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File: 0c1042815ccdf80⋯.jpg (42.77 KB, 634x642, 317:321, JacobL.Smith.jpg)

File: cc14bda0ca884b6⋯.jpg (48.34 KB, 480x600, 4:5, JacobL.SmithHatless.jpg)

File: a3a69c3c1cd1f67⋯.jpg (79.76 KB, 903x541, 903:541, JacobL.SmithfemaleAccompli….JPG)

File: e2e907c5fd5486e⋯.png (96.72 KB, 608x241, 608:241, Warrant.png)

File: 1cc1d3c305e17d0⋯.png (110.23 KB, 576x391, 576:391, CommunityService.png)

9e8721  No.12668512


Jamal Simmons in https://www.mediaite.com/online/one-of-the-men-arrested-in-charlottesville-was-a-counter-protestor-who-punched-a-female-reporter/

>Last Saturday, Jacob L. Smith, a young white man from Louisa, Va., was one of the few people arrested during the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.

Is 80 hours of community service the usual penalty for a career criminal punching female reporters in the face?

Interesting how leftist reporters decide to describe him as "white". That's not the impression I get from looking at him.

6c93a0  No.12668590


Nigger, please.

61f749  No.12668625


He actually looks completely white in the third pic, but at least we know OP is probably a retarded nigger for including the first two pics and calling him white

61f749  No.12668628

I'm sure he's white actually, but this guy really must have wanted to look like a sleazy beaner with that first pic

525a7d  No.12668631

File: 0b1c966cd27e35a⋯.png (175.4 KB, 482x436, 241:218, 4ba55237.png)

Looks like a spic.

We have these sub-human types working as carnival fucks and mechanics in PA. It's like they're a caste up here. I always wonder if that's what true irish people look like instead of me.

e0ad32  No.12668636

He looks pretty white in the 2nd and 3rd pick. The wavy hair gives it away. His beard also is fluffy.

81bcb3  No.12668641


that thing is not a 'beard'.

e0ad32  No.12668646


I meant his beard hair not whatever shit style he has it in.

525a7d  No.12668648


mutants can't grow facial hair. It's not a beard, he's mixed 17 different ways and not white. Eversee blacks that try to grow beards? Asians? Pfft. The beard gene came from around the caspian see as whites, arabs, berbers, and punjabis can grow them.


>beard hair

low T pube hair on his mutant face

f108e3  No.12668661


He is white (ethnic European), if you don’t agree, at the very least he is an honorary Aryan who has good intentions. Not your personal army either.

9e8721  No.12668675


OP here, I said "not the impression I get". The red text is me quoting Jamal.


I think he is part beaner. If you look in the third pic, the woman on lower left in grey shirt was following him around, trying to get him away from police. I think it was his mom. She looks probably 50% beaner so I'd say he's 25%


>honorary Aryan

>good intentions

He assaulted a reporter for trying to interview people about what they say in the car crash. What is well-intended about that? This guy was with the leftist terrorists who were occupying the roads, shill.

f108e3  No.12668748


>reread images

>see counter-protester

>notice his name more than when previously skimming

My apologies for shitting up the thread.

6c93a0  No.12668756


That's a god damned jew you filthy yid piece of shit which you god damned well know.

6c93a0  No.12668766

File: e0f9fcbadcfd5e8⋯.png (463.92 KB, 1245x791, 1245:791, christopher-mintz-plasse-m….png)

Careful going down the rabbi hole.

5a9075  No.12668775

File: 10dfd6f03fd0d6d⋯.gif (26.85 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 6F939927-684F-4017-93F6-D5….gif)


OP is being facetious

6c93a0  No.12668778

File: 62b92724369753a⋯.gif (3.1 MB, 450x262, 225:131, Typical POL Autist.gif)



>with autists

6c93a0  No.12668820

Seriously, puka shell necklace, in the modern day? That jew been shopping good will.

61f749  No.12668830



Yea I didn't read properly either, I guess I'm the retarded nigger.

81bcb3  No.12668893

File: 0c36f134ad11573⋯.jpg (217.07 KB, 1554x713, 1554:713, just another white boy.jpg)

fellow white boys…

0eb569  No.12669401

If you think about it, it really is amazing:

The media calls someone white, and even normies these days are raising their eyebrows.

"He's white? Then what the fuck am I? He ain't white."

Racial awareness goes down to a bone-deep, DNA level. Tribalism is a feature, not a bug.

The only problem is that they're normies. They have so much cogdis in their lives, anytime they see something that triggers their lizard brain, they shut it out, because thats how they've been programmed since birth. "Well, they're saying he's white. I don't want to say anything because then I'd be raaayyycccciiissssss." Then they shrug and go back to their fapping and vidya.

Forget all the blackpillers and shills though, where I live, more and more people are speaking up. Totally normal guys in a store watching the news and, out loud, saying "he's Jewish, not white."

Don't despair. The normies ARE waking up, slowly. Hide your power levels, nudge them in the right direction, and be ready to explain things to them when they come to you looking for answers. That's what I'm doing. Normies just need someone else to voice what they're thinking, they're herd animals, they'll follow their natural inclinations, but only if they have someone to tell them that it's ok to call a spade a spade, someone else to point at and go "he's the leader."

Most men are not leaders. It's gotta be on you to shepherd the flock.

7d5e87  No.12671037


>Jamal Simmons

I've never met a white man named jamal.

b87163  No.12671509

Since the media is willing to even make deep fakes of Trump live, let alone make him really orange….

The only picture that he looks white is from the news, digitally altered clearly


>>Jamal Simmons

That's the reporter saying 'A YOUNG WHITE MAN' now why would Jamal say that?

f7f7b5  No.12671864

Meth smoking carney, probably 80% white with random miscellaneous admixture thrown in because all the women in his family going back 5 generations were prostitutes.

>this is your future 'white' man

bd890c  No.12672668


This. I don't know if the replies are shills or retards who can't recognize obvious jews.

2da40d  No.12672672

This isn't cuckchan, take your wannabe celebrity profile back to whatever faggot cave you crawled out of.

2da40d  No.12672677


No he doesn't. The fuck is wrong with you people? Whites don't have horse faces.

81bcb3  No.12672697


What the fuck is a horse face?

92564e  No.12672749


The law doesn't exist here.

This is a land of wolves.

29e151  No.12672870


I dont really care about people punching journos tbh

punch all of the journos, I dont give a fuck

f570b4  No.12677035


>oyvey dont point out leftists blaming whites with non whites committing crimes

2b6520  No.12677056

Is Session's DoD responsible for this or was when was still there?

2b6520  No.12677067

Interesting that he punched a reporter over trying to record the car crash. It's like he didn't want the reporter to know about something. Why else would he punch a female reporter?

2b6520  No.12677076

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


he's just like this leftie

524285  No.12677208


Nice filename and boilerplate reaction image.

22f696  No.12677483

For those saying that Jacob L. Smith has Jewish blood in him… well his first name certainly correlates with that, but I did not assert that because I have horrible Jewdar, especially when it is mixed with hispanic DNA. I can't tell features apart sometimes when they corrupt white DNA. I just know something is off.

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