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File: 441e21dc4387937⋯.png (37.99 KB, 255x143, 255:143, soundcloud.png)

3ae227  No.12667717

Lil Plantation Songs Removed from Soundcloud

>A trio of songs is currently under investigation by a Maryland school board after students reported the music as “extremely offensive” and racist, and suspected that a pro-slavery rapper might be a student.

>The songs, which appeared on the popular music sharing website SoundCloud, were shared by a user called “Lil Plantation” and included titles like “Whips Don’t Hurt ‘Em,” “All Slaves Are The Same” and “Whip Hands Free.”

>The lyrics to the song “Whips Don’t Hurt Them” include phrases like “new n* keep picking my crops, but the slaves can’t touch me so I’m not worried” and “I show no mercy, I show no mercy.”

>Other lyrics from Lil Plantation’s music includes: “Whip my plants and the slaves keep screaming, ‘please don’t whip me, please don’t whip me,’ yeah.”

>Students at Mardela Middle and High School in Mardela Springs, Maryland alerted their teachers to the music, according to local news outlet WBOC. School officials then reported the issue to the Wicomico County Board of Education, which is currently investigating the matter to find out who posted the racist media.

>According to the local news outlet, many in the community believe a student to behind the offensive music. Any consequences will be made in accordance to the school board’s code of conduct and as of this time the local police are not involved in the investigation.

>The songs have since been removed from Lil Plantation’s Soundcloud account. According to a report by The Daily Beast, Lil Plantation’s biography on the music sharing site reads: “Don’t get offended these songs our [sic] just for entertainment purposes only.”

>A spokesperson for SoundCloud told The Daily Beast that their website “forbids content that promotes or incites hatred or violence.” The site also has a trust and safety team that looks into any content that is reported by its music members. If any song violates the site’s code of conduct it is removed.

>Community activist Jaamad Gould, a graduate of Mardela High School, condemned Lil Plantation’s music as disparaging and derogatory.

>“The fact that you’re comfortable telling people to listen to something that you know is derogatory, that you know is offensive, that you know is something that you should not be saying. And you’re laughing and joking about it that, to me, speaks on what his mind state is.” Gould told WBOC.

>"This is in our community because kids don't hate people based on the color of their skin from birth, it's something that they learned. Which means that their parents who live in this community are teaching that to their kids," Gould added.


a42fbb  No.12667726

Based zoomers. Kike free first post.

4a5624  No.12667732


They’re totally going to gas the kikes but first they’ll bring a token nigger on vacation with them so the white thots might think they’re cool enough to let them watch

3ae56e  No.12667739


Obviously a school full of niggers crying about Whitey be rayciss and shiiiiiiiet

ce3014  No.12667745

All of those arguments were used and dismissed when directed toward regular nigger rap.

b6f499  No.12667752


That reminds me of the time I asked some random brown kid for his papers and some passing cunt teacher reported me behind my back. I got an entire day of in-school suspension for that, yet jumping out a fucking window only got me one class of ISS.

Public education is a fucking mistake.

f3513e  No.12667805


Don't forget how they have to get good goy points to pass the mandatory Holocaust history class.

7b9fd5  No.12667853

Some niggas like lynchin, but I just watch em hang

000000  No.12668164


As a public school student, Lil Plantation is within his right to sue for any disciplinary action the school or district may employ.

01a7ae  No.12668181

Why is the school involved at all?

d6356c  No.12668252

File: 55aebba939596c7⋯.jpg (22.26 KB, 552x368, 3:2, dog israel flag.jpg)

anyone got the songs?

894fbc  No.12668364

File: d490cc0047d101d⋯.png (57.55 KB, 1271x999, 1271:999, 1537090278822.png)

And here I thought all new music sucked

775211  No.12668377


Can't find the songs with a search engine someone please provide a link

66c650  No.12668405

>>A spokesperson for SoundCloud told The Daily Beast that their website “forbids content that promotes or incites hatred or violence.”

