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File: cee52b30a7d36ef⋯.webm (3.7 MB, 448x336, 4:3, pol.webm)

8ef00b  No.12669004



Whatever happens in the universities today will happen in the coastal cities tomorrow.

This is known.

So, logically, if you want to predict the shenanigans of Antifa and the talking points of the next election cycle’s crop of Dems – just take a peek at what the kids are up to in college.

In a word: snitching.

23e7e3  No.12669049


Leftist want = It already happens

8ef00b  No.12669089

File: c767b9795c86393⋯.png (325.41 KB, 801x580, 801:580, c767b9795c863937126f2a0882….png)


I think that the early Americans and medieval Europeans knew how dangerous universities always were.

That’s why they put them far away and in the woods, most of the time.

It was probably to keep students away from civilization, so they couldn’t disrupt anything with their nerd-shenanigans. The main drawback of this approach, however, is that it insulates the kids in a safe Shire-like bubble. Living within a self-contained world with only leftist professors means Universities become incubators for accelerated leftism.

So we clearly need to fix this structural error going forward.

A potential solutions list:

""1. Put universities in the ghetto""

Interaction with niggers will red-pill white kids from the Amerikaner hinterlands. This will also generally discourage enrollment. Two birds, one stone.

""2. Only allow study abroad programs""

Students will be unable to cause shenanigans abroad because of language barriers and local suspicions. It would also just be more fun.

""3. Maim the students""

Only the most hardcore lovers of knowledge would be able to sacrifice a body part like, say, an eye to be able to continue studying

So yeah, idk man.

I’m just throwing stuff on the wall here and seeing what will stick.

If you’ve got better solutions to deal with the college problem, I’d love to hear them.

74de1b  No.12669092


Who is that Latina qt? She looks like the one at my job

2764fe  No.12669103


So, we're getting communism again except this time there's millions of third world immigrants dumped into the mix. #progressisthewayforward #resist #fucknazis

8ef00b  No.12669155




Impossible to be honest.

74de1b  No.12669179


Isn't she? The one at works looks exactly like her, she's from El Salvador but she's on DACA so she can work.

I hope Trump cancels DACA so she gets desperate and has to marry me.

8ef00b  No.12669247

File: c309481a5f86758⋯.jpeg (121.87 KB, 600x460, 30:23, clairo.jpeg)


No she's not.

b46e3f  No.12669276


Race traitor

8ef00b  No.12669287

File: 79a3fce3670f3cc⋯.jpg (339.75 KB, 1033x773, 1033:773, cf6aa1555367f100560e3579cb….jpg)

d45f1a  No.12669593



>I think that the early Americans and medieval Europeans knew how dangerous universities always were.

The ancients were most familiar with armies, because every man had been a soldier in his life. So they knew instantly when a teacher could make an army out of gullible students.

f13273  No.12669598


>please report any thought crimes to the school

8f30e1  No.12669662

File: 4ae6df6e6f5d413⋯.jpg (73.92 KB, 600x600, 1:1, odin.jpg)


>Maim the students

Going full Aesir, I see.

I like it, traditional and effective.

6fde3e  No.12669681


>In a word: snitching.

But it's against your (((religion)))!


>Moser is not a term familiar to many outside close-knit ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities, which often choose to deal with offenses within the fold. This preference has a legal origin as well as a cultural one, stemming from a rabbinic prohibition on mesirah, meaning “delivery” or “handing over” in Hebrew. Rabbinic law mandates that a Jew may not report another Jew’s malfeasance to a secular government, even when the behavior in question violates both secular and Jewish law. Nor can a Jew abet the turning over of another Jew’s financial or physical property to the government. The laws of mesirah are based upon the (historically all-too-real) idea that Jews “sometimes live in barbaric places” where governments are hostile to Jews, says Michael Broyde, professor of law at Emory University and an Orthodox rabbi. As a result a person who violates the laws of mesirah—a moser—could place a Jew in danger of being tortured or even killed by a brutal government.

>By placing a fellow Jew in mortal danger, a moser takes on the status of a rodef, literally a “pursuer,” or one who is chasing a victim with murderous intentions. An individual or community is permitted to stop a rodef by any means necessary—even if that means killing him before he has the chance to kill his intended victim. What’s more, no formal decree must be issued to declare someone a moser or a rodef, and anyone may take action against the deemed criminal. “If someone is running after somebody else to kill him, I don’t go to a bet din to ask them. I’ve got to stop him right there,” says Steven Resnicoff, professor of law and co-director of the Center for Jewish Law and Judaic Studies at DePaul University and an Orthodox rabbi.

d6c9a9  No.12669961


Hamper intellectuals so they can't harm anyone. Something pagang and Christgang can agree on.

4d500c  No.12670122


Reported. God damn your spam is fucking annoying.

fbb1d2  No.12670329


Good luck, get her while she's not americanized

26930f  No.12671660


Mental illness, the post

27e6fb  No.12671678


I think her name is Penelope Lopez

f9137c  No.12671726


Snitching to the state

Leftys Wew

000000  No.12672722


But universities weren't dangerous until the rise of Marxism and the decline of Christianity anon. Quite the opposite in fact.

3cf858  No.12672733


The fuck do you think the Soviets had going on? The Bolsheviks used a foreign army to take over Moscow during the revolution.

Mao did the same thing.

Fidel used Che and guerilla forces from central America.

The Communists never change their methods, because they are retarded like that. They think it will work every time too, then they end up ge6gunned down by the same people they thought they were overthrowing, because they were overthrowing the country for the people that were already running the policing forces.

1a5165  No.12673495

File: 00ab79fbc32529d⋯.jpg (10.86 KB, 300x295, 60:59, R-5716280-1400718537-5704.….jpg)

We Stazi now?

97ea4a  No.12674529


But they weren’t dangerous back then, in fact back when they were first a thing their purpose was strictly studying medicine and theology.

Then something something kikes etc, now they’re all high school 2: you pay for it this time.

3cedd9  No.12674602


Kill yourself.

8ef00b  No.12678627



5866b7  No.12678760

Isn't 'affirmative action' a form of bias?

48a98d  No.12703822


Oy vey.

76ea2b  No.12703829

Ok, niggers be racis, do something about it.

76ea2b  No.12703833

File: e683ef384a13831⋯.jpg (31.98 KB, 434x250, 217:125, Are You New.jpg)

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