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431efa  No.12673474

Let's all relax and watch some kids' TV from Sweden, /pol/!

Vid related is a Swedish kids' music video called "My Country Is Also Yours." They show this on TV, and evidently Swedes aren't hanging them in the streets, so I guess they've chosen complete and utter suicide. They sure look happy though.

Pay attention to the sheer masochistic ecstasy in this video. These cucks aren't just acting, they're genuinely orgasmic over their families' annihilation by inbred-looking pakis and nogs from Somalia. This is what we're up against. You aren't ever going to bring this kind of fanaticism around until you've blown a 9mm hole in it.

Kids show. Kids' TV show. This airs between cartoons on Skarsjolmverstaadt, or whatever the hell they call their state-owned propaganda mill.

431efa  No.12673475

Kike-free, unlike Stockholm.

8705c3  No.12673477

Goy Free 2nd post

431efa  No.12673478


Reported. Self-sage.

d4585d  No.12673503

So why are you giving it free advertising?

431efa  No.12673510


Advertising? What, are you going to sign up for Swedish cable now that you know how awesome it is?

cc5d8b  No.12673630

You >>12673503 got wrecked by this guy >>12673510 shlomo.

c3a3e5  No.12673656

Beautiful song.

fe36a1  No.12673689

Does anyone actually watch the Swedish state owned channel though? Here where I live we also have a state owned channel and nobody watches it. These channels don't need to attract viewers so they just show whatever the fuck the people put in charge of them want to show. It's always low quality ideologically driven garbage, or poorly made "high brow" content that's just awfully boring.

ae5895  No.12673708

bump for exposure. this is great example of propaganda. kids smiling, dancing…everybody is happy.. love, happiness all around.

remember that propaganda is targeting your emotions. if something is emotionally charged then it is probably propaganda

f5c461  No.12673735

Good find. Anybody able to identify the singing mistery-meat and her handlers?

532c0c  No.12673773

Oh geez, Russians, Finnishs, Danishs, Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Germans, Norwegians and polish nationalists aren’t going to be nice to Swedish people when the Russians invade to purge the degenerates. Swedish people have no clue that they are putting themselves and other nations at risk. It’s frustrating to see the reckless behaviour like this.

t. bewildered Aussie.

0e3cdc  No.12673832


this video is at least 6 years old

c81c9c  No.12673835


>so I guess they've chosen complete and utter suicide.

They expect one of us in the wreckage, brother.

cc4cb7  No.12673866


Lmao like all those countries arent also pushing the same. This is d&c

cc4cb7  No.12673867

Another classic hate on the swedish and act like your problems doesnt exist thread

532c0c  No.12673951


Swedish people are willing to destroy the white race so how is it a d&c?

91c3df  No.12673957

Pretty sure they are putting drugs in the food and water. It's probably where all those opioids from Afghanistan are going.

cc4cb7  No.12673960


Lmao u act as if USA and all other european countries arent doing the same

532c0c  No.12673982


USA don’t care about Europe or white people. Look at the treatment of the white Americans by their own government.

cc4cb7  No.12673988


No shit retard

f69c33  No.12673995

File: f02475a2fc7f965⋯.webm (2.86 MB, 426x240, 71:40, sweden yes2.webm)

File: 90eadf191349d68⋯.webm (2.86 MB, 640x360, 16:9, nuke gondola.webm)

532c0c  No.12674006


You are wasting my time so I will ignore you.

9171e9  No.12674067

File: ba3f6f7a353d3e2⋯.png (259.44 KB, 564x564, 1:1, (((war))).png)


Either Sweden fights for its survival, or it dies.

Either individual Swedes fight the (((wacko-Leftist hoard))), or they will be murdered in their own comfortable prisons.

There is no other scenario playing out here. Either the people living in Sweden fight for their culture against the Left, or the Swedish people will stop existing.

Swedes better wake the fuck up, because they are under attack right now. Take note, because this is what Jewish war looks like.

2231d1  No.12674085

File: c50d18054243255⋯.png (461.3 KB, 1490x552, 745:276, 29.png)


a4a988  No.12674117


Most theories in psychology lack external validity, as to say they cannot be repeated or applied to a different context. This is a huge reason as to why psychology is less of a science, and more of a humanist discipline: basically one of the arts. The art to brainwash goys.

Stockholm syndrome might be part of this. Maybe it's the snow niggers who have this lemming like mentality that forces them to follow any leader down the drain, even kidnappers. Not truly a universal mindjack, but a genetic handicap.

431efa  No.12674139


I've been thinking the same thing for several years now. It's too perfect otherwise. Maybe that hostage drama in Stockholm was a warning about what the Swedes are like under pressure?

a8c297  No.12674235


The scary thing is that Stockholm might as well be kike free. Every Jew in all of Sweden could pack off to Israel tomorrow and nothing would change. They’re a microcosm of the NWO endgame, because they don’t need anyone to enforce the propaganda, they just do it themselves

a8c297  No.12674248

f683dc  No.12674252


No. Without Bonnier and Aschberg families running the parts that aren't owned by (((American))) networks, there wouldn't be a continual fug of propaganda clouding their minds.

17600f  No.12674312


Are you that stupid to buy into media propaganda? Thinking the whole nation is at fault here.

df81ab  No.12674389


Yeah mutts like to pretend to be redpilled but still always fall for propaganda and show how retarded they are

965112  No.12674393

File: 6ac3d7c90794d6b⋯.jpg (592.08 KB, 1016x1890, 508:945, 1547424326453.jpg)


good pic.

431efa  No.12674642


Wtf? I hate America now.

b493f9  No.12674745


>that first video

I know it's edited for "epic lulz" and all that tripe, but is the footage from the game show real? It's just so absurd I can't believe it.

