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File: 460a46238eab229⋯.jpg (181.33 KB, 900x627, 300:209, nn.jpg)

b35242  No.12660337

Members of the "yellow vests" protest movement have vandalised almost 60% of France's entire speed camera network, the interior minister has said.

Christophe Castaner said the wilful damage was a threat to road safety and put lives in danger.

The protest movement began over fuel tax increases, and saw motorists block roads and motorway toll booths.

Some protesters feel speed cameras are solely a revenue-generating measure which takes money from the poor.

The BBC's Hugh Schofield, in Paris, said evidence of the vandalism is visible to anyone driving around France, with radar cameras covered in paint or black tape to stop them working.

But the extent of the damage - now believed to affect more than half of all 3,200 speed cameras in the country's network - was unknown until Mr Castaner's statement on Thursday.


He said the devices had been "neutralised, attacked, or destroyed" by members of the protest movement.Speed limits in France were already controversial after the government lowered the limit on many main roads from 90km/h to 80 (50mph) early last year.

Protesters angry about the increase in fuel taxes complained of the rising costs of a commute for those priced out of living in urban centres - and turned their ire on other costs such as toll roads and speed cameras



89c203  No.12660346

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The speed camera known as Remy Gaillard is still evading capture

Remy is a yellow vest.


0a0193  No.12660352



>taped and spray painted

Scissors and windex good as new frog speed control center.

profit can continue

7a24fa  No.12660354

File: 1ccb7995e55b670⋯.jpg (71.34 KB, 960x602, 480:301, 1ccb7995e55b670d08ddb29241….jpg)

File: 1cd24532cd8b520⋯.png (273.36 KB, 986x553, 986:553, 1cd24532cd8b520d2a00d6cdfa….png)

File: 5ebf4670f260857⋯.webm (2.96 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, white niggers torching a ….webm)


Yeah yeah kikenvermin glownigger, we get it. you want to export your psyop that turned whites in France into ravenous niggers who will be the excuse to bring in the EU army; and spread this bs movement to all western nations to initiate the final crackdown and destruction of whites.

yawn, get a better script

cc1989  No.12660356

That's nice. >>>/n/

7a24fa  No.12660359


this, OP is a faggotkike

89c203  No.12660365



d78249  No.12660487


Fucking A. I hate speed cameras with a passion. They have nothing to do with safety. Its about Orwellian control and (((money))).

9041a5  No.12660497



Your nose is showing. Have a bump.

This is a great and productive idea.

ed7b7c  No.12660515

Could this be the perfect time to steal some really sweet lenses?

0e44d1  No.12660516


>…said the wilful damage was a threat to road safety and put lives in danger

<but all of that lost revenue!

<oy veeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!

Good. I hope they all follow through with the bank run too.


dac787  No.12660520


shut the fuck up

7f92eb  No.12660652


>wilful damage was a threat to road safety and put lives in danger

They haven't even touched the road, and everyone knows these things aren't to increase road safety, they're there to increase revenue. That's why they aren't usually built in the most high-traffic areas, but in areas where it's easy to get slightly too fast (on-ramps to the highway, downhill…)

b41725  No.12660716

This is my fetish. I've been destroying these cameras for a little while now, sometimes they're just hard to kill. I snuck up on one and killed it without incident, just a lot of hiding from traffic and booking it in retreat after finishing the mission. Another one was similar, but when I cut the wire, it blew up in my face like a flashbang. I kept trying to cut, but I couldn't see that my bolt cutters lost their teeth. I retreated after that because of the explosion, and looking back it was still flashing. Make sure to cut all the wires, guys

1b2d61  No.12660867


My thought upon reading the title: "40% more to go"

a3b34c  No.12660876

Set a fucking example for the rest of us in the West. Do something useful in the last 200 years you French faggots.

f7035c  No.12660889


>spray paint and tape

>not actually destroying it

French faggots.

ed1614  No.12660905

>who is cash?

