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File: afe292cf1e36094⋯.png (24.89 KB, 670x377, 670:377, huawei.png)

745a8f  No.12663441

Chinese ambassador accuses Canada of 'white supremacy' in Huawei case

>OTTAWA: A Chinese envoy on Wednesday (Jan 9) accused Canada and its allies of "Western egotism and white supremacy" for demanding the immediate release of two Canadians held for alleged spying. In a letter published by The Hill Times newspaper, China's ambassador to Canada Lu Shaye also criticized the "groundless" detention of a top Chinese tech executive at the request of the United States.

>China detained former diplomat Michael Kovrig and businessman Michael Spavor last month, accusing them both of activities that "endanger China's security" - a phrase often used by Beijing when alleging espionage. The arrests are thought to be in retaliation against Canada's Dec 1 arrest of Huawei vice president Meng Wanzhou, who is accused of violating Iran sanctions.

>"It's understandable that these Canadians are concerned about their own citizens. But have they shown any concern or sympathy for Meng after she was illegally detained and deprived of freedom?" Lu wrote in the Ottawa newspaper. "It seems that, to some people, only Canadian citizens shall be treated in a humanitarian manner and their freedom deemed valuable, while Chinese people do not deserve that," he said.

>"The reason why some people are used to arrogantly adopting double standards is due to Western egotism and white supremacy." Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US President Donald Trump in a telephone call on Monday denounced the "arbitrary" detentions of Kovrig and Spavor. Australia, Britain, France, Japan, Germany and the European Union have also made statements in support of Canada.

>Meng is currently living in a luxury home in Vancouver after being released on bail pending the outcome of an extradition hearing. She is required to wear an electronic anklet to monitor her movements and has an 11pm to 7am curfew. Meanwhile, a group of Canadian parliamentarians visiting China this week complained to officials that Kovrig and Spavor have been granted few consular visits, denied access to lawyers, and remain in "completely unacceptable" detention conditions.


745a8f  No.12663443

Seems like they're taking lessons from Western leftists. How long before other nations will use this excuse to get from us what they want?

f7918d  No.12663490

That's hysterical. The faggots will probably cave, too.

016c0e  No.12663499

The chinks are becoming more and more like jews as each day passes. I'd consider them more of a threat if it weren't for the fact that they're building their "empire" on a foundation of sand.

50d95d  No.12663509


White Supremacy is such a perfect meme of the jew since even when Whites are a small minority of the population, White Supremacy can still be leveraged because either once upon a time or right now somehow a White has left his mark on this institution so it must be White Supremacy for why a minority isn't getting everything.

6bf21a  No.12663514

>(((White supremacy)))

All this Huawei case says is that the cianiggers want their own backdoors side-by-side with the chink ones, once the Chinese government caves in the kikes in government will OK their stay.

e6c201  No.12663518

File: a512783e4dbcd87⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 120.72 KB, 1112x1451, 1112:1451, cd6553d8d171a6f988853d44fb….jpg)



e6c201  No.12663523

File: 6a949f7ba5e79b5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, e5e9faf0b5e48aeb05d77a4488….jpg)


Han Supremacy Jew Supremacy Arab Supremacy Nigger Supremacy (planet of the apes) these are the real forces in the world today nya~

572bab  No.12663537



Getting real sick of your shit, avatarfag.

be4326  No.12663591


That's exactly what they're doing. They know (or believe) that these are magic words that will make Western governments give China whatever they demand. Look at how many Chinese the Canadians let immigrate before Britain's lease on Hong Kong expired. Look at how much of Canada's real estate market is controlled by Chinese buyers. And they have the nerve to accuse anybody of "White supremacy?" What the fuck does that even mean?

572bab  No.12663626

>>12663499 checked

>if it weren't for the fact that they're building their "empire" on a foundation of sand.

Not to mention that they can't utilize crypsis the same way as jews can.

e6c201  No.12663660

File: a7bed96223742e7⋯.jpg (180.5 KB, 1280x810, 128:81, a7bed96223742e72eba8a06335….jpg)


Suck it nya~

7224b6  No.12663661

If Canada was being led by it's founder, they would say yes!! They are white nationalists!

>This led Macdonald to make clear that Chinese exclusion was necessary to ensure European dominance. He warned, “if [the Chinese] came in great numbers and settled on the Pacific coast they might control the vote of that whole Province, and they would send Chinese representative to sit here, who would represent Chinese eccentricities, Chinese immorality, Asiatic principles altogether opposite to our wishes; and, in the even balance of parties, they might enforce those Asiatic principles, those immoralities . . . , the eccentricities which are abhorrent to the Aryan race and Aryan principles, on this House.”

The founder of Canada, John A. Macdonald.

He then claimed that the Chinese and Europeans were separate species: “the Aryan races will not wholesomely amalgamate with the Africans or the Asiatics” and that “the cross of those races, like the cross of the dog and the fox, is not successful; it cannot be, and never will be.”

