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File: eaa76f692d9a12b⋯.gif (87.95 KB, 289x350, 289:350, panath1.gif)

0458f8  No.12668463

From the first aryans spreading around the world, to greeks bringing the world a new age, romans giving europe its form , germans defeating the muslims and asiatic tribe and founding the middle ages, to spaniards reconquista and posterior colonization, to the russian expansion all across the steppe, to the french revolution and british industrialization and our children expansion in usa australia and canada

A cathedral forged in european stone remenbering the sacrifice of our ancestors , the heroes that defended it and that genious that impulsed our prosperity , statues of them and luminous paint of the big event of european history

A cathedral dedicated to our common european history , a symbol of unity glory and strenght

A materialized version of what we want to be in this times of uncertainty

A humane and a real founding rock of the of the european project against the desnaturalized version of the EU , lets hickjac them how EVROPA should be built

000000  No.12668472


And build me The Great Temple of Gaul.

d4219b  No.12668475

Oh boy, another temple eurocucks can hand over to the mudshits for yet another mosque

c0f590  No.12668480


>Oh boy, another temple eurocucks can hand over to the mudshits for yet another mosque

They'll burn everything and replace it all with Mosque furnishings. Even Sweden melts down its viking artefacts for recycling.

0458f8  No.12668486

With only 10 million dollar would be enought to built a important part of the project that would finance itself after we built the first building or part of it

In this time of souless materialism it would became in the new santiago pilgrimage were the exhausted traveller found thenselfs with their true roots and regain hope of a better future

8b1069  No.12668491

File: c073bab9b0ab9fb⋯.png (262.98 KB, 512x696, 64:87, Joan_of_Arc.png)

InB4 the apse is planned for the history of European women, and the nave becomes a diorama of based nigger Vikings.

0458f8  No.12668492


100$ would be enought , we could sell a little space write in the stone with your name linked eternally to the glory of our ancestors

46d571  No.12668500


Great idea i would pay that and much more


46d571  No.12668502

Where it could be located?

46d571  No.12668509

If they could manage to crowfund more than 200 millions for a simple game im sure if we present and sell it well we could easily have those 10 milion and much more

3e8311  No.12668518


The heart of france near where charlomagne defeated the muslim would be perfect

9a150f  No.12668556

The name could be the unfinshed castle making room to the future expansion that our descendants will built

Ww could conect tye past present and future making every generation conscient of their roots and what they should fight for

It would be a compass built in stone

000000  No.12668569


>a compass built in stone


8059fb  No.12668577

Fuck off back to kikechan moshe.

056c06  No.12668610

Absolutely based

056c06  No.12668623

File: 22e908b4b809133⋯.jpg (265.66 KB, 800x599, 800:599, 1c9f8aea-93d8-4981-b0c2-9c….jpg)


The alps only the courageous deserve to contemplete it

2259eb  No.12668644

So it's not real, OP is just pining for it?

056c06  No.12668649


I will be real if we wish and there is more than enought people pining for it

c7e8d6  No.12668739


7a341b  No.12670104


It should be near a relax but touristic place no more than 10 km away of any town less than 50000 people

1d9447  No.12670286

I think it would end up inauthentic. We have lost the skills and confidence of building like the Empires of old. We aren't strong as a civilisation. I almost feel like we aren't worthy. The buildings they made were useful to them at the time, not simply self-congratulating edifices (apart from relatively small monuments and statues.) The flair, size and beauty of their cities were symbols of how well their societies functioned and how powerful they felt as people. Us copying their styles now is bound to fall short, because we're in the decline stage. I don't want to build a mockery, or a masturbatory temple to the ashes of our civilisation, while our people are raped and killed without us being able to protect them.

If this building is solely for celebrating our history… why not just go and look at our historical buildings, some of which are still standing after thousands of years? Why make a new thing to represent history? Our history is already staring us in the face all over Europe.

When we have fallen and then risen again we will make beautiful and enormous buildings naturally. I think this would end up feeling modern and contrived tbh.

9e5e49  No.12670491


Is to combat that perception of decline and to start a new begining that only worthy people would be atracted to, it would be like a spiritual noah's ark where all the pure people would feel atracted

a25f12  No.12670503


>a cathedral of the history of europe

It already exists, it's called Europe. You yanks have no concept that this beautiful land is covered in artistic masterpieces.

Just like Israel-ISIS started destroying historical greek monuments at random, so did the americans bomb every cathedral and historical site they could in WW2. You fucking kike mercenaries.

abb169  No.12670520


Im european and you dont seem to have understood the concept behind it , stay silent

1d9447  No.12670717


And where in Europe does a suitable place for that exist, that you would get planning permission for it?

I'm not against the idea per se, I'm just saying it would have to be done very thoughtfully to be tasteful. And definitely not to be led by Americans. As European as they are, their country is too young for them to really understand living history. If you're born in Europe you're almost guaranteed to have grown up around 800+ year old buildings.