Riiiiiight. So they removed the 'rap' category today, did they? Of course not.


No, your post isn't kike free as generational bullshit is the work of the jews. So stop saying, 'generation this' and millenial that and boomers/zoomers and now fucking doomers whatever that one is. How the fuuuuuck do you not recognize that D&C? It's baby shit to ruin families and prevent you from getting red pills from your grandparents.

7d57b4  No.12668407

Only the shithole called the US would you get in trouble for posting a edgy song on a shitty nigger culture filled music app, muh freedom of speech my ass, fucking hate amerimutts, bunch of mongrel bastards, it makes me laugh when I see these larpers from the US claiming to be for white people when clearly fascism is ethno nationalism driven not fucking race driven, I have never met a group of people as stupid and as delusional as Americans

47b901  No.12668454


>Which means that their parents who live in this community are teaching that to their kids," Gould added.

Holy fuck this psycho is trying to dog whistle to other cultists to go after the family

3fc987  No.12668558

Who? kill yourself nigger.

8d2208  No.12668740

Sounds like a Morrakiu wannabe


c9a790  No.12668767

Noice. Based white male zoomer.

>Niggahs be callin’ whitey da slave owner, but no cracker gonna joke ‘bout it, aww yeah

Free speech my ass.

747c76  No.12668770

Land of the "free"

119435  No.12668779

File: 9662811e539ca6f⋯.png (113.04 KB, 500x482, 250:241, big berg.png)


No. Sounds like a kid having fun the way he should, by mocking niggers and rap noises.

98e813  No.12668781


Wait, rewind. Why the fuck is the school involved? If a kid outside of school calls blacks niggers, he can be expelled? From the public school system? What is this kikery?

66f1fb  No.12668790

Free my nigga Lil Plantation and let that child alone


119435  No.12668795


Sounds about right, and the nigger wants to blame his parents too >nobody is naturally racist anymore, this is learned behavior from parents

so his parents are going to get fucked.

d8f494  No.12668816



thank you for reporting goy but this is just the way upstanding black citizens express themselves…

4352ec  No.12668822

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>“Whips Don’t Hurt ‘Em,” “All Slaves Are The Same” and “Whip Hands Free.”

Somebody find these.

4352ec  No.12668829

>Community activist Jaamad Gould, a graduate of Mardela High School, condemned Lil Plantation’s music as disparaging and derogatory.

There are about five things insanely wrong with this sentence.

35dc7a  No.12668847

File: a4812c1af9506b0⋯.gif (183.05 KB, 400x384, 25:24, a4812c1af9506b05174190ea61….gif)

This kid probably has a higher IQ than all his peers. My fucking sides.

Lil Plantation

997a49  No.12668870


Does anyone have the music saved, or is it gone forever?

dcc1da  No.12669012


lets see what you favorite jew judge has to say about racist speech

19c12e  No.12669029

File: cba4c1e9225eb2f⋯.png (8.32 KB, 732x732, 1:1, eae899bd2ffb42227f42201aa6….png)


A worthy inheritor to moonman is born.

d9ab54  No.12669055

Do we actually know who did it?

It'll turn out to have been an edgy, reasonably high-IQ nigger who wanted to cause butthurt for the lulz. Then the story will be abruptly buried.

997a49  No.12669178


Yet we will never know as the music 404'd forever.

20444b  No.12669209

File: 973c09a37be166a⋯.jpeg (58.12 KB, 450x800, 9:16, ffff2311ac67147f69961b457….jpeg)


Someone has to have it…plz

lil plantation

fucking lol

daa55b  No.12669283


whose tits are those???

asking for a friend.

1787eb  No.12669373

File: 0094c09a6dd0d7d⋯.png (118.24 KB, 1518x276, 11:2, babies-behavior.PNG)


>"This is in our community because kids don't hate people based on the color of their skin from birth, it's something that they learned.

