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File: bd30a992723751b⋯.jpg (122.04 KB, 816x404, 204:101, d7637c5a89134f06867236c0d6….jpg)

d6b000  No.12672612

This might sound like a stretch but I think I am starting to see the pattern here.

Do you think there are certain demographics that are more easiee to redpill due to their genetics?

Like, we all know the stereotype of crass, blunt and somewhat aggressive male that is scottish or slavic man, but and speaking from personal behaviour these are the people that are most often talking against some bankers/politicians/muslims/degenerates/blacks… even without being redpilled prior.

Could this be our tactic to saving the west? Focusing our efforts on predominately men who are from certain haplogroup/ethnic backgrounds to maximise our efforts?

d6b000  No.12672622

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Personal experience*

A lot of people IRL who dont even have a hint of extremist right wing politics talk about "need for new Hitler"

Even this video for normies making fun of black people is from neighbouring country in the balkans

I think there is potential here and we aren't utilizing our efdorts effectively

a5f93d  No.12672646

The less emphasis on the English, the better.

24e4a3  No.12672661

Low IQ r selected versus high IQ K selected.

Why rehash old discussions? Do a search.

24e4a3  No.12672669

For the record just about every non pure European is r selected. Many pure Europeans have turned r selected, that's where the sodomites and faggot wigger come from.

57b440  No.12672673


Balkan people have always been looking beyond politics, it' just that most of them are swayed by "illuminati aliens" and none are aware about the JQ. I'm a Balkan myself that have traveled to many ex yu and non slavic countries and I can say a few things for certain: people know our politicians are controlled by someone, they just got the wrong someone in mind; most balkan normies and boomers are stuck with the "america vs russia" meme; I've seen a lot of defeatist faggots too ("no hope in this place kid, go to western countries"); everyone is mostly based when it comes to degenerates though; hatred between what should be brothering nations is still present (ex: ex yu countries).

I tried opening a conversation a month ago when I was at home with my boomer father and his friends about Israel and they were all confused. They had the idea of "Americans keep starting wars" but that was the end of their knowledge.

9162b0  No.12672705

File: e7eb654df679310⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 425x375, 17:15, e7eb654df6793109774b3fe337….gif)


This is a 100% accurate portrayal of niggers

89ccd0  No.12672712



My point was that out message needs to be focused on these groups, and to do that we need to identify them firstly.

You say r/K theory? Okay, can you point me out a person in a group of people based on your theory that would most likely believe in JQ?

You can whinge about your superiority and how smart you are but unless you can walk the walk you are doing nothing but circlejerking.

Lets compare and contrast and find some external characteristics of these demographics.

89ccd0  No.12672728


My father and friends are the same. Ex yu guy here too. They don't have the patience to go through the data to see who is really the culprit behind the obvious kikery of world going to shit but they sense something isn't right. This is obviously a good start and step towards our direction but in order to get them over to our side we need to appeal to their more primal instinctive emotional side I think.

Instead of bombarding them with facts, just plainly spit some logical ideas with backbone in facts.

358f2a  No.12672737

File: 1c7c425d550f781⋯.jpg (191.28 KB, 600x569, 600:569, check.jpg)


I replied in the comments saying "good job, those are niggers" and it was deleted.

7e10f6  No.12672758



Pozdrav braćo.

What works here is talking about banks-debt-wars. (Leave transfaggotry and races out for older people, they don't get it.) Very soon they connect the dots and figure out how JewSA operates.

89ccd0  No.12672781


Youtube new algorithm

Just be careful what you say on internet these days, big brother is watching from the days of candid onwards


Yea, the newer generations understand races and trans tho

My pops understood the jewish problem through the banks discussions we had.

We didn't get to the holohoax and shit but we will get there.

What do you think is the best way to redpill even younger kiddos? The fortnite crowd that look at that effeminate faggot ninja?

565815  No.12672836

It's not genetics, it comes down to basic persuasion.

