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File: c6175514e1319b4⋯.jpg (58.73 KB, 750x580, 75:58, public opinion.jpg)

281b17  No.12664404

The internet fucked up the world. All this internet mass communications stuff, its taken the life out of life. Yes life is still great and there is still liberty and etc but in a sense mass communications has destroyed liberty, in a sense.

It used to be that you could be a racist redneck in the south and have racist comedians, racist clubs etc, and no one would really do anything about it because there wasn't this giant mass of useless people just waiting for social media to tell them to be outraged by something.

Thanks to media and internet and various technologies you now have a giant mass of people with nothing but time on their hands who just collaborate with each other to find the new thing to be outraged by, and you can't really have regional racist redneck cultures it seems because some asshole is just going to start complaining about it then a bunch of middle class white leftists are going to start persecuting them it would seem. The white left is just awful in their behavior, I have family members who are white leftists so I don't hate them but they do suck.

Really lets face it, white people and our inventions fucked things up to a degree. The world has become just a group of people sitting on their asses talking shit to each other online, really its a cowards wet dream. You can talk all sorts of shit without having to worry about the person being near you when you say it.

This internet mass communications isn't good though. Control is exercised through communication. We control things through symbols words, and expressions. Providing everyone with communications devices and cameras just enables people to collectively become big brother and evolve into some sort of borg hive mind creature. We have really created a fucked situation and I don't know if there is any way back.

I think we can make the best of it and create good lives but this stuff is fucked. If they try to get you to accept brain implants to connect online reject it, reject getting hooked up by your brain to the internet because some assholes have been trying to create that, but its crap.

dc1447  No.12664414


281b17  No.12664423


Thats really passive aggressive

054aa8  No.12664435

That's right everyone. ZOG has only existed for the last 30 or 40 years since the internet has been a thing. No way it hasn't existed since 1913, no way it's existed for centuries and been behind the collapse of all White civilizations (and even shitskin "civilizations").


dc1447  No.12664440


Tbh, there isn't much to say.

Just seems like a cuckchan thread.

000000  No.12664582


I am only chiming in to offset the shameful idiocy of these two posters:




OP, you're exactly right. The game has entirely changed, because now anything said anywhere is effectively said /to everyone/, so anything said must offend /nobody/.

I noticed a few years back that the niche forums were getting their traffic bled dry by subreddits for the same content. While you used to have a dozen quirky little forums with various levels of knowledge on a subject, it's easier to get more eyes on a post if there's huge traffic, so the posters fled to reddit. The problem was, once the userbase on a forum gets too big, most of the people at any given time will be newbies so it becomes impossible for more advanced knowledge to be cultivated or focused on. Everything becomes "read the faq/sticky" and endless repetitive discussion of entry level topics.

Further as you point out, on forums every voice is equal, so all the other equal humans (read: dumbasses) gang up to shout down anyone who is at all offensive or talented, so we can all go back to reading the sticky and being beginner morons forever at whatever is being discussed.

The simplest step forward I think is blog rings. On a blog one voice is up on a pedestal and thus matters more, so smarter/bigger ideas can be published in detail, and blogs can link to each other to the extent they believe the other people are worth a shit, so traffic spreads around between similar blogs without the need of intermediaries like Google.

Please consider this idea, I think it might be a good way forward. It might also raise the level of discourse quite a bit also.

659b87  No.12664616

The internet is accelerationist because it allows a decentralized narrative. Traditional authority figures no longer have the same pull they once did, instead there are multiple groups pushing a narrative from the bottom up rather than the top down. I use the word narrative in the sense of basic cognitive mapping, not necessarily a story. This allows for ontological manipulation through want of social status. It's a cycle and has happened before, but this time it will move faster because of technological innovations.

Anyway, congrats on figuring it out. Good luck trying to live without it

bd1b29  No.12664641


>It used to be that you could be a racist redneck in the south and have racist comedians, racist clubs etc,

I got news for you they still do, all over the world Kikeberg.

>yes things were much better when we only had NBC, CBS, and ABC to tell us what to think.

800d2b  No.12664650

White conservatives created modern society, white liberals ruined it.

The opinion of browns is not considered.

b8d846  No.12664706


Same solution as always: kill everyone that is not aligned with what we want.

f9751e  No.12664788


The Internet shattered the jew's death grip on information, you wretched kike slave.

3e71e3  No.12664797


What do we want Mr CIA?

e5697a  No.12664810

It was a bad kiked up mess long before the Internet, it's just that the Internet has amplified things.

000000  No.12664814

who got the best cc websites

520ab6  No.12664844


Hello fellow white person.

The world is too much with us, and whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority it is time to pause and reflect.

520ab6  No.12664850


The internet actually beat the kikes for the first time in since carrier pigeons and they seem to have forgotten how to innovate when they can't steal and enslave.

