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File: 244417bf0e78a1c⋯.webm (2.68 MB, 808x580, 202:145, 4.webm)

cddd70  No.12669142

Gooks the worst race after niggers. Idiotic sloppy eyes, closed mind, robot consciousness, flat monkey face, slavish flirting with white people, hive mind and lack of personality, intelligence without real creativity (they still steal western and european patents).

My country full of half mongoloid hybrids, it's like living on cemetery. 40% of east slavs are mongrels with admixture of paleoasiatic subhumans, pathetic and passive inbreds with low androgens. Gooks already takes your place in Africa

Betas which mating with gook garbage girls BTFO.

We know that white dumb roasties and coal burners need to be tortured and killed, but euro losers must be ashamed and killed by their hapa sons.



Kikes and globalists slavemasters want you to spoil your heritage with GOOK AND NIGGER DNA

77b5bb  No.12669168

Surely it's

Whites > Persians > Japs > High caste Pajeets > Gooks > Arabs >>>> Low caste Pajeets >>>>>>>>> Niggers > Abbos > Shit >>>>>>>>>>> Kikes?

Kikes are probably lower, actually

39ff39  No.12669194

>talks about gooks

>posts a DACA amnesty girl

cddd70  No.12669227

File: 5bf262904461d62⋯.jpeg (25.98 KB, 983x512, 983:512, clairo.jpeg)

b0e117  No.12669255


Something like this. Even though I don't date Asians at all. I can't stand what they think is cute.

2d0378  No.12669468

I think the same thing about the faggots in my country that date Russian women.

f11c9c  No.12669515

File: 0bba3f4e1bea835⋯.jpg (57.69 KB, 940x627, 940:627, elly.jpg)

>hating hapas

They hate themselves enough already.

Just give them cyanide pills or suicide booths after the race war and you'll be done with them.

0f2d82  No.12669797


Yeah that's pretty much it. Chinks are fucking bizarre. There's a lot of them in my area, and their social skills are non-existent. Everywhere they go they just stand in the way thoroughly confused. The most basic interactions are nearly impossible for them. It's like they can't do anything except math. It's a lot harder to hate Japs because they actually make some really cool stuff and are very detail oriented with a dedication to quality. Japs don't invent but they perfect existing things. Doesn't mean we should race mix with them but they do serve a purpose and are a value add to humanity.

If you've ever met southeast asians they are basically just asian niggers who are retarded and gangbang. High southeast asian population = high crime rates and poverty.

I'm pretty open about my power level. No idea how I still have a job tbh but all that aside the number one demographic of people I know who get egregiously offended by pretty tame things (at least by pol standards) are always asian women.

Chinks are disgusting. They are flooding are country, buying up our real estate, sending spies, violating patents and creating in china to sell back to us while contaminating whatever product it is with some horrible chemical.

All non-whites must be deported and non-citizens should have no right to buy real estate in this country.

000000  No.12669810

Every other Asian but Japanese is fucked. I say this simply due to the fact that the Japanese actually have some respect but are still highly degenerate. If an anon has some sort of fucked genetic stock, then don't ruin the white genes. Go fuck a Jap girl.

000000  No.12669813





Stop there, everything else is shit.

220355  No.12669861


What country, Australia? Canada?

0f2d82  No.12669872


The United States of America. Although I suppose it could be either of those really. Chinks moving into Anglo land and destroying it like the insects they are is a global epidemic.

9a8b3b  No.12669873

File: b7e424484ebf989⋯.png (241.83 KB, 700x453, 700:453, ClipboardImage.png)


What about Aroma or Odor?

Burnt Sausage?


WTF is that Smell?

No idea about sexual odors, sry…

220355  No.12669914


Yeah I was asking cause it’s exactly the same here in Oz. They’ve completely fucked our entire housing market and our economy in general. Of course the boomers in government love it because they get a bunch of new special interest groups to suck off.

1b6d34  No.12669995

File: b39170911ab0a1c⋯.png (2.88 MB, 1585x1125, 317:225, Birth_Places_of_Chinese_Ph….png)

File: 49e49517993eb6e⋯.jpg (3.06 MB, 1144x4510, 52:205, 0a1fd505b3b11810c42b6d56bc….jpg)

>Gooks the worst race after niggers

>Jews not topping the list

>another jew D&C thread

Jews dismantled China layer by layer until they turned into the racially mixed swamp called modern "Han" of today. Jews systematically influenced China to eliminate philosophy from China, culture, tradition and family. They then directed the Chinese to Tibet and other ethnic groups in an attempt to stamp out eastern philosophy which made Judaism look like a spoiled child's imagination, which is what it is, a stunted retarded dogma with no logic and spearheaded by base emotions such as greed, envy, hatred, lust and pride.