Who benefits from swallowing the red pill? The answer is younger white men from lower-middle socio-economic background who are single and are either unemployed or work in low status jobs. Other things that obviously help are contact with niggers, bad experience with finance, single parent household, high enough level of intelligence to put the pieces together.

Basically if someone is 'winning' from the current state of affairs then it's going to be very difficult to red pill them. e.g. Women, non-whites, migrants, Jews, people with successful careers.

d5fc11  No.12672905

All slavs ive met are pretty based tbh fam. They are highly racially aware, especially Ukrainians. I know /4cuck has divide and conquer shill threads about whiteness but most eastern europeans are easily aware of race and IQ. And are probably whiter than at least half americans. Keep spreading redpills and drop those truth bombs on the JQ. God speed anon.

24e4a3  No.12672915


The Jewish question is a trap. Hitler's answer was clear. Ignore it and build an army of genetically related people to remove them with.

Don't answer the question, just remove the assholes that keep fucking asking it from your society. The people asking it are the fucking kikes themselves. They are asking if you're one of them. It's how they weed out the people they don't want.

b3b812  No.12672942

Go back to kikechan, moshe.

0f919c  No.12674664

File: 910ee5ee65f666d⋯.gif (1.4 MB, 320x180, 16:9, wtf.gif)


>Don't answer the question, just remove the assholes that keep asking it

>People asking about why Jews are criminal are Jews

>People exposing Jews are Jews

And how is one going to justify to the public removing kikes without an explanation? One needs to spread awareness for the crimes the Jew has committed if any action is to take place successfully.

24e4a3  No.12674685


That's not even what the JQ is. It's a Masonic larp now.

Hitler already answered the question. You simply remove them from your borders. You deport every single one of then to Israel.

Hitler's problem was that there was nowhere to deport them to. Surprise, the Jews have solved that problem for you already

0f919c  No.12674768

File: 411078528fcf0cf⋯.jpg (10.48 KB, 229x220, 229:220, back to reddit.jpg)


>JQ is a Masonic larp

>Deport Jews to Israel, don't kill them for their crimes goy

>Jews did something good! They have their own nation now!

>I'm a proud Zionist!

>Reddit spacing

I suspected as much, I just had to wait for you to out yourself. Pay attention newfags and lurkers

8b6f86  No.12674777


They essentially turned r-selected due to the effects of Judeo-liberalism.

8b6f86  No.12674797


Some of them are aware of the kikes, since the older ones lived through the USSR and Eastern Bloc countries. Latvia still holds celebrations of Waffen-SS veterans and every time they do, the (((media))) has a Hebraic screeching fit over it. But lol, fuck these kikes.

8b6f86  No.12674808


Nope, Madagascar is where they should be, under a heavily fortified police state, where Jewish behavior can be studied and the ill effects of their collective group behavior shielded from the rest of the planet. Israel must be dismantled and given to the indigenous peoples.

2e8c7d  No.12675140

From my experience, everyone can be redpilled except ((cuckservatives)). Communists who oppose some of Israel's policies and who still haven't found out who ((capitalists)) are, are way more redpilleable than them.

5835d5  No.12675308


>Do you think there are certain demographics that are more easiee (sic) to redpill due to their genetics?


In fact, the whole process of "Redpilling someone" is mostly a farce. People that want truth, and have discernment, seek truth. These people are extremely rare. There are truth seekers in all races though, even blacks. So you seek truth and find it. You have to want it. preaching it to people who are not seeking it is a waste of time.

if you are honest with yourself, you will see that everytime you have tried to feed someone a redpill without their active seeking and asking for it, it does not take.

we need to glamorize the redpill, by venerating the truly woke. this is what might help spread the redpills.

however, im still of the mind that discernment is a gift, not connected to genetics, that very few have. this is not a world that loves and seeks truth. this is the world that hates and crucifies it. the redpill will always be a fringe minority

146b73  No.12676067

>>Do you think there are certain demographics that are more easiee to redpill due to their genetics?