79bcf9  No.12664871



dfd7da  No.12664936

3 meta 5me

376983  No.12664951


cowardism is the root of all evil

c1e921  No.12664991


Yes, this is one of the major gears in the machine of freedom-dignity destruction. The other factor is cellular phones. Now there are compartmentalized, varied, multi-purpose, pervasively distributed, systematically deployed social engineering networks that utilize people everywhere in their normal locations, and some are recruited to be involved full time, so as to enable any sort of psyop, info-op, or other subversive/sabotage/wet op to be conducted so that there are covert and weaponized mob activities using everyday people, all over the damn place. I call them "cell phone guided meat drones". That's used for surveillance, but mostly harassment, honeytrapping, derailment, and many other operations usually reserved for counter-intelligence against traitors or foreign spies. That also has destroyed the sense of what life once was, what it should be, and what it ever will be. Sociocide, mentacide, civicide, have all been effected by the combination of these two factors alone, the weaponized internet and cellular phone terrorism. Then directed energy weapons and psychotronics, all ubiquitously deployed as part of the dual purpose modern civil/metropolitan/utility/technology infrastructure, binds it all together into an open air death/reeducation/prison complex.

c1e921  No.12664998


Fuck you and your wasted digits. He's making a valid point. All you shills can do is call people kike when you disagree because you probably are the goddamned kikes.

2b0644  No.12664999

File: 7327910742ecb11⋯.gif (105.83 KB, 432x432, 1:1, 1547196283652.gif)

I've always referred to the internet as the modern tower of babel. I really do miss pre 2007 internet before it became so widely used. Its all a cycle and everything will come to a head like it has for over a millennia

7c6a69  No.12665015

I'm 65 and I'm telling you that the Internet and high powered computation is the best thing that's happened in my lifetime.

I was talking to a 40 year old guy at work and he was joking with me about my plans to build a really powerful AMD 2990WX CPU computer. He said; "You're going to have a CRAY supercomputer on your desk".

I replied; "the phone in your pocket is more powerful than the CRAY supercomputer".

That boggled his mind.

The world neural network boggles my mind. The fact that it makes the turdy bloated bureaucrats of big government crap their depends just tickles me to no end.

7c6a69  No.12665017


This, totally this.

1608ed  No.12665051

File: d1e51224ac521c7⋯.jpg (264.82 KB, 700x460, 35:23, Cina-_Winnie-Xi-1.jpg)

>hurr durr the internetz be destroyan muh liberties

yeah, because the internet played such a great role in destroying it in the last 100 years

OP is a fag and a kike

ff821a  No.12665068

File: 408b6fc28ee37bc⋯.jpg (89.02 KB, 554x617, 554:617, KVETCH KVETCH KVETCH.jpg)

966beb  No.12665083

File: f2907e2b65b78cf⋯.png (410.38 KB, 839x629, 839:629, open.png)


Effectively it's a supercomputer, compared to 80's micros. But the irony is it's barely enough to run CURRENT_YEAR ass bloated botnet software, so I don't see that as much of an improvement. In the old days you could run Wordstar on a 4 MHz CP/M computer with 64 KB RAM. Now you need X-core iBotnet to run Windows 10 and their stupid office suits, all of which spy on you, are full of bugs, and that you don't even really own because it's all a fucking "software as a service" now.

Same deal with web browsers. In the 90's you could browse web from any computer with a modem and serial terminal software that let you login to your shell account on ISP Unix box (typically SunOS or FreeBSD/386BSD back then). If your ISP offered SLIP or PPP accounts, you could also do that on any computer with nework stack and basic browser like Lynx or Mosaic. But now you need GHz processor and gigs of RAM to run Firefox or Chrome just to fucking display text on a website that loads 50 megs of javascript, a lot of which is actively tracking your ass and/or running bitcoin miners or outright trying to hack you. And your supercomputer just makes it that much easier for them, because it's so fucking fast and so fucking complicated and full of "interesting" things - video related (but also read/watch his older presentations, like the Memory Sinkhole bug).


^ can't embed this video, 8ch just says "file already exists", so just go there yourself

9ccf3d  No.12665163


Yeah, I also agree, but for different reasons. Seems like 2006-2010 was the era where turbo-Jews starting shutting down internet comments. Once Facebook became the de facto standard of social justice, that is.

It's bullshit. Fake Ideological turf war… with the referees being corporate media shills.

Marketing. Pozzing free speech for shekels. Creating algorithms that filter out users that don't make them enough money.

For me, learning about NatSoc was essentially like watching The Matrix for the 3rd time. Wait, so reality goes beyond pop culture? Of course it does, you fool.

Poor people tend to buy brand name items, including HBA, laundry detergent, clothing.

Buy and hoard Collector's Edition GoT DVDs. Because they're dumb. Human beings willfully selling their souls to Disney, Netflix, and HBO.

