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File: c9c6707f4f92d9b⋯.jpeg (376.91 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, 3FE73E05-B497-4228-9A93-D….jpeg)

File: b3b33cc288ed7e5⋯.jpeg (128.98 KB, 700x423, 700:423, F3197289-FA33-40FC-8D2C-5….jpeg)

File: 2249c759cc41866⋯.jpeg (69.48 KB, 400x346, 200:173, 7F6290FC-1B64-46F5-9481-4….jpeg)

ce5a03  No.12666182

Jake and Dinos Chapman, known as the Chapman Brothers, are two extremely successful British artists. They rose to fame in the 90s during the so-called YBA, or young British artist, movement. This movement consisted of artists creating nihilistic art meant to shock the public and gain publicity. Examples are Chris Ofili’s portrait of the Virgin Mary with elephant dung attached to the canvas, Marcus Harvey’s large portrait of child murderer Myra Hindley made of child handprints, and Tracey Emin’s real unmade bed which included used condoms and sold for $2.2 million dollars. Much of the YBA work was purchased and promoted by British advertiser Charles Saatchi, who showed his collection around the world in an exhibition titled Sensation in 1997.

The Chapman Brothers have had a long career of creating work in a variety of mediums. Their most disturbing work are their child mannequins which replace the children’s noses with erect penises and their mouths with anuses. Yes, you read correctly. John Podesta collects the Chapman Brothers’ work: https://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/chapman-arbeit-mcfries-l03203 I wouldn’t be shocked if he had the child mannequins.

You can view the mannequins here. Scroll down for the worst ones: http://jakeanddinoschapman.com/tag/mannequin/

They’ve also shot a porn video of a decapitated adult mannequin head with penis nose being used to fuck women. It is owned by the Tate Museum https://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/chapman-bring-me-the-head-of-t13788 I wouldn’t be surprised if they made videos with children mannequins for special clients.

They also have purchased watercolors drawn by Hitler, and drew rainbows, hearts, and stars over them for an exhibition called, If Hitler Had Been a Hippy, How Happy Would We Be? They wrote, “The idea of Hitler turning in his grave because we painted rainbows on his pictures is fantastically pleasurable.” http://channel.louisiana.dk/video/jake-and-dinos-chapman-hitler-turning-his-grave

702271  No.12666190

100% normal and totally not a twisted, sick pedo.

4fe47f  No.12667307


I have been saying this for quite a few years now. As long as these sorts of things are going on, yet "I" am being targeted as a (who knows what their faggot excuse is or has been) by the intelligence/military/law enforcement/politburo fifth column infrastructure, then this country, all of it, and all of its members (except where they absolutely and positively defy this evil, which usually puts them in the same category as me), are GUILTY



Of not only Treason, Racketeering, Extortion, Child Abuse, Counterfeiting, Falsification, False Personation, Corruption (and the list goes on), but also Hypocrisy, Sacrilege, Civicide, Sociocide, Menticide, Deicide, and many other crimes which because of their nature in scope and scale and severity, multiplied by their systemic application under color of law and under cover of authority, have rendered this country and all its inhabitants (to say nothing of the other countries who are similarly guilty, though without as much hypocrisy and sacrilege), to be worthy of


That is not the punishment, but the necessary recompense for these crimes. These crimes are death, and lead to nothing BUT death, and to such a degree that not only the world has been murdered through those already mentioned crimes (so add MUNDICIDE), but also these entities literally mass sacrifice the innocent, and even the ENEMIES OF DEATH and CORRUPTION on the alter of their own pretended enlightenment and heroism (Black Nobility, Sanhedrin, Mercenary/Banking Cartels, et.al.).

So naturally they are condemned, irredeemable, doomed, and slated to be destroyed and then punished in hell after hell until they've paid back every last iota of the energy they tainted and destroyed through their crimes.


And you don't have much a future left.

143a37  No.12667370

This is so progressive.

717fc9  No.12667384

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

There's only one worthwhile set of Chapman Brothers and they're the ones who created Homestar Runner dot com.

0709f2  No.12667385



also bump

its list time fellers

0012f2  No.12667419

Reminder that the reason these things sell for so much is because they're used for money laundering. Do you really think even the most retarded libshit will really drop that much money on this bullshit? No. It's to cover up what they're REALLY purchasing.

4a88b2  No.12667433


>Hitler Had Been a Hippy, How Happy Would We Be?

