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File: c393beb1efd0285⋯.jpg (88.8 KB, 720x885, 48:59, _20190111_115625.JPG)

189836  No.12661985



810f4b  No.12662012

Show me the videos than I will believe

e2f8ea  No.12662021




by Thierry Meyssan

We are republishing here the editorial from Al-Watan in which Thierry Meyssan presents to his Syrian readers the withdrawal of US troops from their country. This article includes certain data which has been ignored by the Western medias, and which throw light on the way in which this decision was taken by President Trump with his Saudi and Qatari allies - and his Russian partners.

Syria was transformed into a battleground for nations from all over the world. It was where the United States and Russia faced off. On 20 December 2018, Washington decided to withdraw without compensation.

This date will be remembered in the history of the world as the most important since 26 December 1991 (dissolution of the USSR). For 27 years, the world was unipolar. The United States were then the world’s major economic and military power, and the sole masters of events.

Three years ago, overtaken by China, they lost their economic status. Next they lost to Russia their status as the primary conventional military power. They have now lost that of the first nuclear military power, faced with Russian hypersonic weapons.

President Trump and General Mattis have kept their promise to abandon US support for the jihadists, as well as the promise to withdraw their troops from combat zones in both Syria and Afghanistan. However, for Mattis, the end of the anti-Daesh Coalition uniting 73 nations around the United States prefigures the dissolution of NATO. As a soldier, he cannot accept the risk of being deprived of alliances. On the contrary, President Trump states that the fall of the United States does not allow them to wage war, whatever it might be. According to him, it is impossible for the USA to continue to command the allied forces, and urgent to stabilise the US economy.

President Trump’s decision was carefully thought out.

It followed a visit to Damascus by Russian Vice-President Youri Borissov, who is his country’s director of the military-industrial complex. To that purpose, he enjoys a special budget which escapes from any Western control and does not appear in the state’s official budget. It takes into account the conditions for reconstruction and the coming economic relations, only in roubles and from a special bank which does not recognise the dollar.

This decision also follows the journey to Damascus by an Arab head of state, Omar el-Bachir. The president of Sudan represented his counterparts from the United States, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. As soon as he had informed President Trump of his meeting with President Bachar el-Assad, the announcement of the US military withdrawal was made.

A plan for the reintegration of Kurdish combatants into the Syrian Arab Army was considered, with help of Iran. It will be implemented by an intervention of the main Iraqi Chiite militia.

At the same time, the deal of the century has not been announced, but it has already been started. Hamas no longer fights Israël, but is now financed by them, via Qatar. The Hashemite monarchy will have to accept ruling over the Palestinians at the risk of being overthrown by them. Within the next few years, the apartheid régime of Tel-Aviv will probably experience the same destiny as that of Pretoria.

The world is not evolving the way we thought – from a unipolar system to a multipolar system. Of course, there will still exist the side of the Eurasian Russo-Chinese Union, but there is no longer any West. Suddenly, every member state of NATO will retrieve its independence. It is probable that some of these states will take initiatives, certain that they know what they have to do. It is even possible that they will wage wars against one another.

Everything that we have learned about the world is finished. A new era is beginning.

e2f8ea  No.12662045


Interesting to see Bolton's last desperate bid to effect a soft coup against Trump and Mattis and failing.

a6336c  No.12662052

File: 4c077e860cfd13c⋯.png (43.88 KB, 713x579, 713:579, blackwater.PNG)

189836  No.12662058

9897b1  No.12662067


The issue was never that trump wouldn't pull out trumps, it was about how many he would pull and how quickly. Both Bush and Obama pulled out troops. Doesn't mean fuck all if you pull out 1000 troops but still have 9000 still there.

Everything Trump, Bolton and Pompeo have said about the pull indicates that a large presence will still be there.

>muh Iran

>muh Kurds

>muh ISIS


189836  No.12662070

File: f66dcd730531660⋯.jpg (124.76 KB, 720x1003, 720:1003, _20190111_122400.JPG)


Meanwhile this is what Bolton is upto.

Also Mattis was with the jews.

258f7a  No.12662075


Bolton said that they US wasn't going to

189836  No.12662084


>Both Bush and Obama pulled out troops.

With deep state and congress neocon approval because Saddam was dead. Mission Accomplished.

Syria and Afg pullout is entirely different.

8850dd  No.12662091


Inb4 gas and missile attack. Inb4 dont investigate it takw it for our word goyim. Inb4 if you dont die for us its antisemitism goyim.

