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File: 520805a5571b493⋯.jpg (817.63 KB, 2931x2027, 2931:2027, population_pyramid.jpg)

740260  No.12661085


I check this site from time to time, good to keep an eye on your enemies and what they're thinking so you can counter it, and laugh at it.

pic related shows various population pyramids. What most people don't realize is that the entire welfare/safety net system is built on something closer to an "ideal" pyramid, that way there are always more people at the bottom to pay for benefits at the top. As you can see with the fertility rates below replacement rates, and the huge boomer turd in the distribution, the entire system is fucked.

All the leftists who constantly whine and bitch about not having full blown government socialism like healthcare, UBI, and all the other shit don't understand that the entire system is going to inevitably collapse. Not only are their ideas total fucking fantasy that will never work to begin with, we don't even have the population distribution to support their delusions. They're loving it because declining population is "good" for the world, but they don't realize it's a fucking disaster for us. I mean the only reason the population is increasing on net is because of the third world trash breeding like rats in a corn silo. Completely worthless human trash bringing the world IQ down rapidly.

Even more hilarious is that they think they can plug the gaps with immigration. The only problem is that all this third world low IQ genetic trash will consume more welfare dollars than they will ever pay in. The good thing though is that the boomers will get shafted because they'll be competing for the same welfare money as the illegals.

Warms my heart knowing these stupid ass leftists are going to suffer the most when SHTF.

000000  No.12661091

I'm pretty sure the boomers know at least. They knew the future would be fucked, that their system was unsustainable and even Keynes at the end of his life rejected his own system because he saw it unsustainable and mathematically impossible but their greed triumphs all. They'll kick the can of highly enriched uranium tritium down the next generations.

740260  No.12661093

oh and if you actually take the time to read some of the comments, just prepare yourselves for massive cringe

720a0d  No.12661095

Hitler was a socialist. The problem is niggers, not socialism.

740260  No.12661097


I don't think they do at all. I'd wager maybe <10% are even aware of how fucked they are. Something like 50% don't even have any retirement savings. On the bright side, the nursing homes in the future are likely to be staffed with illegals who will beat them on a daily basis.

740260  No.12661100


Socialism doesn't work if the population distribution is fucked.

e80ee5  No.12661114


Yeah but people are too retarded to understand this.

720a0d  No.12661115


I think the problem is that because of the so efficient pharmaceutical industry, keeping the elderly people alive is more expensive than sending them on trips to the moon every weekend. The problem is capitalism. Adjust the population of workers and the price of prescriptions keeping the elderly alive will go up. Hitler should be in charge of pill prices.

740260  No.12661127


Are you mentally challenged? If the population distribution is fucked, you don't get to just "adjust the population of workers". That's the entire fucking problem. Jesus Christ are you a cuckchan faggot?

ede35c  No.12661130

Thanks for the white pill anon. Boomers are just beginning to wake up to the fact that they now have to sleep in the bed they have shat in and it's glorious. Fuck yeah.

740260  No.12661135


hell yea, always a silver lining if you look for it. I can't wait for all the nursing home horror stories in the future, illegals abusing/beating/robbing boomers. And you know the illegals are going to take out their hatred on them.

720a0d  No.12661139


I was saying, theoretically, if you could change it, it wouldn't work.

e80ee5  No.12661142


It gets better. Liberal Boomers have below replacement fertility (1.4 TFR) so in their old age they will be dominated by the pet immigrants they flooded their communities with.

ede35c  No.12661151


This was from almost 20 years ago. There was a huge uproar at the time, but hey, you get what you pay for!


>Riverside nursing home was closed by the Federal Government in March, 2000 after revelations that 57 aged residents were given diluted kerosene baths in January to cure a suspected outbreak of scabies, a skin mite condition.


If I could make a TV program I would call it When Communism Meets Reality.

740260  No.12661152


Hopefully the illegals in those areas use those leftist boomers like pinatas. There's just some sweet karmic justice knowing the leftist boomers will get red pilled by the very illegals beating them daily. I hope they live a very long life in those retirement homes.

720a0d  No.12661154


>Boomers control policy decisions in America

Yeah, that's what happened. Democracy controlled by the people was a mistake. If only a council of jews was making the decisions.

e80ee5  No.12661182


I can't think of a better fate. Having their wealth confiscated and being left to rot in some shithole with no family to care for them. The only child they had aborted their grandchildren and is a drugged out leftist that they never see.

