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File: db0b46a4d8112af⋯.png (670.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, F78E9C59-D3C4-4193-A0CE-29….png)

9dbe3f  No.12673243

Has anyone noticed how the quality of horror films has decreased since the 80s and 90s? Take the Saw series for example. Horror movies now rely on cheap jumpscares and gore to achieve a good box office, instead of actual scare factor. Add to the fact that Saw is basically just Yiddish torture porn. This is what Jews basically get off to.

Both vids related. In the first one, it’s a scene from Saw V in where a character named Seth Baxter is strapped to a table and killed by the Pendulum trap. He murdered his girlfriend Angelina Acomb and was sentenced to life, but only spent 5 years before being released due to a technicality. He was kidnapped by Angelina’s brother, Mark Hoffman who killed him in a way to make his death look like the Jigsaw killer was responsible. One thing, I’d like you to notice about this Seth character are his tattoos. He has a Celtic Sun Cross and SS lightning bolts on his body.

In the second video, it’s a scene from Saw VII (or otherwise known as Saw 3D) in where four white supremacists are stuck in the car trap. The man inside the car (played by Chester Bennington from Linkin Park) wakes up, and a tape plays of the Jigsaw killer lecturing him on why racism is bad, before the timer starts and he has to rip his skin off his body to retrieve a lever that would save him and his friends. The time runs out, and the jack from underneath goes down and runs over his girlfriend, a hook attached to the jaw and arms of his friend gets pulled out, disfiguring and dismembering him, the car runs through his second friend, and then the car finally wrecks into another one, throwing the man out of the vehicle, killing him.

This movie, along with many others in the horror series, all carry a hidden political agenda, and they’re all made by morally bankrupt jews. Does anyone on here even watch horror films anymore?



(note that I’m on mobile and tried to use the embed, but it only allowed me to embed one video. Then I downloaded the two videos on documents and tried to upload the files, but it wouldn’t let me do that either, so I’m just leaving the links here instead).

68b446  No.12673252

It's not the first time this has happened. If you like MST3K (the old ones), a lot of the movies they watched from the 1950s had really cringe worthy political messages.

5098af  No.12673272

File: 2aafc2a756e0bb4⋯.jpg (24.94 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 5159322357.jpg)


Same shit with (((comic books))) just a projection of Jewish power fantasies. They can't actually confront goyim in a real and respectable manner so they do everything through subterfuge. Image related is the type of people who write these movies.

69c3a0  No.12673277


Watch "Rosemary's Baby" then stop watching movies.


2e6b7b  No.12673286


>Jigsaw killer lecturing him on why racism is bad, before the timer starts and he has to rip his skin off his body to retrieve a lever that would save him and his friends.

>racism is bad

>but this is good entertainment

Fucking kikes.

56a62b  No.12673291


Of course the quality of horror tanked hard.

Horror is no longer designed to scare people anymore. It's now designed to be a shitty action film that lacks the stunt/fight choreography and wide angle shots that makes action films good.

d6eddd  No.12673316

ISIS movies permanently ruined horror movies for me. so i dont care what bread & circuses rubber monster slop the Jwood kikes pump out. after youve watched Masters of Illusion, where a black pajama ISIS ninja one by one beheads 30 prisoners wearing orange jump suits who are hanging upside down from chains bolted to the ceiling in a cattle slaughter house, and after you watch the ISIS executioner slowly cut off each head using his sword, with the HD camera close up, then fling the chains to hoist the corpse over the center bloid drainage trough, which goes on for 45 minutes–after you have watched that, how could you ever enjoy watching fake kike gorn ever again? i dont need to see anymore human bodies mutilated and murdered in ever elaborate execution scenarios like a Rube Goldberg death machine. give me movies about happy things, depictions of beauty, stories about love and purpose and victory. the real world is a nasty place filled with violence, so why should anyone be entertained by a shallow simulation of reality when we are already immersed In The Shit?

you could argue that horror as a genre is all (((degeneracy))) and to be avoided just like porn. the body is the temple of God. anything that glorifies degrading the body is an agent of (((Satan))). just look at Goebbel's principles of propaganda. 100% of Reich propaganda depicted positive motifs intended to elevate everyone and motivate striving for the ideal. to depict negative themes would be to bring your people down. that is what the kike does, not what the Aryan does.

12152e  No.12673324

>Has anyone noticed how the quality of horror films has decreased since the 80s and 90s?

No. Literally nobody noticed this until you came along. Good job, here's your award. Faggotron

a04571  No.12673342

Horror has always been a versatile genre, mainly centered around occult stuff in the 70s, subtle comedy during the 80s and pure thriller during the 90s.

Who and what killed horror was Oren Peli, creator of the paranormal activity series that began the death of horror. And to no surprise, hes a kike.

d591ea  No.12673344

Here is the best video about horror ever made.


2e6b7b  No.12673349

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You could have done this.

c56f1a  No.12673355


To some extent the shittyness of movies is a problem of globalism. Movies make most of their money on the foreign market, so complicated stories and things some pajeet or chink cant relate to are avoided. Simple plots and special effects are easier to sell in Taiwan or Chile.