>Chinese exclusion was necessary or, as he told the House, “the Aryan character of the future of British America should be destroyed . . .”

a9e298  No.12663669



431f3b  No.12663686

File: e457b8c1a5541ff⋯.jpg (152.67 KB, 540x676, 135:169, [CHINA].jpg)


This is bigger than anyone can imagine.

>>n the latest sign that the US's western allies are heeding its warnings about the espionage threat posed by Huawei and its executives, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that Poland had arrested a Huawei executive based in the country and accused him of "conducting high-level espionage on behalf of a Chinese spy agency."

But this is where it get really interesting…..

>> Polish police also arrested a citizen who was identified as a former top official in the Polish intelligence agency's IT security department.

Can you imagine having one of your top IT guy working for the other team…..


cb0d5d  No.12663703

File: 10db1b330b1bd27⋯.jpg (366.98 KB, 1320x1313, 1320:1313, trudeau.jpg)

They used the magic words.

Trudeau will get down on his knees, blow President X Jinping on national television and with nut still on his face will sign the papers to officially hand Vancouver over to the Chinese government.

c317eb  No.12663704


Never. The guilt is for the common Joe, not the kikes and shabbos goy at the top.

0aa99f  No.12663768



Chinks do not actually feel anything, they only feign emotions to manipulate others.

2d4e97  No.12663775

File: 0319b05067bac48⋯.webm (850.17 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Ray Liotta laughing in Go….webm)

cb0d5d  No.12663789

File: 62815bb04382f03⋯.jpg (44.21 KB, 870x580, 3:2, black-panther-outsells-mar….jpg)


Planet of the apes is the real force to be reckoned with. You ricemonkeys are going to learn your place in Africa when the black man rises up.We're gunna take your little anime waifu pillowgirls and show dem da BBC

2c8bf7  No.12663813

File: 295aebbe00f0333⋯.jpg (212.2 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 170822235920-08-trump-phoe….jpg)

cb0d5d  No.12663826

File: 057442a305a476a⋯.jpg (87.3 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 180425-kanye-west-donald-t….jpg)


you a'iiigh whiteboi. Ill let you watch me savage dem lil asian girls. I know chu like dat.

2c8bf7  No.12663835

File: b7fd8e28a135cfa⋯.jpg (59.55 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


How'd you know kanye cucked ivanka for me? do not mention this anywhere else, only between me and you.maybe someday i'll let you come here and fuck kushner while i watch.

099f7c  No.12664082

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



reminder about the time chinks got thrown out of a swedish hotel because they hadn't booked a room ahead of time

839488  No.12664115

File: 4b94ceb22a92b66⋯.gif (437.66 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1029dde5e5119a8670d06adaca….gif)

So… can someone explane to me why a third country can unilaterally declare a moratorium on two countries from dealing one with another. And then a fourth country can enforce that.

How exactly is it illegal for China to deal with Iran? Why does America get to decide that and why is Canada obligated to detain people who refuse to comply.

690c60  No.12664142

Kill yellow niggers and also CSIS.

099f7c  No.12664146


Huawei did the business in Hong Kong through HSBC which has Western investors.

4bd45e  No.12664158


So theoretically, you wouldn't punish your girlfriend if she fucked the nigger who stole your bike and called you a "white devil?"

cb0d5d  No.12664184


I think the issue is that to do business in the United States you have to respect the sanctions as well. Huwaei exec is being charged with fraud for selling tech to Iran under a shell corp and lying about it to US authorities.

It all seems convoluted and silly but I'm not a corporate lawyer.

916dbd  No.12665419

>WARSAW, Poland (AP) – Poland has arrested a director at the Chinese tech giant Huawei and one of its own former cybersecurity experts and charged them with spying for China, authorities said Friday.

>The development comes as the U.S. is exerting pressure on its allies not to use Huawei, the world’s biggest maker of telecommunications network equipment, over data security concerns.

>The two men – one a Chinese citizen who was a former envoy in Poland before moving over to a senior position at Huawei and the other a Pole who held several top government cybersecurity positions – were arrested Tuesday, according to Poland’s Internal Security Agency.


ef70b6  No.12665422

File: 6257156d101276a⋯.png (126.76 KB, 339x273, 113:91, 146974086123.png)

File: 3e8f26318e379ac⋯.gif (417.36 KB, 250x138, 125:69, 146929131504.gif)

da chinks jewed too hard

67ff56  No.12665607


Crime was reselling HP gear or Iran. HP acts under US jurisdiction and when you make contract with some country firm you accept its country jurisdictions. All US contracts specifically forbid reselling to sanctioned countries. Huawei bitch signed this waver.

As for Canada they hahv extradition agreements with US, that means they extradite criminals who violate law of any country in any country bound by this agreement.