1e3b63  No.12662094


Its a compete withdrawal numbskull.

113fee  No.12662115

File: e94bd4d6a07c15a⋯.jpg (26.37 KB, 460x259, 460:259, President-George-W.-Bush-M….jpg)


>Saddam was dead. Mission Accomplished.

t.George Bush Jnr

c73205  No.12662123

File: ac0ba2f69ad53f0⋯.jpg (153.94 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, V7.jpg)


The shills are losing their anti-Trump issues, one by one, because they are attacking on issues that haven't been completed, yet.

The Syrian withdrawal has now started, but it was only a few days ago the shills said it would never happen.

Now they're saying he'll only withdraw 10% of the troops, and they'll lose that issue too, when the withdrawal is complete.

They are still parroting the wall will never be built, yet the design for it has only become more difficult to breach, and Trump is still standing his ground against Pelozi and her cronies. When the wall starts to be built, they will complain it isn't built yet, when the wall is completed, they'll be moving on to some other picayune technicality, for a new issue.

But one by one, their complaints are proving baseless.

274cbf  No.12662125



e2f8ea  No.12662131

File: 7b75ca599926855⋯.jpg (61.25 KB, 348x261, 4:3, Voltairenet-org_-_1_1_-287….jpg)

File: e9107a9b82670a5⋯.jpg (203.78 KB, 787x1645, 787:1645, backfire.JPG)

File: 2e517525dfad01e⋯.jpg (236.47 KB, 1045x1734, 1045:1734, britain.JPG)

File: 6f450ab87f51379⋯.jpg (37.42 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 204577-4-5-c10b3.jpg)

So, is this the end of war then? Well it is for the commander of CentCom.

But the commander of SouthCom has his own designs, and while we know he doesn't take orders from the Secretary of State or even from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, it's ambiguous whether he event takes orders from the Sec. of Defense or even the President himself.





by Thierry Meyssan

President Trump has announced the withdrawal of US combat troops from the « Greater Middle East », but the Pentagon is still pursuing the implementation of the Rumsfeld-Cebrowski plan. This time the aim is to destroy the States of the « Caribbean Basin ». This is nothing like the overthrow of pro-Soviet regimes, as in the 1970’s, but the destruction of all regional State structures, without consideration for friends or political enemies. Thierry Meyssan observes the preparations for this new series of wars.

In a series of previous articles, we presented the SouthCom plan to provoke wars between the Latin-American nations in order to destroy the structures of all the States in the « Caribbean Basin » [1].

Preparations for wars of this magnitude, intended to follow on from the conflicts in the « Greater Middle East » according to the Rumsfeld-Cebrowski strategy, requires a decade [2].

After the period of economic destabilisation [3] and that of military preparation, the actual operation should begin in the years to come by an attack on Venezuela by Brazil (supported by Israël), Colombia (an ally of the United States) and Guyana (in other words, the United Kingdom). It will be followed by others, beginning with Cuba and Nicaragua (the « troïka of tyranny » according to John Bolton).

However, the original plan may be modified, particularly because of the return of the imperial ambitions of the United Kingdom [4] which may influence the Pentagon.

The evolution of Venezuela

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez had developed relations with the « Greater Middle East » on an ideological basis. He had in particular grown closer to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Syrian President Bachar el-Assad. Together, they had imagined the possibility of founding an intergovernmental organisation, the « Free Allies Movement », on the model of the « Non-Aligned Movement », which was paralysed by the alignment with the United States, over time, of certain of its members [5].

Although Nicolas Maduro adopted the same language as Hugo Chávez, he chose a very different foreign policy. It is true that he continued the rapprochement with Russia and, in his turn welcomed Russian bombers to Venezuela. He signed a contract to import 600,000 tonnes of wheat in order to deal with starvation in his country. Above all, he prepared to receive six billion dollars of investments, including five in the oil sector. Russian engineers took over the posts which were intended for Venezuelan workers but which they had abandoned.

Nicolas Maduro reorganised the alliances of his country on new foundations. He wove close links with Turkey, which is a member of NATO and whose army presently occupies Northern Syria. Maduro went to Istanbul on four occasions and Erdoğan went once to Caracas.

