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File: e61bd75c37f262c⋯.jpg (673.44 KB, 780x1040, 3:4, 1545391671338.jpg)

be9f93  No.12665860

Do good Jews exist?

Every Jew I've met and heard of even at their best seems to exude a subversiveness and lust for debauchery. Even those with zero political affiliations seem drawn to perversity. As if it's in their very nature.

I believe IQ is only a base, rudimentary factor that explains differences between races. For instance, West Africans and Tamil Indians have similar IQs, but West Africans are FAR more violent, while Indians are more driven by sex alone, hopeless romantics in general.

The Nordic male is intelligent, patient, and calm, generally, very smart yet verbally inferior to the Germanic, who is intelligent, inventive, and more expressive. Some of the best musicians. While the Celt has the best speakers, writers, and is very intelligent too.

What I'm saying is that each race and group of people has a set of characteristics that heavily affect personality. Jews in particular seem to be the most neurotic, evil, and cunning of all. They are slightly less intelligent than Germanics, who are the most intelligent, but dominate based off their cunning alone, where the Germanic is too trusting.

This cunning however requires a host nation of idiots to manipulate, lest they destroy themselves. They are a vampiric people (in allegory and reality). While all offspring of Jews have these traits the most cunning and neurotic are the one's with Jewish mothers, which may be the cause for their Matriarchal society and tendencies. They maintain themselves by intermixing with gentiles every third generation or so to stop genetic diseases like Tay-Sachs and Porphyria (vampire diseases) from destroying them.

Debauchery, deceit, and malice seems to be in their nature. Some can overcome this, but the exception does not justify their existence. I therefore think that they as a people are born to evil. It is in their genetics.

a79db4  No.12665867


ecef75  No.12665912

seinfeld was a good show

be9f93  No.12665924


Seinfeld is probably the best among Jews and even he pushed casual sex, materialism, and atheism.

14e5a2  No.12665935

Bell curves man. Nothing in the biological sciences is black and white, differences only exist as shifts in statistical distributions.

I know for a fact there are some good ones. But you gotta look at these populations overall and not judge based on the outliers. Look at the overall trends, their lust for power, money, and degeneracy

be9f93  No.12665939


I can virtually guarantee you those good jews you claim to exist have many vices hidden under the surface.

I've seen it all too much of the "good jews".

I'd love to be proven wrong. But every example I've seen has been so.

f79a47  No.12665959

Short answer: no?

Answer this:

So what if there were "good" ones?

Ask yourself, why would you try to think there are good ones?

Why would you care about them?

What difference would it make? You won't make loyal friends of them in the end.

14e5a2  No.12665960


By good I just mean like not completely fucked up child fucking satanist. More or less normal people.

Believe me man I am by no means defending their race. Just point it out since you see this argument from (((Jordan Peterson))) tier cuckservatives who point to “based” MAGAfaggot blacks. “Don’t judge by skin color”, while ignoring that blacks have voted at over a 90% rate for leftists since the welfare state was solidified. Thinking that will ever change, judging based on statistical outliers.

0b184d  No.12665962


It doesn't matter if they exist. They all must be killed.

18e295  No.12666016


>Porphyria (vampire diseases)

Holy shit anon this makes so much sense.

>Lives in shadows

>Stays with his own kind.


>Terrified of rightful persecution.

>Has no moral conscious (Can't see yourself in the mirror)

>Drinks blood

>Suffers from skin Porphyria that causes itching and blistering when exposed to sunlight, and a few other things, including garlic.

be9f93  No.12666025


Would you believe me if I told you they drank blood for sustenance and some of them have lived for hundreds of years?

18e295  No.12666029


I know well about the blood rituals, but going to doubt the hundreds of years claim. Enlighten me.

f3e2e7  No.12666047


cut off a baby penis and munch down the foreskin or kill a goy baby and drink the blood, it's all stem cells and youll live to be beyond 100 easily.

431b73  No.12666054

I believe the Jewish people are groomed from the cradle to act as henchmen for the bankers,to hate all other races, to consider themselves above all others. If they do not take part, refuse to work at destroying the free world, they are ostracized, sometimes murdered, all it takes is permission from the rabbi. Who would turn in another Jew? A spouse or other family member and killing them is their solution. No trial. No police. No one questions their story. Yes, they have spent centuries moving strategically into position, and are now in other churches, in day care centers, veterinarian offices, The Zionists’ orders are clearly “destroy the enemy.” They ruined the greatest men in history, sent them into poverty, broke up marriages, ruined reputations. We have gone through this since Jesus Christ lived and I believe even the biblical story of Christ is a message to the Jews - If you turn on the family, you will die on the cross.

It’s a plague. good Jews are the only people who can stop this from the inside and I do not see any attempt other than Mark Levin. Their intentions are to kill us all eventually, use our offspring as their slaves. This is criminal insanity at its finest. All I can say is push back, do not stop talking about this, call them out, fight for the children. They will pay the price for our failure to Mind The Store.

be9f93  No.12666067

File: ad86df8a6b99f02⋯.png (206.11 KB, 1878x744, 313:124, 1521820585885.png)


It's more to it than that. They prefer children over babies because the children provide a more intense emotional high, as a DMT-like substance, the strongest on earth, is released when they are tortured.

They aren't really even conscious when they do it, the ones being tortured that is.

The blood literally makes them high, and sustains them. They give life to gain life. It's blood magic. This among many reasons is why the kikes need to die above all else. Look at this chart, closely.

431b73  No.12666075

I also believe inbreeding over centuries (apparently only 1 woman mothered the children of many men to keep blood line kosher, has led to what is called “rage disease.” Adrenal hyperplasia is the medical term. Story of the battle between the Hatfields and McCoys includes this same theory - adrenal gland pumps out too much adrenaline under normal if not somewhat excited situations, lending to the person to go into maniac mode. McCoy shot a couple of Hatfield boys dead when they stole a pig. Over-reaction in other words. Adrenaline distribution floods their system, their blood pressure goes up and they explode with anger.

213ec3  No.12666077

I had a jewish professor for some of my college classes who I liked, as much as I hate to admit it. It was strictly for core degree classes, all hard science, no gay humanities bullshit, so he was never able to inject any subversion or degeneracy into the lessons.

f8bad0  No.12666099


There's more.

>Counts seeds of grain if they fell on the floor. Taxes were paid in grain sacks to the Feudal lords.

>Creates thrall followers who mimic their banality, but are completely controlled.

>Can't see himself from the mirror.

>Sees humans as cattle.

>Can only enter your home(land) with permission.

>Fear of the Crucifix.

>Not truly alive.

>Must have their blood to be one of them.

Not sure why they don't like garlic. Do Jews fear the garlic?

4d9248  No.12666104

File: acbdb5c01f8e001⋯.jpg (97.31 KB, 1080x1345, 216:269, 948846bded226a1e6acb2a0c3a….jpg)

>do good jews exist?

Who cares?

e53397  No.12666112

>Do good Jews exist?

No, because being a good jew, or even a jew period, from their perspective means being a subversive, anti-White POS. Even a jew who is not subversive can reproduce and potentially create jews who are.