000000  No.12666318


the idea that our government has no backdoors in huawei is ridiculous seeing as huawei stole our already comped code including the "bugs" and added their own backdoors. this has nothing to do with handsets or iran but the control of infrastructure; most base stations in europe for instance are made in communist china this is a major liability.

000000  No.12666370


this really has nothing to do with iran. this is about the fact that huawei has intricate ties to the PLA, which is the armed wing of the CCP. Huawei sells telco equipment at below cost to gain control of a countries cell network, it just so happens that this has been done in several white countries hence the cry of "white supremacy" when there is pushback.

9e1d2a  No.12666375


Based John A

b36db1  No.12666391


>The chinks are becoming more and more like jews as each day passes.

Checked, we call them the jews of the east here, but with even less empathy.

b36db1  No.12666411

File: 281cd5a97794194⋯.png (1.85 KB, 244x207, 244:207, Shared.png)


More to it than that. China has pwned Canadian government systems for a while now. I think Trump is helping Trudeau behind the scenes get some of the garbage out of his It systems. Huawei stuff was known spyware at least a decade ago to the honest Ottawa security expert. Tony (((Payani))) Clement centralized IT, we used to call it "Shared (with the CHICOM) Services".

000000  No.12666427

>the ultimate kvetch

The jews are advising their new greatest ally well. You should be ashamed, China.

ce33c4  No.12666443

File: eae55581a80fb3d⋯.jpg (28.57 KB, 427x504, 61:72, 1547134544245.jpg)

Chinese know that whites are superior.

0ad09c  No.12666562

File: e3e35d332c47004⋯.jpg (139.14 KB, 900x506, 450:253, Trump Grabbing a Pussy.jpg)

File: be2a2ee5be3bcbf⋯.jpg (98.07 KB, 931x524, 931:524, Please Be Directing Me To ….jpg)

Hahahahahahaha lulwut?

0ad09c  No.12666566


10/10 would hit with a shovel

0ad09c  No.12666572


Uh, "if you do business witht hem you won't with us." This threat works best when a country gets all their crap and supports their entire economy buying their shit.

Canada is fucked because they shovel off so much chink crap as "american made" when all the materials comes from chinkland. Christ most of their maple syrup even comes from the US.

e9b809  No.12666583

File: ce940dbd61541de⋯.png (309.14 KB, 650x658, 325:329, leafs import syrup.PNG)


>Christ most of their maple syrup even comes from the US.

not most of it, but enough does

0ad09c  No.12666603



I'll have to dig up the less froggy article because they admitted a lot more comes from the US than when those fucks are trying to portray. They got very defensive once the stories started hitting.

0ad09c  No.12666612

An aside but of note is on our end like in Vermont, the feds are trying to kill our business by making them add an "added sugar" label to our syrup even though there is nothing actually added, the addition comes when you apply syrup to non sweetened foods. Kikes fucking marketing and regulations to kill our industry.

02bbb6  No.12666766


>44 replies

>no one points out the shill headline doesnt match with what the ambassador actually said or even was talking about

>never even pointed at "Canada"

>was pushed to talk about "muh racism" angle

>kosher media is shilling a kike and MAGA pet nigger vs Chinese spat as Western vs Chinese

>kosher MAGA niggers unironically shilling their "China da joos muh redpill notes!" narrative

02bbb6  No.12666839


It throughout kikes and pet niggers vs China and every other bad goy, from the literally


kike lawyer bullshit, to the slander campaign


to the real reason


and you have 30 MAGA niggers in every thread shilling their "that one deceased American who said something about China was a Joo remembaaa? China da Joo fellow goyim"-"""redpills"""

0ad09c  No.12666896




All we need is (jew) kvetching to verify.

000000  No.12667058


>slander campaign

you know, sometimes its better to stop digging.

242059  No.12667243

File: 4dc3e31a0a50690⋯.png (260.28 KB, 1585x826, 1585:826, 29-million-Chinese-Trolls.PNG)

File: 0aa2df2d9f530fc⋯.jpg (117.2 KB, 1528x435, 1528:435, chink-bugspray.JPG)

7f83f5  No.12667259


>>"It's understandable that these Canadians are concerned about their own citizens. But have they shown any concern or sympathy for Meng after she was illegally detained and deprived of freedom?" Lu wrote in the Ottawa newspaper. "It seems that, to some people, only Canadian citizens shall be treated in a humanitarian manner and their freedom deemed valuable, while Chinese people do not deserve that," he said.

>>"The reason why some people are used to arrogantly adopting double standards is due to Western egotism and white supremacy."

he literally mentioned canada

cb0d5d  No.12667293


The other major issue is that Huwaei spies on its users and uses encryption systems that western governments have been struggling to reliably and quickly crack.

The US doesn't want that tech in Iran because it will cause issues during the inevitable Iran invasion.