7c6a69  No.12665210

41ff47  No.12665229

File: 5c0fe829607003f⋯.png (581.95 KB, 764x471, 764:471, Look Into My Eyezzz.png)


this it fucked up the rodents world domination plan which is why the big push by them to dominate it with ugly semitic noses and mass censorship with funding from aipac.Its litterally another holocaust to them when goyim realize what the rat has been doing for millenia.It could very well mean their extinction or at the very least absolutely ripped from all power or influence amongst us starting with the fed reserve and on down.

a4035c  No.12665302

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

God you're a pussy OP. No one gives a flying fuck if you're "racist". Its current year+3. Who gives a rats rectum what some faggots on the internet think about you.

8a9096  No.12665342



kys post haste

a1c01a  No.12665633

In fact, internet is a game changer in politics because, for once in history, would make a representative system aka "modern democracy" near useful, in the sense that it has a chance of atually working.

That said, it would work only if people are completely redpilled (so info descentralized) and kikes don't have a monopoly on all media (many youtube channels, 8ch-like boards, news sources greater than the 3-4 main ones we have, etc)

That's why kikes are working hard on regulate the internet, and the second plan is to monopolize it by having 2 or 3 controlled media that spans 99% of the social media traffic and only 1% (with their control too) for dissident opinions (but with heavy disinfo put there)

The speed with which information travels through people can modify completely the sociopolitical system and this can be explored in basic game theory

ebb1db  No.12665649


criminally unchecked trips

i say shut the internet the fuck down

b7ce5e  No.12665670


Pandora's Box has already been opened. It's the same with AI. Whoever uses it will win. Imagine if you could replace all the highly paid engineers at your company with one powerful computer running AI… It really is going to change everything.

We have to shape the future, because the past is gone.

000000  No.12665734

>abloo abloo

The internet has done FAR more good than bad. the government may use it to spy on citizens, but now thanks to hackers and leaks citizens get to spy on the government and learn all of its most embarrassing secrets. The jews may control social media, but for the first time entire generations are being informed as to exactly who it ruining our countries. If every nation on the planet acts as one to overthrow these corrupt assholes it will be because first we all agreed who was causing the problems. The internet has made this possible. Currently news media is being very quiet and nervous about the yellow vest movement. But we still know. And the yellow vests are even calling out jews as the source of the problem.

71e97e  No.12666059

File: 75bfba903bd8e37⋯.jpeg (86.68 KB, 990x594, 5:3, 1CA020A3-81D4-4676-A3DA-5….jpeg)

The internet is a necessary Evil, but for the most part I agree. Amplified the degeneracy, poz, narcissism and people’s inflated egos by few hundred times.

1e77d1  No.12666070


>angry jew kvetches about the internet causing wild spread awareness of the jew

I think the internet has enriched my life, and given it a meaning.

1886a5  No.12666097


>The public, non educational, normalfag internet fucked up the world.


1886a5  No.12666101


>I really do miss pre 2007 internet before it became so widely used.

I really do miss pre 1993 internet before it became so widely used.

1886a5  No.12666109


My father's Toshiba calculator from the 70's with nixie tubes cost more than my desktop.

1886a5  No.12666123


>Seems like 2006-2010 was the era where turbo-Jews starting shutting down internet comments.

I was hanging around leftists then and didn't notice. Hmm. I did notice there was a real critical mass of censorship in 2012-13 (right after Obama was reelected) and it was a real shock to say the least that (((SJWs))) had infiltrated to that extent.

It made me reexamine my views on tolerance of gay rights and other things as well, as I've noticed the "give them an inch, they demand a government-subsided mile" attitude toward the (((grievance class.)))

1886a5  No.12666126


>The speed with which information travels through people can modify completely the sociopolitical system and this can be explored in basic game theory

This, in fucking spades.

c75c21  No.12666141

>complaining about the one thing thats allowed the population at large to have an edge over countless govt psyops and media fabrications

i agree that for the most part, it has sucked the life force out of many, and the people that were already sheep-ish are now full fledged cattle. but they were never going to be worth anything anyways.

on the other hand, think of the last time that there was a successful op on behalf of the big boys. internet communities that pay attention to such things like here generally are able to disprove it in a fairly short amount of time, and can continue doing so as there is no one person behind it, so therefore it cannot be shut off.

things certainly couldve gone better, but like i said, most normalfags use this vast array of information as a way to watch porn, and/or socialize with people they already know irl. they were never going to take advantage of this gift even if we wanted them to

3181dc  No.12666145


Didn't read it all. Maybe you made good points maybe you didn't.

Global socialization ruined the world. the internet did not. If the internet was purely for information sharing and not social media, it would be fine but the minute you allowed people to share their ideas in a non informative way is the day life was lost.

Nobody cares or benefits from an enlarged community that doesn't share resources. If the internet was basically limited to colleges and Wikipedia and online libraries. It would be Gucci.

909a77  No.12666158


100% this.

c75c21  No.12666160


>I did notice there was a real critical mass of censorship in 2012-13 (right after Obama was reelected)

in my mind the real crackdown happened alongside the massive psyop that was the occupy movements. this was the rollout of the "SJW movement™" in the west imo and it was reinforced by online moderation and information that favored it.

they simply could not have normalfags talking about fractional reserve banking

430d17  No.12666163


>open info is bad!