f30b70  No.12660907


Fuck off moshe. Let them bring in the pansy EU military. That way full revolt can happen. I say French anons should destroy anything govnerment related, including traffic lights. Break it all down and force their hand.

b41725  No.12660925


Only things that are an affront to the people should be destoyed. Things that are useful like traffic light, stop signs, stuff that stops people from wrecking their car should be left. Go ham on speed limit sign no/pay2park signs, cameras, jewish shit like that. Make sure to put spikes under cop car tires too if you can sneak up on an unoccupied one

f30b70  No.12660934


Yeah you’re right. No point in falling on your own sword when that time can be better spent. I heard they wanted to start targeting banks. Which is a great idea. They should just strong arm rob them than burn them down. It’s not like the police can stop a big enough mob. And think of the pay out? Not to mention the currency instability it will create if enough banks are hit. The elite will take a huge hit.

a39b30  No.12660942


>save the speed cameras

>speed cameras are so based

Such a good goy. Yahweh will be very pleased when I talk to him tonight.

b41725  No.12660951

36e3ee  No.12660982


>if you tear down the kike's way to leech your wallet, your playing his game in the long run

The EU army is a joke compared to French army. Let the violence escalate and see what happens.

000000  No.12660997


635dfc  No.12661067

Glass etching acid will do a better job than spray paint…

66f31a  No.12661173

File: 78b324329e1104e⋯.jpg (26.23 KB, 190x159, 190:159, IMG_8575.JPG)

File: a918cbba5cd466d⋯.jpg (19.88 KB, 480x360, 4:3, IMG_8576.JPG)

File: 58d978b0fe65651⋯.jpg (45.5 KB, 567x413, 81:59, IMG_8577.JPG)

File: d3b3b1f75ad1a37⋯.jpg (93.85 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, IMG_8578.JPG)

File: 3a9deea30622b77⋯.jpg (35.98 KB, 513x328, 513:328, IMG_8579.JPG)

b4ae61  No.12661267


There is no EU-army you dipshit American.

Shut the fuck up about things you know literally nothing about.

286b92  No.12661280



88772b  No.12661290

3c1a3c  No.12661294


>There is no EU-army you dipshit American.

>>12660907 is just a paid shill. Don't let him derail the thread.


Nice use of African necklaces, it'll make the niggers feel right at home.

1c9f2e  No.12661311


>spray paint and duck tape

Kek, all it would take is a few minimum wagies to go around with rubbing alcohol to clean the spraypaint off.

6ff0cf  No.12661321

When are the yellow vests going to employ the superior 'draw dicks on everything' plan?

3f3b95  No.12661323

File: cb92e91b8b41f10⋯.jpg (42.32 KB, 393x300, 131:100, Looking down .jpg)


>Oy veh! D-don't provoke the System, G-goyim. It'll b-be bad for you!

>Don't res-sist! Just complain on the internet!

You disgust me.

d7f0f1  No.12661325


gas yourself nigger and never come back

3f3b95  No.12661335


You are a hero, anon.

Might I suggest using a high powered laser to burn out the lens. The wires are not so expensive to replace. The camera lens on the otherhand is.

Alternatively, if you could make a small hole in the box and pour in a mixture of 50/50 gasoline and motor oil, then light it (safely), the damage done to the internal components would be immense and they'd have to buy all new equipment.

Make it expensive to rule us.

God speed, anon. You are a hero and I mean that. You are braver than almost everyone else on earth who merely thinks of doing these things.

474368  No.12661342


> Members of the "yellow vests" protest movement have vandalised almost 60% of France's entire speed camera network


like real, card-carrying members?

Will they have their membership revoked?

3f3b95  No.12661345


>Reading comprehension; 0.000%




Fire is still one of the greatest weapons for political activists.

b4ae61  No.12661349

File: a274da9a7dd21a0⋯.jpg (199.83 KB, 800x1232, 50:77, arson.jpg)


>Fire is still one of the greatest weapons for political activists.