000000  No.12667363


i gotta admit i follow these china threads just for the shills. they still use actual people and not chatbots, i guess they haven't been (((supplied))) with the code yet.

0ad09c  No.12667515


Yeah look at what the monkeys did with a space rock, just wait until they are provided with cheap chinese calculators made from shit found in space rocks.

ed9f59  No.12667538

File: eb1a7e4aa0ef575⋯.jpg (124.52 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Complete Lack of Surprise.jpg)

Everyone knows that the Chinks are just the jews of the east.

c9957b  No.12667579




f2a007  No.12667641



f2a007  No.12667656

File: aaac71b3c4d0f04⋯.jpg (31.19 KB, 500x749, 500:749, ALBINO.jpg)


>tfw you have an albino fetish and are still turned off by niggers and chinks

000000  No.12667713


looks just like the emperor

000000  No.12667778

Asians have always done this. They're so ethnocentric themselves but won't hesitate for a second to use these kinds of things against us when they need to. They aren't our allies.

a1555d  No.12670169

File: 043d50ddd99e693⋯.jpg (65.78 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1451044458593.jpg)

50d95d  No.12670178


What ever happened to all the actual White albinos? According to my older family members there used to be a whole lot more of them around, red eyes and all. Did they all get rounded up or something and everybody just forgot they used to exist in normal society.

30e663  No.12670195

File: 9150099a6848642⋯.jpg (58.84 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Whitbinos.jpg)


They're still around, but albinism in white people also has the side-effect of drastically shortened lifespan. They generally don't live long enough to breed.

1e60e2  No.12670202


You had to live in white towns to see them. I was friends with an albino in my old swiss hometown. This was until 99 when I moved. I bet he was killed with the town by section 8 niggers around 2006. Holy shit, its all gone.

0ad09c  No.12670469


There goes that credit score.

0ad09c  No.12670472



They also tend to stay the fuck inside because sun bad.

631d54  No.12670493


WTF, acting like children having a tantrum. Reminds me of gypsies scamming.

000000  No.12670496


It's funny that they actually think this will work. The west doesnt give a shit about china kvetching. Now if it were Israel, that would be a different story….

c9abf2  No.12677704

Know what I've realized? 95%+ of the shit like "White Privilege" and destroying monuments and demanding removal of White men statues from schools, etc… gets its start in South Africa. I assume with Chink money and worked on my chink psychology depts. If you want know what what the Jews have in store for Europe and the US in 6-9 months, just read the South African papers carefully.

Also, all the bullshit about "no biological difference between men and women" originated in South Africa with their demands for a "de-colonized education." The really fucking scary aspect of this is that South Africa has 85% of many of the world's rare earth minerals. If you are wondering why there is a shortage of intel chips suddenly? Go deep into the rabbit hole and tory answer will be Chinks in Africa.

The even more important aspect to the Chink takeover of Africa is that a ton of the shit used in making weapons and even in refining gasoline, you need to get that from Rare Earth liberals in South Africa. Once the chinks have a monopoly in all this, the West is FUCKED.

Are Western military leaders too fucking incompetent to understand this, or the understand it all but just don't care, which makes them treasonous? In any case, watching "Chinese colonial Africa" is going to be entertaining. Oh, if you haven't seen "Africa Addio," do yourself a great favor and watch it now. Though you may need to torrent it the Jews recut in and totally changed the entire film for US audiences and made the film "certified Kosher." You need the real one with the sarcastic, Italian barter who shows then smashing beer barrels and oranges that comes from Portuguese Angola, nigger herding uo muslins like cattle and then murdering them, it's hilarious.

c9abf2  No.12677727


>reminder about the time chinks got thrown out of a swedish hotel because they hadn't booked a room ahead of time

This can't be true and you must be reported to Uk police for "hate speech." In that garbage movie "Crazy Rich Asian," the film opens with Chinks requesting a room they have not booked, and when they are defined it, with one one call the Chink's father simply buys the hotel.

So, are you trying to tell me that's not how it really works? Surely, the media wanted lie to me, would they?

cb0d5d  No.12678250


Trudeau Sr. was a communist sympathizer during the cold war.

Wouldn't be surprised if Jr. was basically a Communist Party China asset. I remember when he was first elected there was some minor scandal about him going to $10,000 a plate fundraising dinners with Chinese real estate developers connected to the party.

6b1b3e  No.12678268


That's Koreans. Chinese are too downright retarded to be jewish. They're closer to niggers. Koreans on the other hand actively infiltrate the relatively uncucked Japanese society and pretend to be Japanese while throwing shitfits about takeshima and demanding reparations for WWII. Just like jews who pretend to be white and kvetch about the shoah in western nations.

