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File: b7514e402d501be⋯.jpg (53.49 KB, 1260x840, 3:2, im-47237.jpg)

67c74e  No.12666871

Julián Castro, former Housing Secretary, Announces 2020 Presidential Bid.

>Mr. Castro, 44 years old, who served as San Antonio’s mayor before joining the Obama administration in 2014, is seeking to become the nation’s first Latino president.

>He is expected to sweep the grand majority of Latino voters, and lock a stable Democratic supremacy in the country for ages to come.

https://www.wsj. com/articles/julian-castro-former-housing-secretary-announces-2020-presidential-bid-11547318875

17ed7e  No.12666881

File: 0e008861155fa9e⋯.jpg (49.67 KB, 338x454, 169:227, Symbols-G-In-Freemasonry.jpg)


Your ringer?

f51052  No.12666887

Probably will be prez. Need to move to Ukraine before it’s too late

fd785f  No.12666890


This is EXACTLY what I said was going to happen in 2020. They were going to pick a VERY young spic male to contrast the “old white male” stereotype. He’s guaranteed to get the DNC nomination.

d29611  No.12666904

He is basically going to try do an Obama. Win by just not being white.

e038de  No.12666910

>breaking links

>doesn't archive

Fuck off jose.

e038de  No.12666915

Also, it's a fucking jew.

67c74e  No.12666928


My caring for archiving links is directly proportional to voting again for Trump.

f18444  No.12666940


I know him well actually, there used to be this board called althistory.com and he was a very popular person for future presidents. I'm not surprised, since he's a relatively unknown and vapid minority leader, he's democratic, hispanic, and very well tied to the non-progressive inner circle of the dems. He's perfect for them.

He kinda reminds me of Obama really, no one really knew about him before this.

3951ad  No.12666942

File: 241676aade6667c⋯.jpg (150.61 KB, 960x1440, 2:3, p14387024_b_v8_aa.jpg)

Lol matrix. "Designated Survivor," much?

bd38a7  No.12666955


And it will work since Trump demoralized all of white America by accomplishing absolutely nothing.

59f8b4  No.12666963


Just like the president of Venezuela… what a cohencidence

e5c5cf  No.12666964

File: cbfe759b36805fa⋯.jpg (19.66 KB, 500x371, 500:371, at least you tried.jpg)


>A-Anyone but Drumpf!!!

It's all so very (((organic))). >>12665580

b679da  No.12666965


That's exactly what Trump was trying to accomplish. It's like nobody paid any attention to his political and social history before he threw out a couple empty platitudes in 2015.

4edd4a  No.12666967

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this country is already over IMO, the happening approaches

4edd4a  No.12666974


just curious what the get was

67c74e  No.12666982


It's far worse, mate. If Trump doesn't insulate the country against the damage that a proper traitor spic can dish, this guy will make a point about pushing for white genocide.

The caravans will happen daily with korean style celebrations on the media.

b679da  No.12666989


Trump wants White genocide. He detests White people.

b6f202  No.12666993

File: f78f5fb6270d244⋯.jpg (97.68 KB, 504x470, 252:235, f78f5fb6270d244f6444adb169….jpg)

>Minorities don't give a fuck policy and merit, just (((representation)))

>Struggle to go out and vote even when a candidate looks, sounds, and fucks like them

>To generate hype, every American president will need to be the First X President

Someday people will hear feminists claim with pride that they're on the Right Side of History because they voted for the nation's first male to female to male Minor-attracted-person Indian-African-American candidate.

67c74e  No.12666999


We knew exactly Trump was never a natsoc or a paleoconservative, but he was promising something he seemed to believe in. No one wanted to believe that he could be bought, or neutered by the deep state so easily.

4edd4a  No.12667001


that day will never come

b679da  No.12667007


>but he was promising something he seemed to believe in.

It ran counter to everything he ever espoused and acted on in his real life prior to 2015. You'd have to be brain damaged to think he wasn't lying.