000000  No.12670003


Fuck off you incel kike.

000000  No.12670028


Persians aren't White?

85b4b4  No.12670041

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Like this?

45b0ea  No.12670055


Ah, so now I take it you're posting an industry plant?

74aa7d  No.12670078

Hey /pol/ I found out my Catholic Italian boss hates chinks thanks to John A. MacDonald being removed from the $10 dollar bill and due to chinks being obnoxious as fuck and creating problems at work all the time. We talked about how they shouldn't even be here and he straight up calls them chinks without any fear and the stupid chinks still buy from him lol.

This is the best feeling ever. Real /pol/-tier solidarity IRL and I also never have to be afraid of being fired for not having leftist views.

74aa7d  No.12670085


>If an anon has some sort of fucked genetic stock, then don't ruin the white genes. Go fuck a Jap girl.

How about instead of. you know, adding to the number of non-whites that exist in the world and consume resources and pose a threat to us… they just don't breed at all. That is objectively better. Alternatively they should find some kind of gene-enhancement technology that can let them reproduce with a white woman without the problem genes being passed on.

74aa7d  No.12670087

What is the song OP called btw I want to search it on kiketube.

0f2d82  No.12670088


>being this retarded

>a kike shill


74aa7d  No.12670090


They fucked it all up here in Canada too.

28817a  No.12670092


Fuck off bot


919646  No.12670095


>40% of east slavs are mongrels with admixture of paleoasiatic subhumans, pathetic and passive inbreds with low androgens

470445  No.12670096


>Separating japs from gooks

>Implying the niggers of asia are any good

>Even trying to separate the non-whites like there's any possibility of accepting them

Hello kike

0335c3  No.12670108


>any possibility of accepting them

A surprising number of neocons and tradcons already consider Middle Eastern/North African people to be white. I'm not promoting the practice, but it's a lot more possible now than in our grandfathers' time.

28817a  No.12670110


Thats only the boomer cucks that puts being a Christian above being white

0335c3  No.12670113


Snowball a figure. What ratio of American Christians are like what you describe?

000000  No.12670116

Gooks are Koreans and are genetically the same as Japanese. The Chinks are the fucking problem. Oh, and too much mixing it, as well.

000000  No.12670119


Except the Han are genetic Koreans. Chinks are not Han. They only think they are.

2ad58c  No.12670121

File: ef4822461c6fd5a⋯.jpg (231.95 KB, 1000x738, 500:369, 2049790760_2brlBQWG_22222.jpg)

File: 4d1d80b1273d30b⋯.jpg (182.85 KB, 723x609, 241:203, japs are cannibals.jpg)

File: 67ba901a1669c4d⋯.jpg (146.39 KB, 550x880, 5:8, TEP2.jpg)

File: 190f41b745ad375⋯.jpg (24.72 KB, 290x409, 290:409, waving israeli flags.jpg)


At least gooks arent cannibals and dindus

1b6d34  No.12670129


What was retarded? That jews dismantled and destroyed China, and the reason bugmen are in the state they are is because of Bolshevism, opium and other drugs pushed into their nation by jews and anglos?

Are whites subhuman too, when you look at an Evangelical church all you see is Europeans brought down to an unthinking level of bug eyed Zionists.

Any race can be brought low to the level of subhuman with enough indoctrination and or improperly managed eugenics.

000000  No.12670186


Koreans aren't that much of a step above Chinks. Same dodgy, noisy, spitting, materialistic, superficial manner.

Japs are another league up but do get glorified too much, presumably by people who have never spent any real time there.

eacab9  No.12670232

File: cce8b59677a2112⋯.png (227.05 KB, 435x265, 87:53, gas_horse_rider_art_war.PNG)


slants are disgusting and will destroy the entire planet if nobody intervenes


eacab9  No.12670235

File: 5379c16c08faae0⋯.jpg (95.14 KB, 825x766, 825:766, (((((you))))).jpg)


>another jew D&C thread

hehe yes goy, unite with the disgusting bugmen who are also trying to conquer the entire globe, the slants are your friends

afc0af  No.12670256

Stop spamming the catalog with your slides, niggerjew.

23f26e  No.12670285


Whats wrong with cannibalism? Also Nanking is just another holohoax. Don't believe the Chinese they are the jews of asia.

8a3695  No.12670288

File: 285103c7314ca7a⋯.png (1019.99 KB, 800x918, 400:459, asdfha.png)

lol at all the roastie seething that's going on in this thread. Asian girl objectively make far better partners than white women in the current year. That's just reality. They're smarter, thinner, far less promiscuous, more monogamous, more feminine and much, much sweeter. While white women go out partying, sluttying it up and swearing with their obese bodies, asian women want to stay at home to spend time with you or go on a romantic date. The difference between the two is staggering, night and day.

a9c24e  No.12670302


All western nations anon. All western nations are this way and nothing he said couldn't be copy pasted. Maybe some local flavor of paki's over muzi's, s.e. asians over chinks or some other assorted shit difference in detail. But it is universal what he said at this time.

