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File: 9a93552127408d0⋯.png (37.43 KB, 636x282, 106:47, reticide.png)

9c3665  No.12668091

Hey /pol/, I made a new word that we can use to challenge the propagators of white geniocide. The word is "Reticide", and it is our counterpart to the Jewish term, "Genocide", but more accurately depicted in order to illustrate the position of whites.

>Why should we used this word?

If we meme this word into casual conversation, then we create for ourselves a new vector, a new ARENA, through which we can accuse people of committing reticide.

>Why do we need to make more words?

If we make more words and develop a more robust white identiterian lexicon, we will force people to learn our meanings, and we will gain ground in social consciousness.

Please, spread this word. Post it everywhere. Make your own words. ACCUSE PEOPLE OF RETICIDE!

b1fef6  No.12668094

f23d7f  No.12668099


>bumping after two minutes

>with no content

>the thread is literally about the jewish dialectic of redefining words to suit a narrative

No, you're going to commit suicide.

9c3665  No.12668107

File: c698c544f19b232⋯.png (108.49 KB, 500x777, 500:777, shills.png)

dcd9b6  No.12668111

File: d2a56f15bf2de53⋯.jpg (66 KB, 484x780, 121:195, 02b0625b34c7f4e350ded314a7….jpg)


you could've at least taken off the red squiggly lines to make this sharable, very bad optics. also "encouraging the group not to reproduce or to mix races with other groups" has to be changed. it's grammatically incorrect and makes it sounds like the propaganda is anti-miscegenation. also the latin word for silence isn't "reti" (???); it's "silentium" or "taciturnitās"

b7e30c  No.12668121

File: 265239ad0e48741⋯.gif (5.19 MB, 480x270, 16:9, me fit.gif)


So taceticide? Off topic but I unironically look like him.

096ae2  No.12668126


It's not a bad idea, I like the latin source (killing by silencing) but there's better alternatives. Something akin to "erasing" rather than silencing would work better.

But like this anon >>12668099 said (in an overly hostile way, though) what you're thinking is playing the same game (((they))) play.

Remember the "Let's call Zionists Jew-Supremacists!" idea?

Didn't work so well. And you should take a moment or two to reflect on that.

The problem isn't the words we use, nor the expression of said words. Language DOES shape how people think and has an impact on how we see the world, but the reverse is also true.

This sort of tactic attempts to alter language in an attempt to alter public perception but is hindered by the fact that public perception also alters the language we use.

Which makes this sort of thing exceedingly difficult since (((they))) have a mass warping effect on public perception.

For instance: when we say "Greatest Ally", both we and the public think of Israel. The difference being that, for the public, it's not ironic. The perception the average people have of Israel is that it's a small oppressed country where Islamic missiles rain everyday and they have to commit war-crimes every now and then to defend themselves. They are also our best allies in the region and somehow help the US a lot. Somehow.

What you are trying to do is fight this notion on a very indirect way.

For now at least, our interests would be better served by altering the public perception of Israel. Language will accompany this, in time. New words/expressions will sprout when it does, and that's the signal you're waiting to let you know we've reached a point where Jews are persona non-grata in the West.

tl,dr: dropping redpills is more effective than semantics

9c3665  No.12668128

File: bebc6ae3a12473e⋯.png (35.23 KB, 650x243, 650:243, reticide.png)



If you want to unpack it, I'm using the latin reticentia, which is not a common word, but most nearly means "restrained silence".

Here is a better version with your considerations implemented.

b7e30c  No.12668136


Reticide sounds good. Imma start using it

096ae2  No.12668142

File: af8849ecc5fda9f⋯.png (265.67 KB, 500x519, 500:519, ClipboardImage.png)

If you still want to do it however:

Delenicide from "Delens" meaning erase, destroy (or more modern, delete).

If you want it to be accusatory, Delentenicide.

Less of a mouthfull: Delenticide. This one is more about the event, rather than accusation.

Pretty much a modern [Delete this in Latin] meme.

f23d7f  No.12668143



Get out, communist.

4bc028  No.12668145

Having a word for it would do some good, put (((them))) on the defensive and spread a term they don't have defenses for.

f23d7f  No.12668147


Except no, paid jewish shill. We already have a word for what you're trying to redefine. The word is genocide. It is white genocide. It is the genocide of white people. You don't get to redefine this ETHNIC GENOCIDE.

000000  No.12668150


>redefining words

>by using their greek or latin root


You slimy jews never seem to get it. You are done. Gone. Nobody believes your lies. Words have meaning and op is using words correctly.

the word isn't smooth although the meaning is aok

i'll stick with geno -cide

9c3665  No.12668152


I want the focus to be on the subtle nature of the eradication.

It is a nice word though.

f23d7f  No.12668156


>ban evading paid jewish shill

>calls others jews

>oy vey goyim use the wrong word to describe your own genocide

No, we won't be doing that. We'll be using the real definition of the word.

9c3665  No.12668157


>accuse him of being a shill

Calling it white genocide is good, but when people think "Genocide", they think pogroms and people's doors being kicked in, rounded up, etc, so people use that as a basis to say white genocide isn't real. Reticide is much more difficult to deny, and for that reason, I call you a shill.