431b73  No.12666127

I also think that inbreeding has resulted in “ambiguous genitalia,” or cliteromegaly and micro-penis. That would explain the need for the 3rd bathroom. 1 out of 1200 children born today has ambiguous genitalia.

3e2c66  No.12666130


youve got those self-hating jews and rebellios jews.

like that jewish chess champion that was a raging antisemite.

or kubrick.

18e295  No.12666135


Maybe my sentence was unclear. The skin, when affected with Porphyria, will be sensitive to garlic.

f8bad0  No.12666140


Considering the healing potency Garlic usually has, this is pretty damn damning.

be9f93  No.12666143

File: accf6b9a504b005⋯.png (46.85 KB, 700x750, 14:15, reddit deleted.png)



Reddit pls go

7d05aa  No.12666152

Yes. Dead ones

052e6e  No.12666157


Sadly, no. There are a few okay ones, who are still basically degenerates lacking in Aryan morality.

I am friends with a few Jews, because we share similar interests, but I am always listening to what they say.

The "best" of the Jews are those that are atheist AND have also rejected the Jewish trauma programming.

I was told by Jews how they had to go to Hebrew school, and the old Jews running the school had tattoos on their arms and kept pulling back they sleeves and yelling "this is what it means to be a Jew".

Another Jew telling me how his parents told him everyday about the Holocaust etc. (Amazing how they all went to camps that no one ever came back alive from , but they made it to the USA…!)

Atheist but still talking about the Holocaust - hasn't escaped the programming. Atheist but still Zionist - hasn't escaped the programming.

6e576d  No.12666164


Every single one I've met has fulfilled the characteristics of a nation wrecker, in they either push for miscegenation or mass immigration.

7588e7  No.12666179

File: 63108d8a625c31a⋯.jpg (14.64 KB, 220x258, 110:129, 220px-OttoWeiningerspring1….jpg)


The only good Jews are the ones that devote their entire lives to destroying/exposing Jewish lies. Its the only way they can reconcile their existence but I do believe that if they do so, they comeback in another life as a non Jew. They will always have the natural tendency to be Jewish though.

be9f93  No.12666188


If the ethnostate were to be created would you allow such Jews to exist?

What happens in the off chance that they supported Zionism and pretended to be redpilled to teach their kids zionism behind closed doors?

And if the state were to be created, and expanded to the whole world, how could you make sure every pocket of Jewishness was destroyed? Surely SOME would escape?

7bfcce  No.12666195


>Mark Levin

You had me going.

577ae9  No.12666199


I used to think so up until about three or so years ago. It's like they have a second sense of when you're wise to the JQ, even if you were a moderate who didn't want to put them in ovens (until you learned more).

309693  No.12666201


If you had a tumor removed, would you ask the doctor to pick out the good cells and put them back in you?

574696  No.12666204

Bobby fisher, the most redpilled jew of all.

ff36c1  No.12666208


fucking jews

fuck them

they need to be solutionized

577ae9  No.12666210


>Who would turn in another Jew?


660b95  No.12666213


It's interesting that Israel imports more dollars worth of blood than frozen beef, but I'd imagine blood is much more expensive than beef per unit weight. Do you have a similar chart for another country for comparison?

d39d05  No.12666215


First post best post. And best kike-free first post.

577ae9  No.12666218


>That would explain the need for the 3rd bathroom.

I have a normal penis but to shit I have to sit down in the stall, anon. There were always stalls in the men's room.

Trannyism is a make-work program for the plumbers.

fc6813  No.12666223


Wasn't a jew.

a303b2  No.12666228

honest question: Is it possible to have a Jewish nose without being Jewish?

146fb1  No.12666233

File: 979b24dfb488fa9⋯.png (10.25 KB, 537x376, 537:376, Germanic_tribes_(750BC-1AD….png)


Nordics are Germanics.

be9f93  No.12666241


If you didn't know, Germanics came from the Nordic countries. In fact, it has been hypothesized that the lost 12 tribes of Israel came by the black sea, through Russia, to Scandinavia, and then Germany.

Proper Germans are currently though a mix of original Celtic and Nordic stock.

000000  No.12666250

Aaron Swartz

e80202  No.12666259


Bobby Fisher

Gerard Menuhin

Emil Maurice

3e2c66  No.12666470


>has something against kubrick

>calls me a redditor

im not one of those newfags like you that came here when that clown was running for president.

3e2c66  No.12666474


look at albanians, italians and other turkic peoples

33b264  No.12666476


Reminder that codemonkey is responsible for these paid shill threads.

33b264  No.12666479


465bf0  No.12666494

File: 4f97b89ca1bd070⋯.png (16.71 KB, 1133x122, 1133:122, Blake Leibel - Blood Libel.png)


Also in the typical vampire story they're usually among the nobility, but an "outsider" not seen much by the peasantry and usually end up kidnapping and draining the blood of young girls.

24d208  No.12666522


you know what goblin slayer thinks

d76ec6  No.12666535


Maybe, likely but it's irrelevant. You can't split straws when it comes to the survival of your entire subspecies.

465bf0  No.12666538


As for the actual topic of the thread I suggest you read this as it pretty comprehensively covers the subject.


b4bea0  No.12666544


t. ugly vampiric Jew

d76ec6  No.12666545


> have many vices hidden under the surface

Most if not almost all people do. The problem with the jew is its specific vices. Under other conditions kikes could have been isolated in a marginalized niche, but right now the vices of even the most benign kikes are acting accumulatively on the corrosion of society's moral fiber and coherence.

f516be  No.12666555


We have one Jew that works with me in a relatively 'based' profession. But he talks to himself and get REALLY excited about industrial accident videos on liveleak. They are all messed up in the head.

88dd9f  No.12666557

I've met white professors that act more like Heidegger's Eternal Jew than the actual Jews that I've met. However, my sister told me once about her incident with a fat Jew Jeweler that literally wanted to buy her as if she was an object.

33b264  No.12666559


>you're a jew because you denounce all jews and the paid shills who spam here

Suicide immediately.

d76ec6  No.12666567

File: bbf565f4b8aba71⋯.jpg (48.32 KB, 600x350, 12:7, Eyes-Wide-Shut.jpg)


Kubrick allegedly had many (((typical vices))) and had a tendency to project his jaded cynicism about his own kin to the entirety of the human race fe Clockwork Orange, Dr. Strangelove but as a whole his work and expressed opinions can potentially be a net-negative for the zionist agenda.

000000  No.12666573


>Every Jew I've met and heard of

Anecdotes are not evidence retard.

d76ec6  No.12666581

File: 939be9c17e6f520⋯.png (168.99 KB, 696x639, 232:213, TORpedo_Project.png)


Still more valid than torposts.

b4bea0  No.12666584


You're the one trying to shut down any and all reasonable intelligent discussion here. All the while without even bothering to check my digits - no white man would ever do that. Self hating Jew detected.

33b264  No.12666596


>oy vey goyim shut it down

>YOU are shutting it down not me

>oy vey good jews exist

>lol my cuckchan spam is legitimate

Paid jewish shill confirmed.

1a458b  No.12666604






b4bea0  No.12666606


In that case, let me inform you 90% of this board is paid Jews larping as whites calling out each other as a Jew. For what purpose? No one knows anymore.

