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File: ab6412fa7f31b10⋯.jpg (776.42 KB, 1024x866, 512:433, kikes would never poison t….jpg)

File: 7c425d6fddb2ec9⋯.png (149.38 KB, 427x327, 427:327, Screen-Shot-2017-11-22-at-….png)

dfdcf4  No.12671599

Vaccine shot killed famed cancer doctor in mere minutes from “total organ failure” … state-run media desperately tries to cover it up

Dr. Martin Gore, a widely celebrated cancer doctor credited with “saving thousands of lives” died from “total organ failure” just minutes after receiving a vaccine shot yesterday. Dr. Gore was a professor of cancer medicine at the Institute of Cancer Research based in London. He “died suddenly yesterday after a routine inoculation for yellow fever,” reports The Times (UK).

>“His death highlights the increased risks associated with the vaccine for the growing number of older travellers visiting exotic destinations,” the paper explains.

>It also underscores the horrific price of believing in Big Pharma, chemotherapy and vaccines. Throughout his career, Dr. Gore oversaw the harming of tens of thousands of children who were subjected to toxic chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Ultimately, he was killed by his own false belief in the safety of vaccines, another weaponized form of toxic medicine. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

>So far, the U.S. media has completely blacked out the story in yet another effort to silence any truth about the deadly dangers of vaccines. There isn’t a single establishment news outlet in the United States that has accurately reported on this vaccine-induced sudden death of a cancer doctor. In truth, vaccines kill people, yet the CDC-directed U.S. media pretends no one ever dies from vaccines in order to deliberately mislead the public, resulting in more people being killed by vaccine injuries.

>Even the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity where Dr. Gore also worked withheld the truth in their own Facebook announcement about his death, saying, “It is with deep sadness that The Royal Marsden announces the sudden death of Professor Martin Gore CBE who died this morning,” utterly failing to mention he died from a vaccine jab.

BBC lies about the doctor’s death claiming, “cause of death is unknown” and eliminating the word “vaccine” from its story headline

>The BBC also tried to hide the truth about this vaccine-induced fatality by eliminating any word of “vaccine” from the headline of the story announcing his death. “Royal Marsden’s leading cancer expert Martin Gore dies,” states BBC News, deliberately misleading readers because the BBC is, of course, state-run fake news.

>The BBC even goes on to misleadingly claim, “The cause of his death is not known.” We wonder what Dr. Gore would think if he knew the BBC was using his death to promote more vaccines that will kill more people, all while burying the truth about the serious risks associated with vaccine shots.


95eb29  No.12671629

File: 1a5e6783cbd713f⋯.gif (1.44 MB, 475x250, 19:10, 1496316470015.gif)

356bb3  No.12671638


Didn't Stray'la outlaw thought crimes regarding vaccinations recently?

9bfcad  No.12671655

I'm not really an anti-vaxxer, but I will say if you wanted to assassinate someone, poisoning their flu shot would be an incredibly effective way to do so.

This could be the real story, that the cancer researcher was onto something and so pharma got rid of him.

68f804  No.12671666


Dying "within minutes" is almost assuredly an anaphylaxis allergic reaction to something in the vax, just like those fucking peanut allergy kids who swell up and die if someone else on the opposite end of the airport happens to think about having a PB&J when they get home next week. I.e. it's not the peanuts' fault that the kids' immune systems want to kill them.

It's the insidious stuff in vaccines that I'm worried about, such as how an entire generation was exposed to/infected with SV40.

-t. MD

c49062  No.12671680

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Martin Gore


b59293  No.12671699

File: 0da22f0299e03e0⋯.png (64.76 KB, 652x653, 652:653, bayer hiv vaccine contamin….png)


>such as how an entire generation was exposed to/infected with SV40.

got any more cases?

9c0094  No.12671775


Honestly, as unbelievable it sounds, it's mostly likely the case. Considering like you said, poisoning a routine shot/needed shot, is the easiest course ESPECIALLY for Pharma since they have direct access to all the shit. Checked btw for accuracy dubs.

8d3799  No.12671815

File: 466ab20b2025816⋯.jpg (435.23 KB, 1792x828, 448:207, guess where this is from.jpg)


Could be a possibility, well thought, but still have to call you a pharmanigger for using their lingo, sorry.


ee32d5  No.12671843


Why don't they do very basic tests to determine resistance/allergies beforehand? An herbalist would have put a single drop on the patient's skin and waited…

b660ac  No.12672068


See >>12640066

68f804  No.12672141


>Why don't they do very basic tests to determine resistance/allergies beforehand?

Because the way these allergies work is via the adaptive immune system. No one is born with an allergy, one has to be exposed to the antigen before the body can create an antibody for it such that an allergy develops. No doubt he had previously been exposed to similar vaccines with little to no side effects. The last exposure before the one that killed him sensitized him and setup millions/billions of cells waiting for the next exposure of this specific antigen. There was no other sign. Then he was injected again, they reacted and his autonomic functions chimped out.

It's like the bee people: no one is allergic to stings until after they are stung at least once. I've been stung before in the past, several times over the years, and didn't have anaphylaxis. Next time I could, but it's not likely. The people with peanut, shellfish, whatever food allergies may (or may not) recall the sensitization episode, whereupon they may have only exhibited mild hives, GI distress, or whatever. Every other time after that their throat and eyes swell shut unless they inject epinephrine.

Don't be afraid of this kind of thing happening. You don't live in fear of oncoming drivers swerving into your lane and killing you in head-on collisions, but that risk of death likely happens to you multiple times a day. People are psychologically wired to fear unusual threats and disregard much more commonplace ones.


One can make a first amendment argument against the MMR vax (possibly others) as it was developed via a cell strain taken from an aborted baby. Unlike bacteria and fungi, which you can just give food and they will grow, viruses require cells to coopt in order to reproduce (this is how SV40 got into the polio vax). Anyway, at least one person successfully won their first amendment "conscientious objector" status case based on that. It's such a threat to the vax mandaters that the catholic church published a position paper saying it was okay to inject this despite the vax originally being created using aborted baby tissue.

5fe5a7  No.12672175


I got a vaccine shot haven't had one for decades until then am I fucked?

4772b2  No.12672191



>not disinfo

Nothing to see here.

b660ac  No.12672217


Read the post before yours >>12672141 .

If you were going to suffer an allergic reaction, it would have happened soon – if not immediately – after receiving the injection.

If you're concerned about it, you can always request to wait around afterward, since they'll know what to do, instead of EMT's playing guess-the-condition with your unconscious meatsuit.

68f804  No.12672227


>I got a vaccine shot haven't had one for decades until then am I fucked?

Did your throat swell shut and cause you to die within minutes of injection? Did your throat swell shut and cause you to die within minutes after you ate your most recent meal? No? Well, congratulations, you don't have an anaphylaxis allergy to either of those things at present.