It's also jews. You can't get a job in the upper echelons of hollywood unless you're a kike. There aren't many talented kikes, so you get shit actors, shit scripts, shit direction and shit editing.

b83073  No.12673364

The entire genre is perverse garbage.

ffeedb  No.12673368


kys puritan kike, if you can't enjoy horror for the slashing and psychological rape you're as much a faggot who can't look at cartel gore without soying out.

d53d0e  No.12673370

when I was very young, I was over a friend's house and they were playing "Scary Movie 4". I guess it was supposed to be a parady of Saw? there was this one part with all this perverted shit like "the nut cracker" and the machine hits them in the balls, and "the tiddy twister" and it corkscrews their nipples to like a foot long, stuff like that. it gave me weird dreams for years, I was too young to see that at the time

2e6b7b  No.12673383

File: fb0d2731fe3facd⋯.png (530.09 KB, 1265x1623, 1265:1623, beware extreme moralism.png)

89bf0f  No.12673388

The quality of anything has decreased OP.

Nowadays only I consume anime and vidya.

2e6b7b  No.12673389


How's that working out for ya?

89bf0f  No.12673392


It's fine actually.

Traditionalism and military strategy fit me quite well.

Nowadays, I just take a sword and start swinging.

d11f7d  No.12673396


Thank you, ive been looking for this

2e6b7b  No.12673400


There's no shortage of anime, and few good strategy games will last you forever. Don't get too comfy, Conan.

89bf0f  No.12673404


But that's we should be, shouldn't be?

To be content.

Just asking for more & more is just consumerism. Nowadays, I only support uncucked devs.

2e6b7b  No.12673410


I hate those idiots. They're the kind of people that push the young away from the cohesive values we want in the world. And that's why they're probably kikes or traitors. The moralfags are what allowed every medium of entertainment to skyrocket to such degenerate levels that Marylin Manson is now about as shocking as a birthday clown.


I don't mean you should want more material things, I just hope you don't get too comfy to fight the enemy.

89bf0f  No.12673412


Nay, just by INTERACTING with reality/society fills me anger that I must fight the enemy.

It's a sick world.

When people say anime isn't like real life, I ask why real life isn't like anime. Where is the clean air, clean environment, high trust society and virtuous people. Anime characters are now better than real people.

b83073  No.12673416


>watch gore porn goy

No thanks, demented little sicko. Put yourself down.

89bf0f  No.12673419


See? This is projection.

2e6b7b  No.12673423

File: 45b13c233a763c7⋯.jpg (101.41 KB, 1430x1069, 1430:1069, LotGH2.jpg)


Yeah, it reminds you what to fight for. That's why it's next on (((their))) list.

325ec1  No.12673426


oy vey goy, nudity! don't dare look at the human body! we must keep it sexualized and the cut foreskin holy!

7c0199  No.12673429


Killing jews in real life solves that problem.

325ec1  No.12673432


>They're the kind of people that push the young away from the cohesive values we want in the world

Truth, the psychotic browbeating and moralfagging during the "satanic panic" started the slippery slope to where we are now.

c1310c  No.12673433

horror has always been degenerate, anyone who actively wants to be horrified and fill their head with darkness like that is mentally ill

325ec1  No.12673434

6934b2  No.12673436


Darkness is a part of life. Who are you to deny the balance of life's forces?

c1310c  No.12673443


sexuality's a part of life too, does that mean porn is okay?

there's enough darkness irl, why fill your head with fictional hedonistic horror

89bf0f  No.12673447


Who's to say fill your head?

And yes, if porn has a good story, it is okay too.

2e6b7b  No.12673458


>"satanic panic"


6934b2  No.12673460


Sexuality is a part of life. Porn is degeneracy.

Darkness is a part of life. Jewish nihilism is degeneracy

Heavy metal is the music of the ubermenschen, and it helps make you stronger than your enemies

f579af  No.12673463


Nigger what. Sexual imagery existed long before porn ever did, its called traditional art.

b83073  No.12673493


See yourself into the oven, you sadistic rat person.


>nudity is violence

I'm literally a nudist IRL and very against any genital mutilation. Could you niggers put your shitty brown bodies together, increase your height to a flat 5 feet and find a way to be more wrong and retarded?

6f9931  No.12673667


He was mocking the shill, anon

77a45c  No.12673685


I don't know how, sorry.

0b7235  No.12673710

File: 912facb0758d990⋯.jpg (12.13 KB, 219x230, 219:230, g.jpg)



Right and regular. The more obvious financial laundering vehicle.

34d825  No.12673715


Yet again, projection.

Why am I sadist?

000000  No.12673749


that film was a fucking unexpected late night redpill

000000  No.12673754

234104  No.12673766

I'd actually go as far as to say that most horror movies are the only good movies to come out of the USA anymore; mostly because hollywood avoids them in near entirety, and so they are only made by non-jewish producers so actually usually have a vaguely interesting story with vaguely interesting characters, and often, despite the 'horror themes'; they are pretty moral when it comes down to it. Men are encouraged to be strong and heroic unto death, women are fearful but caring and accept their place, and there's a definite 'hierarchy' to all things - usually with the monster at the top of the food chain, but you know that SAS man / redneck with a shotgun is the 'tough guy' and the films use them to instill a sense of calm (usually for them to either get killed or lost later on, and then the horror sets in of you have no 'big strong white man to protect you').

Jew horror stuff is obviously just overly disgusting in every conceivable way.

b83073  No.12673770


Projecting projection. If you are some fag watching gore for fun, you can pick any number of reasons you might enjoy that but all of them are indicative of your disgusting kike blood.

