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File: e2be34d4cdc8d6d⋯.png (104.26 KB, 1891x861, 1891:861, EU_Archive.png)

e90794  No.12660608

At issue is whether or not reality is a simulation, and whether or not we're all on fucking LSD

The (((ACLU))) of Virginia has temporarily dropped its human-shaped mask and is suing a Virginia sheriff for agreeing to enforce federal immigration law. The suit seeks an injunction, which is – fun fact! – a part of the law, to stop the law from enforcing the law. Observers quoted by local news agencies called the lawsuit, "[a] gutsy move, even for the kikes."

At issue in the case is whether or not Sheriff Scott Jenkins, of Culpeper County, VA, is violating the civil rights of esoteric Virginians by signing an agreement with the federal government to deport their fucking asses back to Mexico or wherever. The county Board of Supervisors is also listed as a defendant in the lawsuit. In its filing, the ACLU of Virginia called the contract an "unauthorized filing," as if anybody fucking asked them for permission, and contend that it is unconstitutional – or whatever word will trick the goyim this time – to use county resources to literally expel foreign invaders.

At the heart of the case is a voluntary agreement, known as a 287(g) contract, that permits sheriff's deputies to take on some of ICE's duties within their jurisdiction. Such duties may include such crimes against humanity as:

+Arresting criminal aliens

+Holding criminals in custody at the jail facility

+Alerting ICE to the presence of visiting scholars from the Universidad de Salvador, and other distinguished newcomers.

Such contracts are evidently a necessity because of the Tenth Amendment's "no hijacking" clause, which prohibits the federal government from forcing lower-level law enforcement from enforcing federal laws. Under the terms, the Culpeper Sheriff's Department voluntarily waives its protection under the Amendment and agrees to do the non-insane thing and deport taco.

Naturally, this move is controversial among local kikes. ACLU of Virginia Executive Director Claire Guthrie Gastanaga, which is a good enough name for a jalapeno-burning Jewess, I guess, jewsplained to an audience of colorblind local Baby Boomers that:

>"The purpose of this lawsuit is to force Sheriff Jenkins to withdraw from his agreement with U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement which is harming the community he was elected to serve and protect."

No word has been received, as of press time, whether Sheriff Jenkins took his oath in guttural Spanish, next to a pyramid of human skulls from sacrifice victims, but it wasn't immediately clear which public Gastanaga thinks he serves. Looking to clarify further, the fat goblin-looking kike whore pontificated:

>"[Unemployable baby factories on welfare who've illegally invaded America to suck us dry] are entitled to the same constitutional rights."

Reached for comment, Sheriff Jenkins expressed extreme racism and white supremacy by pretending to be confused about the lawsuit.

>"What the heck?" he is quoted as saying. "I mean, c'mon. . . what the hey?"

ACLU of Virginia Legal Director (((Eden Heilman))) chimed in, saying:

>"[T]here is no question that local dollars still into play. . . paying for the salaries and benefits of officers who are under direct and exclusive federal control."

Fresh from the horrors of local taxes being used to pay local law enforcement to protect local citizens and comply with federal laws, swung for the fences of stunning and brave tolerance and diversity, adding:

>"Culpeper officials will be prevented from engaging in acts not authorized by state law that make everyone in the community less safe by diverting scarce criminal law enforcement resources (no word on why they're "scarce." Must be a coincidence.) to federal civil immigration law enforcement. They can still enforce civil actions like kike forclosures, of course. That goes without saying. That last is off the record."

Other choice quotes from this messy clown abortion:

>"Culpeper is a lovely community,” she said. “We are growing not only in size, but in diversity. We support our Hispanic neighbors."

>Jenkins also faces a federal class-action civil lawsuit brought by the (((Legal Aid Justice Center))) and (((Victor M. Glasberg))) and (((Associates))).

>". . . these agreements actually make communities less safe. They create fear among immigrants, documented or undocumented, that reporting crimes or otherwise cooperating with law enforcement as a victim or witness will lead to their status being questioned and ultimately deported." (Just wait'll you find out what fear is, Yenta.)'