You'll have to wait years to find out whether there is some insidious threat in the vaccine that will cause cancer, dementia, or whatever. PS, the flu vax being forced on people is basically government sanctioned fraud. Read the CDC's own stats on how ineffective it is.

16c1d4  No.12672277


They usually kill someone if they either no longer play ball/go rogue or are too much of a risk to leave alive anyway. He may have been planning to go public about something or they feel he was getting too close to a cure or some big finding and so killed him.

09e334  No.12672649


Safe and effective.

2d5928  No.12672912



Nice jewish term you got there.

4a0216  No.12673025

File: bbf968a39921a31⋯.png (354.31 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Apparently his yellow fever was so advanced that it could not be cured.

b4338f  No.12673063

I have to power level here a bit to explain this so fuck you, but yeah…

So I have to get both the flu and pneumovax after an accident from years ago. The flu shot is yearly and the other is every eight or something years. I am in excellent health and, frankly, the last time I even remember being ill was the exact time the accident happened which was decades ago and I was coming down on the pain medication (so it really wasn't even being ill but rather detoxing). In fact the surgery I had which included a scar that runs the length of my stomach didn't even keep me away from athletics for long as I was in a very physical sport three months later and the doctors stated that was norm for athletes. Point being, I have always had great health. So this years flu shot came around and it was business as usual but it was anything but.

That shot fucked me up beyond belief as I could barely breath, had a fucking enormous headache that felt like mountains were being dropped on my head and I was spitting up some disgusting mucous which was fucking orange/green and just nasty all around. That shit lasted for a week and my PCP could not identify what it was other than it was "going around" this year. On top of that, three of my family members all became fucked up from it directly after as well with one of them now having Guillain–Barré which pretty much seals their fate as it limits them immensely. Ironically they were in great health before hand as well but what we discovered was that the flu shot had two doses. A large and a small. I received the small dosage, they are the only member who received the large. So I dug a bit and found this issue is pretty common and especially common this year. See for yourself:



What most findings claim is that the connection comes from the Swine Flu variant which was introduced several decades back after an epidemic:


Here is one (of many) examples:


The problem or, better stated, concern that I have had recently is that given how fucked the government was over the previous administration I simply cannot overlook the potential of the easiest delivery system to cause issues, a delivery system that nearly everyone gets every year which is the flu shot. We see how horrendously the country was managed and who was put into positions of importance over that time period and it is very hard to not consider this as being plausible. Especially when we also add in the monumental rate of autism and other issues that also directly go back to the same issue.

We're pretty much at the point where we have to get these vaccinations because we have no idea what else is being pumped through the air, water, food and so on. I am not posting this to say "don't get a vaccination!" as I think it may probably be safer now given who is running shit at this time but I just think there is a lot of information out there waiting to be pieced together that something sinister did indeed take place within the vax creation and it had a direct impact on a lot of people. I could be wrong of course but given what we know, I don't think I am. I just have been too lazy to bother looking into it further.

7954ad  No.12673080

File: 7b2ea9f754f4e58⋯.jpg (265.94 KB, 1000x758, 500:379, vaccine02.jpg)

e44e86  No.12673112


Who even gets the flu vaccination?

765efb  No.12673134


Pretty much only doctors, teachers, and service industry workers really.

b4338f  No.12673204


The body has two reservoirs of creating antibodies and the storage of stem cells and mature blood cells. They are released upon the introduction of an issue into the body so if you, for example, get the flu then both your marrow and spleen will regulate fighting it off by releasing whatever is needed. Bone Marrow is the primary creator of blood cells.

Each virus or bacteria takes a special type of attack created in your body to ward it off. So as you likely know younger and older individuals often get these shots to help aid the body. Those two classes of people (elders and babies) tend to be the most at risk. However, many athletic individuals have also damaged their spleen through the years as it is a very easy organ to rupture. Extremely easy actually as a hard blow during a tackle or so on will have an effect like a hammer down on a ripe orange. Like I said this happens fairly often in sports and when it does there is a very big danger of the patient dying unless they get literally immediate care as that organ acts as, basically, a water spout internally and the patient is losing blood inside. So the surgeon will try to save some of it and sometimes they just can't because it (literally) exploded. Hence the joke "I burst my spleen".

If this happens then the patient can live a life just like anyone else but they are more susceptible to death from three specific issues - Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae and Neisseria meningitidis. So pneumonia, the flu and meningitis. The last is a killer to everyone but the first two can be handled by merely getting a shot for them. One of which is every six or whatever years and the other is yearly. Now this is not because the person is more susceptible to getting them but that they are more susceptible to a dangerous outcome if they do get them. So technically they don't need to get the shots but it's wise to do so (if the shots aren't fucked). This is not because of the flu but because of what the flu can lead to and the big killer which is pneumonia.

I actually support vaccinations as up until this last year I never had an issue but I will say that given all the discussions we have had here and the materials presented as well as the experiences from this year I think something may be going on. Better stated, I will not be surprised if something comes out to show that something did happen and it effected many. The only suggestion I would have to people is just keep healthy, stay away from immigrants and make sure you aren't eating shit where some random puts their paws all over your food as people who make food don't give a fuck as we all know.

Sigh… the issues of our timeline…

ad3c89  No.12673405


This nigger faggot is right though.

ea262d  No.12673408

>yellow fever


Found the problem.

ea262d  No.12673413


Yep. Find a nice jew temple to meet people and share your life with.

074a6c  No.12673424

File: 1a76fb3ea2c0b86⋯.png (57.55 KB, 281x309, 281:309, uki grr.png)

>anti-vaxxer boomers post their drivel on /pol/ unironically

I hate r/the_donald and I hate the 2016 elections.

a122d8  No.12673449



anti-vaxxer is codeword for ex-vaxxer

most hardcore antivax moms are people who watched their healthy newborns die in their arms, minutes after being vaccinated.

22524b  No.12673469

>>12671599 (checked)

>Dr. Martin Gore, a widely celebrated cancer doctor credited with “saving thousands of lives” died

At least the cancer treatment industrial complex was saved. Saving thousands of more lives would have meant lost (((jobs))) and lower share prices.

371714  No.12673486

File: cd52b4fb3ea3718⋯.jpg (32.65 KB, 500x512, 125:128, eece9f826fa7f5d593fe74879c….jpg)

I firmly believe in vaccines because of the 100+ years of scientific evidence. The death of some random senile old man won't change my view.

e18064  No.12673511

How about we only vaccinate what we did 40 years ago. So no more giving children flu and hepatitis vaccines.