57b392  No.12661351


How do you target a production line when it's all the way over in China?

3cf471  No.12661352


>Christophe Castaner said the wilful damage was a threat to road safety and put lives in danger.

We don't have them where I live, and we do just fine.

3cf471  No.12661356



If you could read, it went on to say many had been physically damaged.

>He said the devices had been "neutralised, attacked, or destroyed"

3f3b95  No.12661362


The modern ZOGmerican economy is based not on industry but on service industries. Banks, insurance corporations, social media corporations, etc. And everything is dependent upon the electrical grid.

The more technologically advanced the sectrity systems get, the more vulnerable they are.

3cf471  No.12661366


>I cut the wire, it blew up in my face like a flashbang

You cut power lines, and they shorted through the metal of your bolt cutter, turning the metal molten.

Anyone know of a non-conductive material strong enough to cut these lines?

eb8346  No.12661371


Destroy the cameras. Not just damage them.

And do it worldwide. Not just in France.

3cf471  No.12661374


You're not only a shill, but a stupid one.

3f3b95  No.12661375


Thank god anon was wearing gloves.

57b392  No.12661378


But can you into molotoving of these things?

3cf471  No.12661380


Based French, THAT sends a message.

029d07  No.12661381


levels of judaism in this post not thought possible by the minds of goyim

3cf471  No.12661386


Well, it depends.

If he was grounded, then yes, things could have gone badly.

But electricity takes the easiest route, and metal is easier than the human body.

You can touch both poles of a car battery, for instance, and nothing happens, because the voltage is too low to overcome the resistance in a human body.

But put a piece of metal across them, and watch the fireworks.

3cf471  No.12661391


EU army.

Good source of guns for White Frenchmen.

efbb24  No.12661401

File: 8fe3f3392644537⋯.jpg (27.41 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, fiskars-loppers-398542-64_….jpg)


aluminum and steel cables? depends on the diameter. ceramic would go through aluminum and copper, might go through steel. titanium has low conductivity. something like these? remember your rubber boots though.

c0eb03  No.12661403

3f3b95  No.12661411


See >>12661335

Hypothetically -_- one could approach an electric substation during a storm or at night armed with a sixpack of your prepared Molotov cocktails and if you have a good arm, begin hurling them into at the transformers. Alternatively, you could construct a contraption to launch them much further. Wearing gloves of course. Like a wooden "crossbow" that employs those rubber water balloon launchers that you can buy at most stores. That way you might be able to launch them up to 300- 400 feet.

Aim at the transformers. They are among the most vulnerable and expensive pieces of equipment.

0c3375  No.12661413


These speed cameras are actually a good candidate for thermite. They're outside and isolated, so won't burn down other stuff by mistake. But you'll totally fuck what's inside the box. Just be safe and use a long enough fuse, so you can gtfo.

3f3b95  No.12661417


Everyone always says "thermite this, thermite that"

Have you ever tried using the stuff? Home made thermite sucks.

0c3375  No.12661422


What's the difference between homemade and the kind you buy from the thermite store?

3f3b95  No.12661427


There are thermite stores?

efbb24  No.12661431

File: f79b006207e2403⋯.gif (886.71 KB, 480x270, 16:9, axe-chain.gif)

maybe I'm overthinking this

3cf471  No.12661448


Shoot a hole in the transformer casing to let the oil drain out, watch the fireworks when it shorts out.

You can also collect the oil, if you have a diesel car, for fuel…

3f3b95  No.12661478


They're delecate but not that delecate. A couple men unloaded some kalashnikovs into a substation in California and failed to cause any fires.

As for collecting the oil, please never ever take evidence of your patriotic acts home with you. It's not only that you'd be spending too long at the scene of your patriotic acts. But if the ZOGbots ever came to suspect you, you do not want a direct link to your patriotism sitting in your car as evidence against you.

