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File: 3fd65caad238951⋯.jpg (49.85 KB, 575x405, 115:81, 1547414340072.jpg)

996411  No.12671383



The request, which a U.S. official said 'definitely rattled people,' was made after mortars launched by Iran-affiliated militants fell near the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, The Wall Street Journal reports

"It definitely rattled people," a former senior White House official was quoted as saying. "People were shocked. It was mind-boggling how cavalier they were about hitting Iran."


7823d6  No.12671407

File: 63ab767066731ec⋯.png (41.68 KB, 982x269, 982:269, 1.png)

>self promotion video

>direct link

>copy paste text


Utter disgracefulness.

996411  No.12671418


Didn't feel like writing the same thread twice.

00d3ff  No.12671423


Trump is a kike puppet and so is this anon. >>12671407

e4d3c1  No.12671428

One term president

8a15e0  No.12671432


>literal shill thread exposed


Too late, global report.

aaf4d7  No.12671447

File: 76ff6551865f1fb⋯.jpeg (53.68 KB, 833x471, 833:471, its not a phase, dad.jpeg)


>>Leave Syria but Invade Iran.

Clever girl.

000000  No.12671513

Yep, don't care. Only care about this:

>23% of Federal inmates are illegal immigrants. Border arrests are up 240%. In the Great State of Texas, between 2011 & 2018, there were a total of 292,000 crimes by illegal aliens, 539 murders, 32,000 assaults, 3,426 sexual assaults and 3000 weapons charges. Democrats come back!


996411  No.12671529



Last month, illegal immigration at the southern border soared to the highest level for a single month since April 2014, marking the most southwest border crossings since President Trump was elected in 2016 on a platform to reduce immigration to the country.

The record illegal immigration outpaced projections from Princeton Researcher Steven Kopits, who expected about 31,575 border crossings last month. The actual border crossings exceeded those expectations by almost 40 percent.

The southwest border numbers, according to Kopits’ research, indicate that Fiscal Year 2019 will see the highest level of illegal immigration at the southern border in more than a decade.

In total, Kopits projects that there will be more than 600,000 border crossings next year — a level of illegal immigration that the country has not seen since Fiscal Year 2008 when total southwest border apprehensions exceeded 705,000.

e0d2be  No.12671704



kill yourself kike shill maga nigger lover.

000000  No.12671770


Out of one war and into another.

bf876f  No.12671777



>don't retaliate against people who attack you

The fact you couldn't even be bothered to post any images from the article already outs you kike. Keep crying. I don't want anymore desert wars either, but someone launching missiles at an embassy is still a declaration of fucking war.

e0d2be  No.12671782


>t. Imkikey

bf876f  No.12671787


You point this out, but you don't ask as to who the hell is pushing it/backing it? Instead, you use it to indirectly blame the President as if he's somehow allowing it. God damn this is sad.

bf876f  No.12671794


>everyone is kampfy

I see you followed me from the other thread. Good.

84f1fc  No.12671795

We know this is coming, whether Trump does it or the next one, because its not our will but Israel's be done. However, I don't trust reports from "a US (((official)))" either.

0d89f8  No.12671825

File: 15f74257b7ad19e⋯.jpg (79.56 KB, 450x452, 225:226, 1546548822265.jpg)


Pic Related is (((who))) is pushing it

7ef939  No.12671867


All this wailing and gnashing of teeth over a plan to attack Iran, but not a whisper about the multiple plans to invade Canada.

It's almost like you retards don't understand how military planning works.

1d8ba2  No.12673142


>The Wall Street Journal reported

Has to be true.

>The incident occurred in early September

4 moths and fucking nothing.

>U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton requested

Right, because John Bolton is Trump. He gets his will done, he's not just a pawn being dangled to give illusions to the (((neocohens))), he's the new guy in charge. That's why he came in like 2 years later.

>after three mortars launched by Iran-affiliated militants fell near the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

Right, 'cause you never should plan war games against people who attack you, what are you a bad goy or something?

>I'll tell normies he's hitler and /pol/ he's a jew! Brilliant!.jpg

Not png, you fucking poser pleb.

>27:59 of Israeli talk radio

I'm going to go right ahead and not listen to that.

1/10 got me to reply, but you have not upped your game one bit, as pathetic shilling as I have ever seen.

84c203  No.12673160


So? Trump was a better choice than Hillary.

7960a8  No.12673162

Trump's admin has been a complete waste of time.

bf876f  No.12673169


Saving for when the faggot inevitably posts his 'Trump is at fault for the higher spic rates coming' again. Thanks!

81b817  No.12673170


who the fuck made this thread CNN???

48a104  No.12673179

File: 457f3156166416f⋯.jpg (568.39 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 15154584894756456.jpg)


I dont want any wars for Israel either but Iran has done this sort of thing one to many times. Search for "USS Liberty" if you dont believe me.