8d4086  No.12673515

File: 911aa7f7d994dde⋯.png (200.83 KB, 701x509, 701:509, (((You)))_.PNG)

371714  No.12673523

File: 1d057964362aa1c⋯.png (208.95 KB, 694x507, 694:507, 911aa7f7d994ddee0c8a3721dd….png)


two can play at that game

8d4086  No.12673526

File: 16b0d42e69f4f8d⋯.jpg (74.09 KB, 600x387, 200:129, Hurtwitz.jpg)


>n-no u

Not really.

371714  No.12673528


>anti-vaxxer doesn't understand satire

i bet you're a 4cuck also

8d4086  No.12673534

File: 635990f409ee8f2⋯.jpg (112.2 KB, 680x932, 170:233, hurt locker.jpg)


>n-no x2

Keep crying and projecting, Efraim.

b1fa06  No.12673538


Spoken like jew.

>I firmly believe in vaccines because of the 100+ years of scientific evidence.

And who brought you said evidence? People have believed in things for thousands of years only to finally understand those things to be false. You'd be retarded to think that your immune system will just accept a vaccine, instead of fighting in of and damaging the whole body and brain.

371714  No.12673543


so easy to call anyone with a different opinion a jew

You kike.

b1fa06  No.12673544


>he doesnt know we have IDs

Nice Israeli IP too.

371714  No.12673547


>he doesnt know we have IDs

Nice Israeli IP too.

b904a1  No.12673549

Why dont we see if we can figure out who he may have pissed off with some of his current work?

b1fa06  No.12673551


Cry harder jew.

113198  No.12673563

File: f5dee76457111b0⋯.png (156.38 KB, 688x369, 688:369, Martin_Gore_MSM.png)

Mainstream media is forced to report on it. And of course, if vaccines were 100% safe, you wouldn't need government programs like VAERS https://vaers.hhs.gov/

113198  No.12673568


So he was doing actual honest research into looking at a cancer cure like Otto Heinrich Warburg? It's possible.

f8a193  No.12673588

when I was in the navy years ago we got the first round of shots, the normal boosters, then later got the yellow fever shot and Id say about 10% of everyone in the division got really sick. 3 were so sick they were deathly pale and had to be hospitalized. One took a while to get sick and had trouble walking so I helped walk him to the hospital after sick call. I thought hed be ok, but after he was standing in line to see the doctor, he passed out and fell flat on his face. it seems like every batch is different, or some people are able to get sick from it very easily. dont they put heavy metals in these things?

0fe291  No.12673658

File: b5ac95df71dcc4b⋯.jpg (178.73 KB, 404x521, 404:521, 4564523412315.jpg)

Whats with all these tards in the thread just accepting vaccines as something obviously good.

If you don't have a healthy amount of suspicion about vaccines you look like an obvious outsider, as true /pol/acks are children of doubt and suspicion born of finding lies wherever they look in the (((modern world))).

Theres already plenty of reason to doubt the altruism of enourmous (((pharmaceuticals))) and vaccines in general, based on their contents.

074a6c  No.12673663


How dumb are you?

(Rhetorical question, being an American and a zogbots puts you in the single digits).

Do you know how vaccines work?

b5422f  No.12673668


it could be vaccinations were good, and are still good in theory, but like a lot things, are being co-opted to serve other purposes

a61508  No.12673675



29f4c4  No.12673679


There are steps you can take to brunt their finance control to a large degree.


4f0fe1  No.12673696


When everyone was spooked by the H1N1 propaganda it was given to kids in schools. Not mandatory though but still many got it because the decision is given to the parents. These news stories about deadly flu is always bullshit. Mostly its not even related to the flu but some old fart dies from stroke or something and it is all spooky virus so everyone gets scared into vaccinating. It's all a scam to poison you. Many do vax when the fear campaign is just a bit too successful.

4f0fe1  No.12673697


Btw I got it too and was sick for a couple of days.

aac19e  No.12673702



d7a0a1  No.12673705


You glow in the fucking dark, nigger.

d42fa7  No.12673790


yes I know how vaccines work.

>american! americans! america!!

maybe you should worry about the waves of muslims grooming all your teenage girls instead of obsessing over americans.

84cfe8  No.12673804


Imagine being so jewish, you get riled up enough to post on 8ch because someone questions one of your jewish dominated business practices.

355d2d  No.12673816


In the 1700's George Washington inoculated his troops against small pox by taking needles, collecting pus from the sores of the infected and using it to inoculate his men. Some of the men died but most survived. I believe there is a possibility of pharmaceutical companies intentionally infecting people with things but I also believe certain vaccines are a good thing. There is no denying the fact that through vaccination we have all but erased many medical burdens of the past.

29f4c4  No.12673824


Wow, you lashed out in several directions, is everyone supposed to be them all at once? It's no secret here what's fucked up about vaccines, lurk more and you find out, it's not about religion, etc.

355d2d  No.12673827


>Their lingo

What way do you prefer to say the same thing?

4caab0  No.12673840


thanks Dr. Satan

84cfe8  No.12673848


It is about religion, retard. It's about judaism wanting to enslave the rest of humanity, and they certainly find one method through vaccinations.

There may have been merit in the practice at one point, but as soon as jews took over the industry entirely, it became nothing but a method to slowly and or quickly debilitate or kill us.

4ea34d  No.12673883

File: 7b49e60d6a42fa1⋯.jpg (91.56 KB, 581x767, 581:767, closed ecosystem.jpg)


You clearly don't know what vaccines are. They're just lab drugs pushed to sell. Nobody cares if you miss the flu that year, you gullible nigger. They're different for each age group and can be messed up, especially by turd worlders, niggers, and roasties in green, and Walgreens employees who don't give a good damn if you get poked wrong and your kid develops autism. Vaxxers are suckers for Jewish tricks.

aff28b  No.12673940


Dude that's exactly why people are anti-vaccine. The method of introducing weak pathogens to the body to boost immunity is a completely white creation. But we're all horrified at the thought of what the fucking Pharma kikes are putting into our vaccines.

b7d101  No.12674336

File: 3079a7939dccd6f⋯.jpg (38.3 KB, 476x335, 476:335, ussr building a better tom….jpg)


Potato nigger here.

Reminds me of the 2009 "flu pandemic".

Remember all that panic over nothing? Here in potato nigger land the public was driven to hysteria by the ravings and propaganda of the media. Every Monday the state news would announce "Latest figures from GP doctors reveal another 40,000 people have developed Swine flu last week".

Hold on a minute I thought, how can they know? To diagnose a case of H1N1 flu properly, you have to do a blood test.

Now most local doctors surgeries don't take blood tests. They give you a letter to go to a hospital to get the test done. It takes about 10 days to get the results. So it would be impossible for the news on Monday to have the figures for the previous week. I mean the test results for the previous Monday, let alone the previous Wednesday or Friday, wouldn't be available.

Yet they were announcing with confidence that the knew the H1N1 flu figures for the previous week. Hmmmm, I smelt a rat.