No archive. Apparently, my IP is running through a European server, and I haven't got a Britfag internet license. Pic related. Direct link:


e90794  No.12660612

Kike free.

e90794  No.12660639

I just browsed the comments under that article. What a fucking train wreck. Purging by fire is too goddamn good for half this country.

b10e1d  No.12660661

File: d90fd25449fc374⋯.jpg (15.55 KB, 480x336, 10:7, d90fd25449fc374f873f76301a….jpg)

Bump for unlimited laughs. Good job OP.

e90794  No.12660721


Thanks. Where else could this story go but /pol/? Also, wtf with that European block thing at Archive? Has anyone else had this? I'm nowhere near soccerland.

394b72  No.12660729

File: 46939f7c517ba60⋯.jpeg (141.46 KB, 452x678, 2:3, saint fields day august 1….jpeg)


fuck virginia

e90794  No.12660789


It's owned by federal Jews and polluted with mexishits and Puerto Ricans. There's also been a nigger problem since 1620. What the fuck do you expect them to do?

Also, there's this, from Arlington County:

>School board votes to rename Washington-Lee High School to Washington-Liberty

Fucking Jews, man. And niggers.


Note that it was a fucking woman who led the charge.

a37096  No.12661255

File: 36e510500c8abd7⋯.png (100.37 KB, 415x334, 415:334, _008.png)

How large is the aclu's spy network that they would even know the sheriff was signing this?

5384b0  No.12661285

kill judges and aclu members, it's that simple

2d3dd5  No.12661334


Stop being such a limp dicked faggot. You talk like you want to get raped or something

5384b0  No.12661344


aclu is basically a guerilla legal wing of the kikes. they operate like a legal intel unit with surgical strike cases they use to shift policy opinion and case outcomes. they are enemies of America and should be put to death

da93a0  No.12661365


If you don't kill jews, they will keep doing this.

d522b9  No.12661388


Anyone who doesn't believe that it's an invasion at this point is an idiot. They have enough funds and legal power to shift US law, but they can't perform the same measures in the third world shitholes that illegals run away from?

81fb8e  No.12661404


I've missed your well written comedic news articles, op. Today, you were not a faggot.

e90794  No.12662672


And the birds go "tweet," anon.


Heiled. NGOs like the ACLU have the purpose of disabling our nation's immune system with kike lies and stalling tactics. They are literally the AIDS of our body politic. Your comment implies a change of law in third world shitholes would change something though. I assure you, niggerism is in the blood and can't be altered without stock breeding.


Thanks. Some crap just writes itself.

eebb67  No.12662963

Anyone laughing at this is crazy. This is literally how they begin subverting the legal system to open borders.

e90794  No.12662976


We're laughing because the path of destruction the Jews have us on is so ridiculous. Let us laugh and love, for we will kill with a happy heart forever, Anon.

eebb67  No.12662997

File: d99ec74d5fe4fed⋯.gif (529.83 KB, 434x250, 217:125, GiddyLeadingInexpectatumpl….gif)


Well godspeed with that but unfortunately I am not so blessed; I see evil and I fog over with a righteous anger. It boils over so much I can't function in public when I see headlines like this. But I wasn't talking about how you wrote the OP like a joke - more so the people replying as if the ACLU is going to obviously lose the lawsuit - when we all know it's unfortunately more in the air than that as the rule of law no longer exists in the West.

e90794  No.12663005


Ah, I see. Well, all we can really do is dehumanise yourself and face to violence

cc1d7b  No.12663015

File: 37b05574aa89e40⋯.png (295.18 KB, 456x653, 456:653, unamused.png)


>The return of ChadOP

Doubtful any ruling will come soon. This is just an effort to gum up the machine and try to postpone the inevitable. Removing every last fucking spic and pajeet and finally cleaning things up. ACLU can only tapdance for so long. But I guess they're hoping to keep things held back long enough for 2020 in the hopes one of their puppets get cheated in.

cc1d7b  No.12663018


It's face to bloodshed, nigger. Guess you weren't here for that GET.

e90794  No.12663195

File: c13f1fb018f2873⋯.png (107.87 KB, 1214x761, 1214:761, 77777777.png)


My version is better, praise Kek.

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