67c74e  No.12667011


Everyone knows you're cuckchanners out for the lulz. The grown ups know the failures of Trump without stepping down into total retardation.

fd785f  No.12667013


>no one wanted to believe

/pol/ always knew that he was a kike shill. That’s why this board was completely fucking destroyed for three years.

fd785f  No.12667016


>Trump accelerates white genocide

>does nothing to stop it

<oy vey goyim he totally doesn’t want it

Go away.

b679da  No.12667021


He's mortified that he has to appeal to them, which is why he goes out of his way to spit in their face with pardoning super kike human traffickers and nigger rapists. The fact that a small portion of dumb White dupes didn't immediately line up behind him when he started bombing Syria likely sent him into quiet, apoplectic rage that he isn't delivering for Sheldon to the degree he's been ordered to.

67c74e  No.12667026


Don't be greedy, yid. You could have the biggest truth in your hands, that your manipulative nature makes it suspicious.

67c74e  No.12667033


Who did you voted for?

>inb4 I dun vote its useless lel

>inb4 I voted hillary cuz accelerashunism

86ce4b  No.12667034

<first LATINA president, am I right you guys?

<did someone said drumpf?

That's why no-one takes you seriously.

59f8b4  No.12667037


I don't understand your esoteric metaphor, could you care to explain?

fd785f  No.12667040


>paid jewish shill is literally so fucking brainwashed that he cannot comprehend anything other than what jews tell him to do

>oy vey goyim ✡voting✡ actually works

Paid shill confirmed. Go back to reddit. You are not one of us and never will be.

59f8b4  No.12667041


I wouldn't mind voting for a Latina loli waifu :^3

fd785f  No.12667042


Esoterically kill yourself. You use that phrase so that the scraper knows which account to pay, you fucking subhuman.

fd785f  No.12667043

67c74e  No.12667047


Look at how the kike becomes evasive!

Answer, who did you vote for?

59f8b4  No.12667050



00f1b5  No.12667109

>White people now vote for Trump

>Spics vote for a walking pinjata

>Nogs wote for .. . a nigger ?

Basically, any nigger or hilary or similar jew just lost the spic vote. And that is a good thing

67c74e  No.12667132


Niggers won't vote 'for the spic'. They will just vote 'against whitey'.

0721e3  No.12667147

at least it's not a woman tho right?

86ce4b  No.12667151


I don't think it's about "against", it seems to be about more "for" a coupon. Just line in commiefornia which illegal spics voted for a free phone.

988423  No.12667183

I don't think he's the next president, but he's not wrong that in less than 15 years we could likely see a spic president. I'm putting my bets on a wamen spic

0721e3  No.12667200

Prime time to invest in mutt memes.

ff4b2b  No.12667226

File: 82dd95f7f581490⋯.png (238.87 KB, 264x360, 11:15, ClipboardImage.png)


I heard Quetzalcoatl make his little announcement speech today while I was driving (satellite radio) and I literally screamed out, "What the fuck!"

this retard will not even get the nomination

he should give up now.

when I heard him speak Spanish, it was over.

He's south-american - look at that native indian face

This Incan is probably used to blood sacrifices

ac1f37  No.12667238

File: cf3460899a060b4⋯.jpg (121.49 KB, 373x1920, 373:1920, Amerimutt 2.jpg)

Dios mio …

ff4b2b  No.12667241

File: 3722ea66930ec6d⋯.png (93.41 KB, 300x225, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

peruvian carved incan busts for sale on e-bay - looks just like him

ff4b2b  No.12667244


the maga-tards will hate that meme

fd785f  No.12667254


Not really, since it's a paid jewish shill and the spic isn't American.

e51ec3  No.12667256


I was here during the election.

No, /pol/ didn't know. There were people who spoke against him and they were called kike shills.

67c74e  No.12667263

File: 261e97b7ead337a⋯.png (773.7 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 241c0f4bde43c08e930b64145a….png)


>look at that native indian face

You sure that's not the demon phenotype?

fb2374  No.12667269


ooooh, if they go with this faggot, hohohoho, you guys are going to find alot of interesting skeletons and surprises.

ff4b2b  No.12667272

File: c127c6d8cfd0700⋯.jpg (334.71 KB, 1915x2872, 1915:2872, a9b06f1518e7ea67102d0ea509….jpg)

ff4b2b  No.12667273

File: 5642ed0758fc8f7⋯.jpg (480.44 KB, 1915x2872, 1915:2872, castro incan thing.jpg)

fd785f  No.12667275


Yep, thanks, /pol/ knew that Trump was a kike shill. You have literally just admitted that what I said is correct. Try reading posts before replying to them.