Your move, kike.

f23d7f  No.12668171

File: 7d3e3373c125bbf⋯.pdf (210.54 KB, Genocide Section; partial.pdf)


>you're a shill because I am too stupid to know the definition of the word genocide and too lazy to educate people on what genocide really means

That's your problem, not mine. Well, it's partially mine because I'm not done with my book yet, but I'm close. Still, there's nothing stopping you from teaching people what genocide REALLY is right now.

dcd9b6  No.12668174

File: bb19f08b57a5196⋯.gif (66.86 KB, 248x319, 248:319, 1547303405137.gif)


I think you ought to change the word, tbh. "Reticentia" isn't "silence" in the sense of a lack of sound, it's silence insofar as one chooses not to talk. It refers to retaining from talking for whatever reason. But it's an act of will on the part of the speaker, not something forced on somebody else. Reticence is usually viewed as virtuous, since wise people often don't chatter pointlessly. If someone had their mouth bonded so that they couldn't speak, that's not "reticentia"; that's just being forced to be quiet. When a wise man purposely avoids gossips, that's "reticentia." Also, it's just weird to say that "reti-" means "restrained silence." That's like saying that "gobi-", meaning "government" in Spanish, when the word is "gobierno." Maybe say, "reti- comes from 'reticentia' which means 'keeping silent.'"

Also, "keeping silent" really is the best translation of that word.


Not trying to be a dick (I'm just a Latinfag after all), just trying to be constructive. The idea is good. There should be a word for this.

Try formulating it like fratricide etymology is formulated: "Fratricide (from the Latin words frater "brother" and cida "killer," or cidum "a killing," both from caedere "to kill, to cut down")." That's from Wikipedia, but I think it's a pretty solid etymology (make sure to follow the bit about "cida" and "cidum" since "-cide" doesn't mean shit in Latin)


You swarthy med bastard haha I think that "silenticide" might be the best word but it sounds kind of funny, tbh. "Tacicide" is also funny. The word in general is funny because "matricide" is the killing of one's mother, fratricide, the killing of one's brother, regicide, the killing of one's king. "reticide", "silenticide" etc. would therefore have to mean "the killing of silence." It cannot mean on the level of morphology, "killing BY/THROUGH silence." So I don't know.

9c3665  No.12668186


I'm aware of the discrepancy. I'm basically shoehorning my own meaning into it, and pushing it to make it catch on, because your average person doesn't know what being reticent is.

I want this to be our "genocide"

dcd9b6  No.12668193

File: 26147311ac0b270⋯.jpg (141.27 KB, 604x950, 302:475, fb1eab378ce8d85d03c23cfd12….jpg)



make sure to read the second part of this >>12668174, and what I said to the other anon about how this doesn't make sense etymologically; "reticide", "silenticide" would mean etymologically "the killing of silence", just like matricide means the killing of one's mother and genocide means the killing of some stock of people. Consequently "delencide" would meaning the "the killing of erasure/erasing" (this is all nonsensical)

this is just ugly and bad word generation. it has to make sense etymologically. After all, what we are talking about is really just "genocide" but done in a hushed down way. There is already a word for it, but it isn't qualified by the methods. That's what adjectives are for. So really it's just a "silent genocide", or better, a hidden genocide.

Just call it "quiet genocide" or something. lol

b7e30c  No.12668195



is there a latin term youd suggest for "killing silently?"

9c3665  No.12668197

File: 34144c5c2e9d497⋯.png (35.51 KB, 645x234, 215:78, reticide2.png)



I think you have a point, but this is as close as I've gotten to that ideal meme I think we all have in our heads.

I'm open to suggestions, if you have a better word.

Here's a revised version with the proper definition. This one is more proper, but I think "restrained silence" in itself has more punch, even though the definition isn't correct. Hmm.

096ae2  No.12668203



At that point, why not turn to french?

There's several expressions english speakers use that are straight up french, like "Fiancee" or "Faux pas"

A silent killing rougly translates as "massacre silencieux". Not too keen on the "silencieux" part, but something about the word "massacre" sounds great for this: it's the same in english, and bridges the concept to english speakers.


>massacre caché (hidden)

>massacre passif (passive)

>massacre obscur (obfuscated/obscure)

I'm partial to the last one.

096ae2  No.12668208


Forgot to add:

French language ads a tone of "class" to english speakers (it's dumb, but hey, it works).

It also has some relevance, given the Yellow Vests and everything that has been happening there.

I mean, if you want to talk about White Genocide, Paris is Ground Zero. Even more so than the UK.

dcd9b6  No.12668223

File: 636f06655194201⋯.png (92.4 KB, 407x166, 407:166, 12855.png)


I'm not sure if this is helpful by if I were to translation "killing (by means of) silence", I'd say "interfectiō silentiō" or "occīsiō/occīdio silentiō" (the word "genocide" didn't exist in Latin in any form and was invented by a Jew)


I agree that "reticide" sounds nice, even if etymologically it doesn't make much sense


I think it'd be best to stick with English, tbh. French is gay and has lost its charm, sounds pretentious to most Americans too.

The best would probably be to invent a term for it, instead of a new word. Maybe jsut mere capitalization is all that is needed, e.g. "The Silent Genocide"

6a2095  No.12668237

I like this. Subversive, controlled language is very strong. Look no further than "racist." Mainstream society if filled with these types of inorganically created terms.

b7e30c  No.12668243


>interfectiō silentiō" or "occīsiō/occīdio silentiō

thanks. both are kinda a mouthful tho. Intersilent is a combination of the first two (intersilent genocide). Or Occisilent. I dunno. Has to be marketable.

d0220c  No.12668244


use an adverb, so silenter+caedes -> silentlicide

b7e30c  No.12668249



doesnt sound bad

6a2095  No.12668259



That sounds terrible. The pause between the second and third syllable is awkward.

b7e30c  No.12668264


youre right. need something that makes sense, rolls off the tongue, and is easily marketable. hope you brainiacs find something suitable so we can spread it hard af

dcd9b6  No.12668267


I think you should aim more for a word to make sense. That's what the Jews did what they invented the word "genocide", "the killing of a stock." Just take their word and qualify it, "The Silent Genocide", "Genocide in Silence."


that sounds like shit and once again makes 0 sense etymologically

are the Jews really better than us at inventing words? lol

"genocide" is really the perfect word for it, too bad it's (((their))) word lol

d0220c  No.12668268



b7e30c  No.12668275


What about Slow-motion Genocide ??