That's why the kikes are trying to shut it down for bad boys right? Fuck off.

5d32c2  No.12666267

Every major website is controlled by social vengeance warriors. Twitch literally has a "GenderfluidPride" emote. Kids are growing up in leftist echo chambers where they are told that everything that was normal 20 years ago is a literal holocaust. It's like the edgy atheism trend of the late 2000s but many times worse. At this point, living in the Soviet Union would probably be a more fulfilling, happy existence than this.

bc1b9f  No.12666275

The internet has been wonderful for the world. Imagine if the mainstream media were your single source of information.

40bddf  No.12666444

File: 6c60c852f523425⋯.jpg (248.69 KB, 1024x795, 1024:795, george-lincoln-rockwell-ho….jpg)

File: 96518514531ada6⋯.jpg (454 B, 16x15, 16:15, bypass3.jpg)

Yeah it's a real 1-2 combo with the "How to Win Friends and Influence" crowd proudly calling themselves chameleons to just fit in. Then you've got the self-help/PUAs who never advance beyond the paradigm of clawing over each other those sweet sweet alpha points. The sad fact is selling out your race and progeny is very profitable, if only in terms of social acceptance.

dc40d4  No.12666451



>by revitalizing the far right after half century of functional extinction

Keep crying, Moishe.

b09a72  No.12666463

b09a72  No.12666504


It did not, internet fucked over media, as their services were no longer needed and revaled how scammy they were

Now mistake made is being corrected by force

Games trashed, every vid on yt is under unconditional censor each there is no posiblity to get world event in search as it is filled with fox, bbc, sun, shit news etc

Private accounts are being complely removed from all platforms at once, free media sources is hijacked, 4chan is being replaced by reddit, every site you go to swarmed withh adds and cookie stealers, not even talking about "cyberbulling/trolling" irl when fb and goolag keep storages of every useless shit you do

And when asked why, the answear is SJW, like bunch of retareds have any kind of power, especially to take over internet

It is misdarection

b9aba1  No.12666764

The internet WAS great before it was so centralized unto just a few platforms that openly censor and heavily.

6ad53f  No.12666789


Explain please.

331e42  No.12666925


>The simplest step forward I think is blog rings. On a blog one voice is up on a pedestal and thus matters more, so smarter/bigger ideas can be published in detail, and blogs can link to each other to the extent they believe the other people are worth a shit, so traffic spreads around between similar blogs without the need of intermediaries like Google.

This is the real reason Google killed reader, and in general tried to kill RSS, which was gaining a lot of traction during Web 2.0 times.

Maybe the only thing that needs to happen is a site that helps people set up actual-free-speech blogs, like an 8ch for blogs. Consider how hard they tried to deplatform the daily stormer, they sure don't want our kind of speech to be well-presented.

ad5b3f  No.12667098


>kill RSS

Before I discoved this place I fucking loved RSS.

>8ch for blogs


>Consider how hard they tried to deplatform the daily stormer

The fuck shack was controlled opposition. Anglin can go fuck a goat.

ad5b3f  No.12667108


>Nobody cares or benefits from an enlarged community that doesn't share resources.

That's precisely it, anon. The only online groups that thrive are church/cult based. That's why anonymity here is a feature and not a bug. We don't like or expect parasites.

I can't tell you how many (((online communities))) I've seen devolve into high school cliques.

d0afe6  No.12667122

The internet has been a blessing. Imagine where we would be now if the only tool to inform yourself would be the (((media))). Internet made the jewish lies obsolete and worthless. Today people inform themselves where news are discussed, and they get a pretty good idea of what is actually going on. Technology is on our side, without a question.

40fe81  No.12667225


Don't fall for the falacy of single causes.

It's entirely possible to understand the Jewish role in the subversion of society, and be free to critique the role of over-reliance on technology in the feminization and destruction of society.

You can do both, and I encourage people to do so.

4a04d3  No.12667279

File: 6db5f08e700ec8d⋯.webm (14.79 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Where We're Going WE DON'….webm)


>The simplest step forward I think is blog rings. On a blog one voice is up on a pedestal and thus matters more, so smarter/bigger ideas can be published in detail, and blogs can link to each other to the extent they believe the other people are worth a shit, so traffic spreads around between similar blogs without the need of intermediaries like Google.

I was literally saying this to someone earlier today. what is synchronicity

The best content is always found on blogs (sometimes vlogs/podcasts whatever) from people who know their shit.

The best way to find new content is through a network of trusted content providers. E.g. Adolf writes a post "Hey lads, you should check out Joseph's blog". You can bet your ass Josephs blog will be of good quality because you know and trust Adolf, for his content is good quality. This kills the shill.