431efa  No.12674760


Believe it. Sweden is Ground Zero for all the things white-hating kike fags have planned for your family. Fruity boys and stern, unsmiling mullahs.

f69c33  No.12674934


It's from an actual kids show. Makes me cringe seeing those two faggotized kids pose like supreme faggots. I can watch gore videos without even blinking, but that shit is just wrong on so many levels.

df81ab  No.12674946


t.someone who has never been in sweden

0ebfd3  No.12675112


Big brown burnt bacon nipples showing, Overinflated fake breasts protruding like old country hams. Sad!

0ebfd3  No.12675148



Ew, so it smells like guac and cocoa butten then? Gross. Is that something ninja's like you enjoy?

228eed  No.12675172


>Literally the most whoriest whore possible

>Nothing wrong with this

Lmao weak attempt

228eed  No.12675176


Anybody else think her mouth looks like she has shit around it?

Like she just puckered up to my mexican slop trough and started rolling her r's

a412ba  No.12675228


Xhe has more nose-hair than my great grandfather.

fc8515  No.12675393



>Heil Hitler, Heil Hitler, Heil Hitler, Heil Hitler

Obviously doesn't mean what it sounds like to an English speaker. But still.

228eed  No.12675559


I'm saying mexishits eat my ass, not that I'M mexishit

d4585d  No.12675561




You cucks are retarded, you don't even realize you're being played by kikes

73f67d  No.12675605



>being this devoted to anal pleasure

i wonder who could be behind this post?

c0565a  No.12676061


So I'm a shill even though I said it's wrong to fuck that creatura?

I was kidding about the arse stuff, but not about her ugly lips, fuck off.

360d77  No.12676125


Someones dick got hard for that half nigger? What a sad state of affairs when anons are pavlovian responding to subhumans with their dicks due to having their brains rewired by kike porn from something that is natural to something that is not human.

360d77  No.12676313

File: 45d81460ee66960⋯.jpg (44.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, hispanic women.jpg)

File: 5f5818b532b2ffe⋯.png (1015.51 KB, 750x998, 375:499, hispanic female engineer m….png)

File: 1d1236a9ce0a190⋯.jpg (125.53 KB, 666x500, 333:250, mexican gangster pose neig….jpg)

File: 792ec56f88d6b43⋯.png (14.08 KB, 255x247, 255:247, mexican human trafficker c….png)


Your girl has nothing to offer Life anon. She is not going to found a culture or a race of beings that can change the planet or have spirit. She is never going to have spawn that travel to the stars or do anything of significance at all, genetically or otherwise (all that is jewish fantasy). The highest achievement she might ever have is to squeeze out a few parasites or murderers who can kill but can never create.

You have to look at the WHOLE PACKAGE when you consider a woman. So far anons be like, I will put muh dick in EVERYTHING which basically makes them the FAGGOTS of humanity but some of them know the score that fucking your girl is nothing more than a waste of their sperm and a waste of their time. She is NOTHING and will never be anything no matter how many generations pass she is a total zero.

When we let you into our culture an leave you unsupervised all you do is kill people, intentionally or through gross negligence. You are unfit to live in our nation's let alone as something to fuck. In three years time that subhuman is going to be as wide as it is tall…a real goblina.

207f1e  No.12677512


I'd probably fuck a goat if I had a boner that needed tended to and thought I could be immune to the consequences. That doesn't mean I should try to engineer human-goat hybrids.

If I can have animalistic non-reproductive sex with a non-white, that's fine, so long as no white women find out about it as that would lower my value.

3661c6  No.12677524


This is not what Swedes chose. It is imposed.

The Swedish nation is highest trust. The Swedish state leveraged this into totalitarianism.

ab9f87  No.12685436


This the best you can do, /leftypol/?

f999c1  No.12689026


No. There's a reason they had to fund it by TV license, and when even that failed they had to rewrite laws to fund it through taxes. No one in Sweden, or any Nordic country, gives a fuck about (((Bonnier))) or state owned media. If anything the true purpose of it is for people like (((OP))) to have an excuse to wish death on a European people, and rile people up into agreeing with it.

At best these types of people are useful idiots who are doing the jews demoralizing for them, having convinced themselves that they're "redpilling" the swedes, whilst in reality all they're doing is on one hand filling the role of the boogey man the still brainwashed segments were indoctrinated into believing existed in school. This while simultaneously on the other hand driving off any opposition from places where opposition might congregate, atomizing them and making resistance nigh impossible in the sea of people screaming cuck and clamoring for their genocide.

Curiously these people never mention the entirely jewish owned media machine in Nordic countries, or the intense lobbying efforts undertaken by the US embassy in the 70's and 80's. Wonder why.

f25101  No.12709060


The problem is that swedes are too dumb to understand that you must always mistrust jews no matter what they say since jews have no concept of objective truth.

960f8d  No.12729278

File: 59141280588c5f8⋯.jpg (141.92 KB, 800x534, 400:267, Blackfoot American Indian….jpg)


wow they killed your imagination I was born in the 80's and remember being told in school to sing it or fail. So I song this land was made for me not jews. Guess that gets you jail time now instead of being told you can stay quiet

321203  No.12729321

File: b2d4699a74224fc⋯.jpeg (43.27 KB, 640x340, 32:17, bb-5bc55418c6ddb.jpeg)


Braw the Video looks like its from 1987 or some shit like that.

This has to be a funny Joke.

984516  No.12729377


This video is quite old, and I remember seeing it as part of Gex's "With Open Gates" clip

984516  No.12729380


Intended that for the OP, my bad.

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