(destroying "government property is an act of patriotism, not a crime because the government are criminals)

21b98e  No.12661496


Bolt cutters you fool!

67e2a4  No.12661497


Read post again retard

6bad7f  No.12661511


That clip starts too late. Bad editing.

3cf471  No.12661571


You'd be burning it.

And without the oil in the transformer, the insulation on the coils will heat up and melt, shorting out the transformer.

It doesn't have to burn to stop working.

163a57  No.12661575

File: fa6dd4164559523⋯.jpg (102.3 KB, 831x583, 831:583, chk_jschl.jpg)


It's afraid.

1fc9d9  No.12661582

File: 5f5c53bf293f17d⋯.jpg (14.37 KB, 384x116, 96:29, muh gas prices.jpg)


>The protest movement began over fuel tax increases

0ea0ac  No.12661624


One's made in a lab with quality control and high surface area, the other is crude

3cf471  No.12661641


The media works for Jews, you never expected any truth out of it, did you?

218b8b  No.12661657


>The media works for Jews

More like the media are israeli companies.

303370  No.12661830

File: e4651acfe2a82b4⋯.jpg (67.6 KB, 1600x682, 800:341, bene gesserit.jpg)


>excuse to bring in the EU army

>mfw Britain and France form an alliance and Brexitniggers btfo the UN at Normandy

000000  No.12661843


this is beginning to look more and more like an insurgency, slow escalation, sabotage etc. sabotage more than anything grinds down your adversary because it is costly and destroys morale. i suspect the next step will be other control infrastructure ie cctv and wireless infrastructure. it's a game of chess with each side trying to provoke the other into violence.

b4ae61  No.12661858


There still is no EU-army dipshit.

Stop spreading misinfo.

000000  No.12661872


this is whole point: 1. draw the EU army into france 2. tie them up in a never-ending mission with no exit strategy. 3. negotiate from a position of strength

b4ae61  No.12661892


> 1. draw the EU army into france


916e16  No.12661908


I'd love to see what happens if mobile phone service in France is completely knocked out. People in 1989 got by just fine without having internet access, texting, and phone service in their pockets at all times. I'm not sure if modern society could even function without those things because every system has become dependent on those services and the speed they enable.

000000  No.12661937


i suspect the state would spare no cost to get the towers working again, last thing you want is normies losing access to the government's side of the story.

000000  No.12661940

e6e1a0  No.12661961

File: d9a56b8013ecc10⋯.png (736.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 10.mp4_snapshot_13.51_[201….png)


Speed limits and strict enforcement are for niggers. Only subhumans who can't drive need them.

83c1a8  No.12662389

Wtf I hate sovereignty now

d5842a  No.12662427


> the wilful damage was a threat

Snowflakes continue infiltrating infrastructure. Anything that's declared a threat automatically receives draconian investigation and enforcement. "Threat" is the new "racist".

5e6afe  No.12662464

They are for mailing you a ticket if you are even slightly over the speed limit, which they then gradually decrease over time. You know, for your "safety". And the ticket prices keep going up, for your "safety".

e75564  No.12662503


Scared? How whitephobic. /pol/ is a board of peace!

b41725  No.12663716


Yes I was, both times so no fingerprints, so my hands are dark for camo, and of course so I don't get zeus'd. That and the handles are non conductive so I'd probably be ok there too


these would probably work, and I already wear GI jungle boots from the Nam which are rubber on the bottom. Just don't expect them to cut anything tougher than copper and rubber, because those probably won't even cut a cyclone fence

6fa68b  No.12663740

File: 4df13b13e372bb9⋯.png (238.78 KB, 490x457, 490:457, ClipboardImage.png)

This fucking cuckold.

579965  No.12663758


>After an outreach by Matteo Salvini, the communist leader of the yellow vests Eric Drouet rejected any association and accused him of being the next Mussolini; his movement, said Drouet, will not fall in the traps of the far right.