95f8ff  No.12673782


I miss the days when horror was mostly about the suspense, where you don't know what will happen next and who will be the victim. Unfortunately such nuance is gone from modern horror.

930868  No.12673796


Everyone these days is hungry to see someone they don't like suffer. All sides are guilty. It's disgusting. Justified violence because people want to be violent but don't want to feel guilty. It's why the zombie concept is so popular.

0feaa9  No.12673822

File: b2a70981a3ab744⋯.jpeg (75.84 KB, 600x400, 3:2, A236DC07-69D7-461F-98D3-8….jpeg)


It’s not just Horror, Pop-Culture is Dying

075478  No.12673846

i read in a book once a chapter titled "how can dead producers make movies"

075478  No.12673851


gas yourself kike

838ca6  No.12673871


I'm not sure if it speaks to the quality of the movies or how much I've changed over the years (I've loved the horror gemre my entire life), but some of the newer ones I've seen have genuinely disturbed me. The Witch, Hereditary, and The Autopsy of Jane Doe all share similar themes of evil triumphing, which isn't a new idea in the genre, but the amount of detail put into each film is what gets to me. As if the kikes that made these are laughing in our faces on how much they want to destroy the white race. Stroking their dirty kike egos while watching white women consort with dark powers, white children mutilated and then cut down like wheat, and white men helpless to stop it. Watching these movies and seeing the real life equivalent carried out in the news day after day is becoming unbearable. The Holocaust didn't happen, but it will if things continue in the direction that they are heading

234104  No.12673880


>The Holocaust didn't happen, but it will if things continue in the direction that they are heading

A little-known fact is that the Bible actually states that the Judeans will be turned to stubble in ovens if they do not return to God. I imagine the false holocaust was actually a ploy by the jews to 'trick God' (modern Judaism is basically nothing but loop-holes, prayers to devils and all sorts of madness all with the intention of deceiving the All-Knowing). The holocaust will happen, even they believe that; but its not going to be an 'offering'; its justice.

d50727  No.12673884

>oh look let's blame Jews for what is made by goys.

What's the name of that movie White Zombie dude made? About as bad as Saw, except it was targeting White Nationalists as well.

Don't give me that shit. Shit movies are like shit neighbors. They are everywhere you look, and if you don't do what they want you to do they will try to fuck you over out of some idea that they are the law.

f2a803  No.12673906


>Everyone these days is hungry to see someone they don't like suffer.

No. I don't care about spics, niggers, and jews, I don't want to have to think about, see, deal with them at all. I want an existence devoid of them, last thing I care to do is spend my "fun" time dwelling on them, they are only dwelt on because they need to be delt with. That's it.

5441c4  No.12673952


Are the jews really stupid enough to think they can trick god, that motherfucker knows all, how in the fuck can you trick some motherfucker who can see and know everything?

997704  No.12673956


>Are the jews really stupid enough to think they can trick god, that motherfucker knows all, how in the fuck can you trick some motherfucker who can see and know everything?

They literally do. Predictive programming and subtle hints they drop in films, TV, songs etc. are meant to be them telling the world what they are doing and planning to do. They think that "telling" the goyim their plans absolves them.

5441c4  No.12673962


Shit, I am surprised they got this far considering how fucking stupid and arrogant they are. jokes on them though, they memed the Holocaust enough that it is going to happen.

234104  No.12673967


Yeah. You should read their Talmud some time; the whole thing is essentially loopholes for getting around various laws. Ever seen a wire being strung around high up in cities? It's called an 'eruv' and apparently if they are within its limits the jew is allowed to work on the sabbath. If they cut a hole in a sheet and put their penis through it, they are allowed to have sex with a woman on her period without it being ritually unclean. Their whole religion revolves around tricking God, they even have a story about a rabbi who out-smarted God. The way they perceive stories in the Old Testament is also incredibly twisted; where Christians understand Jacob's encounter with God where he wrestled and was reborn as Israel; the Jew understands the story as Jacob physically beating up God and forcing Him to bless him.

53fcb9  No.12673971

File: 41b228afb327b9a⋯.png (6.21 MB, 1384x3180, 346:795, ffdvbgfdffd.png)


It's all blood libel by I.S.I.S

234104  No.12673973

where Christians understand Jacob's encounter with God where he wrestled and was reborn as Israel as Jacob being forced by God to confront his myriad flaws; his cowardice, deceitfulness, manipulativeness and sorcery; the Jew understands the story as Jacob physically beating up God and forcing Him to bless him. (The Christian perception makes a lot more sense as well considering the very next thing that happens after he is renamed Israel is that he goes out to see his brother Esau, who he was originally intending to flee from because he thought he would kill him. It shows how he is finally stopping being a coward and going to face his judgement.) His rebirth and new name foreshadows baptism.

Sorry for double post, I left out the Christian explanation before.

5441c4  No.12673975


>they even have a story about a rabbi who out-smarted God

Fucking kek, that is stupidly arrogant.

> the Jew understands the story as Jacob physically beating up God and forcing Him to bless him.

>some random Jew being able to beat up god

>being able to beat up anyone

Only a jew would be this fucking stupid.

2e6b7b  No.12673993


>stupidly arrogant.

It seems too be working for them though. I think we should be a little less concerned with being logical/correct.