Be us. Grow old with a family of 9+ to care for you in your infirmity, knowing you will pass on an inheritance to your progeny. You may live to see your Great Grandchildren and have 20+ living descendent's. All white.

740260  No.12661190


The way things should have been. As the white population declines and the world is flooded with third world trash, it's all downhill from here.

a90809  No.12661207

File: 4a903f877fdb8d8⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c264ff07361b94b⋯.png (207.4 KB, 500x300, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 11e81b2b95793f6⋯.png (510.93 KB, 800x533, 800:533, ClipboardImage.png)


Rationalizing that you are correct, when you are completely incorrect, means in your mind you rationalized, so you are not irrational, you are insane.


Anxiety Disorders are a Mental Illness

082cb8  No.12661211

IIRC, the boomers provided a majority vote AGAINST the 70's immigration act.

It's funny seeing people argue that democracy controlled by the people is the problem or that a republic would be led by jews……

I bet either would be fine, if there were no jews.

Remember when Goebbels said we must not continue struggling with these external stresses and instead focus on the root of these problems. (The Jew)

5f7ba6  No.12661319


People forget the Boomers got shat on in the 80s with corporate downsizing. I hate the entitled Boomers as much as the next person but they are as much at fault as any other generation in the past, present or future (as in, it is the top 2% we are talking about here that are at fault).

94b51f  No.12661394


Socialism doesn't work if niggers and neither does anything else.

c3b161  No.12661395

File: 142af5cef919065⋯.png (47.41 KB, 515x445, 103:89, problem with leftists mein….PNG)

File: e0ba887ca0e2179⋯.png (69.22 KB, 462x670, 231:335, Hitler bashing class syste….PNG)


>LGBTs will fear going to nursing homes because it turned into a jail with hardcore thugs

>mfw they decried inequality but it blasts back in their face when they face reality.

Hitler always talked about these knowall people, who gladly stomp on the workers by their lack of understanding of real social problems.

Pic related I got from Mein Kampf

6ca0d3  No.12661425



Are you going to accuse him of sluggish schizophrenia next, Dr. Goldberg?

d609ea  No.12661451

>Mental Illnesses are real goy, except the homosexual mentall illness, that's just nature goys.

71ccb1  No.12661489


And same with gender disorders, they are natural too. But being a straight white male is a mental disorder!

0d0ed6  No.12661546


>another braindead cuckservative magatard thread

Socialism works fine retard. You do not need neverending infinite growth. We live in a finite world, demanding infinite growth is retarded. A white national socialist state would work perfectly fine without relying on stealing from future generations via population growth.

277dfa  No.12661558


Nah, socialism concentrates money and power in the hands of easily corruptable politicians.

Only very special rare people like uncle Adolf could be trusted to use that power wisely and not just enrich himself and his family.

c3b161  No.12661685


Hitler had no hand in profiteering or conducting the conomy. He gave the hand to the best economist to engineer the best system and it ran like a perpetual motion machine.

NationalSocialism was efficiently bureaucratic. The ministries were liable for conducting the economy to the highest efficiency and hybridized private and state production by very strict trade policies that protect the worker and the nation. Controlled export that was only allowed to be bartered for goods/materials in exchange that could not be found or produced inland. By this the indebtedness from international profiteering interests on goods was superseded and the kikes cried out in pain.

If you are interested in the economy of the third reich but you want a good and shirt rundown on it I highly suggest Cultured-Thug's "The nazi economy" essay.


708c56  No.12661779


>NationalSocialism was efficiently bureaucratic.

I'm going to have to disagree here, logistically speaking it was all fucked up even during the war. The "miracle" didn't really come from supreme competency or even the system they created but rather from removing all malinvestment that the kikes and libshits had put into the economy for decades and ramped up under Weimar. The for example if niggers and spics didn't exist in the USA right now we'd have a 1.8 trillion budget surplus every year. Now imagine if the kikes who create such malinvestment were gone? All the ebezzlement, all the interest hiking, all the shit regulations on industry, all the money funneled to worthless entertainment, academia, HR, make-work bureaucrats, and social sciences all into actual productive industry. How much more surplus would that add? Another trillion? More?

It's not what they encouraged as much as what they discouraged that led to success.

277dfa  No.12661900


>Hitler had no hand in profiteering or conducting the conomy. He gave the hand to the best economist to engineer the best system and it ran like a perpetual motion machine.