57cae9  No.12667278

He'll lose the election based on his last name alone.

ff4b2b  No.12667280



4/pol/ was totally pro-trump. the base there still pretty much is

67c74e  No.12667286


Wew, you suddenly shut up when asked who you voted for? Filter this lying kike.

000000  No.12667287

I was so excited for a storyline about Warren fighting the Republican congress that can agree on nothing. Nothing except how based Israel is.

ff4b2b  No.12667292



81d24e  No.12667303

¡viva la raza, holmes!

86ce4b  No.12667311


I guess he fled to other threads again, like a bitch, and whine how everything is related to his obsession.

0721e3  No.12667320


They said that about Obama because of Osama. Not a valid argument.

127f7c  No.12667344


you shills are pathetic

63e97a  No.12667362


the new response will become didn't vote for this guy? clearly hate mexicans.

000000  No.12667364


I don't like the look of it. oompa.jpg

57c3e0  No.12667373

Isn't this the guy that put hud nogs in all neighborhoods?I figured the sleepy doc would've taken care of that by now.

4b6666  No.12667387


he doesn't look latino to me

he looks like a cross between a chink and a kike

ff4b2b  No.12667399



4b6666  No.12667402


well, this is his last name, not his middle name

86ce4b  No.12667406


>a breed of the Western kike and the Eastern kike.

The ultimate evil.

5fe9eb  No.12667410


This is pretty damn funny. It also explains why we need another massive war. Wreck the military, bleed the coffers, accrue so much debt that it becomes impossible to payoff. Only then will we be able to rebuild.

26d72c  No.12667414


He didn't say Japanese though.

9d3c08  No.12667418

I thought cripplechan was meant to be the best pol. Slow as 4chans /x/ this place.

6eb6fc  No.12667428


Lol even the beaners hate this guy.

6eb6fc  No.12667436


Fill up the boomer hoods with niggers. I’m cool with that.

26d72c  No.12667442


Haha epic, dude. You're totally not a bitter loser.

d6b71c  No.12667454

Doubt it will be this guy, the Old Blood still wants the office

4b6666  No.12667502


I hope theres a link

a28e0a  No.12667507

File: 496e47b93fdec0e⋯.jpg (3.84 KB, 119x160, 119:160, niggerprez.jpg)


Kinda reminds me of someone…

a28e0a  No.12667508


Yep, seems like a repeat of obama

57cae9  No.12667512


The political climate shifted significantly under the Obama administration, in such a way that many people are unwilling to repeat such an experiment.

The same may be repeating right now under the Trump admin, it's hard to say. The national culture has fractured significantly and it's very much based along 'identity' lines.

The demographics may have shifted enough to get an hispanic man into the house, but 'Castro' works against him in a very significant way, not just because of the ethnic implications but because of the tie between Castro and Cuban communism. White Americans might be willing to vote for a hispanic man (this is becoming less likely under these cultural conditions), but a very large number of them would be opposed to voting for a man named Castro.

People do not function along purely rational and ideological lines, and this is especially true in the current political climate in America. Names matter, and 'Castro' is a massive liability.

67c74e  No.12667524


College kids would be crazy about getting Fidel Castro's twice removed nephew into power. And what if she gets Ocasio-Cortez as VP?

57cae9  No.12667542


The Bernie Sanders experiment was a failed version of the same idea.

College kids have no meaningful political power, mostly because they don't participate in politics in any meaningful way.

It's hard enough to get them to vote in the main elections, nevermind the primaries, etc.

fd785f  No.12667545


>you’re a shill because you exposed the ZOG emperor

Reminder that Donald Trump has accelerated white genocide and that only paid jewish shills and neoconservatives support him.

fcce6b  No.12667556


Suicide is looking better everyday

61c869  No.12667604

>murica becomes increasingly non-white

>socialist brown presidents

If not in 2020, then at a later date. The way things are going now, there is no stopping it. Trump was probably the last shot we had to try to plug up the dam, but the dam already burst in 1965 and unleashed a tidal wave of brown shit. Demographics are destiny, the thing we can hope for now is the inevitable balkanization/collapse.

d42293  No.12667606


Niggers might vote Trump this time while spics vote for the spic. Spics outnumber niggers substantially at this point as their population percentage is growing steadily while nigger population percentage has actually been stable for over a century.

So it'll probably be spic victory. They probably won't even care about the wall and just go for vastly more legal immigration to take over. There'll be amnesty, naturally, though.