33b264  No.12666614


>oy vey I was exposed


Zero fucking effort.

d76df8  No.12666646


There's a few. I had a Jewish babysitter who didn't exhibit any of the stereotypes presented here. Instead of being vindictive and hateful, she was forgiving and loving. She did everything for free when she didn't have to. Then again, she was a Catholic convert. She's currently in a retirement home as she's suffering from dementia.

However, it's best to keep your guard up for all of them because most of them aren't good people. You don't have to sperg in front of their face by yelling "KIKE", just don't trust them with your info, possessions, and secrets.

3e2c66  No.12666689


> 33b264


> 33b264


> 33b264


> 33b264


> 33b264


>goes into a thread

>just calls everyone a jew and sages

have a (((you))) and a report

a1c3c2  No.12666712


>Tamil Indians have similar IQs,

Tamil Brahmins like Iyer and Vishweraiah, they are not your average Tamil and they take caste mixing seriously, Indian National Socialist unit had Iyer as propaganda leader, his articles often featured in Gobbels own Der Angriff.

And yeah lets not talk about Love and Romance because we gave the world the cupid book of "Kamasutra", I see infographs of Jews which pinpoint their actual agenda, but the ignorance is too high when /pol/ tries to describe anything about eastern culture, we are not African ffs, we had empires which ranged from Afghanistan to Cambodia ffs.

>t.Telegu Brahman, related to Vishweraiahs family with three jumps.

4885aa  No.12666738

File: a860d09e084fb78⋯.jpg (481.1 KB, 800x1019, 800:1019, a860d09e084fb78ef800171b5f….jpg)

As a goy who grew up in a Jewish community I can tell you they share a hive mind. They're all telepathically connected via their goy hosts whom they gomer pyle upon.

Half of their problem is genetics, but the other half is this culture they have that's reliant on the parasitic hive mind. Their strengths are also their weaknesses.

acd679  No.12666743


>I can virtually guarantee you those good jews you claim to exist have many vices hidden under the surface.

So do the good Christians.

e11d1b  No.12666806


and dated a 17 yo at one point

e67637  No.12666842


juden are born schizophrenics, they are inherently mentally ill on a genetic level.

they don't have any morals, and aren't capable of morals.

e67637  No.12666844


is he one of them? i'd never realised.

9db3a0  No.12666935


How? His name is fucking Seinfeld. You gotta work on your radar, man.

33b264  No.12666939


This is how fucking retarded redditors actually are.

33b264  No.12666943


>oy vey I–personally–am everyone

>I have no argument

>I can’t refute anything you say

>oy vey goyim

>good jews exist

>good jews exist

>good jews exist

>good jews exist

>good jews exist

>good jews exist

>good jews exist

>good jews exist

>good jews exist

>good jews exist

>if I keep making threads about it, you will believe me


This is a paid shill.

2117b6  No.12667036


>If the ethnostate were to be created would you allow Jews who devote their entire lives to destroying/exposing Jewish lies to exist?

Are they sterile? If no, then it will likely net benefit you nothing as their progeny will be 90%+ devoted to undoing the work that your one "based" Jew did in exposing his co-ethnics.


>Mark Levin

Nigger are you fucking retarded? Even if this Israel-first piper to Evangelical cucks was 1000% sincere, he'd still be eminently dangerous due to the number of Jews he's spawned directly and sustained indirectly. It's a net loss by miles. Also, he's impossible to listen to. How conservatards fell-in with that shrill, honking clown i'll never know…

80c8b4  No.12667085


Undead take damage from healing spells and items. You can instant-kill even boss level undead by casting resurrection magic on them.

d644a7  No.12667106


You know that Big Head Scientist thing on jewtoob, where it starts off with that music "They call me Mr. Big, Mr. Big, Mr. Big" I always here that music when I see a truly great, non-imaginary figure like this and one of his vintage quotes. Indeed it was not very long ago that these men existed, in terms of structural time. The technological modernity has been with us only a few hundred years, and mostly in the last one hundred. We used to live in THEIR world only just a short time ago. "But not because of my size…"

d644a7  No.12667127


Sadly, that makes a whole lot of sense. No wonder. It's just so natural of them to tell a fake story, use a lot of rationalization, when in the end the payoff is that the priesthood who tells all these lies and makes all these distracting claims is just trying to extend his lifespan no matter the cost.

fd3969  No.12667140

>Is there good in the Jew?

Maybe one more holodomor should happen to you.

d644a7  No.12667146


Yeah, the blood. They have invaded and infested the upper crust of Europe. They have to be found all over the world wherever they exist in relation to White populations, just as one would look for vampires in all such places. Genetic markers must be identified. Better yet, a genetic weapon could be developed which would finish this evil business. They would never develop it because it would destroy their food source. Run with THAT pigskin.

092809  No.12667150

Let's say there are 50 M&M candies in each bag. If I buy eight bags, I will have a total of 400 M&M's.

Now imagine that I open a bag, take out four (4) M&Ms and shove them up my ass. Then I sweep the floor, following which I pull the four M&Ms out of my ass, open the other M&M packages, and mix all of the 400 total M&Ms together in a big bowl.

There are 99% Good M&Ms in the bowl. If I say; "Help yourself to some of these candies," would you reach in the bowl, pull out a handful of M&Ms and eart them?

As bad as that sugary meal sounds, OP's question is worse. OP is basically asking if the percentage of good jews might be, say, one percent.

Either way, you'd be better off NOT DIGGING IN for a meal.

146b7d  No.12667154

File: 87c08fbd36f49bf⋯.png (691.16 KB, 1180x1862, 590:931, Muh Good Jews.png)


This thread.. again…

I am reminded of something from Starship Troopers, wherein the teacher of the civics class is talking about value.

Basically, he comes to the conclusion that the phrase “the best things in life are free” is both technically true and inherently false, better phrased as “the best things in life cannot be bought with money”, on the basis that those things can only be bought with blood and struggle and hardship, and its never cheap.

By the same token, “there are no good Jews” is technically false but inherently true, because while a good Jew may well exist, you can never know that a Jew is a good Jew or merely another in the long line of malicious subversive Jews until its too late, and the cost is too great to justify embracing the technical falsehood in favor of the inherent truth. I would likewise conclude that a better statement would be “there are no Jews whose embrace can be justified on the potentiality of their being the exceedingly-rare good Jew”.

146b7d  No.12667158

File: 3a0ce9fa7fa338e⋯.jpg (1.84 MB, 3128x3420, 782:855, Jews - Why the West is Fuc….jpg)

File: 16f919fc599a321⋯.jpg (8.08 MB, 5672x8352, 709:1044, Why Do Jews Hate - Why Are….jpg)

File: 47986ffde5f79b5⋯.webm (1.96 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Jew Explains Why Jews Are….webm)

d644a7  No.12667162


Those are kind of like defectors from an alien species that for some reason do not possess its "group soul" and so have become open to possession by something alien to their own species, such as the influence of a better consciousness. It does happen. Just as it often happens (much more often) in the reverse. Someone thinks that all Aryan Spirits can inhabit only Aryan bodies, and that at least some Jewish spirits can and do (must?) invade non-Jewish bodies. I don't fully agree, but I think that his views approach a correct approximation by overshooting it only a bit. I think that there are strange things enough in this world not to rule out the possibility of a noble being inheriting a base form. That seems consistent with the perversity of this realm and what beings seem to rule it (evil intelligences)

d644a7  No.12667168


In some cases, a really rare thing isn't good enough to be worth the risk inherent to attempting to obtain it, no matter how good it may be.

