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File: 276bd929029919d⋯.png (258.55 KB, 798x387, 266:129, 276bd929029919da6431d1b4ee….png)

e2312e  No.12659920

My race is being killed, my own people dont lift a finger to save themselves in the face of obvious genocide.

That french boxer is a perfect example, he wanted to change things, but without too much discomfort on his part. If you think you can change the world without any danger or pain to yourself your better off dead.

When cowardly scum like that are seen as heroes(I know a lot of retards here called him that) what hope is there for whites?

I want to give up, I want the shit skins to transform whats left of this world into a hellscape, you all know they are to stupid for anything else. And in this hellish world these pests, these rats will suffer until nature does what we couldnt. Wipe the shit skins out.

b5e430  No.12659929


>these rats will suffer until nature does what we couldnt. Wipe the shit skins out.


e2312e  No.12659984

File: 111f4982c78bdc6⋯.jpg (129.43 KB, 780x703, 780:703, 111f4982c78bdc6428a389a58f….jpg)

We all know when whitey is gone, all you shit skins will revert to being mindless parasites and mother nature is not as color blind as we are.

Mother nature color coded apes, the white ones go on top of high towers wile the shit skinned ones stay… well, in shit. Where they belong.

2a3731  No.12660251

Just fucking wait, you nigger. You think these whites are your buddies, but they're nigger souls in white bodies. They will shoot you in the back so we're stuck waiting 10 to 15 years so they can't do that. Then we have a chance to organize.

Get it through your head that most europeans don't give a shit about any of this, after hearing the truth, and only care about comfort. They must be the ones made to march the front lines. Not us. We must drive those apathetic/antiracist goyim into the grinder when they switch sides by preparing our actual tribes ahead of time.

It's all about setting up that unbreakable and undetectable in-group of families that own everything and can deny everything as pure coincidence. Everything rests on building this holy kingdom of cool dudes coincidentally running everything.

b55029  No.12660282


Kid it pains me but this Anon is right. Whites in the US and Europe don't give a fuck about each other. They see in group cohesion as weakness an idea implanted by their Jewish masters from infancy. Only by being nearly obliterated will this be changed.

Fact is that Whites are the superior race. All of modern society is the expression of their ideas. That fire is dead now and now the leaders of the whites have deiced that they will exterminate them and replace them with the shitskins. These people think that they will be able to control them via the Madras and that a combination of Islam and Commie bullshit will keep the masses in check. We'll find out soon if they are right.

e2312e  No.12660286

File: d26e63f001459d3⋯.webm (1.93 MB, 864x486, 16:9, 1542904485516.webm)


David? You coming to the temple this sabbath?

e2312e  No.12660296


You sure that is the plan?

I am sure they dont want to exterminate whites, just make them a minority. You see if you have many different groups fighting each other, its easy to keep them in control. Look at american prisons anon.

Just my 2 cents.

09ff08  No.12660311


They want to exterminate Whites.

2e918b  No.12660315


>how to save whites

>kill millions of whites again like WW2

kikes really thinks this will work huh

1515c9  No.12660345

File: 7c50116ad2b22a2⋯.jpg (408.11 KB, 1600x1438, 800:719, of the lost war for surviv….jpg)


Don't lose hope anon, never lose hope, just stay positive is an echoing throughout all our stories to keep forever, do not allow what is happening now be what happened in Tarim, Indus or Ætlan! Once the situation gets to that point the only hope for Aryan survival is to gather those around you who haven't fallen into the dirge and move somewhere else far away as what it seems we have done throughout our history.

But its different now, "now the frontiers are open and beyond us no other people, nothing but the sea, yet still they come. Their usurpation is not to be escaped by self-abasement, nor appeasement. These plunderers of the Earth are now invading the seas, because having devastating everything, they now have no more land." -Calgathu

b55029  No.12660351


Kikes used WWII to take over the culture of the USA, completely subjugate the Europeans and rule the west via proxy in the Anglo-Saxon world power that emerged from the ashes of white death. The Jew already owned the Soviets they leveraged the results of WWII to own the world. This is just the next step in the Jew's plan of white extermination.

5c104c  No.12660362

File: b2fff8c5ee6f803⋯.jpg (116.58 KB, 730x464, 365:232, OP making friends with the….jpg)

5c104c  No.12660371

File: ceb3ed33182ee4c⋯.jpg (43.85 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Angry Hebe.jpg)

2a3731  No.12660375

You guys don't understand. The goyim whites will pay taxes and play stupid games like soldier. We need to be in place to promote each other over them at their expense. Everything will naturally consolidate into a kingdom built on their backs if we keep the in-group tight and buying up their goyim shit. But we cannot ever allow the goyim cuckolds to have power over us. It's that simple. In-group owns shit and decides what happens, out-group works shit and 'votes'.

e951f8  No.12660507


>>Kid it pains me but this Anon is right. Whites in the US and Europe don't give a fuck about each other.