There is no place left for whites to run to. We fight, or we die.

23f26e  No.12670304


Except Chinese they are abortion masters. Also if they are too poor for abortions or the guy leaves they just pop the baby out anywhere and leave it there not even taking it to the "baby abandonment station".

000000  No.12670311


To some degree yes, but they can often be horrible too. I know some people who got stuck in a hellish existence with Asian women.

2ad58c  No.12670319

File: a1fdc764f24dc1d⋯.jpg (50.39 KB, 350x310, 35:31, 1930920478_niNAt9Gy_2.jpg)


>Whats wrong with cannibalism?

Kill yourself kike

>Nanking is holohoax

>Multiple evidence from the chinese, whites including germans, and nips themselves

Now you're just gonna sperg out about how all sources are lies and grorious nippon's truths can only be found in some retarded blog you will link.


000000  No.12670331


yeah, this. reads exactly how it is everywhere. and from what i hear their presence is being felt more and more in europe now too.

23f26e  No.12670355


>Cannabalism is bad

If every non-white ate another non-white the population crisis would be solved for another 50 years.

Nanking never happened but it should have and will.

26d835  No.12670372


>don't breed goy

Fuck off rabbi, I will racemix

26d835  No.12670373


>I know men too beta for Asian women


604ed8  No.12670374


It's Allied propaganda, dude. Anywho, killing jews (In Minecraft) is the most efficient way to cull 3rd world populations. (((Who))) do you think oversees foreign aid?

26d835  No.12670376


Bolivia is doing well among other western nations

b8396b  No.12670380


Reminder that this is a paid jewish shill and that codemonkey personally allows it here.

26d835  No.12670382


>in minecraft

My idea in that game was become president of my country and "support" feminism by having an all expenses paid trip to China. I would load up airplanes full of feminists (self flying airplanes), with either all men or all women… the ones filled with men get shanksville'd while the one filled with women reach the destination filled with single men.

000000  No.12670383


Yeah, Asian women can be cunning, conniving, fire breathing dragons. Betas can get sucked in pretty easily and ordered around, used for visas etc.

26d835  No.12670384


If that isn't based, I don't know what is

26d835  No.12670387


Again, 2beta4asian is sad

8a3695  No.12670399


>used for visas

That's why you never go for the girls that say they are willing to relocate on their profile. 100% golddiggers.

0335c3  No.12670411


Why would you abandon your own men, instead of fixing them, in minecraft?

000000  No.12670414


Japs are pretty much the only ones with less interest in migrating anyway. Chinks and Koreans mostly want out, and for SE Asians it goes without saying.

604ed8  No.12670415


Good idea. Better make sure no Endermen ruin your redstone planes.

26d835  No.12670417


Because, betacucks will fight you all the way while you try to take women (((voting))) rights away. Women won't fight, but these pussy-starved faggots will.

Also, I rather have some of these liberated whores to end up in the lap of a Chinese man with a strong pimp hand than kill them too. Remember, covert operations work well when another country does it (drive the airplane into the ground) minecraft.

8a3695  No.12670425


>Chinks and Koreans mostly want out, and for SE Asians it goes without saying.

Not true at all. Check out the cute girls on the country-specific dating sites. I'd say that most girls, no matter the country, state in their profile that they don't want to move abroad.

0335c3  No.12670436


Why are you too weak to teach those men to use a strong pimp hand? Why take the easy way out and kill them?

8a3695  No.12670449

File: 367d2f1d6ecafab⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1335x1729, 1335:1729, bb.PNG)


Lots of cuties from the asian countries just like white men. They aren't looking for a visa or a meal ticket. Pic related.

ed4f10  No.12670501

>hive mind and lack of personality

kek, the irony of a 8drone

23e970  No.12670531


Not breeding with yellow monkeys is the first step.But the real solution is to kill them all.

Genocide all races that aren't White.

02341d  No.12670540


…..pretty sure it's the hapas that are incels there buddy

c635d9  No.12670545


Something like this, yeah, except you're excluding the Chinks, and mid-caste Pajeets.

Whites > Persians >= Japs > High caste Pajeets > Gooks > mid-caste Pajeets > Arabs > Chinks >> Low caste Pajeets >= shit >>>>>>>>>> Niggers > Abbos >>>>>>>>>> Kikes?