8b0f63  No.12668280

I like it, especially that you showed what the word meant with the 2nd bullet point.

6a2095  No.12668288


What about these?





8b0f63  No.12668291

File: 96738eacf6d45ef⋯.jpg (152.2 KB, 636x756, 53:63, ghhhghgj.jpg)

How about this edit?

dcd9b6  No.12668303

File: 1883775437a1071⋯.jpg (131.3 KB, 630x1200, 21:40, 24821095a951d05ae54963a949….jpg)



What about "stirpicide"? It would mean "killing of the race" or "killing of the stock." It doesn't talk about how they're killed, but it's an alternative to "genocide" that wasn't invented by a Jew and was invented by me, a handsome med that hates the ZOG



"patriacide" is etymologically perfect, "death of the fatherland", but sounds a little strange, idk how first declension feminine nouns typically change when "-cida" was added to them, I haven't seen an example yet in the Latin

dcd9b6  No.12668318


"patriacide" can work too, I guess. I finally found a similar example. The Romans never would've made a word like this, BUT in English, there is at least this precedent hahaha maybe there are other examples


dcd9b6  No.12668319



as you can see though, typically the "a" would be removed, but for patriacide, you'd get patricide, which is already the word for killing your father.


but hey, you're in the clear lol

6a2095  No.12668323


Okay, what about these?


>penascide (ultra intellectual left will make penis jokes)

I kind of like penascide. It's short and flows easy.

b7e30c  No.12668326





I'm rather partial of Patriacide.

15c5cc  No.12668327


hold up, anon

reticide just means silent killing; it, by default, refers to killing one entity

mass reticide would mean mass-silent-murder

what you want to do is to put the latin word for race or genome or something between reti and cide, but don't use geno; that'll trip brainwashed people's programming

f7813b  No.12668344

File: 578036aa039b6cc⋯.jpg (37.03 KB, 454x453, 454:453, 6456346.jpg)

Why do we need a new word exactly? When the word genocide already describes the act of replacing an ethnic group through the act of advocating for and forcing mass immigration upon them?

If they laugh at you for calling it a genocide, just get angry at them, call them idiots and tell them to google it or something.

A whole new word seems unnecessary and counter-productive, as it will just confuse and bewilder normies, and they will never remember, or try to explain the meaning to other normies.

White-Genocide is a powerful meme and has grounds in truth. You doing semantic word-play is not helping anything imo.

6a2095  No.12668356


I don't necessarily agree. I also think it would be good to come up with words, contrary to racism, sexism, and all the isms, that we can throw at the opposing side, which have no real counters other than accepting them, or trying to deny them. Either end is a losing end when talking to the average person. When we use their language we fail miserably because from the ground up the entire foundation for these terms and ideals are weaponized to undermine our positions. So if we call a beaner who advocates "la raza" in our country racist, we're laughed at. "Only white people can be racist." The control of language has a lot of white people frozen in the headlights.

8b0f63  No.12668361

File: 29bf877dd01c60e⋯.jpg (240.64 KB, 814x914, 407:457, gfdgfd.jpg)


here's another.

147b47  No.12668365



f7813b  No.12668369


Im not American, so the situation for you is very different from mine, but if you're met with labels like racist,sexist etc i find that the most effective strategy against it is ridicule and dismissal, simply refuse to play on their battleground, and if they keep firing those labels at you, simply retreat and don't interact with them, it's really not worth it to engage with raging brainwashed communists tbh, only do so if it's 1on1 and you dont have spectators to fire up their virtue-glands. If they don't listen to reason, simply ridicule them any way you can.

fb9cdd  No.12668374


This idea is incredible but we have to use this as a satirical LARP retending to be leftists. Otherwise we will look like the whiney SJWs that lost traction from crying about #BlackLivesMatter. We have to say, brown people are in danger of reticide by means LARPing as disgusting SJWs that couldnt be seriously considered

829a73  No.12668413

Good effort OP, but genocide carries weight. It's a powerful word and you need such language to wake up dumb as fuck and in a coma, normies.

4bc028  No.12668435


I get the fear of being "whiny" but if we attach it to anyone but whites they'll do what they always do and act like it doesn't ever apply to whites.

Then you just give shitskins another word in their arsenal to whine about being a victim.

It just has to circulate among normal people to become a viral word.

512a54  No.12668469

Look up the UN's definition of genocide, its already happening.

8b0f63  No.12668471

File: db67d68110d730a⋯.png (1.21 MB, 954x1294, 477:647, 544334344343.png)

File: 244a5ec9ccd3b37⋯.png (410.46 KB, 636x736, 159:184, c602740911b616e180bc370bb9….png)

File: 11b0f9566af010d⋯.png (262.03 KB, 636x754, 318:377, d013c3ba20ed4ca00f2bf64983….png)

File: 437e5196f036867⋯.jpg (102.38 KB, 886x268, 443:134, da0f1232433e10569eebe74146….jpg)

How about these edits?

658c18  No.12668485

File: e59513a55957ca4⋯.png (39.06 KB, 635x255, 127:51, reticidenew.png)

Okay, after considering everyone's input I came up with this. I'd like to ask that anyone making edits use this one, as it does away with the error squiggles, has the proper etymological roots, and seems concise enough digest without being too inflammatory. We can keep tweaking it if you want, but I think it's important to at least use a version that doesn't have error markings.