71f57e  No.12667208

Kill yourself jew.

3b1737  No.12667235

File: d7c01a4ea99dfb1⋯.png (823.12 KB, 1500x1300, 15:13, Heinrich Flagge des Krautk….png)


I met a jew in real life. He was a shy and very nice guy and your typical insecure incel in his younger years.

He even thought that he might be gay for a while (well, until he lost his virginity to a guy…).

Besides that he was a very friendly and straightforward person as far as I can tell. I had a beer with him and a serious discussion about circumcision.

And I met a few Israeli on a german imageboard. Very mixed impressions.

>The Nordic male is intelligent, patient, and calm, generally, very smart yet verbally inferior to the Germanic, who is intelligent, inventive, and more expressive.

I don't think it is a bad thing that nordic men don't talk that much and think before they speak.

Here in Germany we say "Talking is silver, silence is gold" and since these nordics practise this even more, many of us admire them, including me.


>But he talks to himself and get REALLY excited about industrial accident videos on liveleak.

I talk to myself all the time. It helps me to focus. AFAIK this is very common for autists.

Of course I don't talk LOUDLY to myself when I'm around other people.

Industrial accident videos are fascinating. Deal with it.

edf651  No.12667249

File: f22a5850e82a764⋯.jpg (99.82 KB, 838x551, 838:551, Bobby-Fischer-Good-Jews.jpg)

File: c089f973132684f⋯.png (343.54 KB, 601x728, 601:728, there-are-no-good-jews.png)

File: 3aebc91dec1b68c⋯.png (245.23 KB, 932x600, 233:150, Good-Jews.png)



340328  No.12667294

Well. I mean, do you honestly believe that every single average guy, not rich, nothing special bout him, who just happened to be born of the Jewish ethnicity, is a 100% evil? Because I certainly don't.

be9f93  No.12667337


They all carry the vampiric genes. They just rarely express themselves.

Couple that with their Synagogues of Satan and both their genetics and upbringing means they're untrustworthy at the least.

Then they take oaths that no accord with a gentile needs to be honored, and they are actively malicious.

They are a neutral evil. They use both chaos and the law to bring about their New World Order in which we are dead and our children are slaves.

Once they've disarmed the American public and sufficiently subverted it's bloodlines, and then it's morality, that is when the final push begins.

I suspect they will start another global, World War, and make certain that all young white males perish in it. I sense they'd prefer that over outright genocide. Once the women have no other men to mate with than the mutts, we will have been destroyed. That of our bastardized mixed race progeny will be their slaves.

I therefore think it is pertinent we stop playing by the rules. Go around the system. So that we may have a fighting chance. Honor will not save us. We MUST stoop to their level. This is total war.

d6ea34  No.12667348


Ask Tacitus about what he thought about the jews.

>>"Whatever their origin, these observances are sanctioned by their antiquity. The other practices of the Jews are sinister and revolting, and have entrenched themselves by their very wickedness. Wretches of the most abandoned kind who had no use for the religion of their fathers took to contributing dues and free-will offerings to swell the Jewish exchequer; and other reasons for their increasing wealth way be found in their stubborn loyalty and ready benevolence towards brother Jews. But the rest of the world they confront with the hatred reserved for enemies. They will not feed or intermarry with gentiles. Though a most lascivious people, the Jews avoid sexual intercourse with women of alien race. Among themselves nothing is barred. They have introduced the practice of circumcision to show that they are different from others. Proselytes to Jewry adopt the same practices, and the very first lesson they learn is to despise the gods, shed all feelings of patriotism, and consider parents, children and brothers as readily expendable."

340328  No.12667377


See, I've known a couple Jews who've had rough upbringings and didn't care much for Judaism, they ate pork, didn't respect the sabbath, things like that. They were still degenerate in the typical libtard atheist way, especially the girl, but I wouldn't say they were "evil" in the sense of working towards what /pol/ says the end goals of all jews are.

d76df8  No.12667390


It's not that they have skeletons, everyone does. It's just that most Jews reveal their evil nature when they're not in a good mood or comfortable situation.

Angry Christians would just tell you to go to hell like the WBC, they don't do much after that. The worst that they'll do is distance themselves away from you.

In contrast, angry Jews would perform every trick under the book to make the lives of their enemies a living hell; calling employers, journos, banks, and the military industrial with the intention of relegating their enemies to the lower class. From Palestinians to Americans like Steve King.


You'll understand it over time as you grow older. People don't hate them because of large noses and funny caps, it's because they are vindictive, hypocritical, and selfish lunatics who hate their neighbors. Why else do you think that people from different demographics hated them in the past? You know what they do after you call them out for their violations? Do they acknowledge their wrongdoing like normal people? Nah, they'll just smear/intimidates you into believing their lies like they did with Mark Lamont Hill.

You don't need to be like Patrick Little when you see them, you just need to prevent them from taking advantage of you. Don't give them your info since they'll throw you under the bus under the moment they don't like you.

be9f93  No.12667432


One thing I thought about, and this may seem strange, but I thought about how George Lucas made a bet with Steven Spielberg, thinking Star Wars was going to be a failure, Steven offered a bet that they both give 2.5% of the sales to the other director on both of their respective movies.

George took that bet. Once Star Wars blew up he ended up paying Steven 40 million dollars. Just off a casual bet, really more of an offhand joke.

If the roles were reversed, do you think Spielberg would've paid? Do you think he'd have amnesia? Do you think he would've suddenly forgotten and when reminded, say it was only a joke?

I would think Indiana Jones would've had a different director had the tables turned. I doubt the Jew would've honored the bet. I know very well Steven would remember when he won though.

And what if George didn't pay up, trying to claim the same as Steven likely would have? I bet he'd quickly find himself in a (((scandal))), or an accident, or a multitude of other things the vindictive jew could have done.

In this environment, the gentile cannot win, no matter what he does. The Jew relies on his good will, morality, and sense of honor. Reverse the roles, and the same does not occur.

The way we have fought, we go into the fight with bare fists, thinking it will be fair. The Jew will go into the fight under the same guise, but as the fight begins he will pull out a knife, shifting the odds in his favor. He will grab chairs, use broken bottles, anything he can to win. While the gentile, in the midst of the fight stubbornly refuses to be dishonorable.

He could still win, but he is very, very unlikely to. This is our situation. We are fighting with bare fists an enemy that will pull out a knife. We must bring ourselves down to their level, if we desire to defeat them.

No more games. No more honor. This is a war for our survival.

be9f93  No.12667455

I'd also like to add that the Japanese in World War 2 lost hundreds of thousands due to their petty concept of honor in a time of total war.

They charged, "Banzai'd" the enemy, because their officers commanded it of them. And if they refused, they would have dishonored the Emperor, who they idolized.

This tactic alone saved countless American lives as it was a complete failure almost every time. They got gunned down, slaughtered. Charging into machine gun fire.

