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File: 924919b8b6047c4⋯.webm (2.21 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, jack posobiec cia nigger.webm)

File: f010b6859c2ab63⋯.png (33.83 KB, 555x351, 185:117, 1547354128534[1].png)

File: 26d8e8f08936570⋯.png (172.62 KB, 329x501, 329:501, 1547354498842[1].png)

File: 26d8e8f08936570⋯.png (172.62 KB, 329x501, 329:501, 1547354498842[2].png)

File: 02052b88397f6e8⋯.png (1.72 MB, 2000x1000, 2:1, img[1].png)

c15002  No.12668440

Jack who is a "former" intelligence officer for the navy just confirmed today that he has actually upgraded to working for ZOG directly to destroy the White America. Israeli shill admitting it out in the open with such confidence.




Video alt




4b3247  No.12668447

File: d8e44246a18fa2c⋯.png (206.36 KB, 771x928, 771:928, sffdsdsffds.png)

How about this?

a0e87f  No.12668515

His wikipedia is just…

Where would I even begin to put the echo quotes?

c654d6  No.12668536

Jack Posobiec planted the "Rape Melania" sign at a Trump Tower protest.

7d36ca  No.12668568

This is good stuff and have a bump anon. But it doesnt surprise me at all dual citizens are stacked in America's government. We clearly have a government who doesnt give 2 shits about the people after blatant instigation in media to spark a race war for divide and conquer. Im a national socialist but its clear they want tensions to escalate. I have no issues with other poor people who work hard even if they are different from me. We are intentionally being dumbed down to serve as a golem class for our zionist luciferian puppet masters. All the while I'm sure this clown was an intelligence officer he still is low totem pole tier who gets scraps thrown to him by the circle of fed reservists

636149  No.12668586

All these fucking kikes are going apeshit. Shabbat update must have been a wake-up. Bad news jews?

434ac6  No.12668717


They saw the plague in mecca today

05b4dc  No.12668939


>bad news jews

When you can no longer afford that $100,000.00 a year prominent seat at a fashionable synagogue after paying for 7 or 8 years in a row, and the rabbi tells you that he's not going to bend on the price despite the bad year you're having, it's a harsh wake up call, especially if it's the largest part of your identity.

546dc7  No.12668999


>just confirmed

I think you people only come here to make us look dumb.

5db99e  No.12669011

That fact that he is a MOSSAD agent has been known for a while on /pol/. Next.

d9e0af  No.12669074


Every jew is mossad. It is just a word to call their networking method, which encompasses every jew traitor in the world.

05b4dc  No.12669138


In many cases it's the failed half jews that are the worst, teh most desperate to prove themselves by some act of wickedness.

A non jew with a jew father (usually an abusive asshole) and a shiksa wife is the worst kind of sayanim.

8f79ff  No.12669216

>you're talking literally to a intelligence officer



I'm sick to death of you cunts that use literally like this.

7084a7  No.12669571

File: 3c199c3e2cfd767⋯.png (786.98 KB, 1153x589, 1153:589, ClipboardImage.png)


If he is mossad, he's a double agent and should be hung for treason.

01f94c  No.12670259


lol @ you think all US agencies aren't just mossad fronts

01f94c  No.12670263



literally u

24cf6b  No.12679319

bump, fuck dual citizens

6f3849  No.12679350


He's a shabbos, and probably thought he was being funny with that Mossad line.

145df9  No.12679487


moshe, wrong board.

7494d5  No.12679695

Jesus I mean you aren't even a real spy until you're at least working for two masters.

232cfb  No.12679710


Probably one of rapefugees that thinks the fbi does anything but fuck over White citizens.

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