You fags would be all over this if you had the money.

22cf19  No.12667460

File: 476d5912119c014⋯.jpg (30.57 KB, 684x355, 684:355, nani the fuck.jpg)


>child mannequins w/ penises for noses & anuses for mouth

b90403  No.12667470


M-muh art!

45eb53  No.12667472

File: d4399468038885d⋯.png (563.17 KB, 1077x817, 1077:817, disgusting.png)


Sounds like a standard anime.

79371f  No.12667473


Just a reminder that Q-LARP was proven to be a hoax an entire year ago and that absolutely nothing it said would happen has happened.

9eef21  No.12667500

File: f2fa1118bef7112⋯.png (2.14 MB, 1046x4490, 523:2245, diplomatic art trafficking.png)


reminder that (((modern))) art is just money laundering and Pedosta's son is also an (((artist))) specializing in anthropomorphic rabbits

6ca374  No.12667517


>This movement consisted of artists creating nihilistic art meant to shock the public and gain publicity




6ca374  No.12667529

File: c282f439703d67b⋯.png (289.3 KB, 540x718, 270:359, [HEAVY METAL STOPS].png)


>They also have purchased watercolors drawn by Hitler, and drew rainbows, hearts, and stars over them for an exhibition called, If Hitler Had Been a Hippy, How Happy Would We Be? They wrote, “The idea of Hitler turning in his grave because we painted rainbows on his pictures is fantastically pleasurable.”

b90403  No.12667547


All this research is fantastic and everything but the American public will never believe it and everyone here already knows it's real.


605224  No.12667637

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Modern art is part jews furthering degeneracy by promoting their own kind and some chosen goys who produces degenerate art, part money laundry (not in the straight forward way people think it works) and part favoritism among their own kind for art that is just bland and nonsensical.

29818b  No.12667658


>They rose to fame in the 90s

Completely organically, I'm sure.

f5893c  No.12667667

Watch the mona lisa curse by robert hughes to understand the jewish art industry.

605224  No.12667673


Also public resources are plundered by selling modern art made legitimate via a small circle of jewish insiders to public galleries also headed largely by jews.

They promote art budgets so they can pocket them and divide them amongst themselves.

Then there are also private galleries where jews donate work of arts which they can use as write offs while also pocketing shekels from gullible goys visiting these places.

It's all a jewish racket…

605224  No.12667676

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Eva Rothschild making her crappy "art".

91d74f  No.12667704


>Jake and Dinos Chapman, known as the Chapman Brothers, are two extremely successful British artists.

>British artists.

sound of insecticide valve opening

8badc8  No.12667730


That's it. Pick a side or we'll pick it for you.

45eb53  No.12667747


Good luck with that anime fapper LOL!

8badc8  No.12667757


> because we painted rainbows on his pictures is fantastically pleasurable.

Why do they think he would care about that? They only managed to successfully co-opt the ENTIRE colour spectrum as a symbol of faggotry like 20 years ago.

69071a  No.12667807

File: ad728ca7b03dbb7⋯.jpg (36.39 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ad728ca7b03dbb7f74fd72c7c1….jpg)


>purchased watercolors drawn by Hitler, and drew rainbows, hearts, and stars over them



fda30d  No.12668007


You took the words right out of my anus.

0fa4ae  No.12668442

You just don't understand fine art, OP. Unsophisticated heathen. Swapping faces with genitals is the new hottness and easily worth seven figures.

Fun aside, the Podesta's doing this instead of being in the ground is a great failure of good people everywhere. These limey faggots not getting smashed is a failure of the Right.

They're laughing at us and begging to be destroyed. Grant them their wish if you're in a position to do so. Our futures depend on it.

a719f5  No.12668579

This is pretty boring work. It isn't even good enough to call it shocking. Just solid boring and unattractive.

f01f9c  No.12668708

File: f3da8c09257fa39⋯.gif (1.94 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 7rjS.gif)


Inverted Triangle. Massive Black Cube of Saturn.

I swear on my life, I shall bring these people a terror they will never forget. It will be etched into their genome… forever.

dd182c  No.12668718


underrated post

223e49  No.12668732


Glad I'm not the only one who thought that.

You know what's funny too, I've been rewatching all their stuff, and the strongbad character always talks about ladies, and they are NEVER black or Latina or Asian. He adores white, blonde women, and never brings up niggers.

As far as I'm concerned it's is perfectly safe for kids.