I began digging around, but found the answer by chance in one of the national newspapers. Buried in an article was a quote taken from the government's directive to doctors. It said:

>Doctors are instructed to regard anyone who shows up at their surgeries with cold or flu like symptoms as being infected with H1N1

So basically anyone who turned up at their doctors with a runny nose or a cold was immediately entered in the statistics as having some kind of deadly disease.

The problem was, nobody actually had the swine flu. I never met anyone with it. I never met anyone who knew anyone with it. Occasionally you would meet someone with what was obviously the common cold claiming they had "Swine Flu."

So the whole "flu Pandemic" panic was completely manufactured and fake.

It was like living in the Soviet Union when the news would make up figures about tractor production, that had never happened.

People were panicking, dragging their children get vaccinated. After reading about the side effects, I predicted that more people would die or develop long term illnesses from the vaccine, than from the "Swine Flu".

Which turned out to be true.

Anyway, I'll never forget that time. That was the end of the mainstream media for me. As I said, I literally felt as if I were living in the Soviet Union in 1937.

>and slowly I began to hate them

f1a31c  No.12674488


The irony in this thread is that you, the jew, are the ultimate pathogen. You have sought to destroy the entire natural world since time immemorial. But, in your folly, you cannot see that you have consumed yourself, as well, in the pursuit of that objective. Look at yourself – there is nothing left of you now – you have become NOTHING, ENTIRELY DEVOID OF ANY VALUE OR PURPOSE… and all at your own hands. Many can clearly see you're now in your death throes, lashing out blindly in panic and denial. But this outcome was inevitable. And, although you'll never admit it to yourself, it is because YOU chose it.

So be it.

aa9656  No.12675061

My dog got kennel cough literally 3 days after getting the fucking vaccine

68f804  No.12676780


> So this years flu shot came around and it was business as usual but it was anything but. That shot fucked me up beyond belief as I could barely breath, had a fucking enormous headache that felt like mountains were being dropped on my head and I was spitting up some disgusting mucous which was fucking orange/green and just nasty all around. That shit lasted for a week and my PCP could not identify what it was other than it was "going around" this year.

Where did you get your shot? Did you get it in the doctor's office? When you presented for your shot were you in a waiting room filled with people who were at the doctor's office because they had "that bug that's going around this year"? Did you fill out an appointment check-in form and use a pen from the front desk that was covered in virus laden snot that had been smeared all over it by sniveling patients who previously filled in similar forms to check in for their appointments? Did you touch the virus snot-smeared door handle to the clinic? How often per day do you unconsciously touch your face with your hands and/or rub your eyes?

I am not in favor of kiked vaxes/frauds (especially the flu vax). However, "the flu vaccine causes the flu" is not really a conspiracy I hold as a high probability. Contrast the SV40 "mistake" that left an entire generation at risk for cancer and wasn't "detected" until (((far too late))). The kind of thing I would be concerned about is that we find out there was a (((tragic mistake))) in some of these vaccines that we eventually find out rendered the next generation of white children sterile. Or prone to cancer. Or dementia. Whatever.

e1dd74  No.12676798


Well, you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette.

7954ad  No.12677031

File: 30dfa129125387e⋯.jpg (632.09 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, vaccine03b.jpg)


Too bad for him and the countless other victims right

The vague notion of 'for the common good' is disgusting because it is violent criminality

bf788f  No.12678026

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


<VaxXed Stories: The McDowell Triplets in Michigan (pneumococcal)

<Brenda and David McDowell visit the VaxXed bus while in Detroit Michigan to the story of all three of their triplets vaccine injury stories following the pneumococcal vaccine.

57bfb5  No.12683319

File: 88e05babb092b38⋯.jpg (42.63 KB, 564x549, 188:183, 88e05babb092b38a9b95c653c3….jpg)

>>12671599 (Check'd)

Karma's a bitch eh? Meme it far and wide.

26154a  No.12683364

People can die from even routine surgeries. We should ban surgeries. Patients requiring surgery should be sent straight to the morgue, otherwise they might die.

dfdcf4  No.12683429


jesus fucking christ, 10 yearolds that are super autists that arent trained to use a toilet.

these kikes murder and destroy our children and drink their fucking blood every day and these filthy cianiggers protect them

859adf  No.12683542



4a0216  No.12683696


>argument composed of "read this thing"

/leftypol/ the post

307126  No.12683978

File: 9b0e21977f15a9d⋯.png (17.14 KB, 664x214, 332:107, REEEdit.png)

On reedit front page.

418831  No.12684010


Few hundred kids got narcolepsy from swineflu vaccine in Finland. Goverment admits it and pays compensation.

>Did not take it back then

7954ad  No.12684140


people have a choice whether to be operated on. nobody is suggesting vaccines should be banned - just that people must be allowed to choose otherwise you are promoting forced dosing

26154a  No.12684170


Ok, but they'd better keep away from other people by living in the wilderness or something.

7954ad  No.12684184


you are not morally superior for choosing to be vaccinated, and if you are vaccinated then what do you have to worry about those who are carrying the very same germs you are immunized against?

12612f  No.12684286


Why is that Moshe? I thought the other goyim were all safely vaccinated? Surely you don't mean to tell me they will still get the disease they were vaccinated against? So why would you care what the anti-vax people do?

12612f  No.12684312

Could it be anons, that the diminshed occurance of the diseases, that vaccines have supposedly vanquished, is due to better living conditions and improved hygiene? What if they simply became infrequent as these factors improved in a large percent of the world, but we were programmed to attribute this to the miracle of vaccines?

Inb4 muh science lesson - yes i know it is probably totally bogus theory, but one that occurred to me recently. So deal.

dfdcf4  No.12684337


Currently shills are starting up threads on other boards complaining about getting their lies disproven and being BTFO.

They have lost their raid for 8/pol/ and are trying to create an issue where they can dispose the moderation, and impose censorship of topics they have lost to on /pol/


26154a  No.12684357


>you are not morally superior for choosing to be vaccinated

You are not clever for attempting a strawman. Nobody said vaccination is a moral issue.


>Why is that Moshe?

Projection. Fucking kike.

7954ad  No.12684612

File: 8cdf09658d54451⋯.jpg (190.79 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, vaccine04.jpg)


if it's a science issue then freedom to choose and informed consent is a moral imperative

26154a  No.12686541

882b17  No.12686576

File: fe247b73cf5fe1b⋯.jpg (81.49 KB, 750x1064, 375:532, fe247b73cf5fe1bf16d7139ed8….jpg)


> if you wanted to assassinate someone, poisoning their flu shot would be an incredibly effective way to do so.

Considering that was how the kikes were sterilizing the nigger immigrants that showed up in Israel. Forcing it on all females including women who were already pregnant, causing a miscarriage in most cases, and after repeated shots over a period of months caused permanent sterilization.