Switzerland was an ally of Hugo Chávez, and had advised him for the composition of his Constitution. Fearing that he would be unable to refine his country’s gold in Switzerland, Nicolas Maduro looked to Turkey, which transformed the raw material into bullion. In the past, this gold had remained in Swiss banks as a guarantee for oil contracts. From now on, the liquid assets were transferred to Turkey, while the newly treated gold returned to Venezuela. This orientation may be interpreted as being no longer founded on ideology, but on interest. Everything depends on who benefits.

Simultaneously, Venezuela became the target of a destabilisation campaign which began with the guarimbas demonstrations, continued with the attempted coup d’etat on 12 February 2015 (« Operation Jericho »), then by a series of attacks on the national currency, and organised emigration. In this context, Turkey offered Venezuela the possibility of avoiding US sanctions. The exchanges between the two countries multiplied fifteen-fold in 2018.

Whatever the evolution of the Venezuelan régime, nothing can justify what is being prepared against its population.

65c138  No.12662142


>official says

>NBC news says

MAGAmutt shill damage control

113fee  No.12662146


Dont worry, Brazil have a non cuck leader. He will invade Venezuela if need be. One Russian bomber isnt going to dissuade them.

We are entering a time when regional leaders have to clean up the messes in their back yard. And Im looking forward to it.

9897b1  No.12662153


>deep state and neocon approval

I forgot this time it's totally because Bolton is totally not deep state nor a neocon….

Congress never approved a withdrawal from afghanistan. And the Iraq approval was completely pointless since troop are still there and trump has said he isn't even remotely considering pulling them.

This isn't different at all. Trump, Bolton and Pompeo have all said this will be a partial withdrawal and that they still want forces their to deal with Iran, terrorist threats and to help the Kurds and their "allies" in the region. And they've outright said afghanistan is a partial withdrawal from the start and given no reason why.

It's typical case of people celebrating something trump has said before he's actually fully done it. If relatively soonish all troops and pulled from those countries then great. 1 up for trump, good work. But I'm not going to give him a pat on the back until it's actually done, especially when all the comments about the withdrawal have been so worrying.

113fee  No.12662171


>It's typical case of people celebrating something trump has said before he's actually fully done it.

Come on now.

When Bolton said that they werent going to witdhraw until Turkey stopped being backward roaches you all jumped on that as if it was gospel. Now that has turned out to be false.

8850dd  No.12662205


I'll eat my words if the wall gets finished, is durable and does not give anmensity and voting rights for illegals. But for now I stand by and watch.

c67ab9  No.12662207

File: e3dcb35415fe4d2⋯.jpeg (56.96 KB, 630x420, 3:2, 59231d52200000290016e2f5.jpeg)

f80535  No.12662209

File: bba7e5ae31d6885⋯.jpg (298.46 KB, 949x715, 73:55, WhyIstrumpSoPopularWithThe….jpg)

File: 61dc004ad46921b⋯.jpg (184.74 KB, 720x779, 720:779, Anything.jpg)


Since when did the orange order king-kike Trumpstein become goyim?

0f7681  No.12662212

Weird how the mercenary companies paid for by the US govt are taking over operations of the permanent bases they built in Syria while the US is 'leaving'

e2f8ea  No.12662215


1. Bagram Airbase is a vital asset, part of a chain of military bases in Asia designed to hold a knife to the throats of China and Russia and also interdict at will the new Silk Road initiative if it becomes too much of an economic threat.

2. The USA spent a billion dollars on the Bagdad embassy. This is a great mystery and there's been some discussion of it. It's kind of analogous to me to the Denver Airport. Something very strange is going on there to all evidence. Nobody has come out and said exactly what it is but it's just too weird to not be sinister.

>The new US embassy in London has been criticized by none other than President Donald Trump for being expensive, with a price tag of about $1 billion. But it’s still cheaper than the US embassy complexes in Kabul, Afghanistan and Baghdad, Iraq.

>Given their locations, both complexes require heavy security. But the US embassy in Baghdad is an entirely self-contained colony.

>It covers more than 100 acres of prime real estate in downtown Baghdad. That’s almost the same size as Vatican City (108 acres).

>It even has its own water and waste treatment facilities, as well as a power station.

>At its height in 2011/12, the embassy employed an estimated 16,000 people, mostly contractors. There are two "office" buildings; six residential buildings, each with 100 apartments; a shopping mall; an Olympic-sized swimming pool; a gym; and tennis courts.