The one possible black person is a shady salesman who rips everyone off.

The one person who likes black culture is a sad loser who cant talk right and is hated by everyone.

The only thing that might be bad is that marzipan cucks homestar.

3c6445  No.12668745

File: 4ebf1341ffda4ec⋯.jpeg (618.17 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, Modern_Jews.jpeg)

They can't help themselves, can they?

477566  No.12668752


The fact that they can do this openly and without consequence just shows how complete the white man's defeat is.

888813  No.12668753


penises on children's noses and assholes for mouths. Pretty sure the "boring" part is your own opinion, but "boring" wouldn't be most people's first reaction if they walked into a room and saw a bunch of that art sitting there.

a719f5  No.12668765

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It is boring because all it has going for it is 'shock value', there is nothing else there…shock value isn't art any more than watching a porn star shove a cantaloupe in her pussy is 'sex', it isn't even something to get turned on by. Just another freak show…but not even one with value or any other redeeming quality other than shock. So it is flat out boring as fuck.

3c6445  No.12668786

File: ad119b34284e337⋯.jpeg (39.73 KB, 400x346, 200:173, Rothschild_Vandalism.jpeg)

File: 7fe7b80febea1d7⋯.jpg (81.26 KB, 425x283, 425:283, WTF_I_Hate_Hitler_So_Much.jpg)

File: c6e96a239972c1d⋯.jpg (36.61 KB, 600x417, 200:139, Adolf-Hitler-Madonna-and-C….jpg)

I'll bet it felt really cool and transgressive to use kike shekels to acquire a Hitler watercolor and defile it with a childishly amateur rainbow. It probably took some of the sting off of being such a crap artist that you would have starved to death if it wasn't for your family's endless swindle.

What you don't know, kike, is that it doesn't mean anything to us what you've done. I know you can't understand that, and you think I'm lying the way the typical Jew does, so I'll explain:

To a heartless, spiritually dead Jew, this world is all there is. You savages were the only race in history to formulate a religion that had dietary laws and a dress code, but zero concept of the afterlife. Your pygmy imaginations aren't up to the challenge of fair contest, and to you the world is only a set of objects. This is why you love treasure inordinately – piling up money and rolling in it like swine is the highest pleasure you can imagine. That is what spiritual death feels like from the inside, soulless thirsting for ever more possessions, as if there could be nothing more important than ivory back scratchers and gold-plated dildos.

You have spent over a thousand years moving among Europeans. You listened with envious ears to our hymns, which you could only reproduce as guttural yelps and grunts, every line punctuated by the pure filth in your hearts, like you do now when you write rap music. It was with envious eyes that you watched our development of high art. The best you could ever manage was primitive scrawl with lots of penis/butthole/scat depictions, because that is what you think about all the time. You never matched our science, so you made up lies about Oedipal complexes and potty training neuroses, because that is what's inside your sick heads. You learned our languages and read our poetry with envious glances, but all you could produce was degenerate sleaze like Howl.

Above all, you envied the whites' contact with divinity. You've defined yourselves by the hustle you have about your contract with G_d, but when you saw Europeans actually expressing faith in God, speaking with him, seeming to be genuinely inspired by our spark of the divine, you swore to your grandchildren you would punish and degrade us, and if possible drive us extinct. Trying to degrade all our good works – with modern art, modern music, modern religion, and so on – is a tactic in that silent war.

But you will fail. You've already failed, really. This Hitler painting is only an object. It is made of wood and canvas, with a bit of paint daubed on its face. To a spiritually dead Jewess, that's all there is in Creation; dead matter. Defile it, and you have defiled him. In your imagination, you have summoned him from Sheol and tortured his soul, because you had money and could buy a thing identified as his.

To an awake white man, however, that thing you paid for and broke is only crude matter. The essence of the art was the spirit that went into it, and its legacy is how it connected with us, the only audience Hitler ever cared to impress. He reached us with his art, and more with his great words about (((you))) and your kind, and that is the legacy that matters. Your infantile effort is for nothing. Burn every watercolor he ever made; his spirit still rises from the grave, to a realm of Caucasian Barbelo that you heebs know is closed against you for all time, and the soul of the thing lives on in us, forever.

Your race, on the other hand, doesn't exactly have "forever", does it now? I wonder what our people will paint on your baubles when you're ashes drifting over the ocean.