Are we gonna stand for this blatant antisemitism fellow white people?

bf876f  No.12673193


The fact you think anyone here actually supports Israel, or any of the other sandniggers over there is pathetic. They can glass each other all they want. But showing your back to any of them is bad practice because it pushes others into thinking you won't retaliate.

48a104  No.12673218


This goy gets it. We need more wars.

48a104  No.12673220


How do i edit a post? I meant to say guy. Damn autocorrect oy vey.

daccf6  No.12673248


>The Wall Street Journal reported

>Has to be true.

How many more excuses can you make for this piece of Jew-controlled shit? I assume most of you are flyover state types who didn't grow up with Trump in the tabloids every day and running his mouth on Howard "Jew Swine" Stern.

Was it a better choice than Clinton? Yes. But what has anyone gotten from it? He's done fuck all about the internet censorship, fuck all with the border, given the kikes all they want and more. The guys from Charlottesville who were defending themselves from niggers got years, the ANTIFA professor scum who almost killed some poor prick got probation. I really wish Pierce were still alive. Not fair that "Prince Philip" is 97 and still alive and Pierce died at 66. What would he make of him and all this?

Well, expect an incoming false flag this year that will be blamed on Iran and/or Hezbollah and used as a casus belli. The sneakiest fucking thing Trump has done that almost no one noticed was to put US troops into fucking Israel permanently, to make the mossad false flag far easier. The country is fucked. Utterly, utterly fucked.

If the Jews are chimping out this hard about this dupe of the Jews, imagine what they'd do if someone came to power who would actually clean house of Yids. Make all the shekels you can, head for an area of NZ that the gooks haven't taken over yet. Best advice for White men living in ZOG.

0f8a50  No.12673269

File: 808ab55f9edcf26⋯.jpg (3.05 MB, 4144x4192, 259:262, Next Level Cuckservatism v….jpg)

File: b2fe77b02ce45f7⋯.jpg (2.54 MB, 3160x6224, 395:778, At First, But Then - Best ….jpg)


I am embarrassed by this man.

0f8a50  No.12673278


>I don't want anymore desert wars either, but someone launching missiles at an embassy is still a declaration of fucking war.

<A false flag is still a declaration you fucking filthy goyim!


>Instead, you use it to indirectly blame the President as if he's somehow allowing it.

He is.


> 'Trump is at fault for the higher spic rates coming' again.

He is.


>I don't support Israel

<I just support fighting Israel's enemies

Really makes ya think.

5fa256  No.12673290


The most hilarious is the pentagon response:

"We have none."

6c6b50  No.12673760

If he does this he will guarantee some who isn't him wins in 2020.

cb9dda  No.12673780


Now this is real reddit spacing. Congratulations, I had not seen it this pure forms for at least one year.

f348c2  No.12673813


What is any president supposed to do when a US embassy is attacked?

f348c2  No.12673831


So Iran one day just decided it was a good idea to lob missles at America. Just like Hitler woke up one day and decided to kill all Jews. Just like Japan figured attacking Pearl Harbor was in their best interests.

These are CIA / Israel false flag ops and the president is doing everything he can not to get us into another war but still doing what normie burgers expect their president to do.

084463  No.12683916

File: 6479cb1ecadcbc8⋯.jpg (596.84 KB, 1966x2048, 983:1024, 6479cb1ecadcbc8d46c742f70e….jpg)

084463  No.12683931

File: e9c5a668a2bbd5c⋯.jpg (24.31 KB, 490x210, 7:3, Syriana_007.jpg)


Anyone ever watch Syriana?

c51314  No.12683936

File: 384f6181a29a685⋯.png (261.1 KB, 741x497, 741:497, muh bingo.png)


Get out, zoglet.

01d520  No.12683938



084463  No.12683967


So many other quality threads being bumped right now.

7960a8  No.12683969


So what happens if what happened to Syria was pulled on Iran?

Also it's quite the Audacity for the organization who ruined Iran to say that they could fix Iran with a "regime" change.


c51314  No.12683970


c51314  No.12684101


Saber-rattling. I've no doubt more will follow as jews love trying to intimidate Iran through their top golem.

f35b4a  No.12684114


>Wants to attack a thousands yearold nation for the sake of the banking dynasty

>thinking he will a war against possibly the proudest people on earth

>thinking this is afghanistan/iraq

Enjoy wasting 100 Trillion dollars on a war that leads to only death and more world migration.

f35b4a  No.12684121

>not even alexander the great could tame the persians

>trump thinks he will achieve this

What a god damn waste of a good president..

7a823c  No.12684122

File: f34696b16b3e570⋯.png (286.92 KB, 1268x1056, 317:264, f34696b16b3e5709a8114ef5bc….png)


>first reply

every. single. time.