882b17  No.12686580


>The death of some random senile old man won't change my view.

Then I hope the next senile old man to die is you.

7954ad  No.12687375


A "kike" is surely someone who wishes to deceive someone through lies and withholding facts to achieve something for their own purpose whilst harming an innocent party. your blatant disregard for morality is disgusting. you are an immoral idiot who knows nothing, cannot reason, cannot argue and simply uses insults instead of arguments, emotion instead of logic, hatred instead of compassion, and resort to name-calling when you are challenged on asserting the moral justification for not telling healthy people the risks associated with a prophylactic

this is all it takes for some retard to label me a "kike"

you're just trolling and frankly have conceded the argument to me

a1be6c  No.12687568


blogposts from naturalnews hardly count as research

dfdcf4  No.12687607


>Sources we dont like suddenly arent scientific

Vaccines killing and causing neurological destruction has been well documented over 9000 times you shill cuck.

a1be6c  No.12687628


>i-if I spam buzzwords and claim everyone who disagrees is against me maybe I'll win!

26154a  No.12687640


Nice try, kike. Looks like I win this time.

dfdcf4  No.12687672


>Anyone who thinks vaccines are safe isnt against the people who knows the harm they deal

Gas yourself shill cuck. Browse /pol/ for more than a week to not seem like such a newfag

a1be6c  No.12687717


>muh browse /pol/ for more than a week

>I'll call him a newfag! That might work!

Maybe you should know not to use reddit spacing since you've been here so long

dfdcf4  No.12687835

File: 9f8987f390c5d9a⋯.jpg (116.66 KB, 960x720, 4:3, you.jpg)


>uses typical reddit spacing shill slander

Go suck off a kike you cianigger, you shits need to change your tactics once in a decade

7954ad  No.12687933

File: 739fa7d96a1d82b⋯.jpg (34.56 KB, 500x500, 1:1, vaccine05.jpg)


>Nice try, kike. Looks like I win this time.

what exactly did you win?

the fact is vaccines create side effects and there is no legal or moral justification for asserting anyone must have them. vaccines are rudimentary prophylactics that can and do injure otherwise healthy children.

your tactic of blithely screaming,

"kike! i won!!11!!"

is so blatantly pathetic you may as well attach a footnote to all your posts declaring your paltry pay for spouting weak talking points by the pharma industry and bargain basement shilling tactics

keep replying to me and i'll keep memeing, you dirty lying shill scumbag

26154a  No.12687995


>what exactly did you win?

All the things, kike.

842b4a  No.12688092

File: f45d53b7ac063c8⋯.jpg (226.73 KB, 680x794, 340:397, 1518450570.jpg)

Yeah exotic disease vaccines are pretty nasty especially for the elderly.

The manufacturer of the yellow fever vaccine (which killed him) recommends it not be given to the elderly or those with compromised immune systems.

In healthy subjects theres a 3 in 1 million rate of organ failure and serious neurological problems in 4 in 1 million.

It uses a live but weakened version of the yellow fever virus which can in very rare instances revert back to the full strength version of the disease.

Also it is grown in eggs using fairly old fashioned methodologies which means if you're allergic to eggs then the vaccine will trigger your allergies.

Overall though it's a pretty safe vaccine. Over 500 million doses known to be used with low (and fairly well recorded) rates of complications. Though it is suspected at least some complications have been down to improper storage as the vaccine goes bad pretty quickly.

But should only be used if you're planning to go to a country where yellow fever is an issue. If you're old or otherwise unsuitable you shouldn't take it or go to these countries.

4c6ba9  No.12688214

File: c26b474bed95ef9⋯.png (432.01 KB, 635x703, 635:703, xGzuYD0.png)


Mind linking to a source on those statistics?

7954ad  No.12688322

File: 9f10284a7820ae2⋯.jpg (208.26 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, vaccine06.jpg)


such as…what?

let's reiterate:

vaccines are only one treatment that is not a cure for disease and in fact harm healthy children because the victim is not sick.

declaring vaccines safe is untrue and immoral if the potential side effects are not clearly stated to the victim.

stating that those who are unvaccinated are a threat to others is wrong because you are not morally superior, nor are you less likely to become sick, because the probability of infection is indeterminable for any given person

if you can understand math then you will know this to be true.

if you can only understand shitty talking points reinforcing the pharma industry, then you are merely a mouthpiece for prophylactic r&d and public health policies not rooted in medicine, science or math


why am i a "kike"?

since you're so sure of it, what makes you refer to me in such a manner? surely you know and are not just a pro-vaccine racist

c4c436  No.12688326

File: 4192c7fb92903ea⋯.jpg (12.22 KB, 346x327, 346:327, SmartSelect_20190117-15070….jpg)

File: a58fa78f4f799bb⋯.jpg (593.1 KB, 1320x1434, 220:239, SmartSelect_20190117-14524….jpg)

File: 68fde9db7e7450e⋯.jpg (396 KB, 1380x1290, 46:43, SmartSelect_20190117-15231….jpg)


>the absolute state of the jew

>is self-inflicted HELL


YHWH has spoken

363198  No.12688343

You fucking Nigger. Have you never heard of a fucking genetic disease? Autism is caused by a prenatal mutation. And is influenced by environmental factors such as serotonin levels in utero, as well as GABA deficiencies. I study this for a living you aspy little fuck.

26154a  No.12688359


>why am i a "kike"?

why am i a "kike"?

c4d1b4  No.12688371


>Overall though it's a pretty safe vaccine.


Fucking MICE become retarded post vaccine.

>Over 500 million doses known to be used with low (and fairly well recorded) rates of complications.

by "fairly" do you mean; "Less than 10% are reported"?


Vaccines DO NOT help you.

Vaccines ONLY enrich those that make them.

WHY are vaccines a zero-liability product?

842b4a  No.12688429

File: 1b32c7c76ea9906⋯.png (26.43 KB, 343x326, 343:326, 1526587553.png)


Won't lie. Took wikipedia at face value on this one since they rarely bullshit obscure medical stuff.

While safety remains high the wiki article overstates it by a considerable level.

Curiously the article even seems to contradict the cited source for that safety record.


But is closer to the CDCs numbers


Or those used by the UK's NHS


Though it is worth mentioning the CDC and NHS sources are both very vague numbers that cover a number of potential reasons for fuckups.

Going by the WHO policy paper.

We have severe allergic reactions happening 0.8 in 100,000. Typically caused by egg or gelatine allergies.

YF vaccine-associated neurologic disease (YEL-AND), a group of neurologic conditions due to either direct viral invasion of the central nervous system by the vaccine virus resulting in meningitis or encephalitis, or to an autoimmune reaction resulting in conditions such as Guillain-Barre syn-drome or acute disseminated encephalomyelitis.