3c6445  No.12668794

File: 4a37d4a1d373ee9⋯.jpg (33.29 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Asshole_Eating.jpg)

File: 2b0439d3d4b3ae3⋯.jpg (295.21 KB, 1398x1024, 699:512, Butt_Art.jpg)

File: b6d1991fbf2db33⋯.jpg (131.99 KB, 512x606, 256:303, Carroll-Dunham-Art5.jpg)


B-but. . . it's really cutting edge, goy! What are you, some kind of hick who doesn't like buttholes?

f01f9c  No.12668811


…and people wonder why I have zero respect for them when they introduce themselves as an artist (of any kind) when I haven't seen their work. Shit like this, is. Fucking. Everywhere.

a719f5  No.12668814


But its not cutting edge, other goy!

It is less cutting edge that most of the porn out there today. It isn't titillating or even visually stimulating to look at because of high quality materials or some other attraction.

I can literally see two fags shitting a big loaf right into the others mouths, while the other gags, chokes and eats it, if I turn off my safe search (not gonna) but this is like the kindergarden of the porn world and it's just not that interesting. I don't even have to pay anything or go anywhere to see something way more 'avant garde' than this.

I guess this is what it means to have 'reached the limit' of 'art'….when the only limit beyond where you are blurs the definition of what you are trying to pretend you are/aren't doing.

I simply can't get fired up about it because I am so bored by it. Even the web site was so 'edgy' that it bored me to tears…that stupid flashing happy face…I actually struggled to get through it…forced my way through half of it and then simply wandered off…

477566  No.12668815

File: feeaa2a076617ba⋯.jpg (26.28 KB, 960x609, 320:203, masterrace.jpg)


800 million whites can't deal with 15 million Jews. You are a fat, stupid, cowardly, and pathetic race. You've been carrying on about us for 600 years and have only lost ground, lost battles, and lost control of every industry and institution that matter. We will never be defeated. Never. You are a wanting, weak, and beaten race.

t. Jew Masterraceman.

PS. In 10 years the tech we'll have at our disposal will make your silly notions of any sort of guerilla war impossible. Literally and utterly impossible. So tick tock white faggots… you've wasted 600 years and you've only got 10 left. My suggestion: you all kneel and beg, BEG LIKE DOGS for our holy mercy… Perhaps I'll let you shine my shoes, do yard-work, and live in a tent outside my house.

a719f5  No.12668819


You bore me as well…you aren't anything.

6c3eed  No.12668821


Jews can't do art.

be7868  No.12668825

File: 01a86704057c11f⋯.jpg (67.14 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 617b45f9636a1.jpg)

Post yfw der furher was a better artist than this jewish pedophile.

a719f5  No.12668828


Maybe that is the problem. It is a jew attempt at 'art' or the closest they are ever going to get, obscenity or abstraction. This is like the solid color paintings that only a jew could appreciate because it is meaningless…and meaningless obscenity is all they can ever bring into the world.

It is actually pathetically sad when you think about it. Can you imagine KNOWING that the only thing you could ever offer anyone or anything was meaningless obscenity?

f1cbd5  No.12668831


Amen, Brother.

3c6445  No.12668833


Butthurt Jew dropped his mask and broke the fourth wall. Got your fucking goat, didn't I, Avram? We'll get more than that for sure. We already are. Be sure to answer Mama Israel's call for troops when Assad starts the gassings for real this time.

f01f9c  No.12668836

File: 2f583e396d3aacf⋯.jpg (442.47 KB, 3447x2263, 3447:2263, 2f583e396d3aacf127e8259fd4….jpg)


Considering I have a higher IQ than virtually all of humanity, I am not terribly afraid. I make your best and brightest look like fucking chimps. I am annoyed. Take my fucking sandbox away. I dare you, no I fucking double dare you. Take it away; see what happens. See what fucking happens. Keep it up Moishe, c'mon… I want to play. Don't you?

477566  No.12668842



You idiots just don't get it. You've already lost the war. And your defeat was not just one of chance, but one of racial character; of genes.

Our genes out competed yours, with the disadvantage of having less than 1/50th of your population.

a719f5  No.12668843


meh…bored again.

6c3eed  No.12668849

File: b4e1f6c57da19fb⋯.jpg (50.99 KB, 640x400, 8:5, we are everywhere.jpg)


That's what you've been crying for 60 years as your sandnigger cousins strike you. Remember the Fuhrer when your mother dies in a knife attack.