Thank you, anon you are doing God's work.

8b0f63  No.12668493

I've chosen "reticide" because that picture explains the meaning of the word with the 2nd bullet point.

The picture also makes a good template.

658c18  No.12668496

File: ee66c077e0a7cf0⋯.jpg (139.54 KB, 886x268, 443:134, reticide5.jpg)

File: a76327f63670c9d⋯.png (261.54 KB, 636x754, 318:377, reticide6.png)

File: 746b57381f3cb62⋯.png (261.28 KB, 636x754, 318:377, reticide7.png)

File: 9a6e01016a0378f⋯.png (433.9 KB, 636x736, 159:184, reticide8.png)

File: af23ba05a20fffe⋯.png (1.18 MB, 954x1294, 477:647, reticide9.png)

I've gone ahead and made revised edits for distribution.

658c18  No.12668501

File: 8d9245e55d968be⋯.jpg (201.07 KB, 636x756, 53:63, reticide3.jpg)

File: 79f4ed1c88063f2⋯.jpg (285.78 KB, 814x914, 407:457, reticide4.jpg)

8b0f63  No.12668504


The best route would be to get T_D about creating pictures like i did. They will popularize the term, and it would get picked up by other people.

47dd1d  No.12668505


How about a term for our modern form of dictatorship democracy

8b0f63  No.12668510

File: ccc8a8564e2a847⋯.png (186.05 KB, 671x522, 671:522, 6004d6c390165f2ba9e7d0089d….png)


Here's another.

7a6ac5  No.12668514

File: dbf0aa2cac79f93⋯.jpg (59.37 KB, 600x783, 200:261, dbf0aa2cac79f933bd2d0eea60….jpg)

Albacide - the killing of whites

Latin albus, a, um means white, purity, etc. It is a particularly ancient Proto-Indoeuropean root that is reference to mountains, which as you will know Caucasians are named after mountains. Further, Albion is the mythical name of the British isles (probably after their white cliffs) and deeply connected to English mythology. In the popular imagination Albion reminds them of King Arthur and other knightly purity once trained on it, and Albacide is the killing of that. Would need education since people don't know about Albion, but it's a pretty word.

Quies, quietes - quiet, repose, death

It's the sort of quiet that death brings. It's pronounced "Kwee-eh-tis". If you wanted to describe this sort of silent death creeping in, that's the Latin for it. It's a Quieting, which already has a meaning to English audiences. Imagine smothering a human face with a pillow and shushing them as they silently struggle until they are finally, horrifyingly still and silent. That's Quieting. Also doubles for the free speech thing since they are intrinsically linked.

Sicarii - Assassins

Literally Jewish zealot assassins that the Romans had to deal with in Palestine. They still exist actually. Problem is that after that movie Sicarius people will think it means Mexican action heroes rather than ultra-orthodox Jewish terrorists.

8b0f63  No.12668522

File: 4026fdb0ee04c6f⋯.jpg (157.34 KB, 614x618, 307:309, 5aa701cfde387414c22928d8bb….jpg)

File: 3dc373584d844f5⋯.jpg (120.4 KB, 638x563, 638:563, 3780d6f2c1b6280ac92723679d….jpg)


two more

658c18  No.12668534


Holy shit, Quieting is an awesome word. Good job, anon! We should point out the systematic deplatforming events and refer to it as The Quieting, like our version of the Night of Long Knives.

f23d7f  No.12668540


Cultural marxism. Just like white genocide is genocide. For fuck's sake.

166b5e  No.12668541


baste and bump

35f51d  No.12668549

File: 1a52c8b19e58cad⋯.png (95.79 KB, 370x272, 185:136, 8914ab483cb84536536b34222c….png)


This has potential.

You NEED to include a non whit example such as Taiwan by China. That shit is undeniable by liberals, so it will send them into a spiral of cognitive dissonance.

35f51d  No.12668551


>eg: China is committing reticide to Taiwan

at the bottom

658c18  No.12668553


Sure, but let's do it as a seperate image. It's best to pick and choose individual lines of the same concept rather than dump a whole treatise on them at once. Plus more variety will make it seem like more people care enough to explore the idea.

8b0f63  No.12668563

File: 09a71bf83f1201a⋯.jpg (206.53 KB, 635x1088, 635:1088, 1479128719404.jpg)


8b0f63  No.12668570

File: 94847f4c04af1af⋯.png (308.01 KB, 634x1180, 317:590, 84ef067a6d4160fc478a51810b….png)



658c18  No.12668576

File: 018f417fe77e961⋯.png (194.89 KB, 860x621, 860:621, reticidewebster.png)


xpost from halfchan from another anon

7d73a0  No.12668581

Fuck off nigger.

8b0f63  No.12668582

File: eebdf6175f66ea1⋯.png (300.4 KB, 681x717, 227:239, 44334.png)

File: 8c3604864e8b7bd⋯.png (561.76 KB, 688x1130, 344:565, ad33f34081706271ad483b2023….png)

two more

8b0f63  No.12668584

File: c91dba162d37069⋯.png (773.89 KB, 1548x1046, 774:523, 5tzd.png)



a770e3  No.12668587


What about genocide?

>Killing members of the group

>Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group

Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part

Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group

Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group

The UN definition still matches our situation, just not in a way normies can digest very easily. If you go to any European nation, and try to homeschool your children, or to teach them to only breed with members of their own race, you can have your children taken from you, if it is discovered, unless of course, you aren't European.

There's no point playing word games. This is war. Total war. Wake up to that fact.