But that guy knew that if he tried anything shifty, he would be in the work camps with the gays and jews etc.

But in the shitty modern era, we dont even put jews or gays in camps let alone corrupt politicians.

c3b161  No.12661930



NationalSocialist economy didn't give a single shit about competing with others. The economy served the nation, not the nation served the economy.

>it was shit because I believe so

>look at the USA economy which by the way has the size of Europe 3 times with current inflated value of trillions of dollars

You completely ignore the fact that the economic system is completely different and has been reconstructed from top to bottom AND was refitted every once in a while the nation or companies had demands. It was not perfect from the get-go. It kept government control where it worked better and kept private where it worked better. There were both moving and set prices where needed.

It's third position which is about keeping only the best from both left and right and dropping the rest. That's what you explained by ending all the unnecessary shit and they did it. Where did the money go? Better earnings building houses, building a huge army, providing proper welfare for elderly and for those who really need it, giving free money for families who make children, building entertainment complexes. You wouldn't believe how much these cost. Just pick one of these take a single house/tank/10K reichmark gift and multiply it by the millions of people who gained it. And this was running smoothly without deficit. No national debt.

>another trillion? more?

Keep pulling numbers out of your ass and implying without proof that all the money went down the drain. Also "trillions" is impossible. Money was not highly inflated like today. Do you even know the annual GDP of the third reich? You keep saying truisms. Jews do what you just did. You sugarcoat lies.

"Sometimes I was dumbfounded. I do not know what amazed me the more - their quickness in repartee or the artful way in which they dressed up their falsehoods."

0d0ed6  No.12661953

File: 09b7513791da236⋯.png (271.27 KB, 555x595, 111:119, 1408285844920.png)

File: 322107a65a42d71⋯.png (274.94 KB, 450x488, 225:244, 1432013708170.png)


>Hitler was stupid and magical

a90809  No.12661963

File: 346f1330e158c98⋯.png (477.87 KB, 692x362, 346:181, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e9027ba813afeaa⋯.png (198.65 KB, 474x316, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c824ce35b5494ff⋯.png (1.88 MB, 2000x1000, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Who is "him," Bernie? Tom Perez? Maxine Waters? Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

sluggish schizophrenia

Nice one Comrade, I had to look it up.

a90809  No.12661974




Oh, sorry, I was agreeing with OP, not calling OP a mental

c3b161  No.12661977


>implying ebil Hitler who suffered through his entire life wanted to be a profiteering kike even though he grew to hate them and can't even stand their nature.

Why would he? Do you really think he was that low of a person to steal from his own people? Your perverted jewish thinking nauseates me.

79bd6c  No.12661984


Where the fuck are people like you coming from? You are not intelligent enough for this board.


c3b161  No.12661998


>oy way, disproving elegantly the entire leftist fairy tale is unintelligent

You think we fall for this low effort hot-headed kwetching?

b55d2a  No.12662001

File: 8fe46d041495753⋯.jpg (196.26 KB, 1024x878, 512:439, 1541642760355.jpg)


Hitler's "socialism" is not the "socialism" you refer to, you absolute negroid.

79bd6c  No.12662004


White people can plan for the future.

Niggers can't.

Jews don't want to.

The problem has nothing to do with "misguided" social policies. It has to do with the fact that your country is run by people who specifically don't want to help you.

Now fuck off.

277dfa  No.12662025


You mean why do they?

Because everyone wants to see their close friends and family prosper.

In a socialist government the state controls trillions upon trillions of dollars.

To a socialist state, losing a few tens of millions is like you or me losing a penny. Even though it represents the tax contributions of many thousands of people. They see no down side to funneling a few million off to their friends and family but the up side is everyone they know becomes very well off.

0d0ed6  No.12662044


Hitler's socialism is the socialism he refers to. Marxism is not the socialism he refers to. I'm amazed a braindead nigger like you has the mental capacity to project like that.

c3b161  No.12662119


You are just stating the obvious surface problem. Pointing out the creator of the issues only helps preventing further destruction but does not revert it. You imply that there is nothing wrong with the system, only we are stupid to point out that the Kaynesian system is unsustainable without full child laboure and slavery.