55c48f  No.12667609

File: 18c9e6724b06e12⋯.jpg (19.34 KB, 450x338, 225:169, suckit.jpg)



>Housing Secretary

>Obama administration


>first Latino President

another divider, "it's my turn" type

29534c  No.12667610


Can the republicans have a primary?

307214  No.12667614

File: 8e56831ef4aed66⋯.jpg (57.32 KB, 416x431, 416:431, Alan_Keyes.jpg)


>niggers are going to vote for a latino

Don't make me say it.

307214  No.12667623


So 2020 will be the last election before civil war?

fd785f  No.12667625


Niggers will never vote for a republican.

d42293  No.12667648


They'll vote for one over a spic. Niggers despise spics even more than they hate whites. Whites at least give them gibs; spics don't and niggers know it. Trump is clearly promising to keep the gibs going so they'll grudgingly vote him if the new spic wins the Democratic primary, which he will due to spic voters and bernie bros.

c9cc57  No.12667663

Voting for an articulate nigger to be president makes boomers feel virtuous. Voting for the ugly brown goblin who mows their lawns to be president makes boomers feel retarded.

ca0796  No.12667669


No, people didn't have a problem with Hussein, they will not have a problem with Castro.

f81af4  No.12667690




307214  No.12667701


see >>12667614

Where did Keyes go?

12f952  No.12667702


civil war is inevitable


5aa813  No.12667711


It's more likely the country will break up into separate warring states well before that point. There's very little glue holding the country together as is.

5aa813  No.12667715


They elected a man who wasn't even born in the USA - I highly doubt being named "Castro" is going to be the ship sinker.

e50998  No.12667719


Can someone post the original without the superfluous demon addition?

e1c67e  No.12667729


307214  No.12667738


> I highly doubt being named "Castro is going to be the ship sinker.

It would be for Florida…

58a1d4  No.12667741

That is just about the slimiest, dopiest, most kniving and soulless-looking spic I have ever fucking seen.

(((They))) and their NPCs are going to fucking love him.

307214  No.12667748


The cubans will hate him.

fd785f  No.12667756


Doesn't matter. Florida will go blue in every election from here on out.

000000  No.12667760


He looks like a creepy clown.

307214  No.12667772


Not if they think castro is related to the cuban government. They hate that government.

fd785f  No.12667775


Florida is blue for reasons other than spics.

000000  No.12667779


they were testing the waters with Castro in the 2016 campaign season. My suspicion is Onigger told him to wait another cycle for the demographics to shift in his favor…

link related to Onigger's sentiment.

>'Maybe I was too early'


77fce5  No.12667787

77fce5  No.12667789


The spic (including Europeans) vs the anglo-kikes?

307214  No.12667816


I wouldn't expect niggers to like anything related to cuba either, consider Che never liked them.

e26214  No.12667833


i think it's time to admit to ourselves that America is beyond saving at this point. As many here have known for some time Trump was just an isreali puppet. His wall was always just a diversion to trick the low IQ masses into getting behind him. Wall wont do anything. They will cut through or tunnel under it. He no longer mentions DACA because that's (((Their))) ultimate tool to break America. He's on (((Their))) team.

White birth rate is in the toilet and it's going to stay their indefinitely because (((they))) run the education system and brainwash all the children in their youth when their minds are still vulnerable. The females grow up to be white male hating whores and trained to dismantle the very people that gave them their freedom in the first place.

So It is my opinion that the collapse of America is imminent. It's not going to be a fast collapse either. The collapse is already well underway. This is a slow collapse. But whites can probably expect to see mass violence against them by the brown "minorities" once the white population drops below the 50% mark. Also when the boomers start dying off which is the last remaining white voting block that has any capital-stake in this system. Their brown foot soldiers can't just bum rush us just yet. That pesky 2nd amendment is still in the way and too many of us are armed. But i don't think the guns are what they will come for…

It seems to me (((they))) are focusing on the financial war on whites. The importing of foreign workers and the useless wall that wont stop anything and the complete ignorance of DACA means wages will continue to be pushed down. Their feminist race mixing women run the HR offices and they have already been programed from their youth to hate white males. They are the gatekeepers to the job market.

It will become increasingly difficult for whites to find employment and thus become poorer. And when your poor the last thing on your mind is buying guns. It's "what the hell am i going to eat today?"