If they had just crept down into the long grass, and shot at the enemy from afar, as they were fighting on their own land, they would have put up much more of a fight. Whether they could've won is debatable, but it would've been more formidable.

We need to set aside our ideal of Aryan honor and act like the Jew does if we are to destroy it. This isn't some joke. They are genociding our people as we speak. Every day through the media, what we see on billboards, in stores, in our own homes.

How much longer must we toil as they destroy us, while we eternally quest for a spiritual purity? We cannot have it while they still exist.

In a struggle for the lives of our people. All morals must be indefinitely terminated so that we can reach our goals.

db9256  No.12667491


this reddit spacing is absolutely disgusting

4324f4  No.12667494


I think they do exist but they are extremely rare. Because it isn't just their genetics holding them back from being good, it's their history and culture. There entire nomadic existence is the result of their shitty behavior, more specifically their decision to kill Christ as well but instead of taking responsibility for this they deflect and blame everyone else. It's hard to grow up in that sort of environment "we dindu nuffin we were always God's chosen perfect angels, the world is fucked up not us" but more than that "Jesus was evil". When you start taking some of the core tenets of Jesus' doctrine and calling them evil by associating him with evil, you wind up with the Jews. It's no wonder they were the basis for the depictions of the devil and Satanism. They reject anyone better than themselves or who proves them wrong. They literally need to be the best people, because if they aren't then everything was a lie and they really are just snakeoil merchants making the world a shittier place for everyone, even themselves. We talk about how white people need to overcome their own ego to see past the brainwashing and admit they were duped into believing lies. For the Jews it's that x1000, they'd need to re-examine their entire history as a people. Few people are willing to do that, they'd usually need to be mentally unstable or have a ton of time on their hands and have an extreme passion for the truth. But the truth is a mostly European and Japanese value, semitic cultures and religions aside from Christianity hold no regard for the truth, lies are merely a tool for them rather than a sin.

3e2c66  No.12667497


>autistic screeching

you know how ids work right?

all your post are just 12yo tier insults on sage. this isnt halfchan you mongrel.

3edb99  No.12667510


>They import more human blood than they do wheat and corn


3edb99  No.12667520

File: 34591fdc4dc40c3⋯.jpg (959.7 KB, 2400x2116, 600:529, b66f8fbe90eff636e9fe75dcce….jpg)

The only good Jew would be like someone pic related

6745bf  No.12667523

There was one once but the jews killed him

33b264  No.12667541


>good jews exist

You are a paid shill. Project your own failings somewhere else. Go to a different website.

e9f273  No.12667565

File: 1127c4fad82ec88⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1125x1872, 125:208, ClipboardImage.png)


>The Nordic male is intelligent, patient, and calm, generally, very smart yet verbally inferior to the Germanic, who is intelligent, inventive, and more expressive. Some of the best musicians. While the Celt has the best speakers, writers, and is very intelligent too.

What kind of buzzwords

Genetically, Nordic = Germanic = Celtic, they are all North-West-Europeans

Now, let's get to the point, why are Europeans non-violent, cooperative while also cucked?

It's mostly because of Christianity and Civilization










Did you know that Humans today display the domestication syndrome? And that we are just juvenile versions of our wild ancestors?


>Domestication syndrome is a term often used to describe the suite of phenotypic traits arising during domestication that distinguish crops from their wild ancestors.[5][32] The term is also applied to animals and includes increased docility and tameness, coat color changes, reductions in tooth size, changes in craniofacial morphology, alterations in ear and tail form (e.g., floppy ears), more frequent and nonseasonal estrus cycles, alterations in adrenocorticotropic hormone levels, changed concentrations of several neurotransmitters, prolongations in juvenile behavior, and reductions in both total brain size and of particular brain regions.

>Domesticated species display a range of anatomical and behavioral phenotypes that set them apart from their wild counterparts: depigmentation; floppy, reduced ears; shorter muzzles; curly tails; smaller teeth; smaller cranial capacities (and concomitant brain size reduction); paedomorphosis; neotenous (juvenile) behavior; reduction of sexual dimorphism (feminization); docility; and more frequent estrous cycles.

Link to study


a013cf  No.12667570

That's like asking if Masons put you in a gordian knot, are you responsible for what they do to you?

24d59d  No.12667577

File: 996a1eabc6f2921⋯.jpg (590.55 KB, 1280x966, 640:483, Ivanov 10.jpg)


>Do good Jews exist?

Yes, good Jews definitely do exist. There's not so many of them, but then there's not alot of perfect Aryans either. The standard Jews are subverted, just like the standard human of other races and species. But you asked a question: do good Jews exist. Yes, they do.

Not all the evil in the world is Jewish. Much of it is, yes, but not all. Catholicism also plays its subversive role. No religion is monolithic. And other groups seek dominance in the world, not just the 'elites'. Political group, religious groups, ethnic groups, secret groups. Jews are far from the only fish in the sea.

/pol/ makes a habit of blaming Jews, and with good reason, but let's keep it real. If anons exaggerate things (((outa proportion to reality))), then all /pol/'s efforts will fade into useless fantasy.

No, not all Jews are bad. They're just people.

33b264  No.12667578


Go the fuck back to reddit.

24d59d  No.12667582


Get a clue you fucking furby

33b264  No.12667585


>redditor tries to insult someone

You don’t belong here.

be9f93  No.12667594


The cosmic truth is that we are created by God for His pleasure and in our little story, we must have the antagonists, and the protagonists.

Sometimes the antagonists have the upper hand, sometimes the protagonists. They are however locked in eternal battle, until God comes to finally end it.

What anons don't realize, especially the gaytheists. Is that if the Jews did not exist then Satan would find another group to do the same bidding. Heck, even the Jews are not Jews, they're Khazars.

Don't worry about the now. Don't worry about the future. It's all decided. If God requires us to have a cosmic impact in this story it will happen regardless of our consent. Prophecy is prophecy.

That being said, it is pertinent that we counter their influences where we may, so that our progeny do not fall to evil persuasions and meet their fate in Hell.

24d59d  No.12667630

File: 88b271f92cac8bf⋯.jpg (620.16 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Ivanov 01.jpg)


Cosmic truth is fun for conjecture, but let us not speak falsely now. This is the farthest corner of the internet. If we can't be absolutely honest here, then there's nowhere where political correctness cannot reach, of whichever philosophy/ideology.

/pol/ is where we can all say whatever we want, yes? And with that, the truth rises to the top. Not exaggeration, not conjecture, but whatever really is. Truth. Truth makes for the best insults. We insult our way to the truth revealed. That's the magic of /pol/.

be9f93  No.12667657


Your post reeks of Reddit-tier philosophy and a lack of knowledge of our situation.

I've been here for years. I know just about every move they make and have studied, religiously, everything I can related to the pursuit of the truth.

The truth is simple. You just don't know how to accept it. You can't conceive it. Just like atheists can't conceive that existence itself is the proof of God.

Why do people require proof of God? Why do they need a projection to appear in the sky and tell them it is so? Can they not tell with every intelligent design on Earth? Do they really think the millions of different species all with their unique traits all have a common ancestor?

What caused the Big Bang? What caused evolution to occur? If it always was, then it is God, if it was not always, then it is God.

