America 10b for

then it was a steel fence when he couldn't get the wall

then it was a fence or 'barrier of some kind'

now it's a barrier or some kind of obstruction in exchange for 2 amnesties, art of the mother fucking deal. Except it's the dumbass MAGApede who are the ones getting fucked. It almost would have been better if Hillary won so we could fight openly, half of us still believe in Trump so we're too busy arguing with each other to fucking do anything, I regret voting him and encouraging others to do so

000000  No.12661243


>H1-B holders in the United States can rest assured that changes are soon coming which will bring both simplicity and certainty to your stay, including a potential path to citizenship. We want to encourage talented and highly skilled people to pursue career options in the U.S.


Not looking good.

258823  No.12661246


Yeah i did forget judges, that is one good thing that came of it, that's for sure

000000  No.12661248


>The solution cannot be one that would piss off (((trade partners))), and it can't piss off women Republicans either.

If the harboring invaders is a prerequisite for their support, they can get fucked.

258823  No.12661250


I'm more in the camp there is no peaceful solution, we will dissolve as a country or a strongman will take over and keep everyone in line at the point of a gun

8e5347  No.12661251


thats an old sitcom pic he posted from a show called family ties, not sure if he knew it was a show when he posted

816b32  No.12661253


>muh speculation

You're soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better.

000000  No.12661273


>keep everyone in line at the point of a gun

Fedniggers have achieved that already. They are the biggest reason Americans aren't massing on the border with rifles pointed South; Nobody wants to get shot in the back for defending their Country.

000000  No.12661282


thanks for getting me filtered for your kikery.

258823  No.12661308


true enough

aaa7ba  No.12661313


>He did not say Trump would endorse such a plan.

Trumpniggers are cancer, but this kind of shit is no better. Reported for being worse than a Trumpnigger.

38e2cc  No.12661348


>what the hell else can be done

Abolish welfare, create citizen classes, only those who work/have worked (legally) for a minimum of 2 years are able to vote. These two things are absolutely realistic and can be implemented in less than 2 years.

9c171c  No.12661355

File: 24075921e3f867c⋯.png (266.78 KB, 741x520, 57:40, bingo the fuck out.png)

732c9d  No.12661399

File: b0895e77ed9105c⋯.jpg (20.34 KB, 388x338, 194:169, Disgust2.jpg)


>along with modifications to H-2B visas.

He needs to say no, and just declare a national emergency.

Why are these "GOP" senators undermining Americans that are trying to get high-tech jobs?

Their names need to be spread all over the internet, so the Republican electorate knows who to primary out.

732c9d  No.12661402



Lets put all cards on the table and get this war going.

Tired of pissing around.

732c9d  No.12661406




Jesus, hasn't Soros' 16 billion for internet propaganda run out, yet?

732c9d  No.12661407


>Is that what winning feels like guys?

Shill conveniently forgets that President Trump hasn't agreed to any of this.

ac1ccb  No.12661409

Still holding us hostage.

dc3cca  No.12661420


>(((kushman))) and (((moderates))) make typical Jewish suggestion

>Trump doesn't even acknowledge

>somehow this means something

fuck off. sage.

732c9d  No.12661428


So weak.

Earn your Soros bucks, at least.

732c9d  No.12661432


What an excellent opportunity to use a flamethrower…

9c171c  No.12661433

File: 7e4dda981a155a7⋯.png (261.09 KB, 741x497, 741:497, bingo the fuck out v2.png)



06298f  No.12661438


>succeed by giving the leftists millions of new voters, ensuring a permanent leftist majority of shitskins and a blue Texas


732c9d  No.12661443


Mandatory sterilization for illegals before they're deported.

000000  No.12661446



>H1-B holders in the United States can rest assured that changes are soon coming which will bring both simplicity and certainty to your stay, including a potential path to citizenship.


732c9d  No.12661455

000000  No.12661459



bcbac8  No.12661463


It'd doesn't need to because it is a reinterpretation by the ATF, circumventing the whole legislative branch.

ac1ccb  No.12661467


Encourage regret? Ok, shill. It’s already over, let’s give up.

Now what?