4fd839  No.12678279




000000  No.12678385


koreans imo rank a distant last among the east asians. there is nothing in that society they really did themselves. its all from the west. cars, phones, tvs, plastic surgery, baseball, pop music, you name it. and then they're so insanely proud of themselves.

the japs and now chinks show some forward thinking and innovation at least within the bounds of their collectivist hive mind cultures.

00a55c  No.12678540

File: 66b4b832a2e83af⋯.webm (6.54 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Bin that Chin.webm)


Chinks will always cry racism the moment they don't get their way, and people don't tolerate their retarded behavior. Bugmen isn't even appropriate anymore, because there's no hint of man like adult behavior in them. It's more appropriate to call them larvaemen.

They are like overgrown infants, every last one of them. They even have the fat you'd expect on an infant. Even what China considers masculine is infantilized: fat, chain smoking men, with purses.

19f183  No.12678552

File: 8b9a640f76fdd44⋯.png (63.14 KB, 632x1263, 632:1263, rabbit zero jr1.png)




00a55c  No.12678560

File: c44ead3f062c830⋯.png (754.54 KB, 848x665, 848:665, No designation here.png)


That's a heavily cleaned up retelling of events. What happened was that they showed up to a hostel, with no room booked for the day, no call ahead about arriving early, nothing. They then go and sit down in the lobby. So far this isn't a problem. But then, they start making demands of the staff, throwing garbage around, and dragging around and moving furniture, and trying to sleep in the lobby, and telling other guests they need to leave "their" area.

The staff at this point asks them to leave, which they refuse. The staff then asks them again and informs them that if they don't leave they have to call the police because they're making a scene and breaking hostel furniture and equipment and throwing garbage all over the place. They refuse to leave again. The staff call the police, who on arrival politely ask them to leave, to which the Chinese respond to break down into crying and fits of kicking and screaming on the floor like actual fucking children. At this point the police has no choice but to drag them out, to which the chinks start screaming that they're being "killed".

And that's not even going into the infamous problem of street shitting the chinks bring with them everywhere they go.

86e89e  No.12678745


>the tourists were later dropped off at a graveyard

Hahahahahahaha I fucking wish

548e0f  No.12679290




Thats a heavy load of bullshit. What happend is some limp dicked faggot on the internet was butthurt so he just posted some shit and a load of other butthurt faggots just picked it up, then another faggot copy pasted it and added more shit and so on.

The faggots where asked to provide a source that at least confirms half of the shit he calim which they refuse dumping screenshots of faggots, trash blogs and screeeching "muh shills im being shilled"

And thats not even going into the infamous problem NSA bots shitting up /pol/.

000000  No.12679581


chinese street shitting tourists are well known all across europe.

c195f9  No.12694926

File: d6e74ed246c23e0⋯.png (289.82 KB, 600x616, 75:77, CUmad1SXAAQeYxe.png)


No, they literally take lessons from the jews. The chinks have been learning kike business since the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was first printed in their country. They literally thought it was a business manual. I wish I was making this shit up.

50cde2  No.12694965


>I wish I was making this shit up.

Well some other faggot made that shit up and yet another faggot parrots it. Whats the difference. Just like the retarded blogger myth that a book on Jews ruling Amerimutts alegedly reaching a punny million sales worldwide somehow makes it a 1 Billion population "housholditem".

50cde2  No.12694966

c195f9  No.12695056

File: fdeee578b98c3d4⋯.jpg (19.51 KB, 480x240, 2:1, eoYxQlA.jpg)


You already failed, shill-kun. You already failed.

c195f9  No.12695064

<on topic

Here's the info on these chink's 5g emitters. https://archive.fo/BatAh Anyone able to find the source code for these? I'd especially like to see what variables can be modified remotely on these.

c195f9  No.12696319

File: 7439bcb0a0586d6⋯.png (29.55 KB, 493x275, 493:275, Screenshot from 2019-01-19….png)


Source? I can't see how the chick on the right could possibly fail to breed, wit looks like that.

50cde2  No.12699586




>MAGA niggers trying to keep their dead ((Bloomberg))) thread alive with low effort shitposting

839488  No.12700442


Thanks, this was the only answer that came close to making sense. However that sounds like a contract violation which would make it a civil not criminal issue.

1df1b3  No.12700568



>countries are so cucked they will bend to any demand as soon as another country uses the raycism card

Another day in clown world.

05a6ae  No.12701395


>They got very defensive once the stories started hitting.

We can't do jack fucking shit in the face of communist subversion, but if somebody interferes with our maple syrup supply, hoo boy! Watch out!

I fucking hate this country.

245e61  No.12701402


>How long

As long as it took you to write that comment.

245e61  No.12701408


Beat me to it.

245e61  No.12701426


>They literally thought it was a business manual.