604ed8  No.12670606


Abbos are less troublesome than nigs lol

And you forgot the Khoisan

8a3695  No.12670608


KYS. You retards give non-communists a bad name. Wouldn't surprise if you're here on a raid from commiepol.

de2d39  No.12670753

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Persians from before the fall of the sasanian empire were white.

ec4358  No.12670887


I'm not watching 10 minutes of some faggot in a mask.

ec4358  No.12670893


Asian women make genetically inferior babies, and thus your entire shill point falls apart.

8f3763  No.12670900


>Kikes and globalists slavemasters want you to spoil your heritage with GOOK AND NIGGER DNA


0335c3  No.12670913



I've been seeing less and less of this and more and more of them switching lanes to an Asian wife with white eggs IVF.

sage for outlandish

34f95f  No.12670942

Persians are shit. They will barter with their own mom. Rip her off. Call it business. Jew clones

ec4358  No.12670961


You'd come home one day to your bug wife cooking a meal as your baby lay dead in the bottom of the bathtub more than likely.

ec4358  No.12670969


Persians don't exist, the low IQ shit-skins raped them out of existence. Iran is just another country of sub-human shit-skins now. Persian culture is dead. It was replaced with Islam. The Persian people were replaced with brown monkeys.

b15884  No.12670972

Go home gooks

b15884  No.12670986


Slut with the shirt isn't even white.

ec4358  No.12671009


Then what the fuck is she?

0335c3  No.12671072


Got any infanticide stats for Asians married to white men?

ec4358  No.12671212


No, I just know they're a race of people devoid of empathy and deep emotional attachment.

a9fbae  No.12671225

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I can't think of anything more pathetic than a stinking shitskin trying to identify itself as white because 'Aryan' is an indic word.


ec4358  No.12671244


>that thumbnail

Why is fat so repulsively disgusting looking? It's the part of gore, whether human or animal, I always find disgusting. It's like really thick pus. Why the fuck is it yellow? It looks so rotten and poisonous.

5a8399  No.12671430

half/pol/ is infested with gook shills. They use the phrase "white roastie" often and even openly admitted to me that they are trying to get everyone there to associate the phrase "roastie" specifically with white women.

I swear they must have a discord or something, because you scarcely even engage with them - it's like they operate off of a script. Toasty white roasty detected, dumps mspaint comics, etc etc

They all claim to be married to asian women and yet have huge folders of kpop idol webms.

Overall it's honestly one of the most bizarre shill campaigns I've ever seen.

40394f  No.12671731


I never understood why white + asian = hispanic looking. Was Rogers part Philippino ? (the hispanics of the east?)

But ya, I remember getting into an argument with a guy who was posting the typical 'snownigger' shit so I looked up his account, was a mod at the hapas subreddit (inb4 plebbit). Honestly the most self-hating group of people I've ever run into. Their average poster is on par with the most insane fringe of /pol/acks.

I've always regarded certain east Asian groups highly, but there is something just incompatible about our genetics.

328aac  No.12671752

File: 19f70cb5efb9d4d⋯.jpg (147.54 KB, 621x960, 207:320, Dwq82mgWsAINfU4.jpg)

File: dae538e33b6ec54⋯.jpg (129.76 KB, 621x960, 207:320, Dwq81JTWoAMlrOS.jpg)

File: 4d89a86d97acab0⋯.jpg (123.53 KB, 621x960, 207:320, Dwq80imXgAEPqet.jpg)

File: 2f210831d221ff5⋯.jpg (164.84 KB, 621x960, 207:320, Dwq8zN8XgAEC5MI.jpg)

found this

e32d06  No.12671805

File: adf9074fdc0e8dd⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 3.49 MB, 208x360, 26:45, Smoked bacon.mp4)


>meanwhile in china

874600  No.12671839


Jews are lower than niggers.

Also stay mad, Uyghur. You're women will be taking more THROBBING GUANDAOS up their pussies for being mudslime shits.

c2ade3  No.12671842


They sound so ridiculous it's almost funny. Back in the days of Rome TW you'd have burning piggie units.

c2ade3  No.12671848


The fact that he needed to make those cartoons says you need to know about his self-esteem

874600  No.12671859


Ever noticed how so many of those people are either faggots, degenerates, incels, or MGTOWs?

Zach Hing is right that Asian parenting (A modern, degenerate aberration) has fucked two generations of Asian men.

Them then using their bullshit to draw wedges between men and women of the White Race is probably one of the worst things they could possibly do.

Onoy other people I find worse are White MGTOWs pushing MGTOW on National Socialist and White Nationalist forums. The Purity Spiral willingly let these people in and do whatever they want, and now they're nothing more than edgy Varg worshippers who have become TRS.