000000  No.12661471


This. ZOGnald did it almost unilaterally (with help from the NRA). He owns it.

sage for OT

455836  No.12661477

File: 09cb3f2f4a7d06e⋯.jpg (96.15 KB, 819x714, 39:34, WeMustStop.jpg)


If he actually cucks out on this I will no longer support him at all.

I'm sure most non-NPCs could agree.

ae9991  No.12661491

DACA then MAGA bois! We've been saying it for almost 3 years! Fuck yeah Trump!

1ca30c  No.12661529


< goyim, it's not good enough, Hillary should be president! If Hillary were president we would have gotten the wall without the amnesty, and there would have been no amnesty!!!

fuck off, kike.

042365  No.12661534

File: 9733bf78aff1844⋯.jpeg (76.03 KB, 799x538, 799:538, Jeffress.jpeg)


>But Trump defends Israel.

732c9d  No.12661539


Same here, and I've been supporting him since the beginning.

I hired him to fight America's enemies, not "compromise" with evil.

But let's wait and see what he actually does, first.

He's known for giving things lip-service, then turning around and doing the exact opposite, anyway.

a149af  No.12661541

File: 01240ba50193ea5⋯.jpg (71.72 KB, 592x341, 592:341, tweet #6000000.jpg)


e3f766  No.12661544

I'm a border patrol agent. I think the smart move is to offer a new immigrant class for DACA spics that offers no benefit except the ability to stay as long as no further crimes are committed. The class of immigrant offer no path to citizenship, ever. They are automatically placed in the highest federal tax bracket. The class offers no way for their children to obtain citizenship through them, either by jus solis or jus sanguinis. If their other parent is a citizen then the child can get citizenship but the child will always be placed into the highest federal tax bracket. If the daca recipient or their child ever commit a federal crime, they will automatically be given the harshest penalty available under the law with a revocation of the immigrant status for the parent and a revocation of the citizenship status for the child based on them lying and committing fraud to obtain the legal status in the US.

In exchange, Trump will tap $100 billion, available immediately via the DOD slush fund. $50 billion will be used to fund significant portions of the wall, half for the actual construction, half for payment to obtain the land necessary. The other $50 billion will be used to hire a shit ton of immigration judges until the backlog drops to current crossing levels. There will also be auditors hired to check the decisions of judges. If immigration judges grant status in asylum cases for anything other bona fide dangers from totalitarian governments, the judges will be arrested and charged with treason.

732c9d  No.12661549


Let's see what he does.

He could make the process simpler, but limit the number allowed.

I've seen him pull things like this before.

Reserving judgement.

bd8ee4  No.12661550

File: 7f11f3dd329bd75⋯.jpg (79.04 KB, 800x800, 1:1, blackglama-barbra-streisan….jpg)


Hey, Jim Acosta! Welcome to /pol/.



Someone was paid for *this* ad, you antiQue.

1ca30c  No.12661554


Previous situation:

< spicesses come in

< pop out their baby anchor

< a future entire line of democrats will emerge in about 20 years (figure 3 kids, that's 3 voters… and they'll marry, have their 3, so on)

Compared with this prospect, this deal:

< The same damn spics are here to stay

< their numbers are boosted a bit, immediately

> but the influx is decimated

Democrats are accepting a temporary victory in exchange for fucking their party over. ie, they want to win for a little while, to rake in the cash, and are willing to fuck over the future of their party, which relied on anchor baby after anchor baby.


We are offering soup for an entire inheritance!


a149af  No.12661561


>wait and see guys!

No, screeching at Trump is all he knows. You have to punish him like the dog he is for him to respond. Wait and see = cuck shit, while Anne writing scathing articles gets syria troops withdrawn earlier. Wait and see? Fuck you.

bd8ee4  No.12661562


Fatal error in the logic: Trump can always get another dog.

732c9d  No.12661563



Those given amnesty will pour out spawn by the dozen, off the welfare dime.

What's more, you already know this, Jew.

1ca30c  No.12661564


It seems to be more of this:


Dems get voters, on the temporary horizon, we get our country back.

732c9d  No.12661566


I haven't been disappointed yet.

And fuck you, too.