It pretty much is. How to fuck over your competition.

d65a05  No.12707464


Their entire state, political system, and culture was invented by jews. China was wiped out in the 50s and 60s and replaced with a jewish proxy society, they aren't "becoming more and more like jews" they are a literal tentacle of jews doing things for the jews.

f4a37a  No.12725745

File: c1bc8c91cc34a81⋯.jpg (101.29 KB, 529x386, 529:386, enemies.jpg)


the lines are being drawn

26449b  No.12725748

File: 0d9e3af93defb02⋯.png (34.15 KB, 900x552, 75:46, 0d9e3af93defb02e3e256168f1….png)

Fuck off China

a920fa  No.12725760


No real regime change happened in China in the 50s and 60s… it was Mao Zedong's authoritarianism throughout both decades. The real changes happened under Deng Xiaoping, who made China more inclined toward corporatism.

I do not think China is part of a Jewish conspiracy. They do not recognize Judaism as an official religion like they do Christianity, Islam, Taoism, and Buddhism. They also have an incentive to be against Israel because Israel is an American ally.

f4a37a  No.12725779


I do take my syrup seriously


this is absurd though, we have enough inspection of goods that i'm sure the vast majority of any goods we need comes through the US.

polite sage for not the topic of the thread

26449b  No.12725780


The Soviets didn't even see Judaism as a religion.

000000  No.12727047


i wish i was still this naive anon.

f06275  No.12727084

Ahaha they finally figured out the magic phrase they have to say to white leftists to get everything they want.

82109b  No.12727099


I've seen this image a few times now, and each time I've asked for a source and have not received one.

ccc3d9  No.12743974

File: 7ccf541d1e293ef⋯.jpg (107.7 KB, 2048x1896, 256:237, 7ccf541d1e293ef8492f609913….jpg)

US accuses Huawei of stealing trade secrets & dodging Iran sanctions

>The US Department of Justice has unsealed two indictments charging the Chinese technology giant Huawei of fraud and conspiracy to steal T-Mobile’s robot technology and dodge the US sanctions to do business in Iran.


To the surprise of nobody, the Chinese government Huawei has been engaging in literal corporate sabotage of western companies.

Nanking II when

762c76  No.12744223

The Chinese are cry bullies.

35b6e6  No.12744521

File: 727e3fc9e8d9289⋯.png (305.25 KB, 2380x466, 1190:233, polwizard.png)


source for this? I want to know.

a3e5f2  No.12744712

File: 9535198d3f53d7b⋯.png (467.9 KB, 714x918, 7:9, 1434966689845.png)

My Vietnamese girlfriend told me Chinese eat babies but only female ones. So after eating they eat their own young as a dog or hamster might nothing surprises me about Chinese. Pic related.

e2d59e  No.12744717

Nobody cares about Communist filth.

9feae2  No.12744744


the Nigerian embassy does a similar thing to keep its clip joint rackets going

9feae2  No.12744746


in japan*

a3e5f2  No.12744752


Doesnt help Japanese women are the mudsharks of Asia basically either. Every other Jap had a nig following them around at the airport I was at. Although I hear < 2% of Japanese women marry foreigners. I've seen it and heard about it time and time again online. Jews are finished blacking European women now they convinced gook women to become niggerlovers. Although in most Asian countries they hate blacks and with good reason.

da36ed  No.12744768

File: 6cfff081a8fd251⋯.jpeg (1.1 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 77ED9A11-AE9F-4D8D-8241-D….jpeg)

You fucks condemn China when they are an etho state and the people are pro Nazi. And lock up Muslims in concentration camps. If you ask me it’s just jews shilling against them for not sucking their cock.

Pic related, these Ching Chong cigs have more value than your unaccredited opinions.

f74440  No.12744782


no chink, no stink

no jew and no poo in the loo

sure they get a blue ribbon for trying and not being niggers

they still have been kiked the moment mao took over the country with one of the most connected kikes in the world as his finance minister

da36ed  No.12744791


Yeah, but are they still kiked? China then and China now are complete different. If they are kikes can you show me evidence? I just assume they’re not because they do the opposite of what the west does as far as diversity and helping Muslims/Niggers.

ae33cf  No.12744801


they don't, they let tons of niggers and poos in, they just have them all live in highly urbanized centers where they get washed out in the multitude of changs.

Changs aren't based, their economy is a worse house of cards then the USA and supply is already outstripping demand.

Also, chinks piss, burp, fart, spit and on the odd occasion shit in public. Their IQ stats are most likely way over exaggerated.

1e60e2  No.12744802


clean your nails

da36ed  No.12744823


I agree about the I.Q. part being hyped but they are the only non white world power so they can’t be that dumb. Yeah they let them in but they also kick them out as soon as they’re a problem. Plus they aren’t PC over there so they will target the poos and niggers as they see fit. But if they aren’t a kiked nation then we shouldn’t be against them. If anything they could even theoretically lend support as they apparently hate the (((USA))) system which is a good thing.