82e198  No.12674007


If it worked for them, they wouldn't constantly be hated and expelled from every nation they infest, niggerwit.

234104  No.12674022


You should understand that they have a wretched existence. For all their material wealth, they are poor. Their minds are wracked with suspicion, hatred and paranoia. Their bodies are weak and twisted, they are afflicted by various diseases both physical and mental in extreme levels, far more than any other ethnic group. Any achievements they have are never enough, they cannot comprehend the idea of 'sustainability' and as such run everything into the ground; they are always one financial mistake away from ruin (this is why they destroy so many companies; they buy one out, try to make as big a profit as possible, even if it destroys the reputation or has to sack half the company; and then they jump ship before it all comes tumbling down). They are equally terrified that they are one physical mistake away from ruin, and that's why we see so many 'alt-right' kikes around these days; they realise the game is up, they realise they have pushed too far, and they are terrified that they are going to get destroyed. They cannot perceive of law, cannot perceive of order, cannot perceive of justice; to them there is only what they can get away with. They make excellent lawyers because they approach everything in their lives from the angle of 'how can I subvert this'. They are constantly fearful, they spend all their hours plotting and they cannot even comprehend many of the things which make reality so beautiful to us.

Theirs is a truly wretched existence. If they were not so evil I might pity them.

35d6d9  No.12674033



>darkness is part of life.

>balance of life's forces

I very much agree with, but you can't fit it on degeneracy as other anons mentioned already.

>so we should embrace heavy metal because its the music of übermenschen

<embrace darkness because balance

Ok now you are making no sense and heavy metal is tormenting, not uplifting at all. Music is about providing positive life force. Any music screaming about bruning flesh mountains like Slayer does is pure shamanistic/satanistic, energy sucking negativity. Kike music for blood rituals.

acf921  No.12674036

If you cant handle gore, you might as well let others fight your wars for you. The quality of the horror movies improved over the years, you just don't watch good ones.

If you don't enjoy violence you are a pussy.


294a54  No.12674100

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


It has been jewed from the beginning.

35d6d9  No.12674124



cfb7c9  No.12674130



>violence in the sake of violence

Based and kosh…i'm mean, redpilled !

ba8843  No.12674149

Go back to /tv/ you media loving faggot.

948b46  No.12674173

Watching defenseless people being brutally murdered and mutilated by psychopaths doesn't bring me happiness. There's a certain threshold of brutality I can stomach, after which it's no longer enjoyable at all. With modern imaging technology the gore is so detailed and realistic that it's sickening. It was easier to watch stuff like the Jason and Freddy movies in the 1980s because everything was made of cheap rubber and syrup with food coloring.

Video games are the same. I loved the first few Mortal Kombat games. Tthey were intentionally silly and ridiculous, with pixelated 90s graphics. Mortal Kombat X, though, hit that same threshold where the gore was so detailed and realistic that it churned my stomach. I would argue that it's actually not good to be so desensitized that realistically rendered death scenes don't bother you at all.

acf921  No.12674206



Week willed faggots. Let them won then, it's not like they will hold back.

Grow balls modern men.

25f86c  No.12674208


You could argue that ISIS films are Jewish films as well, considering how much support ISIS gets from Israel.

93ed1a  No.12674228

Horror movies have always been shit.


You're a miserable degenerate for willingly watching that trash. What is wrong with you?


Exactly. Puritanical moralfagging and purity spiraling I refuse to allow TRSodomites' misuse of the term to stop me from using it is part of what turns places like this into shit, how it goes from influencing elections to arguing in circles.


Slayer isn't even heavy metal, it's thrash. The vocalist and band are actually christian themselves, they just make edgy music. Go back to claiming dungeons & dragons turns people into satanists, faggot.


>if you don't fetishise violence you're weak, goy

2e6b7b  No.12674233




What I'm getting at is that there is a common trait amongst whites aware of the situation they're in to be satisfied with being correct rather than winning. Meanwhile jews are dominating, and blowing past their apparent inconsistencies only to take over more institutions in spite of not making sense from our point of view. What matters is that they are taking action.

ee42a2  No.12674245

File: 3c9fe4629eed887⋯.jpg (106.21 KB, 1000x652, 250:163, 1546992213030.jpg)

If you cant discern propaganda schlock from actually non-degenerate filmmaking, that's on you.

If you want scares, just check out reality and dig places. Its stranger than fiction

acf921  No.12674288


>>if you don't fetishise violence you're weak, goy

Tell that to those that died at Rheinwiesenlager or tell that to the vicitms of terrorist attacks. Or tell it to those that were raped and killed by migrants. Or those who were forced to become underage prostitutes.

Fuck you faggot. You're deliberately missing my point.

cfb7c9  No.12674314


"Vigilante violence" is okay, but not your Chaos faggotry from WH40.

acf921  No.12674398


You don't get to decide what's ok or not. Pussies like you can't make any decision under the name of /pol/. You don't represent me with your faggy attitude.

cfb7c9  No.12674431


>Pussies like you can't make any decision under the name of /pol/.

>under the name of /pol/.

Pol is not your personal army. Get back to your WH40 roleplaying.

cfee25  No.12674591


>Masters of Illusion

Do you have a download link? I couldn't find it anywhere.

bad4b3  No.12674763

Todays horror movies seem to thrive on lots of inane actors, bad picture quality(sterile & odd colors), cgi, tacky gore, pseudo-sick heros and zero atmosphere.