874600  No.12671870


Exactly what I expect Asian Gamma Males to make.

Asian Parenting is cucked and I am glaf that most of my Asian colleagues are doing away with their parents' mistakes.

3d039a  No.12671905


>White MGTOWs pushing MGTOW on National Socialist and White Nationalist forums.

They're paid shills. Why else would they be interested in pushing their bullshit on us?

bfb26d  No.12671950


Because when you fuck up, you need to justify what you've done to yourself. For these types, it's better that they bring down anyone with them.

Think of faggots that get diddled as kids and feel the need to diddle a kid themselves; they want others to partake in their suffering, because it's better than admitting something is wrong with them.

7f34a0  No.12671958

File: 66e9f9f163432cc⋯.jpg (134.54 KB, 1322x599, 1322:599, eebf1c87688bac1dbefd43c83d….jpg)


I've never understood why they never go back to whatever chingchong land their ancestors came from if they hate living among whites so much. Probably because they'd feel like an outsider there too

c1fa78  No.12672165

The Chinese are absolutely terrible "people" in every way you can possibly imagine and then some. Anyone who has lived among them for any length of time knows this to be true. They are a cursed race. Allowing them into the West is a tragic and unforgivable "mistake".

eacab9  No.12672189


(((you))) will never shill eurasianism here, kike

bugpeople are disgusting subhumans

000000  No.12672190


Then you really have never had much to do with people from those countries.

Trust me, for the vast majority of Chinese, getting out is very high on the agenda.

000000  No.12672226


They lie like there's no tomorrow as well.

c99928  No.12672239

I'm happy with my asian girlfriend. First truly feminine woman I've ever dated. Certainly something very endearing with girls like her.

b8545b  No.12672242


No, they only attempt to emulate jews down to a T with talmud being a best-seller in korea, highest male genital mutilation rates in Asia, running a gibs industry based on muh innocent and pure comfort women who had a choice of being poor and virtuous or getting fucked by officers for money, and now their cuckold husbands and sons demand reparations.

000000  No.12672251


because they have an inferiority complex and know their countries are shit, plain and simple. some of their home countries have managed to copy things from whites to an ok degree but still never managed to make it a place truly worth living. they know it and it eats away at them.

ed33ba  No.12672282


Amerindians are mongoloids and hispanics are mixed White+Amerindian

Hapas look hispanic because hispanics are basically hapas already

c34f28  No.12672384


Is king beta going to give you a nod now? You'd probably cum in your pants.

2e79ad  No.12672395

File: 4e9cf96c859668d⋯.webm (4 MB, 854x480, 427:240, what europeans want.webm)


>hapas are b-bad

explain why European Men react like this to average asian girls?

000000  No.12672933


Europeans haven't been around Asian women near as much as Americans, Canadians, and Australians where there have been larger communities for decades. The women are considered more exotic and get stared at a lot.

463764  No.12672970

File: 45f8b67c2ff3383⋯.webm (10.69 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Mongol desperation.webm)

File: f13cc4a6bc1b627⋯.webm (2.85 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Asian aging secret.webm)


100% Organic non scripted moment, I'm sure.

b15884  No.12672981


Theu really aren't exotic. There's like a billion of them out there.

23a7bb  No.12672996

File: b45a9b6a7d4819f⋯.jpg (45.35 KB, 500x384, 125:96, No_a3b920_6019098mobile.jpg)


What song is this?

39170e  No.12673093


Clairo - 4EVER

58aeb0  No.12673095


>culture = genetics

My friend, please do throw away your genes. Betray your race, turn your back on them in their time of confusion. Please, so that way, your seed will die, your progeny will fail, and there will be more beautiful white women for me to protect and impregnate.

5dc5cf  No.12673126


Even during the Sassanid Empire, Chinese traders would write about the Persian women's "wonderful brown skin", the Chinese emperor purposely bought some Persian concubines for this purpose. "Persians are white" is a shit meme.

000000  No.12673172


Exactly, but in Europe they even get positive discrimination sometimes because they're considered a more ideal minority than the Muslims and Africans.

604ed8  No.12673180


>He doesn't know what a tan is

Next you'll say Spaniards and Italians aren't White.

0b14f1  No.12673239


what the hell is a high caste pajeet? i deal with 50 pajeets a day and they are all the same; smelly, arrogrant, ugly, and rude as fuck, they are all tech-pajeet and conveinence store-owner pajeets, i hate poos more than niggers and beaners only second worse to the slimey jew

e25657  No.12673246


I dunno man, some of the shit that the Japs allegedly did during the Rape of Nanking is hilarious from a RWDS point of view, especially if you view the Chinese as the pre-viral bug colony/Asian Jew equivilant that they are.