Fuck off shill. I was scraping resin. Go take your moshe ways to leftypol. The fact you’re shilling me just tells me I’m onto something here.

a3e5f2  No.12744839


Stop smoking weed boyo. I had chink cigs before my ex was a chink

da36ed  No.12744842


>Stop smoking weed goy

>You are infringing on our CIANIGGER business.

Fixed it for ya. Why not smoke? Better than the normie equivalent of drinking piss tasting beer. Also anyone have evidence that China is currently kiked? Or I’m just going to assume (((they))) are pushing lies because they are threatened by the Ching Chongs.

e1140e  No.12744873

Chinks and mongoloids come from mixing of reptoids from the depths of Tartarus with vile human witches

a3e5f2  No.12745106


Weed is a nigger drug and makes people dumb. It's legal here in Canada so Idk why you have your panties twisted in a knot. Maybe cause you live in a state where it isn't in the USA.

3b8fd1  No.12745108

File: f85344ee876e5c8⋯.png (295.7 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20190201-043909.png)

File: e9ddfb74c50b662⋯.png (346.94 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20190201-043856.png)

File: eb121a25e944691⋯.png (390.12 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20190201-043448.png)

File: c4cd501871d21ff⋯.png (338.81 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20190201-043650.png)

File: eb121a25e944691⋯.png (390.12 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20190201-043448.png)



The chinkyim know.


3b8fd1  No.12745119

File: b8f3655615ab95f⋯.png (343.9 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20190201-044954.png)

File: 897e9bcdad3a573⋯.png (322.99 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20190201-045122.png)

File: c5b8d948fe0a69d⋯.png (341.51 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20190201-045129.png)



>The Backward is a retarded blog

Agreed, fellow MAGApedo


da36ed  No.12745165


>Weed is a nigger drug

Oh you mean how it causes niggers to play jazz while raping white women? Are you a DuPont paid shill? I have no worries as I know I’ve been under investigation before and never got caught. Kinda weird when I approach police infront of my house in unindentifble uniform and they speed away. All in all eat shit CIANIGGERS.

932219  No.12745238


Not before nuking of Israel maybe?


Vietnamese are genetically Chinese. Thai are about half Chinese. Maybe you should kill yourself?


More like jews shills against China by using /pol/'s hatred for jews as advantage. This place is full of shills and they would have you believe China is totally controlled by jews. Just switch US with China and the truth comes out. Classic projection from shills.

05e10a  No.12745262


>There's nothing to the yellow peril gwai lo

>Just Jews trying to mislead you XD

After Jews, Chinese are the greatest threat to the white race at the moment.

da36ed  No.12745381


Yeah the first person that brought up Jews to me controlling America was a girl from China. No wonder why they fear them they are wise to their bullshit. In China whites are more respected than in their own countries. Kind of a shame people are being duped. Nationalist revolution when? ;)

592f0c  No.12745687


Yep. It's still kind of unexpected for her to be that redpilled, although not impossible.


Look at this yid kvetch!

da36ed  No.12745702


It was from some online chat thing. We were chatting and I was like, isn’t your govnerment corrupt and steals money from the people all the time? She was like yeah but your country is run by the Jews. Ever since then I’ve dig deeper and deeper until I ended up here lol.

592f0c  No.12745748


Sometimes you have to leave the cave to see the machines at work inside. The Chinese were watching the hypocrisy of our media, govt, etc. against them for a long time. Good for you to wake up anon. Also look up National Endowment of Democracy. It's just CIA in another name. Established and run literally by jews.

da36ed  No.12745768


I will and I’m not surprised. It’s disgusting how bad it is now. We won the Cold War to only lose to communism 20 years later. It’s a shame. If only the world had solved the Jew problem sooner.

a7066c  No.12745772


Canada is famously liberal, who the fuck do they think they're fooling?

05e10a  No.12746755


>Chink pretending to be white


Here's the thing, they know we're controlled by jews, but they don't care. Why would they? They like Jews, they want to be more like Jews. I've been to China and a Chinese businessman told me that outright, that Jews are good with money, whites aren't, and the Chinese are more like Jews. Here's a shitlib article kvetching about the same thing


30e3d4  No.12747139



>bigger than Jews taking control of all data exchange

Believe me I have to been paying attention to this

da36ed  No.12747986


So what this article says essentially is they know what Jews are and want to aspire to be like them. Thanks for actually posting some form of evidence. So they aren’t pozzed but want to poz others. Amusing and sad at the same time. Any idea how they feel about Israel?

6558df  No.12748168





6558df  No.12748174


>albino fetish

nigger how did you even get this? I know that the palest aryans are the most beautiful but this is extreme

c4805c  No.12748225


>at the request of the United States.

After alienating themselves diplomatically they're wont to do what their more vaunted neighbor requests. Its hilarious that China thinks they can just fool and shame anyone they want with baseless accusations.