There may be exemptions from this rule but overall they seem to suck.

There was also lots of bad shit around back then(80ies/90ies) but even the worse movies had a cult like vibe due to the different times.

09e682  No.12674769


Try 120 days of sodom

fbf0d6  No.12674781


Let's all act like the cool nazi guys in these films. Surely they wouldn't want us to become something they created.

09e682  No.12674782


A quiet place is good. White family alone being extra quiet to make sure the monsters don't kill them. Really shows the true depth of white family unity and loyalty.

78407f  No.12674798


No tits allowed. Feminism wrecked horror movies.

79d8b7  No.12674870

Yeah, it's not even to make scary movies, just push a narrative and propaganda. This is why I don't watch much "entertainment" these days.

8059bd  No.12674900

I have never liked horror films because they never gave a rise out of me. I feel like people who actually get anxiety/fear from them are literal NPCs. I remember when I was a teenager sitting in a packed theater watching the Ring 2, there was a scene where literally every single person in the theater screamed and howled and jumped up and it left me confused

ffe9bb  No.12674902


Tell me OP one example of digital media which did not went downhill since 90s

536c61  No.12674994

Practically every horror movie is a Jewish murder fantasy they trick you into paying to see.

18d9b9  No.12674995

As with literally everything else nowadays, stick to the Asian (Japanese/Korean) stuff and don't bother with the rest. Their horror films are aesthetic, sp00py and give you a bit to ponder about instead of forcing degenerate and subversive kikery into you mindlessly.

000000  No.12675405


here you go. it's 128MB. i misspoke about the title. it is called "Makes of Illusion." i would advise you to NOT watch this. this is the absolute worst movie you will ever see, trust me. this is the worst thing ever filmed. the camera and film itself should never have been invented in order to prevent this film from ever happening. i wish i had never seen this. it's over 2 years ago, but i still have nightmares about this movie. i wish that the traitorous CIA faggots had actually been doing their jobs to protect us from RADICAL ISLAMIC TERROR instead of them fucking creating and funding and arming ISIS and also equiping them with camera gear and movie studio equipment to produce these gorn flicks. i wish that only dick sucking soy boy McMuffins ever had to watch ISIS movies for their jobs to glean intelligence about ISIS, instead of civs like me having to watch ISIS movies in order to Know Thy Enemy and understand what the fuck is really going on which (((TPTB))) are hiding from us and covering in (((Fake News propaganda))) that brainwashes us to think we are Islamophobes and racists for not wanting millions of Muzz refugees and then me having to do shitty CIA's job of watching these ISIS movies and fucking up my mind and going insane.

last chance. don't watch it. it will make you HATE all Muzz and it will make you want to genocide all of them.


48d9d1  No.12675554


Was that it? You're a fucking pussy if that fucked you up so bad

93ed1a  No.12675581


>getting sexually aroused by or staring at gore all day is GOOD goy

Off yourself.

2e6b7b  No.12675703


>arguing in circles.

Right, it's a useless endeavor. It's no surpise so many of the converts to a fascist worldview were once libertarians, because they excel at trying to perfect their belief system, and rigidly denounce others who do not adhere to their intellectual conclusions. Should have one of those "when someone blah blah blah and you nuke their family for trespassing" libertarian memes for the puritans on this board.

dc4591  No.12675709


Also, (((Hoffman))), who was FBI. So they tell us the truth while making it sick and filthy and twisted.

2f7144  No.12675714

At some point, jigsaw started shoving people in traps for having the asshole main character added on to the faceberg, like the health insurance episode 6

fed9f8  No.12675727


Thanks, good stuff.

3413be  No.12675735


I didn't watch that yet but if it's like the ISIS videos I've seen (the gory throat slashing and drowning ones), it actually fails as propaganda because it's too well made and looks like something straight off of MTV (or a modern horror movie, in the Saw/Hostel/whatever style). Shit looks like CGI even though it's real, they had actual film students make those I think.

dc4591  No.12675744


Whatever. Even if all we get are simulations, the reality is right behind the curtains, so let's not pretend. Kikelberg.

ea9929  No.12675872


>this is the worst thing ever filmed

How new are you?

>last chance. don't watch it. it will make you HATE all Muzz and it will make you want to genocide all of them.

Where do you think you are?

0c0110  No.12675971



yeah my dude I understand how this is fucking sick and would mess with you.

I turned it off but I got the jist of it.

You know what? ISIS is really despicable but you at least know to expect that from them.

Anyone watch The Walking Dead? They had an entire scene basically like this ISIS video, only it was on Network TV that kids watch - AMC, they used to show classic movies that I would watch as young as 8, old westerns and stuff… now it's ISIS beheading but it's with your buddy Rick Grimes and the lovable Asian sidekick Glenn and the guy from Boondock Saints.

2d82f5  No.12676076


>attractive romantically engaged young White couple from high-trust White community goes to the woods to procreate like their ancestors did for aeons

>gets brutally massacred by (((disfigured psychopath)))

Horror movies were never good, and always were anti-white cuckoldry and a self-insert of (((mentally fucked authors))).

2d82f5  No.12676093


>torture porn is good for you goy


Greek tragedy did not even depict murder.

2d82f5  No.12676106


Also a good allegory for their current condition.