To make it simpler, if it was uncreated, then God IS existence. If it was created, than it was created by God.

c8a50e  No.12667723

In reality it is quite likely, in responsible practice NO.

Most early Chrsitians were jewish converts, they likely had a series of idiomatic and possibly heritable differences from the rest of the jews which refused Christ and would rather side with the traitors to abrahamic judaism who were focused on God, Abraham, and Moses which instituted kabbalah and the talmud. This is like a books worth of shit to deep dive into but essentially that early jewish conversion to Christianity created a genetic rift in the hebrews living in judea during and after the roman rule and caused the spread of these former jews across the roman empire and into europe, this is where a great deal of that "1%" jew pops up on genetics tests that Europeans have taken, this is a diffusion essentially a practically harmless infusion into the gene pool which only offers genetic benefits so long as the nature of selection isn't being manipulated.

What I'm really saying is that basically all of the good jews and good genetic stock from the jews either converted to Christianity and over the last 2000 years ceased to be jewish or those good traits were stuck in a purity spiral of a tiny population of jews which were regionally segregated and subdivided multiple times over during that same period and were introduced to neurotic religious ideation and are the product of long term inbreeding, those pure talmudic jews which might have had good in them are twisted with genetic failure and ideology and we should never consider trusting them, this was hitlers failure; and the gentile coveting jews which mixed in recent history may be mostly european and whom without the ideology of zionism, jewish religious and racial supremacy, and post theistic judaic thought in communist /bolshevik practice and ideology could have otherwise not been our enemies but this is a narrow margin and not god practice for us.

MY rule for rope day is if it looks like a jew, kvetches like a jew, and bargains like a jew it gets the rope but if it denies being a jew full stop the entire duration and would require up to an actual genetic test I'm willing to pass over so long as it has no discernible association to jewry in a search of their person, home and social media, of course I leave them with a warning that supporting these things or this cultural identity will earn them a much more brief visit in the future. Obviously most cases would be different, there are plenty of dumb sluts with hebrew tattoos, if you have a long nose and a hebrew tat that's a ticket to swing but if you have just the tats and only the same passing support of israel on your social media that most cucks do it's life sentence to the radiator chain gang; by life I mean until her eggs/womb are past the use by date then we can euthanize or sell the bitch to some third worlders.

33b264  No.12667755


Reminder that good jews do not exist and that you are a paid shill.

be9f93  No.12667758


Modern Jews are not Hebrews. They are Khazars.

Ancestry shows Jewish DNA to toy with racists.

9a677d  No.12667784


…. wtf. did you even ever watch the show?

its an jew making fun of jews for being jews in a jew city doing jew shit in an jew culture. its like some wild jew comedy that jews love but without nearly enough of the worst sides of the jewish mind to intrude and make it uncomfortable for whites to injest.

9abc2d  No.12667785


>What anons don't realize, especially the gaytheists. Is that if the Jews did not exist then Satan would find another group to do the same bidding. Heck, even the Jews are not Jews, they're Khazars.

The chinks are Satan's ace in the hole. When the jews are roped, the bugs are next in line for the synagogue. If their repulsive culture wasn't a big enough giveaway, the rise of Roman Catholicism in China removes all doubt.

44be2a  No.12667786

Yes there are good Jews who can overcome the inherent dissimulation of the Jewish race, just like there are good whites who can overcome the inherent stupidity of the white race.

9abc2d  No.12667790


t. retarded niggerjew

44be2a  No.12667797


>whites who can overcome the inherent stupidity of the white race

I don't think you pass.

c8a50e  No.12667800


Modern jews are both hebrews and khazars, most european looking jews are khazars who are still abrahmic peoples(barely) but not descendants of Israel, khazars are the descendants of Esau, the brother of Jacob (Israel).

The data of 1% jew thing is both a political tactic and a result of the diffusion of ancient jewish ancestry via early Christianity, it should be reading as less than a percent or so low that it's hard to identify in ancestry tests they round it up because muh 6 gorrillion.

44be2a  No.12667809


>acts like a retarded nigger


>takes over the government


>waaaaaah genocide!!!!!!!

9a677d  No.12667817


If you claim to be an jew yourself, just removed and estranged because of some reasons. That tends to open them back up, they understand jews that are wise to jews. And one that is has not been wholly infused into their jewish culture are of course going to be 'off' and not quite jewish enough to be a good jew. So their own mental illnesses can help cover what should by objective reason be clear to them. Also, amazing what doors open when done.

>btw, no good jews.

>not one.

c8a50e  No.12667819

File: b73a0349e927732⋯.gif (1.12 MB, 498x294, 83:49, tenor.gif)


I was talking with your JIDF buddies on 4chan earlier today, y'all are way more active in the last few weeks than you have been in a long time it seems, did pissrael make a new stipend or investment in JIDF?

I kicked the nest so hard probably 4 different yids popped into the anti trump bait thread out of nowhere and then pettitioned the mods to 404 the thread, can't do that here though can you faggot.

24d59d  No.12667823


I expect that the likes of /pol/ will be striking back at the (((progressive Left))) soon. Too much of /pol/ is Trump supporting, and is gonna be caught up in retaliatory violence soon. It will move beyond funny words and memes into physical attacks. When that happens, it will signal the end of civility in America. Jews played a founding role in this conflict by their strategic one-world machinations that run contrary to the indigenous Americans… when in their moral superiority they invited the entire world into America, and set us on the path to ethnic civil war. /pol/ is also supposed to be the 'Board of Peace', but the call to violence is not only answered by Antifa, but it will be taken up by the likes of /pol/, and that I simply cannot be abide.

'Not all Jews' means that not all Jews deserved to be targeted. 'Not all people' means that not all people deserve to be targeted. Corruption/subversion is the problem. Of course, we will have to go through a horrible civil war, with so many people hurt and killed, for the political sides to find their common-sense again.

44be2a  No.12667831


Nah, I was talking to your State Department buddies, it's just a relative thing because of the shutdown. Make hay while the sun shines.

9a677d  No.12667858

File: f01348439d99ffb⋯.png (50.39 KB, 1323x184, 1323:184, only way left.png)


The exception does not make the rule. Ask yourself. Are you willing to die to protect them? Now ask yourself again, are you willing to have your children die horribly to protect them? By our hands, or theirs, if you protect them, you offer not yourself up as sacrifice, but your children's lives themselves as payment.

Think real long and hard about what I just said. Forgiveness is not likely to come from any of us whom rise against this shit and fight openly enough to begin purging their vile kind from our world. And the poison that runs in their veins are not capable of such forgiveness either once men like us are out of the way.

9abc2d  No.12667871

File: 45a503f975b68bc⋯.png (107.51 KB, 1237x1017, 1237:1017, ySaBlBA.png)


Friendly reminder that your race was never worth a single shit, your race is not currently worth a single shit, and your race will never be worth a single shit. Whites are accustomed to hearing inferior trash howl in rage at this well documented and unchanging condition, so please, continue spewing your endless nigger salt at humans. As always, your monkey shines give us a fine chuckle.

44be2a  No.12667883



But Israel was only formed in 1948! Are you really that dumb?

7bc866  No.12667885


That's pretty true. A lot of the odds are stacked against us because we expect them to play on an even battleground.