No and I dont' think you have even a basic understanding of either genetics or demographics.

Probably because you're a, 'former libertarian' come to us out of the ashes of your 90's faggotry while still holding on to some, monkey saviour complex. Like some spicy memes will unwaked the human in SAVAGE NEGRO BEASTS. Ain't happening, friendo.

5f4db3  No.12677025


Why is Scotland so cucked politically most of them voted for EU to invade them with more shitskins. The scots I have met so far were soy beta cucks that get mad when I said nigger. The Irish lads I visted were screaming nigger and singing some old lynching song at the random shitskin invading mudslimes we passed just to spook them.

18f2a6  No.12692210


Im in the Pacific Northwest and I can tell you that I redpill people all the time, but the bad news is that practically none of them are white. I can convince others because they are not devoted nihilistic hedonist moral relativists. Theres no hope with those too far gone, they will deny reality rather than admit they are wrong.

000000  No.12692271

How come the most redpilled do nothing in real life?

93daa8  No.12692390


This question deserves its own thread.

9ef918  No.12692417


Because they have no idea what to do.

They need to do propaganda to wake up more normies.

Here is all you need:


6905d7  No.12692440

File: 9bed62aed7a4c82⋯.jpg (41.62 KB, 632x334, 316:167, Challenge_Accepted.jpg)


Selection pressure and thorough deracination. After 1745, the English systematically purged every rebellious gene in Scotland, so most of the old spirit wound up dangling from ropes or in Australia, rather than getting passed to offspring.

After 1800 or so, the English invented a wholly fictional Scotland and imposed that on the natives. All that shit about kilts and tartans, claymores and sporrans, bagpipes and ghillies and such is so much invention. Even the stuff that actually did exist, like plaid and big swords, got exaggerated because the English preferred the Disney version of Scotland for their upper class dipshits to visit.

The Irish, meanwhile, were purged in the opposite direction. Cromwell hanged every priest he could catch in the 17th century, while the famine carried off all the peaceful, law-abiding bogs. What was left, by around 1916 or so, was nothing but violent potato niggers who had the courage and cunning to steal corn in a famine and survive. Heavy alcoholism seems to go along with that.

Evolution can be fast, anon. In 500 years, Ireland has gone from a largely peaceful land of Cambodia-style subsistance farming to a den of wild drunks, while Scotland has gone from a fiery wilderness full of cutthroats and bandits to Epcot North Sea.

Don't get me started on fucking Wales.

cb156b  No.12692446

File: 0c4feb7d6324632⋯.jpg (171.07 KB, 720x840, 6:7, journey.jpg)

File: 9a8279343cc745b⋯.jpg (168.26 KB, 720x840, 6:7, results.jpg)


I made these for the normies yesterday. Not sure if this is a good vein to keep mining or not. Seems like a great idea to me, as it ties good intentions to bad outcomes thereby removing the moral yoke from whitey, but I don't know whether to make more and try to disseminate widely or move on to something else.

290fcd  No.12692962

File: 44633d8cf15b643⋯.jpg (135.31 KB, 640x916, 160:229, miguel-serrano-805001.jpg)


Hippies, street kids, and vagabonds. Those with nothing to lose and no attachments to society, are those who are most valuable to redpill.

290fcd  No.12692975


Explain the Welsh. What the fuck are they?

cc3f45  No.12692991


Ta Fock ar ya sayin ya mad cunt?!!! Sco’lnd aint’a lost her pride tha easily. 45 wa jus tha right beginnin’ Sir, mark my words ther’ll be a Stuart king bolls deep in ta anglish trone fer ta rest of time!

ffa519  No.12693188


>Hitler already answered it, just deport them to Israel

Why in the world do you think this is the appropriate answer when taking into consideration the outsized political influence that Israel has? Deportation isn't nearly enough.

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