>not about misguided social policies

It IS about delibirately misguided everything to fuck with people on purpose. How else would it keep the facade of a working economy while failing to help the people's needs????

b55d2a  No.12662204


It clearly isn't halfchan nigger.

c3b161  No.12662224

File: 0542e535b39b71e⋯.png (1.1 MB, 529x761, 529:761, hang yourself.png)


>You are incorrect and *name calling* but I will not verify my claim with a single counter-argument and hope nobody notices

Very old jewish trick.

You are dilberately not explaining what you find wrong in it. It's a textbook example of a bluff. We will assume you are a jewish paid shill until you prove yourself right.

431ed0  No.12662264


>Nah, socialism concentrates money and power in the hands of easily corruptable politicians.

>Only very special rare people like uncle Adolf could be trusted to use that power wisely and not just enrich himself and his family.

And therein lies the one downfall of National Socialism. You are placing an insane amount of power in the government's hands, it only works if the person at the top is exceptionally clever, honest and fair like Hitler or Trump. How do you ensure it's people like that who are running things and not corrupt parasites?

c3b161  No.12662276


>trying to rationalise the problem in socialism by deviding even more

There is no if. Socialism doesn't work. Period. It was designed to not work FOR the people, but OFF the people.

c3b161  No.12662299


>muh distribution needs fixing

>too much people

By murdering down the bell curve into a pyramid, right moishe?

0d0ed6  No.12662336


It clearly is, why else would he post a fucking picture of Hitler and quote him you retard.

8ab9f5  No.12662606


Civilization does not work

9b01cd  No.12662638

File: 036249567c112f4⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1144x812, 286:203, AOC.png)

956c69  No.12662658


>The problem is niggers, not socialism.

No, Marxian socialism is a huge problem my man.


>Hitler's socialism is the socialism he refers to.

>Marxism is not the socialism he refers to.

It is though.

Socialism bereft of Nationalism = Marxism.

Socialism + Nationalism = The only kind of Socialism which is not cancerous in espousal.

Nobody is dumb enough anymore to not realize that if you try to have Socialism without Nationalism, you just end up with Marxism.

0d0ed6  No.12662773


>Socialism bereft of Nationalism = Marxism.

No, not even remotely close. I can't tell if you are braindead or a rabbi, but either way make the world a better place and kill yourself.

b10ea2  No.12662839

File: 58aa71f0aaa410b⋯.png (21.67 KB, 725x426, 725:426, Angola_demography.png)


What most people don't realize is that "ideal" pyramid on you pic is doubling population every 30 years. How much time do you planning run this double every round Ponzi scheme?

>inb4 till my retirement end

Welfare/safety net system is fucked in any way. There is no solution for young besides take all property and income from 60 years old solution.

b10ea2  No.12662850


How many retires 3rd Reich had and what was their average per capita retired income adjusted for inflation?

b44024  No.12662865

File: 91530e15adbf17d⋯.jpg (96.29 KB, 400x260, 20:13, 3878836659.jpg)


Leftists don't think anything. They just repeat what they have been told to repeat. The agenda is to turn whites into a minority. There is no economic agenda by the left, its all just pretense.

c3b161  No.12662979


>it's socialism because it's in the name duuuuh

>it IS the same socialism but adding nationalism

>its not marxism if it only serves one country

Hitler's Germany never used the socialist economic model. Some good ideas about governmental planning were taken. That is all. There were private corporations, finance and dividents to stock owners, profits and private property. There was no collectivism. Everything worked on different principles:

>There was finance that provided only the needed dose of credit-financed stimulation, sufficient to restore full employement, but not an excessive amount that push the economy beyond the limit of full employment and unleash an INFLAMMATORY free-for-all. The Reichsbank thus ended up holding the work creation bills, in exchange for new cash. To make this acceptable to the Reichsbank, the RFM(ReichsFinanceMinistry) promised to redeem the bills according to a fixed timetable. Once recovery have been achieved, RFM would raise the necessary funds through the additional flow of tax revenue generated by economic revival, or by floating long-term government loans, once the financial markets had recovered and savings were buoyant.

(The steps to stop unemployment)

From "Hitler's Social Revolution" by David Schoenbaum:

>Beginning in 1934, dividends for german corporations were limited to 6% annually. Undistributed profits were invested in Reich government bonds, which had an annual interest yield of 6%, and then, after 1935 4,5%. This policy had the predictable effect of encouraging corporate reinvestment and self-financing, and thereby of reducing borrowing from banks and, more generally, of diminishing the influence of commercial capital.