>According to the Debka report, Panetta and Al-Maliki have agreed to maintain US control of four major military bases, in Halabja, Talil, Balad, and another east of Halabja, that will be used as outposts to protect oilfields in addition to defending against Iranian incursions. The fact that US bases will firmly remain staffed is unsurprising given that President Obama renamed such facilities “enduring presence posts” just last year.

>Debka notes that “two of the four American air bases, Halabja and Talil, will therefore face Iran,” adding that thousands of extra US troops will be needed to service these bases in addition to the 15,000 that will already remain in Iraq. Like the 15,000, most of whom will be labeled “diplomats,” these extra forces will also be given a “cover-designation” to hide the fact that they are part of a massive remaining US presence.

9897b1  No.12662216


How has that been proven false? The US has troops in various regions in Syria. For example, the US has said this announcement doesn't cover troops in the Southern regions like al-Tanf and won't be withdrawing them because of the Iranian presence. Do you have any proof that the troop being withdrawn now/today are the ones in vulnerable Kurdish areas?

4c2242  No.12662219


>Send soldier home because he has a bad case of diarrhea

>hurrr durrr the withdrawal has begun

Show me proof. Trump is a massive liar and only hard evidence will suffice.

113fee  No.12662237


>How has that been proven false?

He said they wouldnt withdraw unless Turkey agreed to behave themselves with regard to the Kurds. Which we all know would never happen in a million years.

Yet the witdhrawal has started.

11348e  No.12662245


I'm not sure how relevant all of this in light of the reality that the US is clearly bringing up the rear now in the superpower tiers.

559c04  No.12662250


So what's this retarded hoax supposed to be?

6f7b32  No.12662253

File: ccf8bd7f753aad8⋯.jpg (79.49 KB, 854x960, 427:480, ccf8bd7f753aad88c0ad9f1160….jpg)

They're withdrawing cargo, not troops.

The Latest: US withdrawal from Syria so far limited to cargo

>A U.S. defense official says no American troops have withdrawn yet from Syria, but some military cargo has been pulled out.

>The official said the movement of equipment is part of what the military calls the start of a “deliberate withdrawal” from Syria, where about 2,000 troops have been working with a coalition of Syrian Kurdish and Arab fighters to defeat the remnants of the Islamic State group.

>The official spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss details that have not yet been publicly announced.

>The official provided no numbers, but said the equipment withdrawal is underway and that an unspecified number of additional U.S. troops have been brought into Syria to assist with the withdrawal process. These include troops to provide additional security.


And then there's this:

U.S. Will Work to Expel 'Every Last Iranian Boot' From Syria, Pompeo Says in Cairo

>U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Thursday in a speech to the American University in Cairo, that while Hezbollah is a major presence in Lebanon, the U.S. will not accept this as the status quo.

>Pompeo also said the U.S. will not let Iran turn Syria into the next Lebanon and will act with diplomacy and partners to "expel every Iranian boot" from Syria.


9897b1  No.12662269


No it isn't you fucking imbecile. Why would you shill such easily disprovable lies.

>Maintain the US presence at the southern base, al-Tanf, at this time.

>The US military has been ordered to begin planning to withdraw about half the troops in Afghanistan

9897b1  No.12662289


Why are you intentionally avoiding the question? Lmao.

Again, the US has troops in various areas of Syria. They have troops in areas of Syria with zero Kurdish presence that have never provided support for the Kurds. He was obviously not referring to these troops since again they never provided support for the Kurds to begin with. So again, can you prove that these troops that are "reportedly" being withdrawn today are in fact the ones that were providing support to the Kurds and linked with the Turkey interest?

Answer is clearly no. You're not here to have a good faith discussion, you're her just shill a faggot narrative.

113fee  No.12662293


I directly addressed the question.

d10134  No.12662302

File: d37f92d7c0dc86d⋯.jpeg (84.1 KB, 630x420, 3:2, e3dcb35415fe4d2819a48d4f2….jpeg)

9897b1  No.12662316


No you didn't. Don't be an obtuse faggot.


>Do you have any proof that the troop being withdrawn now/today are the ones in vulnerable Kurdish areas?

If you aren't shilling (which you clearly are) then what's your end game here? I'm trying to have a rational discussion. You playing petty gotcha tactics, avoiding clear questions and posting half-truths serves what purpose?

113fee  No.12662325



>No you didn't.

I did I even quoted it in my reply.



