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File: b7dfc275d0c6a84⋯.jpg (60.93 KB, 620x374, 310:187, Germany-Nazi-Guard_3.jpg)

7f7a59  No.12667181

@RichardGrenell Jan 10 former Nazi prison guard Jakiw Palij has died in Germany. I am so thankful to

@realDonaldTrump for making the case a priority. Removing the former Nazi prison guard from the US was something multiple Presidents just talked about - but President Trump made it happen.

7f7a59  No.12667191

Too busy posting memes and fantasies to lift a finger to free the poor old man captured by actual jews. When you die alone in a prison cell, do not wonder why no one will come to save you, as you did nothing to save him.

d03767  No.12667212

Everyone gets old and dies jew.

08fb3c  No.12667220


It was 5D chess to shut up the libtards and fool the Jews.

7f7a59  No.12667232

Good men die peacefully in their sleep surrounded by loving family. Not in a gulag being sneered at by cuck guards.

9552c1  No.12667240


Post what you personally did. I'll wait.

7f7a59  No.12667255


I pointed out what a coward you were. That's enough.

dc9803  No.12667290


Wow, you chastised others for sitting around doing nothing, while you sat around and did nothing.

dc9803  No.12667291


Remember to tell your kids the Jews persecuted Santa Claus.

83b57c  No.12667300


This, not that it actually did anything mind you, as we all know and knew then.

b94780  No.12667305



YOU KNOW I'M RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ACKNOWLEDGE MY CORRECTNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ACCEPT THAT YOU HAVE LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASSES AND ELBOWS!

bb1707  No.12667314

RIP. At least he is free of this (((degenerate shithole))) and can finally rest.

98e503  No.12667339

File: f8ecbf0bbc159e8⋯.jpg (360.26 KB, 1162x850, 581:425, f8e.jpg)


>it's totally our fault, fellow goys

I hereby award you the first of the 8/pol/ Golden Shlomo prizes. You win the 01/12 prize in the Best Fellow Goyim category.

More categories to come in the near future.

9b53d2  No.12667355


The jews persecuted Jesus Christ manipulating his death using Roman hands binding innocent gentiles to his nefarious deeds making them an accomplice to the crime. Just as they've done then they do now time and time again in a never-ending repetitive fashion.

If the jews could kill the creator of creation becoming the Lord of Nothingness, they would.

9b7a1e  No.12667369

Trump is to busy pardoning Jews.

cc0694  No.12667381


I usually ignore the threads and posts crying about Trump being a kike puppet. Despite being far from ideal, in some ways he is still the best president the US has had in 30 years at least. He seems to be building the wall, he might be holding back on the ZOG wars. Yet his legacy is still very uncertain. But news like this are symbolic of his inability or unwillingness to be /ourguy. You can say he was the better choice, but perhaps he wasn't. Hillary might have been the better for us after all. Maybe accelerationism is the way to go.

d394a7  No.12667391

Yeah, what am I the Ateam?

2b8136  No.12667392


Hey anon, stop with the fake news. Trump only COMMUTED the sentence of Sholom Rubashkin because he did nothing wrong! So what if he was convicted of 86 counts of bank fraud! Fuck the bankers amirite?! And so what if he was paying illegals to work in his Kosher meat packing plant Iowa? It's not like Trump said hiring illegals was bad for Americans.

5a2f88  No.12667424

File: 0cd67b9d11bf671⋯.jpg (228.89 KB, 999x769, 999:769, Trump - jew pardoned 2018.jpg)


216d7b  No.12667438

Im just happy he died on his home soil. The patriot should come to rest on the soil he bled for.

f510cf  No.12667463


What did you do exactly?

a72755  No.12667484



Literal communist shill detected.

939f8f  No.12667506

File: 3e9c227ce7f42c3⋯.jpeg (57.63 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 3e9c227ce7f42c388a181f17f….jpeg)


Wow, the bot is so fucking brain damaged, tickle it a bit and it starts throwing tantrums and proxyhopping

e1e554  No.12667514


>Jakiw Palij


He was Ukrainian.

5a2f88  No.12667548


Note the, conscious or not, golem, with the mark of the jew as in tattoos on their arms.

422c10  No.12667590


how could he be less ourguy obvious?

422c10  No.12667849

keep posting about masons and animee. Ignore that they are offing great grandfathers and bragging about it. Fuck you all for being not worthy of Bowers.

c9b6cc  No.12667867


So I'm supposed to care that my president deported a foreigner?

422c10  No.12667872


thats not bait, thats a boy who can't figure out why mommy can't remember which 5 guys might be daddy.

5bc500  No.12667884


422c10  No.12667899


indeed. Ticket out of Clown World punched. Godspeed.

95c459  No.12667974

What could we have done?

98d60e  No.12667985

He died in his homeland, that is okay I think.

But that name, he is not german, is he?

b77165  No.12667995

File: 84789264bfbbaf4⋯.jpg (151.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Exactly we are just screaming at our tormentors as we shrink in population and they take us one at a time.

dc958e  No.12668002

>ITT LARPing shitskins try to guilt trip each other

b77165  No.12668004


what gibberish is this?

9151b1  No.12668011

Shifting blame I see.

>Look at what you've done, goys! It's your fault that he got deported and died.

How could we prevent it? Lay on the airstrip? Ask nicely? Thanks but I don't want a free ticket to the worst jail the kikes would find me to suffer in.

WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT THIS OLD FART ANYWAYS. We should care about the young people, the future generation. He already lived his life.

914ef3  No.12668014


What if the kikes have done some kabbalistic magic or used the Hadron collider so death isn't the end?

b77165  No.12668016


Wow truly you are the shining example of how one should think.