123963  No.12667836


He tried in 2016, his dad was the founder of La Raza akak (the Race) or the Hispanic KKK who thinks mixed latinos are space aliens who should rule the world.

If we have a free and open internet it would be hard for him to explain why his dad was in La Raza, otherwise they will just shut it down and he will rule America for the next 50 years.

123963  No.12667841


Depends on the state, but in some you can only vote in the primary based on which party you voted for on the previous election.

123963  No.12667843


Native Americans ARE chicks genetically. You fags need to stop being so new.

307214  No.12667847


I think he's too fucking big of a risk especially in the post clinton climate.

You need people with no attachments to anything. Trump was scrutinised himself over fuck all connections.

I don't see how this could mean anything but an actual decent democrat (if they exist) finally fixing that mess of a party.

615b8f  No.12667850


>sweep the grand majority of Latino voters

We'll see. They're not as monolithic as blacks with voting.

123963  No.12667851

File: 28e0f00fd65644e⋯.png (211.35 KB, 1020x780, 17:13, Julian Castro La Raza Conn….png)

File: a0939e9a5747da6⋯.png (1.05 MB, 933x9224, 933:9224, About La Raza Full 1.png)

File: a80621e5b8c59f5⋯.png (1.32 MB, 675x9085, 135:1817, Julian Castro La Raza Conn….png)

123963  No.12667862

File: 83437e746c4bfe2⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1199x3222, 1199:3222, Democrat Presidentials to ….png)

File: 5242498c98c68b4⋯.png (39.05 KB, 653x579, 653:579, George Soros 100 million l….png)

File: 8dedd1a851c5b90⋯.png (1.89 MB, 868x3084, 217:771, Trump University Judge is ….png)

123963  No.12667866

File: 2145ff9998f0e07⋯.png (1.22 MB, 2916x1968, 243:164, La Raza Judge Tump Suit 1.png)

File: d284c0fd2c11923⋯.jpg (321.71 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, la raza millitary uniform.jpg)

File: 5efd71000bbc4ce⋯.png (18.49 KB, 649x496, 649:496, La raza obama policy advos….png)

File: ba29803865fba31⋯.png (433.07 KB, 646x1925, 646:1925, San Jose Police Chief La R….png)

123963  No.12667874


The spread is pretty consistent.

Niggers 90% D

Spics 70% D

Slants 70%D

Whites 40% D

615b8f  No.12667911


There's a swinging third of that vote that can be gotten, but usually repubs go about it in the stupidest way. They don't give a fuck about 'family values' policy. To them, family values begins and ends at home. All they want is a comfy low-mid class existence with jobs.

Oh and a few payoffs to the right district leaders and you can win the key districts that aren't filled with squat goblins.

Problem is i don't expect the republicans to chose the right strategy so maybe the spread stays the same.

4df0c0  No.12667939


This is the one I have, but it feels like there are more.

781de9  No.12667942


the next president will never be a spic!

4df0c0  No.12667946

File: 935d0d3ea87a86e⋯.jpeg (74.11 KB, 520x546, 20:21, jewishphenotypes.jpeg)

6dfdff  No.12667951


>Trump is the only white male running

233eae  No.12668357


Considering we're virtually at war with Mexico, and have been on and off before. This is a fucking nightmare. Could liberals even imagine an "American" being the president of Mexico?

527938  No.12668371

i saw a movie with a poster tag line " how can he take office if he is killed" it was the weirdest tagline for a movie ever

aa6b1c  No.12668373


Newfag, stop posting like youre from here.

c9cc57  No.12668397


Don't believe the bullshit. Obama is the bastard son of communist Chicago nigger Frank Marshall Davis. His kike whore mother wasn't sure which nigger out of two dozen or so was the real daddy, so she picked the foreign one.

f12232  No.12668419

File: fcb5aa8ee9e08c1⋯.jpg (100.7 KB, 640x480, 4:3, c04feddddce0e4988cdda84d35….jpg)

75e13f  No.12668434

Leftists are all brainless herd animals that have degenerated from living in cities and seeing nothing but artificial things for generations.

They have no logical thought process, no free will, no humanity.

They can't explain any of their opinions. They can't put their thoughts in alternate terms.

They're brainwashed freaks that copy what authority tells them verbatim.