8b0f63  No.12668589

File: a07f589db5b6b67⋯.jpg (155.36 KB, 635x682, 635:682, Clementine.jpg)



8b0f63  No.12668594


because it's a more updated term, people would write you off because they think genocide is something else.

If they hear this new term then they wouldn't have a knee jerk response, and they will think of it when they see an alarming article title.

8b0f63  No.12668598

File: cef1b4a818e29d7⋯.jpg (371.27 KB, 635x1332, 635:1332, c7a5f9c91181383e6713d0d1ce….jpg)

Another one, this time for the MAGA crowd.

3c5acc  No.12668601

Honestly the idea is awesome but you need to change some keywords in the definition.

Here's an upgraded version (imo):

Reticide is the subtle and systematic annihilation of an ethnic group, usually not through direct violence, but through less overt means. Example include propaganda encouraging the group not to reproduce or to mix with other ethnic groups, systematic pressure intended to encourage ethnic suicide, and institutional campaigns intended to stifle discussion or recognition of the killing through controlling platforms of speech.

f23d7f  No.12668603


Except no. Because not only is this EXPLICITLY ABOUT WHITES, who are the only group that matter in any way, but the word is also jewish Hegelian dialectic in the first place.

8b0f63  No.12668604


Alright. I'm adding a revision folder to my Reticide folder.


If you're not going to be productive, then go waste space in one of our D&C religion threads.

68d7f1  No.12668607


These both appeal to me.

7a6ac5  No.12668612

File: 4897d4c4ccf5e1c⋯.png (266.23 KB, 500x657, 500:657, The Quieting.png)


I like its versatility and that an English audience already basically gets it without needing explanation. A Quieting is sinister sounding, activates the imagination, and naturally implies the solution - don't be silenced by those seeking to Quiet you.

Reticide, while having a fair ring to it, doesn't mean anything to an English speaker in terms of emotional baggage or intellectual meaning. Reticent is a fairly uncommon word anyway and barely has an emotional meaning to it, while Quiet has been used in horror movies to denote creepy, silent killings for decades. In fact, one of the best horror icons is of a woman whose scream is quieted by the hand of some hidden killer. As for what OP is aiming for, I think the image of a Quieting as a form of smothering is extremely fitting for what he's going for.

658c18  No.12668613

File: cc88e98219df2cd⋯.png (38.65 KB, 657x271, 657:271, reticideneo.png)


Very beautifully written. There's a pill that goes down smooth.

1d23d0  No.12668615

The Great Quieting is upon us ANONS.

e78804  No.12668621

File: 502bb63f16090d6⋯.gif (1.81 MB, 500x281, 500:281, b216560062d04d5082f0279285….gif)

I mean… I prefer ==ethnocide==. Which is an actual word, you illiterate fucking nigger.

8b0f63  No.12668627

File: 2ce6f2f20f51e92⋯.jpg (200.12 KB, 860x866, 430:433, 258d6a0ff1e4a790c7b2f0f3d8….jpg)


Here's one with this revised definition. I hope it doesn't get any bigger because it's becoming convoluted for a quick read by normies.

8b0f63  No.12668634

File: 741cadc21e96567⋯.jpeg (391.49 KB, 860x1948, 215:487, 2842e5d6c693a6725373a4418….jpeg)

a770e3  No.12668635

File: b2ef076de9f1dd1⋯.jpg (19.81 KB, 413x273, 59:39, yep.jpg)


Ethnocide is an accurate word for what is happening. OP has his heart in the right place. The problem is that jews aren't new to word games, and have the positional advantage of redefining words to the masses we are trying to reach.

I suppose there is no harm in trying anyway. Latin is our language. Jews have no right to represent us or our choice in creating words out of our languages.

3c5acc  No.12668638


Good job, I felt like the word "race" wouldn't go down well with liberals.

We could include "economic pressure" as an other way of committing reticide. For example how bringing women into the workplace doubled the inflation rate therefore forcing both parents to work or to have less children.

1d23d0  No.12668639

File: 7c53425a6d986bd⋯.jpg (7.6 KB, 207x243, 23:27, images.jpg)


only niggers use the word nigger tho.

8b0f63  No.12668653

File: 62a21db3c5df2ec⋯.png (201.3 KB, 438x922, 219:461, a768e468e631222a62f2bd68ec….png)

8b0f63  No.12668660


You can't use it because of the knee jerk reaction of it's use. When people think of "genocide" they think of niggers chopping up another group of niggers into extinction, or the holocaust.

8b0f63  No.12668664

File: 2b5992c17c0608c⋯.jpg (191.32 KB, 862x835, 862:835, Racist maths.jpg)


Another example from huffington post here.

e78804  No.12668667

File: 0b98867ad34e054⋯.gif (1.9 MB, 250x250, 1:1, 51dda73471b82ca26e706b0f77….gif)




658c18  No.12668669


>colonized math

this is confusing correlation with causation

people are so fucking stupid

8b0f63  No.12668672

File: c75fca5356d33de⋯.jpg (297.13 KB, 866x1098, 433:549, CxpeUemUUAAHNNT.jpg)



a770e3  No.12668676

File: 0ed16d6122f207f⋯.jpg (87.97 KB, 893x594, 893:594, 2313123123.jpg)


I didn't say genocide that time.

Ethnocide isn't often used because it is not a word jews want people to use or think about.

Not so easy to dismiss accusations of ethnocide since it i has such an applicable definition to constantly parroted tropes regurgitated by media, politics, entertainment and education.

e78804  No.12668679


Use Ethnocide. Seriously. It's more accurate, more honest and is impossible to deny. Literally attempting to dismiss it proves it. Use this word. It's much better.