05e10a  No.12748611

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Israel's known for selling American military technology to the Chinese.


I doubt the average Chinese citizen cares about Israel, even the aspirational ones who admire kikes. But their government is certainly happy to pay for American tech they want to reverse engineer, and Israel's happy to take their money. There's probably a bit of common sentiment over oppressing Muslims. Embed kind of related.

ee8416  No.12748620

I really don't get how there isn't a widespread movement within the USA to see Israel as a problem

0479dc  No.12748627

So after we dealt with the jews we'll have to deal with the chinks…..


c981bb  No.12749058


China is a paper tiger though, I'm not worried about our ability to take them down. The only reason we'd have a problem is cucks in our own ranks trying to save them - a far greater concern.

b973e8  No.12749748

i'm very disappointed.

of course chinese are about chink supremacy,and they try to fuck us over at every turn, and why not?

i thought that at least they were beyond that hypocrisy.

at least now we can ask them why is china so not diverse? why so rayciss?

76802c  No.12749788

>Yuo arr a hwite suuprmisut

Chinks, everybody!

778639  No.12749898

File: 44bdcffb692dde5⋯.png (24.79 KB, 1094x431, 1094:431, product_safety.png)

File: ec71fc3e17c11b3⋯.pdf (1.8 MB, HUAWEI S7-Schematics.pdf)

The (((GLOBALISTS))) do not want Huawei to succeed.

I just did a thread about them here -


>Can anyone confirm that Huawei poses any additional security risks to individual users other than the narrative that (((they))) are pushing?

>I have just been listening to some (((political discussion))) on Chinese Technology -

c59f0b78524dc6279d2c0c580d60b7d-audiompeg.mp3 -

>and one of the things they spoke about was Huawei.

>The current meme that (((they))) are pushing is that Huawei poses a security risk.

>Let me point out though that what Huawei is being accused of, are the same things that the NSA has been doing as was pointed out in Edward Snowden's leaks.

>I also think about the idea that there is an unspoken but obvious Technology Trade War between China and the U.S..

>(((Them))) making statements and pushing the idea of, "Chinese Tech Is A Security Risk," and "Huawei is controlled by the Chinese Government," makes people paranoid and causes them to not buy Huawei products.

>With the advent of 5G coming, (((they))) want us to believe that the chinks want to spy on ordinary citizens.

>(((They))) don't want Chinese Tech Companies to make money causing (((them))) to lose market dominance.

>And, (((who))) said there is no Trade War?

>But, with all that commentary, you can see why I think that, "Huawei is bad," is bullshit.

>Please confirm.

I then look at Pic 1 —- (product safety flowchart)

I go to a huawei schematic download page at


then I download and read the attached pdf file of a Huawei schematic.

I am going to assume for a moment that the (((GLOBALISTS))) are trying to meme Huawei into non-relevance because they are threatened by Huawei

778639  No.12749901


oops - here's that mp3 link: https://endchan.xyz/.media/7c59f0b78524dc6279d2c0c580d60b7d-audiompeg.mp3

000000  No.12750059


chinese tech is totally safe guys, even safer than american tech which is also completely safe. nothing to see here.

13cfa2  No.12750096

Any time you see that term, "white suppremacist" thrown around, you immediately know: JEWS AT WORK.

13cfa2  No.12750114

Choy vey!

a579b2  No.12750843


Hey 50cuck army faggot, if you're so pro-Hitler why did you send a statue of Karl Marx to Germany?

000000  No.12750881


This is a little far fetched. People keep trying to sell the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" line with the Chinese but it totally does not apply to them. Where they can, they will spy and steal and engage in other dodgy bullshit. That's their nature. To say nothing of the fact that they've been ripping off our tech for decades.

05e10a  No.12751518


Yeah it's more like the other way around. Jews see Chinese as an enemy of an enemy, and the Chinks are perfectly happy to go along with it.

575368  No.12774553

File: b7870b2c3daf620⋯.jpg (209.81 KB, 1280x1109, 1280:1109, 8WxHbJV.jpg)


>"Western egotism and white supremacy"

Topkek, this is to good to be true. Get em you chinks.

87b358  No.12774572

I just want my 200$ chinese phone that's better than any i phone or samsung on the market, why u do dis usa?

e85e4f  No.12774620


Get a Nokia 8 or 9 when it comes out.

5af2b5  No.12793502

File: 053371f938b2597⋯.jpg (42.53 KB, 640x960, 2:3, MCGA.jpg)

File: 7e1a1f87f5b13dc⋯.jpg (119.56 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, blonde.jpg)

File: 681c40383e3b616⋯.jpg (179.44 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, forMadMax.jpg)

guys, I have recently become fixated on a waifu and have urges that might lead me to create happas, how do I curb these unhealthy feelings?

4822b4  No.12814965


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