1ca30c  No.12661570


The spawn are inevitable.

Imagine a tower defense game. The spics rush in, start spawning more.

Now, you offer a deal: OK, you can keep your spawn here, but we'll close off entry. No new spawn.

Now, you know your plan is to do something about the spawn in the future, but the point is that you have now got a confined problem.

You have to remember, in America, the Catholic church is very weak. These spics will load up on the abortions if we just give them out like candy.

1ca30c  No.12661572


(But first we have to pretend like we totally wouldn't support free abortions for all spics)

025821  No.12661576


>he signed a bump-stock ban

what bump stock ban? are mine illegal now? when did this happen?

>agreed to give israel aid

yep, par the course…

>bill condemning white nationalism

oh… you dont know what a bill is?

1ca30c  No.12661579


Checked, but there have been plenty of disappointments, but we have a real chance to have a white country, the last remaining on Earth, I'll add, right here. It's pretty amazing.

In Europe, they have sand niggers flooding in. They look kind of "white", but they're not part white. Mexicans are part white, Spanish, specifically. You could, with a population of Mexicans, breed a white race, through appropriate selection.

In other words, we are fortunate to have a less inferior mudshit.

258823  No.12661585


>Now what?

fuck if i know, but I do know were not voting our way out of this, the 'business' community attacks us from the right, pushing immigrants to push down wages, and the democrats attack us from the left pushing immigrants for new voters. Look at trumps h1b1 tweet, that's to appease tech companies, not his voting base, we don't fucking matter at all

but just cal everyone who doesn't suck trump off 24/7 a shill, that will fix things

1ca30c  No.12661587


< buying the hype slide

> $5 in parts can produce a superior, albeit illegal, mechanism

1ca30c  No.12661592


It's pretty funny. So we force H1B fuckers to immigrate if they want to work here? This has me laughing so much. Do you know how nationalistic they are? This really is 1488D chess LOL. They love to bash America, all the while collecting their checks. This is gunna git funeee.

025821  No.12661598


yes, but not as comfortable and doesnt look as nice. you realize a bump stock is a replacement for a grip/stock, right? so instead of spending $30 on that, i spent 50 on a bump stock.

still, is the ban in place? people keep saying it is, but i've yet to read the active law.

8e5347  No.12661604


bump boards are not illegal however, only the grip/stock combo known as a bump stock, board with a peg in it and a handle is not a stock therefore not a bumpstock

1ca30c  No.12661617


I'm just pointing out you can, for example, auto-pull a trigger with a servo. I said illegal, not legal or grey zone. It's trivial to accomplish, and there are millions of ways to do it.

And that's also why it's so amusing that Washington State banned those under 21 from purchasing semi-autos.

They really don't get tech. Like, this will happen so fucking fast, I guarantee you that before 2020 there will be a bolt-to-semi conversion kit.

1ca30c  No.12661623


That's pretty funny, right there. Also funny they didn't ban belt loops.

1ca30c  No.12661629

I would have banned belt loops, and then started a shame campaign against any retailer that sells pants with belt loops.

58a03f  No.12661650

BASED! Thanks Trump for selling us out again.

58a03f  No.12661662


<hurr you can make something better so violating the 2nd amendment with antigun bullshit over two false flags is a good thing


9aea72  No.12661666









258823  No.12661668


they make up any excuses for his betrayal

000000  No.12661674



Drop in autosear

1ca30c  No.12661678


It's not anti-gun. Fact, slide fires are garbage. You didn't lose anything. You lost:



See above. Can't tell if you're a sockpuppet shill or actual.


And the cat skinning begins.

ff47c1  No.12661727


>everything trump has done has been against whites

<I haven't been disappointed

We know, moishe.

31a206  No.12661783

File: b478d9330e37f9d⋯.webm (419.59 KB, 480x360, 4:3, bender oh wait youre seri….webm)


>Somebody that isn't Trump comes up with an idea


000000  No.12661789


>Trump hasn't agreed to any of this.

/thread. Fuck this place has gotten stupid recently.

000000  No.12661790


>And the cat skinning begins.

Yep. I here's the schema.