41d2e8  No.12667909

File: 736d4351c54590e⋯.png (652.58 KB, 1000x1446, 500:723, 1547330698899.png)

9abc2d  No.12667921


>Thinks kikes magically appeared in the last century

>wants to pretend the jews aren't an extra-inbred, extra-ugly, extra-smelly variety of desert nigger

Ask for hilarious nigger highjinks, get hilarious nigger highjinks, every time

c8a50e  No.12667934


I think a revolutionary period of SHTF is more likely in which the deceit of jews will be revealed quickly by word of mouth in the streets and in media in such ways that can't be hidden or memory holed, essentially the greatest fear of the jews, the cat getting out of the bag, all of the goyim finding out at once, in that moment it will be this interesting scenario where the military refuses to intervene to save the kikes and the lynch mobs purge hard for probably a solid month while cuck holes work to get refugees out and put troops on the ground to secure our airports for escaping kikes, in a few weeks of this we'll likely see some core figure step up to take temporary presidential powers and order the military to take the liberal states under control of the american government and generally leave the rioters to finish their ethno purges, the war for the west will be short and I suspect mexico and canada will attempt to intercede, cannucks might cause their own white population to rebel by trying it and mexicunts will be inviting us to conquer them like third world savages, that all could go many different directions but the main thing is dead jews, latinos in camps facing deportations, martial law in the west and north east, georgia and a few other deep black southern states will be burning for months and will be stuck relying on roving paramilitary militias, Puerto Rico likely secedes without anyone noticing and maybe a few other provinces too.

IT's going to be weird because there will be some turn of phrase to describe the nature of our pursuit that will likely be something like the squeeky wheel gets the oil, meaning that those standing in the way of a traditional white america will be targeted but groups like all the first peoples and asians (south to east) and many latinos could easily escape being targeted so long as they shut their fucking yaps and just let us purge the jews and the nigs but social flinch will mean latinos will stick their necks out and get their cousins heads cut off too. I think the thing that stops the violence is actually being burnt out on violence. I think most of the violence will just die down naturally especially if the new leadership lets it burn out naturally and gives into various demands like deporting negroes to liberia. The new government will likely have a skeleton congress and senate to work with, the capital might even need to be moved because of the fires and purges I think the temporary government restores the original constitution and overthrows the last 70-100 years of judicial precedence and passed legislation. all of this will be strange because the rest of the west will likely have been triggered into doing this shit on some level while a few philosemitc governments try to intervene causing a fucked up war in europe so our motivation will probably be to get our shit under order and due to the economic downturn from europe and americ ceasing to produce for months on end get a fighting force to europe to finish the job and save our ancestral homelands from niggers, sand niggers, and jews this entire revolutionary period will cause a global economic crash that likely puts our backs to the wall on producing food and military power because without aid niggers and sand niggers will try going north in search of resources but also the sand niggers while mad at us for kicking them out will likely end up having their own squable because of israels weakened position causing Iran to make it's move.

We don't get time for a civil war an american purge means the path to WW3 will be paved in our revolt.

Now if we can get a Hitler type figure which can take over and shift the government into an organized solution then we can avoid such a messy war and massive financial collapse it's the difference between fighting off the flu and being caught in a Forrest Fire.

As much as I want this to start popping off I also prefer having electricity so a political movement is most desired and for that to happen we need to continue our work of exposing the jews, Islam and race.

44be2a  No.12667957


Codemonkey did this.

000000  No.12667972


c8a50e  No.12667984



> le reddit spacing meme

It's called formatting you savage.

805fac  No.12668056

Quote is misattributed to Cicero. The quote is from Taylor Caldwell in her novel based on the life of Cicero, A Pillar of Iron (1965), p. 661 in Open Road Media; Reprint edition (September 26, 2017)

33b264  No.12668081


>redditor instantly exposes himself by being a fucking faggot who doesn't know how to post here

Leave and don't return. No one will listen to a word you say.

24d59d  No.12668085


I can't promote violence. Fun and memes are okay, even good for the soul, but violence is not. and I'm concern trolling that violence is where this is headin. However it happens, the system itself is riddled with corruption, and will not survive. And the people who are dependent upon a functioning system to survive… won't.

Racewar brought to us by the Jews

24d59d  No.12668089

33b264  No.12668101


Reminder that good jews do not exist.

24d59d  No.12668123

File: b838e87e7a85a42⋯.png (235.33 KB, 445x497, 445:497, from princess to Queen.png)


I wish they didn't, but alas, that's just too easy.

Sure, until Jews stop trying to subvert the cultures and races of other folks, esp. Aryans, they really shouldn't be in the U.S., but that doesn't mean they're all evil, only that they are mostly going along with their programming.

851d41  No.12668133


Sure. Most Jews who have ever lived are great. They're dead.

df9b0f  No.12668139


Yes, but they are exceedingly rare.

446344  No.12668338

File: f0a073d41769232⋯.jpg (74.09 KB, 600x589, 600:589, zxzxz.jpg)


>17 is prime age fertility wise you evangelical tard

a0ff26  No.12668354


>Do good Jews exist?

Remember anons;

Report D&C threads.

Sage D&C threads.

Filter D&C threads.

Remember anons;

Report slide threads.

Sage slide threads.

Filter slide threads.

18e295  No.12668445


Nobody ever claimed the only evil in the world is Jews, you fucking kike.

But they are the only evil softly genociding whites.

f5b721  No.12668458

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This nigga doesn't sound so terrible to me.

c3409b  No.12668468


How are Jews atheistic?

92d9c7  No.12668564


Very very few exceptions. I know 1 good jew out several dozen i have interacted with persoanlly for an extended period of time. The one good jew i know still displays subversiveness, manipulation, desire for shekels, believes the holocaust happened, hitler was bad, chosenite syndrome, the goyim don’t matter, patholigical lack of empathy.

It’s genetic. It can be overcome but it takes a lifetime of work. Like you said, it’s not worth suffering all of them in your country for the sake of .01% that might not be pure evil. They need to be expelled at the very least.

92d9c7  No.12668572


this. And they don’t even think about ‘are there any good goyim’? The thought never enters their mind. They don’t give a fuck about the goyim if they can’t make shekels off of them

d142ba  No.12668573

Brother Nathanial

71f57e  No.12668600

>(((vols))) left this fucking crap up

44b7e9  No.12668609


this, there are no good jews. Perhaps there are if you look hard enough, but they dont come out of their caves.

33b264  No.12668624


Reminder that good jews do not exist.

92d9c7  No.12668677

Imagine what a Jew does when he reads a thread like this and finds out the majority of people think there are no good jews

d5a9cf  No.12670371

File: 87db5df340e91c8⋯.webm (7.13 MB, 320x246, 160:123, Vampires_in_the_Temple.webm)

File: 657c3a1ce68abbe⋯.pdf (247.57 KB, hoffer1958.pdf)

File: 7cf3fb2fbe716d4⋯.pdf (3.84 MB, finerty1952.pdf)


Beautifully and succinctly articulated, anon. To save an essay of explaining; this.