This one occurs in 0.25–0.8 per 100,000

YF vaccine-associated viscerotropic disease (YEL-AVD) which is caused by replication and dissemi-nation of the vaccine virus in a manner similar to the natural virus. YEL-AVD cases typically develop multi-organ system dysfunction or failure and >60% of cases have been fatal

Which happens to YEL-AVD of 0.25 to 0.4 per 100,000

And there are a number of risk factors such as age relating to both YEL-AND and YEL-AVD.

Hence why they recommend not giving it to infants.

But it seems YEL-AVD is much much more common in the elderly. Anyone over 60 having a statistically significant chance of developing it compared to all other age groups.

To quote:

>Reports suggesting a higher risk for AEFI in people >60 years used age-specific reporting rates (RRs) and reporting rate ratios (RRRs) as proxies for determining risk in older adults, along with a variety of case definitions. A WHO systematic review found that the crude number of reported cases of YEL-AVD among people aged ≥60 was high (n=19) compared to all the other age groups combined (n=22). After applying the Brighton Classification for both diagnostic certainty criteria and causality to published studies on travellers, the re-calculated RRs remained highest among persons aged ≥70 years but were also significantly higher in people aged ≥60 years.

As it stands the root cause of YEL-AVD seems to be mostly unknown and is being actively investigated due to the otherwise decent safety record for the Yellow fever vaccine (relative to other tropical disease vaccines)


It is also worth mentioning that the most likely cause of the good Doctors death is either a severe allergic reaction or an instance of YEL-AVD. Personally I consider the latter more likely as he fit the profile of someone most likely to suffer such a side effect and find it hard to believe someone with such a common allergy and a medical background wouldn't bring it up and make sure his vaccine was free of egg or gelatine.

7954ad  No.12688436

File: 80364bd1c6befc1⋯.jpg (176.25 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, No.jpg)


i never said you were; it's an accusation you antisemiticly leveled at me here >>12686541 here >>12687640 and here >>12687995


provaxxers are antisemitic racists

big surprise

26154a  No.12688449


You really are an incredible brainlet.

7954ad  No.12688472

File: d238f51d05d2605⋯.gif (11.22 KB, 350x437, 350:437, 239d478087cebbe4ea10aad631….gif)


g on…

a22497  No.12688654


Nothing irks me more than people who, instead of going after the claim and refuting it, simply juxtapose it with "loony" beliefs. Yes, obviously the Earth is not 6000 years old, is that what we're talking about here? Are you too stupid to realize that's not the arena you're in right now? "Aha, if I move the topic to an irrelivant one with familiar ground that I have arguments for then I'll win!" Fucking brainlets. Is there a logical fallacy for this?

842b4a  No.12689259

Why is /pol/ so anti-vaccine anyways?

I mean we do overvax in the west but the basic technology is sound. We have it to thank for the eradication of smallpox and polio.

I mean most /pol/acks are too young to remember the polio epidemics and the huge number of cripples they produced.

e1f69a  No.12689532

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Here's my problem with the vaccine shit.

In 1950, a child received somewhere around 7 vaccines from birth to 18.

Fastforward to 2019, and our children get 69 fucking doses of vaccines from birth to 18. They get the Hep B vaccine immediately after birth (because we all know that newborns are an at-risk population that engages in sharing hypodermic needles and engaging in sex). Pregnant women are getting the flu vaccine and the DTap pushed on them by the obgyn because it is being handed down by the CDC and WHO. The thing is that an activation of the mother's immune system can have a deleterious effect on neurological function of the fetus. There is a causation between maternal febrile episodes and ASD in offspring. This has been observed in mice and monkeys after exposing pregnant subjects to bacterial strains and observing persistent repetitive motions and strange social behaviors in offspring.

Here's a peer-reviewed study:


In 2019, a child receives 50 doses of vaccinations by age 5. This is simply outrageous. Population wide, if a flu vaccine is only 40% effective, and flu-like symptoms are a side-effect of the vaccine, and that vaccine is the one of the few remaining ones (multi-dose flu vaccine) that contain thimerosol, giving this to a pregnant woman is simply outrageous. Outrageous, I tell you.

dfdcf4  No.12689632


>Why is /pol/ so anti-vaccine anyways?

/pol/ has always been that way since before the exodus.

>I mean most /pol/acks are too young to remember the polio epidemics and the huge number of cripples they produced.

Source? see


df24d0  No.12689691


/pol/ is actually not anti-vax, but rather to be cautious about vaccines

see >>12685118

68f804  No.12689897


>Why is /pol/ so anti-vaccine anyways?

Because we haven't yet eradicated kikery in this world.

570b15  No.12689906

File: 3a8ff873b349d87⋯.png (415.15 KB, 1107x585, 123:65, actual-earth.png)


Whatever, this whole board is infested with masonic spherecucks who think we're on a circular rock flying through space and we're attracted to it by "gravity" (AKA magic).

Good luck persuading anyone here

b32d23  No.12689986


Then why hasn't anyone found the edge of the earth? Post proof, cockmongler.

fb2674  No.12690001


>What is Antartica

7b7bd7  No.12690003


Really? Your the only fucking one that has even spoke of flat earth on here… Your tactics of manipulation would probably work on Reddit though. A safe place where people can be banned for even simple thoughts.

7b7bd7  No.12690014


Expansion… Maybe Freemasons aren't so bad, if this asshole doesn't like him. I feel like the jews left free masonry for big business and left it for a corpse to die out.

dfdcf4  No.12690028


I always knew flatearth was a psyop to discredit real conspiracy investigations.

But it wasnt until I saw this CIAshill post this that I saw it with my own eyes.

Next hes going to label we antivaxxers, "schizos/schizophrenics" and tell us pizzagate is fake news.

7b7bd7  No.12690034


Like clockwork

41b649  No.12690179

File: db7fa1e26ddcdbf⋯.jpg (161.85 KB, 2223x1554, 741:518, 0b376b522d4a5b7b8042f74cb1….jpg)


And in America, of course, if vaccines were 100% safe the pharmaceutical conglomerates wouldn't need lobbied exemptions from the routine legal practice of suing for damages, esp. in the event of products leading directly to the death of a patient.


