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3ec07d  No.12660280

Downvote this shit to hit the Jew where it hurts!

Disney Wars is objectively the most anti-white media content currently being produced, and it's aimed at children so it's especially insidious. We raped their old trailers with downvotes, now they've got a new one to wreck.

Don't forget to drop redpills in the comments and remind people about what they did to Luke.

dbbca7  No.12660310

Shitskin Wars

aae894  No.12660319


It would do great to incite killings of some the main cast during the premiere.

Never let them live safely.

3ec07d  No.12660327


Hello, /leftypol/

48b417  No.12660338

File: 038532471e92700⋯.png (143 KB, 660x509, 660:509, 1503484060257.png)


Dude, get the fuck out of here. Are you for real or just really bad at your government job?

3ec07d  No.12660358


probably just some fag trying to get screenshots to post on twitter

58f22c  No.12660386

This isn't reddit, nigger.

8a8004  No.12660389


go back to >>>/sw/ nerd

89f368  No.12660405


go back to bed, kotaku blogger

3ec07d  No.12660432



>the culture war doesn't matter, guize

>just let them dominate public discourse

f643f8  No.12660449

No one watches this trash. Star Wars is completely dead. It's so empty and lifeless that even the most pathetic of normalfags thinks it's a gross show, even if they'll never admit to themselves why.

I'm vaguely looking forward to watching the next movie flop completely though. The clusterfuck surrounding that might be the most entertaining thing to come out of the franchise since Empire.

cdb952  No.12660454

A link would be nice, you stupid nigger.


9b0eb9  No.12660460


Haha wow will an embed work mayhap?

3ec07d  No.12660488

File: 16bd8242a388ed3⋯.jpg (45.55 KB, 400x457, 400:457, Sheev Palpatine - Disdain ….jpg)


>muh empire

Prequels were objectively kino.

8a8004  No.12660504

File: 44965f4ac010282⋯.jpg (92.89 KB, 693x523, 693:523, starwarsfamily.jpg)


Star Wars had niggers in it back in the 80s, in the so called "best" movie, it was never on our side or furthering our goals, even George Lucas married a niggress who is going to get all his wealth after he dies. It was lost from the start, the same with (((Star Trek))).

eddaff  No.12660522


>linking everyone straight to google's servers to track you

Bad enough OP does it

f643f8  No.12660530


Heiled, but the script still needed a rewrite, the kid playing Anakin was badly cast, the aliens were designed by cgi specialist kikes with no sense of aesthetics, the entire thing promotes tikkun olam propaganda, they ruined lightsabers, they made the plot a retarded mindfuck where R2D2, Yoda, and Chewbacca are the only real main characters of the series, they portray Sheev as the villain and jewish democracy as superior to all other forms of government even as they show it being easily undermined, and they didn't even follow through on the now obvious in retrospect reveal of sith master Darth Binks.


Also this, but (((Star Trek))) is much worse. For one thing, it's full of black cube symbolism, black pyramid symbolism, horns of moloch, tikkun olam shit, and so on. All its alien races are facsimiles of different parts of jewish culture. It's also particularly dangerous propaganda because it was briefly well written and appealed to scientifically minded nerds. Shit. TNG is still a good show despite the symbolism of the borg etc.

9b0eb9  No.12660533


Lol cucked

de2a55  No.12660538

File: 53479a42f37a004⋯.webm (2.84 MB, 600x336, 25:14, 1540529307430.webm)



0e7daf  No.12660606


Nah, Netflix is the most objectively anti-white media content currently.

ccf7e7  No.12660620

File: ba9f463d7aeeffa⋯.jpg (214.7 KB, 1500x2122, 750:1061, star-academy-18.jpg)

Don't know where I downloaded a whole nest of these new shows, BUT, after watching most of the way through the first show it was so utterly painful to watch. Like tooth gratingly boring.

It's as though someone WANTED it to fail, then wrote the most miserable dialogue, story, setting and revolting characters you could ever hope to see bundled in a 1/2 hour show. I fast forwarded through the rest to see if anything exciting or novel happened. NOPE, nothing. Eating ceiling paint would be more enjoyable than watching that excuse for a show.

Conclusion, kids who may absently watch it will be bored to tears. Oldies who watch it will DOUBLE-REALIZE Star Wars is empty, valueless garbage when neurotic jews manage and make it.

da0c10  No.12660626

Star Wars has always been value-less, trash made by a dumbfuck american, listen to George Lucas, he's fucking dumb.