3c6445  No.12668851

File: 28ed2437af2bbdb⋯.jpg (43.72 KB, 358x347, 358:347, Carroll-Dunham-Art4.jpg)


You operate at a high level. We can't compete with this.

You are only a symptom of our cultural decadence. With renewal, we invariably exterminate you like lice. /pol/ is working on that renewal now, and it's been getting results.


6c3eed  No.12668872


This. Their religion is a confluence of abstractions and obscenity, so we know their souls are the well of this pollution.

f01f9c  No.12668880

File: 87d562cb37a7088⋯.jpg (19.73 KB, 472x267, 472:267, 21686215_171391586757073_9….jpg)


>You've already lost the war.

We have not even begun and you are shitting your pants. Why? If we're just stupid goyim… why put in all this effort? Why come to a board of less than 10,000 people and shit everything up?

When I see your post I don't think of some fucking Juden Ubermensch, I see a cocky scared shitless 120 IQ retard with an ethnic superiority complex that just isn't compatible with reality. I won't deny that Jews have some control… but you really don't have much. I would advise against getting comfortable or do. I doesn't really matter to me. You will never be able to stop my Work. People like me are the monkey wrench to your gas turbine.

477566  No.12668896


>you are shitting your pants

No, I'm gloating, because it's fun to rub your defeat in your faces.

See you later losers!

f01f9c  No.12668909

File: e9493c0d91b1e13⋯.jpg (34.46 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 7yrs.jpg)


>See you later losers.

Naw, you'll just IP hop for some more shekels Mr. Tinkleblat

You can't stay away and you can never turn your back.

I find your entire ethnos to be amusing. For now.

ec77cc  No.12668920


You're both wrong.

>In 10 years the tech we'll have at our disposal will make your silly notions of any sort of guerilla war impossible.

Heh, fighting yesterdays war.

439f33  No.12668995

File: 2b39baf529145dc⋯.jpg (445.36 KB, 2266x476, 1133:238, probably not significant.jpg)

caee6e  No.12669027

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Strong Bad opens a pizza joint to score some chicks.

f5f4ac  No.12669467


fags killing the rainbow is so fucking sad

d25c07  No.12669489

File: 0f747f0590bbae4⋯.jpg (19.51 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1516868036793.jpg)


>penises for noses & anuses for mouth


d25c07  No.12669494


Vore and body horror hentai can fuck itself.

But you are right, unless it's actual children involved it's just perverted art. That said, people really should try to stop their obsession with it as it's not healthy.

d25c07  No.12669497


>Rothschild is used by deep state to psyop

Are people really buying this crap?

0e05e6  No.12689841

Das juden is doomed. They are ugly and gross, full of inbred demise. The tech they over rely on will be the final solution to removing this blight from humanity.

They have become weak and arrogant, dependent on ever complex schemes and machines. Without them they are nothing, these devices are quite vulnerable.

Let us not forget, it is a one nuke state, the ratss being convieniently in one small place, surrounded by hostiles galore.

The vengeance and fury that shall released upon then will be a glory like no other

Your time will come jewz, much sooner then you think

Nobody ever bothered to care one of you into stone as an example of humanities potential

741ca8  No.12689868

File: 86602341da2ea37⋯.jpg (32 KB, 283x304, 283:304, Thankyoualexverycool.jpg)


>We will never be defeated. Never. You are a wanting, weak, and beaten race.

edc5a4  No.12689870


I wish my family was so well off that i could just make trash all day and do nothing relevant while living a life of the gods.

8f8911  No.12689910

File: 06146fae022aa74⋯.jpg (27.26 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 06146fae022aa74d0e10be087c….jpg)


>what it means to have 'reached the limit' of 'art'

anon your body is the limit of art

only once you perfect your body, mind, soul, and your craft can you begin to create art

half the soyboys eat a cut of chocolate shroom edibles and purposefully consume orange juice and laxitives to literally shit out some quality modern art

there's nothing to admire, nothing to appreciate, no mathematical or naturally occurring pattern to be in awe of just degenerates shitting out last nights pulp before doing it all again

when you perfect yourself everything you do is art because it is all part of the process of your trade

365177  No.12689917

File: d6cd0f5cb6e0c27⋯.jpg (113.81 KB, 564x852, 47:71, Erastes-courting.jpg)


Alefantis, the Podestas and these guys are all ethnic Greeks. Just saying.

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