>as a DMT-like substance, the strongest on earth, is released when they are tortured

I was recently looking into this, and ended up having to crawl a bunch of obscure sites (plus Sci-Hub) for an old study of adrenochrome (see hoffer1958.pdf). Interestingly, it was written during the MKULTRA period and discusses LSD administration as producer of adrenochrome in blood plasma.

fd0342  No.12670379


>u dis n dat

>u go away

how about fuck you you autistic middleschool faggot?

fuck off back to where you came from, youre only here because you think its edgy and its gonna make you stand out enough to be more than just that autistic kid in the back of the class

d5a9cf  No.12670385


Checked btw. Reminds me of the anon posting dog gore in another existing thread. It's an incredibly easy way to spot them.

bff135  No.12670386



Ask yourself if a parasite can be "good" and then think what retarded question have you really asked.

413e5f  No.12670872

I've met a half-jew, if we could call someone that and he was pretty calm, intelligent and cool headed. But extremely manipulative, treacherous and had a complete aversion to work. He had like 22, not engaged in University and had never worked a day in his life. He actually looked and acted like someone who never worked a day in his life. That demon spawn was the face of jewish heritage with black curly hair, light colored eyes and the chacteristic nose. The answer is no. Plus, his mother was a disgusting half sheboon, fat and insufferable, gloating about muh sex work and prostitution.

76c05f  No.12670916

Judaism is a continuum of genetics, culture and religion. You can not neatly separate the three. That's why you get "atheist" Jews who still act like stereotypical kikes all the time.

So no, there are no good Jews.

Interesting that this thread popped up shortly after we had multiple "No good Jews and here's why" threads. Interesting that there are this many posters agreeing with OP. I'm sure it's all perfectly organic posting though.

9a677d  No.12670922


>Do good Jews exist?

No. Just because they haven't stabbed in the back YET does not mean they are trustworthy.

d5a9cf  No.12670955


I also forgot to note: Israel, interestingly, has a high proportion of diamond imports, but also a heavy amount of diamond exports. But we all know why that is.

b7e220  No.12671106

>As if it's in their very nature.

It is in their genes, they are naturally that way and the few that don't seem so bad are acting. (the mask always slips at some point though)

The degree to which these natural jew traits manifest in individual jews does vary of course, but on a scale of 1 to 100 they are utter cunts.

e5eef6  No.12671193


af35b8  No.12671203

Considering their rather small population, there's probably like 3 genuinely good jews. Other than that no.

10e93a  No.12671393

Do good bears exist?

Yeah, sure, maybe. The polish military trained one to carry artillery shells for them.

Does that mean if you see one on the sidewalk you shouldn't escort it the fuck out of your society?

There are probably a few "good jews". They are still human, they don't operate on a hivemind. That being said, why the fuck does that matter? Even if there were, allowing jews to operate as they do would still be a net negative. What else are you gonna do, waste resources on trying to find the "good ones"?

307180  No.12671483

File: 57ece94e948c7d5⋯.jpg (6.39 KB, 257x196, 257:196, Sauron30066.jpg)

Have you ever noticed that it's always Jews who report the news, yet they never actually conduct news investigations. Like the all-seeing Eye of Sauron they know what the news is because of their lofty perspective and just relay it to lesser beings groveling below them.

Of course much of their "news" is contrived fake information designed for political leverage, but even real events come to them by some venue closed off to the rest of us, call it the 'grapevine', 'astral plane', or 'third eye'.

60f36a  No.12672714



Oh look, it's the neanderthal retard who has been trying to convince people that nordics are as tribe of judea. Do you honestly believe you don't immediately stick out like a sore thumb from the way you type alone?

Curious how these threads are allowed on a weekly basis, yet anything relating to getting things fixed is immediately anchored and spammed.

87258c  No.12678572


>Do good Jews exist?

Maybe one or two here or there, but they matter about as much as a nigger doctor matters.

A few exceptions only prove the rule is true; that you'd have to look far and wide for an example of some thing or other only proves that they're rare. Given the extent of kikes' evils, a few good jews are just the eggs which must be scrambled when making the kike genocide omelette we must make. Nothing less than the full eradication of every jew will do anything but harm future generations.

Sure, we could take the easy cuck route and just expel them to some new corner of the globe, but they'd just start kikeing again in a generation or two. We must do the hard things because they are hard, and in this case that means killing a few "good jews" in order to free all the world of their evil.

87258c  No.12678590

File: 54e54ca90eab6cb⋯.png (607.6 KB, 1001x715, 7:5, tay-sachs.png)

>They are a vampiric people (in allegory and reality). While all offspring of Jews have these traits the most cunning and neurotic are the one's with Jewish mothers, which may be the cause for their Matriarchal society and tendencies. They maintain themselves by intermixing with gentiles every third generation or so to stop genetic diseases like Tay-Sachs and Porphyria (vampire diseases) from destroying them.

Also hey it's great to see my research pop up again and again here and there. I'm the Tay-Sachs-finding English teacher who became /pol/ after researching that Browning poem, Porphyria's lover, and then finding out about blood "libel" and all that is the true history of kikes.

b2b0c6  No.12679832

You might find one here or there, but It would be a long and arduous search. Even then, a good jew doesn’t really do anything for us anyway, so why bother

bb4b47  No.12683029


I know exactly one mischling with a soul. The rest, as you describe. Okay, as invaders to our country, they are inherently at war with us. Put them in Israel and they build a pavilion that collapses and kills them. Because they are NPCs.


Seinfeld was a bunch of childless adults screeching at each other.

fad41e  No.12683066


>Do good Jews exist?

lol no. just ask bobby fischer, half jew (uncircumcized) who would be the first vehemently anti-semitic jew to tell you that no good jews exist

>I believe IQ is only a base

jewish IQ is a myth, they're just criminal retards

8e167f  No.12683129

File: a6c996152e5706b⋯.jpg (91.55 KB, 278x614, 139:307, 36972ff5e4.jpg)

They may. But I think the only good jew is the jew that doesn't come out of his stinking oven.

a9d7a0  No.12683168


A jew, or rather someone from a jewish family, made a documentary in the 90s showing that Auschwitz wasn't a death camp. I don't know anything else about him though.

afd020  No.12684817

File: faf7d6c31e0cbc6⋯.jpg (74.63 KB, 435x571, 435:571, 93507146.jpg)

File: b761579d8821a60⋯.jpg (27.84 KB, 437x665, 23:35, 362.jpg)

File: 71c84a0d7e3e0bb⋯.jpg (232.62 KB, 1000x1244, 250:311, JC Hyde.jpg)


>Getting taught about JQ by real Neo/JC Denton himself.

I love this reality sometimes

afd020  No.12684845

>>12670955 checked

Importing from dirt cheap mines, then reselling for insane amount of (((interest)))?

Diamond as I've heard is actually not even that rare as it's being kept commercially. I wonder why…

9468c3  No.12684937

Yes good jews exist.

One must be carful of deception though.

9468c3  No.12684939

Good people can exist in every race op.

a52567  No.12688716



Also look into the origins of vampiric folklore, and compare that timeline with the history of merchant migrations


>Inb4 wikijew

688916  No.12689043

File: d9831f53d784c3d⋯.jpeg (146.12 KB, 732x475, 732:475, 5a8915e566864.jpeg)

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