Let's play! Guess if this glowing bitch is jewish or a nigger.

How the fuck would you know what anyone feels/cares about? Especially people, you've never met. You know something like 0.0000001% of Whites in your own little area but here you're! on the intertubes talking about continents.

Take your meds, sober up, whatever you need to, to fix yourself. Dumb ass.

0eac0c  No.12661781

File: 9b5cc17f828ccd4⋯.jpg (88.44 KB, 480x679, 480:679, civ_cycle.jpg)

You should realize by now that we're not going to be wiped out.

If the white population drops much lower the entire west will become so dysfunctional that the society trying to genocide us won't be able to continue to exist.

One important realization I've had is that the Jewish strategy is fundamentally self-defeating. It is certainly possible to foist yourself into power by subversion, infact it's an extremely effective strategy. The problem with this strategy is you end up as king of a chaotic mess that cannot be governed.

On the flip side whites are far more direct in the wielding of power, which is extremely effective in creating order out of that chaos, but is terrible in defending against subversion.

The strange irony is that Whites create conditions in which Jews can thrive, but after they've won Jews create conditions in which whites can thrive.

When everything goes to absolute shit, when we're living in Brazillian favella piss earth and everything seems at its darkest point, is when we will begin our road to glory once again.

e8e5f1  No.12661856


So it's all just cyclical then - same as it ever was, since the dawn of time. Just a shame all of us had to be born into the ending phase of this current cycle, but at least we got to experience computers and internet being invented and all that.

d0dbbf  No.12661876

You have to love your people, no matter what they do. Hitler did that. Weimar Germany was absolutely reprehensible, and what the Germans did during it was disgusting. "Horst Wessel Lied" is a great metaphorical song describing this idea. Love your people, but be strong and be righteous.

9612af  No.12661886


>Love your people, but be strong and be righteous.

True. Every person, no matter the race, should follow this.

Nothing creates more misery than a miserable person.

ca0e7b  No.12661935

File: c4d0ec95b29f355⋯.jpg (3.04 MB, 3448x2336, 431:292, 1536834357421.jpg)

oh look it's your regularly scheduled defeatism blackpill "give up and kill yourself goy" thread

bc1fb4  No.12661938

File: be9d4df3d7cabf6⋯.jpg (13.63 KB, 300x168, 25:14, crimea is ukraine.jpg)

116ebd  No.12662020


Never give up, but think much longer term. Whites will likely reduced to just a couple hundred million at most, but if we can form a tribal identity for most of that population, then 100-200 years from now anything is possible.

2a9b0a  No.12662046


>he wanted to change things, but without too much discomfort on his part

Learn about the concept of fulcrums and leverage.

t. smoking pot and drinking soda while fighting the good fight from his office

cfcb61  No.12662068


Yeah. The ending phase has its perks. Shame we likely won't live to see it through to the other, brighter side, but that only makes our struggle more heroic.

41c386  No.12662083

File: 20d1fd5a5e04776⋯.jpg (9.22 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download.jpg)

File: 27d08f9402a110f⋯.jpg (10.37 KB, 290x174, 5:3, download (1).jpg)

File: b4ca9e6f5cf096d⋯.jpg (44.87 KB, 424x255, 424:255, family.jpg)

41c386  No.12662096


given a choice, I know which one i'd choose without a hesitation.

7db999  No.12662108


>When Whites are exterminated…

A lot of good that does.


>literally a jew.

e8b77f  No.12662140

1. Subscribe to:


How it works:

a. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dpk1f_MWkAEhiHk.jpg

b. http://s4.imgload.info/ab8ayzjm23h3nek.jpg

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d. http://s4.imgload.info/4gs2zkax54b6z89.jpg

e. http://s4.imgload.info/ubce1915uvmvm8k.png

f. https://image.ibb.co/c7zMi5/Stop_White_Genocide.jpg

g. http://s4.imgload.info/ycuh7kk49h38kzh.jpg

h. http://s4.imgload.info/2b8cgj1ncxzacnw.jpg

i. http://s4.imgload.info/ec86yd6gx8vzdzh.png

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c. https://image.ibb.co/jH5SOp/diversity.jpg

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2. http://s4.imgload.info/dxnx2cf44yvwm7m.jpg

3. http://s4.imgload.info/s8vh3e4mv11d8dh.jpg

More ideas:





41c386  No.12662148


stormfront is for fags. OUT

e8e5f1  No.12662159


Is there a point to the struggle then? Not trying to be demoralizing at all here but sounds like it's all just predetermined to me.