4b2152  No.12668017


So what did you do about it?

b77165  No.12668018


Jews are not 9 feet tall. We are just overwhelmed by men raised by single mothers. (Matriarchy is an inherent an nearly exclusive judiastic trait)

904650  No.12668024


Only semi-related, but after seeing the interview with this former Waffen-SS NCO I sorta "doxxed" him and send him a package for Christmas.

I figured if I can find out his address some leftist dipshits can too, so why not brighten his day up a little?

The title translated to "I regret nothing", by the way.


(Can't embed, someone posted it already)

b23c18  No.12668098


>RIP. At least he is free of this (((degenerate shithole))) and can finally rest.

I like to imagine that he can finally salute his Fuhrer again and feel pride in a reich filled with happy, tranquil Aryan families.

723a71  No.12668103


>implying Chabad isn't BASED

The Noahide Laws are the true laws of the White race and Rebbe Schneerson was /ourguy/

d857aa  No.12668134


Rebbe Schneerson, blessed be his memory, is not really dead. His has disappeared and will reappear and redeem us.

02bfa4  No.12668297


They have to rationalize their support for trump somehow.

fab180  No.12672745

Daily reminder you have no wall, no public leader and no hope.

0d96cb  No.12672755


May be travel soundly and find a measure peace from the madness into which we now descend.

69b098  No.12672766


You forgot that they haven't formulated a plan yet either. I have, but nobody likes it.

We should gather up the entire body of European american stock and burn everything behind us driving out and killing everything brown down to the border of Columbia. The return to our nation and begin formulating the ultimate biological weapon which will kill every human thing that moves other than Europeans. When that is done we will care for the Earth and live quietly and peacefully with almost no government, eugenically cleansing (killing) anyone in infancy and childhood who displays weakness, genetic aberration (of the subhuman part animal crosses) or jewish tendencies. That will be the future of the planet forever as we glide along on planet Earth the European/Aryan spaceship. It will be a time of advanced technology, peace and prosperity that will be something that has never been rivaled in all of the history of mankind.

There is only one reason that Utopias don't work; jews and subhumans make them impossible.

c6f04d  No.12672772




That's two reasons. I agree with your sentiments at times though.

0d96cb  No.12672789

File: 5f5387038a30c1b⋯.jpg (305.61 KB, 1000x1041, 1000:1041, Smoke on the Horizon.jpg)

File: 190e66f4d73ca9a⋯.jpg (99.37 KB, 1673x865, 1673:865, The Last Known Image, Stev….JPG)


You were right for the first two, but by the third you had lost it.

I'm full of hope.

Rome didn't fall in a day.

I think it's you who is hopeless. That's why you're here.

You accepted your defeat already. You're basically dead.

But I am alive, and I smile as I type this next part:

A foundational myth amongst my ancestors was that our existence amounted to nothing more than a divine mechanism to create and recruit warriors and folk of righteous character for a conflict which our Gods knew they - and we by extension - could not and would not win, but would fight all the same, for the sake of what would come after, which could well be argued a victory.

Hope is always here, hope lives, bereft of a leader, bereft of a worthless wall, so long as we live, and countless better than those we are stacked against now have sought our demise. You'll have to do a lot more to take hope away from the ones you fear, my little friend, those with long arrears to make good.

0d96cb  No.12672792


Checked for good vision, could use some work, keep at it.

84e6bd  No.12672795

File: 5c1929d16d19586⋯.jpeg (79.98 KB, 742x728, 53:52, 0E41A572-E31C-456C-BDEA-F….jpeg)

This is fine. He can lay down and rest knowing he fought for the good guys. Better that he doesn’t have to experience the post war world anymore.


>anime poster too low iq to understand sarcasm

Oh wow didn’t see that coming

69b098  No.12672807


Decadence is due to JEWS.


2bbe2c  No.12672818



fuck off cunt

0d96cb  No.12672865

File: 3a0ce9fa7fa338e⋯.jpg (1.84 MB, 3128x3420, 782:855, Jews - Why the West is Fuc….jpg)

File: 87f64ac24496fa1⋯.jpg (93.03 KB, 800x424, 100:53, e3961155e8ae47f661fb2da273….jpg)


Preaching to the High Priest there fella.

939f8f  No.12672944


Not my fault that you reply like that to an anon that was argumentating against the niggerpill kike with that. If you don't want to be labelled a federal agent, don't pretend to be so

87f9ee  No.12673826


Cotton candy dreams and unicorn rides are lovely. How much heroine do I need to take to get high enough to believe in that?

3f37a0  No.12673842

Still a shit thread so sage and report.


>5D chess

>they still unironically post this

okay anon

87f9ee  No.12673853


Who hurt you? Why do you feel drawn to defend your abusers?

56bd61  No.12673860


>2nd pic

<actually demoralizing since the Midgard Serpent defeats the Thunderer during the Fate of the Gods.

abc4ce  No.12673861

I think the thing we can all agre on is that we're all equal pieces of shit for spending our lives doing nothing but complaining

ab9304  No.12674265

Was it ever proven that this man was actually guilty or was he just some random goy the jews satisfied their unending bloodlust on?

e2b823  No.12674474

File: 23491c89a3126af⋯.jpg (68.83 KB, 394x618, 197:309, jews92.jpg)


blackpill kikenigger rat

4a98f5  No.12674578


Hello reddit

24f378  No.12675116


do these faggots actually believe blackpill is a insult?

48dfd9  No.12675132

File: c01641ba747e9ac⋯.jpeg (182.37 KB, 1093x565, 1093:565, Great4Yidsrael.jpeg)

Got to get those ebil natsees out to face justice so 'merica is safe for my pal Rubaforeshkin

24f378  No.12675358


Look on his face is so defeated. Low energy of a cuck.

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