>Two officers weebed out and held a contests to see who could kill 100 chinks with a sword first, lost count in the heat of battle and had to start over

>Tied groups together in by the wrists in blobs and made them stand there for mortar and tank shell target practice

>"Oh, combatants want to wear olain clothes to blend in with that crowd of civilians? Gun down that group of civilians. Now the civilians don't tolerate the presence of their own soldiers"

Tell me doing that sort of stuff to the kikes wouldn't put a smile on your face.

000000  No.12673287


yeah pretty much, though i'd have them in the same tier as chinks

3da521  No.12673328

the insect people wish to take white aesthetics and then claim that they always looked like it centuries kater. the Levantines and proto chink turks are prime examples of that.

b96f3d  No.12673363

White race mixers get the harshest punishment, no matter if they are male or female.

b96f3d  No.12673367


>bug colony vs bug colony that makes the porn I like

>"Go japs"

Fuck off

457d29  No.12673373



Persians are great people.


The ancient Japanese were actually a branch of the caucasoid races. This is even accepted in the mainstream. There's good reason to separate Japanese from the rest of Asia.

bf6667  No.12673377

File: 0201a793f797649⋯.jpg (2.4 MB, 2792x3008, 349:376, Muh Honorary Aryans.jpg)

File: 3ffae429ad8a562⋯.jpg (130.11 KB, 1053x884, 81:68, Asian Girls Meme.jpg)

File: 25701079dc5e872⋯.jpg (75.92 KB, 600x462, 100:77, Samurai, Egypt, 1863.jpg)



I like Asian people, but I would never fuck one.


React like what? Catcall at some pretty buggirls walking past groups of people hanging out?

Because pussy feels good and most Westerners are totally deracinated.

Plus Asians are weird looking, so they draw attention.

bf6667  No.12673378

File: b6c710526fb0a64⋯.jpg (194.65 KB, 2021x1031, 2021:1031, the horror.JPG)


I always wondered what the horrible sounds in the temple in Carthage must have been like to warrant those drums.

I think I have an idea now. I hope I can forget it soon.

bf6667  No.12673385

File: 8b698d0c596f1ce⋯.webm (2.09 MB, 360x640, 9:16, Asians.webm)

bf6667  No.12673387


Oh, well, wrong video. But that works too I guess.

58aeb0  No.12673401


>temple in Carthage, drums

This sounds interesting Anon, where can I read about this?

d76d8f  No.12673418


>board that loves muh baste asian waifus hates the byproduct it produces

Kill anyone with yellow fever if you're so fucking adamant about it.

Maybe make your own damn variant of anime and OC instead of tightly clinging to it as is, but that might be too much for an imageboard that discourages actual OC and not that maldraw-tistic horseshit with oft-misusedterms like e-celeb and autism. We haven't enough original memes of our own, and the ones we do make immediately get coopted and die off too easily.

17acce  No.12673435

File: 21d00ce23b40f59⋯.jpg (328.89 KB, 1022x1143, 1022:1143, 1489306305725.jpg)


>being this much of a yellow fever fag

you're gonna regret your whole life when the half-yellow monkeys pop out

4e96ca  No.12673456


I've wanted children since before my redpilling, and having dated both chinese and korean women in the past, they were just as pozzed about children as any white woman I've ever met. I don't know about japs, and frankly I'm not interested in finding out.

They were a lot more interested in romance than any white woman I've dated though. Probably because they come from insect cultures and its new and exciting to them. That wears off quickly unfortunately.

000000  No.12673459


Yeah I've had similar experiences. The romance thing is very head in the clouds type stuff that gets old real fast. They can be very princessy and infantile as well.

4c018a  No.12673470

File: 1dd8c81dc3a2cbe⋯.webm (7.59 MB, 960x540, 16:9, China nuke test.webm)

File: 7948d1b715abb83⋯.mp4 (638.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, chinese Batman goes to hel….mp4)

File: e08129ef94178f8⋯.webm (1.36 MB, 408x720, 17:30, chinese engineering.webm)

File: a2047709bbf9b54⋯.webm (1.39 MB, 400x300, 4:3, Gook Fire Challenge.webm)

File: e7e93c08c11b727⋯.webm (2.4 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, truck_kun.webm)

a82d54  No.12673481


She's a qt, but needs to ditch the nose ring. I remember there was an image that was passed around on the old 4chon site, and it had a red haired girl in one panel with a septum piercing, and in the other panel, the piercing was photoshopped out, and the text on the bottom said "Image a world without degeneracy." I've been looking for it for years, but haven't found it.

a82d54  No.12673489


>Japs don't invent

They do, just not anywhere as much as Whites have. And they make improvements to existing science and technology.