You want good sci-fi, don't watch american trash, stick to Warhammer 40K (maybe the ONLY good sci-fi left, not counting the jap stuff).

9c1f90  No.12660656


duh natzees and the alt rite taking over jew wars! thats always a amusing headline

16b6a7  No.12660758


:O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dbbca7  No.12660787


I tried to watch Revenge of the Sith last year, because I remember it being the least terrible, and the Emperor still being awesome. The Emperor was still great, but my god, what a piece of shit. Just unbearable trash. I couldn't even stomach most of the dialogue scenes, and just skipped them. They're so fucking dull, horribly written, and poorly acted. It was far worse than I remembered. It doesn't even have the special effects to prop it up anymore, because they look like syfy channel crap now.

Had to watch John Carter again to cleanse my palette.

0a56b2  No.12660818


English is not this persons first language.

0a56b2  No.12660823



708cf1  No.12661018

File: a2ad74851e6a980⋯.jpg (58.77 KB, 1024x544, 32:17, b5be72d5491f5067a1f7188d86….jpg)


Holy shit, my eyes!

8ade4d  No.12661024


What shit. Racers that defeat trained pilots and outgun trained soldiers.

7840b7  No.12661058

File: 6b02dccf09b5204⋯.jpg (183.16 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, stanknation.jpg)

File: b9c5cb1da346dee⋯.jpg (23.25 KB, 560x415, 112:83, george 69 and melody 44 ma….jpg)

Beautiful. I'm sure they will make many beautiful kvetchers together.

928714  No.12661075


Disney nuwars are objectively worse in every respect.

6212b6  No.12661330

File: da22a34e616d070⋯.jpg (270.94 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 1428963732106.jpg)


This anon speaks truth.

38f671  No.12661338



>not just making them have accidents

928714  No.12661346



Never got into warhammer 40k where would a beginner start?

>Star wars is trash

I wouldn't go that far the OT was a generic hero movie in space… the simplicity of that was what made it good also I love anything involving space add the bit of fantasy and mysticism it had and it was a good cheesy movie although as you say not at all deep or substantive. The worst parts were the jewish actors, I will never understand Gen Xers attraction to 80's Leia…

7f661d  No.12661353


Now how they gonna track you through your VPN? Explain than one to me.

ee5432  No.12661360


Start with the game that made it popular Dawn of War 1.

Work from there.

1e907a  No.12661370


/pol/ is a board of peace. Take your violent microaggressions elsewhere

94b517  No.12661372


Star Wars is trash, overly hyped because its jewish. Though granted, it did gain a cult film status somewhat organically, as far as Hollywood goes.

f538b3  No.12661398


Luke, the white man, finds true balance in the force even beyond what Jewda can provide him because he understands the importance of striking a balance between reason and emotion. He took a millenia old institution of kike beliefs like surveillance and information retention and turned the shit upside down by believing in the power of his own blood and strength to accomplish his goals.

Observe Luke as a character who reacts to his surroundings, not as a set of written lines in a script. Even if the movie is kiked, the original message isn't.

ee5432  No.12661415


That is good but nothing original about it, the only good thing about SW is the setting and sfx.

If you want a good moral story, stick to Lod of the Rings.

928714  No.12661437


Yeah,I understand that but there are far too few space fantasy or scifi that are not pozzed. OT starwars isn't free of pozz but it is fairly tame 1980's stuff: jew actors, affirmative action “important nigger”, mouthy gender studies jewess however they removed Leia's bitchy attitude from her character in the next 2 films, due to poor reception no doubt. I also do not recall any major jew deconstructions that is so rampant in nu-movies.




Well that was sort of the point the OT Star wars was the classic and old as dirt heroes’ journey narrative along with bits taken from old serials George liked.

ee5432  No.12661444


That is also the criticism, George Lucas is the stereotypical dumb ass american who lacks originality and can only copy half-heartly.

690087  No.12661457



The last expansion of DoW1 has all the races they officially added, and it's a standalone, so you may want to start with that. There's lots of mods for it too, so it's still one of their best games to play. DoW2 had a better campaign, but less interesting multiplayer.

1254cd  No.12661460

File: 8a331ea35698d4d⋯.jpg (190.9 KB, 960x720, 4:3, No, your other left.jpg)

ee5432  No.12661466

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Story-wise, it is best to start with DoW1 and Winter Assault has by far the grandest dialogue.

Then maybe he can move into Battlefleet Gothic.