I really dont see what more I could do to satisfy you.

e634f5  No.12662328

File: 52a92cde97c685e⋯.jpg (30.74 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Goku_SSJ_453.jpg)


I can shill trump being a kike all day everyday.

d10134  No.12662343


No i'm the real shill here. Trump is very good

d10134  No.12662348


No you're a shill

9897b1  No.12662355


I clearly highlighted and solely highlighted the relevant question in the post you're now replying to. And you still ignored it. So even your retarded semantical queer gotcha tactics are failing now. It's a pretty straight forward question, why are going to such great lengths to avoid answering it? Are you here to have a serious good faith discussion or just shill?

113fee  No.12662356

File: 7324a32a47eec7a⋯.gif (768.26 KB, 245x238, 35:34, theageofmenisover.gif)



True shills only support JEB!

89c4c1  No.12662364


Most of that shit can be faked. I think you need to raise your standards.

7aeb32  No.12662365

9a1fde  No.12662370

File: 63a282cdaa90279⋯.jpg (52.39 KB, 920x537, 920:537, hillary-clinton.jpg)


This is Hilldawg territory now Jeb. Sorry about the big loss honey.

9a1fde  No.12662384

File: fe556b816098725⋯.jpg (59.21 KB, 640x480, 4:3, bill-clinton-hillary-clint….jpg)


I'm a shill and that is completely okay. I love America and you should too. Support our CIA

113fee  No.12662396


>I clearly highlighted and solely highlighted the relevant question in the post you're now replying to. And you still ignored it

My answer to the first question rendered the second one mute. Wasnt that obvious?

You were asking me how Bolton was proven false. Which I was easily able to explain.

The areas are irrelevant because Bolton was incorrect to say that the US wouldnt withdraw until Turkey promised to stop fucking the Kurds. They are withdrawing and Turkey will continue to fuck with the kurds.

113fee  No.12662403

File: 6e3669baf5f65f5⋯.jpg (41.93 KB, 426x518, 213:259, mootinawig.jpg)


I mean moot…

797446  No.12662407

>Say that you're going to throw some crumbs their way every now and they'll never see what's actually going on.

9897b1  No.12662474


>It's moot because I say so

You're insanely ignorant if you think "areas are irrelevant". If areas are "irrelevant" then they would be withdrawing troops from the south and troops from Kurdish areas. Areas the US clearly see as more RELEVANT than others. Bolton was clearly not referring to troops in non-Kurdish vulnerable areas because they literally had no affect on the Kurds to begin with. That's basic as fuck. Certain US troops provided support for the Kurds, others did not. What affect would troops that never supported the Kurds leaving have for Turkey?

US statements have clearly shown that different troops served different purposes. They say this is a "withdrawal" yet are also saying troop will remain in Southern Syria until they expel "Every Last Iranian Boot". As my initial post stated, this will be a typical Bush/Obama type "withdrawal" if certain troops are being left in the country to stop Iran and support the Kurds.

You're indicating that this will be different. So for the final time before a filter your faggot ass, do you have proof that the US is in fact ==withdrawing troops from Kurdish areas==, contrary to claims Bolton initially made?

113fee  No.12662562


OK one last time: The Kurdish areas are irrelevant because we wont be waiting for Turkey to change its stance on the Kurds. The guy who said that has been proven wrong by current events.

The 'every last iraninan boot' thing is just as delusional. Iran is a Shiite lead country like Syria. Iran will always have a presence there.

You have a healthy skepticism towards things that Trump says, but are ready to instantly buy in to anything some random underling says even if it runs contrary to what we know is actually going on.

To me the simplest explanation for the contradiction is that Trump simply doesnt tell every single underling what his future military plans are in great detail. He did say in his election campaign that he wasnt going to telegraph his military plans like Obama did.

The good news is we will all find out over the next weeks and months if the troops come home (to work on the border wall hopefully)

If I am right I expect a formal apology on here. I will do the same.

2bb237  No.12662579



<because CBS says so

Good goy.

2bb237  No.12662590


>The 'every last iraninan boot' thing is just as delusional

>You have a healthy skepticism towards things that Trump says, but are ready to instantly buy in to anything some random underling

<some random underling

>The good news is we will all find out over the next weeks and months

<The good news is it will take months before I find out if what I'm shilling is total nonsense

Trumpniggers please go.

78d4eb  No.12662611


>This isn't different at all. Trump, Bolton and Pompeo have all said this will be a partial withdrawal and that they still want forces their to deal with Iran, terrorist threats and to help the Kurds and their "allies" in the region.