05c6e8  No.12676119

File: a186b05a3bdd51e⋯.jpg (290.94 KB, 960x1440, 2:3, p2866_v_v8_aa.jpg)

Just watch Nosferatu. Nothing anti-white about that one.

669c68  No.12676127

not really no i enjoyed many recent sci fi horror and found footage movies

many korean movies like the wailing or revenge movies. some a24 stuff was fine too

89bf0f  No.12676134


It's mostly stories about dumbfucks not arming themselves to the teeth.


How can this be? With the Troyan war?

669c68  No.12676172


absolute gibberish thatcontradicts with ideologies they went up against lmao

89bf0f  No.12676199


Shut up nigger.

The German society is not a puritan society.

e3eff3  No.12676203

>>Has anyone noticed how the quality of horror films has decreased since the 80s and 90s?

No because I don't watch filth.

You don't belong here faggot so GTFO.

2e6b7b  No.12676206


>thatcontradicts with ideologies they went up against

So Goebbels said something that contradicts an ideology he opposed? What's the problem with that?

89bf0f  No.12676207


Great, one more faggot.

669c68  No.12676233



on of the main reason for them to fuck ofver the kikes was their overrepresentation in movies and theatres vrinwashing metropoles like berling into decadency and degenerancy basically playing morl police which is nothingelse as what goeb is describinginhis speech>>12676199

who cares its fucking fucked big time anyway with or withiut kikes

3413be  No.12676238

Is Dario Argento /pol/ approved?

05c6e8  No.12676251


Doubtful considering that he's a Jew-lover.

2d82f5  No.12676667


The Iliad was an epic not a visual depiction, also martial killing =/= murder.

000000  No.12677150

Good thread. Even though it's pervasively lefty (now that I can see it) to me Jacob's Ladder will always be one of my top horror picks. There wasn't even any gore in the thing, just this ever building sense of dread.

They can't do this any more for some reason. Even accepting that Hollywood has always been lefty and pushes themselves in any way they can, there has been a decline in quality which I can't explain except that nepotism and greed and design-by-committee have all conspired against them.

I mean how could you fuck up Star Wars? Yet they keep doing it over and over… I know, not a horror genre example but there is a disease at play here. One theory I have is that digital production, filming, audio, editing, compositing, SFX, have all reduced the time and money needed to produce a film so they are spending less effort with the scripts, rehearsals, actual actors who are good, because you can always just reshoot a thousand times as there's basically very little expense. All the union people, sound guys, camera operators, set and scene, the food truck, they are all salaried and the talent is paid for the production usually with no super strict time table. This is also why it's harder for TV stars to get into movies, if they have a gig for 8 months of shooting for whatever show, they can't go in for a movie which might take 6-18 months.

t. fag who knows the biz

2e6b7b  No.12677175






It's called "jews run the show", my man.



000000  No.12677482


Oh I know, but Jews were running the show 20, 30, 40 years ago too. Something changed in Jewry then, who knows. I think it's nepotism, decreased production cost, obvious CIA niggers, who knows what else, but the problem is also a problem for them. Fewer people are apt to be brainwashed if it's clumsy, lame, and un-entertaining.

c24401  No.12677496

I like some of the Saw movies, but each movie is directed by a different person, which is the quality fluctuates so much from film to film. I don't really think there's a "hidden agenda" here. Any characters they want you to see as "evil" or deserving of death will be written to be "racists".

7bbe4e  No.12677511

I dont have much to add, but I will say Eli Roth had some good early shit. Saw was his downfall, then he played the bear jew in that Tarantino film.

However if I remember correctly he did the remake of Death Wish where Brice Willis killed a bunch of spics.

I do like some jew "horror" movies like the 80s Troma movies by Lyod Kaufman (Toxis avenger etc)

Barely any niggers, just good fun.

Tldr, the jews used to make good shit before every thing, and as a movie buff I will admit that. But I can see what the new shit is

000000  No.12677529


Looking back you can see how the old stuff had proto-SJWism included too, but they were much more clever about it in the old days. Something changed. It's always been Jews running Hollywood since Goldwin-Mayer but what's up now? Why did the Jews abandon subtlety and stop trying to convince, switching to brute force, as if each movie is designed to rape you?

It's so weird and it's hurting them. All the media is hurting.

2e6b7b  No.12677565


Probably the same thing that happens in all great empires: as each generation is farther removed from the great feats that lead to victory, their understanding of how it was achieved, and the tenacity required to maintain it diminishes. Basically, jews are running short on "great jews", and the bad times are starting to create great goys.

77991b  No.12677638


I’ve been waiting for you to make this thread. Well done. Now name a horror movie that tops The Thing (1982).

000000  No.12677648


Another Gibbon fan I see. Yeah perhaps that's it, I like to try to search for reasons and seasons but maybe whatever the plans are they degenerate over time until renewed by some novel conspiracy. I think we'll see it soon as the last of the WWII generation dies. GHWB's passage so soon after McCain has caused some real chaos if you know how to see. Some plans just can't be fully entrusted to a new generation, they must be broken up into sub-plans and each becomes more tenuous because the overseers who have the grand picture aren't immortal.

Weird times. The second law of thermodynamics is proving correct in every place you look these days. Thank fuck I got out of the city when I did, with my shirt intact.