I'd post it here, but I am a tornigger

000000  No.12661800


Better link:


bd2226  No.12661981



Cap welfare regardless of number of children.

74b8c8  No.12662263


Hows the weather in Ankara?

fc2afb  No.12662555


Plan is already dead in the water

e7f7db  No.12662675



You're a retard, and this is exactly like the situation with California during the 80s. If you have amnesty for a shitty fence, then kiss Texas and Florida goodbye.


>Like… so, what the hell is the alternative? Like how would it work?

Deny it? Oppose it? This is the problem with you cucks, you give way too much and over compromise for any supposed gains made

>These people, deport them en masse? If you say yes, then you're an idiot.

Who says we can't? Cause hur dur it's not practical? Says who, the media? Leftists? You? Any money spent on deportations is saving billions down the line in potential welfare payments and other costs. If muh PR is your concern leftists already think he's literally Hitler putting children in cages, and the people who actually voted for him want deportations.


Some trips of truth, thank God

e12e54  No.12662703


>Somebody that isn't Trump comes up with an idea

<The idea is to just give up and die

This baitposting LARP shit is getting really old really fast.

e12e54  No.12662710



1ca30c  No.12662813



Not an argument. :) Why's that?

f88155  No.12663059


Sounds nice. Its like the guy fucking your wife has to suck your dick in exchange. You should think up more ways of finding out ways of cucking out even more.

Get it thru your head. This is going to be a fucking war if they are not expelled. Doesn't matter what any of us say, this is a guarantee. Human nature demands it. The only question is if your children are the around by the time the fucking war starts and ends, and whom comes out on top. Keep cucking and your wifes children will be no relation to you. But at least you got your dick sucked right?

258823  No.12663066


>I'm a border patrol agent.

do you really have to let the spics go the second you capture them? if so, do any of your fellow agents think this was a good idea?

ff47c1  No.12663082


>oy vey goyim trump doesn't defend Israel

>if I say it for four years in a row you will believe me

05b4ab  No.12663596

File: 4ee7bad486f1b1f⋯.gif (942.59 KB, 500x240, 25:12, 42b985f26e394c8f395a77c3c9….gif)


Not only no, but fuck no.

Build the motherfucking barrier.

No more fucking games.

1eb5df  No.12663958



Hes had that power since day one. A power that cant be blocked even though he'll let the courts do it. Then bitch about it on twitter.

f231e8  No.12663974

File: 88a8a641d6d1b32⋯.png (199.39 KB, 341x440, 31:40, are you serious nigger.png)


Oh look, you IP-hopped and are STILL claiming bullshit with NO VIABLE EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THIS. Either provide where he supposedly signed the bumpstock ban, or fuck off to your synagogue. Where and when did he sign the bumpstock ban? You got a link there nigger?

887e5c  No.12664047


I love how shills pretend to care so much about proof when batting down evidence of a wall or syria pull out but suddently don't care about it anymore when it doesn't suit them

5a2c79  No.12664050

>Sen. Lindsey Graham said

Why am I not surprised this fucker is involved in this

6e8464  No.12664086


I suspect this was always the endgame of this narrative

>get the wall to minimize loss of support in the voterbase while still effectively facilitating demographic replacement and devaluation of labor

beef4a  No.12664109

File: eab876b3b91dafd⋯.jpg (949.77 KB, 610x406, 305:203, Trumpelstiltskin.jpg)

Praise Him

f231e8  No.12664166

File: 97e2c25767f15f0⋯.png (541.07 KB, 752x720, 47:45, IMG_3044.PNG)


>project: the post

Still don't see any links there nigger. You gonna help your buddy, or are you going to continue the trend of making claims with no proof to support it?

ff47c1  No.12664175


Commit suicide immediately, redditor.

f231e8  No.12664182


And fuck me I read that wrong entirely. Never mind. I'm a faggot and need to hang myself.

e8fd16  No.12664232


At least its nice to see that these people are in opposition to National Socialism. If absolutely nothing else we FINALLY see in explicit terms that they don't belong here.

bea777  No.12664246

7a5966  No.12664313

Lol @ kikes pretending this already happened

86552a  No.12684235


OP was pretty clear in the title that it's a "brief".