They make a cult out of hating free real people, they have an entire sub-language devoted to calling them names and gossiping about them.

They are all liars with no sense of value other than what pleases them personally.

They are atomized slaves created by the central bank.

They are machines that work for fake money created out of thin air.

Their reward is fake, but they think it's real, and this is the basis of their insanity.

Like the currency inflates, as it is printed out of thin air, so are these brainless machine-animal slaves born out of thin air, multiplying endlessly until the point of social/ecological collapse.

The world will be choked and killed with their effluence: pollution, political persecution of free people, etc.

Unless we destroy/convert them all.

Some argue for converting them and slowly reducing their population, but in the event Free Humanity claims a victory and has the power to do this, it just gives the same evil people a chance to reclaim their slaves and reverse the situation again.

Kill them all.

God demands it. It's an abomination for men to be like cattle.

Kill them all.

9dbce9  No.12668438


This looks like the kind of Marxist who doesn't want the Wall and wants to "find" an infinite number of boxes of votes after election day.

b3d7ce  No.12668462


Why not (((circumcise))) the image and remove the demon part? You can literally crop it out in ms paint.

7a5e43  No.12668519

File: 382233be8305cc2⋯.jpg (67.81 KB, 462x595, 66:85, gay elf.jpg)

that gay elf with not even get 2%

1c12a7  No.12668544

File: 6a223d6befa6647⋯.jpg (110.03 KB, 1042x777, 1042:777, b687779807978.jpg)

Open Borders Kosher

pic related

9aae22  No.12668694

File: da1559fad2746e5⋯.jpg (2.09 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, PM Justin with Trump.jpg)

File: 0c380d83e820f8d⋯.jpg (189.09 KB, 1024x688, 64:43, Justin with slutty mom Mar….jpg)

File: 8d1873a49b1efc5⋯.png (375.04 KB, 492x371, 492:371, Margaret fondles Fidel in ….png)

File: 8c00e3a4f207a27⋯.png (492.1 KB, 775x659, 775:659, Margaret presents Justin t….png)

File: 7b180f5ea73a00f⋯.png (388.77 KB, 1143x296, 1143:296, facial comparison between ….png)


9aae22  No.12668724

File: 96b30f9dbf4369a⋯.png (108.31 KB, 159x267, 53:89, 1922.png)


> My brother Joaquin and I grew up with my mother Rosie and my grandmother Victoria.

>My grandmother was an orphan.

>As a young girl, she had to leave her home in Mexico and move to San Antonio, where some relatives had agreed to take her in.


>Castro, whose grandmother, Victoria Castro, was born in the Mexican border state of Coahuila, and crossed into the United States at Eagle Pass, Texas, in 1922 after her parents died during the Mexican Revolution

How can we find out whether or not his grandmother immigrated legally?

67c74e  No.12669014


Reminder to filter this shill, he clammed up when asked who he voted for. This kind of schizo behaviour is often found in commie fundamentalists.

67c74e  No.12669025


I expect them to push La Raza as a positive, in the near future. It comes from la raza universale, if I remember right: the south american rationalization that mutts will peacefully inherit the world. The left loves the idea of everyone mixing, except jews.

542c68  No.12669030


He is not even a quarter Spanish decent, he looks like a mix of a Chinese rape baby and a philipino sweatshop worker. By God if I was allowed to kill this man for falsely claiming Spanish heritage I would with God behind me. Not to mention that hooked nose obviously means hes obviously a kike. This faggot probably can't even point out any part of any Spanish/Spanish influenced countries, besides "muh madrid" and "muh mexico city". He is going to lose since a majority of Spanish see him as a half bred mutt, and by God the "hispanic" community are very racist towards our own and those who claim to be.

ff4b2b  No.12669501


>that pic

definitely gay

22a53d  No.12669545


Just like castro.

755c81  No.12669604


Stfu, Josh. I’m there too and it’s a shithole

902ccc  No.12669913


rare good post. Too bad this board is filled with MAGAnigggers unable to think ahead.

926af3  No.12669967


Is this the guy that wanted HUD vouchers so poor could live in Rich, established, low crime neighborhoods rent free?

Yes, yes it is…

9cd022  No.12670007

File: 30045e820fa1ce0⋯.png (6.21 KB, 333x293, 333:293, meldyva-1.png)

Trump will be the last President of the United States, kid.