>a site that helps people set up actual-free-speech blogs

Ideally everyone hosts their own platform, we should all understand the basics of the internet including how to host a simple http server anyway, in my opinion, it's only a tiny step further than abandoning microsoft or apple spyware.

No more social media centralization. Perhaps more ideally, everyone uses a decentralized platform that prevents content from being taken down by powerful parties.


^ this guy has got the right idea.

966beb  No.12667504

File: d3638b966a97074⋯.png (2.72 KB, 640x288, 20:9, b16.ans.png)


> pre-1993 Internet

Not much there except some academics. But the dialup BBS scene was comfy.

0daf54  No.12667638


Shut down the net and we shut down your civilization kid. We already know, thanks to the net, that the yids are hell bent on our genocide and openly flaunt it in our faces. That is their only over ridding goal that takes precedence over all. So the day they shut down the net, is the day they decided to bring this genocide into the open and start purging my kin and my family. So that is day one of open war and any whom stand in the way are legitimate targets as agents of the enemy and their goal.

So shut down the net. Then watch as everything gets shut down in turn.

4b740c  No.12667698


I remember the internet like this. Oh man… what was wrong with the 386/68030 and dial-up? *stepping back in time*

40bddf  No.12667714


Blogs are very easy to set up now with a static site generator like Jekyll, Next, Hugo, Middleman or a million others. Good list here: https://www.staticgen.com/ Then it's just a bunch of static html/css/js files that you can host for free in many places like Netlify which gives you access to a global CDN or you can just host it yourself and if you server it from a CDN or cache it's very hard to DDoS. The only challenge is DNS for when you get blacklisted Namecheap, Godaddy, etc. But a blogring would somewhat solve that since you could just keep your domain or IP updated there. I'm sure some clever engineer could make it even more foolproof.

b9aba1  No.12667718


I agree with this guy 100%. Make the internet web 1.0 again.

b9aba1  No.12667720


Who is this guy, btw? I want to sign up to stuff.

9b7757  No.12667737


I think the internet and smartphones especially have been weaponized by the white left. Nothing like twitter mobs could have been possible without 24/7 connectivity. You can see them on the streets everywhere in the occupied parts of the cities, half slack-jawed electronic opiate addict, half eyes shining with zealot rage.

9b7757  No.12667746


The addict predominates.

9b7757  No.12667749


t. phonefag

306731  No.12667864



Dub-Trips of


acc604  No.12667897


Perhaps your psyop was engineered to make its victims into pathetic losers.

2be762  No.12668617

Not just blogs and homepages, we need to return to the internet where everybody had handles and nobody used their real name.

7f28e4  No.12668659

I don't know… The world kind of seemed fucked up before the internet. In fact if anything the internet seems to have helped lead to a fracturing point as information moves so fast that no one really can control it.

The internet didn't cause America to become a brown shithole. America was already going that way before ahaha.

41ff47  No.12668793


>if only in terms of social acceptance.

race mixing whiute whores get the rope as there is nothing more disgusting than a mixed race shitstain baby.

Accept the truth and that is whites are better than all other races or they wouldn't try to be where we are.This bakward jew pushed agenda of race mixing only helps the rodent by diluting our strength,intelligence and natural beauty they can never come close to attaining being ugly hook nosed rat monstrosities,not only are they ugly af they are no where near as intelligent despite their claims so we by existing completely btfo their assumption of superiority.4

ff821a  No.12668801

Jesus fuck, so STOP USING IT if you can't control yourself.

ff821a  No.12668806

File: 898073dddd20bea⋯.jpg (19.67 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 94b766450552fe6a7a0767fd12….jpg)



>not a gibson

Fucking virgins.

165b6e  No.12668826


Fuck off, degenerate. Go put on your herpes creme.

000000  No.12668848

It was alright until the whole social media, selfie, IG, virtue signalling culture really took hold. So probably pre-2005-ish.

48f666  No.12668856



mid to late 90's and early 00's was the peak

41ff47  No.12668863

use it to your advantage or stfu

ff821a  No.12668865


Herpes doesn't come from RISC CISC faggit.

41ff47  No.12668868

many have been using it to *our* advantage and look at the rats squirm to shut it down.Nothing will ever get better unless all rats are exterminated from our societies period.Once this is done you will see prosperity beyond your wildest fucking dreams

ff821a  No.12668885

File: fecbde2e23d39ce⋯.jpg (478.8 KB, 1400x1072, 175:134, Merchant Received No Latin….jpg)


Yep. That global koom bye y'all shit in star trek? No jews. Not until they meet space jews.

a2fd2b  No.12668899


It's all narcissists trying to outdo each other.

saged for shit thread

41ff47  No.12668932


social media may have but if you go back up top op said Internets which social media is a fraction of.Exposure of rats has gone 10 fold to the point they are trying to censor the truth.That is without rats and shitskins in our mix we do better than any of them naturally because we are inherently better than them in and at eveything that matters.

a2fd2b  No.12668979


The truth has always been censored.

The good thing is that more people are more aware of it.