I find it funny that a video game has better opening and tension than most sci fi action movie.

4dc830  No.12661569

File: c8e0eb28f9661dd⋯.jpg (35.77 KB, 798x420, 19:10, Last-Jedi-Mark-Hamill-Luke….jpg)

Kids, you have no idea how bad it really is.

e5705b  No.12661577


Just forgo fiction entirely. It's a poison to your mind that serves only to dull yourself to reality.

a77609  No.12661581

OP still raging that Disney ruined the franchise. As if it were ever anything other than jew propaganda

ee5432  No.12661590


(Good) Fiction and escapism are not bad, at least not anymore.

It gives us an ideal to strive for because our current reality is shit.

It forces us to ask ourselves, why do we need to accept this bullshit reality?

e5705b  No.12661605


You can dream can't you? Why do you need someone else to do it for you?

ee5432  No.12661614


The fuck? You can write, can you? Why do you need to read book someone write for you?

Your dream/thought are limited, by reading/watching/playing, you can dream bigger.

What an idiotic question.

591473  No.12661619



Does nothing.

e5705b  No.12661636


Better to do it by living and experiencing life, not engaging in fantasy and day-dream. Especially one made by someone else. If nothing else, when you actually do something you can always say it was yours.

ee5432  No.12661653


Day-dreaming is a part of physical life.

Again, it forces yourself how shitty our society is, and how do we get back to the better older society.

>Especially one made by someone else. If nothing else, when you actually do something you can always say it was yours.

What is mine or not is not important, the fact it is good or not is what important. Dreaming alone is just masturbation.

138d65  No.12661670

BAS3D! We're gonna save the white race and destroy these jews by leaving a rating on a youtube video!

e5705b  No.12661690


Doesn't that mean playing table-top games are just circle jerks?

Dream when you sleep, reflect when you relax. Engaging in it actively leads to delusion. Better to fill your imagination with things you can do now, than to fill it with someone else's delusion.

b37eac  No.12661708


I haven't heard about star wars since the last jedi's disaster. What's going on with this shitty cartoon?

b37eac  No.12661714


Daily reminder shills wouldn't try and discourage you if you weren't hurting. A jew is a creature of reputation: they absolutely hate when they're not the ones smearing others.

a033fc  No.12661725


It wouldn't be hard to throw a few chemical bombs into a premire.

138d65  No.12661732


>ameriga bad

>muh faghammer

Go masturbate to muscular men.


>muh originality

Nothing is original. Even the shit you shill and promote is derivative. Lucas, when he actually did shit, followed his dream and made his own versions and variants of the serials he loved as a kid.


>muh ameriga

Kill yourself yid.


Doubly kill yourself. Retard purity spiraling puritan niggerfaggots like you are a cancer upon the world. People are allowed to enjoy things instead of being perma-slaves.

>inb4 muh trs

TRSodomites misusing a term doesn't invalidate its purpose.

138d65  No.12661735


>u-ur a SHILL if you say downvoting a youtube video is a meaningless waste of time that will accomplish nothing and that time is better spent on actually useful shit

ee5432  No.12661761


>Doesn't that mean playing table-top games are just circle jerks?

Nope, it means social interaction.

>Dream when you sleep, reflect when you relax.

Day-dreaming is reflecting when you relax.

>Better to fill your imagination with things you can do now, than to fill it with someone else's delusion.

If you can do it now, it is not a dream. In fact, you are actively trying to avoid good ideas because someone else thought it before you, which is bad.

928714  No.12661767

File: 09361ad7144f654⋯.jpg (107.99 KB, 430x629, 430:629, nein.jpg)


remember to say Nein to ep IX this December

ddf67e  No.12661768

I truly hate normalfags. Look at the comments of the video. They drool over the anticipation of receiving their latest NPC updates. These aren’t just little kids. It’s masses of all types of adults from man babies, genderfags, to seemingly normal people with careers and families who need their Saturday morning cartoons like a religious service to feel good.

ee5432  No.12661769


George Lucas is a dumbass american and worthy of scorn.

If you want good American fiction, read Conan the Barbarian.

ee5432  No.12661771


Dumbasses like them hurt the industry but they are dying out.

138d65  No.12661794


>muh ameiga dum lolz

Kill yourself yid. With how much you're reposting this exact line I guarantee you're the same "dacaryan" spammer with a new persona.

db4bc8  No.12661802


You can rest assured that most of the upvotes to those comments, and some of the comments themselves probably come from corporate shills and bots.

ee5432  No.12661810


I did not say all american are dumb, but George Lucas is a dumb american.