<Jew shill: What sorcery is this? Restricted profits and weakening banks helping the government? Oy vey but unrestricted profits and banks are good for the economy! the only alternative is socialism goy

>Taxation in National Socialist Germany was sharply "progressive", with those of higher income paying more proportionately more than those in the lower income brackets. Between 1934 and 1938, the average tax rate on incomes of more than 100000 marks rose from 37,4% to 38,2%. In 1938 Germans in the lowest tax brackets were 40% of the popuation and had 14% of the national income, but paid only 4,7% of the tax burden. Those in the highest income category, who were just 1% of the population but with 21% of the income, paid 45% of the tax burden.

>Men who had been out of work the longest or who were fathers of large families recieved preference in hiring The law stipulated that German construction materials be used.

>Vehicle tax law: All taxes abolished and fees for privately purchased cars and motorcycles licensed after 1933 march 31.

>The reduction in consumer costs to own and operate a car was so dramatic as to significantly boost sales. While the industry produced just 43,430 passenger vehicles in 1932, the number rose to 92,160 during Hitler's first year in office. New car production increased annually. The number of people employed in auromobile manufacture climbed from 34,392 in 1932 to 110,148 in less than four years. From 1933 to 1935 the industry built 15 more assembly plants. The government recovered the revenue lost from repealed automotive taxes through reduced payments of jobless benefits, income tax from newly employed auto workers, highway tolls andcorporate tax.



a90809  No.12663439

File: 4a4e83d937f0bee⋯.png (292.36 KB, 474x366, 79:61, ClipboardImage.png)






Dems in pics related are Insane.

Posts are about Dems in pics.

Dems in pics, not OP, have Anxiety Disorders which is a Mental Illness.

Dems in pics shake n fervor.

Is that clear enough?


As for OP;

Yes, and that OP example is a Pyramid is not coincidence, it is by design. Distribution OP is talking is based on a Pyramid Scheme or more importantly Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs theory.

Three guesses as to Maslow's…

b18e03  No.12663452

File: 35ec39ac36f0d60⋯.jpeg (151.44 KB, 800x400, 2:1, Space_Colony2.jpeg)


The ideal pyramid is a healthy distribution. Lots of kids, several generations of productive adults, and a smaller number of seniors who can instruct and guide the young. Artificial efforts to restrict this create disruptions that injure the volk and reduce our health.

There's more than enough for us to grow exponentially for centuries, without shitskins and kike vampires stealing our futures.

b55d2a  No.12663559


He didn't post a picture you stupid kike.

c3b161  No.12663588


Yes it may be, but it's just a bad meme. How do you keep the "shape" once the bottom of the pyramid starts to climb? Kill people? Give birth to multiple times more people indefinitely? Eternal growth is capitalistic jewish nonsense and should be dropped forever.

41d4ed  No.12663616


You completely misunderstood his post. Also, look up the word "competency".

d18675  No.12663620


This is true, although the NSDAP were more traditionally socialist in the beginning as you can see in the platform crafted by Gottfried Feder, which is why you sometimes see a contradiction between the early 1920s philosophy and Hitler's speeches as he governed. Socialism can work though, as you know, it just requires a homogenous population of intelligent high trust people i.e. whites.

000000  No.12663628

>Leftists are completely retarded

OP is completely retarded by continuing false Judeo-Masonic divides such as Left-Right.

d4bd92  No.12663666


Did they know? Have you ever spoken to some of your uncles at family gatherings? Do you really think they had that kind of geopolitical foresight or any foresight about anything at all? All they're talking about is the next niggerball game.

53addc  No.12663691


>Jews made me drive my car down the highway blindfolded

53addc  No.12663698

Another thread taken over by faggot shills. Thanks for nothing mods.

fc6e30  No.12663870


> every 30 years

No dude, equilibrium with nature has to be found. We can't infinitely sustain ANY amount of growth… period. Even if its "doubling every 100 years" or "doubling ever 10,000 years" none of these are sustainable. Stop with this fucking faggot meme of infinite growth potential. Mammals are not bacteria.

5d929a  No.12664114

>>12663588 (checked)

Historically it was war and disease which would disrupt the pyramid. When there was lots of room to be had, people would have many more children, perhaps less would be given over to the ecclesiarchy and instead take land and start a family.