First, it's very much different. Every neocon was against Trump when he announced. Lindsey and Rubio threatened another 9/11 if Trump went through with it.

Second, Trump has said repeatedly this will be a complete withdrawal. Bolton, Pompeo and Pentagon are doing all they can to slow walk it, but Trump has been clear on the matter.

Also cue Trump repeatedly saying the future of Middle East will be upto their own people in several rallies and speeches.

07bf1f  No.12662616


>Col. Sean Ryan, spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group, said “the process of our deliberate withdrawal from Syria” has started.

c8ccb5  No.12662623


How do you go from "the process has started" to "troops actually having left syria and operating bases closed or demolished"? There is no reason to take any of the warriors of zog at their word.

2bb237  No.12662648



<because some zionigger stooge says so

You sweet naive goodest of goyim.

Show me proof. (You can't, all you have is words from people nobody on this board has reason to trust in such claims.)

>U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group

lel, the US led the coalition that WAS the Islamic State group.

07bf1f  No.12662654


what would you consider proof?

2bb237  No.12662664


Things which are beyond you to provide.

What could you possibly hope to offer at this stage?

The best you're liable to have is MSM reporting or empty words from zioniggers.

Do you have anyone on the ground, any non-MSM factors, who could provide evidence - visual evidence, ie video - of troops pulling out? No, you don't.

You're just running off the words of people who hate you and who you have no reason to trust, yet inexplicably do.

Maybe I'll believe it when Bashar al-Assad says its so within a once-more-united Syria. Until then, I'm not holding my breath for anything from the zionigger in chief or any of his stooges, let alone the kosher fucks in the MSM.

07bf1f  No.12662674


you didn't answer my question, i don't care about anything you just said

what would you consider undeniable proof?

photographs of the bases being abandoned/destroyed, photos of all the troops arriving back in America?

2bb237  No.12662689


>you didn't answer my question

I did.

>i don't care about anything you just said

If that were true you wouldn't be saying it.

>what would you consider undeniable proof?

<Things which are beyond you to provide.

<The best you're liable to have is MSM reporting or empty words from zioniggers.

<Maybe I'll believe it when Bashar al-Assad says its so within a once-more-united Syria. Until then, I'm not holding my breath for anything from the zionigger in chief or any of his stooges, let alone the kosher fucks in the MSM.

>photographs of the bases being abandoned/destroyed

>photos of all the troops arriving back in America

Photos don't mean much, they're static.

I told you what would do the trick, you're just upset that what I told you breaks down to shit you don't have, which is what I said to begin with. Face it nigger: You don't know a fucking thing. All you have is the words of people you have no reason to trust, and yet for some reason do, and you expect others to believe them too, again, without explanation.

07bf1f  No.12662718


>i did

>Maybe I'll believe it when Bashar al-Assad says its so


i said undeniable proof, there is no maybe

and just where are you gonna get this information that Assad says everybody pulled out? one of the various kiked news sources?

so you believe it 100% won't happen, the troops will absolutely stay in Syria

5b52e3  No.12662726


How would the photos demonstrate that the destroyed bases are destroyed US bases in Syria, furthermore how would they prove that they are all of those? How would photos of men returning to US prove that all troops returned?

07bf1f  No.12662734


I threw out an example. Maybe try explaining something that WOULD prove it like I asked

42ea4f  No.12662760


Mercs don't matter here. Putin can bomb their ass and nobody will give a fuck. They can't field a big enough merc army to matter. The real danger is Israel and their shitty false flags.

da586a  No.12662768

File: f48cde30e0d5e35⋯.png (894.57 KB, 1640x735, 328:147, ClipboardImage.png)


Seems they may have pulled 150 guys from the farthest corner of Syria. Don't know if they're being shuffled around or leaving. I don't see them giving up Al-Tanf, though; it's too big and established.

9c20a1  No.12662847

They are "leaving Syria" and moving to iraq KEK. The american military is the personal kike protection force and will NEVER leave the middle east unless a bigger force pushes them out.

4ca27e  No.12662848




e634f5  No.12662874

File: ffd2fe784656513⋯.jpg (15.98 KB, 252x297, 28:33, 1468628467658.jpg)



9897b1  No.12663036


>First, it's very much different. Every neocon was against Trump when he announced

So by different you actually mean not different at all to when Obama announced he was withdrawing.