1d9447  No.12670724

File: 1bf6e174f0127c9⋯.jpg (23.48 KB, 450x284, 225:142, castlefield.jpg)


And in many cases thousands of year old structures. Pic related is a Victorian railway bridge (one of the first in the world) behind Roman battlements.

8eef23  No.12670782

File: 56335c04a417f75⋯.jpg (3.25 MB, 3296x2472, 4:3, Osireion_at_Abydos_(IV).jpg)


>The buildings they made were useful to them at the time

Not necessarily. If you believe the theories that some/most ancient egyptian temples were built by a pre-historic civilization, then it's likely that they were built as a sort of arc by a civilization that knew that it was doomed, in the hope that in the future some other men would arise that could do something with the knowledge (and the ancient Egyptians were those guys).


Do we sell sub-temple .jpgs?

a04bc8  No.12670791


If this was a real project and I could actually trust the people behind it. (I.E a trusted architectural firm and an organization that wants to run the museum.) then I would donate several thousand dollars AND I'm probably not the only one.

c4d9a3  No.12670815

We should build a massive megastructure and name it Temple Evropa, it's where the Grand Emperor would be crowned.

3e98a3  No.12670871


Thats one of the problems like the other anon has said, moder architecture studies are imbued with all postmodernist values so letting them built would be a sacrilege to what we are trying to built and express

9e5e49  No.12671940

Im in

89acff  No.12693516


7526e3  No.12694878


So we do it ourselves.

2a023f  No.12694881


In Jerusalem. It will be the only building for 200 miles because everything else will be bulldozed and sown with salt.

360e85  No.12706233

File: 92d44cdf5c88c8c⋯.jpg (62.25 KB, 800x516, 200:129, 1754 I-e Carte de l’Asie.jpg)

File: 477653dd275cda5⋯.jpg (147.28 KB, 602x546, 43:39, download-3.jpg)


How Genghis Khan was of Scythian origin and the jews lied about all our history including removing the once great aryan empire called Great Tartary. The federation that spread the swastika around the world.

360e85  No.12706239

File: 8fbf0a981cb3230⋯.jpg (102.99 KB, 1332x850, 666:425, grand-tartaria-grifon-flag.jpg)


Second pic is Genghis Khan painted by a chinese artist in the 13-14 century.

Pic posted here is the flag of Tartary, the most hidden empire in the history of humans.

The (((Jesuits))) rewrote and faked lots of european history in their monasteries after the manifactured great plague created by the jews. After that the kings where replaced and people started to believe lots of fake stuff.

4c9ae4  No.12706246


>taking "blood worship" to a whole new level

I can't imagine being so far up your own ass. Our ancestors would be ashamed.

4c9ae4  No.12706253

File: 5c64567c18b583a⋯.jpg (71.23 KB, 520x520, 1:1, we_wuz_nazis_n_shieeet.jpg)




360e85  No.12706276


No they where called the Moguls in ancient time.

In fact, in addition to completely shuffle, rewrite and fake history they needed a brotherhood or secret society to build lots of fake stuff and remodel lots of monuments. That brotherhood was known as the Masons. You might have heard of them.

360e85  No.12706301


And egypt was indeed white, red bearded mummies etc.. before the masons recreated it, it was a burial ground for the tartarians.

Also look into scaliger chronology and how it does not add up. Scaligers is the guy who wrote the timeline as we know it and his family members had names as many prominent people of "ancient" rome. Coincident?

Rome is actually quite recent and only a fraction of what Great Tartaria was. Which covered the hole northern sphere at one time.

That is how the swastiska was spread.

But as i said, after the great plague (manifactured by the jews) the dark ages came about which is completely fake and just the period when they started to remodel history, hence masonry etc..

Remember that this was before the printing press and information was sparse, and new generations started to take orders from kings etc.. and the few that studies at the universities believed whatever the authorities told them.

362d7a  No.12706306



holy dubs



this guy is rumored to be the third of the Bogdanoffs. rothschilds have rewritten the history and replaced Gnostic Warrior Monk with a mongol.

078357  No.12708394



Red hair was always a thing in Mongolia, and the swastika was spread thousands of years before the Mongols (it's likely of Ancient North Eurasian origin). Also, Tartary is just a geographical term used to refer to all Turco-Mongol territory. It wasn't an empire itself.

969242  No.12733903

What kind of architecture should it have? Classic greco-roman? Orthodox?

70f327  No.12733958


It's the Scythian-Celtic Autist again

Celts were niggers of the Roman and Hellenic Eras. They acted the part through their "migrations", stealing and raping everything that wasn't nailed down in their path and they consistently betrayed their White employers except for (((Hannibal Barca))) who may as well have been a Jew due to the fact that he came from Phoenicia and worshiped (((Baal))), one of (((Moloch's))) fellow Semite Gods.

82cc5d  No.12733998

Please make this in Paraguay

82cc5d  No.12734000

54d312  No.12734040



Is a title meaning "Lord", not an actual name. Many decent, even righteous Gods were called Baal, with the jewish one being a subversion of the title.

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