7a823c  No.12684129

File: b5b6ff65cb8fb76⋯.png (201.39 KB, 362x581, 362:581, b5b6ff65cb8fb76ecaf5345ee2….png)


The preferred nomenclature is ZOGling. They are after all controlled by the hive mind and take orders from their overlords.

084463  No.12684193

File: 4cf9b83c430bad3⋯.jpg (125.83 KB, 700x460, 35:23, iran-iraq-syria-pipeline.jpg)


What happens is Iran's oil gets taken. The next question is who builds the pipelines.


Anon, Alexander the Great beat the Persians multiple times without ever losing . . .

c51314  No.12684216


I went ahead and autistically checked the -ling and -let suffixes out and yes, ZOGling is a better fit.

b97b84  No.12684267


>according to reports


084463  No.12684282

File: 80dcc263810f8de⋯.png (621.22 KB, 1332x1282, 666:641, 1d7b00dc18da5f71f8eadb523b….png)


>everything jewish news reports say are false, they would never expose their plans on sites meant to inform fellow jews

>from the source: Israel carried out thousands of attacks against Iranian targets in Syria. The attacks against Iranian targets, and not only on Hezbollah arms convoys, were authorized by the security cabinet in 2017.

7a823c  No.12684306


Those are some rpime natural and organic twitter posts.

7a823c  No.12684317


Is that the Talmud behind him?

04eb50  No.12684370



b97b84  No.12684385


<oy vey (((reports))) claim x so it must be true believe it goyim

c51314  No.12684394


Very interesting.

7a823c  No.12684415

File: 767dcd4f4d9361f⋯.webm (3.58 MB, 320x240, 4:3, USmilitary.webm)


>There has been enough loss of life, let's leave

>Oy gevalt, you killed our brave men, women and otherkin in uniform, now we're going to stay forever!

It sounds like something the US military would do, but it makes no sense whatsoever.

c51314  No.12684531


084463  No.12684796


>de omnibus dubitandum!

<it must not be true because I say so

You realize the irony of wanting me to deny information solely because it makes Zion Don look bad?

6d8d9a  No.12685142



You know how I know you are not from here?

084463  No.12685691

504cc1  No.12685715

File: e515fbd59a39abc⋯.jpg (92.06 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Qcumber nails.jpg)


This poster is an admitted Qcumber.

99e2f5  No.12685753

File: 5a3146324190a7f⋯.png (35.61 KB, 639x405, 71:45, 4D34CC2B-3302-4EDC-9E34-F1….png)


>(((sources say)))


Fuck off you faggots, its so obvious when you escstatically boast about how you think we’re staying in syria. Why not figure out a way to refill the kinnaret before youre forced to find an importer for your drinking water


99e2f5  No.12685771


This poster is an admitted reverse q nigger.

696f46  No.12686754


>thread dies the moment this is posted

Bump for exposure.

084463  No.12687206

File: 2540a868ae35fed⋯.png (125.48 KB, 1038x990, 173:165, syrianwarvsiraqwarcasualti….png)


>you escstatically boast about how you think we’re staying in syria

God forbid somebody questions the motives and the PR behind Zion Don pulling out of his favorite neck of the woods. The Senate passed a bill to give 38 billion dollars to Israel under his watch, the Syrian War has barely involved American troops regardless. Boasting about pulling out of somewhere we were barely in (compared to the Iraq War where over 4,000 American soldiers died in a span of 9 years) is retarded to begin with.

fcfdda  No.12687314

the array of options for the entire middle east and all of africa should be as follows:

1. nukes and sarin gas

2. vx and nukes

3. all current bio/chem agents plus nukes plus napalm

696f46  No.12687337



>2 minutes between replies

Good to see you faggots finally woke up. Keep pretending greater pissrael is happening faggots.

084463  No.12687358


>pretending greater pissrael is happening

I wasn't even talking about Israel.

696f46  No.12687362


>capitalizes israel

Kek. Keep pretending reverse q nigger.

efb967  No.12687410


> after mortars launched by Iran-affiliated militants fell near the U.S. embassy in Baghdad

Well Israel-affiliated militants (ISIS) killed some U.S. soldiers in Syria. How about the White House asking the Pentagon for military options against yidland?

084463  No.12687426


Wow, being grammatically correct is so telling. If I capitalize Somalia does that mean I'm an agent of the Somalian government?

6c1a91  No.12687467

File: cb1fd9e3632a347⋯.png (125.46 KB, 1893x1005, 631:335, nu-∕pol∕.png)


the projection your shitty MS-paint image macro is hilarious maybe you ought to go back to your honeypot.


084463  No.12688037


Memes work as long as they tell the truth. That one is pretty accurate.

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