8b0f63  No.12668684

File: 8ec82407e9144ae⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1336x4648, 167:581, 5.png)



3c5acc  No.12668686

File: d1c9e732b9070bb⋯.png (851.35 KB, 1156x1140, 289:285, How Sweden got to where it….png)

Alright anons we have enough material, let's get the propaganda machine working. Spread this on social medias with fake accounts, or bots if you're into that stuff.

658c18  No.12668691


Thanks for all your work.

ca22c8  No.12668693

my favorite options so far:


very developed and meaningful, however I don't expect the average person to understand it (perhaps through alabaster as in alabaster skin?) and it can't be used on its own when bringing up other races for argument easing


effective in its variety of situations; more helpful for europe as the left does not consider NA as a white territory


the most obvious way to convey the point. perhaps too obvious- will get applied to other races and not granted to whites in the same manner as _ pride.

my entry: devicide

apply the definition of reticide in this context: killing the race that developed (thus the dev in devicide) a region. the ethnocide of brits using muslims is devicide. the removal or brutal murder of the few white africans is devicide. you get the idea

8b0f63  No.12668695

File: 43132ee2a7f91c0⋯.png (457.45 KB, 860x1328, 215:332, 91202bc49da8aa57ee4b9131b0….png)

now from CNN

658c18  No.12668697


That's a good idea, I like devicide. It makes me feel guilty about the native americans, though.

3c5acc  No.12668702

File: f5d6b3365e8f615⋯.jpg (137.8 KB, 818x1024, 409:512, we will replace you.jpg)


the point of this thread was to make a new word to convey an image, a sens that is exclusive to us. If I say "genocide", the image that pops up in your head is that of concentration camps and Jews.

Words convey speech, and speech conveys thought, which is why the left's "Newspeak" is so insidious. We're just using the same tactic against them.

Reticide is easy to learn and is free of any alternate meaning.

Reticide it is.

8b0f63  No.12668704


gives me a chance to update my images.

I really think we should do this, but focus on MAGA, and dump the MAGA iamges on T_D as well.

It would get them into a frenzy to get in the fun as well, and popularize this among the conservative internet demographic.

Just imagine Drudge getting involved as well for instance.


7a6ac5  No.12668705

File: 3523c8b772c4eac⋯.jpg (63.51 KB, 748x385, 68:35, Genocide.JPG)





It's actually an even younger term than Genocide. An older term is populicide, the killing of a common people. And (((Raphael Lemkin))) coined Genocide in egregious fashion by Latinizing the Greek Genos with the Latinate -cide. Disgusting abuse of language. At least Reticide and Albacide are pure Latin.

I don't think Ethnocide is a good word anyway. Better to stay away from the -cides in general. It's the same problem anons have with calling any hapening a -gate.

8b0f63  No.12668714

File: 091173b262734a4⋯.png (225.25 KB, 477x280, 477:280, 79d6f8ebc69e8a19c1efd7d942….png)

I need help. I need higher resolutions of these two images. All I have is this which would make it hard to read the definition.

8b0f63  No.12668719

File: de839301eb68803⋯.jpg (436.96 KB, 1768x620, 442:155, SIAu9bV.jpg)


e78804  No.12668723


Culturacide? It's correct latin.

>Better to stay away from the -cides in general. It's the same problem anons have with calling any hapening a -gate.

Indeed, I am in agreement. However I will be using Ethnocide, genocide is to loaded to be useful.

Feminism is Viricide btw. I'll let the normies run on that treadmill for a while.

8b0f63  No.12668726

File: bee6224ee494d94⋯.png (909.11 KB, 2308x648, 577:162, 8d0e44c0bcd6eb31b987ee75fe….png)



8b0f63  No.12668728


That term could work if we got a definition picture, and combine it with pictures of people wearing their ethnic's clothes.

This term wouldn't be a replacement of Reticide,but supplementary.

ca22c8  No.12668729


that was one of my considerations. the natives do have deep history with the americas, but they have done nothing to develop them. also, a key difference between the invasion of spics in NA and the invasion of whites back then is that the whites came in and slaughtered the natives. the natives could have repelled had they been more advanced. whites don't have that option as no one is willing to admit that forced immigration = war.


if you say genocide the first thing I think of is actually mexican immigrants and the nigger porn industry. people already have their own ideas of what existing words mean.


populicide is quite good but I see your point. how about something more veiled?

retietus: to cause the death of one that holds silence. from ret- and the word quietus (to cause death). I prefer this over reticide because it uses reticence in its intended connotation.

a77c89  No.12668730


Did you mean Tibet? Taiwan is a sovereign country, the leftover remnant of nationalist China, and I've heard there's been a lot of communist subversion but nothing that could be called a snuffing out. They're also the same race as mainland China, while Tibet is a distinct people.

7a6ac5  No.12668734

File: 048595cadd0fda9⋯.jpg (92.95 KB, 750x483, 250:161, Dis.JPG)

File: f60a199297aaf83⋯.jpg (52.76 KB, 751x255, 751:255, Colony.JPG)



So the Dev from Develop is actually Des, meaning not or lack of. Devicide would mean the lack of killing or not-killing. Develop is a combination of that plus velope (not Latin) which is rolling up something as in envelop. To Develop is to roll out or unfurl something, same original meaning as Evolve.

The Latin is Colo, Colui, Cultum - meaning to cultivate, develop, dwell in, take care of, honor, etc. So your word would be Culticide or Colonicide (referring to the cultivators themselves - colonists), but that's makes English speakers think of various kinds of assholes or the dreaded "colonist" word of modernity. But as consolation you now have a Latin word for when they refer with hatred towards the white colonizers, as they are calling for Colonicide.