>Senator John McCain, Obama's rival for the White House in 2008, led the Republican critique. "I am concerned that the withdrawal plan that President Obama announced tonight poses an unnecessary risk to the hard-won gains that our troops have made thus far in Afghanistan and to the decisive progress that must still be made,

>Senator Lindsey Graham, expressed concern that the reduction could undermine the progress that troops have made against the Taliban.

>James N. Mattis, the retired Marine general who oversaw the war in Afghanistan as head of the United States Central Command from 2010 to 2013, said it was particularly unwise to set a public deadline for removing American troops.

>Lindsey and Rubio threatened another 9/11 if Trump went through with it.

Provide a source. Not sure why I'm even bothering since this is obvious spastic tier hyperbolism.

>Second, Trump has said repeatedly this will be a complete withdrawal

No, trump has never unambiguously said it'll be a "complete" withdrawal for both Syria and Afghanistan. He left enough room to backtrack like he always does. And regardless, Trump has said a lot of things. He's a salesmen. He's selling this as best he can to his base.

>Bolton, Pompeo and Pentagon are doing all they can to slow walk it,

No what they're doing is they're providing a realistic description what's going to happen. Two people Trump specifically hired to replace individuals he didn't trust aren't going to go off script. That's be shit tier hiring by trump to make the same mistake 3 times.

Trump can easily fool Billy-Bob in Montana with his empty words. Netanyahu isn't going to nod his head and go along with empty words, Bolton, Pompeo and the Pentagon can't bullshit him. What they're saying is the most realistic version.

>Also cue Trump repeatedly saying the future of Middle East will be upto their own people in several rallies and speeches

Yeah? So why are we still in Iraq and have unequivocally said we aren't leaving? Again Trump "says" a lot of things. Like I said, I'm not going to jerk my dick to stuff trump has said. When he actually fully delivers I'll be the 1st person to support him.

0f708f  No.12663049


This. I will believe and gladly give Trump his due when the withdrawal is documented and not a moment before that.

d8d1d9  No.12663070


>u.s. troops move out

>u.s. mercs move in

Russia goes 'oh really'. Don't remember what happens to 'mercs' in syria do ya?

>oh look, they are coming right for us.

>carpet bombing merc base off the map

>napalm on those whom flee

>Russia looks at the U.S., what, you did it to us, stfu.

e56d02  No.12663124

lol. how many times have we seen withdrawals? Withdraw from iraq. Withdraw from <insert sand nigger country here>. I mean if you fags honestly believe the US will leave the middle east you may as well go suck a dick. The always find a way to keep them in there. "Oh we just needed to train some people with special forces". Enjoy being on nu-8zion /pol/ fags

000000  No.12663145


>The world is not evolving the way we thought – from a unipolar system to a multipolar system. Of course, there will still exist the side of the Eurasian Russo-Chinese Union, but there is no longer any West.

I love how they put China last in that Union. Unless China gets tricked into niggerfication, it will rule the world like America would have if it didn't bet so heavily on empowering corporations, sluts and niggers.

cc9347  No.12663152


You see, this is a double quadruple backwards jew. He is a Russian puppet, so this helps out vlad, but the jews are only letting on that they want Assad gone. They really don't, because when he stays, he might eventually go. So this is a double backwards triple Jew in the long run. So Trummf is also a Jew puppet. So get rid of him goyi- er, guy.

d4d74d  No.12663232

We're not under any JIDF raid. 8/pol/ has just been inundated with cuckchan refugees, and the stench is unbreathable.

d4d74d  No.12663234

Things were better with Imkampfy around, at least we didn't have spammers and cucks around.

a904ae  No.12663262

File: a712285aa6864a1⋯.jpg (384.34 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, X4f1skS.jpg)



>paid maganigger shill from reddit trying to fit in.

d4d74d  No.12663274


>muh buzzword

Your crap works only on cuckchan, anons aren't retarded memers here.

079f33  No.12663277


Hope blackwater jews get blown the fuck out of Syria and never return. Might as well refer to them as an arm of Israel's army.

797446  No.12663295


>Col. Sean Ryan, spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group, said “the process of our deliberate withdrawal from Syria” has started.

Lel, what a load of bullshit.

1b8b4c  No.12663460


This, tbh.

1b8b4c  No.12663465


I hope soon Assad will take Golan Heights back.