2e6b7b  No.12677658


>Another Gibbon fan I see

I wish I knew who that was, but I spent most of my life playing video games and watching movies because I had no direction or proud culture presented to me at my most impressionable. I'm trying to make up for it. And when I turn some lady into a baby factory my offspring will be set on a better path.

000000  No.12677703


Henry Gibbon wrote the first (by modern standards) fully researched historical work and set the bar for the genre with his Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire. It's a large work but it takes you from the early days to the setting of Medieval Europe and he's shockingly honest and quite frequently hilarious. Read and enjoy. It's now deemed to be racist and misogynist and inaccurate because of bias even though nobody has even attempted to correct or refute him. Another good book is Anacalypsis by Godfrey Higgins, which has been suppressed for generations but is available now.

f3d6e9  No.12677706


that is very profound, especially since the zombie genre has been beaten to death with every variation plus hundreds and thousands of academic commentary. your point makes zombies into a kind of DOTR, which everyone subconsciously desires, but where nobody wants to overcome their responsibility for participating in the wanton slaughter by transmuting their guilt into unashamed supremacy to justify genociding the kikes and shabbos and race traitors and degenerates and the generally unfit to survive.

2e6b7b  No.12677713


I will definitely add those to my repertoire.

05190d  No.12677723

What are some redpilling horror movies?


1968 version?

000000  No.12677730


Add Fomenko's 'History: Fiction or Science?' too, you don't have to believe what he says but he delivers the redpills.

000000  No.12677736


Any adaptation of Lovecraft's works.

2e6b7b  No.12677743


Philosophically, Cube.


Okey doke.


Are there even any lovecraft-based movies that aren't crap? I've sought out a few, but the desperation for anything of value has people rating utter shit higher than it deserves.

c6d11b  No.12677749


Did the movie series ever have a part where a nigger is killed violently for not being a father, or for committing a random act of violence on an impulse? rhetorical

000000  No.12677761



Nope, and nobody will make any more because he was adamantly against niggers. He wrote whole stories and poems condemning niggerdom. His stories are meant to be read anyway. He's creepy, the kind of horror that only shows itself after it's driven you insane. He eventually went mad you know.

2e6b7b  No.12677767


Yeah, I think music is a better way to pay respects to him.

f3d6e9  No.12677791


i took 5 minutes to try to think of a better movie. you're right. The Thing is probably the best horror movie. it hits the sweet spot between isolation, escape, and survival. new movies like Saw are just an excuse for spraying buckets of fake blood. old horror like The Thing used gore sparingly, to let your mind fill in the blanks, which creates the best suspense. horror is supposed to tell by not showing, because that's how real life works. we are surrounded at all times by invisible monsters and freak accidents that all want to kill us. the only way we get through any given day is that we dont know about it. i think that dread of the mundane gone wrong is the essence of horror. we are entertained by simulating our response to horror probably because it primes our brains for the experience as a type of survival learning skill. but there is a final aspect to The Thing which makes it transcend the rubber monster genre and that is its ambiguous ending which turns it into a psychological horror. not knowing if Mcurdy is infected or not is a great mindfuck, and it avoids being just empty nihilism.


Jacob's Ladder is one of the best. it could never be made today, because it only works by telling but not showing. maybe psychological horror is all based on that formula. i always thought Shamayalan stole the Sixth Sense idea from Jacob's Ladder.

000000  No.12677860



I believe he attended a live demonstration of a particular inventor's machine and was able to see through time / dimensions / etc. and was deeply affected. I also suspect he was into alchemy.

508746  No.12677876




c33961  No.12677879


John Carpenter is a good director, "The Thing" and "In the Mouth of Madness" are excellent.

"The Void" is pretty great but that isn't Carpenter.

None of those are direct Lovecraft adaptations but they use many of the same themes and tropes.

2e6b7b  No.12677900


The Thing is my favorite movie. I watched "In the Mouth of Madness", but it did nothing for me at the time. All I can remember is that I think Sam Neill was in it. I'll check out The Void next time I'm in a movie mood.

c33961  No.12678030


Patrician taste in favorite movie. ITMoM doesn't do it for everyone but a lot of people love it, myself included.

The void is pretty damn cool. Highly recommended.

2e6b7b  No.12678069


I wish I could say my favorite movie was something lesser known that took me ages to find, and requires a more refined cinematic palette to appreciate, but it turns out the decades of cinema knowledge I accumulated in pursuit of something as good were fruitless, and I should have read more books.

cd01e3  No.12678136


It's not Edward, not Henry, Gibbon, and I think that's fate of empires is more of a Spengler/Glubb hypothesis. From what I know, Gibbon never covered the Byzantine Empire thoroughly, if at all.

cd01e3  No.12678137


*It's Edward, not Henry, Gibbon.

4892d1  No.12678218

Just to add a different perspective: I think most of the more memorable films of the genre have moved to psychological horror, with Silence of The Lambs being an obvious example, and the series True Detective being another.

If you can put up with sub-titles, want originality and great, non-hollywood cinemetography, then I cannot recommend these films highly enough:

1. Memories of Murder

2. The Chaser

3. New World

58324f  No.12678267

Why does horror have to be gore porn anyway? People dying in painful and/or graphic ways isn't even scary. When I see that shit, I either get angry at the perportrator, sad at the victims grim fate or find a perverse fascination in the carnage and suffering. But never fear. I cannot understand how movies about human serial killers count as horror.

