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File: 65ec5b81125b7c9⋯.mp4 (2.56 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Heather leads Taste of Ind….mp4)

5f7735  No.12665092


This is a new revelation folks.

d3386f  No.12665099

Maybe that's what triggered the heart attack the fat pig died from immediately after.

Lol, just kidding. Literally zero facts will help anything. The Jews needed a human sacrifice, and they got two of them. Moloch was so pleased he took down a police helicopter in celebration.

Remember kids – you're guilty of everything, always, and it's only a matter of time until a Jewish lawyer names your crime and sees you punished beyond reason. Being right doesn't help you at all, in fact being right makes your punishment worse.

52588c  No.12665102

File: 0700d13527f89ab⋯.jpg (16.43 KB, 480x360, 4:3, samhyde thanks white peopl….jpg)

I am just a stupid goy I don't see it.

5f7735  No.12665128

File: 035454ae4d03486⋯.png (400.5 KB, 704x461, 704:461, HeyerLeadingPair.png)

File: f5f181e9e324b11⋯.png (79.97 KB, 310x261, 310:261, Dreads following Heather.png)

File: 987b2ba4f74f0b5⋯.png (89.6 KB, 368x228, 92:57, Cap following Heather.png)

File: 94278b6615f5203⋯.png (36.51 KB, 267x476, 267:476, HeyerFront.png)

File: e792ea116d3bf08⋯.jpg (71.38 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, HeyerBack.jpg)


Here she is with them. You can see they are following her.

>shirtless guy with blue jeans and dreadlocks dismounts first

>black shirt guy with cargo pants and baseball cap dismounts second

You can see she matches the other known photos we have of her.

6868ad  No.12665130


> facts matter just like with the holohoax

Are you retarded or retarded?

5f7735  No.12665133


facts convinced you there was no holocaust, so yes they matter. You can't redpill everyone, but the more evidence we build, the more people we reach, the more chaos we sow.

d3386f  No.12665168

File: 94278b6615f5203⋯.png (36.51 KB, 267x476, 267:476, HH_Charlottesville.png)

File: 793d5669e3a3218⋯.jpg (26.38 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Trashheap.jpg)


>Fighting white supremacy by smashing Pajeets poo-mobile, kek.

6868ad  No.12665169


Anyone that gives a shit about facts already knows Fields is innocent.

d3386f  No.12665175

File: 76377f3f906cce5⋯.jpg (22.93 KB, 354x455, 354:455, HH_Charlottesville_2.jpg)

File: b325472d5ec209e⋯.png (142.92 KB, 269x480, 269:480, HH_Charlottesville.png)

d3386f  No.12665184

File: 94ab306e8c5385f⋯.jpg (46.78 KB, 588x543, 196:181, HH_Charlottesville_3.jpg)

File: 156153ab79cc019⋯.png (149.38 KB, 271x484, 271:484, HH_Charlottesville.png)

5f7735  No.12665214


Caring about facts does not mean that you have the skills or time to look them up.

29214c  No.12665266

Recommend James to appeal or seek a pardon.

5f7735  No.12665269


Pardon won't be on the table until 2021. He should appeal but who will help him with that. Denise Lunsford was never on his side to begin with.

6868ad  No.12665274


That's why you have to make emotional appeals. Normies don't care about what commie groups St Heather was a part of. They care about Fields' mother crying because her retarded son is a political prisoner.

d5ac65  No.12665436

Kid should never have let himself get taken alive, his mistake. Everyone by now should be aware the government is never on your side, facts don't matter in this country anymore to the retards who populate it

1c6226  No.12665659


>> facts matter just like with the holohoax

Facts matter, even if not for winning the case, but for redpilling those who are willing to listen.

WIth enough movement, an organic NS group may emerge (is a question of chance)

Also, facts scare jews.

Just don't fall for their bullshit and pilpul

9c3b39  No.12665739


Woah woah woah! That is her? Someone please tell me you still have old photos. She looks exactly like the woman that was in the lead vehicle blocking that street off.

63ec67  No.12665762

File: 1dd93be1cbef428⋯.jpg (58.29 KB, 736x736, 1:1, ObeseUnicorn.jpg)


As much as I hate this blubbery land-whale, this video really doesn't prove she was with them.

She burns in hell, now…and with THAT grease fire, even Satan himself can't get too near it.

6603b3  No.12665977

File: 1a1a221561a5f1f⋯.png (765.11 KB, 1039x1431, 1039:1431, 2019-01-12 09.34.37.png)

5f7735  No.12668200

File: 7fc90aa27af0810⋯.png (98.39 KB, 280x225, 56:45, LizeteShort.png)


You're referring to Lizete Short, the one who drove the maroon-red Honda Odyssey to block 4th St Street southern traffic for 5+ minutes, and was subsequently squashed between her own vehicle and the Tomota Camry the Washington negresses were in. Her god-daughter Mahtab Jamalreza runs the GoFundMe supposedly raising funds for Heyer.

They don't look "exactly like" each other. They're both white landwhales, but that's nothing unusual in a BLM mob. There were 2 others (green shirt and hairbun) who were also confused with Heyer simply because they were hambeasts, but if you know what details to focus on (like Heyer's braid) it's easy to tell them apart.