If this makes you mad, you probably believe in muh American democracy or muh republic. In which case, you are doing exactly what Jews want you to do - actually believing in a system where votes don't matter. If you vote Republican you get a Zionist, if you vote Democrat you get the same, just a bit more extremist.

Which would you rather eat : Shit, or shit with urine?

I choose National Socialism. Which is far superior to the current system in America. And compared to eating shit, it's eating steak.

000000  No.12670030


>it would be hard for him to explain why his dad was in La Raza

There are prominent obstructionists in the jewdiciary who hold open associations with La Raza; 'Justice' Sotomayor being the most notable. It's not necessarily a bad angle of attack we'll just have to nail him with something better than his wackjob father. They've probably spend the last few years scrubbing his digital trail, but he's probably shit on more than a few people in his wake… maybe enough for internal leaks?

9cd022  No.12670071

File: b5260ccd45c2064⋯.jpg (238.43 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Blackpill.jpg)


>that sought to create a separate country-Aztlan-in the Southwest.

187634  No.12670094


Seconding this.

9cd022  No.12670101


this post did nothing wrong

bcb5b7  No.12670109


Don't care if a fed wrote this post, it's 100% correct

2acc67  No.12673684


Reminder: Obama is a mulatto

A mestizo could pass.

5e1c25  No.12673858


He don’t look like Latino. His eye is slanted like Asian.

68aa49  No.12673863

That demonic jewish smirk is pure evil. I wish people would call Obongo a niggerjew and this guy a spicjew. They are always jews and are related to one another. That's an important fact. Obongo is a niggerjew and this guy is a spicjew. Bush and Clintons are jews. France Germany Sweden etc, all ruled by jews…We have to kill the jews and there's no way of getting around that fact.

187634  No.12673865

06f8c5  No.12673872

Better start naming that Jew Trump.

ae5b54  No.12673874


>Masonry bullshit

This is the boomer's version of "globalists"

Cut the bullshit and call them kikes

154142  No.12673876

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

20ad39  No.12673888


>>Mr. Castro, 44 years old, who served as San Antonio’s mayor before joining the Obama administration in 2014, is seeking to become the nation’s first Latino president.

Any white man with room temperature IQ could have predicted this outcome, but you were all too busy stuffing your fat faces and chasing shekels via cheap non-white labor to do anything about it. White men and their Christian Refugee Ministries imported all these people to work in your crappy businesses, and this is the result: the future you chose.

I have no sympathy for the brown shithole that will be every formerly white country. Rome collapsed for this same reason and you chose not to learn any lessons from it. Too bad. Here are a few facts for those who are salty about my post:

>78% of white Republican, Christian men voted for the 1965 Immigration Act

>Republicans overwhelmingly voted for Reagan's Amnesty

>Trump and the current Republicans are pushing for DACA amnesty and 300,000 more H1-B Indians to flood America…and this is only the beginning.

>There will never be a Wall.

>There will be no meaningful immigration reform under the current administration.

5e1c25  No.12673892



There is no Jews. They are like parasite plants that steal the genetic materials to mimic them.

49e76c  No.12673932


Then are you going to start shooting when the bullets fly or complain that people are fighting back?

20ad39  No.12673935


Until white men abandon Christianity en masse, I'll be sitting on the sidelines. Breaking away from the Christian mind-virus is the first step to free ourselves from bondage. That cancerous cuck religion is at the core of our rot. There can be no solution through violence until we address this problem.

3b8f2c  No.12674060

the next president is @dannyocoulson

4d91a2  No.12674077

>that mouth

>these genetics

this is peak jewish mutt admixture

29534c  No.12674132

File: 0a4e3a34ebdf39f⋯.png (259.74 KB, 1911x1049, 1911:1049, D&C.png)


enough with your Religious D&C spam.

29534c  No.12674146

File: 72dc9d7d7d7fb11⋯.png (40.72 KB, 1801x383, 1801:383, sadsadsa.png)

c79e7b  No.12674184


reminder that jews hate Christianity and seek it's destruction. Also, Christianity has nothing to do with the mind virus of leftism, liberalism and jewish subversion of the US.

7cfe83  No.12674367


They can do whatever the fuck they want to choose a candidate, see the 2016 Democratic primary where they just cheated Clinton into the position despite the votes (((Bernie))) got.