2e6f2b  No.12678282


embeds are a bad idea. I don't know why /pol/ still has them turned on. It's just another way for jewgle to get even more info about your browsing habits.

5b4b6b  No.12678319


I find supernatural horror, like Lovecraft, most scary that makes you question the rules of reality. Not some wacko with a knife. Alternatively the amount of doublethink some faggots are capable of in this clown world can be frightening too.

1cb0e6  No.12678321


OP does your throat get sore from sucking so much dick?

000000  No.12678393


Yeah, this. It's just about being sick for its own sake. I don't know how people can watch some of this stuff.

4892d1  No.12678471

I think films like Psycho would fall into your category and yet terrified people who saw it at the time of release. I doubt any original horror film would make anybody be scared nowadays. There are "people" dressed up in costumes reading stories to children in libraries far scarier than any monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy, Freddy, Jason, etc.


e695bf  No.12678621


It's not the globalism's fault you refuse to watch good movies. The most popular thing in any category is going to cater to the lowest common denominator, be it music, movies or video games. If you want something unique, you have to look for it. It's not going to be advertised on the Disney Channel.

5d23be  No.12678785


>Take the Saw series for example.

Ah Saw, I remember it because of how fucking angry I was about how bad it was.

I was told I get to see a good horror movie with blood and gore and instead I could predict and narrate the entire fucking plot while the movie was running.

During the 90s the public TV here in Germany showed after midnight always shitty "Thrillers" for boomers with some Softcore porno thrown in, they always had the same plot.

>victim meets psychopath at some point in his life

>psychopath imprints on victim like a young bird

>psychopath slowly starts to ruin the victims life to blackmail and control him, since he is either in love with the victim or wants to prove some retarded point

>people who stand in the way of the psychopath are murdered

>it comes to a showdown with the psychopaths plan

>and like every shitty horror movie, the bad guy wasn't defeated and they show that the psychopath didn't work alone

Saw works the same way, they just replaced the 90 Softcore porn with gore.

bf1203  No.12679608


The Ring (2002).

563597  No.12679707


Quite the elaborate infiltration attempt, shill. Goebbels never spouted any of this drivel. Even if he had said something remotely similar to this, which he hasn't, he wouldn't have gotten away with it. Hitler disagrees with this shit.

459c76  No.12680199


> it’s a scene from Saw VII (or otherwise known as Saw 3D) in where four white supremacists are stuck in the car trap. The man inside the car (played by Chester Bennington from Linkin Park) wakes up, and a tape plays of the Jigsaw killer lecturing him on why racism is bad, before the timer starts and he has to rip his skin off his body to retrieve a lever that would save him and his friends. The time runs out, and the jack from underneath goes down and runs over his girlfriend, a hook attached to the jaw and arms of his friend gets pulled out, disfiguring and dismembering him, the car runs through his second friend, and then the car finally wrecks into another one, throwing the man out of the vehicle, killing him.

I remember that one, it was so forced and out of place it made me cringe

<I brought you here because you are all rayciss, and bein rayciss is bad m'kay?

2e6b7b  No.12680343


> Hitler disagrees with this shit.

If you're going to invoke Hitler, at least post a source.

Here's the source for the Goebbel's article:

>Joseph Goebbels, “Mehr Moral, aber weniger Moralin!” Wetterleuchten (Munich: Zentralverlag der NSDAP, 1939), pp. 382-385.

f099f3  No.12683812


There is also his hostel series about pizzagate themes and Green lnferno about caniball savages living in the woods


8a399d  No.12684351


They don't call it torture porn for nothing, and I think Saw is even tame compared to many other movies. Like The Human Centipede. Did you know that movie was once featured on Wikipedia's front page, for any and all visitors to see, such as children? They banned me when I called them out on it. I wonder (((why))) such things could happen.

e8e7e2  No.12684399


Horror-stories have been around for ages in old folktales. Tales that are way more horrifying than the cookie cutter stuff they have in movies now.

e84a6e  No.12685031

'Horror movies' are jewish psychological trauma propaganda.

300418  No.12689355


Great observation OP now watch silence of the lambs and look for all the imagery suggesting Wild Bill is actually a tranny nazi. You can’t make this shit up how the jews constantly contradict themselves.

300418  No.12689357

File: 87570fa79410b3f⋯.jpeg (47.75 KB, 453x580, 453:580, 07310C45-1936-4807-8B56-3….jpeg)

79982d  No.12689457


What's the backstory on the bottom pic?

f9df66  No.12689484


idk but it's hot

0eb6ef  No.12689550


it's an obvious photoshop hack job by some dude he gets off to that sort of thing. the fact that it's now being used (and frequently I might add) in combination with the other pics actually has me questioning the authenticity of the jewish ritual murder stories. roman catholic church has been very invested in making jews seem like the ultimate satanic world conspirators for a long long time.

ca279d  No.12692285

File: 0b7f9e8ccbfe752⋯.jpg (86.57 KB, 719x458, 719:458, jews dindu nuffin.jpg)


>roman catholic church has been very invested in making jews seem like the ultimate satanic world conspirators for a long long time.

>making jews "seem"

>Implying they are not

102655  No.12692296


*gasses you*

721da4  No.12692310


I can't believe a Juden Peterstein-approved podcast would interview E. Michael Jones.

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