41ff47  No.12669018


you right however the internets changed all that and opened the flood gates on the rats.Now they are trying to censor as they recoil in horror of being called out on their bullshit.

ddc168  No.12669044


It really did, the lion's share of censorship is conducted through the web, where communication can be monitored by jew retards in diapers. Its worse than television, school, or religion, because the opiate is stronger. The men we had in national socialism prior were superior to anybody today, and they were much harder to police. Now the police just ban and babysit. They know exactly where we live and can follow us w/o the leg-work.

Get off the internet as soon as you can anons. If work requires smart phones, downgrade your careers. Blend in and become bystanders.

41ff47  No.12669189


bullshit you are no leader telling ppl to hide in the shadows while the rat runs ruff shod.Aboslutely Not.FIght or Die their is no room for bystanders jew

41ff47  No.12669213

you jews have to fucking die you are cancerous and should promptly be sent to hell.

51415a  No.12669259


Just a general instruction; learn to type proper English, scum.

41ff47  No.12669299


fuck your instruction nigger faggot and noted

41ff47  No.12669311

The jew purge is coming

ddc168  No.12669318



Alright, GI JOE.

Meanwhile any natsoc with sense is going dark so he can fight together with comrades, on a hill that matters.

41ff47  No.12669321


think you have misconception of what hill your going to be fighting on sitting in the dark

4a04d3  No.12669788


luke smith

40bddf  No.12669860


It sounds like your heart is in the right place but your writing is basically unreadable and doesn't represent yourself well. At first glance you come across like a nigger.

3e537c  No.12670098

File: 7748e364f889807⋯.jpeg (485.45 KB, 2000x1599, 2000:1599, Cognitive Bias Codex.jpeg)


>^ this guy has got the right idea.

Hi anons :)

The image in that OP (and subsequent revisions) primarily had a vision of decentralised blog rings in mind while being made. MDwiki probably isn't the best generator for the job in all honesty - the site that this anon >>12667714 mentioned has a lot of alternatives that may get things done better - but it was fine for conveying the general idea.

Like people in here have hinted at (and as >>12651836 explains), the real problems arose as the web began to consolidate and businesses realised how they could take even further advantage of this, by designing intermittent reinforcement-based content feeds and creating a feedback loop of rewards for people who engage with the sites. Combine this with establishment control over DNS and hosting systems and you have an even more potent machine for brainwashing than the old media conglomerates could have ever dreamed of.

Taking IPFS as a prime example of how content-addressed technology can help avoid 'de-platforming' and the rest of this setup, it would merely take, as the picture in >>12020142 suggests, minutes to spin up a functioning blog in markdown, and our IPFS peer IDs can first be shared over /pol/ to get an initial mass of people sharing content with one another, and then we can share each other's IDs on our own blogs to facilitate the spread of info within a (somewhat) trusted ring. We could create indexes of content (libraries, or sharing our /pol/ folders), like the sticky on >>>/pdfs/ has been re-purposed for, write our own pieces, or simply serve as an aggregate for others.

As for fixing the larger problem, which will include, among other things, re-appropriating the larger publishing services (including social media) and e-commerce / financial technologies into the hands of those that use them rather than those who have legal ownership of the servers, domains and brand names, that is what >>12020142 is for. But the technology itself already exists, we just need a bit of creativity to push the adoption of it into the minds of the wider public.

We're beginning to see the seeds of change already.

c87628  No.12670176



other than the fact that it would limit access to only those using tor, what do you have to say about implementing your idea of blog rings via an NNTP? it seems this would be the completely unstoppable way to establish your vision. there would be no feasible way to shut it down entirely

d04c2e  No.12670484


>printing press fucked up the world

>media fucked up the world

>movies fucked up the world

>TV fucked up the world

>internet fucked up the world

>jews didn't have anything to do with it

Op is a faggot that doesn't know history and thus blames the tool rather than the tool bearer.

d04c2e  No.12670504


>inb4 jewish infiltrated finance

>inb4 jewish infiltrated government

>inb4 jewish infiltrated academia

938db6  No.12675638

File: a9dc02550730ec3⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1012x1150, 22:25, muh_constitution.png)

File: a6d5803f0273e4c⋯.jpg (76.29 KB, 498x420, 83:70, (((Bernays)))_propaganda_p….jpg)

File: a39c77238b7e3d3⋯.png (2.38 MB, 1468x7317, 1468:7317, lemmings.png)


> Yes life is still great and there is still liberty

Stopped reading there. Lemming detected.

dec701  No.12675644

Nope, humanity did that all on their own.

dec701  No.12675670

Makes me wonder how many have gone full retard and taken all the implants

c04d34  No.12675704

The internet is a blessing and a curse. No way there would be all these redpills out there without the internet to share them. A lot of us here would be bluepilled still. We have all the information the internet has to offer but we also have to deal with the humanity killing aspect of the internet.