928714  No.12661824


Pretty soon it will be "Americanos son estupidos"

b37eac  No.12661993


>downvoting a youtube video is a meaningless waste of time

It's a small and easy action, which brings about a hysterical act attack from the left and creates awareness of dissent. You're fooling no one, /leftykike/

4023fd  No.12662920

File: bc43c72547c18a0⋯.jpg (520.77 KB, 1500x1941, 500:647, Disney Wars Bingo.jpg)

dd169c  No.12662941

7.2k up 2.6k down actually a decade ago it would be more like 120 votes total down all the comments are rave reviews though.

65a027  No.12662964










This is why you will never do anything. Just lay down and die. You've already lost.

4023fd  No.12662971


>Kill random actors who are easily replaced

Lol, no.

dbbca7  No.12662981


I have a hatred for them that dwarfs my negative opinion of the prequels, but you're still wrong.

>better pacing

>better effects

>better performances

>possibly less incoherent

They're far more insidious because of what they do well.

4023fd  No.12663035

File: e58d783ab3714d1⋯.jpg (59.64 KB, 500x370, 50:37, e58.jpg)


>better pacing

>better effects

>better performances

>possibly less incoherent

>retards actually believe this because of some meme videos from overweight wannabe film makers

dbbca7  No.12663186

File: da2a227b8515a30⋯.jpg (119.56 KB, 600x300, 2:1, John Wayne.jpg)


I really don't feel the need to back up such obvious truths, nor will I spend any time arguing about which set of shit tier films was worse in whatever ways.

d63cc3  No.12663381

So many positive comments, and so many more likes than dislikes. Disgusting.

05519a  No.12663527

File: f3b78e9e2c46b9e⋯.png (254.87 KB, 401x416, 401:416, cianigs.png)

ea4c5d  No.12663528


That's shit is all over LA. What a fucked up town. Kiketown.

138d65  No.12663535


>downvoting videos spreads awareness!

Can you even breathe with that cock in your mouth?

ea4c5d  No.12663543


Chequed and Rekt!

I'll be looking into Warhammer from now on. It was pretty big for a long time, but I was always into Cyberspace or D&D type stuff. Interesting.

dbbca7  No.12663607


Holy fuck, how was this never brought to my attention before? George "Nigger Lover" Lucas? Goddamnit.

7e1f60  No.12663738

>all the comments are about how awesome the first order is

>even though Disney is desperately trying to paint the as evil space nazis

Gotta love how that shit backfires

bc011b  No.12663757


If you did it a few times, actors wouldn't want to replace them. People do have self-preservation instincts.

5f3738  No.12663781


I wouldn't know, degeneracy is for kikes.

But it's not downvoting videos, that spreads awareness: it's your hysterical reaction, every time. You overshoot with the ebil natzees accusations, and normalfags see through it. It's already happened and works like clockwork.

5f3738  No.12663786


>even though Disney is desperately trying to paint the as evil space nazis

That was a huge epiphany: kikes refuse the notion of heroism, probably because of its greek origins, so their heroes are actually super-victims. Just like they consider themselves: historical victims who have carte blanche to murder anyone else in revenge.

b9b478  No.12663807

Looking for /pol/-tier comments in the recent comments to upvote and can only find one.

d91999  No.12663818

File: a509279a3b76d85⋯.webm (1.94 MB, 720x368, 45:23, too_jewish.webm)

4023fd  No.12664098

File: 857a7023d4f99be⋯.png (3.2 MB, 3099x1700, 3099:1700, A Guide to Star Wars.png)

Daily reminder that the Prequels are both based and redpilled

8b6ece  No.12664137


Who Cares? Just don't spend your money on SW products.

baedeb  No.12664292

File: 6823a304c3a0800⋯.webm (3.97 MB, 512x384, 4:3, Kirk is redpilled on Vulc….webm)

So, is /pol/ a star trek or stargate board?

9fb744  No.12664328


>not recommending bushido: the soul of japan for original trilogy

You're not even trying.


Star trek is kiked. Stargate is okay.

387ab3  No.12666000

File: 2a0f07d3901aab1⋯.jpg (12.64 KB, 300x300, 1:1, numale-logo-square.jpg)



bc0546  No.12666089


It's because the ones who aren't interested aren't watching most SW content any more. Utter disappointment reigns supreme.

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