They'll probably stick with Trump, though.

b95c42  No.12674385


t. Castro shill

7cfe83  No.12674390


Demoralization is not a good post and it's not rare, but who am I kidding, you're probably the faggot who wrote that post.

4d91a2  No.12674764


>Trump will be the last President of the United States, kid

I fear you're wrong but pray that you're right

e39798  No.12676129

He probably won't get the nomination. Even if he did, I doubt he'd win, given a multitude of reasons. I can't tell if you're all demoralized retards, leftist shills or white nationalists who honestly thought Trump was gonna go full 14/88, but either way, Castro doesn't stand a chance against Trump. There isn't anyone the Democrats currently have who could beat Trump. As it stands, he has a 90% chance of re-election. Assuming he gets the wall (which is likely) he will probably have an even better chance.

56f454  No.12676131


Who cares about which politician wins anymore? They're all our enemy.

e39798  No.12676144


He isn't an Israeli puppet. He plays ball with the Israeli lobby. As for the race shit, what kind of retard though Trump was going to save the white race? he isn't about that, he's not an ethnic nationalist at all, and he never pretended to be. You talk about low IQ masses but it's pretty obvious your IQ isn't high. The rest of your post was schizo Turner diaries speculation and retarded blackpill nonsense. You don't know what you're talking about wrt DACA either.

e39798  No.12676148


Trump is much more desirable than any of the Democrats or establishment Republicans.

56f454  No.12676149


>I'm one of those blind deaf and dumb magapedes

56bb96  No.12676151

File: 532ce6cd04897ab⋯.png (142.28 KB, 221x316, 221:316, goons out tonight.png)


>refuses to archive

At least TRY to appear as a fellow organic poster, Jesus.

56f454  No.12676160


No, he's just the same as the rest of them. Get the fuck out.

e39798  No.12676166



You're obviously a redditor faggot if you use that word


No he isn't. You're a dumbass who knows nothing about politics. That's what happens when you watch schizo conspiracy theory youtube videos all day

56f454  No.12676180

File: b2284b760a75bf2⋯.png (344.02 KB, 1268x1056, 317:264, b2222222.png)


Pseudo-nationalists, pseudo-conservative anti-white piece of shit. You and your Israel stooge do not belong on a place as anti-semitic as this one and you never have. Project some more about who is from reddit though.

e39798  No.12676187


>look at this meme that shows how much of le real nazi i am

you're an idiot, assuming you're not a redditor leftist

56f454  No.12676217

File: 72a06cc466cd69c⋯.png (788.16 KB, 1062x596, 531:298, nisemonogatari-8-araragi-h….png)


>I'm so right-wing even though I'm fine with white genocide due to unending legal immigration of spics, I'm so American I excuse gun control from an alleged ally of the Second Amendment, who says America First but means Israel First, I love freedom except I support a candidate who renewed the Patriot Act, y-y-your from reddit if you oppose Zion Don, l-l-leftist!!!

top wew

e39798  No.12676242

I never claimed to be an ethnic nationalist or Nazi or whatever. You're a shill or an absolute dumbass spouting all that unsubstantiated, false bullshit.

>le top wew xD

Trying way too hard to fit in too.

56f454  No.12676253

File: 8c223f91d7e356d⋯.jpg (1.69 MB, 2783x3000, 2783:3000, 236897848958986b13d6236ee7….jpg)


ebin post brother

e39798  No.12676282


>random twitter screenshots and corporate news headlines

drumpf is a jewish shill fucking confirmed better go vote democrat goys i mean guys

56f454  No.12676300

File: 77f0b463627158c⋯.gif (247.47 KB, 220x179, 220:179, tenor.gif)


>all I can do is vote for politicians

Pathetic and blue-pilled.

e39798  No.12676337


Trump is far more desirable than a Democrat or an establishment Republican, even if he were an Israeli shill, which is almost certainly untrue and you can't prove.

56f454  No.12676367


You don't even care about white genocide, your opinion is irrelevant as you're some blue-pilled retard who can't say anything other than "vote for Trump". You can't argue with someone if there's no common ground.

187634  No.12678421


Were you saying this in the pre-Trump days when we didn't even have a politician that all benefited us?

445426  No.12679756


> Also, Christianity has nothing to do with the mind virus of leftism

Christianity supports prime points that are prime left weapons:

"equal races"

nonquestionable obedience to state

central bank


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