8b0f63  No.12668735

File: d117a5bc1ad8d43⋯.png (563.88 KB, 860x1332, 215:333, 354b77fe86804a3ca519709fbe….png)


8b0f63  No.12668742

File: 850cf4a2568c7af⋯.jpg (271.19 KB, 860x1062, 430:531, d71aa52a3737cdeeaac47c36dd….jpg)

8b0f63  No.12668749

File: e080f0c74af86ff⋯.jpg (351.5 KB, 960x1360, 12:17, hpvewp4r84e11.jpg)

7a6ac5  No.12668750


>retietus: to cause the death of one that holds silence. from ret- and the word quietus (to cause death).

Well that wouldn't really mean the cause of death so much as holding quiet or something like that. The -cide is the killing part.

I think really fancy Latin, as much as I like it, takes second-place to just some good ol Latin-derived English. It's basically half the language anyway. What we're talking about is literally a Quieting, a process of making something silent as the dead. I really think that's better than all the -cides personally, and it is basically coded language that is veiled yet has a connotation English speakers quickly pick up. It's spooky, sinister, and common-language that you don't need a college degree in ancient languages to parse through.

ca22c8  No.12668751


interesting notes anon, I appreciate how thorough your analysis is. while I think all good candidates could do with a check like this is seems people are stuck on reticide. I guess it does have a ring to it, else we wouldn't all be in this thread.

7a6ac5  No.12668755


Well, I won't get in the way of enthusiastic efforts to spread this idea of silent killing. So long as that idea can get a name for people to grasp and attach meaning to, that's good. They should go for it and see if it catches on. If it doesn't, then it's off to try something else. I just enjoy these word-crafting sessions with my favorite ancient language.

8b0f63  No.12668757

File: bc1538cff479a46⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 1240x2523, 1240:2523, 004f69d18f9d14347b1e221d0c….jpg)

8b0f63  No.12668759

File: d9893c3226f0757⋯.png (2.37 MB, 1240x3187, 1240:3187, 5.png)

b4f855  No.12668763


no one knows what that means so it will be ineffective. call it what it is GENOCIDE

8b0f63  No.12668764

File: 68cb199d72b7f2f⋯.jpg (265.64 KB, 960x1214, 480:607, google doodle jun mission ….jpg)

here's something a little different.

8b0f63  No.12668768


Stop saging you fucking nigger.



8b0f63  No.12668771

File: 07112c877ebcca4⋯.jpg (279.02 KB, 860x1196, 215:299, er5tet.jpg)

I'm not sure if this counts.

a77c89  No.12668785


Colonicide: the primary purpose for San Francisco bathhouses and Washington pizzerias.

8b0f63  No.12668791

File: 2d02aac4492ef7e⋯.png (322.23 KB, 492x1003, 492:1003, 5ac0a06a81e3e4b0187d9bed86….png)


8b0f63  No.12668797

File: 68fa96d4e4cd897⋯.jpg (298.74 KB, 838x1164, 419:582, 30IkB6-dHK6bZsx9tnGdtjDCRb….jpg)



3c5acc  No.12668799

File: d3dc2185b93b731⋯.jpg (25.83 KB, 333x382, 333:382, chearspepe.jpg)

0e613d  No.12668800

The suffix -ize historically has been used for words of Greek origin.

8b0f63  No.12668805

File: 6a5a96949002ccd⋯.jpg (211.08 KB, 860x1074, 430:537, c836c590a52a420fdd07a39778….jpg)

another,this time it's about your dog

8b0f63  No.12668807

File: 62bdc82c5592695⋯.jpg (203.09 KB, 860x1104, 215:276, cbckids1.jpg)


0e613d  No.12668927


Genocide was coined after WW2 by a jew. It combines a greek prefix with a latin suffix which is poor form. It's not our word. We have annihilate, exterminate, extirpate(one of my favorites), along with many others.

8b0f63  No.12670189


f23d7f  No.12670206


1. With no content? Fuck off.

2. To support a jewish Hegelian dialectic thread? FUCK OFF.

f23d7f  No.12670209


No, I won’t be doing that, you subhuman piece of jewish shit. We don’t need your hoax thread here. We don’t need your obfuscation thread here. We don’t need your cover up thread here.


f4ed7b  No.12670221


Agree. If anything it would be more like "tacicide"from the verb tacere, source of the English word tacit. But it still doesn't make sense because you're not killing the silence.

If you're going to be coining vocabulary based on Latin words, you better be consulting with a qualified classicist.

153a6b  No.12670308


>don't call it genocide, goy

>white genocide is actually reticide because you're not people ;)

153a6b  No.12670310


Or just call it silent genocide, you massive retard.

658c18  No.12670336


If you can get anyone to admit to reticide, then they've already lost. I'd love to see someone make that argument, because it would immediately be followed up by people screaming LOOK AT THIS SHIT! JEW ADMITS TO WHITE GENOCIDE

8b0f63  No.12670340

File: a0939454e8424ab⋯.png (322.27 KB, 492x1003, 492:1003, 5ac0a06a81e3e4b0187d9bed86….png)

File: 91dc3542a8a8ee4⋯.png (428.76 KB, 658x909, 658:909, 44334.png)

File: 3e70f63380caa12⋯.png (425.93 KB, 676x890, 338:445, ad33f34081706271ad483b2023….png)

I like this definition expanded.

f23d7f  No.12670351


>oy vey you will scream in public and people will actually take your side and not the jew's side

You're insane and have now admitted to the abject failure of your dialectic.

153a6b  No.12670588


>if you get them to say my made up word, they've already lost

Nope, because a made up word is meaningless. There's no magic tricks.

