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File: fbd9ada771ca112⋯.png (623.01 KB, 737x389, 737:389, Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at ….png)

d5b2f5  No.12667627

Diverse Yellow Vest protestors in Canada protest against Trudeau making Canada a "third world shithole country".

I don't know how to download the video and embed as web, so I have to link it through reddit. Please forgive my sin.


a78401  No.12667633

File: f6a6d1176f54fda⋯.jpg (8.15 KB, 143x255, 143:255, cf34ed6bc78265ae1fc10e15ef….jpg)


>linking to faggit

f1c6d6  No.12667634


You know Canada is dead when the only people who can be bothered to give a fuck about it is a frying pan faced bitch who's only mad that other Asians are migrating here.

d5b2f5  No.12667655


embed the video, smart guy.

24f9cc  No.12667670


It's probably not about other Asians. It's about protecting the Asiatic-Hindustani-Jew capital nexus from waves of migration so large that their position is threatened, rather than waves large enough to just brutalize and displace White people.

f1c6d6  No.12667682


They're not coming here to live in a European run country, nor are they coming here to live in a multicultural society - a lot of them are very consciously coming here to stamp their lineage onto the new world - which Whites have, to them inexplicably given them access to. They understand very well that what happened to the Whites can easily happen to them.

aed148  No.12667694



Fuck is wrong with you faggot OP

52a65e  No.12667821

File: 2444614ceff7b2e⋯.png (86.29 KB, 280x284, 70:71, 1386615898099.png)


He's Canadian.

>t. blackpilled leaf

52a65e  No.12667840

File: f65b068145814fb⋯.jpg (41.03 KB, 750x488, 375:244, 7na3jnxrjj301.jpg)

File: 0791a2af0c55ff4⋯.jpg (156.38 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


You know it isn't your country anymore when you have foreigners telling other foreigners to get out of their country.

d5b2f5  No.12667863


anybody have a link that video of two dark skin murpuris in England telling an arab shopkeeper to go back to his fookin coon-treh?

000000  No.12667882


i've seen this irl two black kids telling another black kid to get back on his banana boat. the local women were all laughing.

c2bab7  No.12667890


>You know it isn't your country anymore when you have foreigners telling other foreigners to get out of their country.

Cucknada. When you let anyone live in country your ancestors conquered.


Remind me story of racist gypsy sending nigger back to Africa here.


52a65e  No.12667916


As opposed to the other western countries that are still all white.

b65e61  No.12667945

Those canadian YV are irrelevant. This protest is typical bandwagon behaviour.

000000  No.12668021


>You know it isn't your country anymore when you have foreigners telling other foreigners to get out of their country.

I see them as useful. Besides, immigrants who came here 25-30 years ago and had to qualify, who had to jump through hoops, and who had to undergo actual scrutiny, are seriously pissed off that mudniggers are simply waltzing in and getting fucking paid for it. Waltzing in, if not actually being recruited. At least those protesting Chinsects are doing something. And the jew-media can't really call them racists (which is why the ideal anti-immigration protestor would be an Aboriginal). Chinese immigrants who came here 25-30 years ago had no idea that Canada would deliberately be polluted with millions of useless pieces of shit from India and Africa either; they are correct to be angry.

24f9cc  No.12668036


Nobody had to jump through any hoops 25-30 years ago. If you weren't White, you got rubberstamped. They are just upset that they are being left holding the bag during capitalism's latest crisis.

1eebaa  No.12668038

I've ferreted myself away in an obscure frozen snow bound corner of the country that's still 98.5% white. I'm sure in 20 or 30 years it'll be overrun but I'll be dead by then. I hate our treasonous leaders. Even old Mike Pearson was a fucking communist ffs.


52a65e  No.12668045


The Canadian govt is actively trying to send immigrants to less populated areas as part of their new immigration policy. Their theory is that it will prevent 'ethnic ghettos' in urban areas and lead to better integration if they're all spread out.

Best of luck

e04839  No.12668054


>Nobody had to jump through any hoops 25-30 years ago.

Uh, yeah, they did. I worked for citizenship & immigration back then; six years before I quit. Immigrants had a lengthy application process, had to prove identity, pass a background check, prove they would not be coming here to collect social assistance, etc. It's the total opposite now; the ZOG wants the worst shit in the world to come here.

74e3d5  No.12668075

File: 6370782be77551e⋯.mp4 (6.7 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, canadian chinks.mp4)



74e3d5  No.12668077


oops - sorry no sound

93fec7  No.12668083

File: c22c5a7c841b141⋯.png (414.18 KB, 588x698, 294:349, boomers.png)

Been following the facebook page for a couple things and tbh it's given me a few laughs

>page reaches 100k people fairly quickly when it was made earlier last month, 200k+ last time I checked. Page comes under investigation by RCMP and Facebook because its rife with comments of people saying someone should kill Trudeau

>founder of the page allegedly has a "long history of racist, Islamophobic and antisemitic statements" according to antifa and various leftie news outlets

>people viciously hate trudeau, but it 90% pissed off boomer and patriotard commentating. Still, it's something that now exists in Canada where anything rightwing is quickly and quietly blacklisted and deplatformed usually. At least provides a place where people go en masse to channel their hatred of the virtue-signalling fuck in office.