86552a  No.12685220


>excusing the bump-stock ban


8ba9c5  No.12685231


Trump is too dumb to do that. He got it in his head that only quitters govern by decree.

f08ece  No.12685234


>Banning stocks with recoil springs

I can bump fire with my belt loop.

Should we ban belt loops?

8ba9c5  No.12685248


A lot of European cities have banned trucks. No ban is too stupid to happen.

e3f2c7  No.12685278


>half of the bingo terms have jack shit to do with trump

>lol drumpfk btfo

c78657  No.12685296


If you're a little weathy consider buying those 5000rd bucket of bullets for 3 cents per round & free shipping.

Not to sell to joe six pack, but the kike scalpers.

Buy at 3 cents, sell at 5 cents, minimum 2 tubs per purchase.

86552a  No.12685301


>bump-stock ban has nothing to do with trump

Excuse me?

0a21bf  No.12685312

File: fa3c2ef7bde4ec1⋯.webm (4.28 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 8pol isis anthem.webm)


f4e51f  No.12685372

>same MAGAutists who cry "Nu wall not like muh old wall!" are still stuck defending a shitty fence with no suitable retort

Remember when you niggers were able to actually argue for trump instead of bargaining?

97f1d2  No.12685392



b7b79b  No.12685394


You are powerless here.

86552a  No.12685415

File: 98f29fdb60adb5c⋯.jpg (178.37 KB, 1500x953, 1500:953, 2003main_1500.jpg)


America is becoming a giant Guantanamo Bay with jews in charge.

e3f2c7  No.12685424


So half of the bingo card is bumpstock ban repeated?

Sure, and I'm the queen of England.

Either way, I'm making a less shit bingo card.

86552a  No.12685442


It's tantamount to "anyone who questions Trump is a shill", by all means, make yourself easy to spot for everyone else.

e3f2c7  No.12685455

File: c7ba22bbb796961⋯.png (497.82 KB, 1194x1437, 398:479, 71e837d8542a672cced35ba1a6….png)


Pretty sure I fixed it.

e3f2c7  No.12685458


Thinking about it, the flavor of the month meme spot could be replaced with /ourguy/

e3f2c7  No.12685463

File: d11e9a08d502331⋯.png (497.27 KB, 1194x1437, 398:479, 71e837d8542a672cced35ba1a6….png)

fixed that shit

polite sage for being retarded

86552a  No.12685478


Bingo is for old people. Try something more original.

e3f2c7  No.12685481


>he doesn't like bingo


86552a  No.12685486


>you don't agree with me! you're a foreigner!!!

Stupid games win stupid prizes.

e3f2c7  No.12685493


I'm calling you a faggot for not liking bingo, you're putting words in my mouth.


86552a  No.12685496



e3f2c7  No.12685508

File: cae72741e5ab23e⋯.png (450.62 KB, 1194x1437, 398:479, d11e9a08d50233156d1ec036bf….png)



>obvious bait

one more to the sheet

86552a  No.12685517



>plays bingo

Man, what a faggot.

e3f2c7  No.12685521

86552a  No.12685525


It's spelled "you".

7a94a9  No.12685543

File: c34999ba3541a99⋯.webm (11.34 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, HELPER QUEST.webm)



>apu apustaja is a cuckchan meme

Fuck off, retard.

e3f2c7  No.12685548


>implying it isn't

092efc  No.12685643

092efc  No.12685646

File: 4e0f9037d70e563⋯.gif (1.54 MB, 480x358, 240:179, giphy123.gif)


same old replies

092efc  No.12685656

File: fef1b83c51a2f74⋯.png (598 KB, 718x698, 359:349, ghjk,l.;.png)


and i be like

52332c  No.12685695

Not going to happen.

52332c  No.12685703


Remember when you shills said "I'll believe it when I see it?" Funny how that applies so well here. How come you're not saying it? Oh, that's right, you're a shill.


86552a  No.12685704


Because you don't want it to?

092efc  No.12685777

File: 01aeff8d5531394⋯.png (201 KB, 486x629, 486:629, Untitledvbnm,sdsdfsd.png)


>Id go one step farther. build a long military base on the border throw up a fence for restricted access shoot all trespasser on a millarty base lick the tears.