8b0f63  No.12670594


Like "incel"?

fba76e  No.12670635

>Gaiz white ppl arnt being genocided! They are being *insert made up word*! Surely now we will convince the normies to wake up!

c792c7  No.12670691


Thank you Schlomo, very cool!

d24cab  No.12670692


"Reticide" would mean "killing lack of sound" or "killing silence".

That doesn't make any sense.

294e13  No.12670695


Make it trending goys, I mean boys

b06fc1  No.12670696

File: 76c9e184e26a5c6⋯.gif (2 MB, 214x193, 214:193, 1274758418062.gif)


No, fuck you, this is the right direction. "Genocide" will always, always evoke MUH HOLOCAUST in the NPC hordes' mind. Thus, even so much as using the word in any other context will immediately get you outed as a "crazy conspiracy theorist", etc. Normalfags have been conditioned too hard; introducing an "unknown" to them will break through that enough before they can be similarly conditioned to the word, too.

Speaking of, how long before shitty "comedy" uses "reticide" as spoken by a retarded boomer that You Aren't Supposed To Like or Want to Associate With™? I give it about a year; they'll deny the word exists until then.

d24cab  No.12670803

This is extremely poorly thought out:

Deicide: Dei (God) - cide (kill)

Killing a divine being

Genocide: Geno (race) - cide (kill)

Killing / exterminating a race

Regicide: Reg (king) - cide (kill)

The killing of a king

Omnicide: Omni (all) - cide (kill)

The killing of all life

OPs retarded etymology:

Reticide: Reti (restrained silence) - cide (kill)

Killing restrained silence / Killing silence

"Reticide" would literally mean making a sudden loud noise in a room full of quiet people. This retarded.

658c18  No.12671507


As we've gone into earlier in the thread, the proper attribution is keeping one's silence, aka killing of those that do not speak out. I think it fits just fine.

0bfebc  No.12671565


Please share this when you’re are done. It seems like a valuable read and a great addition to our aresenal of knowledge

1efb84  No.12671623


You're busted, Mordecai.

6a2095  No.12671691


>teehee guys asians aren't your enemy

>they aren't slant-eyed jews

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the slant-eyed bug is worse than niggers in every way.

658c18  No.12672085

My name is Nate Higgers and I HATE NIGGERS

359d05  No.12672098

>All of these posts implying the mass murder being committed against Europeans is usually indirect and non-violent

It's like you don't acknowledge that the mere presence of subhumans in your general vicinity, who skyrocket all manners of crime and produce nothing of value in their entire lives, is as actively violent as clubbing a kike to death. If you need convincing, go open the black on white crime thread and read every infographic.

658c18  No.12672107


It is violent. But the fucking ideological deadlock is so thick that nobody acknowledges it, and people even delight in their own downfall. It is truly terrible.

ea2506  No.12672194

Too D&D.

Extinction and great replacement both hammer that amygdala when topic is broached.

a9ccf1  No.12672220

File: 76241605d874e17⋯.jpg (8.7 KB, 233x216, 233:216, 76241605d874e17f2ceb20b951….jpg)

File: 174773c2efd1586⋯.png (704.06 KB, 1080x620, 54:31, 1546754216-1.png)


And Lobotomization is supposed to mean an incision in the brain.

It dun matter, as long as it sounds sleek and propagates the movement, its good.

658c18  No.12672469


We are now on urbandictionary

d24cab  No.12673606



This thread was made by a shill. The goal is to make us look retarded and to further splinter the language describing White genocide to dilute its meaning.


Anyone can make an Urban Dictionary entry.

b6662c  No.12674952


no u

yeah i just did

e616c6  No.12674954


74decb  No.12674989


This is true. Since there's so much shilling against this in this thread, I think OP is on to something.

b7c6e7  No.12675014


This is just a shibboleth, a word to identify us.

1. A word or pronunciation that distinguishes people of one group or class from those of another.

[C14: from Hebrew, literally: ear of grain; the word is used in the Old Testament by the Gileadites as a test word for the Ephraimites, who could not pronounce the sound sh]

Sounds like a jewish strategy to me. It's not like jews haven't been doing this for over 2000 years. Let's all start saying this new made-up word. It's not like it's going to identify me as a /pol/ack. Errr. Shit.

324c2d  No.12675019

>don't talk about white genocide goy,use this retarded meme instead

OP supports white genocide.

324c2d  No.12675029


Then show people the definition of genocide, retard. This is on the same level as self-censoring and saying brand names instead of slurs.

74decb  No.12675034


Is there a high res version of that pic? That would make for a great contribution to the art thread.

74decb  No.12675037



Judaism speaks.

324c2d  No.12675043


>you're a kike if you oppose white genocide

(((You))) project as always.

e78804  No.12677126

File: 36fe26a860a330d⋯.jpg (95.59 KB, 600x848, 75:106, 1bc04e277d864ec589d6f1f098….jpg)

Occidental Cultracide



2f4c1f  No.12677522


I'll start using the word, it makes perfect sense to use. You can also look at the Geneva convention definition(s) for genocide and one of them aptly applies to this specific form of genocide: reticide - a subversive and implicit form of genocide through non-conventional and deceptive means for population extermination.

19ac25  No.12679079

bump, fuck jews tbh

0bef3b  No.12680810


Are you a fag? Why did you post such an unrelated image in this thread?

7000a2  No.12681772






Don't steal our tactics that have been working against you for generations, goy! Keep using "white genocide" it'll catch on any day now!!!

000000  No.12707194

bump for oc potential

000000  No.12707210

bump also because the jews oying and veying itt. OP uses the root Greek or Latin etymology of words, yet all arguments against OP assert that he is making up new jewish words. Top lel at these niggers. Truth is lies and lies are truth these days it seems.

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