Contrary to the lyingpress caricatures of 'anti-vaxers' being uneducated yokels and religious fanatics, many (like my father, a former doctor) are concerned about the means of production and the reasons for legal exemptions for the companies that make vaccines, and question the motives of the entire industry surrounding the promotion of innoculations which present itself as totally interested in the wellbeing and health of others and not their own profit. I've spoken to a number of people that question the practice and most of them don't question the theory of innoculation, rather how they are produced, the materials being injected, the exponentially increasing number of vaccines on the schedules (including all the boosters, each of which costs more $), etc. Take smallpox for example, a once widespread and awful disease that is now extinct in nature, kept in special laboratories built for the purpose of preventing outbreaks. No doctor profits from the smallpox vaccine, which is given to certain healthcare professionals in the rare event of an outbreak, like they do the measles vaccine. There's not much money to be made in the eradication of diseases, rather more to be made from prolonging their existence and scaring the public into using the products and services of the healthcare industry. Sometimes other interests are considered, like the interests of cattle ranchers, leading to the eradication of rinderpest, because the beef market nets more than the potential annual market of rinderpest vaccinations.

e1f69a  No.12690250


Provide the source for those graphs.

Is there anyone willing to defend the administration of 50 vaccine doses from birth to age 6? I cannot wrap my mind around this number.

41b649  No.12690265


Reverse image search reveals westonaprice.org, which promotes natural health alternatives from the look of it. This article presents other graphs, with their respective sources, on the issue of the decline of communicable diseases before the promotion of vaccines, and the lie that vaccines themselves cured humanity of these diseases instead of our lifestyles and other technologies.


>Is there anyone willing to defend the administration of 50 vaccine doses from birth to age 6?

Those who receive kickbacks in large or small part from those doses, each of which costs $ and is divvied up amongst the profiteers.

dfdcf4  No.12690282


Yeah the shills must have some kind of flowchart/protocol that they all follow, because in the three anti-vaxx threads that are up, the shills follow the same patterns, use the same insults and post the same arguments and when confronted, lie and if disproven, flee the thread and slide it.

86722b  No.12690482


>Martin Gore

Run search… immediately pops up on CNN of all places.

Thus, this isn't being "covered up."


The basic premise of this thread is false. These threads are shill threads.

ef0e1a  No.12690883

File: e5053b3c5295cbf⋯.jpg (489.08 KB, 2399x1502, 2399:1502, cdc.JPG)


> Contrast the SV40 "mistake" that left an entire generation at risk for cancer and wasn't "detected" until (((far too late)))

It was still given out for years after detection, Anon, and that should be a wrap for anyone who has two brain cells to rub together with regard to vaccines. The government will knowingly inject you and your children with a polyoma virus known to cause cancer in just about any organism it is injected into.

See information from CDC attached where they admit-

>SV40 was discovered in 1960. Soon afterward, the virus was found in polio vaccine.

> All of the current evidence indicates that polio vaccines have been free of SV40 since 1963.

What about between 1960 and 1963? Er, well we used up our existing stock of the cancer infected vaccines, about 300 million shots in total worldwide. Fuck them all.

743d62  No.12690988


You're not wrong, but on the other hand, /pol/ survived imkikey. These shills have no fucking hope, they will be redpilled whether they wish to be or not.

Shills don't get it. We're not stuck in here with them. They're stuck in here with us.

743d62  No.12691023


>Is there a logical fallacy for this?

Yes, it's called Judaism.


>Why is /pol/ so anti-vaccine anyways?

Because there is overwhelming evidence that there is fuckery and kikery going on with vaccines these days.

It used to be the case that vaccines were created by white medical scientists with a genuine goal of eradicating horrible diseases. It was during this time that vaccines earned their former reputation, and many diseases were successfully eradicated from those parts of the world run by The White Man.

Since then, however, vaccines have been proven to have been deliberately contaminated in some cases, eg. the Kenyan Tetanus Vaccine incident - you can read about it on Snopes, who of course claim it is false, right before a lengthy explanation of exactly why it's true: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/tetanus-vaccine-sterilization/

Alternative source: https://www.thenewamerican.com/world-news/africa/item/19497-doctors-un-vaccines-in-kenya-used-to-sterilize-women

This is merely the tip of the ice(((berg))) however. There is credible research to suggest HPV vaccines result in sterilization up to 25% of the time also.

Increasingly, it is becoming illegal in "countries" such as Australia and the UK to refuse a vaccination, or even dare to question it: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/australasia/parents-fined-children-vaccinations-measles-mmr-australia-baby-jabs-a8428596.html


This begs the question, WHY? If the vaccines actually work, what do you care about someone else not being vaccinated? If the vaccine works, and you have been vaccinated, you should be immune to the disease, and thus have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated.

Of course, if the vaccines don't work - or worse, are a cover to deliberately introduce disease and sickness, one can well understand why (((governments))) want to make questioning them illegal.

I am personally convinced that those who get flu vaccines are in fact MORE likely to get the flu than those who don't. This has certainly been what I have seen and heard anecdotally, but genuine research on this is lacking due to the premise itself (Are people who get the flu shot actually more likely to get the flu?) being the very definition of "wrongthink" at the moment.

Of course, if you still think that vaccines are 100% safe and effective, you probably also think that the polar ice caps are not gaining mass, and that we are in danger of reaching "peak oil" any day now (or y'know, 20 years ago)

842b4a  No.12691600


The issue is more that vaccines do work but not everyone can be vaccinated. Children and the elderly for example.

Again. Smallpox and polio. Two diseases all but destroyed by vaccination.

Is there kikery and shenanigans afoot? Yes.

Are the annual flu jabs kikery? Mostly yes because they're derived from artificially evolved flu cultures not ones drawn from the wild.

But the underlying technology works. But like any tech it can be applied for ill purposes.

e1f69a  No.12692580

File: b4ce1e82bd7fd26⋯.png (124.81 KB, 981x685, 981:685, Screenshot (39).png)

File: 9ce056f5d7d28f2⋯.png (93.09 KB, 962x689, 74:53, Screenshot (40).png)


Vaccines work, goy.

Don't pay attention to the fact that Waste Management handles the disposal of vaccines as hazardous waste as established by EPA guidelines. Don't question the doctor god-people. The Environment is more fragile than the human body, the pregnant woman, and the infant child.

e1f69a  No.12692638

Sorry. Here's the source:


dfdcf4  No.12692911


>The basic premise of this thread is false. These threads are shill threads.

Anyone who opposes the jewish plan to poison and exterminate white people is ovbiously a shill.

Shills lie and spread disinformation in a known CIAnigger program called COINTEL PRO.

You are the shill along with all the pro-vaxx shills that spread lies and false stories.

68f804  No.12693315


>This begs the question, WHY? If the vaccines actually work, what do you care about someone else not being vaccinated? If the vaccine works, and you have been vaccinated, you should be immune to the disease, and thus have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated.

Let's leave out the obviously kiked flu vax fraud, and use my personal case with the hep B vax as an example. This vax is mandatory for healthcare workers. The first three doses I received did not induce an immune response. The fourth dose did (all this data was based on blood titers performed in a lab), and thus now I am immune. I wasn't immune after the first three injections. In fact, my titers went from undetectably low after the first three, to off the scale after the fourth. Some people are immune after one dose. Some people still aren't immune after four.