Yes they do, they also show unique racial traits from birth. Its the same reason a dog barks at a nigger, its alien.

ad9825  No.12669431

File: 2eb67a2571a4e48⋯.jpeg (36.34 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 9899a61b20bd03dd2011857ae….jpeg)


> pro-slavery rapper

This fucking timeline.

cef154  No.12669435



>whose tits are those???

>thirsty nigger can't read

legal in 2021

ad9825  No.12669436


This is just moonman tier though.

1c8fda  No.12669479


twang is so ugly.

e4d4b0  No.12670369


>it's something that they learned

>Which means that their parents

Woah there jamal, maybe they learned it because they were forced to interact with these people in school?

47b901  No.12670735


I love it because they literally pulled that claim out of their ass.

02446c  No.12670956

>SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform based in Berlin, Germany

There you go.

14e943  No.12670965

Literally trash. Not even a nigger, just plain trash.

02446c  No.12670974


>kids don't hate people based on the color of their skin from birth, it's something that they learned

we learned to hate niggers because of the way they act and smell, and sometimes the way they look, but mostly hate them for how they act.

02446c  No.12670980

>SoundCLoud Founded in Stockholm, Sweden

Oy veyy

19533e  No.12671402


Big John Remix


2d6cd8  No.12671669

File: dd6b069c94a2d4c⋯.png (590.1 KB, 840x840, 1:1, RAW.png)


You're not supposed to smoke pot in school, anon.

3f364a  No.12687841


They're full-blown indoctrination centers

e203e1  No.12687844

It wasn't extreme enough

e203e1  No.12687851


You're not supposed to put your dick in men either.

37a966  No.12687902

Schools should not moderate behavior that happens off of school property

7e1865  No.12687919

File: 5fae41e07ad7dc1⋯.png (647.67 KB, 1242x261, 138:29, Soundcloud.png)

Soundcloud is an Alphabet botnet that promotes (((rap))) to impressionable children.

13050a  No.12688155

They seemed to have shut it down, are there webms? I'm curious what this fuss is about.

e203e1  No.12688165

Name a streaming service that isn't Zog. Napster has been dead for a long time now.

6a21b4  No.12688253


The thread with .pdf file was deleted. Can you reupload this book here ?

000000  No.12688500


t. boomer

5a727a  No.12689437


it's not just soundcloud. all media is agenda-promoting bullshit.

bandcamp? They went full marxist saying that some of their revenue would go to help (((refugees))) and (((mexican immigrants))) when trump won (not that he has done anything about them, but the idea, or narrative, still stands).

Soundcloud portrays niggers on their covers, always. Soundcloud is mainly a "musician platform to share music with other musicians", however, niggers are overrepresented in their imagery.

Spotify? Always featuring niggers on their front pages. always. If you leave the fucking app on random play, it'll always play nigger music in the end.

I won't even go into youtube, you know how it goes.

streaming music, just like any other media is owned by the merchant and acts accordingly.

>t. musician that has to deal with this shit daily without naming the jew on record, only on live shows.

000000  No.12691526

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You name the Jew on live shows? How does that work?

What if someone records you with their phone and/or snitches?

5ee9f8  No.12691591

File: 1a5ae349fa1a8fa⋯.jpg (446.51 KB, 1790x1014, 895:507, Jamaica-goldstein.jpg)


>Jaamad Gould

>Jamaica Goldnigger

Where do these "activist" nigger kikes come from?



Also, public schools are brainwashing operations. There is one near me and every few weeks they take the kids out to the football field and have them chant "we are all one, United!" You can hear the cringy woman on a massive PA system yelling the brainwash lines out for them to repeat. It's all centered on "oneness" and essentially race mixing. The school is maybe 50 percent white. I feel so bad for those young white kids being told that they are one with these goblins. It's really sad.

22996f  No.12693971


>getting red pills from your grandparents

o i am laffin

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