The yellow vests have zero qualms with immigration and ethnic replacement. They are boomers who want more gibs, it's all. Or at least it's what you get with Drouet on top.

1a1489  No.12663759


THIS; EXACTLY. You nailed it brother.

f1adb5  No.12663776


So what’s the solution to all the corruption and bullshit then?

4bf236  No.12663801


Anti-terror laws will be used against people who attempt this in the 5 eyes countries. They will be detained.

3f3b95  No.12663814


Good man

706222  No.12663946


>bring in the EU army

That would only work against them in the long run. Good luck selling that army to the public and getting recruits after pulling that shit.

706222  No.12663950


>bring in the EU army

There is no EU army kikel

651097  No.12664204


>Might I suggest using a high powered laser to burn out the lens

Excellent idea.

I've been meaning to build one of those dvd burner laser/flashlight combos – for purely educational and informational reasons, of coursh, but I'm worried about catching a reflective surface and burning a hole in my retina; anyone know what kind of protective eyewear I would need and where to purchase?

Thanks in advance.


Personally, I don't care for the commercial brands they only carry at the big-box thermite stores.

I only purchase fair-trade, organic thermite from my local, independently-owned-and-operated businesses I know and trust.


My first thought.

A lot simpler and more discrete than some of the methods being suggested, plus the damage is much harder to repair than spray paint or tape.


You're doing God's work, anon.

000000  No.12664337


How do you set them on fire, what burns?

cd5f29  No.12666248

File: e83e7be84c184dc⋯.jpg (73.71 KB, 600x800, 3:4, IMG_0421.jpg)


May I suggest spray foam, home insulation kind. Maybe have to drill a small hole, but guaranteed results.

31675f  No.12666341


The plan was always to recruit the muslims. Seeing that would only encourage them.

000000  No.12666783

Use a method that makes it obvious that it does not work. Seeing the destroyed surveillance equipment will encourage and give hope to people who see it.

A method that disables it but is not obvious still makes people going by it uncomfortable and feel like they are being watched.

e7a637  No.12666845


If you want a more discrete method, Gordan Ramsay said on Top Gear he used food plastic wrap to wrap around the speed cameras. He did it in a way where it's unnoticable, unless you look at it up close. So maybe food plastic wrap and scotch tape?

7dc20f  No.12666870

>threat to road safety and put lives in danger

How so? These cameras don't do anything but generate money for the state.

dac787  No.12666883


Is caulk good enough?

f4f14d  No.12666891


Aren't wifi networks easy to fuck up in France? I heard it's true in burgerland

0bfc95  No.12666901

Can't you just drop some store bought acid on the lens?

7dc20f  No.12666903


If people lost the means of easy communication and easy access to information, that would benefit those in power, not us. Censorship is so rife these days specifically because that ease of access to information hurts them.

95b9bd  No.12666906


If they conscript people into the EU army, they'll just join the protests, with guns and artillery.

651097  No.12666987


Something I've experienced is some motorists tend to slow waaaay down as they pass by cameras, which, if you're not watching for it, means you may wind up rear-ending them.

There is also the phenomenon where people look at the cameras for the telltale flash to see if they're going to get a ticket, which also leads to accidents.

Now, this may not as serious a problem on surface streets -- a simple fender-bender here and there, but, those assholes at city hall decided to have them installed on the highway through town, which anyone who's ever suddenly come up on a car suddenly doing 10+ under the limit will understand is a very serious situation.

On that: it would be nice to have an efficient means by which to take out overhead cameras (these ones are mounted on the scaffolding of overhead signs).


See >>12663727


I wouldn't put it past them; the people running the EU Commission are just that retarded.

912b05  No.12667024


Have we started the fire?

7dc20f  No.12667074


>an efficient means by which to take out overhead cameras

Can they buy paintball guns in France?

651097  No.12667297


Good question.

Sorry to say, I can't answer it.