Vaccines work by attempting to leverage a stochastic process within the adaptive immune system… there's always random chance involved whether the immune system will key off the vax. Assuming we lived in a white, kike-free world, this would be why there would be concern. Ideally, every vax in a white/kike-free world would be followed up some months later with a blood titer to confirm immunity vs need for re-vaccination. This is expensive, and normal people hate blood draws/additional injections.

>Of course, if the vaccines don't work - or worse, are a cover to deliberately introduce disease and sickness, one can well understand why (((governments))) want to make questioning them illegal.

Correct. Which is why I do question them.

d46e49  No.12694542


Well yeah theres plenty of reasons for that.

And in this case of course they're concerned about the mercury content because their opportunity for sustained exposure is far greater than yours.

So you get the one with mercury as a preservative and agitating agent. Thats it boom your exposure done and gone.

But these disposal guys? They'll be coming into contact with hundreds if not thousands of vaccines worth of trace mercury.

1d6f64  No.12694864


The flu shot isn't even effective though, the virus mutates too fast so it's often out of date before it's even administered. Also, some people don't gain immunity from it for the correct strain, and some people get and/or spread the virus through live particles from the vaccine itself. Maybe for the other rarer/slower diseases you have a point, but for the flu it's especially garbage. There's no benefit for it whatsoever, and considerable risk. Just boost your immune system with vitamins/sun/occasional fasting, and avoid sick people.

e42104  No.12694874


>be stupid progressist

>misunderstand gnostic and antiquity because thats what progressists do

There is literaly no challenge in little shits like you.

d46e49  No.12695289


It doesn't help that a lot of flu shots are derived from lab developed strains that are purposefully guided in their evolution to try and mimic samples from the wild.

And it's really a total crapshoot as to whether or not its close enough to work.

Flu shots are pretty fucking jewy.

9b2c4c  No.12695324

Want an easy 100 downvotes? Say you're an antivaxxer on reddit

e0b595  No.12695395


what got me was the 1 in 100,000 chance of dying, up to 1 in 20,000 in older people was called 'slim'

e0b595  No.12695428


many of the most hardcore.

There's plenty of us who are just scientists and know how to read papers. Vaccines don't work, all they do is create a temporary increase in 'antibody titre'. Thats it.

Any 'proof' of protection from disease (as opposed to simply masking the symptoms) is via correlation analysis, and the same analysis techniques show that life expectancy is negatively correlated with number of vaccines received.

Meanwhile, we know that mothers who received vaccines instead of actually catching diseases, fail to pass on antibodies to their babies.

A baby's immune system is designed to work in conjunction with its mothers.

each immune response costs the baby, in terms of diverted developmental resources, and we know from insect models that this can be fatal.

There is also no need. Antibodies are they key. Instead of trying to force an immune system to learn to respond to diseases unnecessarily, it is better to give antibodies after exposure, which then gets the immune system working anyway, at no extra cost.

Vaccines are a scam.

c26d98  No.12695513

If vaccines don't work then what the fuck do you have to say about polio?

2e04a3  No.12701094


Yeah… in older people that's only 3/4th less than the odds of me getting testicular cancer (1 in 5000)…. and yet I did get testicular cancer despite the assurances of the "small odds"

That makes me incredibly wary of kneeling over from a vaccine.

2e04a3  No.12701103


Polio was a *massive* gamble on the scientists; Not having any choice, they pretty much tested it on a bunch of child volunteers put forward by their parents to confirm if it actually worked, knowing they would be demonized if their vaccine fucked up like some earlier experimental attempts. To his credit, the Scientist himself also took the vaccine, so that way he would be putting his money where his mouth is.

113198  No.12701107


You're not dealing with creationists here. This has nothing to do with the kiked-up "religion" that is (((modern Christianity))).

113198  No.12701155


>Why is /pol/ so anti-vaccine anyways?

I think /pol/ is not against vaccination as an idea in and of itself, but rather, because of (((who))) runs the pharmaceutical corporations. For example, Purdue Pharma, which in turn, is owned by the (((Sackler Family))) has been behind the opioid crisis in the USA, which disproportionately has killed Whites.

1905df  No.12701193


being forced to get dozens of injections is bullshit. kikes profit from forcing everyone to do this. I too used to shrug this off until I saw the kike and npc reaction to parents wanting to homeschool kids to keep them from getting some of these. they even have to admit that it can do you some harm, yet if you want to keep your kids away from this, everyone is programmed to mock you. just like youre mocked for not buying the hype about "climate change" being this big evil boogey man that will kill us all unless we reduce our carbon footprint by not having kids and letting ourselves be overwhelmed with brown savages.

19cf58  No.12701201


I've actively avoided taking any vaccine since forever. To date, never had a single one. And I'm not going to start any time soon. Maybe the science is legit but unless you own your own lab, you have no idea what's loaded in the needle. Chances are it's probably got some nasty stuff in there.

79c6a5  No.12701202

File: 7d383bdda9ade54⋯.jpg (21.61 KB, 274x280, 137:140, 1361438261638.jpg)


Flu shots are a defensive measure for people with compromised immune systems, such as the elderly. A healthy adult, especially a younger one, doesn't need "yearly flu shots."

Whoever convinced you to get them annually, you should never take their advice on anything ever again.

113198  No.12701219

113198  No.12701229


I was told that thiomersal stopped being used in vaccines, and that safer alternatives were being used instead. And this was a few years ago. Another kike lie, no doubt.

113198  No.12701235


It's posts like these which is why I continue coming back here. Are you the same anon that mentioned enclomiphene citrate going through clinical trials and showing success, and that (((they))) have been trying to suppress it?

c5b259  No.12701307


>conflating the evolutionary theory, the foundation of National Socialism, with the government injecting mystery "antigens" made by kikes into your kids

c5b259  No.12701311


>they'd better keep away from other people by living in the wilderness or something

How are they a threat to other people when the other people are vaccinated?

5309ac  No.12701312

Good. Soon we will have the population full of dead/sterilized suckers

c5b259  No.12701316


> because of the 100+ years of scientific evidence

Protip: they are not made by White gentiles anymore

b62215  No.12701328

File: 7ceefee804854a8⋯.jpg (176.3 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1500572266508.jpg)


The problem is that many vaccines NEED to damage your body.

As a lot of them use weakened or dead virus/bacteria samples which your immune system may not even pick up on without something to encourage an increased level of immune system activity.

48f1cc  No.12702364


(((Jonas Salk))) was a fucking KIKE scam artist who killed lots of people

48f1cc  No.12702368


>based Hitler dubs of truth

dfd9da  No.12702370

>anti vaxxers on pol

back to plebbit with you

abf5f0  No.12706291


You're just a kikeshill.

Some in this thread have far greater wisdom and knowledge regarding this topic

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