092efc  No.12685781

File: 1c6076aeb831fe9⋯.png (331.07 KB, 540x557, 540:557, sfsdfsfds.png)

52332c  No.12685851


I'll believe it when I see it. I haven't seen it. Shill somewhere else.

f4e51f  No.12685923


>not saying the typical shill phrase makes one a shill

>says the phrase themselves instead

Classic projection, MAGAutist.

f130b2  No.12686040

File: fd16b9d525ffe9e⋯.jpg (397.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, METAL_WALL.jpg)



7e8cd8  No.12686155

File: c036d8b7e283588⋯.png (135.08 KB, 345x250, 69:50, 1503558855003.png)


shills are super butthurt itt because Shahira Knight is a bad bitch who respects the sovereignty of man

7e8cd8  No.12686160


>mr.light = illuminati building the perfect man of science

f8fe01  No.12686169

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Fucking based

7e8cd8  No.12686171

File: 74bcf951eeb8a2f⋯.pdf (7.24 MB, Compendium of Staff Studie….pdf)

01ea6d  No.12686175


What's funny is that the next President will probably use an emergency order to have the military demolish the wall… by the time the courts act on it, it'll have been removed.

86552a  No.12687227


A wall would act as a giant door so long as legal immigration continues.

39b3f3  No.12688041


>the solution cannot be a solution

This is why no stay of execution is forthcoming for America.

86552a  No.12688090


A no stay of execution of what court order?

39b3f3  No.12688103


The execution of true America, what is left of it and the victory by the great mass of non-white, pussified white and of course jewry.

86552a  No.12688115


I don't think you know what "no stay of execution" means.

39b3f3  No.12688152


Don't be condescending. I know exactly what it means, which is why I used it.

86552a  No.12688188


I'm not being condescending, you're just being poetic.

a5ba09  No.12688189


You could use those guns you're always talking about.

But you won't.

39b3f3  No.12688208


I'm not. Irresponsible use of undeserved Hitler dubs.

fc2afb  No.12688251

This thread is still being bumped even though its already been rejected by Trump

86552a  No.12688254


Prove it.

e69abe  No.12688564

File: 17cadffab83c26d⋯.png (292.19 KB, 511x312, 511:312, 777.png)


My goodness, what big numbers you have!

Ooomph, and how right you are, too!

ba36e7  No.12688585

I remember before the election we made a big deal out of how if Hillary wins she'd amnesty the spics and America would become a one party Democrat state. Now Trump is gonna do the same shit.

What was even the point of voting for him?

e69abe  No.12688610


Should Trump allow amnesty, his Presidency is over. He knows this. The only thing that's still keeping him in office at this point is the will of a pissed-off American electorate. If he pisses on us, his next speech will be from an offshore deep-state prison.

86552a  No.12688735


>What was even the point of voting for him?

To prove that you can be fooled back into the fold.

88c82e  No.12690628

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I wonder how long until Tucker gets a knock at his door by the three letters or all his advertisers simply pull out. I was waiting for him to flat out say: Why are they happy financing Israel's border walls, but not ours?

09e8be  No.12690636

File: 128f2cb4db6e8df⋯.jpg (38.98 KB, 986x555, 986:555, He_Had_a_Seat_Over_There.jpg)


This. I'm still waiting to find out who Chris Hansen pissed off to get vanned like he did.

db2057  No.12690664


Christ, he's gotten old.

86552a  No.12691817

File: 49201f5f2e5b8fa⋯.png (122.94 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, 61a1ffe2ed0182db93bf1ee540….png)


Nobody at Fox News is going to give a bad goyim a show.

b7b79b  No.12691824


You can't hide amnesty.

88c82e  No.12693543


I don't understand how someone could be in the red so bad after being on TV for over a decade. He must have been paying off prostitutes or something.

c78657  No.12693583


Fox News is dying along with cable. If Tucker gets the boot it doesn't have to be the end for him unless he wants it to be.

It's so cheap to set up a site. If Peterson can earn 600,000 a year, tucker probably could earn more than what those middle managers make at Fox.

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