5ef189  No.12663606

I will believe when I see more actions and fewer words.

f5f9a1  No.12663640


Always chuckle when "muh russia" is still being used in current year +4

> 1 shekel has been removed from your account

5b3d62  No.12663642

File: 08fae862f344adc⋯.jpg (168.95 KB, 812x1200, 203:300, IMG_2298.JPG)


Pretty much this. It's why it's always best to counter the kikes on what can be substantially proven, rather than engage them on hearsay and 'what ifs'. I've been taking the watch and wait approach to everything because, in the end, shills are being perpetually blown the fuck out. Sometimes before they can even get their large noses off the ground. So /pol/ has been rather comfy as of late due to the perpetual rekting going around.

f84ee4  No.12663650


>shills getting so desperate they've now dropped their JIDF talking points and moved onto straight MSM talking points

holy yikes

f1f022  No.12663676


You dumb fuck. You have to send the cargo out before the troops, otherwise the other guy's army will steal the cargo.

1433a8  No.12663728


>With deep state and congress neocon approval because Saddam was dead

The US withdrew from Iraq because there was an agreement between the US and the Iraqi government to do so at a certain date. The Iraqis asked the US for that agreement under the pretext that they were afraid that the US could leave at anytime and that Iraq needed US presence for security reasons while they rebuilt. The truth is that the US got played by Iran as it was they that used their influence with the Shia Iraqi government to have them ask for an agreement for US withdrawal. The US never intended to withdraw from Iraq, the Iraqis held them to their agreement.

138768  No.12663749


Finally Trump does something useful.

cae89c  No.12663805


Keep reposting it every thread, nigger.

9e898f  No.12663987


If you support trump you shouldn't be on this board.

0c2482  No.12664053


You're not the final arbiter of who is and isn't allowed on /pol/.

9fb357  No.12664066


>His loyalty to trump supersedes his loyalty to his own race

1b5709  No.12664077

File: fc4b67e6f4a6ea5⋯.gif (387.07 KB, 382x379, 382:379, rabbi shlomo.gif)


>Here's the script: Trump hasn't gone full 1488, we hit on that and these dumb /pol/ brainlets will eat it up and we elect Joe Biden and get our wars back.

258f7a  No.12664083


man you kikes are scared

9fb357  No.12664101


Are you a Zionist who supports race mixing your own children and democracy?

7cd6a7  No.12664219

So what? Literally what difference does this make? They already accomplished their goal of completely destabilizing the country and rendering it inert to Zion. Give it time and the Yids will show up on a "peace keeping" mission. All I care about is my country and it is going to hell.

dde832  No.12664223

File: 3ed4d0702258a5b⋯.jpg (28.13 KB, 386x355, 386:355, Assad-laughing.jpg)


1b5709  No.12664303

File: dda07d009cfa851⋯.png (89.7 KB, 603x303, 201:101, wikileaks syria 1.png)

File: bfc04614aa41782⋯.png (174.03 KB, 605x439, 605:439, wikileaks syria.png)

File: e61cf1ce43f4038⋯.png (202.36 KB, 856x462, 428:231, Wasserman_Schultz_Pushes_F….png)

File: e61cf1ce43f4038⋯.png (202.36 KB, 856x462, 428:231, Wasserman_Schultz_Pushes_F….png)


> They already accomplished their goal of completely destabilizing the country and rendering it inert to Zion.

Well Assad is still alive, and he will remember what was done to his country.

a94883  No.12664355


kys do you know where tf YOU are?

7746a5  No.12664370

Why do you blame the jews for everything???

CHRISTIANS are responsible, dumbass christians who have jesus on the brain, thinking that somehow Zionist Israel is important for the 2nd coming mythos.

So lets allow israel to do whatever they want because jesus is coming back any day now!

Do you realize how retarded you christians really are, handing over all your power to a "chosen people".

1b5709  No.12664452

File: aaeeca1c8866cd4⋯.png (177.65 KB, 1009x505, 1009:505, codreanu_swamp.png)


Western Christians sold their country and God to the jude. So you are definitely right. Quote related comes to mind. America deserves its jews.

1b5709  No.12664724

File: 45083b8c92ea2e6⋯.png (907.48 KB, 864x487, 864:487, wikileaks syria 2.png)

File: 3c81096efee7caa⋯.png (102.86 KB, 332x312, 83:78, nice try.png)


>Assad is still alive and an active threat to Israel's nuclear monopoly

Based Assad.

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