What will happen in Japan in the next few decades will be most interesting, for I believe it will destroy the notion of needing forever population growth. If they do not take in any migrants, their population will collapse. And then the remnants of the no sibling generation - who may number no more than 80 million - will come together and restore their population back to historic highs. The lower the population falls, the more children the next generations will have to restore it.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and a nation smart enough not to destroy itself with mass immigration will suffer population decline only temporarily.

740260  No.12664198

File: a4d342f00655abc⋯.jpg (26.86 KB, 400x396, 100:99, not surprised.jpg)

File: 4aae850f04e1a04⋯.webm (2.85 MB, 852x480, 71:40, boomerretirement.webm)


> get back from long day of work

> read through comments I missed

> thread has been derailed by shills and leftists

> splash of people who don't want to understand system dynamics

> maybe a couple boomers shitting their depends at the thought of their future vid related

a89e93  No.12664206


>mods explicitly exist to allow shills to post here

<acts surprised when this happens

fc6e30  No.12664217


some niggas smoke smoke

some niggas drank drank

b58b0b  No.12664253


>Do not say rich, please give to the poor

>Instead, German people HELP YOURSELVES

b58b0b  No.12664281


The highest tax bracket in the 1950s (USA) was 92%

2f0cf6  No.12664286


Sounds horrible

b58b0b  No.12664293


It was the high point of American society and culture, the one which your chosen people ruined.

740260  No.12664294

File: 24f3e5e513c6c3b⋯.jpg (52.43 KB, 677x382, 677:382, muh tax bracket.jpg)


Pay no attention to the effectively zero slope on the model showing tax receipts as a percentage of gdp despite the tax bracket variation.

tax brackets don't mean jack shit

740260  No.12664298


oh and interestingly enough, the high points appear to correlate with crashes

8f7818  No.12664334

Ok so I don't see much difference between you righties and lefties. One wont let us have healthcare unless have our own health insurance and the other won't let us have sex with farm animals unless we have our own animals.

The only real difference here is people should have their own health insurance because treating illnesses actually costs something for the health care provider as opposed to letting people have sex with cows doesn't cost the livestock owner anything.

I know they like to demean "snowflakes" for having feelings but I'm sure the only thing preventing animal owners from letting a person have sex with farm animals is the animal owners unrestrained feelings. However the lefties have a bad habit of abusing the healthcare system.

There is a difference but the difference has the same negative effects on society.

One gives too much and the other gives too little. Neither of them do or allow what is "just right" for anybody.

e76232  No.12664360


The boomers will be dead before shit really hits the fan.

2f0cf6  No.12664361


I’m sorry, my chosen people?

The reason the 1950s were so great is we were fresh out of a war destroying a perfectly good white nationalist country. That war helped us out of a depression, got the economy turning again. But I’m not exactly happy about that, as it’s prosperity brought us the current catastrophe we live in

You know the old adage. Good time breed weak men.

740260  No.12664369

File: 924a3072b974772⋯.webm (7.17 MB, 853x480, 853:480, liberals.webm)

File: 8c651b5657c3eaf⋯.mp4 (1.14 MB, 640x480, 4:3, deadliberals.mp4)


>Ok so I don't see much difference between you righties and lefties.

t. faggot

f77c7e  No.12664392


what's the second vid from?

a6e558  No.12664397


or the leftists do know this and that is why the push for their open border policies in order to flood the bottom of that welfare pyramid with countless poor and useless foreigners dependents of the socialist programs. And thus resulting in the extinction of Americanism and white influence in the West…

a6e558  No.12664401

basically, start making white babies and make them fast

740260  No.12664408

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


From the Daily Show, they tried to mock people on the right, but as usual it blew up in their faces.

740260  No.12664416


I don't believe that's the case. Otherwise why would they waste their time pushing universal healthcare and shit like UBI. Why the fuck would they literally waste their time on shit they know will never happen if they actually understood it.

Kikes no doubt want the illegals to destroy the country, but leftists are useful idiots at best.

b58b0b  No.12664419

This whole thread makes me feel like there is no real Jewish power structure and the only problem was white people (boomers) didn't have any kids so rich people (of all races) needed a market so brought over a bunch of third worlders who are willing to have kids.

740260  No.12664444


I would argue the kikes are the root of the problem. They set the country on this path pusing shit like feminism to destroy the traditional, functional systems.

54c0a4  No.12664490


The difference is pragmatism.

Anyone who offers workable solutions is "demonized" as being right wing. It basically just means you're trying to help. Maybe you're not coming up with the best solutions, but at least you're trying to solve problems instead of creating them.