1c4680  No.12675790

File: b6fb1ae23092465⋯.jpg (54.83 KB, 900x510, 30:17, b249f2_6216491.jpg)


I've don't actually have any experience with Usenet or NNTP myself, so unfortunately I couldn't comment much on them. I will say that with content-addressed protocols (like IPFS), actually preventing the spread of data would require both totally quelling the ability of a particular peer ID in publishing (which would mean pro-actively stopping any device with access to that peer's private key from accessing the network), as well as stopping any peer with access to that content from establishing / using connections, something that would get exponentially harder with each additional seed of the content. Short of, say, a backdoor in IPFS utilising a blacklist that is never discovered (when generating completely new IDs would still be as easy as another `ipfs init`), I see no way of actually censoring things in practice.

I do encourage any way of obscuring your IP or finding alternatives to just DHT routing, though. I'd add that if you were to find such a solution, it would be wise to develop a quick conduit to publishing that would be very simple for a layman to pick up and make use of.

956b51  No.12675889

SHUT IT DOWN - the thread.

fuck off kike.

bd5026  No.12675897

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f7e6a8  No.12675934

File: 5cee32700678b32⋯.jpeg (2.26 MB, 1200x1357, 1200:1357, bill_of_rights_amended_fo….jpeg)


>bill of rights

did you make this? I can barely read the red font

a46950  No.12676208


That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard anon. I had purpose before the internet, and I’ll damn sure have purpose afterwards. Whether you like it or not

f37d37  No.12676219

>>The internet fucked up the world. All this internet mass communications stuff, its taken the life out of life. Yes life is still great and there is still liberty and etc but in a sense mass communications has destroyed liberty, in a sense.

So let me make a thread on a gook imageboard…

000000  No.12676841


Guys, this is what happens when you let shills create your threads, lol.

8a9096  No.12677566



0358fc  No.12678424


That was never the case. There were libraries and bookstories and espionage.

0358fc  No.12678425



3a4bfc  No.12678514


nice try kiks but not everyone is brain dead to the point of constant content consumation of digital media

c7f6f4  No.12682842



c8f19a  No.12691927


The internet was/is a double edged sword. It can be used for good and for evil. It can be used by communists, capitalists, socialists, fascists, or any other political group. It has revolutionized society as much as it has caused regime change, as much as it has caused damage and revolutions. The kike fears the good intents of the internet and intends to use it for bad. The nationalist fears the kikes' evil intentions and intends to use it for good.

This is a double edged sword. We have seen governments rise and fall already, just because of mass communication.

7104f5  No.12692228


>social vengeance warriors

I like that anon. And it's true: most of their uncles didn't use lube and now we get to suffer their autistic screeching.

7104f5  No.12692237


Several things happened at once:

>cheap digital cameras, first still and then video


>the 2007 version of Eternal September (social media and iPhones)

>paypal and cryptocurrency

If they had spread them out over 50 years, it might have worked. But they threw the kitchen sink at the problem because


and not only that


7104f5  No.12692249


BTW, Usenet had it's version of "kiked mods." Cancelmoose, for example. Joel K. Furr and David Lawrence used to rmgroup "non-approved" newsgroups as well.

774146  No.12692292


I say take it over, broadcasting nothing but truth.

269ff6  No.12693456


I think this gets more to the heart of the matter. In many ways the internet is invaluable, but it's also had a deleterious effect on society as a whole. A great many worthless people have become convinced that their worthless opinions really matter and must be shared, whereas everyone else's opinion and thoughts aren't to be regarded unless they reinforce the worthless opinions of the worthless person. We have many people who are only too eager to tell us the boring details of their mundane lives, only to swipe left when it's the listener's turn to talk. This type of person sees every man as an accessory to their own life, a follower, without feeling the need to follow back, listen, or acknowledge anyone else's unique sovereignty or worth as a person. This is how paid reviewers and shallow camwhores are able to flourish while earnest individuals and truth-tellers are driven out, deplatformed, or banned. Anyone who's had a store clerk respond "yeah yeah yeah" the minute they start talking knows that this is the verbal equivalent of swiping left, an attempt to shut down conversation that isn't valued before it can start. Every complaint is now worthless speech, and constructive criticism is just another form of complaint, so nobody will tolerate any sort of criticism and cries out "WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME?!?" when things go to shit. Why didn't anyone tell you? Because you said "yeah yeah yeah" and swiped left at the first hint of disagreement or criticism, you shallow puffed up narcissist.

And thus useless likes are the measure of life success to many people who conveniently forget that they swiped left on anyone who might have dared to disagree with them long ago. People like this are downright shocked to find out that people irl dislike them or disagree with their worthless opinions, they can't understand why they aren't well-liked at work or why they have so many customer complaints against them, never realizing that they don't listen and don't care about other people's opinions while relentlessly babbling about their own thoughts at top volume. We have a whole generation of people who can't communicate and can't deal with reality, flourishing only in the carefully curated environment of mainstream social media, where commercials and advertising actually get likes. They cannot look another person in the eye, they cannot keep a straight face, they cannot stop themselves from rolling their eyes in annoyance whenever they're gainsaid, and thus cannot perform the social niceties required for real-life interaction with others. This is the true nature of the underlying evil.