Someone shared the video she took of herself with her phone at one point, I'm having trouble finding it, anyone keep a copy?


> this video really doesn't prove she was with them

Sure it does, shill. She clearly approved of what they were doing, is basically smiling at them, and they follow her. Heyer is a leader of men. Are you some kind of misogynist who doesn't think women can be leaders?

bd5215  No.12668204

File: c57a22a2c3506b4⋯.gif (4.34 MB, 406x351, 406:351, jiggles_in_antifa.gif)


I have this photo of her

5f7735  No.12668207


We all have that, it's not particularly useful here. Don't derail.

5f7735  No.12668231

File: b4fddcca731f737⋯.png (750.2 KB, 884x524, 221:131, the 3 dopplegangers.png)


correction, Short (green circle) was hit by the front of her vehicle, it was turquoise shirt lady with white hair (orange circle) who got sammiched between the Camry/Odyssey after getting flipped through the air.

Red circle is the other woman some mistook for Heyer, but she was further back.

81a22e  No.12668235


It took 8 people to carry her.

faafed  No.12668245


So, none of those circles was Heyer?

7aa27f  No.12668246


dam yo look at dem curves nigga im finna get me suma dat pawg booty nah mean? *checheche* (weird gargling nigger laugh)

7aa27f  No.12668251


The guy in the back is the best part. His face is red from strain and he looks like he's about to faint.

5f7735  No.12668254


I'd say it was only SIX, 3 redhats in front and 3 rearmost guys.

The woman who is walking behind the yellowhat guy with yellow vest (across from yellowhat guy in red shirt) doesn't look like she is doing any lifting. If anything she's probably making it heavier by pressing down on Heyer's body.

Among the 2 yellow hat guys:

>red shirt guy is carrying stretcher with right arm

>yellow vest guy is performing chest compressions

Applying chest compressions would make the stretcher heavier for the 6 guys actually doing the lifting. If not for that, I imagine 4 guys could've managed the job.

2f39c0  No.12668479

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5f7735  No.12668630

File: f5aea8a55815c9f⋯.mp4 (1.53 MB, 270x480, 9:16, Heyer with Newports.mp4)

File: 28c863a2c7c1a5a⋯.mp4 (5.88 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Heather Heyer giving guy t….mp4)


4cca9e  No.12668783

i dont see her attacking anything

i have seen all of this footage before

no one is going to prosecute or reverse judgements in that shit town

kike free but not seeing the point of this post dude

c47e24  No.12668809


1st video

Last words in video "them niggaz……."

757d0f  No.12670161

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Well you faggots need to learn how to bring evidence up to court and how trials work and what they are 😀 you can pretend to be detectives all you like but until you actually have useful ideas of how to use it you're just fisting assholes aimlessly

7c66d7  No.12670165


thats the whale 🐋 that died? lol good riddance. think of the calories. the intake required to maintain that could feed 5 manlets

7bc3d7  No.12670171


Didn't the conviction of James Field already come down? Why wasn't this released until after the trial?

8f48ac  No.12670179


Oh, its you, the man who had all the facts his entire life.

3dab3e  No.12671695


>oy vey, remember the landwhales, never question the 6 gorrillion calories

3dab3e  No.12671701


>Being right doesn't help you at all

We know that. That's what dead hand switches are for. The chief of police fucks young boys? Video from the lodge… oh, sorry to bother you sir.

Level up and learn to play the game with these faggots.

b11c1e  No.12672260


>dat blackpill doe

>no goyim, don't post this video to social media and everywhere else in order to turn public opinion against the judicial system, instead let's do nothing, that's always better.

You seem to forget where you are, schlomo.

2045e2  No.12673036


That's not Hayer though, Hayer doesn't wear glasses although she is equally as fat.

afcc66  No.12677809

File: 2b6c0e16e6d6b5e⋯.jpg (1.87 MB, 1501x2107, 1501:2107, REMEMBER HEATHER HEYER.jpg)


>learn how to bring evidence up to court

>useful ideas of how to use it

What's your idea? The prosecutor (Nina Antony) and defender (Denise Lunsford) have a close friendship so they're obviously colluding and ignoring all the evidence we sent to them. We share it on the internet in hopes that reporters or other spokespeople will spread the memes. I know I've personally contacted Berke Bates' relative.


It was up before the trial, I remember seeing it in one of the ones at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmvomsTapEzVgBGCyb7BSNg/videos


What point are you trying to make here? Are you in the "Heather survived" camp or something?


Yeah it's always criticizing us for doing too little while the do nothing.


>Hayer doesn't wear glasses

Heather HEYER has worn glasses for years. You're confused just because the media showed some selfies she took with them off.

Here, I just spend 10 minutes making a collage for the ignorant faggots. Notice the ones with glasses and how they correspond to the ones without. You should be able to grasp this is a person at various stages in their life.

92535a  No.12677994


Jesus Christ, I recognize a fat girl angle pic when I see it but this woman was a fucking behemoth.

What was her fucking BMI? 40 or higher? She was liable to drop dead of a heart attack any time.

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