17acce  No.12673499


those cavalry dudes wearing masks and shooting are aesthetic af

a82d54  No.12673507


…But the kikes want you to racemix.

a82d54  No.12673514


Most White women I know that slut it up actually have children, abortions are at an historic all time low, and for unwanted pregnancies, they either take the pill, or have an IUD.

a82d54  No.12673519


Ashkenazi, perhaps?

853fdf  No.12673524

Reminder, leftypol is behind this happa/race mixing shilling to make you look like an idiot. Dont fall for the jewish tranny tricks.

d71d51  No.12673531

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Not breeding with qt3.14 asians.

I shall never give up dating asian girls, no matter what kikes say.

17acce  No.12673539


>he wants to mix genes with makeup-caked post-surgery gooks


a82d54  No.12673541


My boomer dad fell for the "Italians aren't White" meme, but that's from watching kike Hollywood films like True Romance where Dennis Hopper's character was telling Christopher Walken's character that Sicilians were all spawned from niggers. It's bullshit. Even in Sicilians, the admixture is very low.

17acce  No.12673545


le cute cgi animu grills just like my real life asian qt :3

go back to 4cuck already

a82d54  No.12673550


The kikes want you racemix with East Asian girls so less Whites are produced, you idiot.

3da521  No.12673552

make no mistake, every abortion in the Western world is a sacrifice to Moloch. imagine how bad the psychic energy must be at this point with the millions of white babies that have been aborted by white people. white people will not be affected by miscegenation as long as they keep their birthrates at 4.0 and above. do NOT allow abortion in your countries.

d71d51  No.12673566

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


thank you?


>Korean girls are not qt3.14

Both anime and 3d korean girls are cute

>inb4 muh plastic surgery

Do. Not. Care.


No. Kikes wants me to stop racemixing with East Asians, so good white genes cannot survive when the niggers and muzzies take over the West.

8586a1  No.12673569


Jesus buttfucking Christ, that camerawork

a66cd3  No.12673577


chinks deserve nothing but the death camp

000000  No.12673744


models who dance and lip synch..you need a new hobby anon

d71d51  No.12673748


No. They are so kawaii.

74aa7d  No.12673891


Oh fuck I had that pic in my collection but I lost all the data on my old hard-drives due to CSIS raid. Still, I will check a cloud account I have that might have it.

69d356  No.12673899


gives one a damn good idea of what hell must sound like during the peak torture periods.

also why are they putting dirt on all that bacon?

74aa7d  No.12673915

File: e6defd95052bee5⋯.jpg (311.63 KB, 800x597, 800:597, 1364794576623.jpg)

File: 852a2319dfa0c90⋯.jpg (62.17 KB, 720x528, 15:11, 1393017941909.jpg)

b15884  No.12673916


They won't be surviving. Whites don't want Hapas. Hence Elliot Roger. Hence my trouble when a bunch of queers from California decided to tell everybody I was Asian to try and turn me queer.

4e96ca  No.12673917


>Do. Not. Care.

And thats how you ended up so fucking ugly you hideous kike.

b15884  No.12673919


Those girls aren't traditional. They are dressed like men.

74aa7d  No.12673921


How do I make your embed bigger it's too damn small on my 4k monitor but I can't find a way to enlarge it.

74aa7d  No.12673924

File: 535c60d5fdc534a⋯.png (9.78 MB, 3448x1853, 3448:1853, Screenshot from 2019-01-14….png)


They are in the Evola sense of tradition.

Anything you want in pic related?

74aa7d  No.12673941


Okay seriously what the fuck is going on in that video are they using holographic projections on stage or are those 3D models edited in afterwards?

df7726  No.12673947


>Whites > Persians > Japs > High caste Pajeets > Gooks > Arabs >>>> Low caste Pajeets >>>>>>>>> Niggers > Abbos > Shit >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Kikes>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> turkroaches

b15884  No.12673955


I don't care what Evola thought. I don't base my personal options on some guy that I am almost certain was a homosexual, if not just another violent sociopath.

289db1  No.12673968


honestly, who if giving the chance would not want to live in a white country and be around white people? Maybe the Japanese, that's about it. They all know this, their jealously is limitless

e55008  No.12673974


>gooks arent cannibals


74aa7d  No.12673976


Evola is BASED and further right of Benito Mussolini.

e55008  No.12673999


khoi san are fine, they just want to live in the mudhuts their ancestors lived in, they traded with the Boers

e55008  No.12674000


wouldnt fuck one since they are very ugly

85b4b4  No.12675252

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


With positive self-esteem they will definitely thrive.


yeah, nice try yid.



Just make it fullscreen


Don't know, but very sugoi.