41c386  No.12662178

File: 14abbe72a27871b⋯.jpg (49.29 KB, 480x617, 480:617, far.jpg)


we will need a game changer, else the water will just slowly go from simmer to boil.

0a4cfb  No.12662186


You misunderstand. There will always be a few strong people to recreate white society from the ashes of Jewish destruction. Will you be one of those heroes or will you be a demoralized fag throughout it all?

d362c5  No.12662221


But he’s right. How many people around you can you honestly say actually care. I’ll bet it’s few if anyone.

cfcb61  No.12662281


Wait for the imminent collapse of the convenient status quo and see how many whites will continue to roll with being PC. See France for fucks sake. Once the bread and circus is insufficient, all restraints we've been conditioned to put ourselves into break.

Kikes made their cesspool on lies and so they will die along with it.

aaf612  No.12662353

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The parasites will only flee once the country has literally become the Third World. If the country is stable, there's still a lot of "milking" to do and somebody challenges their power, they simply remove him.

0f4dc2  No.12662399

File: af8ce7503872df8⋯.jpg (9.8 KB, 196x258, 98:129, the one and only.jpg)


>Shame we likely won't live to see it through to the other, brighter side

Bullshit we won't. Hitler and co. turned Germany from the abused whore of Europe into a world power within his lifetime. Believe in yourself a little more. We can do it.

0f4dc2  No.12662408


*within their lifetime

2fa2d3  No.12662422

Without white people non-whites would eventually stagnate out until white people came along again and wiped them out and started over. History will probably end up repeating itself in the end

000000  No.12662437


The electric jew didn't exist, then.

2fa2d3  No.12662448


He's right though, white people fight each other more then they fight against their enemies. Take all this generation warfare, the kikes have you so addled up on drugs and (((entertainment))) that you fight your own ancestors instead of doing the Christian thing and helping them and working with them. You fag constantly shit all over white nationalists and just push your civic cuck nationalism garbage like a good goy you don't even give a fuck about your white brothers. You fags need to learn to stop fighting your own fucking people and just lead them to the right side. You don't have to get rid of them, just fucking lead them by example

0f4dc2  No.12662451


>The electric jew didn't exist, then.

Bad argument. There were radios and newspapers and later televisions. The Jews had monopoly over them. Now we have the internet, which is much more difficult to monitor, control or subvert. Not for lack of trying, but now more than ever the potential for resistance and information warfare is optimal. All you need is to have the know-how to apply it properly.

5dc841  No.12662919


You're right. Checked and (-11) heil'd

6fe2be  No.12663213

Awesome, you are awake. But let not the rage dominate you, prioritize action.

Seek out every operation you can contribute to, producing media, spreading the truth around you, spreading taste for our and our ancestor's culture, especially for the youth but not letting anybody aside. Old people also are greato to discuss, specially 'cause many of them are probably more aware than many in here, and even the ones which have been deceived, they've got experience, and that is precious. Remember that the masses ought to be the focus of the movement, that was hitler's principle.

And whenever you feel like no more strength is available to you… Sieg Heil.

7ac196  No.12663252


I dunno anon, S Africa is only 10% white and they struggle along but stay standing even with only 1/10 of the country worth a shit and commie niggers running everything. That's the big thing that concerns me with that line of thinking. You're not wrong, but a country can literally drop to 10% white without collapse like that, even if shit sucks horrendously

524cff  No.12663253


The Jews are absolutely retarded, if they end up having us all killed, or reduced to an impotent minority, Israel will no longer be able to get any more gibs, and they'll end up being destroyed as well.

7ac196  No.12663267


They have nukes and think that's all they need. They don't understand even with nukes Israel could still be isolated and locked down into a prison colony

154f23  No.12666814

Faggot stop fed posting. We can stop this bullshit but it wont be over night. The glow in the darks want you to throw your life away on some white jihad mission so (((they))) can make a mockery of us all. You are not alone brother. Use your anger to improve yourself. Stay away from honey pots and evil schemes. It sucks man i know but we have to be smart. We are forced to play the long game. We make good sacfifices not to the demons that control us. I dont want any of u bad goys rotting in a supermax because some glow in the dark informant speaks sweet nothings in your ears. Love is the weapon we have as gay as that sounds, the love of our people our country and ourselves will ultimately lead us to prosperity. Dont give them the bullets to use on us. Work and embracing hardship is the whitest thing we can do. They cannot kill our ideas. Get a grill and get some kids out is what our geeration should focus on.

cfcb61  No.12667798


>Use your anger to improve yourselfcking

This. I'm doing this myself and I already feel the results

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