The left is all about creating problems. Some are doing it because they're bored. Like when I was in grade school I'd sleep in class because it made my homework more interesting and challenging. Maybe some legitimately are useful idiots. The upper echelon of lefties are doing it because they are malicious. They are sociopaths who are willing to hurt people for profit.

There are reasons gays and transvestites were not allowed around children. Not allowed to promote their lifestyle. There are reasons to defend a border. There are reasons to not just give everyone healthcare paid for by tax dollars. Liberals know about these but argue for unworkable policies anyway. Why would you promote something you know doesn't work? Well, it makes sense if you are going to profit off of it.

Soros is the paragon of leftism. He creates wars, chaos and untold misery while raking in billions of dollars at the expense of millions of other people. He is evil incarnate and leftism incarnate. This should tell you something.


I doubt they were dumb enough to think that would make the right look bad.

The awkward laugh of the liberal audience when they knew he was 100% right about them all dying was amusing.

8f7818  No.12664548


Never forget…


Life is what it is, not what society thinks it ought to be. The final solution is the final problem and nobody solves life.

b10ea2  No.12665527

File: 13f806f1ad342c3⋯.jpg (49.72 KB, 418x504, 209:252, 43543.jpg)


This is the point. 20th century was century if explosives expanding growth. Now this perpetual expansion treated as "normal state".

Politics cheat people from both sides, left and right. Conservatism of "we jsut need to reverse things to how it was and this would be ok" is equal lie. It was perpetual growth ponzi sheme. And now when pyramid its failing now no one wants to face hard realty they just try to kick collapse down the timeline so it collapses after they retire and die.

c3b161  No.12666384

File: d5c00ae2ebd21f9⋯.jpg (13.41 KB, 225x225, 1:1, retards.jpg)

File: 75e0ee3e9971d9c⋯.jpg (116.95 KB, 600x350, 12:7, even more retards.jpg)


>disrupt the pyramid

<implying it ever existed and is a normal trend

How dense are you? If the lines below the other are always wider that means as time goes on the numbers will keep climbing up the graph. You see a real graph, where there were many people born in a year it is wider and does not contract as it climbs up until it reaches 50-60y territory. Even if we have a perfect pyramid, it will need even wider "lines" below it to keep your belowed perfect triangle shape, which means cancer growth. Natural population should look flat like a rectangle on the bottom with only slight widening and it ENDS in a half circle. Or we could say the entire shape of the graph should be oval shaped. The C and D shape shows a healthy society right in OP's picture. "A" shows Africa/China/India type exponential cancer growth, B shows linear growth which gets worse when the numbers get big.

Also this pyramid loving sounds like kike obsession with masonic idiocy, like all the hollywood stars being edgy where singers show triangles because the devil is cool and hip.

Old grumpy shitheads with their stupid handsigns feeling like they are end-all be-all. It's pure insanity and autofellating. BUT MUH SACRED TRIANGLES ITS SOO BUUTIFUL

a89e93  No.12666426


>Politics cheat people from both sides, left and right.

No, you just don't know what the right actually is.

>Conservatism of "we jsut need to reverse things to how it was and this would be ok" is equal lie.

No, you're retarded.

>so it collapses after they retire and die.

Which they will successfully do.

be3cf3  No.12666594


Nothing that can't be fixed by replacing shitskins with robots, women with dakimakura-looking cloning vats and kikes with White men.

be3cf3  No.12666598

File: 91e8333c578ec7b⋯.png (509.89 KB, 1634x348, 817:174, boomer parents get what th….png)


>On the bright side, the nursing homes in the future are likely to be staffed with illegals who will beat them on a daily basis.


b10ea2  No.12666632


>No, you just don't know what the right actually is.

In oficcial politics right is GOP. This is those people who talk to nation and propose solution via voting and act according to mandate received via such vote. Politics.

b10ea2  No.12666634


>Something like 50% don't even have any retirement savings.

They have macmansions with costs creeping to 1 million. Savings.

f0cc0d  No.12666772


The eye symbol is biblical.

< I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.


368a93  No.12666898


Automation / AI will replace the bottom of the pyramid, ideally. Immigration replacement is the dumbest idea because the current immigration comes from net-negative cultures in the third world.

Japan is going to do it right. Very little immigration, heavy automation. China also intends this route because they are ethno-nationalist and don't want immigrants to pollute the culture/gene-pool.

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