763b34  No.12675378

what an intellectual and worthwhile topic, totally not a cartoon skinhead stereotype

1fc918  No.12675557


The ones you're dealing with are all low caste. High caste are far, far less unpleasant to be around. Still just pajeets at the end of the day of course, but since we're ranking them.

74aa7d  No.12675640


>Just make it fullscreen

There is no way to do that.

c215db  No.12675757


Then I do not know, man.

392410  No.12675835



No-one with an ounce of understanding uses that term.

a83f33  No.12676161

So why is OP making threads and not out killing them? Ah, I see, the girl OP liked went with a monkey. Kill yourself then, faggot.

cac5c0  No.12676868


double click in the image area to go full screen

f1bed8  No.12677447


>posts retarded disinfographics literally titled "secret report" while quotemining wikipedia, personal anecdotes and Google pictures of Jews that dont even have anything to do with China, compiled by larping niggers, anyone with basic reading comprehension and minimum mental capacity to check the validity of this bullshit you dump, knows are just missleading cherrypicking, halftruths, myths and blatant lies of shills hat keep being spammed most favourably by MAGA redditors and filthy Indians and Vietnamese on cuckchan where they mostly dont even pretend to be white anymore inbetween all the Vietkong based and daily Hindusim general threads

>What was retarded?

b55665  No.12678084


It's hopeless. There are hundreds CIA shills here to demonize chinks at every opportunity. They are the next evil goys.

cddd70  No.12678420


You think?

000000  No.12678428


piss off chang

74aa7d  No.12678449


That's how he's described in various works written about Evola you nigger. I've read basically all the /pol/ books and been at this over a decade now, few have more understanding than me. Yes "right" and "left" has some arbitrariness but what I mean to say is he's more principled, more hardcore, more fascist than the fascists.

74aa7d  No.12678450


Me the CIA shill working to undermine chinks since 2007.

ad33b8  No.12678551


The racial hierarchy is obviously




Pretty shit but still capable of civilization:


Asians in general

Absolutely trash tier:



Fucking abominable; segregate and expel at all costs:


Genocide is the only solution:


de24b5  No.12678884

File: 0fbdda8529cd5be⋯.jpg (15.74 KB, 395x395, 1:1, Lol.jpg)


Source please, asking for a friend

d5740d  No.12679640

010830  No.12682844


pretty much flawless, except what have persians actually accomplished recently?

010830  No.12682857


they're more like distant cousins, just like high caste pajeets and a few japanese tribes.

ecd7fe  No.12682884

File: 800de7040ed0c1f⋯.png (148.82 KB, 881x422, 881:422, flatter face = increased b….png)


Monkeys have heavy prognathism and brow ridges.

448efd  No.12682902


I'd rather deal with abbos than niggers.

ecd7fe  No.12682910


>womyn in men's clothing


Nigger wat.

402058  No.12682936


That would smell delicious.

What a waste of good pork though.

dcda9e  No.12683997

I have to put up with rice-African-Americans at work. They aren't as annoying as the curry-African-Americans who make an abortive pretense of being us, they're content to do their rice ant thing peacefully. Honestly, gooks aren't a threat to us. Beaners are the closest to human of the subhumans.

dcda9e  No.12684013


Faggot, stop thinking in terms of getting your dick wet and think about whether your children will be us or Eliot Rodger and Nasim of the Revolution. We need Whites.

09edc0  No.12684116

Oh no, Koreans are going to take over the world. Any day now.

c78bb6  No.12684197


>Elliot Rodgers


Quit implying that he was White!

1d0c0b  No.12684822



I still think North West Russians with blonde hair and blue eyes are whiter than Mediterraneans.

Nigger dna comes from the south, you can see the correlating crime rates in Europe and Asia the further south you go .

Go figure the palest of the Asians the Japanese have the lowest crime rates for Asians whereas the further south you go in Europe or asia you start to see your black greasy haired mafiaistos and organized crime lased with jewish dna.

af34e6  No.12685635

I (30) married a Japanese girl (24) 2 weeks ago here in Australia.

She's the first woman who shows the signs of natural love, true intelligence (shes very creative and a teacher), wants to be a mother and values family and traditionalism.

She is perfect compaired to all the other western and east asian women ive been with. Not a shred of degeneracy.

I'd never go near a bug eyed Chinese bitch though…fuck that…the closest I got was in Hanoi with this senators daughter and she was a materialistic imbecile.

Mind you some of my wifes friends from Japan are degenerates so with Japan it is touch and go.

9f2e50  No.12685680


Horses also had masks as well, seems they took step backs from being humane over the decades.

f2a000  No.12685795

File: 1a58228dd48c454⋯.jpg (14.61 KB, 226x255, 226:255, e1a71adde594dd87bc303b00d4….jpg)

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