On that note: it surprises that there hasn't been one single attempt to disable our local traffic cameras in all the years it's been since they were installed – even with something as simple to use as a paintball gun.

I'm wondering if it happens and gets quietly cleaned up with no mention in the media in order to discourage copycats, or, has the citizenry simply resigned itself to yet another undue burden?

Come to think of it, I've lived in several towns with them, and it's been the same with every one.

000000  No.12667397


Ever tried to slingshot them?

000000  No.12667405

Improve your creativity with these 2 easy 2 read books:'



f9bb77  No.12667440

Somewhere,there is a jew run facility churning these fucking cameras out. It might be in dire need of some facility maintenance and personal spa type pampering.Home makeovers are always

amazing as well.

651097  No.12667459


Ours have this thick (presumably bullet-'proof') glass window as part of the enclosure housing the camera.

Not sure how effective a slingshot will be against that.

That said, I've noticed a few of them are wired up to a directional dish antenna similar to what satellite TV uses.

While their purpose is unclear, they certainly do look much less sturdy in comparison…


Those URL's look promising.

I'll add those to the download list for when I'm on public wifi

t. paranoiac-anon

be96f3  No.12667467

File: 31991345c31214a⋯.jpg (61.4 KB, 929x960, 929:960, DuQTaNRWkAIbyj1.jpg)

File: dadbe04c0d90fb5⋯.jpg (213.89 KB, 1200x1198, 600:599, DnjYHWXVsAAOFhU.jpg)

All my heroes wear masks and break cameras.

000000  No.12667603

12033a  No.12667622


They will use non-whites

d70dd2  No.12667751


I hope that you're a kike, because otherwise, you are likely a coward.

982694  No.12668163

>This might sounds as a blackpill but not entirely.

France has historically been Jew'ed since Charlemagne. It has worsened from there and since the French Republic, French always made Hebrew wars.

Even Hitler acknowledges that the biggest mistake was to not have totally invaded France.

Now back with the GJ topic, it certainly has some form of authenticity. Destroying speed cameras, set cars on fire, protesting in the streets, all of that is good but what does it achieve ?

The Jewish State of France is just feeding the egregor every single day. Like it always did in the past.

One very thing good though is that allows common folk to march together.

But the Republic still perfectly handles the situation. Don't be fooled by the Gov press communicates, they are schizophrenic shabbos, they will do whatever their masters told them to.

Time to step up the game GJ, time to name and deal with your century old "friend", the Eternal Jew.

69a41d  No.12668923


yes, the fire rises

812e14  No.12669130

There used to be somebody in the UK called some name like "Mr GATSO" who did the same. Though TBH that was probably a fake name like Captain Ludd, alleged "leader" of the Luddites, who were really a bunch of disconnected minor vandals and saboteurs.

Anyway thermite would probably do a number on a speed camera if anybody was crazy enough to put a package of it on top and light it. Also if some evil criminal was to "necklace" one with several tyres it would at least cover the detectors and lenses in soot, but unfortunately also cause some internal damage from the heat. Let's hope no horrible criminals try such things.

b99fbd  No.12669201

File: 2a60e2542a89848⋯.jpg (31.25 KB, 371x371, 1:1, 3c7fb0d873425b8e5e8f3dbf70….jpg)

>This is your board owner.

>He isn't white.

000000  No.12681761


bf37af  No.12681902


Die kike cunt

1c9f2e  No.12681938


Kek is that a recent photo from France? Or unrelated?

ff96bb  No.12681976

ed7b7c  No.12682477


Non-whites have no reason to fight as the gibs will end, no matter who wins.

bba53e  No.12682854


man you do it

dont expect plebs to just start killing all the kikes

b55a04  No.12682870


MAZER in minecraft

000000  No.12705356


or for frying delicious low fat pcb laden chicken

9f80bd  No.12705492

File: ca04e40152e405d⋯.jpg (30.58 KB, 400x300, 4:3, I Dont Need It.jpg)


or blow up some goverment buildings.

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