>cuck commentators kvetching about 'extremists' is met with the howls of a thousand boomers yelling shit like 'GO TO HELL GLOBALIST' and 'SHUT THE FUCK UP LIBTARD'

btw have a king-tier shitpost I found on the page.

74e3d5  No.12668084

File: f3dc03c83b61eb9⋯.mp4 (6.8 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, canadian insectozoid chink….mp4)


here you go

42c682  No.12668093

Without even reading the thread and just looking at OP's picture and reading the title, how the fuck is the irony of the chinks protesting that faggot Trudeau, not lost on them, he wants more of their fifth column in Canada holy shit, they're fucking stupid.

2899c1  No.12668112

>chinks protesting it becoming a third world shit-hole

>chinks are part of the reason it's becoming a third world shit-hole

Are they going to leave?

2899c1  No.12668117


>that accent

I broke out laughing. I imagine that's how a tick would sound if it could talk, as it latches onto your skin to suck blood out of you.

24f9cc  No.12668120


Kill yourself, ZOGbot.

c2bab7  No.12668124


Typical Canadian Chinese nazi women. I love this international nationalism. Filmed by jewish company. Canadian hapa masterace when?

e5e0b9  No.12668129


at least use snew.notabug.io so we can see any removed comments


894694  No.12668130

The only hope for the future of the white canadian people in pissed off chinks who don't want to be taxed.

imagine that

e04839  No.12668132


>Kill yourself, ZOGbot.

Filtered. Reason: imbecile.

74e3d5  No.12668148

File: 9ab1602c6d825a0⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1265x423, 1265:423, Im only here for the keks.png)

74e3d5  No.12668167

File: 862bdc9595143d8⋯.png (257.28 KB, 336x477, 112:159, seriopusly mom i only went….png)

0a0cb8  No.12668260



>foreigners telling other foreigners to stay out

Kek is this real life?

28f1e6  No.12668437

tfw old Asian ladies are more based than the average White, Canadian male…

d688e5  No.12668557


I went to M-103 protests, to rustle some jimmies. There were more jews and pakis on our side of the show than theirs.

This place is done, fuck that I'm not fighting alongside the fucking JDL

ad5769  No.12668606

File: 263735852341ca9⋯.jpg (60.15 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Shut (your) Shithole.jpg)

Fuck off reddit.

8a9edf  No.12668637


these gooks are just getting a step ahead before whites are gone and they become the focus of derision by muds.

1eebaa  No.12668673


Chinks can live with whites quite nicely.

But they know that if Turdoo's signing of the Marakesh accords brings in 10 million utterly savage illiterate shitskins hell bent on rape and looting and home invasions their gook asses will be grass. There's no way they can withstand such a high degree of ferocious anarchy unleashed upon them nor will their real estate investments mean much when homeless shitskins set up camp in their expansive Shaughnessy gardens and the police refuse to come and roust them out.

Turdoo and Soros make quite the couple. We are in for a monumental shit storm and few will be prepared to suddenly be thrust into a situation where it's kill or be kill, at the most incongruous and unexpected moments.

aff4aa  No.12668678


they aren't, they just don't need to hide their power level as much as we do

1eebaa  No.12668690


I remember back in the early 90's standing in line at the Vancouver police station to get my Firearms Acquisition Certificate and I was the only white man in a huge line of very unhappy chinks holding shotguns and pistols. Not young robust males either but old men and women. Chinks have a mortal fear of home invasion and with good reason. In their culture (and they've brought it to Canada with them) bandits regularly invade homes and hold entire families at gunpoint even (especially) threatening the children with torture and death if the patriarch doesn't cough up the stash of precious buried gold treasure secreted away. Vietnamese in particular specialize in this but they're not the only ones.

It's going to be open war in the streets soon when Sikhs and Chinks ally to take on the Somali muslims that are pouring in to claim their $4500 a month refugee welfare and free formerly foreclosed houses out in Surrey and Richmond.

93614b  No.12668698

File: 88761d01e59de84⋯.jpg (6.35 KB, 180x280, 9:14, soygoy_thinking.jpg)


The shitskins can't kill me if I kill myself first!

1eebaa  No.12668712

Of course the chinks here have been caught keeping filipina slaves so they're no saints.

d5b2f5  No.12668789


Vancouverite here: asians will also do home invasions on house parties and rob 100+ chinks in one go. They are actually not really that psychopathic in general - 80% are as soft as the average cucked swede, but the high IQ psychopaths among them can be a menace. They are like Jews in that they can hoover up money and Chink criminals can go from nothing to 1M+ by 30 easily.

What you say about guns: lots of asians are spooked by our government in the same way that we are. I was walking with an old Chinese guy at lunchtime a couple of weeks ago and there was a Bengali looking crackhead wandering around near us and he just said "we need to get guns". No beating around the bush. I've met lots of other Asians that say the same kind of thing - that they fear not just crime but a SHTF scenario brought on by our insane government. I know many Asians that are very well armed. Lots legal and lots illegal.

1eebaa  No.12668852


so glad I'm out of that polyglot shit hole and living in a 98% white community.

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