In spite of it, the internet was destined to happen, and is also capable of wonders and beauty despite the many turds floating in the punchbowl. We just need to find a way to undo the negative social programming that convinces even the most worthless person that they're a somebody. My wife and I have started ruthlessly interrupting anyone who says "yeah yeah yeah" in our presence (it's super effective) but there needs to be more defenses and reprogramming techniques and more people using them.

9df4e6  No.12693535



057ec1  No.12706423


were you around for usenet?

5c2a29  No.12706609


It's not the tech, it's what you do with it. Don't blame the hardware.

bfc32a  No.12707134


What is this yeah yeah yeah thing ! ?

000000  No.12707153

Is there any decent niche sites or communities left that feel more like the oldnet than the Web 2.0 cancer? What other imageboards or sites would you guys recommend?

f3e2ea  No.12707183

Electronics have been pushed by the jews for the past few hundred years.

Their goal is to use technology to take over the planet then the universe.

Honestly we're going to have to purge the world of jews and by that I mean kill them all.

859bf8  No.12707201

Back in the early 2000's IDF Mossad started a disinformation program called Rachamin.

This program was intended to portray various members of the IDF in a positive light having fought against Islamic terrorists.

Part of this program was to take otherwise scholarly fellows and craft a narrative of them also being heroic combat veterans in the war against terror. A war that Israel at the time claims they had been fighting for decades. A war that only the heroic Jews could fight noblely, and that all others were mere dogs of war to be directed and used by the Israelis. See where we are at now with that narrative?

Might I take a few seconds to remind everybody that terrorism was actually invented by the IDF Mossad field agents. It was later taught to the IRA through Muslims channels to create the narrative that it was a Muslim thing.

See the war against the Muslims had started a long time before they were actually actively attacking anybody. The entire Eighties was also filled with memetic terrorism from the middle east.

So Project Rachamin was merely the final swipe to craft that narrative into reality, and it started just before 9/11. With 9/11, they easily had a buildable framework of lies that could be used to support that narrative completely.

So with the start of this Project, they used Mossad agents that had rank and educations to create a narrative of being Billy bad asses.

They sold this story and it worked great for the first couple of years. It worked so well that support for Israel went through the roof. They started having Israeli antiterrorist agents on primetime news channels. Books about antiterrorist task forces selling like hotcakes. Everybody that lived during the Soviet Era was hooked into the whole spy thing like an addict with a new addiction.

Not only that, in came a group of people we call Hasbara. This is where Hasbara came from goys. Project Rachamin.

I encountered this Project, because I had a direct line of communication with the guy that created the Project itself. I knew who he was, and what the Project was. Only he had no clue I knew. So for over a year I trolled this guy on every platform I found him on.

I created the fake persona method of trolling as a means of obsufrucation. I became the deranged lunatic on screen to keep the real lunatics off my backside.

This method of trolling was so successful that I can actually both physically and literally claim to have destroyed one of Jews largest most comprehensive intelligence programs in the past century.

This is how I became Kek. Since then, I have created methods of trolling and counter propaganda techniques that have threatened even governments. I have made myself known to several governments around the world. I have been offered jobs in most of them. I have had politicians offer me roles in their campaigns. I had Masons and famous Jews ridicule and berate me. Including Bill Maher on his own TV show.

Yet, here I am hated by the left for making the worst candidate they have ever offered up lose her election for simply getting involved and supporting Trump instead.

Name recognition is real folks. If I posted my name here, many of you would recognize me almost immediately. It's a guarantee that many of you already know who I am.

I just thought I should finally clear up why and how all of this started. It started because I made the choice to destroy an Israeli intelligence operation. Has nothing to do with what happened in Phoenix.

0ea491  No.12725532

File: f7d58076661bc71⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 412x229, 412:229, 1504943542986[1].gif)

>If they try to get you to accept brain implants to connect online reject it, reject getting hooked up by your brain to the internet because some assholes have been trying to create that

5759b1  No.12729210


thanks for the post captain fucking obvious !

3274dd  No.12750632

de61c0  No.12750684

The internet is good, everyone can form their community (well, until government inferference) and demonstrate a microcosm. Notice how free speech heavy communities tend to be right wing while left wing communities have to be enforced with an iron fist.

0b15b7  No.12750717

File: c81912ce62edd9f⋯.jpg (38.96 KB, 500x448, 125:112, Replica-of-first-transisto….jpg)


>Electronics have been pushed by the jews for the past few hundred years.


0b15b7  No.12750722


>terrorism was actually invented by the IDF Mossad field agents


It was invented in the masonic lodge.

0b15b7  No.12750730


Kid, I was using UUCP when your mother was still in elementary school.

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